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WWE Title Booking from Survivor Series to Wrestlemania Tournament

Book and write the Survivor Series WWE title tournament from start to finish, book what happens at TLC, Royal Rumble, Fast Lane, and lastly, WRESTLEMANIA! (*Vince McMahon voice*)

The best written storyline will win a prize of their choosing. (I will come up with a list later)

Deadline is November 20th.

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Re: WWE Title Booking from Survivor Series to Wrestlemania Tournament

DATE: November 22nd, 2015
VENUE: Phillips Arena
CITY: Atlanta, Georgia

*Raw and Smackdown present...SURVIVOR SERIES! Brought to you by Coca Cola. Share a Coke.*

*Pryo blasts to start the show*

JIM ROSS: Welcome to the Survivor Series ladies and gentlemen! I'm good ol' JR alongside my broadcast partner Jerry 'The King' Lawler of 1997 and King, what a show we have for the fans tonight.

JERRY LAWLER: The fans? Forget the fans. I'm super excited for the show Triple H and Stephanie have cooked up. We have an 8-Man Tournament to decide the NEW WWE World Heavyweight Champion and guess what? Half of the competitors are surprise competitors.

JIM ROSS: Indeed King. 4 surprise competitors but there are also 4 men who have earned their spots to be in this tournament. 4 men who are the future of WWE. 4 men who will no doubt be the Heavyweight Champion of the world despite the fact that they may not win tonight. They are Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, Bray Wyatt and Kevin Owens. They will each face a surprise opponent and possibly advance in the tournament.

JERRY LAWLER: I'm pulling for Roman Reigns, JR. This kid has definitely shown a mean streak over the past few weeks and is ready to tear whoever it is that he is facing a new one. I don't think Ambrose, Wyatt or Owens stand a chance.

JIM ROSS: Only time will tell King. I think they all have unique tools that at any given moment, they can take advantage of and get the victory over the others.

JERRY LAWLER: Oh come on JR. Don't be indecisive like that. Show that you have a pair. By the way where's Michael Cole?

JIM ROSS: He got fired along with the rest of his goofball commentary team. Lol.


*Roman Reigns' music plays*

Roman makes his way down to the ring from the crowd and while he does, he shoves several fans. They start grabbing his vest and pulling but surprisingly he makes it to the barricade and jumps over. He's in the ring now looking on edge and pacing furiously. The arena is silent as they wait for his opponent to come out...

The arena just went from 0 to 100 as The Rock makes his way down to the ring. He is in his wrestling gear. The crowd is stunned, the commentators are stunned and most of all Roman is stunned as The Rock is now in the ring and has done his 4 turnbuckle salute thing he does. After he's done he asks for a mic and the fans are making noise for like 5 minutes before he starts to utter his catchphrase...FINALLY...THE ROCK HAS COME BACK TO...

Before he can get it out, Roman throws a Superman Punch out of nowhere and stuns The Rock. Roman now has Rocky in the corner and beating in him which is the indicator for the timekeeper to ding the bell and now the match is under way.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament
Roman Reigns vs The Rock

Roman is beating the living shit out of Rocky in the corner till the ref counts to 5. Roman has the upper hand for 5-10 minutes before Rocky make a comeback and takes Roman to the outside with a clothesline over the top rope. They have some wicked brawling, Roman powerbombs Rocky on the announce table brings Rocky back in the ring and hits Rocky with a superman punch again. Roman goes for the cover and Rocky kicks out at 2. He then goes for a spear and misses into the turnbuckle which Rocky capitalizes on and hits a Rock Bottom for the victory

WINNER: The Rock by pinfall (20:52)


*The Rock is backstage being interviewed by Renee Young*

RENEE YOUNG: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the first quarterfinal match in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship tournament, The Rock. *fans pop loudly* Now Rock, I wanted to ask you...

THE ROCK: *Rocky shushes her* Since The Rock didn't get to do this in front of the people of Atlanta, The Rock feels that he needs to deliver his catchphrase right now...FINALLY...THE ROCK, HAS COME BACK, TO ATLAAAAANTAHHH (fans sing along). But don't worry baby, I'mma let you finish.

RENEE YOUNG: Now Rock, we saw earlier you make your long awaited return to the ring by defeating your cousin Roman Reigns to become one step closer to being the World Heavyweight Champion and I think the people (pause) want to know, why now? Why did you choose this event to wrestle after 2 and a half years?

THE ROCK: Renee it's like this. You see this night is very special for The Rock. Survivor Series. A tournament for the gold. It holds sentimental value. Because you see 17 years ago, 17! Is the number of years ago that I won my very first WWE Championship in a tournament not unlike this one. And I hold that moment very close to my heart. It was one of the greatest moments in my life. And The Rock, wanted to experience that one...more...time.

RENEE YOUNG: And what was that experience like, especially experiencing it with Roman?

THE ROCK: Renee, I gotta tell ya...

*Roman interrupts the interview*

ROMAN REIGNS: Hey! What the hell is the matter with you!? You think that's funny? Coming in and screwing me out of a chance at gold? *Pushes Rock*

THE ROCK: Take it easy champ. Look, the business we're in, it's all about competition, and you are no doubt one of the top competitors in the company right now. So, another top competitor in myself decided to see what you're made of and you are a champion. But today you got beat. And I know that must be tough so I'm gonna forgive the cheap shot you took before the match began and say we're all even. Ok cous?

ROMAN REIGNS: Hmph. We're not even close to even. I'll see you around.

*Roman walks away and The Rock looks on*


*Dean Ambrose's music plays*

Ambrose shadow boxes while he makes his way down to the ring. He asks for a mic straight away...

DEAN AMBROSE: Whoever is my opponent, needs to get their ass out her right now and stop hiding behind their anonymity. I don't care who you are, I'm ready. You're on my time now chump. *drops mic*




Brock is with Paul Heyman and he is wasting no time get his ass to the ring. He is looking furious and ready to rip someone's head off, specifically Dean Ambrose's.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament
Dean Ambrose vs Brock Lesnar

The bout burns bright but relatively fast after Ambrose gets a substantial amount of stiff shots in. However Lesnar also got his shots in and nearly knocked Ambrose out...in fact he did get knocked out...cold...after a knee to his temple. He had to be taken away in an ambulance.

WINNER: Brock Lesnar by KO (12:57)


JIM ROSS: Ladies and gentleman we have just received word that Dean Ambrose is in a stable but critical condition at the County hospital in Atlanta. We assure you that this is not part of the entertainment tonight and we hope that Dean Ambrose makes a full recovery. But the show must go on and...

*bjsuuuusgjsog, derp.....WE'RE HERE*

Bray Wyatt makes his way to the ring accompanied his family in Luke Harper, Erick Rowan and Braun Strowman. His entrance is as eerie as ever.


WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament
Bray Wyatt vs Daniel Bryan

The two have a much similar match to their Rumble classic instead this time Daniel Bryan walks out the winner after a Busaiku Knee and gets backstage before The Wyatt Family can assault him.

WINNER: Daniel Bryan by pinfall (18:57)


JIM ROSS: What an event we have put on for you so far ladies and gentlemen! Tonight has seen the returns of The Rock and Daniel Bryan, and a rare showing by Brock Lesnar, all of which have won their matches to advance in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship tournament. Now the first semi final match has been worked out and we will see later tonight the rematch of the Summerslam 2002 classic between The Rock and Brock Lesnar and Daniel Bryan will face Kevin Owens or the mystery opponent in the second semi final match.

JERRY LAWLER: I don't think it can any better than this JR. I mean The Rock? Brock Lesnar? Daniel Bryan? There is nobody else that The Authority could organize to wrestle here tonight, and would be as much of a surprise as any of the surprise opponents we have had here tonight. I think Kevin Owens is going to face some scrub and walk through him easily! Haha!

JIM ROSS: Kevin Owens is no doubt a hungry competitor that can capitalize here tonight. The question is, will his opponent be just as hungry and fierce when it comes time to step in the ring?

*Kevin Owens music plays*

Owens wastes no time getting down to the ring, yelling at his opponent to get out to the ring, and pulling the brood face...





JERRY LAWLER: I don't believe it JR! HBK is here! And he'll be wrestling! But the question is why? He has been retired for 5 years. What is making come back now...

Shawn and Kevin are in the ring are they are staring each other down. The atmosphere is electric. The bell rings to signify the start of the match.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament
Kevin Owens vs Shawn Michaels

After a fairly aerial and fast-paced match with a few power moves by Kevin Owens, Shawn Michaels counters the Pop-Up Powerbomb, lands on his feet and delivers a split-second Sweet Chin Music to Kevin Owens for the three count.

WINNER: Shawn Michaels by pinfall (15:31)

After the match, HBK offers his hand to shake to Owens and tells him to be a man. Kevin Owens hestitates to shake the hand and instead slaps it away before walking to the back.


*Shawn Michaels is backstage being interviewed by Renee Young*

RENEE YOUNG: Ladies and gentlemen, the Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels

*Shawn walks into the frame and receives a massive pop from fans*

RENEE YOUNG: Now Shawn, I think there is not a person in the building who is absolutely shocked to see you here tonight and wrestle. I think what everyone wants to know is, what drove you to come back to and perform for the fans.

SHAWN MICHAELS: I think one sentence can sum up the answer to that question Renee...Wrestlemania 32, Dallas, Texas, a sold out crowd of 100,000 fans. You see when I retired, I felt that I had accomplished everything that needed to accomplished in this business. WWE Championships, 5 star matches, you name it, I've done it. But you see there has been one thing that has been...gnawing at my nerves since this years Wrestlemania. And you wanna know what it is? It's the thought of me not performing in front of what is going to be THE! Biggest crowd in history, in my home state, in the main event. Nobody, will be able to make the Wrestlemania 32 main event more special than I. So, I've come back 5 months early to not only build up what will be the greatest Wrestlemania main event of all time, hell, the greatest match of all time...but I'm here to do it as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. And the person to do that with me, will...

*Daniel Bryan interrupts the interview*


SHAWN MICHAELS: Hey kiddo, you ready for the big match tonight?



DANIEL BRYAN: You bet...kiddo. Just make sure you can keep up. And...may the best man win *offers a handshake*

SHAWN MICHAELS: *accepts handshake but pulls Bryan close to him* Don't worry. I will.


WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament
The Rock vs Brock Lesnar

Brock starts out as he always does and charges at The Rock laying into him early. This goes on for about 10 minutes before gets his momentum and starts giving Lesnar a good brawl. Lesnar throws a wicked clothesline and then hits the F-5 and goes for the pin which he does not get. He goes for a second F-5 which he's does get the pin from. The story is much the same from the 3rd F-5. He gets frustrated and gets a chair from the outside which Paul Heyman and the ref plead for him not to use. He shoves both of them on the floor and starts pummelling Rocky with it causing a disqualification.

WINNER: The Rock by disqualification (17:50)

Lesnar looks on at his handywork and has a sick smile before leaving with Paul Heyman...


WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament
Daniel Bryan vs Shawn Michaels

An all time classic. They get 30 minutes to work with a lot of a finisher and submission attempts with no success. After around the 32 minute mark, there is ref bump from HBK's Sweet Chin Music and Bryan uses this to get The YES Lock on HBK which taps him out...but there's no ref. Triple H's music then plays and he is standing on the ramp staring down Bryan. Triple H starts walking down and is a couple of feet away from the ring distracting Bryan long enough for HBK to hit the Sweet Chin Music. The ref wakes up and counts the 3.

WINNER: Shawn Michaels by pinfall (34:34)

Hunter helps Shawn to the back and Bryan comes to and realises he got screwed...


JIM ROSS: Ladies and gentlemen we are back live from here in the Phillips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia and what a match we have set for the finals. It is this The Rock, versus Shawn Michaels, in a dream match over a decade in the making.

JERRY LAWLER: JR I've been gobsmacked for the whole time tonight. We have had surprise returns, instant classics and now we have The Most Electrifying Man in all of Sports Entertainment and The Showstopper facing off! I'm getting goosebumps!

JIM ROSS: It'll be an honor to call this match King and no doubt you are feeling the same way...

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament
The Rock vs Shawn Michaels

The Rock is a tad injured and has his torso taped up due to the beating from Brock Lesnar earlier. He sells his body and ribs a lot in the match but other than that, the match sails smoothly and as you'd expect, there is a lot of showmanship from start to finish such as the match starting off with Michaels doing his pose with The Rock responding with a 'Just Bring It'. The match consists of a lot of brawling with Rock doing his open hand strike to Michaels doing jabs, a heap of reversals; specifically of Rocky ducking the Sweet Chin Music and HBK manoeuvring out of the Rock Bottom. Around 35 minutes in, Rocky goes for a clothesline to Michaels but hits the ref instead to which Michaels hits a DDT on Rocky and they are both down. Roman then runs out to the ring and slides in. He seems to be going for a spear to HBK but then glances towards The Rock. Roman then gets cheeky and starts doing stomps as if were motioning for Sweet Chin Music. Rocky and HBK get up at the same time and he starts running towards HBK but then changes direction and hits The Rock. He then rolls out of the ring, throws the ref in and HBK covers for the 1...2...3.


HBK is celebrating while Roman makes his way to the back but as he does, Daniel Bryan his way to the ring and they glance at each other. Bryan enters the ring while HBK has his back turned to him. As soon as he turns around he is met with a Busaiku Knee. Bryan picks up the title, stands over HBK and yesses with his music playing to end the show.



- Shawn and Hunter celebrate Shawn's victory at Survivor Series on the first segment of RAW.
- Bryan interrupts and says to Shawn that they both know that he had him beat and that he owes it to him to give him another chance at the title.
- Hunter refuses but Shawn counter challenges Bryan to a match that he made famous...a ladder match. At TLC.
- Bryan accepts.
- Hunter grants their wishes and places Bryan in a match every week till TLC to 'get him ready' while he gives Shawn the month off.
- Week 1: Bryan faces Cesaro, Bryan wins clean and afterwards Shawn comes out and claps patronizingly.
- Week 2: Bryan faces William Regal, Bryan wins clean and is attacked by Kevin Owens afterwards.
- Week 3: Bryan faces Kevin Owens, Owens wins after numerous dirty tactics such as low blows and pulling the tights and Owens and Michaels beat up on him after.
- Week 4: Bryan faces Triple H, Bryan wins via disqualification and Triple H tries to beat him up with a sledgehammer but Bryan gets the sledgehammer off him and turns the tables. Shawn is watching the entire time.

DATE: December 13th, 2015
VENUE: TD Garden
CITY: Boston, Massachusetts

WWE World Heavyweight Championship
Ladder Match
Shawn Michaels (c) vs Daniel Bryan

The match for the first 10 minutes is just wrestling until the ladders come into play. Neither man wants to lose so there's plenty of double-edged moves pulled off. Moonsaults and and elbow drops off the from Bryan and Michaels respectively, airplane spins with the ladder into their opponents, etc. They both eventually make it up the ladder at the same time and fight for control by brawl with each other which also consists of slaps as well as normal strikes. In the end, it's HBK who wins exchange on top of the ladder and ultimately the match as he pulls down the WWE World title belt down from the hook with relief.


Bryan looks on in despair as Shawn celebrates with the title on top of the ladder and his music playing to close out the show.

***END OF TLC***


- Shawn Michaels once again gloats about his victory over Daniel Bryan and feels that there is not competition in the WWE.
- He challenges anybody in the back who has not held the WWE World Heavyweight Championship before to come out and sort out business, one on one meaning that whoever has the guts to come out, faces him at the Royal Rumble.
- A brawl ensues backstage as shown on the titantron which involves Cesaro, Dolph Ziggler, Kevin Owens, New Day all trying to get out to the ring first.
- Shawn then laughs and says that it's not that easy to get a match with the Showstopper and that if they wanted it, they'd have to earn it.
- Shawn then announces a battle royal for that night to determine the number 1 Contender.
- The battle royal takes place and it's Dolph Ziggler that walks away victorious.
- Ziggler gets much of the same treatment that Daniel Bryan got in the lead up to TLC which consists of matches with The New Day member one on one and as a group. He defeats Kofi and Xavier one on one while losing to Big E and the faction itself.
- Shawn Michaels observes all matches from a skybox.
- The driving force of the feud is that HBK calls Dolph a HBK wannabe and Dolph agrees that he'll never be like HBK because he's going to be better.

DATE: January 24th, 2016
VENUE: Amway Center
CITY: Orlando, Florida

WWE World Heavyweight Championship
Singles Match
Shawn Michaels (c) vs Dolph Ziggler

In what is a hard fought match with lots of aerial moves and selling, HBK takes the win here.



Winner goes on to mainevent Wrestlemania 32
The Royal Rumble Match
30 Superstars

- Daniel Bryan is number 1
- Roman Reigns is number 2
- Kevin Owens is number 20
- Brock Lesnar is number 25
- Dean Ambrose who is returning from kayfabe injuries is number 29 and eliminates Brock Lesnar along with himself
- The Rock is number 30
- Final four is Daniel Bryan, Roman Reigns, Kevin Owens and The Rock
- Roman eliminates Rock
- Bryan eliminates Owens
- Bryan eliminates Reigns

WINNER AND MAINEVENTING WRESTLEMANIA 32: Daniel Bryan last eliminating Roman Reigns (1:08:39)

After two years of being prevent in winning the Rumble, Bryan finally wins it. Bryan celebrates and HBK walks out on the ramp to stare him down to close the show.



- Shawn insincerely congratulates Daniel Bryan for his Royal Rumble victory and says to enjoy it while it lasts because the story for him doesn't have a happy ending.
- He invite Daniel Bryan out to the ring and uses the phrasing 'the man who I'm maineventing Wrestlemania with.
- The Rock comes out and does his shtick.
- The Rock says he's happy that Shawn is champion and that Bryan won the Rumble but he's has a problem with one thing that he's said. That he's the mainevent.
- The Rock says that he's the top draw and he's the record-breaker and that if anybody is going to be the mainevent, it's going to be him.
- Shawn says that Rock doesn't get it. Shawn says that he only came out of retirement BECAUSE of this event being in TEXAS and it being the biggest event of all time. Shawn says that Rock is not going to take that from him.
- Rock says he's sorry but money talks and that Vince will understand that.
- Bryan's music plays and he comes out and says legal contracts also talk and his says he gets to mainevent Wrestlemania for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.
- Bryan says that like it or not, he is maineventing Wrestlemania with Shawn Michaels.
- Roman Reigns comes out through the crowd and calls Bryan a pussy for hiding behind a contract and has a challenge.
- Reigns says that why don't he and Bryan have a rematch of last year at Fast Lane to find out if he REALLY deserves his shot.
- Shawn says Bryan's not going to do that because he's not stupid.
- Bryan says to Shawn that he doesn't make decisions for him and that he accepts.
- Vince McMahon comes out and save vetoes Bryan's decision but says he has a bigger match planned for the 4 of HBK, Bryan, Rock and Reigns.
- Vince says at Fast Lane, it will be HBK and Bryan vs Rock and Reigns for the mainevent at Wrestlemania.
- Vince makes two matches for that night - Rock vs Bryan and HBK vs Reigns.
- HBK and Reigns ends in a no contest as the two start brawling all over the arena
- The Rock defeats Daniel Bryan after a hard fought 20 minute match to which HBK comes out and hits Sweet Chin Music on Rock.
- Reigns comes out after and Superman Punches HBK then helps up Rock to stand tall.
- Weeks 2, 3 and 4 are much of the same with each team showing they are unified and all for cutting promos on each (HBK is washed up, Bryan is a mediocre superstar, Rock is a shallow movie star and Reigns isn't as talented as the other four etc.)

DATE: February,21st, 2015
VENUE: Quicken Loans Arena
CITY: Cleveland, Ohio

Winners Mainevent Wrestlemania 32
Tag Team Match
Shawn Michaels and Daniel Bryan vs The Rock and Roman Reigns

Reigns and Bryan start off. Then follows a lot of build up to comebacks and hot tags. The Rock late in the match attempts to do a People's Elbow on Daniel Bryan before getting Superman Punched by Reigns and pinned by Bryan.

WINNERS AND MAINEVENTING WRESTLEMANIA 32: Shawn Michaels and Daniel Bryan by pinfall (25:45)

Bryan is celebrating before getting Sweet Chin Music'ed by HBK to end the show.



- The match between HBK and Bryan gets made into a 2 out of 3 falls match with a 60 minute time limit.
- There is also the condition that neither competitor is able to touch each other until Wrestlemania made by The Authority.
- There is a lot of mind games played by both competitors such as HBK showing on the titantron former members of his wrestling school like Brian Kendrick, Paul London, Lance Cade and Michael Shane and calling them all losers in the business that Bryan will join in the class of mediocrity.
- Bryan fires backs and reveals to fans that it was actually William Regal that REALLY trained him and that Shawn had nothing to do with his success. All he is a name.
- The go home show ends with them brawling.

DATE: April 3rd, 2016
VENUE: AT&T Stadium
CITY: Dallas, Texas

WWE World Heavyweight Championship
Best 2 out of 3 Falls Match with a 60 Minute Time Limit
Shawn Michaels (c) vs Daniel Bryan

Okay, breaking kayfabe here. Of course I'm not writing out the whole fucking match. Cliffnotes:

1st fall: HBK via Sweet Chin Music
2nd fall: Bryan via Busaiku Knee
3rd fall: Bryan via YES! Lock


Bryan has done it! Bryan is a 5-time world champion! He is yessing his little arms off and...oh wait, Shawn Michaels is up, Bryan has his back turned, Bryan turns around and...and they stare down. They are at a standoff for 5 seconds before Shawn extends his hand. Bryan accepts and they hug in the ring. Shawn lifts Bryan's arm to indicate that he's the winner. Shawn goes to leave the ring to let Bryan have his moment before...

Suddenly Bray Wyatt, Braun Strowman, Luke Harper and Erick Rowan who have returned from their hiatus since Survivor Series are in the at a turnbuckle each and have Daniel Bryan and Shawn Michaels surrounded. They unleash their assault and lay both of them out. They are standing tall and are about to leave before Wyatt orders his family to pick up Bryan and take him to the backwoods I assume. Strowman, Harper and Rowan are carrying Bryan out and Bray picks up the WWE title, puts it on his shoulder and follows his family out to end the show.

***THE END?***
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Re: WWE Title Booking from Survivor Series to Wrestlemania Tournament

RAW 11/9/15

The Survivor Series 2015 Tournament for the vacant World Championship is announced by Triple H and Stephanie. It is announced as an 8 man bracket. The first 7 competitors are Cesaro, Dolph Ziggler, Dean Ambrose, Ryback, Sheamus, Kevin Owens, and Roman Reigns. Triple H mentions how they're short staffed due to unforeseen injuries and that he's looking for someone to fill the last spot, and then suddenly...

Daniel Bryan storms the ring to a huge pop as Triple H and Stephanie roll their eyes in dismay. Daniel Bryan cuts a promo about it being good to be back. Triple H asks the fans if they want Daniel Bryan in the tournament, to which everyone follows up with a thunderous YES! chant. Triple H says "Since The Authority is known for doing what's best for business, YOU'VE GOT IT!" and walks away with a snide smirk on his face. The commentators curiously wonder what Triple H has up his sleeve, and Michael Cole reminds everyone of The Authority's motto: "There's always a plan B."

Backstage, Stephanie and Triple H approach Kevin Owens proudly holding his Intercontinental title on his shoulder. They say with Seth out, someone has to step up and be THE MAN! They ask Kevin if he's up for the challenge, he considers their offer, what it could mean for his family to get that WWE title bonus, and makes a deal with the corporate devils.

Survivor Series 2015 World Championship Tournament

The time has come for the World Championship tournament, and the brackets are as such:

Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus: When they run into each other backstage, Sheamus says "Ya don't have such a good track record against me fella!" Bryan then smirks and says "I think I'll get the job done this time." Daniel Bryan is waiting in the ring as Sheamus makes his entrance. After Sheamus hands his briefcase to the ref to be put outside, Neville's music hits and he slowly approaches the ring. Sheamus stares at Neville and points at him angrily like "YOU BETTER NOT COME IN HERE!" edup. Neville then blows a kiss to Sheamus, Sheamus sends a confused look back like "WTF is he doing?" then turns around into a full speed Running Knee from Daniel Bryan to get pinned in about 20 seconds. The crowd ROARS with excitement and laughs hysterically as they reflect on Wrestlemania 29. The camera is put on Neville as he sports an accomplished grin and takes pleasure in screwing Sheamus over, as Sheamus has done to Neville in previous weeks.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Cesaro: This is just a good ol fashioned back and forth wrestling match that ends with Cesaro going over clean.

Dean Ambrose vs. Ryback: Ambrose goes over clean.

Roman Reigns vs. Kevin Owens: Reigns and Owens have a good slugfest with an array of suplexes from both for about 10 minutes. There is a spot where they double clothesline each other off an Irish Whip rebound. Both men are down, and then Stephanie and Triple H approach the ring. Stephanie distracts the referee as Triple H slides in a chair, seemingly for Owens. Owens picks up the chair, turns around, and gets the chair Superman Punched into his face. He teeters, and then Roman hits the ropes for a Spear to close things out.

Semi Finals

Daniel Bryan vs. Cesaro: No shenanigans here, just a great 20 minute match. Daniel Bryan goes over clean with the Knee. He then raises Cesaro to his feet and holds his arm up as they celebrate their performance together.

Roman Reigns vs. Dean Ambrose: These two are all smiles as they let their bromance translate into their in ring output, similarly to Payback 2015. Their mannerisms and interactions with each other are more enjoyable than the actual wrestling. Towards the end of the match, Roman pushes Dean into the ropes, he attempts the rebound clothesline, Roman ducks it, and the referee accidentally walks into it. Roman then Samoan Drops Dean, and it appears that the Big Show is coming out to screw Roman Reigns. Reigns motions for Big Show to bring it, Big Show steps over the rope, there's a lot of trash talking, Ambrose staggers to his feet, Big show goes for the WMD, Reigns ducks again, and Ambrose gets knocked out cold. Reigns clotheslines Big Show over the top rope, mouths "I'm sorry" to Ambrose, and picks up the pin after a slow count from the downed referee. JBL then asks "Why is Reigns sorry? He did what he had to do to win. It's not his fault that Big Show interfered." The semi finals conclude.

Grand Finals

Roman Reigns vs. Daniel Bryan: This is the match to crown the new WWE Champion. Dueling chants reminiscent of Fast Lane erupt throughout the arena. "LETS GO ROMAN! LETS GO BRYAN!" Before the match officially starts, Triple H's music hits and he comes out in a refree uniform.

"Since we've been having trouble with referees keeping their eye on the ball all night and staying out of the way of the performers, I've decided...in the interest of fairnessuhh...to officiate this match and make sure NOTHING....interferes with the credibility of the decision." Roman had a confused look on his face, and Bryan laughed like "You can't be serious."

Jerry Lawler then says :lawler: "Triple H hates both of these guys, so I wouldn't be surprised if nobody wins!"

The bell rings, and Roman and Bryan are off to a fast start, aggressively exchanging punches and kicks. They put on a clinic for about 20 minutes until it's time for the signature sequences. Bryan reverses a Superman Punch into the YES Lock. Reigns powers out after 30 seconds and reverses it into a Samoan Drop. The two are down for awhile, then they both hit the ropes. Bryan dodges a Spear, rebounds, and hits Reigns with the Knee. Triple H counts 1....2....and then sneezes and gets up to wipe his nose. Bryan walks over to him with his arms in the air like "What are you doing?" They have a brief exchange with Triple H acting clueless. Off camera, Roman is getting back to his feet and gets into position for a Superman Punch. Bryan turns around, eats it, and gets knocked on his back. Roman goes for the pin and Triple H shocks the world with a fast 3 count. Bryan gets his shoulder up AFTER the 3 count, but Triple H calls for the bell. The commentators and fans are shocked. Eden then says "The winner of this bout, and your NEEEEEEEEWWWWWWW WWE World Heavyweight Champion....Roman....REIGNS!" The crowd boos angrily. Daniel Bryan has a very confused look on his face, and gets Superman Punched again when he turns around to face Reigns. He then staggers into a Pedigree to an even larger smattering of boos. Triple H grabs the mic, stares dead into the hard camera, and says:
There is ALWAYS...a Plan...B.

Triple H drops the mic, he and Stephanie raise Roman's arms in victory, and the screen fades to black with the copyright image at the bottom left.

Backstory: In the RAWs leading up to TLC, Roman Reigns reveals to the fans that he turned his back on them because they turned their backs on him when he needed them the most. He reminded everyone of how they ruined what should've been two of the most special moments in his career at the Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania. He now vows to do whatever it takes to win at all costs, and he doesn't care whose feelings he hurts in the process. Daniel Bryan demands a rematch for the title on the basis that he was screwed by The Authority...again. The Authority, feeling generous, grants him a TLC match against Reigns in the Main Event. Triple H reminds Bryan that anything goes, so there are no excuses this time.

Roman Reigns vs. Daniel Bryan: In this match, Daniel Bryan is trying his hardest to be a straight shooter, while Roman Reigns finds every dirty trick in the book to avoid traditionally wrestling him. Kicks to the groin, fist low blows, eye rakes, you name it, he's doing it. Midway through the match, Bryan gets fed up with Roman's tactics and begins to mercilessly beat him with a chair. Bryan then leaves Roman to rot as he sets up a table in the corner. This gives Roman time to recover. After Bryan sets up the table, he lifts up Roman and prepares to Irish Whip him into it. Reigns reverses it, and continues with the momentum to viciously Spear Bryan through the table. Both men are laid out. Roman slowly sets up the ladder and begins to climb for the title. Bryan crawls towards the ladder, but doesn't have the strength to climb up after taking that Spear. Roman grabs the title and passes out on the floor next to Bryan for the win.

Backstory: After two failed attempts to acquire the WWE title, Daniel Bryan is left with only one option-to win the Royal Rumble. However, a certain angry Scandinavian has other plans in mind.

Paul Heyman announces that Brock Lesnar is entering himself into the Royal Rumble, and there's not a damn thing anyone can do to stop it. Heyman reminds everyone that Lesnar was screwed out of his last 3 title matches: Wrestlemania due to Rollins' cash-in, the RAW when he got suspended, and at Battleground when The Undertaker interfered. Now that both of those obstacles are out of the way, Lesnar intends to dominate 29 other Superstars and work his way back to Wrestlemania where he will reclaim the World Championship. Shortly after this proclamation, Heyman is interrupted by non other than....APPLE DOOOOOOOO *DUN DUNNA DUN!!!! DUN DUNNA DUN!!!!*

Cena says that he's enjoyed his vacation, but it's time to get back to business. He announces that he wants to get back into the title picture, and asks "What better place than Wrestlemania to win my 16th World Title?" Heyman then reminds Cena that Lesnar demolished him at Summerslam 2014, and Cena failed to reclaim the title at NOC 2014 and Royal Rumble 2015.

Dean Ambrose's music hits and he comes to the ring pissed off. All 3 other guys are wondering what business he has here, so he tells them that he's pissed because the only person he trusted in the world betrayed him and he wants revenge. Dean then reveals that Roman Reigns and Big Show were in cahoots all along at Survivor Series with hidden camera footage showing the two mocking him backstage. The crowd boos angrily.

Roman Reigns smugly hits the ramp in a suit and reminds everyone that he has done and still will do everything it takes to win, he regrets nothing, and beating him is not going to be a cakewalk. Dean issues a challenge to Roman for the title at Royal Rumble and Roman gladly accepts with a big smirk on his face. Dean gives Roman a look of disgust as the segment concludes.

Royal Rumble 2016

Roman Reigns vs. Dean Ambrose: Vignettes are shown of the brotherhood between the two that no longer exists. They show Roman's treachery at Survivor Series, and the hidden camera footage that Dean aired on RAW. of Big Show and Roman colluding. This is very personal, and Ambrose has snapped. He's done being the Lunatic Cringe and has transformed into a soulless ass kicker who's only out for revenge.

Ambrose and Reigns immediately start punching each other as hard as they can to start the match. No wrist locks, tieups, or rest holds, just an all out slugfest. The fight leaks outside as they slam each other into barricades, announce tables, steel poles, and the ring apron. Blood is drawn when Ambrose busts Roman's lip. Roman snaps and begins mercilessly punching Ambrose in the face. Kids in the front row begin to cry as Roman bashes Dean's face in. Roman gets up, hits the corner, OHHHHHH AHHHHHs, and Spears a completely dazed Ambrose for the win. As his music plays and he walks away, Roman says audibly into the camera while backing up the ramp "You were always just my little buddy."

The Final Four of The Royal Rumble Match: Leftover in this match are John Cena, Brock Lesnar, Daniel Bryan, and Cesaro. Cesaro is tossed out by Lesnar. Cena, Brock, and Bryan are left to have an intense and exciting mini triple threat before Lesnar hard whips Cena into the ropes and Daniel Bryan pulls it down. One foot touches the floor and the other foot almost barely grazes it, but the referee declares Cena eliminated without looking closely. Cena says "WHAT?" and angrily drops down to be officially eliminated. Bryan looks on at the confusion, and then Lesnar runs up from behind to lift Bryan over the top with Cena and win the Royal Rumble. Bryan looks on in shock and awe as Lesnar celebrates his second Royal Rumble win.

Backstory: The Authority has given Roman Reigns the month off from defending his title to rest up for his opponent at Wrestlemania, Brock Lesnar. Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar are in the ring celebrating his Royal Rumble victory. After your usual 10 minute Heyman speech praising "The Beast" and "The Conqueror", Daniel Bryan comes out to issue a challenge to Brock Lesnar.

"Now I'm not out here to whine and be a sore loser like last year *smiles at hard camera, audience laughs*, but I don't want to live the rest of my life asking "What if?" What if it was me who won the 2015 Royal Rumble instead of Roman Reigns? What if I had one of the greatest matches of all time against Brock Lesnar? Now, I know what you're thinking. This guy is asking for a death sentence with all his neck injuries and concussions. Well, if I don't survive in a match with you, so be it, but I'd rather go out fighting than sit at home asking myself "What if?" So what do you say Brock? Will you take me on at Fast Lane?"

Brock looks around the arena as the crowd chants "YES!" enthusiastically. He grabs the mic and his voice cracks as he does a "YES!" chant of his own. Daniel Bryan does a little fist pump, goes around the ring excitedly celebrating with the fans, and then walks into an F5 to a chorus of boos. Lesnar laughs and smugly leaves the ring as his music plays.

Later on, John Cena cuts an angry promo about being screwed out of the Royal Rumble by a blind referee. He shows the footage in slow motion and shows that his foot never touched the ground, so he shouldn't have been declared eliminated. Triple H agrees, and makes the Wrestlemania Main Event a Triple Threat match since the error was on their end. Roman Reigns is initially put off when he hears the news, then eventually changes his tune to "It doesn't matter because I can beat anybody on any given day." Triple H pats him on the back with a smirk as if to say "That's the spirit!"

Brock Lesnar vs. Daniel Bryan: Lesnar takes Bryan to suplex city. All of Bryan's kicks are no sold and laughed off before he gets dropped on his head repeatedly with German and Belly to Belly Suplexes. Bryan eventually hits the knee on Lesnar, but he kicks out at 2. After using his whole arsenal and running out of ideas in this 17 minute spectacle, Bryan is hit with his second F5 before losing the match. After Bryan sells for a bit while holding his neck, he is given a standing ovation by the audience for being able to walk out on his own two feet.

Backstory: On the grandest stage of them all, we have a 3 way battle between the strongest competitors in the company. The past, the present, and the future are all in one ring. John Cena is seeking to achieve his 16th title reign, Roman Reigns is out to prove that nobody can stop him, and Brock Lesnar is attempting to complete his year long mission of reacquiring the title that he technically never lost. Reigns remains overconfident about walking out as champion .

Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena: The bell rings, and the match starts with the 3 guys just looking intently at each other, waiting for the first person to make a move. Eyes are shifted a bit more, and then Lesnar explodes into Roman Reigns and Belly to Belly Suplexes him over the top rope and out of the ring. Reigns sells for a bit on the outside while Cena and Lesnar slug it out on the inside. Cena is doing his best not to get punked out like in previous encounters, so he's giving Lesnar everything he's got. No matter how much the punches hurt, Cena never gives up, and just swings back. Cena goes for an Irish Whip on Lesnar, Lesnar reverses, and then Roman Reigns steps up on the apron to pull the rope down to send Cena flying, which is reminiscent of the Royal Rumble. Commentators make sure to highlight this moment as the reason Cena is here in the first place. Roman is also not looking to get ragdolled like he did at last year's Wrestlemania, so he hits Lesnar with a few suplexes of his own. Turnabout is fair play.

Eventually, Lesnar is AA'd through the announce table. This leaves the long awaited battle of The Present vs. The Future. Roman Reigns and John Cena are both in the ring, circling each other, as the importance of this moment is highlighted by commentators. There are several exchanges between the two with neither side budging. The referee goes outside of the ring to check on Lesnar to see if he needs medical assistance, Cena grabs Roman from behind, and then Roman lifts his leg up to kick Cena in the nuts backwards.

With the referee still tending to Lesnar, Roman hits the corner and taunts in preparation for the Superman Punch before Dean Ambrose hops the barrier and low blows Reigns. Ambrose then pops off on Reigns and scurries back into the crowd. Lesnar doesn't know where he is due to all of the punches that were exchanged in addition to being AA'd through the table, but his body is responsive and he's stumbling while trying to get on his feet. Cena hits Roman with a 3rd AA and the ref counts to 3. John Cena is now a 16 time World Champion, Dean Ambrose has screwed Roman Reigns, and Brock Lesnar remains unpinned with two years left on his contract.

The End

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Re: WWE Title Booking from Survivor Series to Wrestlemania Tournament

Is the deadline ok for people? I just picked a random date. Wasn't sure what it should be.

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Re: WWE Title Booking from Survivor Series to Wrestlemania Tournament

Originally Posted by Headliner View Post
Is the deadline ok for people? I just picked a random date. Wasn't sure what it should be.
I can be done today. It's cool with me.

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Re: WWE Title Booking from Survivor Series to Wrestlemania Tournament

WWE Championship and the Road to WrestleMania

Foreword: Obviously the feuds are not captured in their entirety. Only the basic structure of the story is detailed below. The feature was getting bloated as it was and I did not want to make it any longer. Fun reading!

(Chapter 1) The Number One Contender

On the RAW after Seth Rollins’ ill-fated injury, the Authority opens RAW (shock horror) and confirms a WWE Championship Tournament for Survivor Series. Triple H starts naming off participants, starting with Kevin Owens, Alberto Del Rio and the Big Show, when Roman Reigns interrupts. Reigns says he already earned his number one contendership and applauds Triple H for finding new ways to keep him away from the title. Roman says he began this journey at the start of the year and he’s not waiting anymore. Whatever tournament Triple H wants to have, he can have to find an opponent for Reigns, because as far as he’s concerned, with Seth out, he is the rightful champion. Triple H smirks and says he wants nothing more than to see Reigns succeed, but he can’t just hand the title over to Reigns just because he wants it really, really bad. Reigns finds humour in Triple H’s confession and asks him who he has to beat, Owens? Del Rio? Big Show? Because he’ll beat anyone in the locker room.

Triple H says that they’ll do it Reigns’ way and books a gauntlet match between Reigns and the three wrestlers he mentioned, citing that if he can survive it, Triple H will accept that he’s good enough to be WWE Champion.

Backstage, Ambrose asks Roman if he knows what he’s getting into, and that the last guy who waged war against authority may never wrestle again. Roman says that he’s not Daniel Bryan and he’s not going to fail.

Match: Begins with Owens vs. Reigns. Very competitive match, but Reignswinslol. Del Rio is out next. Reigns dominates Del Rio from the onset. Zeb yells insults at Reigns when they’re fighting outside and Reigns goes towards him. Zeb slaps Reigns and Reigns shoves Zeb off his ride. Del Rio tries to take advantage but Reigns resumes his dominance. Out of options, Del Rio hits a low blow and gets DQ’d. Zeb throws him a chair and Del Rio takes out all his frustrations on the back and chest of Reigns. He locks in the cross armbreaker until referees and security come to break it up. Del Rio leaves with the US title up high, yelling “VIVA MEX-AMERICA”. Roman slowly gets up when the Big Show comes out. Match starts when Reigns okays his condition. Short match, where Show tries to pin Reigns many times without success. Reigns turns a chokeslam into a superman punch, hits another and finishes with a spear.

The Authority comes out and acknowledges that Reigns has proven to have a legitimate claim to the championship. The only problem is there is someone with a bigger claim. Reigns turns around to a Brogue Kick from Sheamus, who brandishes his Money in the Bank briefcase. He shares a look with Triple H and Stephanie and cashes in the contract on the number one contender. Roman is nearly out cold, but Sheamus lifts him up and positions him in a corner, slapping him to get up. The referee looks to Triple H who signals to him to start the match. Reigns rushes forward groggily into another Brogue Kick. Sheamus pins Reigns and becomes the new WWE Champion. He walks through Triple H and Stephanie to the back after celebrating his win. RAW ends with Reigns clutching the mat.

(Chapter 2) Survivor Series: Sheamus © vs. Roman Reigns

Sheamus vs. Reigns is set for Survivor Series. Build-up involves Reigns’ journey from the Rumble to now and slight friction with Ambrose. Triple H tells Sheamus that Rollins was never the strongest or the biggest, but he had a knack for winning when it mattered. Sheamus responds by saying he’s not Rollins and that he is the biggest and the strongest. Sheamus says he’ll do to Reigns what Brock did at WrestleMania and more.

Match: Sheamus goes for the Brogue Kick right at the start, but gets a superman punch instead. Reigns dominates Sheamus until he evades the spear and Reigns rams into the ring-post. Sheamus control-segment with lots of power moves and pin attempts. Sheamus gets frustrated and goes for the Brogue. Reigns catches the boot and punches Sheamus all the way to the corner and does his 10 clotheslines. Sheamus breaks out at seven or eight and they both throw hands at each other very violently. Sheamus gains the upper hand with a stomp on Reigns’ foot. Back and forth for the final stretch, which ends with Sheamus going for the battering ram from the ring apron and eating another superman punch. Reigns spears and wins the title. Not a particularly long match. 13-14 minutes sprint (à la Batista/Cena SummerSlam). Reigns rolls Sheamus out of the ring with his feet and raises the WWE Championship. Triple H comes out, this time alone, clapping. He comes to the ring and extends his hand to Reigns. Reigns looks at him funny and exits the ring. PPV ends with Reigns lifting the title at the top of the ramp and Hunter smiling coyly in the ring, still applauding his new champion.

(Chapter 3) TLC: Roman Reigns © vs. Sheamus vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Dean Ambrose (Fatal 4-Way TLC)

RAW opens with a Michael Cole sit-down interview with Roman Reigns about finally achieving his dream. Standard fare until Paul Heyman intrudes. He dismisses Michael Cole and asks Reigns if he may sit. Reigns nods apathetically and the following promo takes place:

“Just like old times, ey, Paul?” Roman asks.

Heyman giggles. “Look at you. The WWE Heavyweight Champion of the World. Amazing.”

“Whatever it is you’re here to say, get it over with.”

“There’s no need to antagonise me, Roman. I’m not your enemy. I never was your enemy. Last night at Survivor Series, nobody was rooting for you more than I was.”

“I doubt that.”

“Everyone is happy for you, Roman. Your family. This company. Even Brock Lesnar is happy for you. In fact, he wanted me to relay his congratulations. You couldn’t beat the Beast but you got there in the end.”

“Last I checked, Paul, at WrestleMania, your beast couldn’t beat me either.”

Heyman smiled. “Funny.”

“I’m not trying to be funny. Brock Lesnar and I, we started something that night, and we never got a chance to finish it. So you go tell your client that if he ever feels like stepping into that ring again and claiming this prize for himself, he will have to finish that fight.”

Heyman ruminates with a devious expression. “Be careful, Roman. It would be a shame for your legacy and the legacy of your family to be summed up by a short chapter in the ever-growing tale of the conqueror.”

Reigns rises from his seat and walks over to Heyman who uneasily leans away. “I’m not afraid of Brock Lesnar. Never was. Any other threats he wants to make, tell him to be a man and do it face to face.”

Miz TV opens RAW regular with guest Sheamus. Sheamus Brogue Kicks the Miz immediately and goes on a rant. The Authority comes out to lend an ear to Sheamus’ complaints. They tell Sheamus that his rematch has already been scheduled for TLC, but add that just a one on one match isn’t a challenge for Roman as last night proved (tongue in cheek). So it will be a fatal 4-Way TLC Match for the WWE Championship. They say they will deliberate on who the two other participants are and announce them by the end of the evening, leaving Sheamus seething. Miz finally wakes up from his dream-state and gets to his feet only for Sheamus to kick him again out of frustration.

Reigns, out from his interview, goes to the Authority’s office to confront Triple H re- the unreasonable challenge. Triple H asks him if he would like them to change the match, encouraging Reigns to say yes. He tells Reigns that all he has to do is ask. Reigns clings to his pride and leaves haughtily. Triple H looks on gleefully. Later in the show, Ambrose finds Reigns and tries to schedule a celebration party but Reigns shows no interest, telling Ambrose that he has bigger problems like the fatal 4-way TLC. Ambrose takes the slight well and offers his help, but Reigns blows him off. Ambrose is left looking a little upset.

At the end of the night, the Authority announce Dolph Ziggler as the 3rd participant in the TLC and Dean Ambrose as the 4th. Reigns looks at Ambrose with equal parts hurt and anger but Dean looks ice cold.

Next RAW, they show pre-recorded footage of Ambrose and Reigns arriving at the arena and running into each other. Reigns asks if he’s the Authority’s new lapdog and Ambrose laughs. Dean says that Reigns made it pretty clear last week that he didn’t want anything to do with Ambrose in a helpful capacity, so why should he wait around delaying his goals? He says Triple H came to him with the offer and he isn’t quite so crazy enough to refuse a title match. Reigns asks if it’s every man for himself then and Ambrose tells Reigns to meet him in the ring at TLC. Build-up focuses on Shield’s debut at TLC 2012.

Additional Note: Reigns does not wrestle on TV during this period but is heavily featured by means of segments and interviews. A lot of his family members, including the Rock, speak on what it means to be a WWE Champion, predict how Reigns will carry the title etc.

Match: Reigns stays in the ring for the most part of the early going and gets rid of the ladders the other participants try to bring in so he can control the situation. He doesn’t feel comfortable introducing ladders into the ring before all the other participants are knocked out. Eventually, Ziggler and Sheamus team up on Reigns and bring the weapons into the ring. The spots come from Ziggler being stupid (as per) trying to impress the fans when he could reasonably have got the title and Ambrose going crazy on Reigns at one point. Eventually, Reigns knocks Ambrose out cold with his usual barricade spear spot, only this time plus a table placed in front of it. He takes care of Sheamus by powerbombing him out of the ring through another table and spears Ziggler in the ring. Ladder on top of an unmoving Ziggler leads Reigns to his title. Another dominant win for Roman. After the match, Roman goes to the outside and picks Dean up from the rubble, trying to bring him back to life. Camera focuses in on Reigns telling Dean “Good fight, brother.” Dean taps Reigns on the cheek and nods through the pain in his ribs.

(Chapter 4) Royal Rumble: Roman Reigns © vs. Daniel Bryan

As last month, the RAW after the PPV starts with a sit down interview, this time with Booker T interviewing Daniel Bryan. Booker asks Daniel questions about the non-wrestling side of WWE and how he feels being away from it for so long. Bryan also speaks about the limited opportunities the wrestlers of today are facing as designed by the authority. Worked shoot on how the Authority has developed a certain archetype that they want wrestlers to fit into and how it’s not easy to break that barrier. Booker refers to Bryan cheekily as the People’s Champ and asks him if he’s ready to come back. Bryan takes a moment and says he is.

Later in the show, Bryan comes to the ring and declares that he would like to participate in the Royal Rumble. Stephanie McMahon comes out and asks Bryan why he wants to put himself through that again after what happened last year and tells him that it’s a very fickle environment and Bryan’s skillset is not suited to that match-type. She understands Bryan’s emotion of wanting to taste the main event of WrestleMania once more and tells him there is another way – to walk in as champion. Bryan asks Stephanie if she’s offering him a championship match. Stephanie sits on the fence, citing that Bryan never did get a proper championship match ever since he vacated the title and the people want to see it, especially against a champion like Roman Reigns. Bryan cautiously asks why Stephanie would want to help him. Stephanie says that after all this time, even she’s begun to root for Daniel Bryan.

“So we’re going through this whole thing again, huh?” Reigns asks Bryan when they meet. Bryan says that he’s been impressed with how Reigns has coped with the pressure of being champion but can’t wait to see how he handles the rage of the dragon.

The first RAW of the New Year opens with the Legends Panel featuring JR, Mick Foley and the Rock as they preview Bryan vs. Reigns. JR and the Rock both pick Reigns to win comfortably, but Foley reminds them that Bryan is the new People’s Champion and that if anyone shouldn’t underestimate the power of the people, it’s the Rock. The Rock goes a bit Hollywood like and says there will only ever be one People’s Champion. Rock disses Bryan in half comical terms that Bryan’s body is broken beyond repair and not even the people can fix that. Bryan comes out and praises the Rock only to turn around and say that he’s become, same as JR, just another one of the company’s mouthpieces. Rock tells Bryan that he didn’t mean to disrespect Bryan and calls him the people’s wrestler, but he’ll never be a people’s champion. Bryan tells Rock that someone like him (and Reigns) who was bred into the business couldn’t understand how much pride the term ‘the people’s wrestler’ holds. Rock and Bryan get into a stare-down which Foley separates until Reigns shows up. He tells Bryan that the Rock isn’t his concern and that if he keeps overlooking Reigns, he won’t be the people’s anything.

Triple H meets the Rock and Reigns in the locker room and talks about how big it is of the Rock to take time out of his busy schedule to support his cousin. Rock tells Triple H that he knows what he is doing. In front of Reigns, he tells Triple H that if the Authority had its way, Roman is who they would’ve poached form the Shield. And with Seth Rollins out of commission, Triple H is trying to replace his trophy champion. Hunter dismisses the accusation and says he’s just looking out for the best interest of his champion. He tells Rock that they both want the same thing, to see Roman Reigns succeed, and to prove his purity of heart, he offers Rock a ringside seat on commentary at the Royal Rumble.

The weeks leading up to the Rumble, the Rock and Bryan get into a couple of more face offs, with the Rock showing more and more of his old Hollywood persona. The go-home episode ends with Rock, Reigns and Bryan all in the ring together. Bryan and Reigns come to blows after an argument and Bryan gains the upper hand. Rock separates them by pulling Bryan away and Reigns hits a superman punch, laying Bryan out. Rock looks at Reigns with slight disappointment.

Match: Starts off with Bryan outwrestling Roman, but Roman punches and tosses his way back into control. Bryan, however, matches Reigns blow for blow and ends up with a suicide dive on the outside, ramming Reigns against the announce table. Rock gets up off his chair, looking concerned. Bryan tells Rock to sit back down, to which Rock responds by taking off his headphones and coming towards Bryan. Bryan slaps Rock, knowing that the Rock wouldn’t risk getting his cousin disqualified. He laughs and takes Roman back to the ring to continue the match. Match turns violent with both contestants ignoring the referee’s instructions. The ref takes a huge blow and falls away as Roman and Bryan take the fight to the outside, over the steel steps, the announce table and the barricade. Bryan kicks Roman’s head over the steps and the Rock goes to check on him with the referee down. Bryan ignores that the Rock is in between and goes for another running dropkick, hitting them both. Bryan takes Roman back into the ring and sets up his flying knee (which is now known as the Dragon Rush). Bryan hits it and covers but there is no referee. Bryan tries to revive the referee, pouring water on him and such and inevitably turns around to a Rock Bottom. Reigns hits the spear and the referee recovers in time (magically) to count the pinfall.

In the Royal Rumble match, Dean Ambrose enters number 1 and lasts till the end. John Cena returns from hiatus at number 27 and Brock Lesnar enters the rumble at number 30 running through everybody. The final four are Ambrose, Cena, Lesnar and Cesaro. Ambrose eliminates Cena and Lesnar eliminates Ambrose. Cesaro and Lesnar go a good 3-4 minutes, surprising everybody, but Lesnar gets the final elimination and wins the rumble.

(Chapter 5) Fast Lane: Roman Reigns & The Rock vs. Brock Lesnar & Daniel Bryan

RAW after the Rumble opens with Renee Young interviewing Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman. Brock tells Reigns that the Beast is coming for him. The Rock opens the regular portion of RAW with a Rock concert, singing about Bryan being a stupid little gnome. Bryan comes out clapping sarcastically and congratulates the Rock on saving his cousin. Bryan asks Rock how it feels to have taken away the dream match of Bryan/Brock from the fans. Rock breaks into another rhyme burying Bryan. Triple H interrupts with security before Bryan rushes the ring. Triple H says that the referee from last night’s match came to see him to say that he feels terrible about what happened. Unfortunately Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns has already been scheduled for WrestleMania so Bryan will have to defer his title rematch for another time. Bryan says that he understands and if he can’t wrestle for the championship at Mania, then he can’t think of anything better to do at the grand stage than go one on one with the “great” one (using air-quotes). The Rock laughs and declines the challenge with another short rhyme. Bryan goads the Rock by asking whether he left his spine on the set of his latest movie or maybe age has simply caught up to the people’s champion. The Rock accepts the challenge and tells Bryan that at WrestleMania, he is going to whoop Bryan’s bearded ass.

Reigns and Brock sit to sign their contract for the main event of WrestleMania. Heyman reminds Reigns that last year, he “couldn’t” and he “didn’t” beat the beast. Heyman accuses Reigns of a poor memory because he already seems to have forgotten what it was like being in the ring with Brock Lesnar. He tells Reigns to look to himself because only a beast can defeat a beast. Roman signs the contract and retorts, “No. A Champion can defeat the Beast.”

On the “fast lane to WrestleMania” (lol), Roman gets involved in the Bryan/Rock feud a few more times over, which prompts Triple H to book the tag team main event for Fast Lane with the cousins taking on Brock and Bryan. Heyman meets Bryan and tells him that Brock is a prize fighter and won’t even show up at Fast Lane and wishes him luck for taking on Rock and Reigns alone. Bryan says he’s been doing that for a while now and he’s not worried.

Match: Brock does show up, surprising even Heyman (who came out to manage Bryan as consolation). Heyman tries to ask Brock why he didn’t let him know but Brock ignores him. The match mostly pits Bryan against Reigns and Brock against the Rock. Once Brock gets the opportunity to get in the ring with Reigns, he completely demolishes the champion. Bryan and Rock get tagged in while Brock takes Reigns to the outside and crushes him, body and spirit. Bryan and Rock give the fans a tease of what’s to come at WrestleMania. In the end, the Rock goes for a People’s Elbow and Bryan catches him in a small package for a sneaky victory for his team.

(Chapter 6) Road to WrestleMania

Reigns is inestimably beat up from his assault at the hands of Lesnar at Fast Lane. Ambrose approaches Reigns backstage and asks him what his plan is. Reigns looks more than a bit perturbed by how outclassed he appeared last night. Ambrose brings up his big title match against John Cena at WrestleMania and asks him how about they return to the gym. Dean says that they both need to prepare for huge matches against legendary opponents at WrestleMania and asks Roman to train with him. Roman agrees and they momentarily disappear from RAW for a few weeks. Vignettes and pre-recorded footage of them training replace any live involvement on the show. Meanwhile, John Cena and Brock Lesnar are hyped to high heavens and the two respective title matches are given enormous spotlight. Bryan and Rock carry most of the live storyline on RAW, along with the Wyatt Family and the Brothers of Destruction.

On the last episode of RAW, Ambrose and Reigns return and confront their respective opponents. Ambrose and Cena are guests on Jericho’s highlight reel and they promo the hell out of the feud without coming to blows. Reigns and Brock end the show. Fight breaks out between them and Reigns holds his own against Brock, suggesting that his training has bridged the gap between them. Paul looks shocked when Brock retreats but Brock eventually smiles as Reigns lays the title down in the ring like a line in the sand and stands behind it.

(Chapter 7) WrestleMania 32

WWE World Heavyweight Championship
Roman Reigns © vs. Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman

Match: Roman goes toe to toe with Brock at the beginning and even gains a momentary advantage, but the Beast quickly turns it around and assumes control. Reigns tries to comeback but Brock cuts off his attempts at every turn. Roman surprises Brock with a series of his under-hook suplexes and goes for the superman punch. Brock surprises Reigns with a devastating spear. The match spills to the outside and Paul Heyman gathers Brock and yells at him that he’s showing Reigns too much respect and he should end him right now. Brock ignores him the first few times, but eventually gets frustrated by his constant intrusions and picks Heyman up for an F-5 on the mat. Reigns and Brock return to the ring without any more distractions for the final showdown. High-speed finishing stretch ends with Reigns hitting Brock with a spear but Brock kicks out. Reigns looks devastated and fatigued at the same time. He backs into a corner, looks at the titantron at the top of the stage and nods grudgingly. After a few seconds, Triple H comes out and announces that the match is now No Disqualifications and forces the referee to comply. Stephanie McMahon emerges at ringside and hands Reigns a sledgehammer. Reigns glances between the weapon and Brock and then takes the hammer to Brock’s head. He waits around a moment and then bears down on Brock’s chest and stomach with the sledgehammer (protected/withdrawn blows obviously). Brock sells like a dying man. Reigns tosses the hammer away, picks up Brock like he would a brother, Irish Whips him to the ropes and hits a final spear for the win. Triple H and Stephanie come into the ring to lift his hand, but Reigns pulls away. Reigns doesn’t look too pleased with himself but celebrates (unsmiling) nonetheless as the Authority claps him on.

Match Time: Around 18-19 minutes.

Other Top of the Card Matches

United States Championship
John Cena © vs. Dean Ambrose

Backstory: Cena defeats Del Rio at Fast Lane after failing to win the Rumble. Ambrose wins a US Championship Series at the same PPV to be the Number One Contender.

Match: Ambrose passes out to the STF. Cena leaves celebrating but returns to the ring after Ambrose recovers to raise his hand.

Time: Around 15-16 minutes.

The People’s Showdown
The Rock vs. Daniel Bryan

Match: Bryan wins with the Dragon Rush in the middle of the ring, clean.

Time: 20 minutes.

Casket Match
The Undertaker w/ Kane vs. Bray Wyatt w/ the Wyatt Family

Backstory: Undertaker and Kane survive the Wyatts at Survivor Series but the Wyatts bring out a casket and seal the Undertaker inside and light it on fire (never before seen!), as Strowman holds Kane away from trying to save his brother. A gong distracts Bray at the Rumble and Kane eliminates him from the match. Kane vs. Strowman at Fast Lane is interrupted by the Undertaker and the brothers fend off the Wyatts. Bray introduces a demonic sarcophagus on RAW from whence there is no escape. He calls it the twin of Sister Abigail’s resting place. He proposes they end this where it began, at WrestleMania. The Undertaker accepts, saying that once Bray is sealed inside the sarcophagus he will never return.

Match: Complete brawl between all the Wyatts and the Brothers of Destruction. Bray and the Undertaker square off one on one in rare pockets, mostly at the start and the end. Bray is tossed into the casket at one point but Strowman saves him by overpowering both Kane and the Undertaker. In the end, Kane is tied to the ring-post (with ropes or chain or the like) by Harper and Rowan and the Undertaker is rendered immobile. Bray stands over the Deadman and orders his brothers to put him inside the casket. Bray seals it shut, yelling, “This time, you won’t come back,” and traps the Undertaker in forever. This is the unofficial retirement of the Undertaker.

Match Time: 21-22 minutes.

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Re: WWE Title Booking from Survivor Series to Wrestlemania Tournament

RAW: 11/09/2015

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon come down to the ring to a mixed reaction with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship over Stephanie’s shoulder. They get into the ring with microphones, intent on making a statement on the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Stephanie welcomes the fans to RAW, which conjured a sizable pop. Stephanie and HHH proceed to inform everyone about Rollins’ state, and announces the Survivor Series tournament for the now vacant WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Before Triple H can announce the participants of the qualifying matches for the night, the music of Sheamus interrupts him. Sheamus strides down the ring with a good amount of heat for him as he clutches the Money in the Bank briefcase close to him. He enters the ring, and shakes the hands of Triple H and Stephanie and requests a microphone. Sheamus compliments the genius of The Authority to create such a tournament, but states that it’s not necessary because he has a guaranteed title match in that very briefcase. In short, Sheamus offers to trade the Money in the Bank briefcase for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Triple H compliments Sheamus on his plan, but says that it’s not that easy to become WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Triple H goes on about the blood, sweat, and tears that it takes to win such a title, and he says that those things were all exhibited by Seth Rollins as he tore his ACL for that title. Triple H says that Sheamus will not be able to trade in the briefcase…but he will get a chance to qualify for the tournament tonight. As visibly upset Sheamus protests this, but Triple H not only refuses to relent, but adds that the match is next. As The Authority leaves to go backstage, the music of Neville plays over the speakers. Neville comes out to a good pop, and eyes Sheamus as the show goes to commercial break.

Sheamus and Neville wrestle a decent back-and-forth match with a few close near-falls. Around the 10 minute mark, Sheamus strikes Neville with a Brogue Kick, pins him, and qualifies for the Survivor Series tournament. Michael Cole comes down to the ring to interview Sheamus on his win. Sheamus rips the mic from Cole’s hands, and issues a warning to anybody backstage who thinks they can stop him. Sheamus celebrates, and walks to the back with a win in his corner.

A little later on in the show, the brackets are shown by the announce team and explained. There will be eight qualifying matches in the upcoming weeks. Two tonight, two this Smackdown, two next RAW, and two next Smackdown. Sheamus has already qualified, and he will face the winner of tonight’s qualifying match.

During the show, a video of Seth Rollins is shown to the WWE Universe. He explains why he is out of action, and he vows to defeat whoever is the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, and assert why he is “The Man”.

Later in the show, Cesaro comes down to the ring, and is greeted with a huge pop. He warms up in the ring as a little promo box is shown with Cesaro in it. Cesaro details that he’s worked his entire life for an opportunity like this, and vows to make the best of it. Afterwards, Stardust comes down to the ring, accompanied by The Ascension. In a similar box, Stardust rambles incoherently until vowing to shatter Cesaro’s dreams tonight. The two lock up, and Stardust gets an advantage due to The Ascension, which causes them to be removed from ringside. Afterwards, they wrestle a surprisingly technical match. Cesaro gets the pinfall about 10 minutes into the match following the Neutralizer. Cesaro celebrates in the ring, when he’s suddenly blindsided by a Brogue Kick by Sheamus. Sheamus yells in Cesaro’s face to be ready for Survivor Series, and holds the MITB briefcase high in the air.

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Re: WWE Title Booking from Survivor Series to Wrestlemania Tournament

Teehee. I couldn't resist...


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Re: WWE Title Booking from Survivor Series to Wrestlemania Tournament

A placeholder.

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Re: WWE Title Booking from Survivor Series to Wrestlemania Tournament

Probably a placeholder™

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