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General WWE

  1. Personalities Outside Of The Ring
  2. Rumor: Brock Lesnar Is Set To Compete In The 30 Man Rumble Match
  3. Backstage News On Why Nikki Bella Didn't Wrestle At WWE Survivor Series
  4. It's a shame Roode/Nakamura/Joe can't add some more depth to main roster.
  5. Backstage News On Goldberg's WWE Deal, His Likely WrestleMania Match
  6. Something that Bugs me about WWE and NXT Rosters...
  7. Roman Reigns vs. Braun Strowman reportedly could happen at WrestleMania 33
  8. Weird Feelings of Wrestling
  9. Comfy chat - Let reminisce and be nostalgic
  10. Can we all agree Paige started the women's revolution
  11. Bull Shit
  12. [HUMOR] Real warfare to fantasy: Is it possible in WWE 2K17 for Goldberg to beat Lesnar that fast?
  13. Is anyone getting sick of "Lesnar matches"? Description in post what is a "Lesnar match"...
  14. Now its time for Stone Cold vs Goldberg
  15. Update on Brock v Goldberg
  16. On this day 6 years ago Miz won the WWE Title
  17. Brock gives no shit on how he looks he just wants the money
  18. It's time for second Women's title
  19. Brock/Goldberg III: What would be the point?
  20. LIVE in arena holograms of WWE talents that have passed away
  21. SHIELD reunion got crickets/boos
  22. How many wrestlers would you rate ahead of Shawn Michaels?
  23. Who was a better performer between Shawn Michaels and Kevin Nash?
  24. where do you Rank DIY/Revival 2/3 Falls match
  25. According to Meltzer, this was Brock's idea
  26. WWE sure is doing alot of unpredictable stuff right now.
  27. If Brock hadn't Doped for UFC
  28. For everyone complaining about Goldberg going over
  29. Next step for Goldberg: Lose to Triple H @ WM33
  30. Brock Lesnar should 'NEVER' appear in WWE again after that burial.
  31. Jackhammer = the strongest move in wrestling history
  32. Farcical Booking - The Rub From The Streak
  33. Is 2016 the worst booked year?
  35. Why is Lesnar burying everyone accepted
  36. Lesnar Going For The Universal Title?
  37. Tonight will lead a new WWE ERA
  38. If you were a wrestler in NXT about to be called up which Brand would you hope to go to ?
  39. Will Royal Rumble Winner Choose Which Title?
  40. Do you think Vince regrets not giving chances to guys who made their name in other companies sooner?
  41. Do Wins and Losses Matter? Evil Promotor Syndrome...
  42. Anyone else tired of WWE exaggerating their "women's revolution"?
  43. Cases where WWE intended to do one thing but the opposite effect happens
  44. Might be doing a shoot interview with Ivan Koloff tonight!
  45. Scott Steiner Rants On Goldberg
  46. "suffering succotash" or "taking souls and digging holes" ?
  47. John Cena - WWE's biggest beneficiary due to white privilege
  48. Christian on Talk Is Jericho
  49. Chris Jericho and Braun Strowman should make a tag team
  50. There can only be one reason for the IC title being brought over to RAW
  51. Foley: hate the gimmick but respect the man
  52. The Attitude Era's effect on Wrestling
  53. Noelle Margaret Foley
  54. The Ruthless Aggression Era was better than The Attitude Era
  55. 20 Years Of The Rock!
  56. The Undertaker vs. AJ Styles Rumored For The Royal Rumble or WrestleMania 33
  57. What has been the Best Feud of 2016?
  58. Why have the men and women of Team RAW been positioned as villains and Team SD as heroes?
  59. Legend killer orton or viper orton?
  60. Stone Cold Podcast - Becky Lynch
  61. The reason for champions coming out first and not last
  62. Sin Cara's punishment
  63. Things that got over in the last 2 years
  64. Cena's 17th championship win
  65. Favorite 2016 Jericho-ism
  66. Bobby Roode: The best three wrestlers in the world are AJ Styles, Seth Rollins, and Dolph Ziggler
  67. Jericho calls The Undertaker "Stupid Idiot"
  68. WWE Doing Too Many Title Changes
  69. Goldberg Talks About His WWE Return, His Extensive Training, Tweaked Shoulder On Monday's Raw
  70. Total Bellas Gets A Second Season
  71. WWE Announces A Record $170 Million Generated By WrestleMania 32 For Dallas/Arlington Area
  72. Chris Jericho on who created "the list," Kevin Owens, TNA, more
  73. Who are the top 5 current wrestlers in the ring?
  74. It looks like they will recycle the CM Punk/ The Rock/ John Cena situation with AJ Styles/ Undertaker/ John Cena
  75. Rosa Mendes Earns Double What Sasha Banks Earns And 8 Other Surprising Salaries
  76. Imagine your child wearing this new Goldberg shirt
  77. Bald Sasha Banks ( Don't close or Lock Thread READ 1st)
  78. Bald Sasha banks Terrible Hairline Check Pics
  79. Vince McMahon Talks Goldberg’s WWE Return Reaction, Goldberg on Facing Lesnar, Not Being the “Goldberg of Old”, Using His MMA Training
  80. WWE done milking the past stars?
  81. Why isn't Edge a GM?
  82. Why is Orton not the face of the company?
  83. Lana Reveals She Was Going To Be On Total Divas Season 2, Credits Dusty Rhodes For Her Relationship With Rusev
  84. The Rock Named Sexiest Man Alive For 2016 By People Magazine; Says He Exfoliates
  85. Strowman vs. Orton, Mountain vs. Viper at WrestleMania.
  86. vader has been posting some strange stuff today
  87. WWE knows about the "WWE sins" guy and gave him air time
  88. Vader announces he has two years to live.
  89. Vader says he has 2 years to live
  90. Who will win a tag team championship 1st? American Alpha or Enzo & Big Cass
  91. Should WWE aggressively go after GSP, Anderson Silvia, Pacquiao, Nick Diaz, etc?
  92. Would Having AJ Styles Be The Guy To Beat Lesnar Ease The Reigns Hate?
  93. If you could pick the next HOF class...
  94. Charlotte & Ric Flair Releasing Joint Autobiography
  95. Which WWE Superstars(Women and Men)would you make a stable out of today?
  96. RAW/SmackDown Women's divisions difference...
  97. What/Who did WWE mess up with during the Draft?
  98. Are today's wrestlers just not charismatic or is it Vince's fault?
  99. Rick Steiner on Haku kicking some marines' asses!
  100. Renee Young Reveals How She Injured Ankle
  101. Linda McMahon favourite for Secretary of Commerce in Trump administration
  102. Some observations after UFC 205
  103. Chris Benoit: Nearly A Decade Since His Tragic Passing
  104. So, What Happened To Rey Mysterio At The Very End of His WWE Career?
  105. If the Undertaker Debuted Today, would he be successful?
  106. Eddie Guerrero; 11 Years Today Since His Tragic Passing
  107. Summer Rae Confirms That She's Injured
  108. Brock Lesnar vs. Shane McMahon @ WM33 - thoughts?
  109. Can a wrestler ever be taken seriously after they have been exposed for not being able to really fight?
  110. Goldust is mad at 3 men who beat up his transgender stepchild
  111. Eva Marie Celebrates 10 Years of Sobriety
  112. Paige makes an appearance at JAPW event during the womens match
  113. Joey Styles makes a complete fool of himself at Evolve, gets himself fired
  114. WWE Signs Tony Nese & Drew Gulak
  115. What is the IWCťs stance on Cena today? Is he a GOAT?
  116. Ashley Massaro Suing WWE
  117. Linda McMahon rumored to be in line for a POTUS 45 cabinet position.
  118. Kevin Owens vows to make Brock Lesnar his b*tch
  119. Goldust's step daughter attacked and subjected to homophobic abuse
  120. The ratings excuse
  121. Kane talks about his retirement, the brand split and his longevity
  122. Why is WWE not ok to talk about but comic book movies and GoT is?
  123. Is Hillary Clinton a cautionary tale for WWE?
  124. Turn one Heel and one Face
  125. Should WWE sign Eli Drake from TNA?
  126. When will be the next time we see the women main event a PPV?
  127. Could WWE get Trump to appear at WM 33?
  128. Vader Involved in Car Crash: Latest Details, Reaction on Former WWE Superstar
  129. Should WWE listen to casuals and internet fans?
  130. WWE's Nepotism
  131. Sasha Banks Was Never Injured; She Was Pulled from Television After Saying Her Back Was Tight
  132. Vince McMahon loves "Sparkle Crotch" term
  133. Backstage Plans For Emmalina Debut
  134. FAIL. LeBron blew off WWE and Undertaker's publicity stunt.
  135. Roman Reigns Removed From Remaining Dates On WWE European Tour due to family commitments
  136. Favorite DDT / DDT User
  137. LeBron James snubbed The Undertaker as he did not like WWE's leery attempt at free publicity
  138. RVD turned down being a 'Paul Heyman Guy' on WWE return
  139. Vince loved "sparklecrotch"
  140. Just to make it clear once more: Vince is 100% in charge of Raw and SD
  141. ESPN's This Was The XFL to Premiere in February
  142. Have smarks turned on Balor?
  143. The most annoying thing about WWE's lack of in ring psychology
  144. This is just stupid, isn't it?
  145. Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart & Tyson Kidd Interview
  146. Shawn Michaels Is The New Head Of The WWE Performance Center
  147. Could Trump's victory be a hint to Vince to be less PC and appeal more to the "silent majority"?
  148. 5 reasons why smackdown better than RAW
  149. Update on Io Shirai and Kairi Hojo to WWE situation
  150. Vince McMahon reportedly blames Sasha for the bad HIAC finish
  151. WWE planning less PPVs in 2017
  152. When WWE PR Stunts Go Wrong: LeBron/Taker
  153. Seth Rollins crashes JeriKO's birthday party at a Live Show in Berlin
  154. Will WWE acknowledge that a HOFer is now President?
  155. The Becky/Alexa match put Charlotte/Sasha at HIAC to shame
  156. Sin Cara reportedly ordered to take anger management class!
  157. WWE Slammy Awards 2016 predictions
  158. Should Sting warn Goldberg?
  159. Stone Cold Podcast - World Series, UFC, and some wrestling stories
  160. Bayley seems scared on the mic.
  161. State Of The WWE Universe Address To Air After RAW Next Week On WWE Network
  162. Favorite forgotten match or promo
  163. Is Shane going to screw off after WM 33?
  164. Charlotte's PPV streak has become fiction like Goldberg's 173-0
  165. I guess I am getting greedy, but Global Tag Team Tourney?
  166. Backstage Fight Breaks Out allegedly between Chris Jericho and Sin Cara
  167. Looks like the Bryan/Miz stuff was just for Total Divas
  168. WWE Is Considering Turning Rusev Face
  169. Do you look forward to shows?
  170. Is WWE slowly becoming ROH?
  171. Scott Hall Missing Appearances, Not Taking Calls
  172. Underrated Entrance Themes/Songs???
  173. In hindsight was Lesnar beating the streak one of the biggest mistakes in history?
  174. Best Cutter
  175. UK tour
  176. Which AJ Styles feud had the best matches: Roman, Cena or Ambrose?
  177. Is the most successful tag team wrestler ever… Chris Jericho?
  178. Five Most Over World Champions In History
  179. What happened to Tout
  180. Tag Team with the most potential in the New Era?
  181. Thoughts on WWE using death to help build feuds?
  182. Kenny Omega getting attacked on Twitter by feminists for saying he didn't care about Sasha vs. Charlotte
  183. Why do you think WWE only sticks with one person as the face of the company instead of 2?
  184. Do casuals really make up a large portion of the audience?
  185. Do people buy tickets to watch the women nowadays?
  186. Charlotte Flair is Modern Day The Reign of Terror HHH
  187. What does HHH see in Finn Balor?
  188. Randy Orton praises the hell out of Christian.
  189. How early should I show up to a show?
  190. Do you have any reason for wanting someone to win other than them being better?
  191. Finn Balor being advertised for Roadblock!!!
  192. I think AJ Styles is going to drop the soccer mom hairstyle and rock the man bun soon
  193. Reigns & Rollins team up with Creed & Kofi to play Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
  194. Who is the most handsome current WWE star?
  195. Why has the WWE stop producing Anti-heros?
  196. Who are the biggest fanbase of the PG era?
  197. Reason Why People Hate Dana Brooke Backstage
  198. Charlotte Tops PWI Female 50
  199. Best WWE match in the last 5 years
  200. Who are the A-holes in today's WWE, and who are the genuinely nice folks?
  201. No News On Paige?
  202. WWE Moving Forward With All Women's Tournament
  203. Ric Flair Comments on WWE Taking Out Spots at HIAC & Heaps Praise on Charlotte
  204. Should they remove Full blown heels and faces all together?
  205. Cubs win!!!!!!!!
  206. Brock Lesnar to face Rusev at live event in Mexico City
  207. Was AJ Lee more charismatic than John Cena ever was?
  208. The Undertaker's WWE Return Announced
  209. In your opinion, Who was the better "Face of the company"; The Rock or John Cena?
  210. Roman Reigns in NXT
  211. Top 10 best female wrestlers post-2000?
  212. Baron Corbin front and centre in Survivor Series graphic (final RAW member possibly leaked?)
  213. Am I the only one who'd love to see Cryme Tyme vs. Enzo & Cass?
  214. WWE hates help from fans
  215. Best Neckbreaker
  216. How to determine popularity?
  217. Goldberg Visits ESPN First Take and The Stephen A Smith Show
  218. WWE Didn't Know Nikki And Cena Were Dating
  219. What are your Favorite themes of all time in WWE/WCW/WWF?
  220. Top 10 most favourited wrestlers
  221. What are the most one sided feuds?
  222. Does Shane have any backstage power?
  223. Kurt Angle Interview - some really nice stories
  224. Heels need to stop winning everything!
  225. NEWS: Vince McMahon opened to selling WWE
  226. Tag team members going for singles titles?
  227. Women main events a PPV indicates that there are no male megastars AND a disaster.
  228. Is the WWE.... Racist?
  229. Is it Heelish when Faces Stop Dangerous Spots?
  230. Meltzer thinks Sasha vs. Charlotte HIAC was a flop and may hurt the women's division
  231. RIP Mamma Russo
  232. Goldberg Talks Returning to WWE After a 12 Year Break, His Relationship with Vince McMahon, Preparing Himself for Brock Lesnar and More
  233. Eva Marie Finishes Filming ‘Inconceivable’
  234. John Cena's Greatest Rival
  235. Did Triple H kill Lesnar's momentum in 2013?
  236. The Problem with WWE is not Indy Guys or Reigns
  237. Why did Stephanie not fight for equality for women during the worst era for women wrestling (2008-2015) but suddenly is for the ''New Era''?
  238. Top 10 WWE Theme songs!
  239. Sasha Banks' Sports Illustrated Interview on Being a Trailblazer for Women's Wrestling
  240. In 2003, was Rodney Mack built up just to be squashed to Goldberg?
  241. Daniel Bryan and Sami Zain meeting is everything you thought it would be!
  242. In Memory of the WWE career of Sami Zayn 2013-2016
  243. Ryback had backstage heat for using CM Punk's moves
  244. If John Cena killed Nikki Bella by accident
  245. Your favorite entrance videos of all time?
  246. If you had your own promotion, what would be your roster?
  247. Which wrestler did YOU turn on the quickest?
  248. Match rules (I didn't know where else to put this)
  249. Why are the ring announcers terrible?
  250. Collection of Insane AJ Styles Moves He Doesn't Do Anymore
  251. Was Balor's injury good for WWE?
  252. How would you book..The Shield Reforming?
  253. GOLDBERG looks in great shape
  254. Why will having the ''look'' be more profitable for WWE than being great in the ring?
  255. Robin Leach compares Donald Trump to WWE legend
  256. Commentators and Interviewers hold back the wrestlers
  257. Change Roman's signature move name
  258. Dream Match! Shinsuke Nakamura Vs Daniel Bryan
  259. WWE reports 3rd quarter results
  260. Have you ever seen a WWE event in person?
  261. WWE at #12 in top 100 touring acts of the year
  262. Barry Windhams Cadillac, The Undertakers Cross & Reno or Bust! Interview
  263. Stardom's Io Shirai and (possibly) Kairi Hojo heading to WWE
  264. The Boss Wears Undertaker's Hat
  265. Sasha Says She Is WWE's Beyoncé
  266. How important is work rate in WWE
  267. Does anyone find WWE's scripted "comedy" funny??
  268. Goldberg's 2003 WWE run is very underrated
  269. WWE Network 5th most popular streaming service
  270. If WWE had the 30 greatest wrestlers of all time would they be good?
  271. Jeff Hardys return...
  272. JR talks about the possibility of Shawn Michaels coming out of retirement to face AJ Styles, says he thinks odds are less than 50%
  273. Realistically How Long Can The Brand Split Survive With The Current Rosters?
  274. Does Hardcore wrestling make wrestlers lazy?
  275. Goldberg Suplexed Big Daddy V/Viscera
  276. What Is Missing In WWE?
  277. That show on E shows Bryan and Cena are no draws.
  278. Jericho Reveals What Happens When Someone Makes THE LIST Of Jericho
  279. Anyone meet Goldberg before?
  280. WWE House Show Attendance Down
  281. Undertaker in Cleveland for Cavs trophy ceremony
  282. John Cena tells a little kid that his favorite food is Nikki Bella.
  283. Why do the fans want to make themselves the show?
  284. What's your favourite Tag Team finisher from this era ?
  285. Vince Reportedly Furious Over The Heyman/Lesnar Segment
  286. Kevin Dunn needs to go...
  287. Stone Cold Podcast - Jesse Ventura Pt2
  288. Why are people ok with wrestlers like samoa joe and kevin owens
  289. WWE vs. other pro wrestling promotions analogy
  290. Why are your favorites your favorites?
  291. Is it too late to do anything with Axel?
  292. Mid-Carders Chat...
  293. VS Wrestling!!! Shinsuke Nakamura vs. AJ Styles II
  294. WWE Survey asking fans which indy wrestling companies they are interested in
  295. WWE rumoured to have inked deals with UK/US promotions to show on the Network
  296. How would you book a TNA one night stand?
  297. FloSlam non WWE streaming service to launch - WWE are furious about this
  298. Unworthy crappy wrestlers who had no business holding top titles.
  299. Which matches do you think wrestlers will go all out in?
  300. Who's The Best Babyface on the Main Roster?
  301. Finn Balor to appear for Insane Championship Wrestling.
  302. Why the hell did Miz use a replica WWE championship
  303. The top story in the WWE section of ESPN is about Kenny Omega...
  304. Things The Undertaker Has Never Accomplished
  305. Rumor Roundup (Oct. 20, 2016): Rollins vs. Triple H, Goldberg’s future, women’s tournament, Paige on Total Divas
  306. Bruce Prichard: Vince thought Samoa Joe was just a fat, out of shape Samoan!
  307. Why are there so many established stars on NXT that arent on the main roster?
  308. Question about List Of Jericho
  309. The 20th Anniversary of...*breathes in deep*...Goldust!
  310. Shane vs Lesnar - Roman vs Goldberg
  311. Paige Threatens To Kick Airport Security's Ass
  312. Big Show Best Theme
  313. When would you have turned John Cena heel?
  314. Gedo: Kenny Omega is Better Than AJ Styles + Difference Between WWE & NJPW
  315. The Rock is Working on a Wrestling Comedy Show for Fox
  316. Jericho Adds Trump & Clinton To "The List"
  317. Has Roman Reigns become the best in ring worker from The Shield?
  318. Which current WWE women on the main roster would be over in the Attitude Era in terms of sex appeal?
  319. If Mickey Gall signed with the WWE, how big of a star could he become?
  320. Which current WWE wrestlers on the main roster would be over in the Attitude Era?
  321. Am I the only one who is still kinda disappointed in Daniel Bryan's run in the WWE?
  322. After Goldberg, HBK is rumored to return...but "Who's next?"
  323. I stopped watching 2 months ago; convince me to return
  324. Sasha Banks talks like she has a speech impediment
  325. WWE Cruiserweight Champion TJ Perkins on Talk Is Jericho
  326. EC3 should debut with the Universal Title win over KO
  327. Daniel Bryan On If Cena Has Ever Politicked For Nikki
  328. Adam Rose Teasing WWE Return?
  329. Big Show shoots hard on the Smark Fanbase; Defends Roman Reigns!
  330. Are merchandise Sales figures still a valid indicator of a wrestler's overness/stardom?; Related Report on Ellsworth outselling Goldberg/Dean/Rollins!
  331. Pick a Storyline, Cena Heel Turn or Bullet Club Reunion, which will make more money in the near future?
  332. Lets drink some Kool-Aid guys!!!
  333. Ric Flair doesn't believe Goldberg vs. Brock match-up is a good idea!
  334. WWE Performance Wrestler Arrested For Kidnapping.
  335. Jim Ross talks about Lesnar vs Goldberg and the Undertaker.
  336. "real" wrestling fans
  337. Wrestlers who you have stuck with from their first debut on WWE...
  338. Why Sasha Banks Is Training To Add More Muscle
  339. Will Steve Austin be the referee for Goldberg vs. Lesnar 2?
  340. More great WWE merch ruined by the WWE...
  341. RVD part 2 on Stone Cold podcast
  342. Best WWE Documentary
  343. The Star Void: Maybe cool, creative guys just don't want to be wrestlers anymore?
  344. Why was Vince Mcmahon snubbed at the Republican National Convention?
  345. I hope you're all aware that.....
  346. Who will be the next 2 time Hall of Famer???
  347. Should WWE ever introduce an 'off-season break'?
  348. When did you know WWE was officially dead?
  349. Roman Reigns should be outselling Cena in merch at this point
  350. Shawn Daivari Talks Stephanie McMahon Pitching Him 'George W. Bush' Character, Starting NEW Wrestling Academy!
  351. The Top 10 Most Pioneering Wrestlers
  352. Feuds don't seem to matter anymore or have a purpose
  353. Randy Orton finds himself in Hot Water over comments made on Twitter!
  354. Ric Flair & Waka Flocka Flame Jump Into Presidential Race
  355. My cousin made an observation about 90's wrestling
  356. Daniel Bryan Rips Monday Night Raw.
  357. James Ellsworth vs Gillberg Needs To Happen!!
  358. Where would recently released have fitted in?
  359. Who else could Goldberg face after Lesnar?
  360. The only way WWE could boost ratings
  361. Is the ugly Universal Title partially to blame for Raw's low ratings?
  362. i quit watching a few weeks ago
  363. Daniel Bryan Reveals New Wrestling Style....
  364. Will Goldberg's return give WWE a clue about how to book Roman Reigns?
  365. WWE Releases First James Ellsworth Shirt
  366. Lance Storm shoots on Scott Steiner being the scapegoat for Triple H
  367. Mick Foley retracts Charlotte/Sasha main event post
  368. Goldberg's return proves to be a success, numbers up above 3 million!
  369. Which ECW superstar would you prefer to return
  370. Why did Sting turn down the opportunity to face The Undertaker at WM 27?
  371. I wish Goldberg didn't come back.
  372. Is it fair to say CM Punk's humiliating defeat at the UFC has strengthened the mainstream wrestling stereotype "Fake and Gay!"
  373. Ryback Claims Vince Turned Down His Brillant Proposition For A WrestleMania Angle Against Brock Lesnar; Also Talks CM Punk!
  374. Wouldn't Batista vs Brock be a much bigger draw than Goldberg/Brock?
  375. Goldberg just proved how worthless the entire WWE roster is
  376. WWE is the worst its ever been
  377. Which guys would you build your company around? Since people keep complaining.
  378. It sucks to be a babyface
  379. Stupid NXT Names Sound like Hunger Games/Star Wars Characters
  380. Stone Cold Podcast - Jesse Ventura Pt1
  381. Top 10 draws in WWE at the moment(including part timers and legends)
  382. If Stone Cold didn't retire would Triple H had a reign of terror?
  383. Your preference: Superheroes vs. Work-rate Guys
  384. Goldberg or D. Bryan to headline 2017 HOF
  385. 2016 Goldberg vs. 2016 IC Champion Miz promo
  386. Triple H's physique in 2010
  387. AJ V Undertaker - The perfect ending to Deadman's career
  388. The Boogeyman Returning To WWE Soon?
  389. Does WWE support #BlackLivesMatter
  390. How should wrestlers carry championship belts?
  391. Is Charlotte the best female athlete WWE ever had in history?
  392. Who deserves to be in the WON HOF?
  393. Is the SmackDown Women's division really better than RAW?
  394. Spots that scared the Shit out of you...
  395. What are your 5 last huge mark out moments?
  396. The Worst Finishers in WWE (Since the New Era Started)
  397. Something To Think About During WWE's October Susan G Komen Month
  398. RUMOR: Stipulations in Survivor Series Match
  399. Paige & Alberto are now engaged
  400. Foley Quits Twitter After DMs (Direct Messages) Posted publicly
  401. If John Cena kept his rapper gimmick, how different would his career be?
  402. Why are Jimmy and Jey Uso 6'2 and 6'3?
  403. Report: WWE Seriously Considering a Cena Heel Turn, New Stable
  404. So...why the Ellsworth hype???
  405. Linda McMahon Donates Millions To Donald Trump
  406. UpUpDownDown Madden 17 Tournament
  407. Eric Bischoff Doesn’t Like Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks Inside Hell In A Cell
  408. Are we still pretending number of moves are important?
  409. Emma Returns at SmackDown Live Event
  410. WWE’s Undertaker Spotted on Crutches: Is Deadman’s Career on Life Support?
  411. Do you believe Bret was forced to make this apology by Vince?
  412. Is it possible for WWE to put on a great product?
  414. Undertaker on crutches?
  415. News On Spirit Squad
  416. Vince reportedly turned down Charlotte's request to do a Moonsault from the top of the Cell
  417. How did i not see this before... The Cena Club.
  418. What are your predictions for 2 years from now
  419. The most unbeatable tag team of all time?
  420. undertaker not looking to good ):
  421. KeyBank Center Announces Brock Lesnar And Goldberg At Buffalo, NY For RAW.
  422. Was Undertaker shaking Cena's hand after his debut planned?
  423. The GOAT of modern era
  424. The Brand Split Effect So Far
  425. Ranking every current champion in WWE.
  426. What's the worst part of the Women's Revolution?
  427. What is the ONE thing that WWE could do that would restore your faith in the company?
  428. Whose reign of terror was worse ? Triple H 02-05 or Jeff Jarrett 02-06.
  429. Bret Hart apologizes on Facebook to everyone he's bad mouthed recently, including HHH & Rollins.
  430. Would Phantasio work in today's WWE?
  431. Who do you think WWE will choose to be face of company?
  432. Ryback On His Relationship With Vince, What Went Wrong With His WWE Run
  433. Mick Foley Says Seth Rollins Being Labeled As An Unsafe Wrestler "Isn't Fair".
  434. Women's division: looks vs. in-ring talent.
  435. Dave Meltzer: Cena is far and away the biggest draw
  436. The Undertaker Dealing With Injury? Michelle McCool & Tim White say he's had hip surgery, JR comments
  437. Vince McMahon back on the road
  438. Rob Van Dam talks about past good days
  439. Endings/Moments that Hurt the match?
  440. Daniel Puder Talks WWE Cheating Him of His Contract, Kicking Kurt Angle's Ass & Bill DeMott‏ bending his finger
  441. Goldberg's return is going to make Sting look like a jobber in comparison
  442. Chris Jericho Gives Donation To Perry Saturn's GoFundMe Campaign.
  443. Details on Eva Marie's Role in New Nicolas Cage Film 'Inconceivable' - Lesbian Love Affair!
  444. Bayley on if Raw is better than SmackDown, her relationship with HHH and more.
  445. The term "Vanilla Midget"
  446. Booking Goldberg's Final Run
  447. John Cena taking more time away from WWE.
  448. WWE has stopped trying at this point
  449. Talk Is Jericho - Don Callis
  450. Veterans are still the best things going on
  451. Renee Young And Daniel Bryan Accidently Leak Goldberg vs. Lesnar as Survivor Series Main Event
  452. WWE World Title Plans For AJ Styles
  453. Nancy Grace Has Heated Exchange With Radio Hosts Over Wrestling Deaths, Walks Out Of Interview
  454. WWE planning to do a PPV in Chile in the future, according to Spanish website
  455. WWE's favorite cities
  456. Matches we have seen that you thought we never would have seen since 2010?
  457. How happy does this picture make you?
  458. Ryback is proud of WWE's Wellness Policy.
  459. Missing the old days when wrestling was "real"
  460. Is AJ Styles on his way becoming GOAT?
  461. Trish Stratus Expecting Second Child
  462. Alberto Del Rio Comments On Paige's Suspension
  463. Why WWE darken events
  464. Paige Suspended 60 Days for another Wellness Violation; Alberto says she's in bad shape for her age, Speculation on why she hasn't been fired
  465. Bottom Line Which Brand is Better IYO?
  466. Top 10 all time Greats
  467. How I would have ended Punk's title reign
  468. What a crazy year!!!
  469. Tag teams you only like one half of???
  470. Has There Always Been So Many Injuries?
  471. Who would you say is the most believable heel in wrestling today?
  472. Best DVD Burial Moments
  473. Why Triple H matches are always in the nominees of "Match of the year" in the Slammy Awards?
  474. How would you have booked Taker post streak?
  475. Alberto Del Rio says 70% of the roster never had a real fight in their lives!
  476. Do you think Triple H will bury Ric Flair and John Cena?
  477. Do Shane and HHH dislike each other in real life?
  478. Is Mickie vs. Trish the best Women's feud in WWE history?
  479. Bret Hart on the HOF: Who should be in that isn't. Freebirds don't deserve to be in. Owen's wife needs to be psychoanalyzed.
  480. If WWE were to acquire TNA - how do they treat it?
  481. Brock Lesnar vs. New Jack: MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!
  482. The Kings of Wrestling
  483. I miss early heel Ziggler...
  484. End this divas experiment
  485. Meltzer on WON: WWE considering streaming TNA and ROH on the Network
  486. WWE needs an Muslim Character.
  487. WWE Teaming Up With Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  488. Possible Spoiler On NXT Superstar Main Roster Debut
  489. Should they do less "I'm a better wrestler than you" feuds?
  490. Who has the best current theme song?
  491. Do you watch more since Split?
  492. If Ronda Rousey did have a match, who would you choose as the opponent???
  493. Rumored opponent for Lesnar at WM 33
  494. Happy Birthday to Bruno Sammartino!
  495. A Seth Rollins signing causes riot in Chile
  496. How Would You Feel If Triple H Won The Rumble And Face Seth For The Title At WM33?
  497. Bring back Batista
  498. Luke Harper Returns at Live Event in Santiago Chile
  499. Tyson Kidd's Injury Was Worse Than The Public Knew.
  500. Wrestlers doing meet & greets at Live Events?
  501. Which Brand would the Bullet Club(All of them) Best work on?
  502. Dolph Ziggler's Best Moments
  503. How much better shape would the WWE be in with the brand split if they did not release some major talent before the brand split
  504. High/Risky spots are over the top and possibly overcompensating for something
  505. Cedric Alexander's tweet on the Charlotte and Sasha match on Raw.........
  506. Wrestling Q&A October 2016
  507. Favourite Feud of the year/Most hated Feud of the year
  508. most intense mark wars you've seen on this forum?
  509. Daniel Bryan & Brie Bella are expecting a baby!
  510. Daniel Bryan & Brie Bella Are Expecting Their First Child - UPDATE; It's a girl!!!!
  511. It's official: WWE buys TNA's video library.
  512. Who will be the next first time World Champion?
  513. Smackdown vs Raw - Which Show Was Better This Week
  514. Is the target demo just fat girls and unpopular kids?
  515. Jim Ross: WWE buying TNA library NOT the promotion. "Deal is imminent."
  516. The State of the Pro Wrestling Business - Steve Austin talks with Tim Kail
  517. Have you ever tried to like a wrestler but failed?
  518. Best Overall W-L Record Since 2000?(All Promotions included and Welcome)
  519. The Obsession with Edginess in Wrestling
  520. Criminal Attacks Alberto Del Rio with a knife.
  521. Eric Rowan undergoes surgery, out of action four to six months.
  522. John Cena says he’d like to cohost “Live with Kelly” if he were offered job, Rock comparison
  523. How do you guys feel about the Streak rub and the eventual rub Brock Lesnar will give to somebody?
  524. Lesnar Goldberg 2 shouldn't happen
  525. WWE and Bill Goldberg Said To Be In "Serious Talks" About A Return - Possibly at Survivor Series - UPDATE; Goldberg Talks on ESPN SportsCenter
  526. Rob Van Dam SmackDown run in 2004
  527. BREAKING NEWS: Alberto El Del Rio Stabbed *GRAPHIC PHOTOS INSIDE*
  528. Nia Jax burns the women's revolution
  529. How not to interview Paul Heyman.
  530. Rank the championships in order of how much you care about them and their current surrounding feuds right now
  531. What does mark mean?
  532. Is Charlotte the best wrestler to come out of the Performance Center.
  533. The Miz is the best heel in WWE today.
  534. How far can they go?
  535. Alexa Bliss talks about the women’s revolution, facing Becky Lynch, No Mercy, more.
  536. Jaime Noble Stabbed Twice Outside His Home
  537. IC/US vs. World Title Matches
  538. Bruno Sammartino Discusses His Current Relationship With WWE & Vince McMahon.
  539. Roman Reigns compared to Lex Luger?
  540. Natalya Needed Dental Surgery Saturday After WWE Live Event In Vegas.
  541. Does being big automatically make you appealing to the mainstream?
  542. Do you think Stephanie will induct herself into Hall of Fame one day?
  543. Ziggler retiring after No Mercy? **KEEP ALL DISCUSSION IN HERE**
  544. Do Heels need titles more than Babyfaces? Who do you prefer the title on?
  545. How do you see the next round of NXT Call-ups going?
  546. WWE Releases Sara Lee
  547. Why doesn't WWE reweight wrestlers?
  548. Ric Flair Claims That He Used To Smash Out Halle Berry
  549. Controversy Creates Cash
  550. Cena's reaction to the his meme videos?