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  1. The Freelancer(s) With the Best Look
  2. Dragon Gate Kobe Pro Wrestling Festival 2019 7/21/2019
  3. What is the point of Blackcraft wrestling?
  4. Which is the wrestling show you look forward the most this weekend?
  5. Eli Drake Signs With the National Wrestling Alliance
  6. Sabu straight up shits on fans tattoo
  7. Hate on Matt Taven
  8. Why is pro wrestling scripted instead of having legit outcomes?
  9. No major non american promotion without americans
  10. Recommend wrestling news media
  11. Create a Wrestler
  12. CaZXL AKA Big Cas Addresses Dealing With Depression and Anxiety, How His ACL Made Him an Emotional Wreck, His WWE Release, Nearly Dying From a Seizure
  13. Best Week Ever 06/17 - 06/23
  14. All-Time Wrestling Draft and Dream Card
  15. Top Ten ROH stars of all time
  16. RIP Lionheart
  17. Best 24/7 Title pin of any wrestling organization
  18. What's the #3 North American Wrestling Promotion Right Now?
  19. Scarlett Bordeaux released from IMPACT
  20. Jacob Fatu confronts a fan and gives him a lesson
  21. TJ Perkins Speaks About WWE, Cruiserweights, AEW, Impact, Indy Wrestling, Suicide/Manik Gimmick, Working With Hulk Hogan, Enzo Amore, and More
  22. Episode 9 of my weekly WWF wrestling cartoon
  23. Suggest a show I can watch on Thurs or Fri?
  24. Old School Wrestling Pic Fed 80s & 90s
  25. Millie McKenzie Reportedly Turned Down WWE/NXT UK Offer
  26. A ROH fan was allegedly spat on, brought backstage by security and confronted by Bully Ray for "heckling" The Beautiful People
  27. Wwe and njpw
  28. Are there professional wrestling promotions without predetermined match outcomes?
  29. The Best Wrestler in the World
  30. Velvet Sky Says WWE Is No Longer The End All of Wrestling
  31. Postman to Pro Wrestler...
  32. "The Wrestlers" premieres tonight on Viceland
  33. What can make AEW to be the number 1 promotion in the world and what can prevent it from being so?
  34. There's a problem we haven't talked about
  35. AEW continent / country fans
  36. AEW TNT Television Deal Discussion
  37. Michael Jackson Wrestler Does Moonwalk DDT Finnisher
  38. Dear mods, we need an official AEW forum!
  39. Moxley goes Hollywood
  40. Meltzer: "Lucha Underground appears to be done."
  41. I Love The Fantasy World Everybody Makes AEW Into
  42. Looking Back I Don't Get Why Erick Watts Gets So Much Flack Still Today?
  43. CM Punk Returns to Wrestling at an Indie Event Last Night
  44. Rob Van Dam Interview (NEW)
  45. Vampiro has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease
  46. AEW on TNT this Fall
  47. Viceland: Dark Side of the Ring
  48. Where to watch WrestleMania weekend events? (besides FITE TV)
  49. Kurt Angle announced for Starrcast
  50. Ivelisse’s comments about Tessa Blanchard might be why Impact Wrestling has not booked her
  51. Joey Ryan SHOOT Interview 2019: Penis Party, Old Timers Supporting Him, Impact, More
  52. Which 5 free agents do you want AEW to sign the most?
  53. The 40th Annual Wrestling Observer Awards are out. Here are the results of the voting...
  54. Wacky World Of Wrestling Youtube Show #3 - NJPW, CZW, PROGRESS & MCW
  55. Billy Gunn: AEW won't compete with WWE, HOF induction, Chyna, Double or Nothing
  56. Magnum TA 2019 Shoot Interview: Crockett Cup, New NWA Regime, Teaming With Garvin
  57. David Otunga Interview
  58. Jack Swagger Interview
  59. Barbed Wire Matches
  60. Undertaker heading for Sting match in AEW
  61. Ivelisse Shoot Interview 2019: Lucha Underground Status, Ladies Night Out 5, AEW, More
  62. I Am So Sick Of How Obnoxious People Are With AEW
  63. Priscilla Kelly Does Vomit Spot At Ultimate Bar Brawl Show
  64. Wrestling Society X
  65. Wrestlecon 2019
  66. Rebel Talks Recent Match On WWE NXT, How The Experience Compared Impact, AEW
  67. Eddie Kingston announces this will be his last year
  68. Tenille Dashwood about her mental and physical (and titanium screws-infused) recovery
  69. Favourites of the Decade (09-19)
  70. Why isn't MLW (Major League Wrestling) talked about as much as ROH or NJPW
  71. Why Brian Cage will never be employed by the WWE
  72. Meltzer: Kenny Omega maybe leaving NJPW, NJPW will work with ROH, will not work with AEW
  73. Priscilla Kelly Pulls Tampon Out Of Herself And Uses It On Her Opponent
  74. WOW - Women of Wrestling
  75. The 2019 MOTYC Thread
  76. Vince Russo Returns to Prime Time TV
  77. PowerslamTV Highlights for Week of 12/17
  78. How would you make Ryback more popular on the independent circuit?
  79. Big Cass suffered a seizure tonight at House of Hardcore show
  80. Has NXT surpassed ROH
  81. Brutus Beefcake no shows CWE tour; Beefcake responds
  82. Kings of the Ring--Audio Drama Podcast
  83. Kick out masters
  84. Actor David Arquette Slashes Neck In Amateur Wrestling 'Death Match'
  85. Enzo Amore Forces Plane To Kick Him Off
  86. Wrestlers Who Have Appeared In Mainstream Films
  87. Big Cass looking SAWFT in the indies
  88. Jesus Christ, PAC
  89. 2018 OTHER WRESTLING Show of the Year
  90. AroLucha to debut on POP TV in 2019
  91. Tenille Dashwood (Emma) has a severe case of psoriasis
  92. Jericho Cruise and NWA 70th question
  93. The Closest Epic Rivalry To ...
  94. NJPW/AJPW/NOAH/BJW/W-1: All Star Battle 2/19/19
  95. Who is currently the best luchador in wrestling?
  96. Big Cass is back....kind of
  97. WrestleCade 2018 - Who's going?
  98. Cody Rhodes talks "possibility" of Bullet Club leaving for WWE
  99. Neville (PAC) Returns to Dragon Gate and to the Ring
  100. Top ROH star is on his way to WWE
  101. Tenille Dashwood (Emma) provides a sad update on her health
  102. Davey Richards open to bookings circa 2019
  103. Jim Ross Doesn't Believe Cody And The Young Bucks Will Be At ROH MSG Show
  104. Cody Rhodes jumps to defense of professional wrestling crowds
  105. Full rosters for promotions from 1993
  106. Christopher Daniels 2018 Shoot Interview: ROH Work, Unbreakable 2005 Match, All In, Stephen Amell
  107. Getting Into a New Organization
  108. Bloodstained Memoirs X Trailer
  109. Interview with Shine Champion Allysin Kay
  110. Non wrestling fans
  111. Young Bucks Interview: Talk success/having leverage in pro wrestling
  112. Full wrestling shows on YouTube?
  113. Why are people still watchin mainroster WWE?
  114. Top UK promotions
  115. Cody Rhodes Reached Out To CM Punk About All In Appearance
  116. Impact Wrestling or Ring of Honor: who is the 2nd promotion in America?
  117. NWL (National Wrestling League)
  118. Will Simon Miller get the "Erik Watts" treatment in defiant?!
  119. Big Cass (with a new name) books his first independent wrestling date
  120. Wrestler assaulted valet when work turned to shoot. Gave chairshot that caused seizure.
  121. Tracey Caddell Passes Away
  122. Starting New Promotion - Extreme Chaos Wrestling
  123. Dojo Pro on Amazon Prime.
  124. Was AJ Styles bigger star than Kenny Omega is??
  125. House of Hardcore Australia Tour
  126. Takeshi Morishima is coming back
  127. Dojo Pro Launches on Amazon Prime Video
  128. Cody Shares That He'll Be Taking Time Off From Wrestling To Let His Body Heal
  129. What happened to Wrestlezone?
  130. Interview with female indie star Alex Gracia!
  131. Is Cody the indie version of the Miz?
  132. Taeler Hendrix claims she was told that she was taken off ROH TV because she didn’t sleep with Jay Lethal
  133. Pro Wrestling Only - New Site
  134. Flip Gordon Interview ROH,, All In
  135. Debate thread: Promos are a necessary thing in wrestling.
  136. Konnan is coming out of retirement
  137. Indy Promotions Lining Up To Book Enzo/Cass As Tag Team
  138. WOW To Air On AXS TV In 2019
  139. Why Don't Companies Have More Of A Handle On The Wrestler's Social Media?
  140. Could All-In have sold out a stadium?
  141. Rich Swann Booked For Event Called "All Violence Is Legal" ¯ Promotion Changes Name Due To Backlash
  142. Crash Lucha in TJ
  143. What do you do when the internet spoils the match results of an event you want to see?
  144. Title reigns or title deffiences?
  145. CM Punks Not All In
  146. AAA at Madison square garden?
  147. 'The Trade' Film/Doco About 'Death-Match' Wrestling With Drew Gulak & 'Sick' Nick Mondo
  148. ALL in 2 at Madison square garden
  149. Rockin' Rebel former ECW and CZW wrestler and his wife found dead in a murder-suicide
  150. Perfect Bullet Club Entrance Theme
  151. Interview with former ROH star Veda Scott!
  152. FITE Announces New Partnership With Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Entertainment
  153. Noah or AJPW: who is the number 2 in Japan?
  154. "The Great Chicagoland Tailgate": A Meetup Supporting Indy Wrestling ; 'All In' day, Sep 1.
  155. Discussion with Wrestlers
  156. The Bottom Line - How come other promotions do not target lucrative TV deals to compete with the WWE?
  157. Debate: The 80s and 90s provided better wrestling than today.
  158. Your to do list as a wrestling fan?
  159. Interview with Chikara Pro star Solo Darling!
  160. vince russo ethers cody rhodes lol
  161. Is Cody the Biggest Indie Draw in History?
  162. Minoru Suzuki 30th Anniversary Event
  163. Brandi Rhodes sidelined with Broken Clavicle
  164. Interview with MLW star Salina de la Renta!
  165. Rumour - John Morrison/Mundo/Impact to be on Survivor 37
  166. PROGRESS Announces 5 U.S. Shows
  167. Interview to Kris Wolf
  168. Major League Wrestling Thread
  169. New Guy
  170. Interview with ROH's Shane Taylor
  171. I'm planing to make a debate thread, and I'm looking to form two teams.
  172. How will you prepare for this wrestling weekend ?
  173. AAA, CMLL, or Lucha Underground: which is the WWE of lucha libre ?
  174. Danielle Moinet AKA Summer Rae to Make Independent Wrestling Debut
  175. Muhammad Hassan Makes In-Ring Return After 13 Years
  176. What are your thoughts about Cody ?
  177. CM Punk, Chris Jericho, or Kenny Omega: Who is the best in the world ?
  178. Are NJPW and ROH in danger of WWE's global localization plans ?
  179. World of Sport Wrestling Thread
  180. Interview with indie star Kimber Lee!
  181. Interview to Zack Sabre Jr
  182. Jack Swagger Signs "Multi-Fight" Deal With Major League Wrestling
  183. MLW Fusion coming to beIN SPORTS Fridays 8pm ET /5PM PT
  184. Models wrestling, who would win?
  185. Rich Swann returns to Indy Stage at CZW Best of the Best 17
  186. Locker Room Fight At Tonight's ROH Steel City Excellence
  187. Roh supercard of honor 13
  188. Al Snow bought OVW
  189. Women of Honor tournament overview and results
  190. Wrestle Kingdom 12 vs Wrestlemania 34
  191. Counting WM weekend
  192. The Best Match(es) of the WM34 Weekend
  193. HOH 40 on Twitch
  194. Al Snow Has Purchased OVW
  195. Has Ring of Honor reached the level of 2010 TNA?
  196. Brainbuster Wrestling - Lucha Underground
  197. Is there anyone that prefers 90s New Japan over 90s All Japan.
  198. Official Statement Regarding MLW's National TV Deal
  199. Matt Riddle's Bloodsport
  200. Should NJPW have a US Championship?
  201. Your Most Awaited Matches of the WM34 Weekend
  202. Banned wrestling moves in New Orleans (Mania weekend)
  203. Summer Of Violence 2018 - Deathmatch Tournament Discussion Thread
  204. Which promotion has the most prestigious championship in the history of pro wresteling ?
  205. MLW Signs National TV Deal
  206. WDKW100 2017 RESULTS
  207. The Young Bucks On The Original Bullet Club 'Leader Vs. Leader' Story
  208. MLW strike a BIG deal with BeIN Sports for Friday Night wrestling show
  209. Hanging With Okada Has Inflated Chuckie T's Ego As He Prepares For His Match With Keith Lee
  210. The future of british wrestling on TV after the demise of 5starwrestling ?
  211. Lucha Underground Season 4 Discussion Thread (Cero Spoilers)
  212. Rocky vs Thunderlips. Democracy Manifest
  213. Deathmatch Wrestling
  214. The mindset of those who discover something different in wrestling
  215. Does ROH still air their weekly shows for free on their website ?
  216. Zack Sabre Jr is bookead for him promotion spain "Triple W" for the important event
  217. The one time TNA actually outdrew WWE!
  218. Rey Mysterio Signs with Aro Lucha as Performer & Co-Owner
  219. Interview with WWN Champion Keith Lee!
  220. Where to watch episodes of ROH from 2014 for free online?
  221. A picture of Bob Holly
  222. 2017 Wrestling Observer Awards
  223. Who could save the Bullet Club (ROH)?
  224. Taiji Ishimori leaves Noah
  225. Jimmy Jacobs Says Bullet Club Didn't Push For Him To Join ROH
  226. New British wrestling film Walk like a Panther now showing !
  227. Chris Daniels Becomes The First ROH Grand Slam Champion
  228. What do people think about Jay Lethal?
  229. SR Sapp about Tenille Dashwood's post WWE appearances and the impression promotions have about her
  230. FloSports' Lawsuit Against WWN Dismissed After Confidential Agreement 'to Resolve Their Dispute'
  231. Chuckie T's Secret To Wrestling Success
  232. ISO.....best of the month
  233. Chelsea Green Gets Into With Fan At Indy Show
  234. Chris Jericho's Rock 'N' Wrestling Rager At Sea
  235. James Ellsworth creates his own Championship
  236. Global Force Wrestling
  237. "Billy's gotten himself in a hole with wrestling" - D'Arcy Wretzky
  238. Billy Jack Haynes An witness in famous cold case Boys on the tracks
  239. The Friendship Battle of the Ages: Golden Lovers vs Best Friends
  240. Matt Riddle?
  241. Women of Honor Tournament discussion
  242. ROH 16th Anniversary Show
  243. Tenille Dashwood (Emma) Debut for Ring of Honor
  244. ROH Honor Reigns Supreme Available for Free
  245. Bullet Club Wrestling - inevitable or impossible?
  246. House of Hardcore 37
  247. HonorClub - ROH Streaming Service
  248. 5starwrestling live on UK TV SKY 424 Freeview 95 thursdays 7-10pm
  249. Wrestler of the Month: January 2018
  250. Cultaholic or WhatCulture?
  251. Best match(es) you've ever seen in person?
  252. Looking for a specific crowd chant..
  253. House of Hardcore 37 LIVE from Philadelphia!
  254. which promotion holds tradition to a high standard more ?
  255. Championship Wrestling From Hollywood
  256. Michael Elgin admits to sexual assault. Meltzer accused of cover-up
  257. Could this gimmick work?
  258. Live Event Review: Alpha-1 Wrestling "Wrestlers Gone Wild"
  259. wanna know some indy wrestlers still wrestle
  260. Tazz On Why Cody Was The Wrestler of 2017
  261. Favorite Babyfaces in Wrestling right now.
  262. Pro Wrestling Illustrated April 2018 - In Memorium
  263. Austin Aries vs. Pete Dunne happening in Toronto for Destiny Wrestling
  264. ALL IN - 9/1/18
  265. Mark Cuban and NJPW vs WWE ?
  266. If you loved Omega vs Jericho do you realize?
  267. Brad Stutts Out Of CWF Mid-Atlantic Due To Inappropriate Behavior
  268. Ospreay vs. Dunne on January 19th Will Be First WWE Champ vs. IWGP Champ Match Since Hogan vs. Muta
  269. Your 2018 Wrestling Watch Thread
  270. Why does Jim Corrnette hate Vince Russo ?
  271. ROH Supercard of Honor XII
  272. Would Sky Sport do a deal with another Promotion.
  273. How do you watch wrestling?
  274. If Hogan or Eric Bischoff Launched Their Own Promotion, How Would It Go?
  275. Australasian Wrestling Talents Participate At NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 12
  276. Did the internet ruin the mystery of wrestling?
  277. Who do you like better Shinsuke Nakamura? or Kenny Omega?
  278. The 2018 MOTYC Thread
  279. Who's the best promo cutter outside WWE?
  280. John Morrison Wouldn't Change His WWE Monicker
  281. Global Force Wrestling Still Exists, Ran Private Event This Week With Help From WWE
  282. Jim Cornette on The Young Bucks/Cody Rhodes 10k Arena Challenge, says CM Punk is a bigger draw than Daniel Bryan
  283. Cody's new hair and ROH's new title questions.
  284. AAA Latin American and NJPW United States and Intercontinental Championships
  285. Suggestions on ways how I, Zachary, can cause my future wrestling promotion being great
  286. Celeste Bonin, Formerly WWE's Kaitlyn, Set to Make Independent Debut
  287. Underrated matches this year?
  288. Wrestler of the Year 2017
  289. Interview with The Fly Eli Everfly
  290. Wrestlers who should not come to WWE
  291. Tonga hints original bc reunion
  292. Top Ten Worst Matches of 2017
  293. Does the Indy scene make any money?
  294. Meltzer vs Cornette: Twitter Fun
  295. Does anyone have video of the Heidi Lovelace and Taeler Hendrix kss
  296. Live Event Review: Alpha-1 Wrestling "Watch the Throne 5"
  297. MMA Fighter Daniel Cormier speaks AGAINST wrestling spot
  298. Highest in the pecking order
  299. ROHs top rope...
  300. Marco Corleone
  301. Short lived promotions?
  302. Elgin texts could be very heavily edited - Meltzer
  303. Where Do You See Cody's ROH Title Reign Ranking All-Time?
  304. Cody Is Making Great Money Right Now
  305. WrestlingForum's Favourite Japanese Ace
  306. Has anone heard anything new about sexy star?
  307. Aro Lucha
  308. New NWA Champion
  309. Texas independent star arrested for murder
  310. Any other Dasher Hatfield fans on here?
  311. Vince Russo signed as script consultant for newly debuting company, AroLucha
  312. Michael Elgin's career over?
  313. Who do you like better Woken Matt, Tetsuya Naito, or Kenny Omega?
  314. WWN's Video Sales Revenue Based On Its Email To FloSports
  315. Do you think any wrestling promotion will ever have a character as popular as Hulk Hogan was in the 80's?
  317. Konnan gone from CRASH Lucha
  318. Promoter Claims Matt Sydal Stole Money From Them After Failing to Make Scheduled Event
  319. The Great 'Selljobs' In Wrestling Matches
  320. HOH 36 Live on Twitch
  321. The Majesty Of Volk Han
  322. Top 100 Wrestlers voted by Japanese magazine
  323. Young Bucks/Bullet Club sold 400K+ shirts at Hot Topic over the last four months.
  324. NWA on TBS TV deal Negotiations
  325. FloSports Reveals WWN Financial Details and Internet PPV Numbers in New Court Filings
  326. Sexy Star...at it again
  327. Weird Al Wrestling Album
  328. Austin Aries Insults Indy Promotion's Ring
  329. Live Event Review: Alpha-1 Wrestling "Final Act 8"
  330. RoH War Machine bust open child in crowd
  331. Wrestler Called Out for Hasidic Jew Gimmick
  332. Emma Set for Indy Wrestling Appearance in February
  333. What are All Japans big shows?
  334. How big is All Japan pro wrestling in Japan now ?
  335. Nick Aldis called out Dreamer and Storm and stated his claim for the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship
  336. House of Hardcore 35 LIVE from Philadelphia! #HOH35
  337. Wrestling School In South England?
  338. Joey Ryan Back In ROH
  339. Should New Japan sign James Ellsworth?
  340. CCK: My New Favorite Tag Team
  341. 4.5+* matches - What are we doing!?
  342. Keith Lee Is Going To Be A Star
  343. Eric Bischoff Returns To Wrestling!
  344. Booking Fees Of Indy Wrestlers
  345. ROH releases 3 disc career retrospective on Adam Cole (BAYBAY)
  346. AJ Styles vs. Kenny Omega
  347. Stephen Amell coming to ROH
  348. Tenille Dashwood (Emma) announces when she’ll start taking indie dates
  349. Greatest RoH Match?
  350. Can Billy Corgan's NWA survive ?
  351. Any Of You That Have Been Blocked On Twitter By Wrestlers What's The Stupidest Reason
  352. Rusev At Indie Show?
  353. Jack Swagger Explains Pro Wrestling Stigma In Amateur Wrestling
  354. It does not look like Toni Storm will be on her way to WWE anytime soon
  355. Manami Toyota retires
  356. Per WON, Io Shirai was not rejected by WWE for neck issues - it was her heart.
  357. Cody Rhodes rips critics for saying he’s ruining his legacy
  358. Ian Riccaboni: Being The Elite A Big Content Provider For Ring Of Honor
  359. Live Audio Wrestling Cancelled
  360. What do you guys think of Mike Bailey?
  361. listen to this crowd!!!
  362. Meltzer, Kenny and The Bucks behaving like marks/geeks on twitter....
  363. The Bullet Club Are A Bunch Of Pr*cks
  364. Adam Blampied exposes himself as a serial cheat.
  365. Does the Bullet Club need to change their theme ?
  366. Live Event Review: PWEclipse "7th Anniversary-Rocktoberfest"
  367. Powerbomb.tv and Smart Mark Video Sign Multi-Year Deal
  368. Question: Is this On Demand Era a blessing or a curse for the indys?
  369. LBCW (North Texas) SEEKING TALENT
  370. Cody Rhodes - Wrestling Biggest Draw?
  371. Kazuchika Okada Superhuman?
  372. Highspots.com Network
  373. Japanese Inter-Promotional Dream Matches
  374. What are the odds of Omega going to WWE now ?
  375. BCW Excellence 2017
  376. How do you rank top 5 companies?
  377. Bullet Club go off on WWE
  378. I HATE What The Bullet Club Is Trying To Do To WWE
  379. Another Gabe Sapolsky Email Leaks
  380. House Of Hardcore announces exclusive Twitch partnership: Weekly shows, Storylines, Championships coming soon!
  381. WK12 tickets selling like hotcakes months in advance.
  382. 80s and 90s: WWF vs WCW vs NJPW vs AJPW
  383. Cody & Brandi Rhodes to Appear on New Reality Show
  384. Who do you think was to blame for banning the too sweet sign ?
  385. Young Bucks new t-shirt highest selling shirt on PWT in September
  386. AR Fox ESPN article with some Hell of War screen shots
  387. Wrestling network
  388. Notes on Cody's deal with ROH, Young Bucks T-Shirt sales, more
  389. Potential CTE test for the living
  390. Anyone going to Wrestlecade??
  391. Gabe Sapolsky Threatens To Fire Talent Over Leaked Email
  392. The Bottom Line - Can the rivaling wrestling promotions capitalize on WWE's mistakes?
  393. Is Evolve Flip Flopping The Tag Belts Too Much?
  394. Okada vs Omega Trilogy
  395. WCPW Lose Top Talent
  396. ROH would love to have Daniel Bryan back
  397. DDT Pro-Wrestling Acquired by CyberAgent(co-owner of AbemaTV w/TVAsahi)
  398. FloSlam suing WWN/Gabe Sapolsky for $1,000,000 - PWTorch
  399. who is the most annoying commentator on wrestling ?
  400. Do you think Billy Corgan plans to reorganize the NWA behind a unified promotion and roster?
  401. Thoughts on Zack Sabre Jr. ?
  402. PROGRESS running at the SSE Arena in Wembley next year
  403. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/entertainment-arts-41186003/the-real-women-of-professional-wrestling
  404. Dave Meltzer's PWG BOLA report and star ratings
  405. Kenny Omega working two more ROH events in Florida
  406. Favorite Kenta Kobashi match?
  407. What is Inokism ?
  408. WOR: AAA's Triplemania main event of Dr. Wagner vs. Psycho Clown was the most watched wrestling match in North America in nearly 30 years
  409. Ethical question of the day: Would you kill an innocent man if it guarantee the prosperity of the rest of humanity for the next thousand years?
  410. Any wrestling promotions that are actually worth following right now?
  411. Kazuchika Okada will be #1 in the PWI 500 this year
  412. ROH Death Before Dishonor XV 9/22/17
  413. AAA is Evidence the Attitude Era cannot be brought back
  414. Should Wrestlers take tips from Conor McGregor.
  415. 2002-2005 WWE or 2010-current NJPW ?
  416. Cody Rhodes on the "Most 'WWE' Superstar" He's Ever Faced , Young Bucks vs. Revival, more
  417. 10 YEARS AGO TODAY: Bryan Danielson vs. Takeshi Morishima - ROH Manhattan Mayhem II
  418. Dave Meltzer's ROH War of the Worlds UK report and star ratings
  419. Best Toni Storm matches?
  420. Creating Your Women's Wrestling Promotion
  421. ROH War of the Worlds UK
  422. CNN White House Correspondent is a fan of NJPW
  423. NJPW On The Road Series
  424. I think mil murtes vs finix grave consequences is better then okada vs omega wrestle
  425. Who's you're favorite wrestler of every style
  426. $1.3 Million Gate/80,000 Overall Attendance for G1 Climax 27
  427. Whos the better promotion czw or ice
  428. If NJPW were to sign Bryan Danielson in 2018..
  429. Jack Swagger's Indy Stuff
  430. What are the odds of Omega leaving NJPW now ?
  431. Who was the biggest draw in wrestling history ?
  432. So what ever happened to the Cody and Kenny Omega rilvarey ?
  433. Make All Japan Great again.
  434. Aussie Indy Wrestling
  435. Have You Ever Used a Pro Wrestling Move in a Fight
  436. New Japan World
  437. Explain to me the hype about the Young Bucks!
  438. Big Time Wrestling Card 23rd September
  439. Yoshihiro Takayama paralyzed from the neck down
  440. Kenny Omega officially biggest draw in ROH history by a mile
  441. ROH in Vegas
  442. Why does BUSHI wear a mask?
  443. Cody Rhodes interview with Metro UK
  444. Adam Cole in ESPN Interview on character work & promos (cites CM Punk as influence)
  445. Steve Austin: Kenny Omega - 'The Next Big Thing' In WWE! Reminds me of Myself!
  446. Pro Wrestling World Cup
  447. Your Top five favorite tag teams of all time.
  448. How often do they do these Women of Honor episodes?
  449. Stables That Were Critically Panned...
  450. CM Punk Invited to ROH
  451. Marty Scrull: Your Thoughts
  452. Who is the face of NJPW
  453. Dave Meltzer: Don't close your mind to changes simply because they're new
  454. What if the NWA went national?
  455. Did I make the right decision on how I should watch NJPW ?
  456. Top 10 Adam Cole matches.
  457. Dave Meltzer's G1 Ratings 7/20 - 7/25
  458. Top 5 Favorite Current New Japan Wrestlers?
  459. Does a lot of wrestling fans watch BJW ?
  460. Which promotion has the best commentary team today?
  461. NJPW vs WWE or GFW ???
  462. Your Opinion: Does Anger at the State of Wrestling Allow Message Boards to Exist
  463. TRIGGER WARNING: Dave Meltzer on Twitter: "The best WM couldn't touch day three of G-1"
  464. 16x16 ring available
  465. How would you book the NJPW Heavyweight division?
  466. Thoughts on Hiromu Takashi?
  467. Incredible Things That Has Happened to Ryback
  468. Austin Aries new look
  469. Jobbers getting destroyed
  470. Before Liger Retires...
  471. Most prestige active title not in WWE
  472. I Miss Wrestling In Sitcoms
  473. Need a name for my new wrestling organization
  474. NJPW Not Planning On Running a Show WrestleMania Weekend?
  475. People unhappy with JR/Josh Barnett on G1 Special
  476. Cody Rhodes = Currently the biggest Ex-WWE name outside the WWE (Indies)
  477. Inoki's NJPW or current NJPW ??
  478. The West Texas Rednecks
  479. Does NJPW world provide English commentary for old events ?
  480. What's next for A Double ?
  481. What Takes So Long For These Guys To Come Off The Top Rope
  482. Idea for NJPW expansion..
  483. Virgil hits a MF'ing Canadian Destroyer
  484. Dave Meltzer's G1 Special in Long Beach report and star ratings
  485. How can I watch AJPW, NOAH, and Zero 1 ?
  486. Top Japanese (All/Any Companies) Matches Jan 01-June 30
  487. SMASH Wrestling Thread
  488. Which promotion won this week ?
  489. Should the Bullet Club end with Kenny Omega ?
  490. IWA Mid-South Promoter Ian Rotten Gets Drawn And Quartered On YouTube
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