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Re: Being The Booker

Monday Night Raw | December 8 2008 | Minneapolis MN

NO Opening Video

NO Pyro

{It’s almost like there’s cost cutting measures going on here with the lack of pyro as of late}

The action cuts immediately into the ring – kitted out for a contract signing, with Raw General Manager RICKY STEAMBOAT standing behind the desk, nodding at the cheers from the fans.

Ricky Steamboat: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen!

Slight pop from the fans.

Ricky Steamboat: As you can tell, we’ve got a very special set up here to kick us off tonight, because we’re about to make the main event for the upcoming Starrcade Pay Per View on December 28 official!!

Pausing, Steamboat puts his free hand into his pocket, taking a moment before continuing.

Ricky Steamboat: Now … many of you will know that the former World Heavyweight Champion Brent Albright suffered an injury a week ago, which will rule him out of action for a couple of months at least. And despite our differences, I take no joy in one of my superstars suffering an injury … so I’d like to take this opportunity to wish Mister Albright a speedy recovery.

Like you care!!” ~The Coach.

Ricky Steamboat: But- the show, as you all know, MUST go on!!


Ricky Steamboat: And in my opinion, we’re going to have ourselves a match worthy of headlining ANY Starrcade event. Young Lion versus Old Lion. Teacher versus Student. These two men could well be mirror images of one another – generations apart. So … without any further adieu … let’s bring out first of all – going against tradition, perhaps – the NEW World Heavyweight Champion … Shawn Michaels!!


And for the first time in three years, SHAWN MICHAELS has the World Heavyweight Championship in tow!! Dressed in a brown jacket, open collar shirt and a typical cowboy hat, Michaels is smart casual for the contract signing, making his way down the ramp and slapping hands with fans, whilst J.R and Coach quickly hype what’s to come tonight, including Paul London in action against Charlie Haas later.

Michaels climbs into the ring, and approaches Steamboat, with the Raw GM extending a hand … to which Michaels takes a moment to consider … before eventually (slowly) accepting the offer. Steamboat appears to offer some congratulations off mic, with Shawn nodding his head but offering little in response.

Standing at the contract table, Shawn picks up microphone, and points to it while looking at Steamboat, presumably for permission to speak, which Steamboat indicates is fine. The music dies down, and HBK puts his head down, collecting his thoughts and what he wants to say…

Shawn Michaels: I just had a little somethin I wanted to say before Ricky brings out Paul London for this contract signing, if that’s okay… As a matter of fact, that’s why I requested I was brought out here first.

Michaels takes the title belt off his shoulder, looks at it, and sets it down on the table, shaking his head before speaking once more.

Shawn Michaels: Y’know … it wasn’t all that long ago I thought I was washed up. About a year ago, I went through the biggest, uh … crisis … of my whole career. If someone told me then that I’d be standin here today as World Heavyweight Champion once again, I’d have called ya a liar.

Again, he looks down at the title belt on the table.

Shawn Michaels: Just six months ago, I tried … and failed to win this … beautiful championship … one more time. After that … I was uh … ready to call it quits, call it a career.

Looking back up, Shawn scratches at his stubble.

Shawn Michaels: Then a guy … I’m not even gonna say his name, but you all should know who I’m talkin about … gave me a reason to stick around. And that-

Michaels stops himself, biting his tongue, then purses his lips…

Shawn Michaels: That … guy put me through the ringer. I destroyed relationships with people I respect … betrayed the trust of people in the back- hell, I betrayed the trust of you; the fans. I know … I know a lot of you still have some resentment for ‘ol Aitch Bee Kay for some of my actions, and I ain’t gonna ask for forgiveness … because quite honestly … I wouldn’t do anything different.

Murmurs from sections of the audience.

Shawn Michaels: The way I see it, everything happens for a reason. These last few months have been a test, and while I ain’t always done the right thing … when it really mattered … I did the right the thing at the Survivor Series … and this championship is my reward- my salvation.

Steamboat slowly nods in the background, whilst Shawn looks at the title belt again, and picks it up, holding it in the same fashion Ric Flair would’ve in the 80’s for interviews on TV etc.

Shawn Michaels: At this stage of my career, chances are … this’ll be the last time I get to wear this gold around my waist, and I intend on savourin every single second of it. Because regardless of what y’might have heard, this right here, remains THE ultimate goal of every man that walks through the doors of the WWE. It’s the richest prize in the game. Always has been, always will be.

Damn right it is!!” ~J.R agrees.

Shawn Michaels: And y’can bet your bottom dollar that for as long as The Heart Break Kid is wearing this gold around m’waist?? That makes me the man around here.


Regardless of whether Shawn was finished or not; PAUL LONDON makes his way to the ring, much like Shawn, in a smart casual attire; open collar shit, jeans. The #1 Contender – in action later tonight too – makes his way to the ring, and once inside has no hesitation in shaking hands with Steamboat.

But then, there’s a tense stand off with Shawn Michaels across the table. Neither man says anything, but they stare across at one another, getting a good look at the man they’ll go to war with in three weeks before London picks up his microphone, indicating he wants to speak now too before signing.

Paul London: First of all … congratulations.

Michaels nods, and many fans applaud the gesture from London.

Paul London: But I’m not gonna pretend that I’m happy you got your “salvation”, Shawn. Because I’m not. For six months – SIX months … I was chasing down Albright. I made a promise that I was coming for everything he had; I wasn’t gonna stop until I done it. And all Albright had … was that.

London points at the belt in Shawns possession.

Paul London: I was breathing down his neck and I was this close to finally ripping that title away from him … then you came along.

Michaels doesn’t react, and merely stands stoic, listening intently.

Paul London: You just said it yourself, you didn’t think you’d ever be in this position again. Hell, you just said you were about to hang up your boots after you lost to Albright in the summer. While I’ve been working my ass off for every opportunity, literally obsessed with being the one to take down Brent Albright … dreaming of holding that title …

London runs his fingers through his hair, smirking, and shakes his head.

Paul London: And somehow … you end up getting that satisfaction. Not me. Beating Albright for that title … that was everything I was working for … not you.

Shawn Michaels: Y’sound a little bitter, kid…

Paul London: Damn right I’m bitter. But uh-

London chuckles to himself.

Paul London: It hit me over the weekend … I was obsessed with the wrong thing. For the last six months, I was obsessed with taking down Brent Albright for the World Title … when I should’ve seen the bigger picture. Because ultimately, winning that title is what I want. That’s what means more.

Shawn nods in agreement, whilst London picks up his pen.

Paul London: And as sweet as it would’ve been to beat Brent Albright … it’s gonna mean even more … WHEN I defeat the man I consider the greatest of all time at Starrcade.

Without much hesitation, London puts pen to paper, and tosses the contract across to Michaels.

Shawn takes a moment, looking down at the contract, then clicks his tongue, before looking over at London.

Shawn Michaels: Y’know somethin kid … it says a lot to me, that for all that time you spent chasin Brent Albrights tail y’couldn’t get the job done … yet … me??

Clicks fingers.

Shawn Michaels: I did in one night, somethin you couldn’t do in six months.

He’s not wrong, J.R” ~Coach agreeing with Michaels for once.

Shawn Michaels: I got all the respect in the world for ya, kid … but that doesn’t change the fact that you’re not ready for this …

Michaels places the title back on his shoulder, as London clenches his fist – he KNOWS what line is coming.

Shawn Michaels: And y’never will be.

London shakes his head, but doesn’t respond in verbal form.

Shawn Michaels: On December Twenty Eighth at Starrcade, I’ll prove it. I won’t take pleasure in it, I won’t gloat about it, and I ain’t even gonna come out here when it’s all said and done and say “I told ya so”, cos I know it’s gonna break your heart … when ya realize … winnin this title ain’t meant to be.

Amidst some boos, Michaels takes his pen, and signs the contract – the title match is official. Tossing the pen down, Shawn picks the mic up, making eye contact with London again.

Shawn Michaels: None of this is personal. It’s all business. But this business?? At the very top?? It’s cut throat.

Staring across the table at one another, neither man blinks, as Steamboat looks over the contract to make sure it’s all prim and proper … but before he can wrap things up, London has more to say.

Paul London: Winnin that title isn’t meant to be?? Is that what you said??

Shawn nods.

Paul London: Well understand this; I don’t give a damn what is or isn’t meant to be. If I listened to everyone that told me somethin wasn’t to be, I’d be stackin shelves in a 7/11 right now.

London emphatically points his finger to the floor.

Paul London: Because I wasn’t meant to be here in the first place. But here I am.

Shawn Michaels: {Flippantly} Y’can thank me for that.

London ignores the jibe from the man whose training school he began at, and continues on.

Paul London: And when I got here, I wasn’t meant to accomplish anything. But I won the Cruiserweight title. And when I won the Cruiserweight title, I wasn’t meant to climb any higher. But I won the U.S Title.

An a hell of a champion he was!” ~J.R puts the #1 Contenders accomplishments over.

Paul London: I wasn’t meant to compete, toe to toe with the likes of Kurt Angle, Triple H, Randy Orton … but I did. And I more than held my own.

Michaels doesn’t give any reaction, remaining stoic, but allowing London to speak.

Paul London: And now, people are telling me that me being World Champion isn’t meant to be. But I don't accept it. I won’t accept it and I’ll never accept it.

Cheers from the London fans.

Paul London: Because no matter how many times I fail, I’m not quitting. Whatever the hell it takes, I’ll do it. I won’t rest, and I won’t stop until the day that I hold THAT championship.

Pointing at the title belt on Michaels shoulder, London makes his point crystal clear.

Paul London: And that day is coming. December 28.

London makes a cut throat gesture, calling back to Michaels earlier comment, to a heavily mixed reaction … then shrugs.

Paul London: Nothing personal.

Slamming the microphone down, London has the final word, and departs the ring, with Michaels merely turning his head and watching his challenger leave, NOT showing any major reaction, or any need to respond.

On commentary, J.R hypes the showdown on December 28, calling it a main event worthy of the event, and that he can’t wait for these two to lock horns for the richest prize in the game…

Commercial Break

Back from the break, and during the entrances for the WORLD TAG TEAM TITLES MATCH, we’re reminded of how last weeks match ended, with the champions escaping, resulting in the rematch tonight with NO advantage for La Renaissance.

There’s also a quick mention of what’s still to come tonight too; Paul London one on one with Charlie Haas, CM Punk in action, and Rey Mysterio promises to call out John Cena – ALL to come in the next two hours of Raw action!!

La Renaissance defend against The Knuckledusters
Picking up where they left off last week, the challengers are right on Duprée and Sandow again, with the action quickly spilling to the floor as the champions retreat. Regal and Goldust get them back inside, looking to win the titles the old fashioned way, but the champs turn the tide and take control, working over Goldust briefly, but the Bizarre One AVOIDS the Elbow of Disdain from Sandow, and low bridges the ropes to send René tumbling to the floor as he tries to prevent the tag … as Goldust TAGS REGAL!!!

And the Brit brings it to Sandow, laying a beating on the Intellectual Saviour of the Masses, throwing him around with a Sambo Suplex, then a Butterfly Suplex, floating over … INTO THE REGAL STRETCH … BUT DUPRÉE RETURNS TO BREAK THE HOLD!!! Goldust soon takes care of the Frenchman, battling him to the outside, leaving Regal to deal with Sandow … but the attention shifts from the ring … as … MARYSE{!?} is shown making her way down the ramp, with J.R wondering what on earth business she has out here … while Coach channels his inner Jerry Lawler, telling J.R he’s just happy to see her out here.

In the ring, Regals focus is solely on Sandow, whilst Goldust slams Duprées face off the announce table, keeping the other half of the champions occupied … as Regal starts lining up Sandow for the KNEE TREMBLER … WHEN MARYSE MAKES HER PRESENCE FELT AND THROWS A PAIR OF BRASS KNUCKS INTO THE RING!!! Regal is distracted, and kicks the knucks away, turning to Maryse and questioning “What the bloody hell are you doing, woman!?”

The official is now distracted too by these antics, turning his own attention to Maryse, and telling her to leave … all the while allowing SANDOW to pull BRASS KNUCKS from his OWN trunks … AND LEVELS REGAL as the Brit reached down to pull him up!!!!! The referee is completely unaware, and makes the count … 1...2...3!!!!! Goldust is a FRACTION too late with the save – THE CHAMPIONS RETAIN THE TITLES!!!!
Winners: And STILL World Tag Team Champions – La Renaissance @ 05:29

Once again, the champions escape with their titles in tact against the perennial bridesmaids – but not without controversy!! J.R is ready to flip his lid cowboy hat, saying that this isn’t fair, demanding justice, as Sandow escapes from the ring, meeting his fellow spaghetti legged partner, staggering with the titles in one hand, and the dog leads in the other.

Waiting for the pair at the ramp is the difference maker though – Maryse. Sandow – still staggering – claps as he approaches her, then looks to hug the Blonde – but she wants no part of a hug with someone as sweaty as Sandow, clearly. Putting her hand up, Maryse stops him short, electing instead to simply shake his hand.

And as Duprée greets her, he tries to hand off the dog leads for Fifi and Edison – and again, she’s not having that. Maryse turns her nose up at the prospect of taking the dogs, and instead points to the OTHER hand, DEMANDING he hand over the title belts instead. Then, and only then, once in possession of the gold, Maryse cracks a smile, and begins to lead the champions to the back, as J.R again wonders what on earth is happening.

Meanwhile, back in the ring, Goldust tends to Regal … as the Knuckledusters face up to the reality of one again being screwed and one upped by the devious champions, whose plan tonight came up trumps…

Commercial Break

Raw returns with REY MYSTERIO shown sat backstage in the locker room, deep in thought. J.R and Coach discuss the advertised in-ring segment later tonight, but have little details, apart from the fact that they know Rey will be calling out John Cena, but the promise is that Mysterio has something ‘big’ planned.

Then, as Jim Ross and The Coach start to transition back to the controversial finish in the tag team title match moments ago-

The feed momentarily cuts out!!

Then returns. But not at ringside. Not even in the arena. We’re in someone’s home. A study area … and we hear a voice;

Just when you thought it was safe to come out…”

The camera pans around, to show legs up on an old oak table … eventually travelling up … and showing MISTER KENNEDY.

Kennedy, not seen since the Survivor Series – where he made Triple H say ‘I Quit’ - is cockily chewing on gum, bobbing his head, then throws his hands up as he reclines back in his chair.

Mister Kennedy: Miss me??

Kennedy chuckles, and takes his feet off the table, wagging his finger at the camera.

Mister Kennedy: Just because I haven’t been around … doesn’t mean I’ve gone anywhere.

Relaxing back into his chair, Kennedy is dripping in confidence.

Mister Kennedy: All I’m doin right now, is restin up. But while I let my knee recover, don’t go thinkin I’m just sittin back and reminiscin’ about making Triple H say the words … I … Quit … at the Survivor Series. No, no, no. I’m lookin …

He points into the distance.

Mister Kennedy: Ahead. I’m plottin’ … and y’better believe I’m schemin’ too. Because I got a big year comin up. Startin with winnin the Royal Rumble as the Number Thirty entrant, punchin my ticket to WrestleMania, and winnin the World Title at the Showcase of the Immortals.

Kennedy chuckles.

Mister Kennedy: And even though it’s their worst damn nightmare … there ain’t a damn thing any McMahon can do about it … unless of course, they want me to ruin their lives again. Nah … all they can do … is sit back … and watch as THIS … becomes the FACE of their damn company.

Pointing at his own face, Kennedy leans forward in his chair, closer to the camera.

Mister Kennedy: So boys and girls, enjoy the calm while ya can … because I guarantee you’re all gonna hate the storm I’m bringing back with me.

He raises a glass…

Mister Kennedy: Merry Christmas.

Fade out…


Returning back to ringside, both our commentators are left surprised at the (brief) appearance of MISTER KENNEDY, talking up why he hasn’t been around since the Survivor Series (and also touching on Triple H being AWOL ever since that event too) before reiterating that Kennedy – as part of his signing bonus – will be #30 in the Royal Rumble next month.

Coach says he’s missed Kennedy, and looks forward to seeing him wreak havoc on Raw all over again – though he does mention that he’d prefer Kennedy to make peace with the McMahons – whilst J.R notes that we will be in Kennedy’s home town two weeks from tonight on Raw…


But heading out the curtain now is NATALYA, forcing J.R and Coach to refocus on the matters at hand tonight. They put over the daughter of the Anvil, talking up the fight she gave Beth Phoenix over the last few months, and could’ve been in tonight’s triple threat #1 Contender match, only for her and Gail Kim coming a cropper a week ago against LayCool.


Despite their loss last week though, Nattie and GAIL KIM are teaming up again tonight. J.R notes that neither woman was happy at the loss last week to McCool and Layla, and they’ve promised each other that they stick together and eventually get even with the pair before resetting their focus on the womens title, hence the tag team pairing again tonight … and the action is up next.

Commercial Break

Match 2:

Natalya & Gail Kim vs. Katie Lea & Jillian Hall

Natalya & Gail are (fairly) regularly featured on Raw … Katie Lea and Jillian … are not. Natalya and Gail are pretty well protected for the most part … Katie & Jillian are not. This goes pretty much how you’d expect it to. It’s not a squash, but it’s not exactly 50/50 either, as Gail and Natalya show improvements in their teamwork tonight. Katie and Jillian have brief moments to shine, but Gail is able to fend them off herself, before making a tag to Natalya, and the fresher of the two puts the finishing touches on their opponents, eventually applying the SHARPSHOOTER on Jillian … and Gail cuts Katie off with EAT DEFEAT … leaving Hall no option but to TAP!!!

Winners: Natalya & Gail Kim @ 03:18

A by the numbers win for Nattie and Gail, but it’s more about the pair laying down a marker for a future rematch with the irritating duo of Michelle McCool and Layla. Again, J.R makes mention of the fact that both Natalya and Gail want to be back in the hunt for the womens championship … but right now, they’ve got unfinished business elsewhere, and they appear to be serious about gaining revenge on LayCool…


Watching backstage though, are the ladies in question; LAYCOOL. Michelle and Layla – both dressed for their triple threat match later – look to each other with concern initially … before bursting out in laughter.

Michelle McCool: Look at those two!!

Layla El: How pathetic!!Just …

Layla makes a gnawing motion at her hands.

Layla El: … Feeding off scraps. Poor babies.

Michelle McCool: And to think, it was us – you and me – that made those two soooo upset!!

Layla shrugs.

Layla El: And while those bottom feeders make do with the crumbs, you and I are getting ready to make history!!

Michelle McCool: Oh, I know!! Once we get done tearing out all those nasty extensions out of that dumb blonde-

Layla El: Not like you!

Michelle fluffs her hair.

Michelle McCool: Exactly. She’s such a stereotype!! Once we’re done with Kelly and we both have our hands raised tonight, it’s onto Starrcade and LayCool becoming the first ever-


They high five.

Michelle McCool: There’s no way this plan can fail.

Layla El: You hook one leg, I get the other … easy … peasy.

Michelle McCool: And when we’re co-champions, the rest of this-

McCool stops … as BETH PHOENIX; the current Womens Champion, arrives on the scene. Michelle and Layla look to one another, and with the pair having one another, they stand up straighter, at least trying not to look intimidated by the Glamazon. Phoenix stands in front of both, taking a look at them…

Beth Phoenix: Neither one of you can beat me.

She looks at Michelle, then Layla, and points at them both.

Beth Phoenix: Neither could the two of you put together.

Beth starts to walk away, and cracks a smile, turning her head to the side to call back;

Beth Phoenix: Cute idea though.

Phoenix walks on, leaving Michelle and Layla to stew, with McCool eventually lightly punching the arm of her partner.

Michelle McCool: Why didn’t you say something to her!?

Layla El: ME!? I was waiting for you!!

Michelle McCool: If you’d have said something to distract her, I was goin to sucker punch that girl!!

LayCool start to bicker, and we fade out.


Elsewhere, KELLY KELLY is shown stretching (getting whistles from the crowd ~eyeroll~) as she gears up for the biggest opportunity of her short career … when her mentor, VICTORIA approaches.

Victoria: Hey Kells.

Kelly looks up, and looks delighted to see her mentor.

Kelly Kelly: Oh- hey!! I’m so glad to see you, Victoria! I’m like, really, really nervous. Is that normal??

Victoria shrugs.

Victoria: Uhm … yeah, I guess. It’s your first time in this position, going into a Number One Contenders match so … yeah.

Kelly Kelly: But how am I supposed to deal with both Michelle McCool and Layla? They’re gonna be coming right for me, right??

The veteran glosses over the question.

Victoria: I guess … but … look, Kelly …

She holds Kelly by the arms, but pauses before saying anything.

Victoria: I’m going to say something here … not as your friend … but as your mentor, okay??

Kelly nods, ready for any pearls of wisdom that may help her…

Kelly Kelly: Sure. Please do!

Victoria: Okay … don’t take it the wrong way … but girl, you’re not ready for this. Not yet. It’s too soon.

Kelly looks confused.

Kelly Kelly: Wh- … what??

Victoria: You can’t go out there and take on LayCool. You pretty much said it yourself – it’ll be two on one. They’re going to eat you alive. And even if you did somehow get by them?? Beth Phoenix?? You don’t stand a chance. Yet.

Disappointed, Kelly pulls away.

Kelly Kelly: So … what does that mean?? Should I just … not compete?? Let LayCool win??

Victoria: No, don’t let that happen. Let … let me take your place tonight.

Kelly Kelly: Oh-

Awkward silence.

Victoria: Just- it’s too soon for you, Kelly. Let me go out there and show you how to deal with a situation like this. Let me show you how to deal with a competitor like Beth Phoenix. You saw how close I was to beating her two weeks ago.

Kelly nods in agreement.

Victoria: I just need one more chance.

Again, Victoria holds onto Kellys arms, close to her, right in the eyes.

Victoria: And trust me, Kelly, your time will come. It’s just not your time yet. It’s in your best interests to let me step into your spot tonight.

Kelly thinks about it.

Kelly Kelly: Uh … s-s- sure.

Victoria breathes a sigh of relief, then smiles.

Victoria: You’ve made the right decision, Kelly. I know you’ll be disappointed right now … but in the long run, this benefits you too.

Kelly Kelly: {Unsure} Yeah … yeah, you’re right. I’ll have my chance eventually.

Kelly puts her head down, and counts down the days before she can accept her Oscar, as we fade out…

Commercial Break

Raw returns with young, tall, skinny DREW MCINTYRE in the ring already as J.R puts over the young Scot picking up a win over The Miz last week (albeit thanks to Nick Nemeth), and a huge opportunity to make an impression tonight…


And the Intercontinental Champion CM PUNK makes his way to the ring, with the focus going on Punks open challenge that was issued last week to ANY former Intercontinental Champion – though the challenge was basically specifically for Raw GM Ricky Steamboat.

Jim Ross: The Intercontinental Title is NOT at stake here t’night, but in twenty days at Starrcade, that championship – the championship CM Punk believes is the most important of ‘em all – will be decided, and as we heard last week, the challenge is open to ANY former Intercontinental Champion … but Coach, let’s not beat it around the bush here, CM Punk was pretty specific about WHO he wanted to accept his challenge.

The Coach: He wants the Raw General Manager, Ricky Steamboat. But J.R, Steamboat wants no part of the Intercontinental Champion. He doesn’t want to be humiliated on the big stage!!

Jim Ross: Steamboat doesn’t want to confuse things around here, is what it is. He’s here as the General Manager. He’s nothin left to prove in the ring, damn it!! But for some damn reason, CM Punk is on the man’s back, goading the General Manager, pestering the man-

The Coach: He’s offering Steamboat a shot at the Intercontinental Title!! It’s not like he’s trying to make Steamboats life miserable – he’s trying to give Steamboat one last shot at the big time!!

Jim Ross: Oh, my Oklahoma ass he is!! CM Punk ain’t offerin this to be kind. He wants to ridicule Ricky Steamboat, and Steamboat ain’t gonna give him the satisfaction!!

The Coach: Steamboats loss is someone elses gain, baby boy!! He may not want it – he may be too scared to give it one last shot at glory, but you’ve heard the same names I have; Tito Santana has thrown his name into the hat, so has The Godfather, J.R!!

Punk arrives in the ring, as McIntyre paces, knowing how big an opportunity this is in his young main roster career … whilst Punk smirks in the direction of his opponent tonight.

Jim Ross: Look, I love the Godfather as much as the next man, an’ Tito Santana is a Hall of Famer, but with all due respect, neither of those men belong in a WWE ring challenging for the Intercontinental Championship in 2008.

The Coach: Ahmed Johnson – remember him, J.R!? He wants a crack at Punk!!

Jim Ross: {Unimpressed} Yeah…

The Coach: And there couldn’t be a discussion about former Intercontinental Champions without including the greatest – well, before Punk anyway – Intercontinental Champion of all time; The Honky Tonk Man!!

Jim Ross: Woopy doo!!

The Coach: Are you being sarcastic, J.R!?

Jim Ross: How about we just focus on the match that’s happening right now?? Can we try that??


CM Punk vs. Drew McIntyre

McIntyre looks like he’s going to make this a fairly tough nights work for Punk in the early exchanges, holding his own in the lock up, even overpowering Punk and shoving him into the corner. That perhaps wakens the champion up a little, and he raises his game to take control of the young Scot. Punk keeps the taller man grounded, and as he dominates, J.R and Coach continue to discuss the ‘Open Challenge’ set for Starrcade, with J.R getting word during the match that Shelton Benjamin has now thrown his name into the hat – and that’s the first name that’s gotten J.R excited that Punk may actually face a stern challenge.

McIntyre eventually works his way back into the match, mounting a comeback, and charging through Punk with a series of clotheslines, followed by a pair of slams. He looks around, trying to fire the fans up (to little response) as he heads up top, wanting his DIVING HEADBUTT he calls the GLASGOW KISS … BUT PUNK IS UP!!!!! Punk meets McIntyre, and tosses him off the top onto the canvas!! The corner clothesline follows, straight into the running bulldog … 1...2...NO!!! McIntyre has plenty of fight in him, but the Scot isn’t able to prevent the GTS … and he’s NOT kicking out of that; 1...2...3!!!!!

Winner: CM Punk @ 04:58

By the numbers victory for the Intercontinental Champion, but J.R at least tries to give Drew McIntyre credit, saying the kid will learn from this loss and come back better from it. But Punk isn’t finished for the night. Once he has his arm raised, the I.C Champion is requesting the microphone!!

Jim Ross: Oh- what a shocker, CM Punk wants to hear the sound of his own voice again!! Folks, we’re bein told we gotta take a commercial break here, and when we come back, he’ll hopefully have left and we can get on with the show…

Rather abruptly, Raw cuts to that commercial, before we can hear anything from Punk…

Commercial Break

We return, and Punk IS still in the ring, mid sentence, having clearly talked through the commercial, as some agents are seen at ringside, seemingly imploring Punk to leave the ring.

CM Punk: -done what I’ve been told, so I’m not gonna start now. I’m gonna keep talkin, and I’m gonna keep talkin, because I want a worldwide audience to hear what I’m saying.

He appears to get word from someone on the floor, and raises his eyebrows.

CM Punk: What’s that?? We’re back on the air!?

Punk waves at the camera (but not to Colt Cabana ).

CM Punk: Welcome back to the CM Punk show!! Here’s what ya missed …

Punk Points to the floor.

CM Punk: These guys got sent out here to mute me. See that??

He points at a microphone on the canvas.

CM Punk: They shut that off to silence me. Seems like my little challenge shook certain people up last week. But I’ll pick up every single microphone in this building for my voice to be heard.

He’s getting too big for his britches if ya ask me!!” ~J.R is indignant.

CM Punk: And as the number one guy on Raw … not only do I feel like I’m owed the privilege to speak when I want … but it’s also my responsibility to offer my congratulations to Shawn Michaels on his huge victory last week in winning the secondary championship around here.

Mixed response from the audience at that dig, whilst Punk cheekily smirks.

CM Punk: It’s inspiring that you were able to pick yourself up off the floor after your three failed attempts at tryin to win the big one {taps the I.C Title on his shoulder} and rebounding in style to grab the consolation prize.

I agree!!” ~The Coach.

CM Punk: I’m just relieved that the evidence is now there, and people can now listen and believe what I’ve been sayin for months; there’s now indisputable evidence that MY championship; the Intercontinental Championship … has surpassed the Heavyweight Title as the ultimate prize in this business.

He’s right!! It is!!” ~The Coach

CM Punk: So it causes me a great deal of distress when I see the names that are lining up for a crack at the Intercontinental Title at Starrcade. A week ago, I laid down a challenge for ANY man that formerly held this championship to come and challenge me for it. I was expecting the cream of the crop to step up to the plate. Actually-

Punk shakes his head.

CM Punk: That’s not what I was expecting. Because I made it pretty damn obvious WHO I wanted to answer that challenge. I threw out that challenge last week with ONE man in mind … but Ricky Steamboat is takin the high road. He’s doing all he can to convince himself he doesn’t want that spotlight on him one last time. He’s tryin to tell himself he doesn’t want one final crack at a title that I know is close to his heart.

The agents are more animated now on the floor, imploring Punk to stop, but he ignores them.

CM Punk: Regardless of what he accomplished or won outside this company, winning this title in front of ninety thousand people at WrestleMania is what every single person that ever remembers the name Ricky Steamboat will remember him for. Winnin this title was the biggest achievement of his career … and last week, I threw out a golden ticket for Steamboat to relive that glory one last time … and he flat out turned it down.

Because he’s fifteen years retired, damn it!!” ~J.R is getting angry.

He wrestled last month at the Survivor Series!!” ~Coach jibes back instantly.

CM Punk: But if you people, or the people in the back think I’m gonna tarnish the legacy I’ve created with this title by defending it against an Elvis impersonator or a Pimp, then you people got another thing comin. If Ricky Steamboat isn’t gonna accept my challenge, then honestly … I’m not all that interested in givin some old man five minutes of my time on Pay Per View.

Boos for Punk.

CM Punk: So as of right now, I’ve changed my mind. That Open Challenge?? That’s cancelled…

More smatterings of heat.

CM Punk: At least … part of it is. Instead of givin some washed up relic the attention on their way down, I’d sooner shine that spotlight on a kid that’s on their way up. There’s a whole generation of talent out there that’s just waiting for their shot at the big time … hungry kids livin outta cars, drivin from town to town to barely scratch a livin … second and third generation stars just waiting for a chance to step out of the shadow cast by their old man…

Trailing off, Punk displays a devilish grin…

CM Punk: There’s one in particular that’s coming to mind, actually.

Lies. This didn’t just come to mind. Like anything else with Punk, this is calculated.

CM Punk: Y’know … if Ricky Steamboat doesn’t want the spotlight or the opportunity to close out his career in a blaze of glory … then maybe Richie will.

Who?” ~The Coach is clueless.

Oh- now- wait just a minute- that-” ~J.R is not clueless.

CM Punk: How about it … Richie Steamboat?? You wanna follow in your dads footsteps?? You wanna get your hands on THIS title like your old man?? Of course you do!!

Punk continues to ignore the agents on the floor, who get more agitated at him, before finally acknowledging them and holding up a finger to tell them he’s almost done.

CM Punk: All you gotta do kid … is show up to Raw next Monday. You show up, you shake my hand, and I’ll give you the opportunity of a lifetime at Starrcade.

Looking directly at the hard camera, the grinning I.C Champion leans on the ropes.

CM Punk: I’ll be here, Richie. I’ll be waiting. Don’t let me down … like your old man did.

Punk dumps the microphone down, having a chuckle to himself, as he finally finishes, and is escorted from the ring by the angry agents, whilst J.R calls that “stunt” deplorable, before having to explain to The Coach that “Richie” is Ricky Steamboats son, who is training to be a wrestler.

Commercial Break

Back from the break, we get the caption “DURING THE COMMERCIAL”, as cameras catch up with Punk as he walks backstage – to be confronted by a visibly angry RICKY STEAMBOAT…

Ricky Steamboat: What the hell kind of stunt are you trying to pull!? Not my son!!

Punk shrugs his shoulders.

CM Punk: What’s the problem?? Saves you bein accused of nepotism, right?? This is all my doin, I’m doin you and your boy a favour givin the kid a foot up.

Ricky Steamboat: You’re not. And you know you’re not. My Richie isn’t ready for that kind of exposure. Far from it. And I’m not prepared to sanction anything involving you and my son.

CM Punk: Too bad, because I think it’s outta your hands. That’s an open challenge at Starrcade, and if your kid has any desire, any guts … he’s gonna jump at the chance to challenge for the Intercontinental Championship … like anyone with half a brain would.

Punk walks on, then stops, and turns back around…

CM Punk: So I guess you know what you gotta do to stop your boy takin me up on my offer, huh??

Punk continues on, as Steamboat stops. The GM sighs, rubbing his forehead, knowing the predicament he’s in…


Cutting elsewhere now backstage, and TIFFANY is standing by with NICK NEMETH…

Tiffany: Nick, it was officially announced over the past weekend that the issues that have developed between you and The Miz over recent weeks will come to a head at Starrcade on Pay Per View when the two of you go one on one. I imagine for you, it’s a chance to stake your claims for another shot at the Intercontinental Title, given the way in which The Miz put you at a disadvantage prior to your title shot two weeks ago?

Nick Nemeth: Ohhh, you better believe I’m taking any opportunity I can get to stake my claim for that Intercontinental title. CM Punk and I are far from through in my book … but as of right now, I’ve got a little bit of personal business to tend to because-

Nemeth laughs to himself, rubbing his jaw.

Nick Nemeth: The Miz- The Miz has chosen to stick his nose into my business. He started this the night after the Survivor Series by interrupting me, and he escalated it when he attacked me before my Intercontinental Title shot. What I did last week was just a tiny measure of revenge … and the rest is coming at Starrcade.

Tiffany: But wouldn’t you agree that this is a huge opportunity for The Miz to make a big impression on Raw if he could beat you at Starrcade in what is arguably the biggest match of his career to date??

Nick Nemeth: Believe you and me, if The Miz wants to step out of the kiddie pool and into the deep end with the guys that bust their necks, working day in day out for their whole lives just for a shot at the big time … then it’s my duty to welcome him by teaching the guy a lesson. Because I didn’t get here by being a reality TV star. I’ve given BLOOD, SWEAT AND TEARS for my spot – and NOTHING was handed to me like it was for him.

Breathing heavily after getting himself worked up, Nemeth takes a second to simmer down, running his fingers through his hair.

Nick Nemeth: For the last year and half, he’s swanned around Raw in his trendy little hat, playing the part of a wrestler. He made a mockery of the Hardcore Title for SEVEN MONTHS- and don’t get me started on his forty nine day long “match” that he still won’t shut up about.

Nemeth shakes his head, whilst showing a crack of a smile.

Nick Nemeth: The Miz hasn’t accomplished a SINGLE thing apart from get his ass kicked by every sports star or movie star that shows up here. So what do you think is gonna happen when he tries to mix it up with a REAL wrestler!?

Tiffany shrugs.

Nick Nemeth: The guy is a joke. He doesn’t belong here, and at Starrcade, I’m gonna prove it to the world … but most importantly, I’m gonna prove it to The Miz that he doesn’t belong here … and that his five minutes of fame in the WWE are well and truly up.

Tiffany suddenly shrieks-


Nemeth tumbles into the set, taking it down, as Miz rams him into a stage production box, then tosses Nemeth into a convenient arrangement of poles, creating a horrendous dinging noise as they tumble all over the place.

From there, Miz puts the boots to Nemeth, talking trash while he does, asking with each kick “IS THIS A JOKE?? HOW ABOUT THIS?? THIS FUNNY?? THIS A JOKE TO YOU!?”

Miz finally relents, as Nemeth groans from the attack, trying to catch his breath and recover … WHEN MIZ RETURNS, WHEELING A BOX AND CRASHES IT INTO NICK NEMETHS HEAD!!!!!

Again, Tiffany shrieks, then scurries off – seemingly to get help – as Miz, with a rare look of intensity on his face, stands over the beaten down body of Nick Nemeth …

The Miz: Do I look like a joke to you now??

And with one final stomp to the chest, The Miz walks off, leaving Nemeth down and out – for the second time in three weeks…


Back into the arena, and LAYCOOL head to the ring TOGETHER, despite technically facing one another tonight – even if there’s already an agreement in place to stick together. J.R and Coach discuss the possibility that Victoria could well be about to replace Kelly Kelly…

And cutting backstage at Gorilla, VICTORIA is shown hopping up and down as the final part of her warm up before heading to the ring. KELLY KELLY is shown nodding in the background, but does seem a little upset that she’s not getting this opportunity … when RICKY STEAMBOAT shows up in a rush, speaking with more agitation than we’re used to (as a result of the Punk situation, most likely).

Ricky Steamboat: Someone want to tell me what’s happened?? They’re telling me you’re giving up your shot to Victoria?? Are you hurt??

Kelly Kelly: Uh, no. We just decided that maybe it’s a little early still for me to be in such a big match-

Ricky Steamboat: Well, I appreciate the input, but uh, I’ll decide who is and isn’t ready for big matches. And if you’re not injured, then you’ve no reason to be competing tonight. Get out there.

Kelly stands awkwardly, and looks to Victoria.

Kelly Kelly: Uh-

Victoria puts a hand up to Kelly as if to say “I’ll handle it” before speaking to Steamboat.

Victoria: Ricky, she’s not ready. I know her better than anyone. This is too soon for Kelly. A few months from now, she might-

Ricky Steamboat: I’ll be the judge of that. And I’ll repeat myself one more time…

Still angry, and in no mood to discuss anything, Steamboat immediately cuts that idea off, and looks to Kelly, pointing to the stage.

Ricky Steamboat: Get out there. This is your shot. Good luck.

In the background, Victoria is clearly fuming and not able to hide it that well. Kelly awkwardly walks by as her music is queued up… and once she’s out of picture and out of earshot, Steamboat has more to say to Victoria.

Ricky Steamboat: You need to have more faith in your protégé if you ask me. You should be building her up … not knocking her down. I’m really disappointed in you, Victoria.

Steamboat walks off, leaving Victoria to stew over his words.


And in the arena, KELLY KELLY is on her way to the ring, looking quite awkward at the change in events, but still waves to fans as she walks down the ramp … but the moment she climbs up onto the apron – LAYCOOL KNOCK HER OFF!!!

Boos fill the arena for the heel tactic, as Kelly curls up on the floor in pain, to which Michelle McCool and Layla chuckle. They soon follow out, ignoring the orders from the official to leave Kelly and allow her to recover before starting the match and instead ram her into the ring apron!!!

Layla then SLAMS Kelly on the mat on the outside, with the referee finally stepping in, seeing enough, and demanding LayCool back off, and allow Kelly recovery time before officially starting the match. As Kelly writhes on the ground – at an immediate, distinct disadvantage as it is – J.R explains that we HOPE to get the match started on the other side of the break.

Commercial Break

Michelle McCool vs. Layla El vs. Kelly Kelly
*Winner faces Beth Phoenix at Starrcade for the Womens Championship*

Joined in progress, the match resembles exactly what it was promised to be, and what it looked like before the break; a two on one handicap match. McCool and Layla are taking their time, obviously enjoying total domination over the young popular blonde. Kelly has to suffer through long chin locks, leg locks and double team stomps in the corner too, meanwhile getting in ZERO offence herself. There’s also no signs of any dissension or infighting or double crossing from either member of LayCool, as they continue to stay on the same page.

But despite their total domination, LayCool don’t finish Kelly off when they have the chance, and instead take too much enjoyment over the fact they’re getting to rough up an old rival. They send Kelly into the corner, and Michelle looks for a big boot in the corner – BUT KELLY DUCKS IT!!!!! Kelly avoids the boot, but collapses to her knees from the beating she’s taken, and while Michelle has her boot caught on the top rope, Kelly isn’t able to capitalise. Layla drags Kelly back up … BUT GETS CAUGHT IN A CRADLE; 1...2...NO!!!!!

Layla pops up after nearly getting caught, and immediately knocks Kelly back down. McCool is soon back too, and after the scare, LayCool start to think about winning the match, but when they first go for a double pin by each hooking a leg; KELLY KICKS OUT!!! LayCool continue the beatdown though, with J.R mentioning that it’s getting uncomfortable to watch. McCool has Layla stand Kelly up, whilst going to the top rope, looking for a MISSILE DROPKICK … BUT KELLY DROPS TO THE FLOOR – AND MCCOOL ACCIDENTALLY TAKES OUT HER PARTNER!!!!!

Michelle panics, but gets back on Kelly, not wanting to give her any time to recover. McCool stomps Kelly down, before dragging her back up … FAITHBREAKER!!!!! McCool turns Kelly over for the count … 1...2...LAYLA PULLS HER OFF!!! And Layla is furious with her partner – she wants to know why McCool is going for the win without her!! Michelle pleads her case, seemingly getting Layla back onside … WHEN KELLY CLATTERS INTO MICHELLE – WHO IN TURN CLATTERS INTO LAYLA!!!!

Layla tumbles out of the ring, and Kelly gets a roll up on McCool … 1...2...NO!!! McCool survives that scare, and WAFFLES Kelly with a big boot!!! She looks to be going for another FaithBreaker … WHEN LAYA RETURNS AND SCHOOL GIRLS HER PARTNER!!! 1...2...NO!!! And now, LayCool are bickering again!! The plan is falling apart!! They start trading blows, winding up with Layla trying to dump McCool out of the ring, but Michelle lands on the apron. They continue to struggle, and nail each other with forearms at the same time – with McCool falling to the floor, and Layla staggering into the path of Kelly Kelly … AND THE K2!!!!! 1...2...3!!!!!

Winner: Kelly Kelly @ 07:01


Despite barely even getting in a lick of offence, Kelly Kelly emerges from what was essentially a 2 on 1 scenario to WIN a shot at the Womens title!! J.R calls it the unlikeliest of outcomes, but goes on to promote the title match as a major step up for Kelly, with the opportunity of a lifetime awaiting the young blonde, but the biggest challenge of her short career.

On the outside, Michelle McCool picks herself back up, and meets with Layla as she rolls out of the ring. The pair briefly bicker after coming to blows earlier, but it appears they’re more upset at the fact Kelly Kelly somehow overcame them – even though they’ve only themselves to blame – and missed out on the title shot at Starrcade.

Kelly looks on the verge of tears in the ring, overcome with her win and what it means going forward, but despite earning an illustrious title shot, reality soon hits, as Kelly turns to look to the stage … and BETH PHOENIX is shown standing there, shaking her head and smirking, seemingly giving her future challenger little hope.

Again, J.R calls it a HUGE step up in competition for Kelly Kelly, challenging one of the – if not THE – most dominant womens champions of all time, certainly marking Kelly as a huge underdog on December 28…

Commercial Break


WWE Production theme; “Triumphant Return” plays as the word flashes on screen-


Clips of RIC FLAIR getting an elaborate entrance, wearing the big gold belt … DUSTY RHODES raising his arms … GREG VALENTINE and RODDY PIPER staring one another down in the Dog Collar Match.


The smoking entrance for VADER … RIC FLAIR and STING ready to lock up … the ROAD WARRIORS walking to the ring … MAGNUM T.A battling TULLY BLANCHARD.


HOLLYWOOD ’HULK HOGAN playing the WCW title on his way to the ring … RICKY STEAMBOAT & JAY YOUNGBLOOD winning the tag team titles … RIC FLAIR being hoisted onto the shoulders of his peers.


Jubilant scenes of STING winning the title in 1997 … DUSTY RHODES holding the NWA title in 1985 … RODDY PIPER defeating Hogan in 1996.




Clips of cheering fans, and fireworks going off at previous STARRCADE events.


And the STARRCADE logo flashes across the screen-




{Props to Hug Life for the poster!}


J.R and Coach briefly touch on the injury to Brent Albright once again, which will rule the former World Champion out of action for the next couple of months, mentioning the surgery he went for late last week being a success (sorry, Kingpin) and wishing the former champion a speedy recovery.

That leads into our commentary team discussing the next match tonight which will see Albrights fellow Master Craftsman; Charlie Haas, going one on one with Paul London … but before the action, Eve Torres is standing by with Albrights two partners for an interview…

Eve Torres: Thanks J.R, and indeed, I am standing by with the former World Tag Team Champions, Charlie Haas and Nick Dinsmore. Charlie, in just a moment, you’ll go one on one with Paul London, but I believe the two of you requested this interview time to get a few things off your chests?

Charlie Haas: Damn right we did. There’s a lot going on on Raw that we don’t appreciate. It’s been like that for a while, actually. And tonight has been a perfect example of what we’re talking about.

Eve Torres: Well … could you elaborate??

Charlie Haas: Do we need to?? For six months, Brent Albright ruled this show as the World Champion, but never got the kind of respect he deserved. There’s no other champion that would’ve been treated like Brent was last week – tossed into a title defence on barely zero notice. But that’s what he – that’s what WE have had to deal with for the last half a year.

Haas points at himself and Dinsmore.

Charlie Haas: And tonight, he’s barely been mentioned. It’s like he never existed. The fact that it’s Shawn Michaels and Paul London for the World Title at Starrcade makes us – and makes Brent Albright – physically sick. Everyone with half a brain knows the only reason Brent Albright isn’t still the World Champion right now is because of the injury he sustained last week. It’s not because Shawn Michaels or Paul London were better than him. They just got lucky that he got hurt.

Nick Dinsmore: And once he’s fit and healthy, he’s gonna win that title right back.

Snaps fingers.

Nick Dinsmore: Just like that.

Haas nods in agreement.

Charlie Haas: It shouldn’t be Paul London challenging Shawn Michaels for the Brent Albrights title at Starrcade. It should be one of us in that spot as Brent Albrights proxy. THAT would be fair. THAT would be justice.

Dinsmore defiantly nods along with what Haas is saying.

Charlie Haas: But we’ve realised that the only way to get justice around here … is to make some for yourself.

They start to walk off, but Eve wants a follow up.

Eve Torres: What- what does that mean?

Eve asks, but the request for an answer falls on deaf ears as the Craftsmen keep walking.


Back into the arena…


For the second time tonight, PAUL LONDON emerges through the curtain – this time dressed to compete. Commentary shill the big World Title match on December 28, but J.R airs concerns about the lingering threat made just moments ago by the remaining Master Craftsmen.


Entering to Brent Albrights theme, CHARLIE HAAS walks onto the stage with Nick Dinsmore, clearly fired up tonight and with a point to prove. Coach backs up the earlier claims from Haas and Dinsmore, stating that he agrees at the lack of respect for the fallen former champion, before we get word that NEXT WEEK on Raw, Nick Dinsmore will have his shot at revenge when he goes one on one with Shawn Michaels…

Main Event:
Paul London vs. Charlie Haas w/Nick Dinsmore
Despite the pent up anger from Haas, he isn’t angry enough to completely abandon his gameplan, and takes a measured approach by sticking to his wrestling. He’s aggressive in the lock up, and is stronger than London, able to quickly work into a side headlock. London is able to squeeze out, and uses his quickness to avoid and frustrate Haas; sliding under, ducking, leap frogging, before popping off an arm drag, drop sault and a headscissors that sends Haas tumbling to the floor!!! Haas slams his hands on the apron in frustration, with Dinsmore calming his tag partner down, as we head into a commercial break…

Commercial Break

And rejoining the action, Haas is still playing catch up, with London continuing to frustrate due to his trickery and speed … UNTIL HAAS CATCHES LONDON WITH A RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX!!!!! The folds London up, and the momentum completely shifts to Haas, who uses a combination of wrestling skill and flat out thuggery to beat London down. There’s a point where Haas bashes London repeatedly in the corner with right hands – very unlike Haas – before being forced out of the corner and warned by Mike Chioda…

But all the while, Dinsmore makes the most of that distraction by choking London on the ropes in the corner!! This starts to become a pattern, with Haas and Dinsmore using some old school heel tag team tactics – despite Dinsmore not even being part of the match – as J.R wonders if Shawn Michaels should get out here to even the odds!! Even as London mounts a comeback, Dinsmore trips his foot from the outside when London runs the ropes, which allows Haas to trap the #1 Contender and deliver a sick looking T-Bone Suplex!!! 1...2...NO!!!!

Haas starts to go back to basics, and begins working over the lower back of London, softening him up surely for the Haas of Pain. London, knowing the predicament he’s in, and why Haas is targeting the back, frantically fights back, showing plenty of fire, rocking Haas, and scores a big two count of his own with a Dragon Suplex. He gets out onto the apron, looking to spring back in – but Dinsmore grabs his leg again from the outside!! London kicks him away, then ducks an incoming shot from Haas, driving his shoulder into the gut of Haas, and hits a Sunset Flip into the ring … 1...2...NO!!!

London is back up quickly, beating Haas to the punch, and eventually puts him down with an ENZIGURI!!! London starts to shape up to head for the corner … then in an instant, leaps to the middle rope – AND SPLASHES TO THE FLOOR TO TAKE OUT NICK DINSMORE!!!! London then climbs back into the ring – RIGHT INTO A WAITING CHARLIE HAAS WHO CATCHES LONDON WITH A BRIDGING NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX!!!! 1...2...LONDON JUST KICKS OUT!!!!

But London is in trouble, and Haas whips him HARD into the corner, then across the ring to the opposite corner, and back AGAIN!!! London staggers out, holding his back, with Haas delivering a BACK BREAKER … before transitioning straight into the HAAS OF PAIN!!!!! Londons body is torqued, racked with pain … but the #1 Contender grits it out, and claws his way to the ropes … AND GETS THERE!!! Haas looks frustrated, but stays on London, hammering him at the ropes, before being pulled away.

And as he is, Dinsmore is back again!! Recovered from the splash to the floor, Dinsmore attacks London at the ropes, but London elbows him away, and NAILS him with a Superkick!!! Dinsmore tumbles, as Haas comes charging back in – AND GETS STUNGUNNED ONTO THE ROPES!!! London then sizes Haas up – SUPERKICK TO HAAS!!! Dinsmore is down, Haas is down … and Haas is in the perfect spot for London to climb up top … 450 SPLASH CONNECTS!!!!! 1...2...3!!!!!

Winner: Paul London @ 11:17

Paul London has his hand raised in victory, building momentum for his date with destiny at Starrcade, as he comes through a stern test – made tougher by the outside influence of Nick Dinsmore – but sees off the threat of the remaining Master Craftsmen … or so he thought-


Dinsmore puts the boots to London, keeping him down as he waits for Haas to recover and help him out, with the Master Craftsmen proceeding to deliver a two on one attack on London!! J.R notes that this is what they must’ve meant by “justice” earlier tonight, and worries that they may be looking to take London out of the Starrcade main event here!!

The former tag champions shove Mike Chioda out of the way, continuing to beat London down, and take the beating to the floor, and HURL London at the barricade at velocity with a double hip toss!!

H-B-K” chants pick up, as fans request – and expect – a Shawn Michaels run in, and J.R even demands it on commentary, if only to save the Starrcade main event … but a Michaels appearance doesn’t look to be forthcoming!! Coach reminds J.R that London explicitly told Michaels two weeks ago to stay out of his business … and it appears Michaels is complying by staying in the back!!!

And it looks to be going from bad to worse for the #1 Contender, with the Master Craftsmen slamming London on the mats, before Dinsmore peels the protective mats away, with the pair looking to really put a beating on London on the exposed floor!! BUT LONDON FIGHTS BACK!!! Knowing the predicament he’s in, London fights with all he’s got…

But the numbers are too great for him!! Valiantly, he tries to fight off Haas and Dinsmore, but they eventually wear him down, before LAUNCHING him over the announce table as J.R and Coach head for higher ground!!

The chants for HBK grow … but Michaels is nowhere to be seen, whilst Haas and Dinsmore now strip the announce table – forget the floor, they want to put London through the table!!! London crawls to the timekeepers position, as Haas bears down on him, looking to drag London back-


London finds an equalizer and fends off Haas with it!!! London drags himself to his feet, as Haas and Dinsmore plot their next move, now hesitant due to the chair London is wielding and ready to use, swinging as Haas, then Dinsmore inch forward.

London calls them on, challenging the Master Craftsmen to try him … but in the end, the pair decide to cut their losses. Both Haas and Dinsmore are frustrated, their plan foiled by the resourcefulness of London tonight … but as Coach reminds J.R on commentary, they might get another chance next week when Dinsmore takes on Michaels… and after Shawn elected to leave London to fight his own battle tonight, he won’t expect London to do HBK any favours next Monday…


But the show isn’t over … as we cut backstage to REY MYSTERIO solemnly walking through the hall, taking a deep breath, on his way out here to call out John Cena … NEXT!!!

Commercial Break

**BOOYAKA 619**

There’s no trapdoor entrance for REY MYSTERIO tonight, and there’s no saluting the fans on the stage either. It’s a serious expression on the face of Rey, and he barely even slaps hands with fans on his way to the ring, with J.R noting that Mysterio has not been himself at all today ahead of his promise to call out John Cena tonight.

Recapping what brought us to this point, J.R and Coach talk about Rey eliminating Cena from the Survivor Series match last month and Cena went on to attack Mysterio – leading indirectly to Reys own elimination – and the following night, costing Rey and Shelton Benjamin the tag team titles.

But while the issue has exploded in recent weeks, Cena and Rey have clashed at earlier points in the year too, with Cena twice defending the World Title (when he was champion) against Mysterio at the Royal Rumble and on Cinco De Mayo, with plenty of bad blood already between them.

Rey Mysterio: I made a promise today. I made a promise that tonight on Raw, I’d do something that a lot of people are scared to do … and that’s call out John Cena.

He’s got a deathwish!!” ~Coach offers his two cents.

Rey Mysterio: Like a lot of people back there, I’m sick and tired of John Cena making people miserable. Picking on the weak, victimizing a young kid like Drew McIntyre, pushing his weight around, ruling with fear instead of respect.That makes you a bully, John. You’ve got away with it for way too long. And everyone in the back agrees with me that it’s time to put an end to it.

A lotta people look up to Rey as a locker room leader here on Raw. He speaks for a lot of guys here.” ~J.R

No one looks up to Rey, J.R – he’s tiny!!” ~Coach.

Rey Mysterio: There’s a lot of people that are too scared to stand up to John Cena. There’s a lot of people that are worried what’ll happen to them if they do. But I’m not afraid of John Cena … and I’m not afraid to call John Cena OUT!!!

Pop from the fans for Rey standing up to Cena.

Rey Mysterio: Man to man, I know I don’t measure up to John Cena when it comes to strength, or size or power or any of that stuff. But I’ll never cower to a bully…

Rey repeats that last part in Spanish, we assume.

Rey Mysterio: I’ll never hide from a bully, and I’ll never back down from one either. I’ll stand up to a bully, and I’m standing up to John Cena … for myself, for the guys in the back, and for every single one of you that John Cena turned his back on!!

Mysterio points around the arena, getting a cheap pop from the fans.

Rey Mysterio: John Cena!! I’m standing here and I’m call-


But Rey doesn’t even get to finish his official call out, with JOHN CENA interrupting, and stepping through the curtain to a mountain of boos (and some cheers) to answer the call from Mysterio. Dressed all in black, with his hood up, Cena marches down the ring, no messing around.

Cena climbs into the ring, ignoring Rey as he marches past, and calls for a mic as he takes his hood off … before finally turning to address Rey when the music stops, and doesn’t waste any time once it does, by stepping right into the personal space of the smaller man.

John Cena: Not afraid of me?? Y’should be.

Cena tries to intimidate Rey, but Mysterio tries to hold his ground, not looking away from Cena.

John Cena: When I walk those halls, every man and woman better clear a path, and stand back in fear … and that includes you, little man.

Rey shakes his head … and that makes Cena crack a smile.

John Cena: You got some balls to call me out like this, and I oughta put you in the ground right here just for that alone … because there’s two things I don’t appreciate. That’s bein called out … and bein called a bully. You just done both.

Well, if the shoe fits!!” ~Obviously J.R agrees with Rey.

John Cena: I ain’t no bully, Rey. I don’t pick on anyone around here to make myself feel better … all I do, is put people in their place when they step to me. That, and anyone I do target … is to get at them.

Points to the fans.

John Cena: Like I said all along, I wanna break every single one of their heroes. Everyone these people idolise, I’m here to shatter that illusion and remind ‘em that everyone they cheer ain’t on MY level … which is why you really oughta be scared when you’re standin in this ring callin my ass out, Rey, because you’re one of ‘em!!

Still, Rey is defiantly standing his ground.

John Cena: You wanna be next?? You want me to expose you same as I have every other man that’s dared challenge me?? Does that make me sound like a bully or a bad ass?? Cos a bully would tuck his tail and run from a challenge. Me?? I’m standin right here, Rey … and I ain’t backin up from any challenge.

Rey Mysterio: Except when it’s from The Undertaker, huh??

OOOHHH” ~The fans.

That quick comment from Rey throws Cena off, and the Man In Black doesn’t have a quick response for it either. He glares at Rey, clearly angry at the insinuation … then after taking a moment to think, Cena smirks??

John Cena: You deflectin, little man?? I thought you were the one with the nuts to call me out earlier … now I’m here, you wanna talk about someone else??

Sounds like Cena is deflecting himself … but it seems to work.

John Cena: It’s me and you here right now. You called me out … now … where I’m from, I get called out … that’s an invitation for a fight. You wanna fight me, Rey?? Then lets fight.

Pop from the fans.

John Cena: You wanna match, let’s have a match. Because I’ve beaten your sorry ass every single time we’ve gone one on one. But those times in the past?? That was all business. You wanna dance with me now?? You better be prepared for what’s comin … because I ain’t gonna hesitate in ENDING you.

Cena steps forward, and bears down on Rey, who looks up at Cena but STILL doesn’t back down!!

John Cena: And I got plenty of time to kill before I win the Royal Rumble next month, so it ain’t a problem for me. I got a clear schedule right now. An’ the way I see it, I’ve got my kicks outta exposing all the other false heroes these people worship over the last six months … so why not add another?

There’s a brief pause as the two men stare down/up at one another, before Rey responds.

Rey Mysterio: That’s exactly what I want, Cena. A match. With you.

Big pop. Cena smirks, then nods before taking a step back to allow Rey to speak again.

Rey Mysterio: But I want more than that. Like I said … we’re all sick and tired of you. We’re sick and tired of the way you treat people around here. Making their lives miserable. And we all want to see you taken down a peg or two.

John Cena: And you’re the man they sent!?

Cena mocks Rey, but Mysterio doesn’t react to the cutting question, instead keeping to his point.

Rey Mysterio: If you’re so sure you can beat me again … then let’s raise the stakes. If I beat you at Starrcade … then you’re OUT of the Royal Rumble-

There’s a rumble of anticipation for that stipulation.

Rey Mysterio: And you can NEVER challenge for the World Heavyweight Title again.

Big pop for that. Cena though, instantly laughs.

John Cena: Look at the balls on you!!

Almost impressed, Cena leans back on the ropes, letting that all sink in, before eventually addressing the challenge.

John Cena: You must be confident.

Rey nods. Cena continues to ponder …

John Cena: But I’ve just sat out the last six months outta the title picture. And without that World Title to aim for, there ain’t any point in me stickin around … so I’m gonna say no.


John Cena: But then again … you knew I’d say no, didn’t ya?? You knew I’d never put my career – and that’s basically what you’re askin – on the line.

Cena don’t sound so sure here if y’ask me!!” ~J.R

Cena still appears to be thinking … and eventually speaks up again.

John Cena: So how about I call your bluff, Rey. How about I say I’ll accept that match … but if I win … I want you to stand in the middle of this ring … and take off that mask for the entire world to see.

That gets a big reaction, and J.R quickly comments that that’s asking a lot of a luchadore.

Rey takes a few moments to think it over, as Cena stands with a cocky smirk on his face, knowing that if Rey declines, he can say he’s a pussy, and if he accepts, he has a chance to humiliate Mysterio.

Rey Mysterio: This mask … is everything to me … and you know that.

John Cena: I know it makes ya a whole heap of cash from these suckers.

Heat. Rey shakes his head at the comment, clearly finding it disrespectful.

Rey Mysterio: No, no, no. This is my culture, ma familia … generations of lucha. It’s sacred. It- it’s my identity! For me to remove this … I bring shame on my people … shame on myself. For me to put this mask on the line … it has to be for a special reason.

Rey puts his head down, clearly in a predicament, rubbing his head … before looking back up at Cena.

Rey Mysterio: But I wont back down from you, Cena. And I KNOW that I CAN beat you.

Pop. Rey steps forward toward Cena…

Rey Mysterio: And if I have to put my mask on the line in order to cut you down to size and make you pay for the trouble you’ve caused the Raw locker room?? Then it’ll be worth it…

And steps right into Cena, looking up at the Man In Black-

Rey Mysterio: I ACCEPT!!


Mysterio drops the mic, and refuses to back up from Cena, letting the bigger man know he DOESN’T fear him … looking up into the eyes of the man he’ll face at Starrcade … with Cena not batting an eye either.


The Coach: It does NOT get much bigger than this, J.R!!! Either Mysterio will remove his mask at Starrcade … or John Cena will effectively see his career finished!!

Jim Ross: And somethin has t’give!! One of these mens careers – their lives – will be ruined on December 28!! One of these men will NEVER be the same after Starrcade!!! Bah Gawd, it’s ALL on the line for these two men!!! IT’S ALL ON THE LINE!!!

And with Mysterio and Cena staring at each other, the show fades to black…


Official Card for WWE Starrcade:

December 28 2008 | Greensboro Coliseum, Greensboro NC
Theme Music; ‘The Prayer’ Bloc Party

World Heavyweight Championship Match:

Shawn Michaels vs. Paul London

Womens Championship Match:
Beth Phoenix vs. Kelly Kelly

Rey Mysterio vs. John Cena
*If Mysterio wins; John Cena can never challenge for the World Title again*

*If Cena wins; Rey Mysterio must remove his mask*

One on One:

Nick Nemeth vs. The Miz

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Re: Being The Booker

Damn Wolf Beast you are on here too man simply one of the best BTB in all of wrestling forums

You don't think I understand what it is like to be abandoned? Forgotten? To be the Robin no one trusts?
- Jason Todd

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Re: Being The Booker

WWE Superstars | December 10 2008


Before any action, we get the teaser-


{Which will just be a low key, in studio awards ceremony}

Then, firing to ringside, Striker and Grisham get excited for the SLAMMY awards coming to Superstars in two weeks time, but quickly shift focus to TONIGHT on the show, with a BIG eight man tag match booked in the main event, as tag teams from Raw look to jockey for position with Colt Cabana and Colin Delaney teaming up with The East Coast Party Boys to take on The New Standard and AMW.

But the opening match tonight is a showcase for Paul Heymans latest project; JACK SWAGGER. The All American makes light work of a local jobber, before finishing him off with a move he’s adopted from Kurt Angle; The Anklelock @ 02:05.




- Two nights before Armageddon, Edge & Christian join forces to take on the Hardy Boys!! Plus, earlier in the night, Christian and Jeff Hardy will appear on The Kings Court as they gear up for their #1 Contender Match on PPV!!

- Ahead of the Four Corners match on Sunday, the four teams involved will each send ONE man to represent their team in singles action for a Fatal Four Way!!


- Before tackling Paul Heymans other client, Randy Orton, at Armageddon, John Morrison must take on the former Olympic Gold Medallist, Kurt Angle!!

Up next, VICTORIA also makes quick work of her opponent; CANDICE MICHELLE. It’s an aggressive Victoria tonight, with much made of her attempts on Raw to oust her ‘protégé’ from the #1 Contenders Match this past Monday. A Widows Peak from the veteran finishes off Candice @ 03:14, but the win doesn’t get Victoria any closer to the rematch she craves with Beth Phoenix…


Backstage, VICKIE GUERRERO is interviewed about what happened last week when she dumped Los Latinos – her own family, Chavo! - to instead begin managing the San Juan Express. She explains that she simply has loftier goals to achieve, and realized that Chavo and Super Crazy just didn’t have the tools to match her expectations, while Primo and Epico do. She notes that they’re younger, hungrier and willing to do whatever it takes … and they’ll prove it next week when they face Los Latinos on Superstars.






At ringside, Matt Striker and Todd Grisham talk about a big few weeks ahead on the show, explaining that each week for four weeks, whoever beats the clock that night will guarantee themselves one of the coveted thirty spots in the Royal Rumble … but before the Rumble will be Starrcade, and in addition to the matches already announced, they confirm that The Knuckledusters will challenge La Renaissance one more time on PPV for the World Tag Team Titles!! Grisham wonders if the champions can keep pulling the rabbit out of the hat, or whether their luck will finally run out at Starrcade on Dec. 28.


Next in action, it’s Cruiserweights from Smackdown as JUSTIN GABRIEL takes on the old war horse, JERRY LYNN. Gabriel, now a heel, and aligned with Christopher Daniels and Low Ki as part of the Trinity, plays up his new role, but the veteran has seen it all before. Lynn looks to be on the verge of a victory too … until LOW KI and CHRISTOPHER DANIELS show up at ringside, with Daniels providing the distraction, allowing Ki to hit the Ki Krusher on Lynn to assist Gabriel to victory @ 07:02.




- In non-title action, Shawn Michaels takes on Nick Dinsmore, with Dinsmore surely out for blood to avenge the former World Champion, Brent Albright! Can Shawn Michaels get by this challenge and head on to Starrcade unharmed??


- Rey returned to Raw last week after being taken out of action by the Man In Black the night after the Survivor Series. This coming Monday, Mysterio has promised to call Cena out for a face to face showdown!!


Main Event time, with AMERICAS MOST WANTED teaming with the NEW STANDARD against the EAST COAST PARTY BOYS, COLT CABANA and COLIN DELANEY. It’s an opportunity for these four teams to make an impression in the division, as Striker suggests there’s growing frustration, with the entire title picture currently being dominated by the two teams tussling over the titles. For that reason, all eight guys seem to be keen to impress in a fairly fast paced match, which inevitably sees Colin Delaney targeted as the weak link by the heels. Delaney plays the face in peril, but makes the most of a mix up between Ken Doane and Chris Harris to get to his corner … and tag in Colt Cabana!!

Cabana runs through his offence, hitting anything that moves, but when he applies the Billy Goats Curse on Cody Rhodes, James Storm is there to break it up!! That leads to a big brawl, and in the middle of it all, Ken Doane becomes the legal man with a tag to Rhodes, which goes undetected by the faces, and nearly allows the heel team to snatch a win. Ultimately, that doesn’t work, and the faces recover, with a Rough Ryder from Ryder putting down Doane, whilst Hawkins sacrifices himself with a rare splash to the floor onto Cody and Storm, which allows Colt to cover Doane for the 1,2,3 @ 09:58!!

The two face teams end the show, standing tall for a feel good moment, whilst Striker and Grisham spend the closing seconds hyping next weeks main event…

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Re: Being The Booker

Friday Night Smackdown | December 12 2008 | Des Moines IA

We open – not in the arena – but backstage, and CHRIS JERICHO walking through the halls, with his WWE Championship over his shoulder. Strolling casually, Jericho is brought to a stop … as he comes face to face with BATISTA!!

Initially looking a little worried about being caught alone with Batista, Jericho backs up a step, which draws a smirk from The Animal.

You can relax, Jericho … as much as I wanna … I’m not gonna kick your ass.”

Noticeably, Jericho’s demeanour changes, looking suddenly more relaxed after being put at ease … but Batista isn’t finished speaking…

You’ve done a helluva job duckin me … but after Sunday?? You won’t need to worry about me coming after YOUR title.”

Jericho smugly grins.

Oh yeah??”

Batista takes a step forward, bearing down on Jericho, and takes his sunglasses off to look Jericho in the eye.

Because you WONT be champion.”

Batista then barges past Jericho, with the title belt slipping off the shoulder of the Canadian. He quickly fixes it, trying to salvage some credibility as a tough guy … and laughs off the suggestion that he won’t be holding the title much longer … and continues to walk on in the opposite direction.


Opening Video

We head into the arena, minus pyro and straight into-


As KURT ANGLE heads to the ring, two nights away from challenging (the AWOL) Mark Henry for the United States Championship!! Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler sound excited for this go-home edition of Smackdown, hyping the main event to come tonight, plus Michael Cole will host an in ring interview with two of the four men involved in the tag team main event later; Jeff Hardy and Christian.


But first, it’s Angle vs Morrison, with Angle most likely being sent to soften Morrison up before Orton gets him on PPV this Sunday. JOHN MORRISON enters (not to slow motion, gtfo with that shit) but shows no fear of taking on the legendary Kurt Angle, heading straight for the ring, and getting right to it!!

Match 1:
Kurt Angle w/Paul Heyman vs. John Morrison
It’s a fist fight to begin, with Morrison clearly coming in with a gameplan not to wrestle the Olympian and make it a slugfest instead. Angle obliges, with Heyman parroting from the floor, telling Angle to punish Morrison. But despite Angle getting the better of the brawl, Morrison returns from an Irish Whip by ducking a shot, then springing off the ropes with a cross body to take Angle down!!! Morrison keeps the pace up, showing off his ability … until he is caught with a BELLY TO BELLY from Angle!!!

And that shift allows Angle to slow the action down and look to wear Morrison down … but it’s clear that this isn’t going long, as Morrison quickly gets back into it, and into his comeback, with a CHUCK KICK keeping Angle down for two. Angle then catches the ankle, looking to apply the famous submission, but Morrison battles to pain to get back to (one) foot … AND ENZIGURIS ANGLE!!! Both men are down, as Angle tries to shake off the cobwebs, being growled at from ringside by Heyman to get up, but it’s Morrison on his feet first-

Winner: Via DQ – John Morrison @ 05:14

Orton starts licking his lips with Morrison downed … but Angle is livid!! Kurt SHOVES Randy, getting at Orton for costing him the match; “And I took this match to do YOU a favour in the first place!!” Orton backs off from Angle, hands up, apologising, telling Kurt he meant no offence … “but it wasn’t lookin good for ya anyway”

That doesn’t do much to appease Angle, and it’s Heyman – the representative of both men – that has to step onto the apron and soothe the tension, telling both men to think of Sunday … before mentioning “but we could make Sunday a lot easier by taking care of ONE problem right here, right now…”

Orton nods … but Angle – even if taking Morrison out of the equation means they could also focus on his attempt to wrestle the U.S Title away from Mark Henry – wants no part of it. He motions to Orton that he can do whatever he wants, but signals he’s heading to the back. He turns to leave-


And for the first time since the Survivor Series, MARK HENRY is on Smackdown … and he looks PISSED. The U.S Champion has Theodore Long by his side, as Angle looks around … and sees Orton pointing to Morrison, shrugging, and LEAVING!!! Angle wouldn’t help Orton with Morrison – now Orton won’t help Angle with Henry – he’s backing out of the ring, and heading back from where he came; through the crowd!!!

Heyman cuts a frustrated figure on the floor, seeing Orton desert Angle, and not wanting Kurt to feel the wrath of a pissed off Henry, gestures for Angle to leave the ring too. And even though he’s got plenty time to do so … Angle is too headstrong!!! He’s staying in the ring to confront Mark Henry, and leaves Heyman to look forlorn on the outside!!!

Long leads Henry to ringside, smiling at Heyman with glee, as the U.S Champion climbs onto the apron – AS ANGLE ATTACKS!!! Angle pounds at Henry before he can even make it into the ring, but The Worlds Strongest Man PIE FACES Angle down!!! He climbs into the ring, with Angle rushing back up, firing at Henry again; PIE FACED AGAIN!!! Angle shoot up one more time – BUT GETS BLASTED WITH A CLOTHESLINE FROM HENRY!!!!!

Morrison has now rolled out of the ring, still feeling the effects of the RKO, as the focus shifts entirely to Henry and Angle, with Heyman shown at ringside with his head buried in his hands, and Long hollering at Heyman that this is just the preview. Henry meanwhile, SPLASHES Angle in the middle of the ring … THEN SCOOPS HIM UP-


A powerful and decisive message sent tonight by Mark Henry!! The Worlds Strongest Man stands tall, growling down the lens of the camera on the hard camera side, before pounding his chest. On commentary, Cole puts it over as a stark warning for Kurt Angle ahead of Armageddon this Sunday, and a reality check for Heyman, that while it sounded like a good idea on paper, his client clearly has his work cut out for him against THIS version of Mark Henry.

Lawler adds that Heyman did the worst thing he could’ve; piss off Mark Henry, but what Angle did tonight (holding his ground) was even more stupid. Theodore Long – with the United States Title safely over his shoulder – strides around ringside, yelling at Cole and Lawler “I TOLD YA!!” before passing by Heyman, patronisingly patting his shoulder and telling his opposite number; “See ya Sunday, playa!!” before waving for Henry to the leave the ring – damage done.

Commercial Break

In the catering area, CHRIS JERICHO looks at what’s on display … and turns his nose up at it. He turns to walk away-

And turns right into EDGE.

The current WWE Champion takes a frightened step back, as the former WWE Champion smirks, after getting the champion to flinch.

Chris Jericho: What’re you doing?? You can’t touch me, remember?? You shouldn’t even be near me- last time-

Edge laughs, which cuts Jericho off.

Edge: Hmm … Restraining order?? Don’t worry about it. I’m here for that.

Edge points at the championship belt over the shoulder of Jericho.

Edge: And don’t flatter yourself either. Despite your games and the way you screwed me over … I’ve only ever wanted to get my hands on you … for that.

Feeling superior to Jericho, Edge stands over him, making the champion uncomfortable.

Edge: And after Sunday … I won’t have any reason to want to go anywhere near you … because you won’t have it.

Chris Jericho: I wouldn’t be so sure.

Edge: Oh, I am. I saw the way he looked at that title last week. And I know you did too.

Walking on by, Edge leaves that with Jericho to think about, and after trying to stay emotionless, there’s a flicker of worry on the face of the champion…


A brief video then plays, recapping the history between THE BRIAN KENDRICK and the Smackdown General Manager FINLAY over the last year. Beginning with the two butting heads due to Kendricks cocky and delusional attitude clashing with the no nonsense style of the Irishman, which led to Finlay locking Kendrick out of the running for the WrestleMania Money in the Bank Ladder Match.

Despite that, Kendrick still went into business for himself, trying to win that match at WrestleMania despite not being an official entrant. As punishment, Finlay made Kendrick undertake menial tasks for a number of weeks until Kendrick had enough. The two met at Judgment Day with the stakes attached that if Kendrick won he’d run Smackdown for 30 days, but if he lost, he’d have to shut his mouth. He won.

As a result, Kendrick turned the tables on Finlay for the entire month, yet still the Irishman foiled Kendricks attempt to steal the WWE Championship on his last night in charge. Things escalated after that when Finlay made Kendrick put his much loved hair on the line at SummerSlam for a shot at the Cruiserweight title. Kendrick lost, and lost his hair … and seemingly, all sense of reality.

For weeks, during a period of being AWOL from Smackdown, Kendrick talked about becoming a monster, going as far as to KEEP shaving his head and remain bald … whilst Finlay was mysteriously assaulted on Smackdown and taken out of action for weeks … an attack Kendrick would eventually take credit for.

And when Finlay returned at the Survivor Series, the GM had no hesitation in booking the Belfast Brawl, while also determining it would be Kendricks final night on Smackdown. Last week, Kendrick jumped Finlay while the Irishman was conducting business in the ring, getting one last shot in on his hated foe before the inevitable showdown this coming Sunday.


And watching this video is FINLAY. The Smackdown GM is in his office, shown balling up his fist, as JOSH MATHEWS is shown also in the office, waiting for a comment…

Josh Mathews: Finlay, thank you for allowing me this period of time. As we’ve just watched a brief hi-

Finlay: I know what I just watched, son.

Feeling the tension, Josh nods, and moves on.

Josh Mathews: Well, you’ve made it clear that after Armageddon, you’ll cut The Brian Kendrick from the Smackdown roster. Do you intend on following through with that threat, win, lose or draw??

Finlay: I’m not in the business of making idle threats. What y’see with me, is what y’get … and Armageddon will be Kendricks last night as a Smackdown superstar. Once it’s done, he can go wherever the hell he wants – if Steamboat wants him on Raw, he’s welcome to him…

And for the first time, Finlay cracks a smirk.

Finlay: But uh … there mightn’t be a whole lot of Brian Kendrick left once I’m finished with ‘em.

Josh nods. Finlay scratches at his cheek before cutting back in.

Finlay: Y’know, I got to be completely honest … dealing with Kendrick this last year?? It was fun … to a point. But the fun stopped a long time ago, Josh. And there was nothin fun about what he did to me in October.

Picking up the Shillelagh from his desk, Finlay wraps it off the desk three times.

Finlay: And I promise ye, there’s not gonna be anything fun about what happens on Sunday.

Commercial Break


The video opens in what appears to be a quiet home, lights mostly off, decorated for Christmas … before the light comes on, and what appears to be Santa sits down on his couch, taking a long, deep breath after a hard nights work.

“‘Twas the night after Christmas, when all through the house,
Every creature was stirring, much louder than a mouse.”

And suddenly, the action picks up, as kids come rushing into the room, leaping onto the couch, in between shots of a plethora of Smackdown superstars in action.

Because live on Sci-Fi, they brought Friday Night Smackdown,
And for your viewing pleasure, The Undertaker rode into town.”


Clips of The Undertaker sitting up, delivering a Tombstone, a Chokeslam, Old School, and even the Deadman Tope.

The children were nestled, all snug in front of the T.V,
Watching as a WWE Championship Match unfolded for free.”

Instead of showing any individual, there’s simply a long shot of the WWE Championship belt, followed by excited looking fans, cheering fans in arenas and fireworks.

When what to my wondering eyes did appear,
But a Texas Rattlesnake, drinking a beer.”

Shots of Steve Austin through the years, downing beers.

With a pick up truck so big and so bold
I knew in a moment it must be Stone Cold!”

And driving into arena’s in a Pick Up Truck, including the Stunner on D’Lo on the hood in 1997.

But I heard him exclaim, ere he drove out of sight;
Happy Christmas to all, and to all-”


We cut back to the home, where the camera zooms in on Santa … and STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN rips off the beard, and the hat from the Santa suit to reveal himself.

Gimme a HELL YEAH!!!”





Straight back to the ring, and MICHAEL COLE stands alone…

Michael Cole: Ladies and Gentlemen, in forty eight hours, one of two men will become the challenger for the WWE Championship on what promises to be an historic edition of Friday Night Smackdown on December Twenty Sixth. These two men are by no means strangers to one another. In fact, they’ve been linked from pretty much the beginning of their rise to stardom. However, whilst one of these two men went on to realise his potential and achieve his dreams of World Championships … the other … is still waiting for that same level of glory. On Sunday, either Christian will move a step closer to a familiar feeling … or Jeff Hardy will be within touching distance of his first WWE Championship.

I can’t wait! Sunday, at Armageddon!!” ~Lawler.

Michael Cole: Without any further adieu, allow me to introduce, first … Jeff Hardy!!


JEFF HARDY gets a strong reaction upon his entry, with shrill cheers from the ladies in attendance. Still in his regular attire, despite a match later tonight, Jeff walks to the ring in his jeans and shirt, slapping hands with fans as he makes an understated entry to the ring for this segment.

Michael Cole: And the man that stands between Jeff and his dream … Christian.


The Waterproof Blonde theme fills the arena, as CHRISTIAN – who IS dressed to compete, but wearing a t-shirt – makes his way to the ring, and once inside, offers Jeff a nod, before they give each other a fairly low key handshake before getting down to business, with both guys standing either side of Cole.

Michael Cole: Well gentlemen, I want to start off with your past. Obviously, there’s two men key to both of your pasts; that being Edge and Matt. As a matter of fact, we’ll see that classic rivalry renewed for at least one night only later here on Smackdown, when Christian, you team up with Edge against Jeff and Jeff’s brother Matt. But almost all of your prior run-ins came in tag team affairs. This Sunday it’s one on one. What can you take out of your history from those famous matches ahead of the #1 Contender Match at Armageddon??

Christian: Not a whole lot, Michael. Whether it’s a tag match, whether there’s ladders involved or any other kind of object, it’s no secret that Jeff here is willing to put his body on the line without any hesitation. He’s going to throw himself at me at Armageddon, he’s going to be coming from all angles, and I probably won’t get a moment to rest … and if there’s one thing I know about Jeff, somewhere along the way he’s going to make a mistake. A mistake that’s gonna prove to be fatal.

That gets a few rumbles from the fans, whilst Jeff stays silent, nodding his head and acknowledging the answer.

Michael Cole: Jeff?? Your response??

Jeff Hardy: He’s changed a lot since those days, Michael, and I’m not just talkin about his hair cut.

Christian: You should try cutting yours too.

Jeff cracks a smile, but carries on with his answer to Cole.

Jeff Hardy: I’m not lookin that far back to be honest, I’m just lookin forward. And from what I hear, it sounds like Christian isn’t doin the same. And if he’s waitin on me makin a mistake at Armageddon?? … He’s makin a big mistake of his own.

Christian: Thanks for the advice.

No problem, man” ~Is what Jeff mouths back at Christian.

Michael Cole: Christian, this situation you’re in right now – another number one contenders match, in the mix for the richest prize in the game – it’s something that’s become second nature to you over the last couple of years … whereas Jeff doesn’t have that same amount of experience to fall back on, and certainly none in the recent past. Is that an advantage for you, do you think??

Christian thinks over his answer, then shrugs.

Christian: Honestly, Michael … that’s not something I think too much about. Not now, or ever, really. If someone’s good enough?? Experience in these positions doesn’t count for much. But if it’s taken a guy six and half years to get back into position for a title shot … and to be just handed the opportunity … it tells me that maybe – and no offence, Jeff – he doesn’t belong in that spot.

Jeff shakes his head, but doesn’t give anything back verbally, as Cole turns on his heels to address Hardy.

Michael Cole: Jeff … it’s been a long road to get here. I think you’d be the first to admit that at times, through the years, you’ve been your own worst enemy. And a lot has been made of this opportunity that’s been, perhaps, gifted to you in the eyes of many. You’ve recognized that fact and owned it. But can you tell us, just what this opportunity at Armageddon means to you – and your career.

Jeff Hardy: Sure. Man, it’s everything for me. Like you said, Michael, a lot’s been said about how I was handed this shot … but I’ve still got to go to Armageddon and beat HIM.

Jeff points his finger at Christian, who nods. Jeff keeps his eyes on Christian as he talks through his response with Cole.

Jeff Hardy: This guy, over the last three, four years, has done it all. He’s been the measuring stick … so whether or not I deserve to be in this match on Sunday or whether there’s guys that should be in this match instead doesn’t matter to me. Because I AM in it … and I know that to get that WWE Title match, I WILL have to EARN it the hard way. And if I can beat him, then I know I AM good enough to challenge for the title.

The Hardy fans offer a round of cheers to get behind Jeff.

Jeff Hardy: The road to get here has been long man. It’s been hard. And yeah, I made it hard on myself along the way. But all those bumps in the road?? All the bad choices I made?? They made me stronger, they made me tougher and they SHAPED the man I am TODAY!!


Jeff Hardy: Those bad choices allowed me to be able to make better ones. And those choices have brought me to this point in time, in this position … one win away from challenging for the WWE Title!!!

Another brief pop. Christian stands back, listening to everything.

Jeff Hardy: And you can tell how much I want this, Michael, right??

Michael Cole: Yeah, absolutely.

Jeff Hardy: You can tell by the look in my eyes. You can tell by the way I talk about it…

And again, Jeff points at Christian.

Jeff Hardy: … Then look at him.

That perks Christian up a little more, and he stands a little straighter with Jeff walking closer to him to speak to Christian directly.

Jeff Hardy: You don’t want it as much as I do anymore, Christian. This is just another opportunity for you. But this is my ONLY shot. It’s everything for me … and it looks like it means NOTHING to you!!

Full of passion, Jeff strains with those last words, stepping closer to Christian, who remains unmoved.

Jeff Hardy: You?? You’ve got stuck in neutral, man. Ever since Summerslam, it’s like this doesn’t even matter anymore. You’ve got comfortable, you’ve lost your passion, your drive …

Jeff now steps right into Christians face.

Jeff Hardy: And that PISSES me off!!

Pop from the fans. Still, Christian has the poker face on, not reacting to anything.

Jeff Hardy: I’ve worked my ENTIRE career to be where you are!! I’ve sacrificed my body, my mind and damn near lost my soul for the chance to have what you have … and I never got that chance. But now I have it, and I’m not letting it pass me by. I CAN’T let it pass me by.

There’s a strong showing of support for Jeff, as he settles somewhat and takes a step back, whilst Christian looks to the crowd, listening to their chants, as Cole steps forward again.

Michael Cole: And Christian, what do you say to that??

Christian takes a moment to consider his reply, then looks to Cole and shrugs.

Christian: Where do I start?? There’s a lot to drink in. Y’know, it’s hard for me to disagree with much of what you just said, Jeff. Ever since Summerslam … ever since Hell in a Cell … I have struggled to find that same drive. I blew my shot at the World Title back before I got traded here, and it didn’t exactly break my heart.

That’s an alarm bell for anyone!!” ~King adds his pennies worth from ringside.

Christian: Coming to Smackdown, I thought that might be the thing to snap me out of it, and give me some fresh scenery, fresh challenges … but sometimes … I feel like I’m still just goin through the motions.

There’s a few catcalls, and Christian turns to acknowledge them with a nod.

Christian: I don’t know if I’m just in a funk right now, or if I just don’t feel like I’ve anything left to accomplish around here … and I don’t think I’m gonna get the answers I’m looking for on Sunday, either.

What does that mean?” ~Jeff mouths, but doesn’t get an answer.

Christian: Which is why-

Christian stops himself for a moment first.

Christian: Look, I don’t wanna sound like I’m patronizing you, Jeff … but honestly, standing out here, face to face with you and hearing the passion in your voice and seeing the fire in your eyes … it makes me feel sorry for ya.

Jeff Hardy: Oh yeah??

Christian: Yeah … I mean, I can see how much you want this. I can see how much it’d mean for you to challenge for the WWE Title- WIN the WWE title … you want this more than anything right now.

Jeff nods in agreement, as Cole cuts in.

Michael Cole: But Christian, you said you felt sorry for Jeff-

Christian: I do. Like I said, I can see how much he wants it … he wants it more than I do right now … but here’s some advice of my own to you, Jeff…

Jeff Hardy: I’m listenin man, spill it…

Hardy asks pretty aggressively, and Christian nods.

Christian: Just wanting something badly?? That’s never gonna be enough to make it happen. When I was growin up, I really wanted to be an Astronaut … but I never walked on the moon. I really wanted to date the hottest girl in high school … but I couldn’t talk her into it. And just because you really want to challenge for the WWE Championship … doesn’t mean it’s gonna happen.

Christian shrugs.

Christian: And the reason I feel sorry for you Jeff … is that at Armageddon, as much as you want to win … no matter what you do, you wont … because I will.

And dropping the mic, Christian appears to be deciding that this interview is over. He climbs out of the ring, and doesn’t turn back – much to the chagrin of Jeff Hardy, and the confusion of Cole.

Jeff gestures to Cole that he wasn’t done, and the announcer appears to suggest the same, showing Hardy his cards he was holding … but Christian gets the last word tonight, somewhat ‘big brothering’ Jeff by being the one to decide when they were done… and Jeff doesn’t appreciate it at all…

Commercial Break

Back from the break, and already in the ring are SIM SNUKA and MANU, with Snuka dressed to compete tonight…


And hitting the stage, pumped and full of energy and vigour, EVAN BOURNE salutes the fans … before eyeing the ring, and turning serious. Clips air of his issues with Sim and Manu in recent weeks, including Snuka getting a win thanks to the arrival of Manu three weeks ago, and Sim attacking Bourne after Manu defeated Evan last week.

Match 2:
Sim Snuka w/Manu vs. Evan Bourne

Bourne starts out fast, coming out of the gate with a running dropkick!! Bourne continues to impress from there with his innovative offence and high flying hijinx, bringing the fight to Sim, who tries to beg off – from little Evan Bourne!! Bourne doesn’t buy the begging, and hammers into Sim in the corner until the referee forces him back out. Snuka then buys himself time, keeping the official occupied … as Manu climbs up onto the apron, causing a distraction for Bourne, which allows Snuka to attack from behind!!!

Manu is ordered down from the apron by the official, but his work is done, allowing his partner to gain the upper hand and work over Bourne with some boring rest holds. As Evan tries to fight back, Sim powers him into the corner, driving the wind out of him with shoulders to the gut. That allows Snuka to set up his leaping kick finish – but Bourne ducks – and catches Snuka with a roundhouse kick of his own!!

Evan now climbs up top, setting himself for his patented double knees … but Sim grabs onto the referee, distracting him again … AS MANU YANKS THE LEG OF BOURNE – AND BOURNE CROTCHES HIMSELF ON THE TOP!!! Manu quickly drops back down, allowing Sim to take over … WITH THE LEAPING KICK TO BOURNE!!! Evan tumbles from the top, laying in a heap on the canvas … as Snuka makes the cover … 1...2...3!!!!!

Winner: Sim Snuka @ 04:02

Again, Cole is irate on commentary that the Snuka has stolen ANOTHER win from Evan Bourne. He celebrates heartily – more than he should, really – and has a few additional words as he stands over his writhing, defeated opponent before departing the ring, and high fiving his partner.

In the ring, Bourne tries to pick himself up, but holds his head, selling the effects of the kick from Snuka, and looks furious at what went down tonight. On commentary, Lawler has advice for Evan; just drop it!! And he may have a point, as for the third time in a row, the Tour of the Islands have left him laying…


Heading backstage, the group of FILTHY RICH (The DiBiases, Jamie Noble, and an uninterested M.V.P) are in conversation with MELINA (the manager of the tag team champions, who Filthy Rich challenge on Sunday as part of the 4 way) … though specifically, it’s The Million Dollar Man doing the talking with his counterpart as Ted Junior listens intently, as Noble side eyes Melina, trying not to ogle her.

Melina: And our arrangement can stay the same. Finlay only thinks he got one over on us last week … but really, he gave us what we wanted.

The Million Dollar Man: Just as long as your men hold up their end of the bargain, darlin.

Melina initially scowls at the ‘darlin’, but forces a smile.

Melina: Oh, they will. You don’t need to worry about that. Elijah and Wade have proven themselves and their capabilities more than enough. It’s your little … posse … that concerns me, sweetie.

The Million Dollar Man: Now explain that to me…

Melina: Well…

She peers over at M.V.P, who is sat down, taping his wrists, paying no attention. DiBiase waves off the suggestion.

The Million Dollar Man: Don’t worry about Mr. Porter there, my dear. Didn’t he complete his objective last week??

Melina: He’s still a concern.

DiBiase puts his hands on Melinas shoulders.

The Million Dollar Man: You let him be my concern, honey. {Melina sighs and rolls her eyes this time, as she pulls away from DiBiase} So long as your men remember the arrangement and work with mine tonight, and again on Sunday until it’s our two teams left standing … we’ll all be happy. Right??

Melina offers a nod, then turns her head in M.V.P’s direction, and starts snapping her fingers at him to gain his attention.

Melina: And you?? You know what’s expected of you tonight!? We don’t care if you win or lose. We want you to leave Kofi Kingston with a target … or better yet, we want you to leave Kofi Kingston out of commission. Got it??

M.V.P stands up angrily to confront her, but DiBiase Senior steps in with a laugh to break the tension, putting a hand on the chest of M.V.P and patting him to calm him down, before turning to Melina.

The Million Dollar Man: He’s got it.

Melina thinks for a moment, watching M.V.P, before eventually accepting the words from the Million Dollar Man, and leaves without saying goodbye. Ted Senior motions for his son and Noble to leave him with M.V.P, and turns to speak with M.V.P again.

M.V.P: Don’t. It’s bad enough I gotta be takin orders from you … but I ain’t gonna be her punchin bag too. I know what I gotta do, kay??

The Million Dollar Man: Yes, yes. Understood. Look, don’t worry about her. Just think of the look on her face when you help take away the tag team championships from her team this Sunday.

DiBiase has a big smile on his face now.

The Million Dollar Man: And once you deliver the those tag team championships to Teddy and Jamie … your work is done.

M.V.P: I’m countin on it. As long as I get paid, I’ll do as I’m told … but I’ll be damn well glad when this is over.

M.V.P brushes past DiBiase, and out of the room … as DiBiase exhales, and his own usual calm, relaxed demeanour drains…

Commercial Break

Match 3:

Carlito vs. Jamie Noble vs. JTG vs. Wade Barrett

Noted on commentary is that there’s NO ringside presence allowed in this one, meaning the partners have to stay in the back, as do the managers!! It’s a fast paced affair, serving as something of a (half) preview of Sundays title match, though here, all four are in the match at the same time, whereas that wont be the case at Armageddon. After the initial period of the match, it quickly descends into more of a Strange Bedfellows Tornado Tag match as Barrett and Noble join forces – due to the agreement between DiBiase and Melina – which forces Carlito and JTG to do the same.

Carlito shines here too, sparking the comeback for himself and JTG with a springboard moonsault to Noble AND Barrett, then follows that with a springboard Senton to Noble, before launching himself over the top with a cross body to the retreating Brit!! That leaves Noble and JTG in the ring, with JTG wanting DA SHOUT OUT – NO!! Noble avoids it, and TRAPS JTG IN THE GUILLOTINE!!! Carlito is in to break it, saving JTG, and nails Noble with the APPLE CORE!!! JTG does his bit by knocking Barrett back off the apron, as he and Carlito look and nod at one another … THE CARLITO HITS THE BACK CRACKER ON JTG!!! Carlito shrugs at his own actions – it’s still every man for himself – and makes the cover … 1...2...3!!!!!

Winner: Carlito @ 06:56

A big confidence boosting win for Carlito after last weeks screwy loss, as he again shrugs as he gets up, clearly having no issues with double crossing JTG tonight – and it’s something Cole points out as a sign of things to come on Sunday; it’s every team for themselves.

And Cole reiterates that point by noting the agreement between the Fight Factory and Filthy Rich didn’t do them much good tonight … though Lawler argues that Carlito shot himself in the foot here; he and Kofi could’ve had their own agreement with Cryme Tyme on Sunday, but there’s no chance of that happening now…

Carlito leaves the ring, looking happy with his work tonight, though Noble and Barrett are both bickering on the floor, seemingly blaming one another for their plan falling through, as JTG recovers in the ring, affording himself a chuckle almost, realising he got played by Carlito, and even seems to offer a light and brief clap, (because losing is fun?) before tapping his head, indicating he won’t forget/won’t fall for it again.

Commercial Break

Returning backstage, CHRIS JERICHO – seemingly growing more anxious as the night goes on – enters his own private locker room … where ARMANDO ESTRADA is sat waiting.

Chris Jericho: Where the hell have you been all night??

Armando Estrada: {Confused by Jericho’s tone} Huh?? What’s the matter!? We don’t have a match, do we?? That pendejo Finlay-

Chris Jericho: No. No, we don’t have a match tonight. I just want to know where you’ve been.

Estrada continues to look confused as to where this has come from from Jericho.

Armando Estrada: Chris- relax, okay?? We didn’t need to be here at all tonight, did we??

Chris Jericho: Where is he!?

Armando Estrada: Who?? Umaga??

Jericho glares at AAE.

Chris Jericho: Yes … Umaga.

Sensing an issue, Estrada stands up to approach Jericho.

Armando Estrada: I’ve got him locked away. Chris … ju’re scaring me. What’s goin on??

Chris Jericho: Is he going to do as he’s told on Sunday??

Estrada sighs.

Armando Estrada: Chris, c’mon. We’ve been over this already!! That big dummy does as I tell him to. And at Armageddon, he’s going to lie down and let you win. Jes??

Chris Jericho: And is that what you’re going to tell him to do.

Armando gets animated now, stressed out over the questioning.

Armando Estrada: What’s gotten into you!? Of course that’s what I’m tellin him!! Ju have NOTHING to worry about, amigo. Umaga has one purpose for ju and me … and dat is to SERVE JU!! Nothing more!! He had his chances to be champion and he failed me. I won’t make that mistake again.

Chris Jericho: Well … I wanna see it … tonight.

Estrada looks confused.

Chris Jericho: I’m gonna go out to that ring later, and I want to see you tell Umaga what he has to do at Armageddon … and I want to see him acknowledge it.

Armando throws his arms up in the air, done with the conversation.

Armando Estrada: Fine. Done.

Chris Jericho: Good.

Jericho continues to stare at his associate, clearly paranoid that he’s being double crossed.


Back in the arena, we see a Vietnamese wrestler keyed as BAO NGUYEN ready for action…


As CHRISTOPHER DANIELS leads out his troops, Justin Gabriel and Low Ki, with the Cruiserweight Champion set for some non-title action tonight. Cole hypes the six man tag on Sunday with Bryan Danielson yet to announce his partners, which will see the in-ring debut of Low-Ki – something Cole puts over as a big time draw too – and the first time the Trinity will be in action as a trio.


Cruiserweight Champ. Christopher Daniels w/Justin Gabriel & Low Ki vs. Bao Nguyen

No shocks or surprises here – it’s just a basic enough squash. Daniels gives Bao the slightest of openings at the mid point of the match, with Nguyen getting a few punches in for a brief moment of hope … but it’s soon cut off by Daniels. The Fallen Angel toys with the jobber for a bit, before eventually putting the poor guy out of his misery by applying the KOJI CLUTCH for an immediate submission win.

Winner: Christopher Daniels @ 02:02

Daniels has his arm raised … then calls his buddies into the ring, seemingly inviting them to get their hands on Bao Nguyen for their own jollies. However, as Gabriel and Low Ki enter the ring-



The former champion and the veteran rush down the ramp, and it shows the cowardice of Daniels that he doesn’t even want to fight when he has a 3 on 2 advantage as he instructs Gabriel and Ki to leave the ring with him!! Low Ki is initially hesitant to do so … but eventually elects to exit the ring, as the Trinity stick together on the floor.

Danielson paces around the ring, calling for a mic, as Cole briefly touches on the Trinity having a helping hand in Justin Gabriels win over Jerry Lynn two nights ago on Superstars, inferring that is why he’s with Danielson. The Trinity back track toward the ramp, with the Fallen Angel having to hold Low Ki from heading back to the ring, before Danielson finally gets a mic…

Bryan Danielson: This.

Bryan points down at the poor Bao, who is sitting up, but holding his mouth, which is trickling with blood.

Bryan Danielson: This isn’t what I envisioned for the Cruiserweight division when I came into this company. I didn’t want it to be like everything else around here where champions pull power plays, politic their way out of legitimate title defences against top contenders while using impressionable rookies for their own gain, and calling in favours from bitter old friends.

Two pointed digs at Gabriel and Ki already.

Bryan Danielson: That’s not what I wanted!! I poured my heart and soul into making the Cruiserweight division mean something more. It was supposed to be about real competition. Where the cream rose to the top, and you had to EARN opportunities – not jump the line because you have a bigger reputation than others.

The Fallen Angel laughs on the ramp, which only infuriates Bryan more.

Bryan Danielson: Daniels, you’re tearing everything I built APART. You’re crapping all over everything this division was standing for!! I wanted to take this division forward … and you’re dragging it BACK. What did you prove tonight, huh!? Apart from boosting your own ego by beating on this guy. Nothing!!

Bao is shown again, still nursing his bloody mouth. Bryan then points out the ring at Low Ki.

Bryan Danielson: You, Low Ki … I’m embarrassed for you that you’re going along with this crap. Of anyone, I thought you had some dignity, some honour. And if you’re bitter that I didn’t go to bat for you to bring you to the WWE, you’re angry at the wrong guy. Be angry at yourself!! I bust my ass to get here. I didn’t call in any favours. I made it to the WWE on my own merit. But congratulations … you finally made it too … and you chose to be this idiots puppet.

Low Ki glares, breathing heavily, not enjoying being called out like that without responding, but the Fallen Angel pats his back, giving him some words in his ear.

Bryan Danielson: And you, Justin?? I’m not even mad at you. You’re just not strong enough to stand on your own two feet. So if you had to sell out to a guy that made your life miserable for months and ridiculed you?? Good for you. Hope it works out. But know this … you’re the fall guy. Because the moment things go south, and you’re no longer of any use to Christopher Daniels … he’s gonna toss you to the side …

And he makes sure to point at Low Ki again-

Bryan Danielson: Because he’d never the guts to try it with him!!

Ohhh” ~The fans. Danielson is already trying to drive a wedge in the group!! But Christopher Daniels again tries to laugh it off, and talks in the ear of the impressionable South African.

Bryan Danielson: And that moment might just be as soon as this Sunday. Because Jerry Lynn and myself are coming to Armageddon for a FIGHT!!!

Six man tag team action this Sunday on Pay Per View!!” ~Cole with the quick shill, and Bryan hands the microphone over to Lynn momentarily.

Jerry Lynn: Damn right we are, Bryan!! I’ve seen, first hand, just what Christopher Daniels vision is for the Cruiserweight division. And I’ve been around this business for too long to sit back and let it happen!! I want to be part of a Cruiserweight division I can be proud of … that’s WHY I came BACK here in the first place!! But I’m not proud to be part of THIS division right now!!

Bryan nods in agreement as he is handed the mic back from the veteran.

Bryan Danielson: And we’re not coming alone. We have a third man that can’t wait to meet up with us on Sunday and STICK IT to the three of you!!!

But who’s that gonna be!?” ~Cole with the intrigue!

Bryan Danielson: You hold that championship right now, Chris … but you haven’t taken over MY division just yet. Starting this Sunday, when we kick your asses, I’m taking BACK control of the Cruiserweight division!!!

On the ramp, Daniels has a hand on the shoulder of each of his partners, shaking his head … but Danielson has one final line.

Bryan Danielson: And THAT, Chris!? THAT is GOSPEL!!

Bryan tosses the mic, message sent, and the stage set for a six man tag on PPV…

Commercial Break

Smackdown returns to JOSH MATHEWS again backstage, standing by in the interview pit with RANDY ORTON…

Josh Mathews: Randy Orton, we saw earlier tonight you putting down a marker of sorts when you delivered the RKO to John Morrison. For the last two weeks, John Morrison had been the aggressor, and given his desire to avenge his best friend after you punted Joey Matthews a couple of months ago, you must be expecting a backlash this Sunday at Armageddon when you meet one on one??

Randy shakes his head.

Randy Orton: The only thing I expect on Sunday … is an RKO … and John Morrison to go away. Quite frankly, I’ve bigger and better things to be concentrating on … not some pissant that’s still mourning his friend not being here any more.

Josh Mathews: But Randy … wouldn’t your actions tonight indicate that you see Morrison as more of a threat than you’re letting on??

Orton cocks an eyebrow.

Randy Orton: You’ve seen my hitlist, right?? You’ve seen the names I’ve taken out. Most of them were just in the wrong place, at the wrong time – just like Morrisons buddy was. Just because I strike … it doesn’t mean I’m threatened or worried … it just means … I’ve a little extra aggression to take out. And unfortunately for John Morrison … he’s going to be the victim of that aggression-


The interview set COLLAPSES as Morrison takes Orton down, and HAMMERS at him, with Randy forced to cover up!! Quickly, agents and referees are on the scene, pulling Morrison off, but Morrison continues to throw kicks at Orton as he is dragged up.

Morrison then looks to shrug off the personnel, wanting MORE of Orton … as Orton shows his own smarts scrambling away, waiting to have this fight on HIS terms, not Morrisons. Morrison continues to strain, wanting to go after the former WWE Champion … but is restrained … and forced to wait for Sunday.


Moving on backstage, in the locker room, JEFF HARDY is lacing up his boots, when MATT HARDY enters, dropping his bag down next to his brother, opening it up and beginning to take his gear out.

Jeff Hardy: Hey man, what’s up!? Was wondering when you’d get here.

Matt Hardy: Yeah, running late.

Neither brother looks at the other, instead, sitting side by side, they’re busy getting ready, but continue their conversation.

Jeff Hardy: What’s goin on man?? Tried callin during the week … but your Cell’s been off.

Matt Hardy: I know, I know. I just uhh … had to get away for a few days, Jeff.

Jeff Hardy: Cool.

Matt drops his boots to the floor and exhales. Jeff stops what he’s doing, and the two shift slightly to make eye contact.

Matt Hardy: Look Jeff, I wanna say sorry about last week. That wasn’t right.

Jeff waves it off.

Jeff Hardy: It’s cool, bro. I understand. This ain’t been an easy time for ya, Matt. But thanks for apologising. Means a heck of a lot.

Jeff puts a hand on Matts shoulder, then turns back to get ready. Matt picks up his boots, fixing the laces.

Matt Hardy: Yeah … I’m just sorry I couldn’t give you my best out there last week.

Jeff raises his eyebrows, clearly confused.

Jeff Hardy: Huh??

Matt Hardy: With everything that’s been goin on man, I feel like you deserved a better test than that before Armageddon. I let ya down man. I let everything else that’s been goin on get on top of me, and well…

Matt trails off. Jeff just shakes his head at what he’s hearing.

Matt Hardy: And hey, I’ve been thinking a lot about what you said last week, Jeff. And I think you’re right. I think I need a few weeks away from all this to clear my head and get things in order. All this crap with Edge avoiding me, Finlay punishing me, I’ve allowed it to weigh me down. A few weeks of R and R over the Christmas period … I think that’s exactly what I need.

Jeff Hardy: Well … I’m glad to hear that. I think a few weeks away to get your head straight is a good idea.

Matt Hardy: But hey, I’m gonna give you my best tonight. I’ll lead us like the old days, and get you ready for Sunday. Let’s take it to Edge and Christian like we always used to, yeah??

Letting the “I’ll lead us” line to the side, Jeff smiles at the positivity from his brother, turning to him and offering a fist bump.

Jeff Hardy: Team Extreme, man, all the way.

Matt accepts the fist bump…

Matt Hardy: Just leave Edge to me, and you focus on Christian.

Closing his eyes, Jeff leans his head back, not liking that last line from Matt at all…


Into the arena…


In an apparent concession from DiBiase, entering to his own music – but minus the entrance tunnel – M.V.P hits the stage to a muted response, bordering on heat from the audience. He nods at the lack of love coming his way, but seems to accept it, knowing his actions as of late – albeit under duress – have turned many against him … and the boos grow as The Million Dollar Man follows behind.

Cole and Lawler discuss the arrangement with the DiBiases, again reminding that The Million Dollar Man has promised to let M.V.P go out of his contract if he can help deliver the tag team titles to Filthy Rich this Sunday … and he has a chance tonight to make that job easier by doing a number on Kofi Kingston – a man he briefly teamed with in the summer – tonight … NEXT.

Commercial Break

Returning from the break, KOFI KINGSTON is already on his way to the ring, with Cole and Lawler talking about Kofi and Carlito apparently having a heated debate earlier today as to who would compete in which match tonight. Carlito had a long history with M.V.P early last year and wanted a piece of him, but Kofi won out in the end, after it was he that was betrayed last week…

Match 5:

M.V.P w/The Million Dollar Man vs. Kofi Kingston

There’s a brief discussion between the pair, with Kofi disappointed in M.V.P because of last week, but still wanting to give M.V.P the benefit of the doubt due to the friendship they formed when they briefly teamed in the summer, and because he knows the situation M.V.P is in. They shake hands … then Porter apologises … AS HE CHEAP SHOTS KOFI!!! Montel looks conflicted in himself, doing what he’s being ordered to, and on the outside, DiBiase looks pleased.

M.V.P has the upper hand due to the cheap shot, but his own reluctance to go to town on Kingston allows Kofi to battle back quickly. And Kofi is fired up as a result of that earlier cheap shot!! Kingston takes the fight to M.V.P, scoring a trio of near falls off a missile dropkick, a Koronco Buster and the S.O.S, but Porter clings on and kicks out each time. With M.V.P in dire straits, Kofi lines up for TROUBLE IN PARADISE … BUT M.V.P DODGES AND ESCAPES THROUGH THE ROPES!!!

Porter takes a walk on the outside, and has DiBiase in his ear, bellowing at him to do his job, which M.V.P most certainly doesn’t appreciate. Meanwhile, Kofi looks to jump off the top to the outside at both men – BUT M.V.P CATCHES HIM WITH A SHOT TO THE GUT!!! Kofi rolls around on the floor, as M.V.P takes out his frustrations with DiBiase on Kingston and HURLS him at the steel steps – knees first. And from there, it becomes obvious what the focus will be.

The rest of the match is simply Porter working over the knee of Kofi Kingston, which pleases DiBiase on the outside. M.V.P wraps the leg on the ropes, delivers a knee breaker, and wraps the knee around the ring post as he looks to carry out his instructions – still under duress – and soften up Kingston for Sunday. Applying a single leg crab, M.V.P torques on the leg, causing even further distress for Kofi … but the fighting underdog battles through the pain … AND MAKES IT TO THE ROPES!!!

BUT DIBIASE DEMANDS THAT M.V.P DOESN’T RELEASE THE HOLD!!! Boos ring out, and M.V.P shakes his head at DiBiase … but DOES as he’s instructed!!! And keeps the hold locked on, despite Kofi being at the ropes!!! The official gives Montel every chance … but reaches the count of five and is left with no alternative … BUT TO CALL FOR THE BELL AND DISQUALIFY M.V.P!!!!!

Winner: Via DQ – Kofi Kingston @ 06:51

And even AFTER the DQ is called, DiBiase still tells M.V.P to keep the hold applied on Kofi, doing all kinds of damage to the knee of Kofi Kingston … which forces M.VP TO COME RUSHING FROM THE BACK TO MAKE THE SAVE!!!

DiBiase quickly gives Porter the heads up, and M.V.P releases the hold and gets out of the ring before Carlito can get his hands on him!! Furious, Carlito grabs over the top of the ropes in a swipe at M.V.P, livid at what’s gone down tonight.

Backing up, M.V.P tries to apologise, but there’s no point, given the bad blood in the past between the two that already exists. Soon enough, Carlito changes his focus to his partner and his wellbeing, checking on Kofi’s knee.

DiBiase pats the back of M.V.P … but that doesn’t make Porter feel any better about his actions, putting his head down in shame, knowing he’s crossed the line tonight, and significantly reduced the chances that the Caribbean Connection have of winning the tag team titles on Sunday…

And in the ring, it doesn’t look good for Kingston. Clutching at his knee and shaking his head, Kofi looks in considerable pain as Carlito stands up, hands on his head in despair, and medical personnel swarm Kofi, asking him questions about his injury…

Commercial Break


{The Killers ‘Goodnight, Travel Well’}

The scene opens a midst desolation and a destitute environment, filled with fires, burning buildings and no signs of life – like a nuclear explosion had hit the planet – interspersed with flashing shots of EDGE in agony in the ring, KURT ANGLE in pain, RANDY ORTON falling down at No Mercy.


Shots of crying mothers, lost looking children, casualties being carried in others arms … as explosions go off in the distance. Interspersed this time, JEFF HARDY falling from a ladder at the Great American Bash, BATISTA wincing in pain and MATT HARDY crashing through a table.


Panning upward, the shot shows the dark skies above…


And the picture continues to lift higher into the sky … high into the atmosphere…


Then shows a finger pressing down on a red button.



Panning to show the figure pressing the button-





Jericho has a sick smirk on his face … as the camera pans to show his view … of a world below in chaos, ravaged by flames and explosions…






LIMPING through the backstage area, showing signs of pain as he leaves the building, KURT ANGLE is met by PAUL HEYMAN, who was clearly waiting for Kurt at the exit doors…

Paul Heyman: You happy with how things turned out tonight??

Angle throws his bag down, looking exasperated by the question.

Kurt Angle: What the hell type of question is that, Paul!? Of course not!!

Paul Heyman: {Animated} Oh, well that’s good to know. Because neither am I!! I don’t really know what to do with you any more, Kurt. I’m trying my best here, and you’re giving me nothing in return.

Kurt Angle: Whoa. Hold up. I’ve gotta challenge Mark freakin Henry on Sunday. The guy hasn’t lost in I don’t know how long!!

Paul Heyman: And he left you in a heap tonight!!

Kurt Angle: Yeah, because Orton bailed!!

Paul Heyman: And that’s his fault!? It’s YOUR fault, Kurt!!

Angle cocks his head back, dumbfounded.

Kurt Angle: Come on, Paul!!

Paul Heyman: No!! You’re the reason Randy left you for dead. Because you haven’t embraced this arrangement one little bit. If you had’ve scratched his back and helped him eliminate this Morrison problem, he’d have helped you out with Mark Henry. But you wouldn’t. Because you’re selfish.

Awkward silence. Angle shakes his head, as Heyman settles down and speaks in a more measured, calm manner.

Paul Heyman: I’ve poured everything into my investment in you, Kurt. I recruited Jack Swagger to assist you, and I brought Randy Orton on board to make us stronger … but you?? You’ve given nothing back. Not one thank you, not ONE acknowledgement of what I’m doing for you.

Heyman shrugs.

Paul Heyman: And it makes me begin to wonder … did I make a bad investment??

Kurt Angle: What the hell, Paul!? You hounded me for weeks!! You begged ME to give YOU a chance!! You said you could guide me back to the WWE Title. Remember??

Heyman nods.

Kurt Angle: But I don’t see the title anywhere here, Paul. Do you??

Shrugging, Heyman has a half laugh, whilst not looking Kurt in the eye.

Paul Heyman: {Mutters} Well, you can take a horse to water…

Kurt Angle: Excuse me??

Paul now looks Kurt in the eye.

Paul Heyman: I laid it on a silver platter, Kurt. All you had to do was guide the team to victory at the Survivor Series. I gave YOU the tools to get the job done. And you BLEW it. You BLEW a three on one advantage!! YOU cost YOURSELF a WWE Title shot … and now, I’m left scrambling to find ANY route – however unlikely – to get you BACK in that hunt.

Angle looks away, not liking what he’s hearing … and Heyman digs the knife in further.

Paul Heyman: Just tell me this Kurt … do YOU even believe in yourself any more?? Do you honestly believe you’re still the “Wrestling Machine”? Huh!?

Kurt Angle: For God sake, Paul, of course I do!!

Paul Heyman: Oh really?? Then how about you show it on Sunday. Because trust me – trust me – if you don’t?? I’m gonna have to make some tough decisions about our relationship. That’s if there’s even anything left after Mark Henry eats you alive like he did tonight.

Angle grips Heyman by the jacket – he’s heard enough and he pushes Heyman up against the wall!!

Kurt Angle: No one talks to me like that. NO ONE!!

Heyman gulps.

Kurt Angle: I’m gonna show you plenty on Sunday, Paul. You won’t have to question whether or not I’m still the Wrestling Machine after I’m done with Mark Henry … because he’s gonna TAP … or I’m gonna rip off his freakin ankle!!

Seeing the intensity in Angles eyes, Heyman nods.

Kurt Angle: And don’t EVER question me or talk to me like that again!! Understand!?

Paul Heyman: Y- yes. YES!!

Angle lets go and picks up his bag before he storms off. Heyman, taking a few deep breathes, pats down his suit … then as he watches in the direction Angle left … he starts to smirk. Motivational ploy?


Back into the arena…


Entering first for tonights main event is the man that has nothing to do at Armageddon, but has been all over TV this past month, MATT HARDY. Having only arrived a short time ago, Matt is STILL taping up his hands as he walks out. Cole and Lawler talk about the mental state of Matt as of late, which led to him aggressively taking it to his brother – and partner tonight – Jeff.


JEFF HARDY is out next, having his usual seizure as he hits the stage, throwing his arms around, whilst Cole talks about the passion Jeff spoke with and the fire he personally saw in his eyes earlier tonight, reiterating how much it truly means to Jeff Hardy to be the #1 Contender for the December 26 title shot.


The reaction isn’t quite what it was for CHRISTIAN, but Captain Charisma still goes through the motions, pounding his chest as he walks to the ring. The discussion on commentary focuses on Christians blasé attitude toward such an important match on Sunday – the complete opposite to Jeff Hardy – and whether it’ll come back to haunt him at Armageddon.


And rounding out the teams is EDGE!! Emerging through the smoke on stage, the Rated ‘R’ Superstar sets off his pyro … as we see Jeff having to hold Matt back in the ring, as it seems like Matt can barely wait for his chance to get his hands on Edge. Christian also gestures to Jeff to keep his brother under control, as Edge makes his way to the ring, and we get a plug on commentary for Edge vs Batista on Sunday too.

Main Event:
The Hardy Boys vs. Edge & Christian
Matt really wants to start with Edge, and Edge is all too happy to do so … but Jeff talks some sense into his brother, telling him to wait for his chance at Edge and allow him to lead the match off. As a result, Christian offers to start too, and we get a brief preview for the #1 Contender Match in forty eight hours time. They lock up, going through the motions, and it’s Christian – the naturally bigger of the two – that wins that exchange.

Soon, Christian has a side headlock applied and controls Jeff down to the mat, but Jeff scrambles out of trouble, beginning to pick up the pace and demand Christians respect, but a shoulder block sees Christian put Jeff down. Captain Charisma shrugs, then sends Jeff to the corner, rushing in – but eats feet!!! Jeff comes forward, and applies a side headlock of his own, taking Christian to the corner and tagging in Matt.

But Matt elects not to follow up!!! HE WANTS CHRISTIAN TO TAG OUT TO EDGE!!! Jeff is furious with his brother, willingly wanting to give up an advantage … and slaps Matts back to tag himself back in!!! Matt and Jeff have a few stern words for one another, but Christian rolls up Jeff during the distraction … 1...2...NO!!! Jeff is up, but gets put down with a heel kick from the former 3 time champion, as Smackdown heads to commercial…

Commercial Break

Edge is now the legal man, working over Jeff in the corner, with Jeff unable to make a tag throughout the commercial, as Matt gets tense on the apron, pacing back and forth. Edge and Christian tag in and out, seemingly not having missed a beat as a team, but the tables turn when Matt drives a knee into the back of Edge when he runs off the ropes!!! Edge stumbles forward … right into a JAWBREAKER from Jeff!!!

Jeff, who never saw the knee from his brother, starts to crawl to the corner … as Edge tries to do the same … with Christian and Matt both desperate to make the tag … and both men get there!!! Matt and Christian are legal, and Christian comes after Matt – as he DID see the sneaky knee – running through Hardy with a series of clotheslines, before dropkicking him through the ropes!!!

Matt lands on the floor, but Christian is forced to stay in the ring by the referee!! And, as Matt gets up, instead of returning straight into the ring, he sees his opening, and runs Edge into the ring post!!! Before he can do anything more, Matt is attacked by Christian and tossed back into the ring. For the next few moments, it’s Matt versus Christian only, until Christian drills Matt with the inverted backbreaker … 1...2...BROKEN BY JEFF!!!!!

And that sees EDGE return!!! Edge though, is ALL OVER MATT!!! All four men are now involved, with the referee losing all control … but he elects NOT to throw the match out and instead seemingly decides to let these four do whatever they want!! Edge and Matt brawl to the floor, leaving Jeff and Christian in the ring as Jeff looks to earn Christians respect, but as he charges into the corner, Christian swings out; SEESAW KICK to Jeff!!!

Christian then looks to hook up the UNPRETTIER … NO!!! Jeff struggles out of that predicament, shoving Christian off, but Christian returns with a knockdown!!! He sends Jeff off the ropes – as Matt swings the ring bell at Edge (and misses) on the floor – ducking for the return … but Jeff stops short, AND DELIVERS THE TWIST OF FATE INSTEAD!!!!! Jeff nails Christian, and now zeroes in on victory … whilst Edge sends Matt into the barrier outside!!!

Jeff climbs up top, looking for the SWANTON BOMB to record a HUGE win over Christian … BUT EDGE IS BACK IN … AND HE SHOVES JEFF FROM THE TOP – CRASHING ONTO THE FLOOR!!! Matt is back in though, and spins Edge around; SIDE EFFECT!!!!! Before he can do anything more though, Matt has to deal with Christian who is stirring … and looks to take Christian out with another TWIST OF FATE – NO!!! Christian shoves Matt off – RIGHT INTO A SPEAR FROM EDGE!!!!! Christian is the legal man, and makes the cover … 1...2...3!!!!!

Winners: Christian & Edge @ 11:14

Edge downs Matt, but it’s Christian that scores the pin as the legal man, going from being on the brink of losing, to picking up a win in the blink of an eye!! Christian nods at his partner, knowing he owes Edge for the latter stages of the match, whilst Jeff winces on the floor, showing the pain from his landing off the top. Matt has retreated to the floor too, clutching his ribs with one hand and pounding his fist on the floor with the other…

Michael Cole wonders if Jeff has made Christian think twice tonight about his earlier assertion that he’ll beat Jeff this Sunday, saying Jeff seemingly had Captain Charisma beaten until Edge intervened. Christian and Edge chat in the ring after the match, seemingly discussing points of the contest … when the fans start to rise, and Christian points in the direction of the stage for Edge to turn around and look …


Cole starts to go into overdrive, hyping the showdown between Edge and Batista on Sunday, framing it as two men that haven’t lost a one on one match on PPV this year, but only one of them can head into 2009 and the Road to WrestleMania with the momentum of beating their rival, calling it a showdown of the two men that’ve had the most impressive years on Smackdown in 2008.

Edge stands at the ropes, not blinking as he stares Batista down, and Batista doesn’t flinch either from the stage … it’s all eye contact, as the issue is settled Sunday on PPV … whilst the forgotten man in the scenario – Matt Hardy – is left on the sidelines, leaning up against the barrier, looking on as Edge and Batista stare one another down…

Commercial Break

Back from the break, WWE Champion CHRIS JERICHO is in the ring, with ARMANDO ESTRADA … and the man he’ll defend the WWE Title against on Sunday … UMAGA. Jericho stands stoically, but his dishevelled attire doesn’t make him seem as calm as he appears to be. The top button of his shirt isn’t buttoned, his tie looks ragged, and his jacket is already off, whilst his sleeves are rolled up.

Chris Jericho: I … am sick … and tired … of listening to all the sycophants that keep trying to cling on to some false hope … and convince themselves that this Sunday, Umaga will somehow make a conscious decision of his own accord … and decide … to bite the hand that feeds him.

Umaga stands ominously in the middle of the ring, reacting to nothing.

Chris Jericho: So I want all those daydreamers, and all those believers to listen to the words I say next; … Umaga … WILL … lie … down … at … Armageddon.

Heat. Jericho then stands next to Umaga, pointing at him as he looks to the camera.

Chris Jericho: HE will lie down at Armageddon.

And it’ll make a mockery of the richest prize in this sport!!” ~Cole.

Chris Jericho: Wont you!!??

Jericho looks at Umaga, but the Bulldozer doesn’t look back at him. Instead, it’s a thousand yard stare into the distance. Jericho then turns to Estrada, wafting his hand at Umaga.

Chris Jericho: Mister Estrada … please …

Estrada nods.

Armando Estrada: Of course! With pleasure!

Armando steps forward, making a motion with his fingers for Umaga to look him in the eye, which Umaga does.

Armando Estrada: Umaga!! Ju know what ju need to do – jes!?

No response. Armando looks to Jericho, nervously chuckling, before turning back to Umaga.

Armando Estrada: Ju know dat when de bell rings at Armageddon … and I make THIS move-

Estrada motions down with his index finger…

Armando Estrada: Ju will just get down … and lie on your back … and allow Mister Jericho to cover ju.

No reaction from Umaga. Estrada removes his hat, wiping sweat from his forehead, then places it back on.

Armando Estrada: Jes!?

No response. Estrada starts clicking his fingers … as Jericho starts to look concerned.

Armando Estrada: UMAGA!!!

And Estrada SLAPS Umaga!!

Armando Estrada: Answer me ju big, DUMMY!!!

He SLAPS Umaga again!!

Armando Estrada: Ju nod ju’re head!!

Still, Umaga hasn’t complied … and Estrada SLAPS him one more time.

Armando Estrada: JU. KNOW. WHAT. TO. DO. AT. ARMAGEDDON!!??

Worryingly, Estrada looks over at the concerned Jericho … but finally, this time, Umaga …


Boos fill the arena … but both Estrada and Jericho breathe a noticeable sigh of relief … and a smile forms on the face of the WWE Champion as he steps forward again.

Chris Jericho: Thank you, Mister Estrada.

I told ju. Nothing to worry about!!” ~Estrada sure sounds more confident now.

Jericho stands next to Umaga again, full of smarm.

Chris Jericho: So now you’ll all see … the fix … is in.

This is disgusting!!” ~Cole is rightly angry.

Chris Jericho: And there’s nothing any of you can do about it. There’s nothing that any other Smackdown superstar can do about it. There’s nothing that Finlay can do about it. There’s nothing even Jesse Ventura can do about it at this point from his Ivory Tower. The wheels are already in motion, the match has been signed.

Heat from the fans, but Jericho merely rolls his eyes.

Chris Jericho: So to all the malcontents that were wishing and praying that this Sunday would somehow be MY own personal Armageddon?? Keep wishing. Keep praying!! Because you’re not getting the brain dead Samoan zombie as the WWE Champion … you’re stuck with me.

Yeah, we are!!” ~Cole isn’t happy.

Chris Jericho: And you’re going to be stuck with me for a long … long time to come. I’m looking at the landscape, and there’s not a man on this roster that can out-think me. Not one can pose a challenge to me in any way, shape or form. Not Edge, not Batista, not Christian, and sure as hell not Jeff Hardy.

Jericho continues to gloat, fixing his gaze toward the ramp, speaking to the roster backstage.

Chris Jericho: Case in point; while the rest of you beat each other within an inch of your lives this Sunday for the scraps … I’ll be self preserving myself. Readying myself for whoever tries to tangle with me next.

And the shit eating grin forms on his face again … before tapping his brain.

Chris Jericho: Because I used my brain.

Heat for the annoying catchphrase he won’t stop repeating. Jericho then slaps the arm of the Samoan Bulldozer.

Chris Jericho: How about a handshake, Mags. How about we seal the deal before the BIG MATCH this Sunday with a good old fashioned handshake, huh!?

Jericho turns to Estrada again.

Chris Jericho: He knows how to shake hands, right??

Estrada shrugs, then tells Umaga what to do.

Chris Jericho: C’mon y’big dummy, shake my hand!!

Umaga looks to Estrada, then down at the hand from Jericho … and slowly raises his own … accepting the handshake, much to the chagrin of the fans.

Chris Jericho: There ya go!!!

Heartily, Jericho shakes the limp hand of Umaga … but that appears to stop, and Jericho – still smiling – looks down at the hand, which he’s no longer able to shake at will.

Chris Jericho: Good luck, pal!! I’m sure you’ll do just fine!! See ya Sunday!!

Jericho’s expression starts to turn … into a pained look of anguish, as he looks down at his hand. Then over at Estrada with concern, mouthing “he won’t let go!”. Estrada rushes over, waving his hands at Umaga, demanding he stop and let go-


Jericho’s eyes bug out at Umaga, and the concern turns to all out FEAR – as his greatest fear is coming true; UMAGA IS GOING INTO BUSINESS FOR HIMSELF!!!


The Samoan Bulldozer roars to the approval of the crowd, with Cole and Lawler both in shock at what they’re seeing; Umaga has defied his orders – he wants the WWE Championship!!! He SCARES Estrada out of the ring after Armando tries to get up and calm him down … but even the handler is throwing in the towel now!!

Umaga drags Jericho by the hand, taking him to the corner … setting him up-


Umaga has taken Chris Jericho OUT!!! Two nights before Armageddon … Chris Jerichos worst fears are realized … he WON’T get a walkover on Sunday … he’s facing a Samoan Bulldozer that’s on the warpath…

And a Samoan Bulldozer that’s hungry for GOLD!!! The show comes to a close with Umaga standing tall in the middle of the ring … looking down at the WWE Championship … and reaches to pick it up, staring at the gold, infatuated with it, as Armando Estrada stands with his hands on his head, his hat long since gone, unable to process what he’s seen…

Michael Cole: Tonight, all of Chris Jericho’s worst fears have come true!! Umaga HAS defied the orders of his handler – The Samoan Bulldozer has gone ROGUE!!! And now, is there ANYTHING that can stop Umaga from becoming the WWE Champion!? Will it truly be Armageddon for Chris Jericho this Sunday on Pay Per View!?!?


Official Card for WWE Armageddon:
December 14 2008 | TD Banknorth Garden, Boston MA

Theme Music; ‘Goodnight, Travel Well’ by The Killers

WWE Championship Match:

Chris Jericho w/Armando Estrada vs. Umaga

WWE United States Championship Match:

Mark Henry w/Theodore Long vs. Kurt Angle w/Paul Heyman

WWE Tag Team Championships:


The Fight Factory w/Melina vs. The Caribbean Connection vs. Filthy Rich w/The Million Dollar Man & M.V.P vs. Cryme Tyme


Jeff Hardy vs. Christian

~ Winner Challenges WWE Champion on Dec. 26 LIVE edition of Smackdown ~


The Brian Kendrick vs. Finlay

The Final Showdown:

Edge vs. Batista

Grudge Match:

Randy Orton w/Paul Heyman vs. John Morrison

Six Man Tag Team Match:

Christopher Daniels, Low Ki & Justin Gabriel vs. Bryan Danielson, Jerry Lynn & TBC
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Re: Being The Booker

I wonder how long that takes you to write. Holy shit. You should have a job at aew or wwe. Well done.

Its still real to me damnit
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Re: Being The Booker

The Samoan Buldozer has been unleashed! I think Kendrick is a man with a plan and dark times might be coming for Mr. Finlay
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