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General WWE

  1. People are getting nostalgic over 2011 WWE now
  2. What PPV are you looking forward to most, all out or summerslam?
  3. Graves: Heyman and Bischoff Hires 'Reinvigorated the Locker Room'
  4. Could WWE Ever Win Back the Goodwill of IWC/Smarks/Hardcore Fans?
  5. WWE MSG Ticket Sales Are Reportedly "Exceedingly Disappointing"
  6. Should This Be Called The Zombie WWE Era?
  7. Is 2019 WWE's rock bottom?
  8. The rematch clause is still in full effect
  9. Has anyone noticed Ziggler's body shrinking over the past few years?
  10. The problem with Vince Burying Fan driven wrestlers.
  11. Becky Lynch responds to Mark Henry’s criticism over her character becoming arrogant
  12. First time WWE viewers find Reigns, Dream and Lynch to be megastars
  13. Kairi vs Asuka vs Shirai?
  14. WWE to 'test counter programming' on Saturdays against AEW PPVs
  15. The PPV schedule [ time frame ] and more..
  16. WWE wants NXT to go head to head vs AEW
  17. The Rock spotted at WWE Performance Center
  18. WWE Creates Department to Manage Stars’ Individual Brands, Hiring For Department
  19. Top 5 wrestlers that had/has the best looking ring gear?
  20. Braun Strowman Signs Multi-Year WWE Contract
  21. Anyone else really miss John Cena?
  22. Daniel Bryan Career Trajectory without the retirement
  23. Does WWE think making their wrestlers curse and adding sexual references tit while promos equals a good product???
  24. Tournaments
  25. The Bottom Line: Wrestlers who deserved to get crowned at WrestleMania and the ones that didn't
  26. Brock Lesnar's Politics
  27. So much for Heyman and Bischoff bringing change
  28. TV Host Kristine Leahy Grills Bayley About Brutal WWE Travel Schedule, FS1 Deletes Clip
  29. You Liked WWE In October 2017? Well Fast Forward To July 2019 Aaaaand...
  30. Marty Jannetty doing Coke LIVE
  31. Stephanie McMahon: Doors always open for Conor McGregor
  32. They're good...and you still don't like 'em.
  33. Bret Hart/Teddy Hart relationship
  34. To be The Man, WOOOOOO! You CAN'T beat The Man!
  35. CM Punk takes a shot at Shane McMahon
  36. Can wrestlers please stop doing the one spot that makes absolutely no logic sense.
  37. Foreign kids about Undertaker and Roman Reigns
  38. Why do you watch WWE right now?
  39. Wrestling Figures
  40. Impact just had their first intergender match. WWE soon to have them again?
  41. Jeff Hardy arrested again
  42. Jeff Hardy aka Brother Nero arrested for being drunk in public
  43. Backstage news on Sasha's return
  44. Eva Marie Would Return to WWE to Have a Run Against Bayley, Bayley Tells Her to Come Back
  45. WWE to release Second Quarter 2019 report to investors on Thursday, July 25
  46. shit finishes
  47. Tamina Hurt at a Live Event.
  48. Which people from the wrestling business have the most interesting social media pages?
  49. Jim Ross Recalls Getting Pulled Over By Police With Vince McMahon Behind The Wheel
  50. Should WWE practice 'selling more'? Who are the best and worst sellers in the biz?
  51. Batista's new movie has (thankfully) been pulled from release schedule.
  52. Undertaker and Reigns new t-shirt...
  53. Batista Thinks Charlotte Flair Could Have Crossover Success in Hollywood
  54. Show of the weekend?
  55. Daniel Cormier teases following Brock Lesnar to WWE
  56. Did anyone else pick up this embarrassing mistake in 'Fighting With My Family'??
  57. Are HHH and Steph vampires? They still looked young as ever at the ESPYs.
  58. WWE Reportedly Planning Major Counter Against AEW All Out
  59. Face vs heel feuds that would be interesting reversed?
  60. Batista Takes A Lie Detector Test With Kumail Nanjiani
  61. Eric Bischoff’s SD will be better than Paul Heyman’s RAW if Vince allows them control
  62. Marc Copani AKA Muhammad Hassan Is Now A Jr. High School Principal
  63. Roman Reigns takes home the Espy
  64. Next big star
  65. Finally The IICONICS Having The Belts Makes Sense!
  66. WWE Creating New Quibi Unscripted Series Headlined By Female Superstars
  67. Nikki Bella blames the smarks for no retirement speech
  68. TFue/FaZe Lawsuit and potential effect on WWE and their contracts
  69. Who you think is the smallest fem wrestler in the E?
  70. Vince Mcmahon incest storyline for Stephanie and Shane
  71. Original NXT
  72. Batista says working with WWE creative this go-round was a 'nightmare'
  73. Seth Rollins and Kofi Kingston, who will be remembered as the worse champion?
  74. Does anyone remember when John Cena mocked a handicapped kid?
  75. Let's say, its the FINAL WWE show, what matches do we see?
  76. Becky Lynch Becomes First WWE Star To Land ESPN The Magazine Cover (Photo)
  77. WWE's flaw
  78. Stone Cold Steve Austin Run as Raw GM
  79. WWE changes
  80. Brock Lesnar Visits University Of Minnesota Wrestling Team For Special Morning Stretch (Photos)
  81. Would a Cena heel turn overshadow Hogan's heel turn?
  82. Your favorite wrestlers who have glaring weaknesses they can improve on.
  83. Batista And Triple H Originally Wanted A Hell In A Cell For Their Match At WM35
  84. UFC is not any "cooler" than wrestling
  85. Roman doesn't have swag
  86. Are you now cautiously optimistic?
  87. WWE Considering Countering AEW ‘All Out’ PPV Show With ‘Strong Show’
  88. Predict WWE In 10 years
  89. Reigns & Rollins Reportedly ‘Leading Charge’ Against AEW IN WWE Locker Room
  90. Pro Wrestler Names That Haven't Been used yet
  91. Proof R truth draws
  92. Roman says its foolish to compare and to think AEW is competition for WWE
  93. Rate the old segment: Mark Henry's 'retirement' speech
  94. Updates of WWE News for July 5 2019
  95. Smartphones killed wrestling entrances
  96. WWE teases Undertaker vs Sting
  97. Roman Reigns Says It's Foolish To Think AEW Is Comparing To Or Competing With WWE
  98. Vince McMahon is moving away from PG, WWE is about to get more edgy(Allegedly)
  99. Was HHH underappreciated?
  100. The "Big Dog" or "Black Hound"? Nickname changes
  101. WWE to push more edgier content leaving behind PG era?
  102. In honor of 4th of July, who and which was your fave talent?
  103. CM punk cuts promo *not clickbait
  104. Triple H Went To Japan To Scout Joshi Talent
  105. Batista's Final WWE Run. What were your thoughts?
  106. Who was the last good babyface world champion?
  107. So why can't the women perform in Saudi Arabia?
  108. Things you've learned from watching WWE
  109. Ronda Rousey Really Misses WWE (VIDEO)
  110. WWE ditch mid card titles and create serious weight divisions instead
  111. What was WWE's biggest blunder in the last five years?
  112. What it the prototypical wrestler height and weight?
  113. Biggest WWE/WWF star from your homestate??
  114. Wrestlers With Grey Hair/Facial Hair
  115. AJ Lee On Wrestling Comeback: Never Say Never
  116. Albertooooo Del Rioooooo
  117. AJ Lee On Wrestling Comeback: "Never Say Never"
  118. Cornette says Bischoff will outlast Heyman.
  119. Andrade And Zelina Vega Challenge Seth Rollins And Becky Lynch
  120. WWE Reportedly Worried About Losing Teenage Fans To AEW, Backstage News On Ricochet's Push
  121. John Cena handles annoying Youtuber like a pro
  122. Are you surprised about all the cussing?
  123. If you had to reinvent 2019 Undertaker would you bring back ABA Undertaker or Ministry Taker
  124. News on Heyman, Wyatt, Raw, Kofi and more. Possible spoilers
  125. Seth Rollins Apologizes to Will Osperay, Clarifies Statements
  126. Update On Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff's Influence On WWE TV
  127. Why did WWE only focus on fixing the backstage and promos aspect and not the actual wrestling?
  128. They *could* make Real Title Belts
  129. WWE just copied AEW’s idea...they’re watching closely
  130. It's been 17 fucking years since Brock Lesnar debuted.
  131. Roman Reigns On Jon Moxley Leaving WWE For AEW
  132. The theory that WWE is making changes because they're afraid of AEW
  133. Bigger improvement: Trish Stratus or Michelle McCool
  134. HHH's second reign of terror
  135. 2019 worst win rate % as of June
  136. Anyone ever had a favorite referee? (Not wrestlers)
  137. I'm just going to ask it. (What if)
  138. Will Ospreay Has Nothing Against Seth Rollins – ‘We’re Just Having a Bit of Fun’
  139. Little Naitch gets robbed of $55k of horror memorabilia
  140. WWE Believes AEW Will "Implode" Under Their Own Hype
  141. How much longer until Vince regrets letting Moxley go?
  142. Great Segment between Edge and Orton
  143. Was Post First Draft SDL The Best Show of the PG Era?
  144. Ur Summerslam Card main big 4 matches
  145. Jim Ross Reveals Vince McMahon's Reaction To Him Going To AEW
  146. Who had the most "channel changing" heat with you personally of all time
  147. The Self-Destruction of WWE
  148. R-Truth made a 24/7 title-themed parody of ‘Old Town Road’
  149. Larger than life guys you would push to the moon
  150. Rate the Classic Superstar: Shawn Michaels edition
  151. The Psychosis of the Undertaker (Why does he always stick around)
  152. The WWE is a babyface territory right now so why are the fans rejecting them?
  153. When did you start getting tired of seeing the McMahons on TV?
  154. Breaking up relationship with WWE.
  155. And CM Punk is now suing Colt Cabana
  156. Were the IWC wrong?
  157. Mick Foley Says Wrestlers Had More Freedom In Attitude Era, Thinks Wrestlers Need To Be Allowed To Fail In Modern Era
  158. Best Jericho matches 2000-2001 or 2018-2019?
  159. WWE Reportedly Changing Saudi Arabia Return Date
  160. Spot monkeys vs larger than life characters . Which have drawn more?
  161. The Undertaker hand picks Drew McIntyre?
  162. First Half Of 2019 Is Almost Over...
  163. When Performers Get Busted Open
  164. John Cena - 17 years ago today my WWE journey began. It is FAR from over
  165. Vince McMahon is probably angry about the declining ratings
  166. Rank the 5 worst shippings in WWE History
  167. If there is a wrong kind of heat, is there a wrong kind of "cheers"?
  168. Eric Bischoff explains how he would make the brand extension a success
  169. Bray Wyatt Says He Forgives The Rock
  170. Jim Cornette: The Comedy is part of the reason the company is failing
  171. WWE names Paul Heyman & Eric Bischoff Executive Directors of Raw & SmackDown
  172. Lacey Evans--a real Goddess in her Natural Habitat
  173. Biggest Draw in WWE today?
  174. Big Cass on facing depression, anxiety, alcoholism and his departure from WWE
  175. Will WWE move television to smaller arenas?
  176. So just attack the champion, get a title shot
  177. Tommy Dreamer Considered Murdering Paul Heyman Before Committing Suicide At WrestleMania.
  178. Current champions
  179. WWE Suddenly Thinks It's Ok To Undermine Charity
  180. Kevin Owens Invites Fan Involved in ROH/Bully Ray Incident to WWE Event
  181. Can WWE Fix things easily?
  182. Using Reality More in WWE
  183. Best Women's babyface in WWE history?
  184. Foreign media acknowledges WWE's ongoing loss of fan support and the rise of AEW
  185. R Truth should've been champion in 2011
  186. Now that the brand split is basically dead...
  187. Bray coming soon??
  188. Adam Cole/ Stevie Richards......the results are in
  189. Akira Tozawa done with WWE?
  190. Question about WWE and USA network
  191. Lita is the best female heel of the past 20 years
  192. Report: The Undertaker was brought back to stop the downward momentum
  193. What's worse - WCW 2000 or WWE 2019?
  194. Seth and Becky= Marc Mero and Sable?
  195. So, are basically ALL Raw/SD matches now 2 out of 3 falls?
  196. WWE should just bring back time limits for TV matches
  197. Controversy creates cash: Is it effective nowadays?
  198. Shawn Michaels On Why He Came Out Of Retirement, WWE Crown Jewel Being Like A "Glorified House Show"
  199. Baron Corbin Says He’s Wrestled More in 2019 Than Will Ospreay, Ospreay Fires Back ‘No Wonder Raw Sucks’
  200. Kurt Angle Defends WWE’s Current Product, Says He Plans on Staying Retired
  201. Officials worried Balor, Rusev, Hardys and Orton may go to AEW
  202. Mike Bennett comes at Drake Maverick...gets put in his place.
  203. Seth Comments on Mox’ WWE podcast
  205. Mark Henry on Steve Austin podcast *New 2019*
  206. Dash Wilder & Adam Page as EMT's for Mark Henry's "World Record Double Tractor Trailer Pull"
  207. Linda McMahon's vetting summary leaked, 21 pages of Degeneracy
  208. Why are number of defenses/reigns mentioned more than their duration or length?
  209. Backstage Notes On Vince McMahon Handing Down The New Edict For WWE TV, Internal Concerns, More
  210. All singles championships are held by babyfaces
  211. Exclusive News On A WWE Creative Team Departure
  212. Vince considering adding "rounds" to matches
  213. Name THREE things that WWE can actually accomplish to improve the product.
  214. So...Is there anyone that actually likes the WWE as it is right now?
  215. Why do fans on here hate on popular stars
  216. Rambling Rabbit is more protected then the Big Dawg
  217. WWE doesn't have a single credible heel anymore
  218. I guess the WWE will enjoy trash ratings for a while
  219. Top Babyface and Top Heel in WWE currently
  220. I'm not saying McIntyre is perfect but WWE NEEDS strong heels..
  221. It is TIME for Kevin Owens to be the top guy in all of WWE.
  222. 24/7 Merch
  223. Choose your own commentary team
  224. Who has the best talent? WWE vs AEW vs NJ
  225. Seth Rollins calls WWE the best wrestling on the planet
  226. WWE Will Reportedly Not Have Wrestling During Commercial Breaks Anymore
  227. Hypocritical AEW fans and Jericho shitting on WWE
  228. Can we all agree to STOP talking about, posting, mentioning Crying Manbaby Punk anymore?
  229. This guy is a motherfucking genius
  230. Ideas for wrestling parody gimmicks.
  231. Can WWE stop using shit music for PPV's
  232. Who do you blame for a dead crowd?
  233. This will get me to watch WWE again
  234. The Bottom Line: Why would the Saudis give such a lucrative deal to the WWE?
  235. Chris Jericho On Why Seth Rollins Vs. Baron Corbin At Stomping Grounds Is What's Wrong With WWE Now
  236. Problem with WWE weekly shows are lack of compelling story lines
  237. Mojo Rawley reportedly signs new deal with WWE
  238. Where do you rank CM Punk in a Greatest of all time list?
  239. WWE Super ShowDown PPV Buys
  240. Is the current product/era overrated?
  241. First Heel you genuinely hated?
  242. WWE Couple Nikki Cross And Killian Dain Are Now Married
  243. WWE Is Instantly Shutting Down Storyline Suggestions From Its Own Stars
  244. Even Hip Hop Bloggers Know WWE is Declining LOL
  245. Stephanie McMahon On What AEW Means For Pro Wrestling, If She Is Working With The XFL, More
  246. R-Truth crashes Drake Maverick's wedding to become 24/7 champion
  247. Top 10 wrestlers greatest of all time before the boom in 1980's?
  248. DEAR VINCE! Podcast Ep.04 || Booking Bray Wyatt aka "The Funhouse Fiend" + Big Booty Bayley
  249. CM Punk Buries WWE Viewers Who Watch Despite Berating The Product
  250. Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson possibly signed new contracts with WWE
  251. hat WWE should be fearing about AEW the most...
  252. Wrestlers that have jumped ship and been exposed
  253. Would You Put It Past WWE To Do Something Like This?
  254. Which Member Of The Shield Had A Great Match With AJ Styles
  255. WWE And BT Sport Announce New Multi-Year Deal To Air WWE Programming In The UK And Ireland
  256. Nikki Bella reveals that she is done for good with in ring competition after discovering that she has a cyst in her brain and another herniated disc
  257. Steve Austin: "I Felt Like S---" About 2016 Dean Ambrose/Jon Moxley Interview
  258. WWE Officially on BT Sport In The Uk Next Year In 2020
  259. This is why I think WWE could have trouble if AEW takes off
  260. WWE Extends Partnership With FOX Sports In Latin America
  261. 50 Reasons To Love WWE Right Now
  262. Looks like someone might be ready to make a comeback....BROTHER
  263. Bret Hart To Make Feature Film Debut In "Tales From The Dead Zone" Co-Starring Corey Feldman
  264. John Cena, AJ Styles and The Bella Twins Nominated For Teen Choice Awards Categories
  265. What would you say is the most underwhelming feud of all time?
  266. Road Dogg Explains Why Some Talent Is Scripted, Talks About Earning A Level Of Trust
  267. Which one wrestler is causing the most damage right now to the overall product?
  268. Which of these have the best chance of becoming a WORLD champion?
  270. Report: Backstage atmosphere being compared to “In Your House” shows
  271. If Carmella won the 27/7 title would that help the women's division?
  272. Enough with Rollins & Kofi on both shows every week
  273. Was Kane overall more successful than Taker
  274. Double Turns
  275. WWE's 3rd brand of underused talent.
  276. Shane Mcmahon - Future WWE Universal or WWE World Champion ??
  277. Your honest thoughts on The Undertaker
  278. What does McMahon see in Alberto Del Rio?
  279. WWE News and Notes June 18
  280. Matt Hardy and Reby expecting another child
  281. Describe Stephanie in one word
  282. Stone Cold calls Bayley and Sasha two of the GOATs
  283. Composite Strowman Vs Composite Taker
  284. Dana Brookes busted open and gets X'd on WWE Main Event
  285. How would you book the New Day break up?
  286. Stephanie is a liar
  287. Where do you see the WWE in 5 years?
  288. WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins: "You Haven't Seen The Last Of Myself And Dean Ambrose"
  289. WrestleMania 36 Main Event?
  290. WWE should have a lighter schedule
  291. Stephanie McMahon Talks Vince McMahon Having The Foresight Of Using Social Media
  292. What will Vince’s legacy be when he dies?
  293. Do Hardcore Fans Care About Kayfabe Storylines?
  294. Melina Discusses If She Is Fine With Not Coming Back To WWE
  295. Where would Jason Jordan be today if he wasn't injured?
  296. Who is the worst wrestler of all time?
  297. Undertaker vs Sting - Will We Ever See It? Would You Want To See It Still?
  298. Kurt Angle threatens to discipline his son
  299. is Dolph Ziggler a pussy or a fraud?
  300. I Don't Think The 24/7 Title Is That Ugly?
  301. Mike And Maria Kanellis Reportedly Re-Sign With WWE
  302. Cruiserweights That Became Heavyweights
  303. Drew McIntrye should smash Shane McMahon
  304. Vince's tweet backfired...
  305. WWE polls fans on who their favorite champ is
  306. Lot Of WWE Talent Are Reaching Out To AEW: WOR
  307. Who are the five biggest stars in the company today? (Full-time)
  308. Who's legacy aged well over the years Lita or Trish Stratus
  309. WWE Begins Filming Documentaries For A&E Series, The Rock Working On Hall Of Famer Documentary
  310. If you could kick it and have a beer with a current talent--who would it be with
  311. Curious..what's your favorite match type?
  312. John Cena On His Current WWE Role, Thinking Of Ideas For His WWE Returns
  313. Describe Vince McMahon in One Word
  314. Is it all about "control" in WWE?
  315. Melina Says She Considered Suicide During Time in WWE, Talks Being Sexually Assaulted and Struggling With Depression
  316. TNA/Impact Knockouts Revolution or WWE Women's Revolution which do you prefer
  317. Backstage Talk On WWE Talents Waiting For Contracts To Expire, Stephanie McMahon's WWE NXT Meeting
  318. Ric Flair Apologizes To Shawn Michaels
  319. Should WWE and AEW create an Intergender Divison and Championship Belt
  320. Dana Warrior. Stop.
  321. Let's be real, has the Undertaker every truly put a young guy over on his own accord
  322. WWE Working On Feature Films With Netflix, Details On First WWE Studios - Netflix Movie Filming Soon
  323. McMahons, Triple H & Kevin Dunn Not At RAW Or SmackDown This Past Week and more!
  324. Who did Trish have the best rivalry with: Lita, Mickie or Victoria
  325. Any word on Jason Jordan?
  326. Where is game
  327. Which women's WM match was better: Becky vs Ronda vs Charlotte or Trish vs Mickie?
  328. When was the last time you were genuinely shocked or surprised with WWE?
  329. Renee Young Rumored To Host WWE's New Studio Show On FS1
  330. Best moments of wrestlers putting over other wrestlers
  331. If I Were Vince And All These Stories Were Actually True I'd Of Lost My Sh*t 2 Months Ago
  332. Are NXT stars forced onto the main roster or is it something else?
  333. The wildcard rule has destroyed both shows
  334. When do you think the women will main event again (not just PPVs)?
  335. John Cena says he's considering retirement.
  336. Brodus Clay Accused of Sexual Harrassment
  337. Should live events(house shows) be on the network?
  338. How much would it cost to get John Cena or Brock Lesnar to work a full-time schedule?
  339. Batista Talks Retiring After Triple H Match, WWE Creative Woes
  340. John Cena Admits He’s Considering WWE Retirement
  341. What injury or cancelled match dramatically changed history the most?
  342. Vince is acting like he wants another War
  343. If u could pick any wrestlers outside of WWE to come for a night while unscripted
  344. Why do you think a lot of babyfaces have underwhelming title reigns?
  345. If The Rock Had Never Returned In 2011-2013, How Much Different Would WrestleMania 27-29 Look?
  346. Shane has surpassed Stephanie in go away heat
  347. Can you guess...highest WWE winning percentages?
  348. Rumor: Vince and Roman argument after Shane match. Vince buries Roman
  349. Did The Undertaker ruin his legacy?
  350. Chael Sonnen says WWE offered him $5 million to bring UFC title to Raw, $1 million to no-show Anderson Silva fight
  351. Do you consider personality when stanning a wrestler?
  352. If You Had The Power, How Would You Fix WWE's Problems?
  353. WWE The Most Superduper Of All Showdowns
  354. WWE Live Event Results From Tokyo (6/28): Triple H Teams With The Club, Hall Of Famer Honored, More
  355. Undertaker wearing questionable T-shirt in 1995
  356. Enzo Amore On How He Avoided Bad WWE Scripted Promos
  357. What was the relationship between the Rhodes family and the McMahons?
  358. Attitude Era vs Current Era WrestleMania
  359. In your opinion, what does it take to get over as WWE/Universal Champion?
  360. If you could pull off a double turn between two wrestlers right now who would it be and how?
  361. WWE need to some common sense stuff.
  362. Conjecture: Vince McMahon Agrees WWE’s System Is Broken And Changes Need To Happen
  363. Summer Rae Comments On The TMZ Leak That Ended Her Storyline With Rusev
  364. Undertaker Likes Comment Asking WWE To Let Him Retire
  365. Does Vince and the roster know WWE is declining?
  366. So how long until that loudmouth Matt “Done nothing” Riddle gets fired
  367. How good could WWE be if they did things correctly?
  368. If they insist on using the old guys, do it right...
  369. Conspiracy theory: Roman lost to Shane because of Moxley
  370. What is the green face on Cedric Alexander's Pants ?
  371. Saudi shows are drenched in propaganda
  372. WWE Game Night: Are Superstars Smarter Than Fifth Grader?
  373. Is it racist for wrestlers to boycott Saudi Arabia?
  374. Can we talk about how great shape vince mcmahon was in his LATE 50'S
  375. Best to worst over 45s of the last 5 years
  376. Is Shane being groomed to be the next Vince?
  377. What was the point of that Undertaker segment after his match with Roman Reigns?
  378. What feuds would you like to see going forward this year?
  379. I'm sorry but Renee needs to go
  380. What's wrong with the world of wrestling? (Cut a Rick Rude Promo)
  381. Becky Lynch with Cathy Kelley quick interview. Becky shooting about Charlotte
  382. Justifying the firing of writers
  383. Gail Kim about Asian female wrestlers and Stephanie
  384. After CM Punk, Ryback and Moxley's shoots, why are people still blaming the talent?
  385. Edge calls out Becky's in ring work and lack of drawing power in Twitter "war"
  386. What would the ‘greats’ be doing in today’s WWE climate?
  387. If you could remove one vanilla midget from the company, forever.
  388. 24/7 Title Discussion Thread
  389. WWHHHD?
  390. R Truth is once again champ
  391. ALEXA BLISS: Heel or Face...RAW or SmackDown????
  392. Jinder Mahal is new 24/7 champion
  393. Single year that a wrestler made the most money
  394. Do you miss Heat and Velocity?
  395. The Rockers were based on Wham?
  396. I Don't Think The Wild Card Rule In Itself Is A Bad Idea
  397. John Cena Doesn’t See One Single Person as the Face of WWE Going Forward
  398. Female wrestling jobbers
  399. Mick Foley Says WWE Is Looking To Bring Back Parts Of The Attitude Era
  400. Marty Jannetty Posts a 'Cry for Help' on his Facebook account
  401. Brand spilt is dead. Why did it happen?
  402. Your unsung legends?
  403. Alexa Bliss and Natalya were on the flight to Saudi Arabia
  404. Diversity Difference Between HHH and Vince's Women's Title History
  405. Free WWE Match Review: Edge vs. The Undertaker (WrestleMania XXIV)
  406. Most Legendary Entrance
  407. I don’t understand all the Saudi Arabia hate
  408. Has WWE ever been more of a mess?
  409. Rank the WWE titles based on their importance to the television product right now
  410. how bad was SD and Raw-I donÂ’t want to read rag sheets
  411. BOOM! Studios Ending WWE Comic Book Series
  412. The wildcard rule has made the product even worse
  413. Best WWE in-ring performers of the year?
  414. WWE reset?
  415. Will Dean Ambrose be blackballed from WWE?
  416. Could a WWE/AEW Crossover/Invasion angle happen in the future if the promotion takes off?
  417. Meltzer is full of crap
  418. Is there a way to make chair shots not brutal?
  419. Hot take: WWE stans should want AEW to succeed
  420. Who do you think are the wrestlers that are leaving WWE?
  421. Michelle McCool: Relationship with Undertaker led to her being treated differently,
  422. Details On Backstage Reaction Within WWE To Jon Moxley’s Interview On Talk Is Jericho
  423. WWE Live shows
  424. Peter Rosenberg Explains Why He's No Longer With WWE
  425. Vince McMahon/Triple H backstage heat
  426. The 24/7 title has changed hands twice today.
  427. First Favorite Wrestler vs. Favorite Wrestler Now
  428. WWE NXT UK, NJPW, and AEW have ppvs in August on the same day
  429. Kairi Sane Says She Went To The ER Months Ago Due To Anaphylactic Shock
  430. Drunk Finn Balor At The UEFA Finals Admits To Dating Interviewer
  431. Jon Moxley: “WWE Would be Way Better if Triple H Ran It!”
  432. How do u actually create a star?
  433. Do you guys see WWE continuing to sign top indy talent with AEW out there now?
  434. Which wrestlers have the tendency to swear on live TV?
  435. 2009 was so much better than 2019
  436. What's the difference between crowds and online fans?
  437. Ric Flair Says He Could Live To Be 95 Following Last Month's Heart Surgery
  438. Times when wrestlers were accidentally bleeding
  439. How do you feel about Dean Ambrose aka Jon Moxley after all the things that have happened?
  440. WWE bringing in the big guns with Super Showdown?
  441. Do you feel that CM Punk kind of tainted himself with the whole UFC situation?
  442. I hate when Champions carry their belts to the ring over their shoulders
  443. Who would you say is better off staying with and leaving WWE?
  444. How Would You Feel About Big Contender Matches at SummerSlam and Survivor Series?
  445. Ric Flair Out Of Hospital And Is Back Stylin' & Profilin'
  446. When's Fandango back?
  447. Edge Calls WWE 24/7 Title 'Ugliest Championship Ever Created'
  448. Is squashing a departing talent wise in 2019?
  449. Which of these veterans do you most want to see get another world title run?
  450. Serious question: Is Vince/WWE Scared of AEW or do ya'll WANT them to be scared and really they're not scared at all?
  451. Where is the Lacey and Charlotte story going?
  452. Was the womens revolution a mistake and is the WWE regretting pushing it?
  453. 2019 WF Challenge - Make WWE More Dysfunctional
  454. Lesnar/Owens is one of the last few dream matches with the current roster.
  455. Enzo Amore and Big Cass Wish Ric Flair Well, Say He’s ‘Indestructible’
  456. Trips won't comment on Cody smashing throne
  457. Report: Steve Austin Received Substantial Pay Raise by WWE
  458. Paul Heyman Is Interested in Delivering a Better Product to the WWE Audience, Applauds Matt Riddle for Calling Out Brock Lesnar
  459. Casual clothing and suits is something that needs to be reinforced more
  460. Help identifying a wrestler
  461. Competition is a return to normalcy
  462. Meltzer on WOR "At least a few have enquired about leaving including a couple of names that would shock you".
  463. Would 2-3 equally "powerful" finishers make for more exciting matches?
  464. AEW and WWE
  465. RIP Womens Revolution...and good riddens
  466. What is John Cena's best year match wise?
  467. Goldust never got a proper send off!
  468. Impact Finishers
  469. AEW Fans; Have You Forgotten about Nxt?
  470. Come On,Even The Biggest AEW Lover And WWE Hater Has To Admit Some Of These Vince McMahon Rumers Are Stupid.
  471. Ex-WWE Star Terri Runnels Arrested For Bringing A Gun To An Airport
  472. Ambrose/Moxley on working for WWE on Talk Is Jericho (basically confirms everything we suspect about Vince McMahon’s mentality)
  473. State of the WWE Rant Video Discussion
  474. Who has the most believable/convincing offense? Who looks too fake/staged?
  475. Vince Russo Claims WWE & AEW Are ‘In Bed Together’
  476. There now more female Asian wrestlers in America than ever before....and I love it!
  477. These are the worst simultaneous world champions we've ever had in the history of the brand split.
  478. Why does WWE bury past stars?
  479. Why do people watch WWE? (Talking about the cynicism)
  480. In some ways, does NXT have a negative impact on the WWE main roster?
  481. Why do we assume the throne is being given to HHH?
  482. Chris Jericho leaving the WWE - Is this our generations Hulk Hogan switch?
  483. YouTube=big reason for overanalyzing/assumptions and misinformation nowadays
  484. Why are WWE wrestlers always appearing on Nickelodeon?
  485. Maria And Mike Kanellis Gold Membership Contract Is Set to Expire In 3 Weeks
  486. Is Today the Most Diverse Main Event Scene in WWE History?
  487. Paul Heyman Defends the Wild Card Rule, Says Working With Ronda Rousey Was ‘Life-Changing’
  488. Renee Young advertised for Indy event with Jon Moxley
  489. SNAFU of women's Champions
  490. John Cena's most fortunate face of the company run?
  491. Kill Me Call Me A WWE Mark Whatever I Think Jon Moxley Owed Vince More.
  492. Vince reportedly furious with WWE wrestlers who tweeted about Double or Nothing
  493. Reigns vs. Rollins - Who is a bigger star?
  494. Now that we’ve seen AEW, how do you think WWE will respond?
  495. Do you prefer wrestling PPVs on a Sunday or Saturday?
  496. Still think Ambrose leaving was a work lol
  497. Wrestlers you've never expected to miss?
  498. Michael Cole's tenure in WWE
  499. Trish Stratus Posts The Lyrics to Sasha's Theme Song and Bayley Replies "It's Time"
  500. Moves that wrestlers should stop using because they don't look good?
  501. About Randy Orton win WHC in 2004
  502. Not doing Asuka vs Ronda streak vs streak was a huge mistake
  503. The punt kick
  504. Weekly Open Challenge
  505. Kane/Lita/Snitsky in 2004
  506. WWE Wild Card Rule To Continue At Live Events
  507. Ironies In Wrestling
  508. Do You Believe HHH Could Make WWE Great Again?
  509. Does HHH set an impossible standard?
  510. WWE needs AEW
  511. Sami Zayn at Saudi Arabia
  512. Nakamura to challenge for Universal Championship
  513. Do you guys think Triple H is Randy Orton's biggest rival?
  514. Would you want to see Shane McMahon start a Kiss My Ass club?
  515. More realistic as a fake sport = less entertaining as a TV show. Agree or disagree?
  516. Can anyone explain to me why Shane McMahon has any business being on screen?
  517. Greatest combo of heel/face of all time
  518. Jim Ross says, 'The people running WWE don't know wrestling.'
  519. The rise and fall of the WWE mock trailer from 4 years ago rings true now more than ever
  520. You have the chance to choose one match for your current favorite wrestlers,What is it going to be?
  521. 24/7 Title's bizarre history begins: WWE Now Lacey Evans, Naomi and Matt Hardy's Son Wants R Truth's Belt
  522. If you're the promoter, would you make CM Punk as the fotc?
  523. How would you compare CM Punk's reaction to other big returns if he ever came back?
  524. AJ Styles, CM Punk, or Daniel Bryan; who gave Cena his best match?
  525. Ashley Massaros attorney says WWE is lying about Ashley apologizing to them - also raped accusations
  526. Stone Cold got a talk show!
  527. The Club To Reunite At WWE Japan Live Events, Alexa Bliss Booked For RAW Women's Title Matches
  528. Any jobbers/lower midcarders you’d like to see pushed?
  529. Ruby Riott Injured, Undergoes Surgery
  530. The Supposed WWE talent "Exodus".
  531. The roll-up is becoming overused
  532. Black ain’t goin to Arabia either
  533. Bill Apter On How WWE Can Fix Their Declining Ratings, Vince McMahon - Triple H Rumors
  534. Daniel Bryan Reportedly Turns Down WWE Return To Saudi Arabia
  535. The Roman Rule.......... sorry, the Wild-Card Rule,
  536. I just posted this on twitter....
  537. Could WWE be planning a "Four Horsewomen" Fatal Fourway?
  538. When did you first realise that WWE was struggling at making new stars?
  539. Kevin Owens Told WWE He Didn't Want To Go Back To Saudi Arabia
  540. So logically...why would a wrestler want to be the 24/7 champion?
  541. Goldberg and Undertaker may be competing for Legends championship
  542. Which 5 Midcarders would you push to the main event scene in WWE
  543. Drake Maverick
  544. Anyone else think the Women's Roster has the most unique characters?
  545. Can we say that the brand split is over now?
  546. Is WWE starting to try to emulate the attitude era?
  547. A poll about the new 24/7 Belt and rules
  548. Nikki Crosses teeth have go away heat with me
  549. WWE NEEDS the 15 Championship!
  550. Ric flair pulls out of Starcast II