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  1. Naito doesn't deserve a chance at the IC title : Jay White
  2. MATCHES ARE SET FOR WK Night One. Okada/Kota. White/Naito. Winners meet the next night
  3. NJPW officially announces US subsidiary
  4. Osprey vs Fantasmo on axstv
  5. NJPW-Stardom partnership - finally a women's division for NJPW?
  6. Power Struggle
  7. Okada is willing to defend his IWGP World title on both nights of WK
  8. Mox is out of tonight's show due to the typhoon. Title is now vacant
  9. Suzuki and Harold Meij Both Leaving NJPW?
  10. NJPW with Funny Subtitles
  11. WON: It appears the Tokyo Dome direction is Okada vs. Ibushi for the IWGP title on the 1/4 Tokyo Dome show, and then face the IC Champ on 5/1
  12. This wrestlers best match was...
  13. 2020 G1 Climax Moving to the Fall
  14. NJPW New Japan Showdown in San Jose & LA 11/9/19 & 11/11/19
  15. Katsuyori Shibata Hoping To Be Medically Cleared To Wrestle
  16. NJPW King of Pro Wrestling 10/14/19
  17. Thoughts on BC Future
  18. WON: Notes on Katsuyori Shibata and Hiromu Takahashi
  19. Ibushi wants back to back championship matches at the Tokyo Dome
  20. NJPW Destruction: 9/4 - 9/22
  21. Shota Umino
  22. NJPW Fighting Spirit Unleashed USA 2019 - 9/27, 9/28, 9/29
  23. Gedo has been rumored to have stepped down as Booker for New Japan
  24. Requesting: AJ Styles New Japan watchlist
  25. NJPW Kizuna Road 2019: 6/14 - 6/25
  26. NJPW posting a free match every Monday
  27. Can't Okada do ANYTHING besides his same stale formula?
  28. NJPW Super J Cup 2019 in USA - 8/22, 8/24, & 8/25
  29. Mox has made a new friend in Shota
  30. Michael Craven (GM of NJPW's International Department) Interview
  31. Kenny Omega Gets Emotional Explaining why Kota Ibushi Didn't go to AEW
  33. Favourite Matches of...
  34. ‘New Japan never valued’ Young Bucks, according to Nick Jackson
  35. Top Best Matches of Goto
  36. NJPW Dominion 6.9 in Osaka-Jo Hall
  37. NJPW Southern Showdown in Australia - 6/29/19 & 6/30/19
  38. Michael Elgin Finished With NJPW
  39. NJPW Best of the Super Juniors 26: 5/13/19 - 6/5/19
  40. NJPW Wrestling Dontaku 2019: 4/13 - 5/4
  41. NJPW G1 Climax 29: 7/6/19 - 8/12/19
  42. Wacky World Of Wrestling youtube show - NJPW NJ Cup, GCW, MLW & WWE Fast Lane Review
  43. New Bullet Club Member...
  44. Jushin Thunder Liger announces retirement for 2020
  45. Wacky World Of Wrestling Show - NJPW/GCW/RevPro Discussion
  46. Should the ME matches be Shorter?
  47. Was Okada IWGP champion so long because he refused to drop the title?
  48. Minoru Suzuki's Best Theme
  49. NJPW Royal Quest in London 8/31/19
  50. Jay White is so god damn boring.
  51. NJPW New Japan Cup 2019: 3/8 - 3/24
  52. NJPW 47th Anniversary 3/6/19
  53. NJPW & ROH Honor Rising IV - 2/22/19 & 2/23/19
  54. Subscribed to NJPW World
  55. WON: Shibata still wanting to wrestle, despite doctors saying otherwise
  56. WON: KUSHIDA wanted to turn heel early last year and join the Bullet Club, but Gedo told him no. This was a factor in him leaving for WWE.
  57. NJPW - What to Watch for the next few months
  58. Top 10 Best matches of Kenny Omega in NJPW
  59. The biggest mistake Gedo made was pushing Switchblade instead of Juice Robinson
  60. KUSHIDA is leaving New Japan on 1/31
  61. NJPW The New Beginning 2019: 1/26 - 2/11
  62. Top 10 NJPW best matches of 2018
  63. NJPW New Year Dash!! - 1/5/19
  64. The Results of The NJPW MVP Fan Vote 2018
  65. Will WWE ever go against NJPW?
  66. The Elite
  67. Kazuchika Okada or Shinsuke Nakamura: who was the better leader of Chaos?
  68. Was Tiger Mask a big deal?
  69. HBO Reportedly Producing Kenny Omega Documentary
  70. Shouldn't White be with Chaos and not B.C?
  71. NJPW still running low budget shows
  72. Are there any upcoming NJPW events with English commentary?
  73. Kenny Omega leaves NJPW/Post-NJPW Fallout
  74. Update on Hiromu Takahashi
  75. I really want to watch NJPW but how?
  76. NJPW & CMLL Fantastica Mania 2019: 1/11 - 1/21
  77. NJPW World Tag League 2018: 11/17 - 12/9
  78. Omega's character work since Dominion
  79. Don Callis Returning To Commentary
  80. Really Digging researching the NJPW stables
  81. News on NJPW wrestlers & new management
  82. NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 13 in Tokyo Dome - 1/4/19
  83. New LIJ member to debut at KOPW
  84. NJPW Power Struggle 2018: 10/16 - 11/3
  85. Your NJPW Wishlist
  86. Where did the brief case come from?
  87. NJPW King of Pro Wrestling 10/8/18
  88. Wasn't there a guy who literally lost his head?
  89. Shingo Takagi or Daisuke Sekimoto
  90. Guys who could use a trip to CMLL or ROH before a push?
  91. Katsuyori Shibata - California Dreamin' Doc Of LA DOJO
  92. If Omega, Tanahashi, Okada and Naito left tomorrow, who would be the Big Four?
  93. Talked about the actual NJPW fans
  94. An honest question
  95. Kermit the Frog
  96. Thoughts about NJPW banning cursing and finger gestures?
  97. Question about Inokiism
  98. What Will Okada's Role be at Wrestle Kingdom 13?
  99. [SHITPOSTING]: The Virgin Gedoist Vs The Chad Inokiism
  100. NJPW Destruction 2018: 9/5 - 9/23
  101. How does Nakamura compare to Okada/Naito/Omega/Tanahashi?
  102. Latest on Hiromu's condition
  103. Let's Talk about the Western Expansion
  104. Bullet Club OG or BC firing squid?
  105. Okadas character change????
  106. 'The top 10 wrestlers in the world might all be in NJPW' - Meltzer
  107. Predict the next 3 IWGP Heavyweight champions
  108. Tama Tonga
  109. Rey Mysterio headed to NJPW in August while talks with WWE continue
  110. NJPW & ROH G1 SuperCard at MSG - 4/6/19
  111. Favorite Wrestle Kingdom
  112. The Young Bucks are having a fantastic run of matches in NJPW this year.
  113. Hiroshi Tanahashi or Kazuchika Okada: who wad the better champion?
  114. Hideo Itami Pays Tribute to Katsuyori Shibata
  115. What are the odds of Kota Ibushi joining the Bullet Club?
  116. NJPW Fighting Spirit Unleashed - 9/30/18
  117. Kenny Omega’s observations about NJPW roster’s work ethic caused some controversy/
  118. Who should Chris Jericho lose the title to?
  119. Naito vows for revenge against Jericho, shoots on Kenny Omega
  120. NJPW x CEO When Worlds Collide To Be Broadcast Free on Twitch
  121. Anyone remembers NJPWs first US tour?
  122. Chris Jericho Explains Why He Won't Be At NJPW United States Shows Or All In
  123. NJPW G1 Climax 28: 7/14/18 - 8/12/18
  124. IC title
  125. New NJPW CEO's promise (video)
  126. NJPW: Kizuna Road 2018
  127. The 66th IWGP Heavyweight Champion: Kenny Omega
  128. Will the Kizuna Road events have English commentary?
  129. Omega vs Okada IV - Who will take the belt?
  130. Which do you prefer NJPW 2017 or 2018?
  131. Is Suzuki Gun taking over NJPW?
  132. Tomoaki Honma Returning June 23rd
  133. Chris Jericho BOSJ 's promo : " i'll take Naito into Promised Land"
  134. Kenny Omega Appears in SFV Trailer
  135. AXS TV to show Okada's full run of title defenses
  136. Who would you say are the "weakest links" of each faction?
  137. Whould these guy's carrer been better if they went to New Japan?
  138. Johnny Mundo NJPW Bound? (WON Rumor)
  139. New to NJPW.
  140. Chris Jericho Says Beating Tetsuya Naito Will Make Him A 10 Time Champion
  141. Changes to NJPW World...
  142. Who's the best chance to end up in NJPW long term from AJPW/DDT/NOAH/DG etc.
  143. Zack Sabre Jr. Realizes His Dream In NJPW (ESPN)
  144. Will NJPW make a UK or Europian title ?
  145. Was Ishimorri's return overshadowed by the Bullet Club civil war ?
  146. Are the best of Super Juniors and G1 climax importent to watch ?
  147. NJPW Hires First Non-Japanese President, Harold Meij
  148. Okada's ability of giving his opponent their best/highest rated match
  149. Tatsumi Fujinami, Antonio Inoki, or Hiroshi Tanahashi: Who did more for NJPW ?
  150. Bullet Club FUNKO POPS! (Wave 1)
  151. Is Gedo Killing New Japan?
  152. Rey Mysterio Will Compete At Dominon
  153. Naito/Jericho For The Intercontinental Championship at Dominion
  154. Okada/Omega IV At Dominion (No Time Limits/Best of 3)
  155. Has NJPWworld been really bad lately
  156. WF's Favorite Okada vs. Tanahashi Match
  157. *Spoiler* Big name expected to appear at Wrestling Dontaku
  158. G1 28 - Early Participant Predictions
  159. Golden☆Lovers Entrance VTR
  160. What is Inokisim ?
  161. Naito Post-match comments ' that belt is meaningless"
  162. BIG fallout from Hinokuni (SPOILERS)
  163. Ratings to all matches the Okada Vs Tanahashi
  164. NJPW - Wrestling Hinokuni
  165. Suzuki-Gun New Entrance Theme
  166. Ratings to Reign of Okada
  167. What happened to SWITCHBLADE?
  168. Why did Okada switch to long trousers ?
  169. Who created the faction wars ?
  170. NJPW would likely be more over in the UK than the USA.
  171. BONESOLDIER WILL RETURN - Enter Ishimori to NJPW
  172. Katsuya Kitamura may be gone from NJPW
  173. Will Ospreay - Your Opinions...
  174. Young Lions/New Japan Dojo Thread
  175. Daisuke Sekimoto in NJPW; signed for Lion's Gate Project 5/15
  176. Has there ever been a double champion in NJPW ?
  177. How NJPW Does Long-term Storytelling ( by Showbuckle )
  178. Dave Metlzer Gave Will Ospreay and Marty Scurll from Sakura Genesis 5 Stars.
  179. Does NJPW still do hardcore matches ?
  180. Bubba Ray Interview With The Wrap: "I can tell you that there are top guys in New Japan making over a million dollars a year, "
  181. Can John Cena have a good match with these NJPW guys ?
  182. Eevee joins New Japan!
  183. Why is Okada so heavily pushed?
  184. NJPW MERCH!!!
  185. Who is the Braun Stroman of NJPW ?
  186. What are the odds of the NWA world title being defended in an NJPW event ?
  187. Cody's Apology To The Young Bucks
  188. Your Top-5 Matches of the "Okada era" ? (2012-)
  189. NJPW Strong Style Evolved: United Kingdom
  190. The Young Bucks' Mindset(s) after last night
  191. NJPW G1 Special In San Francisco
  192. Shibata Is Coaching The LA Dojo But Vows To Return To Action One Day
  193. The Rainmaker talks about The Rock, Being one of the GOATS and more!
  194. A Rival From Japan Takes On The Wrestling Establishment (NYTIMES)
  195. Kenny Omega on Gay Characters in WWE
  196. NJPW Wrestling Dontaku 2018
  197. NJPW Dominion 6.9 In Osaka-jo Hall
  198. Kazuchika Okada on ESPN!!!!
  200. ZSJ SHOOTS HARD On Warm Beer
  201. Entrance ramp location for Strong Style?
  202. Zack Sabre Jr. won the New Japan Cup
  203. 1 Year Ago Today, One of Wrestling's Greatest Stories Was Told
  204. Two New Young Lions Coming Up Soon
  205. Switchblade's Shirts
  206. Minoru Suzuki Is The Scariest Man In Wrestling Reason #6790135
  207. Juice Robinson Had The Best Interview of 2018 So Far
  208. Zack Sabre Jr. With The Smartest Advice Ever
  209. Bad Luck Fale vs. Ring Announcers: Greatest Rivalry In Wrestling
  210. Question: Does anybody have any links to okada vs naito at Invasion Attack 2016?
  211. Lance Archer Is A Kind Man
  212. Suzuki should be the first to beat Okada
  213. NJPW G1 Special In San Francisco - Cow Palace - July 7th
  214. Best Entrance in NJPW?
  215. Okada's Evenual Title Loss
  216. NJPW in Australia is now up on NJPW
  217. Beretta's AWESOME Theme Now Available
  218. CEOXNJPW: When Worlds Collide
  219. Kitamura Concussed; Final Proving Ground Match Scheduled For Late Date
  220. The NEW IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Tag Champs.....ICHIBAN
  221. Chris Jericho "Done" With NJPW
  222. Katsuyori Shibata to be Head Coach of New Japan Dojo in Los Angeles
  223. Leo Tonga Down With A Knee Injury
  224. NJPW Best of the Super Juniors 25
  225. Golden☆Lovers: Modern Wrestling's Greatest Story
  226. Okada & Chuckie T Will Team Together; Dustin's Response
  227. Tanahashi really is the GOAT - Tanahashi Answers The Question: “Why Don’t Wrestlers Just Move Out Of The Way?”
  228. Worst NJPW Matches
  229. Dave Meltzer On Daniel Bryan Going Back To NJPW: "Definitely Possible"!
  232. Where to Begin?
  233. The Young Bucks Are Now The Big Bucks; Moving Up To Heavyweight Divison
  234. NJPW Sakura Genesis 2018
  235. EVIL Out With Fractured Orbital Bone; Will Miss Anniversary Show
  236. Shinpei Nogami
  237. Report: Hulk Hogan Asked NJPW For $750,000
  238. Why do I have a feeling that neither Cody or Kenny will be the leader of the Bullet Club ?
  239. NJPW Documentary The Golden Comeback
  240. Taichi moves to Heavyweight
  241. This Jay White /CHAOS storyline is one of the best things going on.
  242. Dave Meltzer on WOR: “Okada needs a 12 minute win in a big match to keep the crowd going and honest.”
  243. Naito the Hero.
  244. Jay White Loves The Idea Of Okada vs. Ospreay
  246. NJPW Greatest Music VI
  247. NJPW Los Angeles Dojo Opens March 2018
  248. Can someone help me with njpw world?
  249. SANADA : Special Interview
  250. Who are you with? Bullet Club Power Struggle
  251. Favorite NJPW stars of the 90s?
  252. Does NJPW World have subs for promos ?
  253. WCW/NJPW: Collision in Korea
  254. What put over Okada more: his win over Naito or the debut of his new pants?
  255. Naito/Jericho Is The Working Main Event for SSE, Per WON
  256. Big Announcement Tomorrow
  257. Meltzer's NJPW New Beginning in Sapporo Nights 1 & 2 Ratings
  258. Best theme songs in NJPW?
  259. Could New Japan fill a stadium in the US?
  260. NJPW Files For 3 Trademarks Ahead of SSE
  261. Toru Yano 15th Anniversary DVD VTR
  262. Got tix for NJPW Long Beach, seating map?
  263. Tanahashi Likely Out Through March but May Be Out Longer
  264. Why Cody replacing Omeg makes sence, but will it work ?
  265. CHAOS Owns The Wrestling World
  266. How would you book the follow-up of the BC fallout?
  267. Bulllet Club is for life but Golden Lovers are forever
  269. The Man, The Myth, The Legend, The new IC Champion
  270. WON: There Were Negotiations To Bring In Hulk Hogan to Join Bullet Club
  271. A list of 2018 English commentary events?
  272. NJPW - The New Beginning in Sapporo
  273. Will the Bullet Club succeed with Cody as the leader ?
  274. Okada Is Bored of Winning Match of the Year 4 Years in a Row, Wants Others To Step It Up
  275. Satoshi Kojima Injured With A Ruptured Left ACL; Will Likely Be Out Through The Summer
  276. 2017 Tokyo Sports Wrestling Awards Videos
  277. Jericho vs naito at wrestlemania
  278. Hirai Kawato Bids Farewell To NJPW.......For Now
  279. NJPW/ROH Honor Rising 2018 (GOLDEN LOVERS REUNITE)
  280. NJPW 46th Anniversary Show (OKADA vs. OSPREAY)
  281. Alpha vs Omega: The Animated Movie
  282. Kenny or Cody: who will be kicked out of the Bullet Club ?
  283. Discussions between Goldberg and NJPW
  284. ROH or WCW: which is / was the better partner for NJPW ?
  285. Okada receives death threats
  286. How will the Bullet Club end and what will the aftermath be ??
  287. Kazuchika Okada and Suzuko Mimori go public with their relationship!
  288. Who do you want to beat Okada for the title / and When?
  289. War of the Worlds tour stops announced for 2018
  290. Kenny Omega Is Staying With NJPW
  291. Meltzer's ratings for Wrestle Kingdom 12 - A 5-STAR Match
  292. New Japan Cup 2018
  293. When will Ishii get his title match?
  294. Chris Jericho provides proof that he is a big draw
  295. Jericho: "I Want To Be The 'Brock Lesnar' of NJPW"
  296. can wrestle kingdom 12 be considered a success?
  297. Favorite member of each NJPW faction (Non-leader)
  298. NJPW The New Beginning Tour (Tanahashi/Suzuki, Omega/White, Okada/SANADA)
  299. NJPW Australian Tour "FALLOUT DOWN UNDER"
  300. NJPW/CMLL FantasticaMania 2018
  301. Kidani Wants To Work With WWE, Talks Hopes of Fully Selling Out Tokyo Dome
  302. Things you DON'T like about NJPW
  303. How would I book NJPW until WK13
  304. Chris Jericho is here to stay in New Japan Pro Wrestling (Rolling Stone)
  305. Is the Omega vs Okada fued over ?
  306. naito vs okada was way better than okada vs omega imo
  307. Naito scheduled for another huge singles match, 1/23
  308. "Switchblade" Jay White Joins Chaos
  309. Jay White joins CHAOS
  310. WF's WK12 Match of the Night
  311. WK12 Official Attendance Was ~43,000
  312. Three G1 Climax 28 Shows (including the finals) will take place at Nippon Budokan
  313. Bullet Club is Fine
  314. Chris Jericho attacks Tetsuya Naito
  316. Best Cross Rhodes Ever?
  317. Do you really think Chris Jericho's performance was that good?
  318. My First Experience Watching NJPW (Article Inside)
  319. Do you see EVIL as a future IWGP WHC?
  320. WK 12 attendance, Okada post promo match
  321. So whats next for Naito?
  322. Can any WrestleMania match outdo Jericho vs Omega?
  323. Who do you think will be Okada's next challenger?
  324. LOL even NJPW is taking cues from Reigns on how to book their FOTC
  325. Naito needs ask his release ASAP
  326. APOLOGIZE :okada (spoilers)
  327. What Okada-Omega And Steamboat-Savage Tell Us About The Wrestling Audience
  328. Jay White Special Interview
  329. Showbuckle's Top 10 NJPW matches of 2017
  330. Updated 2018 NJPW Schedule
  331. NJPW is not for kids
  332. Kenny Omega Talks About Jericho Saying This Will Be His Last Match And Talks About Jericho Maybe Being On Mission
  333. Best NJPW shows of 2017?
  334. Where Would AJ Styles Rank if He Were in Current NJPW?
  335. How does he do it, lads?
  336. How would you book Okada after WK if Naito wins?
  337. Chris Jericho booked for NJPW New Years Dash!!!!
  338. Fans choice for NJPW mvp and best bout 2017
  339. NJPW Year in Review
  340. Which group does Switchblade join?
  341. Who can be excited for a Chris Jericho match in 2018?
  342. Cody, Kenny & The Towel
  343. Wrestle Kingdom 12 Predictions
  344. Jericho: "I Never Said This Would Be My Last Match With New Japan. Wait and See."
  345. Road To WrestleKingdom
  346. NJPW Too Nice to WWE, says Naito. "You guys haven't learned a thing since Nakamura left"
  347. Okada Kazuchika on Naito Tetsuya: "Me versus you, last time and this, "double main event." Who's fault is that, really?
  348. Naito talks about Tokyo Sports awards
  349. Naito brings the heat for WK12
  350. Tokyo Sports 2017 MVP Award and the winner is..... EDIT: n/m it's not Okada Kazuchika
  351. Mark Cuban on NJPW
  352. Does the main event lack heat?
  353. Kenny Omega & Chris Jericho Press Conference ( Brawl broke )
  354. Famous Instagram Model Brittany Renner Poses in Bullet Club T-Shirt
  355. Jericho viciously attacks Omega
  356. Kazuchika Okada vs. Tetsuya Naito
  357. Best Trilogy of the Year?
  358. NJPW in Australia
  359. Tanahashi injured
  360. The Characters of New Japan Pro Wrestling
  361. Is Cody the most succsesful ex-WWE guy NJPW has had in the last 10-years?
  362. Wonderland - NJPW World's Monthly Interview Show, with Hiroshi Tanahashi
  363. Do you like Naito or Omega better?
  364. New Japan Noob- Recommendations
  365. Elgin has been talking shit about Jeff Cobb as a partner and disparaging of his inring work
  366. Sell Me on Sanada
  367. NJPW Star Becomes A Father
  368. Do you like Tanahashi or Okada Better
  369. Best tanahashi matches
  370. When do you think we'll get Omega vs Ibushi?
  371. Story of Bullet Club
  372. Kenny Omega Talks About Bill Demott's Coaching Work
  373. Bullet Club sells 417,430 shirts in 4 months at Hot Topic
  374. New Japan returns in the US next year
  375. When do you start watching NJPW?
  376. RESULTS - WF's Favorite NJPW Wrestler
  377. How to Follow New Japan in Canada?
  378. News on Wrestle Kingdom XII ticket sales
  379. The Triumph of New Japan's Young Lion System by Showbuckle
  380. NJPW Common Forum Log
  381. NJPW Launching English Youtube channel soon.
  382. Young Bucks officially #1 best selling shirt in Hot Topic
  383. Help: A nice comprehensive best of AJ in NJPW list
  384. WF's Favorite NJPW Wrestlers
  385. should njpw try again with daichi hashimoto?
  386. Stephen Amell Arrow Themed Bullet Club Merch
  387. So Sami Callihan And Juice Robinson Formed A Tag Team
  388. What are the odds of Wrestlemania 34 to surpass Wresle Kingdom 12 ?
  389. 2017 is New Japan's 2nd highest grossing year ever
  390. Backstage News On Kenny Omega's NJPW Contract Expiring Soon, No WWE Bound
  391. NJPW Weekly/Monthly shows? Q for NJPW fans
  392. NJPW Signs TV Deal To Air In India
  393. WON: How Jericho vs Omega came about
  394. Do you think NJPW is putting to much pressure on Jay White for his return ?
  395. Kenny Omega - "I'm staying in New Japan 100%.
  396. The Fall and Rise of Tetsuya Naito
  397. Video packages in NJPW - inspired by Soviet-union tv?
  398. Styles/Nakamura or Omega/Naito: 2-years later who won the trade?
  399. Kenny Omega vs Chris Jericho Announced For WrestleKingdom 12
  400. NJPW Strong Style Evolved
  401. Does Kenny Omega need to go to New York (WWE) to prove himself?
  402. NJPW - Power Struggle 2017
  403. Kenny Omega's my favourite wrestler again
  404. NJPW 2017 Attendance (Jan 1-Oct 28) exceeds 2016's Overall
  405. Kazuchika Okada Is Officially The Longest Reigning IWGP Heavyweight Champion in History
  406. NJPW Forgot To Send Kenny Omega His Title
  407. Wrestle Kingdom 12 in Tokyo Dome 1/4/18
  408. Favorite NJPW faction
  409. Chris Jericho says New Japan is overrated
  410. Would You Like to See KUSHIDA Step Up
  411. New Japan in America
  412. WOR: Kenny Omega Has Had Meniscus Injury for Years, Will Still Work Against Juice Robinson
  413. The Redemption of Katsuyori Shibata - The Wrestler Story
  414. The countdown to Okada longest reigning IWGP Heavyweight champion.
  415. NJPW World Tag League 2017
  416. Okada-NJPW is Far Superior to WWE.
  417. If Dolph Ziggler goes to NJPW, which faction should he join ?
  418. NJPW King of Pro-Wrestling 2017 Discussion Thread
  419. NJPW Destruction 2017
  420. Kota Ibushi+Kenny Omega=Destiny
  421. Knife promo njpw
  422. Will Kenny Omega ever win IWGP Heavyweight Championship
  423. Katsuyori Shibata returned during the G1 Finals
  424. Matt Riddle to NJPW? "It's A Possibility"
  425. Why Kazuchika Okada is the best wrestler in the world
  426. Who are your top 5 wrestlers from NJPW?
  427. JR buries NJPW on the latest Steve Austin Podcast.
  428. NJPW Free Matches
  429. Guys you want in NJPW
  430. Hot Topic to Stock More NJPW Merchandise Soon
  431. Can NJPW sell out a 20,000 crowd venue in the US next year?
  432. NJPW G1 Climax 27
  433. Health update on Katsuyori Shibata
  434. Okada vs. Omega II is the greatest wrestling match of all time
  435. Dave Meltzer's Dominion report and star ratings
  436. Are NJPW making the most of Kenny Omega?
  437. Meltzer reviews Okada vs Omega 2
  438. Does Okada have the best title run ever?
  439. NJPW Best Of The Super Juniors XXIV
  440. NJPW Unveils IWGP United States Championship at ROH/NJPW War of The Worlds; First Champion to be Crowned at G1 Special in Long Beach
  441. NJPW DOMINION 6.11
  442. Omega vs Okada II
  443. Shibata will die in the ring if he keeps up this style of wrestling
  444. NJPW World
  445. NJPW's Tomoaki Honma suffers serious injury at live event; may be paralysed from the neck down
  446. Kenny Omega is staying with New Japan at least for another year
  447. NJPW USA Territory Starting in 2018
  448. A match better than Omega/Okada?
  449. G1 Special (Long Beach) Travel Thread
  450. NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 11 Megathread - January 4, 2017
  451. A Beginner's Guide to New Japan Wrestlers (NJPW)