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General WWE

  1. Wrestlers that u wish had more notable/classic matches?
  2. What happened to non feminist and "real women" fans like her?
  3. WWE will never be good
  4. Women Continue To Dominate WWE Viewership This Week
  5. WWE To Launch Their Own ESports Gaming League?
  6. Next Call ups
  7. Rate the Classic Superstar: Michelle McCool edition
  8. The Idea that "Wrestling Can't Be Popular Again" is Dumb
  9. Why is the WWE pushing the Four Horsewomen so heavily?
  10. Scenerio: Punk agrees to come back for ONE more match, who do you get him to face
  11. Unpopular wrestlers you love
  12. Annoying or unconvincing move sets/wrestling style?
  13. Who will be the next Superstar to publicly request a release from WWE?
  14. CM Punk Pipe Bomb
  15. What's your take on the landscape changing so much in the last couple years
  16. Why did The Briscoes never make it big?
  17. 14th Anniversary of Eddie Guerrero's Death
  18. Forbes : WWE could be building towards Austin vs Punk
  19. The CM PUNK chants will never stop now?
  20. Who has the more impactful memorable heel turn. Io Shirai or Bayley?
  21. CM Punk Sucks t-shirt
  22. AJ Lee
  23. CM Punk is going to AEW
  24. The Royal Rumble winner just got screwed
  25. CM Punk is back...
  26. CM Punk just returned on WWE Backstage!
  27. Do your parents like wrestling?
  28. New IC title design to be unveiled
  29. Do you think Tyson Fury will feature at WrestleMania 36 (2020)
  30. Chris Jericho Talks Vince McMahon Smoking Pot At Concert In Front Of Donald Trump
  31. What is your WWE bathroom break match?
  32. The most liked wrestlers on this forum
  33. Chris Jericho’s current AEW title reign proves WWE should have allowed him to run with the title in 2016
  34. Rate the Classic Superstar: Undertaker edition
  35. Favorite WWE house show moment?
  36. Does anyone else feel really bad/upset by the downturn in business for WWE?
  37. Did this whole Womens Revolution create a significant increase in female viewership?
  38. Ok what is going on with the main roster?
  39. RAW & SmackDown Bore Me To Tears...
  40. Wrestlemania Pre Sale Show in Tampa
  41. *Spoiler* Faction backstage at WWE tapings
  42. Wrestling memories you wish you could forget
  43. What is your first wrestling memory?
  44. Is WWE an eventual antitrust action waiting to happen?
  45. Which wrestler invented whipping sweat at fans and how long until it's banned?
  46. Where are they?
  47. Does anyone else miss Tyson Kidd?
  48. Paul Heyman Asks Kayla Braxton To Stop Flirting With Him
  49. Oversaturation is a bigger problem then bad shows for WWE
  50. Vince told us he books for himself and not for us a long time ago, we just didn't listen for years
  51. Deep Thought: When The Brand is what you're selling, what happens when The Brand can't draw?
  52. Is Seth Rollins BiSexual ?
  53. House shows are losing money, WWE Shop merch sales drop significantly
  54. WWE lowering the amount some wrestlers make for the Saudi shows
  55. Ronda Rousey: Should WWE bring her back?
  56. Your current disliked Top 5?
  57. Randy Orton Signs New Long Term Deal with WWE
  58. Jeff Hardy Mandela effect
  59. Bra & Panties match in 2020?
  60. WWE filming both RAW and SmackDown this Friday
  61. WWE Reportedly Trying To Involve Donald Trump in Tribute To The Troops in Fayetteville, NC
  62. What is Roderick Strong’s ceiling?
  63. Favourite moment in wrestling history?
  64. The NXT Invasion Angle Sucks
  65. Would WWE run North Korea?
  66. Ryan Satin Joining FS1's WWE Backstage
  67. Could Vince have planned this?
  68. Seth Rollins Calls Out Dave Meltzer
  69. Seth Rollins sounds like Krusty The Clown
  70. Since Brock could quit SmackDown couldn’t anyone just quit?
  71. WWE Announces Expansion Of Partnership With Saudi Arabia Until 2027
  72. Breaking: Saudi Arabia Considering Pulling Out Of WWE Deal
  73. Check out classic WWE wrestler skit.
  74. Interesting article on Disney dominance in filmmaking; correlation to WWE
  75. WOR: Meltzer was told by talent within WWE that many are refusing to go back to Saudi Arabia, with some adding that they can’t wait to leave
  76. Donald Trump At Tribute to the Troops In Fayetteville, NC???
  77. Former WWE commentator Hugo Savinovich claims Saudi's didnt pay Vince so Vince cut the feed of the show
  78. Lance Storm To Work In Producer Role For WWE
  79. Who's Attended a Raw or SD Show in the Past 2 Years?
  80. If the brands are equal - should NXT main event WrestleMania?
  81. WF reset....Your Current 5
  82. WWE (and wrestling in general) reminds me He-Man in the late 80's
  84. Who is the best mic worker in the world?
  85. From where can I get Fiend mask?
  86. Oversaturation and Tribalism will Destroy all Products
  87. When did wrestling turn into gymnastics?
  88. Rank The Shield's World Title Reigns
  89. How is nobody talking about this?
  90. WWE Executive Asked About Eric Bischoff's Short Stint As SmackDown Executive Director, Paul Heyman
  91. Promo School: Christian battles Akbar Gbaja-Biamila
  92. Analyzing recent WWE financial trends (Updated to FY19 Q3 2019)
  93. Is the brand split already dead? Lol
  94. Becky Lynch #1 in PWI Women's #100 2019 [Full List Added]
  95. In other news WWE stock drops 20%
  96. WWE's 2019 Q3 earnings report
  97. 3 Underrated performers (IMO)
  98. Rate the Current Superstar: Akira Tozawa edition
  99. The Four Horsewomen's time is up.
  100. Meeting Performers Out of Character
  101. Could there be other reasons why Austin won't do another match?
  102. You can count on one hand how many black wrestlers were not comedic,dancers,or all sm
  103. People crap on WWE main roster for their ratings but AEW and NXT ratings also declining on a weekly basis, when is a wresting show going to have a inc
  104. Is Horsewomen Vs Horsewomen A Thing?
  105. WWE is at an All-year low with Quality of Product Currently
  106. Niggling WWF/WWE questions
  107. What does the WWE see in Cain Velasquez?
  108. Will Edge wrestle again?
  109. How awesome is Sasha Banks?
  110. The 2010's Decade is nearly over, Rate WWE During this decade.
  111. Are people now going to realize blaming Becky, Rollins, Kofi etc for ratings is stupid?
  112. Do you think WWE should cut back with the signings
  113. Sounds like WWE getting worse at live event
  114. WWE's quality baseline for the future is 2019 "ouch!"
  115. Chris Jericho thinks Cain Velasquez is inexperienced, wants Marko Stunt vs Lesnar instead
  116. Becky or any other woman doesn't draw as evidenced by the cancellation of Evolution PPV
  117. Observer: WWE doesn't want another Cena or Rock
  118. I haven't been to an event since SummerSlam 2006
  119. Would a promo like this be allowed today?
  120. Jordan Myles Blasts WWE for His First Official Shirt's Design
  121. Ryback: Rusev is in contract negotiations with WWE, Lana-Lashley angle meant to embarrass him
  122. Carmella's dad wasn't a good wrestler
  123. If Seth was a top star during AE, would he draw?
  124. Did Batista 'walk alone' or 'wear cologne.'
  125. Referring to Rusev, Seth Rollins and Mike Kanellis as cucks is factually incorrect
  126. Fans still saying WHAT.....
  127. Wrestlers who recovered from big burials?
  128. Is raw and smackdown starting get boring
  129. Which of these duos will break up first?
  130. Did you ever think 2 female wrestlers would be the top stars in 2 companies at the same time?
  131. I hate the term "internet fans"
  132. Candidates for “The Boyhood Dream” push (RR to WM double)? + List
  133. Paul Heyman’s Contribution being Overrated?
  134. Rate the Classic Superstar: Kelly Kelly edition
  135. Rate the Classic Superstar: Edge edition
  136. Jimmy Uso Arrest Video Released From July DUI Incident
  137. How well received would Kazuchika Okada be by the WWE demographic?
  138. Ahhh yes.....WWE is finally returning back to the big man era. Fans of the BEAST in wrestling get in here!!!!
  139. Do you feel like WWE are oversaturated?
  140. Wrestlers you felt should've gotten a World Title Reign from each Era of WWE.
  141. I think WWE know their product is terrible they just don’t know how to fix it.
  142. Triple H On CM Punk Possibly Returning To WWE
  143. Do you judge the roster’s morality for volunteering to go to Saudi Arabia every year?
  144. Why should I care about Ratings and Draws?
  145. Mickie James is doing commentary on Main Event.
  146. Supershow in Mexico 11/30
  147. WWE announces matches for Mexican super show
  148. 2 distinct different shows lol more like the same ole shit
  149. Rollins Says Kenny Omega Can See Him at WrestleMania When He's Done Playing in The Minor Leagues
  150. Since we are nearing the end of the 2010s was your favorite moments that happened in WWE
  151. Orton posts interesting photo on IG
  152. Rate the Classic Superstar: Gail Kim edition
  153. Rate the Classic Superstar: Batista edition
  154. Report: Morale low in the WWE
  155. Why the hell does Vince always look possessed/drunk these days?
  156. Would MJF be a star in the WWE?
  157. Was Triple H a draw?
  158. Most WWE wrasslers are in their late 20's-mid 30's
  159. I guess the women arent doing anything in regards to a ppv this month...
  160. Why is it okay for some wrestlers to bury others and not okay for others?
  161. In ring styles: uniqueness and small details
  162. Is Sami Zayn ever going to wrestle in WWE again?
  163. This is what the GREATEST WWE/wrestling show would look like.
  164. Omega goes to WWE Rollins goes to AEW--how would fans react
  165. Has the top babyface ever tapped out in a match?
  166. What's your "desert island" match?
  167. Wrestling fans like aesthetically pleasing moves, what's wrong with that?
  168. How much would it cost WWE to buy out the competition?
  169. WWE needs to forget about the draft Idea and focus on hyping Free Agency
  170. The Rest Of The Raw And SD Rosters Finalized
  171. WWE Draft Order Reveal Was Due to Internal Miscommunication
  172. Stardom chose not to sell to WWE because they did not have a plan
  173. The fiend is overrated
  174. Triple H and Tyson Fury Discuss his WWE Debut on ESPN First Take
  175. Vince McMahon Will Step Down From WWE In The Year 2020
  176. Backstage news on why WWE split up Carmella and R-Truth, couples in the Draft
  177. Favourite member of Evolution?
  178. Alicia Fox Moved To Alumni Roster
  179. Remember when the tables used to explode?
  180. Lets count the ways the draft went into retard mode.
  181. Why doesn’t Corey Graves attempt a comeback?
  182. What brand will Ruby Riott, Nia Jax, and Mickie James go when they return?
  183. Bias a WWE fan what did you appreciate from the first two AEW shows that WWE is lacking?
  184. Post-Draft More Superstar announced
  185. History of the top WWE guys from 1985 to today
  186. Four Horsewomen and AE stars
  187. Backstage WWE Status Updates On The Usos And Naomi
  188. Biggest draws of the last 20 years
  189. Macauley Culkin stars in "You've Got Undertaker"
  190. Luke Harper request release?
  191. Bruce Prichard named WWE SmackDown executive director, Eric Bischoff departs after brief return
  192. Roman Reigns and other superstars advice fans on how to handle WWE story lines they dislike
  193. mike-kanellis has requested his release
  194. Female WWE Mount Rushmore
  195. my theory!!
  196. Tyson Fury reportedly making $15 million for Crown Jewel match
  197. Who would you want/ed to retire your favorite wrestlers?
  198. CM Punk on PWtees. Only 1 shirt left for sale.
  199. WOR: Some notes following the draft
  200. Did they actually draft Jinder, Cedric, and Ali before Corbin???
  201. Rate the Classic Superstar: AJ Lee edition
  202. Cathy Kelley Wants To Replace Carmella For R-Truth
  203. So, which show ended up getting the better end of the deal from the draft?
  204. Why do people on here disrespect the WWE female talent?
  205. Very one sided womens divisions
  206. What Is The Biggest WM Match/Feud... After Hogan/Andre
  207. Why does WWE suck at writing faces?
  208. Rock vs Orton has the potential to be a savage rivalry.
  209. Why do heel jobbers become Supermen when they turn face?
  210. Ring the Belle: Victoria Interview
  211. Where Does Alexa Bliss Rank Among the Most Accomplished WWE Women's Wrestlers Ever?
  212. Do you think WWE can increase their ratings on a consistent basis?
  213. Can we take a moment to appreciate Randy Orton's reactions
  214. Mount Rushmore
  215. Why i'm doubtful Aleister ever fulfills his full potential
  216. Reby Hardy is back at it again
  217. Too much emphasis on the women?
  218. What exactly is Bruce Prichard's current role in the WWE?
  219. The "Draft" is Stupid and Ticks me off
  220. Best of the Best (Right Now)
  221. What are your thoughts about the Four Horsewomen?
  222. Do you agree with this sentiment about crowds?
  223. Why don't people stop watching WWE?
  224. Brazzers at it again but this time makes fun of WWE for Shorty Gable
  225. Is the blame on cable cutting, social media or what's the reason and amount of % of fans WWE killed off?
  226. In this day and era in WWE, heels are cool and get cheered while babyfaces have a hard time
  227. Does the WWE know what the hell a draft is???
  228. Whose fault is it that WWE cannot create stars, the talent or creative?
  229. Ronda Rousey Coming Back To WWE, Says Triple H.
  230. A perception that WWE wasted Jack Swagger
  231. How did the "skinny fat" label come about
  232. Wrestling Interviews That Were Ironic in Retrospect
  233. Wrestling & Magician analogy for children
  234. The Draft Rules
  235. So wheres the Rollinite?
  236. Rate the Classic Superstar: Kurt Angle edition
  237. BRET's new movie - I can't breathe lol
  238. WALTER vs Lesnar should Main Event Mania
  239. Who's more charismatic Seth or Roman?
  240. Roman Reigns On Seth Rollins Rubbing Some Fans The Wrong Way, If Rollins Is The Face Of WWE
  241. Vince McMahon Reportedly Thinks Some WWE Stars Are ‘Too Pro Wrestling’
  242. WWE press conference featuring Triple H, Lesnar, Fury, Cain and Strowman
  243. WWE Hires NY1 News Reporter Alyse Zwick
  244. RAW looking stupid during the WWE Draft?
  245. Is Riho winning the belt in AEW the reason why The Kabuki Warriors are getting...
  246. It wasn't the result, just how it was done.
  247. Triple H Says a Second Evolution PPV is Still Possible, Talks Daughter Training in the Ring
  248. Hulk Hogan Undergoing Surgery Soon, Reveals Talks With Vince McMahon For A Possible WWE Ring Return
  249. Bret Hart Doesn't Think Goldberg Should Be In The WWE Hall Of Fame After Hurting "Many Wrestlers"
  250. If the horsewomen ever main evented Mania, who should win?
  251. Making KOTR Relevant Again
  252. Which two horsewomen have the best in ring chemistry?
  253. WrestleMania Plans for Seth and Brock?
  254. Report: Bray Wyatt & Sasha Banks Injured (Not Medically Cleared)
  255. Vince McMahon could use this backlash to become a bigger heel than he was in 1998
  256. Who do you think drew less, Diesel or Seth Rollins?
  257. Defend the Brand Split/Draft Again?
  258. Brazzers Offers WWE Assistance To Create ‘Satisfying Finishes’
  259. What's the most offense ever kicked out of?
  261. The only time I’ll think that WWE is REALLY in trouble...
  262. Sports AND Entertainment
  263. The Rock's promo made the company look braindead
  264. #cancelwwenetwork
  265. Bryan Alvarez goes off on WWE arrogance
  266. X-Pac is all of us
  267. Congrats, WWE
  268. John Cena says he'd still be wrestling far less, even without his movie career. Says his body can't handle the schedule anymore.
  269. The Age-Checks Predator Randy Orton at it again- Developing story via Twitter
  270. PG era bloodiest matches?
  271. Can we stop acting like ABC logic in WWE is a thing?
  272. The Glass Ceiling
  273. Team Hogan and Team Flair lineup predictions
  274. Do you guys think the WWE will use the SmackDown stage for PPV's?
  275. The Attitude Era has set the bar way too high
  276. Your WWE Draft Projection
  277. Possible WWE plans?
  278. Is Anyone Happy That Their "Wrestling Week" Is More Spaced Out Now?
  279. Rate the Classic Superstar: Melina edition
  280. Rate the Classic Superstar: Christian edition
  281. Edge medically cleared to wrestle
  282. King of the Ring gimmick for heels/Good or bad thing?
  283. Matt Hardy is Such a Tease...
  284. What was better this week, AEW Dynamite debut or SD debut on fox?
  285. Jeff Hardy arrested again for DWI
  286. Randy Orton says the N word streaming a video game.
  287. Wall Street Journal Not Very Rosy About WWE
  288. Are wrestlers too thin-skinned?
  289. Backstage Talk On Steve Austin And Edge Returning To WWE In-Ring Action
  290. The Ratings are in. AEW won
  291. So who won Wednesday Night Minor League Wrestling?
  292. Discussions of "The Best Matches" are what's wrong with the current fanbase.
  293. Would you like to see a feud between Lesnar and Shamrock?
  294. With Draft Coming Up. Choose Your Brand. Then Pick Your Top Male and Female Superstars to Headline
  295. Triple H Says WWE Is Willing To Forget The Past With CM Punk And Move Forward
  296. Do you believe wrestlers should never go out of kayfabe?
  297. Which Brand during the Original/Current Brand split was your preferred show?
  298. Stephanie McMahon Says Her 13-Year Old Daughter is Training in Wrestling
  299. Be Honest, would you welcome a John Cena return?
  300. Stephanie McMahon Reveals Daughter Is Training To Wrestle, Talks Wrestling Vince McMahon
  301. Roman Reigns is much better than Seth Rollins, can we all agree on this now?
  302. Does Vince Russo get too much hate?
  303. How long was it since people actually cared about WWE and getting up of the chairs in a segment? Like Hogan vs Flair last night
  304. Naitch just called Taker one of the top 3 draws in history
  305. Best whiny heel world champions?
  306. SRS teasing Punk related news
  307. TV Ratings
  308. Is 2003 unmasked Kane the best incarnation of Kane?
  309. CM Punk Vs. Colt Cabana Lawsuit Settled
  310. Wrestling in the 2010s
  311. Do you think Seth was ever really close to the rest of the Shield?
  312. Does the company have too much talent?
  313. The Bottom Line: Determine what characteristic/attribute was more important in each of the major eras?
  314. How old is too old to main event?
  315. Cain Velasquez Reportedly Meets With WWE
  316. The Shield circa 2002
  317. Becky hasn't main evented a single PPV after WM 35 and probably wont ever again
  318. Rick Bognar has died
  319. Big E performing introductions on Fox Sports
  320. Roman Reigns has lost THE LOOK
  321. WWE Legends...
  322. Booker T: I’d Come Back to the Ring to Face CM Punk
  323. Rick Bognar (Fake Razor Ramon) Passes away at 49
  324. Which is worse, boos or silence?
  325. WWE News & Notes Sept. 28 Weekend Edition
  326. Now is the time to resdesign the championship titles
  327. Brazzers Says They’re Ready For Asuka
  328. New series called The Bump debuting
  329. Hulk Hogan, The Undertaker And Others Announced For WWE Crown Jewel 2019 In Saudi Arabia
  330. Rusev becomes an American citizen
  331. Seth Rollins deletes his twitter account
  332. Report: RAW & SD will have new show opening intros
  333. CM Punk Possibly Returning To WWE?
  334. How would you book a CM Punk return to WWE? Be creative, and assume WWE is ready to make it big
  335. Lana reportedly returning soon
  336. Is this year's October possibly the biggest month in professional wrestling history?
  337. WWE Asks Fans To Take Action In FOX Dispute With DISH & Sling
  338. John Morrison Returning to WWE
  339. New announcing teams for RAW and SmackDown
  340. Renee Young And Booker T To Officially Host WWE Backstage On FS1
  341. Bret Hart on his dream match: vs. Brock Lesnar in an Iron Man match.. and I'd like to be at home watching it."
  342. When was the last time WWE gave the main event a REALLY young superstar ?
  343. Have WWE's Top Titles Become Openweight Titles At This Point?
  344. Tucker ring gear gets stolen from a vehicle break in
  345. Kalisto Says Andrade Only Has a Job Because He’s With Charlotte Flair, Charlotte Responds
  346. Steve Austin on the possibility of wrestling another match
  347. WWE Trademarks Filed for Lasskicker and More
  348. Semi-Crazy idea for keeping the crowd engaged.
  349. Rate the Classic Superstar: Maryse edition
  350. Least popular women in WWE?
  351. Cris Cyborg Would Be Open to Appearing For AEW or WWE
  352. Triple h says something very disturbing!!!
  353. Goldberg returning to TV soon
  354. Why can't WWE be more creative?
  355. Enough with Brock
  356. Victoria Announces She’s Retiring From the Ring
  357. New Raw & SmackDown GMs coming?
  358. Mickie James To Join WWE Commentary Team And Work As A Producer?
  359. Shane Needs To Go
  360. Hottest female in the WWE
  361. WWE should sign Disco Inferno
  362. WWE Reportedly Bringing Back Pyro To TV Soon
  363. Rare WWE artwork up for bid NOW!!!
  364. Why Have WWE booked two of the most legit looking superstars on the roster in Samoa Joe and Braun Strowman like choke artists.
  365. Look at this.... thing.
  366. FOX Sports disrespects Rey Mysterio "Nacho Libre"
  367. Sheamus Talks About His Role With Becky Lynch's WWE Tryout And Her Rise To Top
  368. Looking back at 2010s Kane
  369. Would you be down for Sheamus being champion 1 last time
  370. New 2k20 Advert
  371. Wrestling is geared towards 8 to 14 year olds.
  372. Who has the most upside among Chad Gable, Ricochet, Ali and Cedric Alexander?
  373. David Beniot no longer banned from attending WWE events backstage
  374. Do you agree with Triple H that Bret Hart takes wrestling way too seriously?
  375. Most underutilized/wasted NXT call up of 2019: Kairi Sane or EC3?
  376. RAW And SmackDown Reportedly Getting New Stages
  377. "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan hospitalised
  378. Goldberg and Ziggler get pulled apart in Las Vegas restaurant.
  379. Easy fix to improve the product
  380. Anyone else dislike the WWE fans being called "The WWE Universe"
  381. Two new people you'd like to see as WWE/Universal champ in the foreseeable future.
  382. Would a stable of AOP, Andrade. Vega work?
  383. At their peak, who was stronger: Victoria or Beth Phoenix?
  384. Torrie Wilson Gets Married
  385. What’s you current ‘favorite’ wrestling podcast?
  386. The Top WWF/WWE Wrestler by year since 1985
  387. Does WWE bring back General Managers?
  388. WWE Superstars Becky Lynch, Seth Rollins And New Day On "25 Words Of Less
  389. Becky Lynch And Roman Reigns Announced For WWE Studios Project
  390. Would You Buy?
  391. News On Sheamus Possibly Returning Soon
  392. HHH currently it's the best promo guy on WWE
  393. Searching for a production theme of WWE from around 2002.
  394. Least charismatic roster in WWE history
  395. Does NXT having their own show on cable now eliminate the main roster call ups?
  396. Why get the guys from 205 live still trashed in the main shows?
  397. The forgotten theme songs
  398. Are things getting better?
  399. Paul Heyman Reportedly Ran Monday’s WWE Raw By Himself
  400. Gable, Ricochet, Alexander, Ali. Bury them all I say.
  401. Latest On Plans For WWE's Weekly FS1 Studio Show - Cathy Kelley Reportedly Involved
  402. King of the Ring a success or nah?
  403. WWE has completely thrown away the notion of "qualifying" or "earning" a title shot.
  404. WWE 2019
  405. Matches where the loser came off better than if they won
  406. Should we call this "The Workrate Era"?
  407. I've pretty much quit watching WWE
  408. What are your honest predictions for the upcoming changes in the pro wrestling world?
  409. Was the 4 horsewomen feud to soon?
  410. Did Big Show's chokeslam ever get called "Showstopper" by commentators or other wrestlers?
  411. Examples of fans turning on certain wrestlers
  412. Why does it seem like the world titles only change hands on the big four PPVs?
  413. Which WWE wrestler today can bring in casual fans?
  414. The in ring quality and lack of reactions for main roster matches
  415. WWE is actually going to start off the new Fall this way?
  416. TJP blasts WWE on how it limits its performers
  417. WWE Draft set for SmackDown on Oct. 11 and Raw on Oct. 14
  418. WWE draft on October 11th (SD) and October 14th (Raw)
  419. WWE Draft to take place on Oct. 11 SmackDown & Oct. 14 RAW
  420. Is the theory true about WWE not making huge stars?
  421. Should the "Producer" get more leeway?
  422. Why does WWE love so much to present their current roster as inferior to past talent?
  423. Aleister Black, Erick Rowan and Lars Sullivan should form a Black Metal Inner Circle stable
  424. What if WWE had remained TV-14 in the past 11 years
  425. TIL: Izzy Cuts Better Promos than 80% of The Roster
  426. Theatrical Entrances.
  427. What if Steph had an affair with one of the wrestlers?
  428. Rate the Classic Superstar: Beth Phoenix edition
  429. Could Goldberg Jackhammer Great Khali or Giant Gonzalez?
  430. John Cena in Suicide Squad??
  431. Do people understand what Professional wrestling is?
  432. How is Becky Lynch the most popular female wrestler ever?
  433. When is anyone gonna stand up to Vince McMahon like Vince Russo did in 1996/1997?
  434. Which era did you start watching professional wrestling?
  435. Top 5 Women (promo skills)
  436. Will Steve Austin & The Undertaker Eventually Become The New Pat Patterson & Gerald Brisco...
  437. Origins of the Niche fanatics/Workrate fans
  438. An Outside The Box Idea To Establish NXT As The Third Brand - Or Better
  439. Arn Anderson will have his own podcast debuting sometime this month.
  440. Shuffling into position is hilarious...
  441. Bad heel turns that lead to amazing heel runs?
  442. Why should today's crowds control the show's direction?
  443. Cowardly Heels make no Logical sense.
  444. How will the new gig economy law just passed in California affect WWE?
  445. Is Austin going to come out of retirement?
  446. Do you think WWE will stop running MSG
  447. The WWE hasn't created a single star and deflated whatever stars they had.
  448. The WWE MSG shows were underwhelming
  449. Easy fix to prevent fan hijacking shows/chants
  450. WWE needs Vince Russo
  451. Who Are The Current WWE Road Agents?
  452. Hair vs Hair matches?
  453. WWE Wrestlers who are "allegedly" Racist
  454. Report: 2 man booth returning once SD moves to FOX
  455. WhatCulture Wrestling - opinions?
  456. Former Impact Interviewer McKenzie Mitchell Joins WWE
  457. Sasha+Bayle+Liv Morgan.
  458. So what's Vince Mcmahons next move when Stone Cold didn't draw?
  459. Seth Rollins has long lost brother and sister
  460. WWE TV has become very boring
  461. It's probably NOT a good thing that every Champ tries to "Restore the Prestige of the Title"
  462. Which females on the main roster can hang with the 4HW in terms of in-ring ability?
  463. Most improved wrestler this year? (So far)
  464. Its not just WWE but wrestling in general is dead.
  465. Something that I've always wondered about the Summer of Punk storyline...
  466. Dream PPV with Current Roster Now
  467. So chad gable wins king of the ring
  468. Wrestlers you hated that had matches you loved mostly due to them
  469. Today’s fans vs fans during the 90’s.
  470. The Four Horsewomen Want To Main Event WrestleMania Together
  471. Would you like to have seen a Shawn Michaels vs. Eddie Guerrero feud?
  472. Do Brock Lesnar and John Cena have asperger's?
  473. Bret Hart says that Shawn Michaels said racist slurs to a marine
  474. Rate the Classic Superstar: Chris Jericho edition
  475. Luke Harper
  476. Current wrestlers with the most star quality/mainstream appeal
  477. Should the pace of matches be slowed down?
  478. Aleister should ditch his theme song
  479. Wow..Lio Rush's new song not bad..
  480. What if Stone Cold never got injured and what if Rock never left
  481. Who would have thought the Roll Up would be the most protected finisher and most effective!
  482. What wrestler is like Barry Windham in WWE?
  483. WWE should sign Johnny Swinger
  484. What did you think of Test?
  485. WWE rumoured 2019 draft what would be your rosters?
  486. TV will be more important than Network and PPV Events come October
  487. Should people who illegally stream ppv events be prosecuted?
  488. Which alt on here is Steve Austin ?
  489. The battle of WWE’s Four Horsewomen
  490. People you never expected to see back in WWE?
  491. William Regal could beat Matt Riddle
  492. Do you think Triple H could have made it in Hollywood?
  493. Do you think they dynamic of the WWE universe changed after Cena vs Rock?
  494. How come nobody told me Gallows and Anderson...
  495. WON: Wrestlers getting more freedom on mic
  496. Randy Orton comments on Reigns only having to train arms
  497. Most underrated commentator of all time?
  498. Who are the current Four Horsemen of WWE?
  499. WF's Favourite Female August '19 Results
  500. Superman booking
  501. Intercontinental Championship Roundtable.
  502. AEW vs NXT
  503. Should the WWE cut back on non PPV matches?
  504. Is there any possibility that WWE ever gets back "Attitude Era" crowds?
  505. What is your favorite "silly" (comedic) gimmick, storyline and/or segment, that became massively over?
  506. WWE Shakes Up Raw and Smackdown Head Writers
  507. Former TNA knockout Scarlett Bordeaux is training at the WWE performance center
  508. Wrestlers need things to make them stick out.
  509. Why isn't Mauro Ranallo on the main roster?
  510. Rate the Classic Superstar: Brie Bella edition
  511. Legit weight of WWE wrestlers
  512. Not really looking forward where the womens division seems to be heading in the next few months
  513. Mick Foley On THE FIEND, WWE 24/7 Title Debut, And Mandible Claw, Undertaker
  514. How would the WWE's Four Horsewomen fit during the "Divas Era?"
  515. I think CM Punk returns to the WWE eventually
  516. WWE Reportedly Trying To Hire Female Referees
  517. How would you personally divide WWE's different eras??
  518. Jim Ross Recalls Triple H Saying that CM Punk’s Butt Was Too Big & Soft, Creative Not Being Behind Punk as Champion
  519. Be honest: how much do you care about women's wrestling?
  520. CM Punk On The Rock Calling Him LIVE From The Ring At RAW In LA
  521. The 5 star match culture is killing Aleister Black
  522. If Impact makes Tessa their World Champion how long before WWE makes one of their top women WWE or Universal champion?
  523. What if Mark Jindrak did replace Batista in Evolution?
  524. When exactly did the Batista/Triple H storyline begin?
  525. WWE is destroying a generation of wrestling talent
  526. CM Punk: Starrcast III Interview Recap
  527. A Big WWE News Story Is About To Break Very Soon
  528. Daniel Bryan And Brie Bella’s Dog Josie Has Passed Away
  529. What did you think of Hornswoggle?
  530. Ric Flair Just Filed For “The Man” Trademark [UPDATE 9/5]
  531. Which Brand Was The Undertaker Belong?
  532. Superstars, personnel, and alumni hatred both kayfabe and legit.
  533. What's good right now in pro wrestling
  534. Your favorite promo head to head exchanges?
  535. 2019 will go down as the worst year ever
  536. Lack of characters.
  537. Isn’t the “code of conduct” in WWE contradictory?
  538. Does Meltzer (or anyone) still think Roman’s cancer was a work?
  539. What is the fascination with bumps?
  540. Big guys in wrestling
  542. Seth Rollins tops the PWI 500 this year
  543. Wrestling characters who've never been friends kayfabe wise?
  544. Did WWE ever explain how Triple H and Stephanie went from being divorced in kayfabe to married again?
  545. Did WWE bring back the Pyro?
  546. What's in Hand/Wrist Band or Strap of Drew McIntyre?
  547. Does anyone in WWE have IT? Who was the last?
  548. The Great Khali should return to WWE
  549. Anyone else hate how WWE always has their wrestlers facing the camera?
  550. Why Is WWE So Damn Corny??