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General WWE

  1. WWE Should Do A 40-Man Royal Rumble Match Again Next Year
  2. Stop hating on Nikki Bella.
  3. Why Is It Always Roman Reigns "DOEZNT DEZERVE IT!!!"?
  4. Is Heath Slater still around?
  5. Do you prefer watching RAW/PPVs alone or in a group?
  6. Should WWE "reboot" Kane?
  7. Nikki Should Retain the Divas Championship
  8. Daniel Bryan should have beat the streak
  9. If U booed Roman during WM season U have no right 2 complain about Rollins title run
  10. In your opinion who should of ended Undertakers streak?
  11. Top 5 matches by your favorite Wrestler(s) ?
  12. ESPN's Grantland: No Faces, No Heels
  13. Lana with Racist tweets too... not this again
  14. WWE Bans Talent From Talking To Hulk Hogan
  15. What is the appeal in Rusev?
  16. The Rock's Girlfriend Expecting A Baby
  17. Why does Cena hold so much worth but not Orton?
  18. If I were writing the Diva's characters
  19. Daniel Bryan's Return and RTWM 2016
  20. 10 most beautiful Championships according to LOLWWE
  21. Rey Mysterio Shoot Interview Recap
  22. Roman Reigns standing up for fans
  23. New Day's Petition
  24. WWE 2004
  25. What makes for an effective face?
  26. Possible Spoiler on Plans for the Lana, Dolph Ziggler, Rusev and Summer Rae Storyline
  27. Most of WCW wrestlers coudnt draw a dime
  28. Ax finally open to being inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame!!!
  29. Jey Uso.
  30. They should make Rusev The Godfather 2.0.
  31. Is WWE run by kids?
  32. Will WWE ever bring back Saturday Morning Slam? Who would watch?
  33. Is the AJ Lee -StephanieMcMahon feud over?
  34. Hulk Hogan Could Face Jail Time for Perjury; Scott Steiner Rants on Twitter
  35. WWE Seriously Considering Putting Lana Back With Rusev
  36. Question about CM Punk
  37. Who's the best current ring worker without any experience prior to WWE?
  38. WWE Unfiltered with Renee Young and Dean Ambrose needs to happen
  39. Orton blew a kiss outta nowhere
  40. Jim Ross Says Taker/Cena Would Do Big Business
  41. Nikki didn't break AJ's record because of Cena, she broke her record because of this
  42. Why Do Some People Assume Blood is Going to Fix Things?
  43. NXT Star Endorses Donald Trump
  44. Is Cesaro the modern Shelton Benjamin
  45. Why is it a double standard with Cena and Daniel Byran booking?
  46. Kevin Sullivan highly critical of Owens wrestling in T-shirt and lack of credibility in WWE
  47. Triple h talks Sting and Seth Rollins cementing himself as the man this sunday at NOC
  48. Mid-Card WWE Star Receives A New Gimmick
  49. Damien Sandow bringing back The Intellectual Savior of the Masses ?
  50. New Day and Team BAD
  51. What would Seth have to accomplish over the rest of his career in order to get an actual statue of him put up?
  52. Who still plays with wwe action figures?
  53. Sting Talks About Night Of Champions and On Signing With WWE
  54. Cutting to commentary after Wyatt promo is beyond awkward
  55. The Divas Revolution is Doomed to Fail
  56. Why Nikki Bella's record-breaking reign was a smart decision
  57. Why Do People Give A Shit About Ratings?
  58. They screwed up with sting.
  59. Sick Of Seth Can't Draw Threads. STING and CENA as a team didn't draw.
  60. Cesaro not on NOC card?
  61. Worst Sharpshooter ever?
  62. Can anyone actually be top stars in current WWE booking?
  63. What was the point of John Cenas US open challenge?
  64. Big E Not Happy Nikki Broke A.J. Lee's Divas Title Record
  65. Report: Seth Rollins pitched Zahra Schreiber to be Sister Abigail, Bray Wyatt doesn't want his sister to play the role
  66. which year was great for wwe to make orton vs lesnar?
  67. What if Diva who takes the Divas Title from Nikki is
  68. WWE doesn't build stars because the midcard belts are meaningless
  69. Should WWE bring back the cruiserweight or light heavyweight championship?
  70. You thought Reigns was pushed until..
  71. Nikki Bella is a great role model for younger girls
  72. Would You Rather Have Bad Storylines/Promos Or No Storyline/Promo At All?
  73. Backstage News On The Mystery Partner At NOC
  74. Mainstream Magazine comments on declining WWE ratings
  75. Rollins - a text book case of why you shoudln't put the title on enhancement talent?
  76. Little Johnny buried Divas Revolution by making sure Nikki got the record
  77. Seth Rollins title reign has been a joke and Sting should win
  78. Did Sting vs Big (The Giant) Show feel like you were watching WCW again?
  79. Who is THE most misused superstar in the WWE at the moment?
  80. Would anyone be on board with this Taker/Sting scenario?
  81. Today's in ring action is awful
  82. Ratings Disaster!!! Season premiere of Raw sets new historic low.
  83. WWE Promoting Matches
  84. WWE Signs Another Tough Enough Competitor?
  85. WWE wants Roman Reigns to surpass CM Punk's WWE Title Reign
  86. Kurt Angle Lists His Top 20 Matches.
  87. What do you think of former WWE referee Earl Hebner making history?
  88. The Rock to return as Mystery Partner at NOC?
  89. Contrary to popular IWC beliefs, Nikki bella has been treated like shit by the WWE
  90. When was the last time Vince McMamahon has really grabbed the brass ring?
  91. Hogan Reportedly Never Talked to Vince McMahon About His Firing
  92. Was WM24 Orton's big mania moment?
  93. If the ppv is called Night Of Champions, Why are we getting this match?
  94. An idea to jumpstart this "Diva's Revolution"
  95. Paige have heat?
  96. Book your ideal Bella Twins exit from WWE
  97. The Bitterness, Excuses and Revolutions
  98. I'm I the only one who looks at Ryback differently since PUNK exposed him?
  99. Sting winning the title is the right direction.
  100. That was by far the best promo Reigns has ever cut
  101. So Sting will win vs Rollins..
  102. Will Becky Lynch be the Seth Rollins of Team PCB?
  103. Emma is starting her own cooking webshow
  104. WWE Should Do Their Own Version of ESPN's First Take As A Network Original
  105. Sasha banks
  106. John Cena's WrestleMania Opponent
  107. Ryback is awesome
  108. WCW still exists as a company ?
  109. Seriously, ban the spear for at least a decade with everyone but Rhyno, Reigns, and Show!
  110. why does WWE always booked the MITB weak
  111. In the Age of Broken kayfabe and poor booking, is it harder to be a good heel?
  112. Replacement options for Tamina and Naomi?
  113. Is this the longest consecutive period of time that heels have held the WWE title?
  114. Who do you like better for mic work and in ring skills??
  115. Backstage Report - Roman Reigns Heel Turn Possible?
  116. If Daniel Bryan ever gets cleared....
  117. Who should've won the WrestleMania 31 IC title Ladder match?
  118. Would you stop watching if Sheamus wins the title?
  119. The State of the WWE
  120. Jericho is overrated by smarks.
  121. Samoa Joe used to stream on Twitch
  122. why WWE dont tell the truth about Flair¯s record?
  123. Jim Ross thinks WWE should do The Dudleyz vs The Hardy Boyz TLC match at Wm32, talks Undertaker not retiring
  124. Your Favorite Rusev Moment?
  125. "Its the fault of WWE's booking" - IWC's blame deflecting tactic
  126. WWE Teasing That The WWE Hall Of Famer Will Be Part Of The ‘Divas Revolution
  127. Top 15 worst Intercontinental Champions
  128. Didn't Jericho win his first World Title as a babyface?
  129. How loud do you think the pops are going to be in AT&T Stadium?
  130. Identity of nude woman in Kevin Nash Twitter feed
  131. To those who say Daniel Bryan wasn't pushed enough...
  132. The way WWE dropped the ball on Daniel Bryan is unforgivable
  133. NOC Sting or Kane
  134. Top 20 highest paid WWE Superstars
  135. Current WWE vs. Past WWE Dream Card
  136. Sting should squash rollins at the PPV
  137. Does anybody still have their "live" versions of WWF/E & WCW PPVs?
  138. Stardust & Stephen Amell give huge check to "Emily's House"
  139. What has been your biggest pop to date?
  140. Question: John Cena on Sesame Street, Why Not?
  141. Utliamte Warrior - A Life Lived forever
  142. Paige explains what REALLY happened at the night club with Fox. Video in OP
  143. We will never see another team like the JBA in WWE?
  144. Former WWE Star Talks Backstage Incident with Shawn Michaels
  145. WWE vs WHC Titles - Which was more over throughough the years
  146. Mr Perfect actually returned to WWE after 2002 release!!!
  147. Paige Says The Bar Altercation With Her & Alicia Fox Was NOT Scripted Or Filmed For Total Divas
  148. So...Undertaker in the next months..
  149. Trophy Trashing - WWE Top 10
  150. Rusev is a winner at life
  151. Legacy - Sim Snuka and Manu
  152. Which superstar has been booked the worst this year?
  153. Backstage Talk On John Cena Having Another WWE World Heavyweight Title Run
  154. Speculation on a Major Name Returning to WWE
  155. Why was Lawler dropped from Raw, but not the PPV's?
  156. M. Hassan: Only Thing Crazy Enough to Save Ratings
  157. Jericho hanging out with Benoit last night
  158. If you knew you'd die tomorrow, what WWE match would you watch for the last time?
  159. Ric Flair Wants To Be On WWE TV Every Week
  160. Who will be the 4th and 5th members in the Wyatt vs Shield angle?
  161. Why Kevin Nash. CM Punk was best for business, Nash didn't ruin "Summer of Punk", Punk as a WWE Champion was a failuire as a draw
  162. Why Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, & Eddie Guerrero were B+ players
  163. Vince McMahon Reminds Everyone to Spay and Neuter their Pets
  164. Michael Cole's Substitute
  165. Why Vanilla Midgets will never be big money draws
  166. Curt Hennig's (Mr Perfect) last match footage
  167. Booker T Says He's Done Wrestling
  168. Update On Randy Orton's WWE Status
  169. If you were in charge of booking the women what would you do?
  170. Does anyone miss the US Championship Open Challenge?
  171. Brock hates homosexuals (Will WWE take notice?)
  172. Your favorite WWE movie?
  173. Has WWE got better or worse in the last year?
  174. So without the Big Gold belt the IC title will be elevated, right? haha
  175. Daniel Bryan believes WWE should be concerned that they haven’t created many big stars since the Attitude Era
  176. Eric Bischoff is probably the only man besides Vince
  177. Is there a woman in WWE that can draw more heat than Stephanie McMahon?
  178. IWC: Just A Sad Village Of Wannabes by Vince Russo
  179. What are the chances we will see a piledriver again?
  180. The Rock needs to wrestle one match before WrestleMania
  181. Why doesn't WWE let Ambrose or Owens talk?
  182. Can somebody please help me
  183. Best botch recovery
  184. Daniel Bryan or CM Punk
  185. WWE swaps hair [FUNNY]
  186. WWE swaps hair [FUNNY]
  187. How big of an effect does internet streaming have on ratings?
  188. Owen Hart Blu Ray
  189. Was Divas match promo at Summer Slam racist?
  190. New Kevin Owens Habs Style Shirt
  191. Kevin Owens On Who Cast Deciding Vote To Bring Him In, Talks Brock Lesnar, HBK, etc
  192. In 10 secs - Can Kevin Owens be a main-eventer?
  193. Possible 2016 HOF Inductees
  194. New Orton gimmick idea
  195. Randy Orton Back On Vacation, Angle With Wyatts Was To Write Him Off TV
  196. So HHH is letting two women main event NXT Takeover will Vince do this for the divas?
  197. Do you think WrestleMania 32 will surpass WrestleMania 3 as the biggest event in history?
  198. What are the 2 Greatest Theme Songs in WWE History (in your opinion)?
  199. Booking of Seth Rollins is the catalyst for the downturn
  200. Predict this!!
  201. Transition from Attitude Era to Ruthless Aggression Era - Intentional or Unintentional?
  202. Kevin Owens' Eyes
  203. Do HHH and kevin Dunn really not like each other?
  204. What is your favourite New Day moment ?
  205. WWE Releases Statement in Regards to Jasmin Areebi-She WON'T Be Fired
  206. There is literally nothing that excites me about wwe anymore
  207. To boost the ratings.
  208. Why does WWE remove sponsors from their DVDs?
  209. Give Roman Reigns a Moveset.
  210. Roman Reigns Q&A at San Jose Comic Con : Dream Opponent, Fav Wrestler of All Time, Match with The Rock, Shield Triple Threat
  211. Anyone else feel Ryback is too big to be IC Champion
  212. Daniel Bryan comments on his thoughts of a Cena Heel Turn, New Day, Kurt Angle and More
  213. If World Heavyweight Title still existed who would you pick
  214. Kurt Angle Leaving TNA! More Racist Comments From NXT Diva! -WTTV
  215. World Title is a joke...
  216. News on USA Networks' view on the current WWE Viewership Figures and their thoughts on the decline of the popularity of wrestling
  217. Speculation on Night of Champions Main Event
  218. Dream match idea.
  219. Sasha Banks should join The New Day
  220. (Article) Please Don’t Drop The Ball On Cesaro…
  221. Amanda replaces Naomi,thoughts?
  222. Will The (Almost) Shield v Wyatt Family go to Hell in a Cell?
  223. Everything Lacks Purpose and Reason
  224. Is the product suffering from top faces not having great mic skills?
  225. How man WWF/WWE-wrestlers have used the N-word? Racist slurs? Flair?Stone Cold? Triple H?
  226. What makes a match?
  227. What the "other" organizations beat the WWE in
  228. Taker Not Retiring After WM 32?; Possible Guest For Steve Austin Podcast
  229. Who is the wrestler you'd least expect working in other promotion some time?
  230. Possible Spoiler For Night Of Champions; WWE Concerned About Racism Insinuations In Mexico
  231. If Austin interviewed The Rock on his Podcast, what should the topics be?
  232. Smarks no more- what do you say?
  233. Edge
  234. Sacrifices made by WWE
  235. The WWE match format and ring style
  236. I think Alicia Fox has the least amount of reasons lorewise and storywise to be in the Revolution.
  237. WWE The Hardy Boyz Return
  238. Will Neville create a faction to battle the Cosmic Wasteland?
  239. What's your opinion on wrestlers breaking Kayfabe during promos?
  240. Sting in Glasgow!
  241. Update on Ronda Rousey Appearing at WrestleMania 32
  242. Does anyone honestly think a Japanese midget like Hideo Itami will ever draw money in WWE?
  243. New shoot interview from Rico Constantino
  244. Indies
  245. Will Goldust ever return?
  246. How would you book Night of Champions
  247. Natalya Comments on her match against Charlotte, Triple H, and not being included in the 'Divas Revolution'
  248. Another Former WWE Tag Champion Accuses Bubba Ray Dudley Of Purposely Hurting Wrestlers
  249. Alpha Males Draw - Beat Males Don't
  250. Does WWE pay extra cash to the guys for filming movies?
  251. Why does WWE not want some of their wrestlers to be over?
  252. Nikki Bella interview with Michael Cole; says she's a revolutionary, Charlotte belongs in NXT, and talks about her legacy...
  253. Admit You Were Wrong Thread
  254. less intimidating big man ever?
  255. Calling a heel turn in Divas Title Match Charlotte vs Nikki
  256. WWE Diva Signed Paintings Up for Auction
  257. Mystery partner of the Shield leaked?
  258. Wrestlers who desperately need a change
  259. Lana may not have been training for in ring debut
  260. Forbes: "Professional wrestling isn’t as popular as it once was"
  261. Bringing back wrestlers/NXT
  262. Who can do it..
  263. Another WWE Development Diva In Social Media Scandal.
  264. What would be your perception of WWE if you only watched the ppvs?
  265. If Bryan AND Punk returned, who would fans side with?
  266. Brad Maddox
  267. "Heel" Undertaker vs "Joker" Sting
  268. Greatest 2 out 3 falls match in WWE history?
  269. WWE.COM Poll: Who Would Return to The Loudest Crowd Reaction?
  270. Some Interesting Irony in Regards to NXT and The Main Roster
  271. Should WWE Tighten Up Security?
  272. Ryback possibly getting another push ?
  273. Imagine if Cena was ever given the Hogan/Benoit treatment
  274. Crossfit Jesus
  275. My Petition To Bring The Real Americans Back
  276. What WWE needs to do to get out of the crap hole they call a product.
  277. Why doesn't Rollins cheat in matches?
  278. WWE Undisputed Championship Belt
  279. I figured out why Diva matches on RAW are terrible in comparison to NXT matches!
  280. If WWE personally offered you to fire anyone, if you could dig out some social-media dirt on that person...
  281. Rate my ideas for a Roman Reigns character shift.
  282. Interesting Poll on and Results
  283. WWE fake "philanthropy" stunts? Is Stephanie Guilty?
  284. Roman Reigns "Drive By" move
  285. Sting's best theme
  286. JBL hates homosexuals (Will WWE take notice?)
  287. WWE signing Kana
  288. Renee Dupree Controversial Interview; Trashes WWE & Buries Bubba, JBL, Bob Holly!
  289. Eric Bischoff's BATB "Tale & Russo response
  290. Best story going at the moment?
  291. Turning On Wrestlers You Once Marked For
  292. Paige and Alicia might be in trouble
  293. How cringeworthy is Charlotte?
  294. Chris Jericho thinks "Divas Revolution" is a Big Wash
  295. Internet fans seem to hate how Sting's being used but truth is that's EXACTLY how he should be!
  296. segment of the year
  297. Who Is the Standout of The New Day?
  298. Remember the Days of....
  299. Jim Ross does NOT think The Undertaker will retire at Wm32
  300. Poll On Which Superstar Return Would Get the Biggest Reaction
  301. Another Wrestler fucks up on Twitter
  302. Japanese indie diva signed to nxt
  303. Chris Jericho leap of faith !
  304. Wwe and materialism and breaking others people's possessions
  305. What could revitalize the WWE?
  306. WWE needs to bring back a Version of the Horsemen/Evolution
  307. Who is going to win the 2016 Royal Rumble?
  308. Disgruntled wrestlers fed up with stupid gimmicks angle?
  309. 4 Horsemen - Paul Roma
  310. Why doesn't Woods wrestle?
  311. Impact Finishers vs Submission Finshers
  312. Have you ever listened to the podcast called Wrestling Soup?
  313. Unexpected Wrestling Friendships?
  314. I think Bret has to Apologize to us
  315. Amanda from tough enough has signed
  316. Edge's last match wasn't at Wrestlemania 27
  317. Is Eva Marie the Kim Kardashian of Wrestling?
  318. Where is Batista?
  319. Is Brock Lesnar being painted as Taker's greatest (and final) opponent?
  320. Another reason to hate John Cena
  321. Paige outsells ROMAN REIGNS loool
  322. The Awkward Unspoken Rules of the Divas Revolution Booking
  323. Seth Rollins On Which WWE NXT Talent He Wants Called Up, Working With Triple H, His Critics
  324. Lana to Become a Full Time Wrestler After Nursing Her Injury
  325. Bret Hart says The Kliq were literally a cancer in the Dressing Room
  326. WWE.COM: Lana Injured While Training
  327. AJ Lee should screw Nikki out of the record.
  328. Think HHH and Steph will ever feud?
  329. Book it.
  330. Which of the part timers is in the best shape? (In ring wise and look wise)
  331. Would you be a comedy jobber to get into the wwe
  332. WWE Star Daniel Bryan Dances to Raise Awareness for Pediatric Cancer
  333. Does Anyone Miss Edge?
  334. Do you think there's still room in the WWE for Ironman matches?
  335. Why are they not bringing Bayley up till next year?
  336. Wrestling trinity
  337. Eric Bischoff gets OWNED by Vince Russo!
  338. Q+A With Sasha Banks and She's Absolutely Adorable
  339. Do you I think it's time for Kalisto's single run?
  340. WWE should erase CM Punk and AJ Lee
  341. Why does the IWC shit on legends like Taker and Sting?
  342. Idea for Divas Revolution - Reform Four Horsewomen
  343. Former WWE Star Says Sunny Was Not A Nice Person, Comments On Her Recent Troubles, Sunny Responds
  344. The shield should bring in Mark Henry to counter strowman
  345. 6 months in and no Rumble front runner.
  346. TLC+Stairs 2015 IC Money In The Bank Match
  347. Batista look compared to 2010 to 2014. Another reason for his failed return?
  348. What superstars will be greats on the mic?
  349. Are you still a fan of Hulk Hogan?
  350. If Sting vs Taker does happen, their promos should not be confined to ring.
  351. Cena buried No one, it was all VInce!
  352. Best Spinebusters in the business
  353. Will WWE Always Be The Top Company?
  354. Anyone going to Blackpool Comic-Con on Saturday?
  355. Stings Entrance Theme
  356. Looking good.... except the filler
  357. Trish Stratus teases tag-team match with Lita against Bella Twins
  358. Should nxt be kept more separate to the main roster?
  359. The most "PC word" in this business is...
  360. Why didn't Bret sue WWE/Vince ?
  361. Johnny Gargano used as a security guard in WWE NXT back in 2010
  362. Gargano and Ciampa sign with the www
  363. Sting’s Original Night Of Champions Plans
  364. Random idea
  365. Pitch for using a full Brand Split to Improve WWE
  366. WWE finally lays down the Social Media Law on their talents
  367. NXT Debut at Night of champions (Spoiler)
  368. Given that Pro-wrestlers no longer draw in this era, why not hire more UFC/MMA fighters to Lesnar like deals?
  369. They dropped the ball with The Miz in 2011.
  370. On a scale of 1 - 10, how would you rate Kevin Owens on the Mic?
  371. Why do people like the current divas?
  372. Agree or Disagree: Women in Wrestling are lot more interesting and watchable when they are NOT wrestling!
  373. Steve Austin's thoughts on Cena breaking Ric Flair's Title Record, Vince on keeping Records & Log Books and More
  374. Roman & Dean Get to Choose a Partner
  375. Smith Hart Shares His Thoughts on the Hulk Hogan Situation
  376. Eric Rowan should use this new finisher for his return...
  377. Is JOHN CENA already a Legend?
  378. Will we ever see a one on one Elimination Chamber?
  379. Are you happy with the Upper Card Roster?
  380. How to turn Ambrose and Reigns vs Wyatts into gold
  381. This how WWE should end the Dudley's vs New Day feud
  382. Stomping on the mat effect for punches - Good or bad?
  383. Hulk Hogan responds to Bret Hart's heavily critical comments
  384. Could Aj Lee return to wwe and cost nikki bella her win.
  385. Did the Shield get stale?
  386. Looking back: CM Punk left WWE - and took a dump on Triple H face
  387. Eva Marie starts fitness company, taking new clients
  388. Who will beat Rollins for the title?
  389. Undertaker's 25th Anniversary
  390. John Cena Injured AGAIN at WWE Live Event?
  391. R truth apprecitation thread
  392. Bo Dallas? More like Bo Dunlap
  393. Rey Mysterio and Alberto El Patron Backstage WWE Talk
  394. New Day/Brock Lesnar MSG
  395. Sting is older than William Regal
  396. Should John Cena win the IC title once?
  397. Bruce Hart Says Tyson Kidd's Career Is Over; WWE Mismanaged Tyson in Aftermath of Injury
  398. "Let me tell ya something..."
  399. Kevin Owens needs to lose his fatty attire.
  400. Paige Sells most VIP tickets for wizard world and has #1 action figure for divas
  401. Best post-SummerSlam product in years?
  403. Worst year for WWE legends
  404. So.... why did Sandow get buried?
  405. Any chance Kane will return with his old attire?
  406. Whats wrong with Owens except the "HE'S FAT" thing ?
  407. Favorite WWE Managers
  408. The Rock arrested
  409. Rey Mysterio and El Paltron demanding Part time schedule from WWE!
  410. Doesn't Brock Lesnar's Super-Push exemplify everything wrong with WWE's part timers problem?
  411. Meet the new Mrs Laurinaitis... Mama Bella!
  412. The lack of Main Event talent is concerning
  413. Not so PG moments in the PG Era
  414. What is the greatest match of all time and why is the poster above wrong in his opinion?
  415. Do you think WWE should do more backstage/outside/public segments ?
  416. Non-wrestlers who could wrestle
  417. Steve Austin Says Stephen Amell SummerSlam Match Was "Embarrassing" Due To Bad Booking
  418. Underrated Feuds in WWE history?
  419. Chyna riling up Hollywood Celebrities for her Hall of Fame Endorsement!
  420. Looking for Heyman gif
  421. Bret Hart on Kevin Owens: "I wouldn't say he's a fat guy -- he looks like a brickhouse"
  422. if angle stayed
  423. Eva Marie has the look dammit. I don't care if she can wrestle...
  424. What if...
  425. Charlotte is happy with everything; No complaints!
  426. Details of Sunny's Skype Sessions
  427. Nikki Bella the only Divas Champion in WWE History to Defend in Japan
  428. PWI 500 2015 - wrestler of the year is....
  429. Your Dream Match from any era of WWE or wrestling
  430. John Laurinaitis
  431. All those title defenses, matches & promos Cena had as US champ; shouldn't he be considered the GOAT US champ?
  432. I Wish WWE Did Brock Lesnar vs Vader at Madison Square Garden
  433. John Cena question
  434. Cody Rhodes Polls Fans On Which Persona They Like Best
  435. Anyone who says The Ascension cannot be more than jobbers should watch the last episode of NXT
  436. Who were the last 5 released divas, and how you'd think they'd fit in this ''revolution''?
  437. Seth Rollins as top heel champion is a piss-poor version of CM Punk!
  438. Kelly Kelly Says WWE Return Is A Possibility
  439. John Cena Could Have Make-A-Wish Competition
  440. WrestleMania In St. Louis
  441. Isn't it unfair to Sheamus that he is tagged the "Work-out buddy" but Seth Rollins is NOT?
  442. Top all time wrestlers who could work a broom to a 5 star match
  443. If you were in-charge of WWE, Would you make the call to fire the only openly homosexual wrestler, Darren Young?
  444. ZZ from Tough Enough still has a shot; WWE interested
  445. WWE legend praises Eva Marie
  446. Update on WWE Signing Former TNA Prospect and Kanna
  447. Roman Reigns begins to Outdraw John Cena in Live events!
  448. Barbie Blank (Kelly Kelly) Says WWE Return Is A Possibility!
  449. Is Eva Marie the only person to botch a kick-out from pinfall?
  450. Seth Rollins should wrestle Three times at NOC
  451. What are your thoughts on this?
  452. Today who gets a bigger pop, The Rock or Stone Cold?
  453. Remove from HOF
  454. Chris Jericho Annoying and finally unsubscribed
  455. Apollo Crews: the Ryback push?
  456. Mick Foley posts great photo
  457. Rank The Divas In The Divas Revolution From Best To Worst.
  458. WWE - What Might Have Been
  459. Is any WWE here even interested in the ongoing TNA vs GFW "war"?
  460. Big Guest for Steve Austin Show on the Network
  461. What Happened to Rusev?
  462. Update On WWE Dr. Chris Amann's Lawsuit Against CM Punk And Colt Cabana
  463. John Laurinaitis set to become Bryan and Cena's Father-in-law!
  464. John Laurinaitis Engaged To The Bella's Mother
  465. WWE needs a faction called the Warboys.
  466. Why not expand the Wyatt Family? Save his career
  467. The ultimate party pooper
  468. Why do they do gimmick match PPV's?
  469. Will WWE ever Get rid of the Royal Rumble ?
  470. Favorite Moment of the Ruthless Aggression Era?
  471. Sting/Taker and Taker/Brock III ideas
  472. Dean Ambrose talks about his relation ship with Renee Young
  473. Michael Cole's Weekly Sit-Down Interviews Celebrating Its 2nd Year This Week
  474. Update On Kane’s WWE Return
  475. Main events that were subpar?
  476. Remember When The Shield vs. The Wyatts Was Actually Exciting?
  477. Charlotte seizes the opportunity, Exclusvie Interview
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  489. So let me get this straight...
  491. WWE should suspend the whole Hall of Fame concept until this PC social-media era blows over!
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  527. It's ridiculous. That is why we love it.
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