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  1. Kofi's Next Challenger
  2. 09/17 SmackDown Live Discussion Thread: The New Day Seeks Payback
  3. The Usos Possibly Switching To SmackDown Soon
  4. Where Daniel Bryan should go from here
  5. What are the odds that Charlotte Flair lost as a Punishment Due to Ric Flair's lawsuit
  6. Do you think they turned Bryan face for the SmackDown debut on Fox?
  7. Bayley running away was hilarious
  8. Luke Harper is back!
  9. Will we ever get Big E turning on Kofi and going heel?
  10. Yet another Kurt Angle comparison on Chad Gable's résumé
  11. Who was the guy Rowan threw from the crowd?
  12. So what happened to "Where is my apology?" storyline of Daniel Bryan"
  13. WTF are they doing with KO?
  14. 09/10 Smackdown Live Thread
  15. Elias being replaced tonight
  16. Kairi Sane can only work dark matches according to WWE
  17. Ring trash talk this week: Alexa vs Mandy
  18. Photo shoot may have revealed who’s moving to Smackdown
  19. Renee Young To Become Exclusive To WWE SmackDown?
  20. Report: Bischoff’s leadership of SD leading to “growing questions”
  21. Lana Talks Double Standards For Women In Business, Her WWE Career
  22. Chad Gable gimmick idea
  23. Should the I.C. title be retired or redesigned?
  24. Chad Gable being bullied about his height
  25. Aleister Black Catches Xavier Woods Checking Out Zelina Vega
  26. WWE Draft Reportedly Taking Place In October
  27. Elias has become really boring
  28. Bayley should NOT change her gimmick and theme, yet
  29. Aleister Black needs a character bad
  30. Bryan face turn and Rowan push? I don't buy it.
  31. They just set up the Joe/Gable KOTR final
  32. WWE really ruined the Reigns storyline
  33. 09/03 SmackDown Live Thread: King of the Ring Quarterfinals conclude with two big matches
  34. Bayley's a Heel
  35. Bayley Wants To Defend Her Title Against Liv Morgan
  36. Looks like Liv is being repackaged
  37. Erick Rowan is really underrated
  38. Finn Balor has shaved his head
  39. Friday Night SmackDown commercial & new SmackDown logo
  40. SmackDown will be the Flagship WWE show come October 4
  41. Are they turning Ember Moon into a "Sasha Banks v0.9" ?
  42. Meltzer: WWE may be doing a draft before SD moves to FOX
  43. Mandy Rose should be the Alexa Bliss of SmackDown Live
  44. Do you enjoy Rowan's shirts?
  45. New Sami Zayn - Shinsuke Nakamura Storyline Possibly Leading To A Feud Between The Two
  46. Owens didn't give a fuck about the 24/7 title.
  47. Bayley Says She’s Tired Of Wrestling RAW Women, Wants Matches With SmackDown Women
  48. Looks like Gable is bulking up for a push
  49. Murphy beats Bryan one week then loses to Ali the next?
  50. Vince apparently ripped up SmackDown's script again
  51. WWE Talents Giving Praise To Tucker
  52. Daniel Bryan Talks Amazon Fires
  53. I'm not sure how to feel about Lars Sullivan
  54. 08/27 SmackDown Live Discussion: King of the Ring’s first round concludes with two exciting bouts
  55. If they really wanted to do Fake Rowan, it should have been The Vikings
  56. Erick & Ivar should pull a Dustin Rhodes
  57. Rowan gets a Name Change AGAIN!
  58. Would you have sacrificed Asuka's championship & WM moment so Becky could be Becky 2 belts?
  59. Rusev changes look
  60. They made Owens look like a bitch
  61. Inserting Charlotte back into the title picture?
  62. When some say they don't see anything special about Daniel Bryan..
  63. 2 Vintners
  64. Daniel Bryan - the new modern-day Chris Jericho
  65. Don't you have to give KotR to Buddy Murphy at this point?
  66. I Don't Get What They Are Doing With Kevin Owens?
  67. Bryan is kind of ruining his legacy every loss he takes
  68. Bayley Would Love A Queen Of The Ring Tournament
  69. I honestly think Mandy Rose should get a title run
  70. Sonya Deville Says She Pitched a Feud With Ronda Rousey
  71. Theories on Roman must Die angle
  72. 08/20 SmackDown Live Discussion Thread: Let the King of the Ring Tournament Begin!
  73. Rate the Current Superstar: Buddy Murphy edition
  74. Rate the Current Superstar: Jinder Mahal edition
  75. Buddy Murphy challenges Daniel Bryan to a match just like he did with Roman Reigns
  76. Ember is done, WWE have completely buried her
  77. So, who else has become a fan of Roman?
  78. WWE Reportedly Dropped Mandy/Sonya Lesbian Angle
  79. Roman Reigns Re-Signs With WWE For New Multi-Year Deal
  80. 08/13 SmackDown Live: Kingston & Orton Have Unfinished Business
  81. Aleister Black should adopt Karl Anderson's beard style
  82. What to do with Randy Orton
  83. RAW Stars To Film SmackDown Fox Promo
  84. Roman Reigns vs. Buddy Murphy
  85. Now that SummerSlam is over...
  86. SmackDown 20th anniversary set for Oct. 4 on FOX
  87. The Fiend should show up with his defeated opponent's head
  88. Big E disrespects Trump
  89. Paige Reveals She Needs Neck Surgery
  90. Is Rusev done? Any update?
  91. Charlotte Flair On How The Women's Locker Room Feels About Becky Lynch Sharing The WWE 2K20 Cover
  92. FOX CEO Charlie Collier Asked About Contingency Plan In Case Of Poor SmackDown Ratings
  93. Sweet Chin Music - now a protected finisher?
  94. Randy Orton's Wife Drops Him With An RKO (Video)
  95. Pitching Rowan's mini singles push
  96. Rate the Current Superstar: Elias edition
  97. People can say what they want about Shane but...
  98. Report: Vince changes SmackDown and tears up script
  99. Roman Reigns Attacker Discussion Thread
  100. 08/06 SmackDown Live: TOTAL REWRITES!
  101. SmackDown will be preempted October 25th
  102. Reigns: I Disagree With What Jon Moxley Said About The WWE Creative Process
  103. SmackDown's 2001 Titantron Fist coming back for FOX
  104. Politics Reportedly Behind Ember Moon Taking The Pin In WWE SmackDown Tag Team Match
  105. Carmella Wants To Right Her Wrongs With Women's Title Run, Talks R-Truth And The WWE 24/7 Title
  106. When SmackDown moves to Fox = more travel/setup
  107. Why did Alexa Bliss beat Ember Moon?
  108. Rate the Current Superstar: Mustafa Ali edition
  109. Possible WWE Post-SummerSlam Plans For Roman Reigns And Daniel Bryan
  110. Is heel Bayley possible?
  111. About the Drew/KO match
  112. Make the Intercontinental Championship great again
  113. WWE Champion Kofi Kingston Discussion Thread
  114. Superman Kofi strikes again
  115. Bryan/Reigns double turn
  116. Someone tried to crush Roman Reigns aka Poochie
  117. Who tried to kill Roman?
  118. So what's up with Finn Balor, anybody know?
  119. Roman Reigns Discusses How Difficult Cutting Promos Can Be, If He Has Been Bitten By The Acting Bug
  120. Does anyone actually find The New Day entertaining?
  121. Steve Austin On Kevin Owens Not Being The Next Stone Cold, Owens Using The Stunner As His Finisher
  122. 07/30 SmackDown Live Discussion Thread: "The King's Court" with royal guest Trish Stratus
  123. Samoa Jobber strikes again
  124. What would you say to Daniel Bryan joining 205 Live
  125. Trish Stratus to appear on King's Court on SmackDown
  126. Asuka should just turn on Kairi, and smash her to bits.
  127. Rate the Current Superstar: Aleister Black edition
  128. Rumor: Orton suffering from injury that could end his career
  129. Is Randy Orton the modern HBK
  130. Mustafa Ali: What's His Deal?
  131. WOR: Vince showed up to SmackDown this week at 4 o'clock and redid the show
  132. A source says Fox wants Shanya Baszler
  133. Bischoff high on Bryan?
  134. Are Mandy/Sonia replacing the Kabuki Warriors?
  135. Orton is underrated as hell
  136. Xavier and Big E has to be one of the most annoying wrestling duos in recent memory
  137. The main event had attitude era vibes
  138. Are we watching Eric Bischoff's SmackDown yet ??
  139. Kofi Kingston is absolutely terrible
  140. 7/23 SmackDown Live: Kofi Kingston's SummerSlam Challenge
  141. R Truth was wasted
  142. Randy Orton and Will Osprey On Twitter...
  143. Carmella Celebrates Three Years on WWE Main Roster
  144. WWE Champion Kofi Kingston to issue a SummerSlam challenge
  145. If Kevin Owens was 4 to 5 inches taller would he be viewed the same way?
  146. Seth Rollins on the Wild Card Rule and why he doesn't show up on SmackDown often: "[it] really muddled things up, to be honest with you".
  147. Mickie James Doesn’t Fault Carmella For ACL Injury
  148. Bray Wyatt Should Be The Next WWE Champion
  149. How much $$ is spent on Pancakes?? Do fans eat them?
  150. FOX outlines how they’ll present SmackDown Live; SD won’t air during World Series
  151. HBK will be on commentary on SmackDown this Tuesday
  152. Bischoff not expected to be involved w/ Creative process, New details!
  153. Report: SmackDown may not have a reunion show in October now
  154. Eric Bischoff Reportedly Starting At WWE HQ This Week
  155. Daniel Bryan Career Trajectory without the retirement
  156. Hey look, A Smart Babyface
  157. Eric Bischoff Not Involved With This Week's SmackDown
  158. 7/16 SmackDown Live: Town Hall Meeting
  159. The IIconics (finally) defend tag titles against The Kabuki Warriors tonight
  160. Daniel Bryan to make a career-altering announcement
  161. Mickie James Undergoing Knee Surgery
  162. Balor taking time off from WWE
  163. Finn Balor, how about a heel turn?
  164. Roman Reigns is a pretty good in-ring worker - Agree or Disagree?
  165. Calling it now Brocky two belts
  166. Biggest angle for ER forgotten about
  167. So who does Kofi feud with for SummerSlam?
  168. Balor had a lame title reign - Congratulations Nakamura!
  170. I don't buy into Kevin Owens, anyone else thinks he kinda sucks?
  171. Anyone more boring than Dolph Ziggler in the world of wrestling?
  172. People say that the IIconics are "holding the Tag titles hostage" when Balor has defended the IC title as many times as they have
  173. Rate the Current Superstar: Roman Reigns edition
  174. Backstage reaction to K.O. SmackDown Live promo, what’s next for Shane?
  175. Otis Potential Big Star
  176. The Kabuki Warriors Discuss the Pressures of Performing in WWE, Kairi Sane on Feeling ‘Nervous Before Every Match’
  177. Can we just agree that Roman Reigns is the best contender for being the next FOTC?
  178. Shelton's weird backstage promos
  179. Kevin Owens as the Anti Authority Figure Looks Good
  180. Kofi Kingston Is Wrestling Injured
  181. Drew McIntyre as a "groupie"
  182. The reason why Randy Orton is absent...
  183. Kevin Owens could've and should've been the next FOTC.
  184. 7/9 SmackDown Live Thread
  185. This week was interesting.
  186. Why not Ziggler and Miz?
  187. WWE Finally Doing Something With Buddy Murphy?
  188. Ali Reportedly Had Surgery Earlier This Week
  189. Eric Bischoff Was Not At SmackDown Last Week
  190. Eric Bischoff Reportedly Not at Last Week's SmackDown
  191. RAW Women's Champion Becky Lynch Gets Ready For SmackDown Live On Fox Episode, Comic, With Roman Reigns, Kane, Undertaker, Kofi and IIConics
  192. Where is the Big Dawg?
  193. Should they air the Charlotte-Andrade relationship on TV?
  194. What the hell are they doing with Aleister Black?
  195. What happened to the Sonya/Mandy Lesbian angle we were teased and promised
  196. Shelton Benjamin's weird smile on SmackDown makes me think that Brock Lesnar will cash in on Kofi Kingston at Extreme Rules
  197. I guess Owens is the new Big Show
  198. Can Owens please stop using The Stunner?
  199. So Ya'll Keep Saying Ya'll Can't Buy Kofi as WWE Champion....
  200. I hope the fruitcake day fails a drug test
  201. 7/2 SmackDown Live Thread: Joe Imposes Dominance
  202. Roman Reigns in new Brisk commercial
  203. Sheamus Returning To TV This Week?
  204. Paige On WWE Creative Frustration With The Kabuki Warriors, Recent Vince McMahon Interaction
  205. Charlotte Flair says she doesn't care how many title reigns she has. (Article)
  206. Character Analysis: "The Big Dog" Roman Reigns
  207. Rusev Reveals Name Of His Upcoming Comic Book With Lana
  208. Dolph Ziggler is getting on my damn nerves
  209. Rumour: Eric Bischoff opposes Shane O'Mac WWE Title Crowning at SummerSlam
  210. Why exactly is Finn Balor not on 205 Live?
  211. Would Kofi make for an effective heel champion?
  212. Eric Bischoff advertised for Tuesday’s SmackDown
  213. Why are Raw stars challenging for SmackDown titles?
  214. Dolph Ziggler good status with Bishoff back?
  215. Jinder Mahal Undergoes Knee Surgery
  216. FOX Wants To Use New Cameras, Celebrities On SmackDown Debut
  217. Report: FOX Had No Idea About WWE Creative Shake-Up, Would’ve Preferred Heyman
  218. FOX reportedly not impressed with WWE; meeting with WWE about changes
  219. Is Balor injured?
  220. Another Weak Crowd For This Week's WWE SmackDown
  221. What's going on with Roman Reigns health?
  222. Roman Reigns is heavily loved in India
  223. Who is at the door?
  224. Kofi's record since winning the title
  225. Are we getting a Mandy and Sonya lesbian angle?
  226. Joe???
  227. Jinder Mahal Re-Signs With WWE For New Five-Year Deal
  228. Rusev's WWE Contract Reportedly Expiring Soon
  229. 06/25 SmackDown Live Discussion Thread: Kofi Responds To Joe
  230. Is Roman Reigns Push Over ??
  231. Shinsuke Nakamura On His Position In WWE: ‘I’m Living With It’
  232. The WWE Championship is dead.
  233. What do you hope is next for Kofi?
  234. Kofi Kingston Would Love To Work With Adam Cole, Johnny Gargano and Tyler Breeze From NXT
  235. Who should get Lars' push?
  236. Kevin Owens On The Wildcard Rule And Sami Zayn
  237. FOX Now Using Bayley and Kofi Kingston To Promote SmackDown, Original Ads Had Cena, Reigns, Flair and Rey Mysterio. Becky Lynch included.
  238. Kofi promos lacks total passion.
  239. Lars Sullivan Reportedly Could Be Out Of Action For The Rest Of The Year
  240. Andrade's Aunt Passes Away, Note On Charlotte Flair And Andrade Following The Passing Of His Mother
  241. Kofi Kingston to star in Netflix/WWE Co-Production. Yes, THAT Kofi Kingston.
  242. So Ziggler wins with a superkick and Rollins just shrugs one off?
  243. Why is Heavy Machinery a thing?
  244. 6/18 - SmackDown Live Discussion Thread
  245. Ronda Rousey And The MMA Horsewomen At The Arena For Tonight's WWE SmackDown (Videos)
  246. Eric Rowan and Daniel Bryan
  247. Rate the Current Superstar: Finn Balor edition
  248. So what is the deal with Aleister black
  249. WWE Live Event Results From Denver (6/15): Bayley Defends Against Alexa Bliss, WWE Title Match, More
  250. Why are the Hardys even a thing in 2019?
  251. Dolph Ziggler Match And "A Moment Of Bliss" Segment Announced For This Tuesday's WWE SmackDown
  252. Daniel Bryan wrestles on pre-shows because they want to hurt his brand before he inevitably goes to AEW
  253. Bully Ray: WWE’s Lack Of Mega Stars Is Why Ratings Are Dropping, talks Randy Orton
  254. Sonya Deville Discusses Coming Out On Tough Enough
  255. Reason Lars Sullivan vs. Matt Hardy Match Was Pulled From SmackDown, Lars Sullivan’s Knee Injury Worse Than Previously Believed
  256. Are They Crazy Enough To Do It......Shane Winning The WWE Title?
  257. The Iconics are not funny and getting old
  258. Rate the Current Superstar: Kevin Owens edition
  259. New SmackDown logo revealed; “Live” dropped from name
  260. New Smackdown logo
  261. Possible Spoiler On Where The Shane McMahon Storyline Is Going
  262. What's next for Chad Gable?
  263. The Aleister Black promos make no sense
  264. Every situation Alexa Bliss is involved in feels so high schoolish
  265. Who Will Be The Guy To Take The Title From Kofi?
  266. Did we forget Shane McMahon's history?
  267. Lost opporunity; Kevin Owens should've become champion last night and become "the guy"
  268. Andrade And Charlotte Flair Receive WWE Time Off Following Passing Of Andrade's Mother
  269. Aleister Black Says WWE Main Roster Call-Up Was A "Last Minute Decision"
  270. 6/11 SmackDown Live: The New Day return in Six-Man Tag Team Action
  271. What made you like Daniel Bryan during his first run?
  272. WWE must establish Reigns as The Guy again
  273. Shane McMahon's gimmick is the best in WWE
  274. Sullivan’s push may be over
  275. Andrade's Mom Passes Away
  276. I thought it was going to happen - but I still want to see it.
  277. Who did Ember Moon piss off?
  278. Now that Randy has beaten Triple H...
  279. Ali Says He’s Donating Super ShowDown Earnings to Charity
  280. Update: Mickie James to have ACL surgery
  281. WWE Cancels Another SmackDown Live Event Number 4
  282. Dial back the "Kofi Lovefest" stuff already
  283. Big E.: “I Couldn’t Get Fired from WWE if I Tried!”
  284. General Thoughts on Iconics? Yay, Nay?
  285. Smackdown Returning to Detroit in August, Dark Matches Hint at Continuing Feuds
  286. Put the belt on Roman - only held it less than 6 months
  287. Goldberg rocks
  288. Ziggler always nails it during face-offs
  289. Roman Reigns on SmackDown - Why??
  290. How did Elias regress so badly?
  291. I don't get the Alister Black promos
  292. WWE posts video of Truth pinning Elias under ring
  293. How long until R-Truth loses the 24/7 title to Carmella
  294. Kabuki Warriors scrapped?
  295. R-Truth is the most overrated jobber
  296. So what is the actual reasoning for no pyro?
  297. Bayley is fucking AWFUL
  298. Does Charlotte really need to be involved in every top Women's feud all the time?
  299. Where is Nakamura??
  300. 6/4 SmackDown Live: GOLDBERG
  301. Ziggler vs Kofi vs Owens
  302. WWE SmackDown Live Event Results From College Station, Texas 06.02.19:
  303. Rate the Current Superstar: Rusev edition
  304. Mickie James Injured With ACL Tear; Out Indefinitely
  305. Alexa Bliss To Host Moment Of Bliss On SmackDown With Bayley
  306. The Undertaker Advertised for WWE SmackDown Live
  307. Goldberg to appear on SmackDown Live for the first time ever this Tuesday
  308. Daniel Bryan wants to wrestle in his 70s.
  309. Should they even bother doing Lesnar vs Kofi?
  310. Kofi Was Obviously The One Who Attacked Big E
  311. Is Reigns vs Orton the big money match on SD?
  312. What is the point of getting Charlotte to 17x?
  313. Lars Sullivan Deletes Twitter Account
  314. Rate the Current Superstar: Dolph Ziggler edition
  315. WWE Cancels Another SmackDown Event Over Wild Card Rule Fourth Week In A Row
  316. Charlotte/Lacey
  317. Drew and Elias look like absolute clowns
  318. SD is wasting airtime with constant recaps and video packages
  319. 5/28 SmackDown Live: Kofi seeks revenge against Owens
  320. How Long Does Reigns Have Left On His Contract?
  321. Roman Reigns Circling Back To Title Picture
  322. Randy Orton in Changeland movie
  323. How can you push Roman who had leukemia in the past?
  324. Fucking sick of Charlotte being used to simply put other people over.
  325. How Do You Get "Ali" Over?
  326. Roman has been on top longer than Stone Cold Steve Austin was
  327. New Day is getting even more unbearable...Big E should have been Dolph Ziggler
  328. Carmela Acting Kinda Unprofessional, No?
  329. So much for Lars Sullivan's sensitivity therapy, lol
  330. 5/21 SmackDown Live: The New Day to throw a party for Big E’s return!
  331. R Truth was the Hardcore Champion in the Attitude Era and now the 24/7 Champion
  332. Brock Lesnar having both belts going to Fox new deal would draw interest for new fans
  333. What's next for Nakamura?
  334. Bayley is now the first women's grand slam champion in WWE
  335. Well it's official, Kevin Owens career is fucking dead at this point.
  336. Charlotte needs to lose the Smackdown Women's title ASAP
  337. Paige Recalls Cursing Out Dusty Rhodes After Rhodes Harped On Her About Promos
  338. The IIconics Say They Have A Lot of Creative Input With Their Promos
  339. Monday’s WWE SmackDown Live Event Canceled
  340. WWE Co-President On What Fans Can Expect From New FS1 Studio Show, Third Hour Of SmackDown
  341. Paige And The Kabuki Warriors Together Does Not Work
  342. Lars new gimmick as the Anonymous General Manager
  343. Pulling on the Trigger on Kofi to Soon?... Strike while iron is hot or wait?
  344. The Kabuki Warriors
  345. Kofi NEEDS to go.
  346. Lars Sullivan fined $100,000
  347. WWE Had Talks With ESPN for SmackDown Live, ESPN Couldn’t Make It Fit the Schedule
  348. 05/14 SmackDown Live Discussion Thread - MITB Go Home - Yay!!
  349. Ronda Rousey to SmackDown Live When She Returns?
  350. Elias Trolls Liverpool
  351. Why is Asuka not challenging Becky?
  352. Sheamus' WWE career is in jeopardy
  353. WWE SmackDown Officially Announced For Two Hours On Friday Nights On Fox Fall Lineup
  354. Paige Says Wrestlers Can't Afford to Get Complacent After Jumping From NXT to WWE's Main Roster
  355. What did Kofi possess that Rusev or Nakamura did not?
  356. Evidently, Langston likes Lynch's mother
  357. Fatal 4-Way Match And Kevin Owens Show Segment Announced For This Tuesday's WWE SmackDown Plus Regular Tag Match
  358. Paige Says People Will Love Her Team With Kairi Sane and Asuka
  359. Mickie James to open for Big & Rich at the Richmond Raceway in Virginia this July
  360. WWE SmackDown Results in Dublin 5.9.19
  361. Big E Responds To Offensive Comments Allegedly Made By Lars Sullivan, Says People In WWE Are Aware
  362. What will Randy Orton's legacy be?
  363. Kevin Owens on Changes He Wants to See Implemented After SmackDown Moves to FOX, His Use of the Stone Cold Stunner, Playing a Villain
  364. Reigns doesn’t bother appearing on the brand he’s supposed to be on
  365. Meltzer's speculation on Daniel Bryan's injury
  366. Rate the Current Superstar: Jeff Hardy edition
  367. Smackdown Tag Titles - What may have been done...
  368. So when does something become "super" and when is "super" booking okay?
  369. Kevin Owens Wishes He Could Have Stayed Babyface a Bit Longer, Would Have Done Turn Differently
  370. Kofi Kingston Comments On SmackDown Possibly Moving To 3 Hours, WWE Dream Match
  371. Bayley could be where Becky is at if WWE had pulled the trigger
  372. Randy Orton Pokes Fun At John Cena
  373. Carmella Talks Launching Her Own Wine Brand, Explains Meaning Of The Name
  374. Lars Sullivan should have an Amish type gimmick
  375. WWE considering a new gimmick for Matt Hardy
  376. 05/07 SmackDown Live Discussion Thread: Who will be the next SmackDown Tag Team Champions?
  377. Orton takes a shot at Goldberg
  378. Kofi Kingston On Vince McMahon's Reaction To WWE Title Win,Freebird Rule with WWE Title,and more
  379. Aliester Black - Main Event Material?
  380. Daniel Bryan WWE Return Update
  381. Meltzer - Daniel Bryan Medically Cleared to return to action
  382. Rate the Current Superstar: Carmella edition
  383. Did Bryan live up to the hype?
  384. Finn Balor vs Randy Orton or sell?
  385. Can Black could be a big star?
  386. Kevin Owens needs to be WWE Champion.
  387. Smackdown is just as unbearable as RAW
  388. Kairi Sane is a better version of Bayley
  389. Bayley jobs to BL in a non-title crickets
  390. 04/30 Smackdown Live Discussion Thread - Kill, Owens, Kill
  391. SmackDown House show card looks very weak after the Shake Up
  392. What If - Shane McMahon beats Kofi for the WWE Title?
  393. Asuka having a MMA background and style a main reason she was undefeated for so long?
  394. To the people complaining about Charlotte always in the title picture.
  395. Becky Lynch and Bayley to square off for the first time ever in WWE
  396. Kofi Kingston Interview Set for SmackDown
  397. Roman Reigns vs Kevin Owens at SummerSlam?
  398. Liv Morgan Says She Broke Her Toe on a Stripper Pole
  399. Is it safe to say Asuka is never winning another singles title?
  400. Is Lars Sullivan the next Snitsky or the next Brock Lesnar?
  401. RUMORS- Sasha returning as heel on SD and winning MITB--REALLY
  402. Why is Shane the heel in this feud?
  403. WWE “may have” admitted that SD is expanding to three hours
  404. Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel sent to Smackdown
  405. I'm Not Sure Where To Post This But Since It Happened On SmackDown I'm Posting It Here
  406. Liv Morgan new solo entrance theme
  407. Daniel Bryan was not backstage last night
  408. More Details On Jeff Hardy’s Leg Injury, Scheduled For Surgery Soon
  409. WON- Dave Meltzer reports that the opponent of Becky Lynch at WrestleMania 36 is Charlotte Flair
  410. Rate the Current Superstar: Kairi Sane edition
  411. What can be done with Roman Reigns to get him over on SD?
  412. Sonya Deville WFs darling of the month--why?
  413. Why did Jinder escape Lars on SD?
  414. What's going on with Bryan's injury?
  415. Is Charlotte the most pushed in WWE history?
  416. Big O turns heel!! Thoughts?
  417. Becky vs Charlotte AGAIN
  418. So Bayley Is There To Be Someone New For Charlotte To Beat?
  419. What A Missed Opportunity With New Day
  420. Why no live thread tonight?
  421. 04/23 SmackDown LIVE Discussion Thread - The Big Dog's New Yard
  422. The IIconics losing constantly
  423. Andrade and Black moved to SDL
  424. For $100 Billie Kay will make a video for you
  425. Which Randy Orton run was your favorite?
  426. Xavier woods singing Batista’s theme at WM 35
  427. Carmella Calls Out LARS SULLIVAN for Creeping On her Social Media
  428. Rate the Current Superstar: Billie Kay edition
  429. Announced for next week's SD: Charlotte and Becky come face to face for the first time since Mania 35
  430. SmackDown's next champions:
  431. Why would becky not want to challenge asuka 1st?
  432. Kofi - The Best Babyface since Bret 92?
  433. Wish Mandy Rose was sent to Raw. She's absolutely buried on depth in SD Women's Division
  434. My idea for a Kofi - New Day storyline
  435. It Broke My Heart Finding Out Nikki Cross Wasn't Crazy
  436. Will Kairi Sane make Asuka Obsolete?
  437. Sheamus Is Possibly Injured
  438. Choose your line of wrestlers to face Kofi Kingston till SummerSlam
  439. Which comes first? Roman vs Kofi or KO vs Kofi?
  440. Are they trying to get Lars Sullivan as a new Legend Killer?
  441. The Sky Pirates
  442. Lana has a sex tape
  443. Elias' Future
  444. Face-Heel-Heel triple threat
  445. The one positive thing about Reigns being on SmackDown..
  446. No Male Tag Team's left on SD, Fella is also MIA
  447. Is SmackDown! the new Flagship? (WWE conformation)
  448. Lets break down the SmackDown women's division
  449. Is what's happening with Kevin Owens awful or amazing?
  450. Is Vince trying to make both shows unwatchable?
  451. Buddy Murphy is on SD Live
  452. Crews, Gable, James, Morgan sent to SD
  453. Alexander Wolfe Possibly Quits WWE
  454. Bayley on SmackDown
  455. Lars Sullivan appears on SDL and attacks True Money... at least R-Truth
  456. Are all the McMahon's going to be on SD Live tonight?
  457. Possible Spoilers for SD Shakeup
  458. The InvAsian
  459. Who are going to be the SmackDown Champions when they move to FOX
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