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Former IC champ just turned Heel!
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Should Jericho have stayed babyface in 2001?

Just watching No Mercy 01, where Jericho finally won "the big one" beating The Rock for the WCW title and the crowd is very split. If anything the fans are slightly favouring Y2J, something that escalates as the match goes on and something The Rock encourages by working subtly more heel than usual despite Jericho being the one turning.

Jericho's Undisputed Championship run is generally remembered as a disappointment, I am wondering would it have been more successful if he'd stayed face and won it instead? Or did "politics" doom it either way?

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Re: Should Jericho have stayed babyface in 2001?

I guess Jericho has ALWAYS been a lil flabby compared to other guys, huh?
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I have no idea what to say here next.
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Re: Should Jericho have stayed babyface in 2001?

If he stayed face, he'd always be a midcarder. And he always was as a face. He never won the WWE Title while being a face. I'd rather he be remembered first ever Undisputed Champion than not. Who cares about a "disappointing run"? The accomplishment stays the same.

And frankly, it wasn't disappointing, I don't know where people get it. He cut great promos every week, on Raw and SD, he was mostly the best part of the show in 2002. Booking-wise he beat all the top guys at that time except HHH, and he cheated like hell to win, which gave him heat. It worked. And it made him a great character. Idk what's not to like. It was my favorite run of his (as a heel, I mean, 01-03).

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Re: Should Jericho have stayed babyface in 2001?

He would have been fucked either way.

If he stayed a face, he would have gotten lost in the shuffle. I mean if he's not a heel, what would he have done at WrestleMania X-8?

And as a heel, he got royally mishandled as champion, but at least got a big Mania payday out of it (presumably).


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Re: Should Jericho have stayed babyface in 2001?

he should have been a tweener at most

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Only if Austin was going to remain heel and put HHH over at 18. Then you could do Y2J v Austin during the Rumble time period.
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Re: Should Jericho have stayed babyface in 2001?

No, he should've turned sooner if anything. I would've gladly taken Jericho leading The Alliance instead of Austin.

Even Jericho himself said he reached his ceiling as a babyface in 2001 stuck behind Rock and Austin, as if he was the Ringo Starr of the WWF playing backup to Lennon and McCartney. In his second book, he explain for that reason he was more than happy to be heel because there'd be no one to really overshadow him on that side of the aisle.

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Re: Should Jericho have stayed babyface in 2001?

Jericho's more of a heel than a face if you ask me. Seems like he had more success as a heel as well.

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The overwhelming majority of his success came as a, IMO, no he shouldn't have stayed face.

The Undisputed title run was a flop because his opponents were Rock who was immensely popular, Austin (in which the match he won the title from him was due to interference from Booker T and the cage match in which he retained due to the nWo) and the non-convincing babyface Triple H. Not to mention, his WM main event match with HHH was totally eclipsed by Rock vs. Hogan.

Even so, had he not turned heel, no Undisputed title and definitely no WM Main Event.

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No way he was at his peak as a Heel, His character work IS Heel, Keeping him Face is putting a complete restraint on his gimmick and no one wants to see wrestlers hold back on their potential.
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