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My state of the WWE address for 2/14/18

I haven't watched a RAW(sans RAW 25) or SDL in at least 5 years...why? Not enough wrestling! You got scripted promos and over the top choreographed matches these days on RAW and SD! 205 Live is a breath of fresh air for me. Why? Cause it's one hour(okay 42 minutes) of SOLID ENTERTAINMENT! N over the top scripted promos and you got guys ready to deliver a great match whenever they want. Look at Neise vs Gulak just tonight. That match was incredible! You barely saw ANY backstage shctick, And the other match with Tozawa vs. Andrews was at WORST ***.

I look for great wrestling on a wrestling show. Raw used to be an hour even with a heavy roster in 97. The wrestling was great! Sure not everyone got to shine but THAT WAS THE BEAUTY OF IT! You had guys wanting to work hard to earn their spot. Nowadays, if you aren't Vince's boy on RAW or SD, you get kicked to the curb, basically. Scripted promos, telling us who to like and treating us like cast members reminds me of...oh, I don't know, Hogan's TNA?

No wonder Jim Cornette has declared wrestling dead. Shows like Lucha Underground and Ring of Honor should be the rule, not the exception. It's a good thing HHH has control over both 205 Live and NXT now, because without those shows, the only thing I'd watch in WWE is classic wrestling.

And speaking of classic wrestling..Who am I, or any fan for that matter, to say who is a better wrestler? We all enjoy different types of matches. I think most of us can agree the Hogan/Andre ENCOUNTER was great, as was Hogan/Warrior. But in my opinion, the matches didn't match the encounter...Hogan/Warrior was a clothesline fest, and Hogan/Andre was boring unil Hulk slammed Andre, though that initial staredown was epic. Shoddy matches, great encounters. Too bad Hogan wasn't allowed to wrestle the way he wrestled in NJPW.

Some of us love the Rock. Some of us love Austin. But our difference of opinion is what makes the world great. I'm jorgovan21.
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