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WWE WrestleMania XX Review

WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Triple H
WWE Intercontinental Champion: Randy Orton
WWE World Tag Team Champions: Booker T & Rob Van Dam
WWE Women's Champion: Victoria

WWE Champion: Eddie Guererro
WWE United States Champion: Big Show
WWE Tag Team Champions: Scotty II Hotty & Rikishi
WWE Cruiserweight Champion: Chavo Guererro Jr.

WWE WrestleMania XX
March 14th, 2004
Madison Square Garden: New York City

The Boys' Choir of Harlem sings "America The Beautiful" BLACK EXCELLENCE!

John Cena comes out sucking up earing a Knicks Ewing jersey, he cuts this generic RAP promo that I swear only the white people in the crowd ohhhh and ahhh during.

WWE United States Championship: John Cena vs. The Big Show
This is probably my favorite Cena/Show match ever, both men brought their A games and nothing felt wasted. Show dominates like 80% of the match, picking apart Cena with strikes and power moves. Cena has these really fun mini-comebacks with punches but Show would show his "agile" speed and come out of nowhere with a big boot or clothesline to get the momentum back. Show works the back and it's really good, Cena's selling if iffy, like his version of selling is through facial expression rather than grab the back. He completely ignores it when it's time for his comeback though, He hits the FU but Show kicks out of two, I think that's the 2nd or 3rd person to ever kick out of the FU. Cena grabs the chain, but the ref takes it away that allows Cena to grab the WORD LIFE KNUCKS and nails Show in the head, he then picks him up for the 2nd FU for the win. **3/4

Backstage: Coachman is feeling himself and daps up Teddy before going into Eric's office. Eric says he's been hearing weird noises around the arena and thinks it's the Undertaker. He says he wants Coach to find him, Coach doesn't like it at first but agrees.

Backstage: Randy Orton, Ric Flair, and Batista are standing at a staircase. He talks about when he kicked him down these flight of stairs and a Legend Killer was born. He begins talking about when Foley ran from him. Orton introduces clips of Foley walking away, coming back, and getting beaten up time and time again. He says he can respect that Foley won't admit it's over, but they've passed him by. It's only Evolution.

WWE World Tag Team Championship: La Resistance vs. Mark Jindrak & Carrison Cade vs. The Dudley Boyz vs. Booker T & Rob Van Dam
This is all ASS outside Booker making everyone else look competent in the ring, at one point all 3 other teams have a heat segment on Booker. Granted it's pretty boring and felt like some TV filler opener. RVD does his best of hits hot tag against the heels, the Dudleyz clearly give no fucks as they just stayed on the apron. The match breaks down and everyone starts doing shit. Cade stops a Dudleyz 3D which leads to Conway getting hit with the Scissors Kick and Frog Splash for the win. How you have a filler 2nd match in. SMH! *3/4

Backstage: Coach hears some banging in a door somewhere, he opens it and finds Mean Gene half naked, Bobby Heenan comes out and has lipstick on his face. He says they were playing cards..................BUT MAE AND MOOLAH COME OUT! And drag them back in for round 2 BRAH!

Christian vs. Chris Jericho
So this is still fucking great it's how a grudge match is supposed to be, no mat wrestling to start no feeling out, just trash talking/fighting and real intense hard-hitting moves. Babyface Jericho is the greatest as he busting out all the flashy springboard dives and shit. I also love how they are doing callback spots like they use the Rumble spot with Christian trying to throw Jericho out over the top, but Jericho catches himself and backdrops Christian to the floor. About a minute later Christian backdrops Jericho to the floor but he had to cheat to get his by going to the eyes. Christian initial heat is good he doesn't work a specific body part he just wants to beatdown his former BFF. and Jericho's comeback is super dope, man I missed full babyface, Jericho. Christian tried to use the ropes for a roll-up counter like their IC Title match in September 2003, but this time, it failed. FUCK YEAH more callbacks. They go back and forth hitting big moves the next being bigger then the last with close near falls, kinda weird that it took 12 minutes or so for Christian to finally go after Jericho's hurt knee, he locks in the nice little Texas Cloverleaf but Jericho counters into a walls and then they never go back to it again. They again go back to the top but Jericho gets the better with a double armed suplex for two. Trish runs out looking insanely hot to watch on. She gets on the apron so Christian drags her in and throws her into the corner. Jericho goes to check on her but she has her back turned and elbows him which allows Christian to roll him up for the win. After the match; Trish checks on him, Christian runs out and distracts Jericho which leads to Trish slapping him twice and Cristian hitting him with the unpreittier. FUCK YEAH! They leave together up the ramp as Jericho slowly gets up, and they stop on the stage. AND BEGIN MAKING OUT! CLB DA GOAT! ***1/2

So yeah, amazing build, great match that totally paid off even if they didn't really target the knee and it was a pretty big deal during the build. 2004 is now 2-2 on amazing builds with a satisfying payoff.

Backstage: Lilian interviews Mick, she asks him how he feels going into his first match in 4 years. Foley says this is WM in MSG. He says he's overcome with emotion and hopes his hatred doesn't get in his way. The Rock comes over and says tonight is Mick Foley's night. He shows Hurricane and Rosey eating hamburgers and a cool shot of Superfly and Don Morocco standing next to one another. Rock says they're about to slap the candy lips off dem Evolution Bitches. IF YOU SMELL WHAT THE ROCK 'n' SOCK ARE COOKING!

3-On-2 Handicap Match: Evolution (Ric Flair, Batista & Randy Orton) vs. The Rock 'n' Sock Connection
So this went 17 minutes which is crazy considering how Foley hasn't wrestled in 4 years and Rock in just under 11 months, last match was what Backlash 2003? But I will give them credit everyone played their role, especially Flair who was bumping like this was the 80's. I remember in a shoot interview Foley said he hated the match because in the story he hated Orton so much that it didn't make sense that he would tag out to Rock when he had Orton to himself, which is a fair point. Evolution has a nice little heat segment on Rock, it's nothing to write about or memorable. Rock/Flair rules tho. The match breaks down, and behind the refs back Orton sends Foley's knees into the steel steps which give Evolution control again. They all take turns beating the shit out of Foley and all pick a specific body part. So Batista works the back, Orton the neck and Flair the knees. Foley's bumping in this rules. The finishing stretch is AWESOME! Rock has this fun 20-second hot tag but runs into a Batista spinebuster. FLAIR THEN GOES FOR HIS OWN PEOPLE'S ELBOW BUT ROCK NIPS UP AND TAKES OUT FLAIR! He then hits his own Spinebuster/people elbow. Orton tags back in but gets hit with a Rock bottom but only gets two. Flair distracts the ref which allows Batista to hit the Batista bomb on Rock, as Foley just watches on the apron. Like he watches Flair distract the ref, he watches the powerbomb he even watches Orton cover as the Rock kicks out. Anyway, Foley tags back in for another hot tag, he goes for Mr. Socko but he sticks his head in too far allowing Orton to hit the RKO for the win. I really enjoyed the style structure here of this past superteam trying to comeback for one last glorious moment but they haven't teamed in 5 years and went up against a team who already had the numbers advantage but they also have been together around 300 days a year with one another. They'd keep getting hot tags but get cut off by the superior teamwork of a currently active unit. 17 minutes didn't feel like it but they did a great job as leaving me wanting more Orton/Foley and Rock/Flair. ***

After the match; Foley gets a standing ovation, Rock and Sock hug it out.

Highlights of the Class of 2004 Hall Of Fame ceremony airs, followed by all the wrestlers being introduced on the stage.

Playboy Evening Gown Match: Sable & Torrie Wilson vs. Miss Jackie & Stacy Keibler
Busted at least 6 nuts in the 2 minutes.

Backstage: Eddie and Benoit are talking, Eddie says they are like brothers and no matter what happens he will always be proud of him, win or lose. Benoit says NO LOSE! Eddie says you're taking on HHH and HBK, no one expects you to win. Benoit says HE BELIEVES IN HIM! AND THAT'S ALL THAT MATTERS! Eddie smiles about it, saying that's the Chris Benoit he believes in.

Cruiserweight Open for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship
All drawings are random except for Chavo who will be last.........................BUT FUCK ALL THAT! OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! CHAVO THEME DEBUT this by far is the greatest thing about Chavo's wrestling career. Rey is dressed as the Mexican Flash so that's cool. Moore/Dragon start they do stuff for about a minute until Dragon hits the Asai DDT and covers for three. Noble is in next who has a real fun interaction with Dragon, poor Dragon he might be in the top 5 biggest failed runs in WWE history. Noble applies the front Guillotine and Dragon tapes. Funaki was in next and Noble immediately rolls him up for three LOL. Nunzio is in next. He and Noble do some nice things, its a constant struggle for both men, counters, and reversals. Noble throws Nunzio to the floor and Noble busts out his sweet sunset flip plancha. They battle on the floor with Noble knocking Nunzio off the apron at 8 as Noble rolls in to beat the count. Kidman is in next who immediately tries to break Nunzios jaw and his own head by fucking up a SSP to the floor. About a minute later Kidman hits the BK Bomb and pins Noble. Rey's in next who carries Kidman's fat ass for a few minutes, Chavo distracts the ref as Akio hangs Rey up on the top rope, Kidman doesn't really capitalize off it he tries again for the BK bomb off the top but Rey counters into a code red off the middle and pins him. Tajiri is in next and they have a fun minute. Tajiri misses the mist and gets Akio, allowing Rey to get a Victory Roll to win. This apparently means Akio is also eliminated. Chavo/Rey is cool for like another minute, it left like something during the opening minute of a tag match. Chavo Sr. helps him with a Sunset Flip cutback for the win. Total waste of time, if you're gonna have an open match you need more than 10 minutes with 10 opponents. Now if it was Rey vs. Chavo vs. Noble vs. Tajiri for 10 minutes maybe more with all the cut entrances, that has potential. FUCK IT! NEXT! **


Brock Lesnar vs. Bill Goldberg (Special Referee: Stone Cold Steve Austin)
Well, here it is the infamous Brock/Goldberg I match. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL The network must have edited the shit out of Goldberg's entrance audio cause it sounds all fucked up and from the music placement, crowd reaction and even pipped in chants. FUCKERY BEFORE THE FUCKERY! So they basically stand around for the first 3 minutes as the crowd go from chanting "you sold out" to singing "na na na na" Goldberg yells FUCK THESE PEOPLE! As they continue to look at one another for a further minute. hey finally locked up and then spent about 2 minutes battling over lock ups as the crowd now begin chanting for Austin. King looks and sounds dumb founded as why they ain't doing shit as JR tries to cover it up. They move into shoulder tackle attempts with neither men budging, after about 7 minutes Goldberg hits is AWESOME press-slam into spear takedown spot, but as he goes for the spear Brock moves and Goldberg goes shoulder first into the turnbuckle. Brock works the arm for all of 20 seconds before just going to power moves and rest hold submissions, hilariously Goldberg sells the shoulder throughout and the whole time Brock is doing stuff not directly to the arm. This is what it is. The crowd's insistent on ruining this, and maybe they could have saved it by just going balls out from the point they realized this is a different crowd, but they didn't. The crowd begins chanting "THIS MATCH SUCKS" So Goldberg hits a spear but only gets a two, he gets in Austin's face about the count which allows Brock to recover and nail an F5 for two. Brock then goes for a spear on Goldberg but he misses and goes into the ring post, that allows Goldberg to hit the 2nd spear and jackhammer for the win. UGH! Rough to watch. 1/2*

After the match; Brock gets up and gives the people along with Austin the middle fingers so Austin hits him with a stunner. He begins drinking with Goldberg but hits him with a STUNNER CAUSE HE AIN'T FORGOTTEN ABOUT THE SPEAR FROM 4 WEEKS AGO! FUCK YEAH!

RIP Brock's first run. It was one of a kind.

Vince McMahon comes out on to the stage, he thanks the people for giving him his out money. This must be unplanned and Vince felt he had to do something after that abortion of a match.

WWE Tag Team Championships: The Self-Proclaimed World's Greatest Tag Team vs. The APA vs. The Bashams vs. Rikishi & Scotty II Hotty
6 Filler minutes of nonsense, WGTT do what they can but it's a mess, they do the exact same formula as the RAW match. As all 3 of the other teams have a 1 minute and a half heat segment on Scotty. Rikishi's hot tag is hot mess. The match breaks down, Bradshaw has the only highlight and that's killing the Bashams with clotheslines from hell, he gets taken out and Rikishi hits the bonzi drop on Doug for the win. *


Jesse "The Body" Ventura comes out, he looks for someone to interview and finds.....................Donald Trump. Yeah no, i'm not watching this. NEXT!

Champion vs. Hair Match: Molly Holly vs. Victoria
This is like 6 or 7 minutes, the crowd is pretty burnt out by all the fuckery since Evolution/RockSock so they don't give a shit, tbf it's not like this was gonna be a show stealer anyway. Nothing gets a response, we get the standard try to get the babyface to make a comeback claps but after that, it's mostly just dead air. Molly tries to work the neck but Victoria no sells it before making her comeback. She counters out of Molly's widow's peak attempt into a backslide and Victoria wins. Molly tries to bail, but they fight to the stage. Molly is shaved bald. *1/2

WWE Championship: Kurt Angle vs. Eddie Guererro
This is weirdly booked, you would think with the amazing feud that saw Kurt beat the shit out of Eddie 2 of the 4 weeks and call him a drug addict this would be hate-filled like Jericho/Christian started off with but it wasn't that. They have this really, really good mat exchange it's intense and everything looks great but it's not what i wanted. It just feels weird. Only positive was the story of Eddie the "Drug Addict" getting the better of Kurt the Olympic Gold Medalist on the mat which pisses him off. After about 7 minutes or so, Eddie heads up top and goes for a crossbody but Kurt moves and Eddie crashes into the barricades. Kurt begins working it and it's really good, Eddie sells it tremendously. They do this awesome spot with Eddie shoving Kurt off the top rope and Eddie tries the frog splash but at the very last second Kurt moves and Eddie crashes and burns to the mat. They both abandon the mid-section work and just begin slugging it out, Eddie has a nice comeback but like i said he forgets about the ribs. This is also a Kurt formula match so it's German counter, Belly-to-belly counter, counter the angle slam, counter the ankle lock everything gets countered 2 or 3 times. Eddie hits this dope spike DDT and hits the Frog Splash but Kurt kicks out 2 but it looks like 3. Kurt plays dead and as Eddie is picking him up he grabs the ankle and applies the ankle lock but Eddie rolls through sending Kurt to the floor. Eddie begins loosening up the boot. Kurt comes back and again locks in the ankle lock but Eddie kicks off the boot to shock Kurt, as Kurt comes rushing in Eddie cradles him for the win. Cool finish. I guess, but it should have been hate-filled brawling more than great wrestling. But Kurt had to have his shitty formula. 2004 is back to 2-3 in AMAZING FEUDS WITH TRASH PAYOFF MATCHES. **3/4


Paul Bearer's "OHHHHHH YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES!" before Taker makes his entrance still gives me goosebumps.

KANE vs. The Undertaker (w/Paul Bearer)
Okay so right off the bat i think Taker's entrance is almost the same length as the match 7 minutes, but that's not even the highlight. Highlight is Kane blinking in hopes that Taker and his Paps would disappear is great. He also still doesn't believe so he does the horror movie move closer and when he touches taker, taker punches the shit out of him. It's all downhill from here though. This is basically a Taker showcase, granted Kane does some things but it's mostly Taker who looks super sloppy and slow. The match ends when Kane hits the chokeslam but as he celebrating Taker sits up, the fight some more until Taker hits the tombstone for the win. NEXT YEAR! THE STREAK BEGINS TO MATTER! Kindof, i think. *1/2

WWE World Heavyweight Championship: Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Benoit vs. Triple H
Oh man, TripsGOD is wearing his good guy white boots. I really gotta find a way into the WWE warehouse or attire museum so i can steal them and wear them even though we ain't the same foot size. This starts as all WWE triple threats go, 2 in one out, i do like they have a couple of spots with all 3 but its mostly "accidentally" teaming up which results in the 3rd man bumping to the floor. Shawn/Hunter is really good cause it's not filler, Benoit/Hunter rules cause they have chemistry. Benoit/Shawn just beat the hell out of one another so that was fun. Triple H does a good job in integrating all 3 men into stuff e.g. hanging Benoit upside down and sending Shawn into him midsection first, he goes for it again but Shawn counters and Benoit gets a bootup. I like that this has constant action it's one of the few benefits of 3-ways, Shawn hits Hunter with a superkick but Benoit pulls Hunter out during the count. Benoit and Shawn get in and do so stuff, Shawn gets busted open after Benoit catapults him into the ringpost. He then locks in the Crippler crossface but Triple H stops Shawns' hand from tapping. Hunter and Shawn team up as they took out Benoit with a Double Suplex through the announce table. Shawn and Hunter do their usual fight sequence with Shawn throwing Hunter into the ring post and now Hunter is bleeding. Jesus both men are bleeding a ton, Hunter hits the pedigree but is too beaten up to make the cover right away so it takes him about 20 seconds before covering. That allows Benoit to just will himself and throw himself to break up the pin. Benoit locks in the Sharpshooter and it finally looks like the crowd is 97% in Benoit's favor now instead of 70% to Benoit 21% to Shawn. Anyway, Shawn breaks it up by nailing Benoit with a superkick, he goes to tune up again but Benoit counters and drops Shawn to the floor. That allows Benoit to recover and he goes for the pedigree but Benoit counters into the crossface. AWESOME FALSE HOPE SPOT AS HUNTER TRIES TO ROLL OUT BUT BENOIT KEEPS THE HOLD AND BEFORE SHAWN CAN GET UP TRIPLE H TAPS! AMAZING! I don't give a shit this match still holds up as the best 3way match in WWE history, and you know what goes under the radar JR losing his voice calling Benoit win. Just go back and watch his voice is cracking. It's a thing of beauty. ****1/2

Oh and this happens, but it doesn't really happen.

Overall: God awful PPV outside the 3 Way, Christian/Jericho, And the Handicap match. Def in my top 5 of WOAT Mania's

Rest Easy Mac
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Re: WWE WrestleMania XX Review

Goldberg giving Lesnar that press slam was the best part of the match. Well, apart from the stuff with Austin afterwards and the lol crowd shit.

I watched the Rock N Sock/Evolution tag match a couple of weeks ago and found it fun as fuck. I know Foley is down on it and his own performance, but I enjoyed it. It was great seeing Rock and Flair have their moments together and you could tell they were loving it out there, esp Flair.

Main event is a classic as we know, that I'll be rewatching myself soon.
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Re: WWE WrestleMania XX Review

This WrestleMania was a let down overall, but was really saved by the absolute classic Triple Threat closing the show. Probably one of the greatest Triple Threats I've ever seen, if not the greatest. The ending is quite hard to watch now knowing that both guys have passed & what Benoit did, but it was still an incredible time for Wrestling. Seeing both Eddie/Benoit holding World Titles really was such great sight to see, with both guys being such fantastic performers & deserving of that moment.

Brock/Goldberg is obviously a complete mess, but the crowd reaction to it all is very unique & memorable, and obviously seeing some Stunners delivered at the end made up for it. I'm really glad they were able to make up for this match at WrestleMania last year. That was a far better match to remember their feud by, and easily one of the best matches from that WrestleMania.

I'll never stop being shocked at how over Cena was at this point in time. Just seeing how he gets reacted towards in current day. There was not a single boo for him, the 'Let's go Cena!" chants were extremely loud, and he had the full support of everyone. It was hard not to love Cena at this point in time. As soon as he started to get overpushed as Face of the Company, he completely soured on me. But I'll always remember this part of his career & his US Title reign very fondly. He truly felt deserving of it in this particular moment.
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Re: WWE WrestleMania XX Review

Yeah, a mostly forgettable Mania, despite having one of the all-time best Mania main events.

The triple threat is one of my favorite matches of all time. Plus I was so glad to finally see Taker back as the Dead Man. I loved his ABA gimmick but had gotten tired of it after awhile and still preferred the original gimmick.
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Re: WWE WrestleMania XX Review

Still my favorite John Cena Match to this day.

The Trish Heel Turn and Snogging Christians face off had my teenage hormones going into overdrive.
I was never a Trish guy but that outfit, on that night, for one night, i was 100% a Trish Stratus guy.

The Benoit and Eddie moment will always be remembered by those who it mattered to and i think that is all that matters really.

I remember being so disappointed with the Lesnar VS Goldberg Match,
So glad they got to put it right all these years later.

Vaguely remember Molly getting her head shaved but everything else just seems like a blur,

So True what some say about Mania though,
It really is the moments that make them special.

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Re: WWE WrestleMania XX Review

It seems like every PPV with Goldberg\Lesnar on the card shits the bed. Both men are overrated, especially GOLDBERG. Lesnar doesn't have mic skills of a main eventer but he has raw athleticism, definition and size that has never been matched in the history of athletics. Goldberg just looks like a typical football player on steroids. This match brought this PPV down BIG TIME as neither men even tried they didn't give ANY effort. Goldberg was pissed that he was used as a transition champion and HHH got the shovel out of on his overrated ass. Brock was pissed because he hated being on the road so much addicted to painkillers and vodka. So they didn't even try at all and it was one of the worst 10 matches in wrestlemania history. Even the Cena\Show match was decent the only thing that dragged the show down was Lesnar\Goldberg but I knew that match was going to suck anyway.

Now that I'm done burying that pile of crap I still think this was a very solid wrestlemania. Christian\Jericho match was a classic and the storyline was the best build of any feud on the card. I would say it's a strong candidate for greatest midcard match in wrestlemania history. Of course, the main event is either the best triple threat ever or the best wrestlemania main eventer either I say BOTH. Throw in a good fun tag match with Evolution and Rock\Sock, a very solid underrated title match in Angle\Eddie. This was actually one of the better 15 wrestlemania's of all time in my opinion.
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Re: WWE WrestleMania XX Review

Decent Mania, not one of the best, but it had some good moments/matches. It's the weakest of the decade anniversary Mania's (10, 20 and 30) though.

Always loved Orton's RKO on Foley in the Evolution/Rock N' Sock match. The first "Outta Nowhere" RKO I believe, you even hear JR scream "outta nowhere!".

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Re: WWE WrestleMania XX Review

Hard to believe Eddie and Angle had such a bad match together. Might just have to watch it myself and see.
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Re: WWE WrestleMania XX Review

I was at WMXX live; one of my first shows and only mania I've ever been to. There were some bright spots but I remember thinking the lower half of the card was weak and with so many big names in the company and it being the 20th anniversary it should of been a lot better of a show and they could of eaily put together a better card.

The Triple Threat match as epic. One of the best matches in history. Cena/Show and Y2J/Christan were both great matches early on to get us hyped up for the rest of the night. Taker/Kane was a dud BUT on paper the match has to happen. Kane was the only opponent Taker could have after going from the American Badass gimmick back to the Deadman. I've seen people re-book this show with Goldberg/Taker a lot...story line wise that match would of made zero sense. I also enjoyed Angle/Eddie and Evolution/Rock & Sock. Without hindsight its even hard to say Goldberg/Lesnar wasn't the right call. Those are two of the biggest names in the company and with the rest of the card filled out the way it is who else do they face? The top names left without plans are guys like RVD, Booker T., Rey, Scott Steiner, ect. Can't really do Lesnar/Steiner and Goldberg/Booker T. at Wrestlemania. When the match was first booked nobody knew Brock was going to quit and phone in this match. So I can't even fault them for that. The rest of the god awful show needed to be booked better though.

The World's Greatest Tag Team at the time was putting on clinic after clinic after clinic. Why not put them early on the show; say follow Cena/Show and give them credible opponents. Rey Mysterio Jr. & Chavo Guerrero Jr. had the potential to be an all-time great tag team and they never rolled the dice with that pairing. How great would Rey/Chavo vs. Benjerman/Haas for the Smackdown Titles be following Cena/Show early on?!? Would of been a classic. Instead they stuck the hottest tag team in a fatal 4 way with a bunch of jobbers or past their prime attitude era guys. On the Raw side instead of the clusterf*** fatal four way why not just have RVD/Booker T. vs. The Dudley Boyz? That would of been a solid worked match; and if you add a ladder match stipulation to the equation with the Dudleyz & RVD in the mix it has the potential to be awesome.

Three Minute Warning also had some very good chemistry with the Hardyz & Tommy Dreamer around this time if I remember correctly. Survivor Series opening match with 3MW vs. Jeff Hardy & The Dudleyz was one of the better opening matches I've seen. Scott Steiner was just a huge "free agent" signing and they were doing nothing with them at the time. A Three Minute Warning + Scott Steiner vs. The Hardy Boyz + Tommy Dreamer would of been a fun match, especially if they were lenient on the rules i.e. Survivor Series.

How about this card instead:
1. US Title: John Cena vs. The Big Show (c)
2. Smackdown Tag Titles: Rey/Chavo vs. World's Greatest Tag Team (c)
3. Christian vs. Chris Jericho
4. No DQ: Three Minute Warning & Steiner vs. The Hardyz & Dreamer
5. RAW Tag Titles Ladder Match: The Dudleyz vs. RVD & Booker T. (c)
6. Playboy Match/Piss Break
7. Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar
8. The Rock & Sock Connection vs. Evolution
9. Title vs. Hair: Molly Holly vs. Victoria (c)
10. WWE Title: Kurt Angle vs. Eddie Guerrero (c)
11. Kane vs. The Undertaker
12. WHC: Chris Benoit vs. Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H (c)
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Re: WWE WrestleMania XX Review

OK piece, a little on the "negative just to be negative" side in order to spur discussion and not come off as an "I love everything" mark. Disagree with some key things, but everyone's got an opinion.

I give it **

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