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General WWE

  1. What the UFC and WWE could learn from each other
  2. Fans who hate this part timers era, shouldn't you direct your anger at The Rock?
  3. Stephanie vs Chyna at WM32?
  4. Where do you personally rank Edge, Randy Orton and CM Punk in your all time list?
  5. Triple H claims he's not trying to hurt ROH and the Indies!
  6. An Ode To CM GEEK
  7. Undertakers comeback.
  8. Is Cesaro ready for a good push?
  9. Would you mess with this kid in high school?
  10. Darren Young On His WWE Character Possibly Turning Gay Onscreen!
  11. Did John Cena's Return Help This Week's WWE RAW Viewers?
  12. The Authority : 2 Years Later
  13. What happened to funny wrestlers?
  14. Who do you guy's think will be the next Diva's Champ?
  15. Should WWE cut back on PPV's now that they're basically exclusive to the network?
  16. Why do wrestlers cheat on their significant others while on the road?
  17. Sasha Banks vs Nikki Bella wasted on raw. Is this how you build a womens division?
  18. This is how we get WWE to stop calling the female wrestlers "Divas"
  19. Can we stop calling each other 'smarks'?
  20. WWE Rock Apearances
  21. Barbie Blank on Wags
  22. Terrible Promos Thread
  23. Mick Foley Blasts The Minnesota Crowd for Hijacking The Divas Match; Calls for Women's Pipebomb; Sasha Banks Responds
  24. Titles: props or accolades
  25. Brock Lesnar talks Summerslam
  26. Overrated women!
  27. Cena's Tweet
  28. Simpler Entrances vs Theatrical Entrances
  29. Sting just has to get involved
  30. This Undertaker incarnation has been awesome.
  31. Triple Threat Match
  32. Am I crazy or did the WWE miss a gimme booking decision?
  33. Amazing, underrated moments
  34. The lack of latino characters on WWE.
  35. So Undertaker has
  36. Will Randy Orton bury Kevin Owens and Cesaro for their botches?
  37. WWE Mysterio set to return
  38. Maybe it's just me
  40. 1 year Anniversary Dean Ambrose passing
  41. Why hasn't Natalya been included in the Divas Revolution ?
  43. Best summerslam match ever
  44. Will The Rock go over against HHH at WM32?
  45. Anyone Else Not Digging The Divas Revolution?
  46. Ryback has beaten Cesaro 7 times and is undefeated against him. #Fact
  47. What's likely to happen first with Super Cena
  48. Summerslam Being Clearly Promoted as #2 PPV of the Year. Yet Wrestling Feels Dead Right Now. WTF?
  49. When did these forums become so sensitive
  50. Who should win Brock vs. Rock II
  51. Is Seth Rollins the most lame champion we had in years? I think so & fans are too gullible to see it.
  52. John Cena = Illuminati Confirmed
  53. Bully Ray Talks Dana White and "Fake" Comment
  54. Darren Young Upset with fans' lack of acknowledgement on Gay Athletes coming out!
  55. Why most people who use the drawing money argument are stil very biased
  56. Brooklyn should troll Triple H with "Rock vs Brock" chants
  57. Why Nathan Jones failed in WWE?
  58. Make a wish kid (Drax Shadow - Raw 3rd Aug) at Raw backstage- awesome backdstage video
  59. Sasha Banks is ugly
  60. The Most popular and successful divas of modern wrestling history are those with the Best looks not Talent!
  61. Is Daniel Bryan really as nice as the IWC portrays him
  62. Man I miss CM Punk
  63. More Details on the HHH and Chyna “Confrontation” at Roddy Piper’s Funeral, Chyna’s WWE Title Run Story Called “Pure Fantasy”
  64. Favorite & least favorite match by your favorite wrestler(s)?
  65. Paige interview with and a Happy birthday to Paige
  66. World Champ Cesaro or Rusev?
  67. Really Vince
  68. Sad currents status on the IC
  69. When would you like to see 'Lobster Head' win the WWE Championship?
  70. Why didn't we ever Super Dragon in the WWE?
  71. Would you watch RAW/PPV live if you were live outside North America?
  72. The prestige of the WWE Championship
  73. Favorite WWE Ladder Match (Singles)
  74. How well will Kevin owens vs Sami zayn transition to the main roster ?
  75. I find it funny that Bray Wyatt takes away Byron's chair, do you?
  77. Paul London Interview
  78. Was the Rock n Sock connection the beginning of unlikely tag teams?
  79. I am tired of Byron sitting down. Bray Wyatt is too apparently.
  80. Most pushed wrestler ever....
  81. Most 'Natural' Performers?
  82. Am I the only one that thinks Edge is midcard level talent?
  83. Where would Corey Graves be in the company right now had he not suffered those concussions?
  84. What do you consider the worst theme song ever?
  85. Can anyone find me the clip of Paul Heyman saying Brock Lesnar over and over again in a promo?
  86. In the world of pro-wrestling, has John Cena had a positive or Negative impact?
  87. Sgt. Slaughter approves of the Vanilla era
  88. What exactly is Kevin Owens' Character?
  89. Who would you like to see Brock go against in a feud until 2018?
  90. Why does WWE keep booking meaningless part timer vs part timer matches?
  91. Blaming Creative/WWE booking has become too convenient an excuse for wrestlers and the wrestling community!
  92. US Title after SummerSlam
  93. The Shield's situation and ring abilities.
  94. What if Reigns didn't get an injury before NoC 2014?
  95. Favorite Brock Lesnar match (from his first run)
  96. Shane Douglas cuts amazing and emotional promo, takes shots at Vince and Sports Entertainment
  97. WWE.Com Article: 5 (Giant) Dream Opponents For Brock Lesnar
  98. Who do you think is the greatest writer in wrestling history?
  99. Undertaker Vs Vince McMahon Wrestlemania 26
  100. What Theme Song Do You Miss Most?
  101. Who in Your Opinion is Currently Putting the Most Butts in Seats?
  102. What would you like your favorite rassler to do "more of"
  103. Which diva(s) in WWE history can be considered "Total Package"?
  104. NXT: Is it really the future of WWE?
  105. How big a factor in WWE is the PG rating?
  106. If Chris Jericho was to come back for one last run, who would be his ideal opponent?
  107. Maffew mocks Owens + Animal Abuse by wrestler!
  108. Favorite Undertaker Mind Games
  109. Best and favorite strikes/working punches?
  110. Any Lucha Underground fans?
  111. Bold Prediction: Charlotte will win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in the next 5 years
  112. Worst Decisions the WWE has ever made?
  113. I am tired of Kane's black pants.
  114. Chyna and Roddy Piper
  115. Name that Celebrity that Look-a-like a Wrestler thread Part III
  116. Which booking/character of Reigns do you think WWE should stick with?
  117. Backstage News On Kane Returning To WWE RAW
  118. Why is the Rock the only wrassler smart enough to leave wrestling on his own terms?
  119. The difference between heel heat and X-Pac heat?
  120. Ric Flair: "I'd be thrilled if John Cena tied my record and surpassed it"
  121. Signatures that should be finishers
  122. Is it me or does Dustin Diamond look like Seth Rollins.
  123. Most Improved
  124. The WWE today
  125. Naomi fans only want her as divas champ because she's black
  126. Any Ring Rust Radio listeners?
  127. If WWE went bankrupt and closed tomorrow?
  128. Randy Orton to have most World Championship reigns?
  129. I Believe in New Day!!
  130. Cesaro Should Get a Push
  131. Would you be more excited or scared of a Daniel Bryan vs Brock Lesnar match?
  132. Which merch do you own?
  133. Your choice for current champions...
  134. Go home angle for Stardust/Stephen Amell
  135. Anyone else kinda want Sasha to use her "Legit" "Boss" rings as brass knucks to deck someone, one day?
  136. Hot Summer vs Lana
  137. Times you rooted for Cena to win
  138. Roman Reigns > Seth Rollins > Dean Ambrose
  139. Great article on why Eva Marie will be a mainstay for the divas division
  140. Is this the lowest attendance for a WWE event ever?
  141. How I would book Miz's WWE Title Reign
  142. Wwe Storyline idea - The Hacker
  144. How far in advance would you book storylines
  145. Kurt Angle: John Cena is a bonafide badass!
  146. When was the last time a street fight actually went into the street?
  147. Why isn't Konnor being pushed?
  148. Wrestler PPV Main Event Count
  149. I don't like the neutralizer as a finisher
  150. How many world championships each member of the shield will win?
  151. When do you think John Cena will retire
  152. Will WWE ever change the stage entrance setup?
  153. On and on and on and on and on
  154. Someone recommend me matches?
  155. If Taker wins at Summerslam and Cena win every ppv until wrestlemania 32 they are tied for most ppv wins in wwe history
  156. Give a single start a new schtick, gimmic, or persona...
  157. Things You Dislike About Your Favorite Wrestler(s)?
  158. Hacksaw Jim Duggan Says Brock Lesnar is "Dangerous" In The Ring
  159. Alundra blayze gets forgiven by WWE, but Chyna doesn't?
  160. Chyna Says WWE Wanted Her As World Champion
  161. Kevin Dunn should have no say in talent development or storylines.
  162. Meltzer shuts down rumors on Dunn/Vince feeding the Kevin Owens jokes to Orton
  163. Roman Reigns On When He Found Out About WM31 Outcome Change.
  164. What about Rock vs Undertaker for WM 32 ?
  165. Who would of Steph ended up with if Triple H didn't happen?
  166. Which diva trio will break up first?
  167. It's a travesty that Y2J has not won a rumble
  168. Reigns on Bryan "Bryan is the best. If anybody says any different, they’re an idiot"
  169. Owens is really working his ass off
  170. john cena is still worse than hogan
  171. Chyna Confronted Triple H At Roddy Piper’s Funeral
  172. The worst gimmick ever
  173. Honest question: What does the WWE see in The Big Show?
  174. Reigns teases Rock at Summerslam
  175. Seth Rollins Shock
  176. I am tired of the white-colored ropes.
  177. Casual clothes on wrestlers.
  179. Daniel Bryans eventual return
  180. WWE Backstage News on WWE Bringing Back Divas Search
  181. Upon re-watching Rock vs. Brock at SummerSlam '02...
  182. What is your favorite match you have seen in the WWE?(I will ask three questions)
  183. Paige and Naomi actually have great chemistry in the ring together.
  184. Someone name me top 5 Randy Orton Matches
  185. Do WWE make less than $9.99 out of the $54.99 PPV price?
  186. "I want Reigns to dominate a feud" "OMG stop protecting him by having Ambrose lose!"
  187. Most Questionable Decisions
  188. Repackage Three Wrestlers/Divas
  189. Triple H's legacy minus Stephanie
  190. Uhaa nation will he break the glass ceiling?
  191. Better mic skills : Roman Reigns v Daniel Bryan
  192. The Authority's Future
  193. Ever go to a WWE event Alone?
  194. Is giving someone a "rub" a real thing. (No homo)
  195. What happened to #1 contenders matches?
  196. The Big Guy needs the WWEWHC
  197. Would it be right if this ongoing era in WWE was to be named the "Vanilla era"?
  198. Roman Reigns interview: Talks Social Media, Daniel Bryan / Wm31, Fan who Attacked Him
  199. Among all the John Cena burial of talents over the years, which one was the worst?
  200. New Cena Merch spoiler SS?
  201. Retirement Tours - Anyone else wonder why the WWE doesn't take advantage of retirement tours
  202. Early Mitb Prediction/ New Day
  203. But the women's title was held by a man....
  204. Do you prefer the chase or the victory?
  205. WWE needs to quit calling the women "Divas"
  206. Backstage News on Sting's Possible WWE Return
  207. Bold Prediction: Cena will break Ambrose's record of 351 days.
  208. Who is the most over-pushed star in the last 7 years of WWE?
  209. What´s the deal with Christian?
  210. List Your Top 20 Pro Wrestlers and Your Top 20 WWE Superstars Of All Time (IN NO ORDER to not create mark wars)
  211. Top Feud in 5 Years time
  212. Dwayne Johnson vs Paul Levesque or Mark Calaway?
  213. Which entrance theme songs do you like?
  215. Book a Card that Will Fill 100,000 Seats for Mania
  216. Sasha Banks: We Were Told to "Wrestle Like Divas" When We Signed
  217. Would you ever wanna see The Rock and Randy Orton feud?
  218. Lucha underground is best wrestling company maybe ever. I'm not joking either
  219. Stop whatever you are doing atm and go watch Lucha Underground
  220. Brad Maddox gets a new ring name
  221. Worst fan you've come across at a live show?
  222. Since when is there no rope break in triple threat matches?
  223. Barrett loses to Neville
  224. Has anyone headlined all of the PPVs in one year when they started doing them every month?
  225. Kevin Dunn Told Randy Orton To Call Kevin Owens FAT.
  226. Main Roster is thin....
  227. Mark Henry needs to fucking retire.
  228. The Rock And Kevin Owens Would Have A Killer Feud.
  229. Cody Rhodes explains why the feud with Amell, tribute to Dusty
  230. Meet Paige and Rollins at Times Square TOYSRUS!
  231. Reaction if stephanie went over Ronda Rousey at WM
  232. Does Naomi have beef with Paige? real life?
  233. What Is WWE's Problem With Wade Barrett?
  234. Wrestlers on the roster you think have a realistic shot at becoming WWE WHC for the first time?
  235. Why do people say HHH will take over after Vince and not Stephanie?
  236. Vince was so concerned about Hulk's hairline that he started looking for his replacement in 1986
  237. Rumour :So called WWE backup plan if Cena doesn't show
  238. I Just Finished Watching Ultima Lucha, and WOW, Vince is SO LUCKY That Lucha Underground Doesn't Have a Real Channel
  239. Is Orton the most protected person on the roster right now?
  240. WWE Acknowledging Cesaro Section
  241. Kevin Owens - Eat Sleep SPOT SPOT SPOT Repeat!
  242. This is the worst Summerslam build up I've ever seen
  243. Summer Rae's Recent Performance
  244. is this forum owned by WWE?
  245. Ronda Rousey Comments On Returning To WWE
  246. Rock's new movie production will likely begin around the same time as WrestleMania 32
  247. Why is the Tag Match a Fatal-4 Way?!!??
  248. Lucha underground maybe best promo I have ever watched on tv from start to finish
  249. How come Orton recieves a huge pop/cheers but cena doesnt?
  250. Hulk Hogan tweets about Wrestling Future , Wm32
  251. john cena never 5 starred a match
  252. The shots at Kevin Owens'...
  253. Care to recommend some good wrestling books?
  254. You're Fired!!!
  255. Isn't it funny how punk is the only one that got the upper hand on cena?
  256. Happy Birthday Hulk Hogan
  257. UpUpDownDown
  258. Question regarding Jericho
  259. Where would A.J. be in the Divas Revolution
  260. Apparently Paige Don't Wipe Her Ass
  261. Why does the Ruthless Aggression Era get less respect than the AE?
  262. If Lucha Underground keeps picking up steam, will WWE improve as well?
  263. Big Show deserves respect.
  264. Dean Ambrose= Wyatts personal jobber
  265. Who Should Mark Calaway Fight Next?
  266. Dean Ambrose Turning Heel at Summerslam
  267. Randy Orton Best Gimmick
  268. Assume HHH and Stephanie split...
  270. Does a writer on the team have a BDSM fetish?
  271. Jack Swagger with a new tag partner? (WWE Superstars Spoilers)
  272. Didn't know where to put this: Did anyone see John Cena in Trainwreck?
  273. Russo:Are HHH and Stephanie Killing WWE?
  274. WWE's "face" stars suck...
  275. Brad Maddox Update
  276. 2015 Randy Orton = 2002 Stone Cold?
  277. The Legend Killer VS The Orton of today
  278. Triple H going over Sting opinion
  279. Ziggler's Twitter hacked badly!
  280. Wrestlers you didn't appreciate until they were gone?
  281. How are the majority of you missing that Cena is a heel?
  282. Why's WWE keeping Rosa Mendes?
  283. Brock Lesnar does not like people?
  284. Any news on CM PUNK vs WWE
  285. Arnold Schwarzenegger cuts promo on Steve Austin
  286. Will Reings ever become WWE CHAMPION?
  287. X-Pac and Chris Ott Expose Scumbag "Rob Feinstein" for Selling Fake Autographed Piper Prints
  288. Ambrose Asylum match
  289. Lost Superstar Mordecai
  290. What is the best way to turn Reigns heel?
  291. Lets Debunk the Reigns hatred shall we ?
  292. WWE SUPERSTAR RATINGS - 3 - Cesaro
  293. The Rock Talks Wrestlers Lobbying To Have Him Removed From WrestleMania XV Main Event, Steve Austin
  294. HHH will never allow anyone to look better than him
  295. WWE and Professional Wrestling as a whole is so boring now
  296. Rock vs Brock
  297. If Stephanie McMahon booked herself for WM32, who would you want to see face her?
  298. Seth Rollins vs Rhonda Rousey For The WWE Championship At The Rumble Would Draw BigTime Money.
  299. WWE Live in Australia really delivered this past weekend!
  300. Scott Hall is a creepy disgusting pervert!
  301. Top 5 Dean Ambrose matches this far into his singles run.
  302. Bray Wyatt is fucking boring
  303. John Cena and his Cigar smoking habit.
  304. Moves that should be banned for being too ridiculous
  305. WWE Needs to Start Using Lower Card Talent More
  307. Seth Rollins is starting to become a good champ
  308. Reigns Learned A Little Something
  309. Did Rosa save her job by getting pregnant?
  310. Should WWE incorporate the incident that occurred in Victoria in storylines?
  311. Part Timers Have The Right To Main Event WrestleManias and SummerSlams if Nobody is Stepping Up
  312. Edge's Best Theme
  313. Daniel Bryan's return should be a MEGA Happening on WWE TV
  314. Got back from Stockton Con!
  315. When was the last time Roman Reigns had to tell a camera man to get out of the way when he does the Apron Dropkick?
  316. Our Next WWE Divas Champion?
  317. Murica! Knowledge Means Nothing hashtag
  318. Current Wrestlers who can crossover
  319. charactes your partners like who don't really lile wrestling
  320. Roman Reigns Assaulted At a WWE House Show In Victoria, B.C.
  321. Your Thought On Titus O'Neil....
  322. Comedy and Dancing Gimmicks
  323. Losing interest in the product?
  324. What would happen if HHH and Stephanie were caught on tape saying less than savory things like Hogan did?
  325. Which top WWE face should turn heel?
  326. The False Finish Formula
  327. The John Cena Hate and the lack of seperation between character and person
  328. TNA/ROH Invasion Angle?
  329. B+ Player is an on-screen term for Upper-Mid-Carder, Right?
  330. When Umaga passed away....
  331. Who do you feel has had the worst luck in the past 6 months?
  332. John Hennigan Responds to Seth Rollins, Lucha Underground and Heel Role
  333. Vince becomes a billionaire again
  334. WWE's popularity is really declining
  335. Brooke Hogan reveals her experience with racism
  336. Real truth behind Daniel Bryan giving away belt not really injured
  337. How many PPV cycles do you feel is appropriate for a midcard feud?
  338. Miz should shave his head and grow a beard
  339. Dream matches or partnerships the WWE blew
  340. Big E Recalls CM Punk "Sticking His Neck Out" For Him
  341. Hogan gets fired but Big Show doesn't...WTF!?
  342. Top 15 Wrestler
  343. Who is the least injury-prone person on the roster?
  344. If you could have been present for any backstage incident/moment, which would it be?
  345. UFC 190 (Rousey) Does 900K Buyrate — Beats Every WrestleMania
  346. Who do you feel is "fragile" on the current roster?
  347. WWE Live Sydney
  348. Hogan accused of lying under oath, potentially facing MAJOR jail time!
  349. Ton of Gay men in wrestling industry, but no Lesbians?
  350. Has WWE replaced Edge?
  351. Daniel Bryan needs to return ASAP to save the show
  352. Lana has fallen out of favor with Vince and will be de-pushed
  353. Team B.A.D. Gets a New Shirt
  354. No Mass WWE Releases This Year?
  355. House Show Question: Do the Faces always win?
  356. watch Finn Bálor vs Chris Jericho at Japan Full match with multiple camera angles
  357. News on Sheamus possibly being injured
  358. Is Scott Steiner The Most Polorizing Mic Worker Ever?
  359. Most impressive string of matches as WWE Champ, Austin, Rock or Triple H ?
  360. How badly do you think Brock Lesnar will injure the Undertaker at Summerslam?
  361. WWE SUPERSTAR RATINGS - 2 - Kevin Owens
  362. New Day are being themselves and its awesome
  363. WWE helps cancer fan
  364. Steve Austin And UFC Champion Talk Dana White Calling Pro Wrestling 'Fake'
  365. Backstage Note On Cena vs Rollins
  366. What Are The Best Ways Wrestlers Could Re-Establish Themselves?
  367. Triple H is awesome!
  368. Cena should be more of a powerhouse wrestler!
  369. Is it sad that I want Miz to win the Intercontinental Championship because I'd rather feel hatred than boredom and indifference?
  370. Sting and Flair in a WWE ring...
  371. Stardust is killing it!
  372. Would you be pissed at HHH if he beat the crap out of the Rock?
  373. Wrestlers who had the look ... and the talent ... that were over looked in the past 5 years?
  374. If Paige was black, would she still have such a huge Internet following?
  375. I dont know if you notice it but?...
  376. If Brock doesn't injure Taker, would there be any Valid Argument as to why Rock can't face him at Mania?
  377. Are you tired of Brock taking people to "Suplex City"?"
  378. Creepiest Wrestling Promos
  379. The greatest big man in the history (girth, not height)
  380. The triple threat that never was.. Should it happen!!?
  381. Austin HHH > Austin Rock
  382. Daniel Bryan Offers Advice To Gamers, Talks About WWE 2K16, Offers Hair And Beard Tips
  383. Curtis Axel's Fate
  384. Paige Legs keep getting fatter
  385. Who is that guy in the crowd who appears every time in the front seats
  386. You people are hypocrites.
  387. Should WWE limit age for older competitors?
  388. Best outcome for Wyatt/Reigns fued?
  389. Rusev lower mid-card dive
  390. Divas Rivalries.
  391. Question. Going to WWE Smackdown live event in Portland Oregon, need advice.
  392. What If...
  393. Biggest Crossover Wrestling Stars of All time
  394. Wrestlemania questions?
  395. Ranking Taker's Mania Matches
  396. It really sucks knowing that WWE will never give us the original aired content
  397. Cocaine usage up in WWW locker rooms.
  398. Has the WWE ever had so many injuries/write offs?
  399. The Bella Twins Should Face Becky & Paige In A Ultimate Surrender Match.
  400. Do wrestling fans respect women?
  401. Am i the only ONE who dont cares about Lesnar/Taker ?
  402. Chyna
  403. Only one way to make this Lesnar Take feud interesting
  404. Favorite Title Design
  405. Moments you wish you didn't see with your parents
  406. If WWF RAW 1998 roster could face the 2015 RAW Roster, who would win?
  407. Should Triple H be the one to beat Brock lesnar Clean?
  408. Undertaker Is Too Old
  409. Rosa Mendes Is Having A Baby!
  410. WWE.COM: Rosa Mendes Reveals She Is Pregnant
  411. WWE SUPERSTAR RATING - 1 - Seth Rollins
  412. Legitmate, but stupid question
  413. Big Plans For Eva Marie + WM 32 Promotion + New Divas Title?
  414. WWE Possibly Creating A New Title?
  415. Roddy Piper's Family Wants Worldwide Moment of Silence
  416. Who Else Thinks The "Divas Revolution" is A Distraction for Nikki Breaking AJ's Record?
  417. With regards to debuts, would they get more views if-
  418. WWE Might Change Name Of Current Diva Stable Due To Adult Website; Pornsite Thanks WWE For Publicity
  419. "Real" Mayor of Suplexcity
  420. How many DIFFERENT men have been WWE World Heavyweight Champion?
  421. Ronda Rousey & Brock Lesnar
  422. Nikki bella is a better worker than paige
  423. So haven't watched in 2 months what did I miss
  424. The Bo Dallas Appreciation Thread
  425. What has happened?
  426. i could not hold anymore
  427. Wrestling Injuries Database
  428. RKO...... OUT OF NOWHERE!!!
  429. Moments in the WWE that you couldn't close your mouth to.
  430. Apparently, Vince genuinely believed New Day would get over big time during their initial face run...
  431. The Mixed up Morals of WWE
  432. Lets face it, Brock Lesnar is the greatest of all time...
  433. Could Brock Lesnar fight in UFC again?
  434. When was Brock Lesnar at his best?
  435. Nikki Bella a horrendous role model for young girls?
  436. Ronda Rousey would fight a man in WWE
  437. Ronda Rousey should guest host RAW
  438. Should WWE induct Ronda Rousey into their Hall of Fame?
  439. Finally Got Post Mania Live Chants Uploaded(Plus Thank You Rollins)
  440. WWE Should Do A Diva Tournament To Crown A #1 Contender.
  441. Ronda Rousey - WWE World Heavyweight Champion?
  442. Orton
  443. Ronda Rousey should Main Event WrestleMania 32
  444. Michael Cole Interviews Stardust
  445. Ronda Rousey vs Floyd Mayweather wm 32 = buyrates
  446. When should paige turn heel? Next step in divas revoluation
  447. The way the U.S. Title was booked feels like a never-ending giving tree.
  448. Kevin Nash a big and great athlete or just a big mouth
  449. Rob Feinstein caught trying to sell forged Piper merchandise following his death.
  450. WWE Pushing for Rousey Has Got to Stop
  451. Paige on Gorilla position podcast, Divas revolution, Total divas ,Tough Enough
  452. Does the attire/look fit the talent?
  453. Why did The Undertaker switch up his Tombstone?
  454. The Bellas are better than Paige!
  455. Which wrestler has the best build/body?
  456. Reformation of "Nexus"
  457. WWE rumored to be meeting with Destination America officials.
  458. How do you think Chris Hero would've fared in the Shield?
  459. Why WWE fans love Ronda Rousey so much
  460. Ambrose stats are wrong.
  461. Create a Survivor Series Team
  462. Oh My God, That Awful Beast In The East Main Event...
  463. Kevin Owens Embarrassing Moment
  464. Train Like A Modern WWE Champion: Seth Rollins Official Workout
  465. The term 'Buried' and 'Jobber'
  466. Should Zeb Colter turn heel and join Rusev as a American turncoat?
  467. Who should be in the WWE Hall of Fame this year
  468. This is creepy
  469. Push the miz
  470. 10 Reasons why WWE WILL make it to their 2000th episode:
  471. Where are they hiding Samoa Joe?
  472. Opinion of Chyna's wrestling talent?
  473. Something shocking...
  474. Why Can't WWE/NXT teach Wrestlers BOTH?
  475. Was the crowd chanting "Thank You Rollins" for breaking Cena's Nose?
  476. Anybody care about the low card?
  477. No current star on new WWE game cover
  478. The 'What?' Chant
  479. WWE Could Use This Heat Hogan Has And Bring Him Back As A Heel To Face Cena At Wm.
  480. Chyna's wrestling talent
  481. Is this the best wrestling vignette ever? also what are your favourites?
  482. 25 Facts That Show What A WWE Legend The Rock Is
  483. 8 year old cancer patient signs with WWE
  484. Cesaro vs Owens Feud
  485. John Cena is the PG Version of The Rock
  486. An interesting question in regards to The Undertaker and the comeback from the streak?
  487. Who won the (early) 2015 Wars: WWE or Smarks?
  488. Anyone Else Hate Refs That Slap the Mat When Sliding into Position?
  489. Vince has gone into senile mode again
  490. Blending another company with a WWE PPV or storyline?
  491. WWE Refusing Chyna Related Phone Calls
  492. Have you ever learned about others talents through the talents you watch today?
  493. Attitude era stars that wouldnt make it today
  494. Could Lex Luger been the prequel to John Cena?
  495. News on The Undertaker's Post-SummerSlam Status
  496. WWE Films?
  497. Hot Rod Shirts
  498. Anybody here getting very rich from WWE stock?
  499. How does Vince do it?
  500. Jerry Lynn Medical Fund
  501. Will WWE ever do a tribute show again (like they did to Eddie & Benoit)?
  502. Most Over Moves / Finishers in Wrestling History
  503. If Hogan passed away today, would WWE pay tribute to him?
  504. Whatever happened to Jason Sensation?
  505. Face vs. Face and Heel vs. Heel Dynamic
  506. Cesaro should be the one to win the WWE WHC at SummerSlam
  507. New Seth Rollins Shirt
  508. New WWE Studios Movie "6:42" Starring Dolph Ziggler & Kane
  509. Neville = Rey Mysterio 02-03?
  510. Problem with the current championship structure
  511. TNA Wrestlers coming to WWE.
  512. So how long until Vince breaks up The New Day?
  513. Final Piper's Pit segment
  514. I think WWE will send themselves out of business
  515. The superman punch has to go...
  516. Lesnar's tramp stamp tattoo censored by WWE?
  517. When did you start to dislike Vince McMahon?
  518. Rollins open challenge
  519. Here is the best shirt since Austin 3:16
  520. What would happen if Stephanie was caught cheating on Triple H?
  521. New WWE Studios film announced starring Dolph Ziggler, and Kane.
  522. Finishers that get no crowd response
  523. A cool thing about when The Rock returns, that nobody ever mentions.
  524. Will Roman Reigns win the championship by or in 2016?
  525. Anyone ever had lunch with a wrestler?
  526. Do you agree with this statement: "There is more Hate towards Hogan now, than what Hogan expressed in private!"
  527. Do you think Cesaro can be the next Batista for WWE? Does he have it in him?
  528. What on earth do you do with Randy Orton?
  529. Is RVD's popularity underrated?
  530. "Ryback provides injury update"
  531. Future female Hall of Famer's poll
  532. Is Cena still the Man because Vince is afraid of moving on too early like he did with Hulk
  533. wwe only let's guys use new moves in cena matches. wtf?
  534. Storylines - What are they doing?
  535. Seth Rollins or Dean Ambrose?
  536. Jimmy Snuka battling stomach Cancer
  537. I don't mind PG, but...
  538. Biggest disappointments of the year so far?
  539. Has this been the longest period in WWE history
  540. Trip to WWE RAW and WWE Smackdown 2016 April London
  541. Does Hulk Hogan deserve a pass for all his statements?
  542. Greatest match of all time- Savage/Steamboat Vs Taker/HBK
  543. So will WWE erase this guy from History?
  544. Eras
  545. Stone Cold Stunner
  546. Jim Ross Comments on anyone who dislike John Cena
  547. Daniel Bryan interview with The Mirror about fans affecting WM30, his book and more
  548. Worst tag team of all time?
  549. Will any of these NXT gals reach Lita/Trish status?
  550. Which WWE stars past/present do you truly consider to be mainstream names?