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Re: Our Song of Ice & Fire (Our Alternate Game of Thrones Story)

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Chapter 25

Daenerys of House Targaryen: Exiled Princess of the Seven Kingdoms

I can’t trust any of them. Xaro doesn’t want me for me. He wants one of my dragons and the power that comes with them. “I will not wed you, Xaro.” His face had grown cold at that. “Then go.” “But where? The Golden Company are after me. They killed my husband and almost all of his khalasar”. He replies “Somewhere far from here. I don’t know who has hired the Golden Company to take you, but they are not a cheap company to hire and their word is good as gold. They will not stop searching for you and whoever is after you must have gold to spare.”

But where am I to go? Jorah says “The Golden Company will be a problem. I suspect they went back towards the Free Cities once they couldn’t find you. We'd need support to fight them.” Jorah then said “I’d suggest you sell all the gifts from the people of Qarth and head further East to live out your days away from your enemies.” I retort “while the usurper lives I’ll never be safe, and the Golden Company doesn’t break a contract do they not?” Jorah replies with a nod “They do not.” I tell Jorah “Then it is settled I must acquire an army. Another sellsword company?” Jorah says “I don’t know. They may sooner hand us over to the Golden Company, but there is another option. The Unsullied.” I reply “Slave soldiers? That’s the best option?”

Daenerys has a decision to make.

A. Go to Astapor for the Unsullied.

B. Sail to Volantis searching for a Sellsword Company.

Eddard of House Stark: Brother of the Nightswatch

The Nightswatch. The shields of the realms of men. I never imagined myself ever joining this order. I have explained to Jeor Mormont the situation. Joffrey’s bastardy and the Lannisters treachery. Jeor says “Eddard, you have not swore the oath yet. I would not blame you for heading home and seeking Justice. It seems your sentence was unjustified and I’m sure the old gods would agree.” Jeor was right in a way, but the Lannisters still held my daughters and I fear what they would do if I tried anything. I’m hoping Robb doesn’t do anything rash. He is just a boy.

Robb of House Stark: Lord Paramount of the North and Warden of the North

As my men go to take Tyrion to the cells he says “Lord Stark, my father has a proposal for you!” I tell my men to halt. “Speak Lannister.” Tyrion says “I brought your father North against my father’s wishes for his safety. He wanted to send you your younger sister as a peace offering. He also wants to offer a marriage proposal.” A marriage proposal? Why would I want that? I want my sisters and Jon back. “Tywin still wishes to marry Joffrey and Sansa, and he wants you to marry Myrcella. To secure an alliance with the North.” Tyrion says. “So you want to force us to join your side? In a war with the Baratheons who will probably crush you?” Tyrion says “Everything in King’s Landing was a misunderstanding. Baelish said the knife belonged to me that tried to take your brother’s life when it wasn’t. It seems someone wants us to fight one another. Lord Baelish did betray Eddard in the Throne room according to Jaime.” My mother looks down in disappointment then looks back to me and says “Robb, I have no love for the Lannisters but Petyr was always the jealous type. Think about Sansa and Arya.” I turn to my mother “And Jon.” Catelyn looks away as I say my half-brother’s name then she says “Sansa’s son would be King. Ned is safe at the wall. This the chance for our family to succeed in ways I never imagined” I look at Tyrion then ask. “So Arya would be returned to us?” Tyrion says “Yes!” I then ask “What of Jon?” Tyrion says “I’m not sure my father and I didn’t discuss him. I imagine he’ll oblige, if we can expect your support against Renly. Possibly bringing the Riverlands with you? If Edmure would accept I’ve heard Hoster is not well.”

Robb has a decision to make.

A. Accept the Myrcella Marriage proposal, and the returning of Arya. Joining the war against Renly (Stannis; Renly is dead but they don’t know it yet)

B. Accept the Myrcella Marriage proposal, and the returning of Arya and Jon. Joining the war against Renly (Stannis; Renly is dead but they don’t know it yet)

C. Decline the Myrcella Marriage proposal, and send a raven to Tywin demanding the returning of Arya, Sansa, and Jon. Calling the North and Riverland banners to war if Tywin refuses.

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Re: Our Song of Ice & Fire (Our Alternate Game of Thrones Story)

B and B. Can't see Robb winning a war


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Re: Our Song of Ice & Fire (Our Alternate Game of Thrones Story)

B and B

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Re: Our Song of Ice & Fire (Our Alternate Game of Thrones Story)

B and B too please Adam.

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