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The Monday Night War

Shagz & FunakLee present The Monday Night War July 8th 1996, I will book Raw and FunakLee will book Nitro.

The date is July 8th 1996 it is one day later from one of the most shocking moments in pro wrestling history the formation of the New World Order, Hulk Hogan shocked fans around the world at WCW Bash at the Beach when he turned his back on them delivering an leg drop to Randy Savage and joining forces with The Outsiders Kevin Nash & Scott Hall.
"Mean Gene, the first think you need to do is to tell these people to shut up if you want to hear what I got to say. The first thing you got to realize, brother, is that
this is the future of wrestling. You can call this the New World Order of wrestling, brother!" - Hulk Hogan, Bash at the Beach 1996
Hulk Hogan lead the New World Order into domination of WCW, and became the biggest heel in wrestling, New World Order would became the hottest thing in wrestling leading Nitro to dominate RAWs ratings in the Monday Night War and lead to WCWs downfall.

Around this time the WWF was quickly losing it's fans to WCW and was in financial crisis,WWF was outdated with its comedy character's and family friendly angles compared to the fresh cutting edge angle the NWO, At WWF King of the Ring June 23rd 1996 a young man by the name of Steve Austin def Jake Roberts to become King of the Ring and made the most cutting edge promo in the WWF that would spark the earliest flame of the Attitude Era
" You sit there and you thump your Bible, and you say your prayers, and it didn't get you anywhere! Talk about your psalms, talk about John 3:16... Austin 3:16 says I just whipped your ass!" - Steve Austin, King of the Ring 1996
,the Attitude Era would eventually overtake Nitro in the ratings and put WCW into bankruptcy in 2001.

Will Steve Austin lead WWF into the New Generation? Or will the NWO remain supreme?
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Re: The Monday Night War

Great idea. Can't wait to compare FunakLee's Nitro to Shagz's Raw. Also it would be interesting to see how Shagz will book WWF in this period since my BTB is also set in 1996.
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Re: The Monday Night War


Alex Wright
Arn Anderson
Billy Kidman
Brad Armstrong
Chavo Guerrero Jr
Debra McMichael
Diamond Dallas Page
Disco Inferno
Eric Bishoff
Ice Train
Jim Powers
Jimmy Hart
Johnny Grunge
Larry Zybysko
Lex Luger
Marcus Alexander Bagwell
Miss Elizabeth
Mr. JL
Prince Iaukea
Randy Savage
Rey Misterio Jr
Ric Flair
Rick Steiner
Ricky Morton
Robert Gibson
Rocco Rock
Scott Armstrong
Scott Steiner
Scotty Riggs
Steve Armstrong
Steve McMichael
Terry Taylor
The Giant
The Renegade


Big Bubba Rogers
Big Ron Studd
Booker T
Brian Knobs
Brutus Beefcake
Bunkhouse Buck
Carl Ouellette
Col. Robert Parker
Dean Malenko
Dick Slater
Earl Robert Eaton
Fit Finlay
Greg Valentine
Bobby Walker
Hollywood Hulk Hogan
Hugh Morrus
Jacques Rougeau Jr.
Jerry Saggs
Joe Gomez
Kenny Kaos
Kevin Nash
Lenny Lane
Lord Steven Regal
Malia Hosaka
Mike Enos
Robbie Rage
Scott Hall
Scott Norton
Sean Waltman
Sgt. Craig Pittman
Sister Sherri
Sonny Oono
Squire David Taylor
Stevie Ray
The Barbarian
The Shark
The Taskmaster
Ultimo Dragon
V K Wallstreet


Chris Benoit
Eddie Guerrrero


World Heavyweight: The Giant
World Tag Team: Harlem Heat
Cruiserweight: Rey Misterio
United States: Ric Flair
Television: Lex Luger

Pay Per Views

Hog Wild August 23rd
Fall Brawl September 13th
Halloween Havoc October 11th
World War 3 November 30th
Starrcade December 21st

Title Histories

WCW World Heavyweight Championship

1.Ric Flair (January 11th, 1991- July 1st 1991) Defeated Sting at a House Show

2. Lex Luger (July 14th, 1991 February 29th, 1992) Defeated Barry Whindam in a cage match at Great American Bash
3. Sting (February 29th, 1992 July 12th, 1992) - Defeated Lex Luger at Super Brawl 2
4. Big Van Vader (July 12th, 1992 -August 2nd, 1992) Defeated Sting at Great American Bash
5. Ron Simmons (August 2nd, 1992 December 30th, 1992) Defeated Vader at a House Show
6. Big Van Vader (December 30th, 1992 March 11th, 1993) Defeated Ron Simmons at a House Show
7. Sting (March 11th, 1993 March 17th, 1993) Defeated Vader at a House Show
8. Big Van Vader (March 17th, 1993 December 27th, 1993) Defeated Sting at a House Show
9. Ric Flair (December 27th, 1993 - April 17th, 1994) Defeated Vader at Starrcade
10. Ric Flair (April 21st, 1994 July 17th, 1994) Defeated Ricky Steamboat
11. Hulk Hogan (July 17th, 1994 October 29th, 1995) Defeated Ric Flair at Bash at the Beach
12. The Giant (October 29th, 1995 November 6th, 1995) Defeated Hulk Hogan at Halloween Havoc
13. Randy Savage (November 26th, 1995 December 27th, 1995) Won WW3 Battle Royal
14. Ric Flair (December 27th, 1995 January 22nd, 1996) Defeated Savage at Starrcade
15. Randy Savage (January 22nd, 1996 February 11th, 1996) Defeated Flair on Nitro
16. Ric Flair (February 11th, 1996 April 22nd, 1996) Defeated Savage at Super Brawl VI
17. The Giant (April 22nd,1996 - ) Defeated Ric Flair on Nitro

Will add other title histories later. This is a work in progress.
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Re: The Monday Night War

Good luck lads, tried this myself when I was new to the forums a few years ago and just couldn't keep it up with my uni life.

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