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General WWE

  1. What are you gonna say when Roman Reigns wins the Royal Rumble?
  2. Three Top WWE Superstars Returning To Action In Time For WrestleMania 31 Season
  3. Are the WWE over pushing their talents a little too much during injury time?
  4. R.Usev Should Remain Underfeated Until Kurt Angle Returns.
  5. When, Where, Why "Your First Live Event"
  6. This week's Observer coverage: NoC '14, Reigns, Adam Cole, power struggle, etc.
  7. The stereotypical theme songs
  8. Backstage Talk On Power Struggle Involving Stephanie, Hunter, & Other Execs
  9. Vince McMahon Reportedly Has A Rule For Total Divas, Total Divas Creative Frustration
  10. Are we, the fans spoiled?
  11. Lex lugar
  12. Damien Sandow to have an Alex Riley- like face turn on the Miz
  13. Adam Rose's new look .... WWE revamping the gimmick?
  14. The authority
  15. Predict Brock Lesnar's Opponents Until WM31
  16. Who in your Opinion could pull a Bradshaw and become JBL?
  17. Daniel Bryan takes #1 spot on PWI 500
  18. Who will be the one to finally take down Rusev?
  19. Happy birthday to Steph
  20. Matches Cena should had lost
  21. Aj lee returning ruined the divas division.
  22. Who else wants to see Undertaker vs Kane at Wrestlemania 31?
  23. This Whole Idea Of Needing To Win
  24. What does Nitro mean? And anyone have any idea who came up with that name?
  25. John Cena has the most PPV Main Events in history
  26. The Big Problem.
  27. Could Kimbo Slice helped TNA?
  28. Proof that Lesnar ending the streak was an audible or mistake
  29. The Bully, Hornswoggle?
  30. Arda Ocal (now Kyle Edwards) hired as Broadcaster
  31. REPORT: Brock Lesnar to not be apart of HIAC PPV?
  32. WWEs new Broadcaster Hiring
  33. Hell in a Cell: 4-way?
  34. Hurricane Helms Song
  35. Is John Cena-Lesnar feud over?
  36. WWE Denies Rumors That Brock Lesnar Was Left Off Raw Due To Problems With His Health
  37. So yeah.......where's Bray Wyatt???
  38. Seth Rollins set to become a top heel in WWE
  39. This is how I see everything going down
  40. Randy Orton Growing Frustrated With WWE And Vince McMahon
  41. WWE Live
  42. Give them credit: WWE work with Rollins has been Great
  43. Top 5 Positives/Top 5 Negatives in WWE 2014
  44. Could Ambrose replacing Reigns be his big break like Austins break at KOTR
  45. Shawn Michaels screwing the fuck out of Brittish Bulldog at 1997
  46. Favorite non-mainevent wrestler?
  47. Rollins/Ambrose/Reigns = Main event scene which honours all types of wrestling past?
  48. WWE's best year for matches?
  49. Whisper it ... Ambrose has a bargaining token
  50. At WrestleMania WWE must...
  51. Women couln't lose
  52. Top 10 Moments from this week's Raw - WWE Top 10
  53. Triple H pre-WWE
  54. Storylines???
  55. Do you think the WWE depush/hold back guys because of internet opinion?
  56. Dave Meltzer: Rollins Needs to Be Protected, Not a Great Talker
  57. The Miz is the opposite of Cena
  58. Can Sandow ever recover from the Cena burial
  59. Which one makes you feel more embarrassed as a wrestling fan? Mizdow or The bunny?
  60. The Same Picture of CM Punk Every Day
  61. WWE Puts Wrong Sting on Back of New Blu-Ray/DVD Set
  62. Could Naomi up-end Paige?
  63. Sin Cara ending
  64. Make Cameron Alicia fox's manager
  65. Makr
  66. Whirl neckbreaker??
  67. "Hollywood" Cena
  68. Is Cena the only top face in history to leech off lower tier talents?
  69. How much will Cena be missed?
  70. Should AJ start using the GTS as her finisher?
  71. Wrestler of the Year??
  72. So how do they book the guy who beats Brock Lesnar?
  73. Let's talk CM punk n Daniel Bryan.....
  74. Why not AJ Styles? Just why not?
  75. Rollins vs Ambrose vs Reigns Should Main Event WM31.
  76. Fictional characters in wwe.
  77. So why aren't we talking about this? My new favorite Uso brother.
  78. Worst Title Reigns.
  79. Anyone else had a break from WWE for a while?
  80. Save the IC Title
  81. What was up with the Bruce Blitz sign the past 2 nights?
  82. HTM says to all HTM friends of color, HTM understands having freedom taken away #FREE
  83. Current talents you feel will be looked back on fondly like Perfect, Savage etc..
  84. Who is this Sam Roberts?
  85. Who is "The Bunny"?
  86. What happened to Fandango?
  87. Would you like to see Brock Lesnar defend the WWEWHC at every PPV?
  88. Suggest a scenario for Lesnar vs Cena HiaC
  89. Just because dirtsheets say it'll happen doesn't mean it's 100% set in stone
  90. I think i've worked out the hostility towards Reigns.
  91. With Reigns now out of the way, isn't Randy Orton owed his rematch?
  92. Should the cruiserweight division return?
  93. Character evolution.
  94. Male Fan Reportedly Hops Barrier After Monday’s WWE RAW To Get To John Cena
  95. Paige Night of Champions Promo
  96. All male stable, with Female leader?
  97. Hell in a Cell? Why bigger.
  98. Typical WWE
  99. Why is Vince R'usso censored?
  100. A Hogan vs Austin vs Rock vs Cena Fatal 4 Way Match Would Be The Biggest Match
  101. 2 questions: fan interference and roster reveal
  102. WWE 2k15 is getting a PC release
  103. Brodus Clay On How The WWE Locker Room Reacted To Darren Young Coming Out
  104. The Wrestlers: Fighting with My Family (Featuring WWE's Paige)
  105. Who si the top guy at the moment?
  106. No way out 2001 question
  107. Roman Reigns missing WWE house show article
  108. Dean Ambrose Could Reach Austin Level If WWE Don't Mess It Up.
  109. Is Cesaro Forcing WWE to Push Him?
  110. What are WWE's plans for John Cena over the next 12 months ?
  111. Cesaro signs confiscated at NOC
  112. All this talk about NXT coming to RAW, and 2 Weeks in a row NO NXT
  113. Themes if you were a wrestler?
  114. The importance of gimmicks in wrestling
  115. Seth Rollins Is Best Thing Going
  116. Your Perfect Announce Team
  117. Will The Rollins ‘cash in’ Be Successful
  118. Life without the Network
  119. Is daniel bryan really that broke?
  120. Report: WWE Expect Sting to Work Next Year's WrestleMania
  121. How long before Rose/Bunny Win Tag Titles?
  122. Why is the start of ...ev censored?
  123. Will WWE go with Roman Reigns or Daniel Bryan RR2015?
  124. Dean Ambrose hairline
  125. Seriously, how many times are they gonna do Ambrose vs Kane?
  126. Has Dean Ambrose surpassed Roman Reigns in pops?
  127. Guy jumped barrier to hug Cena
  128. Are they slowly building HHH vs Ambrose?
  129. Eddie Guerrero and Batista storyline
  130. Ambrose/Rollins is this generations defining feud.
  131. Favorite theme song of all time?
  132. Dean Ambrose is a poor man's Cm Punk.
  133. Dean Ambrose is more entertaining than Cm Punk
  134. [23/09] Handicap at HIAC (Cena/Ambrose vs Authority)
  135. Can Rollins survive after a feud with Cena?
  136. Best Tag Team Champions from the last 10 years ?
  137. Wyatt Famiy will join The Authority tonight
  138. If you could book a Kurt Angle return...
  139. Do you guys remember what legitimized Sexual Chocolate Mark Henry?
  140. Ambrose set up to be the new face CM PUNK???
  141. If you could have attended any five past events...
  142. Is this the best Tag Team division the WWE has had in years?
  143. The Usos need to feud against eachother
  144. New pic of Undertaker and Michelle McCool...She is 34, looks 58
  145. WWE is trash entertainment for idiots?
  146. Dean Ambrose is everything WWE want Roman Reigns to be
  147. If John Cena Got Man Handled By Brock, How Could Bryan Or Ambrose Beat Him?
  148. Where are the attitude era RAWS on the WWE Network?
  149. Decidedly weird Paige interview
  150. Who should follow the buzzards?
  151. Sheamus Talks Reigns, Cesaro Match, Brock Lesnar, Cena vs Rollins, ETC.
  152. Let's be honest..
  153. Very rare and new video interview with Paige (with a brief cameo from Goldust)
  154. If Cena faces Rusev, will people boo America?
  155. Editorial worth reading
  156. If Vince Russo books tonight's episode of Monday Night RAW!
  157. Was Muhammed Hassan a failed attempt of currying political favor?
  158. What Dean Ambrose sucks at?
  159. WWE stock takes a hit after NOC
  160. Boxing Matches in Pro Wrestling
  161. hold up, hasn't rusev already been beaten????
  162. Did WWE really lose subscribers?
  163. Cesaro needs and deserve to be The Man
  164. Byron Saxton
  165. Paige had to miss her brothers wedding this weekend. Was this fair?
  166. I think Sheamus is underrated.
  167. Trying to understand Vince's booking lately
  168. Watching WWE in NYC
  169. Let's play: What is [insert name of a well-known wrestler] doing in the Impact Zone?
  170. Rusev should be feed to Ryback
  171. WWE Takes Cesaro Fan Signs?
  172. Who should be the next Paul Heyman Guy?
  173. 2 questions about the network ...
  174. What Former WWE Champions Won
  175. Who was booked stronger last night: Ambrose or Lesnar?
  176. Lesnar vs Cena In A Old School Hell In A Cell Match Would Be A Great Way To End This.
  177. How would you have booked the NOC main event...
  178. Reigns injury theory
  179. didn't take vince long to fuck up lesnar again did it
  180. MITB; Worth it or not?
  181. Amongst all the fuckery, nobody even noticed that Bray Wyatt wasn't on the PPV...
  182. Paige is the female CM Punk
  183. Vince Russo Sends Open Message to Vince McMahon
  184. The John Morrison case
  185. It's September and Sting still hasnt signed...
  186. Is Roman Reigns REALLY out for "several months"?
  187. (Spoiler) About AJ Lee. Don't look if you haven't watch the PPV
  188. Why did the Authority have Ambrose taken away?
  189. Detailed statistical breakdown of the Brock/Cena match last night.
  190. Report: WWE Panicking As Many Subscriptions To The Network Were Cancelled
  191. Why Doesnt WWE change their Titantron/Stage for PPV's
  192. Brock Lesnar's Next Opponent
  193. Rusev should be us champ
  194. Sandow should be given a chance to be more than a jobber
  195. CM Punk: "Eddie Guerrero is the best ever".
  196. Why can't the WWE make effective true heels again?
  197. Let's say Bryan stayed healthy where would Cena be?
  198. Brock Lesnar is Super Buu
  199. AJ Lee sucks.
  200. Is WWE hotshoting because Vince/HHH Heat?
  201. Missed opportunity for Wyatt?
  202. Paige is the female Sheamus
  203. AJ Lee is best for business
  204. Brock vs Cena NOC with a clean finish, where does it rank?
  205. Stop bitching about WWE product and WWE Network
  206. Paige is the female Sin cara
  207. Heyman injected into the paige/aj feud.
  208. Does Miz bring back the IC title into Main Eventing?
  209. Why does WWE always give up during EVERY fall season
  210. Whose The Sexiest Between AJ Lee, Nikki Bella and Paige
  211. Michael Cole is a very good announcer
  212. Had Roman Reigns not been injured, would Dean have stopped the cash in?
  213. At what point was it written in stone that Brock would win the belt at Summerslam 02?
  214. After tonight's PPV, does Brock's character look weak?
  215. So, how long before John Cena...
  216. MOTN for NOC?
  217. Whats next for Orton?
  218. I seriously think there is major conflict backstage with Vince/HHH
  219. TNA buries WWE on Twitter yet again!
  220. Roll Call Of Broads On This Board
  221. They booked Rollins wrong.
  222. [22/09] Batista returns in RAW ¿Yes or No?
  223. WWE's Business Logic (Or lack thereof)
  224. Paul Bearers Son, Michael Moody Passes Away
  225. officially John Cena character is an idiot
  226. LOL. AJ haters... you mad?
  227. Should have been Punk
  228. Wow, seriously, how predictable was that?
  229. Cena is still the man.
  230. Why does WWE do this to Dolph?
  231. Do you think Vickie Guerrero will be inducted into the HOF?
  232. To the Ziggler fans....
  233. Push that guy!!!!!!
  234. Dream feud: Shane McMahon/John Cena
  235. Paige is boring
  236. Gold and Stardust!
  237. No one is getting buried, now shut up
  238. not trying to start a war in here, but what beliefs do you think some stars are?
  239. Daniel Bryan vs. Rusev?
  240. Vince not a fan of Adrian Neville at all - Pat Patterson doesn't think so
  241. CM Punk & Austin Walking Out?
  242. Does any one know who wwe superstar luke Harper is dateing in real life
  243. Back by Popular Demand, ladies and gentleman its Heartbreak Reigns
  244. Paige has already defeated every diva on the roster except...
  245. Kurt Angle's contract expired with TNA. Please make a WWE return!
  246. John Cena v Lesnar - different style of match compared to other Brock matches?
  247. Undertaker not doing well?
  248. Would they have turned Bryan heel prior to Summerslam 2013
  249. Would the WWEWHC appearing on every PPV and every Raw lessen their special aura?
  250. Emma...can't get a read on her
  251. Are you looking forward tonight
  252. Favorite 20 Pro Wrestlers Of All Time
  253. What would your IDEAL WWE be like?
  254. Where are all the babyfaces at?
  255. Is Royal Rumble 2014 the greatest PPV of all time?
  256. Discussion: Who did WWE try to get back after Reigns emergency?
  257. If John Cena taps out tonight, what would Brock Lesnar's character be?
  258. What the hell happened to the Sandow vs. Rhodes feud last year?
  259. If John Morrison had stayed with WWE, how big of a star could he have been?
  260. How Is Big Show A Serious Contender?
  261. Charity event run by Undertaker
  262. Royal Rumble 2015
  263. We should be seeing the formation of D-Generation Y right now
  264. The Reigns suckage is spreading
  265. Question re Ticketing/Scheduling
  266. Should there be a February PPV, and if so, what should it be?
  267. ure favourite and least favourite poses by wrestlers/superstars
  268. What will the crowd, commentary, Heyman, etc. reaction be like if Cena taps out?
  269. Biggest back to back matches for a superstar's career
  270. My thoughts on part timers
  271. The Rock buried CM Punk
  272. A hidden message from RAW 1000?
  273. Predict Roman Reigns' next Pinfall lose?
  274. One reason Dean should be the one
  275. Every time Jericho leaves his last match is against Orton
  276. WWE has painted themselves into a huge corner with their main event faces.
  277. WWE Has NO Choice But to Push Ambrose
  278. WWE Top 10: John Cena's Hard Fought Victories
  279. The Paige/AJ feud and their "lack of chemistry"
  280. The Usos' Entire Careers in 1 Minute
  281. How do wwe superstars maintain relationships.
  282. Winning or Entertaining?
  283. Ambrose and Rollins are NOT the future
  284. Ric Flair,Red Rooster Inspiration?
  285. Why WWE is immoral.
  286. a refresh to a classic faction is revealed ITT. What is DY?
  287. Steve Austin Jokes On WrestleMania Return Rumors
  288. How would you book NoC if Cena got hurt 24 hours before his match with Lesnar
  289. Is Sandow soon to be midcard champ?
  290. How many PPVs should there be a year, and should the title be defended at every PPV?
  291. Why is it if WWE get edgy they won't draw sponsors?
  292. IN A Real Fight BigShow Would Knock Brock Lesnar Out Cold.
  293. Which was the best Rock vs Austin match?
  294. Favourite WCW PPV name EXCEPT from Starrcade, Bash at the Beach, and Halloween Havoc?
  295. Brand split gone, main titles merged, less titles, now just one more thing....
  296. Lesnar vs Hogan Would Be Epic!!
  297. Owen Hart: How far would he have gone?
  298. What do you think of this PPV schedule, if the champ were to defend at every PPV?
  299. Should the NOC PPV name be changed, as all titles should be defended on all PPVs ?
  300. R-Truth was on another level from others on the mic in 2011
  301. WWE Games, Youtube, Custom Stories
  302. This is the moment for Ambrose to seize.
  303. Rank the top 3 wrestlers from each era
  304. What was supposed to happen to Edge & Chris Jericho in 2009?
  305. How would CM Punk's 2014 WWE Career have gone if he returned in March....
  306. What would the NOC ME be like to put Brock over the most without Cena tapping out?
  307. Sting tweets It's Showtime. 9.22.14
  308. Which wrestler should be elevated in the absence of Roman Reigns
  309. What was your personal opinion on Brodus Clay? Wasted potential?
  310. Do you think having WWEWHC defended every month makes the champion feel less special?
  311. Question: Who's the bigger INTERNATIONAL signing between the two? KENTA or DEVITT??
  312. Why did Morrison never get that big push?
  313. How would you rate Seth Rollins' mic skills on a scale of 0 - 10?
  314. Do you think AJ lee has earned herself a place in the hall of fame among legends?
  315. Breaking: Goldberg does the UNTHINKABLE!!!
  316. AJ Lee is a part-timer.
  317. Enjoy your fuel Reigns haters.Incarcerated Hernia's frequent roid users
  318. How would you make Damien Sandow the top babyface in WWE by WM32?
  319. Idea for NOC with Roman hurt
  320. With Roman hurt WWE needs to use NXT
  321. Welp i guess wwe is done!
  322. Paige and AJ - lesbian lovers and co-champions?
  323. Prediction for all title matches between here and WM
  324. Natalya and Alicia fox shouldn't be sitting in the back wasting away
  325. Lesnar vs Bryan: Royal Rumble Main Event?
  326. Non kayfabe in depth interview with the late Owen Hart
  327. The Miz will no doubt go down as one of the all time greats
  328. Why not turn Reigns surgery into a storyline?
  329. so Randy Orton its officially the #1 contender??
  330. What are some of the craziest storyline/gimmick/push ideas that never happened?
  331. Roman Reigns undergoes emergency surgery
  332. Just for kicks, let's talk...NXT invasion of main roster.
  333. NXT invasion angle coming?
  334. Where would you rank the WrestleMania XXX main event among the best headliners?
  335. Kane vs Brock Lesnar Was A Missed Storyline After WM30.
  336. Vince McMahon Will Turn NXT into WWECW
  337. Will the NXT main eventors ever make it to the top?
  338. Daniel Bryan no longer needing second sergery.
  339. Predict the top five moments from the Raw after WrestleMania 31.
  340. Which Summerslam classic would you put in a WrestleMania?
  341. Say Something Positive
  342. Unpopular opinions the past 5 years (2009-2014)
  343. John Cena : Good/Bad guy.
  344. Rumors: Brock Lesnar Likely Skipping HIAC But Returning For SS + Wyatt/NOC + NXT Talk
  345. Lifestyles of the Rich and Sheamus
  346. Ole JR- 2 Legit 2 Quit
  347. Punk vs. Cena: MItB / NoC / RAW?
  348. Report: Vince McMahon and Triple H Disagreed On Changing Kenta's Name.
  349. Only 1 World Title is a detriment to Smackdown
  350. Bray Wyatt Needs His Own Interview Segment
  351. WWE needs to tone down on the hierarchy.
  352. Do the divas have emotionally invested haters of the wwe?
  353. Will Triple H and Stephanie ever turn face?
  354. How can WWE make a character have a special aura without them being a part timer?
  355. What is the most UNDERRATED match of all the times?
  356. Damn even 11 years ago the IWC hated Cena
  357. Rumor Report: News On Bray Wyatt & Possible Babyface Turn
  358. What were Stone Cold Steve Austin's most memorable segments at his absolute peak?
  359. Marvel interviews Cody...I mean Stardust
  360. Open Mic
  361. 9/22/2014 facebook post...
  362. In 20 years time, when looking back on the last 20 years of wrestling history...
  363. If Cena had won at one night stand, would those fans actually riot?
  364. Are you happy when people like Mick Foley and Vince Russo speak out against WWE?
  365. WWE Network has a scheduled Beyond the RIng of CM Punk
  366. Triple H ought to cut a Goodell style promo on Raw
  367. Superstars who you thought were brothers/related but are not.
  368. Wrestler's Court?
  369. Wade Barrett and Cena don't like each other
  370. As a kid, did you like/dislike superstars for petty reasons?
  371. Cameron vs Brie match
  372. In retrospect, how would you have booked the WrestleMania 17 main event?
  373. Russo To Book Raw...
  374. Do you prefer heels or faces, and why?
  375. Wade Barrett on Current Product being better than Attitude era!
  376. Can a Team USA vs Anti USA survivor series match work?
  377. Book the following superstars to THE top guy position by WrestleMania 32...
  378. who has come a long way out of the three shield members
  380. Chyna went to TNA because of Vince Russo
  381. 9/22/2014: WWE The Next Generation
  382. Is it fair to say this is the lowest point in Kane's entire career?
  383. Alberto Del Rio's Best Match (with poll)
  384. Male wrestlers = 2 names. Women wrestlers = 1 name.
  385. Fantasy Feuds You Would Like To See
  386. Undertaker breaks character to promote the WWE Network!
  387. Jack Swagger vs Kurt Angle Would Be A Dream Match.
  388. Would you like to see this as the WrestleMania 31 main event?
  389. Daniel Bryan Fans Should Thank Batista For Putting Bryan Over At WM.
  390. If Eddie didn't die ...
  391. Could the Attitude and Agression Era's have 'killed' WWE
  392. @WWE Twtter - Prepare yourself for the next generation - 9/22/2014
  393. How many PG themes are about murdering people?
  394. If you could change/get rid of current titles, what would it be?
  395. SmackDown!?
  396. Are the WWE missing a good point by not having a Cruiserweight Division!?
  397. Does anyone else feel like Stone Cold is underrated in the ring?
  398. Has the duration of feuds decresed?
  399. Who's The Next JTG?
  400. Retrospective on the X-F-L..
  401. Will the John Cena hate ever die?????
  402. The #DearVince Project
  403. Dirt Sheets from 04,05,06,07
  404. Charisma Black Hole Jack Swagger
  405. Do people actually hate Reigns because they think he will headline WM
  406. When was the last time RAW had a good match?
  407. Summer of Punk was a fail
  408. John Cena wanted to turn heel in 2006?
  409. HBK the most homoerotic wrestler of all time?
  410. Repackaged.....
  411. Will Daniel Bryan vs. The Authority go down as one of the best storylines of all time
  412. Jericho vs. Wyatt was a complete waste of time
  413. Enough of Paige vs Aj, after Night of Champions.
  414. This Wrestlemania 31 Card Would Be Awesome.
  415. Best Opponent for Austin at WM31 or WM32
  416. The future looks bleak......
  417. What wrestlers should've faced each other but never did?
  418. Any Chance Heyman Backstabs Brock For Cena
  419. Does Vince hate foreigners or does he just assume his audience does?
  420. Vince Russo's new project
  421. Does Smackdown and/or Main Event damage the quality of WWE's product on TV?
  422. How would you book the WWEWHC title scene until WM32?
  423. You guys are in for a rude awakening when Cena wins Sunday.
  424. Steel Cage matches are SO stupid
  425. Bray Wyatt Appeared On A Morning Show = Huge Trainwreck
  426. Cena's main problem
  427. Who would be your ideal face of WWE for next 5+ years: how would you book their run?
  428. SummerSlam 2015 Main Event?
  429. What's Your Opinion on Paul Heyman as a Manager?
  430. Sami Zayn as Adam Rose's Bunny -- Isn't That The Answer!?
  431. Mick Foley considering a offer to do a Podcast
  432. [18/09] Brock Lesnar vs Batista WrestleMania 31 Promo HD
  433. The Heyman Family.
  434. Will we see the 'Big Gold' belt return in the future?
  435. If he beats Lesnar at WM, what will Roman Reign's "character" be?
  436. Is Cena more of a Bret Hart than a Hulk Hogan
  437. What would Brock Lesnar's character be like now if he was undefeated?
  438. Name the wrestler most similar than the wrestler above
  439. Do you agree with this Lesnar article?
  440. WMXXX was a Benoit Memorial PPV?
  441. Undertaker Coming Back And Beating Lesnar For The Title Would Be Awesome!!
  442. What If Bret Hart Never Got Injured
  443. Will WWE's bad ratings force them to re-push Bryan when he returns
  444. WWE RAW: A ratings reality for fans
  445. Wrestlers can't make it in Hollywood?
  446. Acts of kindness from wrestlers?
  447. Would the audience turn on Ziggler if he got the push over Daniel Bryan
  448. WWE needs a face stable - who hate Cena.
  449. Which two divas could become the Trish/Lita of the current era?
  450. Lesnar's beatdown of Cena at SummerSlam was originally intended for Daniel Bryan
  451. Roman Reigns - HATED by ICW - How long did it take before the hate came?
  452. I'm SICK and TIRED of authority angle - Triple H enjoy this shit???
  453. Best chris jericho theme
  454. How come WWE never mention the impact of the free birds and Von Erichs
  455. Dave Meltzer On WWE's "Dishonest" Montreal Screwjob Documentary
  456. Correct me if im wrong on this?
  457. Should it Be Daniel Bryan facing Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania Instead of Reigns?
  458. How long have you been a wwe fan
  459. What was the IWC's reaction to Lesnar leaving in 04?
  460. Can't really understand slater situation
  461. Who has the coolest walk in WWE history?
  462. Knowing WWE
  463. As a wrestling fan, would you ever lower yourself to this?
  464. This week's Observer coverage: WM31 speculation, Barrett, NXT, KENTA, etc.
  465. Daniel Bryan Has Already Replace John Cena As The #1 Guy
  466. Wade Barrett Jokes About Nexus "Bigger Picture" Storyline
  467. Guys that should and shouldn't have been WWE(F) Champion or pointless reigns?
  468. Cena And Orton Probably Aren't Going To Be Around Much Longer, So Stop Worrying!
  469. Santino update
  470. This Sunday 9/21 will be a day of rematches
  471. El Torito in WWF/WWE in 1997?
  472. Former WWE Head Trainer Says Roman reigns Isn't Ready To Face Brock Lesnar
  473. Would you have preferred Brock VS Reigns instead of Brock VS Cena 2...
  474. If each of these Lesnar title defenses happened, how would you book each match?
  475. When and where Luke Harper do for the first time ever the suicide dive?
  476. any Tyler Breeze news ?
  477. Why the Ship is Sinking, in 735 Words
  478. Breathe a Sigh of Relief ...
  479. If WCW had defeated WWE, what would WCW be like today?
  480. Seriously Vince McMahon should hire Vince Russo yesterday not today or in the future
  481. AJ Lee is washed up
  482. How SHOULD WrestleMania 31 end?
  483. Wrestling reference in other tv series
  484. Who would replace Kevin Dunn???
  485. Why is Adam Rose still undefeated?
  486. WWE Teasing Sexual Tension Between AJ Lee And Paige?, More Edgier WWE Angles Expected
  487. Legend Killer vs The Viper/Apex Predator
  488. Is A Rusev Burial Inevitable?
  489. What stipulation EXCEPT an I Quit/Submission match would be best for Cena vs Lesnar?
  490. Ziggler vs Lesnar Would Be Awesome!!
  491. Was Lesnar vs Cena THAT decisive? How should their rematch be booked?
  492. Could Brock Lesnar vs Jack Swagger Happen?
  493. WWE Facebook Fans
  494. Will Cena get cheered over Rusev?
  495. Triple H Presents 5 Full Sail Students with $10,000 Scholarships
  496. Top WWE NXT Wrestler Reportedly Working As Bunny On WWE TV Recently
  497. Best Match Promo's
  498. WWE Championship Concept Idea Drawings
  499. A recipe for WrestleMania 32 to break records
  500. Annoying things the WWE commentary team does
  501. 2014 - The most burials in a single year?
  502. Cena over Lesnar shouldnt happen!
  503. What happened to the asshole chants?
  504. Isn't it stupid how you can leave the ring during battle royals?
  505. What happened to these PPVs??
  506. Who is Bork Lesnar? WTF?
  507. Calling it - Cena over Lesnar at NOC
  508. Who has the most DQ wins in history?
  509. Pro Wrestling Illustrated's Future
  510. After some reflection I am happy that Lesnar was the one to end the streak
  511. The most unfortunate thing about the Undertaker streak.
  512. Rollins looked stronger than Reigns last night
  513. Favorite PPV Opening ever?
  514. 5 Things that could help the WWE from it's crisis.
  515. Kirk & Kage Mornings - Raw recap + NXT state ( feat Corey Graves )
  516. Rusev Closing RAW Likely In Preparation For A Feud With John Cena
  517. What justifies Roman's push?
  518. SHOULD Lesnar vs Cesaro have been Brock's first match after ending the streak?
  519. WWE Makes German Sports Star An Offer, More On New WWE Signing
  520. Ryback Return
  521. This was probably Vince's reaction to Roman Reigns when he first saw him
  522. WWE's Biggest Missed Opportunities
  523. How bad did Reigns hurt Ambrose's momentum?
  524. why can't the wwe do a Paige and Natalya fued?
  525. why does kevin dunn and vince mcmahon hate the divas?
  526. Where can i buy a Cameron 'COUNT IT!' t-shirt?
  527. What would be the IDEAL Lesnar title match for NOC?
  528. Should WWE bring back Starrcade?
  529. Russo buries the IWC: "They rate fake wrestling matches on a star system. "
  530. Backstage News On WWE Using Cena, Brock Lesnar And Paul Heyman To Counter The NFL
  531. Christian Returning Full time?
  532. Has WWE lost its Passion
  533. WWE Should Shut Down After SummerSlam Every Year And Come Back After News Years.
  534. Randy Orton wants time off
  535. Lack of Creating Stars = Last 10 years of WWE
  536. The Wyatts are a lesser version of the Godwins
  537. Triple H's worst wins
  538. I think Lesnar/Cena will end dirty
  539. A way to book Night of Champions ending, to lead into Hell in a Cell.
  540. The Divas Championship after Night of Champions
  541. WWE Brand split done the right way - Bring back adult programming.
  542. Slater gator, great tag team potencial or just comic relief?
  543. WWE about to sign former Germany goalkeeper Tim Wiese
  544. People (men) only like Paige because she is hot
  545. So frustrated with Reign's booking.
  546. You can't blame a PC society on where WWE is today
  547. Ambrose will return as a heel at NoC
  548. Am I the only one who sees a Cena heel turn?
  549. So uh, who was booked stronger?
  550. Could WWE Do A Buddy Rogers/Ric Flair "Nature Boy" Rub Today?