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General WWE

  1. When should Vince McMahon enter the HOF
  2. Triple H's office
  3. Preference wise: Who is the better in-ring worker? Eddie Guerrero or Shawn Michaels
  4. WWE Talent Get Ribera Jackets
  5. Greatest Role Star???
  7. Pick a Superstar from the 90s vs. a Superstar from 2000s
  8. DX was just as kid friendly as Cena
  9. Random Wrestling Pictures
  10. What If The Rock Did The Storyline With Vince Instead Of Stone Cold
  11. Christian's "One More Match?"
  12. Buying WWE Tickets
  13. Does WWE lack faith in the current roster? Is that why we have so many part timers?
  14. What are they doing with Cody Rhodes?
  15. Josh Matthews or Michael Cole -- Who does the better play by play?
  16. Best Drop Kicks
  17. It bothers me that WWE claims to have the NWA championship line.
  18. The Y2J Problem. Why must it be Jericho to get others over so many times?
  19. Favorite Tag Team that never won a tag team championship
  20. What is your favorite signature name?
  21. Better Worker? Cena or Orton
  22. Anymore Indy Wrestlers in WWE?
  23. What was the most wanted dream match that never happened?
  24. Should WWE sign Crimson?
  25. Football star to fight at WM 30
  26. Wrong WM Main Events
  27. Cena's 5 Greatest Enemies
  28. Koko B. Ware - Piledriver Music Video
  29. What's your reason for hating John Cena?
  30. Brock Lesnar to Headline WrestleMania XXX?
  31. NEW TAG TEAM MATCH RULE (your suggestions)
  32. I'm surprised Titus O'Neill hasn't been pushed yet.
  33. During 1985-1997,any idea how many guys jumped from AWA to wwe and why?
  34. WWE Tough Enough
  35. Original Ecw episodes
  36. Huge Problem
  37. The Rock's Sharpshooter
  38. Best Finisher Among Popular Wrestlers for IWC
  39. What makes a wrestler look more weak, being tapped out or pinned?
  40. 2001 Invasion: Best and worst part about it.
  41. Speculation on why Ricardo Rodriguez was suspended.
  42. Best/Worst Promo Wrestlers
  43. Most Brutal WWE matches of all time?
  44. WWE managers
  45. Feuds you want to see before the end of the year?
  46. Top 5 Wrestlers WWE have to push.
  47. Today's Bret Harts Birthday Congratulations
  48. Biggest SUPERSTAR in Professional Wrestling History
  49. Biggest star during the period of 2007-2008
  50. Kharma's New Venture?
  51. Several photos of Sin Cara without his mask
  52. Recent photo of Kane without his mask
  53. Your Favourite Finishers?
  54. Did kevin Nash give too much info about WWE contract & TNA
  55. The old HBK Vs The new HBK
  56. Ric Flair pays tribute to Reid at Indy Show
  57. Glen Jacobs have more chance of winning Election Than Linda!!
  58. Greatest shots fired on commentary.
  59. Top 5 "Anti-charisma" superstars in WWE?
  60. Pushing the Divas Division
  61. fav wrestler
  62. Why do we keep watching?
  63. Ricardo Rodriguez Suspended 30 Days Due To Wellness Policy
  64. Jericho Vs. Punk -- Better in-ring worker.
  65. Sting Joining WWE Soon?
  66. Wish they hadn't announced Wyatt Family's debut
  67. Legacy - What Happened
  68. BSK and other backstage group stories!
  69. How should Ziggler be sold as a face?
  70. Can't think of anyone who started as a face....
  71. HBK vs Taker Hell in a Cell Bad Blood 1997
  72. WWE needs Vince Russo... period.
  73. How long is RVD back for?
  74. Why are the heels generally younger?
  75. Is there anyone in the roster who can pull off a badass antihero?
  76. Fandango, Bolero, and The Waltz?
  77. Wrestlings greatest unanswered questions
  78. What is the jobbing order?
  79. Swagger/Cesaro tag team managed by Colter?
  80. Which spot was better?
  81. Your 5 star matches
  82. How and what year did you become a "Smart" wrestling fan?
  83. How can Daniel Bryan cleanly beat Cena?
  84. List the small things you miss in the current product
  85. The Rock is a BEAST!!!!
  86. 12 Rounds 2, opening week sales
  87. Why wasn't Wrestlemania 26 the Highest grossing PPV of all time?
  88. Where can I watch some great technical wrestling?
  89. Why did Triple H go over Austin at No Way Out 2001?
  90. Vince's Opinion of Cena Prior to 2005?
  91. Ratings, I don't think it means what you think it means
  92. According to your preference, Who is the better in-ring worker - Triple H or The Rock
  93. Shelton Benjamin - the biggest waste of talent in recent years?
  94. Fakest Moves In Pro Wrestling
  95. Is Wrestlemania 25 when the WWE lost faith in Randy Orton as a top draw?
  96. HBK addresses recent remarks about McMahon not believing in a wrestler
  97. When Jaaaawwwn was filming the marine
  98. Is this the best WWE/F promo video ever??
  99. Do the members of the WWE UNIVERSE make you embarrassed to be a WWE fan?
  100. Cena made me become jaded
  101. Did Ric Flair die in an accident?
  102. The WWE are to blame for Chris Benoit's death !!!
  103. Pick Your Favouite
  104. Name wrestlers who are supposed to be serious threats that you laugh at?
  105. Jack Swagger on Kurt Angle's level
  106. How come Punk's theme was changed in 2010?
  107. Favorite video promo package leading to PPV match
  108. Natalya and Tyson Kidd are officially married
  109. Is the concept of the villain flawed?
  110. Cena being the underdog against Bryan?
  111. Who's your WWE commentary team? If you could pick 'em?
  112. McMahon, Bischoff, or Heyman?
  113. How come There arent any New Gimmick matches lately
  114. WWE Commentary
  115. Luke Hudson AKA @CelesteBoninFan AKA the creepy Kaitlyn stalker has finally been bloc
  116. Stupid WWE decisions
  117. Sister-in-law of Chris Benoit Claims He Had Less Then 10 Months to Live
  118. Interview with Nancy Benoits sister
  119. CM Punk's documentary.
  120. Things in Wrestling that make you cringe?
  121. Who would go win?
  122. CM Punk Granted Restraining Order
  123. RVD Comments On Ryback
  124. NXT Divas Facing Sexual Harassment From Trainer?
  125. What Are Your Top Five
  126. Predict the Next 4 Champions (In Order)
  127. Daniel Bryans no lock looks weak
  128. Superstar Raw/SD Brand Extension.
  129. WWE HOF Wife Swap
  130. What do you think the main event of SS will be?
  131. Would you like to see Cena vs Rock - Round 3 at Survivor Series?
  132. Raw or Smackdown thread?
  133. The Rock(2011-2013) look sick with the bald head and bulky body..
  134. Do you find it hard explaining why you watch WWE?
  135. WWE's next 5 Star match
  136. Dolph And AJ Interview On ABC
  137. Do you support Austin walking out in 2002?
  138. who is naylor and why is everyone thanking him?
  139. Black version of the white "Best in the World" CM Punk shirt.
  140. R.I.P. Doink The Clown.
  141. Big E Langston's All-Time Favorite Wrestler
  142. Things in wrestling that don't make sense
  143. Where would Brodus Clay be if he had the "Hall of Pain" Gimmick?
  144. With AJ's push, are we looking at these matches for WM?
  145. Dream matches.
  146. Why was Punk booked so badly in 2010?
  147. Which tag team drew the most and had the most impact on the business?
  148. Bring back the "ring walk"
  149. Update On Jake Roberts
  150. Please Subscribe to me on Youtube!!
  151. Fox Sports 1/Fox Sports 2
  152. WWE Diva & Superstar Engaged
  153. How come we didn't see Cena vs Taker at WM 23?
  154. Iron Shiek Indie Movie
  155. What do you think the chances are of Stephanie McMahon returning to the ring?
  156. Wyatt Family = Bray of the Hill
  157. Do you miss brand split?
  158. Smackdown MITB ladder match predictions?
  159. John Cena
  160. The Best Last Match...
  161. Jericho Vs Steamboat II?
  162. CM punk issues restraining order...on his mum
  163. Who is it then? Vince/HBK mystery man
  164. How comes crowds such as.....
  165. If Cena breaks the Streak without a character change or heel turn?
  166. Who do you want to face Undertaker @WM30?
  167. Death of Jimmy Snuka's Girlfriend In 1983 To Be Reviewd by DA
  168. Future Direction of The WWE
  169. BIGGEST Missed Opportunities in WWE History
  170. Daniel Bryan an Randy Orton Fined For Chairshot To The Head On Raw
  171. Wrestling Returns You Would Of Liked To Have Seen?
  172. Favourite submission move?
  173. Dreadful Booking Decisions?
  174. What happened to CM Punk's new theme by Rancid?
  175. .
  176. The truth behind 8 WWE urban legends
  177. WWE CEO Vince McMahon Reportedly Doesn't "See Money" In Daniel Bryan
  178. What are your "current" favorite WWE theme songs?
  179. RIP Matt Borne, the original Doink The Clown
  180. Why wasn't Goldberg's run in WWE successful?
  181. Since 1990. What is your top 10 in ring wrestlers?
  182. Why did they never do a Stephanie vs Chyna?
  183. Top Star discussed to win 2014 Royal Rumble.
  184. Would you pay to see...
  185. Yokozuna appreciation thread.
  186. Pro-Wrestling Conspiracy Theories
  187. The Rock Reveals Diet For Hercules
  188. In your opinion: Overpushed and Underpushed.
  189. Is the WHC on the level of WCW International Title?
  190. WWE Fan Favors?
  191. Why didn't Rikishi get lava heat as a heel?
  192. WWE Breakfast Club
  193. What is the worst wrestling TV show of all time?
  194. There is hope for the WWE tag team division!!!
  195. He's Very European
  196. Will Curtis Axel ever surpass his father?
  197. Natalya and Tyson Kidd Are Now Married
  198. WWE Dealing With Concussions.
  199. Do any of you guys still see people rockin Austin 3:16, NWO,WWF etc... shirts?
  200. Wrestler that you think could make it in UFC
  201. Anyone have an idea of how much Wrestlemania 30 tickets will cost? Price ranges?
  202. Do Diva's really 'sleep' there way to the top?
  203. Who is your absolute favourite wrestler at the moment?
  204. Is it fair to say Kaitlyn's spear execution is better than Edge's?
  205. WWE Hall Of Fame Physical Building TNA's former stomping grounds.
  206. Road Dogg as WWE Writer?
  207. Taz jumping ship from TNA to WWE after MITB on Raw?
  208. WWE being "PG" isn't why it sucks
  209. Anyone notice alot more old matches being uploaded on youtube?
  210. Who Is Second Biggest Draw Behind The Rock? Brock Lesnar or John Cena?
  211. Jamie Noble Scouting?
  212. Creative Changes
  213. RVD was a WWE Spy?? The Snowden of TNA?
  214. Rumor Is Taz Jumping Ship To The WWE?
  215. PG era Vs Reality Era
  216. What are some of your ideas for a Del Rio character change?
  217. championship scramble ?
  218. Could masks save some jobbers ?
  219. Matt Striker Interview Post Release
  220. Undertaker's Hall Of Fame induction
  221. Best match of each WWE era?
  222. Acceptable ring rushing?
  223. Triple H Being Drafted To Smackdown In 2004.
  224. Taz Jumping Ship Back to WWE After TNA Contract Expires?
  225. Least devastating finishers
  226. RVD or Daniel Bryan are the only two guys who I can see winning the raw MITB
  227. R-Truth's Sister Passes Away
  228. The Rock Ranks In Forbes List
  229. Have you hurt yourself trying to do a wrestling move before?
  230. Will we ever see a match as good as this one?
  231. Gonna describe a move, and you tell me if it's been done before
  232. True or False: You're not a true main eventer until you are involve with McMahons?
  233. Wrestling podcast recommendations?
  234. Swagger found Guilty. Police describe Details of Swagger's Arrest.
  235. Will Cena Surpass Punks 400+ Title reign
  236. Lucha Libre Division?
  237. Zack Ryder
  238. It seems that The WWE is trying to make titles have a worth again lately
  239. Cm Punk gets restraining order
  240. If Shawn Michaels WERE to come out of retirement of ONE match at Wrestlemania.....
  241. CM Punk Hits Mom with Restraining Order
  242. Do you think Daniel Bryan will actually win the WWE Title off of Cena??
  243. Wrestling Trivia Game Show
  244. Jake Roberts Off The Wagon
  245. Jake The Snake Drinking again
  246. Moves You Would Like To See Restored To Glory
  247. Why does WWE keep jobbers on the main roster?
  248. Going against the grain
  249. Ric Flair Taking His Son's Passing Very Hard
  250. Old v New
  251. RvD returning kind of too late?
  252. Wrestling Events you have been to?
  253. Only 5 Wrestlers have won their first WWE/WHC in the past 5 years not using MITB
  254. Shane Mcmahon?
  255. Best Wwe Wrestler Ever
  256. Looking for a Smackdown show from 07/08
  257. The Rock Speaks on Being on the cover of WWE's 2K14 Video Game
  258. The Scott Steiner Quotes Thread
  259. "WWE is an entertainment company that uses wrestling as a vehicle"
  260. Monday Night Wars
  261. Examining the entire WWE roster's usage
  262. Matt Striker suggests Alex Riley will replace him
  263. Great Khali a risk to himself or maybe even other wrestlers?
  264. Brock Lesnar's time and WWE's $ are being wasted
  265. Samuray Del Sol WWE chance to fix a mistake?
  266. Why isnt McIntyre a top guy yet?
  267. Question about Ziggler/AJ/Big E.
  268. Different divisions
  269. Can you recap the last year in WWE?
  270. Matt Striker on Jerry Lawler
  271. Bryan not exchanging finishers/false finishes
  272. Kizarny/Bray Wyatt
  273. The Perfect Match
  274. Jack Swagger Returns To Court Today Details
  275. New WWE2K14 Contest Photos
  276. Which of the following would you like to book RAW, Smackdown and PPV for a year?
  277. Zack Ryder Should turn heel and join the 3MB
  278. What bout new title system?
  279. New RVD Interview with Arda Ocal on his WWE Return
  280. The "W" in World Wrestling Entertainment
  281. Anyone find it strange.
  282. Why the hell is David Otunga in the WWE Signature?
  283. The original team Hell No LOL
  284. The last Face/Heel Turn
  285. The Newest Member of the WWE Announcing Team is....
  286. all this talk of vince loving big men but.......
  287. Whats up with the 1 800-Fella commercials?
  288. ray mysteryio
  289. JBL Vs The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase
  290. When did you join the IWC?
  291. Why does Alberto Del Rio feuds take so long?
  292. Attitude Era vs PG Era Which Era Is Better???
  293. Here is the perfect example of how Vince McMahon ruined wrestling
  294. Mark Henry & The Shield new shirts released
  295. Clarifying the JoHN cENA WalkOut.
  296. Divas who deserve a spot in the HOF?
  297. who did you tip for success who never made it big ?
  298. Who are the top 5 workers in the WWE right now?
  299. 2K Announces Original Cover Artwork Contest for WWE 2K14
  300. Wwe logic about breaking off tag teams
  301. WWE - TNA roles
  302. Heyman should have brought back Shelton Benjamin
  303. Should the WWE push 3MB?
  304. A difference?
  305. What's the minimum size for a "big man" wrestler?
  306. 30min interesting Interview with Randy Orton
  307. CM Punk's Relationship with Chicago
  308. Heels you liked and Faces you hated in your kayfabe years
  309. RVd Returning...but why?
  310. is there a website for wwe show ratings?
  311. Do you think Cena will end the Undertaker's streak?
  312. WWE Top 10: Attitude Era Catchphrases
  313. who is your favourite tag team of all time and why?
  314. WWE merch is ugly
  315. CM Punk vs Brock Lesnar
  316. Misconceptions about CM Punk's title reign
  317. If Kurt Angle Decides To Return To WWE
  318. Wrestling theme cover group at Mania.
  319. Part Timers Are Important To The Current WWE Product
  320. Another New Endorsement Deal For John Cena
  321. Daniel Bryan vs 6 yr old boy applying the NO lock to him = DB belongs in Main Event
  322. Daniel Bryan and WWE booking have made Randy Orton interesting.
  323. Was the Mr America storyline Hogan's worst work?
  324. What Have The Internet Dirtsheets Been Wrong About?
  325. Any love for the Ruthless Aggression era??
  326. the hardys hall of fame.
  327. Will CM Punk become WWE Champion again?
  328. The 'John Cena Walk out'... could it happen?
  329. Wrestlers interaction
  330. Who should fight Brock Lesnar if The Rock isn't at 'Mania?
  331. What is a must have for a successful character
  332. Ted Dibase Jnr - Why so wasted
  333. With so many thinking Bo Dallas is the future, maybe there is something
  334. Dose it matter who is over anymore?
  335. What I want from Evan Bourne when he returns...
  336. Fixing the John Cena problem
  337. Can they do the Wrestlemania 29 rigging for RAW shows?
  338. Why doesn't the WWE have pyro in their intro anymore?
  339. Next WWE champion currently not on the main roster?
  340. Other Wrestlers Thoughts/Opinions on Goldberg in WWE?
  341. When Was Your Last Mark Out Moment?
  342. WWE Russia
  343. When was the last time someone won without a finishing move?
  344. turning the Miz WallStreet
  345. Hall of Fame 2014 Predictions
  346. Wade Barrett Praises Bray Wyatt, Adrian Neville and Bo Dallas as Future Top Stars
  347. Questions about WWE house shows
  348. Anybody else see a noticeable similarity between careers of Edge and Ziggler
  349. Under rated tag teams in wwe
  350. Who are your draws?
  351. how do wrestlers communicate?
  352. My analysis of WWE through time.
  353. Extreme Rules 2012 poster of Kane
  354. Does WWE have a Blonde Diva fetish?
  355. Return of The Chosen One?
  356. I got a feeling The Wyatt Family will Debut at MITB
  357. Anyone ever met Ziggler in public?
  358. The WHAT chants,WHAT!are annoying,WHAT! and hurt,WHAT!,the quality of promos,WHAT!
  359. Is the DDT overused?
  360. Ruthless Aggression Era 2
  361. What guys did Vince struggle with the most?
  362. Old fan starting to watch the WWE product again, completely lost.
  363. Paul Heyman made Triple H proud
  364. CM Punk in Recovery...
  365. Grown Ups 2 Poster Featuring Stone Cold
  366. Who Performs/Delivers the Best in these Categories?
  367. Would you sell your promotion to Vince?
  368. heel / face romance on WWE
  369. Should heels in WWE change the way they try and draw heat from the audience?
  370. WWE LIVE
  371. Bob Backlund / Vince McMahon HoF 2013.
  372. What would you do with Fandango when he returns?
  373. Bret Hart's Daughter Plans To Be A Future Diva
  374. What if CM Punk started using the Pepsi Plunge in WWE?
  375. Best wrestling podcast?
  376. Obsession over low ratings and buy-rates?
  377. Cena is statistically the most pushed superstar of the past 25 years
  378. GOAT divas divison
  379. Kickstarting a New Era
  380. Which WWE Superstar (Past or Present) needs their own Blu-Ray set next?
  381. How Do People Not Realize Punk is the Best we've seen in a long time???
  382. Moments when a Wrestler/Diva should have turned face or heel
  383. Rocks Next Movie Going Straight To Dvd
  384. Meltzer's future direction reports are really crap right now
  385. New 2013 SummerSlam Commercial
  386. Rob Van Dam.
  387. Rock Possibly Skipping WMXXX?
  388. Undertaker grants a Make a Wish
  389. Favorite weapon being used in matches?
  390. Is Stephanie McMahon the biggest reason WWE has gotten so bad?
  391. Push, Turn and Fire.
  392. Crossface film questions
  393. Barbie Blank? Really?
  394. Ambrose vs. Cena at WMXXX and the leader of The Shield revealed.
  395. WWE Payback Ratings
  396. Casuals & Smarks
  397. Instagram launch video service
  398. Best WWE/F Hardcore Title match of all time
  399. PG Rating isn't the problem
  400. WWE needs a WCW brand split
  401. you want tv-14?
  402. Book the Undertakers return
  403. Great way for Anti Cena fans to make a statement at live shows.
  404. Do Supestar/Diva real life break ups result in de pushes?
  405. How Should CM Punk Go Out?
  406. Best roster the WWE ever had
  407. What Wrestler Do You Respect The Most?
  408. What can John Cena do to get a positive reaction from WWE fans?
  409. Just saying Scott Steiner's mic skills are so bad that they are so awesome & amazing!
  410. Is the black PayBack Punk shirt available in the UK?
  411. Anybody else do this?
  412. Rob Van Dam discusses the structure of his new WWE deal, the power of the WWE brand
  413. Matt Striker Cut From WWE
  414. Less face, more tweener?
  415. Which Superstars Deserve A Push This Summer?
  416. Amazing smartphone app every wrestling fan should have
  417. The SHIELDS theme is a slowed down verison of Christians?
  418. Punk/Cena - this era's defining feud?
  419. Title Contenders (Rankings)
  420. Dream Feuds that were Dissapointing
  421. Themes that get you pumped
  422. Natalya's Wedding To Air On Total Divas + More
  423. CM Punk Trying To Get Colt Cabana A Job With WWE
  424. How would you rate HHH/HBK HiaC in 2004
  425. If HHH Can't Take Over For Vince McMahon
  426. Is HHH Done Wrestling?
  427. WWE RETURNS?!
  428. Your wrestling man crush
  429. The Shield are getting stale...
  430. Best Hair vs Hair match?
  431. 1 More Match
  432. How Much Do You Love Wrestling
  433. What was Shane McMahon's motive in performing dangerous spots?
  434. Bad Workers Who Don't Get Their Due
  435. Guys who do not belong in the ring
  436. They should have an Israeli character.
  437. Your Experiences with Backyard Wrestling
  438. Do you listen to wrestling themes when you're not watching wrestling?
  439. Another Creative Team Member Leaving WWE
  440. Which Superstar Would You Like to See Commentate More Often?
  441. Modern brawl for all tournament
  442. How much WWE do you watch per week?
  443. WWE Booking, Reddit, Gambling, Payback, Ziggler/Del Rio
  444. Is WWE actually *gasp* GOOD at elevating new talent?
  445. Moves That Got A Guy Over
  446. Can the Indie compete with WWE.
  447. Favorite Submission Holds?
  448. DX's suck it catchphrase makes no sense
  449. Why did Hogan win the title in 2002?
  450. Wrestling fan/teen kills sister 'imitating' WWE moves
  451. If Brock had never left...
  452. Greatest Wrestler to have never worked for WWE?
  453. Daily Show responds to Zeb Colter's Immigration Angle
  454. Fandango done?
  455. What if The Rock never got a movie deal?
  456. watch man of steel online haven't any text
  457. Night Of Champions 2013 happening on same weekend as Mayweather vs Canelo
  458. Good Promo Songs
  460. Do you think WWE will suck again after Summer?
  461. Who writes this garbage?
  462. Repackage Bo Dallas
  463. Mick Foley on The Daily Show
  464. This obsession about size and realism.
  465. What's the best year to start watching orginal ecw?
  466. Does WWE have a brighter future than TNA?
  467. Curtis Axel's theme music is just fapable
  468. Dolph Ziggler To Get Briefcase Again?
  469. How many wrestlers have won or nearly won every title possible?
  470. Who was your Favorite GM/Commissioner in WWF/E history?
  471. Should Ricardo manage Fandango as well?
  472. Why are PPV's on Sundays?
  473. Name a wrestler you despise & your biggest pet peeve about them
  474. How did you feel about legends putting over Cena as one of the Greatest?
  475. Are these the real weights of WWE superstars?
  476. Teen Boy Kills His 5 Year Old Sister Using WWE Style Moves
  477. #RIPHayleigh
  478. Is Cena worse then Hogan, HBK, and HHH when it comes to politics?
  479. What is the Most Famous Fuck Up?
  480. Alberto Del Rio and Carlito Caribbean Cool?
  481. When's the perfect time for the Wyatt Family to debut?
  482. 5 Insane Tales Of Wrestlers Refusing To Break Character
  483. Wrestling gear opinions
  484. Is WWE getting better?
  485. So what happened to the WWE network?
  486. In the 2012s Slammy why did they give the fans the right to choose who wins?
  487. WWE on FACEBOOK
  488. Backstage Update On Undertaker's Return
  489. What's your favorite match from 2000-2009
  490. Stable Wars?
  491. Wrist Tape in Wrestling
  492. Titles you would make.
  493. 2 questions: Are the "turns" done too fast? Do fans forgive heels to easy?
  494. If you were a wrestler, what would you want your name be?
  495. The popularity of the past two shows prove swerves are necessary part of wrestling
  496. Del Rio has his scarf... he means business.. hah, all these turns are making me dizzy
  497. Jericho's band
  498. Turn City!
  499. What good booking can do for the talent!
  500. Manage the WWE Game
  501. Christian Again?!
  502. Double Turns in WWE history
  503. A few months ago I would have been the first complaining about the lack of new stars
  504. Doctors
  505. Which Star Gets You Most Interested In The Product?
  506. can ricardo actually wrestle?
  507. Payback proved predictability doesn't mean shit
  508. WWE App
  509. In hindsight, HHH at his worst wasn't that bad compared to today's "stars"
  510. 10 Greatest Wrestlemania Matches Ever as Voted By WWE Superstars Themselves in 2004
  511. Ziggler turning into a top tier storyteller in the ring of this era
  512. Chicago Crowd SUCKS
  513. WWE bringing Raw & Smackdown TV back to Canada
  514. Barrett might be the worst IC champ of all time
  515. Alright, who's actually excited about the WWE right now?
  516. Post a bad experience you had attending WWE/WWF show.
  517. RVD's return
  518. Wrestlemania 29 plaques
  519. How long have you been a wrestling fan?
  520. So RVD is advertised in June at a house show in Webster, MA with Hacksaw Jim Duggan
  521. Punk looks like a redneck
  522. Will Cena's reign last 434+ days?
  523. WWE mid-year awards
  524. Time for Vince McMahon to accept that Ryback isnt a Main Event Star
  525. Adam 'Edge' Copeland tells Bouncer tales
  526. Hogan addresses RVD returning to WWE, Cena comments on Chicago, Henry's retirement
  527. Best Diva's match since 2010?
  528. Ricardo and Del Rio
  529. 2013 WWE Mid Year Awards
  530. Why RVD should be a "Paul Heyman Guy" and turn heel
  531. The Greatest Superkick Of All Time
  532. Memories of an Wrestler!
  533. Benoit Shirt at Payback?
  534. Who has the greatest Homefield advantage?
  535. What can we do now to change the Cena problem
  536. When was the last time Philly had an amaing WWE crowd?
  537. Wow, WWE Finally did something right
  538. Jericho should turn heel and win MITB.
  539. How much does the top talent really want their spot?
  540. For all the marks who are bitching about Ziggler's loss
  541. Alberto Del Rio is the most overpushed superstar in wwe history.
  542. A new star is born, and it's about time!
  543. Better Diva/women's title match? Kaitlyn/AJ Payback or Gail Kim/Terrell Slammiversar?
  544. If it were any other wrestler in Cena's spot they would be hated too
  545. Cena buries another talent, who is next?
  546. "World's Strongest Man" done??
  547. How long before fans turn on Ziggler?
  548. red ropes?
  549. What is a better name for WWE's female wrestlers than divas?
  550. What would happen if a wrestler got ill?