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General WWE

  1. Cena's Rebound Stunner
  2. How about they scrap signature moves?
  3. SmackDown is moving from SyFy to USA Network
  4. Stephanie McMahon off WWE TV for a month?
  5. Hypothetical WWE vs. New Japan Interpromotional Card: What Are Your Dream Matches?
  6. do you fans that only really watch wwe actually want competition for wwe?
  7. Roman Reigns = over, cool and good worker
  8. Jobbing Neville to Rollins cleanly was a Major Mistake
  9. Paige's Pentagram?
  10. WWE directionless already?
  11. Will Daniel Bryan Get A Title Fued With Rollins?
  12. Scott Steiner Reveals Why He Confronted Hulk Hogan's Wife At An Airport During WrestleMania Week
  13. CM Punk 434 most impressive reign ever?
  14. Cena will be top 3 of all time..
  15. Backstage Talk On AJ Lee Retiring From WWE, More On Roman Reigns' Family Being Upset At WrestleMania
  16. Should Bork come back with his beard?
  17. The thing that annoys me most about first name dropping.
  18. Do you prefer supernatural gimmicks?
  19. A Rollins/Kane feud after Extreme Rules?
  20. Lesnar a face... who are you kidding?
  21. Does Connor deserve a spot in WWE HALL OF FAME?!
  22. John Cena: I was going to go HEEL vs The Rock.
  23. Can Anyone SAVE Me!?
  24. Bray Wyatt should learn from Cody Rhodes how to cut a promo
  25. Mizdow is done
  26. Why do you think Dean Ambrose didn't make it like Rollins or Reigns?
  27. I just realize Roman is ridiculously handsome
  28. No mention of Undertaker
  29. Is John Cena overrated or underrated by the IWC?!
  30. Steve Austin addresses rumours about his fallout with WWE.
  31. Cena interview with Jericho shows why Rollins is the future
  32. When did Roman Reigns grow wings???
  33. So let me see if I got WWE straight
  34. Scott Hall Asked Why nWo Helped Sting
  35. Watching John Cena's interview, cemented my belief that WWE screwed Shelton Benjamin
  36. It was Easter and he didn't make appearance
  37. I have no respect for Shawn Michaels, Shane McMahon, William Regal or Jim Ross as men
  38. Sheamus' New Look Inspired by Kevin Nash's "Master Blaster" Character After HOF Mention
  39. Brock Lesnar with the hoverhand on NXT Diva?
  40. 21-1: One Year Later, a mistake or not?
  41. Seth Rollins WWE title reign already a failure thanks to The Authority?
  42. Guys Stone Cold is playing us all..
  43. We need young and hungry testosterone filled fresh faces on the roster
  44. Reigns' jump kick
  45. Is Neville going places or he's destined to be a jobber
  46. Are the WWE going to give the Prime Time Players a decent push this time around?
  47. Nevill make D Bryan looks like an amateur
  48. Would WWE superstars like to become mainstream
  49. Why is Vinnie Mac so angry?
  50. Prelim FastLane PPV Numbers
  51. Team Rock vs Team Triple H Would Be A Good Idea For Survivor Series.
  52. A dream match: The best tag-team match of ALL TIME?
  53. Predictions on what the Summer storyline will be this year.
  54. WrestleMania 31, The Movie
  55. Want to have hair just like Eva Marie?
  56. Name 3 Wrestlers Who You're Sure One of them (At Least) Will Be Part of Next Year's WM Main Event
  57. Please change Cesaro theme... you changed Sheamus theme
  58. Are The Rock and Eva Marie good friends?
  59. Curious how close Reigns came to winning Mania main event
  60. New Rollins shirt
  61. How is Jericho a 9-time IC champ?
  62. If Chyna was dead would you be happy or sad?
  63. After Brock Lesnar who is the most kayfabe intimidating active wrestler on the main roster?
  64. AJ Lee Buzz, Very Strong Opening For The Rock’s New Movie, Chris Jericho & John Cena, Peter Maivia
  65. Connor's Dad Steve Michalek Responds to Blog Written by Former WWE Announcer Justin Roberts
  66. If you moan the product is bad now
  67. Jon Taffer vs Paul Heyman
  68. Could Cody Rhodes have been a main eventer?
  69. When is Cena leaving??
  70. Christian/Blue Dot
  71. The SHIELD Triple Threat
  72. Roman Reigns will be the LAST Shield member to get the WWE title
  73. Mick Foley Blogs On AJ Lee’s WWE Retirement, Says She Was A Pioneer
  74. Dave Bautista Filming Sequel During WM 32 Season, RAW Update on Jerry Lawler and Byron Saxton
  75. Rollins is such a weak champion it makes Beating cena is more of an accomplishment than beating seth for title
  76. Will Brock F5 Stephanie?
  77. WWE need to get a grip with the annoying PPV endorsements
  78. WWE needs to really start booking heels stronger
  79. Ronda Rousey vs Eve Torres
  80. Should WWE Revamp its Hall Of Fame Criteria?
  81. Opinions of wrestling fans that piss you off?
  82. Top non brother tag teams
  83. Issues with Taker's return this year
  84. Rewriting Kane, Bringing in Ronda, Post Wrestlemania RAW rewritten.
  85. Stupid IWC Myths Vol 5: The Hall of Fame
  86. Does Seth Rollins Have The Undertaker's Powers?
  87. Is the Lilian Garcia "Horse face" jabs part of kayfabe?
  88. WWE Should Bring Back Sunday Night Heat
  89. Is this the longest we've gone without a wrestler OVERDOSING?
  90. Hollywood Hogan saying suck it should have been the ending
  91. Nexus vs Shield
  92. The 2016 Royal Rumble
  93. WWE not mentioning Chyna
  94. Who does the voice overs for WWE This Week?
  95. Insider Knowledge
  96. Is there anyone outside of the WWE who could be a legit 'face-of-the-company' type?
  97. WWE UK Tour Signings April 2015?!?
  98. Cena helping fix Wiz Khalifa & Amber Rose's marriage
  99. Which wrestler(s) would you like to see join WWE
  100. Randy Orton's elbow pads
  101. Sheamus is the best wrestler ever
  102. Reasons to hate the 'real' HHH
  103. Former WWE Diva Eve discusses pregnancy, WWE Diva Search and self-defense for “Total Divas” cast
  104. WWE Takes Down All My Fan Shot Videos?
  105. Do wrestlers' announced weights ever change?!
  106. Randy Orton's girlfriend is ugly
  107. The Best and Worst of Michael Cole
  108. Has anyone else taken it hard that AJ and CM Punk have now both gone?
  109. Heyman Hustle - Suplex City, Bitch!
  110. HHH/Brock for one more time?
  111. Isn't it true that acknowledging the sport of UFC/MMA undermines WWE/pro-wrestling? isn't it counter-productive to do it?
  112. Why would WWE purposefully kill fan support for new talent the moment they debut then bury/write them off TV weeks later? (looking for logical answer)
  113. Reverse psychology on WWE
  114. Did Shane McMahon know WWE would go down the toilet and thats why he left?
  115. Dean Ambrose
  116. Report: WWE Wants Rousey vs. Stephanie @ WM 32. UFC Denies Ronda Rousey WWE Deal For WM 32
  117. WWE Superstar Takes a Shot at AJ Lee?
  118. Espn saying the one in 38 and one.
  119. Kiss my feet match
  120. So Sheamus's new gimmick is...
  121. Should HHH have another title run?
  122. Your fantasy tag team?
  123. Any potential WWE superstars out there in cyberland?
  124. Sting Should Wrestle At Least 3 PPV'S
  125. Bobby "The Brain" Heenan
  126. Roman Reigns (Leati Joseph Anoa'i) has decided to retire from in-ring competition with WWE.
  127. list of ball gaggers for wwe who u lost respect for in the wrestling industry post them here
  128. Favorite promo/segment/commercial
  129. lets talk about the shitty current main announcer and soon to be main announcer on commentary
  130. Are heel commentators dead?
  131. Why didn't this air?
  132. WWE Edits Daniel Bryan Hall of Fame Speech
  133. Which match would you rather see Rock in at WM32?
  134. Has this been posted? "Im not a wrestling fan, I'm a WWE fan" WWE Hulu commercial
  135. Suplex city, bitch!
  136. About a real competition to WWE...
  137. Will Stephanie McMahon be a good owner of the WWE in the future?
  138. D-Bry has always been booked consistently
  139. Dean Ambrose looks like he's getting pushed
  140. Okay. Here we go. Create your own promotion
  141. When will CM Punk come back?
  142. Is it possible Cena never breaks Flair record?
  143. Book Seth Rollins as DARTH VADER.
  144. The New Grand Slam
  145. Bring Back The Legacy !
  146. United States Championship is now part of "Grand Slam"
  147. Will the Authority angle ever end?
  148. Ahmed Johnson
  149. If Bryan never got hurt post WM30
  150. Is Brock Lesnar proof that Superman booking can get you over in the 2010s?
  151. Why the WWE wants us to believe that Reigns is an ass-kicker despite the fact that he's small?
  152. Your favorite Roman Reigns match
  153. Will Rick Derringer Ever Be Inducted into the WWF HOF?
  154. Joey Style Says AJ is a HOFer (I agree)
  155. Now that she's hall of Fame, I hope we see more of her now. & I hope we also get to see a buddy of Brock comeback
  156. Daniel Bryan
  157. Could Maven have made it big?
  158. Booking Rollins and the World Title up to WrestleMania 32
  159. The WWE has an embarassment of riches
  160. What years were best chance to attract over 100,000 fans for WM?
  161. WWE Top 10: Most Outrageous Superstar Pranks
  162. Brock as the top face w/o Heyman?
  163. I miss Crash Holly, who's WWE's modern equivalent?
  164. Whos the next big turn?
  165. X is gonna kill you chant Where does it come from?
  166. At first I thought the New Day heel was just a April fools joke
  167. Divas Main Eventing WM?
  168. Iron man match
  169. One of the biggest mysteries in WWE
  170. Chyna Posts Another Concerning Video
  171. Seth Rollins - Compromise or Future
  172. What if Ted Turner wanted to go back into the Rasslin' business?
  173. Which was worse for Triple H: Reign of Terror or McMahon-Helmsley Faction
  174. Superstar Billy Graham Says Sting Won't Draw A Dime At WWE WrestleMania 32 In Dallas
  175. Which non-wrestlers could you see in WWE?
  176. Bring back the hardcore championship
  177. WWE Diva to begin the #givedivasachance revolution?
  178. Unnecessary censoring
  179. Thoughts on Sheamus?
  180. Wrestling With Rosenberg: Paige
  181. WWE Responds to Justin Roberts' Claim that Connor's Induction Was Based on False Pretenses
  182. Dean Ambrose: Walks like Steve Austin. Booked like Steve Lombardi
  183. Wrestlemania 31 new montreal screw job??
  184. Will Kurt Angle return?
  185. Sting making a Houston appearance
  186. PG ERA theory
  187. New Finishers to some wrestlers?
  188. Rusev: What's next?
  189. Official: AJ Lee Retires - KEEP EVERYTHING HERE
  190. Why can't brock be brock??
  191. Chokeslam Competition
  192. Remember back when a wrestler got fired on TV, they still showed up the next
  193. Post WrestleMania Future Endeavours Speculation?
  194. Why Not Have Brock Face Orton?
  195. Lana will sky rocket to the top now while Rusev willl be nothing
  196. WWE never really won the Monday Night War
  197. What is your oldest wrestling item you own
  198. Randy Orton on CM Punk's first fight
  199. Which is the bigger match/draw: Cena vs. Rock at WM 28 or Rock vs. Brock at WM 32?
  200. Shinsuke Nakamura answers to Daniel Bryan
  201. Will Christian Ever Come Back?
  202. The Booking of The MITB Winners Needs to Improve or The Concept Should Be Dropped Altogether
  203. What's so great about Kevin Owens?
  204. Reigns vs Rollins
  205. Who will face Lesnar at WM32?
  206. Does Brock Lesnar Deserve His Pay?
  207. WWE To Release Limited Edition VHS Version of WrestleMania 31
  208. What sort of character should John Cena have?
  209. Do you think WWE should bring back Male-on-Female violence?
  210. Justin Roberts on why he left WWE+More (Extremely Long Read)
  211. Who is worse in the ring: Current Reigns or 05/06 Cena?
  212. The Miz has won every title
  213. Top 10 favorite wrestlers on main roster
  214. Kevin Owens Main Roster Debut?
  215. Which wrestler that Brock hasn't worked with yet would you like to see him wrestle against the most?
  216. Ambrose, you're not a comedian!
  217. WCw people in WWE
  218. Do you think they put the IC title on Bryan to end the multiple comparisons with Benoit?
  219. The next MITB winner, who should it be?
  220. What if @ WrestleMania XIV main event
  221. Who is most deserving of a WWE Title opportunity? ( Poll)
  222. Funny WWE crowd signs
  223. New Material For WWE's Daniel Bryan Autobiography, Comments From HHH, Brie Bella, Shawn Michaels
  224. I'm sick of Cena... attempting 32 AA every match
  225. Why is Austin so anti Sports Entertainment and pro Pro Wrestling?
  226. Is Jericho desperate to have a big moment at WM32?
  227. Sasha Banks Comments on NXT Talents Being Ruined on RAW; Wants to Compete with Main Roster
  228. HHH's inability to have a good match without some "help"
  229. How far will Sami Zayn make it on the main roster?
  230. Time for J&J Security to go
  231. What do you want to see happen from now until WrestleMania 32?
  232. Live with Vince Russo right now!
  233. Has Cody Rhodes ever gotten a world title shot
  234. WWE.COM Poll: Who Is Most Deserving Of A WWE World Heavyweight Title Opportunity?
  235. Have you notice that Stephanie McMahon hasnt aged!!!!
  236. Did Visiting NXT Open Vince's Eyes?
  237. Funny Paige and Naomi botch
  238. Main eventers that we actually care about?
  239. Roman Reigns should never be WWE World Heavyweight Champion
  240. Justin Roberts on Connor The Crusher: Believe Half of What You See and Portions of What You Hear
  241. WWE wanted Nash to go into the HOF as Diesel, Vince still butthurt about WCW
  242. What's the story on Ken Shamrock?
  243. Who should Ronda Rousey wrestle at WrestleMania 32?
  244. Would love to see this scenario happen with Lesnar's suspension.....
  245. Samoa Joe Wants To Face Brock Lesnar at WM32
  246. A good read if you love Connor.
  247. Where do you rank Seth Rollins cash in all time?
  248. Idea for WWE title...
  249. Why isn't Axelmania running wild with this?
  250. Any chance Bryan main events WM 32?
  251. Smackdown Spolier: NNNNNOOOOOOOOO
  252. Big E having some heelish moments this week
  253. Bray Wyatt Win/Loss record
  254. Did they drop the induvidual side plates?
  255. WWE Working On A New Belt Design, Who Did Brock Lesnar Share A Locker Room With?, Seth Rollins
  256. Thank You Vince
  257. This Should Happen- Lesnar vs. Cena vs. Undertaker
  258. Is Rock still the draw he was 3 years ago?
  259. Steve Austin Reportedly Turns Down Tough Enough, Backstage Talk on His Problems with Vince McMahon
  261. Can you give me an update?
  262. Neville should beat Cena clean
  263. CM Punk Best Look
  264. WWE Title Display Case info needed?
  265. Would you be open to a Rusev/Rollins Feud?
  266. Bryan wants a match with Shinsuke Nakamura
  267. There was a team that was cheered for against Rock & Austin?
  268. Your Thoughts on Neville in the Intercontinental Title Picture?
  269. Battle Rapper Daylyt Wants to Battle John Cena
  270. Have you guys ever started a trend?
  271. Your Favorite Individual Tag Team Wrestlers?
  272. Kane Talks WrestleMania Memories And The Undertaker, Why He Wanted To Remove His Mask, More
  273. Seamus new theme
  274. Meltzer Newsletter Notes: Brock Blading, Seth Finding Out He Was Cashing In, WM REAL Attendance, etc.
  275. What do Legends get paid to appear at WrestleMania? HOF? Any idea?
  276. Give the MITB briefcase to Lesnar!!!!
  277. Which Video Package Was This Production Theme Used With?
  278. "Philanthropy is the future of marketing" Stephanie Mcmahons disgusting tweet
  279. Report: Minnesota The Frontrunner To Get WM 33
  280. I don't like the hate on Roman
  281. The Anoa'i Family Reportedly Furious @ Mania Main Event, Reigns' Father 'Looking To Start A War'
  282. Are There Any WWE/Wrestling Documentaries Being Released This Year?
  283. Vincent K McMahon has duped us all.
  284. Which Brock was a better wrestler overall?
  285. Title to be held up?
  286. Rock vs Hunter is not the big money blockbuster main event match that Rock vs Brock is
  287. Swagger, a failure ?
  288. heres an idea for rollins
  289. The fakeness about Warrior Award - From a racist homophobic Warrior
  290. Way too many heels right now
  291. What about Ambrose?
  292. 'Tortured Life Of Andre The Giant'
  293. A question for the #CancelWWENetwork believers
  294. Eva Marie Updates Fans on her future/The Rock replies
  295. Is anyone else paranoid that Rollins might get injured like Daniel Bryan last year?
  296. Why is Vince still bitter over WCW?
  297. Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose need to become a tag-team
  298. Stephanie McMahon burned again for treatment of women/sexist chants on Raw
  299. How could wwe let Sting and Taker wrestle but not bring back Angle?
  300. WWE POLL: What is the most dangerous city in America today?
  301. WWE PC wimps not happy with HBK, Alundra Blayze HOF speeches
  302. IC Title / Bryan vs Reigns at some point this year?
  303. The authority should end with Steph cheating with Seth
  304. How good a hell could John Cena have been?
  305. What happens to Cena for the next year?
  306. Worst moment in WM history.
  307. How real are the podcasts?
  308. Rusev should get his United States title back...
  309. Ryback or Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar
  310. Jericho lights into fans who were disrupting HOF speeches
  311. Feel the Power of Shao Kahn the Conquerer (56K you have been owned)
  312. Attention Seeking Fans?
  313. Who is next to get a streak push, since Rusev was defeated?
  314. Cesaro for #1 Contender
  315. Even With 7 Matches, Shorter Matches at Mania?
  316. Should Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan have switched spots at Wrestlemania 31?
  317. Is anyone a little underwhelmed with Undertaker's return?
  318. Bad indicators that Seth Rollins gonna fail as a world champion
  319. Sandow Should Join the New Day
  320. How many of you are "lapsed"?? :D
  321. Raw and Smackdown
  322. I like
  323. Contacting WWE staff
  324. WWE Announces More Nania Records
  325. WWE Announces WrestleMania 31 Breaks Several Records
  326. What did triple h say to sting
  327. Paige in new Christmas movie!
  328. Will WWE make Kevin Dunn an on-air persona?
  329. Shane McMahon coming back?
  330. Do You Still Want To See Daniel Bryan vs. Brock Lesnar?
  331. Part Of Roman Reigns Interview Talking WM 31 (Rest ON Smackdown)
  332. Happy Birthday to Blandy!
  333. Who had the better WrestleMania WHC victory: Daniel Bryans or Seth Rollins?
  334. How i would book Rollins's title reign.
  335. Why was Roman Reigns overselling against Brock?
  336. What could have been
  337. Seth Rollins to require Neck Surgery. Out indefinately.
  338. How big would The Undertaker vs Cena have been if the streak was still intact?
  339. Make Seth Rollins the longest reigning champion of the modern era
  340. Big E cuts a twitter promo on the smarks
  341. Do you feel good about the champions right now?
  342. Backstage News On The UnderTaker After WM 31
  343. Rollins is a total package champion IMO like HBK, Jericho, and Edge
  344. Backstage News & Notes On The Hall Of Fame
  345. UFC taking a page from WWE?
  346. So is Sting cool with HHH abusing the roster now?
  347. I think I know what the problem with Caesaro is
  348. Why did Big Show win the Battle Royal?
  349. WWE Title Display Case Help
  350. So Sandow gonna stick with the Miz gimmick now ?
  351. So uhh, where's Batista?
  352. The belt looked terrible on Rollins
  353. Ambrose Heel Turn and Push incoming?
  354. Who should be in the 2016 WWE Hall Of Fame?
  355. What's Next Button for WM32?
  356. If you think the fans are changing outcomes you're highly delusional
  357. Sheamus should join The Authority
  358. Suplex City T-Shirts - THE THREAD!!
  359. Reigns as the face of Tapout
  360. So this is Sting now?
  361. How does WWE contact people like "shocked UT fan" or "angry Miz girl"
  362. Roman Reigns has made me appreciate Randy Orton.
  363. Is Cesaro out of the WHC race?
  364. Spolier for ER main evnt
  365. IF String Returns for WM32... he has to save that awful haircut!
  366. Should fans cheer Rollins?
  367. Lesnar feuding with Rollins and The Authority
  368. WWE Release Statement on Recent Controversy
  369. Rollins could end up like the Miz
  370. Who beats Brock now and gets the Streak rub?
  371. Cena will get the HHH treatment from Reigns fued
  372. Rusev > Reigns, Seth, Cena on the mic
  373. Wwe Immortals
  374. I hope Rusev doesnt get de-pushed because of Lana's popularity.
  375. Reigns was booked as a "Red Herring"
  376. Hardy Boyz WWE Career
  377. Current state of WWE
  378. Wwe network blackout?
  379. Do you people like Luke Harper?
  380. So you CAN still build a legit top face?
  381. God the belt looks retarded
  382. What's Bray's next move?
  383. Recap of my Wrestlemania week!
  384. If there was to be Sting V Taker who is face/heel?
  385. So have Kane and Big Show officially replaced J&J?
  386. Wrestlemania Is Finished, What Now?
  387. Backstage Update On WWE Changing How The Divas Division Is Portrayed, Rumored Diva Heel Turn
  388. No Legends in the Andre Battle Royal
  389. Dman ! i feel bad for Roman
  390. Wyatt vs Taker part 2?
  391. Suplex City Bitch
  392. What would happen if...
  393. Is Bray Wyatt's Gimmick Ruined?
  394. Chris Hero on if he has any ill feelings towards Roman Reigns+ his thoughts on Roman's negative reactions
  395. If Stephanie Mcmahon left would you miss her?
  396. Someone needs to give Paige a lesson in how to perform headbutts!
  397. Reigns over the top dive = amazing
  398. PIC: Sting and Undertaker Seen Together at Airport
  399. What do you think of the Bryan/Ziggler headbutt spot?
  400. Complain all you want...but Bryan Saxton is worst
  401. Do we like the "new" WWE ring?
  402. I actually skipped most of RAW, not because of matches....because of attention whores
  403. HILARIOUS: Randy Orton responds to "We Want Cena" chants
  404. Why is everyone so anxious to see Balor on RAW so soon?
  405. How would you book Sting?
  406. Get Show and Kane away from Rollins
  407. Seriously, what was with all the finisher kick-outs!?
  408. Dean Ambrose is the new Tommy Dreamer
  409. Roman Reigns needs a mouthpiece by the name of Armando Alejandro Estrada
  410. Sting and Taker at San Jose Airport (Pic)
  411. Did Seth Rollins grab Vince McMahon's figurative Brass Ring?
  412. Where Does Dean Ambrose Go From Here?
  413. The Billion Dollar B!tch was channeling ole Marty Mark at Mania
  414. This Connor McGregor press conference reminds me of a WWE promo.
  415. With the exception to the MITB cheap ending to WM31. The Shield got OWNED
  416. Michael Cole update (lol)
  417. Ray Stevens - Not put in this years Class was a High Crime.
  418. WWE: Look at how you book Brock Lesnar and apply it to the rest of the roster
  419. #JustBeenThinkin' Thread
  420. Brock Lesnar Baby Face or Join Authority?
  421. Lolz Daniel Bryan the IC champion, competing on the midcard!
  422. Do Reigns' Haters Want Him Fired?
  423. Wrestlemania: The Night That Queen J Lee Re-Claimed Her Throne
  424. Vince muting the Raw crowd again..
  425. The Mountain Goats' upcoming album is all about pro-wrestling.
  426. Brock vs Rollins For The Title Should Main Event SummerSlam.
  427. The Rock Best Attire
  428. PLEASE tell me I'm not the only one who thought Sheamus looked badass.
  429. HHH v Rocky
  430. wrestlers who get the desired reaction from you on the current roster?
  431. So Brock Lesnar breaks The Streak but has a losing record at WrestleMania.
  432. Speculation On Vince Letting Lesnar Blade @ WM 31
  433. Can we get a "Vince is racist" chant when New Day is out?
  434. CENAWINSLOL aside. Rusev was GOLD last night.
  435. John Cena: WWE messed up only pushing me.
  436. Does this mean we're getting Rollins vs Lesnar at ER?
  437. For minority wrestling fans...
  438. Brock Lesnar is now THE man
  439. Neville got pyro
  440. Big Push Coming For WWE Diva? + Axel On Neville + WWE Turns Crowd Sound Down?
  441. Matches where it would have been the perfect time for that superstar to retire?
  442. How to salvage face Reigns? easy. Reform Shield
  443. Dave Meltzer On Potential WrestleMania 32 Match
  444. Is there a wrestler who has kicked ass of all WWE legends ?
  445. So when are the Roman Reigns detractors going to admit they're actually just stubborn and will never give him a chance?
  446. Cena "not trying to change people's mind"
  447. the problems of the WWE as of right now
  448. Your Favorite Brock Lesnar Rivalry
  449. NXT Stars on UK WrestleMania Tour???
  450. What is the best/smoothest character change ever???
  451. WWE does not know how to pace themselves
  452. Sting vs Bo Dallas
  453. How does the Stumbletaker measure up against past incarnations?
  454. More On The Issues Between Steve Austin & WWE, WrestleMania 31
  455. Why I am still a Jericho fan, and my reasons why his questionable actions are forgivable.
  456. Is Curtis Axel now the CJ Parker of the main roster?
  457. What is next for Undertaker
  458. Rumor Roundup: Brock Lesnar 'Suspension', Finn Balor, Roman Reigns Heel Turn, Sting, More!
  459. Where was Charlotte?
  460. Bryan got another ESPN story
  461. WWE really botched Sting's debut match in WWE
  462. WHY
  463. Reality Era is ruining WWE
  464. Lessons WWE can't seem to learn
  465. HOLY SHIT. Big E's fucking hilarious lmao.
  466. They didn't use it
  467. No Wyatt
  468. Guys got some bad news
  469. I wish Sheamus was bald
  470. How I would book Reigns
  471. Triple H buried WCW - Mission Complete
  472. How would you react if Heyman/Lesnar aligned with Reigns?
  473. Good job WWE
  474. Shield Triple Threat match in the near future?
  475. Would you guys have enjoyed the SAME EXACT MATCH, move for move, with Brian instead of Reigns?
  476. You guys have always something to complain about...
  477. Unofficial change to MITB as a result of Rollins?
  478. How long will the authority storyline last?
  479. So now...Ace Crusher, R.andall K.eith O.rton, or Diamond Cutter?
  480. Brock Lesnar from 2002-2004 or Brock Lesnar from 2012-onwards?
  481. Money in the bank rule
  482. Randy Orton getting better with age
  483. Guys who were over enough to get a SOLID run with a world title but never did?
  485. What WWE really did right
  486. Did The Streak Rub happen at Mania?
  487. Seth Rollins with the heist of the century. Was it the best cash in?
  488. Issues With WM 31
  489. I am happy to have been proven wrong about Reigns
  490. Rank the WM entrances
  491. WWE's Truly Undisputed Champion Is....
  492. Would a smaller wrestler stand a chance using speed/agility against Lesnar?
  493. Backstage Update on Sting's WWE Status
  495. I'm glad HHH won
  496. So we're just going to act like Sting didn't join the Wolfpac back in '98?
  497. After last night i'm even more convinced Lesnar isn't human
  498. IC and US belts to be elevated?
  499. Should Ambrose explain his absent in the Wrestllemania main event?
  500. Ronda Rousey vs Stephanie Mcmahon at Summerslam?
  501. What's the best RKO ever?
  502. Should Wyatt have gone over Taker?
  503. Vince says WWE took Sting from "obscurity" to Wrestlemania
  504. What happend to vince saying "no more heel or faces"(very important to the current time)
  505. Is the WWE Championship worth anything?
  506. Seth Rollins thanks Roman Reigns during the pin
  507. That pop for Bret Hart though....
  508. Hypocrites?
  509. Guys you want Brock to face?
  510. Should Roman Reigns be fired for being dangerous and exposing the business
  511. Am I the last to notice this?
  512. #CancelWWENetwork a massive success. Vince blinked.
  513. The future is bright for Daniel Bryan...
  514. Why did they abandon the Vigilante vs. Authority storyline?
  515. Bray Wyatt should have won
  516. Will you guys just give it up on Ambrose for now?
  517. Noticing a Pattern in Money in the Bank Holders
  518. Vince > HHH
  519. Beginning of a Boom ?
  520. Could Ambrose/TripleH be a Modern Day Austin/Vince?
  521. Bray Wyatt and the Zombies Dancing Gimmick Incoming
  523. Idea for Bray Wyatt after WM
  524. WWE Proved Last Night They Still Got It When They Try.
  525. WWE Network Surpasses 1.3 Million Subs + New Network Programming
  526. Forget about the finish. That commentary during the Sting match...
  527. I wouldn't be surprised if Taker is the one who finally gets the "Streak" rub from Lesnar
  528. Did Nash actually tear his quad again?
  529. Lana needs to manage a stable
  530. Interview with Renee Young
  531. Why Do People Keep Saying They don't Get Reigns Smiling?
  532. Few Cheats To Candy Crush To Go Ahead With Online Game
  533. Has Brock been booked too strong?
  534. This board hated HHH 2002-06 so why the love for WM31?
  535. Is this the first time ever the US and IC champs are more credible than the WWE Champ?
  536. Don't let Rollins lose matches on Raw as champ DAMMIT!!
  537. Is Vince buying the UFC?
  538. Choose a current wrestler and describe one thing you would change about them
  539. Cena, USA, video
  540. I told you so
  541. So are they setting up Rock vs HHH at WM32 now?
  542. I Gained Respect For My Attackers The Last Time I was Jumped and Beaten With a Sledgehammer
  543. Why was HBK allowed to interfere?
  544. This is the Reason Why I'll Never Stop Watching WWE
  545. NEW Cena Gear!
  546. Anyone Know How Triple H Got That Leg Bruise?
  547. Reigns Suck As Usual...
  548. History of WWE Title book
  549. Did you know?
  550. Not a single match got 20 minutes.