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  1. Impact Wrestling: Bound For Glory 10/20/19
  2. Anthem buys interest in AXS TV; Impact to air on AXS TV
  3. Vegas Taping Results (5/9/19) & (6/9/19)
  4. Impact Reportedly Pulling Killer Kross From Upcoming Event Due To Concerns Of Lawsuit
  5. Impact Now Covering Hotel Costs For Talent
  6. Ken Shamrock returning to Impact wrestling
  7. Should Brian Cage be stripped of the World Title?
  8. Santana and Ortiz Gone from Impact
  9. Should Impact eventually rebrand itself as TNA?
  10. Spoilers on some Bound For Glory matches
  11. TNA/IMPACT. Whats up?
  12. How does Impact earn revenue
  13. Next Impact Hall of Fame Inductees
  14. Rhino’s New Deal For Multiple Years Deal
  15. Kiera Hogan Agrees To Multi-Year Deal With IMPACT Wrestling
  16. Tenille Dashwood(AKA Emma) Signs with Impact
  17. Killer Kross - Rise of the Anti Machine
  18. IMPACT Wrestling Renews Agreement with Twitch, Expands Weekly Content Production
  19. Windsor TV Taping Results
  20. Kiera Hogan Reveals She's In A Relationship With Diamante
  21. What's with this crappy Mash Up tournament?
  22. Killer Kross On What's Next For Scarlett Bordeaux, AEW, Brandi Rhodes' Reaction About Scarlett
  23. Madison Rayne BURRIED by Taryn and Brooke
  24. I'm loving this Elgin vs Cage feud
  25. What's next for Tessa?
  26. Johnny Impacts contract over?
  27. Bound for Glory at the Odeum Expo Center?
  28. AXS declined Impact’s interest so Anthem is trying to buy AXS
  29. Scarlett Bordeaux gets groped by a fan at AAA event
  30. New T-Shirt Rule For Impact Tapings
  31. Impact Loses The Lucha Brothers
  32. Scarlett Bordeaux Works A Side Job Despite Impact Employment
  33. Are they done with One Night Only Events
  34. Impact Wrestling: Slammmiversary XVII - 7/7/19
  35. Pursuit Fails To Air New Impact Episode, Backstage Talk On A New Impact TV Deal, Pursuit Issues
  36. Impact Taping Results in New York City
  37. Rich Swann Weighs In on Jon Moxley’s Criticisms of WWE, Why He Signed With Impact
  38. So are Anthem jealous of AEW's success?
  39. Konnan and Josh Matthews Talk on Potential New IMPACT Wrestling Television Deal
  40. Tag Team Scene
  41. Tessa Blanchard On If She Had Regrets Following WWE Tryout, Working With The Rock
  42. Impact Star Not Under Contract As Believed, Promotion Scrambling To Sign Her
  43. After Tessa angle, D.I is claiming he will be doing a MAGA gimmick
  44. Taya Valkyrie Interview: Intergender wrestling + "avenging" Johnny Impact
  45. Impact Star Requests Release After Negotiations To Restructure Contract; Scarlett Bordeaux Also Requests Release; Scarlett Granted Release
  46. Sasha Banks to Tessa Blanchard: "Lets wrestle"
  47. Brian Cage: Standout power wrestler or generic musclehead?
  48. [SPOILERS] IMPACT Wrestling Philadelphia Tapings
  49. Rich Swann Signs 2-Year Deal With IMPACT Wrestling
  50. *Spoiler* Big debut on Rebellion
  51. Lance Storm talks current Impact's creative direction
  52. The OGz, Grado, and KM released
  53. Stop With The Intergender Wrestling
  54. Impact renew their UK TV deal with Channel 5, will move to 5STAR April 26th
  55. Impact World Champion heading to MSG, hope to find TV in the States by the fall, new secondary Impact programming, Drake legal action
  56. Eli Drake Fired
  57. Signing: Jake & Cody Deaner
  58. RVD signs contract with Impact Wrestling
  59. Madison Rayne Says Scarlett Bordeaux Has No Shame In Showing Her Sex Appeal
  60. OVW & Impact
  61. What is Anthem's long-term goals for Impact?
  62. Impact Taping Spoilers: Windsor, Ontario, Canada (March 22nd, 2019)
  63. The Rascalz: What's Their Deal?
  64. Allie Gone From Impact
  65. Don Callis
  66. Madison Rayne Returning To Impact, Backstage News On Creative Issues That Led To Her ROH Departure
  67. Jarrett vs. Impact lawsuit update
  68. Impact & NOAH to re-start partnership?
  69. Sami Callihan/Fallah Bahh renew contracts/Josh Alexander signs with Impact
  70. Impact to Hold 3 More PPVS In 2019, Slammi/BFG Dates
  71. Pop TV President Explains Why Network Removed Impact Wrestling
  72. And Chris Jericho says Impact Wrestling offered him a mid seven figure deal?!
  73. Vegas Taping Results
  74. Eddie Edwards Signs a Long-term Deal w/ Impact
  75. Barbed wire match on Impact.
  76. Impact Wrestling: Rebellion - 4/28/19
  77. Killer Kross confirms WWE had interest him after Impact debut
  78. What exactly are Impact Wrestling's revenue streams at this point?
  79. Rebel Talks Being In The Dollhouse And The Menagerie On Impact, Characters Disappearing Off TV
  80. Did Anybody Here That Has Pursuit Channel Have To Pay For It?
  81. More Impact wrestling cuts
  82. Impact Wrestling & MLW: United We Stand - 4/4/19
  83. Failed Stars
  84. Matt Sydal done with Impact, has offers from AEW and WWE
  85. IMPACT Wrestling hires two new employees in corporate sales to pursue sponsorships and ad deals
  86. PWInsider: Abyss and Sonjay Dutt are leaving Impact, likely WWE bound
  87. RIP: Former NWA-TNA Knockout BellaDonna dead at 40
  88. Tessa Blanchard Says Fighting With My Family Gave Her a New Appreciation For Paige
  89. Impact and NWA
  90. An alternative to the HOF
  91. It Must Be Tiring Being Rosemary
  92. IMPACT returning to Toronto in April, working on Winnipeg show, considering running Chicago and Philadelphia
  93. Is Impact still going to be shown in the UK on Fridays?
  94. Impact spoilers from Nashville and Mexico
  95. Future of Impact.
  96. Lynn Swann Is GARBAGE At Selling
  97. Impact Wrestling on Pursuit channel/Twitch live simulcast weekly
  98. Dixie could have had any WWE wrestler at Slammiversary X, except Cena & Rock. She picked Christian because he likes cats.
  99. Likely spoilers for Homecoming (championship status')
  100. Which was your favourite stage setup?
  101. Is Scarlett Bordeaux dating Killer Kross?
  102. Where did TNA go wrong?
  103. The Young Bucks comment on their TNA tenure
  104. Is Impact Wrestling's subscription service worth it?
  105. Impact is now Lucha Underground?
  106. Evolve lashes out at Impact, will no longer book Impact talent
  107. Bram
  108. IMPACT Wrestling pulls LAX from Evolve dates in December, no explanation given as to why
  109. Should Impact be more sports-entertainment than wrestling?
  110. Impact should bring in Jake Strong aka Jack Swagger
  111. Impact/ECW character parallels
  112. Eli Drake = The face of Impact
  113. Fallah Baah
  114. Attendance for slammiversary and bound for glory
  115. Impact Wrestling: Homecoming 1/6/19
  116. Vegas Taping Spoilers
  117. Impact Wrestling: Possible new network discussion
  118. They should bring back the TNA name
  119. Time for Impact to admit defeat and shut up shop?
  120. Any word on when tickets will go on sale for homecoming?
  121. Impact Wrestling reportedly wants to sign Alberto Del Rio again
  122. Impact signs new Knockout; will debut at tapings
  123. Brian Cage looks like Chris Benoit.
  124. WOR: Original plans for Eli Drake's open challenge
  125. Austin Aries "shoot fight" + BFG "departure" speculation/angle
  126. Does anyone know if BFG is going to be on UK TV?
  127. Global Wrestling Network is Unusable
  128. Rate the Current Superstar: Rich Swann edition
  129. Rosemary
  130. Eli Drake discusses rooming with Dean Ambrose, issues at WWE developmental with Bill Demott
  131. 'The Best in the World at What I Do"
  132. Pentagon and Fenix in negotiations with Impact for new deals for 2019
  133. Impact Wrestling: Bound For Glory 10/14/18
  134. Andrew Everett Released
  135. [SPOILERS] IMPACT Wrestling Tapings in Mexico for September/October
  136. IMPACT Wrestling Announces Presenting Sponsor For Bound for Glory
  137. Taping schedule planned up to March according to Petey Williams on his podcast
  138. Bound For Glory Sells Out
  139. Impact Wrestling Hall of Fame returns
  140. Will a partnership between Impact wrestling and WOS Wrestling be a good idea?
  141. Don Callis spoke with Jeff Jarrett during All In
  142. Has All In finally proven that IW have fallen off the radar?
  143. Chris Jericho: "If it's something I can really enjoy, why wouldn't I go to IMPACT? I don't have a death wish with WWE."
  144. IMPACT Wrestling announce TV tapings in Mexico City on September 13th and 14th
  145. Eddie Edwards
  146. Dave Meltzer: You've just gotta see the LAX vs OGz Street Fight on IMPACT this week
  147. Jim Ross: IMPACT needs to get on a network that’s gonna give them a chance to survive and become very profitable
  148. "GFE" (Jarrett) file lawsuit against Anthem
  149. Petey Williams Interview: Talks about TV, Pop, Jericho.
  150. Impact vs The UK at Mediacon 9/9/18
  151. Kiera Hogan Claims Ember Moon Took Her Gimmick
  152. LAX teasing surprise for BFG
  153. LAX-King-New York
  154. Don Callis on: People offended by new Scarlett Bordeaux character
  155. Rich Swann Signs Long-Term Deal
  156. Konnan talks Slammiversary, IMPACT Wrestling management and talks getting out of the IMPACT Zone
  157. Dave Meltzer: "There is a very positive vibe coming out of Slammiversary. The attitude is very different from before."
  158. If you could bring back one female talent, who would it be?
  159. Don Callis post-Slammiversary Podcast/Interview
  160. [SPOILERS] Impact Tapings in Canada for July/August
  161. Impact Wrestling July tapings thread, matches announced
  162. Pentagon Jr. Interview on Impact Wrestling
  163. What Was Wrong With The Old Allie?
  164. Rich Swann injured at MLW event
  165. Fight Network now available in the UK, showing Impact Wrestling content
  166. Madison is beating Su Yung at Slammi because of All In
  167. When does Sami Callihan get the Impact Title?
  168. Dave and Jake Crist
  169. Pick Your Knockouts Champion
  170. Team Canada 2.0
  171. Allie & Rosemary Youtube Show: Into the Multiverse
  172. Impact should bring in Emma/Tenille
  173. Tessa Blanchard Signs Long Term Deal
  174. Which current IMPACT angle has you most interested?
  175. Global Wrestling Network issues
  176. Old Impact Content
  177. IMPACT Wrestling to tape in Las Vegas in November
  178. Scarlett Bordeaux debuts on impact next week
  179. Sienna gone from Impact?
  180. Petey Williams shoots on IMPACT's production values at Windsor and their ability to draw fans
  181. How much money is impact making from twitch and gwn subs
  182. Too much focus on in ring action
  183. Impact Wrestling: Slammiversary XVI 7/22/18
  184. Impact are leaving Spike UK
  185. Impact Wrestling star still in contact with WWE
  186. IMPACT Wrestling reduce the price of their PPVs from $39.99 to $19.99
  187. World Series Wrestling from Australia joins the Global Wrestling Network
  188. Enzo and Big Cass should come to Impact Wrestling!
  189. Should Impact move their shows to Canada?
  190. Eli Drake signs multi-year contract with IMPACT Wrestling
  191. Theory on why TNA officially became Impact Wrestling
  192. Alicia Atout from AMBY officially hired by the company as backstage interviewer
  193. IMPACT Wrestling vs. Ring of Honor angles will be happening after the Jericho Cruise, and possibly start there
  194. What is Impact Wrestling's 5 Year Roadmap?
  195. Am I the only one who would like to see Jack Swagger in Impact Wrestling?
  196. What were your thoughts on Austin Aries as commentator?
  197. Impact inks a deal with 52MX in Mexico (public TV)
  198. Demon Bunny show on Allie's World
  199. Who is the perpetrator of the mystery 'X' attacks (potential spoilers)
  200. Is Katarina going to be Winter again?
  201. Impact merges championships
  202. Ishimori returning to Impact
  203. Impact Wrestling signed to be part of Chris Jericho's Rock N' Wrestling Cruise
  204. Johnny Impact to return at Slammiversary
  205. IMPACT Wrestling returns to Rebel Complex in Toronto for TV tapings on August 12th and 13th
  206. [SPOILER THREAD] IMPACT Wrestling June Tapings
  207. Shotzi Blackheart to debut at Windsor IMPACT Wrestling TV tapings
  208. Tessa Blanchard Working Without Contract In Impact
  209. Eli Drake contract expires in a few days - Meltzer
  210. Alicia Atout to be IMPACT Wrestling Backstage Interviewer
  211. Don Callis: "By the end of 2018, IMPACT Wrestling is going to be a product that people are going to be going out of their way to see."
  212. Joe Hendry joins Impact
  213. John Morrison will be in next Survivor
  214. IMPACT Wrestling issues open challenge to ANY UK wrestling promotion to face them in an inter-promotional series at Wrestling MediaCon 2018
  215. Slammiversary 2018 to stream LIVE on the Global Wrestling Network
  216. Rey Fenix confirmed for June 2nd tapings in Windsor
  217. IMPACT Wrestling to hold Slammiversary press conference and public Q&A on June 4; TV tapings in Toronto on July 23 and 24
  218. Impact on the USA Network?
  219. [SPOILER] Eddie Edwards/Sami Callihan angle taped for IMPACT at House Of Hardcore
  220. Su Yung: "Legitimately debuting at IMPACT is a dream come true for me. I'm just really lucky that this is even happening. I feel very blessed."
  221. Don Callis media call transcribed - Rich Swann, Israel, All In, Slammiversary, Enzo, Twitch
  222. Xia Brookside to possibly debut in IMPACT Wrestling?
  223. Just how many wrestlers are dating each other?
  224. Rich Swann announced for IMPACT Wrestling tapings in Windsor, Ontario
  225. Tyrus Claims He Left Impact To "Protect His Brand"!
  226. A big announcement is coming Monday June 4th
  227. Does Brian Cage currently have the best moveset for a big man?
  228. Kiera Hogan's Impact Contract Expires Soon, Wants To Re-New
  229. Matt Sydal = very boring X Division champ
  230. Low-Ki's Webinar Did Not Make Much of a Case for his Self-Improvement Courses
  231. Impact Wrestling Star Will Be On The New Season Of "Survivor"
  232. Sami Callihan Attacks An Impact Wrestling Executive In Toronto!
  233. Rosemary working through torn ACL
  234. Impact Wrestling Advertisement on WWE Network
  235. Favorite TNA / Impact Rivalries
  236. IMPACT Wrestling Planning to Tape TV More Frequently, Update on Who is In Charge on IMPACT Wrestling Creative
  237. Was Impact ever considred as a reincarnation of WCW ?
  238. Pentagon's Impact theme
  239. Impact Launches A New Weekly Show On Twitch Hosted By Anthony Carelli (Santino Marella)
  240. Penta Does Iowa card - live and free on Twitch this Saturday
  241. IMPACT Wrestling taped from Australia to air next week on Pop
  242. An Impact Wrestling Departure
  243. [SPOILER] Aerostar Injury Update, Return at Last Night's IMPACT Tapings
  244. Sami may have botched again and injured Kevin Sullivan
  245. [SPOILER THREAD] IMPACT Wrestling April Tapings
  246. Impact spoilers?
  247. Former WWE Cruiserweight Champion Backstage At IMPACT Tapings Tonight
  248. [SPOILERS] Backstage Notes From Tonight's IMPACT: Redemption PPV
  249. Slammiversary 2018 Ticket Sales Tracker: Slammiversary is SOLD OUT
  250. New Impact Title Belts
  251. First Look: Brand new belts at Redemption!
  252. First look at new IMPACT Wrestling Redemption PPV entrance stage
  253. Scott Steiner Trashes Dixie Carter & Hulk Hogan
  254. GWN subscriptions on the rise?
  255. Pentagon Jr. Reveals When Impact First Contacted Him, Talks Redemption PPV
  256. Former Knockout Winter Returning To IMPACT Wrestling in June
  257. UK TV deal renewed with 5Spike, with improvements
  258. Tyrus gone again
  259. Garza Jr., Laurel Van ness, Laredo kid released
  260. Theme song
  261. Announcement on UK TV due in the next few days
  262. Impact Wrestling presents: Redemption 4/22/18
  263. When will we see Impact vs Noah or Impact vs AAA ??
  264. Pentagon working w/Impact post-Redemption; could he sign?
  265. Huge 6 way match announced for Redemption
  266. Impact Wrestling cancelled on UK TV? *UPDATE*: Spike5 Renews (ONE THREAD)
  267. Don Callis interviews Ed Nordholm on Killing The Town podcast
  268. Did someone say... adventure?
  269. What are your thoughts on Jeff Jarrett getting inducted in WWE Hall of fame?
  270. Alberto El Patron no shows Impact/LU show; released by Impact Wrestling
  271. Aries vs Pentagon vs Fenix - Impact World Championship at Redemption
  272. Don Callis answers IMPACT Wrestling fan questions on Reddit
  273. IMPACT Wrestling announces Twitch schedule for WrestleMania weekend
  274. Twitch invites streamers to co-stream the IMPACT! Wrestling vs. Lucha Underground show and provide their own commentary
  275. Josh Matthews needs to do one or the other
  276. Does anyone know ...
  277. IMPACT Wrestling Partners With RISE To Develop Female Talent And Original Content
  278. New stars or big names ?
  279. Josh Matthews On Impact's Creative Team, Sonjay Dutt, The Grand Championship Situation & Impact/ROH Relationship
  280. Aries, Impacts version of CM Punk?
  281. Impact heading to the UK in September for Wrestling Mediacon
  282. How I would have booked Impact vs LU
  283. New Disciples of The New Church
  284. Rosemary Talks New Impact Wrestling Management Team, Impact Starting Women's Revolution
  285. What happened to the Knockouts Division?
  286. Robbie E starts podcast
  287. Jimmy Jacobs Has Been One Of The Most Interesting Characters On Impact Lately
  288. Don Callis teasing a big announcement on Twitter
  289. Former TNA Star Chase Stevens Arrested Following Bloody Brawl With Brian Christopher
  290. IMPACT announce co-promoted shows in California
  291. I Quit Match WM Weekend
  292. Does Impact make money with these co-promoted events?
  293. What does TNA/Impact call traditional gauntlet matches?
  294. IMPACT Wrestling Event in June/July in Las Vegas Teased
  295. IMPACT Wrestling looking to mend fences with Ring Of Honor
  296. Fortune stable in TNA
  297. Why Still Have The IMPACT Grand Championship Now?
  298. IMPACT Wrestling tapings announced, Slammiversary date moved, Cornette comments on Edwards-Callihan
  299. Eddie Edwards Re-signs With Impact Wrestling
  300. Dorian Roldan Wants To Buy Impact
  301. Interview with female Impact star Amber Nova!
  302. Report: Impact Wrestling star Alberto El Patron at WWE Headquarters last week in Stamford
  303. Backstage Notes From Canada Tapings, Contracts Update, Talent Confirmed For WrestleCon
  304. Sami Callihan To Release A Statement On Monday
  305. IMPACT Wrestling TV Taping in Windsor, Ontario on June 1-2
  306. The joint Impact Wrestling and Border City Wrestling event sold out
  307. Sami Callihan & Jim Cornette Argue On Twitter Over The Eddie Edwards Incident
  308. Will impact ever improve
  309. If Raw goes to Fox, Impact goes to USA
  310. Two Top Impact Wrestling Talent Contracts Expiring Soon
  311. Eric Bischoff-Impact is already near dead.
  312. Impact Wrestling vs Lucha Underground Event at WrestleCon
  313. RISE Wrestling Announce Partnership With Impact Wrestling
  314. Terry Funk feels no one will rival WWE again.
  315. Tna lost 20 million dollars in revenue in less than 24 months
  316. Fallah Bahh is the most over guy on the whole roster
  317. Ed Nordholm responds to pay issue reports
  318. Scott D'Amore: "People are talking as if EC3 is irreplaceable. What was he before he came to Impact Wrestling?"
  319. Fan girl
  320. The ring canvas and logos
  321. Dave Meltzer Reveals WWE Diva Has Been Away For Breast Augmentation Surgery
  322. Impact twitch feed
  323. Plans for Don Callis on Commentary; Mike Tenay Considered for Play-by-play
  324. Impact Wrestling TV Tapings Location Revealed
  325. Jeff Jarrett ever coming back to Impact?
  326. Scott Steiner to appear LIVE AND UNCENSORED for Impact Wrestling WrestleCon show
  327. Impact on the brink of being cancelled by 5 Spike?
  328. How much longer till things change?
  329. Who thinks Brian Cage will do well in IMPACT!
  330. Drake or Aries, who is the better champion?
  331. Impact Wrestling Announce Location for Redemption PPV
  332. Former ECW Booker Headed to Impact Wrestling
  333. Io Shirai on Impact Wrestling's Radar
  334. EC3 On Why He Left Impact Wrestling
  335. Cm Punk, Bryan, Hogan, Batista etc..lot of big names as free agents; why can't Anthem get some?
  336. I can't support the new regime behind Impact
  337. Billy Corgan Says Former TNA World Champion Would Get 'Openly Buried' During Impact Meetings
  338. Teddy Hart returned to Impact on Brace for Impact
  339. Looking forward to IMPACT! Tonight
  340. Possible Venue For April Impact Tapings
  341. New announce team to debut tonight
  342. Some talent miffed they have to wait up to 6 weeks for pay
  343. Guess Who's Idea It Was To Go To Court Over Broken Universe? Matt Owns Entire Broken Universe IP (Long Detailed Read)
  344. Austin Aries To Address The Wrestling Media On Thursday Afternoon
  345. Gail Kim Wrestles Her Final Match, Officially Retired
  346. Once again the roster overlooked on IMPACT!
  347. Austin Aries winning all the titles on the global Wrestling Network
  348. Rosemary injured in a match against Havok
  349. Impact Wrestling needs to go back to TNA
  350. The updated production
  351. WON: Borash's departure was very sudden
  352. Dave Meltzer: Kevin Kelly and Don Callis Could Be Announcing Impact Wrestling
  353. Eli Drake vs. EC3
  354. DJ Z, Ava Storie, Diamante, & Bokara Released
  355. Ed Nordholm, Scott D'Amore and Don Callis Discuss Recent Impact Departures
  356. Callis speaks ahead of the first Impact under his and D'Amores leadership
  357. Don Callis will be an announcer for Impact + More on Borash departure
  358. WhatCulture to speak with Don Callis, Ed Nordholm and Scott D'Amore
  359. New Indian Stable named "Desi Hit Squad" to Debut on Impact
  360. Borash done with Impact signs with WWE?
  361. Rosemary: Tired of People Wanting Me to be Sister Abigail
  362. Who are some names you would love to see come to impact in 2018?
  363. WON-Impact news
  364. Januarys ONO is a GWN exclusive
  365. Twitch channel will have exclusive monthly live events and house shows
  366. Enzo Amore to Impact?
  367. Am I the only one who hopes that Candice LeRae leaves WWE and comes to Impact?
  368. Samoa Joe on the ninjas: All Vince Russo, and he had the audacity to blame it on others
  369. Spoiler: Current Impact Superstar & Champion Faces A Current WWE Superstar & Champion For The First Time Ever!
  370. Impact is finally improving?
  371. Was Jeff Jarrett's GFW private show in Kentucky a one time show ?
  372. Impact talking to Jeff Cobb
  373. Will Impact do more Deathmatches.
  374. Impact Posts Barbed Wire Massacre III On Youtube
  375. Spoiler: Returning Impact Superstar Takes A Shot At WWE Creative
  376. Will the Hardy's ever return to Impact Wrestling?
  377. Josh Matthews To Be Removed As Impact Wrestling Announcer
  378. Eddie Edwards Likely To Stay In Impact Wrestling
  379. Impact Wrestling No Longer Working With The Crash in Mexico
  380. Laurel Van Ness Discusses Her Impact Wrestling Departure
  381. Hania has been fired - WON
  382. Impact's Twitch channel now live
  383. Impact Wrestling PPV Location Update
  384. Sienna hospitalized for blood clot in each lung
  385. How many years does Impact have left ?
  386. Impacts twitch channel launches, Jeremy Borash to host the LAW with special guests, Tyrus to host Nuff Said, monthly live events and house shows
  387. Impact Wrestling Departure Update: When Will They Be Ready To Rumble?
  388. Summary of 1st Don Callis Impact Wrestling tapings [Spoilers]
  389. Does TNA not get enough credit for making stars?
  390. Barbed Wire Massacre 3 will air on Twitch at the conclusion of this weeks Impact
  391. Laurel Van Ness granted her release
  392. [[SPOILERS]] Redemption PPV location revealed
  393. [SPOILER] California House Shows, Potential Future Departures From Impact, Why Lockdown Was Replaced And More
  394. Tag Titles
  395. Who owns GFW now ?
  396. Another Top Talent Departs From Impact Wrestling
  397. Gama Singh has signed with Impact
  398. Impact Wrestling Signs Legendary Indian-born Wrestler
  399. A feared pair of legends are backstage tonight...
  400. Impact Wrestling working with NWA?
  401. [SPOILERish] Don Callis addresses the Grand Title
  402. Impact should stop having televised PPV's.
  403. [SPOILER] New PPV Replaces Lockdown in April *plus main event announced*
  404. Major Talent Departs from Impact Wrestling
  405. Injury at Impact Taping
  406. Backstage Notes From Today's Impact Tapings *Possible Spoilers*
  407. Chris Masters released
  408. Kurt Angle Shoot Interview on German TV 2008
  409. [SPOILER] New Impact Special To Air In February
  410. Barbed Wire Massacre match to air on Twitch as Pop deem it too violent
  411. Barbed Wire Massacre Match "Too Violent" for Pop TV; To Air on Twitch
  412. Impact's Desmond Xavier To Wrestle For Dragon Gate
  413. LU Star Backstage At Impact, Impact Tried Bringing Back Former Producer; Official: Brian Cage Joins Impact
  414. New title belts coming for the March tapings
  415. Is the Kockout Division no longer Great.
  416. Moose Injured
  417. Scott D'Amore and Don Callis Discuss Future Plans For Impact Wrestling
  418. Laurel Van Ness Finishing Up With Impact This Week
  419. Pentagon Jr. And Rey Fenix To Impact Wrestling?
  420. Jazzy Gabert Talks Her TNA Experience
  421. *Spoiler* Major TNA Star Returns
  422. Woken Matt Buries The Hatchet With Ed Nordholm
  423. Impact ring
  424. Daniel Bryan in Impact at some point in near future?
  425. [SPOILERS] Impact Wrestling January 2018 Tapings
  426. Rey Mysterio To Make Impact Wrestling Debut?
  427. Indy Women's Wrestler To Appear At Impact Tapings
  428. Don Callis Talks About The Upcoming Impact Wrestling Tapings
  429. Why is the Impact world title called Global ?
  430. Trevor Lee Says Cheerleading Helped Him In Pro Wrestling
  431. What are we expecting for the new regimes first tapings?
  432. Christy Hemme Delivers Her Quadruplets
  433. Double episode of Impact this week in the UK
  434. Wishes for Impact in 2018
  435. Lockdown Is Returning To PPV
  436. No January PPV?
  437. I prefer a four sided ring - Johnny Impact
  438. Laurel Van Ness On When Her Contract Expires And Rumors She Asked For Her Release
  439. Thoughts on Alberto El Patron?
  440. Christian Looks Back At TNA Return In 2012
  441. EC3 Files Documents to Trademark Name
  442. Impact talents working WrestlePro event for TV tapings ("Emma" signed for event)
  443. Impact Hires Television Producer, Trying To Rebuild Relationship With NJPW
  444. Don Callis hints the Grand Title could be going
  445. Scott D'Amore interview with SportsKeeda. Building wrestlings brands, talent response to the big changes, Jeff Jarrett's ill-fated return
  446. Jeremy Borash: 2018 is all mapped out for us and we have some pretty big announcements in terms of digital rights and properties
  447. Sami Callihan - Konnan segment deserves more attention
  448. I really hate Rosemary's new look
  449. Chelsea Green Winning Knockouts Title Is Big News In Her Hometown
  450. Impact news from the Observer, April 22nd PPV, contracts and cuts, Spud, New Japan, ROH, AroLucha, Brian Cage
  451. 2 More Unhappy Stars wanna leave the ship.
  452. More AAA on Impact, Don Callis Bringing in NJPW Talent, Brian Cage to Impact
  453. Tyrus on Jarrett being a Carny
  454. Impact Staff releases thread
  455. Talk is Jericho - Don Callis and Scott D'Amore.
  456. Austin Aries Says He's Been Contacted by Impact Wrestling
  457. Does Impact still have a tv deal?
  458. Taya and Johnny sign new deals, Callis Nordholm and D'Amore now running the company, Gaburick and Mantel gone, new booking team, taping changes
  459. Don Callis joins IMPACT
  460. Impact step in and pay BCW the $1200 Matt Sydal stiffed from them
  461. Two Top Names Leaving TNA Soon?
  462. Sell Impact to me....
  463. Big release coming in January...
  464. Chris Jericho on Impact: They're not done it all, infact uhh they may have things happening in 2018 which may shock and surprise people
  465. Kenny Dykstra Said He Was Offered A TNA Contract Years Ago
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