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  1. Thank you Bork!!!! (Possible spoilers)
  2. Japanese female wrestlers are so far ahead of the other women.
  3. New Title?
  4. Renee young Cringe as commentary
  5. Report: Stephanie held talent meeting before MITB and mentions AEW as competition
  6. If Dean Malenko were 28, what would be his main roster potential?
  7. Dasha Fuentes: "You know, I don't know what goes on in their minds up there."
  8. Gail Kim: “I’ve Seen WWE Writers Crying after Coming Out of their Rooms!”
  9. Ronda Rousey Says She Already Misses Things About WWE, Talks Relationship With Dana White, Talks Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair
  10. A Man Tried To Abduct WWE’s Kayla Braxton At The Airport
  11. D-Lo Brown no shows Indy show appearance (even after being paid)
  12. Which one is more important for you?
  13. How does punishing a wrestler on TV help the company?
  14. Rank all successful Men's MITB cash-ins from most favourite to least favourite
  15. The current WWE roster - describe their characters (if possible)
  16. Bray Wyatt And JoJo Are Now Parents To Knash Sixx Rotunda
  17. ‘India second largest WWE market after the USA’
  18. People need to stop blaming the PG era for poor ratings, and storylines etc
  19. What happened to crowd reactions?
  20. Was Paige really that great? Did she really "change the game?"
  21. Where is Ruby Riott, Sarah Logan, and Liv Morgan?
  22. Great Feud That Was Overshadowed By Another Great Feud
  23. If the brand split ends, who becomes the first unified champion?
  24. 3 feuds that you think would be flawless all around
  25. Ashley Massaro Dead At 39
  26. Should TUE break up?
  27. The IWC's anger with wrestlers and their problems is directly linked to their work rate
  28. The first time since knew WWF/E
  29. WWE Reportedly Moving To BT Sport In The U.K.
  30. John Kavanagh Compares Star Quality of Becky Lynch to Conor McGregor
  31. What is one of your favorite pre-match promos?
  32. Vince McMahon Reportedly Had No Issue With Emmy-Winning Writer, Told Everyone To Congratulate Her
  33. In your opinion, Which wrestler has the "It Factor" nowadays?
  34. Ric Flair Rushed To The Hospital After Very Serious Medical Emergency
  35. The Rock's Last WWE Appearance?
  36. Has watching wrestling ever stressed you out?
  37. WWE in the UK
  38. After nearly 30 years, WWE is leaving Sky Sports and heading to BT Sport
  39. Ultra badass Erick Rowan stars in Amon Amarth music video
  40. Lio Rush Gone from WWE?
  41. WF's Favourite Female May 2019 Results.
  42. Siblings who ended up being more successful than their brother/sister
  43. Will WWE counterprogram AEW?
  44. Now that Brand Split is Over; Success or Failure?
  45. If Stone Cold came back for one of the Saudi's shows, which wrestler would you want him to face?
  46. Raw, Smackdown and NXT from Australia?
  47. Varietys new interview with Vince McMahon
  48. Dirt sheet geek BS...why post it?
  49. Becky Lynch vs Charlotte Flair vs Ronda Rousey WM 35 Match Nominated For Best TV Fight And Roman Reigns For Best Hero
  50. The very first wrestling match you saw?
  51. CM Punk sucks
  52. Triple H is reportedly “the most frustrated person” in WWE
  53. Vince McMahon told Variety that WWE stars will make appearances on Fox programming once the new deal begins.
  54. Vince McMahon claims WWE talent has the option to take a break from the road without repercussions.
  55. WWE Should Allow PED's/Steroids
  56. Bray Wyatt Apologizes to Former Shield Members, Says He Misses Jon Moxley
  57. Weakest PPV World Title challengers?
  58. What exactly would you define a wrestler being "shoved down our throats"?
  59. World Champion across promotion
  60. Goldberg vs Undertaker
  61. John Cena Claims ‘WWE Does Not Need Me’
  62. Harper apparently has heat with strowman over battle royal at mania
  63. (ARTICLE)WWE Is Bigger Than Ever, But Its Audience Is Definitely Dwindling
  64. Who would you say are your top 10 favourite female wrestlers of all time?
  65. What if WWE being terrible just a work?
  66. Jack Swagger Has A Phoner
  67. Rate the old segment: CM Punk 'Pipebomb'
  68. Ronda Rousey Appears at FOX Upfronts Promoting SmackDown, Bellas at NBC Upfronts
  69. John Cena Says That WWE Doesn’t Need Him Anymore, Doesn’t Want to ‘Milk The System Dry’
  70. Gail Kim:"I have no desire to return to WWE"
  71. Backstage morale said to be "Really Bad"
  72. Seriously, what’s up with the Benoit love?
  73. Is WWE worse now than it was 10 years ago?
  74. When (if ever) did you first realize Vince may not be "All there"?
  75. The inaccuracies in Paige's movie Fighting With My Family
  76. Big Jawn slurps WWE creative
  77. Imagining the WWE in 2023
  78. No Big Stars Ever Put Over HHH.
  79. Would you be down to watch an all women's WWE show?
  80. The Wild Card Situation, My Thoughts And Concerns
  81. Kurt Angle Will Star In A Comedy Movie
  82. Have you ever been a fan of an unpopular/hated wrestler?
  83. What If - HHH left WWE?
  84. Cesaro Helps 'Toro Rosso' Formula 1 Team This Weekend In Spain
  85. Former AAA/WCW Star Silver King Passed Away During A Match
  86. Do toxic fans make you dislike the wrestlers?
  87. Rare/unused theme songs you liked?
  88. WWE Fan Tweets About Vince McMahon Focusing On "XFL Pipe Dream," Triple H "Likes" And Un-Likes
  89. Ryback Publishes Threatening Legal Letter From WWE
  90. A General Guide of WWE's Failures Since 2001 & How We Got Here
  91. Jericho Predicts WWE's Future
  92. Anyone Watched Kurt Angle's New Film 'Chasing Molly'?
  93. In 2018 the WWE had three of the biggest storylines written for them yet they wet the bed LOL!
  94. Possible Event Name For WWE's Return To Saudi Arabia
  95. Barry Horowitz Gives Advice To Wrestlers Who May Be Frustrated With Their Spot In WWE
  96. Would Undertaker have kept his streak intact if he had to wrestle Hogan,Austin,Rock at WrestleMania?
  97. TheSportsEntertainer: why Vince wants Punk, Lesnar, Undertaker, Goldberg back
  98. Greatest "One trick pony" wrestlers?
  99. What is the biggest match that WWE can do at the moment? (No Part timers)
  100. What was the first case of a FOTC getting booed by a significant portion of the audience?
  101. Luke Harper was ignored by Vince & Triple H
  102. If wrestlers were to be superheroes which wrestler reminds you on which superhero and why?
  103. WWE's Broken Clock Meter - What is it Getting Right?
  104. Create One Storyline that would bring ratings up
  105. I want to see Riddle and Rusev team
  106. Just went and took a look at the roster for aew so far, it's pathetic
  107. Top WWE Stars Daniel Bryan And Becky Lynch Train With Conor McGregor's Crew (Photos)
  108. What past theme songs do you miss/current ones playing now your gonna miss?
  109. Becky Lynch Talks About Her Man Gimmick
  110. If you are a real wrestler and you ghostwrite on this forum time to come out
  111. Death of believability
  112. Inside look at WWE creative writing team
  113. "Prince Mysterio"
  114. The Diamond Cutter vs The RKO
  115. History Is Repeating Itself. I Predict We'll See A Third Boom Period Within 2-3 Years
  116. Ronda Rousey And Other Big Names To Represent WWE At TV Upfronts Next Week, WWE Legend Rumored
  117. My idea for the WildCard rule.
  118. The WWE choked away their chance at a MASSIVE mainstream star in Enzo Amore
  119. Mandy Rose or Lacey Evans: Who do you think will be more succesful?
  120. Who would win in a real fight, Big Show or Mark Henry?
  121. Report: Bliss, Murphy split up
  122. WWE Salaries vs the Monday Night WAR
  123. If the drawing argument is stupid
  124. Which female Superstars have reportedly despised the WWE Divas Championship?
  125. It's 2019 the Authority vs "Face of Company" angle is old af why not do the opposite
  126. Personal top ten list
  127. Kurt Angle Discusses Facing Baron Corbin in his Retirement Match, if he’ll Wrestle Again
  128. Bruce Prichard Reveals Vince McMahon’s Reaction to Eddie Guerrero’s Nasty Judgement Day 2004 Blade Job
  129. WWE should ban the Rest Hold
  130. Jack Swagger's Review Of Becky Lynch Is Much Better Then The Fart Noises He Gave DX vs. Taker & Kane
  131. WWE Reportedly Cutting Back On RAW And SmackDown YouTube Content To Help With Drop In Ratings
  132. Wildcard rule is just what wrestling needs
  133. Becky Lynch On Cris Cyborg Wanting A Match With Her In WWE, Conor McGregor Possibly Coming In
  134. WWE Talent "walking around broke in the biggest sports entertainment industry that there is"
  135. The Rock
  136. Heat on Female WWE Writer for Bringing Emmy to Production Meeting
  137. Rumor: WWE Introduced Wild Card Rule On RAW And SmackDown To Help With Star Power Concerns From Fox And USA
  138. Rhyno turned down a contract to stay home
  139. Why the sudden desire for fans to return back to the diva days
  140. What draws you to WWE nowadays?
  141. CM Punks Theme plays at NXT taping
  142. Non-tag teams killing tag team division?
  143. They Gotta Keep Shane On One Show If He Is In A Feud
  144. Vince Russo preaching the truth
  145. Why did WWE shit on Ramblin' Rabbit's legacy?
  146. Sasha vs. Bayley: Where could it have gone?
  147. WWE Fan Tweets Vince McMahon On "Confusing And Pointless" Storylines, Triple H "Likes" And Un-Likes
  148. (Report) WWE in panic mode because of ratings?
  149. Twitter Chain - Crazy Vince Stories
  150. Any credible updates on Sasha?
  151. Triple H’s Niece Comments on Possibly Debuting in WWE
  152. Why Did WWE Shit On Kurt Angle's Legacy?
  153. Headbangers Say Vince McMahon’s Disdain For Tag Teams Affects the Independent Scene
  154. Good Michael Cole calls?
  155. Kelly Kelly was not a trash wrestler
  156. Is There Something Wrong With Vince McMahon's Health?
  157. Dirtsheet writers harm or help the industry?
  158. TV Industry Reportedly Sees Wrestling as Cooling Off Following WWE Ratings Drops
  159. This Divas segment is better than all womens revolution
  160. how did they do that?
  161. Comparing WWE Financials - 1999 vs 2008 vs 2018
  162. What other retired wrestlers might come back for future Saudi Arabia shows?
  163. Sting vs Undertaker
  164. Report: WWE “may” do another shakeup before SD moves to FOX
  165. How would you improve the format of the shows?
  166. Kill Me If You Want Block Me If You Need Too But I Don't Think WWE Is That Bad
  167. Another WWE Missed Opportunity
  168. Have WWE made their biggest mistake letting Chris Jericho go?
  169. Does anyone else miss the CENAWINSLOL era
  170. Mick Foley Would Return To The Ring In Saudi Arabia For The Right Price
  171. Does cool=charismatic?
  172. AJ Styles Still Wants Finn Balor With The Club, Says Some People Don’t Understand It
  173. When did you start disliking/hating Cena?
  174. WF's Favourite Male Stars 2019 Results
  175. Lesnar reportedly asked for a huge flat fee to return to UFC
  176. WWE “allegedly” feels the Becky Lynch hype is dying down
  177. Vince McMahon's reaction to CM Punk's UFC debut revealed,Is WWE interested for CM Punk's return?
  178. WWE May 2019 UK/Europe tour autograph signings location and time etc?
  179. WWE star Carmella breaks silence on Corey Graves affair and John Cena dating rumours
  180. WWE Reportedly Has New Plans For Becky Lynch At WrestleMania 36
  181. 12 Years Later: A Fan's Opinion On What Might've Happened In The Benoit Family Tragedy + Should Nancy Benoit (Woman) Be Inducted In The HOF?
  182. What was the general reaction to Bradshaw becoming JBL?
  183. Backstage News On Vince McMahon - Luke Harper, Braun Strowman Gets Heat At WrestleMania 35?, EC3
  184. Which "indy darling" met or exceeded your expectations?
  185. Matt Riddle to Brock Lesnar – “I’ll See you at WrestleMania 36!”
  186. Who would you build around?
  187. Adam Cole - Main Event Material?
  188. Ryback Talks Talent Signing Over Control Of Their Social Media Accounts To WWE
  189. Is there any wrestler who never tapped out?
  190. The Brand is the Draw - A Theory
  191. WWE Confirms Return To Saudi Arabia, Goldberg and Brock Lesnar Advertised
  192. Ryback Claims WWE Has Superstars Sign Over Twitter Passwords to Monitor Talent on Social Media
  193. Gail Kim Thinks WWE Set the Women Up to Fail as the Main Event of WrestleMania 35
  194. Best year in WWE since 2010?
  195. TUE Future
  196. The WWE could be out of business in a couple of years, are we just blind?
  197. Kurt Angle will be staying with the WWE for at least 5 more years
  198. Why aren’t The Rock and Undertaker into the Hall of Fame yet?
  199. What Do You Think Of Shane McMahon Being Presented As A Credible Wrestler?
  200. WF's Favourite Female May '19 Nominations
  201. Who will be the next Comeback/Underdog Champion?
  202. Brock Lesnar Retires from MMA
  203. WWE Makes New Backstage Hires For Creative And Live Event Teams
  204. Most protected move/wrestler?
  205. Hulk Hogan and Booker T interview a
  206. Is Stephanie one of the most muscular woman in the WWE?
  207. I Can't Believe They Haven't Done This In WWE At Least Once.
  208. Things You Hate About Current Day WWE?
  209. Why do commentators hammer home nicknames so much
  210. WWE’s June PPV is called Stomping Grounds
  211. Maven And Undertaker Drank Jack Daniels Before 2002 Royal Rumble Spot
  212. Is WWE the most internationally popular American sports league/organisation after the NBA?
  213. Women wrestlers who genuinely love the business
  214. Greatest FOTC Run In WWE?
  215. Has Sienna been signed to WWE?
  216. If WWE brought back opening themes, what would be your choice of song for both brands?
  217. Your honest thoughts on Booker T?
  218. Why only in wrestling is being over so important?
  219. Cena may be joining the Fast and Furious franchise
  220. 1995 or 2018: What year was worse?
  221. Is Ricochet vs Andrade a dream match?
  222. Vickie Guerrero: Chris Benoit should be in the Hall of Fame
  223. How would you book Becky Lynch moving forward?
  224. Make a dominant Faction from the current roster.
  225. Vickie Guerrero Wants To See Chris Benoit Inducted Into The WWE Hall Of Fame
  226. What the hell is going on with name changes?
  227. Who should be getting a big push right now?
  228. Will I even enjoy AEW over WWE?
  229. WWE don’t know how to do TV anymore
  230. Could Vince create a successful shit show/MMA mixed company?
  231. Backstage News On WWE's Plans For Luke Harper
  232. Jennifer Decker Says Her Wrestling Career Ended When Eva Marie Broke Her Neck
  233. Another Backstage WWE Creative Team Departure
  234. UPDATE on WWE legend Kamala
  235. WWE needs to FIRE Sasha Banks
  236. A rare Brock Lesnar interview
  237. The Undertaker and Kurt Angle no longer appearing at StarrCast
  238. Best Veil of Fire Version
  239. John Cena And Vince McMahon Are Underappreciated During Summer Of Punk
  240. Who are the worst multi-time world champions?
  241. How would you book SummerSlam in advance?
  242. Analyzing recent WWE financial trends (Updated to FY19 Q1)
  243. Dean Malenko reportedly quits WWE
  244. WWE is interested in signing a wrestler with a non-PG gimmick
  245. Who do you see organically getting over in 2019??
  246. WWE Contraction to AEW So To Speak
  248. WWE Reportedly Interested In Signing Joey Ryan
  249. Report: Vince was against letting Dustin leave; HHH talked him into it
  250. WWE Q1 Conference Call Report: Vince Claims TV Ratings & Live Events Down Due to Missing Stars, Says They’re Open To Third Hour for SmackDown, More
  251. Seth Rollins Wearing A Body-Camera During 'The Shield' Entrance @ St Louis MO 4/19
  252. Superstar Shakeup Updates The B Team are now on SmackDown and Nikki Cross to RAW
  253. Per Melrzer- Lio Rush has Heat again
  254. If Women had their own show, What would your roster look like? (Fun Game)
  255. WWE Releases First Quarter Financial Report
  256. Whose side would you REALLY be on? (WWE/AEW)
  257. WON - Andrade moved back to Smackdown primarily because of Charlotte
  258. WON: WWE not granting Luke Harper his release right now, also adding months to his contract based on his injury
  259. Chyna’s weight in 1997
  260. Wrestler Who Were Close Eclipsing Cena's Drawing Power
  261. Why WWE should buy AEW, and buy it quickly
  262. Is pin with one arm down legal now??
  263. The Ron Simmons gimmick:
  264. Do you think WWE is preparing Becky for Shayna?
  265. Who gets Trips in Saudi Arabia?
  266. WWE Power Couple Charlotte Flair and Andrade's Relationship Is “Getting Very Serious, Very Quickly”
  267. The title of "Former World Champion" has lost its prestige
  268. RAW 4/22 & SDL 4/23 Shows Were So Bad, Bray Wyatt’s "Firefly Fun House" Was The Highlight
  269. How many title matches does Charlotte needs shoving into?
  270. Gail Kim "Impact wrestling's creative is better then WWE"
  271. Which fan base are more annoying Alexa Bliss "blissfits" or the Sasha Banks "sasha crew"
  272. Alexa or Charlotte?
  273. Worst Period of the WWE Women's Division
  274. WWE crowds and announcers are so lethargic
  275. Darren Young Talks Talent Being Unhappy In WWE, Says WWE Release "Broke Him"
  276. Lars Sullivan vs Roman Reigns
  277. Cesaro
  278. What happened to the Cena hate?
  279. If we want WWE to stop doing shows in Saudi Arabia, we need to boycot WWE
  280. MitB | Lynch to Defend Both Belts in the Same Night
  281. Sasha Reportedly Wants To Sit Out The Rest Of Her WWE Contract
  282. Anyone Been Watching Docu-Series 'Dark Side Of The Ring' On Viceland?
  283. WWE asks amputee wearing Cornette shirt to leave the building
  284. Vince McMahon Lifts Ban On Word That Was Not Allowed On WWE TV
  285. WOR - "Belt" no longer banned in WWE
  286. Your Current Favorites/likes on Raw, SDL, NXT, 205
  287. Is WWE doing AJ vs Seth because DoN?
  288. The most famous match in wwe history?
  289. Between Bryan, Punk, Styles, and Angle which small guy gave Lesnar his best his best match?
  290. Why no more WWE Draft
  291. jerry lawlers gift?
  292. Ronda Rousey Addresses Her WWE Future, Talks About Breaking Pinky at WrestleMania
  293. What markets are there left for WWE to get into?
  294. Vince McMahon Re-Follows AJ Lee and CM Punk on Twitter
  295. If Survivor Series was next month, what would the matches be after the shake up?
  296. Bray got in shape
  297. Backstage Report – Is Dean Ambrose Retiring?, or Headed to AEW?
  298. Rank your top 5 funniest current WWE superstars?
  299. Am I Confusing 2 Storys?
  300. WWE cancels Backlash PPV due to Saudi Arabia event
  301. Backstage Update on Dustin “Goldust” Rhodes and Dean Ambrose’s WWE Contracts
  302. Dolph Ziggler speaks
  303. Superstars that look larger than life in 2019.
  304. Dean Ambrose leaving is definitely a work based on this video
  305. Mark Henry Lists His Top 10 African-American Wrestlers Ever
  306. Prime Vader vs Prime Lesnar
  307. WWE Lists 5 things we want to see at WrestleMania 36
  308. CM Punk Reflects on Triple Threat with Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero
  309. What if Stone Cold..
  310. Undertaker had nice hair back in the day.
  311. Vickie Guerrero addresses WWE PPV's
  312. Brian James Taking Extended Break From WWE, Reportedly Still Under Contract
  313. Some things WWE needs to do to make WWE shows feel more sport-like
  314. WF's Favourite Male Superstars 2019 Nominations
  315. Update on the Orton 2k tattoo lawsuit
  316. Darren Young on his sudden WWE release, coming out, Bob Backlund, Titus O'Neil's suspension
  317. Real Life WWE Couples Affected By The Superstar Shakeup
  318. The Rock named to TIME's "100 Most Influental People" List.
  319. Miami Student From RKO School Incident Arrested For Performing RKO On Fake Alligator
  320. Becky and Kofi & Typical WWE Booking of Champions They Don't Want
  321. Lana's snapchat posting Sex Tape - Rusev Day
  322. Has Cena surpass Austin's merch sales?
  323. Was Lesnar Not A Draw Before UFC?
  324. Was Lesnar Not A Draw Before UFC?
  325. Argue this idea- Different weekly rosters
  326. Rumor: WWE Talent Taunts Vince McMahon before quitting on the spot
  327. I firmly believe WWE and AEW are in Cahoots trying to recreate the RAW vs Nitro War
  328. Alright, which show ended up getting the better end of the deal from the shakeup?
  329. Which Monster Did The WWE Ruin More: Braun Strowman or Ryback?
  330. Alexander Wolfe says goodbye to WWE. (May move back to NxT)
  331. WWE Now Hints That Akam Could Be Returning Soon
  332. Luke Harper requests release from WWE
  333. most buried finishers
  334. Tattoo Artist Once Asked Undertaker If Wrestling Is Real, Undertaker Said "I'm A Hurting Motherfucker"
  335. Vince McMahon is going announce biggest acquisition in smackdown history
  336. Who was a more deflating first challenger for their respective title reigns, Kane for Daniel Bryan or Lacey Evans for Becky?
  337. All Becky Lynch is a fake Connor Mcgregor
  338. At what point does a title reign start becoming too long?
  339. Wrestlers that only wrestled on one brand?
  340. Vince changes commenting regulations on Youtube
  342. Most Disappointing Title Run
  343. Your Draft predictions
  344. Gail Kim: I Think In Vince McMahon's Mind, He Thinks Hiring People Of Ethnicities Means He's Not Racist
  345. What if CM Punk would have continued pro-wrestling?
  346. The Undertaker Signs New WWE Contract To Restrict Outside Appearances?
  347. Brock Lesnar reportedly involved in altercation with Vince at WrestleMania
  348. How would you fix the WWE to help with better booking?
  349. Do you think Brock and Cena will ever tap out before retiring?
  350. What does it mean to "look" charismatic?
  351. If you could have lunch with someone from the wrestling industry who would it be?
  352. Can 'cool' heels be considered as great heels?
  354. CM Punk fans are like an ex that got dumped that's still being clingy and needy
  355. POLITICS is or isn't part of a wrestler's job?
  356. Wrestlers that either pooped, puked, or farted in the ring
  357. Grading the 2018 Superstar Shake-up, one year later
  358. Post-WM injuries.
  359. What are WWE's biggest L's?
  360. Shake-Up or Draft? Which format do you prefer?
  361. Who should retire John Cena?
  362. WWE and Long Term Booking
  363. The Major Problem With The Women's Division
  364. Vickie Guerrero Interview
  365. Why Do Fans Give Wrestlers Gifts?
  366. James Storm - WWE
  367. What was the biggest reason casual fans went away?
  368. Underrated gimmick matches in WWE
  369. WWE have partnership deal with Stardom??
  370. Superstar Shakeup 2019 predictions
  371. CM Punk talks WrestleMania: Shane McMahon, Kofi Kingston’s WWE title win & Women's Main Event!
  372. Should brand split come to an end?
  373. Top 10 Ruthless Aggression Stars
  374. I cant stand Becky Lynch
  375. Biggest WWE return you've seen live?
  376. Wrestlers you don’t care for but you like their theme?
  377. What will Batista's legacy be?
  378. Which bald wrestler currently in the WWE do you dislike the most and why?
  379. Could WWE enhance or replace Creative with Machine Learning?
  380. Buddy Murphy
  381. When did John Cena stop being full-time?
  382. Writer fired over Bret Hart's hall of fame speech
  383. Undefeated @ Mania
  384. Best Heel Of 2010s
  385. Most Bizarre Wrestling Conspiracies?
  386. Favorite Interviewer/Wrestler combinations?
  387. With the post-WM Raw and SD ratings being all time lows
  388. WWE's in ring style is painfully slow!
  389. Potential Future Main Event Feud?
  390. Lashley's twitter game is best in WWE
  391. Why wasn't LT a hall of fame nominee this year?
  392. Why Do People Say Bryan Only Main Evented WM 30 Because Punk Left?
  393. Is Superstar Shakeup really that big of a deal?
  394. Backstage Talk of More Matches For Beth Phoenix, Kairi Sane Backstage At Smackdown
  395. Who will actually win a world title?
  396. Which wrestlers do you think are natural and which are on steroids?
  397. Do we really need Lars Sullivan?
  398. How does Becky compare to the old generation
  399. What are your top 10 favourite matches featuring your favourite wrestler/s?
  400. "darling" heels and cheered heels
  401. Deadman Undertaker should have been a form not the main character
  402. Roman & Seth Ruthless Aggression Vs Screen
  403. WWE Looking to Hire 'Continuity Script Supervisor' for Raw & SD
  404. Your honest thoughts on Vince McMahon
  405. Throw the whole tag division away
  406. I assume you guys would love it if Mcgregor came over right
  408. Dasha Fuentes released
  409. Should the Shake-up be a hard reset?
  410. When is next Saudi show?
  411. CM Punk On If WWE Is Taking A Shot At Him
  412. The greatest fall from grace for a FACE of WWE. Absolutely hated Cena's segment at Mania and the way how WWE is presenting him
  413. Will the superstar shake up end The Brand to Brand Jumping that's been going on.
  414. I hate the double sharpshooter.
  415. Is the future of the men's roster cruiserweights?
  416. After WM and Takeover what would be your absolute Dream Match?
  417. Lars Wikipedia page.
  418. WWF/WWE high resolution images of PPV posters
  419. Time to shed some deadweight
  420. referees involvement in matches
  421. Ronday Rousey Is Leaving ?
  422. Kofi,Seth,and Becky are proof WWE listens to the fans... sometimes.
  423. Most people have forgiven Hogan. It’s the internet that makes it seem like he’s so ‘notorious’.
  424. Becky supposedly didn't tap out Ronda last night because of Paul Heyman
  425. Is WWE compromising on quality in order to get PR brownie points?
  426. Thank You Batista - A collection of some great Batista moments
  427. Looking to watch evolution storyline start to finish?
  428. Dave "The Animal" Bautista Officially Retires From WWE/Wrestling
  429. Should they unify the women's titles, or have them defended separate on their respective brands?
  430. John Cena in Post WrestleMania Interview: "The WWE Doesn't Need Me Anymore"
  431. Seth, Kofi, Becky are the cornersone of WWE
  432. Mick Foley remembers HIS WrestleMania Moment & 1st Ever Woman's Main Event.
  433. Roman Reigns talks about his match aginst Drew McIntyre & about Dean Ambrose leaving WWE
  434. Charlotte Flair should officially take Nepotism gimmick
  435. Meltzer on the WOR: “The Johnny Gargano vs Adam Cole match is perhaps the best WWE match of all time.”
  436. John Cena Brand New Interview
  437. What segment in the WWE was so bad that it made you laugh?
  438. What would it take to perform a hostile takeover of WWE?
  439. Corey Graves dumps his wife for Carmella
  440. Two Top WWE Superstars Returning To Action Soon
  441. I don't understand the Triple H hype at all. Am I just crazy?
  442. Fan attacks Bret Hart during HOF Induction
  443. Al Wilson, Father Of Torrie Wilson, Has Passed Away
  444. WWE To Reveal New Title Belt Designs At WrestleMania 35?
  445. What segments should I watch?
  446. Something I’ve always wondered
  447. Favourite Women’s Matches
  448. Undertaker returning as American Badass Sunday
  449. Can CM Punk Really Say He Is 'Straight Edge' Considering All The Medications WWE Docs Gave Him?
  450. Every 12 years WWE is shaken...?
  451. What time period in wrestling do you wish you were old enough to understand?
  452. Is there any real life heat between Seth and Brock?
  453. Match of this decade in WWE?
  454. Why did charisma and mic skills skip a generation?
  455. The problem with always featuring 205 on Pre Show and barely promoting the product
  456. What If Reigns Ditched WWE For AEW?
  457. Favourite _________ match?!
  458. Should WWE Greatly Reduce The Number Of House Shows?
  459. Tag-Teams That NEARLY Formed (But Didn't)
  460. Kid trash talk with WWE stars (from Fallon)
  461. Backstage News On WWE's Relationship With The Saudis, Top Stars Working Next Show In Saudi Arabia?
  462. What is the difference between WCW of 2000 and WWE today?
  463. So, it's been over a decade since WWE went back to being PG...
  464. Choose a Bad gimmick and change it
  465. Right to Censor in 2019
  466. Funniest backstage vignette in WWE history
  467. Rumoured names for the WWE HOF Legacy Wing
  468. The jobber security thing in segments should stop
  469. Dixie Carter Takes Shot At WWE Over Not Using EC3, Jim Ross Praises Brawl On RAW, Randy Orton Happy For Kofi Kingston
  470. Backstage News On Lars Sullivan's WWE Status
  471. Former WWE Writer Kazeem Famuyide Remembers Helping With Elias/Seattle Segment, Talks WaleMania
  472. Best and worst tag team names in WWE?
  473. Kevin Sullivan says that Vince Russo used the N-WORD (Racial slurs)
  474. Goldust TALKS Candidly About Wrestlemania 12 & The Hollywood Backlot Brawl
  475. If You Could Restart The WWE Which Point In Time Would You Choose?
  476. Which Woman on the Active Roster do you think would like dating John Cena ?
  477. How come a lot of wrestlers didn’t get along with Cm Punk?
  478. If you could have one celebrity do a match at a future Wrestlemania who would it be
  479. What would the WWE be like if it added weight classes, rankings and win/loss records?
  480. Backstage News On The WWE Women's Title Picture After WrestleMania 35
  481. Weakest ever final segment on any WM go home episode?
  482. Temporary/situational tag teams that would be interesting
  483. Your honest thoughts on Trish Stratus?
  484. So, as of today, who's the biggest wrestler to not EVER have worked for/wrestled at WWE?
  485. Which one wrestler do you think had the biggest future that WWE dropped the ball with
  486. Gail Kim calls Naomi a bitter troll.
  487. Brutus Beefcake joins the WWE Hall of Fame (Hogan to induct him)
  488. John Oliver Talks About WWE's Wrestlers As "Independent Contractors" On 'Last Week Tonight'
  489. Has Verne Gagne’s view of wrestling ultimately won out?
  490. Heel and Face turns need to be as sparce as title changes
  491. Jon Oliver on WWE and McMahon's shady practices.
  492. Should WWE do a Ruthless Aggression retro night?
  493. Sorry, but if you’re on this site, you’re not a “casual” wrestling fan.
  494. Book the purest heel/face against their natural alignment
  495. What is the Greatest Rivarly in WWE History?
  496. What was, in your opinion, the worst year in WWE's history?
  497. Who is the GOAT?
  498. Jake The Snake Roberts - Andre Stories, Ultimate Warrior Heat, Bret & Shawn, etc - Notsam Wrestling
  499. Sasha Banks BEGGED Vince McMahon?! Asuka TURNING HEEL?
  500. What was the last rivalry that you were captivated by?
  501. Which wrestlers' deaths affected you the most?
  502. Chris Jericho SHOCKED Vince McMahon Hated Match Vs Kevin Owens At WrestleMania 33
  503. Chris Jericho Says 'I Am Banned from WWE'
  504. Things that you've never expected to happen in WWE in the past 10-15 years or so
  505. Mark Henry Says He Has a New Role in WWE, Thinks Locker Room Needs Discipline
  506. Paul Heyman is The Undertaker greatest enemy
  507. How much would you care about the Women's division if Ronda, Becky and Charlotte weren't around?
  508. Michelle McCool: WWE’s Top Women Should Demand Equal Pay
  509. Roman Reigns Says Conor McGregor Would Fit on WWE 205 Live Brand
  510. EC3 doesn't care anymore
  511. Am I the only one who's not a big fan of tag team wrestling in general?
  512. Do you love wwe then check out our website
  513. Women's Revolution was so 2016. Should not main Event Mania. Think bout this
  514. Linda McMahon To Resign From Trump Administration
  515. WWE Locks in Plans for Television Return to Madison Square Garden
  516. Jim Duggan Undergoing Heart Procedure
  517. Is this the funniest match in wrestling history?
  518. Which wrestlers looks much stronger than he actually is?
  519. If CM Punk ever did return to WWE, do you think they’d book him strongly this time?
  520. Does Gronk have what it takes to be the next great babyface
  521. What is/will be your favorite wrestler's legacy?
  522. You guys do realize ratings don't matter anymore right
  523. JR criticizes the entire male lockerroom on keepin it 100
  524. What is with people’s obsession with size and legitimacy?
  525. What do you think was the worst build up to a WrestleMania the past 5 years?
  526. Wrestlers you expected to become WAY more successful than they ended up being
  527. WWE Reportedly Not Committed To Doing Another Evolution PPV Without Ronda Rousey
  528. WWE Referees & Wrestlers Salaries Are Leaked (With Proof)
  529. The Headbangers Interview
  530. All Women's show in WWE in 2019?
  531. How do you think Vince feels about less and less people attending shows ?
  532. WWE should bring back Brawl For All
  533. Roman Reigns talks battle with leukemia, LeBron James and the Lakers | First Take
  534. The Men's Show(RAW) and the Women's Show(SmackDown)?
  535. So Jojo is pregnant.
  536. Give Us Your Post-Mania 35 Roster (Draft/Shake-Up)
  537. Maximum Leverage - What if the women’s roster stages a WrestleMania walkout?
  538. I miss when the mid card titles were used as stepping stones to the main event scene
  539. WWE Hall Of Famer Sunny Back In Jail
  540. Shawn Michaels Thinks Chyna Should Go Into WWE Hall of Fame As A Solo Act
  541. Are they seriously gonna have trash Becky win both titles ?
  542. Vince Russo Explains Why Triple H Shouldn’t Be Top WWE Executive
  543. Is Vince really racist or does he hate the fans that much?
  544. Superstar Billy Graham thinks Kofi Kingston challenging for WWE Title at WrestleMania is a “joke”
  545. Are they going to make Wrestlemania Main event for Undisputed Women's Championship?
  546. Any wrestler who cares about their career who is not C Flair, Reigns or Lesnar need to leave asap
  547. A lot of burying this week...
  548. This is some sloppy ish right now...
  549. Should they bring back job guys or enhancement talent
  550. Women's title unification?