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WWE Royal Rumble 2004 Review

WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Triple H
WWE Intercontinental Champion: Randy Orton
WWE World Tag Team Champions: Ric Flair & Batista
WWE Women's Champion: Molly Holly

WWE Champion: Brock Lesnar
WWE United States Champion: Big Show
WWE Tag Team Champions: The Basham Brothers
WWE Cruiserweight Champion: Rey Mysterio

WWE Royal Rumble
January 25, 2004
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Tables match for the WWE World Tag Team Championships: The Dudley Boyz vs. Ric Flair & Batista
Before the match, during Evolution's entrance, Bastia calls the Dudleyz worse losers than the Eagles. That results on the Dudleyz running up the ramp for a brawl and the match is on. This is fine and kept short around 5 minutes or so, lots of brawling double teams and table teases until the other tag partner moves the table at the very last second. At one point, Coach leaves the booth and tries to distract the Dudleyz works as D-Von walks into a Spinebuster through a table. And Evolution win. *3/4

Backstage: Josh Mathews wearing this fucking hideous black shirt with what looks to be white cum stains running down in interviews John Cena. He asks him his thoughts on the Rumble, Cena says to bet on him because 29 other dudes can't see him and the winner goes to.............................Suddenly RVD pops up and says he's gonna win.

Empty seat for Mick Foley

WWE Cruiserweight Championship: Rey Mysterio vs. Jamie Noble (w/Nadia)
Way too short, like 3 minutes but they have their chemistry down so it's really good. Noble half ass works the mid-section to which Rey doesn't sell for a single second. Rey's comeback is dope, so, I can kinda forgive him for it. The match ends when Noble runs the ropes but Nida "accidentally" trips him up. That allows Rey to hit the 619 followed by the Legdrop for the win. **

Chavo Guerrero Jr. (w/Chavo Guerrero Sr.) vs. Eddie Guerrero
This is all about Eddie controlling his anger, which is fine and all but Psyco/Out for blood/Latino Heat Eddie <3 Chavo does everything he can to provoke Eddie but Eddie just wants to embarrass Chavo and show him up. This takes a little bit to get going but when it does it's fine, sadly the Eddie story holds it back a tad. Chavo classic gets involved dropping Eddie on the steps which allows Chavo Jr. to go on offense he doesn't really do anything he just steals Eddie's moves and tries to provoke him. Eddie then hits the three amigos and hits the Frog Splash for the win. After the match; Eddie ties Chavo Classic to the ropes with his tie. and begins beating the shit out of Chavo Jr. with punches busting him open like Chavo did to him. Disappointing match with a really flat ending, but at least the post-match beating made sense. **

Backstage: Josh Mathews interviews Chris Benoit when Flair, Batista, and Orton come over. Flair says Orton will win the Rumble and even though Benoit is the greatest technical wrestler alive, everyone knows he takes 2nd every time a big match. He can't reach the brass ring. IT'S ABOUT EVOLUTION! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

WWE Championship: Hardcore Holly vs. Brock Lesnar
Such a waste of Brocks talents, Brock does what he can and bumps like a beast along with "selling the fear" of Hardcore trying to break his neck. And to give Hardcore some credit he's super vicious but just a shame he's a fucking waste of a wrestler. Holly tries more to break Brock's neck rather than win the WWE championship which is such a redneck way 8D Wouldn't you want to get back at Brock by taking the one thing he loves the most in this world and that's the WWE Championship? Anyway, Hardcore goes for one too many full nelsons and on the 2nd try Brock hangs him up throat first onto the top rope. Holly is hurt so Brock hits him with the F5 for the win. **

Backstage: Triple H is getting his fist taped up, while Shawn Michaels is praying.

one of my favorite video packages ever.

Last Man Standing Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship: Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H
Punch heavy to start they go back and forth exchanging punches and chops before just randomly reversing holds, so not a good start at all. Triple H thankfully puts an end to Shawn's terrible leading and begins working Shawn's lower back. Awesome hard Irish whips into the turnbuckle, it's one of the few bright spots in Shawn/Hunter matches. Sadly that's used as filler and Shawn locks in the figure four before working on Hunter's quads and knee. They now brawl on the floor and tease either man going through the announce table, but Hunter quickly jumps off. Shawn brings him back and tries a springboard crossbody but hilariously overshoots it and goes crashing through the announce table. Shawn is busted open now. Shawn's blading is amazing here cause this match is now, his whole face is covered like you can barely see the orange tan. Triple H does his usual offense punches, chair shots. and moves to the back all that get 7, 8 or 9 counts Shawn keeps egging him to bring it one as soon as he gets to his feet. Shawn counters a pedigree on the chair by catapulting Hunter into the top of the ring post., but Shawn's not done he nails him with a sweet looking chair show busting Hunter open now. Shawn does his usual comeback, he goes for SCM but Hunter ducks the kick and forearm low blows Shawn. I Love that spot. More punches but Shawn shoves him and locks in a sleeper, he has Hunter down but he gets up at the count of 9. I like that both men sell the exhaustion and the blood loss so that are stumbling, and have to dig down deep in hopes that this counter into a big move will be enough to keep the other down for 10. Shawn gets up at 9.9 after a pedigree, Hunter is in shock and runs into a superkick. Both men are down Shawn tries to get up at 7 but collapse at 9. So it's a draw. Not as bad as I remembered it being, but it's still not good. Not a good showing by either men but Hunter has more good moments than Shawn. The only highlight was both men blading like this was some horror movie. **1/2 - **3/4

Evolution comes down as Triple H is stretchered out, while Shawn refuses it and stumbles up the ramp with help from an EMT and Earl Hebner.

Taz and JR are calling the Rumble. FUCK YEAH!

Eric Bischoff comes down to the ring, he talks about how RAW is superior at everything and begins talking shit about Paul Heyman is a joke. Paul Heyman comes out now, with a mic. He just shrugs and tackles Eric, they have this hilarious sissy fight but SHERIFF AUSTIN COMES OUT ON HIS ATV! He yells at them for wasting time before the Rumble. He asks who started it, and Stuns them both for breaking the LAW. Austin drinks beer before driving off.

Backstage: Goldberg is getting ready for his match when Brock Lesnar comes over gloating about beating Holly. Brock says the last time Goldberg interrupted him he was world champion, what happens? Goldberg says that was the past all that matters is him winning the rumble and getting back his World Championship. And asks "Isn't that right, Holly?" Brock turns around in fear, but nobody's there. Goldberg then says "...and some people call Foley a coward..."

Mick Foley STILL isn't here, and JR reluctantly admits that he's a coward.

Royal Rumble Match
#1 Benoit and #2 is Orton, we get a minute and half of AWESOMENESS which is a sweet tease for August #3 is Henry who has a great little slugfest with Benoit, #4 Tajiri who kicks the shit out of Orton and has some nice moments with Benoit. Bradshaw is #5 who kills Orton, Henry, and Tajiri with brutal clotheslines. He goes for one on Benoit but Benoit counters and throws Bradshaw out. Rhyno is #6 who goes right for Benoit. Tajiri has Mark in the Tarantula, and Benoit dodges the Gore. It hits Mark, and the impact shoves Tajiri down to the floor. Benoit runs at Mark with forearms near the ropes and manages to knock him over to eliminate Henry. Matt is #7, Steiner is #8, Morgan is #9 and Hurricane is #10. The match slows down, with lots of corner activity either kicks, trying to lift the wrestler out or just choking. Hurricane takes a nasty landing on his knee or ankle when he is thrown out by Morgan. Booker is #11 and Kane is #12 during Kane's entrance Scotty is eliminated by Booker. Kane cleans house. But at the buzzer......................THE LIGHTS GO OUT! GONG! The lights comeback on and Kane screams he buried him alive. That distraction allows Booker to clothesline him out. Spike comes out I guess he's #13 KANE is pissed so he chokeslams him on the ramp. Rikishi is #14 as Benoit throws out Rhyno. Rene is #15

Rene dropkicks Matt off the apron to eliminate him and proceeds to do the FRENCH TICKLER~ But then Rikishi Superkicks Rene out over the top. A-Train is #16 Morgan goes for a big boot but misses Benoit and crotches himself so Benoit shoves him out. Orton then shoves Rikishi and Booker over in the space of 4 seconds. Shelton is #17 who goes right at Orton, during Shelton's entrance Benoit throws A-Train out. Then Orton throws Shelton out and we're back to Orton/Benoit They run into one another for the double KO. When the buzzer goes off The Cat and Miller are #18 They dance for a minute and 20 seconds until Orton and Benoit get up and throw them both out. Kurt is #19 Kurt/Benoit and Kurt/Orton rules. Rico is #20 but is quickly thrown out by Orton. Test is supposed to be #21 but we cut backstage to him laid out, Austin yells out at the person who attacked him (Who is off-screen) he yells he is now his number #21...................................................AND IT'S MICK FOLEY! Orton's facial expression is amazing. He and Orton have this fun back and forth and eliminates Orton and himself with the Cactus clothesline over the top and to the floor. They have this awesome brawl on the floor with Orton doing everything he can just to get away from Foley is totally overshadows what happens in the ring. Christian is #22 as Orton and Foley are now brawling on the ramp. Nunzio is #23 and walks into Mr Socko before Orton low blows him and runs off. #24 is The Big Show who starts throwing people around, #25 is Jericho. As everyone tries to team up except Nunzio who is hiding on the floor. They all try to throw Show out but he's having none of it. Haas is #26 Christian tries to sneak throw Jericho out for the all the shit he's been doing to him and for Last Year's Rumble but Jericho lands on the apron and catches Christian in a backdrop eliminating him. Billy Gunn is #27 and Cena is #28 who throws Nunzio in. Cena/Show is cool as everyone else pairs up in the corner. RVD is #29 who kicks everyone and everything in sight. BILL GOLDBERG IS #30 He murders everyone before throwing Haas out. He then hits the greatest spear in wrestling history absolutely murdering Nunzio. He clotheslines Gunn and throws Nunzio out, he goes to Jackhammer Show but Brock attacks him from behind and nails an F5. As Brock is getting up Kurt sneaks up behind and throws him out. Everyone left now tries to left show out but can't so there's a really great sequence of Show eating the Lionsault, Frog Splash, 5 Knuckle Shuffle, and Diving Headbutt. Now they try again to lift him but he's dead weight and plays FAKE dead. He throws them all off and throws Cena out who take an awkward landing on his knee too, he catches RVD in a crossbody attempt and throws him out.

Benoit, Kurt, Show, and Jericho are the final 4. Jericho/Show rules with Jericho showing his babyface heart going after the big man. He keeps surviving Shows attempts to throw him out. But after the 4th try Show has enough and chokeslams Jericho out. Benoit/Show and Show/Kurt is fun. Kurt locks in the ankle lock on Show who first taps but then uses the ropes to get back to his feet and rolls forward ending Kurt over the top and to the floor. AWESOME SPOT! Show is on the apron and Benoit hits a diving headbutt but Show falls back into the ring in this amazing heartbreak moment. Benoit locks in the crossface and manages to get Show to tap but Show is still the fresher of the two and powers out. Benoit is now at the hour mark Show decides this is it and goes to press slam Benoit out but Benoit shimmies out into a front headlock and for one of the most awesome visuals in Rumble history he manages to slowly pull show over the top and to the floor.

Great Rumble it's in my top 3 along with 1992 and 2001, this has a great mix of wrestling but also builds to new feuds, current feuds that have been happening on TV along with FORESHADOWING. Plus I'm a little bias with Benoit winning. It's hard to rate Rumbles so I don't give them star ratings but this is currently my MOTY!

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Rest Easy Mac
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Re: WWE Royal Rumble 2004 Review

hhh vs shawn match was great whats wrong with u, had great in ring storytelling. not a classic like their match at SS 2002 but still ***1/2
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Re: WWE Royal Rumble 2004 Review


Not sure I've ever watched that LMS standing match but their 3SOH was pretty shit so I'm not going to rush out and watch this one.
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Re: WWE Royal Rumble 2004 Review

Glad others didn't like the self indulgent wankfests that are HHH vs HBK Matches. Don't know why that feud is held in such high regard.

The Royal Rumble match is very good, the match was well booked. Benoit felt like an underdog and the crowd was firmly behind everything he did. They did a good job in building him in the weeks before (Thank You Heyman) and the promo with Evolution just before the Rumble was great foreshadowing for the future rivalry with Evolution. Randy Orton was put over like a star as well, it definitely seemed like he was the true chosen one from his Rumble performance but you know.
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Re: WWE Royal Rumble 2004 Review

idiot, everyone knows the royal rumble was won by redacted and the WHC was vacated at WM20 for months
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Re: WWE Royal Rumble 2004 Review

The 2004 rumble match is my favorite one of them all. It was a great match. I love the fact that Chris Benoit won it, and that he managed to survive for over an hour starting the match out as the #1 entrant too. What an incredible performance by Benoit

I also enjoyed the rumble performances of Randy Orton, Chris Jericho, Kurt Angle, and even Big Show too
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Re: WWE Royal Rumble 2004 Review

The LMS match was pretty shit imo, most LMS matches I don't get invested into tbh cause of the structure

Don't care who won it but that's one of the best rumbles ever

Goldberg flattening Nunzio


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Re: WWE Royal Rumble 2004 Review

Loved this Rumble match and it had a great build up to Benoit finally getting his moment. As for the LMS match, all I remember is the ending and honestly I've always felt the HHH vs HBK matches weren't that great apart from their SummerSlam 02 match and if you want to count the triple threat at WM 20. Their rivalry was great though IMO but the matches were just nothing special.
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Re: WWE Royal Rumble 2004 Review

Originally Posted by ShadowSucks92 View Post
Loved this Rumble match and it had a great build up to Benoit finally getting his moment. As for the LMS match, all I remember is the ending and honestly I've always felt the HHH vs HBK matches weren't that great apart from their SummerSlam 02 match and if you want to count the triple threat at WM 20. Their rivalry was great though IMO but the matches were just nothing special.
The Triple H/Shawn match from the final RAW of 2003 is amazing tho. I just think they suck in gimmick matches against one another. They try to make it too epic. SSlam was like lightning in a bottle.

Rest Easy Mac
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Re: WWE Royal Rumble 2004 Review

One of my favourite Rumble's along with 1998 and 2001.
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