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WF BTB Handbook - Full Version

Wrestling Forum's Be the Booker Handbook

First off let me go ahead and say that I went to go edit the Handbook and well needless to say when I went to go save it, etc. it froze up and deleted. So I've opted to instead just create a new Handbook and put pretty much everything back in it. I don't know what it was but either ways making a new thread will be easier than taking another chance at losing them again if I go in and edit once more.


I. BTB Rules
II. Help on Starting a Thread
III. Arenas
IV. Wrestler's Catchphrases
V. BTB Resources
VI. WWE Themes
VII. Match Types
VIII. Pay Per View Time Guide


I. WF BTB Rules

1) One Thread
To keep this forum tidy, shows will be kept in one, that’s ONE thread. This way the forum doesn't become jumbled up with one person's shows, If you don't, then I'll merge it and will warn you for spamming, so be warned.
This also includes separate threads for RAW and Smackdown!. One company, one thread I can’t put it any simpler than that.

When posting your thread, YOU MUST state at the top when your last thread finished. If it is your first thread, state that too.

2) Reviewing
There will be no asking for reviews of shows, and if there is the post will be deleted. The fact is, it is spam as if people want to rate your show then they will.

A simple ‘Good RAW, can’t wait for next week’ does not count as a review, its pointless, doesn’t help the writer at all and it might as well count as Spamming. Please give your opinion on each different part of the show and give you opinion, don’t just give it a quick skimming. Number ratings aren’t necessary but you can do it if you like.

See Further down for an in depth example review.

3) Multi-Show posting
Another new rule is that posting shows in multiple posts will not be accepted. Post your show as one, again if not I will use my power as a moderator to make it into one post and if it persists, warning points will be dished out.
Although Double posting would be acceptable here if you post a RAW and a Smackdown! one after the other

4) Flaming and Criticism
Criticism is fine, because if people could improve on something and you can help, then that is fine. After all, that’s what a booker wants because otherwise there is no incentive to make the show better. However, there is a difference between Flaming and Criticism. What I mean by flaming is something along these lines:

"Your show is crap as have all your other shows and you'll never improve" and
"All you are is a @*#&^[email protected]*%".

5) Bumping
NO BUMPING. This includes asking for reviews.

6) Partner Threads/Name Changes
They will be moved to the Dumpster, use the thread that has been made. This also goes for name changes of shows. You don't have to make a new thread when you want a new name for the company, just PM me.

7) Advertising
Advertising your shows in a thread that isn't your own will no longer occur. The post will simply be edited if I am informed of it. There is a thread that is stickied called the BTB Advertisement Thread. All other advertisements that are not in the Advertisement Thread will receive a warning or infraction.

8) Dream Cards
There is a thread in the WWE PPV section for these. Please don't post these in the BTB section or it will simply be closed or redirected over to the thread. Thanks and here is the link

9) No Return Threads
The threads like: "Yo I'm back and I'm thinking of bringing back a show soon".
Mainly because half the time the person never comes back, and the fact that it is spam and the other half of the time no one really cares.

10) Deceased Wrestlers
Do not use deceased wrestlers for a modern day show, or a show with a roster of completely deceased wrestlers. If however you are starting a company from a date before a wrestlers death, than they can be used.
If a wrestler dies, like Eddie Guerrero, it doesn’t mean you have to stop using him. People have their personal opinions. Just because someone else does it doesn’t mean you have to.

11) No E-Fedding
If you want to E-Fed, then join an E-Fed, go to EPW at the bottom of the main page. This is a booking forum, where you type out your own shows.

12) Create-A-Match
If you come up with an idea for a match, don't make a thread for it, place it in the ‘WF BTB: Discussion Thread' which people will be able to leave feedback on.

13) Drop Down Box
Do not annoy people with private messages about dropdown boxes. I am posting it right here because it will get lost in the handbook, and people are too lazy to search the thread. I do not invision this thread getting many replies, so here are the instructions.

Originally Posted by KOP
PHP Code:
[drop=Drop List Title]
What you want
[option]What you want II[/option]
option]What you want III[/option]

Drop Down Box Length
Many bookers like to put their cards for their PPV's in drop down boxes. The rules however state that no more than 8 lines can be used up for any drop down box. Moderators and Admins have been asked to look out for any people that break this ban, so make sure that you are abiding by these rules.

15) One Thread A Month
Not one thread in January, and then a new one in February. It means one full month between threads (i.e one thread ends on January 15th, you can start a new one on February 15th - NOT - January 30th, and a new one on February 2nd)

The new rule is simply this because everyday there is about 10 BTB's starting with only 1 out of the 10 surpassing 5 pages and even then they get abandoned eventually, another reason for this rule being reinforced is for the BTB's that have been around for awhile usually booked by the established bookers are on page 3 of the "Be The Booker" section and the newbie's BTB's take control on page 1 thus leading to the good BTB's getting forgotten, the new rule is for the good of the section and all must follow, this should lead to the BTB Section getting better and better for all to use.

Anyone caught doing this will have Warning Points issued to them per offense seeing as it is getting way out of control. Take this as your final warning, if you do not take notice of it suffer the consequences.

The rule applies under all circumstances. Should a partner bail on you, FIND ANOTHER ONE, or dont book for a month. Make sure the person you partner with can be trusted, it is not the fault of a moderator that your partner cant keep their end of the deal.

This also applies if you decide to join another persons thread. Each booker is allowed to be involved in only one thread per month, no matter who makes the threads.

Dont bother looking for loopholes with moderators. You get one thread per month, and that is that.

16) Plagiarism
Anyone that didnt realise you arent allowed to copy someone elses hard graft, you have no excuse now. This will not be tolerated. Want to do a John Cena vs Shawn Michaels match?? Use your brain, and not the WM 23 main event. Want to capture the spark between Austin and The Rock?? Write your own Rock Concert, not the one seen in the WWE in March 2003. Hopefully thats now clear.


II. Help on Starting a Thread

This will give you all a look at how to set out your federation and what is the easiest, but not necessarily your way of going about, none the less it will help in one way or another.

Step 1 - Deciding on a Project
The first thing you have to do is decide what kind of fed do you want to create, whether it be a simple WWE fed, or a created fed from your own imagination, or a deceased fed of the past like WCW, ECW, NWA or something along those lines, or even you want to create an Indy fed. If you’re not very knowledgeable about these companies or Indy wrestlers, I suggest sticking with a WWE or creating your own. Once you have done that, you need to pick an owner of the company and someone with booking powers (a General Manager, a Commissioner) or something like that. Or you could just the have owner as the GM, but it's good to have someone with booking powers.

Step 2 - Creating a Roster
A suggestion to a newer writer is to start off with 40 superstars, I believe 40 is a great number because you will be able to write special events like the Royal Rumble and have enough, while at the same time being able to use the majority of the superstars on your roster, so that nobody is left out, while not writing a six hour show each week. If your doing a split fed, then I’d suggest that both rosters have 25 superstars, again it will be more than enough for special events, but it will be small enough so that no member of your roster is left out. Now, you might say how can I narrow it down to 40 superstars, well here are some helpful hints. First, separate that 40 into Main Eventers, Mid-Carders, cruiser weights, tag teams and jobbers. You should have 6-8 Main Eventers (title contenders that the headline the show), 10 mid-carders (guys that compete for the US or IC title, they fill in the gaps), around 5 tag teams (self explanatory, so 5 teams out 2=10), and around 7- Cruiserweights (guys like Mysterio, Billy Kidman and Ultimo Dragon) if you have a Cruiserweight division, guys that you can elevate into the mid-card area if it becomes stale or into the Tag Team Division for a short period of time. Finally throw in a few guys that you don't care about (Maven, Gene Snitsky etc.) that can be used to make your bigger guys look stronger.

Helpful Links for Roster Information Rosters Homepage (Obsessed With Wrestling) Up to date WWE (Wikipedia) Up to date TNA (Wikipedia) Up to date ROH (Wikipedia) WWE 90’s (Obsessed With Wrestling) WWE 2000’s (Obsessed With Wrestling) WCW 90’s Onwards (Obsessed With Wrestling) NWA TNA Alumni (Obsessed With Wrestling)

Step 2 - Creating Your Titles
After you have your roster, its time to create your titles, normally I would suggest keeping the amount of titles down, lets say start with 4 championships, a World Title (most important, for the Main Event) a mid card title (say IC or US to use as a stepping stone) and the Tag Team Titles....And finally ex it off with a Cruiserweight Title or something to a similar effect to add some flair into the show. Another title you could add is the Hardcore Title, or something along those lines, again you don't have to call them (Intercontinental Title) feel free to come up with something new like the Atlantic title, or something along those lines, after you've decided on that, it's time to move on. If you have split brands then having the IC and the US on opposite shows is always a good idea. The CW and the TV can act as the small titles on each show as well.

Step 3 - Begin Planning
First off, plan a few months ahead so you know exactly what you want to accomplish, for example if your starting a WWE fed, and you want to start at the beginning of the wrestling year (April), then first thing you should do once you have your roster and titles, is figure out what you want to do at the next PPV like feuds and such, and then work backwards, that way you will have an exact direction that you want to take your work. Have a few months planned out before you write, keep in mind that you can still make changes as you go, but having a general direction will help you keep your focus.

Step 4 - Developing Characters and Storylines
Once you have everything planned, and a basic outline of what you want to see happen, its time to start writing, over the first couple of shows is when you start building your story lines, highlighting your feature talent and establishing your champions, however just as important and most often ignored is character development. While it is difficult to do with a large roster, it is important that everyone on your roster have his or her own distinguished personality to set them apart, and when your roster is shortened (40 or especially 25) it's important to create distinction between each and every person on the roster. For example, you want to establish a monster, you use Kane, in a simple promo or act demonstrates that he is a monster with no conscience. Developing characters and pushing them correctly is the best way to get recognition for your project.

Step 5 - Writing the Show
Now that you have a good idea of your roster, a rough plan of what you want to do, its time to write your show, until you feel comfortable writing, I suggest using this formula.

Segment 1 - Opening Promo
Segment 2 - First Match
Segment 3 - Small Promo/Mid-card Match
Segment 4 - Promo to Set-up PPV match
Segment 5 - Tag Team Match
Segment 6 - Promo to set-up match next week/IC Title Match
Segment 7 - Main Event

Once you gain some comfort and confidence, you will be free to break away from this, start with match at the beginning, or end the show with a promo, but for newer writers I suggest it because it covers everything you need, and sets up for the next show. Now for match writing, now I suggest not writing full matches, just providing the ending of the match and aftermath, although I suggest for PPV's writing the full match, cause just the ending of a WrestleMania main event wont cut it

One of the greatest feds I have ever read was one where the matches themselves weren't necessarily 5 stars, but because the story lines were so unique, it was an instant hit. Be creative, and be original, take these characters that you have created and molded and throw them through situations, like friendship, betrayal, depression, manipulation, loss of faith and much more..... Experiment with characters; find out what works and what doesn’t, what works for one writer doesn’t work for another, find what works for you.

Important Final Notes
Learn from your mistakes, as a beginner nobody is expecting you to be the best booker, or a legend in your first month or so, just learn from your mistakes and from the advise that others give you, And remember to use proper grammar and organization. NOTHING throws readers off like bad grammar and disorganized work, use of bold, italics and underlines will save you a lot of trouble and even some color thrown in there would add a little touch every once in awhile, make your work look good, take some pride in your work... Because if you don’t show some pride in your work, how can you expect us too?

All in all just have fun at this. Don’t take something personally if somebody didn’t like your show; learn from it that’s what everybody is here for, to help each other. I hope this little hand book helped some of you guys realize what BTB is all about. Before I forget DO NOT make more then one post for a show. What I mean is don’t go to commercial and then post it and then post then next bit it looks very unprofessional and I will just merge the show anyway. Just remember this is all in fun and not a competition.

Credit: Not actually sure who did this but Grendrill had put it together previously. Either way it was previously in the BTB Handbook so yeah.


(Credit to TKO & The JD for the following advice)

Go Read Other BTB Threads
For someone who is new to the section, this is definitely your first task. The more you read other BTB's, the quicker you will realise how this place works. Reading other BTB's will give you a sense of the basics for a successful BTB. Also, if you want feedback on your shows, you'll need to give others feedback.

In no shape or form should you go into someone else's thread and post something like, "Hey man, great show, I liked it, 9/10." This will immediately annoy people and will not warrant you getting feedback in return. For most people here, there is a system called feedback for feedback/review for review, which is basically that if you give someone a review, they'll give it back (btw I don't entirely endorse this method but it is the general idea round these parts). When you give someone feedback, it should be constructive and benefit the writer. The better feedback you give, the more likely you are to receive something back in return.

Wait around for up to 7 days for reviews or feedback which will hopefully explain what went well and what you need to improve on within your show. Remember that MOST bookers would use constructive criticism, so don’t worry about that, however if anybody deliberately flames you then notify a BTB Moderator

In a section where so many people start/bring back threads all the time, good presentation is vital. I could easily come into this thread, take a glance at your first post and never come back if I'm not impressed with the presentation. Again, by looking at the first post of some other BTB's in the section, you can see what is usually outlined and how it is presented. Most people include a little introduction/backstory, the roster, champions, etc all in their first post.

Don't Rely On EWR
If you have already looked at BTB's in the section you should already know that using EWR to post shows isn't acceptable. What I mean is you can't simply copy and paste what comes out of a show on EWR and post it here. You are expected to write your own shows. You can use EWR as a simulator for your game for injuries or stuff like that, but the actual content has to be your own.

Plagiarism is a big no no in this section. Quite frankly, there isn't much to discuss here as it's pretty simple what you can and can't do. Do not take a match/promo/segment and copy it word-for-word into your show. If it is discovered you have been plagiarising, you will be in trouble.


III. Arenas

United States of America
- Alabama; Huntsville – Von Braun Center (13,760)
- Alabama; Birmingham – Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Center (19,000)
- Alabama; Mobile – Mobile Civic Center (10,500)
- Arkansas; Little Rock – Alltel Arena (18,000)
- Arizona; Phoenix – US Airways Center (20,000)
- Arizona; Phoenix – Arizona Veterans Memorial Arena (14,500)
- Arizona; Glendale – Arena (18,000)
- Arizona; Tuscon – McKale Center (University of Arizona) (14,500)
- Arizona; Tempe – Wells Fargo Arena (14,500)
- California; Anaheim – Honda Center (18,500)
- California; Oakland – Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum (63,500)
- California; Los Angeles – Staples Center (20,000)
- California; Sacramento – ARCO Arena (17,500)
- California; San Diego – San Diego Sports Arena (16,000)
- California; Daly City – Cow Palace (12,500)
- California; San Jose – HP Pavilion (19,000)
- Colorado; Denver – Pepsi Center (25,000)
- Connecticut; Hartford – XL Center (17,500)
- Connecticut; New Haven – New Haven Coliseum (11,150)
- District Columbia; Washington – Verizon Center (22,500)
- Florida; Daytona Beach – Ocean Center (9,000)
- Florida; Fort Lauderdale – BankAtlantic Center (22,500)
- Florida; Estero – Germain Arena (10,000)
- Florida; Miami – American Airlines Arena (19,000)
- Florida; Orlando – Amway Arena (18,500)
- Florida; Orlando – Citrus Bowl (75,000)
- Florida; Pensacola – Pensacola Civic Center (10,000)
- Florida; Tampa – St. Pete Times Forum (21,500)
- Georgia; Atlanta – Phillips Arena (19,500)
- Georgia; Atlanta – The Georgia Dome (27,500)
- Idaho; Boise – Idaho Center (10,500)
- Illinois; Chicago – United Center (20,500)
- Illinois; Rosemount – Allstate Arena (18,000)
- Indianapolis; Indiana – Conseco Fieldhouse (19,500)
- Iowa; Cedar Rapids – U.S. Cellular Center (10,000)
- Iowa; Des Moines – Veterans Memorial Auditorium (11,000)
- Kansas; Topeka – Landon Arena (10,000)
- Kansas; Witchita – Kansas Coliseum (12,200)
- Kentucky; Lexington – Rupp Arena (23,500)
- Kentucky; Louisville – Freedom Hall (19,200)
- Louisiana; Lafayette – Cajundome (12,121)
- Louisiana; New Orleans – The Louisiana Superdome (73,500)
- Louisiana; New Orleans – New Orleans Arena (19,000)
- Maryland; Baltimore – 1st Mariner Arena (13,500)
- Massachusetts; Boston – TD Banknorth Garden (19,000)
- Massachusetts; Worcester – DCU Center (14,800)
- Michigan; Auburn Hills – The Palace of Auburn Hills (22,000)
- Michigan; Detroit – Joe Louis Arena (21,000)
- Michigan; Grand Rapids – Van Andel Arena (13,000)
- Michigan; Pontiac – Pontiac Silverdome (80,000)
- Minnesota; Minneapolis – Target Center (12,500)
- Mississippi; Biloxi – Mississippi Coast Coliseum (9,500)
- Missouri; Kansas City – Kemper Arena (19,500)
- Missouri; Saint Louis – Scottrade Center (22,000)
- Missouri; Saint Louis – Edward Jones Dome (67,000)
- Montana; Billings – Rimrock Auto Arena (12,000)
- Nebraska; Omaha – Omaha Civic Auditorium (10,900)
- New Jersey; East Rutherford – Izod Center (20,000)
- North Carolina; Chapel Hill – Dean Smith Center (21,750)
- North Carolina; Greensboro – Greensboro Coliseum (23,500)
- North Dakota; Fargo – Fargodome (25,000)
- Nevada; Las Vegas – MGM Grand Garden Arena (17,000)
- Nevada; Las Vegas – Thomas and Mack Center (19,000)
- Nevada; Reno – Lawlor Events Center (11,500)
- New York; Albany – Times Union Center (17,500)
- New York; Buffalo – HSBC Arena (18,500)
- New York; New York City – Madison Square Garden (20,000)
- New York; Rochester – Blue Cross Arena (12,000)
- New York; Uniondale – Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum (16,000)
- Ohio; Cleveland – Quicken Loans Arena (20,500)
- Ohio; Cincinnati – U.S. Bank Arena (17,000)
- Ohio; Dayton – Nutter Center (12,000)
- Oklahoma; Oklahoma City – Cox Convention Center (15,500)
- Pennsylvania; Pittsburgh – Mellon Arena (18,000)
- Pennsylvania; Philadelphia – Wachovia Center (21,000)
- Pennsylvania; State College – Bryce Jordan Center (16,000)
- Rhode Island; Providence – Dunkin’ Donuts Center (14,000)
- South Carolina; Greenville – Bi-Lo Center (14,000)
- Tennessee; Chattanooga – McKenzie Arena (11,200)
- Tennessee; Memphis – The Pyramid (20,000)
- Tennessee; Nashville – Sommet Center (20,000)
- Texas; Austin – Frank Erwin Center (16,000)
- Texas; Dallas – Reunion Arena (19,000)
- Texas; Dallas – The American Airlines Center (20,000)
- Texas; Houston – Reliant Astrodome (62,000)
- Texas; Houston – Reliant Stadium (71,500)
- Texas; San Antonio – Alamodome (77,000)
- Texas; San Antonio – Freeman Coliseum (11,500)
- Texas; San Antonio – AT&T Center (19,000)
- Utah; Salt Lake City – EnergySolutions Arena (20,000)
- Utah; Salt Lake City – E Center (12,600)
- Virginia; Northfolk – Norfolk Spoke (13,800)
- Virginia; Richmond – Richmond Coliseum (13,500)
- Washington; Seattle – KeyArena (17,500)
- Washington; Spokane – Spokane Veterans Memorial Arena Norfolk Spoke (12,500)
- Washington; Tacoma – Tacoma Dome (20,000)
- Wisconsin; Milwaukee – U.S. Cellular Arena (12,500)

- Alberta; Calgary – Pengrowth Saddledome (19,500)
- Alberta; Edmonton – Rexall Place (17,000)
- British Columbia; Vancouver – GM Place (20,000)
- British Columbia; Vancouver – Pacific Coliseum (20,000)
- Manitoba; Winnipeg – MTS Center (16,500)
- Ontario; Toronto – Air Canada Center (23,000)
- Ontario; Ottawa – Ottawa Civic Center (10,500)
- Ontario; Ottawa – Scotiabank Place (10,500)
- Ontario; Hamilton – Copps Coliseum (19,000)
- Ontario; London – John Labatt Center (10,000)
- Ontario; Toronto – Rogers Center (55,000)
- Quebec; Montreal – The Bell Center (21,200)
- Quebec; Quebec City – Colisée Pepsi (15,500)
- Saskatchewan; Saskatoon – Credit Union Center (13,000)
- Nova Scotia; Halifax – Halifax Metro Center (15,000)
- Quebec, Montreal – Olympic Stadium (66,300)
- Alberta; Edmonton – Commonwealth Stadium (62,000)
- British Columbia – Vancouver; BC Place Stadium (60,000)
- Alberta; Calgary – McMahon Center (35,000)

The UK
- England; Birmingham – The NIA (National Indoor Arena) (13,000)
- England; Birmingham – LG Arena (11,000)
- England; London – Wembley Arena (12,500)
- England; London – Earls Court (Exhibition Center) (19,000)
- England; London – The O2 Arena (23,00)
- England; Manchester – MEN Arena (20,000)
- England; Newcastle – Newcastle Metro Radio Arena (11,000)
- England; Sheffield – Hallam FM Arena (12,500)
- Northern Ireland; Belfast – Odyssey Arena (14,000)
- Republic of Ireland; Dublin – The O2 Dublin (14,000)
- Wales; Cardiff – Cardiff International Arena (7,500)

- Belgium; Brussels - Vorst-Forest National
- Finland; Helsinki – Hartwall Arena
- Germany; Berlin - Max Schmeling Halle
- Germany; Cologne - Cologne Arena
- Germany; Munich - Olympiahalle
- Germany; Leipzig - Messehalle
- Germany; Stuttgart - Stuttgart Schleyerhalle
- Germany; Oberhausen - Koenig-Pilsner Arena
- Germany; Hamburg – Sporthalle
- Italy; Bologna - Palamalaguti
- Italy; Florence – The Palasport
- Italy; Milan – Fila Forum
- Italy; Pesaro; Italy – BPA Palace
- Italy; Turin – The Mazda Palace

- Tokyo; Japan - Nippon Budokan
- Tokyo; Japan - Jingu Baseball Stadium
- Tokyo; Japan - Sumo Hall
- Tokyo; Japan - Budokan Hall
- Tokyo; Japan - Tokyo Dome
- Tokyo; Japan - Yoyogi National Stadium Gym #21
- Tokyo; Japan - Korakuen Hall
- Tokyo; Japan - Tokyo Egg Dome
- Saitama; Japan - Saitama Super Arena
- Osaka; Japan - Osaka Jo Hall
- Osaka; Japan - Prefectual Gym
- Yokohama; Japan - Yokohama Arena
- Hiroshima; Japan - Hiroshima Sun Plaza

- Western Australia; Perth - Burswood Dome
- New South Wales; Sydney – Sydney Superdome
- Victoria; Melbourne - Vodafone Arena
- Victoria; Melbourne – Rod Laver Arena
- Queensland; Brisbane - Brisbane Entertainment Centre
- South Australia; Adelaide - Adelaide Entertainment Centre

- Acapulco; Mexico - Plaza de Toros Caletilla
- Guadalajara; Mexico - Plaza de Toros
- Mexico City; Mexico - Arena Mexico
- Monterrey; Mexico - Arena Monterrey
- Naucalpan; Mexico - El Toreo

- South Africa; East Rand - Carnival City
- South Africa; Johannesburg - The Dome
- South Africa; Cape Town - Good Hope Centre
- Thailand; Bangkok - Impact Arena
- Philippines; Manila; - Araneta Coliseum
- New Zealand; Wellington - Westpac Stadium

Credit: These arenas were previously put together by someone but I've heavily went in and edited new names, etc. in for most. I don't know anything about the World arenas so if anybody knows any new names, etc. PM them to me.


IV. Wrestler's Catchphrases

Abyss: Just Another Victim!
AJ Styles: Simply Phenomenal!
Carlito: Das Cool! Cool! Das not cool!
Christian Cage: 'Cause that’s how I Roll!
Christopher Daniels: Heaven Sent… Hell Bound!
Diamond Dallas Page: BANG!, Weather ya love me or ya hate me… You’ll never forget me!
Goldberg: Who’s Next? You’re next! Fear the Spear!
Hulk Hogan: Brother!
JBL: I am a wrestling God!
Kevin Nash: Big Sexy… In… Da… House…!
Kurt Angle: It’s true… It’s damn true! I’m a Wrestling Machine!
Perry Saturn: You're Welcome! Whatta Lookin' At?
Randy Orton: Take a look at greatness! Three letters, R ... K ... O!
Raven: Nevermore…!
Ric Flair: WOOO!! I am limousine ridin', jet flyin', kiss stealin', wheelin' dealin', son of a gun! It's the oldest ride in the park, but it's still got the longest line! To be 'The Man', you gotta beat the man!
The Rock: If ya Smell… What the Rock is Cookin’!, Just Bring It!, Shut Your Mouth and Know Your Role! Finally, The Rock has come back to (whatever city)!
Sting: It’s Showtime Folks!
Stone Cold Steve Austin: What?, And that’s the bottom line… cause Stone Cold said so…!
Triple H: I am the Game... And I am, that, damn, good!
Undertaker: Rest ... in ... peace! Death does not wait for anyone!
Vince McMahon: YOU’RE FIRED!!!

Note: For a lot of wrestling quotes...

Visit WikiQuote.


V. BTB Resources - Wikipedia - ArenaMaps - WWE - TNA - Ring of Honor - Online World of Wrestling - WI Archive - Professional Wrestling Match Types/ Gimmick Matches - Music in Professional Wrestling - WikiQuote


VI. WWE Themes

* = Indicates Current Theme


Ashley Massaro

1 - Be Yourself by Audioslave
2 - Light a Fire (Production)
3 - Light a Fire by Nuts in a Blender *

Beth Phoenix

1 - Glamazon (Production) *

Brian Kendrick

1 - Hey You (Production) *


1 - Holla by Desiree Jackson
2 - Don't Stop (Production)
3 - What Love Is (Production)
4 - What Love Is Party Remix by Scooter and Lavelle *


1 - Cool (Production) *

Charlie Haas

1 - Medal (Production)
2 - World's Greatest (Production) *
3 - Pay the Price by Eric and the Hostiles

Chris Jericho

1st - Break the Walls Down (Production)*
2 - King of My World (Production)

Cody Rhodes

1st - Is Anybody Home by Our Lady Peace *

DH Smith

1st - Rule Britannia *

Hacksaw Jim Duggan

1st - USA (Production) *

Hardcore Holly

1st - How Do You Like Me Now (Production) *


1st - Longhorn (Production) *

Jeff Hardy

1st - Loaded (Production)
2nd - No More Words by EndervafteR *

Jerry Lawler

1st - The Great Gates of Kiev *


1st - Move It Up (Production)
2nd - Top Spin (Production)
3rd - Sliced Bread by Jillian Hall *

Jim Ross

1- Boomer Sooner *

John Cena

1st - Basic Thuganomics (Production)
2nd - My Time is Now by John Cena *


1st - Bringing 'Da Hood T U *

Katie Lea Burchill

1st - Generator A *

Lance Cade

1st -

Lilian Garcia

1st - You Just Don't Know Me at All by Lilian Garcia
2nd - Quiero Vivir! by Lilian Garcia *


1st - Party (Production)
2nd - With Legs Like That by Zebrahead *


1st - Paparazzi (Production) *

Mickie James

1st - Obsession (Production) *

Mr. Kennedy

1st - Turn up the Trouble (Production)
2nd - Turn up the Trouble by Airbourne *

Mr. McMahon

1st - No Chance in Hell (Production) *

Paul Burchill

1st - Generator A (Production) *

Paul London

1st - Hey You (Production) *

Randy Orton

1st - Line in the Sand by Motorhead
2nd - Burn in my Light by Mercy Drive
3rd - Voices by Rev. Theory *

Robbie McAllister

1st -

Ron Simmons

1st - Damn (Production) *

Rory McAllister

1st -

Santino Marella

1st - Rocky Start (Production)
2nd - La Vittoria e Mia (Production) *


1st - Bringin Da Hood T U

Shawn Michaels

1st - Sexy Boy by Shawn Michaels *


1st - Unglued (Production) *

Super Crazy

1st - Muy Loco (Production) *

Trevor Murdoch

1st -

Triple H

1st - Break It Down by Chris Warren Band
2nd - My Time by Chris Warren Band
3rd - The Game by Motorhead
4th - The Game by Drowning Pool
5th - King of Kings by Motorhead *


1st -

Val Venis

1st - Hello Ladies (Production) *

William Regal

1st -



1st - Monster (Production)
2nd - Line in the Sand by Motorhead
3rd - I Walk Alone by Saliva *

Big Show

1st - Big (Production)
2nd - Crank It Up by Brand New Sin *


1st - I'm All About Cool (Production)
2nd - Pretty Baby (Production) *

Chuck Palumbo

1st -

Curt Hawkins

1st - In the Middle of It Now by Disciple *

Deuce & Domino

1st - I'm All About Cool (Production) *


1st - Never Gonna Stop by Rob Zombie
2nd - Metalingus by Alterbridge *

Eve Torres

1st - Pop Energia (Production) *

Jesse & Festus

1st - Biscuits and Gravy (Production) *


1st - Lambeg (Production) *


1st -

Gregory Helms

1st - Fire Storm (Production)
2nd - It's Time (Production) *


1st - Lambeg (Production) *

Jamie Noble

1st - 2 Z Top (Production) *

Jimmy Wang Yang

1st - Gonna Punch Someone Tonight by David Church *

Jonathan Coachman

1st - What You Gonna Do by Victor Reid
2nd - Hard Hittin' by Homebwoi *

Kenny Dykstra

1st -

Mark Henry

1st - World's Strongest Man (Production)
2nd - Power (Production)
3rd - Sexual Chocolate (Production)
4th - McMillitant (Production)
5th - Somebodies Gonna Get It by Three 6 Mafia *


1st - All Summer Long (Production)
2nd - Lounge Lizard (Production)
3rd - Woo-wee (Production) *

Matt Hardy

1st - Loaded (Production)
2nd - Live for the Moment by Monster Magnet *

Michelle McCool

1st - Move Up
2nd - Not Enough for Me (Production) *

Mick Foley

1st - Wreck (Production) *


1st - I'm Comin' by Silkk the Shocker *


1st - Cool Tweak (Production) *

Rey Mysterio

1st - 619 (Production)
2nd - BooYaka 619 by MadOne and Rey Mysterio *

Shannon Moore

1st - I'll Do Anything (Production) *

The Great Khali

1st - Dan.ger (Production) *

Vickie Guerrero

1st - ???


1st - All the Things She Said by T.A.T.U
2nd - Don't Mess With (Production)
3rd - Don't Mess With Remix (Production) *

Vladimir Kozlov

1st - None

Zack Ryder

1st - In the Middle of it Now by Disciple *


Armando Estrada

1st -

Bam Neely

1st - Chavo Ardiente (Production) *

Big Daddy V

1st - Love Machine (Production)
2nd - Calling All Cars (Production) *


1st -

Chavo Guerrero

1st - Chavo Ardiente (Production) *

CM Punk

1st - This Fire Burns by Killswitch Engage *

Colin Delaney

1st -

Elijah Burke

1st - Don't Waste My Time (Production) *

John Morrison

1st - Paparazzi (Production)
2nd - Ain't No Make Believe (Production) *


1st - Burned (Production)
2nd - Out of the Fire (Production)
3rd - Slow Chemical by Finger Eleven *

Kelly Kelly

1st - Don't Stop (Production)
2nd - Holla by Desiree Jackson *

Kofi Kingston

1st - S.O.S by Collie Buddz *


1st - Nasty Girl (Production) *

Lena Yada

1st -

Matt Striker

1st -

Mike Knox

1st -


1st -

Shelton Benjamin

1st - World's Greatest (Production)
2nd - Ain't No Stopping Me (Production)
3rd - Ain't No Stopping Me Remix by Axel *

Stevie Richards

1st -

The Miz

1st - Reality (Production) *

Theodore Long

1st - McMillitant (Production) *

Tommy Dreamer

1st - Man in the Box (Production) *

WWE PPV Themes

New Year's Revolution 2005 - Race Against Time (Production)
New Year's Revolution 2006 - Stricken by Disturbed
New Year's Revolution 2007 - Race Against Time (Production)

Royal Rumble 2002 - Cocky by Kid Rock
Royal Rumble 2003 - Falling Apart by Trust Company
Royal Rumble 2004 - Nothing Left to Lose by Puddle of Mudd
Royal Rumble 2005 - Find the Real by Alterbridge
Royal Rumble 2007 - Drones by Rise Against
Royal Rumble 2008 - Stand up for Rock and Roll by Airbourne

No Way Out 2002 - Feel So Numb by Rob Zombie
No Way Out 2003 - Bring Me to Life by Evanescence
No Way Out 2004 - Crossing the Border by Rey Mysterio
No Way Out 2005 - Enemy by Fozzy
No Way Out 2006 - Deadly Game by Theory of a Deadman
No Way Out 2007 - Powertrip by Monster Magnet
No Way Out 2008 - Fake It by Seether

WrestleMania 2000 - California (Production)
WrestleMania X-7 - My Way by Limp Bizkit
WrestleMania X8 - Superstar by Saliva, Tear Away by Drowning Pool
WrestleMania XIX - Crack Addict by Limp Bizkit
WrestleMania XX - Step Up by Drowning Pool
WrestleMania XXI - Behind Those Eyes by 3 Doors Down, Big Time by The Soundtrack of Our Lives
WrestleMania XXII - Big Time by Peter Gabriel, I Dare You by Shinedown, Save Me Sorrow by Bullets and Octane
WrestleMania XXIII - Ladies and Gentlemen by Saliva, The Memory Will Never Die by Default
WrestleMania XXIV - Snow (Hey Oh) by Red Hot Chili Peppers, Light it Up by Rev. Theory

Backlash 2002 - Young Grow Old by Creed
Backlash 2003 - Remedy by Cold
Backlash 2004 - Eyes Wired Shut by Edgewater
Backlash 2005 - Stronger by Trust Company
Backlash 2006 - Baby Hates Me by Danko Jones
Backlash 2007 - There and Back Again by Daughtry
Backlash 2008 - All Summer Long by Kid Rock

Judgment Day 2002 - Broken by 12 Stones
Judgment Day 2006 - This Fire Burns by Killswitch Engage
Judgment Day 2007 - I Don't Wanna Stop by Ozzy Osbourne
Judgment Day 2008 - Take It All by Zididada

One Night Stand 2005 - This is Extreme by Harry Slash and the Slashtones
One Night Stand 2006 - Bodies by Drowning Pool
One Night Stand 2007 - Famous by Puddle of Mudd
One Night Stand 2008 - Hell Yeah by Rev. Theory

Vengeance 2001 - Sinner by Drowning Pool
Vengeance 2002 - Downfall by Trust Company
Vengeance 2003 - Price to Play by Staind
Vengeance 2004 - Away by Mercy Drive
Vengeance 2005 - Happy? by Mudvayne
Vengeance 2006 - Victim by Eighteen Visions
Vengeance 2007 - Gone by Fuel
Night of Champions 2008 - Devour by Shinedown

The Great American Bash 2005 - Pay the Price by Eric and the Hostiles
The Great American Bash 2006 - Lonely Train by Black Stone Cherry
The Great American Bash 2007 - The Church of Hot Addiction by Cobra Starship, Lost Highway by Bon Jovi

SummerSlam 1998 - Highway to Hell by AC/DC
SummerSlam 2001 - Bodies by Drowning Pool
SummerSlam 2002 - Fight (Production)
SummerSlam 2003 - St. Anger by Metallica
SummerSlam 2004 - Summertime Blues by Rush
SummerSlam 2005 - Remedy by Seether, Get It Poppin' by Fat Joe
SummerSlam 2006 - The Enemy by Godsmack, Cobrastyle by Teddybears
SummerSlam 2007 - Whine It Up by Kat Deluna and Elephant Man

Unforgiven 2002 - Adrenaline by Gavin Rossdale
Unforgiven 2003 - Enemy by Sevendust
Unforgiven 2004 - Survival of the Sickest by Saliva
Unforgiven 2005 - Calling by Taproot
Unforgiven 2006 - Run by Day of Fire
Unforgiven 2007 - Rise Today by Alterbridge

No Mercy 2001 - Click Click Boom by Saliva
No Mercy 2003 - Today is the Day by Dope
No Mercy 2005 - Save Me by Shinedown

Taboo Tuesday 2005 - Twisted Transistor by Korn
Cyber Sunday 2006 - Game On by Disciple
Cyber Sunday 2007 - Fast Fuse by Kasabian

Survivor Series 2001 - Control by Puddle of Mudd
Survivor Series 2002 - Always by Saliva
Survivor Series 2003 - Build a Bridge by Limp Bizkit
Survivor Series 2004 - Ugly by the Exies
Survivor Series 2005 - Lights Out by P.O.D.
Survivor Series 2006 - Are You Ready? by Hazen Street
Survivor Series 2007 - Tick Tick Boom by The Hives

Armageddon 2000 - Sweet Home Alabama by Lynrd Skynrd
All other Armageddon's - The End is Here (Production)

Other Themes

Monday Night Raw

1st - Thorn In Your Eye
2nd - All Together Now
3rd - Across the Nation by Union Underground
4th - To Be Loved by Papa Roach *

Friday Night Smackdown

1st - The Beatiful People by Marilyn Manson
2nd - I Want It All (Production)
3rd - Rise Up by Drowning Pool
4th - Rise Up (2006) by Drowning Pool *

ECW on Sci-Fi

1st - Bodies by Drowning Pool
2nd - Famous by Puddle of Mudd
3rd - This is the New Shit by Marilyn Manson
4th - Don't Question My Heart by Kyle Morrison
5th - Don't Question My Heart by Saliva *

Credit: All Theme Credits go to Wikipedia


VII. Match Types

Battle of Respect: This match has no winners. Two wrestlers wrestle each other for a fixed amount of time without pinfalls or submissions.

Beat the Clock Match: A regular match, only with the time of the match kept. Usually used by a succession of multiple wrestlers, with the first one setting a time the others have to beat. The shortest winning match time wins whatever was on the line.

Blindfold Match: Sometimes one, usually both competitors wear blindfolds and wrestle. Otherwise normal rules apply.

Blood Bath Match: Dump a bowl of red liquid over the opponent to win.

Bra and Panties Match: Take your opponents close off to win.

Double Jeopardy Match: This is two different matches taking place in the same ring at the same time. The winners of the two matches would then face each other. Example: Y2J and Jeff Hardy while Tazz faces JR.

Falls Count Anywhere Match: In the standard match, a pinfall or submission can only win the match when it is performed inside the ring. However, in a Falls Count Anywhere match, this need not apply. As such, this also implies that wrestlers cannot lose as a result of countout. The "Falls Count Anywhere" is somewhat of a misnomer in the fact that wrestlers may still be disqualified (but not counted out) for leaving the arena where the match is to be held (this, of course, may vary between promotion). However, it is to be noted that, as the match may take place in various parts of the arena, the "Falls Count Anywhere" provision may be one of many stipulations in a match - it is commonly paired with "No Disqualifications" to form the hardcore match, so as to allow wrestlers the convenience to use foreign objects that may lie wherever they may wrestle.

An independent federation in Quebec once held a "Falls Count Anywhere In Joliette, Quebec Match", where the entire town the match was held in was "in play".

Another variation of the rules state that once a pinfall takes, the pinned wrestler must return to the ring within 60 seconds else they lose. If the pinned wrestler makes it to the ring in this time, the match continues. Under these rules, all pinfalls must take place outside the ring. In the now-defunct Tri-State Wrestling Association, a wrestler won a Falls Count Anywhere match by pinning his opponent against an arena wall.

First Blood Match: This match has no disqualifications. The first person to make their opponent visibly bleed wins the match.

Flag Match: The Flag Match is essentially the professional wrestling version of capture the flag, in which there are two flags on opposite turnbuckles in the ring, with one wrestler defending one flag while attempting to get the other.

Handicap Match: A match in which one wrestler or one team of wrestlers faces another team of wrestlers with numerical superiority. For example, two wrestlers against one.

Hangman's Horror Match: In this match, on every rope there is a dog collar and your goal is to hang your opponent until he cant go on. This match was created by Raven to end his feud with Vampiro.

Inferno Match: In this match fire surrounds the ring and the only way to win is to set your opponent on fire.

Last Man Standing Match: The Last Man Standing Match is a match where there are no disqualifications or countouts, and where wrestlers, when knocked down, must answer a ten-count (akin to boxing). It is sometimes known as a Texas Death Match when hardcore aspects are to be emphasized.

Lumberjack Match: A match where the ring is surrounded by a group of "lumberjacks", normally fellow wrestlers. When one participant in the match leaves the ring for any reason, the heel lumberjacks attack the face wrestler who is out of the ring, and vise-versa. The face lumberjacks then come to the aid of that wrestler and return him to the ring, and vise-versa. The lumberjacks are generally a combination of faces and heels, who sometimes fight among themselves outside the ring. Sometimes, as part of a storyline, a face will wrestle a heel with a group of lumberjacks consisting entirely of heels.

A variation of this match is called a Canadian Lumberjack Match, in which the lumberjacks are equipped with leather straps. When the lumberjacks are all female, the match is known as a Lumberjill Match (a reference to Jack and Jill).

Mud Match: A female wrestling match that takes place in a mud pool. A variation of this is the Egg-Nog Match, where the competitors are in a pool of Egg-Nog, held during Christmas.

No Disqualification Match: The No Disqualification Match is a standard match, except that matches cannot be won via disqualification. Although there is little to prevent a No Disqualification Match from degenerating into a hardcore match, the typical No Disqualification match typically carries the convention that the "No Disqualification" aspect is typically more low-key compared to true hardcore matches, with disqualification-worthy material limited to run-ins and the introduction of ringside foreign objects.

Sometimes, a No Disqualification Match is held between valets, or a valet and a wrestler, where it is implied that wrestlers will run-in and "defend" their valets.

In WWE, a No Holds Barred Match, a match coined by Mr. McMahon, may refer to a No Disqualification match that has more hardcore content compared to typical No Disqualification matches. The No Disqualification Match may also be referred to by Sgt. Slaughter or during the annual Tribute to the Troops as the Boot Camp Match.

Scaffold Match: This match takes place on a scaffold above the ring. The two ways to win the match are to push the opponent off of the scaffold so that he/she hits the mat or to grab the flag from the opponent's home base of the scaffold and return it to one's own home base.

Serengeti Survival Match: A match in which there are no disqualifications, and the competitors can win by pinfall, submission or by slamming their opponent onto thumbtacks. Invented and named by "The Alpha Male" Monty Brown.

Short Leash Match: This match has two wrestlers tied together with a short leash (making the opponents one foot away from each other) and the only way to win is by either submission or knock-out. Another variation is called a Chain Match, a submissions-only match with no disqualifications.

Submission Match: The first man to make his opponent submit wins. Often used in Japan under the name (Japanese) UWF Rules. The Japanese UWF and its derived shoot-style promotions only allowed submissions or knockouts to end matches (including tag team matches), so it was an exclusive feature of such promotions.

Ultimate Submission Match: This match is a variation of an Iron Man Match. The variation is that the wrestler with the most submissions at the end of the match is the winner.

Barbed wire match: A barbed wire match is a professional wrestling match in which the ropes surrounding the ring are replaced by strands of barbed wire. In the United States of America, this match was mainly seen in Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW). It has also been utilized in Japan, especially in death match promotions such as Frontier Martial Arts Wrestling (FMW).

Three Stages of Hell: In professional wrestling, a two out of three falls match, or a best of three falls match, is a series of matches (often between two wrestlers or two teams of wrestlers), in which wrestlers attempt to win the majority of matches. It is often the case that the three individual matches in a best-of-three match are done under different rules so as to maintain audience interest - the three different match types are often referred to as the Three Stages of Hell. The typical "three stages" configuration often begins with a standard one-fall match, followed by a match with a slower pace (eg. a submission match), and ending up with a fast-paced match (eg. a steel cage match). The three matches are often contested one after another; however it is also common for the matches to be played out over a series of wrestling shows, making the match more like a true best-of-three series.

Iron Man match: An Iron Man match is a professional wrestling match where the man who holds the most pinfalls, submissions, count out and disqualification victories at the end of a given time limit is declared the winner. Should the match result in a tie, sudden death overtime may be requested by either wrestler, often accepted (or rejected) by either an opponent or a higher (on-screen) wrestling authority.

Because of the fixed time limit, Iron Man matches have a tendency of losing their audience in the middle of a match, with a quick flurry of action near the end. Often, an Iron Man match will have the wrestlers tied or holding a one-point advantage going into the final minutes, with one wrestler attempting to make a tying or winning pin.

Recently, Iron Man Matches have been known to be 30 minutes long, rather than the usual 60 minutes.

Junkyard Invitational: This match takes place in a junkyard. First wrestler to escape the junkyard wins the match. Brian "Nasty" Knobs was the winner of the match in WCW Slamboree.

Total Conquest Match: This match has two wrestlers fighting throughout a house until a pinfall is made.

Ambulance Match: A no-disqualification match, in which there are no pinfalls or submissions: instead, the object is to injure one's opponent to the point that they must be taken away in an ambulance to send the loser to the nearest hospital

Buried Alive Match: The object of this match is to bury the other wrestler alive in a makeshift grave inside the arena. No other rules apply. In this match type, the wrestler who is buried alive always survives in the storyline.

Casket Match: The winner of this match is the first wrestler to put his/her opponent into a closed casket. This match has been a trademark of the WWE wrestler The Undertaker. A number of variants exist, where the object is to place the other wrestler in other closed containers. The Casket is often placed on the ringside, but the other variants might have the container on top of the ramp. The casket may be replaced by other containers, such as a dumpster (in which case the match becomes a Dumpster Match), an ambulance (Ambulance Match), or a hearse (known as a Last Ride Match)

Stretcher Match: Stretcher Match is an ambiguous term that can be used to described two different matches: in the container-based variation, one must restrain your opponent by strapping them on a stretcher (and then possibly pushing the restrained opponent onto an ambulance) to win. In the weapon-based variation, the stretcher is simply treated as a legal foreign object, and normal rules apply. This is the hospital version of the Casket Match.

Handcuff Match: Handcuff Matches are matches in which wrestlers to seek to handcuff the opposing wrestler, often to a ring fixture, but sometimes so that the opposing wrestler is unable to make use of their hands.

Ladder Match: The Ladder Match (not to be confused with the Extreme Championship Wrestling one-fall variation where ladders were used as legal foreign objects) is one where two or more wrestlers compete for an object stationed above the ring, which is only accessible by using a ladder. Due to the nature of the match, ladders are considered to be legal foreign objects.

There are typically two possible finishes to a ladder match: if the object is storyline-related, such as a championship, the match immediately ends when one wrestler obtains this item. However, if a foreign object is stationed above the ring, then the match continues into a second phase, a one-fall variation where the wrestler who retrieves the foreign object may use the foreign object without disqualification.

Tables Match: In a Tables Match, the object is to put opposing wrestlers through tables - that is, manipulate them in such a way that the table is broken in half when they are thrown against it. Tag-team table’s matches, especially elimination tag-team table’s matches, have varied on whether one or both members must go through tables in order for a team to lose. It is common for table’s matches to also include a "no disqualification" clause, which turns them into hardcore matches by nature (although this variation may also be alternately known as a Hardcore Tables Match).

Lion's Den Match: The aim of the match was to knock out your opponent or to make him submit inside an octagonal cage. The rules are made to mimic mixed martial arts matches, and the octagonal cage is meant to mimic the cage used by the Ultimate Fighting Championship league.

Triple Cage Match: This match, which made its first appearance in the film Ready to Rumble, was a specialty of WCW involving three cages constructed on top of each other. The first cage encompasses the entire ringside area. The second cage is the size of a cage used in typical cage matches, and is filled with a variety of weapons. The third cage is roughly half the size of the second. The object is to climb up to the top of the third cage to grab an object, much like a ladder match.

Final Wars Brawl: This match has two wrestlers in a steel cage for thirty minutes with other wrestlers entering at a timed interval to help out one of the opponents.

Football Classic Match: Two cages are placed at ringside, inside each of which is locked a manager with a weapon. The key for each cage is fastened to a football. Two teams of wrestlers must try and gain possession of the football and take it over to their manager's cage, use the key to unlock the cage, then use the manager's weapon to attack the other team. To get the ball to the cage, the wrestlers must pass it between themselves and attack any opposing wrestlers who have possession of the ball.

Gauntlet Match: A Gauntlet match is, in a sense, a quick series of one-fall one-on-one matches. Here, two wrestlers begin the match, and are replaced whenever one is eliminated (by normal means), with the last person standing being named the winner. A Gauntlet match may also be played out in multiple "parts" as part of a storyline (where a face wrestler must face a series of a heel wrestler's underlings before facing the heel himself, for instance) - this was common in World Championship Wrestling in the early 1990s, where it was referred to as a Slobber Knocker. A participant involved in a Gauntlet Match may be referred to as to be "running the gauntlet", although in most cases this designation is reserved for those who are involved for most of the match.

The Gauntlet may also be referred to as a Turmoil Match, a likely backformation from Tag Team Turmoil, which is used to denote a Gauntlet involving tag teams.

King Of The Mountain Match: Five wrestlers compete in this match for a title belt. This basically is a Ladder Match in reverse with a twist. When one man is pinned or forced to submit, he is sent to a ringside penalty box for 2 minutes, while the wrestler who scored the fall must hang the belt on a hook above the ring. The others try to stop the wrestler from hanging the belt. The first wrestler to successfully hang the belt wins. This is a Total Nonstop Action Wrestling creation.

Relay Match: The match has two (could have more) teams of between 3 or 12 members to a team and before the match there will be a coin toss to see which team switches out first. Every 3 or 5 minutes the teams will switch. The first team to get a pinfall wins. Sometimes performed with hardcore rules.

War Games: Sometimes suffixed with the tagline "The Match Beyond". The War Games match features two rings surrounded by an enclosed steel cage with two teams (or sometimes three) facing one another. One man from each team starts out with another from either team at random entering the cage via a timed interval. The winning team must get a member of another team to submit after all members of each team are in the cage.

200 light tubes death match: A match type first used in Combat Zone Wrestling at an event called "They Said it Couldn't be Done". The object of this match is to win by pinfall. The use of fluorescent light tubes—officially, two hundred are available for use—as weapons are allowed. These matches are often very bloody and have been banned in most states.

300 Lightube Deathmatch: Once Used In Japan, Instead Of The Regular 200 Light Tubes Match.

Clockwork Orange House of Fun Match: A singles match with many weapons suspended from steel chains around the ring, sometimes with sides of a steel cage attached to the ring. The use of weapons is legal, and the match ends in pinfall. Pinfalls count anywhere in the ringside area.

Explosion Match: Usually accompanied with barbed wire ropes, a large barbed wire wrapped explosion board is placed in the ring laced with a small amount of C-4. The loser is the man that is blown up.

Sadistic Maddness: A match where the only way to win is by pin fall, but the only way to make the pin fall is if the opponent is bleeding first. There is no disqualification.

Shattered Dreams Match: Broken Glass all over the floor inside and ouside the ring and sheets of glass in the corners. There is also Taipei Deathmatch Rules. The only way to win is by pin or submission.

Taipei Death Match: Two wrestlers tape their fist and dip them in glue. They also have a bucket of beer bottles, they smash the bottles to shards and dip their glued-soaked fist in the shards and tear each other apart.


VIII. Pay Per View Time Guide

There are a lot of people in BTB who put a lot of effort into doing the longest matches they possibly can, whilst the work is admirable and we aren’t taking anything away from the people who do that, some matches lack psychology and go way overboard in length, as do their entire event.

This is a new way that will allow you to keep an accurate measure of the time of your matches so that your PPV events are kept to an appropriate length.

200 words = 1 minute of ring time (excluding commentary)

This means the following:

3 Hour PPV = 36000 words
4 Hour PPV = 48000 words
5 Hour PPV = 60000 words

Note: Please don't use this as on "official thing" I know many people go off of 150 words equals a minute, 100 words equals a minute, etc. It's just a guideline to give you a general idea as to how many words, etc. should be in a match. Once again this is NOT ANYTHING OFFICIAL.

Wrestlemania 24

JBL/Finlay – 8.35
MITB – 13.55
Batista/Umaga – 7.06
Kane/Chavo – 0.08
Michaels/Flair – 20.23
Melina/Beth – 5.56
HHH/Cena/Orton – 14.09
Show/Mayweather – 11.36
Taker/Edge – 23.50

Total Match Time excluding entrances and the post match – 105.63 = 1hr, 45mins & 38secs.


UPDATE: I'm going to go ahead and post this tonight. We lost the reviewing stuff on how to review, etc. which really didn't "help" that much at all to be honest. But I mean if anybody has anything that they wanted added to the Handbook, etc. PM me. I'm done for tonight as I'm tired and I just got done writing all of the themes up. If I can think of adding anything I will over the next couple of days.

Remember I take no credit for anything other than compiling the themes and updating the arenas.
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