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No Holds Barred THE REAL EXPOSE That Ended The 80's Boom?

Was Vince Mcmahon's hate of being known as a carny wrestling promoter his love for wanting to be known as a Hollywood producer the REAL REASON for him ending KAYFABE?

We know Vince ended kayfabe right around WM V in the court system admitting pro wrestling was performance more than actual athletic competition. It was always believed Vince did this to avoid sports taxes, BUT in hindsight do you feel Vince Mcmahon might have actually thought he could be more respected as a Hollywood producer?

Hulk Hogan and Vince Mcmahon rewrote the movie from the original script. Hogan wanting to go to Hollywood soon after (with plans of Ultimate Warrior to replace him) and Vince Mcmahon breaking kayfabe could be seen that they wanted the WWF to be seen as strictly theater like this movie. However, was this the right move for the industry? It seems like it was the wrong move the way things started to tank right after.

Is it a coincidence that Vince and Hogan put together this movie "No Holds Barred" which kind of exposed the business. On top of that they used the character Zeus in the WWE. What some say is the REAL death of kayfabe was Zeus clearly being told what to do in the ring by Randy Savage. SummerSlam in 1989 did better numbers than SummerSlam '88, but the slide in numbers stated to come at the beginning of 1990.

Vince Mcmahon knowing in advance what was to come with his plans in 1989 could have decided to let the cat out of the bag before the movie exposed everything anyways. The question is why would Vince take this huge chance? It could just come down to Vince becoming cocky with WM 3 and the NBC ratings thinking that moving forward he could just turn the show into more of a circus which is what exactly happened in 1989 when you compare the product to its predecessor from 1984-1988.

Is what Vince did in 1989 also part of the reason why Warrior had no chance of being a real heir apparent because Vince ruined the whole magic in the spring and summer of 1989? They gained new fair weather fans, but they also drove away hardcore and faithful fans forever that year. They continued the approach of 1989 in 1990 and 1991, but by 1992 they were trying to put the genie back into the bottle bringing back guys like Backlund and having Bret Hart as world champion.

Was this move in 1989 where Vince made a huge miscalculation on how to present the product and the real cause for its decline into the dark ages before things got back good again with The Attitude Era?

Now take into account Vince Mcmahon pretty much plays the part in the Attitude Era of Kurt Fuller being the sleazy and greedy tv executive promoter of an organization full of wrestlers. The "Mr. Mcmahon" if you will of "No Holds Barred" and then having the brutal tough Texas wrestler Austin playing the role of Stan Hansen in the movie.

Then to top it all off during 1989, some were saying that Fuller was a jab at Turner and the tv studio wrestling was a jab at WCW.

HHH and so on has been rumored to be feel that The Rock used the WWE to springboard into movies, but it seems quite clear above that Hogan and Vince sold out the wrestling business in belief that they would become even bigger doing traditional cinema.

They sold the WWE out to sell that "No Holds Barred" movie even if they had to kill kayfabe it seems in 1989. They brought in Zeus with no wrestling training at all in the summer of 1989 with plans of having him face Hogan at WrestleMania VI which obviously didn't happen for reasons I stated above that Zeus was awful in the ring and exposed the business.

This was a whole different ball of wax compared to what they were trying to do in 1985 with Mr. T.
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