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Learning to break kayfabe
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WCW Hitman/Hart Foundation Heel Angle Concept

WCW Hitman/Hart Foundation Heel Angle Concept

• Timeline

• • Nitro, Nov 10, 1997 – Eric Bischoff makes a statement during one of the nWo’s promos about Syxx being in critical condition in the hospital after having been re-cooperating at his home from his injury. He wishes Syxx well and moves on to talks of Sting, etc. This is made to be deliberately vague, as no one should have any clue about what happened to Syxx and Bischoff & Co. have more pressing matters to attend to anyway. Tony Schiavone and the rest of the commentary crew talk about how Syxx was an nWo member and he deserved whatever he got.

• • Nitro, Nov 17, 1997 – Rick Rude appears and joins the nWo.

• • World War 3, Nov 23, 1997 – Scott Hall wins 60-man battle royal to gain a World title shot at Uncensored.

• • Nitro, Nov 24, 1997 – Vincent is found by Hollywood Hogan laid out and badly injured in the nWo locker room at the beginning of the show. Hogan is going ballistic, yelling out for Sting, saying things like, “come out, Sting, I know it was you,” etc. Eric Bischoff interrupts the show to come out with Hogan and the rest of the crew and they cut a promo on Sting about injuring Vincent and at some point citing the injury of Syxx as well. Sting never shows up, however, and the boys set out to search the building for Sting. Mike Tenay questions the incident involving Vincent and Tony Schiavone and Larry Zbyszko both agree that is was likely Sting playing games with the nWo.
• • Nitro, Dec 1, 1997 – n/a

• • Nitro, Dec 8, 1997 – n/a

• • Nitro, Dec 15, 1997 – Scott Norton is scheduled for a tag team match alongside Konnan vs the Steiner Brothers. By the time the match is about to begin, Norton can’t be found. The Steiners wait impatiently in the ring for their opponents. After a group huddle amongst nWo members backstage, Buff Bagwell is chosen to take Norton’s place in the match. The Steiners dominate the match, as Konnan and Bagwell don’t normally tag together, so predictably a few members of the nWo (Curt Hennig, Rick Rude, Randy Savage, and Scott Hall) interfere, giving the Steiners the DQ win, but beating them down in the process. While they bask in another false glory, Miss Elizabeth rushes down to the ring, getting the nWo’s attention and directing them backstage. The members all immediately stop celebrating and jog to the back where they meet Eric Bischoff behind the curtain who informs them that Norton was found in the parking lot by arena staff with multiple broken bones. Once the boys reach the back, Hollywood Hogan and Kevin Nash have already helped Norton into an ambulance, which is driving away. Hogan starts grabbing the camera man asking, “did you see him?! Where is he?! I know you’re out here somewhere, Sting!” The majority of the nWo follows the ambulance to the hospital, as the commentary crew is puzzled by yet another downed nWo member, but the show continues. After the final match, Hogan, Bischoff, and Nash come out to the ring to cut a promo on Sting about three of their ranks being hospitalized by his hand. Instead of getting Sting’s attention, the Giant comes out and says he supports the work of the Stinger and that Nash shouldn’t be worried about his little buddies since he has a match with him at Starrcade.

• • Nitro, Dec 22, 1997 – The nWo dismantle the WCW Nitro set on live TV, changing everything to nWo Nitro in anticipation of Eric Bischoff beating Larry Zbyzsko at Starrcade for control of Nitro; Sting makes an appearance at the end of the show, pointing his bat at Hollywood Hogan.

• • Starrcade, Dec 28, 1997 – Diamond Dallas Page defeats Curt Hennig for the US title, Larry Zbyszko defeats Eric Bischoff for control of Nitro, and Sting defeats Hollywood Hogan for the World title as nWo members attempt to interfere in the match and WCW wrestlers beat them all down on the ramp way.

• • Nitro, Dec 29, 1997 – WCW celebrates Sting’s World title victory, but Eric Bischoff and Hollywood Hogan cut a promo on Sting, saying he may be the champion, but the New World Order still rules supreme and he is still going to pay for what he has done to their nWo buddies.

• • Nitro, Jan 5, 1998 – n/a

• • Nitro, Jan 12, 1998 – A cut away shot of a camera man interrupts a match; he is following a black hooded robed man who is laughing maniacally. The camera man is trying to sneak, but eventually the hooded man notices the camera man, stops laughing, and shoves him to the floor. As the camera man is lying on the floor, you see a sideways shot of the hooded man go into a room and slam the door. The commentary team mentions how strange the instance was with Mike Tenay mentioning the laugh sounded similar to that of Hugh Morrus, but what could he have been doing? The subject is dropped for the rest of the night as the match in the ring continues. Later in the main event, The Outsiders defeat the Steiner Brothers for the Tag Team titles.

• • Nitro, Jan 19, 1998 – Buff Bagwell is scheduled for a tag team match with Konnan vs the Steiner Brothers. Come match time, just as with Scott Norton before him, Buff cannot be found. The nWo sends out Curt Hennig to tag with Konnan in Buff’s absence. Just like before, the Steiners dominate the match, as Konnan and Hennig have never tagged together before. Frustrated, Rick Rude (who accompanied Hennig and Konnan to ringside) jumps in the ring for the DQ to create a three on two scenario in the nWo’s favor. Suddenly the lights go out and there’s panic building amongst the men in the ring and the commentators. Shortly after, a spotlight shines up to the rafters where Sting could normally be found all throughout 1997, but there is no Sting. Instead, Buff Bagwell is seen tied to a chair and beaten to a pulp with blood all over his face, unconscious. The image frightens everyone and a few moments later, the hooded man steps behind Buff, getting extremely close to his face and taking a massive sniff. He then begins laughing his maniacal laugh, stopping for but a second to utter the word “who”, then laughing some more as he walks off. Hollywood Hogan and the rest of the nWo are promptly notified and they go on a rampage backstage tearing down merch booths and the like searching for the hooded man. Konnan comes up with the idea that perhaps the Steiners have something to do with these acts of violence, since the last two incidents have occurred during their matches with nWo members. Hogan agrees and he takes Hall and Nash to meet the Steiners before they hit the showers to interrogate them, while sending Hennig, Rude, and Konnan to find Hugh Morrus, as the laugh of the hooded man is so similar to his, as well as the size of the man fitting that of Morrus’s. The nWo members get no information out of the Steiners or Morrus and they beat them all down in a fit of rage.

• • Souled Out, Jan 24, 1998 – Kevin Nash and the Giant finally face off after Nash no-showed his match against the Giant at Starrcade. Nash powerbombs the Giant on his head, injuring him and winning the match.

• • Nitro, Jan 26, 1998 – The show goes off without a hitch until the closing minutes, when a video feed is shown from somewhere unknown. There is a WCW camera man shooting it though, so it is implied that this is taking place in the building. The camera man is following the hooded man (knowingly, this time), and is noticeably nervous as the camera is shaking and he is saying things like, “where are you leading me to” and “I shouldn’t be here.” The man, laughing as always, just exclaims “who, who, who” repeatedly as they walk. They approach a door and the hooded man hits the camera man in the head and takes the camera, entering the room, which is pitch black, save for a dim light shining at the feet of another hooded man. The laughing hooded man walks over to the other hooded man with the camera and pulls out an envelope and hands it to him. Without speaking, the second hooded man takes the envelope and opens it as the laughing man zooms in on the single sheet of paper with the camera which reads “Konnan” in what appears to be blood. The laughing man continues on with his outbursts of “who” as the show ends.

• • Nitro, Feb 2, 1998 – The show opens with Hollywood Hogan and Eric Bischoff in the middle of the ring making threats to the “hooded hooligans”. They talk about how they saw the video at the end of the last Nitro and that there’s no way anyone is getting near Konnan. Coincidentally, Konnan is scheduled for a match with Hugh Morrus tonight, but Bischoff says Konnan will not be partaking. In the main event, Randy Savage gets a shot at Sting’s World title, but Sting dominates him, so the nWo squad hits the ring to take him down. Sting is holding his own, as he grabbed his bat before the guys got into the ring. During the chaos, a camera man close to Scott Hall picks up a question: “Hey, where’s K-Dawg?” Word spreads quickly around the crew and the nWo members inside the ring with Sting all divert their attention to Hogan and climb out of the ring. Panic begins to rise and suddenly the lights go out. They are out for a significant amount of time and you are able to hear Hogan, Nash, and Hall all calling into the darkness to “come fight like real men”. When the lights come back on, Konnan’s bloodied body lies in the center of the ring, directly in front of Sting who is holding his bat. Immediately the nWo rush the ring to take out Sting, as he is the clear culprit. Seeing how serious the nWo boys are, Sting jumps into the crowd and climbs up the stairs to escape them as the show ends.

• • Nitro, Feb 9, 1998 – The show opens again with Hollywood Hogan and Eric Bischoff in the ring. They order Sting to come out immediately to face them like a man and confess to the violent attacks that have occurred to the nWo. Sting does indeed come out and stops on the ramp way and for the first time since September of 1996, he spoke. Sting told Hogan and Bischoff that even though he hated the nWo and everything it stands for, he isn’t the kind of man who goes around injuring people like some sort of assassin. He goes on to say that he doesn’t care if they believe him or not and if he must, he’ll take them all on right now. Hogan tells Sting that he could never possibly trust him, but he’ll let him slide for now until they have more information. The nWo are weary all night, but nothing ever goes down. However, during The Outsiders Tag Team title match against the Steiners, the lights go out, allowing the Steiners to take the advantage and win the titles as the lights come back on. The show ends as Kevin Nash and Scott Hall are irate about losing the gold, as Bischoff and Hogan join them in the ring, saying they’re going to turn the place upside down to find who it is that’s messing with them. They say that they know the Steiners are involved somehow with Sting and they’re all going to get theirs. The commentators all agree that neither Sting nor the Steiners are the type of men to intentionally hurt other people.

• • Nitro, Feb 16, 1998 – Lex Luger, Diamond Dallas Page, and the Giant (in a neck brace) open up the show in the ring representing a united front for Sting, the Steiners, and the rest of WCW. Luger talks about how it’s great to finally hear the Stinger’s voice again and that he hopes they can rekindle their friendship, etc. DDP mentions that he’s known Sting for quite a while now and that he couldn’t have been responsible for the attacks. The Giant adds that he doesn’t know what is going on these days, but whatever it may be, it’s the nWo’s problem, not WCW’s. At the end of the show, another video is shown of the laughing man dragging a camera man to a room in an unknown location. When they get to the door this time, it is guarded by two large bulldogs on either side of the door. The hooded man again knocks down the camera man and steals his camera. He enters the room where there are two men in matching hooded robes now, one significantly larger than the other. He takes out another envelope and hands it to the smaller hooded man. As he opens it up, revealing a single sheet of paper, the camera zooms in to see written in red “Curt Hennig”.

• • SuperBrawl, Feb 22, 1998 – The commentators address the ending of the last Nitro at the beginning of the show. Bobby Heenan makes a comment about how this is the second time we’ve seen these men open an envelope with a name in it. “It’s almost like it’s a hitlist of sorts.” They are at a loss for words on the identities of the men and ponder what happened to the poor camera man once left alone with those vicious bulldogs. The Outsiders invoke their rematch clause on the Steiners and win back the Tag Team titles, while Hollywood Hogan does the same with the World title, but loses to Sting again. Curt Hennig is not present at the event.

• • Nitro, Feb 23, 1998 – The show begins on a somber note as Tony Schiavone and Mike Tenay have sad news. They report that on their way to the show tonight, both Curt Hennig and Rick Rude were in a terrible car accident and are both in critical condition. Although the commentators are no fans of the nWo, they are human. They apologize to the men’s families and ask the fans for their thoughts and prayers. The rest of the night goes on with a very dark tone, but with no shenanigans. No nWo members are present, as they’ve all gone to be with Hennig and Rude in the hospital.

• • Nitro, Mar 2, 1998 – The show starts off showing an impressive amount of security in the arena. Tony Schiavone assures fans that Nitro is a safe atmosphere and no further attacks will be taking place in WCW on their watch. The remaining members of the nWo (Hollywood Hogan, Eric Bischoff, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Randy Savage, and Miss Elizabeth) come out to report on Curt Hennig’s and Rick Rude’s conditions. Rude has become stable, but may never walk again and Hennig is in a coma with his family by his side. Bischoff talks about how even though the nWo tried to take over WCW, they never hurt anyone so badly that their life was in danger. Hogan makes a guarantee that he’s going to find out who the perpetrators are and will personally take them out. “It’s only a matter of time.” He says he’s hired private investigators with Ted Turner’s money to figure out this massive puzzle. Nash asks that Sting, Lex Luger, and even the Giant, along with the rest of WCW join together with the nWo to take down this new threat. Savage seconds Nash’s sentiments, but Hall is in blatant disagreement with his best friend, as his Hogan. They argue it out a bit, Hogan and Hall saying that WCW can’t be trusted and Nash and Savage mentioning that they’ve been dropping like flies and need back up. They agree to disagree for the time being and walk to the back together.

• • Nitro, Mar 9, 1998 – Nitro is again heavily guarded with security everywhere. The night goes seemingly fine. Just before going off the air after the final match, the lights go out. When they come back on, painted in the center of the ring in red is the name “Scott Hall”. Security is on full alert and men are scrambling everywhere to find who had done it as the show ends.

• • Uncensored, Mar 15, 1998 – Scott Hall is scheduled for his World title shot against Sting tonight and security has been doubled for the event. Discussions within the nWo have been getting more and more heated, what with the opposite sides taken amongst the members. Hollywood Hogan and Kevin Nash are almost at each other’s throats at one point about which direction they should go to solve this mystery. Meanwhile, while Randy Savage does not agree with Hall’s ideals, Miss Elizabeth encourages him to help Hall get hyped up for his World title match and try to help him get his mind off the events of the last Nitro. Savage complies and even accompanies Hall to the ring for his match. Savage mentions to Hall before the match that he thinks he can beat Sting fair and square, so he won’t be interfering in the match, but will be watching his back for “hitmen”. The match ends clean with Sting being the victor. After the match, Hall and Savage are shown backstage arguing. Hall is blaming Savage for the loss, saying he should have helped him out, etc. Hall is so angry, he doesn’t even bother heading to the showers. Instead, he goes straight outside to leave. Elizabeth begs Savage to not let him leave alone and after a small argument between the two, Savage heads out after Hall. When Savage catches up to Hall, he is next to his car putting on pants. Hall asks Savage what he’s doing out here and that he needs to just go back inside. Savage stops about 15 feet or so away from Hall dead in his tracks. He asks Hall, “What’s that light on your chest, brother?” Hall asks Savage what the hell he’s talking about, then repeats for him to go inside. Savage says, “No, I’m not messing with you, Scott. There’s some kind of light on your chest.” Hall looks down and notices it as well: a red laser aimed right at his heart. Savage takes off running towards Hall and shoves him to the ground as a gunshot is heard. The camera feed goes dark.

• • Nitro, Mar 16, 1998 – Nitro is literally cancelled as WCW fears for their employees and fans and the arena in Panama City refuses to host them.

• • Nitro, Mar 23, 1998 – An uneasy commentary team opens up the show with news that Randy Savage had been in fact shot by a sniper rifle following Uncensored, as he attempted to shove Scott Hall out of the way of the incoming bullet. He is in the hospital with Miss Elizabeth and has undergone surgery to replace a lung that had been pierced in the shooting. He is currently recovering, but will likely never wrestle again. Tony Schiavone says that Savage is lucky to be alive, as are we all, and that Hall is lucky to have such a good friend that would take a bullet for him, literally. A camera shot is shown of the entrance of the arena with a makeshift sign which reads, “Enter at your own risk.” The night goes on not with wrestling matches, but with numerous wrestlers coming out to the ring and talking about their memories of the Macho Man and hoping and praying, etc. At the end of the night, Bobby Heenan is tasked with interviewing Hall about the incident in which he asks him what was going through his mind when he realized that a “sharpshooter” had him in his sights. Hall is overwhelmed by it all and breaks down in the middle of the ring. He wishes a fast and successful recovery for Savage and exits the ring, stating that he’s going on hiatus.

• • Nitro, Mar 30, 1998 – The show opens with a message from Ted Turner, saying that he’s appalled by the actions of the individuals who have been terrorizing WCW and the members of the nWo and that they will be brought to justice, no matter how much money it takes. Security is on high alert, but other than that, things are seemingly back to normal.

• • Nitro, Apr 6, 1998 – The Outsiders forfeit the Tag Team titles due to Scott Hall being on hiatus. Kevin Nash gets a title shot at Sting’s World title, but loses.

• • Nitro, Apr 13, 1998 – Kevin Nash asks Sting for a second World title shot, which Sting grants. However, Hollywood Hogan is very unhappy with Nash getting all these title shots when he’s clearly the leader of the New World Order. Tension begins to rise among the two. Nash gets the upper hand on Sting in the match, but Hogan interferes to prevent Nash from winning the title. Hogan and Nash almost come to fisticuffs before Eric Bischoff breaks them up, telling them they’re on the same side and that the nWo is for life, etc.

• • Spring Stampede, Apr 19, 1998 – Raven defeats Diamond Dallas Page in a Raven’s Rules match for the US title. Hollywood Hogan is granted a World title match vs Sting in a no DQ match. Towards the end of the match, Hogan picks up Sting’s bat after a grueling match. Kevin Nash and Lex Luger come to ringside and beg Hogan not to use it, but he hits Sting in the head with it and pins him to win the World Title. Nash is heard screaming at Hogan that he shouldn’t have done that as Luger rushes in the ring and chases off Hogan. Luger calls for paramedics as the show ends.

• • Nitro, Apr 20, 1998 – The news comes in from an interview with Mean Gene Okerlund and Lex Luger that Sting suffered a concussion from the baseball bat shot to the head, but should be back in action in a short period of time, as it isn’t too serious. Goldberg defeats Raven for the US title after fighting off the entire Flock. Hollywood Hogan and Eric Bischoff cut a promo on Kevin Nash about how if he’s not with them, then he’s against them, etc. Luger comes out and vows payback on Hogan.

• • Nitro, Apr 27, 1998 – n/a

• • Nitro, May 4, 1998 – The commentary team makes remarks regarding how it has been a while since the attacks and things might finally be getting back to normal, save for the infighting of the nWo. Kevin Nash comes out later in the broadcast to challenge Hollywood Hogan for a World title shot at Slamboree. Hogan then comes out with Eric Bischoff and tells Nash that if he puts the title on the line against him, win or lose, he’s going to be out of the nWo. Nash exclaims, “what nWo?! There’s no one left.” Hogan says the nWo is just as strong with he and Bischoff at the helm as it’s ever been and that he’ll put Nash down at Slamboree if he has to.

• • Nitro, May 11, 1998 – The commentary team hypes up the main event of Slamboree: Hollywood Hogan vs Kevin Nash for the World title and possibly the dissolution of the nWo. The show ends with a shaking camera man in a pitch black room yelling for help. Barking from the bulldogs of the past videos can be heard outside the room. The camera man screams, “somebody help me” as the laughing man’s maniacal laugh is heard. The camera man turns on the night vision revealing the three hooded men and he screams out, “oh God, please no!” The camera is knocked to the ground and some grunts and gurgling can be heard off to the side. The smaller hooded man picks up the camera and turns off the night vision. The larger man turns on the light in the room, revealing Kevin Nash’s name on the wall in red, dripping letters.

• • Slamboree, May 17, 1998 – Scott Hall has returned to back up his best friend Kevin Nash in his World title match against Hollywood Hogan and to protect him from the hitmen. He opens the show, saying that the nWo was for life, but his life almost ended and would have if not for his good friend Randy Savage. He tells Hogan that lives end, but friendship is eternal and that he and Nash have always been the Outsiders and the Outsiders are forever. He states that whoever has painted Nash’s name on the wall had better not be here tonight, because he is here to back up the big man and he’s got some help. With that, Sting and Lex Luger come out to join Hall, saying that even after all the things they’ve been through, they will stand beside Nash to take on this bigger threat. Hogan then comes out with Eric Bischoff in tow, saying that they are all a bunch of scaredy cats and that the only thing that is going to happen to Nash tonight is Hollywood Hogan pinning him in the center of the ring. Later on in the main event, Nash has the advantage over Hogan when the lights go out. The lights come back on moments later and the three hooded men stand behind Nash in the ring. Hogan has fled to the outside and has a terrified look on his face. Nash notices and turns around and the three hooded men begin beating him down. Hall, who accompanied Nash to the ring, refuses to enter the ring to help Nash. Tony Schiavone states that Hall is a coward and he never meant any of the things he said about friendship being forever. Hall and Hogan retreat to the backstage area as Sting and Luger come to the aid of Nash. The lights go out again and security guards are heard talking to one another on walkie talkies, trying to find the men. The lights come back on and only Sting and Luger are in the ring. They look confused as the three hooded men are gone, as well as Nash. The camera pans over to the entrance way and we see Nash unconscious, bloodied, and crucified high above the entrance on a crudely carved metal crucifix.

• • Nitro, May 18, 1998 – The show begins with Sting and Lex Luger in the ring. Sting calls out the hitmen, saying that they’ve finally shown they are at the very least human. They’ve shown up in the ring and attacked a man three on one, but were still too afraid to show their faces. Luger says that he and Sting don’t associate with Hollywood Hogan and Scott Hall, because they are lowlife cowards, but that the three hooded men… They are the cream of the crop when it comes to lowlife cowards. Eric Bischoff comes out and tells Sting and Luger that they shouldn’t be instigating these mysterious men any more than they already have, etc. He says that he, Hall, and Hogan have the situation completely under control.

• • Nitro, May 25, 1998 – Mike Tenay shares new information regarding the whereabouts of Scott Hall, stating that he has been admitted into an insane asylum, as he has completely lost his sense of reality.

• • Nitro, Jun 1, 1998 – Sting and Lex Luger again call out the hitmen at the beginning of the show and again, Eric Bischoff comes out to protest against them doing so. As Bischoff is talking, a camera man stumbles out of the curtain with his hands and feet tide and his mouth taped shut. Bischoff exclaims, “Now what the hell is this?” The camera man stumbles towards the ring slowly and nervously, eventually reaching the ring. Sting and Luger both help the camera man get untied and un-taped. Once this is done, the camera man tells them he has a message from the hitmen. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out an envelope. Bischoff is immediately scared off by this, but Sting takes the envelope from the camera man. He pulls out a single sheet of paper and the camera zooms in on it: “Hulk Hogan”. Sting and Luger look confused and the commentators point out how this is peculiar, considering Hogan isn’t even at the venue for this Nitro. The show goes on as planned from there and ends without a hitch.

• • Nitro, Jun 8, 1998 – This is a normal show all the way up until the end. A video is played of Hollywood Hogan at his home in Venice Beach. He is lying outside by his pool with the World title beside him. He makes note that it can get lonely in such a big house, but he’s a big enough man to fill it all the way up, etc. He says he refuses to come back to WCW until the hitmen crisis has been averted. He talks a little more about movies he’s going to be in, etc. Then all of the sudden, two bulldogs come into the frame to Hogan’s surprise. He scoots up in his tanning chair, as these are clearly not his dogs. Then we hear the maniacal laughter coming from another direction. Hogan shoots a glance in that direction, visibly shaken. From the opposite direction comes the larger hooded man. Hogan shoots a glance that way and jumps out of his chair. He backs up into the third hooded man and turns around… “It’s you! I always knew it was you!” The three hooded men beat down Hogan off camera as the video keeps recording. A little later, the smaller hooded man comes over to the camera and picks it up, carrying it to the front door of Hogan’s house. There is a single sheet of paper posted on the door with a knife that reads, “The Foundation of morality begins with the Hart.” The video goes black and the show ends.

• • The Great American Bash, Jun 14, 1998 – The show begins with the commentators talking about Hollywood Hogan getting attacked at his home by the hitmen. Hogan was scheduled to be in Baltimore tonight to defend his World title against Sting, but obviously he won’t be able to attend. Eric Bischoff comes out with the World title and tells everyone that Hogan is in the hospital and is in stable condition. He says that Hogan wanted him to pass on the message that he is abandoning the nWo way of life, because he has seen the truth of morality and wants to rectify his evil actions from the past. He tells us that Hogan also wanted to give WCW’s best a chance at the World title since he can’t be there to defend it. Therefore, the title has been vacated by Hogan himself and he requests that WCW sanction a match to decide a new champion tonight between Sting and Lex Luger. JJ Dillon makes his way out and asks Sting and Luger to come out as well. They do so and Dillon says as long as they agree to the match then it’ll happen tonight. Both Sting and Luger say that it is an honor to represent WCW and that they will give their all to be the face of the company. Later on for the main event, Sting faces Luger for the World title. It is an ultra-competitive match with no clear man getting a decisive advantage throughout. Around the 15-minute mark, the lights go out in the arena. When they come back on, the two bigger hooded men are on either side of the ring and the smaller man is at the top of the ramp way. Sting and Luger are ready for a fight, but a video begins playing behind the man at the entrance way. It is a recap of all the wrestlers that the hitmen have taken out. Sting and Luger watch cautiously until the end. The lights go out again and the maniacal laughs are heard, along with “who, who, who”. Next, the barks and howls of the bulldogs can be heard. The lights come back on and we see Luger has been beaten down on the outside of the ring by the two larger hooded men and the third is in the ring face to face with Sting. The two hooded men on the outside remove their hoods, revealing themselves to be Jim Neidhart and Davey Boy Smith, formerly of the Hart Foundation in the WWF. The camera then focuses on the third man who removes his hood, revealing himself: Bret the Hitman Hart. Sting and Hart stare each other down as the show ends.

• • Nitro, Jun 15, 1998 – The show opens with the commentators still in shock caused from the events of the Great American Bash. Tony Schiavone talks about thinking the Hart family were better than this, etc. Mike Tenay agrees, but Larry Zbyszko says they should’ve known it was Bret and Co. all along, what with the hints and what have you. He says it doesn’t surprise him, because he’s always known the Hart family to be cowards with no backbone, etc. Immediately afterwards, a hooded man (Jim Neidhart) appears from behind Zbyszko and bludgeons him in the back of the head, laughing his maniacal laugh. He removes his hood, stares at the remaining two commentators, laughs, and repeats the word “who” several times, before the lights go out. When the lights come back on, Neidhart is making his way to the ring where Bret Hart and Davey Boy Smith are already standing in their robes, but with their hoods down. Neidhart makes his way to the opposite side of the ring to a microphone, but before he can get into the ring with it, the ring is pelted with garbage from the ringside fans. With a disgusted look on his face, Hart exits the ring and pulls a fan over the barricade and begins beating him incessantly until he is bleeding and unconscious. Smith then exits the ring and drags the body to the bottom of the ramp way. The three men enter the ring together now and the lights go out. The fans boos can be heard loudly throughout the arena. When the lights come back on again several moments later, there are numerous fan’s bodies, beaten down and bloodied, stacked atop the first at the bottom of the ramp way. The three men walk up the ramp way to the entrance and Bret says into the microphone, “Maybe next week you cretins will show some respect to your worst fears. Then and only then will I address you pathetic insects.” Schiavone and Tenay continue the show timidly without Zbyszko, who has been taken to a medical facility. Updates are made on his condition later on that he will be unable to return for quite some time. At the beginning of the second hour, Bobby Heenan refuses to come out to commentate, citing fears of his safety, etc. The show goes on and ends without any more shenanigans.

• • Nitro, Jun 22, 1998 – Tony Schiavone introduces Monday Nitro, followed by pointing out that all of the fans in the arena have been notified to not throw anything into the ring if the Hitmen come out, under the penalty of being removed from the facility. The show begins notably with only Schiavone and Mike Tenay, as Zbyszko is and will be out for some time to come. Bobby Heenan was asked to join the team for both hours, but again refused, saying he will not work until someone gets the hitmen under control. Shortly after, Eric Bischoff makes his way to the ring, along with Miss Elizabeth. Bischoff introduces her and hands her a mic. Elizabeth begins talking about the horrors of having her husband nearly killed by a gunshot, etc. and breaks down crying. She cannot continue, so she hands the mic back to Bischoff, who begins repenting for all of his wrongdoings with the nWo and pledges his services to the hitmen. Elizabeth then snatches the mic back from him and screams at him for being a toothless worm, etc. Bischoff looks confused and they both exit the ring, with Elizabeth walking at a much faster pace out of the entrance way than Bischoff. The show goes off without a hitch for the rest of the way until the end, when Sting makes his way to the ring. He address Bret Hart directly, saying that he thought the mysterious men were somewhat like him at first, cutting down the wicked and ridding the WCW of the scum that had spread across the company. Then he says he began questioning their methods once people starting getting legitimately hurt and even shot. He says that sometime during the middle of all of this, he knew that he’d have to be the one to put down a whole new threat when the time came. He says that putting his best friend Lex Luger in a hospital bed was the straw that broke the camel’s back and that he’s going to take down Hart personally.

• • Nitro, Jun 29, 1998 – The show begins like normal with Tony Schiavone introducing the show, but immediately afterwards, the lights go out. A struggle can be heard from the broadcast mics, then a moment later, a camera shows the announce table, which is now occupied by Jim Neidhart and Davey Boy Smith. A spotlight shines upon the ring, showing Bret Hart. Hart says that Sting is of no concern of the hitmen’s and that he’s sure his very wealthy contractor will have Sting disposed of soon enough. “Speaking of our wealthy contractor… Well, it seems we have a new target,” Hart says, as he pulls out an envelope. He opens it up and shows the camera: “Eric Bischoff”. “Well Bischoff, I guess groveling on your knees like the tiny insect you are isn’t enough to appease my employer. We’ll be seeing you very soon.” The spotlight goes out and when the lights come back on, the three men are gone and Schiavone and Mike Tenay are back at the broadcast table. The night goes on as normal until the end, when Sting again comes out to the ring. He tells Hart that he doesn’t know who this “contractor” is and that he really doesn’t care. He says that no one else will be hurt on his watch, including the cowardly Eric Bischoff.

• • Nitro, Jul 6, 1998 – After the introductions, JJ Dillon comes out to talk to Gene Okerlund about the World title, which he now has in his possession. He tells Okerlund that WCW has been without a face for a while, since no one has held the title. He says that at this time, he considers Sting and Goldberg to be the highest contenders for the belt and that he requests that they both agree to a match tonight in the main event to crown a champion. Goldberg then comes out and tells Dillon he accepts, but also wants Sting to know that if anything goes down involving the hitmen, that he has Sting’s back. As Goldberg is finishing up, Eric Bischoff comes sprinting out, asking Goldberg to protect him. Everyone asks from whom, as he is all alone, with no one following him. He grabs the mic from Okerlund and screams towards the entrance, “You’re not going to get me! Not like the others! I have friends in very high places!” He then runs away, dropping the mic, and exiting behind the location of the announce table. Later on, a camera man in the back shows Sting without an interviewer say that he also accepts the match for tonight and appreciates Goldberg’s sentiment. The show goes on and the main event begins: Sting vs Goldberg for the World title. Surprisingly, and even though the commentators are on guard the whole match, it finishes clean. Goldberg being the powerhouse that he is proves too much for Sting on this night with so much on his mind. Immediately after Goldberg is announced as the new World champion, the lights go out. When they come back on, a hooded man is standing in the ring with Goldberg and Sting. Goldberg almost instantaneously spears the hooded man to the mat. He rips the hood off, revealing Bischoff. A camera then pans to the rafters, where the hitmen stand and Bret Hart with a mic says, “If Goldberg is willing to do our work for us, we might need to have our employer get into contact with him.” Jim Neidhart’s laughter can be heard as the show goes off the air.

• • Bash at the Beach, Jul 12, 1998 – The show starts off normal until around mid-way through the pay per view, when Goldberg comes out issuing a challenge to either one or both of Bret Hart’s lackeys. During the promo, Eric Bischoff, who is still noticeably hurting from the spear he endured last Monday, joins Goldberg to say although he was attacked by him, he will still be in Goldberg’s corner to fend off the hitmen. Bischoff is then cut off promptly by a camera feed from somewhere unknown of the hitmen. Bret Hart speaks into the camera hoodless, with two hooded men standing behind him, and says that his employer is willing to cut a deal with Goldberg: if he will face both Neidhart and Smith tonight and win, he will have effectively bought Bischoff’s safety. Goldberg responds, saying he doesn’t really give a damn about Bischoff’s safety, but that he’d love to rip apart the two hooded freaks. Hart replies, “very well,” and the camera feed goes dark as Neidhart and Smith appear from either side of the ramp way and jump Goldberg with lead pipes. Bischoff runs off in a panic as this is happening and when they are finished, they walk off in the same direction as Bischoff went, leaving Goldberg in a bloody heap. Both Sting and Diamond Dallas Page come out to help him backstage. Later in the night, the match is announced officially that Goldberg will face both Neidhart and Smith in a handicap match in the main event with the safety of Eric Bischoff on the line. When the time comes, Goldberg makes his way to the ring, bandaged up and slightly limping. He stands in the ring for several moments, but no one comes out to face him. Instead, a video plays, showing the hitmen standing over the body of Bischoff in a dimly lit room. Smith says into the camera, “sorry. We lied.” The video feed goes off. The commentary team talks a little about the apparent hit on Bischoff and how it is very difficult to feel bad about it, etc., then the show ends.
• And… Blue balls, right? Yeah, I’m sorry guys. I never finished up the angle. I just couldn’t quite figure out how everything would eventually come to an end as I felt I had already did practically everything that would be considered groundbreaking and epic in the wrestling world. I loved the idea that when the nWo first came into WCW, they were invaders. They were down and dirty and pseudo-believable in their ultra-heel tactics. I wanted to take that idea a step further in the WCW rendition of the Hart Foundation and really drive home the “kayfabe is real” story. Hell, I even put in a cancelled Nitro to help bolster the story of it being real. Any fans that were skeptical about the whole thing would be thinking to themselves, “surely they wouldn’t cancel a show and refund all those tickets just to push a story further, would they?” Anyway, the end game for me would eventually be Bret Hart vs Sting coming to a head in the final battle. I do realize I never revealed who the mysterious contractor/employer was and that’s because it was the most difficult part of the storyline that I couldn’t piece together how to integrate. Vince McMahon was going to be the big reveal, but only in name of course. This is a perfect representation to me of how WCW always mentioned WWF on their shows and how Eric Bischoff would take that idea so far as to plug in McMahon’s name into one of their angles as an employer of assassins. Within the angle it would eventually be revealed as well that the Montreal Screwjob was a hoax and it was all just a ploy to get Bret Hart infiltrated into WCW to destroy it from the inside out, which was the exact premise of the Outsiders in the beginning. Well, that’s all I have to say, so again, hopefully you guys enjoyed it and I hope the lack of an ending wasn’t too disappointing. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to post them.
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Re: WCW Hitman/Hart Foundation Heel Angle Concept

I'll read this later but I believe this belongs in the Be the Booker section. Looks like you put some real thought into this, so big ups to ya.

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Re: WCW Hitman/Hart Foundation Heel Angle Concept

Thanks for the info. I just made an account for this site, so I wasn't aware of the Be the Booker threads. I did just check it out though and I can't even post a topic thread on there until I make 10 other posts elsewhere, so. Maybe if people take a liking to this at all, then I'll try and post it there down the road.
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Re: WCW Hitman/Hart Foundation Heel Angle Concept

I enjoyed reading this but don't like it. It makes the HF look like evil jerks and the NWO look weak and this goes on for months before there is a proper feud between them.

You should check out the classic wrestling section.
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