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General WWE

  1. Best Stable theme
  2. Could the 'Stone Cold Steve Austin' character thrive in the current era?
  3. Which Legend reminds you of Randy Orton?
  4. Favorite and Least favorite submissions
  5. Vince's commentary from 1995-1998 was awesome.
  6. Whose entrance music doesn't suit their character?
  7. First time watching WWF/WWE
  8. Has the Hall of Fame Become Meaningless?
  9. How do they do it?
  10. If you were to bring THREE TNA superstars over to WWE, who would they be?
  11. Superstars inspiration
  12. WWE/TNA roster mashup
  13. Your 3 guests at dinner?
  14. Edge a future Hall of Famer?
  15. Which show was better? Week of 1/24/11
  16. Great gimmicks that didn't make it in the WWE
  17. Greatest Mid-Card Feuds in WWF/WWE History?
  18. This is possibly the best Stone Cold promo ever
  19. Simply, Your favourite wrestler ever??
  20. Former Wrestlers as Managers
  21. Most Unjust Release of 2010?
  22. Improbable WWE books
  23. Stone Cold to be Tough Enough host
  24. Why am I so tempted to cheer The Miz?
  25. You Have Hypnotised Vince McMahon. What THREE things do you tell him to do?
  26. DDP Posts Episode 5/5 of Bluefield Hell
  27. Which Pay-Per-View was worse, WrestleMania 9 or WrestleMania 11?
  28. Pour you heart out: for the Heart Break Kid.
  29. Rikishi - selling clotheslines all day long.
  30. so whats your fav moment in wwe history ?
  31. Guys who, in your mind, should NEVER make it...
  32. wwe vs ?
  33. Wrestlers that are so great they don't need a title reign?
  34. Did Cena's mixed reactions coincide with his move to RAW in 2005?
  35. John Cena in Marvel vs Capcom 3?
  36. The Internet Ruined Professional Wrestling
  37. Heels that were/would be bad faces, and vice-versa
  38. Favorite Rock year
  39. Anyone else think Vince doesn't care anymore?
  40. An Idea for Cena's eventual Heel Turn
  41. Can Someone do a Royal Rumble by the numbers thread
  42. History of the Ministry/Corporate Ministry
  43. I downloaded John Cena's rap CD
  44. Could Owen Hart of succeded in WCW without Bret, if he jumped ship in '95 or '96?
  45. hhh calling macho man a dinosaur?
  46. Tarver joining the corre or new nexus would be a mistake
  47. do you think vince mcmahon will ever retire?
  48. Supernatural Gimmicks
  49. If Stone Cold Steve Austin was heathly would he be in the WWE still?
  50. Multiple main event matches- back-to-back, or sandwiched by other matches?
  51. Sorry, what have I just witnessed?
  52. Best Generic Theme?
  53. The Diva Search to return
  54. Instances of people kicking out of finishers
  55. Lesnar doesn't care for the Undertaker
  56. WWE stock continues to drop
  57. Bobby Heenan
  58. How would you react if one of these returners won the rumble?
  59. Who's never won a rumble?
  60. Kong/Henry..?
  61. Vince/Ministry of darkness
  62. How would pro-wrestling be without Vince ?
  63. The OFFICIAL Michael Cole Titantron Released by WWE
  64. Paul Heyman
  65. Vince McMahon meets face to face with Dana White
  66. Triple Threat w/ RR Winner @ Wrestlemania = Disrespectful?
  67. Your thoughts of Bret Hart's mic work
  68. Doug ''The Machine'' Basham
  69. *sign*...this needs to be said about: Cena, WWE, creative and so on...
  70. Stone Cold, Hulk Hogan & Macho Man on Family Guy
  71. Tyler Reks Gimmick
  72. Hypothetical question about Nexus and Corre
  73. New twist with the Nexus storyline
  74. WWE Roster Cuts Soon + WWE Creative Plans Leaked
  75. Y2J or Rock:Mic Skills?
  76. HHH Talks About His WWE Role These Days
  77. Is there anything that would make you stop watching WWE programming.
  78. CM Punk has the best mic skills in the WWE right now
  79. I Need Help Finding a Pic (WCW Related)
  80. Why did WWE bury Kaval?
  81. WWE's most talented superstars
  82. If there was an Austin v. Rock IV, what would the crowd be like?
  83. Rank the heels from best to worst
  84. Why do WWE fans have such a freaking hard on for sting?
  85. 2006-2007: A Failed Generation
  86. Whats more important?
  87. Why did WWE hire all these hollywood writers
  88. Will Christian, Triple H & Jericho all come back at the Rumble?
  89. What pisses you off most about WWE?
  90. Pro-wrestling Future (mobility, highfly, technics and unexpectedness)
  91. Funniest Superstars you've ever seen
  92. Andre the Giant - Most popular of all-time?
  93. Edge's best feud and best match
  94. A few questions about Heyman/WWECW
  95. so will John cena ever change his short pants?
  96. Will you be ordering the Royal Rumble?
  97. Do you think Miss Elizabeth deserves to be in the WWE Hall of Fame?
  98. Would it really hurt WWE to give someone from IWC creative control?
  99. Einstein's Insanity- Tag Team Divison
  100. Is there a chance the WWE COULD be good nowadays?
  101. fastest growing WWF/E superstars?
  102. Biggest Star at Wrestlemania?
  103. The WWE, as we know it, is all but dead...
  104. Tag Teams In 2006?
  105. What has WWE come to?
  106. The greatest Tag Team is back!
  107. Did the PG Kid Audience era help Jeff become champion?
  108. Favourite Wrestler theme
  109. Modern WWE superstars given gimmicks.
  110. santino is a legend.
  111. PPV streams?
  112. Your Top 5 Favourite Ladder and TLC matches
  113. Who will leave the WWE first?
  114. Vince very high on Skip Sheffield
  115. Taunts make movees more powerful
  116. Vince McMahon buying Newcastle
  117. Predict who will quit/be fired during the next 12 months.
  118. John Cena or the Miz - Who is more charismatic?
  119. Sandman manhandles Big Dick Johnson
  120. What kind of instructions do wrestlers get for a match?
  121. santino, the new rock?
  122. Will Jim Ross ever return?
  123. Potentials who are stuck with a bad or unfitting gimmick?
  124. WWE Rehab Program
  125. WWE Firsts
  126. Will we ever have an IC match mean so much?
  127. Sting = Most underrated mic worker ever!
  128. Nexus or Corre?
  129. Best CM Punk Promo EVER...
  130. If Austin returned for one more match...
  131. Unpopular gimmicks you liked
  132. How much does the title mean?
  133. I don't get the hate Batista gets
  134. CM Punk Looks.....
  135. Wwe Fan Axxess 2011
  136. Appropriate Wrestling Sponsorship Deals
  137. Most memorable WWE quotes
  138. anyone notice the wwe signed 2 students trained by lance storm??
  139. Best tag team in WWE History
  140. The most Memorable WWE Pictures
  141. Is it me or is Raw and Smackdown getting MUCH better as of late?
  142. The Viper vs. The Big Red Machine?
  143. The logic behind the Royal Rumble '08 crowd.
  144. Wade barrett - could have been huge?
  145. Poll for the greatest ever 10 WWE wrestlers:
  146. Michael great
  147. WWE Superstars
  148. when will the IWC beg WWE to fire Punk and Bryan?
  149. macho man out of character footage?
  150. Comparing the first episdoes of Nitro and Raw
  151. Most Under Appreciated......
  152. WWE's stock falls; earnings lower than expected; releases expected
  153. Awesome Elim. Cham Match Idea
  154. I predict something big at Royal Rumble.
  155. Do you get pissed when your favorite loses?
  156. WWE 3rd edition dvd game
  157. What superstars that haven't gotten a DVD would you like to see get one?
  158. Will there be a WWE draft this year?
  159. What to do with WWE Superstars Show?
  160. Do you miss those Royal Rumble PPV intros where they list the 30 participants?
  161. Why Nexus And Corre Are The Most Pointless Groups Ever
  162. DDP to host WCW Nitro dvd
  163. 2011 WWE Draft Predictions
  164. The Rock vs Stone Cold: A pact with the devil
  165. Vince McMahon to buy out Newcastle United?
  166. Simple Question
  167. Define Charisma
  168. Vote for your favorite in the 2011 TOY RUMBLE!
  169. WWE Tough enough trainers???
  170. Cena VS RATED-RKO The PPV match that was changed.
  171. Does Aaron Rodgers have an advertisement contract with the WWE?
  172. Eddie guerro Chris jerico fued
  173. Post an Image thread - Champion Reigns that should have never happened
  174. it would be awesome if
  175. WWE movie spinoffs
  176. Do you prefer now? Or then?
  177. Rock or piper, who had more talent?
  178. Chris Jericho interview
  179. Low Ki Speaks On WWE Release
  180. Undertaker vs HHH discussed for Wrestlemania
  181. Why is your favourite wrestler your favourtite
  182. Creative Changes Within WWE - Triple H Winding Down
  183. Michael Cole gotta Go!!!
  184. Bobby lashley
  185. what happen to that alpha male??
  186. How excited where you the night KAAAANNNNEEE took off his mask?
  187. Kaval discusses his release
  188. Is the Armageddon HIAC match the most star-studded of all time?
  189. Draft 2011
  190. Your Top 10 Rivalries of all time.
  191. Why is Christian such a hero with the IWC?
  192. Worst match you ever saw
  193. So how old were you, when....
  194. The Ultimate Steroid Stable
  195. Sid breaking his leg
  196. I didn't watch WWE from 03-09, what are some of the best matches from that period?
  197. Do you guys think the WWE purposely waters down the undercard?
  198. The WWE CAN put out a great product in this era.
  199. Rey Mysterio hate
  200. When you started to notice WWE/WWF started going downhill??
  201. Sheamus vs Jack Swagger - Heavyweight Feud of the Future?
  202. Do you cheer for heels or faces?
  203. Kavals radio interview going on right now
  204. Is there anyone in FCW that's better than 'the Superstars' we see every week?
  205. WWE Trying To Book Another MMA Fighter For WrestleMania?
  206. Randy Savage promo for All Star game
  207. What is your favorite theatrics move?
  208. Not enough change?
  209. Why does the WWE even have tag team titles?
  210. WWE-All Stars First Look
  211. Your Top 10 World Championship reigns of all time.
  212. Which wrestlers look like each other?
  213. More Competition for Chyna?
  214. Triple h vs Undertaker WM27 w/special guest referee Shawn michaels?
  215. OH YEAH!
  216. If you could fuse two wrestlers into one....
  217. Alberto Del Rio vs. Daniel Bryan at WM27???
  218. So What Happen To Unification Plan?
  219. Why Did Stone Cold Turn On The WWF?
  220. Mason Ryan The Future of WWE????
  221. Was WWF Excess meant to be WCW Nitro?
  222. Worst finishers? (Not unique moves as such...)
  223. which is the new nexus?
  224. Your Fav Part from the 1999-2001 tag team Renaissance
  225. Carlito...Nexus?
  226. Did Shawn and Bret's Egos Indirectly Help Lead to the Attitude Era's Success?
  227. Will wrestling ever have a boom period again?
  228. Flair in 1989
  229. Nicknames you give wrestlers
  230. Remembering the Randomers: WWE Edition
  231. What do you feel is the Million Dollar Man's best ever match?
  232. After Mania, I can see the roster looking like this after the draft.
  233. Did You Like The WCW InVasion Storyline?
  234. Punk vs Barrett at WM?
  235. WWE's reminding us of WCW through the Nexus
  236. 5 year plan
  237. Detailed 1/16/11 SuperShow Results - Shreveport, LA
  238. Do You Think WWE Would've Used Steve Corino Right?
  239. Cryme Time and the Tag titles.
  240. Wrestlers Who've Had Long Careers Without a Heel/Face Turn
  241. My Thoughts This Week: Ziggler-WHC, Triple H and Hogan returns, iMPACT on road!
  242. If You could bring a wrestler back to WWE?
  243. cm punk moveset then and now
  244. Why has Miz stopped using these moves?
  245. New guy, looking for advice... Memorablilia related
  246. Favorite non finisher move
  247. Suggestion for New Stage Designs
  248. Rock-Austin transition
  249. Edge/Flair fued 2005-06
  250. What Wrestlemania had the most impressive line up/card?
  251. Colt Cabana says Bella's "almost quit WWE" over demand issues.
  252. Inovators
  253. Early 90's WWF Hasbro Figures
  254. Vets vs Youth?
  255. Do you all want to see Punk's Nexus vs. Wade's Nexus?
  256. Your favourite 'Desire' videos?
  257. WWE Facts and Statistics
  258. Kevin Steen - A good fit for WWE?
  259. Something positive about your most hated wrestler.
  260. Match of the Decade Tournament: Match of 2001
  261. DDP Blog : Bluefield Hell Part 2 is up
  262. WWE Event Tickets?
  263. Which show are you liking the most at the moment?
  264. Wrestlemania Axxess
  265. You Keep Watching Because......?
  266. Who has more charisma-Ultimate Warrior or Rock?
  267. Will Hogan/Austin ever be surpassed?
  268. Do you think The Rock will ever be in the WWE Hall Of Fame?
  269. The One Feud That Should Of Happened
  270. Should Have Beens
  271. Do You Miss THE BOOGEYMAN
  272. Any chance for a Lesnar and Lashley return...
  273. Greatest WWE High Flyer?
  274. Feuds you would like to see!?!
  275. Thought for main event at Mania
  276. WWE The Legends of Wrestling Over and Underachievers
  277. Will 'The Stinger' sign?
  278. Your favourite comeback..
  279. WWE funny moments montage
  280. could hogan vs austin still draw
  281. Champions
  282. Was Stone Cold a good in ring performer?
  283. New ideas for storylines WWE
  284. What do you consider to be the best ever Hollywood Rock promo?
  285. Will this piece of commentary ever be beaten?
  286. GAB 85 Ric Flair vs Nikita Koloff
  287. What is your "dream" segment?
  288. Is it really wrong to complain about the "lack of moves" or "in-ring complexity"?
  289. Whatever happened to...
  290. The 2010 411 Wrestling Year End Awards
  291. Batista Was Hilarious As A Heel
  292. Booker-T returning?
  293. What is it that attracts you most to your favourite wrestler?
  294. Random Fan Question
  295. Question for the people who follow WWE talent on Twitter...
  296. Wrestlers whose contract would expire this year...
  297. Favorite signature move
  298. Analysis of WWE: 5 Major Flaws, and how they can be fixed
  299. Will Chris Jericho come back to win the Royal Rumble??
  300. The stupidest wrestling questions
  301. Greatest Match of All Time, 10 Minutes or Less
  302. Performing + Wrestling = The Same thing.
  303. Match of the Decade Tournament: Match of 2000
  304. Paul London,one of WWE's biggest wastes of talent?
  305. How would you book the end of Undertaker's career?
  306. Triple H WWE Magazine Interview
  307. so where would Marquis Cor Von(Monty brown) be if he was still in WWE
  308. Pro Wrestling Illustrated: End of the Year awards
  309. Austins thoughts on scripted promo's
  310. Plans for Awesome Kong's WWE Debut
  311. Recent WWE Attendance Figures
  312. Sean "Val Venis" Morley Talks on Pro Wrestling & Rips on Hardy's
  313. DDP's YouTube Blog - Records Road Trip
  314. Which one of Flair's and Steamboat's '89 matches were truly the best?
  315. Either Fuck out the Tag Division or get a New One...
  316. Top ten favourite wrestlers at this point in time.
  317. Whose Wrestling Matches Do You Enjoy The Most Right Now?
  318. Best Finishers of 2010?
  319. The Last WCW Roster? - Reps Given
  320. The Clique To Attend WWE HOF
  321. Was Shawn Michaels ever THEE guy?
  322. Stone Cold Steve Austin calls Shawn Michaels the greatest ever
  323. Favorite, Best, and WORST of all time
  324. Combine the ideas?
  325. How weird is it going to get ?
  326. What big thing(s) will headline WM 27?
  327. How did the Attitude Era actually start?
  328. How great could The Clique have been as a heel stable ???
  329. Why is the Atomic Drop allowed?
  330. Just to *finally* put the nail in Lesnars WM coffin.
  331. Morrison vs Ziggler is WWE's Money feud...
  332. What is/was ur opinion on Mr.America(Hulk Hogan) storyline?
  333. Anyone else think this would be a good idea?
  334. The best Possible way to book WWF vs WCW angle
  335. WWE Reportedly Not Hiring Older Talent
  336. A possible future faction in wwe
  337. Mike Adamle arrested
  338. Imagine if WWE did a RAW Attitude episode this year
  339. The Radicalz
  340. Wrestler you hate the most, yet still respect.
  341. Would WCW have ended up surviving if Jericho had been made the face of the company?
  342. aksana
  343. Is pg on its way out the door in the near future?
  344. Iron Shiek on Twitter (Caution: Very rude language)
  345. Something I was thinking about when it comes to Orton vs Cena
  346. Why does A-Ry still carry a case?
  347. Your Top 3 Favourite Table Spots
  348. Chair Shots To The Head
  349. Who should induct HBK in to the hall of fame?
  350. How much do Axcess and Hall of Fame Tickets Cost?
  351. Snitsky Talks About WWE Creative & Release
  352. 1991, a great year in WWF
  353. Should Warrior/Savage have been the main feud in WWF in 1990 ???
  354. Why are PPVs less memorable now than the 90s?
  355. Helms Rips Into HBK....Again
  356. I Think Brand Extension Ending Would Be Best Now. .
  357. Hall of Fame 2011 Inductees *Discussion*
  358. Micheal Tarver is currently
  359. WWE Draft 2011
  360. Create a gimmick match
  361. an idea for Undertaker at Wrestlemania
  362. the 2010 gooker awards
  363. Goldberg vs HHH vs Kane - Armageddon 2003
  364. Who was the best heel of 2005?
  365. What was The Rock better as Heel or Face ?
  366. Why Does TagTeam always have to turn on each other
  367. How did HBK's charisma stack up when compared against the Rock's?
  368. Who are the security guys?
  369. Hitman Hart : Wrestling With Shadows
  370. Why doesn't WWE just do this?
  371. Favorite WWE Manager?
  372. Mark Magnus
  373. The Last ECW Roster ?
  374. Who should end Undertaker's WM streak?
  375. Undertaker Vs Sting Wrestlemania 27 Is it possible?
  376. Who will WWE push in 2011.
  377. Using today's feuds, how would you book Cyber Sunday if it was still around?
  378. WWE Honored.
  379. Will you try out for WWE Tough Enough?
  380. Why did WWF choose to do Flair vs. Savage at 'Mania 8, instead of Flair vs. Hogan?
  381. Triple H- a loyal longtime WWE pillar through good times and bad
  382. WWE Draft 2011
  383. Dear IWC if you want to help those heels you adore.
  384. Are there any real-life drug & alcohol free superstars besides CM Punk?
  385. WWE superstars on tv shows
  386. Rate Your Favorite Matches
  387. Nexus Adding Female Member
  388. Favourite Wrestlers appearence in....
  389. Best brand in 2011
  390. heel vs heel title changes
  391. First of 2011... So which is better?
  392. Should the WWE retire the WHC?
  393. fueds in the wwe
  394. Who in your mind out of the WWE roster TODAY is a "badass"?
  395. This made Randy, and I miss this Randy
  396. A challenge for everyone here - Cite AT LEAST three matches better than this one
  397. Whenever Y2J returns...
  398. Triple H and Stephanie Starting To Takeover?
  399. Past Wrestlemania Injury Question
  400. Bret Hart and WrestleMania 27...
  401. Is DX the most entertaining stable of all time?
  402. Who is your favourite commentator in WWE at the moment?
  403. Terrible Ideas for WWE Compilation DVDs
  404. Favorite section of WWE Magazine?
  405. Kurt Angle & Bill Apter Interview
  406. That was a hellacious shot!
  407. Is this a good idea for a sign?
  408. Do you guys think it's time for Undertaker to retire?
  409. Who's the best heel in wrestling today
  410. WCW PPVs?
  411. WrestleMania IN THREE DEE!!! O.o
  412. Turn two face, turn two heel...
  413. WWE and TNA battle for Sting
  414. Muhammad Hassan w/ Daivari
  415. Which Music band fits wich wrestler?
  416. Match of the decade (90-00)
  417. Who do you pay money to see?
  418. A very under-rated promo, and needs to be acknowledged :)
  419. WWE Captions
  420. What if Taker wants the streak ended?
  421. Rank The Stables!
  422. "The Chaperone" Starring Triple H Trailer
  423. Nicole bass ?
  424. What did you think of the Cena/hhh match at Mania 22?
  425. Kane's 2000 return
  426. If someone were to ask what Hulk Hogan or Jeff Hardy did now, what would WWE say?
  427. Custom title belts?
  428. Had Lesnar stayed, how would it have affected Randy Orton?
  429. Mike Awesome
  430. Your Favorite Gimmick.
  431. What Makes A Legend?
  432. Wrestlemania 27.....start of a new era??
  433. Guys in the WWE who could work an ROH style match?
  434. Christian, Bryan, Jericho, Punk?
  435. Looking for new main eventers? I give u ur 2 biggest ball drops in the last 5 years!
  436. Why I wouldn't mind a Stryker return
  437. Paul Orndorff Announces He Has Cancer
  438. Harley Race
  439. the Franchise Shane Douglas
  440. Possible Wrestlemania spoilers
  441. The Rock,HHH,WWE Getting sued
  442. Anyone remember Chyna?
  443. WWE business history
  444. Rate WWE in 2010
  445. Who Did You Think Jerichos Partner Would Be At NOC09
  446. Lack of decent finishers
  447. Need help from Atlanta area fans
  448. The biggest draws of all time ???
  449. What do you think of Lex Luger
  450. Does Wrestlemania look hazy this year or clear?
  451. Do you fast forward through matches?
  452. Favourite wrestling couples?
  453. What makes a great match???
  454. Best and Worst Sellers?
  455. Biggest wrestling success stories.
  456. What Does D-D-T Stand For ?
  457. Why does everyone always say it won't happen?
  458. Cole is better on his own.
  459. Cole is the Mastermind
  460. If the WWE focused their product to the IWC do you think the product would be better
  461. 11 to watch in 2011 - do you agree?
  462. 2011: Sign/Fire etc game.
  463. Kurt Angle Shoot
  464. Was anyone els watching the divas last night and thinking , Kong is going to rip them
  465. Future Stables you'd like to see
  466. Stone cold or Undertaker who's the most beloved WWE Superstars ever...?
  467. WWE Super Star Triple H Talks About His New Baby, His 2 New Movies, & His Comeback!
  468. Who "should have been"?
  469. Complete List Of WWE Releases in 2010
  470. Wrestling Personalities that have/had dates and romance with each other!!!
  471. What wrestler that passed young missed out on the brightest career?
  472. Who will try out for WWE tough Enough?
  473. 3 Main Problems or Criticisms for WWE
  474. A really slight hint that the ABA gimmick could make a return
  475. Was there ever a time you thought The Undertaker would lose at WrestleMania?
  476. Was Mick Foley the greatest talent enhancing wrestler of all time ???
  477. Top 10 Matches of 2010
  478. USA Network confirms Tough Enough debut on Monday, 4th April straight after RAW
  479. THE WWE ROSTER, who doesnt bore you ?
  480. Title Reigns Getting Out Of Hand ?
  481. Favourite chris jericho moment
  482. akebono/chad rowan
  483. probably the most attractive poster i've ever seen..
  484. Who is more exciting - Ziggler or Bryan
  485. Scott Steiner A Roid Addict.?
  486. Taker....time to hang up the boots?
  487. What is the general rule when you lose a tag team partner while being the champions?
  488. Create a new Title
  489. WWE in 2010: best and worst
  490. wow...hercules was a douche
  491. I think CM Punk's taking "The Rock's Route"
  492. What was/is bigger? 173-0 or 18-0 @ WM?
  493. If you could trade any current superstar for an old one...
  494. Why can't stables/teams happen in todays WWE?
  495. Have you come across amazing custom promos?
  496. So Cena is the Hogan of this generation..
  497. How Will Awesome Kong Make An Impact in WWE?
  498. Former WWE Diva Tiffany On A "Rollercoaster Ride"
  499. N vs The Nation....
  500. An unexpected way The Undertaker's WrestleMania streak could end...
  501. Why do people boo Vickie so much?
  502. WWE Signings you would like to see this year?
  503. Who has Legit Heat with each other
  504. Kane mask replica in the works >>>
  505. Survivor Series 2003: WWE begins their investment
  506. Attitude error?
  507. Match types you'd LOVE to see
  508. If Brock Lesnar DID come back how big could Cena/Lesnar realistically be ???
  509. Which do you prefer, the build up or the match ???
  510. Should The Undertaker's streak really end?
  511. Going back in time: Steve blackman
  512. Face/Heel Turns In 2011
  513. Dream opponent for Brock Lesnar
  514. take a trip down memory lane...
  515. Triple H Heel of the Decade
  516. Over the Top wrestling characters
  517. WWE's monster heel's that turned into jokes
  518. WWE to push another Batista-type character
  519. Who's match resume is the biggest star packed?
  520. Worst Wrestling Insult?
  521. Share a sincere thing that you want to say to the Superstars
  522. Honest opinion on Wrestlemania 27
  523. Themes and Titantrons
  524. The Bigger Star Now:John Cena or HHH or Undertaker?
  525. DVD sets you would like the WWE to release
  526. Since the year is ending...
  527. Hopefully this wont make you cry.
  528. if Hogan/Rock/Austin were Top3 best thing ever happen in wwe,who is qualified as no.4
  529. Best and Worse Finisher
  530. Arn Anderson considered a lock for HOF 2011
  531. Swerves that appeared to be successful, but didn't make sense.
  532. Best first world title reign ever?
  533. Your thoughts on the Stone Cold and The Rock interview together with Jim Ross.
  534. Was Austin/Rock going into WrestleMania 17 the most overrated feud of all time ???
  535. Hilarious Action Firgure Ring Entrance Videos
  536. Its it safe to mark 2010 as the year of the heels ?
  537. when is it gonna get changed to "world superstar entertainment"
  538. Most boring wrestler currently in WWE?
  539. Anyone have any facepalm pictures?
  540. Favorite Wrestler... EVER
  541. Match of the decade
  542. Wrestlemania timetable as of last week according to IWC.
  543. Where should I start rewatching WWF/WWE?
  544. Dana White on whether Lesnar will Wrestle at WM27
  545. Matches where the wrong guy won
  546. WWE predictions for 2011
  547. WWE shutting down 'WWE Universe' community forum
  548. Pointless stables
  549. Awesome Kong - WWE?
  550. Is there currently an over-reliance on gimmick matches?