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Well to me there's no such thing as only one favorite anything but return Comebacks be it from injury or out of retirement would be right up there for me and that big return goes to Shawn Michaels in 2002 for his In Ring return against HHH at Summerslam, I truly never thought he would ever be back in the ring ever again to compete, It was a surreal moment for me personally, My favorites accomplishing accolades is also another but anything they accomplish is a plus for me so I'll save the time.

I'm also a sucker for Face/Heel turns and always have been, It's one thing I've always appreciated about the Face/Heel dynamic in wrestling where a good guy may take a moment to refresh his character or Ring logic or just the act of turning up some drama and vice versa for the bad guy.

Face Turns.

Batista turning on Evolution in 2005.

The Rock being booted from Corporation in 1999.

Macho Man reunion with Elizabeth at WM7.

Hogan returning to the hero he once was at WM18.

Edge returning at RR 2010 as a Face for the first time since November 2004.

Randy Orton's slow burn heading into WM26 against Legacy.

CM Punk's unofficial Face turn at MITB 2011.

The Shield protecting Lawler from Kane in 2014.

Chris Jericho laying out Dolph Ziggler in 2012 for a long awaited Face run.

Big Bossman refusing to be used by Ted Dibiase in 1990.

HHH saving HBK from the Spirit Squad in 2006 finally turning Face for the first time since 2002.

Melina's slow burn in 2008 during her feud with Beth Phoenix.

And Many more........

Heel Turns.

The Rock aligning with the Corporation at SS 1998.

Becky Lynch's breaking point at Summerslam 2018.

Chris Jericho throwing HBK into the JeriTron in 2008.

CM Punk blindsiding Rock at Raw 1000.

Seth turning his back on his Shield brothers in 2014.

AJ Styles jumping Cena with Gallows and Anderson in 2016.

Austin shaking hands with his Nemesis at WM17.

Brock Lesnar working in cahoots with McMahon against Angle in 2003.

Batista turning on Rey at BR 2009.

Eddie Guerrero refusing to tag Rey during a Tag Title match then follows up with a vicious beatdown in 2005.

HHH screwing Bryan over at Summerslam 2013.

Macho Man attacking Hogan out of jealousy in early 1989.

Jake Roberts sudden Heel turn manipulating Warrior in 1991.

Undertaker forcing JR into the kiss my ass club in 2001.

HHH laying out HBK refusing to reform DX in 2002.

Trish Stratus betraying Y2J at WM20.

Lita turning on Kane and beginning her on screen relationship with Edge in 2005.

Randy Orton giving Stacy an RKO before WM21.

And many more.....
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Re: Your personal favorite moments in wrestling

The greatest match in wrestling history.
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Re: Your personal favorite moments in wrestling

ECW Wrestlepalooza 97

Dreamer finally beats Raven before his exit to WCW. The "EC-FuckingW" scream from Dreamer before he DDTs Raven.

Then the allegiance of Sabu and RVD to WWF along with the debut of Lawler in the ECW arena. One of the best booked segments of all time.
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Re: Your personal favorite moments in wrestling

The Rock winning the WWF title at Backlash 2000. I've seen that match literally a million times, I know all the commentary by heart, but I still goes bat crazy when Earl Hebner counts the 1 2 3.
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Re: Your personal favorite moments in wrestling

I dont know if this my absolute favourite moment but its up there...

Should autostart at the right time but if not, its about 20 mins in. The level of emotion and panic as the timer runs down and the siren sounds, the smoke clearing as the guitar kicks in. It gets me every time. Granted, the explosion could have been better but oh well.
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Re: Your personal favorite moments in wrestling

Chronological order from when I first started watching WWF in 1989:

Demolition winning the tag team titles from Brain Busters
Big Bossman turning babyface
Demolition winning the belts from Colossal Connection / Andre's turn
Savage / Liz reunion at WMVII
Virgil winning the Million Dollar belt at SS91
Roddy Piper returns / Bret wins belt at WMX
Cactus Jack and Sullivan win tag belts in Philly Street Fight
King of the Ring 1994 (and Art Donovan's wacky commentary)
Last house show at Boston Garden
Hall's WCW debut
Hogan heel turn
Shawn vs. Mankind at Mind Games
First Shotgun Saturday Night
ECW invades RAW
Barely Legal PPV
The Dreamer-Raven/Sabu-Taz/Lawler invasion hour of WrestlePalooza 97
ECW/FMW Japan Tour broadcast
X-Pac returns on RAW
Hell in A Cell at KOTR 98
Taz vs. Sabu (Living Dangerously)
Tazz WWF debut
Radicalz show up on RAW
ECW One Night Stand 2005
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Re: Your personal favorite moments in wrestling

A few that I attended in person:

1) SummerSlam 2002: HBK's first match in 4.5 years which took place an hour from where I grew up. By the time late 2000 rolled around, I pretty much gave up hope that he would ever wrestle again. But when it was announced in Summer '02 that he would not only wrestle again, but wrestle very much with in driving distance of me, I had to go. The match delivered well beyond my expectations and the crowd there live was absolutely amazing during the match and after. Absolutely amazing night. Happy as a pig in shit to this day that I go to go to this show.

2) Survivoer Series 2002: Literally 3 months after the moment I mentioned above. Shawn's second match in 4.5 years. The SummerSlam match was billed as his last match ever. But when I heard he would be wrestling at Survivor Series in the first ever Elimination Chamber match ever, and for the title, I was blown away. Even moreso when I heard the show was going to be at MSG; even closer to where I grew up than where SummerSlam was. So, obviously, I had to go to this. Thought it would for sure be the last time I ever saw Shawn wrestled. I grew up in the 90's, and was one of those 'WWF kids' in the northeast in the NY/NJ metropolitan area, so I went to a ton of MSG house shows as a kid that Shawn wrestled in. So, even though I thought Shawn had zero chance of winning this match, I still had to go for nostalgia sake and seeing Shawn wrestle live one last time at the Garden, and what I thought would be his last match ever, in any arena.

Match was great, and to the surprise of everyone in the building, they actually put the title on Shawn. You can tell no one thought he would win by the crowd reaction right after he wins. If you watch it on TV/DVD/Network, they do a great pull-away shot where you see almost the entire arena and fans in attendance, and not only is it loud as fuck, but you can see all of the bodies from this camera shot up on their feet, jumping up and down, and flailing their arms. Great camera shot. Great reaction. One of the loudest and most animated reactions from a crowd that I've ever witnessed. Soooo much fun. Great memories that I'll never forget and will never be matched again.

I miss crowds like that. The fans back then were soooo much better than what we get today.

My slice of Heaven

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kobe Re: Your personal favorite moments in wrestling

Originally Posted by Taroostyles View Post
ECW Wrestlepalooza 97

Dreamer finally beats Raven before his exit to WCW. The "EC-FuckingW" scream from Dreamer before he DDTs Raven.

Then the allegiance of Sabu and RVD to WWF along with the debut of Lawler in the ECW arena. One of the best booked segments of all time.
Easily one of my favorites in wrestling. This led to Cornette coming in the next time they were in the ECW Arena which was also awesome. The next time they were at the ECW Arena Rude turned on Dreamer/Sandman. All great moments in wrestling history. 97 ECW was something else.

Another favorite moment in wrestling that's also from ECW, watching New Jack dive off the ECW Arena balcony for the first time in February 97.

Another favorite that I believe is also from that aforementioned Wrestlepalooza 97 show: Kronus taking on The Dudleys 2-on-1 because of Saturn's legitimately torn knee and Saturn jumped off the top in a cast in a final act of desperation to win.



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Re: Your personal favorite moments in wrestling

My all time favorite is Flair winning the 1992 Rumble.

Warrior pinning Hogan at WM6

Hogan's heel turn and the formation of the NWO

Bryan winning the title at WM30

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Re: Your personal favorite moments in wrestling

Been watching 40 many moments to choose from. I will do these...

A blinded Junkyard Dog vs Michael Hayes
Kerry Von Erich wins NWA World title in honor of brother David
Creation of Four Horsemen
Iron Sheik vs Sgt Slaughter...boot camp match
Road Warriors win AWA tag titles
Savage vs Steamboat at WM 3
Jerry Lawler wins AWA world title
Steamboat vs Flair
Flair wins WWF World title at Royal Rumble
Ron Simmons becomes first black World champion
Shane Douglas throws away NWA championship belt
HBK vs Razor ladder match WM 10
Flair vs Vader Starrcade’93

I will find others I am sure but that’s a starting point.

The original heel commentators
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