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WWE - "Get It!"

(First time thread)

(Back story / set up)
It’s the night after Armageddon. The face of the WWE is once again going to change forever! On a 3 hour edition of Raw, the ECW, SMACKDOWN and RAW rosters will become 1 as all 3 merge together as ordered by Vince McMahon last night after Armaggedon went off the air. The brand extension is no more, as Vince McMahon’s ever growing need for total control and power of the WWE has dramatic consequences on the wrestling world. As a result, there will now be only room for 1 world champion and 1 pair of tag team champions within the WWE. But the road to get there will be filled with surprises and in 3 hours a hell of a lot can happen.

(World and Tag team champions to be determined on Raw)


United states champion : MVP
Women’s champion : Beth Phoenix
ECW champion : CM punk
Intercontinental champion : Jeff Hardy

Non- champions

Vince McMahon
Stephanie McMahon
Shane McMahon

The Undertaker
Shawn Michaels
Triple H
Randy Orton
Mr Kennedy
Y2J Chris Jericho
John Cena
Matt Hardy
Rick Flair
Mark Henry
The Great Khali
Bobby Lashley
Santino Marella
Hardcore Holly
Cody Rhodes
Trevor Murdoch
Lance Cade
John Morrison
The Miz
Kenny Dykstra
Rey Mysterio
Jamie Noble
Chuck Palumbo
Chavo Guerrero
Big Daddy V

Mickie James
Kelly Kelly
Michelle McCool


RAW - Mondays @ 9pm on USA [LIVE]
Announcers : JR and The King.

SMACKDOWN - Thursdays @ 9pm on USA [LIVE]
(new network, day and time)
Announcers :Michael Cole and Tazz

(more dates to be announced.)

The Royal Rumble Jan. 20. MSG, New York.
No Way Out Feb. 17. Pond, Anaheim, California.
WrestleMania Mar. 30. Georgia Dome, Atlanta Georgia.
Unforgiven Apr. 27. MCI centre, Washington DC.

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Re: WWE - "Get It!"

Kinda unbelievable that they would merge the rosters. Roster has to many stars in it. How come for title you have US and ECW but no WWE champion? How come at the bottom of the page under TV shows you have Raw and SD? Other then all that it looks good. Take a look at some other BTBers.

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Smile Re: WWE - "Get It!"

Originally Posted by kyle_wwe View Post
Kinda unbelievable that they would merge the rosters. Roster has to many stars in it. How come for title you have US and ECW but no WWE champion? How come at the bottom of the page under TV shows you have Raw and SD? Other then all that it looks good. Take a look at some other BTBers.
Its noted above that a new world champion and tag team champion will be decided on RAW.
As there is a merger, we can't have 2 world and 2 Tag champs on 1 brand. Smackdown and Raw will now be used for 1 brand with 2 weekly shows. Its kinda unbelievable, but will make
sense when i write the first RAW. The roster is large, but some stars are out injured and
if you take into account the fact i merges two entire rosters, than its an enivitable outcome. I hope things start to make more sense today when i post the 1st RAW and SmackDown shows. Thats alot for your comments.

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Tag Teaming With James Ellsworth
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Re: WWE - "Get It!"

I like the idea of the merged roster

"Act 1 and Act 2: they don't mean nothing...the only thing that matters....everyone remembers....... Act 3" - The Rock @ Wrestlemania 19
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Re: WWE - "Get It!"

Monday, the 17th of December 2007.
Live from the Hartford civic centre.

7:57: WWE “the world is watching” promo airs.

7:58: A video package plays highlights the events that went down at Armageddon. We see Jeff Hardy’s impressive victory over Triple H and end with slow motion close ups of both world champions, Edge and Randy Orton, with their respective titles held in the air.

[voice over] - “Which of these great champion will leave RAW tonight without their gold and who will become the undisputed champion of the world.”

8:01: Raw opening video

8:02: Vince McMahon appears on the titan-tron . He is alone in his office, standing in front of his desk. He glares into the camera, his face full of rage.

“Tonight will be a night that none of you will never, ever forget. Tonight I take back what is mine, this company, a company I built up from the very foundations. People around here have forgotten who the hell I am. I’m Vince McMahon God damn it and tonight I’m going to do what I should have done a long time ago. It was my damn wife Linda who forced me to split my beloved company in two and tonight, I put it back together. From this moment on, the brand extension is no more and I Vincent Kennedy McMahon will rule over the WWE with unquestionable power and control. *(pointing into the camera) and if any of you watching gets in my way, you won’t live to regret it, I gar-en-damn-tee it!”

8:06: commercial

8:09: JR and The King welcome everyone to the show. A recap of what Vince just said replays on the Titan-tron.

JR- I can’t believe this. Vince McMahon’s insecurities has driven him to merge all 3 brands back together right here tonight on RAW.

King- I know JR, did you see his face, he’s gone crazy.

JR- An insecure, power crazy, control freak is now fully in charge of the entire WWE brand and roster, what the hell that that mean for all of us?

King- I have no idea JR, I’m in shock. I just cant believe Vince McMahon did what he just did moments ago. What else is going to happen here tonight?

8.12: [backstage] Jeff Hardy is backstage and in search of answers. He comes face to face with Vince. Jeff asks Vince what the merger means for him and his title shot at the Royal Rumble? Vince looks at Jeff and gets in his face. “I couldn’t give a damn about you and your shot, all I know is. by the end of tonight, there will be only 1 world champion.” Vince walks away. Jeff looks mad.

8:14: Edge’s music hits and he comes to the ring with Vickie Guerrero. Both have worried expressions etched across their faces.

JR- “you know why these two jackasses look worried don’t you?”

King- “o yeah, that sweet little deal they had on SmackDown is no more.”

Edge states that there is no way in hell, that after just winning the World title last night at Armageddon, he is giving it up tonight. Vickie backs Edge up, insisting that this whole merger is crazy and that Vince has lost it. She says SmackDown is her show and that on her show, Edge will be the world champion.

Vince McMahon comes out and strolls to the ring as only Vince can. He tells Vickie she is incorrect, because Smackdown and Raw are now 1 and that there is no need for General managers. Edge looks worried. Vince informs Vickie that some position will be found for her and orders her out of the ring. She begins to beg and plead with Vince so he has security forcibly remove her.

William Regal comes out next.

Regal asks Vince what becomes of him and Vince informs him that he can rest assured, He already has a job for him. Vince goes to ringside and grabs a bag and hands it to Regal. He opens it and inside to his horror is a ref’s uniform. Vince then orders Regal out of the ring.

Randy Orton’s music sounds .

JR - Here’s Orton, what is going to happen here. We gotta go to commercial folks. Stay tuned.

8:22 commercial

8:25: Orton and edge are nose to nose, both their respective titles by their sides. Vince orders them to break it up. He informs them that tonight, only 1 of them will leave as champion.They’ll compete 1on1 in a match to decide who the undisputed WWE champion will be. Y2J’s entrance music bellows through the arena to a huge pop.

KING - “what now?

Jericho circle Orton as Edge stands back. Jericho insists that nobody wants to see these to ass clowns in a match, people will tune out. Vince ponders the thought and agrees. he then makes the match a triple threat match for the title. Batista then comes out and claims that as former world champion, he deserves a rematch and wants in on the match and finally it is decided. Tonight there will be a 4 way to decide an undisputed world champion.

8:30 [Backstage] CM punk bangs on a locker room door. After a couple of seconds, non other than Sunny answers.

CM - “ready to go.”

Sunny- “I was born ready baby.”

Sunny kisses CM punk on the cheek and they head to the ring.

8:31 Royal Rumble promo

8:31:30 - [match] CM Punk vs. Mark Henry - Mark Henry send Punk to the ropes, catches him around the waist and delivers a belly to belly, but he doesn’t cover. Sunny jumps up on the apron as Henry is about to splash Punk. He stops in his tracks and looks over. She lifts up her skirt and shakes her ass, CM Punk rolls out of the ring and grabs his ECW title and then waits. Sunny jumps off the apron, Henry turns and Punk levels him with the belt. The ref calls for the bell. Mark Henry wins by DQ.

8:36: commercial

8:39: [Backstage] Sunny is with Maria at the Raw interview set.

Maria - “Sunny, its great to see you back on Raw, what’s the story with you and CM Punk?”

Sunny - “Maria baby, right now, Sunny is back in the WWE and I’m officially the manager of the ECW world champion CM Punk”

Maria - “That’s great, but if you don’t mind me asking, is it strictly a business relationship?”

Sunny- (smiling) Maria, I’m shocked. Sunny never kisses and tells.(walks off laughing)

8:41: [Backstage] Jeff hardy enters William Regales office to find Regal clearing out his desk. He asks him for information about his chance at the title this January at the Rumble. Regal informs Jeff that he has no say around here anymore, but he has a feeling that is Randy Orton doesn’t walk out of RAW tonight with the WWE title, Jeff can kiss his title shot goodbye.

8:43 : [match] Kane vs. Santino Marella - Kane has Santino around the throat and is about to deliver the big choke slam when Maria gets into the ring. She pleads with Kane to release the hold. He does and walks towards Maria, backing her into the corner. She looks scared, but Kane leans in and gives her a big old kiss. Santino sees this and is furious. He charges at Kane, who moves and Santino has to put the breaks on, or he’ll collide with Maria. Santino turns around, Kane grabs his again around the throat and this time connects with the chokeslam for the victory.

8:48: commercial

8:51: [backstage] Hornswaggle McMahon enters Vince’s office and takes a seat on the couch. Vince looks at him, but says nothing. Hornswaggle tells Vince that he is impressed by what he is doing tonight. Vince stands up and informs Hornswaggle that kissing up makes him sick. He says that he was out of order interfering in the Finlay, Great Khali match last night . Vince says he’s in charge of the show and he can do what he wants and what he wants to see is Hornswaggle and Finlay against Khali tonight on RAW.

8:53: Highlights of the Khali, Finlay match play on screen, from last night at Armageddon.

8:54: [match] handicap match : Khali vs. Hornswaggle and Finlay- Khali dominates throughout and Finlay takes the punishment refusing to tag in Hornswaggle. As Khali is about to hit the double arm choke slam, Hornswaggle grabs the shillelagh and nails Khali in the knee with it. The referee calls for the bell. Khali wins by DQ. After the bell, Finlay rolls to the outside. Khali catches Hornswaggle, picks him up and fires him over the top rope on top of Finlay.

9:00 : commercial

9:03: Teddy Long knocks on Vickie Guerrero’s locker room door and enters. She asks him what the hell he wants. Teddy has a huge smile on his face. He informs Vickie, that like her, he also has a new job, he’s the head of non talent, in charge of everyone who’s not a performer. Vickie asks what has that got to do with her. He laughs and says “I get to pick your new job.” Vickie looks horrified. Teddy says he’ll try a few things out, starting this Thursday on SmackDown.

9:05: Highlights of a press conference held by the WWE and The USA Network this past weekend. At the press conference, attendended by several WWE superstars, USA officially reveals the new look SMACKDOWN, which launches live, this Thursday night at 9pm.

9:08: Hardcore Holly and Cody Rhodes leave their locker room, as do the MIZ and John Morrison. Both teams are heading to the ring.

JR- “the battle to crown undisputed tag team champions is up next.

9:09: commercial

9:11- [match] To crown undisputed tag team champions - The MIZ and John Morrison vs. Hardcore Holly and Cody Runnels - The MIZ dropkicks Holly off the apron and he falls to the floor. John Morrison climbs to the top rope and waits. The MIZ power bombs Cody into the matt and Morrison comes off the top with a leg drop across the throat and covers. Holly breaks the count on two and battles with the MIZ. Morrison picks Cody up off of the matt and the two trade blows. Cody gets the advantage and clotheslines Morrison over the top rope. Holly hit’s the MIZ with the Alabama slammer and Cody covers for the victory. The ref awards them the tag belts and they are now the undisputed tag team champions of the world.

9:20: [camera’s on JR and The King]

JR- What a night it already been. In the wake of Armageddon, RAW has been on fire tonight.

King- “I think its Armageddon here tonight and we’re not even half way through.”

JR- “still to come here tonight, we have a fatal 4 way to crown an undisputed WWE champion, featuring Randy Orton, Edge, Batista and Chris Jericho.”

King- “Wow what a match that’s going to be.”

JR- "this match of course all came about because of Vince McMahon’s decision to merge all 3 brands together here tonight.” (highlights of Vince’s speech and actions earlier tonight.)

King- “Unbelievable, I’m still in shock.”

JR- “Okay folks, stay tuned because up next The Game, HHH will be in action.”

9:23: commercial

9:26: The Game comes down to the ring. He states that he knows he is supposed to have a match against some nobody by the name of Carlito right now, but before that, he has a few things to say. The Game rips on Vince and calls his a nutcase and that he should be put in a padded room for the better good of the WWE. He says Vince, the genetic jackhammer needs to be retired because the WWE would be better off without him.

Vince’s music plays and he storms to the ring, furious. Triple H stands back smiling. Vince claims its people like Hunter, that made him do what he has done here tonight on RAW. People who disrespect him, disrespect authority. He says he hate Hunters guts. Vince says he’ll never retire and furthermore, as long as he is in the WWE, Hunter will never be WWE champion.

Hunters smile fades and he steps up to Vince and gets in his face.

Hunter- “I will fulfil my dream, I will be champion again and nobody, including you, will get in my way.”

Vince- “not while I’m in control of the WWE. The only way you’ll ever get a shot at the title is if I die or retire and believe me, I’ll die first.”

Hunter- (pauses) Okay, I got it, I hate you, you hate me. I want a WWE title shot, you want me gone. So how about a match Vince, you and me 1 on 1. If I win, I get my title shot, if you win, I’ll leave the WWE forever.

Vince- (strutting around the ring) (screaming) Okay, you got it. At the Royal Rumble, Vince McMahon, vs. Triple H. But I don’t want any type of match, I want a street fight.

Hunter- (smiling) you got it old man.

Vince- get Carlito out here.

9:34- [match] Triple H vs. Carlito -

Vince takes a seat at ringside as Carlito makes his way to the ring.

JR- “Vince McMahon is sitting at ringside for a match. That can only mean trouble for the Game. We gotta take a commercial break folks. This match continues next.

9:36: commercial

9:39 [Game v Carlito continued]

The Game is being strangled on the ropes. The ref intervenes and restrains Carlito. Vince gets out of his seat, folds it up and swings, he connects with the Skull of the Game. Carlito moves the ref out of the way and then drags the Game into the ring and covers. The ref is just about to bring his hand down for the 3 count when the Game somehow gets his shoulder up. Vince looses it on the outside and gets into the ring and starts screaming at the ref. The game gets up and grabs Vince. Carlito charges at him, but the Game moves out of the way and Carlito connects with Vince sending him out of the ring. Carlito turns, Hunter kicks him in the stomach and hit’s the pedigree for the win.

9:45- promo airs reminding people that Smackdown has moved to the USA network and now airs live, Thursday nights at 9pm.

9:46: [Backstage] Edge is pacing in his locker room, muttering something to himself and holding the world title in his hands. Vickie walks in and goes to hug him but Edge pulls away. Vickie asks what’s wrong and Edge tells her that he doesn’t think things are working out between them and maybe they should see other people. Vickie doesn’t understand, she tells Edge she loves him and she though he loved her. Edge says he loves no one, he only loves power and success and Vickie helped him get that, but now that she is no longer a GM he has no use for her. Vickie slaps Edge across the face and storms out.

9:48: commercial

9:52: [Raw interview set] Batista is standing with Joey Stills.

Joey: how do you feel about what went down last night and what transpired tonight.?

Batista: What happened last night was a travesty. Edge cheated his way to becoming champion. He doesn’t deserve to be champion and tonight I’ll take back what belongs to me.

Chris Jericho walks onto the set and he and Batista glare at each other. Jericho takes the microphone.

Jericho- Beast boy, relax, your veins are popping like crazy. The fact of the matter is, as much as you think you should be champion, I think I should be champion more. After all, I wasn’t pinned by anyone last night and I think that you were.

Batista grabs back the microphone.

Batista: That being said, Jericho, when was the last time you had any gold around your waist? It’s been a while.

Jericho- too long, but as you’ll see later tonight, that’s all about to change.

9.53: [backstage] Vince McMahon is nursing his neck as he walks back to his office when he spots Cody Rhodes and Hardcore Holly celebrating in their locker room, he walks in.

Vince: “I hate to see people happy, it makes me feel physically ill.”

Rhodes and Holly stop celebrating and look on at Vince.

Vince: lets see how happy you’ll be next month because your going to defend those title belts at the Royal Rumble against (Vince pauses) Mark Henry and Big Daddy V.

9:55: JBL comes down to the ring. He informs everyone that he is, as of tonight back participating as a WWE wrestler. He says no longer will he be forced to talk about wrestlers less talented than himself, now he’ll be able to kick there asses in the ring. He says that it made him sick to see someone as untalented and undeserving as Chris Jericho getting a WWE title shot. He insists it should have been him and soon it will be. He says tonight he wants a fight, a match and he knows exactly who he wants in the ring to beat up. He then proceeds to call out Rey Mysterio.

Mysterio’s music hits as we go to commercial break.

10:00 commercial

10:03: [match] JBL vs. Rey Mysterio - JBL is unloading with a succession of right and lefts and Mysterio falls to the mat. JBL hit’s the ropes and drops an elbow to the throat of Mysterio and covers, but can only get a two count. JBL is arguing with the official, giving Rey enough time to get to his feet. JBL turns and Mysterio kicks him in the stomach, hit’s the ropes and delivers a dropkick to the face of JBL. Mysterio covers, but he too can only manage to get a two count. Both men get to their feet when MVP’s music plays. Rey looks on as MVP comes down the ramp, US title help high in the air. MVP joins JR and the King at ringside. The distraction allows JBL to take advantage and he takes out Mysterio with a huge clothesline.

10.13- commercial

10.16: [continued, JBL vs. Rey Mysterio.) At ringside, MVP badmouths Mysterio and says he is going to pin him 123 in a ring if it’s the last thing he does. In the ring JBL delivers a running power slam and is in full control when Jericho’s countdown clock appears on the titan-tron. JBL looks on awaiting Jericho’s entrance. However, Jericho comes running through the crowd, jumps the barrier and waits in the ring. JBL turns around and Jericho starts to connect to a succession of punches. He clotheslines JBL over the top rope as the ref calls for the bell. Jericho catapults himself over the top rope on top of JBL and continues to take the fight to him. WWE officials rush down the ramp to try and separate the two men.

10: 22 : Rey is in the ring alone. MVP leaves the announce position and gets a microphone. He then proceeds to offer Rey a rematch for the title at the Royal Rumble. He claims to be doing it because he wants to beat Rey in the centre of the ring and prove to the world why he is the most talented superstar in the WWE. Rey accepts the challenge.

10:25: JR - “what a night it has been folks. Just a reminder that Smackdown will be on your screens this Thursday, live at 9pm, on the USA Network. New night, new network, still laying the smack down.”

10:26: commercial

10:29: HHH and Jeff Hardy come face to face in the back. there is silence. Both men stare at one another. Then HHH puts out his hand.

HHH- “on the night, you were better.”

Jeff grabs Hunters hand and shakes it.

Jeff: “It may of all been for nothing, my chance is slipping away.”

HHH: “In this sport, you make your chances, its all up to you,. If you want something bad enough, you’ll figure a way to get it.”

10:31: JR- “The royal Rumble is only a few short weeks away and tonight we got some very exciting news in regards to what we’re going to see on PPV on January 2oth.”

King - “you better believe it JR. Get this, at the Royal Rumble, Vince McMahon will take on the Game Triple H in a street fight.”

JR- “If the game looses he’s gone from the WWE, but if he wins, he gets the title shot he’s been longing for. Not only that, but we’ve got 2 title matches announced. MVP and Rey Mysterio will once again battle over the US Title, whilst the new undisputed tag champs are in a world of trouble against Mark Henry and Big Daddy V.”

King- “I’d hate to be the tag team champions come the Royal Rumble.”

10:34: [match] Beth Phoenix and Victoria vs. Mickie James and Michelle McCool - Mickie delivers a series of kicks to the stomach of Victoria and clotheslines her over the top rope. Mickie tags in Michelle and Beth gets the tag off Victoria from the outside. Beth and Michelle measure each other up. Beth tries to pick up Michelle but she blocks it and the two women then again measure each other up. This time Michelle goes for the slam and she manages to do hit. Michelle follows it up with a big leg drop. A dazed Beth Phoenix gets to her feet., Michelle kicks her in the stomach and hit’s a double arm DDT. Victoria jumps in, but so does Mickie, stopping her from breaking the count. The refs hand comes down for the 3 count and Michelle McCool has just pinned the WWE women’s champion in the centre of the ring!

10:40 - William Regal readies himself. He checks his referee outfit out in the mirror with a look of disgust on his face. He’ll be referring the main event tonight!

10:41: - King “ The main event is next JR, but what I don’t understand is why didn’t the Undertaker come out and try and get in this match?”

JR- “The Undertaker hasn’t been seen since Armageddon went off the air last night. Nobody can get in contact with him, in fact it has a lot of WWE officials’ worried King.

King- “Strange, but then again, that’s the Undertakers middle name JR.”

JR- “okay everybody, this is our last commercial break, when we come back, we’ll have our main event to decide an undisputed WWE champion. Stay tuned because you don’t wanna miss this one.”

10:43: commercial

10:46 [match] fatal 4way to crown an undisputed WWE champion - Edge vs. Batista vs. Randy Orton vs. Chris Jericho - Jericho has Orton in the walls of Jericho in the centre of the ring. Batista and Edge are battling in front of the announce position. Batista reverses an Irish whip and sends Edge into the ring steps. He rolls into the ring and kicks Jericho in the face breaking the count. Orton crawls to the outside and falls to the matt. In the ring, Batista connects with the Batista bomb and covers Jericho. Edge rolls into the ring and nails Batista with the chair. He falls through the ropes to the floor. Jericho gets up and Edge swings for him, Jericho ducks and then dropkicks the chain into Edge’s face and he hit’s the mat. Jericho runs to the ropes and delivers the springboard moonsault and covers. Just before Regal counts 3, JBL drags Jericho out of the ring. The two men battle on the outside and into the crowd. Orton roles into the ring, Edge gets to his feet. Both champions are face to face, who leaves with everything and who leaves with nothing?

10:56 overrun - Orton nails Edge and goes for the RKO. Edge pushed his to the ropes and delivers a devastating spear and covers. Jeff hardy runs to the ring, climbs to the top rope and brings the IC title down across the back of Edge’s head. He then pulls Orton on top. Regal makes the 3 count and Randy Orton is the undisputed WWE champion. As he gets to his feet and receives his title he spots hardy. Hardy screams at him, “Royal Rumble”. Orton raises the title belt into the air.

11:00: show over

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Re: WWE - "Get It!"


Randy Orton vs Jeff Hardy

(If Vince wins HHH leaves the WWE. If HHH wins he gets a WWE title shot.)
HHH vs Vince McMahon

MVP vs Rey Mysterio

Cody Rhodes/ Hardcore Holly vs Big Daddy V/ Mark Henry


The 2008
Over the top rope Royal Rumble Match.

(more matched to be announced.)

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Re: WWE - "Get It!"



9:00: Opening credits of the show.

9:01: Michael Cole and Tazz welcome us to the show.

Cole- Monday night on RAW, Vince McMahon ended the brand extension within the WWE and now smackdown, Raw and ECW wrestlers are all on the same roster. What happens there tonight is anyone’s guess.

Tazz- Guess away Cole because we are Live here on the USA network for the very first time and when its live, anything can happen here in the WWE.

Cole- Tazz, Monday night, in the fatal four way match between Batista, Randy Orton, Edge and Chris Jericho, Jeff Hardy made it clear he wants to be the WWE champion by any means necessary.

Highlights of what went down during the closing few minutes of RAW Monday night.

Tazz- Jeff Hardy took his faith in his own hands Monday night and will for the first time in his career, get a title shot at a major WWE PPV.

Cole- That of course will happen at the Royal Rumble on January 20th when Jeff Hardy meets Randy Orton in the main event.

9:04: Edges music plays through the arena, interrupting Michael Cole and Tazz.

Edge gets into the ring and is handed a microphone. He demands Jeff Hardy get his ass down to the ring now. He claims Hardy cost his the world title and he will pay for that tonight. Edge states that tonight Jeff hardy will receive a beating so bad, he won’t make it to the Royal Rumble.

Jeff is nowhere to be seen.

Then Vickie Guerrero comes out onto the ramp.

She tells Edge that Jeff hasn’t arrived at the arena yet. She slowly walks to the ring. She pleads with Edge to take her back. She tells hi she is sorry for slapping him and that if he takes her back, she’ll help him get what he wants, the WWE title back. Edge thinks it over and agrees, but insists that its not going to be like before, this time its going to be a strictly business relationship. Vickie agrees.

9:09 Cole - Jeff Hardy is a marked man here tonight. When we come back we’ve got
Michelle McCool against Beth Phoenix in an arm wrestling match and Ashley returns to the WWE as the special guest ref.

9:10: commercial

9:13: Ashley is introduced as the special enforcer for this 1 off diva arm wrestling contest. She tells all the fans how happy she is to see them all and how good it is to be back.

9:15; [match] arm wrestling contest- Beth vs. Michelle McCool - Both women are gaining and loosing the advantage. Ashley is perched in the centre of the two, watching to see who’s hand touches down first. Chuck Palumbo comes down to the ring. Ashley gets distracted when he gets in the ring and Beth nails Michelle with a right hand. Ashley turns in time to see Beth pin Michelle’s arm to the table and she calls for the bell. Beth then knocks Ashley to the floor. She picks up Michelle to slam her through the table but Palumbo stops her. Beth puts Michelle down and then to everyone’s surprise, Palumbo picks up Michelle and drives her through the table. He and Beth embrace.

9:18: Ashley gets up on the outside and rolls into the ring. She goes and checks on Michelle. She calls for help. Moments later paramedics come down to the ring. They move Michelle onto a stretcher and take her backstage.

9:21: commercial

9:24: [backstage] CM Punk and Sunny are talking in the locker room area when Mark Henry along with his buddy Big Daddy V attack punk.

Cole- “This is revenge for what happened to Henry, Monday night on Raw.”

After several big splashes to Punk from both men they turn their attention to Sunny who is backed into a corner. As Henry and V are about to attack Sunny the world tag team champions Cody Runnels and Hardcore Holly jump them from behind and all 4 men brawl until security separate them.

9:25: [backstage] Edge and Vickie Guerrero are in Edges locker room.

Edge: I need you to wait in the parking lot and when Hardy arrives, ring me on my cell.

Vickie: Of course anything you say.

Edge: well go then.

Vickie: em, cool, okay, I’m going.

Vickie leaves the locker room and heads to the parking lot area.

9:27: [match] Jamie Noble vs. Kane - In what is a very short match, Kane runs over Noble finishing him off with the big boot and a leg drop.

9:31: Tazz- I’m getting some information from the back Cole. Apparently Michelle McCool has arrived at the local hospital.

Cole - Chuck Palumbo deserves everything he gets when he faces Finlay later tonight.

Tazz- This just in people. Just signed for tonight, is a handicap match featuring Mark Henry and Big daddy V against CM punk and the tag champs,

Cole - great match, but you have to wonder what type of shape CM Punk is in after that attack earlier?

9:32: Run down of the Royal Rumble card.

9:33: commercial

9:34: [backstage] Vickie is pacing around in the back when Teddy Long comes up to her.

Teddy: I know you lost your job player, but turning tricks already.

Vickie: how dare you teddy. What the hell do you want, can’t you see I’m busy.

Teddy: No, you don’t look busy. Have you forgotten, I get to assign you a new job. Come with me.

Vickie: no, I have a job, I’m Edge’s business partner, I have to stay here, its important.

Teddy: If you want to stay in the WWE, you better follow me player.

Vickie reluctantly follow Teddy long.

9:37: Ashley comes down to the ring and she looks mad as hell. She gets a microphone. She tells the fans that what went down here tonight was wrong. Michelle McCool didn’t deserve what happened to her and that she's not letting Beth Phoenix get away with it. She then calls out Beth, demanding a match.

9:40: Beth comes out alone. She informs Ashley that she’ll even but her title on the line.

9:41: [match] Women’s Title match- Beth vs. Ashley - Before the bell, Ashley throws dust in Beth’s eyes blinding her. The bell rings and Ashley nails Beth with a succession of rights and lefts. Then she goes to the top rope and connects with a fling drop kick. She covers but Beth kicks out. Ashley wait for Beth to get up, sneaks behind the blinded champion and roles her up, holds the tights and gets the victory. A shock result.

9:44: commercial

9:47: Highlights of what just happened during the women’s title match.

9:48: [backstage] Mickie James and Kelly Kelly congratulate Ashley on becoming the new WWE women’s champion. Sunny comes in with a bottle of champagne. She tells the girls that she is a new and improved sunny and that the “bitch” is no more.

9:50: [backstage] Jeff Hardy pulls up in the parking lot. He gathers his gear and heads backstage. There is nobody there to inform Edge who's is sitting in the back flicking through WWE magazine.

9:51: [backstage] Vince McMahon calls William Regal into his office. He informs Regal that he has had a change of heart. He is removing Regal from his refereeing duties for the moment, but informs him that he’ll referee his and Triple H’s street fight at The Royal Rumble. Regal asks what will he do if he isn’t a referee. Vince assigns him the position of Commissioner. He informs Regal that he is answerable to Vince McMahon and Vince McMahon only. Regal is extremely grateful.

9:54: commercial

9:57: The arena goes completely black. Then on the titan tron in silver letters it reads “RVD”. Then the RAW logo appears and the date January 21st 2008.

9:58: [backstage] Vickie Guerrero and Teddy Long are standing in the middle of a restroom, in front of a row of toilette cubicles. Teddy hands Vickie a plunger and a mob and orders her to get to work. She starts to sob as she walks into the first toilette cubicle, which has a very nasty over flowing bowl.

10:00: Joey Stiles is at the smackdown interview set with Kane.

Joey - People within the WWE have become very worried over the last few days in relation to your brother, The Undertaker and his disappearance. Have you seen or heard from him at all since Armageddon.

Kane - No I haven’t and I have no idea where my brother is, but I do know that he is his own man and when he wants to be found, he will be.

10:02: [match] Chuck Palumbo vs. Finlay - Beth is in foul mood on the outside of the ring. She decides to take it out on Hornswaggle who has accompanied Finlay to the ring. Beth hits Hornswaggle, but he refuses to hit her back. She continues to push him and hit him so he runs around the ring. She runs after him, slips and hits her head off the steel steps. In the ring Finlay is in full control. Palumbo decides he has enough and escapes under the bottom rope and deliberately gets counted out.

10:09: commercial

10:12: [backstage] Chuck is quickly making his way back to his locker room, when WWE divas Ashley, Sunny, Mickie and Kelly Kelly spot him and chase him through the corridors. Until he barricades himself in his locker-room.

10:14: [backstage] Edge flicks on his TV set and to his surprise see’s Jeff Hardy’s face. He is chatting to WWE fans and signing autographs near the concession stands.

Edge takes out his cell.

[restroom] Vickie is not putting much effort into cleaning the restroom when her cell rings. It’s Edge. Vickie tells him it wasn’t her fault and that if she didn’t go with Teddy Long she would have been fired.

Her cell goes dead.

[concession area] Jeff is standing with a group of fans when he hears noise behind him. Its Edge and he is being held back by a wall of security.

Edge- Hardy you son of a bitch, I want your ass in that ring tonight so I can kick it.

Jeff- (whilst signing an autograph) sure thing champ, o sorry, I mean former champ.

Edge tries to break through but security guards keep him back.

10:16: [match] handicap match- Big Daddy V and Mark Henry vs. CM Punk , Hardcore Holly and Cody Rhodes- This match never even gets going at Big Daddy V and Henry attack the tag champs on the entrance ramp as they are coming out. An injured CM Punk comes out to help but he is too hurt and ends up being thrown off the side of the ramp through the Smackdown set. Henry and Big Daddy V are about to do the same to the champs but are stopped by officials.

10:21: commercial

10:24: CM Punk is out cold at the side of the Smackdown ramp. Sunny is there along with WWE officials who help the ECW champion backstage.

10:26: William Regal makes his first decision as the new WWE commissioner and signs a match for RAW this Monday night. It will be Triple H against the Great Khali with Vince McMahon as the special guest referee. Also signed for RAW will be an ECW title match between CM PUNK and Big Daddy V.

10:28: [Ringside] Tazz- I have no doubt in my mind after seeing what just happened here tonight, we will have a new ECW champion this Monday night.

Cole - I got to agree with you there Tazz. As for the HHH and Khali match-up, it seems our chairman, Vince McMahon has a plan to soften up Triple H before they meet at the Royal Rumble.

Tazz- clever move by the boss if you ask me.

10:30: commercial

10:33: Highlights of the USA network press conference celebrating Smackdown coming over to the USA network.

10:35: [match] MVP vs. Rick Flair - Flairs career on the line - Rey Mysterio is sitting at ringside. MVP send Flair to the corner and inadvertently takes out the ref. Flair is down in the corner, when MVP goes outside the ring and grabs his US championship belt and rolls back in. He prepares himself and waits for Flair to rise. Mysterio tell Cole and Tazz he can’t let a legends career end like this. He drops his head set, rolls into the ring and snatches the belt out of MVP’s hand’s. MVP spits in Reyes face and he retaliates by nails MVP in the face with the belt. Flair covers and the ref crawls over to make the 3 count.

10:47: commercial

10:50: Edge is standing in the ring waiting for the arrival of Jeff hardy. Jeff’s music plays but he doesn’t come out. It plays again and it’s the same thing. Edge gets a microphone.

Edge- “Jeff you coward, get your skinny ass out her you stupid bastard.”

On the titan tron, it depicts a bloody Jeff Hardy lying motionless on the group in a pool of blood with the WWE champion Randy Orton standing over him.

Edge- “o my. I guess Jeff has gotten a beating already but who’s to say he can’t have another. So I’m going to leave you for a few moments and go backstage and drag Jeffs sorry ass out here so I can beat the crap out of him even more.

Edge drops the microphone and as he is about to leave the lights start to flash on and off.

Edge looks around nervously.

Then the lights go out .

Haunting music can be heard accompanied by the rumble of thunder. Druids come through the curtains carrying torches. A coffin is laid out on the ramp and as Edge looks on a bolt of lightning hit’s the coffin. Inside is a body, an Edge double, just like at Armageddon. Lightning strikes again and the body goes up in flames. Edge sinks to the bottom rope and turns away no longer able to look. .

Tazz- “what the hell is going on Cole.”

Cole - “I think you know what’s going on Tazz. The Undertaker is showing us that he is very much with us and is sending Edge the most terrifying of messages.”

11:00: show over

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Re: WWE - "Get It!"


Randy Orton vs Jeff Hardy

(If Vince wins HHH leaves the WWE. If HHH wins he gets a WWE title shot.)
HHH vs Vince McMahon

MVP vs Rey Mysterio

Cody Rhodes/ Hardcore Holly vs Big Daddy V/ Mark Henry


The 2008
Over the top rope Royal Rumble Match.

(more matched to be announced.)
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Re: WWE - "Get It!"

Slow it doowwwwwwwn. We dont need this many shows. Take your time. Dont Rush These Shows. Two Shows A Week.

Membership - Kibbeh Bannah - Me
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Re: WWE - "Get It!"


This coming Monday. Newly promoted William Regal, under orders from Vince McMahon, has signed a match between the Game Triple H and the moster, the Giant Khali. Its obvious that Vince is trying to soften up the Game before their big match at the Royal Rumble and Khali it seems been choosen to do it. Triple H will find it tough enough just going 1 on 1 with Khali, but with Vince as the special referee, one would have to say that the Game is in a world of trouble Monday night.

Michelle McCool haveing been betrayed on SmackDown by her friend Chuck Palumbo will be on RAW this Monday night to extract some revenge on not just Chuch, but also the Glamazon, Beth Phenoix. Rumor has it that Beth will call out Beth this Monday and issue a 1 on 1 challenge. Only 1 way to see what happens, tune in Monday night at 9pm.

This Monday night William Regal has signed CM PUNK to take on 1 of the men who destroyed the ECW champion this past Thursday night on Smackdown, Big Daddy V. After being thrown off the edge of the SmackDown stage, one would have to wounder what type of shape will CM PUNK be in this Monday? Will he be fit enough to defend his title. This could very well be the challenge of CM Punks career as Big Daddy V is determined to get his hands on some gold. Tune in this Monday to see what happens!

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