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Re: Randy Savage: An Analysis

He's one of those guys that was always on!

Savage was so special that even as a heel, he drew major crowds despite WWF being the land of giant heroes. He did great business even though we were supposed to hate him.

And yes, the Warrior match was that good.
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Re: Randy Savage: An Analysis

Although I hate how he was treated when he was champ.

Wins at WM5 and then his major programs ended up being the whole Mega-Powers thing vs DiBiase/Andre and then the Twin Towers.
Then WM8 Hogan/Sid got to ME, then he didn't ME Summerslam because that was the one PPV they decided to do in England so of course British Bulldog was gonna ME that.
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Re: Randy Savage: An Analysis

If there was a Mount Rushmore for all-rounders, Austin, Flair and Savage would be the first definitive 3.
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Re: Randy Savage: An Analysis

Came before my time but still one of my favourites of all time. His match with Flair at Mania is one of my absolute favourite matches. That match just makes me think "this is what the business is all about".

Thinking of Savage and how seriously he took the business makes me furious watching some of the clowns on the show today.

Good analysis AD, I agree with you completely in all areas. Fuck Vince x2! Macho deserved better, should have been in the Hall of Fame long before he was, definitely before his death. An absolute crime that he wasn't IMO.

The Phenomenal AJ Styles = LEGEND

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Brilliant well written tribute to the true Greatest of all time- Macho Man Randy Savage...who i think is the true Mr Wrestlemania more-so than both HBK or Taker. Sucsessfully defendend IC title against HOFer George the Animal Steele at WM 2. Defended but lost the IC title against HOFer Steamboat in what was the greatest match of the year/decade/ever at WM 3. Became the 1st undisputed WWF champ by winning a 16 man elimination tournament beatinHOFer Ted Dibease in the final match at WM 4. Took HOFer Hogan to his best match of his career in loosing the WWF Championship at WM 5. When Savage wasn't winning or defending championship belts at Mania he was in an innovative WWF first mixed tag match against HOFer Dusty Rhodes at WM 6. Next up he took another HOFer Ultimate Warrior to the best match of his career as well at WM 7. Back at it again oppisate yet another HOFer The nature boy in what was debatabley his best WM performance as well at WM 8. Had an interesting and very important role at the following Mania sitting alongside 2 more HOFers in Jim Ross & Bobby Heenan doing commentary at WM 9. And Macho's final Mania appearance/match was another very innovating falls count anywhere match against Crush which was really the WWF's 1differttempt at a hard-core/street fight type match....for those counting at home- that's 8 Hall of Fame opponents in 9 WM matches & four 5 star matches
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Tag Teaming With James Ellsworth
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Re: Randy Savage: An Analysis

great write up.

personally i never cared for Hogan, (bear with me) as I've mentioned before that whole 'say your prayers, eat your vitamins' shtick didn't go over very well for me, in truth i don't think a lot of the UK cared for it, being the godless heathens most of us are. (debate for another time perhaps...) So after WM5 the endless Saturday night main events and such with Savage eating the Pin time and time again from Hogan really started to grate on me. Anyone with 1/2 an eye or ear could see Randy was more entertaining in every way and to see him constantly losing was annoying to say the least.

There is nothing worse in a wrestling match than a foregone conclusion, its the antithesis of what wrestling should be.

overall a great wrestler who deserved a lot more than he was given.

OOOOh Yeah!
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