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Thoughts on Yokozuna

Saw this being discussed on another board and thought I'd bring it here. What were your thoughts on him?

I liked the guy, thought he was a good monster heel but had a forgetable run as being the top guy. His build up when he first debuted in 1992-1993 was quite good but once he became champ he lost a lot of his aura to me.

Was wondering what you guys thought of him.
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alexa = greatest of all time!
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Re: Thoughts on Yokozuna

"he's fat"
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Re: Thoughts on Yokozuna

Loved the guy and thought he was really underrated. Great finish, gimmick and theme. Moved really well for his size.
Hogan vs Yokozuna was the first big feud I grew up with and I have great memories of it.
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He was a formidable opponent, but pretty much another guy designed to be fed to Hogan.
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Re: Thoughts on Yokozuna

I thought he was a good heel and a good worker for a big guy until he became morbidly obese and was painful to watch. Lex's hip toss of him was epic. Plus his buns were not what they were cracked up to be.
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Re: Thoughts on Yokozuna

Incredibly underrated and one of the greatest WWF champions of the 1990s. No I'm not kidding.

He wasn't just the "sumo guy" in roster, he was much more. Big Yoko does not get enough credit for what he gave in that ring even to this day. Every star has to have his major foil, and if you followed Yoko's career enough, you'd see just how many guys were put over in the business at the time because of him and because of the hard work he gave; everyone he wrestled he was 3 times their size but he made them look great while still looking formidable himself.

Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker, Lex Luger, Randy Savage, the names go on and on and he not only could hang with them; he made himself look like the monster dominator against them that he was.

His push should be a textbook example in the wrestling business of how you push a big man. He's one of the last few monsters I can think of that truly looked and felt "monster", in the same vein as Andre, Earthquake, 90s Vader and AE era Kane. You knew your Babyface opponent was going to have to pull out all the stops to beat him. RIP to him.

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Re: Thoughts on Yokozuna

Absolutely loved the Yoko/Owen tag team.

I used to love watching Yokozuna squash jobbers on Superstars.

You really don't see big guys like him anymore.

Mostly because they're shat on. Which is a growing problem within modern wrestling.
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Re: Thoughts on Yokozuna

Often gets overlooked as a good wrestler due to his size, however to be able to hit his finisher and not actually hurt someone is very skillful. Throw Earthquake into that mix also. These 2 really knew how to use the fact that they were big guys for dramatic effect. Slowly getting closer and closer to falling before finally crashing to the mat. Simple things, but make a big difference.
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Re: Thoughts on Yokozuna

He of the great monster heels of all time.

His big run with the belt against Bret, Hogan, Lex, Taker etc is epic.

Then he superrrrrrrrrr lost his steam, and got booked into a joke.
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Re: Thoughts on Yokozuna

I liked him
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