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Re: Rock/Benoit the most underrated feud of the AE?

Originally Posted by Penny07 View Post
True fair enough points. I agree Rock was prob the weakest booked top babyface in WWF/WWE history. Despite all of that he was crazy almost Austin peak 1998 level of overness. No matter what. I Guess you could argue on each end of the spectrum. Cena and Romans Superman booking, where they bulldoze the roster. Is that any more preferable to say Rocks weak as hell booking. Least with Rock, it was less predictable then any of Cena and Romans feuds.

Still Rock and Benoit had some damn good matches. And it was evident with the build. They created doubt, that Chris was a legit threat to Rock. Kinda reminds me of current WWE with Becky and Lacey. Solid feud, but prob not the legit feud Becky needed after beating Ronda. Same with rock. After coming off a hot storyline with the Mcmahon-Helmsley Faction. He needed just as much, or more hotter feud. Heel Taker was prob the best bet, or Kane like you said. OF course Angle eventually won the belt.
Rock could get away with being booked like shit because he was probably the best performer in wrestling history. Austin would have sunk hard with that kind of booking. Hell, he did sink hard when he was booked like that in 2002, he was basically an upper midcarder.
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Re: Rock/Benoit the most underrated feud of the AE?

Absolutely! I started watching WWF in 2000, it was the go home Smackdown before KOTR. After that was finished, Rock and Benoit started feuding and I was so fucking in to it! Made me a fan of both wrestlers for life. Shoutout to the hype package before the match at Fully Loaded, they don't make them like that anymore. God damn that whole PPV was lit.

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Re: Rock/Benoit the most underrated feud of the AE?

I actually hated this feud. I was still about 10 months away from buying Benoit as a main eventer. So I just wanted Rock to quickly bury this Vanilla Midget and move on to a "real" star. The fact that Benoit actually got a couple Dusty Finishes out of the deal legit pissed me off. I was like "GRRR! Chris Benoit is a boring Vanilla Midget! How DARE they try to make him a thing!"

LOL fwiw I came around on the guy as a potential main event talent in May 2001, and my fandom for "The Crippler" would only grow over the 3 years, but until that time I lead the backlash against the early 21st Century internet's favorite son. Just didn't see him as a main event level guy due to his short stature, lack of mic skills, and general "Cruiserweight" stigma. In real time I thought it was a waste of The Rock.
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Re: Rock/Benoit the most underrated feud of the AE?

Fully Loaded 2000 is my absolute favourite WWE PPV of all time. Rock/Benoit was a great match.

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Re: Rock/Benoit the most underrated feud of the AE?

There's always pro and cons with this feud but for me this is one of best battle even it was just filler feud, I mean from story and psychology build-up, Benoit and Shane found a way to force Mick Foley(commissioner back then) to apply the title can change hand via DQ, Mick didn't have a choice after witnessed the brutality of The Rock who want end Benoit's career instead try to end it despite Mick knew it was Benoit who started it first. That was one of great storyline instead the love triangle between Stephanie, Triple H and Kurt which involve The Rock.

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Re: Rock/Benoit the most underrated feud of the AE?

That'd be Dude Love/ Austin for me; but to each their own.

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Re: Rock/Benoit the most underrated feud of the AE?

This was honestly the feud that started the downfall of wrestling to me. An entire roster of viable opponents, and they chose the guy I saw at the time as the most boring man on Earth to feud with the exact opposite of himself. Wasn't interesting. Hated it.
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Didn't care for it. It felt like filler with Benoit having no chance at winning which was kind of rare for that time period.
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