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General WWE

  1. Brodie Lee Signs WWE Deal
  2. WWE's Avengers
  3. Wrestlers that come from under the ring...
  4. WWE Draft, NXT/FCW stars only?
  5. Were Kevin Nash & Scott Hall draws?
  6. How would you have booked Cena after his first title?
  7. What next for HHH?
  8. Any heel that can make the entire arena to cheer for Cena?
  9. My Wrestlemania Moment.
  10. 3 Face/Heel turns to shake up the current roster
  11. Please WWE ..Bring Mark & Jay Briscoe !!
  12. Thank God Lesnar is Back
  13. The WWE brings in older wrestlers the right way.
  14. In your eyes is Hogan a bigger face than John Cena?
  15. Your dream memorabilia belt
  16. OTL 2012 - yearly I Quit match
  17. Indy Midget Hacks
  18. batista or john cena
  19. Has The Undertaker ever defeated Brock Lensar?
  20. Del Rio almost quit WWE
  21. Will CM Punk get the same legendary status as Rock / Stone Cold / Hogan?
  22. Blatant ripoff by the uncreative
  23. Excluding wrestlers, name 3 things that spring to mind about the Attitude Era.
  24. What the NWA should have been...
  25. Austin is ready for WM 29
  26. Marty Jannetty : Why Does WWE spend money on Scott hall?
  27. NEW Women's Wrestler Signed
  28. The Second Inasion
  29. Rebuilding the Women's Division
  30. Thoughts on the Brand Extension?
  31. After Wrestlemania 28 I can Truly Say Wrestlemania Is Bigger Than Superbowl
  32. the better snake
  33. Guy returns...
  34. I'll tell you what Chant "YES"
  35. Which is the most dangerous finisher ?
  36. Lesnar and WWE title pic from now till Summerslam
  37. 2D Wrestling LMAO
  38. Why does the IWC love Chops?
  39. Has anyone here been bullied at school and likes the Be A Star campaign?
  41. Has anyone tried moves at home and botched them?
  42. It's finally coming...
  43. the newcastle, england house show on friday...
  44. Very offensive gimmicks...
  45. Brodus Clay's wrestling gear
  46. Question regarding seating in arena's
  47. 2 upcoming Main-Roster Debuts! *Possible Spoiler*
  48. Thoughts on Hunter Hearst Helmsley: The Connecticut Blueblood?
  49. Brock's Extreme Rules gear photos revealed
  50. yes yes yes t shirt uk?
  51. Out of these feuds, which one should have definitely made it to a WM card?
  52. Within the last year
  53. Rosa Mendes Is Hot
  54. WWE's storylines involving wrestlers real life issues....
  55. Your thoughts on WM28 1.3 million buys?
  56. WWE Hologram
  57. Dusty Rhodes has the best theme ever.
  58. Wrestlemania 28 breaks the all time record for buys
  59. Things to do while watching matches.
  60. Who could be the most evil heel ever?
  61. Will the 'eventual' Exodus of the McMahon's lead to a different WWE entirely?
  62. How would you like to see Batista return?
  63. Hogan-Warrior @ WM 6, the unscripted moment?
  64. My WM 29 double main event
  65. WWESOURCE2012's million dollar weekly question! (WEEK 23)
  66. Wrestlemania Buyrate History?
  67. Come up with some outlandish gimmicks WWE never had
  68. WrestleMania 28 Sets New Records For Pay-Per-View Buys And Gross Sales
  69. JTG and Shad idea
  70. Wrestlemania 28, most bought WWE PPV of all time
  71. WWE Replica Titles?
  73. Shad Gaspard?
  74. Streams to watch PPVs on?
  75. WWE Survivior SeriesTour Dates Announced
  76. The lost art of Proteges - suggestions thread
  77. I forgot Cena had already feuded with Taker
  78. Some vids from a recent german RAW-houseshow...
  79. are you guys sick of Jim Duggan?
  80. how can WWE acheive true greatnest. one more time.
  81. Who will play the Superman character after John Cena is done with it?
  82. Why is the WWE HIAC-PPV so hated, but TNA Lockdown so loved?
  83. Things that piss you off about wrestling fans
  84. Hannibal & Abdullah the Butcher
  85. Stupid Smarks
  86. Are Hogan/Cena more known than Brad Pitt?
  87. What was the best WWE promo of all time?
  88. Anyone get to watch wrestling in the territory days?
  89. WWE House Show Results (4/15) Nottingham, England
  90. What was the first thing you remember seeing as a wrestling fan?
  91. Best and worst wrestling nicknames?
  92. How good was the Taker/Kane vs Austin/HHH fued?
  93. Controversy Creates Ca$h!
  94. Undertakers best matches
  95. Million Dollar Mania "accident"
  96. Would WWE go out of buisness if .....
  97. WWE House Show Results (4/14): Manchester, England
  98. Chris Benoit's Theme Song Retired
  99. Update on the Bella Twins
  100. Who will have a better career?
  101. Biggest jaw-dropping moments in Wrestling history
  102. Better On-Screen Character: Eric Bischoff, Vince McMahon, or Paul Heyman?
  103. Do you buy John Cena as a threat to The Streak?
  104. Funkasauras Theme...
  105. Rock Dvd Sales Behind Austin
  106. Kaneanite Photo/Talk/Video Thread
  107. Doing repeated moves - Smark Hypocrisy
  108. brock lesnars best matches?
  109. Are you also sick of annoying fans at WWE events?
  110. Zack Ryder fans watch out: Cena puts on Zack Ryder wig at European houseshow!!!
  111. At The Next Wrestlemaina Triple HHH vs Shawn Vs The Undertaker
  112. 12 Heart-Wrenching Break-Ups in WWE History
  113. Potential in the Tag Team division
  114. TV Crowds
  115. Sara Del Rey in WWE?
  116. WWE has problems making credible faces and dominate heels
  117. Matt Morgan hints at future WWE return
  118. WWE Championship Spreadsheet
  119. CM Punk at his best
  120. Who were the champions when you first started watching WWE?
  121. Would 2 attitude adjustments be enough to make u worry the streak could end?
  122. More from the deity that is Big Poppa Pump
  123. New Generation Hell in a Cell
  124. Lack of Real Matches
  125. CM Punk VS Daniel Bryan
  126. In the end, it all comes down to who "brings it" in the ring
  127. In terms of crowd response and match quality, what do you think was the better match?
  128. Better overall Tag Team: D-Generation X or Edge & Christian?
  129. Favourite Tag Team Match Of All Time?
  130. Worst Wrestling Theme's of all time
  131. Is Undertaker the man WWE are most afraid to say goodbye to?
  132. Worst match between two great workers
  133. Did TNA Rip-off "General Manager" Concept from WWE?
  134. How to handle What? chants + Brilliant Austin & Angle promo
  135. Best Them Of All Time
  136. Mania Revenge Tour Manchester
  137. What was the best Heel vs Heel match in WWE?
  138. Guy wears WWF Attitude Era Shirt 2008?
  139. The One Wrestler Who Desperately Needs Repackaging Most?
  140. Razor Ramon
  141. Austin/Punk at WM sounds good, but...
  142. The best finisher ever
  143. Thoughts on The Ultimate Warrior's WWE run in 1992
  144. Triple H vs Jim Ross the best funniest moments in wrestling
  145. Brock vs Goldberg rematch
  146. Chris Benoit Theories, Years Later...
  147. Why aren't Japanese show televise anymore?
  148. John Laurinitas
  149. Does Scott Steiner Still Have Something Left
  150. Is there a more misused talent than Sheamus is?
  151. Beginning of New Era in WWE ???
  152. Which opening intro is better?
  153. John Laurinaitis' new theme song
  154. Kevin Nash wants to compete again.
  155. Z! True Long Island Story Episode #62
  156. Next tag champs?
  157. Classify the whole WWE Roster in to Main Eventer/Upper Midcarder/Midcarder/Jobber.
  158. Heath Slater plays in Desperate Housewives
  159. Who were the champions when you first started watching WWE?
  160. The coolest wrestling move?
  161. When I heard the name Ryback
  162. Should Goldberg come back to wwe?
  163. Dads on Wrestling - Episode 73
  164. Exactly which current wrestlers are better as a face?
  165. Wrestling Related Dreams you've had
  166. Shane O'Mac appreciation thread
  167. Didn't John Cena and Brock Lesnar already face each other 10 years ago?
  168. Orton and Del Rio stealing each other's catchphrases ?
  169. WWE 13 Predictions
  170. WWE 13 Predictions
  171. Who deserves a huge push?
  172. Who are the top 10 draws in wrestling at their peak?
  173. What do you think would have happened if Benoit had a family member in WWE when...
  174. WrestleReunion VIII ~ Toronto
  175. Hilarious review and recap of April 10, 2000 Nitro
  176. Which appeals most to you?
  177. The positives about the current era?
  178. Fan Made Stone Cold vs CM Punk video package
  179. Jake the Snake Roberts
  180. Should HBK have retired at Wrestlemania 26?
  181. What would be of more worth to you the million dollar belt or Taker's streak?
  182. What IF history was different?
  183. 2013 WWE Hall of Fame - Your Picks!!
  184. John Cena - The First Man To Be Booed At HOF?
  185. Did WWE miss a trick by 'watering down' Punk?
  186. Does the WWE always "send the crowd home happy" nowadays?
  187. WWE needs a new logo
  188. How fast do Wrestlemania tickets sell?
  189. Idea for new Stable to get the next batch of young Stars over
  190. Has The Rock got the acting ability to win an oscar
  191. John Cena has made more wishes come true for the make a wish foundation than any -
  192. What happened with the bret/shawn screwjob?
  193. Interesting wrestling facts.
  194. How many members are in the "WWE Universe"?
  195. None of you can escape the Cenation
  196. Ministry booking?
  197. is "ain't no grave" theme the best Undertaker's entrance ?
  198. ADMIT IT: Have you ever tried to copy a wrestler?
  199. WWE's Best Heel/Face turns. (2010 - 2012)
  200. Out Of The Rising Stars, Who Is Least Likely To Succeed?
  201. Spirit Squad
  202. Triple HHH vs Rick Flair
  203. In WWE which group was better the nwo or the bWo
  204. WWE Title's "inferiority" to WHC in 2004-05
  205. Today, how legit is Ric Flair's "retirement" at Wrestlemania to you?
  206. Autographs at WWE Events?
  207. Did anybody else think this was a bit weird...
  208. What Wrestler resembles Randy "Ram" Robinson?
  209. Do the wrestlers get to keep their titles?
  210. Question about watching RAW/Smackdown
  211. Regarding the "toughness" of Wrestlers, remember Brawl for All?
  212. The Squash Trio
  213. Does anyone here keep WWE/wrestler themes as your cellphone ringtone?
  214. Things in wrestling that frightened you as a child
  215. WCW's Clash of the Champions: What was the best match ever?
  216. What do we expect from John Cena?
  217. Luckiest Wrestler in WWE History?
  218. Who will get "Little Jimmyed?"
  219. Do basketball hold grudges ?
  220. Does Mick Foley Still Have Star Power?
  221. Top 5 Legitimately tough guys on the WWE roster (active)
  222. The most predictable scenario:Rock/Lesnar/Cena
  223. If you re-did the Hall of Fame, who would you put in it?
  224. Does the WWE Draft really matter?
  225. Ryback and his stupid movements
  226. Wrestlemania 28 Buyrate Dissapoints
  227. Moments that gave you legit lulz?
  228. Rey Mysterio - Hoping to return in May?
  229. Which champion put up the must fight during their money in the bank cash in's?
  230. The Draft-WWE's Biggest Mistake? My Views
  231. Songs you would mark out crazy for if used as a one off entrance theme
  232. Why the WWE draft still matters
  233. Who has WWE'12 for Xbox 360
  234. Has doing Raw Supershow been a bad thing?
  235. John Laurinaitis/Alicia Fox
  236. Do you think the Draft needs a makeover?
  237. Most/ Least attempts at title before winning
  238. Matches that didn't happen when they should have or didn't happen at all
  239. Is WWE just wasting time with their younger talent?
  240. No Way Out 2012
  241. It boggles the mind that Cryme Tyme
  242. Wrestlemania 29 Main Event Is Revealed!
  243. Could this be where it ends for wrestling,spiritually?
  244. Least likely lines you would hear WWE commentators say
  245. Would a Blast from the Attitude Era Special work?
  246. What was so great about Chris Jericho during 2008-2009 ?
  247. Can anybody explain who is Dean Ambrose and why iwc loves him?
  248. What's more important to you when it comes to a female wrestler?
  249. another return that could top rock and brock?
  250. Going to live event for the first time - advice?
  251. Logic behind squash matches
  252. Who else would like to see VKM turn face?
  253. Unusual ring attire - against it?
  254. Scott Steiner is godlike
  255. Who the fuck is dean ambrose?
  256. Has The Rock publicly said anything about Brock's return?
  257. Favorite overlooked wrestlers?
  258. With the recent returns of The Rock, Brock Lesnar, Chris Jericho and A-Train...
  259. Who from this WWE roster are friends with eachother?
  260. Terrible theme song covers thread
  261. If any WWE-WWF song would describe you what would it be?
  262. Things that (fans do?) make you ashamed to be a wrestling fan
  263. How much wrestling can you sit through at once?
  264. What's Your Wrestling Guilty Pleasure
  265. Flo rid vs Heath Slater at Summer Slam?
  266. How Did They Do That?? Thread
  267. Stupidest Ideas you herd on this form
  268. Best Heel Turns the last decade?
  269. The "New" whoever stable threads..
  270. What if WWE bought ROH
  271. Will the uncut HOF show be on WM28 release?
  272. Predict the next major heel or face turn.
  273. Predict the next major heel or face turn.
  274. WWE.COM messed up pretty bad today
  275. WWE Magazine
  276. Idea for Kassius Ohno (Chris Hero)
  277. WWE X-MEN (what would you do?)
  278. My "End Of An Era" Conclusion
  279. Which Divas will make the Hall of Fame?
  280. Heel/Face dilemma.
  281. Happy birthday, Goldust!
  282. Former WWE superstar Maven headed to rehab.
  283. How did WWE make so many new stars in 2002?
  284. WWE Superstar Appearances in Europe 2012
  285. sinks to an all time low
  286. Will The Dead Man Rise Again? Update on Undertaker's WWE Future
  288. Who is the most overrated superstar in the Current WWE roster?
  289. Stop the damn debut-squashes!
  290. Original plans for WrestleMania 21, Lesnar/Triple H or Orton/Triple H ???
  291. Why isn't Mason Ryan main eventing yet?
  292. Crowds hometowns in which WWE should never return to?
  293. Was Stone Cold Your Hero?
  294. WWE mainstream media exposure after Brocks Return.
  295. Why do many of Promos for "return Jericho" .And."brock No"?
  296. Differences in WWE and Japanese wrestling styles?
  297. WWE can't have all their top stars as faces?
  298. Which of these will make the title mean something more?
  299. I Miss Storylines
  300. Self-destruction of the ultimate warrior
  301. How good has the WWE Been since WM
  302. Why Vince McMahon doesn't care about the fans of the past
  303. Vote for Stu Hart for Canada's Walk of Fame
  304. Was the WWE network cancelled?
  305. Latest on Scott Hall being arrested.
  306. Top 50 Most Jacked Wrestlers of All Time
  307. WTF Is A Smark?
  308. Who Maced Goldberg at sin 2001?
  309. Wrestlers, who must be inducted into HOF
  310. Mania Revenge Tour (Manchester)
  311. Undertaker HOF
  312. Apart From Rob Van Dam and The Undertaker who else is undefeated at wrestlemania
  313. Biggest pussies in wrestling?
  314. What really happened between Booker t and Batista shoot ?
  315. If Mick Foley was inducted into the HOF next year who should induct him?
  316. MVP
  317. Quotes about The Rock and backstage politics?
  318. CM Punk Comments On His Possible MAtch With Stone Cold
  319. WWE Floor View - IZOD Center
  320. The rocks facial hair
  321. Does the live crowd keep up with WWE TV?
  322. Storyline is scripted but the matches outcome is real.
  323. Legitimate tough guys in wrestling
  324. Tag Team Challenges?
  325. Will we ever get an attitude era themed episode?
  326. Who do you wanna see called up from FCW?
  327. Kickass PPV Themes.
  328. Why isnt there heel announcers anymore?
  329. Let's Get A Barry Steven Chant
  330. Wrestlers that work better as a face than a heel?
  331. Fantasy Booking Discussion Thread
  332. Dream Match
  333. WWE - Canada
  334. Wow damn
  335. What are the chances??
  336. ALL TIME TOP 10?
  337. WrestleMania 29 Sweepstakes
  338. Why aren't interviews/promos pre-recorded?
  339. Should HHH fight Lesnar at Summerslam?
  340. What is WWE doing right that they keep on trending worldwide?
  341. I've always hated the 'HD Sets' does anyone else?
  342. The best jobber of all time
  343. Could Bobby Lashley have been as big as Brock Lesnar or even bigger had he stayed?
  344. Mike Tyson & Undertaker @ WrestleMania
  345. Has the belt gone to CM Punk's head?
  346. If its really is going to be Rock/Brock for the WWE title at WM29...
  347. Classic Ladder match
  348. Rey Mysterio's Status
  349. Fan (s) want to sue WWE for bad Wrestlemania seating?
  350. Lesnar has just hit his peak
  351. Punk: "The Rock has proved me wrong, and him coming back is great."
  352. The Worst ever match gimmick ?
  353. The Worst World Champion since the year 2000 ?
  354. Shawn advice to Rey Mysterio : DONT DO JOBS!
  356. Nominate Canadian Wrestlers!
  357. New Stable - Slater, Reks & Hawkins?
  359. Where does Wrestlemania 24 and Wrestlemania 28 rank on your greatest wrestlemanias?
  360. Which guy could most likely Close or even surpass Cena's career one day??
  361. Photos of you meeting wrestlers
  362. Summerslam 2000
  363. Anybody think Dean Ambrose will debut on SD! this week?
  364. Dear Dolph Ziggler
  365. The Infamous Judgment day 2002 Chokeslam who's fault was it ?
  366. Zack Ryder - fans cheering the gimmick or his talent?
  367. How many great matches did goldberg have ?
  368. jack swager entrance idea
  369. WWE sends another letter , website terminated
  370. This Is SO Creepy
  371. Do you think Taker is keeping that mohawk look or will he have full length hair...
  372. Armageddon 2000 6 man hitc match?
  373. Jim Ross and Stone Cold is like Peanutbutter and Jelly.
  374. Some Thoughts on Cena, Daniel Bryan, Lesnar, WWE Creative
  375. People keep telling me Brock Lesnar disrespected the business
  376. What made the fans turn on Rocky Maivia so quickly?
  377. Worst year of the PG Era?
  378. Who has better wrestling skills, Bret Hart or Kurt Angle?
  379. What is .. End of an era ?
  380. Flashback; Highlight Reel with Chris Jericho and Trish Stratus
  381. Do you wish Heyman had come back with Brock?
  382. What was the song called off The Rock/Cena Promo @ WM28.
  383. Will/Can WWE make the Tag Team Division relevent?
  384. Watching WWE Vintage right now......
  385. Why do people like "stiff" matches?
  386. Would you consider Shane McMahon a good wrestler?
  387. Rock as WWE Champion?
  388. Takers best Hell In A Cell match?
  389. dream stable for 2012
  390. Better Triple Threat: Vengeance 02 or Mania 20?
  391. Should Rock end the Undertaker's streak?
  392. The best Feud in wwe history
  393. Who has the best Attire on the Roster right now?
  394. One Person or the Show as a Whole?
  395. If Cena could have turned heel in any past feud...
  396. The 5 Most Worthless Names In The Streak?
  397. Sheamus's twitter account.
  398. Summerslam tour in Australia in 2006.
  399. Is Vince McMahon's ego justified?
  400. Stone Cold Steve Austins top 5 greatest matches
  401. Who's your favorite Canadian wrestler?
  402. Is there anyway to make the Streak seem like it's in danger again? - SPOILERS
  403. Who'll be first to be "fired"
  404. Should Rock/Austin Part 3 of been a Face/Heel match?
  405. What makes a good gimmick for pro wrestling today?
  406. An Abundance of Heels
  407. Twitter Trends
  408. @WWE Creative on twitter
  409. #SaveYoshiTatsu
  410. WWE Programming in Australia
  411. "Planet Funk"-Stable coming
  412. Community poll: since when did you start watching wrestling?
  413. Face Or Heel
  414. How would you react....
  415. More vs Less
  416. Why is CM Punk not dead?
  417. Brock 1 Year
  418. Yoshi Tatsu & Lord Tensai would make a fun tag team
  419. little men
  420. What was the better Moment/Hug in last 10 years?
  421. Buying SS tickets problem
  422. WWE's Current Commentators
  423. Kane's 2003 unmasked run is/was very underrated.
  424. Allow me to educate the IWC on what it means to be the "top guy"
  425. Unifying the United States and Intercontinental championships.
  426. What States in the US have never held a WWE Raw/Smackdown or ppv?
  427. What rate out of 10 will you give to each Era
  428. 4 wrestler in one week
  429. What Will Save Pro Wrestling?
  430. What Era did you like the most?
  431. Please choose! :)
  432. Make your own Tag team!
  433. WWE Business Summit - 2012
  434. Edge OR Christian
  435. Are heels just more interesting than faces?
  436. Lol does anyone else rememebr when Regal manhandled Goldberg ?
  437. Should Cena have beaten Punk at MITB?
  438. If taker got injured in the middle of a mania match?
  439. Best of 3 Series #1: Mick Foley
  440. Why is summerslam always in the staples centre ?
  441. Eve / Dolph
  442. Wrestlers that have Tweeted you?
  443. Who do you think will will likely be the next face of the WWE at this point?
  444. Why is it that we base a wrestler's draw through their ratings in segments?
  445. Obscure Question
  446. Whats your honest opinion on The Rock's Sharshooter?
  447. Cena - Why do you love/hate him?
  448. Better HBK Match: Angle WM 21 or Taker 25?
  449. Which was worse Hogan at WM9 or Sheamus at WM28
  450. WWE really need to turn Cole Face!!
  451. Dave Meltzer Wrestlemania XXVIII Star Rtaings
  452. Very Early Royal Rumble predictions
  453. AWA what if....
  454. 5 wrestlers WWWF/WWF/WWE missed the boat on...
  455. Wrestlers you would have liked to follow
  456. Low-carders are disposable // Spots for upper-mid card
  457. Oh my gosh Laryngitis bores me again!
  458. Destroying announcers tables, still allowed?
  459. Don't heel heat and "X-Pac" heat mix?
  460. Your reactions to the following scenarios III
  461. Lita comments on current Divas Division and hints at possible WWE return
  462. State of WWE Studios
  463. I hate how time has gone so quickly.
  464. Which promo best trolled Canada?
  465. A recent Q&A session with Steve Austin...
  466. Which Undertaker vs Kane match is your favourite
  467. My 2012/2013 WWE Roster.
  468. Hasn't The Undertaker beaten...
  469. Your favourite point in Edge's career?
  470. Why has Cena been the only "face of the company" all these years?
  471. Worst Wrestling Angles Ever
  472. Heat on Shawn Michaels?
  473. Feuds you want to see this year
  474. Best personal feuds in the history of WWE?
  475. What Amateur Wrestling Owed Professional Wrestling During the Great Depression
  476. WWE Releases Expected Soon
  477. Is Beth Phoenix The Female Brock Lesnar
  478. Illogical things in wrestling?
  479. Am I just over seeing this or is it something?
  480. A foreshadowing of WM28
  481. Kurt Angle just made a miracle
  482. Remember that time Randy Orton was over with the IWC?
  483. Why is it hard to say "WWE"
  484. ECW ARENA UPDATE news
  485. Breaking News : WrestleMania Buys are huge!
  486. Suggestion....NEW Stable
  487. Youtube's WWE Reviewers?
  488. Stone Cold to coach and corner UFC fighter in one of biggest fights of the year
  489. WWE Talent Releases Expected Soon
  490. Early Promos
  491. Replica Belts
  492. What makes a successful era?
  493. Amazing Red Greatest Tribute
  494. Do WWE fans usually react negatively whenever celebrities appear on live shows?
  495. I wish they would do a Rock/Punk storyline
  496. Has The Rock become a bigger star in wrestling since his return?
  497. Demolition
  498. This will (hopefully) make you understand WWE mindset...
  499. Alicia Fox and john laurinaitis ?????
  500. The Golden age of Wrestling
  501. Debate it - Who is better, Edge or Christian?
  502. Top 10 Overrated Wrestlers of All Time
  503. WWE Drops Vengeance and Capital Punishment?
  504. Fat flabby guys in Spandex - Disgusting!
  505. When the fuck will they turn Cena heel :@ ?
  506. Why do WWE continuosly pour money into movies when it doesn't do them any favors?
  507. What u think how will punk feud with scsa for his rumoured match
  508. Why does The Marine keep getting sequels?
  509. Jericho, Kane, Big Show- what is it about them?
  510. WWE Stars Tweeting LESS?
  511. Do you guys really agree with the statement that "Cena is this generation's Hogan"?
  512. Could Laurinaitis be right?
  513. Why is WWE deflating Randy Orton?
  514. Shouldn't it had been Lesnar vs Orton
  515. CM Punk - Chris Jericho , feud and WM match
  516. JBL-- HOF? Deserves at least a DVD?
  517. Why the "PG era" makes no sense
  518. WWE Edge: 1 year after retirement |Tribute|
  519. The Unofficial WWE Champion
  520. Cena has been undisputed top star for 7 years straight.Can he be longer than hogan?
  521. Is this the new CM Punk t-shirt and if so what do you think?
  522. When/Is Money in the bank 2011 going to be on Blu Ray?
  523. Comparing Attitude Era, PG Era and the Current Reality Era
  524. Would you welcome Jeff hardy if he returned to WWE?
  525. Most important moment ever?
  526. If this truly is a new era. What would you call it?
  527. the miz is the jeff jarret of his time
  528. There no promo time for midcarders
  529. Raven---Top 10 Heel of All Time?
  530. International PPV
  531. TV-14 (some asswipe closed the other one)
  532. Is John Cena the hardest working WWE/F wrestler of all-time?
  533. Forgotten wrestling moves?
  534. Let's play the Damien Demento Youtube game!!
  535. 2012 Future Endeavored...?
  536. Money Inc.
  537. Eric Bischoff... Do you miss the guy?
  538. Three main event matches being discussed for WWE Over the Limit 2012
  539. The right time to turn (Tv-14 ) .. And new generation
  540. WWE's obsession with merchandise spoils the character
  541. Would Austin be put over Punk?
  542. WWE Network anyone?
  543. Can Daniel Bryan's Yes! Take Over Pop Culture
  544. dudes reaction to cena rock match
  545. Why doesn't Vince look for mainstream music artists?
  546. Was Goldberg WWE run underrated?
  547. Finisher
  548. WWE/World Title Unification - Idea
  549. Who has the biggest Ego in wrestling of all time ?
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