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TNA Bound For Glory 2005 Review

NWA World Heavyweight Champion: Jeff Jarrett
TNA X-Division Champion: AJ Styles
NWA World Tag Team Championships: America's Most Wanted

TNA Bound For Glory
October 23rd, 2005
Orlando, Florida

Samoa Joe vs. Jushin 'Thunder' Liger
I remember being thoroughly disappointed in this when I first watched it in 2005, and I still have that same feeling in 2017. Not because of the two guys, as they do all their usual spots and both men look really good, but because the build was none existent and something was missing. Also, this only got 7 fucking minutes so it feels like we're watching a TV just that we also got to see what happens when they go to commercial. So just as it was getting good they go right into the finish, where Joe hits the muscle buster and finishes him off with the Coquina Clutch. **1/2 - **3/4

A clip airs of the TNA fanboy Neckbeards sucking off TNA for air time.

On the pre-show; Raven calls out Larry Z and demands his rematch, HIS RIGHTFUL REMATCH. But Larry Z says he will pick out the #1 contender to face Jarrett tonight (Oh Yeah, Nash isn't here) Rhino then comes out and says Raven has gotten soft and he should get the title shot. They brawl and Rhino ends up Goreing Raven.

Backstage: Shane Douglas is with Jarrett and Gail Kim, Jarrett makes jokes about Nash faking an injury just so he doesn't have to get his ass kicked. Jeff says Larry can put all the names in a hat and pull one out. It doesn't matter. SCREW EVERYONE! Monty then comes over and dares him to say "Screw Monty" but Jeff backs off and Monty says it's only a matter of time before he takes his title.

Lance Hoyt vs. Monty Brown
Good big man vs. big man match, they keep it short at 6 minutes and just let both men go out and slug it out with one another. Awesome spot with Monty catching Lance coming off the top and counters into the Alpha Bomb, then like a minute later he hits the POUNCE for the win. **1/2 - **3/4

Backstage: Shane Douglas is with 3LK, BG says they are at their best when they fight together. Kip then comes over and says he wants to help even the odds. BG and Truth say that's a good idea, and Konnan says it's a TERRIBLE IDEA and leaves.

Team Canada (w/Coach D'Amore) vs. 3LK
Short and right to the point, thankfully. Roode and EY are on as usual and so is Truth. Kip tee says "I'm Kip James ~ BIITCH" so he just watched the Chappelle show. Canadians iso Truth and it's fine, good cheating, cutting off the ring, shit like that. BG has a somewhat fine hot tag before the match breaks down. The match ends when Coach distracts the ref which allows Roode to nail BG in the head with the hockey stick and EY covers for the win. After the match; Team Canada put the boots to 3LK but Kip runs down and saves BG. They then hold up Konnan and give KIP a chair but he ends up hitting Team Canada with the chair and Konnan looks shocked. *3/4

Backstage: Shane Douglas is trying to get answers and Larry still doesn't know who will get the title shot and demands Douglas leave.

Ultimate X Match: Petey Williams (w/Coach D'Amore) vs. Matt Bentley (w/Traci) vs. Chris Sabin
This is fine but has its flaws, and I'm not just talking about Petey Williams and Bentley being alive. No, the X keeps falling off when they do spots using the X ropes, so they have to restart the match like 2 times. But other then that, Sabin has been carrying both men all year and here is no different. Tons of spots, dives and constant 3 man action. The match ends with Sabin and Matt both fighting and kicks one another off suddenly the X falls right into Petey's hands and the ref is like fuck it. Give Petey the win. After the match, Sabin just leaves and Matt pulls a Shawn and kicks shit around. While Petey just looks dumbfounded. **3/4

NWA World Tag Team Championships: America's Most Wanted (w/Gail Kim) vs. The Naturals
The usual amazing hate filled brawling, I'm convinced the Naturals only try against AMW. Naturals again show this amazing babyface heart which took them 6 months to fine or AMW are that good to get them to show heart. On the other hand, AMW clicking as pieces of shit only 2 matches in about a minute in Chase powerbombs Storm into the guard rails and Storm is out for a good 4 minutes, which allows Harris to bump like crazy for both Naturals. But when Storm recovers he slams Douglas' head into the steel X structure rebusting open the cut from last nights Impact. AMW iso Douglas for a minute or so as Chase has another really fucking good hot tag, like where the fuck has these Naturals been since July? Harris gets some powder but Chase kicks it back into Harris' face, blinding him. He grabs Storm by mistake and hits him with the catatonic. The Naturals get cocky and try to end it with AMW's own death sentence but Harris kicks out. Gail goes to distract Douglas which allows Harris to handcuff him to the guard rails leaving it 2-1. Storm ends up hitting Chase again with a beer bottle and Strom claims a fan threw it at him AMW end up hitting the Death Sentence for the win. FUCK YEAH! ***

After the match; Storm nails Douglas with a chair as he's still handcuffed because FUCK HIM!

Monster's Ball II: Rhino vs. Abyss (w/Father James Mitchell) vs. Sabu vs. Jeff Hardy
What you'd expect with the names involved, tons of weapons shots, brawling and violence. All 4 pretty much beat the shit out of one another from the opening bell, it also does a phenomenal job showcasing all 4. Jeff doing a daredevil dive off the top of the Tron. Sabu just being a maniac and jumping off everything willing to put his body on the line just to dish out pain. Abyss being a monster and Rhino who is a beast and the smarter man. The match ends with Rhino hitting a FUCKIN Rhino driver off the middle rope to Jeff for the win. ***

Backstage: Shane is with Larry, Larry says after the next match, there will be a 10 man over the top rope Gauntlet match, with the winner getting the title shot right after. Jeff comes over yelling this is a SCREWJOB! Even though he's fresh and the guys in the Gauntlet match would have wrestled twice.

30 Minute Iron Man Match for the X-Division Championship: Christopher Daniels vs. AJ Styles
Much different than the first one, and a lot better performance from AJ. Daniels has been looking forward to this since Unbreakable, better yet since the first Iron Man match in which he felt he should have won so he jumps AJ before introductions. I like that now they don't like each other so they just fight and want to hurt the other for the first five minutes. Then after a crazy AJ dive into the crowd, AJ takes over and targets Daniels head he uses the Punk wear down of headlocks and side headlocks to wear down Daniels. For the next 5 minutes as we're down to 20 minutes left. Then right on cue, as AJ tries to get cute Daniels counters a dive into a dope looking t-bone suplex. Daniels now targets the neck, now I don't know if Daniels is doing the fuck you i'll work your neck too and i'll do it better than you did or if it's pure coincidence. Daniels has a really good 8 minute iso period, AJ has a few really fun minor comebacks but for the most part of the middle 10 minutes Daniels is in control. They build to an awesome final 10 minute with the moves getting bigger and bigger and the near falls getting closer and closer you feel as the first pinfall will be the one to win in it now how many. The final 2 minutes are amazing as the desperation now sets in as neither has a pin fall and they don't want it to go it OT again. But, with 5 seconds left, AJ counters a roll up into the Styles Clash for the win as the clock hits 00. ***1/4

Ten-Man Gauntlet match to replace Kevin Nash in the main event
I always wonder what the logic behind this match was, or what the long-term plan was gonna be. So Raven isn't a big enough name to get his rematch? or main event the "biggest PPV" in TNA? but fuck it. Joe and Truth start and they have a cool 90 seconds of action, Sabu comes out and does Sabu things for another 90 seconds. Lance comes out and he and Joe have this great strike exchange. Abyss is out and JOE GETS IN HIS FUCKING FACE! Another great strike exchange, Joe being the focal point of this match is the smartest thing TNA has done tonight. Hardy. Monty, Rhino, and Kip are all out next. But Monty clotheslines Hardy out and his momentum carries him out too Rhino eliminates Lance, lol Sabu is eliminated off screen................BUT FUCK THAT AJ STYLES IS ENTRANT 10 WITH A GIANT FUCKING THIGH BRUSE. But the best wrestler in the company and maybe the world does what he does best put his head down and bumps his ass off for Joe, Abyss, and Truth. Nice little story angle spot is Kip sacrifices himself and pushes Truth back in to save him. He then tries it again, but the refs pull Kip away and Truth ends up hitting the floor. We are down to Joe, AJ, Rhino, and Abyss. Abyss eliminates both Joe and AJ at the same time but turns into a Rhino GORE and Rhino throws him out for the win. **1/2

NWA World Heavyweight Championship: Rhino vs. Jeff Jarrett [Special Referee/Enforcer: Tito Ortoz]
Jarrett coming out with a casket because he promised us another funeral, what a guy. Smartly this goes 5 minutes or so Jarrett controls the majority and ping pongs Rhino around basically toying with Rhino, Gail Kim tries to interfere but Tito puts a stop to it. That distraction allows Jarrett to nail Rhino to nail him with the guitar. But Rhino kicks out, here comes AMW. They hand Jarrett another guitar but before Jarrett can swing it Rhino hits the GORE and covers for the win. **

After the match; Jarrett and AMW put the boots the Rhino, as 3LK make the save. Okay. But here comes Team Canada.............................................BUT FUCKING TEAM 3D MAKE THEIR RETURN AND CLEAN HOUSE.
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Re: TNA Bound For Glory 2005 Review

Firstly, from what I've read, Jarrett hated Raven. Dixie Carter loved him and so gave him the title run, but Jarrett just kept keeping him down. And with BFG needing a babyface winning the title moment, Jarrett din;t want that baby face to be Raven #AnyonebutyouRaven

Hindsight being 20/20, what TNA could have done, was reached out to Sting to headline this ppv. Pay him a big fee, pay for his flights and expenses and got him there in time for the main event. Sting shocks the world and beats Jeff at TNA's biggest ppv. They brought Sting in only a little later on anyway.

2006 centred around a whole year build to Sting vs. Jarrett. If they got it out of the way earlier, then TNA could have concentrated on building up their homegrown guys, because Sting already got his big moment. I'm saying this as a huge Sting fan btw.
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