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When you go back to previous eras, who is better than you remember?

For me, if I go back to say, early 90s or the AE etc, I've found myself thinking 'Wow XXXX is so much better now I can appreciate their work more'.

For me the obvious ones are the Bret Harts, Owen, Shawn, Angle, Austin and Rock - especially Bret who might be the most 'real' guy I think I've ever seen. Austin's initial 96 heel run I think is the best heel I've ever seen going back too.

Other ones:

The Rockers: Absolute excitement in a bottle rocket. Perfect for opening exciting matches. Incredible tandem offence. Going back for the first time to 90, 91 etc I thought holy fuck these guys are good.

Model Rick Martel: Funny accent aside, what a professional. Virtually without fault in the ring, great psychology, knew exactly how goofy to be and when.

Million Dollar Man: Holy shit. Anything this guy couldn't do? Promos - gold. Ring work - gold. Character work in general - gold. Holy fuck that laugh as well. You just wanted to see him get his.

Jacques Rougeau: I'm a total mark for this guy, especially as The Mountie. Just another guy who had a total grasp of how OTT he needed to be for the time, how to make the face look great and where and when to take his beating. Great OTT promos and fuck he sang all his entrance songs.

Hollywood Blondes: So, so good. I could watch Brian Pillman do that heel laugh he did all day long. Both so cocky, Austin really showing what he was made of so early in the business. Tremendous sellers, psychology and everything. They really worked together well.

Undertaker in his early years, say 90/91/92: Hear me out. Were his matches technically great? Hell no, but go back and see his movement around the ring, his slow speed, the no-selling, the sit up, the sudden exploding fast jumping clothesline, the rolling back eyes. Make no mistake, Calloway built that character on those things alone. Without that great character work IMO the gimmick would've lasted 12 months under a lesser guy.

You could go on all night about Perfect, Rude, AA and the like who were awesome and I love - but the above guys stand out for me as especially going 'wow' when going back to check the time period out.
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Re: When you go back to previous eras, who is better than you remember?

Cool topic. I love Jacques Rougeau. One of my Top 10 favorite wrestlers of all time.

Tito Santana- Growing up as a heel fan I didn't think much of Tito. He was boring and not a Guy Who Mattered. Now I see him as one of the best in ring competitors of 80s WWF and a guy who would be legendary if he had been having bloody brawls in NWA territories.

Roddy Piper- I started watching wrestling in 1987. For over two decades I thought Piper was basically the most overrated wrestler ever. He was terrible. I didn't get it. Then I went back to watch some pre-1987 Piper and finally got it. Piper ruled as a shit stirring heel who was great on the mic and a hell of a brawler. Still think he sucked from 1987 on though.

Bob Orton- Left WWF right after I started watching. Never really thought much about him one way or the other. I just sort of dismissed him as a boring old school guy. Turns out he was one of the best offensive wrestlers and bumpers in 80s WWF. He also had far more charisma than I expecting. Orton & Piper were a great heel duo.

Terry Gordy & Michael Hayes- I hated the Freebirds growing up. So it was a major mind screw to find out these guys were considered legends. Why they might be even worse than Piper! The ECW Arena fans going crazy for Terry Gordy that one time was the weirdest thing ever to 1998 me when I watched it on tape. Well, again, their pre-1987 stuff ruled. Controversial Opinion: Hayes was even better than Piper as a shit stirring heel. And Gordy was a 280 pound machine in the ring. Still think Buddy Roberts always sucked though.

1-2-3 Kid/XPac- I hated the scrawny Kid winning matches in my beloved mid 1990s WWF. To me he was just an overpushed glorified jobber. While XPac was in the running for most overrated and most obnoxious man in wrestling. Well, now I see Kid as one of the Top 5 in ring guys the company had during that run. During XPac's run I was a moves and big bumps kinda guy. Where XPac excelled was in making every 'little' bump look like death. I didn't appreciate that at the time.

Buddy Landell- Thought this skinny fat Ric Flair cosplaying geek was the was the Worst In The World when he showed up in late 1995 WWF. He became a running gag in my neighborhood. To "Buddy Landell" something was to screw it up. When I got online a few years later I'd occasionally run into old school fans pimping Landell as a great. This was even weirder than people liking The Freebirds! Yet, once again, I watched the old territory tapes and Landell ruled as a heel in places like Mid South, Memphis & the Carolinas. Great charisma.

DDP- Never understood why WCW pushed this sleazy geezer. Also never understood how this obnoxious turd ever got over. Now I think he ruled. Hardest working main eventer in WCW, baby.

Goldberg- I didn't watch WCW during his prime due to being a hardcore WWF loyalist. But I believed the (anti)hype about him being an overpushed hack. So I was prejudiced against him by the time he came to WWF. I never gave him a chance. Always rooted against him. Was glad when him and Brock got booed out of the building and went home. Good riddance to both of them. Now I think Goldberg was great at what he did. Great squasher. Tons of intensity. Lots of cool moves.
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BRET HART: as a kid, I used to think he was boring and I hated that his matches were always long and he won most of the time. Looking back, I can say he was underappreciated as far as the match quality he put on. He made everyone look great while displaying great holds.

If he didn't get hurt and returned to the WWF/E after WCW folded, we would have gotten to see matches with the likes of Kurt Angle, Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit, Edge, John Cena, Brock Lesnar, Chris Jericho and others that he could have put on absolute classics with when the company started to feature more wrestling than silly storylines.
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Re: When you go back to previous eras, who is better than you remember?

Paul Roma - In today's era, he could have been a main eventer. I know that this sounds silly as he was an undercard performer for much of his WWE run, but the guy was technically sound, had a fantastic look, and was an amazing athlete.

Ric Flair - I hated him as a kid. To me, he was an undeserving champion who would always be on the verge of losing before being bailed out. And I couldn't understand why he kept talking about a Magic Kingdom ride. As an adult, I see how good he was, and how charismatic of a talker that he was.
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Re: When you go back to previous eras, who is better than you remember?

Jacques Rougeau, the Mountie was a silly gimmick but Rougeau himself was quite the talent.
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Re: When you go back to previous eras, who is better than you remember?

Waylon Mercy
Magnum TA
Curt Hennig
Rick Martel
Makhan Singh
Rick Rude

Parking $10, Program $5, ticket $35, watching Bret Hart wrestle.......PRICELESS!!!
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Re: When you go back to previous eras, who is better than you remember?

Rick Rude.
Sean Waltman.
Cowboy Bob Orton.
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Rick Rude.

I never saw him as anything but someone I didn't like as a kid but now that I'm older I came to realise this guy was just that damn good as an insufferable Heel who could work the crowd, Make men jealous, Have solid matches, Was fairly charismatic, Had a natural presence despite his size.

He had it all.

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Re: When you go back to previous eras, who is better than you remember?

for the most part everyone is worse than I remember, freaking nostalgia

Despite what you may have heard about so-called "smark marks" and the "IWC" some of us are actually here to help. All you have to do is ask.

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As a kid I wanted to believe it was real but back then we had real fights in school and I went to sling this guy into a pole like wrestlers would do when they threw guys into the ropes and the kid didnt move and when I tried it again he punched me, I knew then that wrestlers were working together in the ring.
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Re: When you go back to previous eras, who is better than you remember?

Scott Hall. I always loved Razor Ramon, but holy shit could he work his ass off.

When Big Boss Man and Yokozuna were in shape they were fantastic. The way Yoko moved at his size was nuts.

123 Kid is underrated. The throwaway match he had on Raw with Bret is 5 stars all day.

Jumping Bomb Angels = GOAT women's WWF/E tag team

Chris Candido could have been so much more than WWF let him be. He was great in ECW.

Rick Rude should be remember as one of the best EVER.

Bobby Heenan for all the love and praise he gets, It still isn't enough. Every time I watch something he called I'm reminded that he's the best to ever do it.

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