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Would a Hogan vs. Austin feud really have worked well?

By the time Hogan returned to WWE Austin was close to retirement and Rock was a safer bet. Plus, would Austin and Hogan even have that good of a chemistry? And ofc, the finish would have been hard to decide. Neither man would be willing put the other over. It would be a clash of egos.

In Raw Homecoming in 2005 Hogan teased a possible match with Austin and at the WWE HOF in 2006 Austin said he saw an open can of whoopass with Hogan's name on it. I'm not sure the match would have worked in 2005-2007, even if Austin had been medically cleared to wrestle again.

I think this feud and match just wasn't meant to be, honestly. The best year for it would have been like late 1998-early 1999 or so when Austin was in his prime, but Hogan was in WCW at the time still. Or maybe during the invasion angle, but WWE didn't sign those WCW stars that were still under AOL's contracts like Hogan, Nash, Hall, Goldberg, etc.

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I think it could have worked in 2002, but Hogan would have needed to put his ego aside and lay down for Austin. When the nWo arrived in the WWE and attacked both Austin and The Rock, McMahon could just as easily have booked Austin go hard against Hogan for an icon vs icon match.
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Re: Would a Hogan vs. Austin feud really have worked well?

They'd have made it work.

Hogan hulking up and pointing at Austin only for Austin to put his middle finger up in his face was something that they could have done and probably would have been a great moment. I do think Rock/Hogan was great how it went though and their styles probably meshed better.
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Re: Would a Hogan vs. Austin feud really have worked well?

It could have only worked if one of them was a heel and the other a face. Most times you can throw big names like this together even if they're both babyfaces and that alone is enough, but the Stone Cold and Hulkamania characters would have just had no real chemistry as characters, I feel.

Obviously Austin vs "Hollywood" Hogan would have been the ideal match up. Austin was always at his best when the odds were against him and he was fighting through adversity, which he certainly would have done against a pack of wild animals like the New World Order. But even then by 2002 The Rock was arguably the better choice to fight Hogan for a number of reasons. I agree the match just wasn't meant to be.
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Re: Would a Hogan vs. Austin feud really have worked well?

Hogan vs anyone would have worked if he actually gave half a shit
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It's insane that we're going to applaud a wrestling company for doing this.
It should be 100% standard across pro wrestling.
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Re: Would a Hogan vs. Austin feud really have worked well?

Definitely would have worked until it was time to script the finish, brother.

But to be fair, Austin politicked damn hard as well.

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Re: Would a Hogan vs. Austin feud really have worked well?

In the end, I think things ended up the way they were supposed to. Granted, The Rock had already done it all and won it all, but he was still a much younger guy than Austin, he wasn't even 30 yet, so he was the ideal choice for that "torch passing" moment that a match with Hogan would provide. He also made Hogan look like a million bucks with his selling, going out of his way to make it look like Hogan still had it.

I thought I read somewhere that in the initial planning stages of Hogan vs Austin, Hogan believed he should win, so I imagine it would've just been a political minefield putting that match together.

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Re: Would a Hogan vs. Austin feud really have worked well?

Definitely not in 2002. Austin at that point was broken down physically and mentally, he won't be able to carry the 49yrs old fresh out of a back surgery Hogan. Also, the political war would've created a backstage disaster.

1998 was the perfect year for that feud to happen.

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Re: Would a Hogan vs. Austin feud really have worked well?

I always imagine Hogan taking a stunner like Linda McMahon.

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Re: Would a Hogan vs. Austin feud really have worked well?

Please, Hogan never had a problem to do the job. This is a typical Hogan hating thread. So many wrongs in facts.

Fact 1: Hogan jobbed to The Rock, Kurt Angle, Undertaker, Triple H and Brock Lesnar in 2002.

Fact 2: Hogan even went out on Radio to say that he never had a problem to to the job.

Fact 3: Bruce Prichard said Hogan never had a problem in doing a job. Especially coming in to WWE in 2002.

Fact 4: Eric Bischoff claim Hogan never had a probem to to a job as long as there was a good story

Fact 5: Steve Austin himself admits was in dark place in 2002. This is supported by several others.

Fact 6: Steve Austin refused to job to Scott Hall at WMX8 and to Brock Lesnar on RAW. So why says he would job to Hogan?

Fact 7: Steve Austin takes full blame for not letting the Hogan vs Austin match happen.

Fact 8: Hulk Hogan reached out o Asutin to do a match, but Austin ditched the idea.

Fact 9: Steve Austin admits in his podcast from 2019, that he regrets not wrestle Hogan. Even goes to say he wished he would have sat down and spoken to him to get to know him.


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