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WWE No Mercy 2004 Review

WWE Champion: John Bradshaw Layfield
WWE United States Champion: Booker T
WWE Tag Team Champions: Rene Dupree & Kenzo Suzuki
WWE Cruiserweight Champion: Spike Dudley

WWE No Mercy
October 3rd, 2004
East Rutherford, New Jersey

Eddie Guererro vs. Luther Reigns (w/Mark Jindrak)
Poor Eddie, he does what he can but Luther is so fucking bad, he almost KILLS Eddie a minute in with a lariat right to the jaw, that Eddie no sells and pokes him in the eyes. I'm also starting to feel Eddie is just mailing it in at points, I don't blame him as he has to wrestler Luther, Mark and the rest of the Smackdown this whole year. Luther works the back, it's god awful he does the standing bear hug which I FUCKING HATE SO MUCH! Jindrak who is wearing Team Angle adjace sweatsuit interferes with shitty boots. Eddie has a decent comeback, he attacks the ribs and mid-section, he can't hit the three amigos so Eddie bails to the floor, he then sees a Security guard on the floor and steals his police baton and puts it in his boot, he then grabs a chair and brings it into the ring. Luther grabs the chair as Jindrak gets on the apron, so Eddie dropkicks it back into Luther's face who bumps Mark off the apron too. Eddie then heads up top but takes too much time so Luther rolls and Eddie misses the Frog Splash. The ref removes the chair, so Eddie recovers and hits Luther in the head with the police baton and goes back to selling. He now recovers and this time hits the Frog Splash for the win. **1/2

Spike Dudley (w/ The Dudley Boyz) vs. Nunzio (w/Johnny Stamboli)
This seems to be a thing, every time I skip a Smackdown match, they put it on PPV or force me to watch the rematch the next week. I don't care about this FBI shit, I don't even know if they are face or heel. Spike as the "BOSS" is still terrible, he as a heel is god awful. Him wrestling without a shirt, showing off his 8-year-old infant chest is hilarious. The Dudleyz keep getting involved to either give Spike control or to maintain it. Stamboli fights off D-Von on the floor, and behind the refs back Bubba crotches Nunzio into the ring post and Spike covers for the win. **1/4

Footage air of The Undertaker winning his first WWE championship @ Survivor Series 1991

Billy Kidman vs. Paul London
WOW! This is good, like London is going off like a madman with dives and strikes, it's not the prettiest or smoothest but the sloppiness looks realistic on how much he just wants to get his hands on Kidman. But, HOLY SHIT! BROKEN KIDMAN IS FUCKIN ON! He straight punts London in the face, where Booker smashed his nose 3 weeks ago. He then throws him rib first into the ring post and begins working it in tremendous fashion. London's selling is fan-fucking-tastic too, yelling in pain, doing the pain coughing and grabbing them for the rest of the match. London's comeback is really good too, he's selling the urgency and desperation, but keeps getting cut off with London going back to the ribs. Kidman teases going for the SSP, but rethinks it, the looks like he's about to leave but remembers his job is on the line and returns. London hits a dropkick and goes for the SSP of his own, but Kidman gets the knees up. Kidman then heads up top and hits it, with the knees hitting directly to the injured ribs for the win. ***1/4

After the Match; London is bleeding from the mouth, as Kidman grabs the mic, he says you people made me do that. And hopes they're happy. Broken Kidman goes to leave as EMT's place London on a stretcher backboard, with his legs are tied down, Kidman goes back up top and hits another SSP to London. AS TAZ CALLS HIM A SON OF A BITCH! Broken Kidman >

Footage airs of The Undertaker winning his second WWE Championship @ WrestleMania 13

Backstage: Josh Mathews is with JBL, Josh goes to ask a question, but JBL cuts him off and says the PPV is biased towards The Undertaker. He says what about him? He says every time he's defended this title, he's guaranteed victory, and tonight he.......If the Undertaker is gonna take his title it will be over his COLD DEAD BODY!

Rene Dupree & Kenzo Suzuki come down to the ring, Rene cuts a promo in French, but KENZO SINGS BORN IN THE USA WITH AIR GUITAR

Rene Dupree & Kenzo Suzuki (w/Hiroko & FiFi) vs. Rob Van Dam & Rey Mysterio
Much better than expected, the opening minutes with the faces running wild hitting all their flying offense, while Kenzo and Rene bump all over for them was good. RVD goes up top, but Rene shoves RVD off the top and into the rails. Sadly this is where the match goes downhill, Kenzo and Rene do stuff but it sucks, they take turns choking and new to tag team wrestling 101 offense. Rey has a fun hot tag, the match breaks down with the faces hitting a cool double team Rey moonsault, and RVD hits the Rolling Thunder. Rey then hits the 619 on Kenzo, but as he goes for the Leg Drop, Rene drags Rey down dropping him throat first onto the top rope. RVD dives on him, which allows Kenzo to roll RVD up and he grabs the ropes for extra leverage for the win. **1/2

Kurt Angle vs. The Big Show
So yeah, this. Show throws and toys with Kurt for like 4 minutes straight before Kurt has had enough and gets counted out. He then tries to run through the crowd, but GM Theodore Long comes out. He says if Kurt even thinks about dipping on him, he's fired (I don't get why wrestlers don't just be like, fuckit. I will just go to RAW, especially if I'm Kurt. You telling me Eric would be like no Kurt i don't want you on my already stacked roster) He gives Kurt a 10 second count to make it back to the ring, and if he fails surprise he's FIRED! They do a terrible job teasing it with Kurt tripping over the barricade at 8. But he makes it in at 9. Kurt quickly stalls on the floor and grabs a chair, but Show punches it back into his face. This keeps going with Show just still doing stuff, Show goes for the Chokeslam but Kurt rolls through and applies the Ankle Lock, he grapevines the ankle but breaks it just to stand up and apply the ankle lock. He has it locked in for like a minute, so RIP ANKLE LOCK EVEN MORE! Even though Kurt has prostituted it like a motherfucker since 2002. Show kicks him off and the ref gets hits. So, Kurt grabs a chair and hits him in the knee twice. Kurt continues to work it, and its the only real highlight. Show does the "slow walk" limp but does offense like the Ankle was never worked and he doesn't have a problem lifting Kurt up. Kurt hits the Angle Slam but only gets two, he then goes under the ring to get the tranquilizer gun. But, Show grabs it and breaks it over his knee. Show finally ends it with the CHOKESLAM OFF THE TOP for the win. **1/2

Eddie Guerrero DVD on sale now

Match #5 in the best of 5 for the WWE United States Championship: Booker T [2] vs. John Cena [2]
So this series has been a flop, wanna know how. The final match only gets 10 minutes. They even get the MAIN EVENT BACKSTAGE PRE-MATCH WALK! THEY USED THAT ON THIS SHIT This isn't much different than their previous matches, both men show desperation early and go for quick covers. Booker works the neck, jaw area I feel like he's worked the same area and holds in every match. It's all forgettable anyway, Cena has a decent comeback and goes right into the 5 moves of doom, he's replaced the throwback with a running bulldog so their's that. Booker blocks the FU into the Bookend but Cena kicks out. Booker then grabs a chair, as the ref tells him if he brings it into the ring he will DQ him on the spot? WHAT WHEN THE FUCK DID REFS HAVE THAT TYPE OF STROKE! Cole then says "If Booker gets DQ'ed he loses the title" WHAT?!?!?! WHEN?!?!? I WATCH THIS SHIT SHOW EVERY WEEK AND THEY'VE NEVER BROUGHT IT UP! Booker misses the scissors kick and Cena hits the FU for the win. **1/4

Footage airs of The Undertaker winning his third WWE Championship @ Over The Edge 1999

The Dudley Boyz & Dawn Marie vs. Charlie Haas, Rico & Miss Jackie
Oh, you have got to be kidding me. WHY? WHY IS THIS ON PPV? WHO GAVE THIS 8 MINUTES? I hate you 2004 Smackdown if it wasn't for Brock/Eddie, and JBL/Eddie feuds you might be worse than 2002 and 2003 RAW's This is mostly Dawn seducing Charlie and Jackie losing her shit, Rico makes out with Bubba cause, yeah, faces win. I DON'T CARE!

Footage airs of The Undertaker winning his fourth WWE Championship @ Judgment Day 2002

Undertake/JBL video package

Last Ride Match for the WWE Championship: John Bradshaw Layfield vs. The Undertaker
Basically, an ambulance match, lol at Cole saying he doesn't know what to expect as this just a first-ever match. This is still a bunch of fun, Taker dominates like 80% of th match, like JBL connects with a few punches and boots to the head but it's all Taker. They do a couple of early hearse teases but it goes nowhere, the match picks up a ton when they begin brawling on the floor and Taker blocks a JBL powerbomb off the steps and comes back by Tombstoning JBL onto the steps. JBL again has a great bladejob, say what you want about his title reign but the man knows how to get color in his matches. He follows up by Chokeslamming JBL from one announce table to the other one. He takes him up to the hearse, but Heidenreich busts out of the back, he has a rag or something and places it over Takers' mouth, he places Taker in the back but as the hearse drives off Taker kicks open the door. He fights Heidenreich off, but JBL hits a sweet clothesline from hell on Taker. Heidenreich and JBL team up and place Taker in the hearse and this time it drives off. JBL WINS! ***

After the match; JBL grabs the mic and says you never bet against him, and he is the greatest champion of all time.

In the parking lot; Heidenreich goes into an SUV, and Paul Heyman gets out of the driver's seat in the hearse. Heidenreich drives the car into the side of the hearse, KILLING THE UNDERTAKER! Heyman says "He did it" and says they gotta go.

the explosion before the car even hits the hearse

Rest Easy Mac
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Re: WWE No Mercy 2004 Review

Paul London Vs Billy Kidman such an underrated match up imo The promo before the match was great.

Billy Kidman hitting the vicious shooting stars at the end and after the match was just so good.

Decent Show. Great Write up, read every one of these never post in them though, had to mention the Kidman Vs London match here such a mark for both

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Re: WWE No Mercy 2004 Review

Was Heyman still booking here?

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Re: WWE No Mercy 2004 Review

SD! PPVs that year were just bad. I never liked this show. I think Armageddon is even worse.

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Re: WWE No Mercy 2004 Review

Always weird seeing Kidman with short hair after mainly watching his WCW stuff. Really good build up video to show that the match was about two best friends going at it and London going after Kidman, plus the whole SSP deal.

Definetly a little gem of a match. It tells an overall good story that continues in the match mixed of course with good athleticism by both. Kidman showed good aggression here and London is a likeable babyface and puts a good performance here in that role and Kidman does some good work to cement his heel turn with going after the ribs of London. V.good match.

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Re: WWE No Mercy 2004 Review

This was the only Post Mania Smackdown PPV in 04 that wasn't a trainwreck.

That London/Kidman feud always confused me though, lol. Kidman was all like "I don't want to hurt anybody with the SSP" and that painted him as the heel...uh...ok. lol.


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Re: WWE No Mercy 2004 Review

I think this was the match that JBL said ultimately led to his career ending.

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Re: WWE No Mercy 2004 Review

Ah, this show. I think Paul London and Billy Kidman had a good set of matches, and was the highlight of this show. Smackdown had a lot of potential at this time, and while having Bradshaw in the main event was questionable, the brand was certainly undergoing a rebuilding stage at this point in time. I didn't fault WWE for trying something new with Smackdown, as taking risks is a necessary evil in any business. These risks had a massive payoff in the form of John Cena, who became a star thanks to ending JBL's nearly year long reign of terror. At the time, Cena was very popular and it was the right move to make in the end. This PPV was just evidence of the pain that us fans had to go through to get to that stage.

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Re: WWE No Mercy 2004 Review

not my fav PPV but it was probably the best of all SD ppv's from June on wards.
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Re: WWE No Mercy 2004 Review

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