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Paige's Return as a Sympathetic Villain

A Way Forward

After travelling to WWE headquarters, Paige sits down alone with a single WWE writer, sunk into her chair.

“Saraya,” he begins, using her real name,” you’ve taken one of the hardest hits a person can when you had parts of your personal life leaked into the eager eyes and cold hearts of the public. People are saying you’ve tarnished your former title, role modelled being promiscuous for young girls, and you should lose your job. Every time you step back into a ring with all those eyes watching, there will be a big elephant in the room in each of those arenas from the hacks. There’s so much hate and so little empathy for an invasion of your privacy. People are going after you, the victim, and they’re probably going to keep coming after you.”

Paige squirms in her chair, eyes hidden behind sunglasses despite what little sunshine could pierce through the clouds that day. Unsure of his point, she tugs at the ends of the sleeves of her jacket while tapping her feet. Maybe if her clothing just covered a little more of her skin, she wouldn’t still feel so exposed. Her head turns toward the door – toward escape with all its avenues for hiding and the pillows to cry on.

Leaning forward, the writer spoke with almost a whisper.

“Rather than take the criticism and wait for this to blow over, how would you like to hit them back?”

Slowly turning from the door, Paige removes her sunglasses. With tired and angry eyes, she leans forward as well. With some mix of skepticism and curiosity, she sat, peering into his intentions. After a moment, she leans back and lets out half a laugh.

“How?” she asks, with the hint of a smile.

Birth of the Reality Queen

Paige makes her way to the ring wearing jeans, a hoodie, and thick black sunglasses hiding her eyes. She grabs a chair and microphone before heading to the middle of the ring. As she sits in the ring looking around at the audience, she pulls the hood of her jacket over her head as she sullenly looks at the canvas of the ring. She pulls the microphone to her mouth.

“What do you do when you have to explain to your mother and father that you’re not the little angel they hoped you would be? What do you do when you explain to your husband some of the secrets of your past? What do you when parts of your private life are brought to the attention of the whole world against your wishes?”

She pauses, trying to think of some answers to the questions herself.

“Some of you have thought I should be fired. Some of you have thought I’m not fit to be the role model so many WWE superstars are supposed to be. Some of you have called me damaged, filthy, and naÔve. Maybe you’re right. Maybe I’m not a role model. Maybe I am some naÔve, damaged she-devil. Maybe I don’t even deserve to be here.”

She removes her hood and tosses her sunglasses aside, panning the audience.

“But I am,” Paige affirms as she stands. “I am here and I know you had a part in this. Maybe you were calling for me to be fired. Maybe you’re among those still judging me and my character. Maybe you’re among those too weak to resist invading my privacy after a hacker made it so easy for you to do. What I do know is I’m the single biggest victim in all of this. In all your accusations, demands, and intrusions, you people have forgotten that.”

She pauses, letting the audience think.

“I don’t know what to tell my family. I don’t know what to tell my husband. But… I do know what to tell you.”

Pausing again, Paige approaches and leans over ropes toward the hard camera televising her performance live.

“You’re monsters. You’re uncaring, selfish monsters. My dream was to be a WWE superstar – to kick ass and take names to please each and every one of you!” she shouts.

“And now you’ve threatened to take that away – to take my dream away. I’m your victim. I’m the victim of your dirty curiosity, your double-standards for the famous, and your hypocritical demands we be wholesome angels for the sake of your little and precious children. My dream is still to be a WWE superstar. Now, I’m not going to do it for you. I’m not going to do it for your little, precious kids. I’m going to do it only for me.”

Paige begins making her way to the ropes to leave the ring when Bayley’s music plays. As Bayley makes her way to the ring, Paige waits skeptically. As Bayley enters, she begins to raise the microphone to speak but stops. She hesitates, thinking before gesturing she would like to hug to Paige.

“What are you doing?” Paige interrupts, annoyed.

“I want to show you people see how this has hurt you. I want to show you we care.”

“You think a hug is going to help me? They’ve butchered my reputation and threatened my career! And you think a hug is going to do what? Make me forget all that? Turn me into some dopey, happy hugger like you?”

“Wow, wow, wow. Look, I know this must be hard. I’m on your side okay? You’re Paige. You won the Women’s Championship on your first night. You’re a leader of the Diva’s revolution. You helped pave the way for women like me to fulfill our dreams. You’re a person and we remember that. I’m on your side, okay?” Bayley says, gesturing for another hug.

Paige relents and starts nodding that Bayley is right. Paige begins slowly moving in to hug Bayley. The brief sounds of static fills the arena as Paige hits Bayley in the head with a microphone, who reacts by pretending to be knocked unconscious.

“You don’t know the first thing about what I’m going through!” Paige shouts after picking up Bayley’s mic.

Paige turns toward the crowd.

“There’s no apology to make this go away. There’s no hug to make it all okay. Every day I wake up to this new, painful reality of my life. You think I’m bad? You think I’m damaged? You think I’m screwed up? Okay, I’ll show you damage. I’ll show you just how bad I can really be,” Paige affirms into the hard camera.

"Bayley,” Paige begins, now standing over the fallen hugger, “I can’t hurt all the strangers who’ve wronged me, but I can still hurt pretentious little brats like you.”

Paige picks Bailey up with a headlock, letting the audience anticipate what would happen next.

“I admire that you came back, Paige” Bailey whispers, still pretending to be unconscious.

Paige lifts Bailey upward before diving backward onto the ground, performing her finishing cradle DDT. Paige picks up her sunglasses, dons her hood, and makes her way up the ramp toward the dressing room. As sound of boo's and jeers fill the arena, Paige allows herself to crack a the beginnings of a little smile. Whatever public mess her life was now, she could still be the Queen of it.
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