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General WWE

  1. John Cena taking time off is a work; he's resting up to win the Royal Rumble
  2. Is it OK for a Heel to Get Cheered?
  3. Heels are booked like faces and vice versa
  4. Why is Brock a face ?
  5. Stop blaming WWE booking for the lack of current Star Power.
  6. Champions
  7. Cesaro and Bryan
  8. What to do with senior Joe ?
  9. Craziest WWE Rumours
  10. Future of Ambrose.
  11. A plus side to if Cena keeps the US title when he takes time off
  12. The way the announcers defend John Cena
  13. Paige treatment - MSG PPV Divas match
  14. What about the US title?
  15. Who Are The Top 5 Strongest booked / Best WWE Superstars (kayfabe wise)? *part timers included
  16. The last time Raw ratings were as they're today, we go this...
  17. Kevin Owens makes fun of Jericho. Finally someone provoking Y2J
  18. Do you think Sasha's call up is premature ?
  19. Big Show vs Brock Lesnar was a massive let down and an embarassment.
  20. WWE's Logic or should I say Vince's...
  21. Why can't more wrestlers be like Kevin Owens?
  22. All Paige face/heel turn inconsistencies aside, with all the heatless tag matches, why have we not done PCB vs. Team BAD 6-person tag match at all?
  23. John Cena Posts Cryptic Instragram
  24. "Ladies and Gentlemen, let's hear it for The Big Show"
  25. Where are all the damn baby faces?
  26. Reigns vs Owens for the IC Belt
  27. What is with fans chanting "please retire" towards WWE Talents
  28. New Day Post Interview Gold!
  29. Which Main Eventer Had The Organic Push to the Top?
  30. How far do you think Bray Wyatt will make it?
  31. What was the point of Cena winning U.S. Title back?
  32. New Day's Future
  33. Hornswoggle have heat?
  34. It's a crime it's been 5 years since WWE has televised a show from MSG
  35. I don't think a Roman Reigns super push will happen again.
  36. What! There going to have Cens beat Seth for the 4th time!
  37. Owens and Rusev as a Tag Team?
  38. So we went from Reigns vs Wyatt to Dean/Reignsvs the Wyatt Family to Reigns Vs Waytt
  39. Becky Lynch... The female Dean Ambrose?
  40. Who will take Cena's place while he takes time off?
  41. does randy orton really needs the match against brock lesnar for his legacy once he is done?
  42. Looking for Team Angle shirt from 2003
  43. 2016 and 2017 WWE Projections
  44. So who is Vince gonna use now Cena is gone for the rest of the year?
  45. Kane and HHH feud in 2002
  46. Things WWE did right this year
  47. Blown Opportunities By WWE To Make New Stars
  48. Could a selfie stable work?
  49. The fans and the talent themselves don't want another Hogan, Rock, Cena.
  50. My biggest problem with Rock facing Triple H at WM 32 ...
  51. Lana Engaged?
  52. Your top contenders for the WHC?
  53. Sasha Banks and Bayley Get Their Own Action Figures
  54. Wwe improvements 1 - less predictable
  55. Who would like to have talk show/interview segment and how would you call it?
  56. Can you see Stephanie McMahon turning face anytime soon?
  57. A couple rumours that both interest and terrify me...
  58. If Austin does return....
  59. Is Tajiri a future Hall of Famer
  60. Daniel Bryan should Feud with Braun Strowman
  61. How Would You Book Randy Orton in 2016 & Beyond?
  62. Michael Hayes, the singer
  63. What happenned to Sandow and Fandango?
  64. Who will be the next US champ?
  65. Russo doing KC timeline WWF 98!
  66. Cena will vacate the US title
  67. Jim Ross Talks About WWE’s Viewership Decline
  68. Screw HHH, 32 should be Rock vs Bryan
  69. How I'd Set Up John Cena vs The Undertaker at Mania 32
  70. How To Be Over While Not Being In The Main Event?
  71. Why not do Kane vs Brock instead of big show?
  72. Paul Heyman on the criticism of Brock Lesnar's opponent at MSG.
  73. The small things piss me off, too
  74. Would you like it if NXT would be moved to the third hour of RAW?
  75. Who is the most 'believable' wrestler in the WWE?
  76. Grado responds to Balor's shots at TNA
  77. Zahra Schreiber should tell all on the Seth affair now shes gone from WWE
  78. If you could choose guest for the next Stone Cold podcast live, who would you pick?
  79. Sadly Kevin Dunn owns more of WWE than both Steph & Hunter
  80. Todo HELL in a CELL justice this needs to happen...
  81. Paul Heyman Explains Why WWE Viewership Is Declining
  82. Becky Lynch on the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast
  83. Q & A with Paul Heyman
  84. Is David O'Tunga still employed?
  85. Former WWE Diva Eve gives birth
  86. Bray Wyatt vs. Raven - Fantasy Match-Up
  87. Brock would have been better if they didnt put him in this box
  88. Taste of Tenille(Emma)
  89. Kayfabe: Monster heels invincibility
  90. Bryan advertised for a few European shows?
  91. Is it time to just put the title back on Cena?
  92. I give up with WWE
  93. WWE forgets to renew trademarks including Stardust, Lunatic Fringe, WWE Shop, Hornswoggle
  94. Are The New Day Funny or Annoying?
  95. How would this triple main event sell at wrestlemania?
  96. John Cena Time Off/New Us Champ
  97. When will it happen
  98. Heels are currently more likeable and entertaining than babyfaces
  99. Kane VS Seth Rollins is going to be the worst match on the card!
  100. I am interested in hearing hhh's take on the divas revolution
  101. Rosa Mendes Has A New WWE Gig!
  102. Please explain how Owens gimmic makes sense!
  103. How is Brock Lesnar off screen?
  104. New Japan and indy haters, why?
  105. WWE.COM Exclusive: 17 Minute New Day Interview - Uncensored & Uncut
  106. RAW Hits Lowest Ratings Since 1997
  107. Can't believe it's been 6 years since Sheamus debuted.
  108. Who Did It Best?
  109. How does Bray Wyatt have a job in WWE?
  110. Dean Ambrose is 3-12 in PPV matches ...
  111. If You Had To Sign 5 Wrestlers For 2016
  112. JR Should Do Commentary At Wrestlemania 32
  113. Does anyone else can not stand the WWE production?
  114. Backstage News On John Cena Missing Some Upcoming Dates - off TV and live events after HIAC until New Year
  115. Why do the WWE and Fans
  116. Dean Ambrose Replica Jacket now available from WWEShop
  117. with more NXT talent could WWE pull off a brand split?
  118. First WWE show you went to?
  119. Who do you want to face Cena in his US Open challenge?
  120. This is why John Cena's crew cut goes a bit far on the back of his head(CENA's MPB situation)
  121. This is why John Cena's crew cut goes a bit far on the back of his head(CENA's MPB situation)
  122. What if I had a good explanation for Sasha "breaking kayfabe" that made it so she wasn't doing so all along? I have a plausible theory.
  123. WWE Has Big Plans for NXT, John Cena Involved?
  124. If you could change the outcome of one match from last two years...
  125. Its Pink Time! WWE Rise Above Cancer Campaign Officially Starts
  126. Triple Threat Match for the WWE Title at WrestleMania 32?
  127. Roman Reigns Talks Royal Rumble Disaster
  128. What is the gimmick of Kevin Owens ?
  129. Do you think WWE should start a Nazi stable ?
  130. Will Brock Lesnar end Undertakers Career at Hell in A Cell?
  131. One thing WWE can do similar to NXT easily: Why not have sitdown interviews of participants talking while actual highlights play at PPVs?
  132. Bill Apter thinks Benoit is innocent
  133. How/Why is Undertaker suddenly so active right now?
  134. Prediction: Saturday Night Sheamus wins his fourth title.
  135. Is Charlotte The Ugliest Divas Champion of All Time?
  136. What's Wrong With This Video?
  137. With Lesnar Coming Back Kane Will Be Coming After Him
  138. What's the point in the US Title Open Challenge?
  139. How Many Creative Writers Are Needed?
  140. How to turn Seth Rollins face
  141. The rest of the card needs a main plot...Civil War?
  142. Why do I have the sudden urge to want to see Roman Reigns vs. Braun Strowman?
  143. Rollins is going to break Punk's record.
  144. What new PPV would you make ?
  145. Did Y'all Notice How Quickly Stephanie Separated Herself from The Divas Revolution After It Was Considered a Complete Failure?
  146. WWE: Here's how its done.
  147. Original plans for Seth Rollins leading into NOC- Champion held in high regard by Triple H
  148. Who else cares more about Raw and Smackdown than NXT?
  149. Where do they go from here
  150. Ex-Manager Says Brock Lesnar Bullied Him
  151. Eddie - Angle - HBK - Benoit - Bret - Flair - Bryan - RANK THEM!
  152. Big Show rips into WWE fans and Brock
  153. The "This is awesome" chants are unwarranted
  154. Is being a good seller a must for a wrestler?
  155. Daniel Bryan wanted to split brands
  156. Potential Spoiler About returning WWE Superstar
  157. The Incredible Shrinking (and Shredded) Michael Cole aka Vintage Diet
  158. Who should challenge Rollins at Survivor Series? (poll incoming)
  159. Pinpoint the 5 reasons WWE is where it is today?
  160. It's a shame WWE didn't like the "indy guys"; big loss of money?
  161. What happened to Erick Rowan?
  162. Madusa Rips The Current WWE Divas Division In A Recent Facebook Post
  163. Speculation On Ziggler/Cena Feud Coming
  164. Reigns proves every week he should be champion
  165. Report: Brock Lesnar added to next week's WWE Raw
  166. Superstar Ink with Roman Reigns (Part 1)
  167. Serious question: Is the Trombone act getting stale? Should Xavier simply use it on special occasions to keep it fresh?
  168. Where is the next Stone Cold?
  169. Madusa gives her opinion on the Divas Division
  170. WWE is most watched youtube channel, rock vs cena dvd outsells everything
  171. Wyatt, Reigns and Ambrose booking *Spoilers*
  172. WWE'S True Biggest Problem Is Presentation.
  173. Wrestlers who could be used in tag teams?
  174. Good Ideas WWE Passed On?
  175. How can Seth Rollins just show up fine after being "sent to hell"?
  177. New "BIG GUYS" are ready to step up!
  178. Oh how I long for Early-Mid 00's Divas.
  179. How About the Divas Revolt Off My Television Screen
  180. Lack of quality pushes. Why no one ever gets a long term push.
  181. 2nd Cell match added to Hell in a Cell
  182. 5 Favorite Matches From Each Different Fed
  183. Worst WWE blade jobs?
  184. The Bella Twins vs. Trish and Lita at Mania 32
  185. Sting being built up to be a heel??? it all would make sense now
  186. Should Becky Lynch join The New Day?
  187. Best WWE Comedy Characters?
  188. Preliminary SummerSlam PPV Buys
  189. Rollins injured Sting at Vince's orders
  190. A Big E vs Brock Lesnar Fued
  191. This so-called "Divas Revolution" needs a soft reset
  192. When's the last time the WWE had a new idea?
  193. Heath Slater waiting to answer the US Open Challenge
  194. They are dropping the ball with Bayley/Sasha II
  195. Finishers that need to be replaced or dropped entirely
  196. How low do the ratings have to be before they let Daniel Bryan wrestle?
  197. What Was Up With Cena Last Night?
  198. Last NECK Standing Match: Angle vs Bryan
  199. Finn Balor, what's the big deal?
  200. Alberto Del Rio is boring
  201. Seth Rollins still sucks
  202. Should WWE try sign Nick Diaz?
  203. JBL's commentary is a disgrace
  204. Vince Russo SHITS on WWE and Vince Mchamon! Holy shiit :O
  205. Paige On The Divas Revolution Storyline, Her Pipebomb Promo, And NXT
  206. Seth Rollins sucks
  207. The difference of "good look" and "charisma? Different charisma - Reigns, Flair, Undertaker, Brock?
  208. Most Hated Champion
  209. JR blog: Rock - HHH rumors, Austin wrestling Brock, social media obsessed fans
  210. Tamina doesnt belong to the "Revolution"
  211. Charlotte and Becky Lynch bury the divas division
  212. Raw is a struggle to watch, but I've found a solution!
  213. Gah! Was anyone else besides me hoping the Kane / Seth segment simply ended w/ Seth destroying Kane on his own & Kane having to leave via ambulance?
  214. WWE /WHC shouldnt be allowed to become jobbers
  215. Do these old wrestlers have no pride?
  216. Anyone else find the announcers' vocabulary amusing?
  217. If you don't want to be called up to the main roster
  218. Roman Reigns is from Pepsi Cola Florida
  219. What WWE is missing so badly these days
  220. Triple H Just Admitted That NXT Talents Dread Callups
  222. Reigns still has horrible stamina and cardio
  223. Rusev injured on Monday Night Raw
  224. Braun Stowman booking from Austin podcast idea?
  225. I know none of us like Big Show but admit it...
  226. Big Show RANK 24 in WWE powerRankings 25/9/15
  227. Becky Lynch is not funny
  228. Could The New Day reinvigorate Big E for the main event?
  229. Kurt Angle has high praise for Sasha Banks
  230. Reigns vs Ambrose has to happen RTWM 2016! & They shoud main event WM 32.
  231. CM Punk WWE Return: Possible Under Certain Conditions
  232. Kelly Kelly Open to WWE Return, Thoughts on CM Punk
  233. Many NXT wrestlers don't want to be on the WrestleMania card this year - says Finn Balor
  234. is there a future for Ryback in WWE?
  235. Hell in a Cell go home show (Raw oct. 19) looks stacked
  236. Predicting Sheamus' cashing in date...
  237. Who do you want to be roch's opponent at Wm
  238. Imagine if the four got deep drunk!
  239. WWE Suspend Hornswoggle For 30 Days
  240. Being released for being bad or not improving?
  241. Nikki Bella addresses rumors, critics and the WWE Total Divas season finale
  242. What defines charisma?
  243. Rumors that shocked/surprised you or made you hate a wrestler/diva
  244. Would you rather see Rock vs. Cena - III instead of Rock vs. HHH?
  245. If we knew the wrestlers looked on here alot what message would you leave them?
  246. My ideas for cesaro
  247. Choose one of these combination of matches for Wrestlemania 32
  248. SummerSlam returns to Barclays Center in 2016 and 2017
  249. What would improve WWE most?
  250. Do you think bringing back world heavyweight champion can improve ratings?
  251. Has there been a legend like Sting legacy been diminished?
  252. Rumor Roundup: WM 32 Plans, Stephanie vs Rousey, WWEWHC Stipulation @ HIAC, & More!
  253. Wrestlemania 32 card
  254. Taylor Wilde
  255. Thoughts on Wrestler's making comments on various WWE DVD's
  256. WrestleMania 32: Shouldn't Seth Rollins wrestle Triple H instead of The Rock?
  257. Seth Rollins Sets New Record
  258. Backstage News On The Rock's WrestleMania Plans
  259. The way Natalya is used is CRIMINAL
  260. Interesting Article --> "Manhood on the Mat"
  261. Superstar of the year in terms of match quality.
  262. News On WWE Paying Brock Lesnar More Money
  263. Public firings?
  264. Who are we/they talking about that's just there to collect a check?
  265. Wyatt Family's Next Feud
  266. Cameron Says Fans Wanted Her In Team BAD, Talks Forgotten Divas, Training Outside Of WWE
  267. Bret on Wrestletalk TV
  268. ​Judge Denies A Request To Unseal Hulk Hogan’s Lawsuit Against Gawker Media
  269. John Cena Pranks The Walking Dead
  270. Kevin Dunn. Useless waste of sperm? Or useless waste of sperm?
  271. Most Overrated/Underrated wrestling match ever?
  272. Booker T and Stevie Ray Wants Harlem Heat vs. The Dudley Boyz At WM32
  273. DDP On What Feud Could Bring Him Back To WWE
  274. Why is Glenn Jacobs aka Kane still in WWE?
  275. Fuck it. John Stewart should win the WWE title
  276. What's Your Favorite In-Ring Daniel Bryan moments?
  277. Why do payoffs to feuds suck so bad?
  278. Turncoat Teammates ¯ Top 10
  279. Cena being scared shitless of Bray Wyatt's exorcist impression
  280. If you were tasked with getting a superstar white hot and to main event Mania 32, who and how would you do it?
  281. WWE is gonna be in trouble once the old guard leaves
  282. Brock vs Rock II is probably the way to go at mania 32.
  283. Should Sting get a win in WWE? If so against who?
  284. Which 2 do you take out from Top 10 Greatest of All Time List
  285. How to make Big Show more interesting
  286. Who do you think is the WWE Woman Wrestler of the Year 2015?
  287. Wrestlers you started to watch WWE for ?
  288. The Evolution Of Sasha Banks
  289. Did WWE kill another WCW star.
  290. In terms of in ring skills ONLY, who do you think is the absolute BEST in WWE?
  291. Let's play a game: Name A Favorite Wrestler in WWE of each alignment (one face, one heel) that you would like to see turn face/heel respectively
  292. Date and Location Revealed For Next Year's Fast Lane PPV (It's Not In St. Louis)
  293. Why does Kevin Owens sound like he just woke up from a nap when he does promo's?
  294. Lana hinting at dropping her fake accent
  295. Is it the talent or product ?
  296. Have You Ever Cheered Against Your Favorite Wrestler(s)?
  297. When it's all said and done, who will have more divas titles between Sasha and Charlotte?
  298. I can't believe they were ever champion
  299. Seth Rollins Talks Possibly Reuniting with Reigns and Ambrose
  300. If you could meet any wrestler in history...
  301. Where are J and J?
  302. Owen Hart: Hart of Gold DVD/BD Trailer
  303. Segment Involving Two Big Names On The October 19th Edition Of RAW
  304. The WWE are finally entering WCW 'circa 2001' territory
  305. Sasha Banks' Legit BOSS Rings Are Now for Sale on WWE Shop
  306. Roman Regins "look" is overrated!
  307. Dream Match: Seth Rollins vs Jeff Hardy
  308. Mark Henry says he wants to have his retirement match against Daniel Bryan
  309. Daniel Bryan Question
  310. WrestleMania 32: The BIG question, will they sell it out?
  311. Bring Aksana back to manage Rusev.....
  312. Would you be up for another Orton Cena fued.
  313. Ideals for this year's Survivor Series match
  314. Do you think the dudleys could do a aces and eights type angle in wwe?
  315. Hornswoggle is a kinky little dwarf :-P
  316. If you had Rock, Austin, Lesnar, Taker, Sting and HHH for WM 32 and you can't any of them face each other, who would you put them up against?
  317. Scott Hall on the Steve Austin Show is a MUST Listen
  318. Sasha Banks thoughts on the Divas Title
  319. I Finally Popped The Question to Roman Reigns
  320. Best Overall Moveset in WWE Today
  321. Best Superkick in the business rn ?
  322. Seriously, just put Kane over Rollins.
  323. Are people really still mad that Taker "won" at Summerslam?
  324. Should Vince bring Jeff Seid to WWE?
  325. ​Cody Rhodes Discusses The Passing Of Roddy Piper & His Father
  326. Women in wrestling that arent as hot as theyre built up to be
  327. Genuine Question: Will the Authority ever go away?
  328. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin responds to reports of him wrestling Brock Lesnar at WM 32
  329. Pick The Current Champs
  330. Did the Shield ever managed to beat The Wyatts?
  331. Is that really Brie Bella
  332. Is Seth gonna beat CM Punk's long title reign?
  333. Should WWE do a double Turn with Dolph Ziggler and Rusev
  334. WWE Working Towards Bringing Hulk Hogan Back?
  335. Strowman vs. Big Show.....
  336. How do you feel about Big E as a potential main eventer now?
  337. Sting praises Seth Rollins: "He's got to be the best I've ever worked with"
  338. Rusev firing them shots at Kevin Owens weight - Ha!
  339. Prediction: Bayley will draw more revenue for WWE than any other woman and most men.
  340. What Do You Think Of Ambrose And Reigns Having A Tag Title Run?
  341. Power Ranking the 5 Opponents for Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 32
  342. Would you go for an all womens wrestling show on the network?
  343. Mick Foley: "Two words; PUSH CESARO!"
  344. Trish Stratus Talks Divas Division When She Was In WWE
  345. Where is Heath Slater?
  346. Rumble or World Title?
  347. Kane is a freaking G.O.D on the mic and he deserves a role on TV after his in-ring retirment
  348. Who was better Bret or Owen?
  349. Favorite promo(s) by your favorite Wrestler(s) ?
  350. Disco Inferno on Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn's lack of drawing power
  351. Where Can I Find This Wyatt Family Promo?
  352. When will the IWC be happy?
  353. Ambrose possible future Title Shot against Rollins hinted!
  354. Going to Raw...seats?
  355. Now that Survivor Series is coming, Team Bella and B.A.D. needs to grow in members
  356. Do you think Cena should've been the one to end the streak ?
  357. That can't be Spike Dudley, but it is
  358. The most self entitled wrestlers
  359. Hard to fathom.
  360. Will WWE bury Rollins after his WHC title run?
  361. Rock's Sharpshooter vs Cena's STF. Which is worse?
  362. If The Rock started a wrestling promotion...
  363. Create Own Match
  364. There a reason Reigns has like 3 moves?
  365. Vince announces 4hr RAW
  366. Original WrestleMania 32 Plans For Sting
  367. Dudley Boyz need to change the name of the team
  368. Should WWE hire actors for NXT?
  369. WWE should bring back the Championship Scramble
  370. Carlito Reportedly Turns Down WWE Contract
  371. Missed recent Heel opportunities in WWE?
  372. Former WCW Women’s Champion Akira Hokuto Diagnosed With Breast Cancer
  373. WWE.COM Exclusive Sting Interview, Praises Rollins
  374. Backstage Update on Plans for the WWE NXT Divas Division, Eva Marie's Push Slowed Down?
  375. Who is your wrestler/celebrity look a like?
  376. WWE do dubmash
  377. Big drinkers/"alcoholics" in WWE who maintain their great bodies?
  378. Backstage News On Possible Opponents for Taker and Lesnar at WM 32
  379. It's Vince does not like ugly people!!!!
  380. Original WrestleMania 32 Plans for Sting
  381. Becky Lynch should be the one to turn heel
  382. WWE Rumor: Undertaker Vs. John Cena Taking Place At ‘WrestleMania 32’?
  383. Meltzer: "Brock Being Paid Extra $$$ For HIAC & Go Home RAW" (+ Original WM Plans)
  384. Rollins going over Sting -- what's the big deal?
  385. What is Bray Wyatt?
  386. Eric Rowan with heavy metal music?
  387. Chris Jericho on Night of Champions '15
  388. WWE Kids Magazine Lists the Top 100 Superstars of All Time
  389. Anyone Else Kind Of Miss J and J?
  390. Was I the only one that found Sting vs Rollins hard to watch?
  391. Is the WWE trying to ruin Sting
  392. John Cena's Greatest Promo Ever
  393. Stardust is the worst.
  394. What separates the WWE from "Pro 'rasslin" exactly?
  395. Kane Feud
  396. Sting on Seth Rollins' as a worker
  397. Good idea for new gimmick for wrestler
  398. Diva of the Decade...So Far
  399. why are there no
  400. My Storyline For Starting The REAL Womens Revolution
  401. Are WWE trying to sexualize Paige
  402. Who was getting the biggest pops between these three?
  403. Another Seth Rollins praise thread
  404. Sting On His WWE Night Of Champions Injury, When It Happened, Wrestling Another Match, More
  405. I just had a moment of sympathy for the WWE.
  406. Remember when feuds used to be settled at PPVs?
  407. Favorite Wrestling Promotion
  408. News On The Undertaker's Matches on Upcoming WWE Mexico Tour
  409. Bischoff hints a possible wwe return
  410. Punk wasn't that good on mic as many make him out to be
  411. Paige is the most Overrated Female Wrestler in the last 5 years!
  412. Bryan Alvarez on WOL says Vince is officially freaking out over the ratings
  413. Ronda Rousey too busy to work WM in 2016
  414. Why do WWE Kripen Wah TNA
  415. WWE Diva Knocks Paige, Says She's Doing Her Own Training Outside of WWE
  416. Bo Dallas...
  417. Who should be the one to dethrone Rollins?
  418. Talk is Jericho Episode 180 Featuring Insane Clown Posse
  419. Cody Rhodes on Twitter - "Think I'll be pissed if I don't see Brock and Cesaro compete against one another in the next few years."
  420. WWE Should Talk More About Matchups
  421. Luchadores suck
  422. Former Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW) Manager Says John Cena Owes Him For Making Sure Cena Wasn't Fired
  423. Would Friar Ferguson get over if he was around now?
  424. But I can do it better.
  425. Who were your favorite wrestlers when you were a kid
  426. Daniel Bryan vs Vince Mcmahon street fight wrestlemania
  427. Bray should destroy Strowman...
  428. Tazz: Biggest debut for least payoff?
  429. Roman & Seth keeping kayfabe in backstage commercial shoot
  430. Kevin Owens has had a pretty good year so far in the WWE.
  431. Natalya should wrestle more often
  432. Why use words the audience will never use?
  433. Do yo think the bothed naming of the group was what caused its rapid disband?
  434. Why are people so negative about Kane's return?
  435. Jordan Owen 42 and Davis Aurini in a WWF ring fantasy matchup with John Cena & Randy Orton
  436. So every top heel will be HHH's puppet from now on?
  437. Did Brock permanently squash Cena out the Main Event last year at SummerSlam?
  438. Ric Flair was a magician..
  439. Cena's 2003 Royal Rumble Rap
  440. What if Triple H and Steph get a divorce?
  441. Weakest booked world champion ?
  442. Did the Divas Revolution Stop Before it Ever Got Started?
  443. I w9uld really be excited for a Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns VS Dudleys Boys match
  444. Becky Lynch & Charlotte Trying to Recruit Natalya
  445. Who Faces Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 32?
  446. Matches you'd be okay with never seeing again..
  447. WWE partnering with make up company
  448. Daniel Bryan regarding concussions and potential retirement, top 5 Favorite Wrestlers, NXT to the main roster and more
  449. Who faces Taker at Mania?
  450. Fan Who Entered The Ring At WWE Night Of Champions Sentenced To Jail
  451. WWE Special Monday Nitro Top 10 was WHACK
  452. Big Show and Kane being pushed once again in 2015.
  453. If WCW was still around, give me 5 people who would jump ship immediately
  455. WWE pushing the Big Show
  456. Batista In WWE Immortals + Backstage News On Taker vs Lesnar
  457. Undertaker vs Randy orton and the whole "put the young guys over" thing
  458. Should they have capitalized more on the mini Ambrose/Cena feud in 2014 ?
  459. What happened to long, established feuds?
  460. Was there ever a fued that ended with mutual understanding without fighting?
  461. Update On Sting’s Neck Injury, MRI Results Revealed
  462. Its started to get bad and show...
  463. What is Becky doing!!??
  464. 10 reasons Reigns should be world champion NOW
  465. Triple H hiring his friends(Is that a bad thing??)
  466. Has Kane been unfairly treated in his career?
  467. John Cena having something to prove
  468. Undertaker vs Cena should happen at Wrestlemania 32
  469. Bray with his horns
  470. Braw strowman
  471. So Cena beat Rollins cleanly 3 times in the last 2 months...
  472. Paige is the new big show.
  473. Until Vince and Cena are around, even a total package would be booked like a BITCH.
  474. The New Day is definitely one of the most entertaining acts because...
  475. Seth was more protected last year
  476. WWE needs to become in tune with today's audience.
  477. Looks like Stings career is over ....
  478. Seth Rollins has not worked as champion...
  479. Which wrestlers have way too small trunks.
  480. Did CM Punk get Bryan over?
  481. Help me understand something. TV wise.
  482. Listen To Seth Rollins Apologize To Sting For Potentially Hurting Him At Night Of Champions
  483. Seth Rollins baby Brock Lesnar...
  484. Surprised this wasn't the finish to Sting/Seth Rollins
  485. Whatever happened to Damien Sandow?
  486. So..hmm..Cesaro..
  487. Is Sheamus the least exciting MITB holder
  488. Ambrose vs Owens
  489. Rematch Clauses?
  490. Bad booking with US and WHC Title
  491. Sting's Announcement
  492. Is Seth Rollins a Dangerous Worker?
  493. Where is Zayn and what do you do with him when he returns?
  494. Charlotte
  495. Vince Rules!
  496. A weird simlarity with the fans going after wrestlers lately.
  497. Stephanie McMahon Needs To Turn Face.
  498. After Kane and HHH who else is left for Rollins?
  499. Can someone make a gif from this?
  500. WWE Cutting Back on Superstars ¯Kicking Out¯ of Finishers
  501. "Smarky" what does it mean and how does it happen?
  502. Forget the wrestling, who's the hottest wrestler ever?
  503. Sting's Manager Issues Statement On His Condition
  504. Worst Kane return ever?
  505. Backstage News On Chris Jericho's WWE Return
  506. At Survivor Series, Cena will have gone a year without main eventing a PPV.
  507. Who is in WORST shape: Undertaker or Sting?
  508. Seth Rollins is a dangerous worker
  509. Nikki Bella proved she is a superior in ring wrestler than Charlotte at Night of Champions; Charlotte exposed
  510. News On WWE Booking HIAC Matches
  511. Ric Flair sobbing like a baby
  512. WWE should fire Renee Young
  513. WWE to crack down harder on fans hopping guardrails during shows
  514. Kevin Sullivan Talks Undertaker Drawing 'Biggest Money' And Leading The Locker Room, More
  515. No criteria for a title shot
  516. I've been dreading a Kane vs. Seth Rollins feud for ages yet, on this occasion, I will not complain about it because...
  517. Why a Sheamus Cash-in Is Good for Business
  518. Tired of Rollins and The Authority
  519. Seth is a dangerous worker
  520. wwe is dying.. kane/sheamus stands tall at end of a ppv. smfh
  521. Rollins v Kane v Sheamus?
  522. What ethnicity is Nikki Bella?
  523. FUCK YOU WWE! Tell Jimmy Jacobs This Isn't ROH!
  524. Should PPV's be on a different night that Sunday?
  525. Wm 32: Kane vs Bigshow Vs Henry
  526. Should Strowman/Harper tag together?
  527. Is booking done on week at a time?
  528. Biggest wasted opportunity each year of the 'PG Era'?
  529. The best moment of each year of the 'PG Era'?
  530. Possible Diva spoilers for Hell in a Cell from WON
  531. Why pick Y2Jobber to be on your team? *facepalm*
  532. Sting vs Rollins reminded me of Indiana Jones Kingdom of the crystal skull
  533. Part Timers
  534. So is that it for Reigns/Wyatt?
  535. Divas Revolution finished after NOC?
  536. What does it take to be a WWE Champion?
  538. OK Cena got it back...
  539. Am I The Only One Who Likes Ryback?
  540. Do you think Roman Reigns' attitude (both kayfabe and reality) will hold him back as a potential WWE megastar prospect?
  541. Would Rowan Have Been Better?
  542. sting vs cena us title and seth rollins discussion
  543. Strowman.
  544. Involving Yourself In Sheild Member Match:Trend,Angle,Coincidence?
  545. Remember when you were a child??
  546. Why is this Dolph/Lana vs Rusev feud still going on?
  547. Report: Sting's Back is Injured; Possibly His Neck; Rollup Wasn't The Planned Finish
  548. Did anybody else facepalm on the countdown clock?
  549. The WWE doesn't care about Sting's health
  550. Mystery Person with Shield