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  1. Well it's official, Kevin Owens career is fucking dead at this point.
  2. Charlotte needs to lose the Smackdown Women's title ASAP
  3. Paige Recalls Cursing Out Dusty Rhodes After Rhodes Harped On Her About Promos
  4. The IIconics Say They Have A Lot of Creative Input With Their Promos
  5. Monday’s WWE SmackDown Live Event Canceled
  6. WWE Co-President On What Fans Can Expect From New FS1 Studio Show, Third Hour Of SmackDown
  7. Paige And The Kabuki Warriors Together Does Not Work
  8. Lars new gimmick as the Anonymous General Manager
  9. Pulling on the Trigger on Kofi to Soon?... Strike while iron is hot or wait?
  10. The Kabuki Warriors
  11. Kofi NEEDS to go.
  12. Lars Sullivan fined $100,000
  13. WWE Had Talks With ESPN for SmackDown Live, ESPN Couldn’t Make It Fit the Schedule
  14. 05/14 SmackDown Live Discussion Thread - MITB Go Home - Yay!!
  15. Ronda Rousey to SmackDown Live When She Returns?
  16. Elias Trolls Liverpool
  17. Why is Asuka not challenging Becky?
  18. Sheamus' WWE career is in jeopardy
  19. WWE SmackDown Officially Announced For Two Hours On Friday Nights On Fox Fall Lineup
  20. Paige Says Wrestlers Can't Afford to Get Complacent After Jumping From NXT to WWE's Main Roster
  21. What did Kofi possess that Rusev or Nakamura did not?
  22. Evidently, Langston likes Lynch's mother
  23. Fatal 4-Way Match And Kevin Owens Show Segment Announced For This Tuesday's WWE SmackDown Plus Regular Tag Match
  24. Paige Says People Will Love Her Team With Kairi Sane and Asuka
  25. Mickie James to open for Big & Rich at the Richmond Raceway in Virginia this July
  26. WWE SmackDown Results in Dublin 5.9.19
  27. Big E Responds To Offensive Comments Allegedly Made By Lars Sullivan, Says People In WWE Are Aware
  28. What will Randy Orton's legacy be?
  29. Kevin Owens on Changes He Wants to See Implemented After SmackDown Moves to FOX, His Use of the Stone Cold Stunner, Playing a Villain
  30. Reigns doesn’t bother appearing on the brand he’s supposed to be on
  31. Meltzer's speculation on Daniel Bryan's injury
  32. Rate the Current Superstar: Jeff Hardy edition
  33. Smackdown Tag Titles - What may have been done...
  34. So when does something become "super" and when is "super" booking okay?
  35. Kevin Owens Wishes He Could Have Stayed Babyface a Bit Longer, Would Have Done Turn Differently
  36. Kofi Kingston Comments On SmackDown Possibly Moving To 3 Hours, WWE Dream Match
  37. Bayley could be where Becky is at if WWE had pulled the trigger
  38. Randy Orton Pokes Fun At John Cena
  39. Carmella Talks Launching Her Own Wine Brand, Explains Meaning Of The Name
  40. Lars Sullivan should have an Amish type gimmick
  41. WWE considering a new gimmick for Matt Hardy
  42. 05/07 SmackDown Live Discussion Thread: Who will be the next SmackDown Tag Team Champions?
  43. Orton takes a shot at Goldberg
  44. Kofi Kingston On Vince McMahon's Reaction To WWE Title Win,Freebird Rule with WWE Title,and more
  45. Aliester Black - Main Event Material?
  46. Daniel Bryan WWE Return Update
  47. Meltzer - Daniel Bryan Medically Cleared to return to action
  48. Rate the Current Superstar: Carmella edition
  49. Did Bryan live up to the hype?
  50. Finn Balor vs Randy Orton or sell?
  51. Can Black could be a big star?
  52. Kevin Owens needs to be WWE Champion.
  53. Smackdown is just as unbearable as RAW
  54. Kairi Sane is a better version of Bayley
  55. Bayley jobs to BL in a non-title crickets
  56. 04/30 Smackdown Live Discussion Thread - Kill, Owens, Kill
  57. SmackDown House show card looks very weak after the Shake Up
  58. What If - Shane McMahon beats Kofi for the WWE Title?
  59. Asuka having a MMA background and style a main reason she was undefeated for so long?
  60. To the people complaining about Charlotte always in the title picture.
  61. Becky Lynch and Bayley to square off for the first time ever in WWE
  62. Kofi Kingston Interview Set for SmackDown
  63. Roman Reigns vs Kevin Owens at SummerSlam?
  64. Liv Morgan Says She Broke Her Toe on a Stripper Pole
  65. Is it safe to say Asuka is never winning another singles title?
  66. Is Lars Sullivan the next Snitsky or the next Brock Lesnar?
  67. RUMORS- Sasha returning as heel on SD and winning MITB--REALLY
  68. Why is Shane the heel in this feud?
  69. WWE “may have” admitted that SD is expanding to three hours
  70. Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel sent to Smackdown
  71. I'm Not Sure Where To Post This But Since It Happened On SmackDown I'm Posting It Here
  72. Liv Morgan new solo entrance theme
  73. Daniel Bryan was not backstage last night
  74. More Details On Jeff Hardy’s Leg Injury, Scheduled For Surgery Soon
  75. WON- Dave Meltzer reports that the opponent of Becky Lynch at WrestleMania 36 is Charlotte Flair
  76. Rate the Current Superstar: Kairi Sane edition
  77. What can be done with Roman Reigns to get him over on SD?
  78. Sonya Deville WFs darling of the month--why?
  79. Why did Jinder escape Lars on SD?
  80. What's going on with Bryan's injury?
  81. Is Charlotte the most pushed in WWE history?
  82. Big O turns heel!! Thoughts?
  83. Becky vs Charlotte AGAIN
  84. So Bayley Is There To Be Someone New For Charlotte To Beat?
  85. What A Missed Opportunity With New Day
  86. Why no live thread tonight?
  87. 04/23 SmackDown LIVE Discussion Thread - The Big Dog's New Yard
  88. The IIconics losing constantly
  89. Andrade and Black moved to SDL
  90. For $100 Billie Kay will make a video for you
  91. Which Randy Orton run was your favorite?
  92. Xavier woods singing Batista’s theme at WM 35
  93. Carmella Calls Out LARS SULLIVAN for Creeping On her Social Media
  94. Rate the Current Superstar: Billie Kay edition
  95. Announced for next week's SD: Charlotte and Becky come face to face for the first time since Mania 35
  96. SmackDown's next champions:
  97. Why would becky not want to challenge asuka 1st?
  98. Kofi - The Best Babyface since Bret 92?
  99. Wish Mandy Rose was sent to Raw. She's absolutely buried on depth in SD Women's Division
  100. My idea for a Kofi - New Day storyline
  101. It Broke My Heart Finding Out Nikki Cross Wasn't Crazy
  102. Will Kairi Sane make Asuka Obsolete?
  103. Sheamus Is Possibly Injured
  104. Choose your line of wrestlers to face Kofi Kingston till SummerSlam
  105. Which comes first? Roman vs Kofi or KO vs Kofi?
  106. Are they trying to get Lars Sullivan as a new Legend Killer?
  107. The Sky Pirates
  108. Lana has a sex tape
  109. Elias' Future
  110. Face-Heel-Heel triple threat
  111. The one positive thing about Reigns being on SmackDown..
  112. No Male Tag Team's left on SD, Fella is also MIA
  113. Is SmackDown! the new Flagship? (WWE conformation)
  114. Lets break down the SmackDown women's division
  115. Is what's happening with Kevin Owens awful or amazing?
  116. Is Vince trying to make both shows unwatchable?
  117. Buddy Murphy is on SD Live
  118. Crews, Gable, James, Morgan sent to SD
  119. Alexander Wolfe Possibly Quits WWE
  120. Bayley on SmackDown
  121. Lars Sullivan appears on SDL and attacks True Money... at least R-Truth
  122. Are all the McMahon's going to be on SD Live tonight?
  123. Possible Spoilers for SD Shakeup
  124. The InvAsian
  125. Who are going to be the SmackDown Champions when they move to FOX
  126. 4/16 SmackDown Live Discussion Thread: "Biggest Acquisition In SmackDown Live History" Announced By Mr. McMahon
  127. Rate the Current Superstar: Peyton Royce edition
  128. Can Kairi Sane get over on the main roster with her current gimmick
  129. Shinsuke Nakamura Reportedly Staying With WWE
  130. Kofi Kingston Doesn’t See a New Day Breakup on the Horizon
  131. There’s no way Ali is 182 lbs.
  132. New SmackDown Ad on FOX Shows Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, Rey Mysterio
  133. Backstage News On Possible Becky Lynch Vs. Charlotte Flair Plans
  134. Am I the only one that doesn't like The New Day
  135. How do you book Xavier Woods now?
  136. The IICONICS Won't Be More Then Transitional Champions
  137. How do you feel about Rowan?
  138. Big E suffers torn meniscus
  139. Daniel Bryan Might Be Injured
  140. Road Dogg no longer SmackDown head writer
  141. Could the Usos stand on their own?
  142. Return of strong heels?
  143. Why the Becky hate?
  144. Just when I dismiss Orton again...
  145. Is the Ring Announcer going to get revenge on Shane?
  146. It has to be a hoss that starches Kofi for the chip
  147. Drew McIntyre Possibly Injured on SD
  148. I’m suddenly becoming a Lacey Evans fan
  149. Do you think it’s possible they’ll split New Day next week? (Superstar Shakeup)
  150. Paige Bringing Her Own Tag Team to WWE
  151. Billy Graham advice for Kofi Kingston
  152. Is Big E the star of The New Day?
  153. Randy Orton as a top champion
  154. Wrestling Forum Creative team: How would you further the Bryan-Kofi storyline?
  155. AJ Styles Reportedly Injured At WWE WrestleMania 35
  156. 04/09 SmackDown Discussion Thread: There’s a new Champ Champ, yes there is!
  157. Shane going over is going to hurt Miz’s momentum.
  158. What’s next for Daniel Bryan?
  159. Am I the only one who doesn't get The IIconics?
  160. Who should Kofi face in his first title defense?
  162. Matt Hardy TALKS BROKEN Universe, Vince McMahon's reaction & The Ultimate Deletion
  163. The IIconics talk Kylie Minogue, Neighbours and winning the tag titles at WrestleMania
  164. Sheamus thinks Cesaro deserves a run with the WWE Title
  165. The Miz New Interview
  166. The Usos Interview
  167. I hope we get a New Day triple threat but with no splitting them
  168. Where is the Big Show
  169. Rate the Current Superstar: The Miz edition
  170. Charlotte On Asuka Not Being Included In The WrestleMania Main Event, What Ric Flair Tells Her Daily
  171. If Kofi wins, it could be a new "record".
  172. Kofi Kingston Says He’s Grateful He Was Asked To Join The New Day
  173. Sonya Deville On Representing LGBTQ Community In WWE
  174. Usos sign new contract
  175. Dear god, Kofi still suck at promos.
  176. is SANITY being written off?
  177. Why is Kevin Owens so fine with having nothing to do at WM?
  178. Rey Mysterio suffered an ankle injury
  179. Another Way Vince Could Screw Kofi
  180. Did the IWC expect too much from Shinsuke Nakamura?
  181. 04/02 SmackDown Discussion Thread: Kofimania is Runnin' Wild!
  182. Rate the Current Superstar: Cesaro edition
  183. Kevin Owens May Be Added to WrestleMania Match
  184. Kevin Owens Show Segment Announced For This Tuesday's WWE SmackDown And A New Match
  185. Contract Signing Announced For This Tuesday's WWE SmackDown
  186. Backstage News On WWE SmackDown's Move To FOX: A third hour of SmackDown on FS1 has been discussed
  187. Luke Harper posted this. He's trying hard as hell to turn lemons into lemonade
  188. Are they wasting/misusing the talent in SD or are there just too many wrestlers in the roster (Sanity, Gallows & Anderson, etc.) ?
  189. Daniel Bryan turning face again is inevitable.
  190. Details On What The Original Plan Was For Asuka At WrestleMania and When Plan Was Changed
  191. Is Asuka really -that- bad with English?
  192. Mick Foley Says Becky Lynch Has Become "The Biggest Name In Our Business"
  193. Miz/Shane or Styles/Orton storyline should close the next Smackdown.
  194. The SmackDown Women's Title is dead
  195. WWE needs to do an old school Smackdown edition like they used to with Raw.
  196. I really HOPE that's the last SmackDown revolving around Kofi/New Day
  197. Miz and Shane is the best feud heading into Mania
  198. What happened to the women's triple threat !?!?
  199. Justice 4 Asuka
  200. New Day Turn Incoming SD after Mania
  201. Should Sheamus and Cesaro split post-WrestleMania?
  202. Charlotte Flair is an 8x Women's Champion!!
  203. I think Jinder's run as WWE Champion would have been better if he wasn't as green
  204. Social Media Botch Spoils WWE Championship Match At Mania
  205. Idea for Shane and Miz
  206. Rate the Current Superstar: Shinsuke Nakamura edition
  207. WWE Reportedly Offers New Contract To Becky Lynch
  208. Anybody else think it should have been a Multi man ladder for the US Championship?
  209. Becky Lynch isn't "The Man" anymore
  210. Vince Russo Reveals Why He Didn’t Push Samoa Joe As the Face of TNA in 2006
  211. WWE shortens another wrestler's name
  212. Kevin Owens
  213. Kurt Angle vs. AJ Styles announced for SD
  214. Lana Agrees With Big E’s Video About WWE Holding Talent Down, Says Only ‘Golden Children’ Get Opportunities in WWE
  215. Big E has lowkey been the star of KofiMania
  216. Orton should get one last WWE Title run as a heel.
  217. 03/26 SmackDown Discussion Thread: Have we seen the last of The New Day?
  218. Becky Lynch Reveals That Dusty Rhodes Kept Her From Getting Fired From WWE
  219. Why is Cesaro stuck in the tag team division STILL?
  220. Who do you think will be next in line for a big push after Kofi?
  221. Matt Hardy To Be Getting A New Gimmick Soon?
  222. SmackDown Featured In New FOX Ad, WWE Stars Set For Double Dare
  223. Backstage News On Planned Stipulation For Nixed WWE WrestleMania 35 Match
  224. Charlotte Working With Fox News?
  225. So now WWE is pushing racism storylines?
  226. Kayfabe wise, after the gauntlet, shouldn't Kofi be able to starch Lesnar
  227. Ortons Shoulder Was Up
  228. Kofi Kingston: ‘If Mustafa Ali Doesn’t Get Hurt, I Don’t Know If I’m On The Card For WrestleMania’
  229. Rey Mysterio Files Trademark For ‘Prince Mysterio’
  230. Neither Joe or Orton should have been in that Gauntlet match
  231. Daniel Bryan - is he still the most popular guy on the roster? Can he be again? Or has that ship sailed?
  232. Byron Saxton has improved on commentary
  233. What happened to Hardy & Joe feud
  234. Fatal Four way to determine number 1 contender for SD Womens Championship
  235. This confirms that wins/losses truly don't matter anymore
  236. The Roster is Gonna Strike.
  237. Miz babyface turn
  238. Rate the Current Superstar: Mandy Rose edition
  239. Sin Cara Signs New Three Year Contract
  240. AJ Styles Confirms He Signed A New Deal With The WWE
  241. A new League Of Nations???
  242. Report: Lesnar may be moving to SD in October
  243. Stephanie Beatriz Brooklyn Nine-Nine Star Knocks Lana For Doing Photo Shoot in Traffic
  244. The New Day
  245. Mark Henry On Randy Orton Vs. AJ Styles: "This Is Not A Filler Match. This Is A Main Event Match."
  246. The opportunity is there for a huge Big E heel turn
  247. Big E’s Adult Swim Animated Series Lazor Wulf Premiering Next Month
  248. Backstage News On WrestleMania 35 Plans For Asuka Changing
  249. Would you want to see AJ Styles turn heel?
  250. AJ v RKO, loser leaves SmackDown. Thoughts?
  251. Rumored Plans For AJ Styles After WrestleMania
  252. Big E & Xavier should turn on Kofi
  253. 03/19 SmackDown Discussion Thread: Kofi runs the gauntlet
  254. SmackDown Live Woman’s Entrance Theme Past to Present.
  255. I'd Add This Twist To The Bryan/Kofi Match
  256. Mandy Rose's look doesnt match her gimmick
  257. Kofi Kingston running the gauntlet
  258. Orton to Styles: I'm the Landlord, and Rent's Due you Son of a Bitch
  259. Karl Anderson Responds to Rumors He and Luke Gallows Are Leaving WWE
  260. Is Mustafa Ali the new Dolph Ziggler?
  261. 03/12 SmackDown Discussion Thread: Shane to address his actions at Fastlane
  262. They completely botched the KO return
  263. Karl Anderson responds to rumors that he and Luke Gallows are leaving WWE
  264. I have a feeling that this is how the Kofi/Bryan match is gonna end at WrestleMania lol smh
  265. Did Randy Orton put on little bit of weight
  266. So...What is Kofis Path to the Title Exactly?
  267. Let's Be Honest. Mandy Rose should be Champion.
  268. Mustafa Ali or Kofi, who deserves to win the WWE title more?
  269. Shane McMahon & Miz break-up
  270. Kofi winning the WWE title could lead to the breakup of the New Day
  271. Rumored WrestleMania card for SmackDown looks great
  272. "Big Money" Matt Hardy
  273. Charlotte Flair Challenges the New Girls in WWE to Try and Take Her Spot, Says She’s the Most Hated Superstar in WWE
  274. Anderson and Gallows turn down “multi-million-dollar deals" and are expected to leave; WWE removes them from upcoming live events
  275. Report: FOX wants SmackDown to be more edgier and less PC
  276. With WWE Insisting On Shoving Charlotte Into Becky Vs Ronda Who Is Asuka Going To Fight At Wrestlemania?
  277. The Way They Are Using Naomi With Mandy Rose Confuses Me
  278. Anyone already kinda over Lacy?
  279. Backstage Update On AJ Styles' WWE Status, If AEW Expects AJ To Consider Them When WWE Deal Expires
  280. Becky Lynch Details Going Into Depression Following A Head Injury In 2006
  281. Thoughts on KO & The Stunner
  282. Rate the Current Superstar: Sonya Deville edition
  283. Rate the Current Superstar: Sheamus edition
  284. Mandy Rose Says Paige’s Retirement ‘Was A Sad Time For All Of Us’
  285. Jim Ross Discusses Asuka Not Learning English, compares Lacey Evans to Brock Lesnar
  286. The Bar being reckless?
  287. Rusev teases farewell
  288. New United States Champion, Samoa Joe!!!!
  289. Big E sets sights on feud with Undisputed ERA
  290. Updated: Asuka says she's fine after injury scare at house show
  291. Cesaro Says SmackDown Has More Excitement Than RAW Right Now, Current State Of Tag Team Wrestling
  292. If Kofi wins the WWE Title, he should use the Freebird Rule with The New Day
  293. Jeff Hardy Thinks Hardy Boys Will Face The Usos at WrestleMania, Wants Match With Brock Lesnar
  294. Update on Mustafa Ali's condition
  295. 03/05 SmackDown Discussion Thread: Who will answer R-Truth’s open challenge?
  296. Title Match And More Set For Tuesday's WWE SmackDown
  297. Asuka heel turn??
  298. Charlotte WTF
  299. Lacey Evans or Mandy Rose Needs to Leave WrestleMania SmackDown Women's Champion.
  300. Get Ready For Kevin Owens/Kofi Kingston/Daniel Bryan WWE Championship Match At WM 35
  301. I got emotional during the Vince/Kofi segment
  302. Note On When WWE Decided To Renew The Hardy Boyz’ Deals
  303. Matt Hardy Indicates That He Is Done With ‘Woken’ Gimmick For Now
  304. Adding Charlotte to the Becky/Rousey match is killing Asuka
  305. Why not do Kofi-KO for Mania?
  306. The Hardy Boyz vs. The Usos at Mania Looks Likely
  307. Owens returns, to SD
  308. Rate the Current Superstar: AJ Styles edition
  309. 02/26 SmackDown Live Discussion Thread: Bryan & Kofi Sign On The Dotted Line.
  310. Alvarez: Kofi’s WrestleMania Match could involve the New Day splitting
  311. Your honest thoughts on Rey Mysterio?
  312. Daniel Bryan vs. Kevin Owens is the only logical choice for the SD World title.
  313. Idea - AJ Styles vs Daniel Bryan vs Kofi Kingston at WrestleMania
  314. US Title, LOL! 😂
  315. So Andrade vs Rey is off? Is this the fans fault?
  316. Kofi calls Orton STUPID!
  317. Randy Orton Heelin it Up or Just Not Caring Anymore?
  318. Thoughts on the NXT Guys Debuting on Smackdown
  319. Must Bryan lose EVERY non-title match?
  320. Daniel Bryan is a phenomenal character
  321. Thoughts on Mandy Rose beating Asuka
  322. Did Randy Orton turn out not be as big as WWE expected?
  323. Who do you really want to face Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania?
  324. You people really don't understand Daniel Bryan
  325. WOR: WM notes from Meltzer on WWE Championship Match at WrestleMania 35
  326. 02/19 SmackDown Discussion Thread: Bryan’s Fastlane opponent to be revealed
  327. AJ's gotta go to Raw or turn heel
  328. Possible Women's Tag Titles Feud
  329. Peyton Royce needs to super kick Billie Kay into the nearest window
  330. Do you think they will make a New Day vs. The Bar vs. Usos in a ladder match at WrestleMania?
  331. Kofi MUST challenge Bryan at Mania AND WIN!
  332. So the Usos get rewarded with the tag titles even though Jimmy got arrested
  333. Why did Miz & Shane lose the belts so quickly?
  334. Charlotte On Why She's Not Going For The WWE Women's Tag Titles
  335. It has to surely be John Cena vs Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania right?
  336. How Exactly is Daniel Bryan a Heel?
  337. Carmella just ruined her chances at being the tag team champion
  338. Report: Jimmy and Naomi hoping to get fired so they can go to AEW
  339. What The Heck Happened With Daniel Bryan?
  340. Random Ty Dillinger idea
  341. Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson on AEW, why The Club ended
  342. Rate the Current Superstar: Randy Orton edition
  343. Jimmy Uso's arrest; Naomi responds to fan comments
  344. New Day recreates the "Barber Shop Window Incident"
  345. Lana's Salty at Rousey
  346. Charlotte Promo...Good or Bad?
  347. Natalya Wants To Challenge Asuka For The SmackDown Live Woman's Championship
  348. If Big E and Woods turn on Kofi now
  349. How Long Before Sonya Deville And Mandy Rose Become Lesbians With Each Other?
  350. So is that AJ aggression angle dead in the water?
  351. To All the Charlotte Haters and Becky Blowers.
  352. Miz and Shane are very entertaining
  353. Am I Alone In Being Over RKOs "Outta Now where?"
  354. Kofi deserves a title run before he retires
  355. Give me Three Reasons to watch Smackdown Tonite
  356. Candice LeRae to work SmackDown Live Events
  357. 02/13 SmackDown Discussion thread: Gauntlet Match has huge Elimination Chamber implications
  358. What if Asuka/Becky II happens at Mania?
  359. Has Randy Orton lost steam as a heel?
  360. Mustafa Ali Reportedly out of EC Match due to injury
  361. Another wrestler returning this week
  362. Lana Claims She Has Dyslexia and Various Learning Disabilities
  363. Yall kept saying Becky needs to be carried in matches..welp! I finally saw what yall
  364. Where the hell is Sanity?
  365. Gauntlet Match This Week on SD Live: Winner Determines Who Enters Last in the Chamber
  366. Rate the Current Superstar: Samoa Joe edition
  367. How far should The New Daniel Bryan character go?
  368. Kofi Kingston On Vince McMahon's Original Idea For The New Day
  369. Andrade's WWE future?
  370. AJ Styles vs Rey Mysterio - WrestleMania - WWE title
  371. Women tag team division in SD had a bad start
  372. FOX Entertainment CEO Shares Details on SmackDown Live Move in October, More Content Planned for FS1
  373. Usos possibly leaving WWE
  374. Randy Orton reportedly open to speaking with All Elite Wrestling.
  375. Are they positioning Mustafa Ali for a Mania Match with Bryan?
  376. Asuka - Missing Persons Report.
  377. Anyone Notice The Ropes Turned White on September 18 and Turned Back to Blue December 18?
  378. As a Becky mark, I have to say they are overexposing the hell out of her
  379. AJ Styles Injured
  380. Poor Rusev.... :l
  381. Can FOX cancel SmackDown?
  382. Luke Gallows And Karl Anderson Talk When The Club Ended In WWE, All Elite Wrestling
  383. 02/05 SmackDown Discussion Thread: Daniel Bryan & Jeff Hardy Clash
  384. Charlotte: I don’t want to wrestle men
  385. Shelton Benjamin
  386. Which match do you think should be the Smackdown headline match at Wrestlemania?
  387. Should Asuka attack Charlotte to set up WrestleMania?
  388. Rusev possibly getting frustrated
  389. This Miz's Father Storyline Annoys Me More Then Words Can Say
  390. What's the deal with Mustafa Ali?
  391. The American Truth is here
  392. Killian Dain And Alexander Wolfe Unhappy In WWE/Smackdown
  393. Shinsuke to leave too?
  394. Is anyone considering being more like Daniel Bryan?
  395. Daniel Bryan & Erick Rowan need a third member
  396. What are your thoughts on the new Daniel Bryan belt?
  397. Samoa Joe's great promo on EC opponents
  398. 01/29 SmackDown Discussion Thread: You shook, Ronnie?
  399. For All That Working Out Shane Does Why Is He So Out Of Shape?
  400. Velveteen Dream vs Daniel Bryan could be quite the feud
  401. Bryan and Becky Need New Themes
  402. What to do now with Asuka?
  403. SmackDown’s Elimination Chamber participants.
  404. Wow WWE Is Just Trying To Kill Anything Rusev Has Going
  405. The New Daniel Bryan is boring
  406. So is Bryan starting a group like the Straight Edge Society?
  407. So who's challenging Bryan at Mania?
  408. Mustafa Ali going for the U.S. title?
  409. Daniel Bryan Admits WWE Doesn't Always Book Babyfaces "In The Best Way Possible"
  410. Backstage News On AJ Styles' WWE Contract Expiring Soon
  411. Daniel Bryan in kayfabe mode, threatened UFC fighter Henry Cejudo
  412. Daniel Bryan on the news
  413. Rate the Current Superstar: Becky Lynch edition
  414. PWInsider: New 3 Man Stable Coming to SmackDown Live?
  415. Rusev Says "Rusev Day" Was Supposed To Be A One Shot Deal
  416. Aiden English On His New Announcer Role
  417. WWE burns through feuds too fast
  418. Lacey is going to be a break out star
  419. SD House Show Last Night
  420. 01/22 SmackDown Discussion Thread: Vince to moderate “The New” Daniel Bryan and AJ Styles’ face-to-face
  421. Mr. McMahon to moderate “The New” Daniel Bryan and AJ Styles’ face-to-face
  422. Rate the Current Superstar: Daniel Bryan edition
  423. 2/3 Falls: Mysterio vs. Andrade
  424. Becky saying she wants the old Asuka.
  425. Charlotte Flair On WWE Molding Her Into A Pro Wrestler Out Of Nothing, Watching Her Matches Back
  426. Mustafa Ali Reveals Interesting Feedback From Vince McMahon, Talks Past Stereotypical Heel Gimmick
  427. Sheamus On If Pro Wrestling Today Is Lacking Characters
  428. To Those Who Were Complaining About Andrade Being Wasted For Months On End
  429. WWE Women's Tag Team Titles
  430. Mandy the failed Femme Fatale
  431. Who do you think will be Daniel Bryan's opponent at WrestleMania 35
  432. Andrade v Mysterio
  433. Solution to the Mandy Rose/Jimmy Uso Storyline?
  434. Kofi Kingston On If WWE Should Break Up The New Day
  435. Asuka has been very protected since WM last year - agree or disagree?
  436. Bludgeon Brothers Returning
  437. Miz and Shane are very entertaining
  438. Andrade cien Almas is now just Andrade
  439. Cena/Bryan should main event Mania
  440. 01/15 SmackDown Discussion Thread: Becky Lynch set for showdown with Asuka at Royal Rumble
  441. Rate the Current Superstar: Asuka edition
  442. Rate the Current Superstar: Andrade Cien Almas edition
  443. So who beats Daniel Bryan for the title?
  444. With the reported news of John Cena may be facing at WrestleMania, what do you think will be WWE title match at WrestleMania 35
  445. Who do you think will be AJ Styles opponent at WrestleMania 35?
  446. Favorite Version of Daniel Bryan
  447. I understand why people don't get the Asuka hype (at least in-ring)
  448. The promos for Cena/Bryan at WM would be insane
  449. Are WWE risking another Daniel Bryan situation at the Rumble?
  450. Becky should come out to Johnny Cash's "The Man Comes Around" at WM
  451. Daniel Bryan just cut 2 of the GOAT promos
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  456. I like how John put over Becky
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  458. Becky Lynch vs Charlotte Flair vs Carmella, winner faces Asuka for the SD Women's Title at Royal Rumble
  459. Zelina Vega’s Godfather/Goodfather Male Valet
  460. There Is Nothing New Vince Can Do With New Day
  461. I like Big Match John's new haircut
  462. Samoa Joe vs Randy Orton is the perfect heel vs heel situation
  463. Was that JBL wrestling tonight?
  464. Is anyone else liking this new Rusev character?
  465. Should have had Becky pin Andrade in the Mixed Tag.
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  467. Anyone else find the whole “Man” thing annoying?
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  475. Can somebody explain to me why A. Almas is not putting on 5* matches and moving up?
  476. Becky Lynch On Fans Not Giving Up On Her, Feeling Vindicated For Being In Her Current Position
  477. I Prefered Aiden English With Rusev To Lana
  478. So is this Miz and Shane storyline leading to a WM match?
  479. Rusev Says Winning The United States Championship Was For His Mother
  480. R-Truth On Meeting Vince McMahon, Becoming The First African American To Win NWA World Title
  481. There should be more matches like Nakumara vs Rusev
  482. AJ lays the paws on Vince
  483. The New Daniel Bryan has earned the WM35 main event
  484. Daniel Bryan will lose the WWE title at WM35
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  494. AJ Styles says he doesn't feel like a WWE superstar, there's another level to reach
  495. Your thoughts about Mustafa Ali being taller and heavier than AJ Styles and Bryan?
  496. Mustafa Ali should get a WWE title match since he beat Daniel Bryan
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  501. Mustafa Ali is on SD
  502. Becky gets wasted almost every SD. (Also, the McMahons are cancers)
  503. Charlotte
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  506. The Miz feels out of place
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  508. Charlotte is just as good as Becky
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  512. If Vince announces another superstar shake up ,Do you think AJ Styles and either Becky or Charlotte go to Raw
  513. HOLY ****! Check out this amazing promo The New Daniel Bryan threw down
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  531. New Daniel Bryan Theme song ? FICKLE
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  534. How Is This Who's On First Routine Shane And Miz Are Doing Leading To Anything?
  535. BAR
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  539. Idea - Becky Lynch/Connor McGregor vs Asuka/Nakamura
  540. Predict the future of Mandy Rose
  541. Shane is gonna eliminate Miz in the rumble
  542. If I Was Vince I'd Tell FOX To Take Their Money And Shove It Up Their A*s
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  544. Is it safe to say Becky Lynch is the most over superstar currently in WWE?
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  550. And the winner of the TLC for the SDL women’s championship is....