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Re: Being The Booker

WWE Superstars | October 22 2008


This weeks show kicks off with some rapping by R-TRUTH. After asking the fans “What’s Up!?” repeatedly, the popular baby face gets a showcase against TYSON TOMKO, with the announcers talking about Tomko asking for this match after being eliminated from last weeks impromptu Battle Royal. As noted, it’s a showcase for Truth in the end, finishing the Problem Solver off with the Scissors Kick @ 04:12.



JOHN MORRISON goes one on one with RANDY ORTON in a bid for retribution for his fallen former partner, Joey Matthews.

AND, in the main event, KANE gets his shot at the United States Championship after eliminating the champion, MARK HENRY to win last weeks Battle Royal.


Next up, CODY RHODES (with Ken Doane accompanying him at ringside) takes on DOUG WILLIAMS, looking to bounce back from a narrow loss at Nemesis when challenging for the tag titles. A distraction from Ken Doane is the ultimate difference maker, with Doug Williams getting set to deliver his BOMBS AWAY. Rhodes is able to throw the Brit off the top, and deliver CROSS RHODES to score the win @ 06:12.


Following that, VICKIE GUERRERO surprisingly watches from the stage as the SAN JUAN EXPRESS make quick work of a pair of jobbers @ 01:53 with the double BACKCRACKER. Striker and Grisham wonder what Vickie is doing, considering she already has a team under her belt in the form of Los Latinos, and Epico and Primo also seem confused about her presence…



LIVE from London, England with RANJIN SINGH in charge!!

Who else will join forces with Team Layfield and Team Ventura on the road toward the Winner Takes All Survivor Series match?

SHAWN MICHAELS will reveal his choice of match when he challenges CM PUNK on Raw 800, AND a TAG TEAM BATTLE ROYAL for a shot at the champions at Raw 800!!


Then, in the main event, COLT CABANA & COLIN DELANEY finally get their revenge after months of torment from Bob Holly. They team with BIG ZEKE to face HOLLY & AMERICAS MOST WANTED in a six man tag team match. Despite Holly having the multi time champions by his side, they’re no match for Big Zeke, who merely brings Delaney and Cabana along for the ride.

The heel trio are able to gain control for a short period whilst Delaney is the legal man, but in a moment of glory for the jobber, he ends up fending off Holly long enough to make the hot tag to Big Zeke. From there, Zeke runs roughshod – with a little bit of assistance from his partners – resulting in Holly getting nailed with Zekes Spinebuster … with Delaney getting the glory of the cover, defeating Holly @ 09:15.

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Re: Being The Booker

Friday Night Smackdown | October 24 2008 | Miami, FL

Smackdown opens COLD in the ring – yet again – with PAUL HEYMAN and ARMANDO ESTRADA stood on different sides of a table, as the ring is curiously set up for what would appear to be a contract signing.

Michael Cole: Hello, good evening and welcome to Smackdown!! Confusion continues to rock Friday Nights in the absence of our General Manager, and King, I’m at a loss as to what is going on right now.

Jerry Lawler: Well … we know what it looks like. But what’s it for?

Michael Cole: We’re hopefully about to find out. One thing we DO know is that our main event tonight will see the United States Championship on the line, as a result of Kane winning that impromptu battle royal a week ago … and he’ll challenge the man he eliminated to win it – Mark Henry!! A battle of the monsters tonight on Smackdown!!

Jerry Lawler: Halloween isn’t for another seven days, but we’ve got the monster mash tonight!!!

Cut to the ring, with Heyman offering Estrada the chance to speak first, with both men smiling at one another – overly friendly. Falsely even.

Armando Estrada: Que pasa, damas y caballeros … everybody listen … HA HA … TO ME!!!!

Instant heat for the grinning Estrada.

Armando Estrada: My name is Armandoooo Alejandrrrro Essssstrrrradaaa!!

Heyman smiles in the background, impressed with the rolling ‘R’s’ from Armando.

Armando Estrada: And I represent the W-W-E Champion, Chris Jerrrrrricho. As his business manager, I represent his best interests … which includes his championship defences. As all of ju know, two weeks ago – despite being injured and forced to compete on one leg – my client successfully retained his title against Edge.


Armando Estrada: Now … In de absence of Finlay, dere has been no sign of a new contender being made, and time?? Time is of the … como se dice … ESSENCE, HA HA!!

With a never ending shit eating grin, Armando looks over at Heyman – content to stand and listen and allow Estrada to carry things.

Armando Estrada: So Mister Heyman and I have come together to take matters into our own hands to provide ju people with the kind of competition ju all deserve to see!!! And most of all, Chris Jericho – who will be fully cleared for a return to action in two weeks – wants to be a fighting champion. But for my client, dere isn’t any outstanding contenders out there right now.

Is he forgetting Batista!?”

He’s definitely forgetting Edge, I know that, King. We all know that match two weeks ago was a mockery!!”

Armando Estrada: So it is with great pleasure, that tonight, I present to all of ju … an agreement between myself and Mister Paul Heyman that impacts de future of de W-W-E Championship. Mister Heyman??

Nodding, Heyman steps forward to take centre stage.

Paul Heyman: Thank you, sir. As Mister Estrada has alluded to, he and I have come to a working agreement that benefits both his, and my client. And this contract stipulates that at the Survivor Series Pay Per View on November 16, the WWE Champion, Chris Jericho will head up a five man team for a traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match.

Since when!?” ~Michael Cole wasn’t clued in to this, it seems.

Paul Heyman: Chris Jericho and his partners will face the challenge … of my client, Kurt Angle, and his partners. And, in the event that Kurt Angle’s team is victorious on that night – which I, for one, believe he will be – then, Kurt Angle will challenge Chris Jericho at the next Smackdown Pay Per View extravaganza, Armageddon for the WWE Championship.

Wait a minute- what?? Who approved this!?”

First I’ve heard about any of this, Michael.”

Paul Heyman: Mister Estrada? Shall we?

Armando Estrada: Ha ha – after ju amigo!!

The two remain overly nice and friendly to each other, both trying to be as polite as possible. Heyman clicks his pen to sign the deal when JOHN LAURINAITIS quickly emerges from the curtain!!

John Laurinaitis: Hold on, hold on!! I didn’t sanction any of this!!

Stopping in their tracks, Heyman and Estrada both look frustrated at the appearance of Ace, clearly having been trying to cut this deal behind his back. Big Johnny – the man in charge tonight – quickly makes his way to the ring.

John Laurinaitis: Just what do the two of you think you’re doing?? Don’t you think I have enough to be dealing with right now??

Heyman quickly nods, and thinks on his feet for an explanation.

Paul Heyman: That- that’s exactly why we’ve done this, John. We DO think you have enough to be dealing with right now. That … is why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to help you out and clear up the WWE Title picture for you.

Instantly, Estrada agrees, nodding his head as he backs up Heyman.

Armando Estrada: Absolutely!! Absolutely!! Mister Laurinaitis, sir, you should be dedicating jure time to finding de man who took out Finlay. This?? This shouldn’t be of importance to ju. Ju leave this side of things … to us, jes??

Estrada beams with a big smile at Johnny Ace, showing him the contract.

Armando Estrada: We’ve already got de documents written up, amigo. My client is happy, Mister Heymans client is extremely satisfied, and honestly?? My friend, look around … do ju see any other viable contenders for the W-W-E Title?? I don’t think so. This contract solves problems for ju.

Ace shakes his head whilst flicking through the paperwork. He sighs.

John Laurinaitis: Well … it does clear things up a little. But I’m still not happy about all of this. You both should’ve came to see me about this first.

With a hint of a smirk, Heyman shrugs, seemingly feeling more comfortable now.

Paul Heyman: Come on, John … you’ve been around the block enough times to know that in this business, it’s better to ask for forgiveness than it is to ask for permission. Mister Estrada and I?? We just wanted to assist you, that’s all. Sure, this arrangement is mutually beneficial for Mister Estrada’s client, just as it is mine … but you know … this benefits you too.

Laurinaitis says nothing, but shoots glances between both Heyman and Estrada.

Paul Heyman: And besides, the Survivor Series is three weeks on Sunday. Do you really have any better ideas to promote a WWE Championship match in such a short space of time?? Were you about to determine a contender this evening??

Johnny doesn’t answer, and just stares at Heyman instead – he doesn’t need to answer the question; it’s clear he wasn’t. He sighs again before speaking.

John Laurinaitis: Look … JBL hasn't shown up. I thought he was going to deal with all of this, but I guess I'm in charge. I’m not happy you two went over my head to set this thing up … but I will let this stand. Team Jericho versus Team Angle at the Survivor Series. You got it.

Both Heyman and AAE smile with Big Johnny rubberstamping this arrangement, having been manipulated pretty easily. Both men shake hands with Ace, despite him still being somewhat miffed at them setting all of this up behind his back.

But, with Laurinaitis on board, Heyman and Estrada finish up signing the contract – and it’s official; Team Jericho vs. Team Angle at the Survivor Series.

Michael Cole: I don’t know what to make of all this King!! Team Angle and Team Jericho at the Survivor Series!!??

Jerry Lawler: I think I know exactly what to make of it, Michael. Think about it!! Chris Jericho has Edge AND Batista breathing down his neck. By agreeing to this, he gets to avoid BOTH of them, AND doesn’t have to defend the WWE Title at LEAST until Armageddon, and that’s ONLY if Angle’s team wins!!

In the ring, both Heyman and Estrada are clearly happy – they both look like the cat that got the cream here, engaging in an overly friendly, overly long handshake…

Michael Cole: And we know Kurt Angle has been chomping at the bit to get back in the title mix, King. I guess Paul Heyman delivered the opportunity for him.

Jerry Lawler: Brilliant. I don’t have much time for Heyman personally … but even I can’t argue with his results. He’s just managed to jump the line ahead of Edge and Batista to get his client right back in the picture. Now, it’s up to Angle to deliver at the Survivor Series!!

Cutting backstage, we’re shown JOHN MORRISON heading down a corridor on his way to the ring…

Michael Cole: Well, what an opportunity this is going to be for John Morrison!! He’s about to go one on one with the former three time World Champion Randy Orton!!

Jerry Lawler: But this isn’t just an opportunity for Morrison to announce himself on the world stage, Michael – this is personal.

Michael Cole: Morrison wants to avenge his fallen former partner Joey Matthews – who was taken out of commission a few weeks ago when Randy Orton punted him in the skull!!

Jerry Lawler: They brawled all over the arena last week – I don’t even know if the ring will even be able to contain John Morrison!!

Michael Cole: He’s got revenge on his mind, King. And that match is next!!!

Commercial Break


JOHN MORRISON heads to the ring, but there’s no preening or posturing from him; Morrison is ALL business as he looks to exact revenge on the man that brutally took out Morrisons former tag team partner. As Morrison waits in the ring, Cole and Lawler again hype the main event tonight; Kane challenging Mark Henry for the U.S Title.


And taking his time to make his way out, RANDY ORTON has that cold, menacing look in his eyes, with Cole and Lawler pointing out that Randy is a main suspect by the assault suffered by Finlay-


They trade blows with Orton trying to fend off the spirited attack from his fired up rival … but the sheer volume of strikes coming his way means Orton has to cover up!!!

Morrison rams Orton into the barricades on the ramp, but a rake of the eyes by Randy buys him a moment to stumble away. He gets in the ring, but Morrison is in hot pursuit – and here we go!!!

Match 1:

John Morrison vs. Randy Orton

Orton stomps Morrison as he slides in, instantly taking the upper hand, and tries to drain the fight and spirit out of the up-and-comer early. With his methodical style, Orton slows the pace, but that doesn’t work out as he expected, with Morrison TOO fired up just to be shut down. Morrison comes back into it, forcing Orton to try and take a walk … but Morrison isn’t going to back up an inch for even a second!! He comes right out after Orton with a plancha to the floor!!!!

It’s all Morrison for a period, as he shows a nastier side to his personality, ditching any further high flying or fancy antics – he’s just dead set on exacting revenge for his fallen friend Joey Matthews!! Indeed, he skirts the line between aggression and out right malice, with Jimmy Korderas having to warn him on more than one occasion about a potential DQ.

After another warning due to an extended beat down in the corner by Morrison, John looks to come back at Randy – but Orton ducks under, then traps Morrison; INVERTED BACKBREAKER!!! 1...2...NO!!!! That move shifts the momentum to the former WWE Champion, and as he starts to get a firm handle on proceedings, Orton begins to get comfortable, delivering the Garvin Stomp on Morrison, heading into a commercial break…

Commercial Break

No prizes for guessing that Orton is in charge as we return, and he has a chinlock applied on Morrison, having controlled throughout the break. Morrison starts to stir though, and fights his way out of trouble … but the comeback is cut short with Orton raking the eyes again!!! He goes for the RKO – SHOVED AWAY!!! Morrison then clotheslines Orton over the top rope and follows that with a DROPKICK through the ropes!!!!

Morrison punishes Orton on the floor, bringing him back inside, and ducks a clothesline attempt from a spaghetti legged Orton, picking him up for an atomic drop … then SLAMS Orton face first on the mat!!! 1...2...NO!!! Morrison rocks Orton with forearm shots, beating him into the corner, but Orton comes back with kicks to the gut, as the battle becomes a straight up fist fight; and despite the determination of Morrison, he’s no match for the more streetwise Orton.

Orton gets the better of the fight, and tries to set Morrison up on the ropes, looking for his HANGMANS DDT … BUT MORRISON WRIGGLES OUT OF DANGER!!! He gets out of Ortons clutches, and drives his shoulder into the gut of Orton through the ropes, before he Sunset Flip’s back into the ring!!! Orton rolls through though … RIGHT INTO A MASSIVE HEADKICK FROM MORRISON!!!!! 1...2...NO!!!!

Morrison delivers a pair of slams, looking to keep Orton down, allowing him to climb to the top … wanting the STARSHIP PAIN – BUT ORTON ROLLS OUT OF DANGER!!!!!! Morrison crashes and burns!!! Orton looks to pick his moment, sizing up the recovering Morrison for the RKO – NO!!! Morrison drops down, and rolls Orton up instead!!! 1...2...KICK OUT!!!! They get up, but Morrison catches Orton with the CHUCK KICK!!! 1...2...KICK OUT AGAIN!!!!

Mounting Orton now, Morrison again takes out that anger against him with a barrage of shots – and there’s nothing Orton can do to protect himself either!!! Morrison eventually gets off, then hits his breakdancing leg drop!! Morrison drags Orton into position again … and this time STARSHIP PAIN DOES CONNECT!!!!! Morrison covers … 1...2...FOOT ON THE ROPE!!!!! Morrison’s eyes bug out, and again starts to hammer Orton on the mat before dragging him back up-

Winner: Via DQ – John Morrison @ 11:27

Naturally, there’s boos throughout the arena for Orton taking the low road and getting himself intentionally disqualified. Morrison drops to his knees, as Cole exclaims that Morrison was on the verge of a HUGE win here until the DQ.

But worryingly, it’s the look in Ortons eyes that could be the cause for concern. It’s a familiar look … and he’s taking up a familiar position too. Cole and Lawler both call it out … with Morrison in serious peril at the moment … looking like he’s about to JOIN his former tag team partner on the shelf as a victim-



Morrison MUST have sensed it coming as he instead lunges forward, toward the ropes and out of position for Orton to kick him in the skull. He tries to crawl under the bottom rope to get out of the ring…

But Orton quickly slides out and STOPS Morrison – with John caught hanging over the ring apron, and gets a few European uppercuts from Orton!! With a sick look in his eyes, Orton now RIPS AWAY the protective mats on the floor and scares off the official…


Morrisons face SPLATS off the floor as Orton makes up for not getting the Punt … and instead DDT’s Morrison from the apron to the floor!!! Michael Cole is immediately calling for help on commentary, with Korderas quickly tending to Morrison.

Slowly, Orton backs away, with a sick look in his eyes – he’s enjoyed this!!! A message sent by Orton tonight, warning what could happen to anyone who comes after him – like Morrison did – what the future may hold.

Randy continues to slowly back off as medics pass him on the ramp, looking to tend to Morrison – who has yet to move since the Hangmans DDT moments ago…

Commercial Break




The debut of Rocky Maivia – who of course would later go on to be simply The Rock – under the bright lights of Madison Square Garden. The first third generation superstar in the WWE made a debut to remember, as the sole survivor of his team (Maivia, Jake Roberts, Marc Mero & The Stalker) outlasting Crush and Goldust (along with Jerry Lawler & Hunter Hearst Helmsley) for a moment of glory.





Backstage, RANDY ORTON is being kept away from a portion of the roster, as security hold the baying mob back – all wanting to lynch Orton for what he’s just done.

In amongst it, JOHN LAURINAITIS comes through the crowd of guys, and is allowed through to talk with Orton – who is pacing side to side, still clearly pumped up from what he just did. Ace tells the security “get rid of ‘em” in reference to the roster members, as he looks to speak with Orton.

John Laurinaitis: What are you doing, Randy!! Have you lost your mind?? Don’t you see how this looks for you, lashing out, putting people in ambulances like this!?

Orton breaths heavily but says nothing.

John Laurinaitis: You’re already the number one suspect behind what happened to Finlay. And actions like this tonight?? The lack of remorse behind your actions?? They don’t exactly paint you in the best of light, do they?? And look!? These guys want to rip your head off!!!

Randy Orton: I don’t give a damn!!

Ace – exasperated – shakes his head.

John Laurinaitis: No. You don’t. Do you?? You should think very carefully about what you do next, Randy. You bring much more attention on yourself?? I’ll be starting to draw conclusions on this investigation … because all the signs are pointing in one direction right now.

Narrowing his eyes, Orton glares at Ace with a menacing tone.

Randy Orton: Well … if that’s how you feel … you should be very – very – careful about confronting me like this, shouldn’t you??

Laurinaitis says nothing, but does look concerned … as we fade out…


Elsewhere, CHRIS JERICHO is in his own private room, sat down, flicking through the paperwork from the earlier contract singing. Standing behind the chair, ARMANDO ESTRADA looks over the WWE Champions shoulder.

Jericho is nodding along, looking very pleased with everything.

Chris Jericho: Very nice work indeed. This is perfect for us.

Armando Estrada: {Nodding} Perfect. And Heyman? Delighted.

Jericho scoffs, and stands up.

Chris Jericho: Of course he is. He knows Kurt Angle isn’t getting a title shot any other way. Now, we just have to ensure he doesn’t take the guys we want on our team.

Armando Estrada: Well, I got news for ju on that. Heyman already told me that that … rookie{!!} – HA HA is the first guy on de team with Angle.

Chris Jericho: Swagger!? Good. He looks impressive, no doubt … but he’s still a wet behind the ears kid. We’ll take care of him.

Again, Armando nods along, with his eyes lighting up in excitement as he speaks again.

Armando Estrada: And when ju compare de kid to de Samoan Bulldozer!? HA!! No contest, amigo.

Jericho chuckles to himself.

Chris Jericho: I don’t know. Swagger’s wet behind the ears … but Umaga?? He’s got nothing between his ears, does he??

Estrada chuckles too.

Chris Jericho: Then again, I’d rather have a mindless savage on my side that we can control than an inexperienced kid. The way I see it, we’re already up by two. It’s up to you to make it a sweep though. I want those guys I gave you.

Estrada’s expression drops slightly.

Armando Estrada: All of dem?? Ju sure!?

Chris Jericho: Make it happen. I want a team so dominant that not even Umaga could screw this up for us.

Jericho taps the chest of Estrada with the rolled up contract papers and walks off. Estrada looks slightly agitated – there’s clearly someone he DOESN’T want to be on this team…


Back into the arena…


Even though The DiBiase’s & Jamie Noble lead the way, it’s M.V.P that’s actually in action tonight. Clips air of last weeks Battle Royal in which M.V.P essentially sacrificed himself to do his job and try to save Ted Junior at every turn – including screwing over the Hardy Boys after he had been eliminated himself … but Porter still looks uneasy at this entire arrangement – especially with the Million Dollar Man giving him instructions.


Joined by his brother Matt, JEFF HARDY takes centre stage tonight for singles action. We’re reminded of the recent issues between the two sides with Filthy Rich stealing a win over the Hardys two weeks ago, but it’s the actions of M.V.P (under duress) that see this one happening tonight.

Match 2:
M.V.P w/Filthy Rich & The Million Dollar Man vs Jeff Hardy w/Matt Hardy
Jeff Hardy excites in the early going, using his speed and obvious anger bubbling from last week to put Porter on the back foot. Despite having three people in his corner, M.V.P gets (and wouldn’t want) any help from them, as all three of Noble and the DiBiase’s simply watch on, showing little concern for M.V.P. Despite Jeff dominating early though, Montel changes the course of the match by SHOVING Jeff from the top to the floor with a thud when Hardy was looking for the Whisper in the Wind. Jeff writhes on the floor as Smackdown heads to commercial.

Commercial Break

Back from the break, Jeff is in the midst of a fightback, and after some blistering right hands, he drops Porter with a jawbreaker!! Jeff scores a few near falls, but M.V.P hangs on, and when Jeff lines up the Twist of Fate, Montel counters into a BACKSLIDE; 1...2...NO!!!! They get back up, but a back elbow from MVP puts Jeff down, allowing Porter to strike with the DRIVE BY KICK!!! 1...2...KICK OUT AGAIN!!!

Closing in on victory, Porter gets Jeff into position for the PLAY OF THE DAY – but Jeff spins out, teeing off on his opponent, and flattens him with a sit out suplex!! Jeff gets up, and climbs to the top rope for the SWANTON … BUT NOBLE GRABS HIS FOOT!!!!! Jeff shrugs him off, with Matt now getting involved and drags Jamie away … but as Ted Junior rushes to attack Matt, Jeff leaps off the top – crashing into DiBiase Jr!!!

The Hardys take care of Noble too, and Jeff gets back into the ring, catching MVP with a kick, but when he runs off the ropes, The Million Dollar Man TRIPS Jeff!!! Instead of capitalizing on it though, Porter instead turns his focus to the man that owns his contract, telling him to knock it off, not wanting his help … before turning around into a TWIST OF FATE FROM JEFF HARDY!!!! Quickly, Jeff heads back up top … SWANTON BOMB CONNECTS!!!! 1...2...3!!!!!

Winner: Jeff Hardy @ 06:20

On the outside, The Million Dollar Man is livid that M.V.P just threw it away after being given a huge advantage. Hands on the apron, DiBiase keeps his head down, trying to hide his frustration as Matt and Jeff leave the ring with the win and a measure of payback after the last few weeks.

Quickly, the recovering Ted Junior and Noble hit the ring with both shoving at M.V.P, telling him he should’ve taken the help, reminding him he works for them and needs to do as instructed-


M.V.P clearly has had enough of being told what to do, but instantly lives to regret it as Noble reactively nails him for hitting DiBiase, and Ted quickly jumps on too. Looking to beat some obedience into M.V.P, Filthy Rich put the boots to him, with the Million Dollar Man nodding on the outside…


Seeing the two on one attack, the Hardys can’t sit back and watch, and come to save M.V.P, fending off Filthy Rich!!! On the outside though, The Million Dollar Man shouts in to M.V.P, making a point whilst pointing at the Hardys who are hammering down Noble and Ted Jr.

Despite shaking his head, M.V.P rises back to his feet … and clearly under duress … HE ATTACKS MATT HARDY FROM BEHIND!!!!! Despite the Hardys coming to the aid of M.V.P, due to his orders from the Million Dollar Man he HAS to assist Filthy Rich!!!

Jeff Hardy spots what’s happened with Matt, and comes to get a shot in on M.V.P, but Ted DiBiase gets to Jeff first, and PLANTS him with DREAM STREET!!!!! Then, under further demands from the outside, M.V.P is TOLD to deliver the PLAY OF THE DAY on Matt Hardy!!!!

Filthy Rich (thanks to M.V.P) end up leaving the Hardy Boys laying, despite Jeff getting the win over M.V.P tonight. They leave the ring, with M.V.P clearly troubled by all of this … but left with no choice but to do the bidding of the DiBiase’s.

As they leave up the ramp, The Million Dollar Man has a few choice words for M.V.P, telling him not to disobey orders again … whilst on commentary, Michael Cole is left sickened by the control the DiBiase’s have over M.V.P and his inability to be able to make a stand against them.


Cutting backstage, BATISTA is just arriving in the building, wearing a leather biker jacket and shades, before stopping a production worker.

Batista: Chris Jericho. You seen him??

Cowering in fear, the production guy shakes his head.

Batista: Armando Estrada??

He shakes his head again.

Production Crew Member: He was out in the ring earlier, just. Signing some contract for Chris Jericho to face Kurt Angle in a Survivor Series elimination match.

Batista does a bit of a double take.

Batista: Who?? Angle??

Production Crew Member: Yeah. If Angle wins, he uh, gets a future title shot.

Batista chuckles – but not because he actually finds this funny.

Batista: I thought I was pissed off when I got here. Now I’m really pissed off. Somebody is about to get hurt.

Batista pushes the guy aside, and briskly walks off down the hallway.

Commercial Break


In this world, DOMINANCE is key.”

Batista delivering a Spinebuster on The Undertaker at Judgment Day, Mark Henry giving Umaga the Worlds Strongest Slam at SummerSlam.

In this world, POWER is the ultimate currency.”

Beth Phoenix standing tall with her Womens title, The Brian Kendrick getting his head shaved after losing at SummerSlam.


The Master Craftsmen standing tall together, Melina aligning with the Fight Factory.

And here, WEAKNESS will be EXPLOITED.”

Randy Orton PUNTING countless innocent victims over the last 18 months, CM Punk blasting Shawn Michaels with the Bible in August.

To stand above ALL others…”

Shots of Christian, Edge and John Cena over the last few years with World Title belts.

To be at the TOP of the food chain …”

Kurt Angle screaming out after a victory, neck muscles bulging, Chris Jericho sneering at the audience on Smackdown.

SURVIVAL isn’t just an INSTINCT.”

Mister Kennedy attacking Mr. McMahon on a recent episode of Raw, John Cena beating up Drew McIntyre on Raw during the summer.

It’s a way of life.”

Triple H blasting multiple people over the years with a sledgehammer, The Undertaker sitting up at WrestleMania.

And the only way to GUARANTEE SURVIVAL in this world?”

The following words THUD onto a black screen.










Straight out of the gate, BATISTA – mere moments after arriving – is already heading to the ring. With clips from the last two weeks, we’re reminded of Batista’s recent actions; screwing Edge out of the WWE Title and laying Edge out again last week just as Edge was about to get his hands on Jericho.

Michael Cole informs us that The Animal has made it clear he wants the WWE title, and it doesn’t take a genius why he wants to face Jericho, given Jericho’s recent injury … but it’s also obvious he’s far from pleased about the information he just learned when he arrived…

Lawler also chimes in that Batista is still a suspect amongst the names being tossed around for being behind the attack on Finlay two weeks ago too, and he’s been avoiding questions regarding that. Meanwhile, Batista gets to the ring, taking a microphone from Chimmel…

Batista: I feel like someone is avoiding me right now … and I don’t like being avoided … especially when that person owes me.

It’s true – Jericho wouldn’t be champion right now if it wasn't for Batista!!” ~Cole.

Batista: JERICHO!!! YOU. OWE. ME!!!

The Animal glares directly to the hard camera with that demand, letting it linger.

Batista: I saved your ass two weeks ago. I saved your ass last week. And you’re not dumb enough to think I wouldn’t want something in return.

Leaning over the ropes, Batista continues to deliver his message directly to the hard camera.

Batista: Now the way I see it, you’ve ran up a debt, Jericho. And it’s time to pay it back. So this crap I’m hearing about Survivor Series needs ripped up and cancelled. Screw Kurt Angle!!

Now, Batista paces the ring, and points to the stage, directing the message to Jericho back there.

Batista: You know what I want. So give it to me. Give it to me before I come back there and take it myself.

He waits for a second, then rips off his sunglasses and ROARS into the mic.


Batista shakes his head, waiting again for a moment, hoping perhaps for an answer – which is never coming.

Batista: And if I don’t get it … that little leg injury you’ve got is gonna be the least of your worries.


It’s not the guy Batista wants to see … but after two weeks of being laid out by The Animal, it’s no surprise that EDGE is heading out here. We learn through our commentators that Edge has only just arrived too, as Batista stares daggers at Edge for interrupting.

Edge: I only just got here myself … but I guess we got one thing in common anyway, Dave – because I’m not exactly thrilled with what’s goin on either.

Edge continues to walk down the ramp, scratching the side of his head.

Edge: But you know I’m not just talking about this Kurt Angle bullcrap – I’ll deal with that later myself – no … I’m talking about you SCREWIN ME out of the WWE Title!!

The expression turns to a scowl on Edge’s face, with him reaching the real issue he’s out here, climbing up onto the apron, and into the ring.

Edge: So while Chris Jericho might be avoiding you, big man?? I’m NOT!!!


Edge wails away at the Animal, with Batista thrown off by the cheap shot, tumbling through the ropes and rolling onto the floor, with Edge leaping off the apron onto Batista, taking him down!!!!!!

Edge beats at Batista on the floor, and smashes Batistas face off the barricade, but then The Animal turns the momentum and TOSSES Edge over the announce table!!!!!

Batista tries to catch his breath and compose himself with the break … but Edge climbs up onto the announce table, leaping off at Batista again!!!!

The two men roll around, throwing wild haymakers at one another, brawling to their feet, until Batista aims a knee to the gut to slow Edge down.

Batista grabs a chair now, but Edge kicks him in the gut before he can use it, ripping the chair away and SMASHING it down across the back of The Animal!!!

But, before Edge can do any REAL damage with the chair, a team of referees are at ringside with agents, as Dean Malenko is able to take the chair from Edge.

The referees and agents surround Edge, restraining him from continuing the fight … whilst Batista picks himself up, but doesn’t bother coming back after Edge tonight.

Instead, The Animal shouts to Edge that he’ll pay for that, making it clear that whilst he isn’t interested in continuing this fight … it doesn’t mean he wont be coming for Edge at a later date.

Edge continues to need to be restrained as he’s led away, with Cole on commentary noting that nothing has been settled here tonight; Edge is still out for blood after Batista screwed him out of the title … and Batista isn’t going to let Edge away with this attack either…

Commercial Break

Returning from the break, Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler recap the prior segment with Batista DEMANDING his title shot, before a vengeful Edge came after him.

Moving on, our announcers throw more hype for the main event, which sees Kane challenge Mark Henry for the U.S Title tonight, before airing clips of the Battle Royal last week that was thrown together at the last minute by J.B.L – who Lawler notes we could do with here tonight – which saw Kane last eliminate Henry to earn anything he wanted this week … and Kane made it clear he wanted a shot at Henrys title…


Cutting backstage, still on edge, Batista is pacing around, breathing heavily, before lashing out and kicking at a production box … just as a smiling PAUL HEYMAN approaches. Batista spots him coming and cuts Heyman off before he can even get started.

Batista: You better take that smile off your face, turn around and walk away.

Innocently, Heyman holds his hands up.

Paul Heyman: Whoa, Dave – give- give me a second. Please. I’m- I’m not the bad guy here. And if your … I’m guessing … former manager was here?? He’d tell you that too. I’m just looking out for my client’s best interests. And if your manager was around, he’d be doing the same for you. I know for a fact he wouldn’t have let you rescue Chris Jericho twice without an arrangement in place.

Batista: You’ve got about ten seconds before I rip your head off.

Again, Heyman puts his hands up, then puts them together, looking to reason with an angry Animal.

Paul Heyman: Please- please … just … hear me out here. Like I said … I’m not the guy you need to be angry at here. Dave … Chris Jericho is your enemy here. You’re right. He OWES you. And he SCREWED you instead.

Heyman pauses, trying to read Batista for a reaction. He looks encouraged by Dave’s silence and seeming willingness to listen.

Paul Heyman: Now … there’s an opportunity here Dave. A chance to stick it to Chris Jericho and a chance to put his title – the title he WONT give you an opportunity at – in serious, grave, danger. You come on board with Kurt Angle and you’ll have the chance to get even with Chris Jericho. You come on board with Kurt Angle and you’ll have the chance-

Batista: To help Kurt Angle get a WWE Title shot??

Silence. Heyman knows by the tone alone that Batista isn’t drinking the Koolaid.

Batista: I don’t think so. I’m done helpin other people. I’m done dragging other people along. I don't need a manager, I don’t need a partner. I don’t need any baggage. The only thing I need is my shot at the WWE Title.

Heyman opens his mouth to speak, but Batista cuts him off.

Batista: And I don't give a damn what you’re offering me either. I don’t care if you swore on your eyes that I’d get the first shot at Kurt Angle if he wins the title. I’m not wasting my time helping someone else get to where I wanna be. It’s every man for himself around here. Now get out of my sight.

Gulping and nodding, Heyman gets the message, and starts to back off, saying nothing, as Batista fumes.


Back into the arena…

And, in the ring, DAIVARI and XAVIER WOODS are already ready for action…


The most recent challenger for the Cruiserweight title; JIMMY YANG hits the stage, with Cole and Lawler explaining that the following six man tag will see the winning team move on to next weeks Smackdown and face off in a triple threat match for the next Cruiserweight title shot. Yang joins Woods and Daivari in the ring, as they await their opposition…


Full of smiles and energy as always, EVAN BOURNE salutes the fans, with Cole and Lawler putting him over as perhaps the most exciting cruiserweight in the division, whilst Cole also notes that Bryan Danielson is NOT here tonight, as he’s on a promotional tour for the WWE…


The veteran, JERRY LYNN, who gave Danielson a tough challenge at No Mercy, looks to catapult himself back into title contention tonight by helping his team to victory. Lawler talks about what Christopher Daniels must be thinking right now as he continues to petition for a title shot, and refuses to earn the right – believing the shot is owed to him.


And rounding out the trio, the plucky South African JUSTIN GABRIEL. Again, Lawler points out that Christopher Daniels has a win over this guy, yet Gabriel could end up being next in line for a title shot. But, Cole responds on commentary, telling King if the Fallen Angel wants a shot so badly, he should go and earn it.

Daivari, Xavier Woods & Jimmy Yang vs. Jerry Lynn, Evan Bourne & Justin Gabriel
*Winning team progress to a triple threat #1 Contender match next week*

It doesn’t take long for things to get ramped up, as Woods breaks up an early pin attempt on Daivari, leading to a brief skirmish involving all six guys, which sees Bourne AND Gabriel dive to the outside, wiping out the opposition!! Bourne then looks to finish the match early by setting up AIR BOURNE on Daivari … but Yang shoves him off at the last second!!!!! Bourne writhes on the mat … as we head to a commercial.

Commercial Break

Back from the break, Bourne is unleashing arm drags on Woods, and catches an incoming Yang with a dropkick!!! Woods then cuts Bourne off, but when he goes for a belly to back suplex, Bourne is about to backflip behind … and make a tag to Jerry Lynn!!! The veteran gets a chance to shine after Gabriel and Bourne got the high spot earlier in the match, making the most of his hot tag by getting out a lot of his signature moves, but when he goes for the Tornado DDT on Woods, Daivari cuts him off!!!

And all six men get into another mass brawl again as a result of that!!! Everything breaks down, but in amongst the chaos Daivari and Justin Gabriel become the legal men. A series of spots follow where one by one, each man gets to take out another with a signature spot, until only Justin Gabriel is standing. He has Daivari down, and goes up top, but Yang cuts him off!!

Yang then climbs up too, and he wants a superplex now, but Jerry Lynn returns … TOWER OF DOOM!!!! Lynn then clotheslines Woods over the top, taking himself out in the process, as Evan Bourne knocks a recovering Daivari down with a kick and climbs to the top … AIR BOURNE CONNECTS!!!!! Justin Gabriel is the legal man, and Bourne drags his partner onto Daivari for the 1...2...3!!!!

Winners: Justin Gabriel, Evan Bourne @ Jerry Lynn @ 07:02


A crowd pleasing win for the dynamic trio of faces, with Jerry Lynn returning to the ring to get his hand raised with his fellow winners. The three men congratulate one another on a job well done, knowing now that next week they’ll be competing against each other for the title shot. But the respect between the three men remain, and whilst they’ll be enemies next week, it’s a sign of the camaraderie within the Cruiserweight division-

Unseen voice: Well, well well … what do we have here??

The voice emerges from the back … and it’s CHRISTOPHER DANIELS much to the chagrin of the fans and the three winners in the ring.

Christopher Daniels: Another bite at the cherry for the losers, huh?? Bryan Danielson isn’t here tonight, and now I know why!!

He’s in Europe on a promotional tour!!” ~Cole explains.

Christopher Daniels: Because not even he could keep a straight face in describing these idiots as challengers. He should be embarrassed to even consider these background players “contenders”. Look at ‘em!! He’s either already beaten ‘em … or they just don't cut the mustard.

Gabriel – knowing the last bit was aimed at him – makes a move to the ropes, but the experienced veteran, Jerry Lynn holds him back.

Christopher Daniels: While I’m sat around here the OBVIOUS number one contender. But he wants me to prove myself?? He wants me to earn it?? Against these guys??

Daniels shakes his head, before addressing the fans directly.

Christopher Daniels: I want you all to start seeing Bryan Danielson for what he is. He’s not this noble competitor. He’s not a man of honour. He paints this picture that he’s all about earning things and the spirit of competition. Here’s the truth, and you can take it as gospel; he’s happy to keep facing these guys. He knows they’re dumb enough to buy his crap and they’re desperate enough to keep plugging away, week after week just for a shot at the Cruiserweight title.

The Fallen Angel points to the ring.

Christopher Daniels: He knows none of these guys pose a threat to his title. He knows I do. He knows they aren’t on his level … and he knows he’s not on mine.

Daniels ends his promo, tossing the mic down, having rained on the parade of the three men in the ring. Lynn, Bourne and Gabriel are all rightly furious, with the spotlight of their victory shifting to Daniels …

Commercial Break

Smackdown returns, and in a dark, miserable corner of the building, KANE is shown – lurking in the shadows – ahead of tonight’s main event where he challenges for the U.S Title…


Elsewhere – in a much better lit area – JOSH MATHEWS is standing by with the WWE Tag Team Champions; THE FIGHT FACTORY and, of course, MELINA…

Josh Mathews: Guys, Melina, thanks for taking the time to join me, and really, I only have one question. There’s a lot of speculation as to why Wade and Elijah purposely cheated Carlito and Kofi Kingston last week and assisted to help Cryme Tyme win that number one contenders match. From my vantage point, it didn’t appear as if Cryme Tyme knew what was going on, and certainly didn’t appear to be on the same wavelength as you. Care to explain??

Melina sighs.

Melina: Are you not intelligent enough to work it out for yourself, Josh?? Are the fans not intelligent enough to work it out for themselves?? I don’t think it takes a genius to realize what we did last week or why we did it. Eli and Wade?? They just got done dealing with MNM last month. They don’t need to prove themselves against another team that relies solely on their quickness and speed.

Melina makes a face and rolls her eyes.

Melina: They need a new challenge-

Elijah Burke: If you can call it that.

Melina chuckles at Eli’s quip.

Josh Mathews: So you’d strenuously deny any claims levelled at your team that you perhaps perceive Cryme Tyme to be the lesser threat of the two teams??

Melina: That would be insinuating that either of those teams are considered a challenge, wouldn’t it??

Josh Mathews: So you don’t consider the Caribbean Connection a bigger threat??

Melina puts a hand up stopping Josh.

Melina: You said you only wanted to ask us one question. We answered two. That’s all your getting tonight.

But before the champions and Melina can leave, CRYME TYME – the team that challenge them next week – show up. There’s a stand off between the two teams, before JTG speaks up.

JTG: Yo, we know what’s up.

Shad points between himself and JTG, whilst not taking his eyes off the champions.

Shad Gaspard: We too streetwise not to see what’s goin on.


Shad Gaspard: But last week, you boys went and screwed up.

Barrett scoffs at that suggestion.

JTG: And don’t go thinkin we were happy wit’ what you did.

Melina rolls her eyes.

Shad Gaspard: You might think you picked the easy option last week … but you didn’t. And you’re gonna find that the hard way out next week.

JTG: CH’YEAH!! We comin for that bling, ya heard??

JTG flicks the title belt that sits on the shoulder of Elijah.

Shad Gaspard: See you next week.

Cryme Tyme – all business tonight – brush past Burke and Barrett, making sure the champions know it’ll be a tough night at the office next week.


Back into the arena…

Match 4:

Jack Swagger w/Paul Heyman vs. Unnamed local jobber

Just another squash for Swagger. The entire duration of the match is spent hyping the Team Jericho vs. Team Angle match at the Survivor Series and the pressure that will be on Swagger from the get-go, being shoved into such a huge match this early on … but he impresses again tonight, putting the jobber away with ease thanks to the GUTWRENCH POWERBOMB!!

Winner: Jack Swagger @ 01:13

Paul Heyman is again all smiles – it’s been a fairly good night for him to say the least – as Swagger continues to show his potential, but Lawler makes the comment that it may not just be potential; he could be ready to make an impression right now, believing Heyman may have unearthed a gem.


Meanwhile, watching on a monitor backstage, CHRIS JERICHO takes in what he just saw … as KURT ANGLE approaches.

Kurt Angle: Kid’s a natural, huh??

Jericho – not taking his eyes off the monitor – smirks, and responds, recognizing Angles voice right away.

Chris Jericho: Looks that way. He’d be a useful addition to my Survivor Series team…

Finally, Jericho turns his eyes from the screen, and looks at Angle.

Chris Jericho: In about three years from now when he’s ready.

Kurt Angle: Yeah?? Well I say he’s ready now, and he’s gonna be a great addition to my Survivor Series team in three weeks.

Both men are smiling, but there’s clearly an underlying tension.

Chris Jericho: You say that?? Or does Heyman??

Angle scoffs at that suggestion. Jericho turns again, looking at the screen where Heyman is showing beaming with a smile as he leads Swagger back up the ramp.

Chris Jericho: You know … if I didn’t know better … I’d say Paul Heyman is already looking to the future. And if he’s as ready as you say he is?? I don't know how much use Heyman is gonna have for you for much longer.

Kurt Angle: I’d say he’ll have plenty. After all, he’s going to be representing the WWE Champion pretty soon.

Jericho laughs.

Kurt Angle: Glad you find it funny. We’ll see how funny it is when I snap your ankle and you end up on the shelf again.

Jericho still smirks, not worried by the threat from Angle.

Chris Jericho: Didn’t you ask yourself why??

Kurt Angle: {Not following} Why what??

The WWE Champion takes a step forward, stepping closer to Angle.

Chris Jericho: Why … was I so keen to strike this deal for the Survivor Series. What?? Did you think I was just feeling generous by making this arrangement?? To give you – of all people – an opportunity to earn a shot at my WWE title??

Angle says nothing, but the wheels are turning in his head.

Chris Jericho: Think about it, Kurt … you?? You were the safest option. You were the easy out.

Jericho smirks, with Angle having no comeback. The champion picks his title belt up, shaking his head as he hobbles away – still selling his injury, even if the walking boot is now removed – leaving Angle to stew…

Commercial Break

Smackdown returns in an undisclosed location. It’s a darkened room, but a shadowy figure is sat alone, and after the similar vignette four weeks ago, we can tell it’s THE BRIAN KENDRICK speaking…

Everyone just forgot about me. Everyone just got on with their lives.”

He flicks on the hair clippers again.

What about mine?? What about everything I ever worked for being taken from me??”

And starts to run them through his growing hair again.

Laughed at. Mocked.”

The camera pans and we see him shaving his little clumps of hair that have been growing.

Why?? Because my goals were broader?? Because I didn’t pigeon hole myself into a tiny comfort zone?? Because I had the gumption to reach for the stars??”

He flicks the clipper off again.

You all ruined it. You all played a part. Well now … I’m playing mine.”

Kendrick then spins around in his chair – giving us a clear view of his bald head.

I am a monster.”

TBK bangs his fist off his own leg.

I am … a monster.”

No smirking – Kendrick has a cold, dark, dead look in his eyes, as the picture fades to black.


Backstage, EDGE is being led away toward the parking lot, arguing with the agents, saying he’ll get a piece of Batista sooner or later, and that he isn’t just forgetting about Jericho either … just as ARMANDO ESTRADA appears to be waiting for him at the door, flanked by two men in suits carrying a briefcase each…

Edge: The hell do you want?? What?- you think these guys could stop me from snapping your neck like a twig if I wanted??

Estrada stands straight, looking smug – and eerily not worried about being attacked by Edge. He takes a step toward Edge and hands over papers.

Edge: What’s this?? You asking me to be on Jericho’s team at the Survivor Series??

Armando Estrada: Ha ha!! No. Not quite, pero. What ju have in jure hand … is a restraining order. And that order states you cannot come into physical contact with Chris Jericho.

Edge: Is that so??

Armando nods, wearing another shit eating grin.

Armando Estrada: Yeah. Because de W-W-E Champion requires protection. De W-W-E Champion can’t risk being assaulted by a maniac like ju every single week. Ju injured the man in an unprovoked attack two months ago. He’s still injured because of that … but he still beat you, pendejo.

Edge looks ready to snap.

Armando Estrada: But as great as he is, not even Chris Jericho can keep putting his safety at risk like that.

Still smirking right in Edge’s face, AAE appears to be enjoying the moment, as Edge holds up the documents.

Edge: Let me ask you, Armando. This?? Does it cover you too??

The smirk drops and AAE starts to look worried, not needing the threat to be explained.

Armando Estrada: I- I’m just the messenger, amigo.

Estrada starts to back up, scurrying off with his (what we can assume) legal team. Edge calls out after him.

Edge: Hey!! If you think this little piece of paper is gonna stop me from coming for Jericho, you’re way off. And once I'm through with Batista, Jericho is next!!

Edge rips the restraining order up, seething with rage …


Back into the arena…



And out through the hell, fire and brimstone comes KANE!! The Big Red Machine heads down the ramp, for his title shot he earned a week ago on Smackdown, as Cole and Lawler briefly discuss what just went down between Edge and Estrada – and the fact that Edge can no longer come into contact with Jericho.

Kane climbs into the ring, as our commentators talk about this rivalry bubbling for the last month, as tonight they finally go one on one. The challenger sets off his pyro, as Cole briefly hypes next weeks show, which sees Chris Jericho return to action, the triple threat match for a Cruiserweight title shot AND the WWE Tag Team Title match.


Theodore Long leads out MARK HENRY, and despite being humbled somewhat last week, the U.S Champion doesn’t look at all phased by what challenge awaits him tonight. Hyping the Worlds Strongest Man on commentary, Jerry Lawler points out that Henry hasn’t been pinned or made to submit since arriving on Smackdown in the draft …

But that could all change tonight, according to Michael Cole. And we’ll find out the answer … NEXT!!!

Commercial Break


Mark Henry w/Theodore Long vs. Kane

They circle to start with, both showing some respect for each other by not steaming straight in. They lock up, battling for supremacy, but the end result of the struggle is a stalemate. And that, to the Worlds Strongest Man is the equivalent of a loss, with him looking to rectify that right away by launching right back into a lock up – and this time he DOES shove Kane aside, shoving him on his ass!!

Kane rises back up, but comes in with a kick instead of tying up again, and lets fly with his trademark uppercut shots. Kane, thinking he has the advantage now, goes for a whip, but again, Henry shows his scary power by NOT budging, and instead yanking Kane in and roughing him up with a body attack!! Henry softens Kane up with clubbing blows to the back, following as Kane staggers around the ring, eventually beating him into a corner.

Henry sends Kane off the ropes, but the Big Red Machine hangs onto the ropes instead of coming back. Henry rushes him – but walks right into a big uppercut shot from the challenger!! Another one rocks the champion, and Kane follows with a low dropkick to the knee, bringing Henry down to a knee, allowing Kane to deliver another low dropkick – this time to the face. Kane drops an elbow, cover; 1...NO!!! A kick out at ONE!!

Despite the authoritative kick out by Henry, it’s still Kane on top, beating the champion into the corner, and tries to send Henry across the ring – reversed by Henry – and Henry follows in for a big splash in the corner – NO!! Kane dodges out, Henry hits the buckles, and walks on to a big boot from the monster!!! Kane goes up top – FLYING CLOTHESLINE!!! Kane gets back up and starts to signal for the CHOKESLAM!!! He grips Henry around the throat-


And Henry blows through Kane with a huge clothesline!!! From there, it’s dominance from Henry, including the Chocolate Slide and a corner avalanche leading to a near fall. Henry though, goes for too much in the end with an attempt at a VADER BOMB – AND KANE MOVES OUT OF DANGER!!! Henry crashes on the canvas!! That allows Kane to mount a comeback with a series of uppercuts … only to be cut off with a single headbutt by Henry!!

The champion comes off the ropes, but walks right into a SIDEWALK SLAM by Kane!!! 1...2...NO!!! Kane then looks to scoop Henry up – but the champion is too heavy EVEN FOR KANE – and the Big Red Machine topples back with Henry landing on him – 1...2...Kane kicks out!!! Henry gets up though and delivers a big SPLASH!!! 1...2...NO!!! Henry delivers a SECOND big SPLASH!!! 1...2...KANE KICKS OUT AGAIN!!!!

Kane may have survived the splashes … but he wont survive the WORLDS STRONGEST SLAM!!! Henry gets Kane up, but the challenger escapes the clutches, landing on his feet, and gripping Henry by the throat – CHOKESLAM!!!! 1...2...NO!!!!!! HENRY KICKED OUT!!!! Theodore Long breathes a sigh of relief … but maybe not for long – Kane is signalling for ANOTHER ONE!!!! He grips the throat of Henry … BUT THE CHAMPION FIGHTS KANE OFF!!!!!

Henry backs Kane off, and sends him out of the ring with a clothesline over the top … but Kane LANDS ON HIS FEET!!! Kane trips Henry, dragging him from the ring under the bottom rope and sends Henry into the ringpost!!! Theodore Long tries to complain and get involved – only to be scared off by the monster!!! Kane throws Henry back in, and comes off the ropes … running right into a SCOOP POWERSLAM FROM HENRY!!!!! 1...2...KICK OUT!!!!!

Cole on commentary asks what it’s going to take for one of these two men to stay down!!!??? Despite the kick out, Henry looks confident, pounding his chest, feeling like he has Kane where he wants him … WHEN KANE SITS UP!!!! Henry tries to shut Kane down, but the challenger no sells the blows from Henry and fires back with uppercuts!! Kane then looks for a boot – CAUGHT!!! Henry catches the boot – BUT KANE LEAPS WITH AN ENZIGURI!!!!!

Theodore Long can’t believe his eyes!!! And for the first time, Long looks deeply concerned that Mark Henry may lose this match – and the title. Kane signals for the chokeslam AGAIN … but Henry pushes off in mid air, landing back on his feet and catches Kane, snatching him up … WORLDS STRONGEST SLAM ON KANE!!!!! Henry hooks the leg tightly … 1...2...3!!!!!

Winner: And STILL United States Champion – Mark Henry @ 09:13

A tough test – but one Mark Henry has survived. The U.S Title stays in tact, and Theodore Long breathes a sigh of relief as the Worlds Strongest Man has his arm raised in victory.

On commentary, Cole and Lawler ask who – if anyone – can beat Mark Henry, who is on the biggest roll of his entire career … and it’s one that doesn’t look like stopping any time soon.

Smackdown comes to an end with Mark Henry walking from the ring – title over his shoulder – as dominant as ever, even after a huge challenge being brought forward tonight by Kane.


Official Card for The 22nd Annual WWE Survivor Series:

November 16 2008 | Phillips Arena, Atlanta GA

Theme Music; ‘Spolin For A Fight’ by AC/DC

5 on 5 Survivor Series Elimination Match:
World Heavyweight Champion Brent Albright, Shawn Michaels, Vladimir & John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield + 1 TBA



Rey Mysterio, Shelton Benjamin, Paul London + 2 TBA
*If Team Layfield win; JBL becomes WWE Commissioner*
*If Team Ventura win; Jesse Ventura remains WWE Commissioner*

5 on 5 Survivor Series Elimination Match:


WWE Champion Chris Jericho, Umaga + 3 TBA w/Armando Estrada



Kurt Angle, Jack Swagger + 3 TBAw/Paul Heyman

*If Team Angle win, Kurt Angle will receive a WWE Championship Match at Armageddon*
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Re: Being The Booker

Things are heating up with the line in the sand being drawn on Friday Nights! Would love to see eventual WrestleMania matches between Angle and Swagger with Paul Heyman/Umaga and Jericho. Interested to see what Kendrick has planned, possibly get his way back into the Cruiserweight Title picture? Henry the unbeatable United States Champion, HOLLA HOLLA HOLLA! Very awesome to see Traditional Survivor Series matches being made with actual meaning and story!
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Re: Being The Booker

Monday Night Raw | October 27 2008 | London, England

Clips from last weeks show, beginning with Linda McMahons announcement of the Survivor Series Elimination Match for the Commissioner position and the closing sequence with Shawn Michaels siding with JBL…

Opening Video

NO Pyro

Instead, we open up in the ring, amidst boos …

As JOHN ‘BRADSHAW’ LAYFIELD stands centre ring, flanked by RANJIN SINGH (the man in charge tonight) and VLADIMIR with the MASTER CRAFTSMEN stood behind them … and SHAWN MICHAELS off to the side.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: I’d like to think that most of you people here in the United Kingdom are smart enough to see the truth that stands before you … because back home in America, many of those fans still don't believe I should be Commissioner of the WWE.

Ain’t too many here believe he should be either!!” ~J.R chimes in.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: They don’t want to see me replace the ineptitude that’s been running this company into the ground for the last eighteen months. Jesse Ventura has treated his position as if it’s a part-time venture. A hobby. He isn’t here tonight, and why?? Because he didn’t think of you great people as worth his time to fly over here.

Layfield is definitely doing his best to kiss up to the English fans.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: An’ he doesn’t deem it necessary to be present even when we’re back home in the U.S.A on a week to week basis. Hell, he left Smackdown without ANY form of authority in Finlay’s absence after he was brutally and savagely taken out.

He has a point, J.R!!!”

Jesse Ventura put John Laurinaitis in charge, Coach.”

And he should be fired for that decision alone!!”

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Jesse Ventura hasn’t even had an active participation in that investigation, either. Oh no, Mister Ventura is too busy filming some bargain bin movie that won’t get even a theatrical release. He’s too busy setting up some tin-foil hat conspiracy series than to be a dedicated Commissioner and get to the bottom of the mystery of which piece of garbage took out HIS General Manager of Smackdown.

In the background, Albright, Haas and Dinsmore all chuckle at that dig at Ventura.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Instead, it took ME to bring that show to order. I’m doing the mans job FOR him, and I’m not even in office … yet. But I soon will be … and let me tell you people, I wont be an absentee Commissioner. I will be at Raw – every single week. I will be at Smackdown – every single week … and I will bring this company into the modern world, out of stone ages Jesse Ventura has dragged it down into.

The Master Craftsmen applaud in the background, and try to get the fans to do the same. Still, notably, Shawn Michaels is almost completely apart from the rest of the group, in a corner on his own.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: I don’t even think this match at the Survivor Series should be happening in all honesty. Jesse Ventura has proven himself unworthy of his position – and not for the first time in his life; he ain’t fit for office.

Well, there’s a dig at the former Governor of Minnesota if ever there was one.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: He’s inept, uninterested … and he can’t even find the time to assemble a team capable of representin him at the Survivor Series. Whereas I have left no stone unturned in bringing together the finest group of superstars to GUARANTEE victory at the Survivor Series. I myself, will step out of retirement to control my own destiny. THAT is how much I want to be the Commissioner of the WWE. And joining me, the World Heavyweight Champion, Brent Albright-

Heat from the fans, as Albright steps forward, with Haas and Dinsmore patting their leader on the back.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: My own personal Russian Hitman, Vladimir-

A more muted response with only a light shower of boos for the stony faced Russian.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: And as you can see, the Showstopper-

Massively MIXED reaction from the fans cuts JBL off, and forces him to shout over the mic to be heard.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: THE HEADLINER, THE ICON, THE MAIN EVENT … THE single greatest in ring performer of this- or ANY generation … The Heart Break Kid, Shawn Michaels.

Michaels never steps out of the corner, but instead offers JBL a nod, accepting the intro. JBL is all smiles, as he turns away again.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: And as a sign of gratitude- call it a signing bonus even – Shawn Michaels will challenge CM Punk a week from tonight on Raws landmark Eight Hundredth episode.

Three hours next week on the USA Network!!” ~J.R does a bit of a shill.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Not only that … Shawn Michaels will also have the right to set the stipulations for that very match next week, and later tonight, he’ll reveal the match he’s chosen.

What!?” ~J.R is somewhat stunned by that revelation.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Now that makes four. And as I’ve already said, I’ve left no stone unturned and no expense spared in my pursuit to bring together the greatest collection of WWE superstars to represent and fight alongside me at the Survivor Series.

JBL stands in the middle of the ring with a big grin, brushing down his tie, looking proud as he builds up for his big announcement…

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Which is why right now I want to unveil the fifth and final member of Team Layfield. The man that guarantees this team will deliver victory for me on November 16…


It’s JOHN CENA!!! The reaction inside the arena is HUGE, but massive boos follow the initial reaction as Cena enters the arena – as ever in a plain black hoodie – rounding out Team Layfield in style, as Albright looks somewhat confused in the ring; clearly he wasn’t aware.

On commentary, The Coach is already saying “it’s over” in terms of the Survivor Series, believing there’s no way Ventura and Steamboat can match this team assembled by JBL … and J.R can hardly disagree, saying that Ventura certainly has his work cut out for him.

Cena – making his first appearance since beating Paul London at Nemesis – climbs into the ring, and shakes hands with JBL, whilst Albright still looks put out by all of this.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Mister Cena; welcome aboard!!

The boos ring out as Cena is handed the mic by JBL, with Layfield applauding Cena…

John Cena: You got it, Bradshaw. Came to the right guy t’get the job done. Because if there’s anybody with enough reasons to get Ventura and Steamboat outta power – you’re lookin at him.

Turning around, Cena eyes the hard camera to send a message.

John Cena: Yeah, that’s right. All come back to haunt ya, Dragon. Thought y’could hardball with me?? I don’t think so. John Cena always gets what he wants in the end. And ever since you locked me outta the title picture, your card was marked in my book.

Steamboat barred Cena from challenging for the title for the rest of this calendar year!!” ~J.R makes the uninformed aware.

John Cena: Y’don’t tie up a rabid dog like me like that. Keepin me outta the title picture for the rest of the year?? That’s a LIFETIME for me!! And the longer I have to sit on the sidelines, the more it kills me to see a paper champion carryin MY belt around Raw.

Already agitated by Cena’s presence, that dig doesn’t go down well with the World Champion. And Cena sees that reaction – and plays up to it.

John Cena: Yeah, that’s right – I said PAPER champ, son. And let it be known, I don't give a crap who ya beat; you ain’t EVER losin that tag until you can beat me.

The Man In Black turns away, dismissing the champion, as JBL stops Albright from confronting Cena, trying to calm Brent down as Cena continues on, seemingly not caring who he pisses off on his team.

John Cena: JBL?? He’s gonna wipe that rulin once he takes the reigns after Survivor Series … and I’ll be free to make my move on gettin my belt back. That’s all the motivation I need, that’s for damn sure … even if it means bein a team player for a few weeks.

Cena turns back to address the team.

John Cena: But uh … word of warnin to the rest of ya – includin’ you, Cap’n-

Layfield is all ears.

John Cena: Any one of y’all screws this up for me?? Just know I’mma be huntin yo ass down.

Mixed reaction. John Cena is taking no prisoners, laying down the law on his own team – including the leader, with JBL surprisingly smiling, despite the warning from Cena.

John Cena: Anything else??

Still smiling, JBL shakes his head.

John Cena: Then I’m outta here.

Tossing the mic back at JBL (who catches it), Cena turns and leaves, just like that!!

The Master Craftsmen all look around at one another, not pleased with the blatant disrespect from Cena to the rest of the team … but JBL looks impressed, probably glad to have someone as focused on getting the win at Survivor Series as Cena.

Cena marches up the ramp, and out of sight, with JBL looking around, before wrapping things up – still looking pleased.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: And I think we’ll leave it there, shall we, gentlemen??

Layfield motions to the ropes, with the troops beginning to leave … but JBL steps in front of the big intimidating Russian.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Except for Vladimir here. Ain’t that right, Ranjin??

Singh nods, and leans over to speak into JBL’s mic.

Ranjin Singh: That is correct. Right now, as the General Manager of Raw tonight, I want to show you great fans exactly what Vladimir has to offer. For all our great fans in the UK, I present to you the in ring debut of Vladimir!!!

What a disingenuous suck up!!” ~J.R sees through Singh.

Ranjin Singh: And his opponent … will be Englands own; Doug Williams!!!

The big Russian offers a solitary nod, as he stays back in the ring, with JBL and Ranjin following the rest out, and J.R hypes the in-ring debut of VLADIMIR; NEXT!!

Commercial Break

Match 1:

Vladimir vs. Doug Williams

Not a great homecoming for Williams. Fired up to be at home, he comes quick out of the blocks against the stoic Russian – who doesn’t budge from the right hands of the Brit – forcing Williams to run off the ropes – right into a BIG BOOT TO THE CHEST!!!!! Vladimir tosses Williams across the ring, then sets him on the top rope, with Williams kicking at the Russian, doing whatever he can to to keep Vladimir at bay.

The Russian shrugs off the desperation kicks, and swipes at the legs of Williams, leaving Doug in a prone position, laid across on the top rope. Vladimir is backed up by the ref, but he comes steaming back in with a kick to Doug, and catches him – FALLAWAY SLAM!!!!! A total show of dominance from the Russian, finishing Williams off in short order with the BATTERING RAM HEADBUTT to the chest of the Brit for the 1...2...3!!!

Winner: Vladimir @ 01:29

The fans don’t like it, but J.R and Coach can’t help but put the Russian over after a dominant debut. Hand raised, Vladimir remains stoic, but has announced himself as a major threat to anyone…


And watching backstage, JBL has a permanent smile on his face – very impressed with what he’s just seen. But BRENT ALBRIGHT clearly isn’t interested in that, still seething over the disrespect shown by John Cena earlier.

Brent Albright: Didn’t you think it would’ve been a good idea to consult with me before bringing Cena on board?? You know he’s only got his best interests at heart. You know it’s THIS he’s interested in, right??

Albright raises the belt up slightly off his shoulder.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: I don’t give a damn what he’s interested in. As long as he’s on board, that’s all that matters. As long as we win at the Survivor Series … that’s all that matters in the end. And sure, he wants that title. Tell me someone who doesn’t.

Albright looks somewhat disheartened, but JBL quickly clears up any confusion.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: But just because I’ve promised to lift his ban on challenging for that title … doesn’t mean he’s gonna get a shot right off the bat.

JBL puts a hand on the shoulder of Albright and reassures him.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: All you have to remember, is that this arrangement benefits us all. Once I’m installed as Commissioner … once Ranjin Singh is installed as General Manager … you’re gonna be the most protected, most valued World Heavyweight Champion of all time.

Albright nods, looking a little more relieved and at ease.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: We’ve got our team set now. Ventura and Steamboat are stuck on three. Take a look around the landscape … no matter who they bring on board now, they cant hold a candle to what we’ve got. So my advice?? Don’t rock the boat. Not when everything is in hand.

Again, Albright nods, agreeing with the sentiments from JBL.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: As a matter of fact, I want – or rather, Ranjin wants … you and John Cena to join forces t’night to get better acquainted. You and Cena teamin up to take on your mutual friend, Paul London and Shelton Benjamin.

Albright smirks and shrugs.

Brent Albright: That’s what you want?? Okay. You can count on me, I’ve been on board since day one. I just don’t know if we can say the same thing about Cena.

As the champion turns to leave, JBL says nothing, thinking over the warning about Cena.


Elsewhere, there’s a pop, as WILLIAM REGAL and GOLDUST are shown on screen, walking through the halls, dressed for action – NEXT!!

Jim Ross: Well, William Regal will be hoping for a better homecoming that Doug Williams got!! A huge opportunity coming up next – a tag team battle royal with the winners receiving a title opportunity next week on Raw 800!! It’s next!!!

Commercial Break


In this world, DOMINANCE is key.”

Batista delivering a Spinebuster on The Undertaker at Judgment Day, Mark Henry giving Umaga the Worlds Strongest Slam at SummerSlam.

In this world, POWER is the ultimate currency.”

Beth Phoenix standing tall with her Womens title, The Brian Kendrick getting his head shaved after losing at SummerSlam.


The Master Craftsmen standing tall together, Melina aligning with the Fight Factory.

And here, WEAKNESS will be EXPLOITED.”

Randy Orton PUNTING countless innocent victims over the last 18 months, CM Punk blasting Shawn Michaels with the Bible in August.

To stand above ALL others…”

Shots of Christian, Edge and John Cena over the last few years with World Title belts.

To be at the TOP of the food chain …”

Kurt Angle screaming out after a victory, neck muscles bulging, Chris Jericho sneering at the audience on Smackdown.

SURVIVAL isn’t just an INSTINCT.”

Mister Kennedy attacking Mr. McMahon on a recent episode of Raw, John Cena beating up Drew McIntyre on Raw during the summer.

It’s a way of life.”

Triple H blasting multiple people over the years with a sledgehammer, The Undertaker sitting up at WrestleMania.

And the only way to GUARANTEE SURVIVAL in this world?”

The following words THUD onto a black screen.








Back in the arena, the ring is already filled up with the tag teams of Raw waiting for the final entrants…


Getting a hearty home country pop, William Regal leads out his team with Goldust taking a back seat tonight as the KNUCKLEDUSTERS head for the ring as the clear favourites in London.

J.R notes that the team of Damien Sandow and René Duprée are NOT here tonight – citing that they don’t wish to visit England so soon again after their last trip, meaning Regal and Goldust will have to wait at least ANOTHER week before they can get their hands on the pair…


Americas Most Wanted vs. Charlie Haas & Nick Dinsmore vs. Colt Cabana & Colin Delaney vs. The East Coast Party Boys vs. The New Standard vs. The Knuckledusters

J.R explains that once one member of a team is eliminated, so is his partner. Obviously, it’s a bit of a mess, but the teams all end up pairing off; AMW go at it with Delaney & Cabana after their recent issues, Hawkins & Ryder battle with Rhodes & Doane whilst Haas and Dinsmore try to pick off Regal & Goldust. First team to go is Delaney & Cabana when Colin gets launched over by James Storm, meaning Colt Cabana has to leave the ring too.


With one team gone, Harris and Storm look to help out the New Standard, making life extremely difficult for the East Coast Party Boys. Ryder and Hawkins do their best to fight back against the numbers, hanging on for dear life after being split up to opposite sides of the ring. AMW work on Ryder, Rhodes & Doane on Hawkins whilst Regal and Goldust continue to battle with Haas and Dinsmore.

Eventually despite their best efforts, the party is over for the boys from the East Coast, just unable to hang on any longer. Officially, it’s Ryder that gets eliminated by Rhodes, but two seconds after Ryder hits the ground, Hawkins hits the floor on the other side of the ring courtesy of Harris and Storm. The Knuckledusters are in trouble too with Haas and Dinsmore lining up a double clothesline attempt … but both Regal and Goldy duck – elevating the former champions up and over … and OUT!!!



Three teams down, three remain. But it doesn’t look good for the fan favourites, as AMW and the New Standard continue their mutually beneficial alliance, as Harris and Storm go after Regal, and Rhodes and Doane go for Goldust, splitting the Knuckledusters up. Both men are thrown over – but hang on the apron, battling for dear life. Harris runs off the ropes, looking to force Regal off at speed – but the wily veteran LOW BRIDGES the ropes … with Harris tumbling to the floor!!!!!


Storm can’t believe it. He is forced from the ring, but is clearly livid with his partner as they leave … with Regal now able to return to the ring … and he dips into his trunks – BRINGING OUT THE BRASS KNUCKS!!! Whilst Rhodes and Doane are too busy try to break Goldusts grip on the ropes to eliminate him, it allows Regal to spin Doane around and BLAST HIM with the Knucks!!! Rhodes turns, eyes bugging out as he sees his partner down before he gets NAILED too!!! Goldust gets back inside and with Regal, the pair throw BOTH Rhodes and Doane to the floor!!!


Winners: The Knuckledusters @ 04:58

London pops big for Regal and Goldust, as they earn the opportunity to challenge the champions next week on Raw, and the pair of veterans celebrate with Goldust hugging Regal – whilst the always uptight Brit awkwardly freezes when being hugged by the weirdo; but doesn’t fight it. However … the celebrations are cut short, as RANJIN SINGH; the GM tonight … walks onto the stage.

Ranjin Singh: I don’t mean to be a- a- a party pooper…

The contempt for the bumbling, nervous Singh is clear to hear from the fans.

Ranjin Singh: But this match isn’t over.

The heat intensifies, whilst Regal and Goldust both look confused.

Ranjin Singh: There’s one more team that have entered this match. They just arrived-

And they literally have just arrived – in the ring, having come from the crowd; it’s DAMIEN SANDOW and RENÉ DUPRÉE!!! Regal and Goldust have their backs turned, focusing on Singh on the ramp … as their rivals waste no time at all, grabbing Regal and Goldust from behind … DUMPING THEM OUT OF THE RING TO THE FLOOR!!!!! DUPRÉE AND SANDOW HAVE STOLEN THE MATCH FROM UNDER THE KNUCKLE DUSTERS NOSES!!!!!


Winners: The Knuckledusters @ 04:58
Winners: Damien Sandow & René Duprée @ 06:02

The heat inside the o2 arena is off the charts!! William Regal just got screwed in his home country!! And the foes of the Knuckledusters – the team that Regal and Goldust haven’t been able to get their hands on – steal the win through the backdoor, and most importantly get the title shot next week on Raw!!!

Duprée and Sandow don’t get long to smugly celebrate and bask in the vitriol of the hometown fans of Regal as the Knuckledusters quickly regroup and immediately hit the ring, looking to get a piece of Sandow and Duprée … but the heels quickly scarper out of the ring to avoid that fate and briskly make their way up the ramp.

In the ring – screwed out of a title shot next week – Regal and Goldust are both livid, both desperate to get their hands on Sandow and Duprée, as J.R tells us that WHEN the Knuckledusters do catch Sandow & Duprée there will be hell to pay…

Commercial Break

Back from the break, J.R and Coach discuss what just occurred moments ago with René Duprée and Damien Sandow stealing the win – and next weeks tag title shot – from under the noses of William Regal and Goldust. J.R again opines that the day will come when Sandow and Duprée have to face the pair, and there will be hell to pay …

Then he transitions to the ongoing situation between Beth Phoenix and Natalya over the Womens title, and the sneak attack by Phoenix on Natalya last week, before sending it back to Scott Stanford backstage with the Womens Champion…

Scott Stanford: Thanks J.R, and thank you Beth Phoenix for joining me at this time. Last week, after she won her match, you attacked Natalya in the ring, completely taking her by surprise. But despite those actions last week, it’s done little to stop the speculation that Natalya maybe has your number.

Beth looks offended.

Beth Phoenix: Excuse me!? My number?? I don’t think so.

Rather intimidatingly, Beth addresses Stanford.

Beth Phoenix: Look at me, Scott. Look at what I’ve got. I’m the WWE Womens Champion, and have been for nearly FIVE months now. No one – NO ONE has MY number in this division. What I did last week was remind everyone of that fact … and especially remind Natalya.

She points off camera whilst glaring at the interviewer.

Beth Phoenix: And I’ve heard what people are saying. I’ve heard people like you say that I can’t break Natalya’s Sharpshooter. That I’m afraid of the Sharpshooter. And even that Natalya might actually be STRONGER than me.

Beth shakes her head.

Beth Phoenix: She’s not stronger than me. She’s not even close. No one in this Womens division is. I’m the strongest. I’m the best. What happened at Nemesis was a one off; an aberration. I just had ONE bad night, that’s all.

Phoenix holds up that one finger for a few moments before continuing.

Beth Phoenix: So Scott, you … and everyone else – ESPECIALLY Natalya – can read my lips … I CAN break that Sharpshooter; I don’t even need the ropes to do it!! I AM stronger than Natalya and I’ll prove it if I have to. And most importantly, if she gets a rematch with me … I WILL beat Natalya and prove you, and all those other people that doubt me just who the dominant diva is here in the WWE.


Elsewhere, we get our first sighting of RICKY STEAMBOAT this evening – powerless tonight with Ranjin Singh in control – sat in a VERY small office; essentially a broom cupboard, the Raw GM is on the phone.

Ricky Steamboat: … I know you had prior arrangements tonight. So does Bradshaw. It’s just more political point scoring is all … {listens to the person on the other end of the call} … so you’re speaking to him later?? Let’s hope it’s good news. It’ll mean we can have our five set and ready … {listens again} … that works for me, if you trust my judgment, I’ll bring him on board. I know he wants in. … {listens to the person on the other end of the call} … Okay. I’ll talk to you later.

London, Rey & Shelton enter just as Steamboat ends the call, with all three looking around the rather uncomfortable settings.

Ricky Steamboat: Good timing. I’m just finished speaking with Jesse. Uh … I’d offer you all a seat … but as you can see, there’s not a whole lot of room here in this “office” Ranjin Singh kindly afforded me tonight.

Shelton Benjamin: Where are we on the last two spots?? I’m sure you saw it earlier. John Cena??

Ricky Steamboat: Yeah, I saw it. But don’t worry, yeah, we’re up against things right now, but Jesse and I want to make sure we’ve got the right guys on the team. We’re not going to panic. Jesse?? He’s going to be speaking to someone later. And the other spot?? I’ve got someone in mind. So by the end of the night, all things considered, we should be set.

Rey Mysterio: Hey, well, that’s all good with me. I gotta run though – my match is up next and they didn’t even tell me who I’ve got.

Ricky Steamboat: Well, it should be all above board. JBL and Jesse agreed last week to treat everyone fairly. Good luck though – and be careful.

Mysterio nods, taking the advice on board, before bumping knuckles with Shelton and then London, leaving for his match.

Ricky Steamboat: And you two have the tag match later, right??

Paul London: Lookin forward to it. Been itching to get back in there with Cena since Nemesis and Albright?? Well, goes without saying.

CM PUNK enters the crowded room now, just as Shelton Benjamin was about to add something.

CM Punk: Wow. All very cosy in here, huh??

London, Benjamin and Steamboat are all silent, none of them at all comfortable around Punk.

CM Punk: Sorry- am I interrupting??

Benjamin scoffs, as Punk steps forward.

CM Punk: Can Ricky and I have a moment – alone??

London and Benjamin look to Steamboat; who nods. They leave the room, but give Punk each a dirty look as they do – Punk smirks the whole time, not caring a jot about what the other two think of him before sitting himself down, across from Steamboat.

CM Punk: Sounds like you’re a little light on the ground, Rick.

Ricky Steamboat: We’re fine.

Punk relaxes back on the chair.

CM Punk: Sure coulda fooled me, because it looks like JBL has put together a hell of a team … while you’ve got three. And I don’t see too many options for ya.

Steamboat says nothing. Punk sits forward.

CM Punk: Now … I’m sure you heard me last week. And I’ll be honest, while I don’t like you … I hate Bradshaw. So while I’d prefer if you got fired and he disappeared, I’m smart enough to know that I’ll have to make do with one of ya … and congratulations; you – and Ventura – are the lesser of two evils.

Ricky Steamboat: {Unimpressed} I’m touched.

CM Punk: So … all you gotta do … is ask the question.

Steamboat starts organizing some pieces of paper on his desk, not even giving Punk his full attention.

Ricky Steamboat: Well … that’s kind of you. Very generous. But uh, I’m gonna pass.

Punk scoffs.

CM Punk: I don’t think you’re in a position to pass. I don’t see anyone beatin down your door, Rick. You need me.

Steamboat stops what he’s doing in order to sternly put his point across to Punk.

Ricky Steamboat: No. What Jesse and I need – what we want – is team players. Quite evidently; you’re not a team player. And your ego?? Your personality?? It’s toxic. I’m not gonna doubt your ability; you know what I think of you in that regard … but I wouldn’t even consider asking you to be part of this team.

Punk chuckles.

CM Punk: Well that’s too bad. But I’m not surprised, either. I’ll just chalk it up to another boneheaded decision on your part. I just hope it isn’t a decision you live to regret, Steamboat.

The I.C Champion stands up.

Ricky Steamboat: Thanks for the concern … but if I were you, I’d be focusing on your Intercontinental title defence next week against Shawn Michaels.

Standing at the door, Punk thinks about it for a second, then shakes his head.

CM Punk: Yeah, sure.


Back into the arena…

**BOOYAKA 619**

Popping up through his trapdoor, REY MYSTERIO salutes the fans as he wears his tag team title belt around his waist.

Jim Ross: And here he is!! The Master of the 619, Rey Mysterio is headed to the ring for action – we’ll find out his opponent; NEXT!!!

Commercial Break

Mysterio is waiting in the ring for his opponent…


Oddly, it’s going to be one of CHARLIE HAAS and NICK DINSMORE (either of which will be pulling double duty) as the stablemates of Brent Albright make their way down the ramp.

In the ring, Mysterio is naturally wary, talking with the referee, wanting to know WHICH of the two he’ll be facing. Still, with both dressed to compete, it’s hard to know who it’ll be … especially when they BOTH climb up onto the apron. Rey looks around for a moment…

until RANJIN SINGH walks out onto the stage AGAIN, getting the usual ‘Go-away’ heat from the boisterous English fans.

Ranjin Singh: Thank you all. Rey, I understand you’ll be keen to find out who your opponent is. And, as a special treat for all our great fans here in the United Kingdom, I feel like they deserve more than just an old fashioned one on one match-

Singh stops and looks for a cheap pop, but it’s still the boos.

Ranjin Singh: So, instead of facing either Charlie or Nick … you’ll face BOTH!!!


Ranjin Singh: Now, now … I don’t want you to think I’m being unfair and stacking the deck against you just because you’re on Jesse Venturas Survivor Series team. It’s NOT a handicap match. It’s a triple threat match!!!

Triple threat my Oklahoma ass!!!” ~J.R bingo.

Ranjin Singh: I hope you all enjoy!!!

Rey Mysterio vs. Nick Dinsmore vs. Charlie Haas

It may be a triple threat match officially, but right from the bell, it’s exclusively 2 on 1. Rey uses his size disadvantage to his advantage initially to avoid the pair, and even has success by catching Haas with a headscissors to send him into Dinsmore. That impact sends Dinsmore to the outside for a brief moment, as Rey tries to seize the opportunity, planting Haas with a bulldog, then gets him at the ropes for a 619 … but gets tripped from the outside by Dinsmore!!!

From there, it’s two on one. And it becomes clear it’s not about winning either for the former tag team champions. It’s just a beat down. They don’t even bother going for pin attempts or submissions. J.R is furious on commentary; pointing out none of Rey’s teammates can even put a stop to this due to the previous agreement between JBL and Ventura. All they can do is watch, as Haas and Dinsmore systematically break Mysterio down…


Not a part of Team Ventura, Nemeth is simply coming out to do the right thing!!! He fights off Haas and Dinsmore, before knocking Haas down with a dropkick, and sends Dinsmore out of the ring with a clothesline!!! Nemeth looks to execute his LEAPING DDT on Haas … but Dinsmore saves his partner, dragging him to the floor before Nemeth could strike!!! In amongst the chaos, the referee calls for the bell, throwing the match out…

Winner: No Contest @ 04:16

Dinsmore and Haas retreat, both angry at the run in by Nemeth, ruining their plan, whilst Nick check on Rey Mysterio, trying to help him recover from the two on one beatdown he had to suffer through…

Commercial Break

Straight back into the arena…


One week on from an attack at the hands of Mister Kennedy – which came 24 hours on from a loss to the same man – TRIPLE H marches out through the curtain, in his street gear … and as ever, spits some water.

J.R talks about Triple H spending the night in hospital last Monday as a result of the sledgehammer incident, coupled with him refusing to go to hospital the night before, with Coach doubling down on just how much Kennedy has gotten into the head of The Game, saying no one has ever done a number on Triple H like this.

The Game arrives in the ring, and waits out the reaction from the fans, looking for silence essentially, before speaking…

Triple H: After last week … you can bet your ass that nothin’s changed. Hell, all last week did was solidify everything I said before. I want Kennedy gone!!

Decidedly mixed reaction for the divisive Kennedy.

Triple H: And I don’t mean I want him fired. No, no, no. I want to run his sorry ass outta the WWE. I want to cut that man down to size. I want to expose Kennedy for what he is; a two bit loudmouth HACK that ain’t fit to lace my boots, let alone share this ring with me.

The Game paces around, clearly angry.

Triple H: This game has gone on too long. And I’m done letting this piece of garbage make a name for himself off of me. Because that’s ALL he’s done. He hasn’t accomplished a single thing in this ring to earn the spot he’s got … because all he’s done is run his mouth. All he’s done is TALK a big game, and one good night at Nemesis ain’t gonna change that fact.

He’s a King of the Ring winner too and a former Intercontinental Champion.” ~Coach comes to Kennedy’s defence on commentary.

Triple H: So as I said … I want him gone. I want to embarrass that man … I wanna humiliate that man and I wanna beat that man – so badly – that he never has the gall to show his face in MY ring … EVER again.

Triple H looks straight ahead at the hard camera.

Triple H: So I’m gonna lay it out, right here, right now. Kennedy?? I want … ONE more match. You … and me … one … on one. Let’s finish this; once and for all at the Survivor Series.


Triple H: And I want a match that WILL bring closure. I want a match that WILL end this. Where by the time it’s over, we’ll know everything we’ll ever need to know about you … and about me.

What the hell is he suggesting, Coach??” ~J.R sounds concerned.

Triple H: A match … that’ll break you down … crush your spirit … and kill all that confidence. I promise you this … when it’s all said and done … when the truth about the REAL Mister Kennedy is out in the open … you will NEVER show your face in this ring again.

Brimming with intensity, Triple H glares right into the camera.

Triple H: The match I want – if you’ve got the guts to accept?? …

Dramatic pause…

Triple H: I … QUIT!!!

BIG reaction in London.

Triple H: I want to beat you – so badly – that your only option is to quit. I want to destroy all that cockiness, all that confidence … to show these people that the guy you present yourself as week in, week out on Raw … is all an act. And when you quit?? You’ll be a broken man. Never the same again … and never to be seen again.

Pausing for a moment, Triple H gathers his thoughts, letting everything sink in, before addressing his message toward the stage…

Triple H: All you gotta do … is accept. If you’ve got the guts to say yes, then all-


Ask and you shall receive” is the call from J.R as MISTER KENNEDY marches through the curtain, and onto the stage, full of vigour, not looking at all concerned after the challenge from Triple H. Indeed, Kennedy LAUGHS over the mic as his music dies down and he responds.

Mister Kennedy: You ARE certified, huh?? I mean- you HAVE gone nuts, right!? Maybe I’ve scrambled that brain of yours one too many times these last two weeks … because to throw that kind of challenge out you’ve gotta be crazy.

Tracking back and forth, Kennedy scratches his head, before stopping and facing down the ramp again.

Mister Kennedy: An “I Quit” match!? You sure??

Triple H: You’re damn right I’m sure.

Mister Kennedy: It’s just … that doesn’t seem like a good idea. For a guy that’s called the “Cerebral Assassin” … it feels like a decision based on emotion … rather than using your head.

Triple H: Yeah?? Seems to me you’re lookin to find a way outta this without losin face.

Kennedy shakes his head.

Mister Kennedy: Nah … I’m not lookin for a way out … I’m just confused why you’d think challenging me to an I Quit match was a good idea. I mean … after all I’ve been through … do you think there’s anything you can do to make me quit!?

The man has a point!!” ~Coach.

Mister Kennedy: I got FIRED!! Anyone else gets fired, they walk away; I didn’t. I didn’t accept that because I decide my fate. I got fired … and fought every minute of every hour, every day to get my job back. And not only did I succeed, I got a better deal out of it. I got a title shot as a signing bonus … and got screwed out of it by YOUR father-in-law. I didn’t fold my tent and take it on the chin. I didn’t cower away from the big bad boss …

Kennedy points to the side of the stage.

Mister Kennedy: I threw his ass off this stage!!

Big pop, followed by some heat for the defiant act last month.

Mister Kennedy: Because NO ONE is gonna deny me what I’m owed. And I walk into Raw, week after week, knowing I’ve got a target on my back. I know I’m a wanted man around here and everybody is thirsty for my blood. But I don’t hide. I don't throw a hood over my head and I don’t sneak around through the backdoor. I’m front, centre, loud and proud. That whole time I was fired I never thought about quitting – not even once. When I got screwed by the machine, I never quit. And even though I’m a marked man, I’ve NEVER considered quitting.

Can’t deny that. He never threw the towel in.” ~J.R concedes that one.

Mister Kennedy: So what the hell makes you think there’s ANYTHING you can do to make me quit!!??

A rather raucous pop greets that statement. In the ring, Triple H thinks about it for a moment, then smirks himself.

Triple H: You think you’ve suffered?? Huh?? You think what you’ve been through these last six months were tough?? You don’t know the FIRST THING about suffering. You don't know ANYTHING about PAIN … but if you accept this match?? If you’ve got the guts to put your reputation on the line?? Believe me … you will find out, first hand what pain is, what suffering is … and you’re not gonna like it.

All business, Triple H stands at the ropes, shaking his head.

Triple H: You’re gonna hate it. And you won’t have what it takes to fight through the pain, fight through the adversity … and at the first chance you get … I promise you … you WILL say the words … I … Quit.

On the stage, Kennedy shakes his head defiantly.

Mister Kennedy: I’ll tell you this, you don’t know the first thing about me. You want an I Quit match?? Then lets do it.

Big pop – it’s on.

Mister Kennedy: I’m ready for this to end … and I’m ready to end you, Hunter. You talk about humiliating me and embarrassing me by making me quit … but when YOU say those words at the Survivor Series … how are YOU ever gonna show your face again??

Kennedy asks the question and leaves it to linger, with no response from Triple H. The two long time rivals stare one another down from afar – as J.R goes into shill mode ahead of their final showdown at the Survivor Series … an I QUIT match…

Commercial Break


The show that broke ground…”

Sweeping shots of the Manhattan Centre back in 1993 for the first Raw, and clips of a young Shawn Michaels on that show, followed by clips of Razor Ramon, Bret Hart and Hulk Hogan.

That changed the game forever…”

Austin stuns Mr. McMahon for the first time, and shoves Mike Tyson a few months later, then Mankind winning his first WWF Title in 1999 & Triple H’s return from injury in 2002.

And fifteen years later, it’s STILL going strong!!”

Fireworks, and clips of the modern roster; Mister Kennedy, CM Punk, Christian, Beth Phoenix, John Cena and Rey Mysterio.

On November Third, WWE’s flagship show celebrates 800 episodes…”

Clips of Raw moments through the years; DX playing cards, The Rock dropping an elbow, Kane setting off his pyro, Eric Bischoff debuting with Vince in 2002, Cena and Christian brawling back in July.

And ALL the stars are joining the celebration!!”

Shots of Shawn Michaels, The Master Craftsmen, Triple H, Paul London and Gail Kim.


Also Sprach Zarathrustra plays-


For the first time since his retirement in July, the Dirtiest Player In The Game returns to Raw!!”

Clips of The Undertaker walking to the ring on the FIRST episode of Raw, and later iterations of his character on the show in the years that followed.

Appearing on The Playas Club, the Sixteen Time World Champion will bring the party to the Celebration!!”

More clips of The Phenom in action on Raw over the years.

Stylin and profilin, any appearance by the Nature Boy Ric Flair CANNOT be missed!!”





Backstage – to NO sound – we’re privy to a meeting between RICKY STEAMBOAT and NICK NEMETH, with Steamboat seemingly doing most of the talk, whilst Nemeth nods.

Eventually, Steamboat extends a hand, with Nemeth graciously accepting, giving the Raw GM a firm handshake. Steamboat pats the shoulder of Nemeth as we fade out…


Back into the arena and CANDICE MICHELLE is already heading to the ring, as J.R and Coach discuss what that meeting between Nemeth and Steamboat could’ve been about, with J.R drawing the obvious conclusion.


And making her way to the ring, BETH PHOENIX raises the title belt above her head. Highlights air from last week of Beth ambushing Candice and Natalya after their match last week – mainly to get an attack on Nattie – which has led to Candice asking for this match tonight.


Womens Champ. Beth Phoenix vs. Candice Michelle
Very one sided. Phoenix rag dolls Candice from the opening bell, as she looks to exert her dominance. Candice puts up a fight but nothing she does has any effect on the champion, who simply picks her apart. Not content to just win, Beth wants to send a message to Natalya with her victory … and APPLIES THE SHARPSHOOTER ON CANDICE!!!!

To her credit though, Candice DOESN’T instantly tap, and she IS close to the ropes … allowing her to grab them and survive!!! Or, at least, it should. Instead, Beth REFUSES to release the hold!!! Charles Robinson frantically tries to break the grip, pleading with Beth to release due to the rope break … but Phoenix WONT release … leaving the official no choice but to call for the bell!!!
Winner: Via DQ – Candice Michelle @ 03:03

Even with the DQ, Beth Phoenix STILL refuses to break the Sharpshooter on Candice!! Poor Candice meekly taps the mat … but that isn’t going to make a difference now, as Beth leans back, applying MORE pressure…


Beth Phoenix sees her rival coming – facing the ramp – and elects to NOW release the hold, and leaves the ring as Natalya climbs inside. Nattie looks to help Candice in the ring, all the while watching Beth, as the champion backs up the ramp, holding her title.

On commentary, J.R hypes a future rematch between Beth and Natalya, talking about the tension between the pair, and their issues being far from over as the battle for dominance in the womens division rages on…

Commercial Break

Match 5:

Kelly Kelly w/Victoria vs. Jillian Hall
Fresh off Kelly and Victoria getting the final word in their feud with LayCool, J.R explains on commentary that Victoria will continue to help Kelly Kelly progress in her career, looking to be a mentor figure for the young blonde. Here, Kelly shines against the resident jobber, getting all her shit in. Jillian has a brief period of control, but not long enough to trouble Kelly, and with Victoria watching on, the veteran is highly impressed as Kelly shows how far she’s came along under her tutelage, finishing Hall with the K2!! 1...2...3!!!

Winner: Kelly Kelly @ 02:19

Just a standard win for Kelly, and Victoria joins her once the match is over, raising the arm of her protégé, as J.R talks about the improvements of Kelly under the wing of Victoria…


In his locker room, the World Champion BRENT ALBRIGHT appears to be finishing up his warm up ahead of the main event later when JOHN CENA walks into the room…

John Cena: Ready to follow my lead, champ??

Albright chuckles at the thought, and looks at the title.

Brent Albright: I think this title says you’ll be following mine. Tonight … and at the Survivor Series.

Now Cena smirks, but Albright steps up to him.

Brent Albright: Just remember, JBL is the captain of this team. And I’m his ace. You?? You’re the support. After all … I beat Christian … and you couldn’t.

Cena laughs it off.

John Cena: All you did was beat a husk of what I left of Christian after SummerSlam. Don’t go playin that card, ace. And hey, no need to thank me for that either.

Brent Albright: Wasn’t planning on it.

It’s tense between the two, both sizing each other up, both standing their ground.

Brent Albright: But look, I think we can agree on one thing, Cena … you and I need to be on the same page here. Tonight. And at Survivor Series. Getting Ventura and Steamboat outta power benefits us both.

John Cena: Damn right it does. You ain’t gotta worry about me havin your back, champ. We’ll both be happier to have Steamboat outta the way. And then?? We’ll really see what you’re made of.

Cena flicks the title on the shoulder of Albright, and departs, making it clear what he’s after.


Back into the arena…


Greeted by a decidedly mixed reaction, SHAWN MICHAELS steps rather tentatively onto the stage ahead of announcing his choice of match for next week when he challenges CM Punk on Raw 800 for the Intercontinental Title. J.R hypes that segment, telling us to go nowhere – we’ll hear from the Showstopper; NEXT!!

Commercial Break

Back from the break, Shawn Michaels is in the ring, waiting to speak, acknowledging the mixed response of the fans.

Shawn Michaels: I know what you’re thinking, and I’ve heard what a lot of you are saying too. That I’ve sold out.

I’ve heard a few of those cat calls.” ~J.R adds his two cents.

Shawn Michaels: I understand why a lot of you say that. But let me tell ya, I didn’t sell out.

Scattered boos and a faint “You Sold Out” chant. Shawn ignores it.

Shawn Michaels: I just made a choice. Clearly, it’s one you people don’t agree with … and you’re all entitled to your opinion. But deep down, I know that ultimately … I made the right decision.


Shawn Michaels: And I know that all of you would’ve much preferred had I stood alongside Ricky Steamboat and Jesse Ventura in opposing JBL … but quite honestly, Bradshaw has been nothing but fair to me. He’s given me the opportunities that Ricky Steamboat wouldn’t. And the way I see it, I owe him. So at the Survivor Series, I intend on playin my part in ensuring JBL is the next Commissioner of the WWE.

The heat rises after that statement.

Shawn Michaels: I’m sorry that you don’t like it, and for what it’s worth, despite our differences … I’ve got nothing against Ricky Steamboat personally. I admired him as a wrestler. You could even say I idolised him at a time, and if things were different … maybe I would be lining up on his and Jesse Ventura’s team … but right now, I have to do what’s in MY best interests … and it’ll all be worth it when I defeat CM Punk next week on Raw’s Eight Hundredth episode and take the Intercontinental Championship from him.

Slightly more positive reaction from the fans this time.

Shawn Michaels: Thanks to Bradshaw, he has given me the right to choose the stipulations for that match next week, and havin had the last seven days to think it over … I’ve decided that one match … isn’t enough.

What’s that supposed to mean??” ~Coach is confused.

Shawn Michaels: For everything CM Punk has put me through … one fall isn’t gonna cut it. Next week on Raw, CM Punk and I will face off in a Best two out of three falls match.

Oh wow!! Two outta three falls, Coach!! Next week!!” ~J.R puts it over.

Shawn Michaels: I don’t want Punk to strike lucky, so to beat me this time, he’ll have to beat me – twice. But it wont be a traditional two out of three falls match. The first fall, I want to prove I’m better than CM Punk like I should’ve way back at SummerSlam. But once I’m done doin that, I want to punish CM Punk for the hell he’s put me through over the last four months.

Michaels pauses for a moment.

Shawn Michaels: I don't want CM Punk to be able to run away, and I don’t want to be confined in what I can do or where I can take him. I want to take CM Punk on a trip to the woodshed. I want to beat some respect into CM Punk with no restrictions. So the second fall?? … falls count anywhere.

He can’t do that, surely!?” ~Coach is concerned for Punk.

He just did!!” ~J.R’s contrite reply.

Shawn Michaels: Then … if he does survive and win one of those first two falls, then I’m takin CM Punk into a world I pioneered. If this goes to a third fall next week, it’ll be a match I made famous. It’ll be … a LADDER match.

Big pop.

Shawn Michaels: And one way or another, CM Punk will finally be humbled. After months of torment, I can finally draw a line under this whole thing. He’ll finally pay for all his actions, all his disrespect … of me, my faith and-


It could be one final act of disrespect, as CM PUNK interrupts Shawn Michaels promo, wandering onto the stage, with his title belt strapped around his waist. In the ring, Michaels seethes a little, watching his long time rival from afar.

CM Punk: You can deny it all you want Shawn. You can say you didn’t sell out, and you can say that instead you made a “choice” … but that choice you made?? The choice was to SELL OUT!!

Michaels shakes his head in disagreement.

CM Punk: You and I both know you have NO business in challenging me for the Intercontinental Championship. And the ONLY reason this match is happening next week is because you’ve sold yourself out to JBL.

Shawn still disagrees, as Punk waves it off.

CM Punk: But that’s okay. Because now we can add hypocrite to that LONG list of sins you’ve got against your name.

Michaels seethes in the ring, but stops himself from responding.

CM Punk: You want two out of three falls?? Fine. At least this way, there can be no debate when it’s all said and done and you’ll know once and for all that faith has NOTHING to do with it and the fact is, that I … am BETTER … than you!!

We’re gonna find out next week!!” ~J.R.

CM Punk: Just remember Shawn … even IF you beat me next week on Raw … even IF you “humble” me and take away the one thing on this planet that I care about … it’ll all be for nothing. You haven’t beaten me. You haven’t proven ANYTHING to me. And you haven’t made God proud either.

Ohhhh” ~The fans.

In the ring, Michaels remains strong, not reacting to the bait.

CM Punk: You’ll have to live with the fact that in order to tear me down … in order to teach me a lesson … in order to take away my Intercontinental Title … you sold your soul to the devil to make it happen.

With a sinister grin, Punk knows exactly what he’s doing with that final line … and so does Michaels. The Showstopper seethes in the ring, as Punk departs, with J.R hyping that blockbuster main event for next weeks landmark episode of Raw …

Commercial Break




The debut of The Undertaker. Introduced by The Million Dollar Man and initially managed by Brother Love, The Undertaker makes an immediate impact as an imposing and terrifying force in a Survivor Series elimination match. He eliminates Koko B Ware in a little over 90 seconds before also eliminating the legendary Dusty Rhodes. He himself is eliminated via count out … but the Deadman makes an instant impression … and one that would continue for 18 years … and counting.




Cutting away to an undisclosed location, THE MIZ is out on the street, cutting a promo directly to the camera.

The Miz: One week from tonight, on the biggest Raw of all time, you will bear witness to the coming out party of the soon to be biggest STAR in Raw history.

Miz is all smiles and over the top mannerisms.

The Miz: I have brought style, class and star power to this show like nobody else before me. Mike Tython?? He’s got NOTHIN on me; The Miz is a real knockout attraction!!

He shadow boxes for a moment – badly.

The Miz: And I don’t need to drive a beer truck or a Zamboni to the ring like{imitates Texas accent} ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin just to create buzz; I’m a responsible adult. My presence alone creates buzz.

Continuing to walk, Miz shrugs.

The Miz: As for catchphrases?? The Rock and his kindergarten routine is bush league compared to MY wit; HOO-RAH!!! … Smell what The Miz is cookin, Rocky??

Miz stops in his tracks, and points at the camera.

The Miz: Then … there’s YOU, Undertaker. The so-called “conscience” of the WWE. Well, Deadman, the bell tolls for YOU next Monday night and the lights are gonna go out on your stranglehold as the Phenom. And instead, it’s lights ON for the brightest star … the future of the WWE. And the NEW Phenom.

The camera pans out, showing the famous ‘HOLLYWOOD’ sign in the background, with Miz quite obviously in L.A…

The Miz: Next Monday Night in Hollywood, the new star is officially BORN. And his name … is THE MIZ!!!!

Fade out…


Back into the arena, J.R briefly touches on Miz being in for a rude awakening next week on Raw before the entrances begin for the main event…

Main Event:

World Heavyweight Champ Brent Albright & John Cena vs. Paul London and World Tag Team Champ Shelton Benjamin
Obviously, it’s a quality match up, given the level of talents involved. Shelton and Albright start it out, but things kick up a notch when it’s Cena vs. London, as the level of intensity is there, following on from their match at Nemesis. London – fired up and eager to prove a point – is getting the better of Cena, but a knee to the back by Albright when London runs off the ropes allows Cena to put London down. That sets off Benjamin though, and he hits the ring with things breaking down as we head into the last commercial break of the night.

Commercial Break

On the other side of the break, order is restored, but London is still in need of a tag. Albright and Cena work well together as a tandem, despite both bustling for the role of leader, but it appears to bring out the best in both men as they try to one up one another. Shelton is forced to watch from the apron for the most part, but given his recent tag run with Mysterio, he’s able to stay patient and offer encouragement from the outside for London. Eventually, London sparks a fight back, but he and Albright both collide with a simultaneous clothesline attempt and both go down.

It’s a race for both men to crawl to their corners … with Albright tagging Cena … just as London tags Shelton!!!

And the fresh men hit the ring to collide, but it’s the eagerness of Benjamin that gets the better of the Man in Black. He hits a sequence of his signature moves, leading to a series of near falls on Cena, with Cena barely hanging on … but when Benjamin looks for the BLOCKBUSTER, he finds NO ONE home!!! Cena quickly lunges in, applying the STFU … but PAUL LONDON BREAKS IT UP!!! London takes the fight to Cena, but Albright is back, and all four men are soon battling it out as the match breaks down.

London and Benjamin team up, looking like a well oiled machine to get the upper hand, with J.R talking about this being a good sign for Ventura and Steamboat at the Survivor Series. They send Albright to the floor, and London follows that with a PLANCHA. In the ring, Benjamin looks for the T-BONE EXPLODER – but Cena elbows out, scoops Shelton up – FU!!!! Cena plants Benjamin and gets the cover … 1...2...BENJAMIN KICKS OUT!!!!! Cena shakes his head in shock, but tries to put the finishing touches on Shelton, dragging him up-

But London climbs back onto the apron, forcing Cena to try and knock him off – BUT LONDON NAILS CENA WITH A STEP UP KICK ON THE APRON!!!!! Cena staggers back to the middle of the ring … PAYDIRT!!!!! The Black Diamond strikes from nowhere!!!!! 1...2...BROKEN BY ALBRIGHT!!!!! London is straight in after Albright breaks up the pin, and sends the champion back out of the ring. Shelton then looks to tag London in … but as he reaches out, London gets dragged off by Albright!!!! London’s face SMASHES off the apron, and Albright sends the Golden Boy into the steps!!!!

Out of instinct, Shelton Benjamin rolls to the outside to come after the World Champion, chasing him around the ring … with Albright sliding back inside … leading Shelton right into a trap and a THUNDEROUS clothesline from John Cena!!! The Man In Black quickly drags Shelton back up … AND DRILLS HIM WITH A PILEDRIVER!!!!!! Albright cuts London off from getting back into the ring as the count comes down … 1...2...3!!!!!

Winners: John Cena & Brent Albright @ 11:15

Benjamin and London fell into the trap and paid the price!! Cena and Albright get the win, keeping the momentum rolling for Team Layfield heading toward the Survivor Series. On commentary, The Coach is giddy over how good this team looks, and almost as soon as the announcement is made by Lillian Garcia – the rest of Team Layfield (minus Shawn Michaels) hit ringside!!!

JBL, Vladimir and the former tag team champions Haas and Dinsmore put the boots to London on the outside and Benjamin in the ring!!! J.R calls it a mugging, with JBL trying to direct traffic and weaken the opposition for Survivor Series…



The cavalry sprint to the ring, but despite an initial burst of energy and enthusiasm, they’re unable to turn the tide and overcome the numbers game. It’s too much for Rey and Nemeth to deal with!!! Even with Shawn Michaels absent, JBL’s Survivor Series team (and the added cavalry) are too much for Venturas foursome to deal with!!!

One by one, London, Benjamin, Mysterio and Nemeth are left laying; London eats the Ace in the Hole courtesy of Albright, Benjamin gets put down with the Battering Ram of Vladimir, Nemeth is slammed into the mat with a Cena FU and little Rey Mysterio gets turned inside out by the Clothesline From Hell by JBL…

Standing tall, JBL leads the troops from the ring … as RICKY STEAMBOAT – powerless tonight – shakes his head from the bottom of the ramp, disgusted by the actions of Team Layfield. JBL approaches the Raw GM – all smiles – gloating about what he’s just done to his and Venturas team, with the camera’s picking up the end of the conversation between the pair…

You’re gonna need somethin special for your fifth man, Steamboat. You got yourself a whole heap o’ losers right there, son.”

I think I got something.”

Oh yeah?? An’ who’s that!?”

But, instead of revealing the name verbally, Steamboat instead smirks, and whispers into the ear of JBL … whose expression drops. The confidence replaced … by concern.


Official Card for The 22nd Annual WWE Survivor Series:
November 16 2008 | Phillips Arena, Atlanta GA

Theme Music; ‘Spolin For A Fight’ by AC/DC

5 on 5 Survivor Series Elimination Match:

World Heavyweight Champion Brent Albright, John Cena, Shawn Michaels, Vladimir & John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield



World Tag Team Champions Rey Mysterio & Shelton Benjamin, Paul London, Nick Nemeth & 1 TBA

*If Team Layfield win; JBL becomes WWE Commissioner*

*If Team Ventura win; Jesse Ventura remains WWE Commissioner*

5 on 5 Survivor Series Elimination Match:


WWE Champion Chris Jericho, Umaga & 3 TBA w/Armando Estrada



Kurt Angle, Jack Swagger & 3 TBA w/Paul Heyman

*If The Dangerous Alliance win, Kurt Angle will receive a WWE Championship Match*


Triple H vs. Mister Kennedy

{Survivor Series graphics credit; Ranthellacious. Thank you!}
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Re: Being The Booker

WWE Superstars | October 29 2008


As always, Todd Grisham and Matt Striker present the show, as RICKY ORTIZ kicks us off, throwing out his rally towels (Union Jack themed this week) before taking on the rarely seen DOMINO in singles action. As you’d expect, with Domino essentially persona non grata, he’s purely fodder for Ortiz, who doesn’t look all that impressive either, but he gets the win @ 03:08 with THE BIG O.



KURT ANGLE and CHRIS JERICHO will continue to assemble their Survivor Series teams.

A TRIPLE THREAT MATCH for the NEXT crack at the Cruiserweight Championship.

AND; the TAG TEAM TITLES are on the line when CRYME TYME challenge the FIGHT FACTORY!!


Next up GAIL KIM keeps herself ticking over with a routine win over Englands own KATIE LEA in a decent match up between two good workers. Katie gives a good showing of herself, but still falls to EAT DEFEAT @ 07:16 with Gail Kim reminding everyone she wants back in the title hunt in the near future.

Following that, Vickie Guerrero AGAIN watches as the SAN JUAN EXPRESS are in action, making quick work of a pair of local jobbers @ 02:03 with the DOUBLE BACK CRACKERS to score another impressive win. Once more, our commentators question why Vickie is out here, considering she already has a team of her own in the form of Chavo & Super Crazy… with Epico and Primo still none the wiser.



RAW 800!!!

A THREE HOUR celebration, featuring a special appearance by THE UNDERTAKER as he is challenged by THE MIZ.

RIC FLAIR appears on Raw for the first time since his unforgettable retirement in July, as the special guest of THE COACH on the PLAYAS CLUB!!



SHAWN MICHAELS challenges CM PUNK to end their heated, personal rivalry; the first fall a traditional wrestling match. The second; FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE … and if necessary, the third; a LADDER MATCH.


Then, in the main event, DREW MCINTYRE defeats a British legend in the shape of ROBBIE BROOKSIDE. Grisham and Striker do their best to hype Brookside for the wider audience on commentary, but a good portion of the audience in London appear to be aware of Brookside, as he and McIntyre have a competitive match … but one that the young up and comer ultimately wins with a Diving Headbutt – referred to on commentary as the GLASGOW KISS to give Drew the 1...2...3 @ 08:15.

After the match though, McIntyre gets on the mic, and despite the beating he’s taken from John Cena twice now … he issues a challenge for Cena to face him NEXT WEEK on Raw 800!!! Striker wonders if young Drew has a death wish, whilst McIntyres girlfriend, Tiffany, quickly comes to ringside, trying to tell Drew to stop and take the challenge back – not wanting him to get beat up by Cena again.

Drew though doubles down on his challenge and says he’ll keep challenging Cena until he earns the respect of the Man In Black. McIntyre says he’s a proud Scot (not a smart thing to say in England) and he CAN’T accept what’s happened with Cena in the past, promising to make it right next Monday … if Cena has the guts to fight him. The show goes off the air with Tiffany horrified at the prospect of her boyfriend taking on Cena again … whilst Striker and Grisham wonder if Cena will even find the challenge worth accepting…



Friday Night Smackdown | October 31 2008 | London, England

Opening Video

NO Pyro. Instead-


In a huge surprise, the man aiming to become WWE Commissioner at the Survivor Series, JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD is here on Smackdown!! White limo and all, JBL – who has featured primarily on Raw as he closes in on the top job – shocks Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler, with both claiming they had no idea he was here. Immediately, they question WHY J.B.L (and his trusted aides; Ranjin Singh & Vladimir) is here…

Layfield finally arrives in the ring and tells the “great fans of Smackdown” that he’s sick of seeing this show be treated like a “red headed stepchild” and is taking matters into his own hands by taking charge tonight, allowing John Laurinaitis to focus solely on his investigation regarding who attacked Finlay. And, on top of that, JBL claims to have a HUGE announcement concerning the future of Smackdown to prove how much he values the show in comparison to “the absentee Commissioner” Jesse Ventura.

Bradshaw casts the fans minds back to the end of Raw this past Monday when Ricky Steamboat seemingly revealed the fifth and final member of Ventura’s Survivor Series – though didn’t publicly announce it. Quickly, Bradshaw confirms that that was indeed what happened … with JBL going on to reveal the name of Ventura’s fifth man … CHRISTIAN.

But JBL explains that his reaction WASN’T one of fear, but rather he was horrified that Jesse Ventura would make such a rash and dangerous decision, considering earlier in the night he himself had drafted Christian’s former long time foe, John Cena onto his own team. Briefly, JBL reminds the fans of the storied history between Cena and Christian and the fact that Steamboat himself decreed that after SummerSlam they’d be kept apart … yet three months later, he’s ready to “open Pandora’s Box again.”

The Texan looks to position himself as the responsible party, calling Ventura desperate and reckless, saying he’s seen what Cena and Christian are willing to do to one another, and doesn’t want those old wounds to be reopened at the Survivor Series … which is why he’s been in close contact with the Board of Directors from “the very moment Raw went off the air” regarding this “troubling situation”.

Using this as another stick to beat Ventura and Steamboat with, JBL makes the point that “had I been in charge when SummerSlam happened” he would’ve seen the potential for a scenario like this to arise and would’ve ensured that one of the two men would’ve been removed from Raw in the immediate aftermath in order to keep them apart … “and now that I’ve brought this to the attention of the Board … they’re in total agreement.”

Explaining that the Board don’t want such an important match to be thrown into chaos at the potential for a volatile situation to explode, they’ve taken the request of JBL under advisement … and officially REMOVED Christian from the Survivor Series match!!! Naturally, there’s boos for the announcement … but JBL looks to calm the anger down by circling back to what he said at the top of the promo about Smackdown …

By announcing not only has Christian been removed from the match at Survivor Series, but in order to ensure he and Cena are kept apart in future … Christian has been removed from Raw … and TRADED TO SMACKDOWN!!!

That garners a more positive response from the fans … but in the ultimate troll job, JBL informs them that Christian isn’t here tonight. On commentary, Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler are naturally delighted to have Christian on Smackdown but Cole does question how fair this is to Steamboat and Ventura and asks why it had to be Christian moving from Raw, to which Lawler assumes because JBL announced Cena on his team first.

As JBL begins to leave, the entrances start for the first match of the evening; the triple threat #1 Contenders match for a shot at the Cruiserweight title; NEXT!!

Commercial Break


Evan Bourne vs. Jerry Lynn vs. Justin Gabriel


Just as the match appears to be heating up with Bourne and Gabriel taking some big risks and Jerry Lynn playing his part too … the triple threat match gets gatecrashed by the man who continues to cast a shadow over the division; CHRISTOPHER DANIELS!!!!! The Fallen Angel attacks all three men forcing the official to call the match off!!!!

Winner: No Contest @ 02:57

In succession, Daniels lays out all three of the potential challengers for the title, and scares off the official before taking a microphone and decrees that he isn’t “playing games any more” proceeding to call out the “Cruiserweight Coward” BRYAN DANIELSON!!!

Quickly, the champion DOES make his way out, clearly furious at what’s just transpired. Daniels doesn’t even give Danielson any time to react and immediately DEMANDS his shot at the title TONIGHT – or he’s going to crush the entire division by any means necessary.

Angry, Danielson says he doesn’t understand why The Fallen Angel couldn’t just earn his chance like everyone else – but Daniels isn’t interested in listening to any of it, cutting the champion off, telling him he’s ABOVE “earning things” and unless Danielson gives him what he wants, there’s going to be three casualties in the ring – and it’ll all be Bryan’s fault.

Left with no options, Danielson finally agrees to give Christopher Daniels his opportunity – right here tonight!! Despite not earning it, Danielson WILL give the Fallen Angel the title shot he’s been campaigning for for months!!! Cole and Lawler are both shocked – but excited – for the match happening tonight, with Cole wondering if JBL will allow this to happen…

Commercial Break

Returning backstage from the commercial, Bryan Danielson is approached by members of the roster; face and heel alike, and not just limited to the Cruiserweight division … all showing him their support, and wishing him luck for tonight against Christopher Daniels, telling him to shut the Fallen Angel up.


Elsewhere, JBL meets with John Laurinaitis, and confirms to Johnny Ace that he’s rubber stamped that title match tonight “because these great people in London deserve it” before telling Big Johnny not to concern himself with any of the other goings on around Smackdown; JBL is in charge now. Bradshaw tells Laurinaitis that his sole responsibility right now is to find out which S.O.B took out Finlay … and he wants answers by NEXT WEEK.


Match 2:

Jack Swagger w/Paul Heyman vs. Spud Curtin
It doesn’t go well for the undersized local against Paul Heymans brand new toy. Swagger dominates the tiny opponent from the beginning of the match right to the end, and throughout the squash, Cole and Lawler hype the upcoming Team Angle vs Team Jericho match at the Survivor Series – including the chance to see just what Jack Swagger has to offer. In the end, Swagger finishes off the Englishman with the ANKLE LOCK made famous by his new mentor, Kurt Angle to earn the submission win.

Winner: Jack Swagger @ 02:07

Heyman continues to look impressed with his new charge, raising his hand in the ring…

Commercial Break


In this world, DOMINANCE is key.”

Batista delivering a Spinebuster on The Undertaker at Judgment Day, Mark Henry giving Umaga the Worlds Strongest Slam at SummerSlam.

In this world, POWER is the ultimate currency.”

Beth Phoenix standing tall with her Womens title, The Brian Kendrick getting his head shaved after losing at SummerSlam.


The Master Craftsmen standing tall together, Melina aligning with the Fight Factory.

And here, WEAKNESS will be EXPLOITED.”

Randy Orton PUNTING countless innocent victims over the last 18 months, CM Punk blasting Shawn Michaels with the Bible in August.

To stand above ALL others…”

Shots of Christian, Edge and John Cena over the last few years with World Title belts.

To be at the TOP of the food chain …”

Kurt Angle screaming out after a victory, neck muscles bulging, Chris Jericho sneering at the audience on Smackdown.

SURVIVAL isn’t just an INSTINCT.”

Mister Kennedy attacking Mr. McMahon on a recent episode of Raw, John Cena beating up Drew McIntyre on Raw during the summer.

It’s a way of life.”

Triple H blasting multiple people over the years with a sledgehammer, The Undertaker sitting up at WrestleMania.

And the only way to GUARANTEE SURVIVAL in this world?”

The following words THUD onto a black screen.









Heading backstage, KURT ANGLE is congratulating young Jack Swagger on his performance tonight, complimenting him on how he applied the Ankle Lock, before Paul Heyman arrives back, suggesting Swagger head for the showers so he can talk with Angle. With Swagger out of ear shot, both Heyman and Angle talk positively about the prodigy, before Heyman excitedly tells Angle he has the third man for the team…

And in steps RANDY ORTON.

The appearance of Orton as a member of the team puzzles Kurt, and despite conceding to Heyman that Randy is a “great get” for the team, Angle expresses some concern considering it’s a title shot for Angle only at stake, and asks Orton straight up; “what’s in this for you??”

With the menacing calmness he exudes, Orton – with a rather wry smile – shrugs before telling Angle; “It’s pretty simple … I scratch your back … then you can scratch mine.” Orton goes on to remind Angle that currently, he’s been locked out of the title picture, and in his eyes, by assisting Angle now … he’ll be rewarded once Kurt has the title.

Clearly, Angle is a little uneasy by the arrangement, but he’s unable to deny how good an addition the former 3x World Champion is to the Survivor Series team and commends Heyman for getting Orton on board. He and Randy shake on the deal, with Heyman beaming, referring to the growing Survivor Series team as “somewhat of a Dangerous Alliance…”


Elsewhere, Heymans opposite number; ARMANDO ESTRADA is in a hallway, outside the mens toilets … pacing back and forth, clearly agitated or nervous … when THEODORE LONG exit’s the toilets – seemingly the very person Estrada was waiting for. The two old rivals come face to face, with Long wanting to know why Estrada is loitering outside the men’s room.

All smiles – disingenuous ones – Estrada approaches, complimenting Long on his suit and being the man behind the U.S Champion, before telling him he’s come to him with “an opportunity”, courtesy of the man he represents; the WWE Champion.

Opportunity?? Or an offer, playa? Spit it out!!” Still smiling despite the blunt response from Long, Estrada explains that Chris Jericho has specifically requested that Mark Henry joins his Survivor Series team to take on Team Angle. For a few moments, Long enjoys lording it over Estrada, saying that Jericho clearly has no faith in Estrada’s “Samoan failure” if he’s coming to Mark Henry to add some muscle to his team … “but he’s clearly a smart man, playa.”

He is. That’s why he hired ME to represent him, pero.” There’s clearly a lot of bad blood between the two managers still, as they try to score points over one another, but it’s Theodore Long that holds the power. He knows Jericho wants Henry on the team, and tells AAE as much before saying he’ll gladly assist the WWE Champion … but he wants to hear it from Armando that HE wants and NEEDS Henry on the team.

Eventually, Estrada swallows his pride and gives Long the admission he wants, which clearly pleases Theodore. With that, Long accepts, before ending the conversation with a veiled threat about using this opportunity at the Survivor Series to show Chris Jericho he could be aligned with a much better advisor than the one he’s currently stuck with…

Commercial Break


The Fight Factory w/Melina vs. Cryme Tyme
Finally, a match that is both competitive and long enough to mean something. Early on, Shad and JTG look to show Barrett and Burke they made a mistake by choosing the so-called “easy option” out of the two teams that’ve been chasing them down, and have the champions in a lot of trouble. Eventually though, Burke and Barrett reset, thanks to the guidance of their vital manager; Melina.

Smartly, the champions focus their attentions on the smaller of the challengers; JTG as they pick him apart, keeping him away from making a tag to the big and imposing Shad Gaspard. The match stretches over a commercial break with Burke and Barrett relying on Melina to prevent a hot tag by JTG as she distracts the official, meaning Shad is forced back out of the ring again.

Burke and Barrett cant extinguish the spirit in JTG though and after suffering another prolonged beating, he ducks out of a corner attack by Burke, then avoids a boot from Wade – who continues on and accidentally nails his partner!!! JTG knocks Wade down … AND LUNGES TO MAKE THE TAG!!!! Shad hits the ring, all guns blazing, with the titles in serious jeopardy, even dealing with the meddling of Melina as JTG grabs her … AND PLANTS A LIP LOCK ON HER!!!!

Melina recoils in horror, jumping off the apron and going for some water from the commentary position … as Burke comes after JTG – but JTG ducks, and nails him with DA SHOUT OUT!!!! Shad covers … 1...2….BARRETT TACKLES JTG TO BREAK THE COVER!!!! Barrett then lays out Shad with an impressive WASTELAND, before JTG launches himself at the Brit, taking them both to the floor.

Burke meanwhile covers Gaspard … 1...2...NO!!!!! Shad kicks out at the last moment, and as he climbs to his feet … BARRETT NAILS HIM WITH THE BULLHAMMER THROUGH THE ROPES!!!!! The knock out blow lands, and Burke makes the cover again, as Barrett holds JTG back from the outside allowing the count to be made … 1...2...3!!!!!

Winners: And STILL WWE Tag Team Champions – The Fight Factory @ 11:56

The champions survive the scare against the game challengers, inflicting Cryme Tyme with their first loss since reforming in August to retain the gold. Melina – still glugging on a bottle of water – collects the titles and meets her man on the aisle, relieved to have come through a much sterner test than perhaps they even envisioned.

Commercial Break




The Winner Takes All Survivor Series match between the WWF and the WCW/ECW Alliance. After the months long Invasion, it all boils down to one match, and ultimately it comes down to The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin {inexplicably siding with WCW} for supremacy as they battle for the first time since their epic WrestleMania match earlier in the year. Kurt Angle is the difference maker, turning against the Alliance after he joined them weeks earlier … as Vince McMahon puts WCW out of business … again.





Back from the break, JOHN LAURINAITIS is in the ring – lucky fans – offering an update on his investigation on who was behind the attack that has seen Finlay incapacitated for the last few weeks. He advises the fans he has been working “around the clock” to get to the bottom of the mystery, and asserts that JBL wants the investigation concluded next week.

Stating that at this point he’s comfortable to name the SIX suspects he has in the frame, Big Johnny insists he’ll do everything he can to prove “without a doubt” who it was that senselessly and needlessly assault the Smackdown GM. The first name he mentions is RANDY ORTON, painting Orton as the “prime suspect by numerous sources” explaining that Randy has a history of brutally assaulting people and had the motive after Finlay ruled him out for any opportunities at the WWE Title for the foreseeable future.

Next on the list for Johnny Ace is UMAGA AND ARMANDO ESTRADA. Johnny explains that it would make sense for Chris Jericho’s associates to do this as a measure to circumvent Finlay’s threat to immediately deal with any tricks Jericho may have pulled when he defended the WWE Title (on one leg) against Edge on that same night of the incident.

Laurinaitis names CHRISTOPHER DANIELS as a suspect too after being told he had to earn a Cruiserweight title shot by Finlay – and especially now that tonight he will get his shot without earning it, he’s shot up the list of suspects. SIM SNUKA gets a mention too as a result of the lack of opportunities he was given by the Smackdown GM, before coming to MATT HARDY.

Johnny Ace explains that there’s still question marks over the legitimacy of the e-mail sent to Sci-Fi confirming a Matt Hardy vs Kurt Angle match for the following week around the time Finlay would’ve been assaulted, whilst BATISTA is also in the frame as a result of the eye witness account of the Animal angrily leaving Finlays office moments before the main event began that evening. Laurinaitis confirms his confidence that one of those seven suspects will be proven to be the “coward” that committed the heinous actions-


Marching out to the ring, BATISTA looks pretty pissed off to be named as a suspect behind the Finlay incident, and tells Johnny Ace as much, making it clear that if he wanted to put Finlay – or anyone else out of commission – he wouldn’t make a secret of it; “I’d just do it.”, making a thinly veiled threat against Laurinaitis. The Animal then tells Johnny he might do just that to HIM if he mentions his name in this investigation again without concrete proof.

Batista then gets to the REAL reason he’s out here, and that’s to DEMAND he’s given the WWE title shot he deserves. Reminding Ace that he beat The Undertaker at No Mercy, Batista says HE should be the one in the frame for a title shot, and accuses Jericho of hiding behind this arrangement with Kurt Angle to avoid him. Batista then snatches Johnny’s paperwork from his hands and tosses it aside, telling him the real investigation he should be running is to find out WHY he keeps getting shut out of the title picture.


And following on from last week, EDGE is back for MORE of Batista!!! The Animal is pissed by the sheer presence of Edge – all he wants is the WWE Title – but Edge tells Batista that “I know better than anyone – you can’t always get what you want” bringing up the restraining order Jericho now has against him, and Edge tells Batista HE can’t get everything he wants either, and after Batista screwed him out of the title, “there’s no way I’m gonna stand aside a let you get your hands on that title.” And with that, Batista leaves the ring to deal with Edge – AND THE BRAWL IS ON!!!!!

For the second week in a row, Edge and Batista scrap on the aisle, with Edge holding his own against the Animal, but the bigger man starts to get an advantage, forcing the Rated ‘R’ Superstar to get dirty, raking the eyes of Batista to stop him … THEN SPEARS HIM ON THE FLOOR!!!!! Full of rage, Edge doesn’t stop there, and grabs a chair, looking to continue the attack-


Officials take the chair, and both men end up being subdued and held apart, as Edge gets dragged away, making sure to tell Batista that this issue is far from over…

Commercial Break

After discussing the prior segment and the escalating issue between Edge and Batista – which all started over both men wanting the WWE title – Cole and Lawler transition to a satellite interview with the WWE Champion himself; CHRIS JERICHO, who ISN’T here tonight.

Jericho explains that he WOULD’VE been in London tonight to address Batista and Edge, but as he’s now in the final stages of recovery from his fracture, he didn’t want to take the risk of the long flight having an adverse effect on his injury and putting his Survivor Series match in jeopardy. Asked about his return, Jericho confirms he WILL be back in action next week on Smackdown, claiming that he’ll be cleared to return … but avoids answering the question posed by Cole over WHO he’ll face next week.

When asked about the court order served to Edge last week, deeming that Edge must stay away from Jericho, the champion quickly directs the narrative, saying he’d love to serve some real justice to Edge for the pain and suffering he’s been forced to go through over the last two months thanks to Edge … but his lawyers and legal team have advised that this is the best course of action to take, with their focus being on Jericho’s future.

Jericho blames Edge’s “reckless behaviour” for the court order, and his “inability to keep his emotions in check”, citing his attack that injured Jericho in September and the attack two weeks ago where Edge was “intent on maiming me” before Batista put a stop to it. Moving onto the topic of The Animal, Jericho tries to blow it off, wanting to focus on Kurt Angle and the Survivor Series, claiming it would be “disrespectful to discuss other future challengers” before dealing with Angle first.

However, Jericho does comment that Batista has questions to answer about his actions on the night Finlay was found face down in his office before making any noises about challenging for the WWE Title. Chipping in, Lawler asks Jericho about the additions to both Survivor Series teams tonight – which draws a chuckle from Jericho, calling it another win for his team, reminding our commentators that Mark Henry hasn’t suffered a single loss since moving to Smackdown in the draft.

The champion calls Orton “old news, just like Angle” and also tries to cast some doubt into the head of Angle by saying he could never trust Orton to have his back, knowing that all the while, Orton will have his eyes on the WWE Title for himself, “and I don’t care what arrangement they’ve cooked up … Randy Orton isn’t going to be content to take a backseat for Kurt Angle. Trust me, at the Survivor Series, Randy Orton will be out for one person only; himself.”

Finally, Cole has one more question for the champion, and informs him of the huge announcement earlier tonight that CHRISTIAN is coming to Smackdown, and points out that “surely” Captain Charisma will also have ideas on the WWE Championship. Jericho though, doesn’t seem too concerned, pointing out that the last time he watched Raw, it didn’t look like Christian was too interested in anything and suggests that he’d be a perfect choice to join Kurt Angle and Paul Heyman’s group of “yesterdays news” at the Survivor Series.


Off the back of the satellite interview, FILTHY RICH (along with M.V.P) are in the ring, as Ted DiBiase Junior appears to be set for singles action tonight…

**WHAT’S UP!?**

Despite the tune playing to signify the arrival of R-TRUTH, there’s no lyrics to follow as we’d normally expect. There’s nothing at all. No sign of R-Truth rapping to the ring … as the group in the ring all look puzzled, anticipating the arrival of Truth…



In an eerily reminiscent scene to when Finlay was found in his office three weeks ago, R-Truth has been beaten and bloodied unconscious by an unknown assailant, with officials only now arriving on the scene, calling for help…

Back in the arena, there’s concern and shock from Cole and Lawler on commentary, and even for a moment from Filthy Rich, as Cole beats the audience over the head regarding the similarities to the way Truth was found in almost the same way Finlay was.

Despite the initial concern in the ring, The Million Dollar Man quickly gets on Tony Chimmel, and DEMANDS he announce his son as the winner by forfeit. M.V.P shows his disdain for the lack of compassion from his boss, but is quickly told to stand down … as Chimmel (under duress) announces Ted Junior as the winner amidst boos.

But heading backstage, the focus is on the treatment R-Truth is getting from medics, as they tell the growing crowd to back up…

Commercial Break

Smackdown returns, with PAUL HEYMAN and ARMANDO ESTRADA crossing paths, seemingly both heading for the same place. They exchange pleasantries, both acting overly nice to one another, keeping up the pretence from last week, complimenting one another on their recruitment thus far for the Survivor Series. Heyman finally breaks the niceties by telling Armando, “and if you’ll excuse me, I’m about to tie up the final two places on our team … which I believe is going to put us over the top.”

Estrada chuckles at that suggestion, telling Heyman he’ll need something special to top the two guys he’s about to lock down for Jericho’s team … as it soon becomes apparent that both men are heading to the same location; the dressing room of the WWE Tag Team Champions; The Fight Factory. The awkwardness kicks up another level as Heyman and Estrada also realize the other has the same intention with Heyman stopping at the door and initially telling Armando “you can keep going wherever it is you’re going…”

Ha ha … I’m already here, pero.” Despite both men trying to be polite and courteous, they start to bicker over who was here first, and as the voices raise slightly, it draws Melina out of the locker room to ask what’s going on. Naturally, both Heyman and Estrada talk over one another, trying to sell themselves to her … but she stops both men, seemingly getting the idea. Pulling business cards from her purse, she hands one over to each man, telling them to make an appointment if they want to discuss having the tag team champions on their Survivor Series teams…


Elsewhere, BRYAN DANIELSON – looking angry still from being blackmailed into this title defence against Christopher Daniels – on his way to the ring, is met by ALL of the Cruiserweight division. Jerry Lynn – suffering the effects still from the earlier attack by Daniels – acts as spokesman for the rest of the division, telling Danielson they’re all pulling for him tonight, telling the champion he’s doing the right thing, and urges him to shut the Fallen Angel up once and for all.

Without saying anything, Danielson nods, accepting the support from the faces and heels alike, telling them that’s exactly what he plans to do, and says he’s doing this tonight for ALL of them…


Back at ringside, Cole and Lawler both discuss what happened to R-Truth, stating that he is being transferred to the local medical facility as we speak, and will hope to have an update next week … before announcing two big items for next weeks show – the return to action of Chris Jericho, fully recovered from injury and … EDGE VERSUS BATISTA!!!



And with that, CHRISTOPHER DANIELS enters the arena for the main event of the evening. At long last, he gets the Cruiserweight title shot he’s been campaigning for for months … and all on his terms… NEXT!!

Commercial Break

Bryan Danielson vs. Christopher Daniels

And this match certainly makes up for the lack of wrestling on tonight’s show. It’s clear Danielson is fired up, abandoning his usual technical, mat based approach for a straight up fire fight, taking the match to Daniels and punishing the challenger in the early going with a nasty amount of forearms, stiff kicks and chops. But, clearly riding on emotions, Danielson leaves himself open to making mistakes, and almost allows the Fallen Angel to steal the win on more than one occasion with sneaky roll ups.

Danielson survives those scares though, and is able to dominate proceedings, putting Daniels on the backfoot throughout the opening half of the match, forcing the challenger to merely go into survival mode, until he forces Danielson into a HUGE error of judgment; the challenger escapes the ring, going for a walk – something that doesn’t benefit him at all as challenger – but still, Bryan comes after him, and looks for his patented SUICIDE DIVE – AND GETS NOTHING!!! The momentum shifts with that nasty landing, and the challenger is right on Danielson from their, seizing control.

A commercial break breaks up the action, as Cole informs the fans when we return that Daniels has systematically broken down the champion during the break, taking total control. He wears Danielson down, but CAN’T put him away, finding out why Danielson has been so highly regarded for so long as Cruiserweight champion. Despite his best efforts, nothing Daniels can do is enough to finish the champion, and he even looks to bust out his ANGELS WINGS – a move he has NEVER done since coming to the WWE – but Danielson escapes it, and the fight back is on!!!

The champion makes a spirited comeback, picking up the pace, with the challenger looking vulnerable … until catching Danielson with a CALF KICK!! That only scores a two count, but the Fallen Angel uses it to set up the STO … INTO THE KOJI CLUTCH!!!!! Danielson is in serious jeopardy, title on the line … but he digs in deep … and SOMEHOW makes it to the ropes!!!! Naturally stunned, the Fallen Angel starts to get desperate, beating Danielson up by the ropes, almost incurring a DQ before relenting.

Daniels comes back at the champion … but Danielson fires up again!!! He sets up for the ROARING ELBOW – DANIELS DUCKS!!! Roll up by Daniels – and GETS HIS FEET ON THE ROPES – 1...2...NO!!!! Not even cheating is enough for Daniels to get the job done!!! He lunges on the champion again, then sends him across the ring, but Danielson backflips on the turnbuckles landing behind the challenger then charges into the corner … AS DANIELS YANKS THE REFEREE IN FRONT OF HIM!!!!

The fans boo the ref bump, but the Fallen Angel looks to take advantage of it, aiming a kick between the legs of the champion – CAUGHT!! Danielson catches the leg before contact, Daniels then attempts an ENZIGURI – BUT DANIELSON DUCKS!!! The Fallen Angel hits the mat, Danielson leaps down – AND APPLIES CATTLE MUTILATION!!!!! Daniels quickly taps; he knows the ref is out, and the champion soon releases the hold. He tries to revive the official as Daniels gets back up, but the champion is wise to it, and knocks the challenger back down. He turns around…


The man(?) is dressed in an identical black robe to that which Christopher Daniels wears, and his face is never revealed – covered by a bandana … and he’s done the damage, laying Danielson out cold before leaving the ring and disappearing into the night through the fans, with the Fallen Angel recovering, having seen it unfold. He’s all smiles, as he gives the referee a shake … before dragging the lifeless carcass of Bryan Danielson back up … PLANTING HIM WITH THE ANGELS WINGS!!!!! Daniels hooks the leg … the count comes ever so slowly, with Cole frantically shouting for Danielson to kick out … 1… … … 2… … … 3!!!!!!!!!!

Winner: And NEW Cruiserweight Champion – Christopher Daniels @ 18:04

The fans in London are left in stunned SILENCE as the announcement is made; Christopher Daniels has STOLEN the Cruiserweight title. At the beginning of the night, he wasn’t even factored into the contendership picture … but at the end of the night, he is CHAMPION!!!

Daniels is naturally jubilant, mouth agape as he takes hold of the title, on his knees, holding it close, as Michael Cole expresses his disgust at this picture and his disgust at the manner in which Christopher Daniels has become Cruiserweight champion.

Meanwhile, Jerry Lawler asks the question as to WHO was in the hooded robe with his face concealed, to which Cole responds; “Ask Daniels!! Because we all know they’re in cahoots!!” Cole suggests this was the plan all along, which was why Daniels was desperate to make the match happen on this night, and even accuses Daniels – or his accomplice – of being behind the assault on Finlay too to create this situation in the first place!!

The Fallen Angel leaves the ring, taking with him the title, as Cole continues to rage at the circumstances of this “screw job” whilst Bryan Danielson starts to come around, seeing Daniels leaving up the ramp … shaking his head … having fallen into the trap and taken the bait … leading to the Fallen Angel getting exactly what he wanted all along…


Official Card for The 22nd Annual WWE Survivor Series:

November 16 2008 | Phillips Arena, Atlanta GA

Theme Music; ‘Spolin For A Fight’ by AC/DC

5 on 5 Survivor Series Elimination Match:


World Heavyweight Champion Brent Albright, John Cena, Shawn Michaels, Vladimir & John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield



World Tag Team Champs. Rey Mysterio & Shelton Benjamin, Paul London, Nick Nemeth & 1 TBA

*If Team Layfield win; JBL becomes WWE Commissioner*

*If Team Ventura win; Jesse Ventura remains WWE Commissioner*

5 on 5 Survivor Series Elimination Match:

WWE Champion Chris Jericho, Umaga, U.S Champion Mark Henry & 2 TBAw/Armando Estrada



Kurt Angle, Randy Orton, Jack Swagger & 2 TBAw/Paul Heyman
*If Team Angle win, Kurt Angle will receive a WWE Championship Match at Armageddon*


Triple H vs. Mister Kennedy

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Re: Being The Booker

Monday Night Raw | November 3 2008 | Los Angeles, CA

- RAW 800 -


Opening Video


The camera’s pan around the STAPLES Centre, full of vigorous fans and plenty of excitement, for a special three hour edition of RAW, as 'Fast Fuse' by the Kasabian rings around the building…

Jim Ross: You are witnessing history in the making!! Monday Night Raw has reached a landmark eight HUNDREDTH episode – the longest running, weekly episodic television show in history, and we’re just getting started!!! Jim Ross, alongside The Coach and tonight, we’re in Hollywood!! And what a fitting location for a BLOCKBUSTER edition of RAW!!!!

The Coach: Fitting indeed, J.R, strap yourself in – it’s gonna be a wild ride for the next three hours!! Ric Flair will be my guest on the Playas Club, the tag team titles are on the line, and there’s nothing bigger than Shawn Michaels challenging CM Punk for the Intercontinental title. It’s personal, it’s heated and it’s two outta three falls!! I can’t wait!!!

Jim Ross: Neither can I, Coach. What an occasion this promises to be-



The STAPLES Centre comes unglued as the signal for the arrival of THE UNDERTAKER kicks us off, with a group of six druids slowly marching through the curtain, carrying with them a CASKET!!

Jim Ross: And ya know what this means, Coach!! What a way to kick us off – with a man who appeared on the FIRST episode of Raw fifteen years ago!!!

The Coach: Yeah, The Undertaker is here tonight to make a special appearance on Raw … but answer me this, J.R – what’s with the casket!? This isn’t a casket match!! The Miz didn’t sign up for this!!

Jim Ross: As far as I’m aware it isn’t scheduled to be a Casket match, so I gotta guess this is mind games from the Deadman.

The Coach: Well, he’s gonna have to go a lot further than that to psyche out The Miz. If The Undertaker isn’t careful, he’ll be leaving here in that casket!!

Jim Ross: We’re about t’find out if The Miz has perhaps bitten off a little more than he can chew by challenging The Phenom. I gotta believe the young man is in way over his head … but the confidence he has exuded in recent weeks is staggering. He REALLY believes he’s gonna knock off The Undertaker here tonight!!

The druids bring the casket to ringside, leaving it there as the lid pops open, the lights come on, and-




Jim Ross: Ohhh, you gotta be kiddin me!!!

The Coach: HA HA HA HA HA!!!! This is brilliant!!!

Jim Ross: This kid has a damn death wish pullin a stunt like this!!! Get a good long look at The Miz here, folks – this may well be the last time we see him.

Miz looks really proud of himself inside the casket, carrying with him an Urn, looking around the arena, before exiting the casket, and climbing into the ring, bringing the microphone and the Urn with him, as he signals for the music to cut.


Huge heat from the fans for the annoying reality TV star.

The Miz: Ohhh yeah, drink it in Hollywood. I hope all the executives and directors are here tonight, because baby … you got your next biopic blockbuster on your hands. You’ve got your next MONSTER movie right here, and I’m gonna even write the script.

Full of confidence, Miz prowls around the ring.

The Miz: You are looking at your NEXT leading man. And his name … is THE MIZ and The Miz IS-


Out go the lights again!!!


And the STAPLES Centre REALLY explodes this time, as the real thing steps into view; THE UNDERTAKER is on Raw!!! In the ring, it all starts to get a little bit real for The Miz, after weeks of talk … it’s time for action.

As ever, The Undertaker takes his sweet time to march down the aisle, with J.R pouring on the praise for The Phenom, again reminding the audience that he – along with Shawn Michaels tonight – is one of two men on this show that competed on the FIRST Monday Night Raw.

In the ring, Miz paces, surely now getting nervous, as Taker walks up the steps and brings up the lights before removing his hat – to reveal his eyes rolled back into his head.

Miz gulps – showing the fear now coursing through his body – as The Phenom climbs into the ring, with J.R mentioning that it’s a good thing Miz isn’t wearing white pants tonight.

The music starts to die down, and Miz tries to stop the referee from calling for the bell, not seemingly regretting his decision to make this challenge – but the requests fall on deaf ears; and the bell is rung!!!

Match 1:
The Miz vs. The Undertaker
Miz freezes as the bell rings, and slowly turns around to meet his fate, quickly begging off from Taker, backing up … as The Deadman slowly bears down on him. Miz backs up into the corner – nowhere else to go – as Taker stands over him, and takes a shot … but Miz ducks and BOLTS through the ropes!!! Boos ring out, as Miz puffs his cheeks, asking for a mic…

The Miz: Just- just wait a second, okay. Look … I know how this looks … but I’m not scared.

There’s a feeling of bullshit coming from the fans, and Miz senses it, turning to the audience to double down on his statement.

The Miz: I’m not.

He sure looks it!!” ~J.R.

The Miz: I just don’t want you to have any excuses, Deadman. So … if you’ve got the guts?? How about we take this match into my wheelhouse?? How do you feel about taking on the GREATEST Hardcore Champion ever in a HARDCORE MATCH!?

Taker doesn’t need to say anything … instead, he makes the slit throat gesture to a BIG pop!! The official shrugs, and seemingly is prepared to go with it – The Miz has his wish!!

The Miz: Oh, and one more thing. Like I said earlier, I’m creating my own blockbuster tonight. And even a Deadman knows … every leading man needs a good supporting cast … right??

The Undertaker doesn’t give any sign of a response – he’s above interacting with Miz, especially when he’s asking stupid questions. Miz plows on anyway.

The Miz: Remember your … Ministry??

The fans begin to mumble and grow louder with commotion, as something appears to be happening off camera-

The Miz: Because these two remember you DITCHING them!!!

It’s VISCERA!!! And MIDEON!!! Two former members of The Undertakers Ministry of Darkness way back when!!! Viscera and Mideon jump on Taker, laying in the blows, hammering him down to his knees before dragging The Phenom up, and send him to the corner with a hard double whip. Big Vis then whips Mideon in for a big splash in the corner … and follows in after himself …

BUT TAKER DUCKS OUT!!! Viscera hits the buckles!!! And The Undertaker fights back!!!! Miz starts to look concerned on the outside, as Taker begins to fight Mideon and Viscera off, raining down blows on both men, knocking Mideon down before nailing Vis with a BIG boot!!! Viscera tumbles back into the ropes, staggering back … into a flying clothesline from The Deadman taking Viscera off his feet!!!

Mideon tries to attack now, nailing Taker from behind, then lines up a clothesline – ducked by Taker; GOOZLE – CHOKESLAM TO MIDEON!!!!! On the outside, Miz starts to creep up the steps, watching as Taker sizes up Big Vis – GOOZLE … CHOKESLAM TO THE 500 POUND VISCERA!!!!! The ring shakes upon impact, as Viscera and Mideon both roll out of the ring, having played their part, with Taker taking a deep breath, turning around – AND GETS NAILED WITH THE URN BY THE MIZ!!!!!!!!!

The Miz almost cant believe his own luck, and freezes for a moment, looking down at the Deadman before diving into a cover … with Coach beside himself, proclaiming The Miz the winner … 1...2...KICK OUT!!!!! TAKER KICKED OUT!!!!! The colour drains from the face of The Miz, realizing he’ll have to do it all over again!!

Panicking slightly, Miz looks to the outside, calling after Vis and Mideon – but both are still incapacitated, meaning Miz has to go it alone. He timidly puts the boots to Taker, almost scared to attack now, but when Taker doesn’t respond, the confidence grows, and Miz starts to lay his shots in, before backing Taker into the corner, executing his trademark corner clothesline!!!

Miz is almost in a daze as to how well it’s going … and he’s able to plant Taker with THE MIZARD OF OZ!!!!!! Miz – wide eyed – still can’t believe his luck, and he starts celebrating as if he’s won!! Slapping his hands together, wiping them off, and brushing sweat off his forehead, Miz swaggers toward the downed Deadman for the cover … WHEN THE UNDERTAKER SITS UP!!!!!

Miz instantly falls over in shock, then frantically tries to crawl away … but Taker grabs him, and refuses to let go!!!! The Phenom gets back up, bringing Miz with him, as Miz reaches for the ropes to get away; no joy … as Taker FLINGS HIM TO THE CORNER!!! And it’s all downhill from there for Miz!!! Taker batters Miz in the corner, then sends him across the ring to the opposite corner, racing in and CRUSHING Miz in the corner!!!

Quickly, Taker wrings the arm, with Miz unable to do anything about it … as The Phenom gives the fans what they want and delivers OLD SCHOOL!!! Taker starts to signal for a chokeslam again … but Big Vis is back on the apron; BIG BOOT KNOCKS HIM BACK OFF!!!!! Viscera tumbles back off, falling into Mideon, taking him out … as Miz staggers to his feet … into the path of The Deadman … TOMBSTONE!!!!!!!! Darkness pin; 1...2...3!!!!!

Winner: The Undertaker @ 05:04

Despite the best efforts of The Miz, even drafting in the old members of The Undertakers Ministry, it wasn’t enough to defeat the Phenom!!

The fans get their moment to see Taker pose, with the lights tinged blue, as Miz disappears from the ring to lick his wounds, failing spectacularly in his quest for a career defining win over the Conscience of the WWE…

On commentary, J.R says Taker is as dominant now as he was on episode one … and he suggests the Phenom could well be as dominant when Raw 1600 rolls around fifteen years from now!!!

Commercial Break

A brief video package airs, highlighting classic moments from the storied history of Raw from the beginning in 1993 and the early days in the Manhattan Centre, right through to the early stages of Attitude and DX running amok and Austin stuns McMahon for the first time…


And arriving in the parking lot, the unmistakable white limo belonging to J.B.L pulls up, with the entourage of RANJIN SINGH & VLADIMIR exiting the vehicle first, before JOHN ‘BRADSHAW’ LAYFIELD emerges – to a healthy dose of heat from the fans in L.A…

Greeting JBL and his cronies on their arrival is none other than EVE TORRES, hoping for an interview with the man hoping to become the WWE Commissioner at the Survivor Series…

Eve Torres: Mister Layfield, if I could have a moment of your time?…

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Absolutely, sweetheart. By all means, I got all the time in the world. What’s on your mind, darlin??

Eve ignores the condescending tone of JBL…

Eve Torres: Well, I think it goes without saying that you had a perfect week last week on the road to the Survivor Series. Not only did you successfully block Jesse Ventura’s attempt to bring Christian onto his Survivor Series team, but you even convinced the Board of Directors to draft Christian from Raw … to Smackdown.

JBL is all smiles.

Eve Torres: Now, as previously agreed, both Survivor Series teams must be completed by the close of business tonight on Raw. You, obviously, have your five man team set. But as of yet, Jesse Ventura only has four. With time running out, are you beginning to believe that you’ll head into the Survivor Series with a man advantage before the match even begins??

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: It sure is lookin that way, ain’t it?? HA!!

The toothy grin makes an appearance, before JBL buttons his blazer and starts walking toward the arena.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Eve, last week was a perfect example of how I conduct business … and an example of how I get the job done. There’s no half measures with me and my administration, sweetheart. I’m extremely pleased with how everything went to plan last week. And if Jesse Ventura can’t find a fifth man to join that rabble of uninspiring bodies he calls a Survivor Series team … then I guess that’s too bad.

Bradshaw almost looks jubilant to say that.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: He won’t be getting any concessions from me. Eve, I’ve proven already I’m the man for the top job here in the WWE. I’ve proven to get the results I desire. The moves I made last week only served to underline what I’m willin t’do t’ensure I’m the next Commissioner of the WWE. You just gotta ask yourself this … what the hell is Ventura doin while I’m workin every minute God sends to guarantee victory at the Survivor Series?

JBL then continues on into the building, with Ranjin Singh and Vladimir rudely pushing past Eve, bringing the interview to an end, leaving her out in the parking lot.


And elsewhere, in Ricky Steamboats office, the Raw GM and the WWE Commissioner are both watching that interview with JBL – both disgusted by what they’re hearing. Steamboat turns the television off, and looks over at Ventura – with Jesse shaking his head.

Jesse Ventura: Listen. No matter what – I don’t care who it is, we’re not givin JBL the satisfaction of a man advantage at the Survivor Series.

Ricky Steamboat: Well … are you any closer on who you want??

Ventura seemingly looks through papers on the desk, different superstars, potential names to fill the fifth slot on the Survivor Series team.

Jesse Ventura: I don't know … I don’t know.


Back into the arena…

**BOOYAKA 619**

REY MYSTERIO pops out from under the trap door, set to defend the World Tag Team Titles tonight…


And Rey is soon joined by his partner, the other half of the champions; SHELTON BENJAMIN!! The champions meet on the mid point of the ramp, with J.R then throwing to highlights of last weeks controversial battle royal that crowned the new #1 Contenders for tonight.


And, billed as LA RENAISSANCE during their introduction, Damien Sandow and René Duprée make their entrance, as they bring with them their pooches; FiFi the poodle and Edison, the American Eskimo dog, named after Thomas Edison.

J.R complains about the manner in which Sandow and Duprée earned this shot, at the expense of their rivals; William Regal & Goldust, who should really be getting this title shot tonight … with the match coming up next…

Commercial Break


Rey Mysterio & Shelton Benjamin vs. La Renaissance
Joined in progress from the commercial, as J.R notes that Sandow jumped Rey from behind to start the match and give the challengers something of a head start. The challengers tag in and out, happy to just stomp Rey down, and it becomes clear why that was the objective, as once Sandow sends Rey off the ropes, Mysterio is able to use his quickness to get back into the match.

Headscissors by Rey sends Sandow into the ropes – primed for the 619 … but Duprée pulls his partner out of harms way!! Taking matters into his own hands now, Shelton Benjamin leaps off the apron onto the Frenchman with a Senton, whilst Rey comes off the apron too shortly after – seated Senton to Sandow!!!

Shelton is legally tagged into the match for the first time, and the champs begin to establish dominance, and even when it appears as if the balance may shift when Sandow gets a boot up to block the Stinger Splash, Shelton turns that on it’s head too. Sandow hoists himself to sit on the top rope – with Benjamin LEAPING to the top and SUPERPLEXING Sandow!!!!!

Benjamin then looks to finish things off, setting up for the BLOCKBUSTER … when Duprée yanks him off behind the referee’s back!!! The illegal interference turns the match on it’s head, with the challengers taking over again. Duprée gets tagged in and applies a rest hold on Shelton, but when the Black Diamond starts to come around and fight out, Sandow makes a blind tag off the back of his partner and cuts off the potential tag to Rey, before heading to the commercial.

Commercial Break

Looking impressive, the challengers continue to work in tandem, wearing Shelton down, with Rey getting more and more agitated, especially with some blatant cheating with the illegal man choking Shelton whilst the officials back is turned. Trapped in the corner, Shelton tries to fight both men off – doing a great job, but as he lunges across the ring to make a desperate tag, Sandow grabs his leg at the last moment!!! DRAGON WHIP!!!

It looks like the coast is clear for a tag … BUT DUPRÉE PULLS REY OFF THE APRON!!! Shelton shapes up to leap to the floor onto the Frenchman, but Sandow grabs him from behind; RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP!!! Sandow rolls through … and begins the theatrics for the ELBOW OF DISDAIN … whilst René joins in with his FRENCH TICKLER dance!!! There’s a great deal of heat as the move connects, and the cover … 1...2...REY BREAKS IT WITH A SPRINGBOARD LEG DROP!!!!!

Rey then takes the opportunity to have a swipe at Duprée on the apron before being ushered out of the ring, as Sandow and Benjamin both struggle back to their feet – T-BONE EXPLODER BY SHELTON!!! 1...2...BROKEN BY DUPRÉE!!! And with that, all hell breaks loose!! Mysterio dives in at the Frenchman, as all four men are involved in the action!!!

In amongst the commotion, Rey DOES get a legal tag, and a springboard moonsault onto Sandow get a NEAR near fall with the Intellectual Saviour barely getting the shoulder up. Duprée comes charging in, but is drop toe holded into the ropes, before Sandow joins him after a headscissors … DOUBLE 619!!!

Tag to Shelton … BLOCKBUSTER TO SANDOW!!!! Cover, 1...2...THE REFEREE GETS DRAGGED OUT OF THE RING BY DUPRÉE!!! Out of instinct, Mysterio dives out of the ring with a SOMERSAULT PLANCHA to Duprée!!! Meanwhile though on the OTHER side of the ring, CHARLIE HAAS AND NICK DINSMORE – the former champions – have shown up!!!

Dinsmore is climbing onto the apron to cause a distraction for the official … whilst Haas grabs Rey, tossing him into the barrier!!! Shelton takes a swipe at Dinsmore, who jumps back off the apron, being admonished by the referee … WHILST SANDOW LOW BLOWS SHELTON … AND ROLLS HIM UP WITH A HANDFUL OF TIGHTS … 1...2...3!!!!!

Winners: And NEW World Tag Team Champions – La Renaissance @ 11:50

Mysterio and Benjamin just got screwed!!! And once again, JBL and his troops have manipulated the agreement for zero interference in matches involving the men set for the Survivor Series match by using the two Master Craftsmen NOT involved in the Elimination Match!!

J.R is furious, stating that Haas and Dinsmore could never beat Rey and Shelton on their own, and that THIS was the only way they could get one over on the now former champions, and AGAIN, JBL has stuck it to Team Ventura.

Sandow and Duprée don’t hang around either, taking the titles and their dogs, and getting the hell out of dodge – winning the titles after stealing the title opportunity in the first place!! Haas and Dinsmore aren’t too far behind either – not waiting around for the reaction of Rey and Shelton.

The now former champions meet up in the ring, with Shelton explaining to Rey what happened with the low bow and roll up, whilst both watch the departing Master Craftsmen get away, knowing that they are the reason the titles just changed hands…

Commercial Break

Back out in the parking lot, ANOTHER limo – a black limo this time – pulls up … and it’s RIC FLAIR exiting the vehicle, to a HUGE pop from the fans inside the arena.

J.R hypes the appearance by the Nature Boy later tonight on the Playas Club – his first appearance since his retirement in July – but Flair hasn’t arrived alone.

In typical Naitch fashion, he’s accompanied by KELLY KELLY and VICTORIA!!! Flair has a lady on each arm, as he “WOOOO’s” his way toward the arena, clearly still styling and profiling, even in retirement…


Heading backstage, SCOTT STANFORD is standing by with NATALYA…

Scott Stanford: Natalya, congratulations – it was confirmed over this past weekend that at the Survivor Series, you will get your rematch for the Womens Championship against Beth Phoenix. You beat her by disqualification last month at Nemesis, but this time, there WONT be any way out for the champion. No disqualifications, no count outs … and perhaps most importantly; NO rope breaks.

Natalya: Absolutely, Scott … and on top of all that, Beth Phoenix is going to have NO way out of the Sharpshooter, and NO excuses when I beat her and TAKE the Womens title at the Survivor Series.

Natalya relaxes, and even smiles.

Natalya: You know, Beth Phoenix has talked a real big game about being the strongest woman in the WWE and how she doesn’t fear me OR the Sharpshooter. But you wanna know what I think?? I think deep down … she IS scared. For the first time in her life, Beth Phoenix has met her match physically. And now?? She’s backed herself into a corner. She talked herself into this match at the Survivor Series.

Thinking for a moment, Nattie smiles again.

Natalya: She says she can break the Sharpshooter and she says she can beat me … but she couldn’t do either thing at Nemesis. She had to get herself disqualified to save face. And now, at the Survivor Series … she can’t get disqualified. She can’t save face. And in my opinion, she CAN’T break the Sharpshooter.

Scott Stanford: Which means…?

Natalya: Which means, Scott … I think you’re looking at the NEXT WWE Womens Champion.

Smiling, Natalya nods at Scott, then turns to walk away…

And watching on elsewhere, BETH PHOENIX looks ready to boil over, furious at the confidence of her challenger, and increasingly angry at her inability to convincingly see the Canadian off…


Back into the arena…

Standing in the ring, a large black man in keyed as CHARLES EVANS, with J.R noting the impressive size and physique of the man, whilst Coach informs us that he’s even referred to by friends as “The Hammer”…


And it looks like BIG ZEKE is being tasked with a tougher assignment tonight, with Coach stating that the man in the ring is almost every bit as big and imposing as Big Zeke, claiming this WON’T be a walk in the park tonight.

Match 3:
Big Zeke vs. Charles Evans
Well, as Evans finds out, some days you’re the hammer, and some days you’re the nail. Despite appearances, Charles Evans proves to be no match for Big Zeke either, despite initially holding firm when they came together off a double running shoulder tackle.

Evans gets a few shots in, but they’re no-sold by the impressive Zeke, who eventually charges through Evans with a thunderous clothesline!!! A running shoulder tackle this time DOES put Evans down … and the SPINEBUSTER finishes the challenger off, as Zeke scores another lop sided 1...2...3!!!!!
Winner: Big Zeke @ 01:13

The bigger they come, the harder they fall” is the call from J.R in regards to the step up in competition for Big Zeke. No matter the size or shape, no one seems to be able to pose this man a challenge, as he continues to roll on undefeated on Raw.


And back in the General Manager’s office, RICKY STEAMBOAT and JESSE VENTURA are shown, having watched that match … and both side eye each other, without a word being said…

Commercial Break


In this world, DOMINANCE is key.”

Batista delivering a Spinebuster on The Undertaker at Judgment Day, Mark Henry giving Umaga the Worlds Strongest Slam at SummerSlam.

In this world, POWER is the ultimate currency.”

Beth Phoenix standing tall with her Womens title, The Brian Kendrick getting his head shaved after losing at SummerSlam.


The Master Craftsmen standing tall together, Melina aligning with the Fight Factory.

And here, WEAKNESS will be EXPLOITED.”

Randy Orton PUNTING countless innocent victims over the last 18 months, CM Punk blasting Shawn Michaels with the Bible in August.

To stand above ALL others…”

Shots of Christian, Edge and John Cena over the last few years with World Title belts.

To be at the TOP of the food chain …”

Kurt Angle screaming out after a victory, neck muscles bulging, Chris Jericho sneering at the audience on Smackdown.

SURVIVAL isn’t just an INSTINCT.”

Mister Kennedy attacking Mr. McMahon on a recent episode of Raw, John Cena beating up Drew McIntyre on Raw during the summer.

It’s a way of life.”

Triple H blasting multiple people over the years with a sledgehammer, The Undertaker sitting up at WrestleMania.

And the only way to GUARANTEE SURVIVAL in this world?”

The following words THUD onto a black screen.








Returning backstage, JESSE VENTURA meets with a smiling JOHN ‘BRADSHAW’ LAYFIELD – backed up by RANJIN SINGH and VLADIMIR…

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Wanted to see me, Jess??

Jesse Ventura: Thought you’d want to hear this first, Bradshaw. Got my fifth guy.

Layfield looks around at his cohorts, grinning at the thought.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Well, I can’t wait to hear this. Who’d ya dig up? That- that little rat Colin Delaney?? Or uh, did ya dig into that ‘ol rolodex?? Billy Graham say yes?? Did the ghost of Adrian Adonis pick up?? Huh??

Jesse Ventura: {Casually} It’s Big Zeke.

The expression drops from the face of JBL, and Ventura turns on his heels, leaving it right there on that bombshell. JBL is clearly shook by that announcement, and he begins to turn to his associates…


In the ring, everything is set up for the PLAYA’S CLUB!! THE COACH is standing in the ring, all smiles, waiting for his cue to talk…

The Coach: LADIES AND GENTLEMEN – it’s been a while … but- IT’S THAT TIME AGAIN!!! … And as if I needed to remind you; Piper was the pits, The Barbershop got cut short, The Kings Court got sent down, and for the Highlight Reel it’s lights out. I’m the host with the most, and this is the show with the brightest glow!!!

Heat for the catchphrase, and Coach waits before exclaiming the next line.


Arms extended, Coach soaks up the atmosphere that he’s clearly imagining in his head, because it’s a far from welcoming crowd for him.

The Coach: And tonight is a celebration of EIGHT HUNDRED episodes of Monday Night Raw, so of course, they brought out the big guns!! I’m not talking about my guest tonight either, L.A … I’m talkin about ME!!

Ohh, gimme a break!!” ~J.R.

The Coach: But alas, alas … I’m not allowed to be my own guest. So when I was told there’d be a special edition of the Playa’s Club on Raw 800 … I knew I had to pull out the big guns.

Coach nods, letting the fans think he means Flair … then he shrugs.

The Coach: Unfortunately, Ray Allen couldn’t make the trip from Boston-

Big cheap heat for the Boston Celtics star man, a key player in preventing the L.A Lakers winning the NBA Finals last year.

The Coach: And the Clippers couldn’t pay me enough money to let one of those losers drag down this show!!

More cheap heat.

The Coach: So in the end, after he wouldn’t stop calling my Cell, and BEGGING that I let him by my guest tonight … I finally gave in, and I allowed Ric Flair to get sprinkled with some of The Coach’s special stardust!!

He really believes this stuff, folks…” ~An indignant J.R on commentary.

The Coach: He’s won a couple of championships in his career … but like you people here in L.A – that was all a long time ago!!!

Again, Coach looks for the low hanging fruit.

The Coach: But at least he had the decency to finally call it quits!! However … in typical Ric Flair fashion, the Nature Boy just can’t stay out of the limelight, and tonight, the Playa’s Club opens it’s doors to the limousine ridin, jet flyin, walkin stick carryin SON OF A GUN-


Stylin and profilin, RIC FLAIR makes his way through the curtain – KELLY KELLY and VICTORIA on an arm each before being given a kiss on the cheek each and leaving – the Nature Boy is dressed as sharply as ever. Jim Ross puts Flair over as the greatest of all time, listing his accomplishments that Coach glossed over, saying Flair looks as good as ever.

Flair makes it to the ring, with Coach smiling all along. Naitch extends a hand to greet Coach … then PULLS IT AWAY in typical Flair fashion, embarrassing Coach as he runs his fingers through his hair. Coach keeps smiling though, trying to save face by applauding the move by Flair. The music soon dies down, with Flair taking a seat and a mic.

The Coach: Well, talk about making an entrance, Ric. That was great fun, I gotta-

Ric Flair: WOOO!!!!

Flair cuts Coach off randomly, mid sentence, getting a big pop from the fans.

Ric Flair: I don’t know about you fine people in the City of Angels … but the Nature Boy came to Hollywood for a PARTY!!!!

Flair looks around at the set for the Playa’s Club.

Ric Flair: But this set up?? This is all too formal for my tastes. {He motions at the set} It’s CHEAP … and it’s too stuffy for me to be able to style … and PRO-FILE, WOO…

Flair removes his jacket, and takes off his tie, unbuttoning his top button, and stomps on the jacket.

Ric Flair: That’s more like it!! NOW … Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA-

Cheap pop.

Ric Flair: I see a city full of stars, full of beautiful, voluptuous women … yet the Nature Boyyy … is stuck here … with you!?

Flair points and looks at Coach – and Coach is clearly offended.

Ric Flair: And while we’re at, Coachman … I didn’t beg to be your guest…

Ric points to the back, and gets right up in the face of Coach.

Ric Flair: THEY begged ME to be on this show!!

That sounds more like it!!” ~J.R enjoys getting a shot in on Coach on commentary.

Ric Flair: Lets make one thing clear, you’re no Roddy Piper, kid. Far from it. Hell … you’re not even a patch on Brother Love!!

Couple of chuckles, including one from J.R audibly on commentary.

Ric Flair: And trust me, pal, the ONLY reason I agreed to class this sham of a talk show up was for the chance to be here on Monday Night Raw’s Eight Hundredth episode in front of all my friends and all my fans in L.A!!!

Cheap pop.

Ric Flair: Don’t think I didn’t hear your little joke either, Coach. A walking stick!? Do I LOOK like I need a walkin stick!? My career may be over … but don’t think I couldn’t take you down, right here, right now!!

Coach starts to look concerned, but tries to laugh it off, backing up a little.

Ric Flair: Because the NAIT-CHA BOYYYY doesn’t get older. No, no, no. Like a fine wine, Ric Flair only … gets … BETTER!!! WOOO!!!

Taking a few strides and bouncing off the ropes, Flair struts back, before bellowing again.

Ric Flair: And EVEN in retirement, you better believe that I am STILL that limousine ridin, jet flyin, kiss stealing – WOOO – wheelin dealin, SON OF A GUN!!!

Pop again from the fans for the usual Flair routine. Coach, trying to curry favour now with Flair after being put in his place, applauds the catchphrase.

The Coach: Well, I don’t think there’s any question that you haven’t missed a step, Naitch. Clearly, life is treatin ya well in retirement. You look a million bucks, y-

Ric Flair: Just a million??

Coach chuckles.

The Coach: You’re still as quick witted as ever too!! And I don’t even think I need to ask how good it feels for you to be back amongst friends here on Raw, right??

Flair smirks, and takes a look around the arena.

Ric Flair: Coach, I LIVE for this!!


Ric Flair: Even after sixteen – that’s SIX-TEEN – World Titles, I will NEVER tire of bein out here, in front of the greatest fans on this planet. Trust me, kid, there’s NO substitute for this feelin … and I’ve tried plenty of substitutes in my time.

Flair raises his eyebrows to Coach, as if to say; “if you know what I mean.” Very PG.

Ric Flair: And bein back on Raw, seein old friends like Shawn Michaels-

Mixed response, but mostly cheers.

Ric Flair: Ricky Steamboat-


Ric Flair: Rey Mysterio, William Regal, and THE greatest wrestler on the planet today … a man I have the privilege to call my BEST friend … TRIPLE H!!!

Pops for each man mentioned.

Ric Flair: I missed ‘em all!!

The Coach: Well, Naitch … speaking of Triple H … y’know, he’s got a big match coming up at the Survivor Series against Mister Kennedy. As a matter of fact, it’s a match you, in particular, once competed in. One of the most famous matches ever. And that’s an I Quit Match.

Flair nods, and finally takes a seat at long last, with things getting serious.

Ric Flair: I remember that match, Coach. I remember it like it happened yesterday. And I’ve got the scars to remember every bit of it.

Naitch points to his head, as if to imply the scars are mental ones.

Ric Flair: Terry Funk and I went to war that night- WAR … because that’s what it had to be. We went into that match with every intention of MURDERING the other man … because that’s what it took to inflict enough damage to make the other guy wanna quit. I had to step in the ring with the craziest son of a bitch on this planet, knowin my life may never be the same again.

Taking a couple of seconds, Flair thinks about it, before looking at Coach, dead serious.

Ric Flair: An’ it wasn't. Coach, I wrestled hour long matches in my career. I wrestled inside cages, I fought monsters like Vader and the Undertaker … and nothing … absolutely nothing … compared to the physicality and brutality of that ‘I Quit’ match with Terry Funk. I’ve wrestled tens of thousands of matches in my life … but the most gruelling of ‘em all – by far – was the ‘I Quit’ match.

Coach is about to move on, but Flair speaks up again.

Ric Flair: And let me tell ya something else – neither man is ever gonna be the same after it. One guy is gonna win … but it won’t feel like a win. The winner is merely gonna be a survivor. He’ll get to leave Survivor Series with his soul in tact. That’s all. And the loser?? He will have to walk that aisle for the rest of his days – he’ll have to walk the streets knowing he’s less of a man. KNOWING … that another man took his soul. KNOWING … every time he looks in the mirror … he’s a quitter.

The Coach: Give us the inside track, Ric. Has Triple H asked you for any advice on how to approach such a hellacious match?

Flair smirks.

Ric Flair: Kid, Triple H doesn’t need to ask advice from anybody. He’s THE GAME!!! The Cerebral Assassin!! He’s the best in the business today!! And if anybody knows what Triple H is capable of; it’s me. I have the distinction to call that man a friend. A close friend. Like I said, he’s my best friend … and trust me, I know exactly what he’s capable of.

If anyone knows, it’s the Nature Boy…” ~J.R chimes in again.

Ric Flair: Is the ‘I Quit ‘ match dangerous?? You betcha. Is that ‘I Quit’ match gonna change his life?? HA!! Just a bit!! You better believe it. You can list all the matches Triple H has been part of; Cell matches, cage matches, hardcore matches, strap matches, last man standing matches, and everything else in between… this ‘I Quit’ match is like NOTHIN he’ll have ever faced before…

Flair shows a wry smile.

Ric Flair: But Triple H has a LIFETIME of experience to call back on. He’s got years of experience in the bank that’ll have prepared him for the Survivor Series. All those other matches, and all those injuries and all the trials and the tribulations he’s faced over his career will have prepared him for the HELL he’ll have to go through at the Survivor Series!!!

Coach nods, allowing Flair to continue without trying to step in and ruin the sell job.

Ric Flair: Trust me when I say this, Coach … The Game WILL be ready for the ‘I Quit’ match at the Survivor Series. There’s NO quit in him!! You’re talkin about a man who tore his knee to shreds- his QUAD{!!} … in the middle of this ring. Any normal man would’ve threw in the towel right there and then. Did Triple H??

Flair guffaws at his own rhetorical question.

Ric Flair: He didn’t quit. Quittin didn’t cross the man’s mind. HE. GUTTED. IT. OUT!!! The man fought on one leg!! He was trapped in Chris Jericho’s damn Lion Tamer – and he NEVER quit!!! THAT … is why Triple H is the GREATEST. WRESTLER. ALIVE!!!

Cheers, but not overwhelming cheers for the hype job by Flair for Triple H.

Ric Flair: But Kennedy?? He doesn’t have the miles. He doesn’t have the experience for such a mentally excruciating test of the mind, and the soul like an ‘I Quit’ match. I don’t think that kid is even AWARE of what awaits ‘em. And if I’m a bettin man – which I am – I’m puttin ALL my cash on Triple H makin Kennedy say the words … I … Quit.

Coach nods.

The Coach: Ric, it’s been your pleasure to be on my show, I know … but time is ag-

The show ain’t over just yet, Coach…”

The voice comes from the back, but walking through the curtain; It’s MISTER KENNEDY!!!

Sauntering out onto the stage, Mister Kennedy is shaking his head, whilst carrying a microphone, talking as he makes his way down the ramp – with Coach showing how much of a wimp he is by instantly leaving Flair alone in the ring, abandoning his own show.

Mister Kennedy: Ric Flair. The NATURE BOY!! WOOO!!!

A few “WOO” shouts from the fans in response.

Mister Kennedy: I can say this for sure; I didn’t miss your old ass!!!!

Somebody cut this man off!!!” ~J.R isn’t enjoying the interruption.

Mister Kennedy: I don’t give a damn how many titles you won, or how many women you talked into bed, or how many ‘I Quit’ matches you had in your hundred year career … you don’t know JACK about me!!

Kennedy climbs into the ring, but stops dead at the reply from Flair;

Ric Flair: I know you’re a two-bit Ric Flair knock-off, pal!!

Ohhhh” ~L.A.

Kennedy smirks at the retort from Flair, and continues on into the ring, not thrown off by Flair.

Mister Kennedy: I’m not about to cry on national TV, so I think you’re wrong again. And don’t you DARE stand out here and talk like you know what I’m capable of. You ain’t got the first IDEA!!!

Flair – ever the mans man, even in retirement – looks to hold his ground with the much younger man, standing up to him, staring Kennedy face to face.

Mister Kennedy: You can sit out here on your rockin chair, talkin about your memories of the ‘I Quit’ match you had back in the day … but believe me, what you went through nineteen years ago is NOTHIN compared to the beating I’m gonna put on your boy at the Survivor Series!!

Flair smirks at the remark, with Kennedy smirking back, nodding as they share a few words off mic, before Kennedy pipes up again.

Mister Kennedy: And it seems to me, like you haven’t been following the programme either since you walked off into the sunset. Because if you had, you’d know that being in close proximity to me these last few months is a bad place to be for people that are tight with Triple H.

This is what I was afraid of!! Get outta there, Ric!!” ~J.R is concerned.

Ric Flair: See … that’s where you’re wrong, kid. I’ve been watchin. I’ve been watchin all this time … and as you’ll soon learn … there’s a reason they called me the ‘Dirtiest Player In The Game’ … because WE knew you couldn’t resist to come on out here to get to me. And WE were ready…

And just as Flair says that, TRIPLE H appears at ringside … HE WAS UNDER THE RING THE ENTIRE TIME!!!!! And – HE HAS A SLEDGEHAMMER!!!!!

Ric Flair: And this is a LONG time comin-

But Kennedy kicks Flair BETWEEN THE LEGS!!!!!

Flair drops to his knees, and Kennedy grabs him, threatening as Triple H climbs up onto the apron. Kennedy holds onto Flair, telling The Game to drop the sledgehammer.

Triple H is left in a quandary, either to sacrifice Flair to get at Kennedy, or to save Flair from an attack from Kennedy but not get his hands on Kennedy himself.

He thinks about it, with Kennedy again yelling at him to drop the hammer or else … and finally, Triple H shouts to Kennedy; “Let him go” … before dropping the hammer to the floor.

Kennedy now smirks … and SHOVES Flair at Triple H, knocking The Game off the apron for a moment … ALLOWING KENNEDY TO DROP FLAIR WITH THE MIC CHECK!!!!!

On the outside, Triple H retrieves the hammer, and slides into the ring, looking to get a piece of Kennedy, but the loudmouth is able to slip out of the ring in time, avoiding the vengeful Triple H. Kennedy has struck AGAIN against The Game.

Seething with rage, Triple H kneels down, checking on his mentor, having allowed Kennedy to get ANOTHER ONE over him. Kennedy – smirking – backs through the crowd, winning another round of mind games over Triple H, as J.R shills that “there’ll be hell to pay” for Kennedy at the Survivor Series…

Commercial Break

Backstage, TRIPLE H is shown helping RIC FLAIR, with Flair muttering that he’s sorry, taking blame for their plan seemingly backfiring against Kennedy, with The Game telling Flair not to be sorry and that it’ll be Kennedy that’s sorry at the Survivor Series…


Back into the arena…


On commentary, J.R puts over the last few months that NICK NEMETH has had on Raw; winning the Best of 7 Series against Garrison Cade, the 60 minute draw with CM Punk and now being part of Jesse Ventura’s Survivor Series team with the opportunity to score a PRICELESS win over the current World Champion tonight…


Leading from the front, BRENT ALBRIGHT represents JBL’s troops for this match tonight, and Coach notes that the World Champion has embraced the role of de-facto leader of the team, wrestling on Raw for the THIRD consecutive week when he could’ve chosen to rest up for the 5 on 5 in thirteen days. It’s non-title tonight, but Albright will still be determined to keep his winning run going.


Brent Albright vs. Nick Nemeth

Nemeth is all about making the most of the opportunity, title match or not. He lunges right into a lock up with the champ, and almost steals it early with a roll up, then a series of arm drags make Albright roll to the floor to get his wits about him. Nemeth isn’t waiting around though and comes after Albright, chasing him around ringside … but that proves to be a bit of a reckless mistake, with that allowing Albright to roll back in, and stomp Nemeth when he follows in.

Albright takes charge, using the opportunity to wear Nemeth down, allowing J.R and Coach to discuss the developments tonight, seeing Big Zeke joining Team Ventura to settle both teams; something J.R thinks swings the balance of power back into Ventura’s favour. Coach tries to sell it as a risky decision, claiming Zeke hasn’t been truly tested yet, and will be found out at the Survivor Series when the pressure is on. Meanwhile, Nemeth has a brief spell where he makes a comeback, but the champion nails him with a German Suplex to re-establish the upper hand heading into the commercial break.

Commercial Break

Back from the break, once again, the energetic Nemeth is in the midst of a comeback, with Albright struggling to deal with the spirit of his game opponent, having to dig in to survive a few near fall attempts after a Famouser and an inverted suplex from Nemeth. However, Nemeth goes for one move too many, attempting his Jumping Reverse Bulldog, only for Albright to grab the ropes and shrug his pesky opponent off. From there, Albright reels off his double German combo, finished off with a HALF-NELSON SUPLEX!!!!! 1...2...NO!!!!!

Frustrated, Albright looks to finish things off, beginning to work at the arm of Nemeth to set it up for the Crowbar. Momentarily, we see a split screen of JBL and Ventura’s offices, as the leaders of the two Survivor Series teams watch on. Meanwhile, in the ring, Albright takes his eye off the ball for a second too long, allowing Nemeth to cradle him … 1...2...NO!!!!! Both men get up, and Albright goes for the CROWBAR – but Nemeth slips out, and rolls Brent up again; 1...2...KICK OUT!!!!!

Nemeth is up, and leapfrogs the champion, then DRILLS him with the JUMPING REVERSE BULLDOG!!!!! 1...2...SHOULDER UP!!!!! Albright looks to be in danger of suffering an upset defeat, stumbling to the corner – BIG SPLASH BY NEMETH!!! Albright staggers out of the corner, as Nemeth goes up top … CROSS BODY!!! BUT ALBRIGHT ROLLS THROUGH … 1...2...KICK OUT!!!!! Nemeth kicks out of the roll through, then NAILS Albright getting up with a SUPERKICK!!!!! 1...2...KICK OUT AGAIN!!!!

Hands on his head, Nemeth can’t believe it, arguing the count with the referee. Another cutaway of the respective offices is shown … but JBL’s office is oddly VACANT now, whilst Ventura continues to watch with Steamboat, London & the former tag champions Shelton & Rey … with Nemeth shaping up … for his LEAPING DDT – NO!!! Albright shoves him off, then catches Nemeth with a Belly to Belly … before IMMEDIATELY applying the CROWBAR!!!!! Nemeth does his best to hang on and find the ropes … but in the end he has to give up!!!!

Winner: Brent Albright @ 11:26

Relieved, Albright takes the win, but keeps the hold applied for a few seconds longer – any opportunity to weaken a rival ahead of the Survivor Series – eventually releasing. J.R puts over the effort from Nick Nemeth, saying the kid has nothing to be ashamed of tonight, whilst Coach says that “even on a 7” Albright is still too good for Team Ventura’s brightest prospect.

Nemeth holds his arm in the ring, watching in disappointment as the World Champion leaves up the ramp, scoring another win for JBL and his troops, continuing to build momentum ahead of the Survivor Series in thirteen days. J.R and Coach continue to bicker … until J.R cuts the discussion short, getting word in his ear of a situation developing backstage…



Referee’s are on the scene, calling for help, as the undefeated monster is shown in peril for the first time, covering his face with his forearm, squirming on the ground in all kinds of pain, with officials desperately trying to remove the heavy equipment box – and unable to.

Arriving on the scene, we now see JOHN ‘BRADSHAW’ LAYFIELD, RANJIN SINGH and VLADIMIR – with the Russian looking suspiciously out of breath – and J.B.L feigns concern for the fallen Zeke…

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: My, my, my … what could’ve happened here??

Layfield surveys the scene, shaking his head.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: What a horrible accident, huh??

JBL smirks, looking to Vladimir, with the Russian nodding.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Looks nasty, huh??

JBL then presses down on the box, as he leans down to get a closer look at the situation!!! Feigning innocence, JBL then stands back up, chuckling, as if he didn’t mean to make things worse.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Yeah … looks to me like a terrible accident with these equipment boxes layin around. Ranjin – when you’re Raw General Manager in two weeks, I expect these things to be securely and safely positioned so accident’s like this don’t happen, understand??

Singh nods.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: I guess someone better tell Jesse Ventura he’s got about ninety minutes and change to find a fifth man for his team, huh??

JBL continues to grin.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Such a shame. Kid had a tonne of potential.

He then pats the box again, adding insult to injury.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Get well soon, kid!!

Bradshaw leads his two men off, suspiciously happy about what he’s just seen, as Big Zeke groans on the ground, and shouts “GOD DAMN IT!!” with medics surrounding him.


Back into the arena…

And DREW MCINTYRE is on his way down the ramp – sans music – with J.R absolutely livid at what he’s just seen, utterly convinced that J.B.L was behind what just happened to Big Zeke.

Meanwhile, Coach glosses over what we’ve just seen and tries to turn the focus to the young Scot on his way to the ring, reminding J.R that Drew said he’d call out John Cena tonight, and it looks like he’ll do that; NEXT!!!

Commercial Break

Back from the commercial, DREW MCINTYRE is indeed in the ring, holding a microphone, preparing to speak…

Drew McIntyre: I know I haven’t been on Raw for all that long, and that with the way things work around here, I should have more respect for those who have tenure.

He should!!” ~Coach doesn’t like the youngster.

Drew McIntyre: And for the most part, I do. I mind my P’s and Q’s, I shake hands with everyone backstage and I respect the fact that I have to earn my dues. But when it comes to John Cena…

The Scot grimaces and tenses up.

Drew McIntyre: All that goes out the window. I DON’T respect that man, and I REFUSE to show him any respect when he carries himself in the way he does. I’m not calling out John Cena to try and get ahead and get my name out there. This is personal to me.

I don’t know about this, kid… ” ~J.R is concerned for the youngsters future.

Drew McIntyre: One thing you’ll find out about me is that I’m a very proud man. And something else you’ll find out about me is that I’m a man of my word. John Cena has dented my pride twice. And last week on Superstars I made a vow to call out John Cena … tonight.

Was it not enough the first two times!?” ~Coach chimes in again.

Drew McIntyre: So John Cena?? Here I am. Standing in this ring, callin-


Drew doesn’t even get to finish his call out, as JOHN CENA quickly emerges through the curtain. J.R doesn’t like the look of this for young McIntyre, as Coach points out that Cena looks pretty pissed off … and the ‘Man In Black’ doesn’t even wait for his own music to stop before speaking.

John Cena: You gotta be a glutton for punishment, or the DUMBEST son of a bitch I ever laid my eyes on.

Cena continues walking, and the music stops.

John Cena: I can’t work out which it is, kid, but I don’t care any more either. Truth is … I’m a little tired of dealin with ya. It was fun to beat ya up in your backyard, and it was fun when ya had the guts to come back for more. But now?? Now, I got real stuff to be dealin with. There’s business to be settled at the grown ups table, so I gotta put an end to swimmin in the kiddie pool.

McIntyre motions for Cena to bring it on, and Cena stops at the bottom of the ramp for a moment with a wry smirk.

John Cena: I’ll give ya this; for a skinny drink o’water, you sure got some guts … so you can take that as a consolation prize, cause after tonight, you’re goin home for good…

Cena tosses the mic, and makes his way to the ring, as Drew calls him on, showing no fear, despite the probability of him getting his ass kicked.

Match 5:
Drew McIntyre vs. John Cena
And to his credit, Drew goes on the attack whilst Cena is still removing his hoodie!! He knows he’ll have to make his own openings to stand any chance, and he’ll have to fight dirty. Cena has to take the barrage from McIntyre initially, but rebounds off the ropes to take Drew off his feet with a flying shoulder tackle. It looks like Cena will dominate from there, but again, to his credit, the young Scot is fighting for his life!!! Cena takes his eye off the ball for a moment to jaw with the fans, and it allows Drew to fight back!!!

There’s no attempts at pinfalls from either guy; Drew wants to fight and earn the respect of Cena as a man, whilst Cena wants to exterminate the plucky youngster, and the seasoned vet (in comparison to Drew at least) soon takes charge again, extinguishing the energy of McIntyre with a thunderous clothesline, followed by another three, having to drag McIntyre up to deliver the last one. Cena tosses Drew out of the ring, and proceeds to hammer him on the floor too, really roughing the kid up.

Back inside, Cena talks trash whilst McIntyre is on spaghetti legs, whilst Drew’s girlfriend; backstage announcer Tiffany, rushes to ringside, pleading with Cena to stop brutalising her boyfriend. If anything, the sight of the blonde urges Cena on to continue roughing Drew up. Still talking trash, Cena stomps the Scot around the ring, pointing to the outside, asking McIntyre if his girlfriend could put up a bigger fight. That sparks a furious response from Drew, but it’s not enough to impact on Cena, who cuts off the Scot with a Blue Thunder Bomb.

Cena applies the STFU, but Drew – despite the beating – wont give Cena the satisfaction of the submission, and instead allows himself to fade … but when the referee goes to check the arm, Cena RELEASES the hold!! He wont give Drew ANY way out here!! Cena warns the referee not to stop the match, telling him this is a message to EVERYONE, not just Drew, and drags McIntyre up … FU!!! Cover, 1...2...CENA DRAGS HIM UP!!!

The referee is now pleading with Cena to end the match, with Cena ignoring the pleas, shaking his head and telling Scott Armstrong; “Kid’s gotta learn – I own this place” … to deliver a PILEDRIVER!!!!! Cover … 1...2...CENA DRAGS HIM UP AGAIN!!! Tiffany is in tears at ringside seeing her boyfriends young career being destroyed before her eyes, as Cena toys with the Scot … and the referee has seen enough – he’s CALLING FOR THE BELL!!!
Winner: Via Referee Stoppage – John Cena @ 05:09

Momentarily, Cena shoves McIntyre aside, grabbing the official by the shirt, questioning why he’d end the match, then THROWS Scott Armstrong aside with no regard for the officials safety!!! While that happens, Tiffany is trying to drag her boyfriend from the ring and away from Cena to little effect … and Cena soon catches her anyway.

He stamps next to her outreached arm, scaring the poor terrified blonde, before reaching down, dragging Drew up, holding him by the face to look out at Tiffany, telling the pair to say goodbye to each other. Dragging McIntyre to his feet, Cena plants him with a SECOND FU!!!!!

But he’s not done there!!! He leaves the ring, but not heading for the ramp and instead, making a beeline for the timekeepers position and grabbing a STEEL CHAIR!!!!! Cena brings the chair into the ring, and proceeds to smack it over the back of McIntyre, then the legs, brutalising the young Scot.

Cena scares off Tiffany again – this time with a teased chair shot, and officials start to swarm the ringside area, trying to get Cena to stop – but they’re all too scared (and rightfully so) to actually get in the ring, and instead they console Tiffany, protecting her at least – as Cena sets the chair up, bringing Drew up too.

God damn it, he’s gonna piledrive this kid’s skull into the chair!! Stop it, John!! You’ve proved your point!! That’s enough, damn it!!!” Jim Ross tries to reason from commentary, whilst Coach lays out, not even trying to justify these actions, with Cena looking to the hard camera; “NO ONE STEPS UP TO ME!! NO ONE…” … before reaching to grab McIntyre into position for a career ending Piledriver…


The lights stay out for five seconds…

~ GONG ~

The lights return-

And Drew McIntyre is nowhere to be seen-


It’s mayhem – absolute mayhem inside the STAPLES Centre – as The Undertaker stares down John Cena in the middle of the ring. Neither man moves a muscle, not a word is spoken – in the ring, or even on commentary – as Cena and Taker stand inches apart, soaking up the moment.

And then, it’s Cena that blinks first. He makes a slight motion to his left as if to get closer to the steel chair, but as he does, The Deadman steps a foot onto the chair; never removing his eyes from Cena. Cena looks down at the chair – and the foot on it – then slowly nods; just once, before looking back up at the Phenom.

Cena then shows a smirk, and nods again, but still says nothing … before backing up a few steps – to boos from the fans. Stopping at the ropes, Cena stares again, mulling his next move over … but then scoffs and shakes his head, before ducking through the ropes, leaving the ring.

The boos grow louder, as Cena drops down off the apron – whilst Taker hasn’t moved – ceding the ground to the legend. The Man In Black appears to have met his match tonight in the form of the … (Dead)Man in Black, but he hangs around at the ramp for a few extra moments, clearly angered at having to back up from the shock appearance of Taker.

John Cena finally relents though, and starts to walk up the ramp – boos filling the arena once again as we wont be getting any physicality between Cena and The Undertaker tonight – but he STOPS at the mid point of the ramp … and slowly turns, staring back at the ring again.

Still, The Undertaker is stoic, showing no signs of moving anywhere, standing his ground. Cena stands on the ramp, looking back … the shot bouncing back between he and The Undertaker … before fading to a commercial break…

Commercial Break

Back from the break, a second RAW through the years highlights package airs, focused on the Attitude Era, specifically the antics of Steve Austin making Mr. McMahon’s life hell, with the DX/Nation feud highlighted too, along with the rise of The Rock and the litany of risqué gimmicks and crazy angles through that period, featuring the likes of Val Venis, The Godfather, Too Cool & Rikishi etc.


Very briefly, we’re shown a clip of RENÉ DUPRÉE and DAMIEN SANDOW – the NEW World Tag Team Champions – leaving the arena, fully clothed and wearing their new hardware around their waists, whilst handling their dogs in one hand, and a bottle of champagne each in the other. They don’t seem too bothered about the manner in which they won the titles, as they pack up their car…

OI!! You pair of wretched little toe-rags!!”

Sandow looks around, and suddenly panics.

Damien Sandow: Oh GOD!!! René- QUICK, let’s go!!!

IT’S REGAL AND GOLDUST!! They’re coming after Duprée and Sandow!! Sandow quickly bundles his dog into the car, whilst the Frenchman shouts orders at FiFi.

René Duprée: FIFI – ATTACK!!

The Knuckledusters close in, with Goldust shown to be carrying with him a cake.

Goldust: We’ve been looking all over for you two!! We just want to congratulate you!!!

Exasperated, Duprée YELLS at the dog.

René Duprée: FIFI!!!


And Dupree does just that!! Abandoning his dog, René jumps into the car, as Sandow quickly speeds off, with Goldust throwing the cake he brought at the car, with it smacking off the back window!!!

William Regal: They can’t bloody run from us forever.

Regal walks on, watching as the car disappears into the night, then looks around, not seeing his partner.

William Regal: Goldust?

Regal takes a few more steps further back, and sees Goldust petting Fifi; abandoned by Duprée in his eagerness to get away. Goldust looks up to Regal;

Goldust: Can we keep her??

Regal – still seething at their rivals getting away – rolls his eyes at the sight of Goldust playing with Duprée’s dog.


And, to ringside, where Jim Ross and The Coach are both still selling the showdown moments ago between John Cena and The Undertaker…

Jim Ross: All I can say, Coach … is thank God The Undertaker appeared when he did here, moments ago. Had it not been for The Undertaker, I don't even want to contemplate what would’ve happened to young Drew McIntyre.

The Coach: Well, I don’t know what The Undertaker was thinking. He had his fun earlier in the night. He was a guest on this show, and he outstayed his welcome after he beat The Miz and sucked the life out of this arena. He had no right to interrupt John Cena – this was Raw business, it didn’t concern him.

Jim Ross: One thing’s for sure, and you should know this Coach; The Undertaker goes where he wants, and where he deems it appropriate. And John Cena got one hell of a fright when he was standin face to face with The Deadman.

The Coach: Of course he did!! Anyone would!! He wasn’t expecting it!! The lights went out, and next thing he knows, he’s got The Undertaker standing over him!! What a cowardly act by The Undertaker.

Jim Ross: Let me tell ya, The Undertaker ain’t no coward, Coach. And who knows what would’ve happened- we could’ve witnessed a damn tragedy if he hadn’t intervened.

The Coach: Cena would’ve been doing McIntyre a favour. It was a mercy kill, J.R!! The Undertaker had no reason to be out here.

Jim Ross: Well, John Cena was out here earlier to send a message that he’s the man. He said as much himself; “No one can step up to me”, he said … John Cena found out tonight that there IS someone that WILL step up to him. There’s one man he can’t intimidate.

The Coach: Yeah, and that one man belongs on Smackdown. And if The Undertaker has any sense in his dead head, he’ll stay clear of John Cena in future. He’s lucky John Cena didn’t wipe him out if you ask me.

Jim Ross: I think it was plenty telling that John Cena elected to walk away. I think that told the tale, Coach.

The graphic on screen now shows SHAWN MICHAELS and CM PUNK for tonight’s main event.

Jim Ross: But, we’re movin on!! It’s been a spectacular night thus far, and there’s still much more to come!! And it don’t get any bigger than CM Punk and Shawn Michaels for the Intercontinental title. Two men that despise each other – there’s hatred there, that’s for damn sure – and t’night, it’s two outta three falls; Three Stages of Hell to be exact. And right now, Eve Torres is standing by with the challenger, the incomparable Shawn Michaels…

And, indeed, EVE TORRES is stood with SHAWN MICHAELS, who gets a decidedly mixed reaction from the audience…

Eve Torres: Shawn, you’ve been pretty honest about the choice you made two weeks ago to sign up to John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfields Survivor Series team, in exchange for one more opportunity to face CM Punk. The time is almost upon us and the question I have to ask, right now, do you still believe the ends justify the means?

Rubbing his chin, Shawn ponders.

Shawn Michaels: Hmm … I guess … I’ll only be able to answer that question when it’s all said and done. If I walk back through that curtain with the Intercontinental Championship over ma shoulder?? Then you can bet it was all worth it.

Eve Torres: And if you don't??

Shawn Michaels: Well … then I gotta look in the mirror … and I gotta ask myself some pretty tough questions, don’t I? Because I’ve sacrificed a lot of things to make this a reality. I’ve thrown away the goodwill of many of the fans … I’ve lost the respect of some of my peers. Now, in the past?? That wouldn’t have been a big deal, Eve.

He smiles at her.

Shawn Michaels: You may be a little too young to know it … but in the past, I was known to be somewhat of a rogue. And if anything, I sought controversy, and wore it as a badge of honour if my peers and the fans hated my guts. But I changed. And I changed for better. I’m still not perfect. Far from it. But I’m a better man today than I was ten years ago. And I owe it all to finding the lord.

Shawn puts a hand up.

Shawn Michaels: I’m not gonna beat it over anybody’s head, it’s all common knowledge. The point I’m makin … is that I’m willin to throw everything away that I’ve built up over the last six years since I came back to the WWE. I’m willin to do that because of my faith. That’s something I value more than any fan, or any peer. It’s the reason I’m standin here today.

Pausing, Michaels builds up to his next comment.

Shawn Michaels: And I will NEVER stand by and allow ANY man, least of all a punk spit all over my faith.

There’s a steely determination in the eyes of HBK.

Shawn Michaels: For every action … there’s a consequence. CM Punk is about to find out the consequences for his actions.

Michaels turns to leave, but is met by PAUL LONDON. There’s a tense face to face between them, on opposing sides at the Survivor Series in two weeks, with a frayed relationship anyway…

Paul London: For what it’s worth, Shawn … regardless of how you made it happen … I want you to know that I’m pullin for you tonight against CM Punk.

Shawn looks a little taken aback by the honesty of a current rival.

Paul London: And despite you selling out and siding with JBL … I still respect you.

Shawn Michaels: Thanks. Look, last time we talked at the Pay Per View, I said somethin I shouldn’t-

London puts a hand up to cut Shawn off.

Paul London: All I want to say- all I want to ask you … what do you think the consequences are gonna be for YOUR actions??

London walks off, and despite the niceties, there’s no hint of friendliness, with London leaving Shawn to ponder that final question.


Elsewhere, CM PUNK is shown with the I.C title over his shoulder, having watched the interview from Shawn Michaels on a monitor … with a smirk on his face. The Intercontinental Champion picks up a bottle of water and starts making his way through the hallway … and begins to smile as he sees someone up ahead.

CM Punk: I knew you’d come beggin me eventually.

The camera pans, and shows RICKY STEAMBOAT just finishing up a call, looking rather tired after a twist in the tale earlier in the night with Big Zeke taken out of commission.

CM Punk: Now, all ya gotta do, Steamboat … is ask nicely. You don’t even have to get on your knees, just a-

Ricky Steamboat: I’m not gonna ask you. I don’t want you. Jesse Ventura doesn’t want you.

Punk smirks at the reaction.

CM Punk: Maybe you don’t want me … but we both know that you and Ventura sure as hell need me.

Steamboat shakes his head.

Ricky Steamboat: The only thing we need is a team player. You’ve got the talent, sure. You’ve got it in spades … but your problem is the same it’s always been. Your attitude. And both Jesse and I would sooner go into the Survivor Series with four guys with the right attitude, than have one bad apple in the bunch.

The Raw GM steps forward, looking Punk in the eye.

Ricky Steamboat: And I’d suggest to you, you’ve got bigger problems right now.

Steamboat points at the I.C Title belt, signifying the title match up next, before walking off, taking his phone out again, leaving Punk to stew…

Commercial Break




Team Bischoff faces Team Austin with the winning teams leader taking full control of Raw after six months of power sharing between the two. It’s a daunting task for Shawn Michaels when the match comes down to a 3-1 advantage for Bischoffs team. But, despite bleeding profusely, the legendary Showstopper rolls back the years to eliminate Christian and Chris Jericho, bringing it down to HBK and the ‘Legend Killer’ Randy Orton. Amidst run ins and chaos, ultimately, Orton – and Bischoffs team – prevail, despite the effort from Shawn Michaels, ending Stone Cold Steve Austins reign as Co-GM…





Back into the arena, J.R talks about his own memories of that match, and most notably the performance of Shawn Michaels that night. He points out that that’s what JBL will be looking for from HBK in thirteen days, and notes that CM Punk may just get that level of performance from Shawn tonight; known for delivering in big match situations … “and it don’t get much bigger than this, folks!!”



An instrumental of ‘Achilles Heel’ by Toploader plays over the video…

The video opens on CM Punk low blowing Shawn Michaels on July 7, then busting him open with a steel chair.

{Voiceover} Shawn Michaels: I’ll be damned if I’m gonna let a jumped up punk rain on my parade and make a fool outta me or my faith.

Outside the ring, Michaels is purposely crawling AWAY from his family, not wanting them to see him like this - but Punk has other ideas, and smashes the chair off the back of HBK, before dragging him back in front of his wife and kids.

{Voiceover} Shawn Michaels: I’ll be damned if I’m gonna let someone do what he did to me in front of my family and get away with it.

There, Punk pulls Michaels up, punching at the head wound, as Rebecca does her best to shield the children from this sickening attack in front of their father. Punk - laughing - grabs Michaels by the face, and shouts at him;


And Punk then puts Michaels back on his shoulders again … standing right in front of the family with Michaels on his shoulders on the floor, making sure Michaels family are watching - with Rebecca pulling the children in and stopping them from seeing CM Punk give Michaels a GTS on the floor – right in front of Michaels family.

{Voiceover} Shawn Michaels: And I’ll be damned if I’m gonna let a guy like CM Punk run me outta town and me just do nothin about it.

Standing over the bloodied and battered Shawn Michaels, CM Punk looks at Rebecca, laughing at her, with Shawns wife shaking her head, mouthing “why” over and over at Punk, whilst cradling her children.

{Voiceover} Shawn Michaels: That’s not the Heart Break Kid. That’s not the Showstopper.

The following month, Punk attacks Michaels again – this time with a BIBLE; mocking Michaels faith … and producing a brick embedded inside the book.

{Voiceover} Shawn Michaels: There’s a time for forgiveness … and a time to fight.

Cut to; SUMMERSLAM – and Shawn Michaels beating the crap out of CM Punk all around ringside, like a man possessed.

{Voiceover} Shawn Michaels: I wont stand for CM Punk mocking God. All I will do … is ask God to forgive ME for what I do…

Jim Ross: No, Shawn. Don't do this. You’ll regret it for the rest of your life!!!!

Michaels bashing the chair over Punks head at SummerSlam.


Shawn hesitates on Sweet Chin Music with a chair around the neck of Punk … and Punk is able to catch Michaels unawares, planting him with the GTS … and retains the Intercontinental title.

Jim Ross: Shawn Michaels allowed his emotions to get the best of him tonight. Let’s just hope this outcome, this night … doesn’t destroy the man Shawn Michaels has become.

And a sullen Shawn Michaels – head down – walks out of MSG at SummerSlam a beaten man…

Shawn Michaels: I have to prove to myself and him … that there are consequences for his actions. I paid for my sins last night. And despite him spilling blood at SummerSlam, he hasn’t suffered for everything he’s done

In the ring, eight nights after SummerSlam, Michaels pleads with Ricky Steamboat…

Shawn Michaels: I have to face him again. And I have to beat him. Not by using a steel chair, not by crippling him … but by being better. I cant let CM Punk take the moral high ground. I can’t drop this with him as the righteous.

Ricky Steamboat: Shawn … I … cant let that happen.

Various shots in the weeks that follow of Michaels getting more and more ‘on edge’, the sullen look on his face becoming a permanent fixture.

Ricky Steamboat: I saw what became of you at SummerSlam. It’d be reckless on my part to let that happen again. He wants to bring out the worst in you Shawn.

Michaels lashes out, striking Nick Nemeth with Sweet Chin Music, and fellow roster members looking at him disappointingly whilst he was accused of attacking Paul London (which he didn’t do).

Enter; J.B.L

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Now Shawn, Ranjin and I have been discussing the Raw roster in deep detail in anticipation of the eventual transition once the Board of Directors place me in charge as Commissioner. And your name is one we’ve discussed at length.

Shots of Michaels locking up with Nick Nemeth the following week on Raw, and trading shots with the younger man.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Shawn, Ranjin has been following your recent troubles, and he’s extremely concerned about your happiness. He values you as one of the jewels in the Monday Night Raw line up – and he believes you deserve better treatment from management.

Michaels – in his desperation to earn another match with Punk – misses an Asai Moonsault … but later lands the flying elbow and nips up.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Which is why next week, he’s introducing a concept coined the “Fight For Your Right” match. And it will pit you against … Nick Nemeth. You beat Nick Nemeth next Monday on Raw?? Then you get exactly what you want. You’ll be added to that Intercontinental Championship match at Nemesis, and it’ll be you, Nick Nemeth … and most importantly … the man you want more than anything else; CM Punk.

Nemeth avoids the Sweet Chin Music, landing a Superkick of his own, but when he leaps off the top turnbuckle for a splash, Michaels scores with Sweet Chin Music … and scores the three count to win the title.

Jim Ross: Shawn Michaels has earned the opportunity he’s been desperate for since SummerSlam!! Shawn Michaels has a shot at redemption against CM Punk-



Welcome back to my world, Shawn. God can’t help you here.”

Nemesis. Michaels vs. Nemeth … vs. Punk. Michaels and Nemeth are in the ring … when CM Punk makes a grand entrance, carrying a microphone with him on his way to the ring…

You know what they say … a leopard never changes his spots … and Shawn Michaels is STILL a dirty, rotten- SINNER!!! He has SINNED before. He is SINNING now. And he’ll SIN for the rest of his days!!”

Punk proceeds to ringside, with Michaels bubbling over.

And I’ll be right here to PUNISH HIM for ALL … HIS … SINS!!!”


Lyrics of “Achilles Heel” by Toploader plays over clips of the action during the triple threat match at Nemesis.

For there's a child in your eyes,
And the child never diiiies,
So keep the dream aliiiive…”

All of Michaels attention is on Punk at the end, sizing up Sweet Chin Music … but he’s ignored Nemeth, who drops HBK with a Superkick of his own-

With the aid of second sight,
I can push with all my might,
To make a statue in the sky …”

Punk then nails Nemeth with the GTS … and Michaels is only able to flail an arm to try and break the count – too late … and Punk wins.

“ …Of my Achilles Heel…”

Solemn, Michaels can only watch as Punk escapes with the title again…

Cut to Raw the following night, and JBL chatting with Michaels.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: I know Steamboat and Ventura want you on their team. And so they should. You’re God-damn Shawn Michaels. The Showstopper!! The Icon!! … But uh … y’gotta ask yourself, son … what’s in it for you??

Shawn Michaels: Nothin.

Cut to shots of the brawl at the end of the night, as JBL’s associates outnumber Shelton Benjamin, Rey Mysterio and Paul London…

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: They expect you do join their team outta the goodness of your heart?? A man of your talents?? Your stature?? Shouldn’t be doin anything for free. Especially not for a guy that ain’t done SQUAT for you.

When Shawn Michaels makes his way to the ring, bringing a chair with him to scare off the Master Craftsmen & Vladimir.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Ricky Steamboat has made your life miserable for months. The only thing you asked for, and he didn’t deliver.

Michaels throws the chair down and gives JBL a piece of his mind…

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Me?? My administration?? We know exactly what you want. I know exactly what you need. You join my team at the Survivor Series?? I’ll give you exactly what you want … and then some.



Sweet Chin Music to Benjamin. Sweet Chin Music to Mysterio.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: And right now, I’d like to announce the main event for Raw’s Eight hundredth episode spectacular in two weeks…

Michaels gives the thousand yard stare from the ring to the stage.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: It’ll be CM Punk … one on one … With Shawn Michaels!!!

Shawn closes his eyes – relief on his face. He has the match he wanted.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: For the Intercontinental Title … in a match … of Shawn Michaels choosing…

Achilles Heel {2:35-End} plays as clips air of Michaels versus Punk from SummerSlam, then the triple threat match last month at Nemesis over Michaels soundbites…

Shawn Michaels: To beat me this time, he’ll have to beat me – twice. The first fall, I want to prove I’m better than CM Punk like I should’ve way back at SummerSlam. But once I’m done doin that, I want to punish CM Punk for the hell he’s put me through over the last four months. So the second fall?? … falls count anywhere.

Clips of the ringside brawl prior to the match starting at SummerSlam, and the two times Punk attacked Michaels on Raw in the lead up to SummerSlam.

Shawn Michaels: Then … if he does survive and win one of those first two falls, then I’m takin CM Punk into a world I pioneered. If this goes to a third fall next week, it’ll be a match I made famous…

And a long shot of a single ladder in the ring, with a single spotlight shining on it-

Shawn Michaels: It’ll be … a LADDER match.

Clips of Michaels past ladder matches at WrestleMania X, SummerSlam ‘95 and the TLC match at Nemesis ‘06, along with shots of Punk in his own TLC match at SummerSlam in 2007.



CM Punk: Just remember Shawn … even IF you beat me next week on Raw … even IF you “humble” me and take away the one thing on this planet that I care about … it’ll all be for nothing.

Replays of Michaels delivering Sweet Chin Music to the ‘fan favourites’ in his descent over the past few months.


CM Punk: You haven’t beaten me. You haven’t proven ANYTHING to me.

Michaels launching himself at Punk on Raw, the week before SummerSlam, then launching himself over the ropes at Punk at Nemesis, unable to keep his cool.



CM Punk: And you haven’t made God proud either.

Michaels going crazy with the chair at SummerSlam, and clips of him laying out London, Mysterio and Benjamin with Sweet Chin Music again.


CM Punk: You’ll have to live with the fact that in order to tear me down …

Clips of Punk – bloodied up – surviving SummerSlam, and escaping Nemesis with the Intercontinental Title … and the disappointment etched on the face of Shawn.

{Achilles Heel…}

CM Punk:In order to teach me a lesson … in order to take away my Intercontinental Title …

Shots of Shawn Michaels nodding at JBL, two weeks ago on Raw after joining his team … but looking conflicted in the process.

{Achilles Heel}

CM Punk:You sold your soul to the devil to make it happen.

And end on a split shot of both men…



Back into the arena…


An initial pop soon turns to some indifference as SHAWN MICHAELS makes his way onto the stage, going through his usual routine, praying to the lord above as he drops to his knees on the ramp. J.R and Coach discuss the choices Shawn has made in order for this match to happen, with J.R not pleased about Michaels actions, but admits he is glad we’re seeing this match.


Wearing the Intercontinental Title around his waist, CM PUNK isn’t carrying any microphones or playing any mind games tonight; this one is serious – he’s not taking any chances to play with the head of HBK. It’s reiterated on commentary the stipulations for the match; 2 out of 3 falls – the first, a straight wrestling match, then falls count anywhere and if necessary the final fall will be a LADDER match.

CM Punk vs. Shawn Michaels
Despite the hatred involved, especially from Michaels side, it’s a more restrained beginning to this one; both men are playing it smart, knowing this could potentially be a long night. It’s a lock up to start, Michaels gaining the advantage with a side headlock before Punk pushes off and after some dodging and ducking from both men, they collide, with HBK knocking Punk down off a shoulder block.

Taking a moment to get up, NOW Punk starts the mind games. Perhaps realizing that trying to out wrestle the veteran isn’t the smart play, Punk wants to get Shawn off his game, starting to talk to the challenger (though the camera doesn’t quite pick up what’s said) … but this time, the words don’t throw Michaels off and instead, he points to the middle of the ring, wanting Punk there. It’s Punk that makes the rash decision, charging toward HBK, only to be knocked right down with a chop!!

Michaels goes on the offensive, lighting up the champion with stinging chops in the corner, then hip tosses him out of the corner. Shawn sends Punk off the ropes, delivering a BIG back body drop!! Michaels then shapes up to try and surprise Punk early with Sweet Chin Music … but Punk instantly drops to his knees and rolls out to the floor!!! The champion takes a walk outside, looking to gather his thoughts, as we head to a commercial break…

Commercial Break

CM Punk has established control during the commercial, and it’s shown that he has specifically targeted the leg of Shawn Michaels too. J.R talks about it being a tactic he doesn’t recall Punk using in the past, calling it a clear strategic plan for this match. Michaels continues to shrug off the constant targeting of the leg by Punk, and indeed, the focus on the leg by Punk leaves him open to counters by the veteran.

It’s also noted on commentary the restrained nature of Michaels throughout the opening fall of this match, despite his aggressive tendencies toward Punk in the past, with Coach getting a dig in toward Steamboat and how Michaels attitude tonight is proving the (current) Raw GM wrong. J.R argues that the prospect of a ‘Falls Count Anywhere’ second fall may be the reason HBK is able to restrain himself thus far though.

It’s clear both men are holding plenty back for what’s to come, with the action not quite hitting a real stride and the offence remaining fairly basic. As Punk begins to step up his focus on the leg though, he has Shawn down, and looks to wrap the leg off the ring post, but HBK yanks his legs back, sending Punk FACE FIRST into the post on the floor!! And from here, the action hits another gear, as Shawn delivers a SLINGSHOT PLANCHA to Punk on the floor!!!!!

Michaels brings Punk back inside, and slams him down, looking to set up for the Flying Elbow … but as he climbs to the top, Shawn is stunned to see Punk racing up after him, meeting him at the top!!! They trade blows, slugging it out, with Punk RAKING the eyes to gain the advantage!!! Punk hooks Michaels up, looking for a SUPERPLEX – BLOCKED!!! Michaels blocked it … then dumps Punk face first on the mat!!! No hesitations; MICHAELS FLIES WITH THE ELBOW!!!!!

AND NIPS UP!!!! The fans come alive, as Michaels tunes up the band … setting up his shot … SWEET CHIN MUSIC- NO!!!! PUNK DUCKS!!! THEN CHOP BLOCKS THE LEG!!!!! Michaels goes down, and Punk zeroes in on the leg, using the ropes to elevate up and drop down, crashing onto the leg!! Punk stretches it, and pulls at it, with Michaels crying out in pain. Punk then looks to set up a FIGURE FOUR … BUT MICHAELS COUNTERS WITH A CRADLE – 1...2...NO!!!!!

Punk nearly got caught, but is right up out of the cradle, and races to the corner to nail Michaels with a running high knee, then looks to follow – as usual – with the running bulldog!!! Cover, 1...2...NO!!! Softening Michaels up, Punk lays into him with stiff forearm shots in the corner, before attempting a knee breaker – but Michaels rolls through into a SUNSET FLIP; 1...2...NO!!!

Punk survives another scare, then rushes at Shawn once again – but walks right on to an inverted atomic drop!! And another, before HBK puts Punk down with a clothesline!! Michaels attempts another clothesline – ducked by Punk, and the champion hooks Shawn up as he goes under; BACKSLIDE … 1...2...SHAWN JUST WRIGGLES FREE!!!

They get up again with Michaels beating Punk to the punch, firing off right hands and chops, lighting Punk up, with Punk trying to stop him with kicks to the weakened leg, slowing HBK down. Michaels tries a whip, but it’s reversed by Punk, who ducks for the return – KICKED away by Michaels!! Punk staggers, and Shawn rushes at him, but Punk elevates HBK, dropping him onto the ropes!!! Michaels staggers back, into the path of Punk-



Michaels blocks the knee, then ducks a shot, and looks to fire off SWEET CHIN MUSIC- NO!!! PUNK CATCHES THE FOOT!!!

Punk spins Michaels around, looking to hoist him up again, but Shawn elbows free!!! He lands on his feet, teeing off on Punk, sends him off the ropes … but Punk ducks a clothesline, and looks to sweep the leg of Michaels, but HBK side steps it!!! Punk turns back around – RIGHT INTO SWEET CHIN MUSIC!!!!! 1...2...3!!!!!!!
First Fall: Shawn Michaels @ 13:14 {1-0}


And there’s no rest periods here!!! As soon as Michaels is declared the winner of the first fall, we’re straight into the second!!! And the momentary jubilation from Michaels having FINALLY defeated CM Punk is soon gone – he has to do it again … and not only that, but he now gets to inflict the kind of punishment he set out to do; and it’s all legal!!!!

It’s like a switch has gone off, with Shawn now snarling, gritting his teeth, as he picks Punk up, and TOSSES HIM through the ropes to the floor!!! Punk is still worse for wear after Sweet Chin Music, and sprawls on the floor, as Michaels starts to “rearrange the furniture” according to J.R, ripping away the mats on the outside, and strips the announce table!!! But, when he comes after Punk, the champion catches him with a shot to the gut to slow him down.

It’s Punk that looks to get the use out of the exposed floor, as he slams Michaels down on it, and the champion then takes a chair from ringside, looking to use it on HBK – blocked by Michaels!!! They tussle over the chair, with the weapon ending up on the ground, before Michaels takes himself and Punk over the barrier with a clothesline!!! And the two men start wildly trading blows as they fight through the crowd … as we had to a commercial.

Commercial Break

Returning with the action back at ringside and BOTH men currently down, clips air of the fight during the commercial, spilling backstage through the halls and into the locker room, with momentum shifting back and forth as they both had near falls thanks to the use of doors and trays, before making their way back down the ramp with Punk delivering a neckbreaker on the exposed floor which has both of them down.

Punk rises first, and looks to bring Michaels to the table, trying to set him on it – but Michaels grabs a monitor, CLOCKING Punk with it, leaving the champion sprawled on the table!!! As you’d guess, Michaels starts getting ideas, and climbs to the ropes … AND DELIVERS AN ASAI MOONSAULT TO THE TABLE … WITH PUNK ROLLING OFF – MICHAELS CRASHES AND BURNS THROUGH THE TABLE!!!!!

HOLY SHIT” chants reverberate throughout the STAPLES Centre, with Punk in no condition to capitalise on Michaels state; a mess amongst the broken table. J.R and Coach have long since headed for higher ground, both dipping in and out as audio issues litter the match now, with Punk eventually dragging Shawn Michaels carcass out of the rubble, and into position for a cover in this Falls Count Anywhere match; 1...2...NO!!!!!!

Somehow, Michaels kicked out!!! Punk is rightly stunned that Michaels managed to roll a shoulder (and no more) to stay in the fall. Spaghetti legged, Punk drags himself to his feet, and brings the first sighting of a LADDER into play, before we even get to a potential third fall. Punk slides the ladder into the ring, oddly not bothering to use it, as he instead turns his attention back to Michaels.

The champion targets the leg of Michaels again, stomping at it as the legendary figure tries to create some distance by crawling away at ringside. Punk drags Shawn up, hurling him at the barrier before dragging HBK toward the ramp … when Michaels turns the tables, ducking a shot and dropping Punk with a side suplex on the steel!!!!

That buys Michaels some time to recover, struggling back to his feet, now hobbling due to the constant targeting of the leg, and holding his ribs after the botched Asai Moonsault. Coach even asks if Michaels will be 100% for JBL at the Survivor Series at this rate. Shawn slams Punk down at the top of the ramp and starts teeing off as he mounts the champion, unleashing all his fury and anger toward his arch rival.

And he doesn’t stop there; Michaels pulls Punk to his feet, sending him face first into the LED board before SLAMMING Punk down onto the metal grating at the top of the stage. Michaels then begins to set himself, waiting as Punk slowly rises to his feet, with J.R shrieking; “YOU’RE GONNA GO TOO FAR, SHAWN!!! THINK ABOUT THIS!!!” … as Michaels appears to be lining up Sweet Chin Music to SEND PUNK OFF THE STAGE-


Michaels drops to his knees, buying Punk time, with the two men eventually trading blows as they fight to their feet, giving all they’ve got, back and forth – both teetering close to the edge of the stage, teasing the fans – but they both stay on the stage. They eventually move from the side of the stage, and Punk takes Shawn down, looking to CATAPULT him into the LED staging-

BUT MICHAELS GRABS ONTO THE METAL BARS TO PREVENT THE IMPACT!!! Shawn hangs on the staging, then pushes off to splash onto Punk – BUT PUNK CATCHES HIM WITH A ROUNDHOUSE KICK!!!! Punk then commandeers a television camera from the cameraman, and lines up Michaels … AND WAFFLES HIM WITH THE CAMERA!!!!! Punk makes the cover, 1...2...3!!!!!

Second Fall: CM Punk @ 10:00 {23:14} {1-1}


Again, there’s NO rest period … and a smile emerges on the face of CM Punk. He struggles to his feet … but once he’s up, the champion hurries down the ramp as best as he can … he WANTED to take the match as far away from the ring to give himself the advantage to get to the ring for the ladder match!!! Coach also points out that Punk even got a ladder in the ring in advance!!!

Punk – spent from the first two falls – struggles to get the ladder up, and into position, BUT – before climbing … the referee has to get the title belt raised in the air!!!!! The whole process of raising the title belt holds Punk back, with the champion furious, looking over his shoulder, checking to see if Shawn is recovering. Michaels is getting up, but he’s still a LONG way away…

And now that the referee has the title belt raised into position … boos fill the arena, with it looking like Punk about to win the ladder match with ease … BUT SHAWN MICHAELS IS BACK IN THE RING!!! Worse for wear, Michaels has somehow got himself back to the ring, just in time to prevent Punk from capturing the title!!! Shawn pulls himself up on the opposite side of the ladder, meeting Punk with punches, and Punk fires back…

UNTIL BOTH MEN TOPPLE OFF THE LADDER … CRASHING AND BURNING ON THE FLOOR!!!!! Punk and Michaels are both down, selling the impact of the stunt, with J.R sending us off to another commercial break…

Commercial Break

And back again, Punk is sending Michaels across the ring to the corner – where another ladder has been set up!! Michaels back smacks against the ladder, and Punk then gets him up, looking for a GTS that’ll surely finish Michaels off … BUT MICHAELS SLIPS OFF THE BACK!!! Punk charges at Shawn, but Michaels side steps, then sends Punk into the set up ladder!!!

Michaels then clotheslines Punk to the floor!!! It gives Shawn the chance to climb the ladder with Punk out of the ring, and he struggles – his leg hampering severely – which buys Punk time to climb back into the ring, and he YANKS Shawn off the ladder by the bad leg!!! J.R talks about that potentially hyperextending the knee, as Punk uses the second ladder to smash it off the bad leg, over and over!!!

Punk stomps Michaels to the floor, clearing the way for him to get a shot at climbing the ladder, and gets toward the top, snatching at the title – brushing it with his hand … but cant yank it down before Michaels is back in the ring, crawling to the ladder and uses ALL his mite to drag himself up and TOPPLE THE LADDER!!! Punk reaches at the belt … just as he is toppled out of position-


Both men are down, Punk glazed over from the impact on the turnbuckle, Michaels struggling with the bad leg, but Shawn brings the ladder up with him, and LAUNCHES it like a javelin at Punk in the corner!!!! Punk slumps down, allowing Michaels to go to town on him, picking the ladder up and crushing Punk again and again with it in the corner!!! Michaels is getting out all his months of fury out on Punk!!!

Michaels throws Punk out of the ring, with a free run now at making a move for the title belt … but the Showstopper allows his hatred of Punk to boil over – because he wants to inflict MORE damage on Punk!!! He COULD and SHOULD try to win the match, but Michaels is hungry for blood, and he leaves the ring – still hobbling on his bad leg – and grabs Punk, smashing his face off the steps repeatedly. He looks to whip Punk into the steps – REVERSED – AND MICHAELS CRASHES INTO THE STEPS!!!!!

Michaels bloodlust has backfired!!! Punk takes the opportunity to crawl back into the ring, not wasting any opening, and begins to climb the ladder … BUT MICHAELS DRAGS HIM BACK DOWN!!!!! Trading blows, Michaels and Punk go at it, until Punk kicks at the bad leg, putting Shawn down to one knee, and Punk follows with a ROUNDHOUSE KICK!!!! Punk starts to climb again, but sees Michaels stirring, and decides to climb back down and take HBK out once and for all.

Punk puts the ladder down, clearly with bad intentions in mind, as he sends Michaels into the corner, then hits his signature running knee for a second time in the match, looking for the bulldog out of the corner ONTO THE LADDER … NO!!! MICHAELS COUNTERS AND DUMPS PUNK ONTO THE LADDER!!!!! Punk writhes and rolls out of the ring onto the apron, with Michaels not making the same mistake again, and instead DOES go for the win this time…


The champion – worse for wear – attempts to toss Michaels out of the ring … BUT MICHAELS HANGS ON – AND SKINS THE CAT!!! Unbeknownst to Michaels though, Punk is aware of it … and when Michaels is back inside, PUNK NAILS HIM WITH THE LADDER – SENDING SHAWN RIGHT BACK OUT OF THE RING THROUGH THE ROPES!!!!! Punk takes a moment to savour it – and a moment to catch his breath, looking to the floor, and the prone body of HBK.

After takingthat moment to catch his breath, Punk slowly sets the ladder up again, ever so slowly climbing toward the gold … but as he reaches up at the title … THE LADDER STARTS ROCKING!!!! Shawn Michaels is back again!!! Punk tries to hang on … grabbing the title, as Michaels PULLS THE LADDER AWAY!!!!!

Punk is dangling in the air, hanging onto the I.C Title, as Shawn raises the ladder, JOUSTING IT at Punk, with Punk becoming a human piñata … BEFORE CRASHING AND BURNING ON THE CANVAS!!!!! Punk is down, and Michaels slumps into the corner, completely spent. Both men look completely out on their feet, with J.R having to throw to another commercial at a crucial stage of the contest…

Commercial Break

Raw returns with Michaels and Punk both at the top of the ladder, trading blows, both teetering, hanging on for dear life, with right hands, chops, forearms and even HEADBUTTS being thrown … but it’s when Michaels slams Punks face off the top of the ladder that the momentum swings, and Shawn shoves Punk down!!! Punk manages to land on his feet – albeit awkwardly – as Michaels slumps over the top of the ladder, before looking back up, and reaches-


Desperate to save his title, Punk somehow finds the energy to surge up the ladder … but Michaels knocks him right back down with a right hand!!!!! Fans shriek, thinking this is it … but Punk staggers back at the ladder, and climbs a few rungs, before TRIPPING THE LEG OF MICHAELS!!! MICHAELS IS TRAPPED UPSIDE DOWN!!!!! Punk now smirks, with Michaels flailing his arms, helpless in a tree of woe on the ladder … and Punk waves, taking his time to climb, thinking he’s home and dry…


Again, both men sell the effects of the long and draining match, but Michaels is in the power position; he’s on his feet … AND HE STARTS TO TUNE UP THE BAND!!!!! Michaels waits … and waits … as Punk struggles to find his feet … using the slanted ladder to push to his feet … AS MICHAELS LOOKS TO STRIKE WITH SWEET CHIN MUSIC-


Shawn Michaels crumbles to the mat, clutching at his knee, writhing in pain, as Coach commends Punk on the gameplan – saying if Michaels cant stand, he can’t climb the ladder!!! Punk sets the ladder back up, with Michaels still rolling around … and Punk can’t help himself … he wants one last blow to Shawn before ending this war!!! The champion drags Michaels up, throwing him onto his shoulders for the GTS-



Both men stay down after the last gasp Sweet Chin Music, with J.R WILLING Shawn to get to his feet and climb the ladder!!! Michaels is naturally the first to stir … but he can’t get to his feet!!! He’s unable to stand, as he grabs the ladder, dragging it and himself to the corner to get to his feet and after an excruciating amount of time, he gets up, and gets the ladder into position, before climbing – albeit on ONE leg!!!

Michaels hops from rung to rung, looking up after each jump, closing in on the title …


Michaels spills off the ladder, crashing against the top rope, his leg jarring as he lands, and he slumps to the canvas!!! Punk pulls the ladder back into position from the slanted angle, and starts to DRAG himself up the ladder, whilst Michaels rolls around, clutching his leg … but does his best to chase Punk, who slowly climbs, rung by rung!!!

Punk reaches the top of the ladder, with Michaels helpless at the bottom, powerless to do anything; his leg has completely given in and prevented him from even pushing off the mat to climb – his body has betrayed him when he needed it most!! All Shawn Michaels can do is watch, as Punk SMILES from the top of the ladder … and RETRIEVES THE INTERCONTINENTAL TITLE!!!!!!!
Third Fall: CM Punk @ 17:01 {40:15} {2-1}

Winner: And STILL Intercontinental Champion – CM Punk @ 40:15

The air is sucked out of STAPLES Centre, as CM Punk holds the I.C title aloft; NO comeuppance for him after all, as Shawn Michaels can only continue to look up, heartbroken at defeat AGAIN to Punk after a monumental effort. The decision to side with JBL backfiring in the end, unable to get that revenge on Punk … and the sins of CM Punk will go unpunished; at least from Shawn Michaels.

Michaels sits slumped in the corner, as Punk continues to revel in victory, holding the famous title in the air from the top of the ladder, whilst Coach puts this accomplishment over as the biggest achievement in a year chock full of them for CM Punk, whilst J.R calls it “arguably” the greatest match in the 800 editions of Raw … but notes sadness that it wasn’t Shawn Michaels that came out on top.

Replays air of the high points during the final fall, with both men putting their bodies on the line for the I.C Title, before returning to live pictures, where Punk is shown leaving the ring, holding the title still above his head, whilst trainers look over Shawn, checking the condition of his injured leg. “But the pain in Michaels leg is nothing compared to the hurt he’ll be feeling in this defeat” is the call from J.R…

Punk turns back around at the top of the ramp, soaking up the moment of holding off Shawn Michaels on this night … and in a final dig, Punk talks to the camera, saying; … “I’ve always said ‘Luck is for losers’ … well, so’s faith. But hey, thank GOD … for C...M… Punk.” He turns and leaves … leaving a devastated Shawn Michaels in the ring…

Commercial Break

Our final RAW through the years highlight package airs; the modern era. Through ‘Ruthless Aggression’ and Evolution, to Christian and John Cena leading the way over the last three years and Mister Kennedy making himself stand out over the last 18 months, before ending on a stand-off between Shawn Michaels and CM Punk just last week…


And back at ringside, J.R and Coach are shown with the mess of their broken announce table, as J.R puts over “the most damnedest thing I think I’ve ever witnessed” moments ago, whilst Coach wonders if Shawn Michaels will even be in any condition mentally or physically to be part of the Survivor Series. J.R is also unsure, talking about the toll that match would’ve taken on Michaels mind and soul…


But, as promised, J.B.L wants confirmation by the end of the night if Jesse Ventura will have a five man team for the Survivor Series or be stuck with a one man disadvantage before the match even begins. J.B.L leads out his troops; RANJIN SINGH, VLADIMIR & THE MASTER CRAFTSMEN … with Cena absent and obviously, Michaels not part of this right now either.

J.R uses the moment to air his disgust at the actions of Haas and Dinsmore earlier tonight, as well as the likelihood that JBL put Vladimir up to the assault that’s taken Big Zeke out of the equation – leading to this dilemma for Ventura…

Bradshaw takes centre stage, all smiles, waiting for the fans to settle down…

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Well, that was one hell of a match up for the Intercontinental title, huh!?

He waits for a reaction, but the fans are still pretty tired out by what they’ve just seen.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: And don’t forget who was responsible for makin that match happen!!!

JBL shows off that irritating toothy grin as he puts himself over.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: So I hope all you people here in L.A show your support for MY men that are fightin for change at the Survivor Series!!

Some heat for JBL trying to force cheers on his team, with him patting the shoulder of Brent Albright.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: They are tryin to bring you people MORE spectacular matches, week after week right here on Monday Night Raw!!!

The Master Craftsmen nod in agreement.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: And of course, over on Friday Night Smackdown too. BUT – for all that to happen, my team and I first need to take care of business in thirteen days and defeat Jesse Ventura’s band of misfits at the Survivor Series.

Live on Pay Per View!! 5 on 5 – it’s all on the line!!” ~J.R sells some PPV’s.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: And that is why we’re out here right now. Due to an unfortunate, freak accident … the man Mister Ventura proposed to be his fifth team member is no longer able to accept the position.

Heat. JBL ignores that though.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Meaning he has a vacancy. And it’s a vacancy that HAS to be filled t’night … or simply not at all.

Bradshaw shrugs at the thought.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: I myself would love nothin more than to give Ventura and his associates more time to track down a fifth member … but agreements were made, and the rules state that right here t’night was the cut off point.

He’s right about that, J.R.” ~Coach backs JBL up.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Quite frankly … it ain’t my problem if Jesse Ventura ain’t organized-

Bradshaw acknowledges the growing boos, shaking his head.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: He was given plenty of time to assemble a team, same as me. An’ I was set a WEEK AGO!!!

So was Ventura until ya packed Christian off t’Smackdown!!” ~J.R is sure to remind the fans on commentary.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: My team was ready a week ago. I was ready to be Commissioner a LONG time ago, and at the Survivor Series my team will guide ME to the position I DESERVE and give YOU the Commissioner you DESERVE!!!

Pointing at the fans, JBL tries to position himself as a man of the people.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Ventura’s organisation of his team is the perfect encapsulation of his entire tenure in the Commissioners office!! Haphazard, half-assed and horribly led. Well, Jess, lemme leave ya with this little sayin; ‘Failure t’prepare is t’prepare for failure’, son. And you WILL fail at the Survivor Series. I guarantee it.

All smiles, JBL stares at the camera, before turning, and checking his watch.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: So … by my watch, you’re about outta time. What’s it t’be, Jess?? You got an ace up your sleeve, son?? Or are ya gonna do the right thing and just call this entire charade off and hand me the keys to your office!!?

That would be the wise decision!!” ~Coach thinks Ventura should just quit…

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Because if you honestly think you can head into the Survivor Series a man light against the dream team I’ve put together, you’re a dumber son of a bitch than I imagined.

JBL now waits, looking to the stage, as do his troops, waiting for Jesse Ventura to answer…


Ask and you shall receive!!” ~J.R.

JESSE VENTURA leads out his own troops, with RICKY STEAMBOAT joining Ventura by his side, as the now former tag team champions REY MYSTERIO and SHELTON BENJAMIN along with NICK NEMETH and PAUL LONDON file out in support … but with no sign of a fifth man to join the team.

In the ring, JBL and Ranjin Singh count the numbers, with JBL chuckling, and holding up four fingers to his troops, finding it all hilarious. On the stage, Ventura waits for the music to die down before speaking.

Jesse Ventura: Congratulations, Bradshaw!! You done a real good hit job on my plans for the Survivor Series.

JBL appears to take it as a compliment.

Jesse Ventura: You sent Christian off to Smackdown … now … you can dress that up however, y’like, but you and I both know you didn’t pull that stunt because you were concerned about anything other than your own interests … and you wont pull the wool over my eyes, J.B.L; that was no accident that happened to Zeke earlier.

Y’can say that again!!” ~J.R agrees.

Jesse Ventura: You’ve got blood on your hands. You’re dirty, you’re rotten to the core and you’ll take my job over my dead body!!!

JBL doesn’t respond, but does listen intently.

Jesse Ventura: For too long, this company has been riddled with crooked figures in authority, and I’ll be damned if I’m gonna give you the keys to the penthouse and undo all the hard work I’ve put in to clean this place up over the last eighteen months!!

The men standing with Ventura all nod in agreement.

Jesse Ventura: And I’ll say that again; the HARD work I’ve put in to clean this place up. Because contrary to the LIES you’ve peddled, I’m NOT a part time Commissioner. I’m not half-assing this job. As a matter of fact – and this may come as a surprise to you – but the reason I’m not on Raw every week is because I’m too busy workin in the background to make the WWE a better place for everyone!!

Some cheers from the fans in support of the current Commissioner.

Jesse Ventura: UNLIKE you … I don’t need to put my face front and centre week in and week out. And when- that’s WHENMY team is victorious at the Survivor Series, I’ll go back to doin my job OFF television, and you can go back to playin the stock market!!

JBL shouts something from the ring, disagreeing, but it’s all off mic, and Ventura ignores it anyway.

Jesse Ventura: I’d suggest politics, by the way, because speaking from experience, you’d be a natural. You’d fit right in with all the snakes in Washington, that’s for sure.

He’d be in his element there!!” ~J.R

Jesse Ventura: So you want to see my team!? Well … get a GOOD look at it!! Because THESE are the men that are gonna ensure YOU never get in power!!

Ventura motions to the men surrounding him, whilst JBL grins in the ring, with a few words being chipped in by Albright before Layfield gets on the mic again.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: I’m afraid I left my glasses in the back, Jesse … so excuse me if I’m mistaken … but I only count four men …

The men behind JBL all look cocky and confident at facing just four men at the Survivor Series.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: And if you’re bringin four men to face my FIVE … then I’d suggest you start clearin out your desk is Stamford, son. You boy’s don't stand a chance at the-

Ricky Steamboat: Actually…

Ricky Steamboat cuts JBL off!! The fans pop, with JBL irked by that …

Ricky Steamboat: … It IS five.

And Steamboat TAKES HIS SPORT COAT OFF!!!!!!!

What!? Does this mean-”

Is Ricky Steamboat the fifth man!?”


JBL is shocked – albeit not necessarily concerned – but he’s still taken aback by the news as Steamboat, London, Nemeth, Mysterio & Benjamin all start making their way down the ramp, with Ventura looking pleased, getting back on the microphone-

Jesse Ventura: And hey, Bradshaw – how about you get acquainted with MY Survivor Series team right now!!

Team Ventura hit the ring, and the brawl is on!!! Ranjin Singh quickly escapes the ring to avoid the fight, whilst Haas and Dinsmore substitute for the missing Cena and Michaels, with a five on five fight breaking out in the ring!!! Nemeth comes at Vladimir, London renews hostilities with Albright, whilst Rey and Shelton come for revenge on Haas and Dinsmore!!!

Meanwhile, Steamboat and JBL are directing traffic, not getting physically involved, as the faces dominate the heels, bar Nemeth with Vladimir, as the Russian soaks up the attack from Nemeth before flattening him, but Rey and Shelton soon dispose of Haas and Dinsmore, enabling them to help out Nemeth against the deadly Russian.

The three men are able to get the better of Vladimir, and eventually throw him out of the ring, whilst London reels off a pair of dropsaults that send Albright sprawling to the floor too!! Meanwhile, as Ventura makes his way to ringside, JBL starts to back off, seeing the writing on the wall … before looking to take a cheap shot at Steamboat-


Bradshaw immediately rolls out of the ring, stunned by the reflexes from Steamboat to fire off an arm drag right out of his 1989 play book!! JBL looks as if he’s seen a ghost as he looks back into the ring, with Steamboat calling him on, ready for more …

But JBL thinks better of it, and starts to call off his troops, telling them to “save it for when it matters”. Ventura climbs into the ring now, joining his team – including the legendary Ricky Steamboat – as JBL and his men back up the ramp. With Ventura’s team standing tall in the ring.

Bradshaw and his troops are all looking a little more concerned than before … though Coach points out on commentary that Shawn Michaels and John Cena are both missing, and they’ll make a huge difference come Survivor Series.

In the ring, Team Ventura make a stand, raising one another’s arms, standing together, all set for the Survivor Series, as JBL points to the ring, shouting that Ventura is “finished”, but with less confidence than before.

J.R signs off from this “historic night” on a big (in terms of Survivor Series, not necessarily memorable Raw moments, but I’ve got a PPV to build here!) moment … the Survivor Series main event is set, and it’ll include the return to the ring of Ricky Steamboat!!


Official Card for The 22nd Annual WWE Survivor Series:

November 16 2008 | Phillips Arena, Atlanta GA

Theme Music; ‘Spolin For A Fight’ by AC/DC

5 on 5 Survivor Series Elimination Match:



World Heavyweight Champion Brent Albright, John Cena, Shawn Michaels, Vladimir & John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield



Rey Mysterio, Shelton Benjamin, Paul London, Nick Nemeth & Raw General Manager Ricky Steamboat

*If Team Layfield win; JBL becomes WWE Commissioner*

*If Team Ventura win; Jesse Ventura remains WWE Commissioner*

5 on 5 Survivor Series Elimination Match:


WWE Champion Chris Jericho, Umaga, U.S Champion Mark Henry & 2 TBA w/Armando Estrada



Kurt Angle, Randy Orton, Jack Swagger & 2 TBA w/Paul Heyman

*If The Dangerous Alliance win, Kurt Angle will receive a WWE Championship Match at Armageddon*

Womens Championship Match:

Beth Phoenix vs. Natalya
- With NO Rope Breaks Allowed -


Triple H vs. Mister Kennedy

Huge thank you to ranthellacious for the amazing work on the Survivor Series match graphics.
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Re: Being The Booker

Friday Night Smackdown | November 7 2008 | San Jose, CA

Opening Video

No Pyro-



And the show kicks off with the return to action of the WWE Champion, CHRIS JERICHO!! Free of his protective boot, Jericho saunters down the ramp … with ARMANDO ESTRADA and UMAGA eventually following behind him.

Michael Cole: You are looking at the WWE Champion, officially now, cleared for action, just nine days away from a high stakes traditional Survivor Series elimination match. Chris Jericho will lead a team – featuring the man backing him up; the hired help, Umaga – to take on Kurt Angle’s team. If Angle’s team are victorious, Jericho will defend the WWE Championship against the Olympian at Armageddon in December.

Jerry Lawler: At long last, Chris Jericho is freed of that ugly boot that’s been tied to his leg like an anchor for months … but that’s enough about Edge!! It’s about time the WWE Champion was officially cleared to compete – don’t forget he won AND defended that title whilst he was injured, Michael!! What a champion he is!!

Michael Cole: Well, he’ll say it himself, King – he used his brain. And he’s used it again in recent weeks. Many don’t like it – myself included – but it’s hard to deny Jericho, and that man Armando Estrada have capitalised on the confusion here on Smackdown since our General Manager Finlay was taken out of commission. They’ve manipulated the situation to avoid a WWE Title defence at the Survivor Series, and they’ll be looking to take Kurt Angle OUT of the picture in nine days.

Jerry Lawler: And speaking of Finlay, we’re expecting John Laurinaitis to deliver his verdict TONIGHT!! The investigation has been on going for the last four weeks, and he’s been told to deliver an answer here tonight. We’ll finally find out who was behind that cowardly act, Michael!!

Michael Cole: Plus King, we’ll look to find out who was behind another cowardly assault last week – this time on R-Truth – in eerily similar circumstances to the way in which Finlay was found last month.

Jerry Lawler: I hope there isn’t a serial attacker on the loose, Michael!!

Michael Cole: And, the FORMER WWE Champion, Edge finally goes one on one with Batista, here tonight!!

Jerry Lawler: I can’t wait!! And don’t forget Michael – there’s a NEW Cruiserweight Champion!!

Michael Cole: A shocking conclusion to Smackdown last week in London, that’s for sure. We’ll talk more about the controversial manner in which Christopher Daniels defeated Bryan Danielson to steal that title. We’ll hear from Christopher Daniels – but that’s not all, King – as if all that wasn’t enough, CHRISTIAN makes his return to Smackdown!! After last weeks blockbuster news of Christian being moved to Friday Nights, Captain Charisma IS here!! For the first time in over SIX years, Christian is officially a member of Smackdown, and he’ll speak; TONIGHT!!


WWE Champ. Chris Jericho vs. Joey Ryan

The California native jobber, Ryan, never stands a chance. He gets a go-behind on Jericho off the initial lock up, but as soon as Jericho elbows free, it’s all downhill for the jobber. Jericho beats Joey into the corner, then opens up with knife edge chops before sending the opponent off the ropes and putting him down with a running Bulldog. The WWE Champion poses for a few moments, taking his time – with AAE applauding like the slimy cheerleader he is – before attempting the LIONSAULT-


BUT JERICHO LANDS ON HIS FEET!!! It’s a good sign for Jericho’s healed ankle to withstand that landing without buckling, and Jericho soon knocks Ryan back down with his STANDING ENZIGURI!!! He starts slapping Joey around the head, telling him to get up … and puts him right back down with the CODEBREAKER when he does!!! He could end it right here obviously … but Jericho wants to puts the exclamation point on it … and applies the WALLS OF JERICHO for the quick submission win.

Winner: Chris Jericho @ 02:03

Nothing more than a showcase for the WWE Champion to show he’s now injury free, but Michael Cole calls it suspect that Jericho got such a ‘soft’ opponent on his in-ring return, insinuating Jericho and Estrada have manipulated Johnny Ace to give Jericho an easy ride back into action.

After getting his arm raised, Jericho shrugs the referee aside, and calls for Estrada to bring him a microphone, which the dutiful “advisor” does for his star client. Jericho breathes a little raggedly into the mic for a few seconds, waiting for the fans to be quiet before speaking up…

Chris Jericho: Right now … I think this is the perfect time to present to you all … the finest Survivor Series team that’s ever been assembled.

Estrada nods along gleefully, then offers a light applause.

Chris Jericho: I, and Mister Estrada have left no stone unturned to put together a five man team that’s worthy of my leadership.

Some light boos for Jericho putting himself over, but he ignores them.

Chris Jericho: And I guarantee this team will not only defeat the misfit toys that Kurt Angle will be lining up alongside … but this team – MY team – will annihilate our opponents. This won’t be a contest at the Survivor Series. It’ll be a showcase. A showcase of your WWE Champion. A showcase of ALL the great champions on Smackdown. Ladies and Gentlemen … I present to you MY team … the Hall … of Champions…


As already known, MARK HENRY is on board with Jericho, as the price appeared to be right for Theodore Long to offer the United States Champions services; especially with the opportunity to lord it over Armando Estrada.

Henry approaches the ring, and as he climbs inside there’s clear tension between he and Umaga, with the Bulldozer glaring at his former foe, leading to Estrada telling the Samoan to step back. All smiles, Theodore Long shakes hands with Jericho – much to the chagrin of Estrada.


And Melina leads out the WWE Tag Team Champions; THE FIGHT FACTORY!!! Elijah Burke and Wade Barrett have joined Chris Jerichos team!! Momentarily, we switch backstage to see Paul Heyman watching on with Kurt Angle and Jack Swagger, FURIOUS at this development, having wanted the champions on THEIR team.

Michael Cole: Well there ya have it, King!!! We saw last week, Paul Heyman and Armando Estrada both vying for the services of Melina’s men, the WWE Tag Team Champions, The Fight Factory!! And the decision has been made!! What a get for Chris Jericho!!

Jerry Lawler: And this has got to be a huge body blow to Kurt Angle and Paul Heyman!! They wanted the tag team champions to round out their team, and now, they’ll be facing off AGAINST them!! Chris Jericho has won the bidding war for the services of the Fight Factory!!!

Satisfied with the collection of champions in his midst, Jericho takes another long look at his team, before turning to face the hard camera and continue his promo.

Chris Jericho: Take a good look. Take a look at the finest team ever assembled in Survivor Series history. A team I brought together … because I used my brain. Why wouldn’t I want the Worlds Strongest Man on my side?? Why wouldn’t I want the best tag team on the planet for an elimination TAG match??

Melina makes a point to the title belts being worn by her men.

Chris Jericho: I look at this team … not only do I guarantee victory at the Survivor Series … I might just go one better and guarantee a clean sweep of Kurt Angles team.

Jericho takes a longer look at Umaga at the end of the line.

Chris Jericho: I might.

He then walks down the line behind him as he talks about each of the men on the team.

Chris Jericho: Right now … I know what you’re all thinking. One of these men isn’t like the others. We have the United States Champion … we have the WWE Tag Team Champions … and of course … the WWE Champion-

Most important of all!!” ~Lawler sucks up on commentary.

Chris Jericho: And then we have …

Jericho looks Umaga up and down.

Chris Jericho: But despite the lack of gold adorned on the Samoan Bulldozer … Mister Estrada assures me that Umaga won’t let us down at the Survivor Series.

The champion doesn’t look so convinced, but turns his attention back to the camera.

Chris Jericho: However- tonight?? I want this savage to prove his worth. To me, and to the rest of this team. I want Umaga to assure us all that he won’t screw this up for me at the Survivor Series.

You’ve got to pull your weight too, CHAMP!” ~Gentle reminder from Cole.

Chris Jericho: That’s why I’ve spoken with John Laurinaitis earlier tonight and arranged for Umaga to be in action tonight. Kurt Angle?? You can choose any of your rejects to face the Samoan Bulldozer … but I’m personally challenging YOU to meet this man in the middle of this ring; tonight.

Pop from the fans.

Chris Jericho: Because not only do I want Umaga to prove himself worthy of a spot in this Hall of Champions … but I want you to prove yourself worthy of challenging me for my WWE Championship.


Cutting immediately backstage, we see PAUL HEYMAN, KURT ANGLE, JACK SWAGGER and now joining them; RANDY ORTON. The three confirmed members of Angle’s Survivor Series team are watching all of this develop (Jericho is still talking in the ring), with Heyman especially angered, at a loss for words, before Orton speaks up.

Randy Orton: What the hell’s goin on here?? I thought you said you had Burke and Barrett in the bag, Paul!?

Paul Heyman: {Exasperated} Yeah … that’s what I thought. That little bitch just double crossed me!!

Heyman points aggressively at the monitor, as Melina stands in the ring.

Randy Orton: Well … don't you have a back up plan, at least??

Paul Heyman: I didn’t think I needed one. She gave me her word she’d be on board for US!!

Kurt Angle: Looks like we just got played then, doesn’t it??

Paul Heyman: Yeah … and now Jericho’s trying to play us again. This Umaga thing?? Sounds like, smells like and looks like a trap!!

Orton shakes his head and gently pats the chest of Angle.

Randy Orton: Don’t worry about it. Kurt, you relax, I’ll deal with Umaga tonight.

Paul Heyman: That’s a good idea. I like that, Randy, I like that a l-

Kurt Angle: The hell you will!! Jericho made the challenge to me. I’m the captain of this team, remember. And I’m not standing by and allowing anyone else fight my battles on my behalf.

Concerned, Heyman tries to reason with Kurt.

Paul Heyman: But Kurt- this is all wrong. You have to prepare for an opponent like Umaga. It’s crazy to accept a match with him on such short notice-

Kurt Angle: But it’s okay for him??

Without even looking at him, Angle points at Orton. Heyman is stumped for answer, trying to find the words, but comes up empty, which prompts Angle to take charge.

Kurt Angle: I got this, Paul. I’m Kurt freakin Angle. Remember??

Paul Heyman: {Softly} Yea- yeah.

Angle nods, then turns to Orton.

Kurt Angle: And you’d better remember that too.

Angle and Orton have an uneasy staredown for a few moments, before Angle walks off, leaving the team … with Heyman looking flustered at EVERY development thus far tonight – back to square one in completing the team, AND now dealing with Angle having to face Umaga – TONIGHT.

Commercial Break

Highlights air of last weeks CRUISERWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP match, and the angle that set the whole thing up with Christopher Daniels assaulting the three men that had been battling it out for a future title shot. It led to Bryan Danielson agreeing to defend the title that very night against Daniels.

And the match itself had it’s fair share of controversy. With a referee bump and a visual win for Danielson, a mysterious hooded figure; dressed similarly to Daniels ring walk attire, hit the ring, laying out Bryan Danielson to allow Daniels to finish Bryan off and become the NEW Cruiserweight Champion…

Back at commentary, Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler discuss those controversial circumstances, debating who could’ve been the mysterious figure that assisted Christopher Daniels (Lawler is quick to say there’s no proof that Daniels was in cahoots with the mystery man, whilst Cole says it’s pretty self explanatory there WAS collusion.

They then say we’ll get to the bottom of it later tonight when Christopher Daniels is interviewed, before confirming the REMATCH at the Survivor Series, with Bryan Danielson being granted an immediate return match for the title after the controversial circumstances in which he lost the title last week…



Heading out for action, both Matt and Jeff; THE HARDY BOYS hit the stage, and they’re followed by none other than the ever exciting EVAN BOURNE!! Cole reminds the fans that Bourne and Jeff Hardy had a short run as a team last year which ended amicably, but they’re back together tonight for some six man tag action!! As the trio makes their way to the ring, Michael Cole throws to an incident that occurred backstage earlier in the day…

In the cafeteria, EVAN BOURNE makes an effort to speak with M.V.P…

Evan Bourne: Hey man…

Turning from the buffet, M.V.P sees it’s Bourne.

M.V.P: Yo, what’s good, Evan?

Evan Bourne: Just wanted to come see how you’re doing. Hardly see you around now because of the DiBiase’s.

M.V.P shows Bourne the two trays he’s filling with food.

M.V.P: Who d’ya think this is for??

Bourne sighs and shakes his head.

Evan Bourne: This whole thing sucks.

Porter scoffs.

Tell me ‘bout it.

Evan Bourne: Look … giving you a heads up; Jeff asked me to team up with him and Matt tonight for this six man. No hard feelings, okay?? I got nothing against you – I don’t think the Hardys do either, really. They know the spot you’re in, but … well, y’know…

M.V.P: Hey- do what you gotta do, man. S’all good with me.


Both Evan and Montel turn around, as an angry TED DIBIASE Jr. approaches.

Ted DiBiase Jr: What are you doing talkin to the enemy?? Actually … what are you doing talking to anyone without our permission??

Bourne shakes his head at the treatment of M.V.P, whilst M.V.P can say nothing.

Ted DiBiase Jr: Get back to the table – (Ted Junior lifts a bowl of soup from the tray) – my Pop’s is hungry and he doesn’t pay you to make him wait.

M.V.P takes a deep breath, hating the situation, but does as he’s told and doesn’t even say bye to Bourne. Ted then turns to the Cruiserweight.

Ted DiBiase Jr: As for you?? You wanna talk to our property?? Schedule an appointment. Understand??

Evan Bourne: This whole thing is a joke. You can’t treat someone like this-

DiBiase pours the soup down at the feet and jeans of Evan Bourne. Bourne then naturally reacts, and launches himself at Ted Junior, but a flurry of jobbers quickly intervene to break the two up.

Back into arena, The Hardys and Evan are waiting in the ring, with Bourne shaking his head, having just watched the footage back…


The Million Dollar Man leads the way as his son and Jamie Noble; FILTHY RICH make their way to the ring, followed by the fed up looking M.V.P to round out the trio. Michael Cole notes there’s quite a bit of history now between the Hardys and Filthy Rich in recent weeks, with Evan Bourne now added to the mix, with the six man tag NEXT.

Commercial Break

The Hardy Boys & Evan Bourne vs. Filthy Rich & M.V.P w/The Million Dollar Man

Fast and frenetic action from the Hardys & Bourne in the early going nearly gets them the duke very quickly, but when Jeff heads up top for the Swanton Bomb – M.V.P (under orders from Ted Senior) shoves him off the top!!! Jeff has a nasty fall to the floor, and Porter looks quite remorseful for having done it, but Matt Hardy doesn’t care about that, and comes looking for vengeance for his brother.

That, however, sees Noble and Ted Junior able to attack Matt from behind – with Matt taking his eyes off the ball when going for M.V.P – and we settle into a routine tag formula from there. Noble and DiBiase show some decent team work, and Lawler notes how the pair are coming along as a duo, whilst they also order M.V.P to cut off Evan Bourne as they double team Matt with Ted Senior distracting the ref and Jeff Hardy still down on the floor.

Eventually, Matt takes advantage of some uncertainty from M.V.P, with Porter arguing with his partners when they try to tell him what to do, and he puts his opponent down with a SIDE EFFECT … before making a much needed tag to Evan Bourne!!! Bourne hits the ring with lots of enthusiasm and speed, as his stylish array of moves bring the fans alive. Noble breaks up a pin attempt on M.V.P, and Jeff Hardy returns to the fray, as the match breaks down and all six men are involved in the action.

The Hardys team up to hit their POETRY IN MOTION on Ted Junior, whilst Bourne delivers a SHOOTING STAR TO THE FLOOR from the top rope onto Noble!!! In the ring, Matt Hardy lines up a TWIST OF FATE on DiBiase … but M.V.P trips him and drags him to the floor, sending Matt into the post!!! Jeff reacts, and slingshots himself over the ropes onto M.V.P, taking him out!!! Getting back into the ring, Jeff and Bourne have DiBiase and Noble in trouble … leading to AIR BOURNE on DiBiase!!! 1...2...M.V.P PUTS TED’S FOOT ON THE ROPE!!!

Looking uneasy with himself, M.V.P does his job to keep his team alive, and as Bourne becomes distracted by the move from Porter, he leaves himself open to an attack from behind by Noble!!! Bourne fights Noble off, as M.V.P then gets back into the ring, cutting off Jeff from getting at Noble, with M.V.P ultimately putting Jeff down with the PLAY OF THE DAY … leaving M.V.P and Bourne in the ring. Evan questions the actions of M.V.P … whilst DiBiase recovers to sneak up and hit DREAM STREET on Bourne!!!! Noble holds Matt down outside, as the count is made, 1...2...3!!!!!

Winners: Filthy Rich & M.V.P @ 07:24

Even in victory, M.V.P looks unhappy with his role in the group, with his actions proving crucial in the end. Noble and DiBiase get their hands raised, with M.V.P not invited to – nor wanting any part in – the celebrations. Matt Hardy returns to the ring though, looking for some retribution … and Filthy Rich spot him coming, so they THROW M.V.P TO THE WOLVES TO SAVE THEMSELVES!!!


In the meantime, The DiBiase’s and Noble flee from the ring, leaving M.V.P behind as Matt Hardy stews in the ring, motioning for them to come back, before giving up on that and instead decides to check on his fallen team mates. M.V.P is left laying in the ring – Filthy Rich not caring a jot about his well being…

Commercial Break

Returning to the show, backstage, JOSH MATHEWS is standing by…

Josh Mathews: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time; Edge…

EDGE walks into the picture, arms crossed, not really looking in the mood for this.

Josh Mathews: Edge, tonight, you face Batista, one on one in a match that has been brewing now for weeks ever since he cost you the WWE Championship. Given the fact he did that, how do you intend to keep your cool when you and Batista lock horns later??

Edge: Who says I intend on keeping my cool??

Mathews shrinks under the glare of Edge.

Edge: Do I- do I look like I care about adhering to rules tonight?? It’s not like there’s a title shot hanging in the balance here, Josh. Chris Jericho’s stupid restraining order B.S has me outta the loop on that one until he loses the title.

Edge has a manic look on his face before running his fingers through his hair.

Edge: So winning tonight doesn’t really make a blind bit of difference, does it?? No, no- instead, I’ve got the chance to exact a little revenge. Big Bad Batista has had his fun in attacking me from behind. Let’s see how he fares face to face.

At last, Edge affords himself a smirk … but it’s not a friendly one.

Edge: I’ve had to wait long enough to get my hands on Batista … but tonight?? I’m gonna neuter the animal.

And with that, Edge shows a steely determination, before walking off the set…


In the locker room, MATT HARDY enters and instantly takes his frustrations out by punching a locker door!!! JEFF HARDY soon follows behind, with Matt pacing around, furious.

Matt Hardy: Jeff, I’m SICK of this, man!! I’m sick of dealin with these idiots!! I’M above the likes of DiBiase.

Jeff Hardy: Then we gotta put this issue to bed. Once and for all. You saw it out there, Matt, whether he wants to or not, M.V.P is stuck in their pocket. We can’t keep expectin him to do the right thing.

Pacing, Matt nods.

Matt Hardy: Yeah. You’re right. We gotta be more ruthless around here.

Jeff Hardy: Well, here’s my idea, bro; once you get cleared of this Finlay thing tonight, I’m getting us another match with Noble and DiBiase. You wont have that hanging over your head, and we can put all our efforts into putting those two back in their place. We’re puttin a line under this thing; Team Extreme style.

Matt has drifted off – ever since Jeff mentioned the “Finlay thing”.

Jeff Hardy: Matt?? MATT!? Hellooo, earth to Matt??

Jeff clicks his fingers at Matt, who snaps into life.

Matt Hardy: Yeah. Yeah man, yeah. Sure. You got it. Once I get the all clear from that whole Finlay situation … you got it.

Matt still seems pre-occupied, deep in thought about something…

Commercial Break

Match 3:

Jimmy Yang vs. Jerry Lynn

Just a filler match full of quality work. There’s no ongoing story between the pair – though it’s noted that Lynn inflicted Yangs first defeat to earn a title shot two months ago – and it’s billed on commentary as a match that could determine the next challenger following the Survivor Series. Yang grounds Lynn for a period, and much of the match isn’t background noise for the conversation between Cole and Lawler as they discuss the sequence of events last week that led to Christopher Daniels becoming Cruiserweight champion.

Lynn eventually makes a comeback, running through his sequence of signature moves, as Cole and Lawler once again focus on the action IN the ring. Lynn scores a few near falls with a series of roll ups and cradles, but Yang is able to slip out each time … leading to Lynn setting up for the TORNADO DDT … but Yang tosses him aside to prevent it!! Lynn bounces up, but gets dropped onto the ropes … and walks on to the YAKUZA KICK!!! Yang covers, 1...2...3!!!!!

Winner: Jimmy Yang @ 04:13

It’s a hard earned win for Jimmy Yang over the veteran, Jerry Lynn, strengthening his claims for another shot at the Cruiserweight title against the winner of Daniels/Danielson at the Survivor Series…

And indeed, shown watching the action backstage is CHRISTOPHER DANIELS – with his newly won title over his shoulder – watching on keenly, scouting potential future opponents, should he get past Danielson at the Survivor Series. Cole hypes that we’ll hear from the NEW Cruiserweight Champion – NEXT!!!

Commercial Break

And, as promised, on the other side of the break, KRISTAL MARSHALL is standing by with the NEW Cruiserweight Champion; a smiling CHRISTOPHER DANIELS…

Kristal Marshall: Christopher Daniels … last week, you defeated Bryan Danielson to become the new Cruiserweight Champion, but not without controversy. Toward the-

Christopher Daniels: Hey now, wait just a second. I think before you jump into accusations, I think the least I deserve here … is a little bit of congratulations. That’d be common courtesy, Kristal.

She stammers for a second, not expecting that, but does as she’s asked.

Kristal Marshall: Uhh, Christopher Daniels, congratulations on becoming Cruiserweight Champion last week on Smackdown.

Christopher Daniels: Thank you. And it feels great, Kristal. To prove to the world that everything I said would happen did happen takes a weight off my shoulders. I said all along that all I needed was a shot – just ONE – and I’d snatch this title from the grasp of Bryan Danielson … and last week, the prophecy came to be.

Kristal Marshall: Well … with all due respect, that wasn’t the question I was about to ask. You did indeed win the title last week … but there was interference that ultimately proved to be crucial in you becoming champion.

Daniels smirks and shakes his head.

Christopher Daniels: And that’s something I know – and knew – nothing about, Kristal. And I don't want that minor incident to cloud the real story. That-

Kristal Marshall: Well, again … I don’t think we could categorize that interference as ‘minor’. It really turned the entire match on it’s head.

Christopher Daniels: Is this my interview, or yours sweetheart??

Kristal says nothing, shut down by the new Cruiserweight champ.

Christopher Daniels: Remember who the star is, okay?? Now … let me clarify … that interference last week?? That was unfortunate. And I don’t want that to become the narrative here either. The real story, Kristal, is that I, Christopher Daniels … won the Cruiserweight Championship on less than two hours notice. I didn’t need two or three attempts either. Just as I said I would; I won this title on the first take.

The Fallen Angel starts to shake his head in annoyance.

Christopher Daniels: And you want to drive home this nonsense about some intruder?? Don’t look at me. Don’t let the lax security over in merry ‘ol England detract from MY accomplishment, okay?? Not my fault those guys couldn’t keep a fan outta the ring.

Kristal rolls her eyes, not buying the excuses from Daniels.

Christopher Daniels: Now I’m sure Bryan Danielson will be using that excuse. I’m sure he’s been crying to John Laurinaitis and any other executive that’ll listen to him, and that’s why he’s getting an immediate rematch at the Survivor Series. No problem. I’ll gladly defend MY title against Bryan Danielson … even though he tried to lock me out of the division for months. He ducked me and avoided me like a plague!!

Daniels settles down, and smiles.

Christopher Daniels: But I’m in the drivers seat now. And so long as the fat, useless security guards at the Survivor Series can keep my fans outta the ring … there wont be any controversy when I RETAIN … MY Cruiserweight title. And no more excuses for Bryan Danielson. And that’ll be gospel.

We fade out on the smiling, cocky face of the NEW champion.


Back into the arena…


Armando Estrada leads out UMAGA for the hastily arranged bout with Kurt Angle tonight – a ‘first ever’ as noted by Michael Cole on commentary – and the handler gives the Samoan Bulldozer plenty of instructions on their way to the ring.


Joined by Paul Heyman, KURT ANGLE makes his way to the ring, with Cole suggesting that Angle has been baited into accepting this match tonight by Chris Jericho, as a plot by the WWE Champion to weaken the man targeting the title through the upcoming elimination match at the Survivor Series.

And Lawler notes the night could be about to go from bad to worse for Angle; they missed out on the tag team champions already for the team, and now Angle is about to get mauled by the Samoan Bulldozer … “they may need to find THREE guys, Michael!!

Match 4:
Umaga w/Armando Estrada vs. Kurt Angle w/Paul Heyman
It’s by far the biggest test for Angle since linking up with Paul Heyman … but we end up learning very little about Angle’s standing, as it becomes obvious within seconds that the whole thing is a ruse. With Angle circling the ring, we see CHRIS JERICHO make his way out from the back with MARK HENRY and Theodore Long … whilst the FIGHT FACTORY appear at ringside with Melina!!!

Instantly, Heyman sees what’s happening, and begins to shout to Angle to get out of the ring … but that call from Heyman only serves to distract Kurt, allowing Umaga to waffle him from behind!!! The Bulldozer goes to work on Angle, as Jericho saunters down the ramp, with a shit eating grin on his face as he passes by the irate Paul Heyman, who himself is signalling to the back, bringing out JACK SWAGGER

And eventually RANDY ORTON too!! The fans don’t really know how to react to all of this as it’s almost exclusively heels on heels, with only Angle somewhere in between … as Mark Henry stands in the way of Swagger and Orton with Jericho, preventing them from making a save for Angle. In the ring, Kurt starts to fire up on Umaga … which sees the tag champions called into action!! Barrett and Burke hit the ring, attacking Angle, ending the match!!!

Winner: Via DQ – Kurt Angle @ 02:00

The tag champions help out Umaga, putting the boots to Angle, with Swagger and Orton being prevented from saving Kurt due to the presence of Henry and a gloating Jericho. It’s 5 on 3, and Michael Cole calls out the two man difference as a huge obstacle for Angle to overcome – and Jericho set this whole thing up knowing just that!!

Melina looks delighted, with a devilish grin on her face as she brushes by a flummoxed Paul Heyman on the floor, certainly sure she made the right decision in joining Jericho’s ranks, with Angle being pummelled in the ring by the tag champions whilst AAE barks more orders at Umaga. On the ramp, Swagger and Orton continue to bicker with Jericho whilst Henry stands there menacingly, preventing either man from making a save-

WHEN THE CARIBBEAN CONNECTION HIT THE RING FROM THE CROWD!!!!! Carlito and Kofi Kingston come after the tag team champions, taking Barrett and Burke by surprise, knocking them off their feet with a pair of dropkicks!!! Umaga launches himself at them, but Carlito and Kofi both duck, and both fire off a stereo dropkick at the Samoan Bulldozer that teeter Umaga … allowing Angle to fire off an ANGLE SLAM!!!!!

On the ramp, Jericho is stunned by what he’s just seen with his plan falling apart, thwarted by the Caribbean Connection, and in amongst the distraction of what’s happening in the ring, Swagger and Orton get by the WWE Champion and Henry and rush to the ring to join Angle, Carlito and Kofi, as they send Umaga and the Fight Factory out of the ring!!!

Theodore Long holds Mark Henry back on the floor, telling the U.S Champion “not tonight, playa. Let this one go.” as Jericho looks to Estrada, before looking back into the ring, seeing a full compliment now for Kurt Angles team … and much like Theodore Long before him, Jericho thinks it over before electing to back away and fight another day.

In the ring, Angle is shown talking with Carlito and Kofi – most probably asking if they’re on board – with the Caribbean Connection seemingly making it clear they are, pointing out of the ring at the Fight Factory; as Cole reminds us that the tag champions screwed Carlito and Kofi out of a title shot a few weeks ago – and clearly the Caribbean Connection haven’t forgotten.

Commercial Break


In this world, DOMINANCE is key.”

Batista delivering a Spinebuster on The Undertaker at Judgment Day, Mark Henry giving Umaga the Worlds Strongest Slam at SummerSlam.

In this world, POWER is the ultimate currency.”

Beth Phoenix standing tall with her Womens title, The Brian Kendrick getting his head shaved after losing at SummerSlam.


The Master Craftsmen standing tall together, Melina aligning with the Fight Factory.

And here, WEAKNESS will be EXPLOITED.”

Randy Orton PUNTING countless innocent victims over the last 18 months, CM Punk blasting Shawn Michaels with the Bible in August.

To stand above ALL others…”

Shots of Christian, Edge and John Cena over the last few years with World Title belts.

To be at the TOP of the food chain …”

Kurt Angle screaming out after a victory, neck muscles bulging, Chris Jericho sneering at the audience on Smackdown.

SURVIVAL isn’t just an INSTINCT.”

Mister Kennedy attacking Mr. McMahon on a recent episode of Raw, John Cena beating up Drew McIntyre on Raw during the summer.

It’s a way of life.”

Triple H blasting multiple people over the years with a sledgehammer, The Undertaker sitting up at WrestleMania.

And the only way to GUARANTEE SURVIVAL in this world?”

The following words THUD onto a black screen.









Backstage, we join mid-conversation as CARLITO and KOFI KINGSTON meet with KURT ANGLE, JACK SWAGGER and RANDY ORTON.

Kurt Angle: All I can say is; I was glad to see you guys out there. As far as I’m concerned?? Welcome to the team.

Angle shakes hands with Carlito, and Kofi, but whilst he shakes with Kofi, Carlito pipes up.

Carlito: No problem. But jus’ so Carlito is clear?? We’re doin this for us. We wanna get our hands on Burke and Barrett.

Kofi quickly inserts himself into the conversation to clarify.

Kofi Kingston: No disrespect.

Angle shrugs.

Kurt Angle: Honestly?? I don’t care what your reasons are – I don’t think we could’ve picked two better guys to round out the team.

Smirking, Orton can’t help but mutter smugly under his breath to Swagger;

Randy Orton: Well … apart from the uh, tag team champions, right??

Even under his breath, it was clearly loud enough for Carlito and Kofi to hear, and Carlito calls him up on it.

Carlito: Hey, wanna know something? We’d have jumped at the chance to be on this team … but you bein on it?? Kinda made this thing a tough choice.

Kofi Kingston: Yeah, man … the things you’ve done to John Morrison?? Joey Matthews?? Not cool.

Orton doesn’t respond, but shows no remorse for his actions.

Carlito: So how about you keep your mouth shut, Randy? Unless you wanna go on out and find two more guys to join this team.

Making it clear there’s no love lost, Carlito walks up to Orton, and prods him in the chest with his finger.

Carlito: Cause there ain’t gonna be many wanting to stand alongside you.

Orton slaps the finger away, but before anything can come of it, PAUL HEYMAN enters and gets the attention of everyone upon arrival.

Paul Heyman: Well, I think standing alongside Randy Orton is a pill the two of you might just find a little easier to swallow when you hear what I’ve got to say.

Kofi Kingston: You don’t need to sell us, Paul. We’ve already told Kurt; we’re in.

Paul Heyman: Yeah … and I just got done speaking with John Laurinaitis. And we had quite a fascinating conversation. See … I put it to him that this Survivor Series Elimination Match maybe is in need of some extra … sizzle. When I saw the Fight Factory take up Jericho’s offer – their loss, by the way – and Jericho coining his team the Hall of Champions … a lightbulb went off in my head.

Gesturing with his hands, Heyman continues, setting the scene of the two teams.

Paul Heyman: On one side, you’ve got a team almost exclusively made up of champions … yet only one of them has anything on the line. Doesn’t feel right to me. So … I suggested we raise the stakes a little. And now, should this team win at the Survivor Series … Kurt Angle gets his WWE Title shot at Armageddon.

He wags his finger to indicate he isn’t finished, then points at Swagger.

Paul Heyman: AND … Jack Swagger gets a shot at Mark Henry and the United States Championship. And …

Heyman smiles at Carlito and Kofi.

Paul Heyman: The two of you will get the championship opportunity you desperately want against the Fight Factory too.

Carlito and Kofi look to one another, both nodding at that.

Paul Heyman: Now?? Now we all have a reason to ensure victory at the Survivor Series.

As this is said, Angles attention turns to watching Orton – the only man who doesn’t get a direct title shot out of the match if they win. He’s clearly still wary of Orton and his motives for being on the team.

Paul Heyman: Now, we’re not just fighting for one man at the Survivor Series. Now, we’re not just a group of five men. We … are what I would call … a Dangerous … Alliance.


Elsewhere, FILTHY RICH – including the Million Dollar Man and M.V.P – are leaving the arena, with everyone smiling except of course for the odd one out in the group; Porter. However, as they approach their expensive limo-

Whoa!! Wait a minute, gentlemen.”

It’s Johnny Ace!! Laurinaitis awkwardly jogs toward the group, with Ted Senior still all smiles, and greets the acting GM.

The Million Dollar Man: Mister Laurinaitis!! There’s really no need, son. You didn’t have to wave us off for the evening.

John Laurinaitis: That’s not what I’m here for, unfortunately, Mister DiBiase.

The Million Dollar Man: Oh really??

John Laurinaitis: Yeah … I’m gonna have to ask you, your son, Jamie and M.V.P to all make your way back into the building.

DiBiase looks puzzled.

The Million Dollar Man: Why??

John Laurinaitis: Because I’m finishing this Finlay investigation tonight, and you’re all suspects.

The Million Dollar Man: US!?

Ted Senior chuckles.

The Million Dollar Man: You can’t be serious, surely, my boy?? We had nothing to do with that incident.

John Laurinaitis: Well, after what happened to R-Truth last week – moments before he was set to face your son – I’m afraid none of you can be cleared.

Ted Junior scoffs at the suggestion.

Ted DiBiase Jr: This is insane. We’d never-

John Laurinaitis: Please- Truth was found in identical fashion to Finlay.

Ted DiBiase Jr: We’re being set up here!!

Ted Junior has his hands on his hips, shaking his head in fury.

The Million Dollar Man: And if anyone out of this group would be capable of such an atrocious act-

Ted Senior points to M.V.P.

The Million Dollar Man: It’s him!!

M.V.P: The hell you talkin about!!? I ain’t been able to get away from you idiots for long enough to do somethin like that.

Jamie Noble: Oh, come on, boy, once a convict, always-

M.V.P grips Noble, but the DiBiase’s pull them apart, with Senior shouting repeatedly; “Settle down!!” Laurinaitis shakes his head, and points at the bickering group.

John Laurinaitis: I’ll see you all in the ring later. Understood??

Johnny Ace briskly walks off, as the four man group look at each other, all angry at what’s just gone down.


Meanwhile, in another area backstage, MELINA and THEODORE LONG are in the middle of letting rip at ARMANDO ESTRADA!!

Melina: And now we MIGHT end up having to defend our titles if we don’t win!? Is that what you’re telling us?? I didn’t agree to this-

Theodore Long: And neither did I, playa!! You’ve screwed up – AGAIN!! I shoulda known to never make a deal wit you!!

Looking increasingly at the point of despair, Estrada puts his hands up.

Armando Estrada: I’ve already got a lot to deal with tonight with this investigation nonsense about Finlay, jes?? I don’t need this crap!! I’m jus passing de message from Johnny Ace!! I don’t like it either!!

Melina huffs.

Melina: You know what, I think I can fix this, Teddy. Let me go speak with John Laurinaitis. I think I can get him to see this from my perspective.

Theodore Long: I like the sound of that, baby girl. Go do ya thing.

Long nods, pointing to the door, as Melina applies some lip balm before addressing AAE.

Melina: So Armando?? I think you better start looking for some replacements. Because the tag team champions?? They’re out.

Armando Estrada: This wasn’t my doing. It was Heyman-

Theodore Long: And y’can times that by two, playa!! Mark Henry ain’t gettin involved in this mess. Shoulda never agreed to this in the first place, dawg. C’mon Melina-

Long and Melina both turn to leave, but CHRIS JERICHO is standing in front of them at the doorway.

Chris Jericho: It’s a little too late for that.

Theodore Long: The hell it is, playa!! We didn’t agree to nothin about putting title shots up for grabs!!

Chris Jericho: No, you didn’t … but I did.

Long looks even angrier now.

Theodore Long: Now wait just a minnit, playa. You signed off on this!?

Jericho solemnly nods.

Chris Jericho: As a matter of fact … despite what Paul Heyman would have people believe, it was my idea.

Melina: Excuse me??

Chris Jericho: I had to make a move that guaranteed full commitment from everyone on this team. And when it’s only my future that hangs in the balance, I fail to see what would motivate your clients from giving their all to the cause. So I used my brain and arranged a situation where victory at the Survivor Series is something we all don’t just want … but need.

Long is furious at being duped.

Theodore Long: Well, ya can forget it, playa!! Mark Henry is out!!

Despite the tension and anger from Long and Melina, Jericho is as cool as a cucumber.

Chris Jericho: Wrong again. You see, you don’t have a choice any more, Teddy. Neither do you, Melina. Your clients are tied and duty bound to compete on my team at the Survivor Series.

Melina and Long look to one another, both as furious as the other at this situation.

Chris Jericho: And if you want to avoid defending your titles against our opponents … then it’s simple … make sure we win at the Survivor Series.

The two managers are both left stuck on the team, with no way out now. Melina is clearly livid, and lets Jericho know as she storms out.

Melina: You’re a piece of work, Jericho.

Chris Jericho: {Smirking} Thank you.

Long steps toward Jericho, shaking his head. Also livid.

Theodore Long: I don’t like this, playa. I don’t like bein played, I don’t like bein lied to … and trust me on this, Mark Henry?? He don’t like it neither … and he don’t forget. Believe dat.

Angry, Theodore Long steps out of the room, shaking his head, as Jericho continues to smirk, before looking to Estrada – who clearly wasn’t aware of the plan given how rattled he was – but looks a lot more relaxed now knowing it WAS Jericho’s idea all along…


Back into the arena…



And here comes KANE!! Making his first appearance since coming up short against Mark Henry a few weeks ago, the Big Red Machine walks through the hell, fire and brimstone, as Michael Cole informs us that the legendary figure will be in action; NEXT!!

Commercial Break

Match 5:
Kane vs. Ricky Ortiz

Ortiz is just a warm body, as he has been since showing up a few months ago. He tries to offer a rally towel to Kane at the beginning of the match and gets an uppercut for his troubles. It doesn’t get much better than that either, for Ortiz, with Kane using him as target practice.

During the one sided beatdown, Cole and Lawler take the opportunity to discuss the impact Kanes brother, The Undertaker, had on Raw 800 this past Monday as a one night attraction from Smackdown; defeating Miz and having a major face off with John Cena to prevent Cena from seriously injuring Drew McIntyre.

Briefly, Ortiz has some joy after getting a boot up in the corner … but his flurry of offence has little effect on Kane, as the Big Red Machine soon takes over again with a big boot to an incoming Ortiz. The flying clothesline follows … and Ortiz is unable to prevent a CHOKESLAM that gives Kane the 1...2...3!!!

Winner: Kane @ 02:23

Nothing more than a routine win for Kane, and an excuse for Cole and Lawler to discuss the Cena/Taker face off on Raw this past Monday. Kane stands tall in the ring, with our commentators wondering what could be next for the Big Red Machine here on Smackdown…


Cutting backstage – CHRISTIAN has arrived!! Captain Charisma is on Smackdown for the first time (officially) in six years, and the former 3x World Champion is greeted by production crew members and other nobodies, with Cole hyping that we’ll hear from Smackdown’s newest acquisition; NEXT!!!

Commercial Break




A re-imagining of the War Games match is seen at the Survivor Series for the first time in WWE history, as instead of ending with one submission, the match is an elimination match, fitting with the Survivor Series format as Ric Flair leads a team including himself, with Batista, Christian, Carlito and a heel RVD against Mick Foley’s team consisting of Foley himself, The Undertaker, a then face Randy Orton, Rey Mysterio & Eugene with the winner becoming the Raw GM.

RVD and Randy Orton kick off proceedings, and it’s Team Flair that wins the coin toss, giving them the advantage throughout the match. During a period where it’s 4 on 3, Rey is the first man eliminated, putting Foley and Orton at a 4 on 2 disadvantage, and Eugene doesn’t last long either, meaning Team Flair for a period had a 5 on 2 advantage before The Undertakers arrival. Carlito would be eliminated by The Phenom, but Christian - making it four times in four months - saw off The Undertaker, giving Team Flair a 4 on 2 advantage once more.

Rob Van Dam is finally eliminated, and Foley eliminates Ric Flair to make it 2 on 2 - only for Batista to quickly eliminate Foley. Facing a 2 on 1 disadvantage, and having fought from the opening bell, Orton is facing near impossible odds, and manages to beat Batista, but is unable to overcome Christian, who defeats Orton - meaning Foley has been fired, and Flair will be the NEW General Manager of Raw.





Back into the arena…


And as Captain Charisma heads out into the arena, Michael Cole looks to put over the moment as a HUGE one for Smackdown, getting a former three time World Champion and the man that had been the face of Raw for the last three years.

Cole claims that the arrival of CHRISTIAN on Smackdown will have everyone at the top of the roster looking over their shoulders, stating it wont be long until Christian has his sights set on the WWE title.

Christian climbs the turnbuckles, pumping his chest, with King a little more reticent compared to Cole, noting Christians recent lackadaisical attitude, wondering what Christian will be showing up on Smackdown. Christian takes the mic, and has to wait out the chants of the fans before being able to speak…

Christian: So I guess I don’t need to introduce myself, huh?

Christian smirks, making note of the strong reaction on Smackdown.

Christian: Just excuse me a for a moment, because I’m still trying to get adjusted to these new surroundings. It’s sort of the same … but it’s all a little different too.

It’s an upgrade!!” ~Lawler pimps Smackdown.

Christian: However … one thing that doesn’t change regardless of whether it’s Raw or Smackdown … and that’s my Peeps!!

Cheap pop.

Christian: Y’know … ever since the small matter of what happened at SummerSlam, I’ve been a little … withdrawn, I guess. You all probably heard what I had to say a few weeks ago when I flat out told Matt Striker that I didn’t really have all the motivation to do this and the lure of the World Title wasn’t driving me on like it should…

He pauses, and half shrugs.

Christian: And honestly, even after everything that happened at Nemesis and getting screwed over like I did … I wasn’t hungry for vengeance. I didn’t head into Raw the next night and chase down Albright and JBL. I took the night off.

Who does that!?” ~Lawler questions Christians actions.

Christian: And even when I agreed to join Jesse Ventura’s Survivor Series team … it wasn’t because I was hell bent on revenge either. I wasn’t even mad when JBL politicked me out of that match and out of Raw last week. I’m not even upset that I got pushed out of Raw. I’m just … checked out.

There’s a few cat calls in amongst the rather dead crowd, with Christian pausing again to gather his thoughts.

Christian: I’ve been in this company for ten years … and for most of those ten years, I had the steepest of mountains to climb. Against all odds, I did that. I climbed that mountain, and wound up accomplishing everything I could’ve dreamt of and more.

He’s done it all – and then some!!” ~Cole puts Christian over.

Christian: Now … I just don’t know if I have the motivation to do it all over again. Because I should be excited right now. I should be pumped up to be here. After all, I got new surroundings … I’ve got new challenges all around me here on Smackdown. That should be the motivation I need, right?? I should be looking ahead to facing off against Randy Orton- … Batista- … Chris Jericho- … or even Edge-

Boos for the first three, but a massive pop for the last name mentioned by Christian.

Christian: But the truth is-


Groans echo around the arena, as SIM SNUKA cuts off Christian, and worse still, the son of the Superfly is bringing a microphone with him!! Christian looks perplexed by the interruption, but says nothing as Sim motions for the music to cut.

Sim Snuka: If you want something to be mad about, let me tell you about the lack of opportunities Sim Snuka has been given on Smackdown.

Heat for the charisma vacuum, whilst Christian looks around, seemingly unsure who this even is.

Sim Snuka: And if you need some motivation?? When you hear the crap I’ve had to put up with, you’ll want to get on Team Snuka and then you’ll have all the motivation you need to help me get some more chances on Smackdown.

Snuka climbs up onto the apron.

Sim Snuka: See, you mentioned Randy Orton, Edge and the rest … but if I’d been given a fair crack at the whip around here, you’d be mentioning Sim Snuka’s name amongst those others.

Christian shrugs as Sim climbs into the ring.

Christian: Okay, but who’s Sim Snuka??

Snuka looks flabbergasted.

Sim Snuka: Y- … Me. Me. I’M Sim Snuka.

This is embarrassing!!” ~Cole.

Sim Snuka: And that’s the problem!! I should be a household name by now, but I cant get a chance to show what I’m capable of. Guys like your best buddy, Edge?? They’re trying to make a mockery out of me. And the people in charge want me to be a scapegoat. I mean … they’ve even got me in the frame for what happened to Finlay!!

Christian looks pretty bored by all of this.

Sim Snuka: So here’s what I want to suggest. You and I. We look out for each other. You’re new on Smackdown, but you’ve got a pretty good standing. I’ll watch your back, and you can help me out by putting a word in with management and getting me some real opportunities around here.

Christian looks to the fans, then back at Sim.

Christian: You’ll watch my back?? And all I have to do in return is get you more opportunities??

Snuka nods, and extends a hand to seal the deal.

Christian: Well … I mean, I still haven’t worked out what I want to do around here on Smackdown, but one thing is for sure …

Christian kicks Sim!! He turns him over … UNPRETTIER!!!!! The fans pop, as Christian picks the mic back up, looking down at Sim Snuka…

Christian: I don't need anyone to watch my back.

Christian pounds his chest, saluting the fans, before departing the ring. Cole and Lawler discuss what Christian will do here on Smackdown, with him being rather non-committal about his future or his motivations, but Lawler is pretty convinced Smackdown just picked up a dud. Christian continues up the ramp-


When BATISTA heads out onto the stage, ahead of his showdown with Edge!! Christian stops on the ramp, as The Animal makes his way out, setting off his pyro as usual … before passing Christian on the ramp. He stops at Captain Charisma, and there’s a tense staredown between the pair.

The camera’s obviously don’t pick up what’s said due to the music blaring through the arena, but Batista clearly has a few choice words for Christian, sending a warning, before brushing past the former three time World Champion with the shoulder, and makes his way to the ring.

In response, Christian doesn’t do anything except watch. He watches as Batista marches on toward the ring, before leaving, as Cole and Lawler hype the long awaited Edge/Batista showdown that’s been brewing for weeks – coming up next.

Commercial Break

Main Event:
Batista vs. Edge

It’s an all out war between two men that aren’t afraid of a fight. Edge takes it to Batista as soon as he hits the ring, and Batista is all too happy to accept the fight, with the two men soon spilling to the floor. It’s clear in the very early going that Chad Patton will have his hands full tonight with these two, and indeed, the referee seems pretty liberal about the rules, with Cole mentioning that the official doesn’t appear to be counting the two men out.

Edge and Batista fight it out, tooth and nail all around ringside, back and forth, back and forth, until Edge avoids an incoming attack from Big Dave and the Animal runs himself into the ring post!! Edge takes over, and brings the fight back into the ring, but soon finds it a near impossible task to put Batista away as the big man refuses to stay down; after all, he beat The Undertaker at No Mercy a couple of months ago.

They wind up back out on the floor again as Batista tries to create some space to stop the attacks from Edge … but Edge isn’t willing to give The Animal any time to rest up. He follows right out, and a dropkick sends Batista tumbling over the barricade into the fans!!! Again, Patton makes the choice NOT to count them out, but this time is more forceful in wanting the action back IN the ring … and Edge responds by suplexing Batista on the cold hard floor by the fans!!!!!

Eventually, Edge DOES bring the action back into the ring, and scores a near fall off a missile dropkick, but STILL is unable to finish Batista off. He pummels the man that screwed him out of the WWE title, then sets off the ropes … COMING RIGHT BACK TO A BLISTERING CLOTHESLINE FROM THE ANIMAL!!! The clothesline instantly shifts the balance back into The Animals favour, and Batista doesn’t pass up the opportunity to wear Edge down with a series of shoulder thrusts to the gut in the corner.

And completely turning the tables, Batista makes a point to throw Edge out of the ring and continue the punishment on the floor. He hurls Edge into the steps, and then peels off the mats outside – much to the chagrin of Chad Patton, who is losing control of this match – and proceeds to POWERSLAM EDGE ON THE COLD, HARD FLOOR!!!!! Patton warns Batista for his actions, and demands he take the action back into the ring … with Dave more than happy now the damage is done.

But, much like Edge before him, Batista can’t find a way to keep his rival down – even after the gruelling punishment on the floor. After surviving an Abdominal Stretch submission attempt from The Animal, Edge constantly tries to fight back, but The Animal appears to be just too strong, and cuts him off every time it looks like Edge is battling back.

Yet, when Batista tries to set up the Spinebuster, Edge is able to kick off from him, then duck a shot – and drops Batista with the EDGE-O-MATIC!!! That buys the former WWE Champion time to recover, and both men stir, getting to their feet … as Edge EXPLODES FOR A SPEAR … BUT GETS CAUGHT AND DRILLED WITH A SPINEBUSTER FROM BATISTA!!!!!

The Animal shakes the ropes, and comes back, looking to finish the job on Edge and goes for the BATISTA BOMB – BUT EDGE HAMMERS HIS WAY OUT OF TROUBLE!!!!! He eventually breaks free, and drops back to his feet, before sending Batista out of the ring with a clothesline!!! But that’s not all, as Edge risks it all with a CROSS BODY FROM THE TOP TURNBUCKLE TO THE FLOOR!!!!!

Edge sends Batista into the steps with a hard whip, then looks to send Big Dave into the ring post with a whip too … REVERSED by Batista, and Edge collides with the post!!! Chad Patton tries to tell both men to get it back in the ring … but neither man is yielding now, as they trade blows back and forth with no sign of them returning to the ring … leaving the official little choice but to start counting … and unfortunately, he ends up reaching TEN… leaving him no option except…

Winner: Double Count Out @ 10:13

The bell rings to signify the end of the match, but neither Edge or Batista take notice and continue to fight instead!!! Batista dumps Edge – face first – onto the top of the barrier, before grabbing a chair, looking to use it on Edge, but wastes a few seconds in shoving Chad Patton aside, then turns to go for Edge again-


The fans naturally pop for the Spear, but for Edge a Spear isn’t going to be enough tonight. Seeing the chair, and knowing what Batista would’ve had in store for him, on top of the screw job he suffered last month … Edge wont be passing up the opportunity to REALLY get even tonight and GRABS THE CHAIR!!!

Edge stands over Batista with the chair, seemingly setting him up for a CON-CHAIR-TO … until a raft of MORE referees arrive on the scene and take the chair from Edge when he pulls it up, JUST before he could bring it back down!!!

Furious, Edge confronts the officials, but security also arrive on the scene, with the Rated ‘R’ Superstar being ushered away … just as JOHN LAURINAITIS enters the fray. He and Edge share a few words on the top of the ramp, Edge pointing back down to the ringside area and making it known he’s not done with Batista.

Laurinaitis nods, but soon continues on his way to the ring, with very serious business to conduct right now. As Batista starts to recover at ringside, shaking the cobwebs loose, Johnny Ace approaches, and asks him how he is … before telling the Animal to stay right where he is – we’re about to find out the conclusion to the investigation…

Commercial Break

And, back from the final commercial of the night, JOHN LAURINAITIS is holding court in the ring, as BATISTA – now wearing a t-shirt – remains from his match moments ago. Looking worse for wear after suffering the spear, Batista constantly holds the back of his head in pain … whilst MATT HARDY, RANDY ORTON, a recovered SIM SNUKA and Cruiserweight Champion CHRISTOPHER DANIELS are all in the ring – none of which look overly happy to be there under the circumstances.

Meanwhile, ARMANDO ESTRADA leads out UMAGA sans music, with Estrada talking the entire way down the ramp to the Bulldozer, clearly frazzled after a rather tough night in the end … as THE DIBIASES, JAMIE NOBLE AND M.V.P all follow behind. Laurinaitis waits in the ring for everyone to get inside, as everyone appears on edge, casting glances at the other prime suspects in the case…

John Laurinaitis: About a month ago, I was assigned the task to find out just who was behind the reprehensible assault that put the General Manager of Smackdown out of commission. And after weeks of interviews and investigations, I’m of the firm belief that the culprit behind that despicable act is standing in the ring right now.

Ace looks around at all his gathered suspects and not just one inparticular.

John Laurinaitis: I’ve requested that each one of you join me in this ring tonight, because I want to give the guilty party one last opportunity to come forward and admit responsibility.

Orton looks confused by that and immediately speaks up.

Randy Orton: Whoa, whoa- wait a minute … I thought you brought us all out here to lay down the hammer on whoever did it.

Daniels nods in agreement with Orton.

Christopher Daniels: Yeah, I thought you had the answers, Columbo.

And now everyone starts piling on.

Armando Estrada: Is dis really de best ju can offer?? Ju want the dirt bag that did dis to just … confess!? Ju’re LOCO pero!!!

Matt Hardy: This is ridiculous. I’m outta here-

John Laurinaitis: Wait just a moment!! No one is leaving here. Not until I get a confession. Every single one of you is under suspicion. You all had reason, you all had motive … and we’re going to work out just who was responsible, right here … right now.

Matt stops at the ropes, and returns to the ring under orders. Big Johnny looks around the ring, and points at Orton first.

John Laurinaitis: Randy Orton!! All the fingers have been pointed at you. Let’s look at the facts; you’ve got quite the history of hospitalizing people. Correct?? And Finlay had just written you out of the WWE Title picture for the foreseeable future. Earlier that very same night you punted Joey Matthews and Elix Skipper in the skull – not for anything they did to you. Two innocent victims. You put them on the shelf … just to send a message-

Randy Orton: That’s right. And you’re right about me putting countless people in hospital beds. The difference is … I’ve never tried to hide it. If I were to take out Finlay … I’d have done it in public to send a message.

Ace nods, then looks at Daniels.

John Laurinaitis: So how about you?? Finlay refuses your requests for a Cruiserweight title shot … then he disappears out of the picture for a few weeks and now you’ve got that title over your shoulder. Just a coincidence??

Christopher Daniels: Just a coincidence.

Laurinaitis stares at Daniels for a few extra seconds, as if he can tell if he’s lying … before turning his attention to Estrada with Umaga.

John Laurinaitis: Estrada?? Finlay made it crystal clear that if there was to be any tricks or stunts pulled by your client Chris Jericho in his WWE Championship defence against Edge, then he wouldn’t hesitate to punish Jericho and restart the match if necessary. You couldn’t let that happen, could you??

Estrada nervously laughs at the questioning.

John Laurinaitis: Your client was injured. He was a sitting duck for Edge, and without some help of some kind, he didn’t stand a chance. So you – or more likely – your Samoan Bulldozer made sure that Finlay couldn’t foil your plan, right??

Armando Estrada: We didn’t have a plan, pero. At least not de one that came to pass.

Points at Batista.

Armando Estrada: Ask him jur’self. He did what he did … on his own. No plan … no arrangement … no deal.

Big Johnny ponders that … and turns to look at Batista.

John Laurinaitis: Well … that does bring me to you, Dave. You were the last person that was seen in the area before the attack took place. Josh Mathews was standing by at the time, outside Finlays office, and not only did he report commotion and raised voices while you were inside … he witnessed you leave that office in a foul mood around the same time Finlay would’ve been assaulted. Josh is on the record as saying he followed you for a comment and you confirmed that Finlay wouldn’t guarantee you the next WWE title shot, correct??

Batista: {Matter of factly} That’s right.

John Laurinaitis: And when Josh asked what you’d do about that … your words to him were … “you’ll see” … correct??

Batista nods.

John Laurinaitis: Anything to say??

Batista: It wasn’t me.

Batista doesn’t even blink. And Laurinaitis throws his arms up in frustration.

John Laurinaitis: Well … it had to be somebody in this ring!! {Pointing} Ted DiBiase!! Your son was about to face R-Truth last week when R-Truth was found in almost the exact same condition that Finlay was all those weeks ago. Did-

The Million Dollar Man: If you don’t mind me saying, this whole charade is a joke!!

There’s some surprise to that outburst from the Hall of Famer in the ring and in the audience. Furious to be in this spot, DiBiase fights back.

The Million Dollar Man: You, Mister Laurinaitis have spent an untold amount of money heading up this investigation. You’ve wasted precious man-hours that could’ve been better served doing your day-to-day responsibilities rather than carry on this nonsense for weeks!!

Laurinaitis has a stupid smile on his face – probably knowing deep down that what DiBiase is saying is actually true.

The Million Dollar Man: Especially when I myself could’ve cracked this case inside five short minutes!! Isn’t it obvious?? Am I the only person standing here that doesn’t realise that the answer is staring us all in the face!? Look at the suspects!!!

DiBiase points around the ring, then at Orton specifically.

The Million Dollar Man: Randy Orton?? He said it himself and his past confirms it; he wouldn’t have done such a thing in the dark of night. He’d WANT everyone to know if he put Finlay on the shelf.

Orton nods in agreement, as Ted walks to Sim Snuka.

The Million Dollar Man: No offence son, but I just don’t think you’d be capable even if you wanted to.

There’s some laughs from the fans for the complete and utter writing off of Sim Snuka as a legit suspect or a threat of any kind. DiBiase continues, and points to Daniels – chuckling as he does.

The Million Dollar Man: I think you’re stretching when you point the finger at this man. How was he to know Finlay’s replacement would be as easy to win around and get what he wanted??

Another burn on Big Johnny!!

The Million Dollar Man: And quite frankly, it’d be too obvious for Mister Estrada here to be behind that attack. He’s too smart to do something he knows he’d be a prime suspect in … much like myself. Which is why you should be smart enough, Mister Laurinaitis, to realize that whoever took out R-Truth last week was trying to frame me and my boy.

DiBiase walks up to Laurinaitis, hand in his pocket.

The Million Dollar Man: No, no, no … the answer is all too simple. There’s only one answer here that makes a lick of sense. And it’s all about that e-mail.

Ted now stands next to Batista, looking over at Big Johnny.

The Million Dollar Man: Does this man look like someone that’d set someone else up for his own crimes?? Not a bit of it. There’s only one man that’d send the Sci-Fi channel an e-mail to confirm a match between Kurt Angle and Matt Hardy the following week … and that’s Matt Hardy.

Matt makes a lunge at DiBiase, but Laurinaitis, along with Snuka and Daniels, hold him back from attacking the Million Dollar Man. Matt settles down as DiBiase backs off, having made the accusation he wanted to – against the guy his own son has been feuding with for weeks – and Laurinaitis turns the focus onto Hardy too.

John Laurinaitis: Well?? The man makes a point, Matt. That e-mail. No one else in this ring would’ve sent it, would they?? The only question is … did Finlay send it before he was assaulted … or did you send it after you assaulted him??

Matt says nothing.

John Laurinaitis: You can stay silent if you want, Matt. But as I said … I want to give the perpetrator a chance to come clean … before I reveal some interesting information I picked up from Finlay himself earlier this week.

BIG pop from the fans. Matt looks up, and gulps – he’s starting to look guilty now after that revelation.

John Laurinaitis: That’s right. He’s talking, Matt. He’s alert, and he’s starting to make a recovery. And even though he didn’t see the assailant … there’s one man he’s pointing the finger at right now … because he didn’t send that e-mail.

Matt puts a hand up to his forehead, covering his eyes, and puffs his cheeks as it seems the reveal of Finlay now being able to talk and able to recall NOT sending the e-mail has lifted the lid and revealed that MATT HARDY is now prime suspect, especially as he LOOKS guilty as hell.

Hardy looks down, and rubs his hair, before putting his hands on his head with all eyes on him, and John Laurinaitis shaking his head in disappointment.

John Laurinaitis: Matt, I tried to give you a way out of this. I set this whole thing up to give you one last chance to be honest here. I gave you an opportunity to come clean. I understand times have been tough for you lately and things haven’t gone the way you’d want them to … but this?? You can’t come back from this. Matt, I’m afraid I’ve got no other choice but-

Matt Hardy: Wait!! Wait!!

Hardy cuts Ace off, and buys himself a few seconds to come up with something.

Matt Hardy: Okay, okay … look, I know how this looks. And yeah … I sent that e-mail.

There’s a gasp of shock from the fans, as Hardy admits sending the e-mail from Finlays desk.

Matt Hardy: But I swear to God, I didn’t do that to Finlay. I went to his office to request that match with Angle … and he was already in that state.

John Laurinaitis: Whoa. Hold on. You found him like that … and didn’t raise an alarm??

Matt closes his eyes with a pained look on his face, whilst everyone else in the ring look around at one another, with most stunned at these revelations.

Matt Hardy: I know. I know. I was stupid- really stupid. I should’ve called for help straight away. But… I was desperate man. I’ve struggled to get goin here on Smackdown, and I thought if I could beat Kurt Angle, I-

John Laurinaitis: Just stop. Please, Matt, stop. I don’t think anyone is buying any of this story, I’m afraid. Certainly not me. You went to Finlays office and requested that match with Kurt Angle.

Matt Hardy: He was already like that-

John Laurinaitis: He turned you down.

Matt Hardy: No.

John Laurinaitis: And these last six months of disappointments and setbacks all bubbled up in one moment, right??

Matt Hardy: That’s not what happened.

John Laurinaitis: So you exploded. You saw red. You beat the General Manager of this show to a bloody pulp and took it upon yourself to send that e-mail from his computer to give yourself that match with Kurt Angle.

Ted DiBiase Jr: And you still lost!! It was for nothing!!

Matt lunges for DiBiase Junior this time, but once more is restrained. Laurinaitis shakes his head in disappointment at the straining Matt Hardy – a desperate man if ever there was one.

John Laurinaitis: Matt, please that’s enough. I’m going to give you one last chance to at least admit your guilt. Admit to this, and we can work something out – you can still salvage something here. But if you’re going to deny it … despite all the evidence against you … there’s nothing more I can do.

Laurinaitis puts the mic to Matt, with Hardy breathing over the mic, thinking it over…

It was me.”

But that is NOT Matt Hardy’s voice. And the voice isn’t coming from inside the ring. Everyone looks puzzled in the ring, wondering where it came from, when…

THE BRIAN KENDRICK has emerged through the curtain!!!!!!!!!!

Bald headed and wild eyed, The Brian Kendrick is appearing in person for the first time in nearly two months, after going AWOL shortly after losing his hair at SummerSlam … a stipulation Finlay signed off on. All eyes are on Kendrick – wearing a worn out, tattered version of his previously white leather jacket and ripped jeans – as he stands on the stage, nodding …

Before producing a bloody rag from his jeans pocket, holding it up in the air like a trophy…

The Brian Kendrick: It. Was. ME!!!

Fade to black.


Official Card for The 22nd Annual WWE Survivor Series:

November 16 2008 | Phillips Arena, Atlanta GA
Theme Music; ‘Spolin For A Fight’ by AC/DC

5 on 5 Survivor Series Elimination Match:



World Heavyweight Champion Brent Albright, John Cena, Shawn Michaels, Vladimir & John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield

Rey Mysterio, Shelton Benjamin, Paul London, Nick Nemeth & Raw General Manager Ricky Steamboat

*If Team Layfield win; JBL becomes WWE Commissioner*
*If Team Ventura win; Jesse Ventura remains WWE Commissioner*

5 on 5 Survivor Series Elimination Match:


WWE Champion Chris Jericho, Umaga, U.S Champion Mark Henry, WWE Tag Team Champions Wade Barrett & Elijah Burke w/Melina & Armando Estrada

Kurt Angle, Randy Orton, Jack Swagger, Carlito & Kofi Kingston w/Paul Heyman

*If The Dangerous Alliance win, Kurt Angle will receive a WWE Championship Match, Jack Swagger will receive a U.S Championship Match and the Caribbean Connection will receive a WWE Tag Team Championship match – all at Armageddon*

Womens Championship Match:

Beth Phoenix vs. Natalya

- With NO Rope Breaks Allowed -

Cruiserweight Championship Match:

Christopher Daniels vs. Bryan Danielson


Triple H vs. Mister Kennedy
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Re: Being The Booker

Monday Night Raw | November 10 2008 | Houston TX

Highlights of last weeks Raw 800 conclusion, which saw Raw General Manager RICKY STEAMBOAT revealed as the fifth and final member of Team Ventura at the Survivor Series…

Opening Video


Jim Ross: The Survivor Series is now just SIX short days away and the future of the WWE hierarchy hangs in the balance!! Will John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield take over the reigns as Commissioner this Sunday, or will Jesse Ventura’s team keep ‘The Body’ in control!? This is the final stop before the extravaganza this Sunday and we’re deep in the heart of Texas!! I’m Jim Ross, joined by The Coach, and Coach, the Survivor Series comes early tonight!!

The Coach: It absolutely does, old timer. WrestleMania is coming to Houston next April, and these people just got even luckier, because the Survivor Series comes to them tonight too!! A three match series was set up by JBL and Jesse Ventura earlier today, which will see four of the five men from each team this Sunday in action with the chance to send a message ahead of the biggest Survivor Series elimination match of all time!!

Jim Ross: And what a series of matches it promises to be!! The main event tonight will be a rematch from Nemesis last month as John Cena battles Paul London, while in tag team action, Shelton Benjamin teams with Nick Nemeth to battle the World Champion Brent Albright and JBL’s Russian Hitman, Vladimir!!

**BOOYAKA 619**

A thunderous pop greets the always spectacular entrance of REY MYSTERIO, with Rey decked out all in white tonight – but minus the tag team title he lost last week – slapping hands with fans and doing that creepy head to head thing with any kids wearing replica masks.

Jim Ross: But we’re kickin off with a dream match if ever there was one!! Rey Mysterio will go one on one with Shawn Michaels!!!

The Coach: And both men are coming off major disappointments last week at Raw 800, J.R. Mysterio and Shelton Benjamin lost the World Tag Team Championships and who could forget that classic battle between Shawn Michaels and CM Punk. What has that match taken out of the Showstopper, J.R!?

Jim Ross: Well, we’re about t’find out, Coach. We don't even know what kinda condition Shawn Michaels leg is gonna be in after the punishment he took last week – but Coach – we gotta point out that when these matches were put together earlier tonight, JBL made sure to break Mysterio and Benjamin apart and NOT have them team up in the tag match later tonight.

The Coach: Clever move if you ask me. Rey Mysterio and Shelton Benjamin had formed a great bond as a team over the last few months, makes all the sense in the world for JBL to demand they be broken up tonight.


A mixed reaction for SHAWN MICHAELS, with the legendary Showstopper still respected, but many fans just unable to support him after his questionable decision to stand with JBL on the road to the Survivor Series. Notably, Michaels is wearing a knee brace and he’s not as sprightly as usual on his way to the ring.

Jim Ross: Well there ya see it, Coach!! It’s as obvious as obvious can be; that’s one hell of a knee brace Shawn Michaels is wearing over his tights t’night!! Physically, he’s clearly far from a hundred per cent … but mentally, after that emotional rollercoaster against CM Punk a week ago, just where is Shawn Michaels head at??

The Coach: I just hope it’s in better condition than that leg, J.R. And I know JBL will be hoping the same thing. He’ll want Shawn Michaels to put this one to bed early, that’s for sure and rest up for Sunday. The Showstopper has a huge role to play for JBL at the Survivor Series.

Jim Ross: And if my history is correct, this is only the SECOND time EVER that Shawn Michaels and Rey Mysterio will be going one on one. Shawn Michaels defeated Mysterio a little over three years ago when Michaels was last World Heavyweight Champion. But I cannot wait for this one!!

The Coach: This is a dream match, J.R!! It’s a real dream match!!

Match 1:
Rey Mysterio vs. Shawn Michaels
It’s a tentative and slow start, as Rey still offers a handshake to Shawn, despite recent events, and it’s an olive branch that Michaels eventually accepts. They lock up with Michaels controlling the early going, executing a headlock takedown, and keeping Rey grounded. Of course, Rey tries to get up, but Michaels continues to overpower the smaller man, making Rey exert energy with J.R calling it a sound strategy, considering the condition of Shawns weakened leg.

Even when Rey does manage to get up and break out of the headlock, Michaels puts Mysterio back down with a shoulder block. He sends Mysterio off the ropes, looking for a back body drop, but Rey lands on his feet, and ducks a clothesline before dropkicking Shawns back, sending HBK into the ropes!! Rey looks to dial up a 619- but wisely Michaels senses it coming and gets out of the ring instead – much to the chagrin of the fans and Mysterio.

Rey then looks for a baseball slide – but Shawn side steps that too, and as Rey slides out of the ring, Michaels knocks him down with a nasty chop!!! Not content to leave it there, Michaels sends Rey into the barrier with an Irish whip, showing no mercy for Rey!! Back inside, Shawn opens up with chops on Mysterio, enjoying this rare occasion where he is the bigger man. After a near fall off a suplex, Michaels goes back to the headlock, with J.R sending us off to the first commercial of the evening…

Commercial Break

And back live, Michaels is on top again, though we’re shown clips from during the commercial break of a brief Mysterio comeback, proving to be too quick for Michaels, until HBK turned a tilt-a-whirl into a backbreaker. Now, he stomping Rey down in the corner, and cuts off any attempts at a fight back from his gutsy opponent with a knife edge chop.

Shawn sends Rey across the ring to the opposite corner, but Rey elevates up, anticipating Shawn coming in behind … but he doesn’t, and when Mysterio lands back down, Shawn rolls him up – 1...2...NO!!! Back up, Shawn lines up a chop, but Rey ducks under, and fires off a leg kick at the bad leg!!! Immediately, Michaels turns away in pain, groaning loudly.

Rey looks somewhat guilty, having struck out of instinct rather than on purpose, and puts his hands up innocently, and allows the official to check on Shawn, walking over himself to see if HBK is okay … WHEN MICHAELS GOES FOR SWEET CHIN MUSIC – BUT REY LUCKILY AVOIDS IT!!! Michaels DOES hobble, but there’s no more charity from Rey after that, and Mysterio opens up with kicks to the bad leg!!!

The tables have turned, and Mysterio is now the aggressor, turning up the heat on Michaels, scoring near falls off a springboard crossbody, then a bulldog from the wheelbarrow position, and a Hurricanrana!!! But – each time, Michaels JUST escapes disaster. Mysterio sends Michaels off the ropes – reversed by Shawn – and HBK ducks down; SUNSET FLIP BY REY … MICHAELS ROLLS THROUGH, SITTING UP – FRONT DROPKICK BY REY!!! 1...2...NO!!!

Now, Rey backs Shawn into the corner with kicks and chops of his own, setting up to charge back in – but Shawn elevates him up and over the ropes, with Rey landing on the apron, and knocks Michaels away, before springing back into the ring with the SEATED SENTON!!!! 1...2...NO!!! Rey looks to send Shawn off the ropes again and goes for another dropkick – but Shawn holds onto the ropes, meaning Rey lands hard on the canvas, missing his target!!

It’s a route back into the match for Shawn, but he’s clearly struggling on the bad leg. He guts it out, delivering a series of basic slams on Rey, along with inverted atomic drops, and begins to scale the ropes, setting up for the FLYING ELBOW – BUT REY MOVES!!!! Michaels elbow could be messed up now as badly as his leg, but it’s the leg Rey is after and he applies a SINGLE LEG CRAB ON THE BAD LEG!!!!!

Coach is convinced JBL will be wanting HBK to tap out and save himself for Sunday, but J.R knows Shawn Michaels better than that; regardless of his recent actions. And, true to form, Michaels continues to gut it out, and after struggling, he DOES make it to the ropes to force the break – which sportingly, comes straight away from Rey – with Shawn grimacing in agony at the ropes. Rey doesn’t let up though, striking Shawn at the ropes, Irish whip – FLYING FOREARM FROM MICHAELS!!!!!



Michaels bad leg gives way on the nip up, and as he hobbles around the ring, Rey is able to roll him up, 1...2...NO!!! Back up, Rey ducks a clothesline, and bounds back off the ropes – SWEET CHIN MUSIC – NO!!! Rey slides under Michaels, and as Shawn comes at him, Rey side steps, sending Michaels over the top – only for HBK to hang on … AND SKIN THE CAT BACK INTO THE RING!!!

DROPKICK FROM BEHIND BY REY THOUGH AS SOON AS SHAWN LANDS BACK IN THE RING – RIGHT INTO THE ROPES!!!! 619!!!!! Michaels tumbles around the ring, and Rey sets himself on the apron, leaping onto the ropes to spring back in for a WEST COAST POP – BUT LEAPS RIGHT INTO SWEET CHIN MUSIC!!!!!!!!!! A huge roar engulfs the arena, as Michaels drapes an arm over Rey; 1...2...3!!!!!!!!!!
Winner: Shawn Michaels @ 15:00

Victory for Shawn Michaels, and first blood to Team Layfield in this Best of 3 series tonight heading into Sunday!! J.R notes that questions will remain as it pertains to the condition of Michaels leg heading into the Survivor Series, but even at less than 100%, the Showstopper could be a match winner for JBL on Sunday.

Hobbling rather noticeably, Michaels departs the ring, and uses the official for help to walk up the ramp, wincing with each step, but makes sure to look back at the ring, and offer a nod to the recovering Rey Mysterio – some respect being shown between the competitors tonight.

Commercial Break

Returning backstage with a noticeable limp, SHAWN MICHAELS is handed a bottle of water from a stagehand. Taking a sip from the bottle, HBK hobbles through the backstage area until being met by a beaming JBL…

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Y’never write off the greats!! That was tremendous, Shawn!!

JBL pats the shoulder of Michaels.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: How’s the knee??

Michaels shrugs.

Shawn Michaels: I’ve had worse.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: That’s the spirit. You rest up, get that elevated, I’ll tell Ranjin to get plenty of ice and you’ll be one hundred percent for Sunday.

Shawn grunts and looks to walk on, but JBL puts a hand on his chest to stop him.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Listen. I know you’re hurtin right now. Not just physically. But once we get past the Survivor Series … I’ll see to it – personally – that you get another crack at that straight edge goof. So long as you deliver on Sunday.

Michaels looks up at JBL, and shakes his head.

Shawn Michaels: No more.

Bradshaw looks confused.

Shawn Michaels: I need to leave that behind – for my own sake. It’s done. CM Punk?? He won.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Shawn. He won last week, sure. But you can beat that little jerk. You-

Shawn Michaels: I’m not just talking about last week. I don’t like the person I’ve become. CM Punk has brought the absolute worst out of me these last few months. And I wont do it any more. Not to myself … and especially not to my family. I’ve come too far to throw it all away. I’ve got responsibilities, I want to set the right example to my children … and this time … I have to step away from that situation.

Head down, Michaels moves to walk by JBL, but this time, Layfield grabs Shawn by the arm to stop him walking away. There’s no smiling any more from JBL either…

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: You wanna fold up your tent on this CM Punk thing?? That’s fine. But I wanna remind you of your responsibilities to me this Sunday at the Survivor Series. We made a deal-

Michaels pulls his arm away aggressively.

Shawn Michaels: I know exactly what’s expected of me. Irrespective of anything else … I’m still a man of my word. And this Sunday, I’ll deliver exactly what I promised you I would at the Survivor Series.

Shawn turns and walks away, leaving JBL to stew, but at least left comforted in the fact that Michaels has given him his word.


Back at ringside…

Jim Ross: Well … certainly interesting developments there between JBL and Shawn Michaels. Maybe not the harmonious group JBL thought he had assembled, huh??

The Coach: Don’t worry about that, J.R. It’s all in hand. That’s what happens when you’re dealing with a superstar. Jesse Ventura wouldn’t know anything about it because he’s got a team full of subservient “Yes” men.

Jim Ross: Well, I dunno about that. Jesse Ventura has a united team, Coach. And last week on Raw 800 we ended the night on a bombshell. Ricky ‘The Dragon’ Steamboat shocked the world by announcing HE would be the fifth man on Venturas team this coming Sunday. For the first time in nearly FIFTEEN years, one of the greatest to ever do it will lace ‘em up one more time!! Called into the line of duty, Ricky Steamboat will bring a level of big match experience that y’just cant buy-

The Coach: But can he still GO, J.R?? Fifteen years is a long time to stand still. Can he really still compete with the likes of Shawn Michaels?? The likes of John Cena?? The likes of Brent Albright??

Jim Ross: We’re gonna find out Sunday, Coach. That’s what it’s all about. We ain’t gonna have to discuss it, we’ll see it first hand. It’s been a long, long time and I imagine many of the WWE Universe may have never seen Ricky Steamboat in action. Well take it from me; I’ve seen the best – and Steamboat is sure as hell in that conversation. And right now, let’s take a look at the man in question…


{Parts of this are lifted directly from Steamboat's HoF video package and some quotes taken from the Steamboat documentary}

From Hawaii-”


Opening with Steamboat in his heyday, limbering up at Madison Square Garden, then slapping hands with fans on his way to the ring, a shot of him blowing fire in his second WWE run, then standing with his (ex) wife and infant son in 1989 as World Champion, with commentary voiced over the top.

Jim Ross: One of the most respected and talented athletes to ever compete-

Vince McMahon: A Premiere athlete in every respect-

Clips of Steamboat popping off an arm drag on Ric Flair at the Chi-Town Rumble, dropkicking Rick Rude during their Iron Man Match, and a flurry of shots of him leaping off the top rope with a karate style chop to various opponents.

Ric Flair: My greatest opponent.

Dean Malenko: One of those guys that could do just about anything.

Michael Hayes: He was a pioneer, and paved the way for a lot of the younger guys you see today.

More shots of Steamboat in action, with his own unique headscissors takedown on Flair, various enziguris, reverse elbows and his karate style poses in the ring, then slapping hands with fans.

Steve Keirn: Great guy, top performer gave his heart and soul had tremendous passion and the one word we use in our industry- respect.

Magnum TA: Ricky Steamboat is somebody I admired from the time I was about fifteen or sixteen years old.

More shots of Steamboat in action, focusing on cross body’s off the top and planchas to the outside of the ring, along with some extremely old clips of him tagging with Jay Youngblood.

Bret Hart: He was just so fantastic every time he got in the ring.

Christian: Ricky Steamboat is a natural. It’s like home, it’s like walking, it’s like breathing. It comes that easy to him.

Steamboat bringing his infant son to the ring with him, dressed just like Ricky, slapping hands with fans, standing on the top rope, motioning for Jake Roberts to bring it on in 1986.

Paul London: He’s extremely motivating to me to this day.

Shelton Benjamin: His match with Randy Savage – might just be the best ever. And think of the people that inspired-

Shots of the impressive Pontiac Silverdome in 1987, and a brief shot of Steamboat during his interview, interspersed with both men’s entrances on the carts in front of 90,000-

Ricky Steamboat: We have reached our moment – as you and I climb into the ring-

And the incredible action during the WrestleMania III match, with flashbulbs going off at every single moment as Steamboat and Savage go to war.

Jesse Ventura: This is one of the greatest matches I’ve ever seen!

Gorilla Monsoon: Small package by the Dragon- HE GOT ‘EM!!

Ricky Steamboat: And the ninety thousand blew.

Shots of Steamboat kissing the Intercontinental title as he leaves on the cart with George Steele.

Gorilla Monsoon: Ricky The Dragon Steamboat – the new Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion.

Gene Okerlund: And today, it lives – as one of the greatest matches in WWE history.

Now, in 1989, Steamboat returns to Crockett, and faces off with Flair, with clips of the two standing together in the ring; Flair flanked by a gaggle of women, Steamboat the faithful family man, then brawling on the set of ‘A Flair For The Gold’…

Jim Ross: And that series of matches with Flair in ‘89-

Shots of the matches, with Steamboat sending Flair ass over tea kettle onto the apron, then nailing him with a clothesline.

Steve Austin: That set a benchmark to this day-

Steamboat eats chops, flies off the top, Flair begs off-

Dusty Rhodes: Greatest trilogy of matches in tha history of tha business. Hands down-

Flair goes for the Figure Four, but Steamboat counters into an inside cradle-

Jim Ross: Inside Cradle, can he hold ‘em – YES HE CAN!! Ricky The Dragon Steamboat has won the world title!!!!

And celebrating with his wife and child before backstage, Steamboat is interviewed, with champagne being popped-

Ricky Steamboat: It’s hard for me to believe what I’m holding in my hands after all these years.

Cutting to his later years; the literal fire breathing dragon in the WWF on his second go-around, before locking horns with Rick Rude back in WCW, and winning U.S and Tag Team Championships, and locking up with Flair one more time in 1994.

Steve Austin: Personally, my favourite guy to ever get in the ring with because he was so good.

Ric Flair: I cant say enough about Ricky Steamboat. He was second to none. And to this day he’s just a humble and great guy.

Collections of shots of Steamboat from beginning to end, waving to fans, slapping hands, always smiling … before cutting to a sit down interview with Ricky’s son; Richie…

Richie Steamboat: The only match I can ever really remember in full, was his last match-

Cut to that 1994 match, and Steamboat falls from the top and lands on his butt, with the look of agony etched on his face, with everything slowing down…

Ricky Steamboat: Rather than try to let the ego get in the way and say I could still do it, let people remember me as I was…

Fade to black…

Then open up on last Monday, and Ventura standing with his team on the ramp as JBL stands in the ring-

Jesse Ventura: So you want to see my team!? Well … get a GOOD look at it!!

Ventura motions to the men surrounding him, whilst JBL grins in the ring, with a few words being chipped in by Albright before Layfield gets on the mic again.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: I’m afraid I left my glasses in the back, Jesse … so excuse me if I’m mistaken … but I only count four men …

Ricky Steamboat: Actually…… It IS five.

Steamboat removes his sports coat and the fight is on, with Steamboat popping off a picture perfect arm drag on JBL – like he never missed a beat!!

{Native Son – 1:39-2:04}

Over the voice over clips, an array of all Steamboats athleticism, his triumphs and classics over his near thirty year career…

Ricky Steamboat: Can I still do it? It’s been nearly fifteen years. I’m in my mid-fifties-

Dean Malenko: I think Ricky still has some ‘steam’ left in him. There’s still some spotlights and still some shades of the old Ricky Steamboat.

Rey Mysterio: We’re all confident he’s gonna show he can still hang with the best there is today.

Arn Anderson: I guarantee even now, he’ll still be a lot better than a lot of guys will ever be at any age.

Nick Nemeth: It’ll be an honour to stand alongside Ricky Steamboat at the Survivor Series.

Richie Steamboat: He’s gonna surprise a lot of people at the Survivor Series. They’re gonna sit back in their seats and say “the old man’s still got it”.

And end on Steamboat standing tall last Monday with the rest of the troops in Team Ventura…



Backstage, a rather emotional looking RICKY STEAMBOAT is shown, having just watched that video package on him … when he hears a lone clap in the background-


The Intercontinental Champion approaches Steamboat – title belt over his shoulder – with The Dragon irritated by the presence of Punk.

Ricky Steamboat: What do you want now?

Punk points to the monitor.

CM Punk: Nice propaganda piece, there. I guess my comments got left on the cutting room floor, huh??

Ricky Steamboat: I’m not in the mood for this-

Steamboat motions to walk away, but Punk steps in front.

CM Punk: Time’s running out, boss. Survivor Series? It’s this Sunday. This is probably the last chance you and Jesse Ventura are gonna have to climb down from your high horse and make the right decision for both your futures.I’ll be here next Monday regardless what happens at the Survivor Series. You can’t say the same thing.

The Raw GM blankly stares at Punk, with Punk shrugging, and stepping back, so as not to appear aggressive.

CM Punk: All you have to do is ask me. Just ask, and I’ll gladly lead Team Ventura this Sunday and save you the humiliation of being “that guy” who pissed all over his legacy by coming back … when he had no business to do it.

Punk points at the monitor.

CM Punk: Leave the memories as they are, Ricky. Don’t let the last thing these fans remember about you be the image of an old, balding man, long past his prime embarrass himself … not when the stakes are this high.

Steamboat looks back at the monitor – paused on his image at WrestleMania 3, having just won the I.C Title – and turns back to look Punk in the eye.

Ricky Steamboat: I appreciate your concern … but the answer … is no.

Punk is about to speak, but Steamboat gets in first.

Ricky Steamboat: Not because you’re not talented – hell, I’d dare say you’re the best wrestler on the planet right now – and not because you’re not capable of contributing to Team Ventura at the Survivor Series this Sunday…It’s not even personal, young man. I don’t like the way you carry yourself, and I don’t like some of the unspeakable acts you’ve committed as the Intercontinental Champion … but that’s not why I, nor Jesse, will ask you to join our team.

Steamboat steps closer to Punk.

Ricky Steamboat: It’s because you’re not a team player. You’re only interested in yourself. And that’s fine … but it’s not what Jesse and I want … and I’d sooner risk my reputation by making a fool of myself on Sunday than ever put my faith in you putting aside your own ego for the sake of a team.

Steamboat walks off, leaving Punk to shake his head, believing The Dragon to be making a huge mistake…

Commercial Break

Back in the ring, everything is set up for an ARM WRESTLING match…


Stepping out in workout gear, as opposed to ring gear, BETH PHOENIX raises the Womens title above her head, as J.R and Coach hype her title defence this Sunday which will have NO rope breaks – meaning if she gets trapped in the Sharpshooter at the Survivor Series, it will likely mean the end of her title reign.

But, tonight, she has the opportunity to back up her claims that she is the strongest woman in the division, despite recent evidence that she’s met her match – physically, at least – in the form of Natalya with this ultimate test of strength; an old fashioned ARM WRESTLING MATCH. Beth reaches the ring, and surveys the scene, waiting for her rival…


Greeted with a nice cheer, NATALYA heads out onto the stage, smiling and saluting the fans before making her way to the ring. J.R reminds the fans that Natalya WAS on the verge of winning the title last month at Nemesis when Beth Phoenix found a way out, getting herself disqualified to keep the title. There will be NO way out for Phoenix this Sunday if she finds herself trapped in the Sharpshooter – a move NO ONE has been able to break … not even the Womens Champion.

Confidently, Natalya steps into the ring, with Phoenix giving her daggers, as Coach makes sure to remind J.R that the ‘No Rope Break’ rule works both ways this Sunday, and says we’ll see what Natalya is made of when she doesn’t have an escape route from Beth Phoenix…

Beth Phoenix vs. Natalya
After some jockeying and posturing from the champion, she and Natalya eventually lock up in the middle of the ring to begin the test of strength … and it’s a real struggle between the pair. The momentum shifts back and forth as it looks like Beth is about to overpower Nattie, then Natalya powers back, turning the tide, nearly slamming Beth’s hand down … but the champion survives and brings her arm back up!! It looks like Phoenix is about to overpower Natalya now … when a sudden surge from the daughter of the Anvil sees her SLAM the hand of Beth Phoenix down!!! 1-0 to Natalya!!!


Mouth agape, Beth is stunned by the sudden loss, and despite the referee telling the champion they can have a break, Phoenix is right back at the table, DEMANDING they lock up again, right away!! Natalya shrugs, having no problems doing so, with J.R reminding the fans that this is being contested as a ‘Best of Five’ contest, meaning one will need to win three times to win. Locking up, it’s another struggle for both women, clearly evenly matched … but this time all the pressure comes from Natalya!! Beth is perilously close to her hand hitting, and she fights it with all her mite to keep up … but Natalya is TOO STRONG … and eventually pushes Beth’s hand down!!!


The fans pop and Natalya raises her arms, whilst Beth is left slumped over the table in shame and embarrassment at going 2-0 behind. There’s no immediate demand to start over from the Womens Champion this time, and instead looks to collect her thoughts before locking up for the third time – wanting to avoid the humiliation of a whitewash. The official gets them to lock up, as Coach asks if Beth Phoenix has never watched ‘Over The Top’ … but just before the referee can signal for the contest to begin again – BETH YANKS NATALYA FORWARD AND BLASTS HER WITH A FOREARM SHOT!!!

Winner: Via DQ – Natalya

Beth then SLAMS Natalyas head off the table top, and shoves the referee aside, before tipping the table over ONTO her challenger this Sunday!! J.R calls that Beth has “lost it here” having been shown up by Neidhart in the arm wrestling contest, and Phoenix clubs the back of Nattie before scaring off the official.

Phoenix runs Natalya into the corner, driving her shoulder into the gut of Nattie repeatedly, before dragging her out and nailing her rival with a short arm clothesline. J.R repeats his line of Beth losing it, unable to handle the fact she may have met her match … and in her quest to prove her dominance and superiority, Phoenix grabs the legs of Natalya-


Phoenix ties up the legs, and turns over … but as she does, Natalya COUNTERS and Beth trips to the mat, allowing Nattie to stand back up … AND APPLY THE SHARPSHOOTER ON PHOENIX!!!!! The challenger this Sunday has the champion caught in the middle of the ring … in the hold Beth Phoenix has been unable to counter for the last two months!!!

To her credit, the champion fights up, trying to power out … and out of instinct she crawls toward the ropes – getting her hand on the bottom rope … but it’s a fruitless endeavour; there’s NO rope breaks tonight … and there WONT be any rope breaks on Sunday either!!!

Under no requirement to break the Sharpshooter, Natalya keeps the hold locked on, as Beth shakes her head furiously … before TAPPING OUT!!! J.R bellows from commentary that THIS could be the sight we see on Sunday at the Survivor Series, before declaring the Sharpshooter to be Beth Phoenix ‘kryptonite’ … as Natalya finally relents and releases the hold; message sent!!!

Immediately, Phoenix rolls out of the ring under the bottom rope, clutching her back on the floor, whilst Natalya stands tall in the ring. Challenger looks to the outside at the champion, with Beth shaking her head, as we wonder if the supposedly dominant champion has met her match … and J.R asks if we are looking at the NEXT Womens Champion this Sunday at the Survivor Series…

Commercial Break


In this world, DOMINANCE is key.”

Batista delivering a Spinebuster on The Undertaker at Judgment Day, Mark Henry giving Umaga the Worlds Strongest Slam at SummerSlam.

In this world, POWER is the ultimate currency.”

Beth Phoenix standing tall with her Womens title, The Brian Kendrick getting his head shaved after losing at SummerSlam.


The Master Craftsmen standing tall together, Melina aligning with the Fight Factory.

And here, WEAKNESS will be EXPLOITED.”

Randy Orton PUNTING countless innocent victims over the last 18 months, CM Punk blasting Shawn Michaels with the Bible in August.

To stand above ALL others…”

Shots of Christian, Edge and John Cena over the last few years with World Title belts.

To be at the TOP of the food chain …”

Kurt Angle screaming out after a victory, neck muscles bulging, Chris Jericho sneering at the audience on Smackdown.

SURVIVAL isn’t just an INSTINCT.”

Mister Kennedy attacking Mr. McMahon on a recent episode of Raw, John Cena beating up Drew McIntyre on Raw during the summer.

It’s a way of life.”

Triple H blasting multiple people over the years with a sledgehammer, The Undertaker sitting up at WrestleMania.

And the only way to GUARANTEE SURVIVAL in this world?”

The following words THUD onto a black screen.








Both teams are already in the ring; THE KNUCKLEDUSTERS and the NEW STANDARD, ready for the bell to ring-


When the NEW World Tag Team Champions; RENÉ DUPRÉE & DAMIEN SANDOW enter the fray, dressed sharply, and carrying their newly won gold from last weeks historic RAW 800 episode.

Right away, Regal and Goldust are distracted by the presence of their rivals – which gives Cody and Ken Doane the chance to get the jump on their opponents!!

Match 3:
The Knuckledusters vs. The New Standard

Cody Rhodes and Ken Doane look to make the most of that early distraction, and dump Regal out of the ring, looking to quickly finish off Goldust, as Cody lands with the DISASTER KICK!!! 1...2...TOO EARLY!!! Goldust was just a little too fresh to stay down for three, but the New Standard are still looking to win quickly, with Cody tagging Doane, who heads up top for his big leg drop – BUT REGAL SHOVES HIM OFF!!!!!

The British veteran then drags Cody out of the ring, brawling with the young Rhodes brother, whilst the new tag champions join J.R and Coach on commentary for this match. J.R accuses them of delaying their entrance to purposely distract Regal and Goldust – something which the champs strenuously deny. In the ring, Goldust mounts a comeback against Doane whilst Regal and Cody head back to their respective corners, as Regal gets the tag to become the legal man.

Quickly though, the action breaks down as Rhodes hits the ring illegally to cut off an attempt from Regal at the Knee Trembler. Goldust is back in, and all four men are involved … but the veterans show themselves to be the better of the two units, putting Doane down before dispatching Cody out of the ring – much to the chagrin of the new champions on commentary at ringside. Now, Regal dips into his trunks as if to look for the brass knucks – right in view of the referee.

The official stops Regal, demanding to see what he has … but it’s all a ruse from the Brit to allow Goldust to deliver SHATTERED DREAMS to Ken Doane behind the officials back!!! Duprée and Sandow are both angry at the antics in the ring, with J.R quick to point out that the new champions had no issues taking the low road last week to win the titles. Meanwhile, Regal shows the referee that he has NOTHING illegal in his trunks … before laying out Doane with the KNEE TREMBLER!!! Cover, 1...2...3!!!

Winners: The Knuckledusters @ 05:30

Regal and Goldust pick up the win, getting the arms raised in victory with J.R proclaiming them as potential future challengers – not withstanding the rematch Rey Mysterio & Shelton Benjamin should be owed – but Duprée and Sandow try to laugh off the suggestion of the Knuckledusters being challengers, and Duprée even brings up Goldust dog-napping Fifi last week as a reason why the Dusters shouldn’t get a title shot.

The winners leave the ring, and make a beeline toward the commentary position, with Duprée and Sandow both standing up with words traded between the two teams, as John Cone looks to keep the teams apart. The bickering doesn’t come to blows, with Regal and Goldust taking the high ground on this occasion, but the Knuckledusters make it clear they’re coming for the newly won gold of Duprée and Sandow, with the Frenchman demanding to know the whereabouts of his dog

Then, as the tensions are lifted between the feuding teams, it allows J.R to hype what’s coming up next; candid comments from BOTH Triple H and Mister Kennedy – with The Coach set to host The Playas Club – just six days away from their ‘I Quit’ match at the Survivor Series, promising the two men being in the same ring at the same time … with only Coach to stand between them!!

Commercial Break

Straight out of the commercial, Raw returns – as promised – directly to the ring, with THE COACH standing in the middle, amidst his set for the PLAYAS CLUB…

The Coach: LADIES AND GENTLEMEN – back by POPULAR demandIT’S THAT TIME AGAIN!!! … And as you know; Piper was the pits, The Barbershop got cut short, The Kings Court got sent down, and for-


Not even allowing The Coach to do his schtick, TRIPLE H makes his way out, tonight wearing a leather jacket, having seemingly ditched the jean jacket look!! The Game still finds time to spit water on his way to the ring, before proceeding inside, with Coach nervously chuckling over the mic as the music dies down…

The Coach:I think y’jumped your cue there, Triple H. I wasn’t quite finished my signature-

Triple H: I don’t give a damn.

Full of intensity, Triple H eyeballs Coach, looking like he’s in the mood to lash out at ANYONE … and Coach wisely says no more, taking a step back.

Triple H: This ain’t about you, Coach. This is about-


Confidently striding out through the curtain, MISTER KENNEDY – wearing a new t-shirt – makes his way down the ramp, cutting Triple H off in the process … which doesn’t go down well with The Game in the ring. Triple H stands in the ring, watching every move Kennedy makes, with the loudmouth swaggering into the ring after collecting a mic at ringside, and once in the ring, Kennedy signals for the music to cut.

Mister Kennedy: I hope you weren’t gonna start this thing without me. I know you don’t want to spend too much time around me … but think of it this way; once I make you quit on Sunday, you don’t have to spend another SECOND in a ring with me ever again.

Triple H: You’re damn right I don’t wanna spend too long in here with you. The longer you stand in front of me … with that goofy look in your eyes and that smirk on your face … the more I wanna cave your face in with a sledgehammer.

Mister Kennedy: Had plenty of time to do that last month, Hunter…

Triple H snarls at the comeback, but doesn’t rise to the bait and turns to look at Coach.

Triple H: You got some questions for him and I, Coach?? Let’s get this over with.

The Coach:{Nervously} Yeah- yeah, sure. Uhh … well, first off-

Mister Kennedy: Who gives a crap what Coach has to say??

Pop from the fans. Kennedy eyes Triple H – completely ignoring Coach being there. And each time they speak back and forth in the next sequence, they take a step closer to one another…

Mister Kennedy: There’s one question to ask here tonight … and I’m gonna ask it. What happens to you next Monday after you say the words ‘I Quit’ at the Survivor Series?

Triple H: That’s not gonna happen.

Mister Kennedy: That’s exactly what’s gonna happen, Hunter. And it’s something you better be preparing for.

Triple H: The only thing I’m preparing for … is next Monday … and turning up to Raw without you on it.

Kennedy chuckles, alleviating the tension momentarily, and shakes his head.

Mister Kennedy: That doesn’t sound very likely if you ask me. See, it may have escaped your attention, Hunter … but I’ve got your number. You said it yourself – no one has ever gotten under your skin quite like I have. And there’s a pretty simple explanation for it.

Kennedy shrugs, whilst Coach continues to look nervous that this could explode at any given moment.

Mister Kennedy: I’ve played “The Game”. Hell, I’d say I’ve completed it at this point. I know everything you’re gonna do … because you’ve been using the same old play book for the last decade.

Triple H scowls at that one, and narrows his gaze at Kennedy … but it doesn’t put Kennedy off at all.

Mister Kennedy: Now?? You’re playing MY game. You’ve been playing it all year … but I’m the one manning the controls. I’ve got you doing anything and everything that I want. And now?? I want you to go away … and never come back.

Smirking, Kennedy raises his eyebrows at Triple H … but The Game doesn’t react. Kennedy then turns, and starts to walk around the ring – and the Playas Club set – as he continues.

Mister Kennedy: And dare I say it … I think you having to look up at me this Sunay at the Survivor Series and utter the words “I … Quit” … for the whole world to hear … is gonna tear you apart … and it’s a public humiliation I don’t think you could ever come back from.

Triple H: You’re right. It would be a public humiliation. And yeah, it’s one I’d probably never come back from… but like I said … it’s not gonna happen.

Kennedy smirks – now back standing in front of Triple H, glaring one another down, with Triple H pointing at Kennedy – coming close to prodding him in the chest.

Triple H: Because come Sunday at the Survivor Series … YOU are gonna say the words. YOU are gonna be the one that quits. And after all your talk, all your games, all your stunts … it all ends. And you'll end up just like the rest.

Pausing for a moment, Triple H gathers his thoughts, then shrugs.

Triple H: You name ‘em, I’ve seen ‘em all off. All shapes, all sizes in every single type of match there is. There ain’t a single one that’s ever outlasted me. That’s what’s made me The King of Kings around here. That’s why they call me … The Game.

The Game looks Kennedy up and down.

Triple H: And what do they call you?? Huh??

Half turning, and pointing at the ramp, Triple H continues…

Triple H: You walk down that aisle on Monday Night Raw … what do you think they see. How do J.R and The Coach talk about you?? What do they call you??

Kennedy slightly turns his head to take a look at Coach – who continues to look nervous in the background.

Triple H: They don’t call you a damn thing … because you’re just a loudmouth full of hot air with peroxide hair. That’s all that stands out. That, and the fact you used to be the guy that said his name twice.

Smirking for the first time, Triple H shrugs at Kennedy.

Triple H: Trust me … you’re gonna have to start repeating your name a dozen times for anyone to take notice after you quit on Sunday.

Kennedy shakes his head, mouthing; “You’ll never make me quit…” … but Triple H ignores the comeback.

Triple H: But no one is gonna have any interest in hearing ANYTHING you have to say. They’ll see you on the street, and they wont say; “there goes Mister Kennedy – the guy that threw Vince McMahon off the stage.” they wont say; “that’s Mister Kennedy – he’s the guy that beat Triple H one time.” No. The only thing they’ll say is; “remember that guy?? The guy that said I QUIT at the Survivor Series.” All they’ll see … and all you’ll ever be to them … is the guy that QUIT.

Bearing down on Kennedy, Triple H looks to get in his head.

Triple H: Because it all ends for you on Sunday. It ALL ends for you – just like it has for so many others that tried to make a name off me. You won’t go on to win World titles. You wont go on to headline WrestleMania. You’ll never get to be “THE MAN” around here … because you’ll never be seen again around here.This Sunday at the Survivor Series, I will beat you – so badly – that the only option you have left … the only thing you can do … is quit.

It’s Kennedy now having to keep calm, as Coach is spotted in the background, motioning for help or assistance, clearly expecting this situation to explode.

Triple H: And when you quit … because of what I’ve done … you don’t just lose the match. You don’t just fall down the ladder a couple rungs. You … are … done.When you yield – when you tell ME you’ve had enough – when you tell ME you don’t want any more … you don’t just quit. You give up everything that makes you a man. You’ll never be able to look yourself in the mirror again without KNOWING you’re less of a man. Knowing that someone else – ME – took away your pride … took away … your soul.

Having been looking away, Kennedy shoots his glare back at Triple H now, and the fans pick up as the two rivals eyeball one another.

Triple H: To quit … to say those words in order to make another man stop … you hand over your soul. And there’s nothing you can ever do to get it back. It will stick in your memory … forever … knowing that another man owns your soul.

Still, neither man breaks their gaze, full of intensity on both sides.

Triple H: After you quit on Sunday … you’re gonna tuck your tail between your legs … you’re gonna walk out that door … and you’ll never have the guts to show your face in this company again.And you’ll have to live the rest of your sad, pathetic life … knowing it was ME that made you utter those words … knowing it was ME that exposed you for the weak, piece of garbage you are.

Triple H ends his filibuster, as Kennedy nods … drinking it all in, before smirking;

Mister Kennedy: You got one thing right. I am a piece of garbage.

Pop from the fans.

Mister Kennedy: I mean, what kind of man throws a near seventy year old off a stage?? … what kind of man attacks another man’s wife?? … what kind of man makes an entire families life a living hell??

Each time Kennedy poses the questions, he points at himself … and with each passing question, Triple H’s scowl increases.

Mister Kennedy: And what kind of a man is willing to cripple a father of two young baby girls??

Putting his head down, Triple H is having to restrain himself – balling his hand into a fist … whilst Kennedy looks to poke the bear by walking toward the The Game.

Mister Kennedy: I’m ready to do whatever it takes to make you say the words; “I Quit” this Sunday at the Survivor Series. And believe you and me both … I’d rather cut my own tongue out than EVER say those words to you.

Triple H: You might just have to do that.

Nose to nose, Triple H and Kennedy could be about to blow, as Coach ‘tries’ to de-escalate the tension-

The Coach:I think that’ll be a wrap, gentlemen, huh?? What’dya say?? We’ll leave this until Sunday??

Neither man wanting to back up, Triple H prods the chest of Kennedy, muttering something that isn’t picked up on by the cameras or the microphone, and The Game turns to leave, ducking through the ropes and dropping to the floor to walk away with his point made … but Kennedy just CANT help himself-

Mister Kennedy: Hey Hunter!?

Triple H doesn’t turn around, but DOES stop on the ramp.

Mister Kennedy: How are you gonna stand in this ring ever again and call yourself “The Game”??

The camera looks for a reaction from Triple H, but he gives a ‘pfft’ and shakes his head, before continuing to leave…

Mister Kennedy: How are you gonna look at your wife, knowing – just like she knows – you’re not the man you thought you were.

Triple H stops again on the ramp … and the camera cuts to his reaction … and he’s clearly agitated by the mention of Stephanie. He turns his head to side, but doesn’t fully turn around to look at Kennedy … but Kennedy keeps talking anyway.

Mister Kennedy: How are you gonna look your children in the eye … knowing Daddy isn’t “Daddy” any more … but instead … Daddy is now … MISTER KENNEDY’S BITCH!!

Doing his best, Triple H looks to keep a lid on his anger, not wanting to rise to the bait being thrown out by Kennedy. He takes a deep breath … and starts to walk on up the ramp. But Kennedy keeps digging…

Mister Kennedy: Think about it. Think about it all, Hunter. Think about what you’ll say to Stephanie. Think about how you’ll tell those kids that their Daddy handed over his SOUL to another man. THINK!!!

Once again, Triple H stops – this time, right at the curtain, listening to Kennedy.

Mister Kennedy: Because Sunday at the Survivor Series … that’s what’s gonna happen when you say the two magic words …

Triple H turns around at the top of the ramp, with Kennedy leaning over the ropes, to deliver the final line…

Mister Kennedy: I … QUIT!!!!

Back and forth, the camera shifts between Kennedy and Triple H, both brimming with intensity, with J.R staying quiet on commentary, not giving the rivalry a final shill, and instead letting the two mens expressions do it for themselves … as Raw fades out to a commercial…

Commercial Break

Returning backstage in their luxury suite, J.B.L is shown on his phone, whilst RANJIN SINGH is shown doing some paperwork and VLADIMIR is finishing up getting dressed for action…

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: You just make sure there’s fireworks on Sunday, y’got it?? And start asking questions why Ricky Steamboat is getting tribute videos an’ I’m not. The hell is goin on with that!?

Entering the room (without knocking) JOHN CENA gets the attention of the three men.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: I’ll call ya back.

JBL puts the phone down, and beams with his goofy smile-

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: JOHN BOY!! To what do I owe the pleasure, son?

Cena is in no mood for friendliness and gets straight down to brass tacks.

John Cena: I think we need to clear a few things up. Don’t think I don’t know what you been tellin y’boy, Brent Albright. I joined this team of yours for a shot at the World Title after the Survivor Series, and I want you t’tell me right now when I’m gettin it.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: John, John, John. All in good time, son. We’re gonna be havin a BIG party next Monday to celebrate our victory this Sunday at the Survivor Series. Then … we’ll start talking dates for title shots.

John Cena: I ain’t your son, Cowboy. An’ I know when I’m bein played. Don’t get anythin twisted here – I ain’t relyin on your ass for anythin … I ain’t like Brent Albright. You need me … not the other way around.

The smile has faded from the face of Bradshaw.

John Cena: So how about y’cut the crap, and tell me when an’ you tell me where I get my crack at the paper champ. Otherwise, I’ll walk.

I’ll give you a date, Cena.”

That voice in the background? We see it’s BRENT ALBRIGHT … and he’s entering the room with CHARLIE HAAS AND NICK DINSMORE.

Brent Albright: But how about you actually do the job you promised before you start making threats.

Cena says nothing, but Albright continues.

Brent Albright: Anyway … if you had any balls, you’d have been marchin in here … not demanding a date for your title shot … but after the way you got punked out last week, you’d be in here demanding Mister Layfield set up a match between you and The Undertaker as soon as possible.

All eyes in the room are on Cena, who looks pissed at that accusation, and responds through gritted teeth.

John Cena: I’ll deal with him on my own time. It’s that title that matters to me.

Albright scoffs at the retort, and turns to talk to JBL.

Brent Albright: Honestly, boss?? I don’t know why we’ve even got this guy on our team. I’m the leader. I’m the one that’ll finish off Ventura and Steamboat this Sunday. He’s just a cancer.

Cena roughly turns Albright around to square up to him.

John Cena: The fact your boss called me should tell ya all you need to know, Champ. He’s got as much belief in you as I do. He needs to win this Sunday … so he called in the big guns.

It’s ready to kick off, and JBL stands up as Haas and Dinsmore each look to pull their leader back.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Gentlemen. Let’s settle down, shall we??

Cena and Albright keep glaring at each other.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Don’t get me wrong – I like the fact we’ve got two alpha males in our midst. I ain’t tryin to get the two of ya to be best friends – hell, I don’t care if ya don’t even wanna buy each other a congratulatory beer on Sunday – but I need ya both to channel your aggression in another direction. Understand??

The tension lifts a little as Albright shrugs off Haas and Dinsmore, telling them he’s okay.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Because yeah … Cena has a point; I sure as hell DID call in the big guns for this. Because I ain’t leavin a single damn thing to chance. That’s why Cena is on this team, Brent.

Layfield points at Albright.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: And that’s why you’re on the team too. That’s why I broke the bank to get Shawn Michaels on board. Vladimirs actions speak for themselves. And you’re damn right I want in on this too. This is gonna be my finest moment.

Bradshaw speaks directly to Cena now.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: John?? You’ve got my word, son. You deliver for me on Sunday?? Your ban will be over, and you’ll get your shot at the World Title. But in good time. John Cena versus Brent Albright is a box office attraction if ever I saw one, so don’t mind me if I wanna make the two of you richer by puttin the match on Pay Per View.

Pointing at the door, JBL keeps staring at Cena.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: But you walk out that door right now?? Kiss goodbye to any opportunity. If Ventura and Steamboat stay in charge, you’ll have to wait and try your luck with twenty nine other men at the Royal Rumble. And trust me on this – you walk out now and my team still wins on Sunday?? I’ll see to it you never lay eyes on that title ever again, let alone hold the damn thing.

John Cena: Ain’t wise to threaten me.

Cena isn’t giving an inch, and isn’t responding to any threats. JBL doesn’t answer that comeback, and instead turns to speak to Albright.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: And Brent?? You know better than anyone what it’s like dealing with Ricky Steamboat. So any ill will you’ve got toward this man?? Park it!! I need my best guys on the same page. YOU need to be on the same page. Otherwise, you’re gonna be turning up for work next Monday with no future… and no hope.

JBL leaves that in the air, and eventually sits back down, before continuing.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Use your heads, gentlemen. Everyone here benefits if Steamboat and Ventura are gone. Help each other. Help yourselves.

John Cena: Help you.

Cena snaps, calling out JBL, and JBL thinks about it for a moment … then nods.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Yeah. Help me too…

Cena thinks it over, and stares over at Albright, eyeing the title, then looks back at JBL, offering a sole nod.

John Cena: I got a match to get ready for.

The Man In Black brushes past Albright, leaving the room, but having agreed to stay on the same page as JBL and co.


Match 4:

Kelly Kelly w/Victoria vs. Katie Lea

Just another brief showcase for the ever improving Kelly Kelly, under the tutelage of the veteran Victoria, whilst the British diva makes a rare Raw appearance. During the early going, J.R takes the opportunity to hype a special ‘Womens Survivor Series Elimination Match’ on Superstars this week, which will see all three of these women involved in a 5 on 5 elimination match. Kelly shows off her athleticism with handspring elbows etc in the early going, whilst J.R puts over the marked improvements Kelly has made thanks to the guidance of her mentor.

Katie Lea takes over for a period though, and things look troubling for Kelly until they collide with a clothesline to each other. As the two competitors crawl to make it back to their feet, Kelly is heard getting some advice from Victoria on the outside, and it appears to be the turning point as Kelly is able to block a shot from Katie Lea, before responding with a kick that catches her opponent off guard. An arm drag follows, and with guidance from Victoria, Kelly delivers a dropkick, setting the Englishwoman up for the K2!!!!! 1...2...3!!!!!

Winner: Kelly Kelly @ 03:14

Kelly gets her arm raised – firstly by the official, then her mentor – as she continues to rack up wins on Raw. Coach notes just how vital Victoria is for Kelly though, claiming that she was potentially on the verge of a defeat until that late pep talk from the veteran.

J.R accepts that point, but puts over Victoria being as helpful as she has been in paving the way for the future of the Womens division, calling her guidance vital for the progression of the young blondes career trajectory…

Commercial Break




Just last year, both the Raw and Smackdown General Manager’s job are at stake, as Eric Bischoff and Arn Anderson assemble SEVEN man teams – a Survivor Series first – with the losing GM out of a job. Raws team comprises of Shawn Michaels as the Captain, Rey Mysterio, Kurt Angle, Mr. Kennedy, Brent Albright, Charlie Haas & Ken Doane, up against the Brock Lesnar led Smackdown team, with Paul London, Batista, Garrison Cade, Finlay, Nick Nemeth & M.V.P joining him.

Shockingly, Shawn Michaels is eliminated early by Brock Lesnar – setting the table for their eventual WrestleMania showdown – and as the numbers continue to dwindle, the match comes down to Lesnar & London on the Smackdown side, and Kennedy & Albright on the Raw side. Once again, as he did in 2005, Paul London comes up short, eliminated by Albright, whilst Lesnar is unable to survive the 2 on 1 odds, leaving Kennedy & Albright standing, and Smackdown GM Arn Anderson out of a job.



Back in the arena, “Spolin For A Fight” by AC/DC is playing, as J.R and Coach sit at ringside.

Jim Ross: And indeed, there’s a number of men and women right now that ARE ‘spoilin for a fight’, and they’ll get all that and more in six days at the Survivor Series!! And Coach, this one could just top ‘em all.

The Coach:The Survivor Series has a rich history, J.R. And where else will you see teams of five – DREAM teams, strange bedfellows – lining up side by side in the WWE??

Jim Ross: It’s like the all-star game, and when ya look at the team Edge will lead this Sunday, it covers all those bases. It’s a dream team, but given the recent history between Edge and Matt Hardy, y’could call ‘em strange bedfellows too. Edge, Christian, Matt and Jeff Hardy all have such a rich history and at the Survivor Series they’ll line up, side by side, with the exciting prospect Evan Bourne, to face a team led by ‘The Animal’ Batista!!

The Coach:That’s right, J.R – Batista would probably prefer to face all five guys on his own, but he’ll have four partners come along for the ride in Atlanta. Batista will be wanting to get a piece of Edge, but Filthy Rich have had their own issues with the Hardys as of late, and Evan Bourne has been stickin his nose in where it doesn’t belong!!

Jim Ross: Two championships will be decided this Sunday, and it’ll be a unique stipulation attached to the Womens title match when Natalya gets to challenge Beth Phoenix in a rematch from last month at Nemesis. And unlike last month, there will be NO rope breaks in this one. Two big questions, Coach – can Beth Phoenix avoid the Sharpshooter, and if not, can she survive the Sharpshooter??

The Coach:I wish I could say ‘yes’ to both questions … but even I’m not sure any more, baby boy. Natalya – to her credit – has established herself as being AS strong, if not, STRONGER than the Glamazon. That’s something I would never have expected myself to admit. I don’t know the answer, but I know we’ll find out on Sunday. It’s the biggest test Beth Phoenix may ever face as Womens Champion. A LOT for her prove at the Survivor Series.

Jim Ross: Well, Beth Phoenix may not survive with her title in tact this Sunday, but Chris Jericho WILL; win, lose or draw. Chris Jericho and Armando Estrada have assembled a team full of championship gold, and they’ll all have something at stake at the Survivor Series. Because should Kurt Angle and his team of Jack Swagger, Randy Orton, Carlito and Kofi Kingston outlast Jerichos self proclaimed “Hall of Champions”, then they’ll all – aside from Orton – be in line for title opportunities next month at Smackdowns Armageddon Pay Per View.

The Coach:Easier said than done, J.R. Let’s look at the facts; first off, Jericho only agreed to this match because he doesn’t view Angle as a threat any more. Then, you’ve got Mark Henry; the baddest man on the planet in my opinion and the U.S Champion hasn’t lost ONCE since going to Smackdown in the draft. As if that wasn’t enough, they’ve got Umaga as back up and with the beautiful Melina pulling the strings for the Fight Factory, I don’t see how Angle and his band of misfits can pull it off. This could be a sweep!!

Jim Ross: Speaking of sweeps, Christopher Daniels will be aiming to score a second consecutive win over the former Cruiserweight Champion Bryan Danielson at the Survivor Series. The Fallen Angel won the title in suspicious circumstances back in London last month – now, the rematch is set, and this could be a showstealer, Coach.

The Coach:Oh, it could be. And it could be a chance for Daniels to set the record straight. What happened two weeks ago with that crazy fan getting in the ring was unfortunate, but the outcome would’ve been the same anyway. Sunday at the Survivor Series, Christopher Daniels puts any doubt to rest – and that’s gospel.

Jim Ross: Then, in the most personal of rivalries – ya saw the emotion earlier t’night – Triple H and Mister Kennedy will go to war; and that’s what it’ll be – a WAR – in an ‘I Quit’ match to end it all. I’ve had the fortune in my position to have sat ringside and called ‘I Quit’ matches in the past, and let me tell ya folks; they ain’t for the weak of heart. This match will change both men forever … and the man who says the fateful words, will never be the same again. I promise ya that.

The Coach:You could go further, J.R. Given the hatred here, and the pride of both these guys, I wouldn’t be surprised if the quitter in this match was to never show their face again – let alone just be the same. This is a loss you don’t come back from. Not when it’s this intense. To quit?? Against a man you hate?? It doesn’t bear thinking about what that’d do to me, personally.

Jim Ross: It’ll be one for the ages, that much is for sure. And indeed, it could be the last time we see either Mister Kennedy or The Game. The loss- for whoever loses – may just be too big to come back from.

The Coach:We can debate whether or not the man who says “I Quit” will ever be seen again, J.R, but once the Survivor Series is through, there’ll be no debate over who we’ll see running Raw next Monday and no debate over who will be the Commissioner of the WWE.

Jim Ross: Indeed. After all the politics, all the games from JBL and his men in disrupting Jesse Ventura by shifting Christian to Smackdown, by injuring Big Zeke-

The Coach:That was never proven. Just a horrible accident.

Jim Ross: Accident my Oklahoma ass!! Be that as it may, the teams are set, and the future of the WWE rests in the hands of these ten men. For the first time in nearly fifteen years, Ricky ‘The Dragon’ Steamboat will compete in a match, and it truly doesn’t get any bigger than this.

The Coach:Yeah, and for the first time in eighteen months after he was damn near murdered in a Buried Alive match, JBL has made a miraculous recovery to put his tights back on!! That’s how important this is for JBL. Meanwhile, Jesse Ventura wouldn’t put his money where his big mouth is-

Jim Ross: Ventura made a wise decision, Coach. He’s in no fit shape to compete in a wrestling match in the year 2008. Rey Mysterio, Shelton Benjamin, Paul London and Nick Nemeth are the men along with the Raw General Manager that Ventura has entrusted in securing his future as the Commissioner of this company.

The Coach: And on the other side, it really is an all-star line up. JBL leading from the front, with the World Champion Brent Albright, former multiple time World Champion John Cena, former multiple time World Champion Shawn Michaels and on top of that, they’ve got a Russian Hitman to back them up!! Vladimir is the cherry on top.

Jim Ross: The landscape of the WWE could well change forever at the conclusion of this Sundays Pay Per View. The stake couldn’t be higher, and it will be all about survival this Sunday. Both JBL and Jesse Ventura will look to eliminate all threats to their position of authority, and when it’s all said and done, we’ll know who has won this power struggle for control in the WWE…


Cutting now backstage, JESSE VENTURA has gathered the troops; REY MYSTERIO, SHELTON BENJAMIN, PAUL LONDON & NICK NEMETH, with RICKY STEAMBOAT just entering the room and closing the door to join the meeting.

Jesse Ventura: Good. Good. We’re all here…

Ventura paces for a moment…

Jesse Ventura: Listen gentlemen … first off, I want to take the opportunity to say … thank you. Thank you to each and every one of you for volunteering to be part of this team. For supporting my vision for the WWE. I’m proud of all of you. Win or lose on Sunday, that wont change. I’ll never forget the sacrifice each of you gentlemen have made for me.

The group all nod, accepting the thanks.

Jesse Ventura: I know there’s not a man in this room that won’t give one hundred per cent at the Survivor Series. I know you’re all gonna risk it all, putting life and limb at stake to win this match for us. Because you all know what’s at stake here. Beyond Sunday. If we lose on Sunday, it’s over for me. It’s over for Ricky…

Ventura points at the four full time performers.

Jesse Ventura: It’s not over for any of you.

Benjamin, Mysterio, Nemeth and London all look amongst each other, knowing what Ventura means.

Jesse Ventura: You all know if we lose, that JBL isn’t gonna forget who tried to keep him out of power. And you all know the hell you’ll have to suffer. You’ve all risked your future to fight for me, and I’ll never forget that. There’s not one man in this room that came on board with any reservations. Not one of you asked for anything in return for your services at the Survivor Series.

Ventura points toward the door.

Jesse Ventura: Those other guys?? You all know what lengths JBL has gone to to put his team together. He’s assembled a team of mercenaries. A team full of guys that are only in it for themselves. A team of guys that put themselves forward because of the rewards and the favours and the protection it’ll bring.

Jesse shakes his head.

Jesse Ventura: There’s no protection in this room. No promise of title shots. No guarantee of a pay rise. You’re all here because you want to be. You’re all here because you’re NOT greedy like they are. You all know what a WWE with JBL as it’s Commissioner will look like. And you know it won’t look good for any of you. You all came to me, you all came to Ricky … because you believe in my vision for the WWE.

Ventura points at himself, then shakes his head.

Jesse Ventura: There’s no place for politics in my WWE. There’s no place for a power hungry millionaire to plaster his face all over television at the expense of the talent. I didn’t take this job for the glory or the attention. And despite what JBL has tried to trumpet, I’m not a part time Commissioner either. I just prefer to do my work behind the scenes.I took this job on to give YOU the attention and the glory. You guys are the lifeblood of this company – of professional wrestling, sports entertainment, whatever you wanna call it – NOT J.B.L.

Pausing, Ventura allows his team to all get themselves pretty amped up with the motivation there.

Jesse Ventura: I’ve kept myself off television as much as possible until this mess started escalating. And I’ll go back to doing just that if we win at the Survivor Series.

The Commissioner sighs, and looks across at each of his team.

Jesse Ventura: So to finish off, I’m not gonna stand here and tell you all to go out there and win for ME at the Survivor Series. Because honestly, when it all comes down to it … it’s NOT for me. Winning at the Survivor Series benefits each and every one of YOU.

He points at each guy.

Jesse Ventura: Go out there at the Survivor Series and win this match for yourselves. Go out there on Sunday and win for the man standing next to you. For all your friends here on Raw, for all your comrades on Smackdown – because this match on Sunday is bigger than just Raw. This affects everything in the WWE.

The guys all nod, accepting the size of the stakes involved.

Jesse Ventura: The future of this company is in all of your hands. Don’t let it slip.

Ventura leaves that in the air to linger for a moment … then throws his arms up.

Jesse Ventura: Alright. Now … how about we give J.B.L and his boys a taste of what’s to come on Sunday!?

There’s a few pumped up ‘Yeah’s’ from Nemeth and London, whilst Rey claps, then pats the back of Shelton, whilst Steamboat remains quiet, but nods, patting the shoulder of each guy he’ll team with on Sunday … as we fade out.


Back into the arena…


Strolling out onto the stage, BRENT ALBRIGHT – with the World Heavyweight Title around his waist – makes his way to the ring, with VLADIMIR following out behind; all business with his stone like expression, ahead of tag team action – NEXT!!

Commercial Break

Match 5:

World Heavyweight Champ. Brent Albright & Vladimir vs. Shelton Benjamin & Nick Nemeth
Albright takes the majority of in ring time for his time, leaving the green Russian to stand and look imposing on the apron for the most part, whilst the champion battles with Nemeth and Benjamin. During his brief excursions into the ring, Vladimir softens up Nemeth, then Benjamin a short time later, not having to do any selling, before Albright takes over again.

Nemeth is able to get a run of offence going on the World Champion though, and he along with the former tag team champion Shelton Benjamin double team Albright, leading to him NEEDING to make a tag to Vladimir. The big Russian comes in, with Nemeth and Benjamin doing plenty of bumping for him, making Vladimir look like an unstoppable monster, until they manage to hit double dropkicks TWICE to send him bundling through the ropes to the floor.

Albright then returns, nailing Nemeth from behind, leaving it down to just the champion and Shelton Benjamin, and Albright eventually gets the upper hand, looking for his ACE IN THE HOLE, when Nemeth saves Benjamin!! But Vladimir returns and NAILS Nemeth with a BATTERING RAM!!! The referee looks to restore order … but it’s clear now that Albright and Vladimir have ulterior motives here, and Albright refuses to leave the ring, whilst Vladimir illegally chokes Shelton, leaving the official no choice but to call the match off!!!

Winners: Via DQ – Shelton Benjamin & Nick Nemeth @ 05:13

And when the bell rings, the beat down continues!!! J.R is immediately calling for help, convinced this is a plot to weaken or potentially injure two of Venturas five man team, and either leave the team short handed for Sunday or at a disadvantage at the very least.

Albright applies the CROWBAR on Nemeth, clearly trying to snap the arm, whilst Vladimir squeezes on a bear hug to keep Shelton occupied, as J.B.L now shows up at ringside, with Haas and Dinsmore along with him, cheering on his men-


Bringing with them steel chairs, REY MYSTERIO & PAUL LONDON rush to the ring to save their partners, clearly flouting the “no interference” ruling that was agreed weeks ago, and it’s quickly pointed out by Coach, but J.R argues that the match is over – the agreement only counts DURING matches.

Seeing Rey and London alone wouldn’t necessarily scare off Albright and the Russian Hitman … but the addition of steel chairs make the champ and Vladimir think twice … and ultimately decide not to take the risk of taking on two men wielding weapons.

RICKY STEAMBOAT is out too, and the Dragon gets in JBL’s face, accusing him of underhanded tactics, whilst Rey and London look to make sure Nemeth and Benjamin are okay-

WHEN JOHN CENA COMES FROM THE CROWD – HE’S IN THE RING … AND HE ATTACKS LONDON FROM BEHIND!!!!! London drops the chair, and Cena starts hammering down blows on the man he’s supposed to be wrestling right now!!!

Haas and Dinsmore now take the opportunity to hit the ring too, making the most of that distraction, and as Steamboat sees what’s going on in the ring, JBL grasps his own opportunity and CHEAP SHOTS STEAMBOAT WITH A SHOT FROM BEHIND!!!

Steamboat drops to the floor upon impact, as Albright and Vladimir also return to the ring, making it a 5 on 4 attack in the ring, with JBL about to make it six…


William Regal, Goldust, The East Coast Party Boys, Kid Kash, Colt Cabana, Colin Delaney, Doug Williams … even Gail Kim, Kelly Kelly & Victoria are coming out too!!! Individually, no one in the ring would fear any one person coming to the ring … but as one angry mob, it gives JBL and his Survivor Series squad food for thought.

J.R declares that the Raw locker room (the faces anyway) are all making a stand and wont stand by to watch JBL get an upper hand before the Survivor Series … with the angry mob surrounding the ring, forcing JBL to start looking around anxiously, shouting at the group to back off … but they wont.

And now JESSE VENTURA emerges onto the stage!! The CURRENT Commissioner checks on Steamboat on the ramp, helping the Raw GM to his feet, as Steamboat takes a microphone.

Ricky Steamboat: This show isn’t over yet!!

Pop from the fans.

Ricky Steamboat: We’ve still got the main event to come … and if this is my last time as Raw General Manager, I’m not gonna let you ruin it, Bradshaw.

JBL shakes his head, almost laughing at Steamboat.

Ricky Steamboat: But everyone can STAY at ringside. Because it will be Paul London versus John Cena.

Steamboat composes himself for a moment…

Ricky Steamboat: And it’ll be a LUMBERJACK MATCH!!!

Decent pop from the fans, as London nods, ready to get it on, whilst Cena is already taking off his hoodie…

Ricky Steamboat: Clear the ring!! And ring the bell!!

Commercial Break


John Cena vs. Paul London
Joined in progress, the ring is surrounded, and more men have filtered out during the commercial to even things up on the face/heel divide, with Bob Holly, Americas Most Wanted, La Renaissance, The New Standard, Maryse, LayCool and SHAWN MICHAELS now at ringside with everyone else, including the men involved this Sunday at the Survivor Series. JBL has joined J.R and Coach on commentary, whilst Ventura and Steamboat remain on the ramp.

Much like their match at Nemesis, Cena uses his massive strength and power advantage to control proceedings, and though the action is a few rungs below their Nemesis effort, the heat in the building is greater for this one, given the x-factors at ringside. Cena uses a lot of rest holds to wear London down, and London continually fights back … only to be eventually tossed out of the ring by Cena – and always out at the heel side of the ring.

That buys Cena time, and gets London a few extra beatings, including Haas and Dinsmore sending London into the steps at one point, which nearly sees a riot break out between the Lumberjacks. J.B.L constantly talks on commentary about everything he’ll improve once he gets Ventura out of power, and rejects the notion from J.R that Ventura has done good work as Commissioner, threatening to rip out ALL the changes Jesse has implemented over the last eighteen months.

London starts to fight back on Cena again, and the momentum appears to be firmly in his favour, eventually planting Cena with a TORNADO DDT … a perfect set up for the Golden Boy to head up top … but when he does, BRENT ALBRIGHT climbs onto the apron to grab his leg!!! Shelton Benjamin is called into action, and he YANKS Albright off the apron – resulting in a brief scuffle between a few lumberjacks – as London leaps off the top at Cena (who is standing up again after the delay) … AND CENA CATCHES LONDON!!!

FU – NO!!! London lands on his feet, and Cena comes charging at him by the ropes, but London back body drops Cena, sending him out ONTO A GROUP OF THE LUMBERJACKS!!!!! It’s chaos for a few moments, with Cena landing on a bunch of the lumberjacks, and JBL claims London done that on purpose … before London SUICIDE DIVES ONTO CENA AND THE LUMBERJACKS!!!! Now, all hell breaks loose on the outside … as J.R throws us to a commercial, hoping order can be restored before we come back from the final commercial of the night…

Commercial Break

And back from the commercial, order HAS been restored – for now – and back in the ring, Cena is putting a beating on London in the corner. On commentary, J.R challenges JBL on when or even IF he’ll hold up his end of the bargain with Cena should they succeed on Sunday, but Layfield refuses to discuss it, saying it’s not a public matter – though he does insist Cena WILL get a title shot once victory is delivered at the Survivor Series.

Cena gets a warning from the official for the extended beat down in the corner, and when the Man In Black spends too long arguing with Mike Chioda, it opens the door for London to fight back!! Rocking Cena with stiff forearms, London fights out of the corner, getting a head of steam, eventually scoring a near fall off a spinning heel kick!!! A HURRICANRANA scores a two also, with London ascending, potentially closing in on victory!!!

John Cena is spaghetti legged, and JUST manages to power out of a roll up, before swinging a wild clothesline – which London ducks – AND LONDON DELIVERS A SUPERKICK!!!!! 1...2...NO!!! Shaking his head, London looks to drag the bigger man up … WHEN CENA EXPLODES and CHARGES London into the corner!!! Shoulders to the gut, Cena drives the wind out of his rival, then sets up for the PILEDRIVER-

NO!!!!! London escapes, and fights Cena off again, before running off the ropes, right into a drop toe hold … AND THE STFU!!!!! London is trapped, and despite calls from J.R on commentary to tap and save himself for Sunday, London REFUSES to give in!!! J.B.L calls him stupid and an idiot for not tapping – but says he’s glad London is a glutton for punishment. Cena cranks back … but London inches nearer to the ropes … reaching out-


The faces on the other side of the ring – notably Regal and Goldust – see it, and they are furious, instantly charging to that side of the ring to put a stop to it … AS THE LUMBERJACKS START BRAWLING AGAIN!!!!! As the lumberjacks fight on the outside, London DOES get the ropes … but the referee is too distracted by what’s happening on the outside to notice!!!!! Cena keeps the hold locked on … with London fading-


And the chaos goes to another level from there!!! The ring now starts to fill up as Charlie Haas tackles Rey, and the knock on effect sees everything come into the ring. Mike Chioda has lost all control, and the bell is heard ringing, but there’s no official announcement. Clearly, the match has been thrown out … but that wasn’t the important thing tonight anyway.
Winner: No Contest @ 16:49

Despite the bell ringing, it doesn’t stop any of the fighting. Almost all of the Raw roster is out here brawling amongst each other, arms are flying, fists are flying, bodies are flying, but J.B.L departs from commentary, and is ushered out of the firing line by his bodyguard Vladimir, heading for higher ground.

In the ring, there’s no decisive winner with the brawls going back and forth, it’s just sheer bedlam. Not involved in any of the brawling, Shawn Michaels simply makes his way up the ramp – still limping – and passes by Ventura and Steamboat. There’s a momentary pause, as Michaels side eyes both men … but eventually continues on his way.

Meanwhile, up in the stands, JBL stops to survey the carnage happening way down below, with Vladimir and Ranjin Singh by his side. On commentary, J.R goes into super shill mode for the Survivor Series, calling this just a glimpse of what’s to come on Sunday.

It’s still not calmed down in the ring as we go off the air, with final shots of Ventura and Steamboat on the ramp, switching their focus to JBL way up in the arena on the steps by an exit, as JBL points down toward the pair, telling Ventura and Steamboat (even though they can’t hear him) “IT’LL BE ALL MINE!! IT’LL BE ALL MINE!!!”…


Official Card for The 22nd Annual WWE Survivor Series:

November 16 2008 | Phillips Arena, Atlanta GA

Theme Music; ‘Spolin For A Fight’ by AC/DC

5 on 5 Survivor Series Elimination Match:



World Heavyweight Champion Brent Albright, John Cena, Shawn Michaels, Vladimir & John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield


Rey Mysterio, Shelton Benjamin, Paul London, Nick Nemeth & Raw General Manager Ricky Steamboat

*If Team Layfield win; JBL becomes WWE Commissioner*

*If Team Ventura win; Jesse Ventura remains WWE Commissioner*

5 on 5 Survivor Series Elimination Match:


WWE Champion Chris Jericho, Umaga, U.S Champion Mark Henry, WWE Tag Team Champions Wade Barrett & Elijah Burke w/Melina & Armando Estrada


Kurt Angle, Randy Orton, Jack Swagger, Carlito & Kofi Kingstonw/Paul Heyman

*If The Dangerous Alliance win, Kurt Angle will receive a WWE Championship Match, Jack Swagger will receive a U.S Championship match and the Caribbean Connection will receive a Tag Team Championship match – all at Armageddon*

5 on 5 Survivor Series Elimination Match:


Edge, Christian, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy & Evan Bourne

Batista, Sim Snuka, Ted DiBiase Jr, Jamie Noble & M.V.P w/Ted DiBiase Sr

Womens Championship Match:

Beth Phoenix vs. Natalya

- With NO Rope Breaks Allowed -

Cruiserweight Championship Match:

Christopher Daniels vs. Bryan Danielson


Triple H vs. Mister Kennedy

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Re: Being The Booker

Friday Night Smackdown | November 14 2008 | Fort Worth, TX

Recap of last weeks closing angle, where THE BRIAN KENDRICK revealed that HE was responsible for the assault that has taken Finlay out of commission.

Opening Video

No Pyro-

Instead, we open COLD into the arena, and the lights come on;


Boos rain down on the BALD headed Kendrick, who made his return last week with a startling confession, taking the credit for the assault on Finlay. Expressionless, Kendrick waits out the noise being made by the fans.

The Brian Kendrick: I don’t hear anyone laughing anymore…

Wearing his tattered, dirty white leather jacket (with a bloody rag hanging out of the front pocket), Kendrick shakes his head.

The Brian Kendrick: People aren’t pointing and laughing at the freak show anymore…

He rubs his bald head, with a sinister look in his eyes, then looks up at the lights, before back to the hard camera.

The Brian Kendrick: Since last week, people put their heads down now instead of looking me in the eye. I walk down the street, and people walk to the other side of the sidewalk to avoid me.

Kendrick laughs into the mic, then pauses.

The Brian Kendrick: You all realise now … I’m not a joke. I’m a monster.

Scattered boos.

The Brian Kendrick: Finlay … Finlay got everything that was coming to him. HE created this monster. His fingerprints are all over this!! He made a mockery of me, took away my identity … he just failed to realize and failed to understand that by taking away my identity … I had to embrace my new identity.

Closing his eyes, Kendrick has a euphoric look on his face, before starting again.

The Brian Kendrick: And just like Frankensteins Monster, I sought revenge for what Finlay caused me to become. It was only fitting for Finlay to feel the wrath of his monster.

Laughing again into the mic, TBK gets boos from the audience.

The Brian Kendrick: Now … I wonder Finlay … I wonder if you regret making a mockery of the old Brian Kendrick. As you sit on a hospital bed, being fed because you can’t use your own arms, suffering the humiliation of nurses having to wash and bathe you, because you don’t have the power in your legs to stand up … does it seem like such a good idea to have killed the old Brian Kendrick??

Staring right at the hard camera, it’s as if Kendrick is waiting for an answer to his question, before snapping back into reality.

The Brian Kendrick: Because he wouldn’t have inflicted the kind of damage that this Brian Kendrick did. He wouldn’t have had the stomach to carry out such a despicable assault. He wouldn’t have made an invalid out of you.


The Brian Kendrick: Was it worth it?? The fun you had in seeing me shorn of my identity at SummerSlam?? For what’s become of you?? You need-

**WHAT’S UP!?**

There’s no rapping or playing to the fans, R-TRUTH, having been also left for dead two weeks ago in a similar vein to Finlay weeks earlier (but to a lesser extent) makes his way onto the stage. He’s not asking the fans “What’s Up?” tonight though – he looks like he’s out for blood.

R-Truth: I ain’t no detective, but Imma jump to some conclusions right about now … some sucka attacked me up from behind a couple weeks back … and I’m lookin at da numba one suspect!!

The Brian Kendrick: You’re absolutely right.

Immediately, Kendrick owns up to the assault on Truth, with Truth looking livid at the nonchalance of the admission.

The Brian Kendrick: You … just like Finlay … humiliated me. You made a mockery of me on national television … and just like with Finlay, I wont tolerate anyone making a fool of me any longer.

R-Truth: Well, y’gone screwed up, dawg!! Cause y’dint finish the job!!!

The Brian Kendrick: The only reason I didn’t finish the job … is because I was disturbed before I could. Otherwise, you’d be laid up next to our General Manager. And I’d suggest if you come any closer … that’ll be where you end up.

R-Truth: Oh, well let’s find out about dat!!!

Truth starts making his way to the ring-



John Laurinaitis: Just stop- hold up!!

The acting GM whilst Finlay is out of commission shuffles out quickly to settle things down, rushing toward Truth on the ramp, and standing in front of him to stop Truth from continuing to the ring.

John Laurinaitis: I can’t allow this to happen – not like this. Truth-

Truth keeps his glare on the ring, with Johnny Ace trying to get his attention.

John Laurinaitis: Truth – I have to insist that you back off right now. You want a chance to get some revenge, and I understand that. And I will give you that chance-

Truth paces, telling Johnny – off mic – to move.

John Laurinaitis: At the Survivor Series this Sunday.

Stopping in his tracks, Truth eyeballs Laurinaitis, but doesn’t respond to the announcement. Johnny turns to address Kendrick in the ring.

John Laurinaitis: And as for you- Mister Kendrick … you can count yourself extremely fortunate. Only for Finlays insistence, I would’ve pushed for your contract to be terminated after what you’ve done. It’s only because of Finlay that you have a job right now.

Kendrick starts to smirk in a sinister manner.

John Laurinaitis: And if I were you, I’d be very concerned about what he has in store for you when he returns.

Kendrick scoffs at the thinly veiled threat, whilst Truth pipes up again and addresses Ace.

R-Truth: Yo, dawg!! Listen up, no disrespect to Finlay, but y’better tell him there ain’t gonna be much left of Kendricks punk ass after I’m done wit’im at the Survivor Series.

Wild eyed, Truth glares at the ring, pointing at Kendrick.

R-Truth: You hear dat!! Yo punk ass is MINE on Sunday, Kendrick!!

Kendrick doesn’t react in the ring, keeping his eerie smile etched on his face instead, whilst Truth breathes heavily on the ramp, eyeballing his foe, as Johnny Ace tries to usher the worked up Truth away to alleviate the tension, before cutting to Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler at ringside.

Michael Cole: Well King, not the start we anticipated to this night…

Jerry Lawler: Not at all, Michael. I mean, that individual in the ring – he’s still called The Brian Kendrick … but that’s not Brian Kendrick any more.

Michael Cole: He’s shown zero remorse for his actions, zero compassion for the pain and suffering he inflicted on Finlay and as we’ve just found out, R-Truth too. And don’t forget either, King, someone got in the ring – completely covered – and screwed Bryan Danielson out of the Cruiserweight title two weeks ago on Smackdown. And my guess would be The Brian Kendrick was behind that too!!

Jerry Lawler: Wouldn’t be a shock to me. He’s come for revenge on Finlay, revenge on R-Truth, so why not target the man responsible for him having to shave his hair all the way back at Summerslam??

Michael Cole: Well, as we just heard, another match made official for the Survivor Series in just forty eight hours time. The Brian Kendrick returns to action to face R-Truth. Kendrick will have his hands full in Atlanta on Sunday, that’s for sure, King.

Jerry Lawler: Yeah, but before all that on Sunday, we have a loaded night of action on Smackdown, Michael!!

Michael Cole: As we’ve known for weeks, Kurt Angle and the WWE Champion Chris Jericho will head up Survivor Series teams on Sunday, but tonight, both team captains will be in singles action – later, Chris Jericho meets Carlito, but coming up next, Kurt Angle takes on one half of the WWE Tag Team Champions, Elijah Burke!! That and much MUCH more to come here on Smackdown!!

Commercial Break

Returning from the break, we get a SHAKY camera shot, of a developing situation backstage, as the former Cruiserweight Champion BRYAN DANIELSON is shown trying to get at THE BRIAN KENDRICK, but is being held back by fellow workers from the Cruiserweight division.

Kendrick – flanked by two security guards – stands stoically, not reacting, as Danielson squirms, trying to get at Kendrick, shouting at Kendrick “WHY’D YOU DO IT!?”, followed by “YOU SCREWED ME!!”

Shaking his head, Kendrick remains calm, taking a step forward…

The Brian Kendrick: Whoever that was that screwed you, Bryan … it wasn’t me.

Kendrick looks up and down Danielson, then scoffs.

The Brian Kendrick: But I wish it had been.

Turning and walking away, Kendrick leaves Danielson confused, with the former Cruiserweight Champion convinced it was Kendrick that was behind the screw job two weeks ago … knowing Kendrick would have no reason to lie…


Back into the arena…

Match 1:
Kurt Angle vs. Elijah Burke
Noted during the entrances by Michael Cole, both Heyman and Estrada agreed earlier in the day that for the two matches tonight there would be NO ringside accompaniments, meaning no Heyman or Swagger at Angles side, and no Melina or Barrett for Burke.

It’s a big opportunity for Elijah, and he looks to grasp it with both hands – as has everyone that’s been in the ring with Angle over the last few months. Angle is on form too, coping just fine without Heyman at ringside, but it’s a competitive sprint of a match, and surprisingly 50/50 in terms of dominance throughout the match.

After eating a pair of Belly to Bellies, Burke avoids an attempt at the Angle Slam, and quickly counters an Ankle Lock attempt by rolling through, sending Kurt hurtling face first into the turnbuckles!! That sets up Eli for the ELIJAH EXPRESS on Angle and SCORES!!! It’s going to be a huge win for one half of the tag champions, 1...2...ANGLE GETS A SHOULDER UP!!!!

Burke argues with the official, convinced he got three, and has to get focused again on Angle, and hits his elevated elbow drop for another near fall, before looking to set Angle up for the ELIJAH EXPERIENCE – NO!!! Angle spins out of danger, then ducks a clothesline, and reels off a pair of German Suplexes before sending Burke backflipping on the third!!!!

That sensational third German essentially puts the match to bed, as Angle is able to size Burke up from there, stalking before planting Eli with an ANGLE SLAM … followed by the ANKLE LOCK for good measure – albeit unnecessarily with the match won on the slam … but it’s still enough for Burke to quickly tap out, saving himself for Sunday without putting up a huge struggle in the submission.
Winner: Kurt Angle 06:26

Picking up a hard fought victory, Kurt Angle looks somewhat relieved, knowing he’s been given a tough work out tonight, just two days away from the Survivor Series. Michael Cole calls it impressive, and notes that now the pressure shifts to Chris Jericho to deliver and set the tone as captain of his team later tonight.

Commercial Break

Returning backstage, we see MATT & JEFF HARDY, with EVAN BOURNE in the locker room, approaching their partner on Sunday; EDGE, who is sat down, lacing up his boots in preparation for a match later…

Jeff Hardy: Hey Edge.

Edge says nothing, but offers the trio a nod, before going back to lacing up.

Jeff Hardy: We uh, we thought it might be a good idea to talk some strategy before this uh, Survivor Series elimination match on Sunday.

Matt pipes up now too.

Matt Hardy: Yeah, and while we’re at it … if we’re gonna be on the same team at the Survivor Series … maybe we ought to bury the hatchet?

Edge keeps his head down, still tying up his laces.

Edge: I didn’t know we had a problem.

Jeff Hardy: Well, you’ve had a few run ins these last couple months. We just wanted to make sure there’s no issues.

Finishing lacing his boots, Edge stands up.

Edge: Look, apart from that weird as hell situation with you sending an e-mail while Finlay was laying unconscious, there’s no issues on my end.

Matt Hardy: That was a misunderstanding, man. When I sent that e-mail-

Edge: Doesn’t matter. I’m guessing you three want the same thing I do on Sunday … so as long as you leave Batista to me, I’ll leave the DiBiase crew to you.

Raising his eyebrows, Matt smirks.

Matt Hardy: Whatever you say man, it is Team Edge after all, right? We’re just the supporting cast according to the-

Edge: I don’t give a crap what the team name is. All I care about on Sunday is beating Batista’s ass. Understand??

Matt is about to talk back, but Jeff quickly intervenes.

Jeff Hardy: You spoke to Christian?? What’s goin on with him, man??

Edge: Who knows. I’ll speak to him later if he shows up … but right now?? I got a match with that idiot Sim Snuka to get ready for.

Finally getting a word in, Evan tries to crack a joke-

Evan Bourne: You even need to gear up to wrestle that guy??

Edge shoots Bourne a look, and Evan puts his head down.

Jeff Hardy: Look, we’ll join you out there. Batista and Filthy Rich won’t be too far away I’m gues-

Edge: Don’t bother. We’re on the same team on Sunday. Not any sooner.

Edge walks off, and Matt is about to pipe up with something, but Jeff stops him and shakes his head. Matt is clearly agitated by Edge’s attitude though…


Elsewhere, JOSH MATHEWS is standing with PAUL HEYMAN…

Josh Mathews: Mister Heyman, after weeks of round the clock negotiations with various Smackdown superstars, you finally fully assembled your Survivor Series team which has now officially been coined as a ‘Dangerous Alliance’. And given everything that’s at stake for the team this Sunday, just how dangerous will this alliance prove to be??

Heyman rolls his eyes at the question.

Paul Heyman: Who wrote that for ya?? Cute though. Yes, call it what you will; Team Angle, a Dangerous Alliance, frankly Josh, it doesn’t matter. Because what we have assembled is a team with NOTHING to lose and EVERYTHING to gain. But better yet, Joshua … what I have brought together is a team with a common goal. Each and every man on this fantastic firm of five has a goal.

He reaches up, grabbing an imaginary brass ring.

Paul Heyman: Striving to survive, my team of the ONLY Olympic Gold Medallist in WWE history, the YOUNGEST WWE Champion in history, the NEXT next big thing, along with the BEST tag team in the game to have never held the gold … have everything they need in themselves and in each other to achieve their goals and grab the opportunities they so richly deserve.

Heyman pauses, then devilishly smirks.

Paul Heyman: Whereas, on the other hand…

Heyman trails off on that, letting it linger, before continuing.

Paul Heyman: You’ve got Chris Jericho’s band of not so merry men. We all know the saying that it’s harder to STAY a champion than it is to BECOME a champion … and it’s never been more true than it will be at the Survivor Series. They can’t walk away if the going gets tough on Sunday. They can’t intentionally get themselves disqualified … because no matter what; be it count outs, disqualifications … every elimination counts. To stop my men … they’ll have to beat them. And it’s EXTREMELY difficult for any champion to hold off a hungry challenger … let alone an entire team of them.

The smarmy Heyman shakes his head.

Paul Heyman: But it didn’t have to be that way. Chris Jericho, in his infinite wisdom, put his entire team behind the eight ball last week by requesting they all had something at stake, rather than only him. How very noble.

Josh Mathews: Uh, but Mister Heyman, didn’t you try to take the credit for that last week??

Paul Heyman: Excuse me, son, but this has long since moved away from being an interview. All I require is for you to hold the microphone. Capiche??

Matthews shuts up, and does as he’s told.

Paul Heyman: Now … where was I?? Ah, yes … Chris Jericho selling out his ENTIRE team last week. Now, I don’t want to create any dissension in the ranks – heaven forbid – but if I were Theodore Long or if I were Melina, I would be asking some serious questions right about now, and I’d be looking for a way to leave Mister Jericho out to dry. Especially Mister Long.

With that twinkle in his eye, all Heyman needs is a wooden spoon right now to stir the shit.

Paul Heyman: I mean … far be it for me to suggest … but how exactly can Theodore Long be on board as only the second most important voice on Jericho’s team?? ESPECIALLY … when he has already led his client to a notable victory over Mister Estrada’s formerly number one guy. While we’re at it … I even question how Mark Henry and Umaga could possibly co-exist given their history??

Heyman chuckles.

Paul Heyman: But that’s not MY problem.

Hand on his chest, Heyman lets that linger, then blows it off.

Paul Heyman: And besides, if I were Theodore Long and Mark Henry, I’d be asking myself why I’m assisting the WWE Champion … rather than eyeing that gold up myself. After all … he’s undefeated since coming to Smackdown, he is the reigning United States Champion…

One more time, Heyman shows that trouble making smirk.

Paul Heyman: But then again … maybe he is sizing up the WWE Championship. Maybe Theodore Long IS plotting something against Chris Jericho and Armando Estrada … especially after the way Chris Jericho sold him out last week. I know that I would if I were in the same position. So why not him?? Something to think about, Joshua. Something for everyone to think about…

He pats the arm of Mathews, offers a wink and merrily walks off…


Commercial Break


In this world, DOMINANCE is key.”

Batista delivering a Spinebuster on The Undertaker at Judgment Day, Mark Henry giving Umaga the Worlds Strongest Slam at SummerSlam.

In this world, POWER is the ultimate currency.”

Beth Phoenix standing tall with her Womens title, The Brian Kendrick getting his head shaved after losing at SummerSlam.


The Master Craftsmen standing tall together, Melina aligning with the Fight Factory.

And here, WEAKNESS will be EXPLOITED.”

Randy Orton PUNTING countless innocent victims over the last 18 months, CM Punk blasting Shawn Michaels with the Bible in August.

To stand above ALL others…”

Shots of Christian, Edge and John Cena over the last few years with World Title belts.

To be at the TOP of the food chain …”

Kurt Angle screaming out after a victory, neck muscles bulging, Chris Jericho sneering at the audience on Smackdown.

SURVIVAL isn’t just an INSTINCT.”

Mister Kennedy attacking Mr. McMahon on a recent episode of Raw, John Cena beating up Drew McIntyre on Raw during the summer.

It’s a way of life.”

Triple H blasting multiple people over the years with a sledgehammer, The Undertaker sitting up at WrestleMania.

And the only way to GUARANTEE SURVIVAL in this world?”

The following words THUD onto a black screen.









Match 2:
Cryme Tyme vs. The San Juan Express
Just a brief match. No backstory, no heat coming into it. Cole and Lawler discuss JTG and Shad wanting to get right back into the title hunt, while also mentioning recent developments with Vickie Guerrero (the manager of Los Latinos) watching Epico and Primos matches on Superstars, seemingly keen on the San Juan Express. And, throughout this match too, Vickie is shown watching – but backstage on a monitor.

The match follows the traditional tag team pattern; the faces run wild early, but the heels eventually take control with some shenanigans to gain the upper hand, focusing on JTG. After building up some heat on JTG, Epico and Primo look to deliver a double suplex – but JTG lands on his feet, countering with a double neckbreaker instead!!! Agonizingly, he crawls … but DOES make the tag to his fresh partner!!!

And Shad Gaspard brings the heat, running through Epico and Primo with ease, before drilling Primo with a BIG BOOT!! Cover, 1...2...BROKEN BY EPICO!!! The Express use some underhanded tactics to re-establish control, and run Shad into JTG to knock him off the apron, but when they close in on victory with an attempt at the DOUBLE BACKCRACKER – BUT JTG PULLS SHAD OUT OF TROUBLE!!! Primo and Epico crash on the mat, and Epico gets thrown out, before Primo eats the G9 DOUBLE TEAM!!! 1...2...3!!!!!
Winners: Cryme Tyme @ 05:03

The hard fought win will get Cryme Tyme back in the conversation for the tag titles, while the loss could be a big setback for the aspiring San Juan Express, with Vickie Guerrero even being shown shaking her head backstage at the loss for the team she’d had her keen eye on.

Back in the ring, as JTG and Shad celebrate, Cole notes though that despite the win – Cryme Tyme may not have a say in the matter if Angles team wins at the Survivor Series, as it will guarantee the Caribbean Connection the next crack at the gold.

Commercial Break

Backstage in a deserted heel locker room, THE MILLION DOLLAR MAN looks around, turning his nose up at the shoddy dressing area – clearly he’ll have a private room for his men – as BATISTA emerges from the bathroom area.

The Million Dollar Man: Ah- they told me you were here.

Batista: What is it??

Million Dollar Man chuckles.

The Million Dollar Man: Isn’t it obvious?? I want to talk about our game plan for this Survivor Series Elimination Match we have ourselves on Sunday, young man.

Batista: Game plan?? How about this; you tell your boys to keep their mouths shut and follow my lead.

DiBiase looks rather speechless at the frank outburst from Big Dave, who isn’t pulling any punches.

The Million Dollar Man: Well, I had a few ideas of my own, if you’d care-

Batista: That game plan I mentioned?? It counts for you too.

Ted puffs his cheeks, looking pretty worried now for his own safety.

Batista: I don’t want a damn team. The only thing I want is the only thing no one seems prepared to give me – and that’s a shot at the WWE Title. So the only thing I can do is beat the hell out of those five guys we’re facing at the Survivor Series. And your boys better not screw that up for me. We clear??

Meekly, the Million Dollar Man nods – too afraid to even say anything. Slowly, he backs out of the room, quietly closing the door so as not to anger the Animal any further.

And, waiting outside, TED JUNIOR, JAMIE NOBLE and the forever fed up looking M.V.P hanging in the background.

Ted DiBiase Jr: So?? What did he say?? What did he think of my ideas??

Jamie Noble: Yeah!! What about that plan I had for dealin with the Hardys??

The Million Dollar Man: Oh- he loved it. He loved all of it. He’s really excited to be teaming up with us at the Survivor Series…

Lying through his teeth, DiBiase ushers Ted Jr and Noble away, before also pointing at M.V.P.

The Million Dollar Man: But he also said he wants you to pull your weight.

Porter shakes his head, chewing on gum, before following his employer, as they walk off.


Elsewhere, KRISTAL MARSHALL is standing by with SIM SNUKA who is bouncing on his toes, looking extremely eager.

Kristal Marshall: Sim, over the last number of months, you’ve asked, time and time again for an opportunity. For one reason or another, the opportunities you have been given haven’t panned out … but you must be happy to not only have a match with Edge tonight, but also, to be part of the Survivor Series this Sunday??

Snuka stops bouncing, and nods, as he gathers his thoughts.

Sim Snuka: Kristal, I’ve had to wait for this night for a long time. This recognition is long overdue. With my last name; it’s my birthright!! I should be in Survivor Series matches, I should be taking on the likes of former WWE Champions. And I should’ve had a crack at Edge a long time ago. He’s treated me like dirt from day ONE!! Just like his good friend, Christian did last week on Smackdown.

Taking a deep breath, Snuka takes a moment before finishing up.

Sim Snuka: Well tonight, I’m about to prove to Edge that Sim Snuka should be treated like royalty. Because that’s what I am. Wrestling Royalty.

Snuka walks off, revved up for his big match…


Back in the arena…


Stepping through the smoke, EDGE has at least given Sim Snuka enough respect to dress for the match, even though it should be a routine win. Cole and Lawler remind the viewers of the match that was announced last weekend after Smackdown for the Survivor Series, which will see both Edge and Snuka involved … but this minor issue dates back months … and it comes to a head; next.

Commercial Break

Match 3:
Edge vs. Sim Snuka
Snuka tries to wrestle with Edge initially, but after getting thrown aside, he tries to change up his tactics, going straight for a side headlock … which Edge shoves off right away, knocking Sim down with a shoulder tackle. Edge follows with a number of knock downs and clotheslines, before looking to wrap things up quickly with a SPEAR- But Sim dives out of the ring to avoid it!!!

Taking a walk, Sim ignores the referees commands to get back inside, complaining of a wrist injury, drawing Edge out to chase him. Sim runs around the ring, sliding back in, and stomps Edge as he slides in pursuit. Snuka has the briefest of spells in charge, just trying to beat Edge down in the corner, then rushes in for a corner splash- BUT EDGE AVOIDS IT!!!

Snuka hits the turnbuckles, and Edge drops him with the Edge-O-Matic for the 1...2...FOOT ON THE ROPE!!!!! Edge brushes off the near fall, and starts to set himself for the SPEAR … WHEN FILTHY RICH HIT RINGSIDE!!!!! Edge quickly knocks Ted DiBiase Jr off the apron, then nails Noble too as the Million Dollar Man implores M.V.P to help his boys…

And Porter shapes up to get on the apron, which distracts Edge … allowing Sim to roll Edge up – WITH A HANDFUL OF TIGHTS!!! 1...2...NO!!!!! They bounce back up, and Edge ducks a shot, coming off the ropes – WHERE HE GETS TRIPPED BY TED SENIOR!!! Another distraction, and as Edge turns to confront the legend, Sim attacks from behind, and puts him down with a side suplex!!!

Now, despite being told not to earlier, The Hardys and Evan Bourne come charging down the ramp to help even the odds … but it could be too late, as Snuka climbs up top … SUPERFLY SPLASH – MISSES!!!!! Edge got out of the way, Snuka crashed and burned!!! The Hardys and Bourne take care of Filthy Rich, as Edge runs through Snuka with a SPEAR!!!! 1...2...3!!!!!
Winner: Edge @ 04:39

It’s an expected win for Edge, but was very nearly an embarrassing loss – saved perhaps by the save from the Hardy Boys and Evan Bourne. Job done in the end, Edge gets his hand raised, whilst the fighting spills INTO the ring from the outside as Ted Junior looks to get away from Jeff Hardy.

Edge knocks Ted down, getting some revenge for Ted’s dads actions during the match, whilst M.V.P hits the ring – under orders – with the fight continuing as Edge fights off Porter. Matt and Noble find their way into the ring too, with Evan also climbing in after being put down earlier by Montel-


And full of rage, BATISTA comes charging down the ramp, not wanting to wait for Survivor Series to get a piece of Edge!!! The Rated ‘R’ Superstar readies himself in the ring for the arrival of The Animal … but that allows M.V.P to clock Edge with a clothesline from behind!!

Edge is bundled to the corner, having to fight off M.V.P as Batista hits the ring and immediately DRILLS Matt Hardy with a SPINEBUSTER!!! Jeff Hardy is next in the firing line, and gets SPEARED by The Animal, before Batista SHOVES his own team mates this Sunday in order to cut through Bourne with a sickening clothesline!!!

Meanwhile, Edge is battling back against M.V.P … but it’s all in vain, as Batista clobbers him from behind!!! Shouting “MOVE!!” at his own team mates at the Survivor Series, Batista starts to clear the ring, tossing out the Hardys – whilst Ted Senior frantically tells his own men to get out – and The Animal puts Bourne down for good with a SPINEBUSTER!!!

Matt tries to get back in but is nailed by Batista, sending him back to the floor, whilst Jeff climbs up top … only for Batista to catch him up there and PRESS SLAM HIM BACK TO THE FLOOR ONTO HIS BROTHER!!!!

It just leaves Edge … and the Rated ‘R’ Superstar is unable to block or defend himself as Batista stacks him … AND DRILLS HIM WITH THE BATISTA BOMB!!!! The Animal has sent a STARK warning ahead of the Survivor Series, taking out four of the five men he faces on Sunday … as Michael Cole asks “WHERE IS CHRISTIAN!?”, saying Edge and his partners could’ve done with him tonight…

Commercial Break

Power walking through the hallways with a scowl on his face, ARMANDO ESTRADA spots the person he’s looking for – THEODORE LONG. Long is talking on his Cell phone; back turned to Estrada … so naturally, he doesn’t take kindly to AAE pulling the phone from Long.

Armando Estrada: He’ll call you back, pero!!

Estrada aggressively prods the phone to hang up, with Theodore’s eyes bugging out.

Theodore Long: Y’LOST Y’MIND PLAYA!? Da hell y’doin!?

Armando Estrada: Don’t play me for a fool, pendejo!! Are ju working with Heyman!? Hmm?? Ju and him in cahoots!? Is dat what’s going on here??

Long looks flabbergasted.

Theodore Long: Working with Heyman!?? You’ve lost your mind-

Armando Estrada: HA HA!! I don’t think so. Ju and Heyman are jealous of ME!! I see it, amigo. What deal have ju and him cut??

Theodore Long: Get a grip, dawg!! An’ gimme dat back!!

Long snatches his phone back from Estrada.

Theodore Long: The hell has gotten into you playa??

Estrada rips his sunglasses off, eyeballing Teddy.

Armando Estrada: I know ju’re game – ju can’t stand de fact dat I represent the WWE Champion, and ju wanna undermine my power. I told Chris Jericho dis was a bad idea to bring ju and ju’re Strong man on board. I knew ju couldn’t be trusted, pero.

Theodore Long: Y’betta slow your roll, playa. I don’t like the accusations you’re throwin at me. Accusin me and the Worlds Strongest Man like dat?? I ain’t diggin that. Trust me, dawg, Mark Henry and me?? We don’t need to be devious like dat. We don’t need to double cross anybody. If we got a problem, we’ll deal wit it like men. Ya feel me??

Teddy aggressively points his finger at Estrada.

Theodore Long: And believe dis, we ain’t one bit happy with Chris Jericho right now after that stunt he pulled last week. But we’ll deal with that once we get past Sunday. Now as this nonsense about me workin wit Heyman-

It’s nonsense.”

The voice is the background is none other than CHRIS JERICHO. The WWE Champion (dressed for action right now) walks into the picture, looking to calm the tension.

Chris Jericho: All it is gentlemen, is Paul Heyman trying to do exactly this. Cause a rift in our camp.

Theodore Long: Y’done a good enough job of dat y’self, playa!!

Jericho ignores the quip from Long and instead keeps his attention on Estrada.

Chris Jericho: I saw what Paul Heyman had to say earlier … and it reeks of desperation. We should be celebrating that fact. He’s worried. And he has every right to be. Because so long as we all maintain our focus … so long as we don’t turn on one another…

Jericho takes a long look at Long with that comment.

Chris Jericho: Then we can’t fail at the Survivor Series.

He turns his gaze back to Estrada.

Chris Jericho: So we don’t need to worry about anyone double crossing anyone. All I need you to worry about, Mister Estrada … is making sure you keep the Samoan Bulldozer under control, and not ruin this for the rest of us.

Jericho pats the shoulder of Estrada, and walks on, motioning for Estrada to follow him. They walk off, leaving Theodore Long shaking his head, as he gets back to making the phone call he got cut off from.


Elsewhere, JOSH MATHEWS is standing by with the CARIBBEAN CONNECTION…

Josh Mathews: Gentlemen, this Sunday you have the opportunity to earn a long awaited shot at the WWE Tag Team Titles when you join Kurt Angle’s Survivor Series team … but tonight it’s a massive opportunity for you, Carlito, going one on one with the WWE Champion, Chris Jericho…

Kofi pats the back of Carlito to offer encouragement as Carlito nods.

Carlito: Yeah man, de Fight Factory have done their best to avoid Kofi Kingston and Carlito. Dey screwed us out of a title shot last month, so the way we saw it, with dem on Jericho’s Survivor Series team, and Kurt Angle needing two more guys??…

Kofi Kingston: That was a no brainer for us. Finally, this Sunday, we get a chance to prove to the world that we’re every bit as good as the Fight Factory. Better, even. And the cherry on top is knowing that by helping Kurt Angles team to victory this Sunday, we guarantee ourselves the next shot at the tag team titles. But tonight?? Carlito here gets a little spotlight to himself….

Carlito smirks, as he and Kofi bump knuckles.

Carlito: Sounds good, right, Josh?? Feels like a long time since Carlito got to step out on his own and remind everyone just how good he is. Even though right now our goal is to finally get our hands on those tag team titles?? Carlito ain’t gonna pass up the opportunity to knock off the WWE Champ.

Josh Mathews: And Kofi, due to an agreement between Paul Heyman and Armando Estrada earlier today, there’ll be no one allowed ringside for that match. How’s it gonna be for you having to stand back and watch as your partner Carlito takes on Chris Jericho tonight??

Kofi Kingston: It’s all good, man. Carlito don’t need me holding his hand out there!! Like the man says, just because we’re a tag team, that doesn’t mean Carlito and I can’t go out there and get the job done standing on our own. Tonight?? Carlito is gonna shake up the WWE Champ … and you know what that is, don't ya, Josh??

Josh Mathews: What’s that??

Kofi nudges Carlito.

Kofi Kingston: Tell ‘em.

Carlito shrugs. Kofi – smirking – playfully slaps Carlitos chest lightly.

Kofi Kingston: C’mon man!! Say the line.

Carlito smirks.

Carlito: Das cool.

Kofi slaps his hands, cracking himself up. He pats the back of Carlito … but the smiles fade, when MELINA steps into the shot.

Melina: Every bit as good as the tag team champions?? I don’t think so.

With zero fear of reprisals, Melina looks Kofi and Carlito up and down with disdain.

Melina: If you were as good as Elijah Burke and Wade Barrett, then maybe Paul Heyman would’ve tried to recruit you first rather than trying to bring MY boys on board. Don’t forget, you only got on Kurt Angles team because we turned him down. You were second best … just as the two of you always seem to be anyway.

Carlito: Better get your facts straight, little lady … Carlito and Kofi Kingston?? We’re second to nobody. Paul Heyman might’ve tried to get you on the team first … but he didn’t have to come to us. We stepped up and told Heyman and Angle we were comin on board.

Kofi Kingston: And only because it’d get us a chance to show your boys just who the best tag team on Smackdown is. Something you’ve been desperate to avoid.

Melina scoffs.

Melina: Desperate?? The only thing desperate are the two of you and the rest of your Survivor Series team. As a matter of fact, you should be called the Desperate Alliance. But you two?? I’d say you’re a much better fit for Kurt Angle anyway. Because just like him these days, you two know nothing about winning championships.

Kingston smirks, then shrugs, before looking to his partner.

Kofi Kingston: Well, I guess we can’t all just sleep around with whoever the champions are, huh??

Melina reacts by SLAPPING Kofi!! Kingstons head turns, but he snaps back around, and glares at Melina.

Kofi Kingston: I’ll give you this … that’s more fight than either of your boys have got in ‘em.

Carlito smirks at the comment, and pats the back of his partner, as they begin to walk off.

Carlito: We’ll see ya Sunday.

The Caribbean Connection depart the set, with Carlito muttering something to Kofi and the two of them chuckling, as Melina fumes, arms folded.


Back into the arena…


The NEW Cruiserweight Champion, CHRISTOPHER DANIELS makes his way out with the spotlight firmly on the Fallen Angel, as he shows off his newly won gold. Cole and Lawler remind everyone of the rematch this Sunday for the title, with Cole noting that NO ONE has been able to defeat Bryan Danielson twice, meaning it could be a very short title reign for the new champion … with a tag team match up next serving as a chance for the former champion to get his hands on Daniels before the title showdown on Sunday.

Commercial Break

Match 4:
Cruiserweight Champ. Christopher Daniels & Jimmy Yang vs. Bryan Danielson & Justin Gabriel
Cole reminds us in the early going of Daniels treatment of the young South African in recent months, meaning both opponents have plenty of motivation to get their hands on the Fallen Angel tonight. The problem they run into though is the fact that the new Cruiserweight Champion doesn’t seem too keen on competing, and with Jimmy Yang more than content to lead, Danielson and Gabriel have to focus instead on the man from Japan.

Despite repeated requests from BOTH Danielson and Gabriel for Daniels to make a tag and face them, the Fallen Angel remains on the apron, and his first involvement is a well placed knee to the back of Justin Gabriel when he runs off the ropes, allowing Yang to execute an overhead Belly to Belly. And, as luck would have it, now that Gabriel is prone, Daniels is more interested in making a tag.

The Fallen Angel works over Gabriel, and does as much as he can to try and rile Danielson – powerless on the outside – but Danielson ends up showing he can play the Fallen Angel at his own game, by TRIPPING Daniels when he runs off the ropes!! The Cruiserweight Champion doesn’t take kindly to the interference, and that allows Gabriel to recover, nailing Daniels with a heel kick … FOLLOWED BY A TAG TO DANIELSON!!!!

The former champion climbs into the ring to get a piece of his rival … but is cut off by Jimmy Yang!!! The action instantly breaks down, with Gabriel coming to the aide of his partner for the night, and all four men are involved … or at least, three of them are. Daniels sees the writing on the wall with Bryan and Justin dealing with the threat of Jimmy Yang together … and elects to duck out, rather than save his partner, or face the music of facing his two rivals.

Boos reverberate inside the arena, with Christopher Daniels collecting his title belt and absconding, and by the time Danielson and Gabriel realise it, the Fallen Angel is too far away for them to really even give chase. And … with Daniels the legal man, the official is left with no choice but to count the Fallen Angel out, giving Danielson and Gabriel the victory … but a hollow one, in that neither man could get their hands on the Cruiserweight Champion.
Winners: Bryan Danielson & Justin Gabriel @ 06:50

Jimmy Yang remains left behind, but as neither Danielson nor Gabriel have any real issue with Yang and as neither man is cruel enough to take their frustrations out on him, Yang is allowed to get away in the immediate aftermath.

In the ring, Danielson and Gabriel are both visibly frustrated at Daniels being able to get away, talking the match over with one another, while on commentary, Cole again shills the Survivor Series on Sunday, saying that Daniels avoided Danielson tonight … but he wont have that same luxury on Sunday.

Commercial Break

Back from the commercial, “Spoilin For a Fight” by AC/DC is playing in the arena, as the camera sticks with Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler at ringside.

Michael Cole: Well King, let’s shout out the legendary AC/DC for the use of “Spoilin For a Fight” the official theme song for the Twenty Second Annual Survivor Series this Sunday, and two men that really are spoiling for a fight are the two men that kicked off Smackdown tonight; R-Truth, and the deranged Brian Kendrick.

Jerry Lawler: Oh, he may still have the same name, but he’s not THE Brian Kendrick I remember. Having his head shaved has transformed Kendrick into a crazed psychopath – he’s a self confessed monster now!! And his actions – as he admitted to last week – have only strengthened that claim. I’d be very careful if I were R-Truth this Sunday. We don’t know what Kendrick is capable of any more.

Michael Cole:
And over on Raw, two men who may have to channel their own inner monster this Sunday are The Game, Triple H and Mister Kennedy. It doesn’t get much more personal than this one, and it all comes to a head at the Survivor Series in an “I Quit” match. What lengths will these men have to go in order to force the other man to say the words … I … Quit??

Jerry Lawler: I can’t see any way that EITHER of these men would say “I Quit”. Especially not to each other. That would be the ultimate humiliation, Cole. I heard Kennedy this past Monday say he’d sooner cut his own tongue out than say he quits!! I have no idea what it’ll take!!

Michael Cole: It wouldn’t be the Survivor Series without some traditional Survivor Series elimination matches, King!! And we’ve got TWO on Smackdown!! Edge leads the Hardy Boys, Evan Bourne and Christian – in his first match as a Smackdown superstar – against the team of Batista, Ted DiBiase Junior, Jamie Noble, M.V.P and Sim Snuka!! But King, question marks galore here!!

Jerry Lawler: There sure is. How is Batista gonna lead a team when he doesn’t want one!! Better than that, maybe after what we saw earlier, does he even NEED a team??

Michael Cole: Plenty of bad blood between Edge and Batista. There’s been issues between the Hardys and Filthy Rich too over recent weeks, and Christian may be the biggest x-factor of the lot!! He’s NOT here tonight. Does he even want to be at the Survivor Series!?

Jerry Lawler: Well, the Survivor Series can’t come quick enough for Natalya over on Raw!! She’s given Beth Phoenix all kinds of problems over the last few months, but she hasn’t been able to get her hands on the Womens title!! She has another shot on Sunday, and Michael – there’s no rope breaks!!

Michael Cole: And that could well mean we’ll see a new champion at the Survivor Series. No one until Natalya had been able to match Beth Phoenix for strength and power. The Glamazon has met her match, and if Natalya locks on the Sharpshooter, Beth Phoenix may have to accept that she hasn’t just met her equal … she’s met her superior.

Jerry Lawler: The WWE Champion isn’t in danger of losing his title this Sunday, but should he and his “Hall of Champions” lose on Sunday, they’ll all know who their next challenge is gonna be!!

Michael Cole: Indeed, King, Chris Jericho has put together a team full of champions; the WWE Tag Team Champions the Fight Factory, the United States Champion Mark Henry, and his own personal back up; The Samoan Bulldozer, Umaga. It’s about as impressive a line up as it gets – but King, we can’t count out the opposition. You know what it’s like to be hungry in pursuit of championship gold.

Jerry Lawler: Without a doubt. And Kurt Angle is close right now. He’s running out of opportunities to get his hands back on the WWE Title, and this might be the best chance he’ll get for some time!! We heard from the Caribbean Connection what this means for them on Sunday, and we all know how much Paul Heyman would love it if his new prodigy Jack Swagger could be the man to defeat Mark Henry. Add in Randy Orton – who himself we believe is being promised a shot at Kurt Angle if and when Angle wins the title … and you’ve got a team full of guys with plenty of motivation to get the job done on Sunday.

Michael Cole: Then, from Raw – but a match that will affect us all – with the Commissionership of the WWE at stake, John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield looks to take the office from Jesse Ventura, and leads a star studded team into Atlanta. JBL returns to the ring for the first time in almost eighteen months, and has the World Heavyweight Champion Brent Albright at his disposal, along with John Cena, the legendary Shawn Michaels and the mysterious but deadly Russian hitman; Vladimir.

Jerry Lawler: That may well be the greatest team I’ve ever seen assembled for the Survivor Series, Michael!!

Michael Cole: And on the other side, Jesse Ventura has put his faith in Rey Mysterio, Paul London, Nick Nemeth, Shelton Benjamin and of course, the Raw General Manager himself; Ricky ‘The Dragon’ Steamboat!! Steamboat hasn’t wrestled in fifteen years … but desperate times call for drastic measures. A huge challenge for Ventura and his five man team. Can The Dragon roll back the years, King??

Jerry Lawler: If that arm drag he executed on JBL a couple of weeks ago is anything to go by, he may look as good as ever!! But Michael, fifteen years is a LIFETIME to not be in that ring. It’s a huge risk from Ventura, a huge risk from Steamboat … and it’s one that might not pay off.

Michael Cole: And we know that if JBL’s team wins, not only does he replace Ventura, but he’s already made it abundantly clear he’ll fire Steamboat and replace him with Ranjin Singh. The power struggle for control in the WWE climaxes in one of the biggest and most important Survivor Series elimination matches of all time!! And on top of all that King – we just saw moments ago, Christopher Daniels walk out of a tag team match against Bryan Danielson. He can’t walk out on Sunday.

Jerry Lawler: And if he tries, Bryan Danielson will be right on his tail!! Controversy marred their match in London two weeks ago, but this Sunday, we’ll see just who the better man is, and it might just prove to be a very short reign for Christopher Daniels.

Michael Cole: Since his debut one year ago, Bryan Danielson has only been beaten four times. Jamie Noble at Judgment Day, CM Punk in the King of the Ring finals, Kurt Angle at No Mercy and Christopher Daniels two weeks ago. No one has beaten Danielson twice – will the Fallen Angel become the first man to go two and oh against the former champion?? Right now, Kristal Marshall is standing by with Bryan Danielson. Kristal, take it away…


And KRISTAL is there, standing with BRYAN DANIELSON…

Kristal Marshall: Thank you Michael. Bryan, as Michael Cole and The King stated, controversy marred your title match with Christopher Daniels two weeks ago, and saw you lose the Cruiserweight Championship. The Fallen Angel clearly wanted to avoid any interaction with you tonight – but he doesn’t have that same luxury on Sunday…

Bryan Danielson: No, he doesn’t. Look, nothing Christopher Daniels does surprises me. I’ve known him for years – long before either of us got here to the WWE – and he’s never been someone I’ve cared for. It only takes someone to use their own eyes to see what he’s like; you don’t need me to explain it. He’ll manipulate people, he’ll take any short cut he can … and two weeks ago, I fell into the trap.

Angry with himself, Danielson sighs, then shakes his head.

Bryan Danielson: I’m not making any excuses for what happened. I allowed myself to get drawn into his vicious little web, and I let him manipulate his way into getting exactly what he wanted. He didn’t earn his shot, he sure didn’t deserve it either. And I handed it to him on a silver platter. But on Sunday at the Survivor Series I’ve got the chance to redeem myself. And I intend on kicking his head in … and taking back MY title!!

Full of fire, Danielson is about to walk off, but Kristal calls him back.

Kristal Marshall: Bryan- before you go … I was hoping to get your thoughts on the controversy that surrounded the conclusion of that match two weeks ago, and the man that entered the ring-

Danielson cuts in.

Bryan Danielson: Honestly?? I was convinced that was Kendrick. Now?? I’ve no idea. Could’ve been a fan, or it could’ve been a plan from Daniels too. Like I said, I wouldn’t past anything past him. But I know this – I’ll be ready for anything on Sunday.

Bryan nods at Kristal, and walks off…

Commercial Break




The Hart Brothers {Bret, Owen, Bruce, Keith} band together against Shawn Michaels & his Knights. Despite Michaels holding his own, his Knights prove to be no match for the superior Hart Brothers, with Owen Hart dispatching of the Black & Blue Knights and Bret submitting the Red Knight. Deep into the match, after Bret picked up an injury, he and Owen accidentally collided on the apron, leading to Owens elimination.

Facing up to 3 on 1 odds, Shawn Michaels then elected to walk out, giving the Harts the win – with only Owen suffering a loss; something that didn’t sit well with the youngest Hart. Owen would return to the ring, confronting Bret whilst his brothers were celebrating the victory, blaming his elder brother for his own elimination. A first sign of friction between Bret and Owen that would ultimately lead to one of the all time great WrestleMania contests.





Heading backstage, EDGE is now showered and changed after his match earlier, and is seemingly leaving the arena with his bag over his shoulder. Walking toward the exit, he’s making a call, but there’s nothing going on at the other end of the line, with Edge eventually rolling his eyes.

Edge: It would be nice if you could spare five minutes to pick up a call!! Look, call me when you get this-

Edge pulls the phone away, about to end the call, but sighs, and decides to leave a proper message.

Edge: Actually- I’ll just get this off my chest now; get off your damn ass!! Whatever funk this is you’re in, you better snap out of it quick, because I just got my ass beat earlier, so I could do with some help on Sunday, and I don’t wanna have to owe the Hardys a damn thing.

He exhales, then continues on leaving his message for Christian.

Edge: Look … I don't give a rats ass if you wanna piss your own career away, that’s up to you … but when your decisions start affecting MY career?? We’re gonna have a problem. So I don’t care if you wanna call me back or not … but I better see you at the Survivor Series on Sunday. Got it!?

Edge ends the call, shaking his head, before leaving the arena, pushing through the double doors to the outside.


Back into the arena…

I spit in the face of people … who don’t want to be cool…”

There’s a sizeable cheer in the arena as CARLITO gets a rare chance to stand out on his own, thought Michael Cole is at a pains to point out that despite focusing on tag team action over the past year, Carlito is an accomplished singles competitor being a former Intercontinental Champion and someone that at any moment could again reach those heights.


And Cole also notes that CHRIS JERICHO is still recovering from his recent injury, with this being the first “competitive” match he’ll have had, considering last weeks ‘squash’ match on his return. The WWE Champion doesn’t look too concerned though, strolling down to the ring, as Cole and Lawler again remind everyone of the stakes attached to the Survivor Series elimination match on Sunday.

WWE Champ. Chris Jericho vs. Carlito
Jericho takes a very blasé attitude in the early going, treating Carlito with some disdain, not giving Carlito even a fraction of the respect he deserves … and it very nearly back fires, with Carlito quickly making Jericho wake up with a trio of pinning combinations that force Jericho to squirm and wriggle out of danger, avoiding a humiliating defeat for the WWE Champion.

It doesn’t end there either, as Carlito shows how fired up he is to make an impression, firing off an arm drag, a hip toss and a dropkick in quick succession, sending Jericho to the floor!!! Jericho takes the tumble, and looks wide eyed as he gets up, before kicking over the steps in frustrations at being shown up in the early going. Cole shouts on commentary that Jericho is finding out he’s in a REAL fight tonight … before sending us to the final commercial of the night.

Commercial Break

Back from the break, Jericho is still taking the brunt of the offence, as Cole tells us Carlito has simply been on top of his game thus far, but as fate would have it, Jericho reverses a whip, and knocks Carlito down with a reverse elbow. Jericho then chokes Carlito on the ropes, trying to establish control. A side suplex puts Carlito down, and the WWE Champion starts to put the boots to his opponent, getting into his groove after a troubling start.

Jericho slows the action down with a sleeper, but Carlito quickly fights back, escaping the hold and rushing off the ropes – but Jericho is there to meet him with a knee to the gut!! Snapmare is executed and Jericho applies a chin lock, further looking to tire out his game opponent. And when Carlito stirs again, Jericho is quick to cut it off, clubbing the back of the Cool One, before tossing Carlito over the top rope.


Carlito looks to skin the cat … but Jericho spots it … SPRINGBOARD DROPKICK TO CARLITO SENDS CARLITO CRASHING TO THE FLOOR!!!!! Wiping his hands, Jericho motions that he’s done the hard part now, and follows to the outside, sending Carlito into the barrier!!! Back inside the ring, Jericho starts to pile the pressure on, looking to finish Carlito off, scoring a near fall off a missile dropkick, and another after a snap suplex.

Realising Carlito still has something left in the tank, Jericho changes tact, looking to punish his opponent instead, laying in some stiff chops in the corner, but those spark Carlito back into life, and he fights his way out of the corner, troubling Jericho, forcing the WWE Champion to play dirty by yanking Carlito down with a tug of his hair!! Jericho brushes off the admonishment from Charles Robinson, and goes back to work on Carlito with stomps on the mat.

Suitably worn down, Jericho drags Carlito back to his feet, chopping the chest again, before sending Carlito off to the corner – but Carlito jumps to the middle, then the top turnbuckle – and MOONSAULTS OFF ONTO JERICHO!!! 1...2...NO!!! Jericho escapes the predicament, it’s a way back in for Carlito, and he beats the champion to the punch, then sends Jericho to the corner – reversed by Jericho – and as Carlito stumbles out of the corner after impact, Jericho looks for the running bulldog set up-

NO!! Carlito had it scouted and ducked down!! Jericho turns back around … and Carlito leaps up; HURRICANRANA!!! AND HE TRAPS THE LEGS OF JERICHO … 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Now, Carlito meets Jericho getting up with a dropkick!! Jericho stumbles to the ropes, and Carlito comes charging after him – Jericho drops a shoulder and elevates Carlito up and over … but Carlito lands on the apron!! Jericho staggers from the ropes, thinking he’s bought himself time … but turns around-


Carlito has Jericho in trouble now, and follows his impressive senton with a running knee lift, then a clothesline!! Jericho’s down, and Carlito delivers a running Senton now, right into a cover, 1...2...NO!!! Shaking his head, Carlito drags the WWE Champion back up, lighting Jericho up with chops to back him into the ropes, and looks for a whip – reversed AGAIN by Jericho – but Carlito leaps onto the ropes – SPRINGBOARD BACK ELBOW TO JERICHO!!!!

Michael Cole proclaims that Carlito – in inspired form tonight – seems to have an answer for everything against Jericho, while King argues that Jericho still isn’t fully recovered from his fracture two months ago … as Carlito sizes Jericho up, looking for the APPLE CORE – BUT JERICHO ELBOWS HIM AWAY!!! Desperately, Jericho avoids Carlitos version of the Flatliner, then ducks a clothesline from the Cool One – STANDING ENZIGURI!!! Cover; 1...2...NO!!!!!

Despite the kick out, the near fall puts Jericho back in charge, and the WWE Champion stalks Carlito, looking to put his spirited opponent away … sizing Carlito up for the WALLS OF JERICHO!!! He trips Carlito down … but CANT turn him over!!!! Carlito wriggles, doing his best to avoid the submission … and eventually counters with a cradle!!! 1...2...NO!!!

Both men bounce up, trading chops – and it’s a battle Carlito wins, beating Jericho into the ropes before rushing off, coming running at Jericho – FLAPJACK BY JERICHO – DROPPING CARLITO ON THE ROPES!!!! BULLDOG!!! Jericho smirks with Carlito down … then looks for the LIONSAULT … BUT CARLITO ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY!!! JERICHO IS ABLE TO LAND ON HIS FEET!!! The champion aims a clothesline at Carlito – ducked – BACK CRACKER!!!!!! 1...2...NO!!!!!

Jericho survives!!! Carlito is bug eyed at the kick out, holding up three fingers to the referee, disputing the count. Shaking his head, Carlito makes his way onto the apron, setting himself, waiting for Jericho to stand back up. Carlito looks to springboard back into the ring – BUT JERICHO IS PLAYING POSSUM … AND GOES FOR THE CODEBREAKER-

BUT CARLITO FAKES HIS LEAP ONTO THE ROPES!!! Jericho crashes and burns, hitting fresh air in his search for the Codebreaker!! He lands on the canvas, allowing Carlito to instead come back in with a SPRINGBOARD ELBOW DROP!!! 1...2...KICK OUT!!!!! Jericho is being pushes to the limit tonight, with Carlito on the verge of a famous victory over the WWE Champion.

Carlito drags Jericho back up, peppering the champion with rights and lefts, before sending Jericho off the ropes, leaping up for a front dropkick anticipating the champions return … BUT JERICHO HELD ONTO THE ROPES!!! Carlito crashes onto the mat instead!!! And Jericho instantly zeroes in, grasping the legs of Carlito … AND TURNS HIM OVER INTO THE WALLS OF JERICHO!!!!! Bravely, Carlito fights it, trying to squirm free … but the hold is locked on!!!

Next, Carlito now tries to inch his way to the ropes … but when he makes a reach … he comes up short!!! He tries to crawl closer … but Jericho pulls him further away!!! Back to the middle of the ring!!!!!! Carlito tries to dig down deep to mount another surge … but Jericho leans back, applying more of an old school Lion Tamer now!!! The pain is too much now … leaving Carlito no other option … but to TAP OUT!!!!
Winner: Chris Jericho @ 14:47

Taken to the limit, Chris Jericho has to EARN his win tonight against Carlito, and if there was any rust in the WWE Champion after his recent two month lay off, he’s been made to work it off tonight!! Jericho releases the hold, and looks somewhat relieved to have seen off a spirited challenge from Carlito tonight.

Michael Cole puts over the effort of Carlito to push the WWE Champion to the limit tonight, mentioning that the performance will have heartened Kurt Angle and the rest of their team, with Carlito proving to be the equal of Jericho tonight, as well as question marks that Jericho may still not be quite fully up to speed after his recent injury.

After receiving his title belt, Jericho pushes Charles Robinson aside, leaving him and Carlito alone, with Jericho standing over a kneeling Carlito by the ropes, still trying to pick himself up after his loss. In quite a shock to everyone, Jericho actually EXTENDS HIS HAND TO CARLITO!!!???

Carlito looks suspicious, but Jericho tells him to shake his hand – as Cole speculates that Carlito has earned the respect of Jericho tonight … and Carlito accepts the gesture, with the WWE Champion proceeding to pull Carlito to his feet!! Cheers reverberate around the arena at the act of goodwill from Jericho, and Carlito nods as Jericho gives him some words of encouragement-


Jericho set Carlito up!!! The boos replace the earlier cheers, and the WWE Champion stands, smirking as the tag team champions pick at the bones of Carlito!! Michael Cole is enraged on commentary, saying Carlito doesn’t deserve this … whilst Barrett and Burke drag their rival up for Jericho-


The WWE Champion plants the defenceless Carlito, but after that Codebreaker, Jericho doesn’t get to follow up-


Coming to the aid of his partner, Kofi Kingston tries to battle all three men, getting shots off on Barrett, then Burke, and even Jericho … but the numbers quickly overwhelm Kingston and he succumbs to the three men in the ring-


Burke – earlier beaten by Angle – comes at him first … AND TAKES AN OVERHEAD BELLY TO BELLY OVER THE TOP ROPE TO THE FLOOR!!!!!

Barrett swings a wild shot at Angle which the Olympian ducks … ANGLE SLAM TO BARRETT!!!!! Kurt darts back up to his feet, as Jericho looks for a cheap shot – LEG CAUGHT BY ANGLE-


But unfortunately for Angle, not for long, as UMAGA is now in the ring, and clobbers Kurt from behind to quickly break the hold, saving Jericho!!! But JACK SWAGGER and RANDY ORTON are on their way with a frantic Paul Heyman getting them to the ring to protect Angle.

Swagger and Orton take it to Umaga, overwhelming the Samoan Bulldozer, but Umaga tries to fight both off, whilst Kofi PLANCHAS to the floor onto Elijah Burke!!! The Dangerous Alliance are getting the better of the brawl … but it’s 5 on 4, with no sign of Mark Henry, and Wade Barrett is still down from the Angle Slam, making it just three men available for Jericho…

And it doesn’t look good for the WWE Champion as Angle and Carlito bear down on him whilst Orton and Swagger band together to knock Umaga out of the ring … when FINALLY … MARK HENRY starts to power walk down the ramp with Theodore Long!!! Armando Estrada tries to dish out orders to the pair, but Henry blanks Estrada, and instead focuses on the ring.

But Heyman has seen Henry coming, and shouts instructions to his group, with the five men banding together, forming a line in the ring … as the Worlds Strongest Man climbs up onto the apron. Henry surveys the ring, as Jericho crawls toward the ropes, getting close to the U.S Champion for protection.

Barrett pulls himself up on the ropes too, whilst Elijah Burke joins them, and Umaga climbs back onto the apron. The two teams are now stood together on opposite sides of the ring, with Heyman and Estrada both getting into the ring, looking to calm things down – neither manager wants anything to explode tonight.

And Smackdown comes to an end with Angle & Heymans Dangerous Alliance stood together on one side of the ring, whilst Jericho’s Hall of Champions have regrouped and stand side by side on another … with Michael Cole signing off, saying that tonight the battle lines have been drawn, and on Sunday the two teams will go to war at the Survivor Series!!!


Official Card for The 22nd Annual WWE Survivor Series:

November 16 2008 | Phillips Arena, Atlanta GA

Theme Music; ‘Spolin For A Fight’ by AC/DC

5 on 5 Survivor Series Elimination Match:



World Heavyweight Champion Brent Albright, John Cena, Shawn Michaels, Vladimir & John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield



Rey Mysterio, Shelton Benjamin, Paul London, Nick Nemeth & Raw General Manager Ricky Steamboat

*If Team Layfield win; JBL becomes WWE Commissioner*

*If Team Ventura win; Jesse Ventura remains WWE Commissioner*

5 on 5 Survivor Series Elimination Match:


WWE Champion Chris Jericho, Umaga, U.S Champion Mark Henry, WWE Tag Team Champions Wade Barrett & Elijah Burke w/Melina & Armando Estrada



Kurt Angle, Randy Orton, Jack Swagger, Carlito & Kofi Kingstonw/Paul Heyman

*If The Dangerous Alliance win, Kurt Angle will receive a WWE Championship Match, Jack Swagger will receive a U.S Championship match and the Caribbean Connection will receive a Tag Team Championship match – all at Armageddon*

5 on 5 Survivor Series Elimination Match:


Edge, Christian, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy & Evan Bourne



Batista, Sim Snuka, Ted DiBiase Jr, Jamie Noble & M.V.P w/Ted DiBiase Sr

Womens Championship Match:

Beth Phoenix vs. Natalya

- With NO Rope Breaks Allowed -

Cruiserweight Championship Match:

Christopher Daniels vs. Bryan Danielson


Triple H vs. Mister Kennedy


R-Truth vs. The Brian Kendrick

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Re: Being The Booker

Official Card for The 22
nd Annual WWE Survivor Series:

November 16 2008 | Phillips Arena, Atlanta GA

Theme Music; ‘Spolin For A Fight’ by AC/DC

5 on 5 Survivor Series Elimination Match:



World Heavyweight Champion Brent Albright, John Cena, Shawn Michaels, Vladimir & John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield



Rey Mysterio, Shelton Benjamin, Paul London, Nick Nemeth & Raw General Manager Ricky Steamboat

*If Team Layfield win; JBL becomes WWE Commissioner*

*If Team Ventura win; Jesse Ventura remains WWE Commissioner*

After J.B.L went AWOL in the aftermath of WrestleMania - as a result of his master plan to end The Undertakers streak backfiring (thanks to Jesse Ventura rehiring Kane to back up his brother) - the then Raw GM left his associate, Ranjin Singh in charge for the interim period. Following weeks of chaos and shambolic management from the clearly out of his depth Singh, WWE Commissioner Jesse Ventura stepped in, forcing Bradshaw out of power and replacing Singh with the legendary Ricky Steamboat. But, from day one, Steamboat has found himself undermined by the World Champion, Brent Albright - a known associate of J.B.L - and his decisions have also left the likes of John Cena and Shawn Michaels opposing Steamboat's position. The night after SummerSlam, a plot by J.B.L saw Steamboat sent on a wild goose chase to keep him out of the arena, and J.B.L in charge. Layfield though, wasn't coming back just for his old job - he wanted Ventura's. Over the following three months, J.B.L has played nice with the disillusioned Shawn Michaels and made promises to John Cena to bring both on board with his campaign to replace Jesse Ventura as Commissioner.

With enough support from a large section of the roster, and suspicions of J.B.L paying off certain board members, it brings us to the most WWE of stipulations; a Survivor Series Elimination Match with the future of the company essentially at stake. And J.B.L hasn't played nice. Forcing through a move that saw Christian traded to Smackdown and barring him from competing at the Survivor Series - citing the closed issue between Cena and Christian as one that must remain closed and not re-opened - before plotting to injure the impressive Big Zeke, J.B.L left Jesse Ventura little option but to call upon the long retired Ricky Steamboat to be the fifth man on his team. Nearly fifteen years have passed since Steamboat last competed in a wrestling match, and Bradshaw - over a year out of action himself - will go into the Survivor Series confident that his all star team - two former world champions in Michaels & Cena and the current World Champion in Albright - can deliver victory for him, and oust Ventura from power, giving Layfield the highest possible office in relation to on air events at least.

5 on 5 Survivor Series Elimination Match:


WWE Champion Chris Jericho, Umaga, U.S Champion Mark Henry, WWE Tag Team Champions Wade Barrett & Elijah Burke w/Melina & Armando Estrada



Kurt Angle, Randy Orton, Jack Swagger, Carlito & Kofi Kingstonw/Paul Heyman

*If The Dangerous Alliance win, Kurt Angle will receive a WWE Championship Match, Jack Swagger will receive a U.S Championship match and the Caribbean Connection will receive a Tag Team Championship match – all at Armageddon*

After the events which saw Smackdown General Manager Finlay forced out of action, Friday Nights have been left rudderless. John Laurinaitis has been found to be out of his depth in such a high position, and as a result, WWE Champion Chris Jericho has been able to avoid a WWE Championship defence in that period. Jericho, and his associate Armando Estrada (along with an all too happy Paul Heyman) managed to manipulate the interim boss into agreeing to this Survivor Series elimination match. With question marks remaining over Kurt Angles ability to still cut it at the elite level, Jericho believes this to simply be the easiest option to available to him (certainly easier than rematching Edge again, or granting Batista a title shot) whilst for Angle, and his manager Paul Heyman, it's thought that this may be his only way - and certainly the quickest way - back to a title shot in the near future. A match that suits both parties, things began to hot up with the recruitment process.

On Angles side is the latest Paul Heyman prodigy; Jack Swagger. A thoroughbred if ever there was one. But he's being thrown into the deep end amongst this level of competition. Meanwhile, Jericho already had Umaga - the Samoan Bulldozer reduced to nothing more than a henchman for Jericho since the WWE Champion linked up with Estrada - and in addition, brought on board the U.S Champion Mark Henry whilst Paul Heyman cajoled Randy Orton into teaming with Angle - albeit with the promise of the first title shot IF Angle goes on to win the title. That left two spots open on both teams, and both Estrada and Heyman had the same two people in mind; the WWE Tag Team Champions. In the end, The Fight Factory sided with the WWE Champion, who would go on to coin his team 'The Hall of Champions' and left Angle scrambling to find his final two members. He didn't have to look far. Carlito and Kofi Kingston are hot on the trail of the tag champions, and quickly demanded - not volunteered - to be on the team. Then, in a surprise twist, Chris Jericho saw to it that not only was he putting a title shot at stake ... but so too would his fellow champions, with Jericho beleiving that will give his team mates the extra incentive to secure victory on Sunday. It's left Mark Henry & The Fight Factory both furious with the double cross ... and it remains to be seen if Jericho's gamble will pay off at the Survivor Series. Can Kurt Angle earn himself - and his team mates - title opportunities at Armageddon? Or will Jericho be able to use his brain, and write off yet another challenger to his gold?

5 on 5 Survivor Series Elimination Match:


Edge, Christian, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy & Evan Bourne



Batista, Sim Snuka, Ted DiBiase Jr, Jamie Noble & M.V.P w/Ted DiBiase Sr

A match brought together by a number of separate issues - some of which being between team mates. Edge and Batista have been at one anothers throats for the last month, ever since Batista screwed Edge out of the WWE Championship whilst looking to secure himself a title shot (which failed to materialise) whilst The Hardys (and recently Bourne) have had their fair share of issues with the group known as Filthy Rich (along with their "property" M.V.P) over the last few months. Add in Sim Snuka's run ins with Edge (on numerous occasions) over the last few months, Christian on his Smackdown debut, and even getting caught in Matt Hardy's crosshairs in the past, the self proclaimed "Wrestling Royalty" will have a number of scores he wants to settle. Interestingly though, neither Edge or Batista really want this match - they just want a piece of each other. Could that, alongside Edge and Matt Hardys frosty relationship in recent months and Christian's non-chalant attitude since Summerslam mean 'Team Edge' have to not only watch out for their opposition, but look over their shoulders at the men supposedly standing alongside them? It isn't all sunshine and rainbows on Team Batista either. The Animal doesn't want partners, and it's clear he doesn't play nice with others anymore either. Given the potential for infighting between M.V.P and his employers ... how long will Batista's patience hold out with his team?

Womens Championship Match:

Beth Phoenix vs. Natalya

- With NO Rope Breaks Allowed -

Last month at Nemesis, Beth Phoenix left with her title in tact through the skin of her teeth - losing by DQ in fact. The Glamazon could be accused of overconfidence going into that event, having written off the challenge of Natalya in the build up. After all, she'd already beaten the best the division had to offer in the form of Mickie James and Gail Kim. Nemesis proved to be no fluke though - Beth Phoenix had found herself a new, formidable challenge in the shape of the daughter of the Anvil. And with her, the expertly applied - and excellently executed - Sharpshooter. Until now, Beth Phoenix hasn't been able to find an answer for the famous Hart Family hold ... but if she finds herself trapped in the hold at the Survivor Series, she'll have to find one as she CAN'T avail of the ropes this time around. Otherwise, her reign of dominance over the Womens division will be over. For weeks, Natalya has proven herself to be more than a match for Phoenix in every department, which has seen Phoenix's confidence shaken to it's core - and her championship reign on very shaky ground. It remains to be seen if Beth Phoenix can survive this challenge.

Cruiserweight Championship Match:

Christopher Daniels vs. Bryan Danielson

In a horror show on Halloween night in England, Bryan Danielsons strangehold over the Cruiserweight championship came to a shuddering halt at the hands of Christopher Daniels. Daniels - who has badgered Danielson for a title shot ever since arriving on Smackdown from Raw following SummerSlam - didn't earn the shot. He didn't deserve it. He had no interest in competing for his crack at the title - he demanded it be handed to him. And in the end, he got what he wanted. Despite Danielson wanting the Fallen Angel to earn his shot like everyone else, he finally broke and granted Daniels his title shot when the Fallen Angel held up the rest of the division. And it all played directly into Daniels hands. A mysterious hooded figure would interfere toward the end of the contest - someone Daniels claims to be nothing more than a fan, and certainly not an ally of his - and help cause the loss for Bryan, meaning Daniels got everything he wanted; just as he said he would. This time, Bryan Danielson has had ample time to prepare. This time, Danielson will be on the lookout for any suspicious figures. This time, Danielson will look to rectify the events of October 31. And history won't be on Christopher Daniels side either; NO ONE has ever beaten Bryan Danielson in back to back meetings since his debut a year ago. In fact, no one has beaten Danielson twice period in his WWE tenure. Can he be the first?


Triple H vs. Mister Kennedy

One man will do the unthinkable. The most personal of issues comes to a head at the Survivor Series in the most personal of matches. For over a year, Mister Kennedy has targeted Triple H and the McMahon family as he looks to climb the upper echelon in the WWE. And it's worked. He may have succumbed to a defeat at the hands of Triple H at WrestleMania, and he may have been fired in the aftermath ... but all of that only added to the notoriety behind the mans actions. And despite being fired, Kennedy remained a thorn in the side of not only The Game, but his family too. Kennedy played the game to perfection. He forced the WWE's hand into hiring him back at SummerSlam - but not just on any old deal. A pay increase. A title shot upon his return. #30 in the 2009 Royal Rumble. And how did Kennedy celebrate his return?? By dropping Stephanie McMahon in the middle of the Madison Square Garden - just weeks after Stephanie had given birth to her - and Triple H's - second child. And after more mind games - including an assault on Mr. McMahon himself - Kennedy and Triple H would meet once more at Nemesis. An Unsanctioned Match it may have been ... but the outcome wouldn't be forgotten in a hurry. Triple H would take the bullet for his wife - a sledgehammer shot to the skull - leading to Kennedy triumphing. But it wasn't over there. Triple H couldn't let this issue drop. Instead, he wanted to raise the stakes. And they don't get much bigger than an I Quit Match. With the personal animosity involved between the two, it's hard to fathom either man ever yielding to the other - telling his hated foe that he quits - but either Triple H, or Mister Kennedy WILL do just that at the Survivor Series.


R-Truth vs. The Brian Kendrick

After weeks of finger pointing and accusations ... it was The Brian Kendrick that was revealed as the man that took out Smackdown GM Finlay. His issues with the Irishman had been obvious and well documented for a long time. Kendrick even ousted Finlay for a thirty day period as GM ... but ever since Kendrick lost to Bryan Danielson at SummerSlam and had to shave his much loved hair off in the process - a stipulation enforced by Finlay - there's been a new Brian Kendrick. Sadistic. Twisted. He even refers to himself now as a 'Monster'. The old Kendrick wouldn't have carried out such a sick, savage assault on anyone. But this new Kendrick would. He did. And not only did Finlay feel his wrath, but so too did R-Truth. Truth had fun with Kendrick in the initial aftermath of his head shaving ... but it wasn't fun for Kendrick. And Kendrick didn't forget. He brutally assaulted R-Truth too, but Truth is back on his feet, and he's hungry for revenge. But can he get it against this new, sadistic side of a bald Brian Kendrick?



Gail Kim vs. Michelle McCool w/Layla El

Gail Kim scored an elimination over Michelle McCool AND Layla El en route to surviving the Diva's Survivor Series Elimination Match this past Wednesday on Superstars. LayCool haven't taken kindly to that loss, and as a result have made a challenge to Gail - which was gladly accepted.

Once again; huge thank you to ranthellacious for the match graphics!!

Prediction Template for The 22nd Annual WWE Survivor Series:

November 16 2008 | Phillips Arena, Atlanta GA

Theme Music; ‘Spolin For A Fight’ by AC/DC

5 on 5 Survivor Series Elimination Match:



World Heavyweight Champion Brent Albright, John Cena, Shawn Michaels, Vladimir & John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield



Rey Mysterio, Shelton Benjamin, Paul London, Nick Nemeth & Raw General Manager Ricky Steamboat

*If Team Layfield win; JBL becomes WWE Commissioner*

*If Team Ventura win; Jesse Ventura remains WWE Commissioner*

5 on 5 Survivor Series Elimination Match:


WWE Champion Chris Jericho, Umaga, U.S Champion Mark Henry, WWE Tag Team Champions Wade Barrett & Elijah Burke w/Melina & Armando Estrada



Kurt Angle, Randy Orton, Jack Swagger, Carlito & Kofi Kingstonw/Paul Heyman

*If The Dangerous Alliance win, Kurt Angle will receive a WWE Championship Match, Jack Swagger will receive a U.S Championship match and the Caribbean Connection will receive a Tag Team Championship match – all at Armageddon*

5 on 5 Survivor Series Elimination Match:

Edge, Christian, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy & Evan Bourne



Batista, Sim Snuka, Ted DiBiase Jr, Jamie Noble & M.V.P w/Ted DiBiase Sr

Womens Championship Match:

Beth Phoenix vs. Natalya

- With NO Rope Breaks Allowed -

Cruiserweight Championship Match:

Christopher Daniels vs. Bryan Danielson

Triple H vs. Mister Kennedy

R-Truth vs. The Brian Kendrick


Gail Kim vs. Michelle McCool w/Layla El

1. Predict the winners. {2 points per correct answer}
2. Predict the PPV match order***. {2 points per correct match placement}
3. What will be the longest match on the PPV? {
2 points}
4. What will be the shortest match on the PPV? {
2 points}
5. Wh
o will be the survivor(s) of each Elimination Match? {2 points per correct answer}

6. Who will be the FIRST person eliminated in EACH of the Elimination Matches? {2 points per correct answer}
7. Which superstar will score the most eliminations across the three combined elimination matches? {3 points}

*** = not including the pre-show match.

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