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Rebooking WM7-WM10


I consider WM 7-10 great, but I still in hindsight would have done changes. How do you like them, or what could have been done better?

[B]Wrestlemania 7
]Barbarian, Haku, & Warlord defeats Rockers & Texas Tornado
Blind Fold Match
Jake Roberts defeats Rick Martel
Undertaker defeats Andre The Giant
Kitao & Tenryu defeats Dino Bravo & Greg Valentine
Earthquake defeats Big Bossman
IC CHampoionship
IC Champion Mr Perfect draws British Bulldog
Million Dollar Championship
Roddy Piper defeats Ted Dibiase by CO
Tag Team Championship
Nasty Boys defeats Tag Team Champions Hart Foundation
Handicap Match
Legion of Doom defeats Demolition (Ax, Smash & Crush)
Dessert Storm Match
Hulk Hogan defeats Sgt Slaughter
Mountie defeats Tito Santana
Career vs Championship match
WWF Champion Ultimate Warrior vs Randy Savage

Wrestlemania 8
Undertaker defeats Sid Justice by outside interference
Shawn Michaels defeats Marty Jannetty
Steel Cage Match
Randy Savage defeats Jake Roberts
Nasty Boys & Mounite defeats Natural Disasters & Big Bossman
Tatanka defeats Rick Martel
IC Championship Match
Bret Hart defeats Roddy Piper
Tag Team Championship
Legion of Doom defeats Money Inc. by DQ
Owen Hart defeats Skinner
WWF Championship Match
Hulk Hogan defeats WWF Champion Ric Flair (Run in by Sid after the match, Warrior makes the save)

Wrestlemania 9
Tag Team Championship
Steiner Brothers defeats Tag Team Champions Money Inc.
Undertaker defeats Bam Bam Bigelow
Doink defeats Owen Hart
Loser Leaves WWF Match
Mr Perfect defeats Ric Flair
IC Championship
IC Champion Shawn Michaels defeats Marty Jannetty
Hulk Hogan defeats Giant Gonzales
Lex Luger defeats Crush
Tatanka defeats Razor Ramon
Yokozuna destroys Bob Backlund
WWF Championship Match
WWF Champion Bret Hart defeats Randy Savage. After the match both men shake hands

Wrestlemania 10
Owen Hart defeats Bret Hart
WWF Championship Match
WWF Champion Hulk Hogan defeats Leg Luger
Smoking Gunns defeats Heavenly Bodies
Womens Championship
Womens Champion Alundra Blayze defeats Sherri Martel
Tag Team Championship
Tag Team Champions Quebeckers defeats Steiner Brothers by DQ
Casket Match
Undertaker defeats Yokozuna
Falls Counts Anywhere match
Randy Savage defeats Crush
Ladder Match for IC Title
Razor Ramon defeats Sean Michaels
Earthquake defeats Adam Bomb
WWF Championship Match
Bret Hart defeats WWF Champion Hulk Hogan Hogan passing the Torch to the new Generation
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Re: Rebooking WM7-WM10

I'll try to put myself in the mentality of a booker without the benefit of 20/20 hindsight, and I won't use matches like HBK/Razor Ladder because I wouldn't have thought of this at the time. I'll simply dialing myself back to a few months before these Wrestlemanias and booking according to what I got.

I'll start with Wrestlemania 8, and do the other ones later. I want to do that first because my card would be very different from what is in the OP (which is generally agreed by many should've been the card). My card would go like this.

Wrestlemania 8

Ric Flair vs Sid Justice for the WWF championship
Hulk Hogan vs Jake The Snake Roberts
The Rockers vs Money Inc. for the TT championships
Randy Savage vs The Undertaker
Rowdy Piper vs Ric Martel for the IC championship
Natural Disasters vs LOD
Bret Hart vs The Mountie
The Big Boss Man vs The Repo Man
Papa Shango vs The British Bulldog
Warrior's return announced ahead of time to sell PPVs

First, I know that Hogan is out the door. I also know that Flair/Hogan isn't tearing it up on the houseshow circuit. At this point I have a fresh babyface in Sid, whom I DON'T know will also be leaving soon. I want to build for the future, so he's my main event against Ric. He's taking the title.

I'm also building to a Roberts/Hogan program, building off Jakes established heel run. The Savage/Roberts feud started too early in 1991, so I'm not going to drag this all the way to Wrestlemania 8. Instead, Savage transitions into a feud with Undertaker, and Roberts terrorizes Hogan.

Undertaker/Savage. Undertaker is still heel, and feuds with Savage. You can built it around Undertaker kidnapping Liz or something. Ether way, it's a compelling feud that hasn't happened.

The Rockers aren't splitting yet, and they win the TT titles here. They go on a mini run up until Summerslam where they drop it, and THEN they split.

At that point as a booker I probably wouldn't have thought of doing a face vs face IC title match, so instead I'm doing the loudmouth manly Piper vs the metrosexual arrogant Martel

Bret gets his canceled match against Mountie.

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Re: Rebooking WM7-WM10

Good effort. Wish we did see Hogan/Flair at WM 8. That would have been such a dream match and is a great what if in WWF history.
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Re: Rebooking WM7-WM10

Wrestlemania 10:

Hulk Hogan vs Yokozuna WWF title

Bret Hart vs Owen Hart

Main Event would be Hulk Hogan vs Bret Hart, Bret goes over Hogan, then Bret celebrates with all the babyfaces like it occurred, and Hogan celebrates with him like Luger did.

Imagine Owen coming out like he did at the end of Wrestlemania 10 with not just Savage but also now Hogan too telling him to get in the ring and celebrate with his brother, realizing even though he beat his brother who just beat Hogan, that his brother Bret was still world wrestling federation champion after it all.

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Re: Rebooking WM7-WM10

Wrestlemania 9:

The Undertaker vs. Papa Shango: Casket Match
Shawn Michaels vs. Randy Savage for the IC Title
Bret Hart vs. Hulk Hogan for the WWF Title

Wrestlemania 10:

Bret Hart vs. Randy Savage for the WWF Title
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Re: Rebooking WM7-WM10

one thing im finding hard on rebooking is the main event of WM 9 because alot of people rebook it as Bret vs. Flair or Bret vs. Macho Manbut Flair should've been gone by then. and having Macho Man in the main event changes alot of things that have a big effects towards the future.
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Re: Rebooking WM7-WM10

one thing im finding hard on rebooking is the main event of WM 9 because alot of people rebook it as Bret vs. Flair or Bret vs. Macho Manbut Flair should've been gone by then. and having Macho Man in the main event changes alot of things that have a big effects towards the future.
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Re: Rebooking WM7-WM10


I would have loved to have gotten LOD Vs. Demolition (The Ax/Smash version) which would have been better than just feeding Demolition to Tenryu and Kitao.


I believe the original plan was Hogan/Flair, Jake/Savage, and Taker/Sid, which would have been interesting to say the least.

I would have also liked a different tag team match because what we got was a confusing and dull mess. Maybe instead of doing Natural Disasters Vs. Money Inc with no build up. Granted, I wouldn't know what to do given how messy the tag team situation was at the time, but what we got didn't work.


Hart Vs. Savage or maybe even Hart Vs. Hogan straight up would have been interesting main events.


Take the stip away from Savage Vs. Crush because that stip made no sense.
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Shame we never got a proper Hart vs Hogan match.

Parking $10, Program $5, ticket $35, watching Bret Hart wrestle.......PRICELESS!!!
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I won't go through booking the entire cards, but I will give you key matches I would have on them (some may remain, but possibly with different circumstances).

Wrestlemania 7:

Main Event: WWF Championship vs. Career of the Challenger

Ultimate Warrior (c) vs. Macho King Randy Savage

WINNER: Ultimate Warrior

(The whole scene afterwards with Sherri attacking Savage and Elizabeth to the rescue still occurs and WM goes off the air with Savage and Liz reuniting)

Intercontinental Championship:

Mr. Perfect (c) vs. Bret Hart

WINNER: Bret Hart via DQ

(Hart's singles run begins earlier and he earns the IC title shot here. The DQ finish due to interference from Bobby Heenan sets up the continuation of the feud and Hart winning the strap at Summerslam as he actually did...Heenan's retirement from managing later in the year which actually occurred can be explained by being injured by being trapped in Bret's Sharpshooter).

Tag Team Championship:

Demolition(c) vs. The Legion of Doom

WINNERS: LOD (New Champions)

(LOD wins the belts here in the dream match everyone wanted on the big stage.)

Flag Match:

Hulk Hogan vs. Sgt. Slaughter

WINNER: Hulk Hogan

(Hogan gets his win and waves Old Glory instead of the title)

Wrestlemania 8:

Main Event for the WWF Championship

Ric Flair (c) vs. Hulk Hogan

WINNER: Hulk Hogan via DQ

(Mr. Perfect breaks up the pin as Hogan has Flair beat causing the DQ. They beat Hogan down and Warrior makes the save Hogan and Warrior pose as WM goes off the air and Flair goes on to feud with Warrior).

Intercontinental Championship:

Roddy Piper (c) vs. Bret Hart

WINNER: Bret Hart (New Champion)

(Everything happens exactly as it did)

Tag Team Championship:

Legion of Doom (c) vs. Money Inc.

WINNERS: Money Inc. (New champions)

(The title change happens here due to DiBase hiring someone to attack LOD before the show leaving Hawk injured really bad. Animal is goaded in attempting to defend the belts by himself, but a severely injured Hawk makes his way to the ring and tags in, but gets beat...Money Inc. attacks LOD after the match, but the Natural Disasters make the save setting up their feud for the belts).

Randy Savage vs. Jake Roberts (No DQ)

WINNER: Randy Savage

The Undertaker vs. Sid Justice

WINNER: Undertaker

Wrestlemania 9

Main Event for the WWF Championship

Randy Savage (c) vs. Bret Hart

WINNER: Bret Hart (New Champion)

(Savage wins the title from Flair at Summerslam 1992 and defends against the Royal Rumble Winner, Hart here...the two embrace after the match)

Intercontinental Championship:

Shawn Michaels (c) vs. Mr. Perfect

WINNER: Mr. Perfect (New Champion)

(Their feud begins earlier in the year setting up this match. Shawn enlists the services of Diesel who helps him win the belt back at the 1st King of the Ring PPV in June)

Tag Team Championship:

Money Inc. (c) vs. Brutus Beefcake and Hacksaw Jim Duggan

WINNERS: Money Inc.

Hulk Hogan vs. Yokozuna

WINNER: Hulk Hogan

(Hulk defends America's honor...Yoko wins a rematch at the KOTR and wins the WWF Title from Bret at Summerslam).

Wrestlemania 10:

Main Event for the WWF Championship

Yokozuna (c) vs. Lex Luger

WINNER: Lex Luger (New Champion)

(Luger is built properly and wins the title for the USA over Yoko who has been running roughshod over the US Wrestlers. Lex holds the belt until Summerslam where he drops it to Bret)

Intercontinental Championship:
Ladder Match

Razor Ramon (c) vs. Shawn Michaels

WINNER: Razor Ramon

(Everything happens as it did)

Tag Team Championship:

The Quebecers (c.) vs. Men on a Mission

WINNERS: MOM via Countout

(I believe this was the actual result but either way, QB leaves with the belts as they did).

Bret Hart vs. Owen Hart

WINNER: Owen Hart

(Everything happens the way it did..just no 2nd match and WWF Title for Bret tonight. Bret gets the belt at Summerslam and feuds with KOTR Owen afterwards.)

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