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WWF Rock Bottom 1998 PPV Review

WWF Champion: The Rock
WWF Intercontinental Champion: Ken Shamrock
WWF Tag Team Champions: The New Age Outlaws
WWF European Champion: X-Pac
WWF Light Heavyweight Champion: Duane Gill
WWF Woman's Champion: Sable
WWF Hardcore Champion: The Big Bossman

WWF Rock Bottom
December 13th, 1998
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Val Venis & The Godfather (w/Hoes) vs. D'Lo Brown & Mark Henry (w/Terri Runnels & Jacqueline)
This is solid, Val/D'Lo has a really fun opening sequence. It's also nice that Godfather is FINALLY getting his hands on D'Lo and Mark since they attacked him in September or October I forget, but it was when Godfather returned from injury and Rock made the save. Anyway both Godfather and Val at 1 time get isolated but both heats are like 1 minute so so they don't get to do much. The just breaks down ass all the thots begin to argue on the floor. The Godfather and D'Lo argue on the floor about stuff, which allows Jacque to sneak away and into the ring. She pulls Val's pants down and slaps him, which allows Mark to hit the big splash for the win. **

Backstage: Dox is with Triple H and Chyna, Dox says it's pretty obvious Shawn is doing everything he can to ensure the Outlaws do no leave the building tonight, by barring DX from the ring tonight. Hunter says Shawn thinks he' smart, but he's the king up one-upmanship and he knows the Outlaws can get it done.

The Headbangers vs. The Oddities
Wasn't this suppose to be a 4 person match? Oh well, fuckit I don't care at least the Headbangers won.

Earlier Today; Austin arrived at the building early and surveyed the grave for the buried alive match.

Owen Hart vs. Steve Blackman
Owen is super over obviously, and as a result, we get motivated Owen he bumps well but the crowd totally fucks this with their "bizarreness" cheering Owen and Boooing everything Blackman, even starting the US Sucks chant. Both guys go back and forth, Owen keeps suckering him in by pretending he's trying to leave just to get the advantage back with sneak attacks. Owen targets the upper body and head for a brief moment before Blackman makes a comeback. Owen then exposes the unprotected turnbuckle, but Blackman sends him into it chest first. Black doesn't work it and they go right into the finish with Blackman getting out of the Dragon Sleeper and locking in Owen's own Sharpshooter, Owen reaches the ropes but then finally decides this is enough and leaves, Blackman briefly goes after him but Owen runs away and gets counted out. **1/4


Backstage: Vince McMahon is walking around, he finds the boiler room that says "Mick's Office" Vince knocks on the door and Mankind opens it and says it's about time we talked DAD!

The J.O.B. Squad vs. The Brood
two things Edge debuts the baby blue and silver attire, which doesn't scream gothic at all but fuckit it rules as a colour scheme. Also, Holly debuts the shaved head super bleached blonde hair. This is super average, kinda boring the Brood briefly isolate Al but it's mostly Gangrel and Al like they pretty much have a mini-match inside the match. A good 3 minutes of the heat is just Al and Gangre; which sucked. The match just breaks down cause no one gives a shit anymore, Al hits Christian with head behind the refs back, which allows Scorpio to his a fucking MOONSAULT INTO A LEGDROP FOR TWO. He cleans house on Gangrel but from behind Christian hits him with the unpreittier for the win. **

In Mick's office, Mankind and Vince are still talking.

"Strip Tease" Match: Jeff Jarrett (w/Debra) vs. Goldust
This gets 8 minutes and is a joy, for the most part, Jeff seems to give a shit and Goldust puts on a good showing. Neither man can really maintain the advantage for long periods of time, but Jeff would always find a way to be 1 step ahead or cut him off after a brief flurry by Goldust. The match ended when Debra almost hits Jeff on accent with the guitar but the Jeff stops himself, the ref gets distracted by that. Goldust then hits the curtain call, but the ref is still busy with Debra. About a minute later Debra comes in and hits Goldust with the guitar as the ref is counting Jeff out, that allows Jeff to recover and hit the stroke for the win. **

After the match; Shawn Michaels comes out he congratulates Jeff and sends him to the back, but asks Debra to stay with him. Shawn says he was looking at the rule book and it said IF YOU BRING IN A FOREIGN OBJECT, THAT LEADS TO A DQ. Therefore the WINNER OF THE MATCH IS GOLDUST! Shawn orders her to strip, she reluctantly began to do so before eventually getting into it and enjoying herself; Cole yelling "YOU GO GIRLFRIEND" is hilarious, as she prepared to take off her bra, Jarrett and the Blue Blazer run out to cover her up and take her to the back.

WWF Tag Team Championships: The New Age Outlaws vs. Ken Shamrock & The Big Bossman (w/Shawn Michaels)
This gets 17 minutes Bossman and Shamrock control the majority, with both Outlaws having their awesome brief comebacks but kept getting cut off. Potty mouth Bossman is in full display tonight, every other word out his mouth is fuck, or he spits at a member of the outlaws I love Bossman. The Corporation keep targetting Dogg as they feel he's the weak link and it's really good, they don't target apart just beat and wear Dogg down for a few minutes. They also keep provoking Gunn so when he tries to get into the ring, that allows Bossman and Shamrock to cheat behind the refs back. Good shit. Gunn has an AWESOME hot tag and cleans house, the match breaks down Shawn pulls the ref which allows Bossman to hit Gunn with the nightstick for two. Then the match ends when Shawn tries to trip Gunn up from the floor, but Gunn rolls through on the bump and rolls Shamrock up for the win. Good match that got a shit ton of time, i just wish they would have more near falls towards the end. Still the best thing on this card so far. **3/4

AWESOME Video package of The Rock and McMahon's MASTER PLAN at Survivor Series airs.

Backstage: Vince, Shane and The Rock are all talking.

Everyone comes down to the ring, Mankind has that contract with him he says he will put a line through the stip about if the Rock cannot compete he will be stripped of the title, Mankind says Vince has to do something first, ADMIT TO THE WORLD THAT YOU NEVER HEARD THE WORDS "I QUIT" AT SURVIVOR SERIES! He says Vince better do it on his knee, he forces Vince into a corner and Vince says......................I HEARD THE WORDS! I HEARD SOMEBODY SAY I QUT! IF THE ROCK HEARD IT THEN.....MANKIND CUTS HIM OFF AND GETS THE CROWD TO CHANT "Asshole" Vince says The Rock heard it, and that's damn good enough for him. Mankind then rips up the contract, so the Rock attacks him to start the match.

WWF World Heavyweight Championship: Mankind vs. The Rock (w/Vince McMahon & Shane McMahon)
Good match, probably the weakest match they'll have. It's mostly about Rock's "Injured ribs" so Mankind targets it a bunch, and Rocks' selling, for the most part, is good, to decent like when Mankind works it he sells but as soon as it's Rock's time to come back on the offensive he forgets about them. Vince gets on the mic and distracts Mankind by saying if he does anything on the floor that is remotely close to illegal the ref must DQ him. That allows Rock to recover and attacks him behind to take over. But it doesn't last long as Mankind makes a comeback until he goes for the elbow or axe off the top, but Shane grabs his boot and distracts him long enough for Rocky to launch him off the middle turnbuckle and he takes a sick bump to the mats on the floor. ROCK THEN DEBUTS THE MID-MATCH COMMENTARY STUFF Mankind makes a comeback and they go back and forth hitting moves for near falls, MANKIND HITS A LEGDROP TO ROCK'S DICK SO VINCE ORDERS THE REF TO RING THE BELL, BUT BEFORE HE CAN DO IT! MANKIND PILEDRIVES THE REF! Vince then signals to the timekeeper to ring the bell, but Mankind bolts out of the ring and grabs the bell. He begins stalking Vince and Shane around the ring, but from behind Rock hits him with the chair. Rock rolls him back in and hits the Rock bottom, but signals for Shane to come in and hit him with the title. But, Mankind ducks and Rock is hit, another ref runs down but ROCK KICKS OUT! Mankind then hits the double arm DDT for two, he pulls out Socko and applies it to Rock and gets him down to the mat. THE REF THEN RINGS THE BELL AS IT APPEARS ROCK IS OUT. **3/4

Vince then enters the ring and grabs a mic, he says okay Mankind won the match, but the Rock was not pinned nor did he submit, he was still the champion. Mankind put the Mr Socko Mandible Claw on Vince but Shane hits him in the back with a chair shot from Shane. Mankind no-sold the chair and reapplied the hold before Shane once again uses the chair. Mankind then applied the hold to Shane but Pat Patterson and Jerry Brisco run out and gets destroyed. Mankind proceeds to beat on everyone until Bossman and Shamrock came out to help the Corporation. Rock puts the boots to Mankind and they all leave.

Buried Alive Match: The Undertaker (w/Paul Bearer) vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin [If Austin wins he qualifies for the Royal Rumble]
Taker goes after Austin during his entrance so this has this fun brawl on the entrance way, Austin totally carries it cause it's what he excels at, these awesome high energy manic brawls. They brawl around the grave and the arena before making their way to the ring to continue to fight, sadly Taker goes into Taker mode and slows this down with his 1998 style but at least it makes sense as he's trying to stop Austin's from mounting any type of comeback. Taker does seem to be bumping a whole lot better than he's been doing the past 4 to 6 months. They tease one another going into the grave a few times and even fight inside it before getting out and fighting everywhere again back to the ring where Taker hits this awful chokeslam, and drags Austin to the grave he rolls him in but Austin fights out. They fight over a gas can and AUSTIN HITS HIM WITH IT! HE THEN HITS THE STUNNER AND TAKER BUMPS INTO THE GRAVE He dumps some soil on Taker but stops to go after Paul Bearer, they go to the back and Taker recovers, he gets out of the grave......................................BUT PRO HITS THE GAVE AND KANE CRAWLS OUT!!!! THE BROTHER BEGIN FIGHTING But Taker throws dirt in his eyes, but KANE no-sells it. They fight by the grave and KANE TOMBSTONE'S TAKER INTO THE GRAVE. AUSTIN THEN COMES BACK DRIVING A FUCKING BULLDOZER OUT! HE THEN GETS SOME BUM ASS GUY TO DROP DIRT ONTO TAKER AND AUSTIN WINS THE MATCH! Fun match, but it didn't need 22 fucking minutes and that ending was awful, the bulldozer guy could barely get the thing to work which fucked up the whole finish. Austin just yelling at him the whole time was funny though. **1/2

Pretty shitty PPV to end the year.

Rest Easy Mac
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Re: WWF Rock Bottom 1998 PPV Review

Originally Posted by Cleavage View Post

Pretty shitty PPV to end the year.
Guess the PPV name is appropriate then.

Underwhelming card honestly but might rewatch it after this.

The Sacrilegious Scorn
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Re: WWF Rock Bottom 1998 PPV Review

Hard to believe the Rock was only 26 years old here. The man had his first heavyweight title, a pay-per-view event named after him, and the whole world at his feet.
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Re: WWF Rock Bottom 1998 PPV Review

Oh gosh I remember this, idk why but it always makes me laugh at the end when Undertaker just puts Austin over his shoulders and carries him to the grave.

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Re: WWF Rock Bottom 1998 PPV Review

Good review! Well done. By the way, if you write long(ish) articles like this in the future, feel free to PM me and I'll look it over for copy editing purposes to spruce it up! That's my job out there in the real world.

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