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How I would have booked Brock Lesnar vs Seth Rollins

Here's the thing: Brock Lesnar's rampage the night after WM 31 on Raw after Seth Rollins didn't grant him his rematch for the WWE Title was by far one of the best segments WWE has ever done. It was EPIC from start to finish and very well done. But the problem after that was the way they booked the Lesnar/Rollins feud.

Instead of a huge match at SummerSlam, they did the long awaited Rollins/Lesnar match up at Battleground, and with all due respect to Battleground, no-one really gave a toss after the Undertaker's return was announced by the dirt sheets. Don't get me wrong, I love Taker, but I feel that he should retire into the sunset now, instead of coming back for a farewell tour.

Here's how I would've booked the Lesnar/Rollins feud:

Night after WM 31: Lesnar and Heyman walk out extremely pissed off. They call out Seth Rollins, who comes out, WWE Title belt slung above his shoulder, accompanied by J&J Security, Big Show and Kane. The Architect refuses to even consider granting Lesnar his rematch, and a raging Lesnar responds by Rugby-tackling him to the canvas. Show and Kane are F-5'd by a apolopetic Lesnar, whilst Noble and Mercury have their arms broken by the Beast Incarnate, who is extremely furious at not being granted his rematch. Triple H then walks out, slides into the ring and immediately suspends Lesnar, who then snaps and attacks the COO. A F-5 later, dozens of Officials pile out and fight with a apolopetic Lesnar, who is then dragged out the building by hundreds of Officials, Arena security and members of the Locker Room. Triple H then announces that Lesnar is fired, and will never step foot in the WWE ever again.

While Lesnar's gone, Rollins becomes the biggest heel in the company. He beats Ryback at Extreme Rules to retain the WWE Title, after Ryback won a small No.1 contenders Tournament on Raw. Paul Heyman, on the other hand, is busy, very busy indeed. He starts up a small campaign on Twitter to get Lesnar reinstated, and even goes on Conan O Brien's talk show on TBS to protest about Lesnar's controversial sacking.

A few months pass by, and Rollins is still on top of the food chain in WWE. He retains the WWE Championship in a Triple Threat match against Dolph Ziggler and Randy Orton at Payback, and defeats a BabyFace Kane at Elimination Chamber in a No Holds Barred match. Rob Van Dam returns to WWE, clearly fed up with Rollins's arrogance, and challenges him to a Ladder match for the WWE Title, with The Authority banned from ringside. Rollins accepts the challenge, and vows to win, and does so after breaking Van Dam's leg with a chair and handcuffing him to the turnbuckle.

The following night on Raw, however, all hell breaks loose. As Rollins is in the ring, bragging about his dominance, Paul Heyman interrupts him. Standing in the crowd, Heyman rants about Rollins and how arrogant he is, and himself and Rollins engage in a back and forth argument. Heyman then finishes up by yelling the following sentence on the mic: "HE'S BAACK."

Suddenly, Lesnar comes out of nowhere, sneaks into the ring and ambushes Rollins from behind. The two engage in a small brawl in the ring, before Lesnar kicks Seth in the gut and F-5's him to the mat. Triple H runs out with a gang of Officials and attempts to stop Lesnar from crippling Rollins, but Lesnar steamrolls through the Officials and goes after Rollins, thus stopping him from leaving the ring. Eventually, Lesnar and Heyman are again dragged out the building by dozens and dozens of Officials.

The weeks leading up to Battleground involve Lesnar invading WWE events and attacking Rollins at every opportunity. In the Parking Lot, in the ring, Backstage, etc. Rollins loses patience and demands that HHH and Stephanie reinstate Lesnar, a request which they refuse. Tensions start between Rollins and The Authority, due to their refusal to reinstate Lesnar.

Finally, after Lesnar kidnaps Divas Champion Nikki Bella and threatens to break both her legs, The Authority finally give in and give Lesnar a match at Battleground: A Handicap match against Big Show and Kane.

Battleground: Lesnar annihilates Show and Kane, and points at Rollins, who's sitting at the announce table with Michael Cole and JBL, and warns him that revenge shall come.

The weeks heading up to SummerSlam involve Rollins being scared shitless at every opportunity by Lesnar. He interferes in Rollins's matches, scaring him off over and over again. Tiring of Lesnar's bullying of Rollins, HHH grants Lesnar his rematch at SummerSlam.

SummerSlam: From the word go, it's a incredible back and forth battle between Lesnar and Rollins; Heyman cheers Lesnar on as he attempts to win back the WWE Title he never lost, but Rollins manages to put a hell of a fight. At the end, Lesnar attempts a F-5, but Rollins wiggles free of it and rolls up Lesnar for the victory. But, as Rollins is celebrating, a furious Lesnar clobbers him from behind and F-5's him. He then grabs a chair from ringside and absolutely batters Rollins across the back with the chair over and over again. After a few minutes of Lesnar absolutely destroying Rollins with the chair, he puts it down and snarls at the camera. Rollins is out for the count, and then, in a shock twist, United States Champion Kevin Owens then comes out the crowd and ambushes Lesnar from behind. A brawl ensures between both men, and the two brawl up the ramp and into the backstage area.

But as Rollins gets up, Mr Money In the Bank, Sheamus, runs down with a Referee not far behind him. He then pounces on Rollins as he's recovering, whacking him across the face with the MITB Briefcase and Brogue kicking him into oblivion. Three slaps of the hand later, Sheamus is the new WWE Champion.

The following night on Raw, Rollins demands answers, but Triple H walks out, alongside The Ascension, and announces that The Authority is going in a new direction. Suddenly, Rusev comes out of nowhere and attacks Rollins from behind, driving him into the mat with a Power-Bomb. Then, Sheamus runs out, WWE Title in hand, sneaks up behind Rollins in the ring, and whacks him with the belt as Rollins wakes up from Rusev's Power-Bomb. Triple H then gets on the mic and claims that Rollins failed him, and now he's no use to him or The Authority anymore, and that from now on, Rollins is now a outcast.

Note: In my WWE Universe, Daniel Bryan wins the Royal Rumble 2015 and headlines WM 31 alongside Brock Lesnar, whilst Roman Reigns wins the IC Championship ladder match.
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Re: How I would have booked Brock Lesnar vs Seth Rollins

Anyone wanna say anything?
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