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Randy Orton vs. Cactus Jack (No Holds Barred) (WWE Intercontinental Championship) (WWE Backlash 2004)

Randy Orton vs Cactus Jack (No Holds Barred) (WWE Intercontinental Championship) (WWE Backlash 2004)

Well, here it is, Randy Orton's 'coming out party'. It's been years since I have watched this match and I have been wanting to watch a Foley match recent;y, so I chose this one. This match had a pretty big build too, with Orton constantly putting Mick down, figuratively and literally. I think he pushed him down some stairs once, called him out for being 'an old timer', spat in his face. Then they met in the Royal Rumble, with them eliminating each other and brawling afterwards, Then they had that mixed Evolution tag at Mania with Orton pinning Foley, a performance that Mick has always said he wasn't happy with. He's also called this his favourite match too, I think.

First I'll post the promo video for this match (if Vince hasn't took it down yet)

Randy Orton vs Cactus Jack - Backlash 2004 Video

Of course this is going to be a No Holds Barred/Hardcore match, for Orton's Intercontinental Championship. So, here we go. Mick is down to around 272 here btw, his best weight since '89 or so? I'm expecting a war, so I hope you're all ready for this. Orton is the 'pretty boy' going into this, so lets see how pretty he is coming out of it. He's the Legend Killer after all.................

“I'm going to tear you apart.............and I'm going to love it” - Foley

Orton is out first as I carrying a bin full of toys, yeah Randy, you're going to need them. Foley, no CACTUS FUCKING JACK, is out next as is carrying a proper BARBED WIRE BASEBALL BAT and he's got those crazy eyes directed straight towards Orton. Randy has his own barb wire bat, but the wire comes loose as Jack enters the ring, so he picks up the bin to try and protect himself as Jack comes towards him with the real BARBIE. Jack just starts whacking the bit with the bat as Orton is already shitting himself trying to defend himself.

Yeah Randy, this is Cactus Jack's yard and you're in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Orton quickly bails to the outside as Jack follows him out with the bat liked a crazed horror character. Orton just legs it as Jack furiously swings away at Orton. Randy knocks over a cameraman in his attempts to get away and he manages to drop toe hold Jack face first onto the steel steps. Randy picks up Barbie and they have a battle over it to try and grab it. Foley wins this battle, but gets a smack in the head from the bin, not once, not twice, but THRICE

He tries again, but Jack gets his foot up to block and and Orton gets the bin shoved in his face. Jack picks up the bin and hits Orton with some ferocity with it, just wrapping it around his skull. Both back in the ring and Jack in control as he starts kicking Orton in the face. He gives Orton a big knee lift off the ropes and a leg drop off his face and gets a 2 count. Jack just continues to punish Orton with rights to the head before running off the ropes and baseball sliding him unceremoniously out the ring.

Foley does looks great here btw.

Jack again, runs off the rope for a baseball slide to the outside and hits Orton with a spinning neckbreaker. Orton is flat dead on the outside now as Jack goes to the top turnbuckle and signals the 'big elbow'. Orton senses this and scurries away on his hands and knees up the isle. Jack goes right after him and puts him in the claw, but Randy quickly reverses this and backdrops him on the damn steel


Naturally, Orton goes for a pin, but Jack kicks out at 2. Orton gets Jack down with a backslide for another 2 count. Randy in control now and he lands some rights on Jack, before slamming his head down back onto the steel. Aspirin for Jack, I think. Another 2 count follows. Orton just pounds away at Jack with punches and an uppercut, before slamming his face off the steel steps. He shoves Jack back into the ring and picks up Barbie

He tries to wrap it around Jack's head, but Jack does his best to block it. He struggles to power out of it so he thinks 'fuck this' and low blows poor Randy.

“Don't rub 'em son, count 'em”

Jack nearly knocks Orton's head off with a big running clothesline before reaching into his shirt and pulling out SOCKO. He starts swinging his arm around in preparation to put it on Orton, but then starts talking to it and pointing at Barbie. GO ON JACK, USE IT.

It's Socko or Barbie and the crowd naturally react to Barbie.

He runs at Orton with the bat and hits him plum in the head with it.

'Oooh, that's gotta hurt' ORTON IS BUSTED THE FUCK OPEN!!!!!!

Jack doesn;t give a fuck though as he runs at Orton again with the bat and drops it straight down back onto his head. Randy is bleeding like a stuffed pig now as Jack just clubs him with big right hands.

See Randy, you really didn't want this, did you?

Orton is just trying to survive now as Jack continues to pound away at him in the corner.


Jack is in full on sadistic mode now as he runs at Orton with a vicious knee strike, before picking up Barbie again. He goes straight for Orton;s face and rubs the barbed wire right in the open wound. Randy drastically tries to get the fuck out of dodge on his hands and knees and finds Mr.Socko and tries to pick it up, but he's so fucked that he doesn't know what fucking planet he is on

So Jack comes over and reintroduces him to the barbed wire. He rips Orton's shirt off his back, places the barbed wire bat BETWEEN HIS LEGS, and legdrops the fuck out of it


I want to feel sorry for Randy, but he deserves all the shit he's getting.

Jack then goes out to the outside, looks under the ring, and pulls out a PETROL (GAS) CAN. He fucking douses Barbie in gas and fires up a lighter ready. Just as he does this, Eric Bischoff comes out and tells Jack that if he lights that bat up, he will lose the match and the whole PPV will be shit down.

Fucking spoil sport.

Jack complies and throws both the lighter and the bat to the outside. He instead picks a steel plate and clubs Orton over the head with it. Forget going for a cover here, Jack is really out to maim Orton. He reaches under the ring and pulls out A BIG ASS BOARD FILLED WITH BARBED WIRE


He picks Randy up off the mat and starts potatoing him with right hands as Orton hovers over the barb wire. He goes for one big swing punch, but Orton throws POWDER IN HIS FACE AND SLAMS JACK ONTO THE BARB WIRE


Orton goes straight for the cover but Jack kicks out, much to the annoyance of Randy, who goes right back at Jack with clubs to the back. Orton picks up the barbed wire board and places it upright in the corner of the ring. You better be sure of this, Randy. He tries to throws Jack into it, Who at this point is bleeding all his arm and God knows where else, but Jack tries in vein to black it, so Orton just starts pounding away at him. Orton finally manages to throw Jack towards the wire, but is reversed

I have to say, as someone who hasn't seen this match in years, this got me

But that is also reversed and it is indeed Jack that



Orton then dumps the board right on Jack's arm, which as I said, is bleeding all over at this stage. Jack is fucking practically blind here as Orton goes over to a box in the corner, pulls out a satchel........what could it be...........and throws out a zillion THUMBTACKS onto the ring.


Jack struggles to get to his feet as Orton gets him up and hits him with some right hands. He goes for the RKO ONTO THE THUMBTACKS, but Jack reverses it and sends Orton crashing into them

Revenge is sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.

Orton is trembling here as he;s got these thumbtacks all over his back. Jack seizes this moment and goes for a pinfall, but gets a very close 2.9. Orton very delicately crawls to the outside and tries to pick some of the tacks off of him and starts to walk up the ramp. But Jack hasn't nearly finished with him yet and follows him and they both go through the curtain to the back area, but the camera doesn't follow. They both quickly emerge and Jack


Get the fuck down

EMT's come out to check on Randy. Don't worry guys, he's already dead at this stage. Two refs come over to Jack and back him to the back area, and at first Jack looks like he's complying, but then he just decks the two officials and points at Orton in a 'I'm not finished with you yet, boy'. He fucking runs and hits Orton with a FLYING ELBOW OFF THE STAGE

No point in saying holy shit by now, this whole match is holy shit.

Jack goes for the pin on a seemingly dead Randy Orton and it's 1,2.........................2.9. Orton damn kicks fucking out. Blood all over both their bodies as Jack picks Orton up and starts kicking the shit out of him on the ramp. He dumps Orton back in the ring, yeah where there's still a shit load of tacks. He hits a DDT on Orton and goes for another pinfall. 1,2.........................2.9 AGAIN!!! Orton is showing some fucking balls here kicking out, I guess the bat left something intact down there. Orton manages to climb out the ring as Jack sets up the barbed board again in the corner. Jack goes over and tries to pull him back in, but Orton whacks Jack over the head with Barbie.

Orton picks up Barbie and starts hitting Jack all over with it. Jack though has secretly picked up Mr.Socko and puts Orton in the MANDABLE CLAW just as Orton tries to hit him again with the bat. Orton can't breath as he;s slowly fades down to his knees. He gets out of it by uppercutting Jack and giving him a LOW BLOW.

“Don't rub 'em son, count 'em'.

This hardly affects Jack though as he goes right back and reapplies the MANDABLE CLAW, but Orton quickly reverses this into an RKO

This has to be it for Jack, now. Orton cover for the 1,2..............................2.9

JACK KICKS OUT DAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They both stagger to their feet and Orton suddenly hits ANOTHER RKO, this time straight onto BARBIE

He goes for the cover and gets a 1,2................3. Randy Orton is your winner. Flair/Batista come down and help Orton out the ring. Ric must be very proud of all that blood.

Great visual with Jack holding Barbie

Where the fuck do I even start here? This is one of the most hated, heated, nastiest brawls the fucking federation has ever seen. This is how you do one of these matches and this is how you put over a younger, up and coming talent. Orton came out of this, bloodies and fucked up, but looking like a made man. Foley did everything he could to give him everything he had, and then some. Foley looked fantastic here, in great shape. The bumps both he, and Orton, took were just FUUUUUCK. One after another. They both bled like stuffed pigs and went through hell.

You want hate? It was all here.
You want someone coming of age and showing his metal? It was all here.
You want a man's quest for revenge and doing anything to get it? It was all here.

One of the greatest matches in the company's history and I want everyone reading this to go and watch this shit now. We all know Foley is a legend and this just further cements that. Orton though deserves massive credit here too. He took as much shit as Foley and still got through it and came out of looking like a tough S.O.B that can survive something like this.

HIGHLY Recommended.

Thanks for reading. Quite pleased with this review TBH, esp as I enjoyed the match SO MUCH. Plus, preparing all these GIF's were a pain lol.

You can find my wrestling match reviews HERE:
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Re: Randy Orton vs Cactus Jack (No Holds Barred) (WWE Intercontinental Championship) (WWE Backlash 2004)

One of the most perfect star making matches/feuds of all time along with Sting/Flair, Bret/Austin, DDP/Savage, Triple H/Foley etc. The best highlight of 2004 for me and is why 2004 Legend Killer has always been my favourite character of Randy Orton.

The build up with it all starting with Randy kicking Mick down those stairs in 2003 to Orton spitting on Mick, their Royal Rumble interaction, Randy getting a clean surprise win over Mick at Wrestlemania XX in the Rock N' Sock/Evolution match causing Mick to revert back to Cactus Jack and bringing back "Barbie, it was all phenomenal and it paid off great with this match.

I'm so glad to own Backlash 2004 on DVD because of this match.

The promo video is brilliant. The Raw backstage promo they show in the video where Foley brings back the Barb Wire Bat is one of the many examples of why Foley is one of the greatest talkers in wrestling history.
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Re: Randy Orton vs Cactus Jack (No Holds Barred) (WWE Intercontinental Championship) (WWE Backlash 2004)

Awesome match, read an old Orton interview the other day where he says that he pitched the spot with him falling into the thumbtacks which I thought was a pretty cool thing.
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Re: Randy Orton vs Cactus Jack (No Holds Barred) (WWE Intercontinental Championship) (WWE Backlash 2004)

Fantastic match.
Even Mick Foley regards it as his favorite match of all times


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Re: Randy Orton vs Cactus Jack (No Holds Barred) (WWE Intercontinental Championship) (WWE Backlash 2004)

Randy Orton's greatest ever match. The whole feud and the climax was amazing. Foley really put Orton over as a major star in 2004.
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Re: Randy Orton vs Cactus Jack (No Holds Barred) (WWE Intercontinental Championship) (WWE Backlash 2004)

Nice review. One of my favourite hardcore matches. Orton eating the thumbtacks is one of those wrestling images i'l never forget.

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Re: Randy Orton vs Cactus Jack (No Holds Barred) (WWE Intercontinental Championship) (WWE Backlash 2004)

Even though the spot didn't make any sense, seeing Randy take those thumbtacks was something I had only seen Mic Foley do.
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Re: Randy Orton vs Cactus Jack (No Holds Barred) (WWE Intercontinental Championship) (WWE Backlash 2004)

I enjoyed this match back in 2004. It was rather long and kept good paste most of the match. Nice review Brock

Originally Posted by JDP2016 View Post
Even though the spot didn't make any sense, seeing Randy take those thumbtacks was something I had only seen Mic Foley do.
I feel that Randy doing that was partially him 'paying his dues' to get into the big leagues. Kinda like Edge did few years later with Foley.

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Re: Randy Orton vs Cactus Jack (No Holds Barred) (WWE Intercontinental Championship) (WWE Backlash 2004)

One of my favorite matches in history. I can't express how much I miss these types of feuds and matches in the WWE, that whole thing was full of intensity.
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Re: Randy Orton vs Cactus Jack (No Holds Barred) (WWE Intercontinental Championship) (WWE Backlash 2004)

What happened when they went fighting in the back?
It was a planned spot?
It was a way to rest a couple of seconds away from the cameras?


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