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  1. nWo Souled Out 1997
  2. Why wasn't Heenan brought back after WM X-7 battle royal?
  3. X-Pac?
  4. I can't get over how much of a badass Al Snow comes off as IRL
  5. Rate the Classic Superstar: The Rock edition
  6. Vince Russo Is Underrated
  7. Mr. Perfect on WWE Network
  8. Fans Blatantly Chanting Fa**ot to Adrian Adonis During Jake's Snake Pit 1986
  9. A question on Montreal that I've never seen asked
  10. The Montreal Screwjob was a work
  11. Aftermath: Why was Mr. Perfect fired but Flair wasn't after the "Plane Ride From Hell" incident?
  12. Rewatching AE RAW for first time since I was a kid
  13. What was your immediate reaction when this aired?
  14. Now that we know Montreal was a shoot..
  15. Ultimate Warrior Smashing Triple H at WM12
  16. Paul Heyman talks how he became Brock's advocate turns into a shoot on Benoit murders
  17. Rate the Classic Superstar: Chyna edition
  18. Rate the Classic Superstar: Eddie Guerrero edition
  19. Bruce Prichard Talks Wanting To Turn Hulk Hogan Heel In 1993 And Feud With Bret Hart
  20. Halloween - Classic WWF wrestlers skit - need Facebook likrs
  21. When are the ECW legends getting into the hall of fame?
  22. Chris Benoit was not Main Event material
  23. Five of the most important wrestlers most folks don't know.
  24. Your Ultimate Survivor Series Dream Match
  25. Anyone else annoyed that Kane was very underused at the height of his strength?
  26. Am I the only one who found Chyna hot?
  27. Rate the Classic Superstar: Rob Van Dam edition
  28. Shawn Michaels 1995
  29. Worst PPV endings of all time
  30. Wolfpac Sting, how great was he?
  31. Steve Austin's first big entrance pop
  32. Why Did Dr Tom Prichard Sound So Much Like Roddy Piper In Promos?
  33. What will Cena's legacy be
  34. What if the AWA survived in 1991?
  35. How did the Barry O controversy not hurt Randy Orton’s chances of employment
  36. Why did Y2J stop using the Breakdown as his finisher?
  37. "Comedy Act" You thought had "it".
  38. Oh wow I had not heard Bruno admit this...NWA>WWF
  39. WWE lies about why fans turned on The Rock in 2002
  40. Did Rey Mysterio Sleep With Jennifer Aniston?
  41. Does anybody miss the non-Lucha masked wrestlers?
  42. Why didn’t Hogan help out his nephew Horace more in the business?
  43. Who had more charisma Goldberg or Bret? Who could entertain better?
  44. How big in the industry do you think Raven could have been?
  45. Your personal favorite moments in wrestling
  46. Would WM X7 still be an all time classic if Austin stayed face?
  47. The last episode of Nitro
  48. Bret Hart Shoots on Ric Flair's Chops, and WrestleMania IX...Again
  49. WCW aired a new episode of Worldwide the same day as WrestleMania 17
  50. Bret Hart Doesn't Think Goldberg Should Be In The WWE Hall Of Fame After Hurting "Many Wrestlers"
  51. Can we all agree that Big Show is an upper echelon mic worker?
  52. Bobby Eaton & Stan Lane were almost Horsemen in 1990
  53. Would it have worked to wait until WM1 to put the belt on Hogan?
  54. Why did Boogeyman squash Booker T at WM22
  55. Pre 1970 Top 10
  56. I just spit up my soda @ watching old WAR ZONE promos
  57. Undertakers early version of the Tombstone.
  58. It seems like Austin really enjoyed doing this segment
  59. Mr. Perfect's comeback in 1992-1993
  60. Worst PPV KOTR winner: Ken Shamrock (1998) or Billy Gunn (1999)
  61. Starrcade '97 was the biggest selling wrestling PPV show in history
  62. Odd feuds for main event wrestlers
  63. What had Austin not left in 2002?
  64. Rate the Classic Superstar: Goldberg edition
  65. WWE's 2019 brand model in WCW 2000/1
  66. What would WWE be like in 2002 without the Brand Split
  67. Do you think The Rock and HHH are really good friends now?
  68. WCW Brand Split 1998
  69. Does Anybody Know Where Vince Got The Money To Originally Buy And Build The WWF?
  70. Why the hell was the rock in the midcard in 1999?
  71. DX vs Vince McMahon feud in 1999
  72. Do you think the Attitude Era has aged well?
  73. Kurt Angle was more over as a heel than Triple H in 2000
  74. The Ruthless Aggression era should be renamed the rose tinted glasses era
  75. Why the fans didn't turn on Stone Cold when he walked out in 2002
  76. Rate Austin's feuds
  77. Anyone else remember intermissions during WWF PPV's?
  78. Dx impersonating the corporation December 1998
  79. What If - Rick Rude never left the WWF in Oct 1990?
  80. Was the Rock the best example of being bigger than the face of the company?
  81. Things You Think Hulk Hogan Lied About
  82. The Higher Power and Who ran over Stone Cold
  83. If Austin had turned heel at WM 2000?
  84. What if the entire Hart Foundation went to WCW in 97?
  85. Faces and heels in late 1998
  86. Old Hulk Hogan manga
  87. Ric Flair vs. Jake the Snake Roberts should have main evented Mania 8 for the WWF Championship
  88. What If - Bam Bam Bigelow pinned Andre at the 1987 Survivor Series
  89. Does music make a difference?
  90. If Bret had stayed in the WWE..
  91. How should the NWO have ended?
  92. Undertaker & Austin vs DX 1997 on WWE Network
  93. Ric Flair vs. Roddy Piper
  94. Goldberg vs. The Ultimate Warrior
  95. Your all time favorite face turn...
  96. How would you rate Bret vs. HBK WrestleMania 12
  97. Did Action Zone eclipse Superstars in 94 and 95 as the second most important WWF show?
  98. Was Bret The Hitman Hart Better As Face Or Heel?
  99. Chris Jericho's No Mercy victory vs. Vengeance victory
  100. Access Hollywood 2001: "Rock's absence made ratings plummet"
  101. Favorite version of The Rock?
  102. The Rock Interview(1999): Talks about family, new book, racism and sexism in the wrestling industry
  103. A thought about Hogan vs Rock @ WRESTLEMANIA 18
  104. WWE bought ECW in 2003 - How was Vince able to use the logo for Invasion?
  105. Kurrgan could have been a good opponent for Undertaker at WM15
  106. What Was The Most Memorable Match/Moment Of (Wrestler's) Career? (Read First Post)
  107. Favorite obscure wrestler of the early to mid 90's
  108. 2001 Final Nitro Camcorder footage
  109. Bret vs Austin WrestleMania 13
  110. What happened to Hercules Hernandez?
  111. Bruno Sanmartino's 8 year run with the WWWF title, historians assemble!
  112. Do you think WCW tanked on purpose?
  113. Where was bischoff when wcw was flondering
  114. Would a Hogan vs. Austin feud really have worked well?
  115. WCW's WWE/ECW Roster
  116. Eddie Marlin has passed away
  117. Do You Blame Shawn Michaels For Not Wanting To Work With Vader?
  118. Why was RAW going to be sacrificed as WCW RAW in 2001?
  119. Anonymous GM
  120. Do you miss all the awesome classic superstars?
  121. More Obscure Match Results
  122. Your honest thoughts on Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson
  123. Why aren’t Jose Gonzales and Carlos Colon in jail for the first degree murder of Bruiser Brody?
  124. Whose shoot interviews do you hate listening to?
  125. WCW...When did it really start to go under.
  126. Weirdest year in WWE history?
  127. Will we ever see another wrestling friend group as notorious as the KLIQ?
  128. If Austin could go back he would not have shaken Vince's hand at WrestleMania 17
  129. Match of the Night for Each Summerslam
  130. Wrestling Match Hall of Fame.....
  131. ECW goat?
  132. What are pay per views that you regret not getting or getting
  133. Is the Austin/Hart double turn overrated?
  134. Hogan was suppose to be in Red & Yellow at Mania X-8
  135. Hulk Hogan Says He Wanted To Turn Heel At WrestleMania VI And Call Himself "Triple H"
  136. Imagine if SCSA Didn't Recover from the Piledriver Botch in 97
  137. Harley Race Just Passed Away
  138. Bret Hart returns to WWF - April 21 1999 (photo exists?)
  139. Who Are The Top 5 Candidates For Mr. SummerSlam?
  140. SCSA says he has the Immortal One on his Mt Rushmore, Brother
  141. Hulk Hogan Recalls The One Time He Got Physical With Randy Savage Over Miss Elizabeth
  142. Old Wrestling websites
  143. King of the Ring
  144. Best Royal Rumble Moment
  145. Best WrestleMania
  146. Greatest NWA / World Heavyweight Champion
  147. Greatest Manager Of All Time?
  148. Transitional Time Period between new generation era and attitude era
  149. What would you rather have Prime Vince's mind and determination or the best 2 Wrestlers from any era
  150. No World Title Reigns For Scott Hall or Razor Ramon
  151. HBK's 2002 attire
  152. Announcers hinting who is face/heel
  153. WWE peaked in November 2000 (the real decline)
  154. The Multi Million Dollar Man is now a legit World Champion
  155. How did Ivan Putski get so over?
  156. What is your Favorite pure Babyface promo ever
  157. Is the DX "Invasion" of WCW overrated?
  158. WM 17 and that Austin Heel Turn
  159. The Bottom Line - What kind of impact did the Benoit double murders and homicide have on the wrestling business?
  160. Hulk Hogan on the Montreal Screwjob
  161. What If - Joey Marella had survived?
  162. Original 1997 WWF Scratch logo revealed
  163. Original WWE 2002 Scratch logo revealed
  164. Is Hogan/nWo to Blame for WWE's "Brand-First" Attitude?
  165. Rate the Classic Superstar: Molly Holly edition
  166. Rate the Classic Superstar: Steve Austin edition
  167. WWE Alum The Berzerker Sentenced on Multiple DUI Arrests
  168. Could Shawn Michaels Have Carried The Attitude Era?
  169. Should Jericho have stayed babyface in 2001?
  170. Mike Tyson's Impact on Monday Night Wars ?
  171. Does anyone remember the SummerSlam 97 TV Special?
  172. How Would You Rebook Sting/WCW vs NWO post Sting's Starrcade 1997 entrance?
  173. Lex Luger on Bruiser Brody Incident
  174. Rank These Three Women's Star Power And Contributions To WWE
  175. Who Hit Austin?
  176. What were the Rag Sheets thoughts on Mae Young
  177. TIL that Main Event 1 on NBC drew a 15.2 Rating
  178. WwF Armageddon Hell in a Cell 2000
  179. What is the fakest thing you have ever seen in Wrestling
  180. Let's Talk about Psycho Sid Vicious
  181. Rate the Classic Superstar: Bret Hart edition
  182. Was Owen Hart really better than Bret as an In Ring Performer?
  183. Does anyone have insight as to what the smark reaction was to Undertaker?
  184. Best Under 10 Minutes Matches
  185. Who are the top 10 tag teams of all time?
  186. Lonely Road of Faith (WCW Version)
  187. How would you have made the Bret Hart/Razor Ramon match at Royal Rumble 93 better?
  188. Underrated Golden Era/Attitude Era Wrestlers Who Would Have Thrived in Today's Era
  189. If Stone Cold never walked out would be have gotten one more title reign ?
  190. Jarrett Parsons Wrestling TV
  191. Dollar Value Of Wrestling Memorabilia
  192. Your Ultimate Roster
  193. Spring Stampede 94 is one of the Greatest Cards Ever
  194. SummerSlam '91 Main Event . . . Huh?
  195. Excellent wrestlers who had their talent diminshed greatly by injury.
  196. Vince Mcmahon vs Bruno Sammartino WM 3 Rumor
  197. Rock/Benoit the most underrated feud of the AE?
  198. Randy Savage 1988-1989: How Would You Book Him?
  199. Rate the old segment: Austin 3:16
  200. Vince as a hype man was absolutely sensational
  201. Favorite Scott Steiner promo--post 'em
  202. What is your honest opinion of The Ultimate Warrior?
  203. Top guy in 1997?
  204. Rap is Crap
  205. "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan: Better on health, gimmick origin and best mania moment
  206. Why did Dawn Marie blow Torrie a kiss?
  207. Bruce Prichard On Randy Savage Almost Returning To WWE In 1996, WWE Repackaging Legends
  208. Bruce Prichard Recalls Shawn Michaels And Bret Hart Backstage Fight
  209. Retired UK Wrestler Jim Breaks Charged With Murder of Ex-Girlfriend
  210. The Bottom Line: Would WWF have won the Monday Night War without Austin and Rock on their roster?
  211. Did you feel WWF was collapsing in the 1990s?
  212. The best of the New Generation Era was legit GOAT stuff
  213. What moment from the summer of 1996 in wrestling was better: Hogan's heel turn or Austins 3:16 speech
  214. Billy Jack Haynes vs Hannibal (Part 7,298)
  215. Jeff Jarrett in the WWF
  216. Brawl For All: Which Fights Were Works?
  217. The New Blood In WCW
  218. Goldberg was a bully (Randy Orton pt 2)
  219. Question for people that lived through kayfabe era
  220. What is the Greatest Celebrity Appearance Ever in Wrestling
  221. Who else liked 'The Self Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior'
  222. What year was the Royal Rumble winner better than the King of the Ring winner?
  223. Is Goldberg a Top Ten Of All Time Talent ??
  224. Armageddon 2000
  225. Booker T and the "Racism/Burial" in 2003
  226. Is the summer of 2002 in WWE underrated?
  227. Eric Bischoff: Genius or just lucky?
  228. Remembering Owen Hart
  229. Teddy Long shoots on his problems with Ric Flair
  230. How can the Attitude Era be overrated?
  231. "Conan" Chris Walker - A career restrospective
  232. What If Ricky Steamboat stays with the WWF post 1991?
  233. A positive take on the Bischoff/Stephanie kiss from Smackdown 2002
  234. Besides Hogan, Rock & Stone Cold, did anyone else go mainstream during the Monday Night Wars period?
  235. What If - Sid Eudy stays with the WWF in April 1992
  236. Anyone know the truth behind why exactly the Von Erich boys perished?
  237. you could only pick one and describe what would happen
  238. One of the greatest injustices in wrestling history: The Vince Russo story
  239. LEGENDS OF WRESTLING: Jim Londos vs Bronko Nagurski, 1938
  240. Without Hogan would WWF survived the 80s?
  241. Eric Bischoff Explains When Bill Goldberg Was ‘Absolutely Horrible to Work With’
  242. Were WCW using a different logo shortly before Vince bought them ?
  243. A look back at The Rock vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin: Was it really a rivalry?
  244. "With My Baby Tonight" Jim Johnston's catchiest song ever?
  245. What if Austin had never gotten his neck injury?
  246. What is your favorite promo before debut ever
  247. Hulk Hogan Comments On His Title Reign History
  248. Was HBK Hurt During 1994?
  249. When you go back to previous eras, who is better than you remember?
  250. Who wins the Royal Rumble in 2000 if Stone Cold was healthy?
  251. Eric Bischoff Comments on Vince McMahon Burying Hulk Hogan After the 1994 Steroid Trial
  252. WWF 2000
  253. Why did X-Pac heat become a thing?
  254. JBL vs Eddie Judgement Day 2004
  255. Earliest examples of smarks?
  256. Does WCW survive if Benoit or Gurrero don't go to WWF in January 2000
  257. How over was RVDs TV Title run for the guys that seen it
  258. Wrestlers With Reputations As Being Jerks That You'd Still Like To Meet
  259. Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels and Stone Cold began WWF’s rise to the top
  260. Has Rick Rude ever been a babyface?
  261. Rowdy Piper/Razor Ramon homophobic promo from 1996
  262. DDP's Transition From Manager To Wrestler
  263. Scott Hall Making Dean Douglass Look Bad
  264. Why were Too Cool so over in 2000!?
  265. What If - Brian Pillman and Steve Austin signed with the April 1994?
  266. What kind of a career would Brian Pillman have in WWE if he was still alive?
  267. The first finisher you ever saw
  268. Mr. Ass winning KOTR 99
  269. How serious was Shawn's back injury in 1998?
  270. Earl Hebner says Bret knew about the screwjob
  271. Why wasn't HHH Austin's first feud after winning the belt in 1998?
  272. Ken Shamrock Speaks On What It Was Like Backstage At The Montreal Screwjob
  273. if applicable....have your kids shown interest in the classics?
  274. The Triple H Reign of Terror
  275. What is your favorite Steve Austin moment other than the beer bath?
  276. Johnathan Holliday: How Did He Not Make It To WWF?
  277. Times when The Undertaker should have lost at WrestleMania
  278. If Austin Never Turns Heel, Does HHH beat Undertaker At WrestleMania X-7?
  279. Mr. McMahon or Hollywood Hulk Hogan
  280. Other nWo and Ric Flair, WCW had horrible wrestler theme music
  281. Has Andre The Giant Won The Rivalry Against Hulk Hogan?
  282. Goldberg only had 1 world title run in WCW?..REALLY
  283. The Holy Grail of wrestling autobiographies
  284. Cyborgs Dream is Ronda Rousey will she get her wish?
  285. Looking back:This was one of the creepiest promos I've ever seen(Raven on SCSA)
  286. What if Hall and Nash Never Left?
  287. What would've happened to Hogan if.....
  288. Hannibal and Billy Jack Haynes Clip
  289. Greatest PPV/TV sets
  290. the NWO And the number of members
  291. Thank you Chyna
  292. Tori vs. Ivory - Sept 6th RAW, 1999
  293. What Is The Biggest Lost Match Remaining?
  294. What is your honest opinion of Rowdy Roddy Piper?
  295. Favourite in-ring gear
  296. Who Had More Momentum: Hollywood Hogan (mid 96-97) Or Steve Austin mid 98-99)
  297. Biggest examples of WWE rewriting history
  298. Curtis Hughes, your thoughts?
  299. Greatest Rivalry
  300. What year is underrated to you and why
  301. The Rock: one of the weakest peak ever?
  302. NWA/WCW Chi-Town Rumble (1989) Review
  303. NWA Clash Of Champions I Review (1988)
  304. WWF WrestleMania Review (1985)
  305. Based On Mutual Opponents, Who Was The Better Worker: Bret Or Shawn?
  306. WWF The Wrestling Classic (1985) Review
  307. HOLY GRAIL FOUND: Hart v Magee
  308. I never got it. Why does Goldberg always come out with security?
  309. Why do people say that no one wanted a heel Austin with Mcmahon?
  310. The audacity for Hogan/Rock not to go on last at WM
  311. The Best and Worst WrestleMania Build-Ups
  312. 18 years ago final WCW Nitro
  313. What If - Mr. Perfect does not injure his back in 1991?
  314. Vince Russo Explains What Happened Backstage To Triple H After Kliq Curtain Call, Says Bruce Prichard Wanted To Fire Triple H
  315. Bruce Prichard Reveals Bret Hart Wanted To Beat Owen At Wrestlemania X
  316. The Rock Defends Vince Russo, Praises Steve Austin
  317. A sad realization
  318. Who was in the right? Austin or Vince McMahon when Austin walked out
  319. Steve Austin (1998) vs The Rock (2000) who was hotter?!
  320. Changing WWF Production Values (Part 1: 1984 - 1995)
  321. Shawn Michaels vs. The British Bulldog SNM 1992
  322. Which wrestler (or wrestlers) do you find to be the toughest, or most resilient character wise?
  323. What was Ric Flair best in ring year wrestling wise?
  324. Bob Roop Boris Malenko Ron Garvin (PLAN B) Tennesse Wrestlers Shoot / Expose Wrestling Business
  325. WM 21 drew a bigger buy-rate than WM 17 (1,085,000 Buys)
  326. Wrestling Classics Battle Royal #5 March Madness
  327. Who remembers these ladies? And why does WWE never recognise them in the history of the women's evolution?
  328. Hulk Hogan vs. Big John Studd Rivalry
  329. Your thoughts on Sean Waltman?
  330. Does Anyone Else Miss The Blue Bar Steel Cages?
  331. How Starrcade '97 Should Have Ended
  332. How Come Razor Ramon/Scott Hall Never Had a World Title Run?
  333. How bad do you think Nick Bockwinkel's legacy is hurt by the AWA?
  334. Why do people hardly talk about the ringboy scandal?
  335. Marty Jannetty Shoot Interview
  337. The Super Intelligent Destroyer Dick Beyer has passed away
  338. Was Vince a puppet?
  339. ranking wrestlers
  340. Hogan And Savage Did NOT Sell Out By Joining WCW
  341. Was the Hulk Hogan heel turn arguably the best heel turn in the history of wrestling?
  342. Stone Cold: "I didn't like Shawn Michaels".
  343. Which Wrestler Does The Worst Shoot Interviews?
  344. Sean Waltman Remembers Getting Fired By WCW For Pulling Ric Flair’s Trunks Down
  345. Was Owen Hart ever a babyface?
  346. What are the three best matches you've seen live?
  347. By any means necessary: The Nation of Domination
  348. Did any 90s WWF fans feel like WCW was where wrestlers went to be former shells of themselves?
  349. Question About Kerry Von Erich vs Jerry Lawyer Match
  350. Where do you put Bruno Sammartino in a greatest of all time list?
  351. Marty Jannetty On Why WWE Fired Him After 1993 Royal Rumble Match With Shawn Michaels
  352. Before Hulkamania Era - where do you put wrestler in a GREATEST OF ALL TIME LIST?
  353. Wrestling Classics "Who's Who?" Game, 2019 edition.
  354. What if British Bulldog wins the Royal Rumble in 1995?
  355. Unbelievable Video Surfaced a few days ago, wrestlers breaking Kayfabe in 1979
  356. Your Favorite Wrestling Promotion of All the Times
  357. Most successful birth yr. for pro wrestlers
  358. Favourite tag team of late 80's early 90's?
  359. Why was Heat moved from MTV to TNN in 2003?
  360. David Von Erich impact?
  361. Your Favorite (Non Liz) 80's valet/female manager
  362. Did Fans Really Believe Wrestling Was Real?
  363. Salvatore Bellomo passes away at 67
  364. Which Stars would have been better off in a different promotion?
  365. Jake The Snake's DDT
  366. Why was RAW going to be sacrificed as WCW's new show in 2001 ?
  367. Was Ric Flair actually a dominant champion?
  368. Funny story from Jim Cornette, feat. Owen Hart and Bruce Prichard
  369. What did you think of Vince's commentary work from 94-98?
  370. Memories of the IWC in the Early 2000s
  372. Savio Vega & The Headbangers on MTV's Road Rules (Season 5)
  373. How Influential was Chyna?
  374. Evolution of the RAW Titantron Stage
  375. Debunking the myth of Vince burying WCW Main Event guys after the 2001 WCW Buyout
  376. Why did Scott Steiner get backstage heat?
  377. Ideas borrowed from Films/TV
  378. What if Scott Steiner didn't take steroids to the max?
  379. Why were the WWF very hesitant to bring back Scott Steiner after WCW was bought out?
  380. 2001 WCW Buyout
  381. What went wrong with Chyna after leaving the WWF in 2001?
  382. Who was the best Tag Team in WCW?
  383. Any other "masks" fans out there? Favorite wrestling mask of all the times?
  384. The Attitude Era ended in 2002
  385. Buff Bagwell and JR Feud - Who's in the Wrong?
  386. WCW "Bash at the Beach 1995" review
  387. Gorgeous Jimmy Garvin and Precious.. I'm a fan
  388. Why does Vince McMahon seem to retcon or gloss over his own Royal Rumble Win?
  389. NWA Starrcade 1984 Review
  390. NWA Starrcade 1983 Review
  391. Do you consider the Big Gold Belt (WCW Int./NWA WHC) defended in WCW from 92-94 legitimate world titles?
  392. Why hasn't Jim Duggan got a title run??
  393. Mike McGuirk... the most forgotten/never talked about WWF personality ever?
  394. Why did Sting get away with being a rip-off artist?
  395. Your first favorite wrestling feud
  396. Biggest Pops you can remember?
  397. Unsung Tag Teams of the early 90's
  398. What if the steroid scandal didn't happen?
  399. Want to get hyped for your tuesday? Watch this Goldberg video
  400. I'm looking for Tazz's debut vignettes in late 1999 or January 2000 & I can't find them
  401. Do you have a favorite and worst NWA/WCW PPV?
  402. If Goldberg-Booker T main-evented Starrcade 2000 would WCW have survived?
  403. JCP/NWA... booking was so bad! Better booking could've competed with WWF
  404. What If - WrestleMania I ended with a Mr. T heel turn?
  405. Jake "The Snake" Roberts Reveals Which WWE Angle He Wishes He'd Never Done
  406. What year was it and how old were you when you first watched Wrestling?
  407. Your favorite yr. of wrestling
  408. Where in Caesar's Palace was WM9 held?
  409. Ludvig Borga
  410. Politically Correct with Bill Maher; Piper, Madusa, Heenan & Sting
  411. William Regal in the Brawl for All
  412. Which Golden Era and Attitude Era stars would be most affected by scripted promos in today's WWE?
  413. Vader Vs. Bret Hart - You have to pick one.
  414. What did you think of Steph's ECW/Invasion run in 2001?
  415. The Land Of 1000 Dances?
  416. You can only watch one classic year of wrestling this year, nothing else. What do you chose?
  417. Did Eric Bischoff Let WWF Off The Hook Cause WCW downfall?
  418. Kane Discusses Vince McMahon Pitching Isaac Yankem Gimmick
  419. Should Macho Man Have Won the 1993 Royal Rumble?
  420. Who is the greatest American masked wrestler of all time?
  421. If WWF became WWE during monday night wars?
  422. Did WWE kill off ECW before it could get going?
  423. What was the Main Event of your first live wrestling show?
  424. A Kane Christmas....
  425. Was BenoitÂ’s WCW Title Reign Mentioned in the WMXX build
  426. Lamest finisher from back in the day?
  427. Is there a good documentary about the old Wrestling territories?
  428. Jack Pfefer
  429. "He Broke Six Thousand Guitars & Never Drew A Dime"
  431. Possible WWE Staff Involvement in 9/11?
  432. Evolution in early 2004
  433. If twitter had been around during the monday night wars...
  434. WrestleMania Legends cover got me thinking...
  435. GOATBerg?
  436. Cactus Jack vs Paul Orndorff (Street Fight)
  437. Which match was better?
  438. From a purely in ring standpoint, who is the best?
  439. Were the Smoking Gunns in WCW before WWF?
  440. Warrior vs. Savage - WM VII or SS 92?
  441. Ranking the SummerSlams of the Attitude Era
  442. Does anyone remember this wrestler?
  443. Was Ken Shamrock the worst on the mic in The Attitude Era?
  444. Rate the Classic Superstar: Dusty Rhodes edition
  445. Jerry Lynn & Mikey Whipwreck's Front Row Material Podcast
  446. Why was Kane the heel in his Feud with Taker?
  447. Starrcade 1985 finish
  448. Looking at old school matches with new eyes..
  449. Rate the Classic Superstar: Ric Flair edition
  450. Who had the most impressive debut year
  451. Which Was More Epic: Hogan-Andre or Hogan-Warrior
  452. What's your thoughts on the Sable Vs. Steph feud back in 2003 on Smackdown?
  453. HBK In NWO
  454. Rate the Classic Superstar: Bret Hart edition
  455. Why does WWE still want to beat the dead horse that is WCW?
  456. The occassions when it was okay for former world champions to win midcard/undercard titles
  457. Room 101 - PPVs or TV show episodes
  458. New age outlaws and x-pac never able to be relevant after DX?
  459. Least Likely to Job Award
  460. SCG Radio #142 - The Monday Night War Timeline: November 1999
  461. Hart Foundation 1997 Post Survivor Series
  462. The Complete Wrasslin Story of Randy Savage pre WWF
  463. Rate the Classic Superstar: Randy Savage edition
  464. This IMO is probably Hollywood Hogan's best promo as a heel
  465. WCW talent WWE actually put over
  466. Dammit!!! Watching Hulk Hogan Highlights Give Me Chills!!
  467. So for those fans around at the time....If The Road Warriors had never left for the WWF would their legacy been greater?
  468. At their peak the most "over" wrestlers in history.
  469. 21 Years On: Was The Montreal Screwjob The Right Thing To Do?
  470. Greatest face turns of all time.
  471. Just found 2 hours of very early Lawler highlights on Youtube
  472. What if Hogan had jobbed to Hart?
  473. Historically bad finishers
  474. Rank your 10 favorite years and tie them to a promotion.
  475. Share a Forgotten Match or Recently discovered match
  476. Heel Bret Hart and Undertaker vs Face Jerry The King Lawler and Jeff Jarrett, USWA Feud 1996 Feb
  477. Nepotism
  478. That time you marked out, and it surprised you?
  479. Undertaker DID Actually Beat Stone Cold Cleanly!
  480. Who are the most protected wrestlers in wrestling history? Who is least likely to lose a feud/match at their peak?
  481. Classic "Enhancement Talent" Award
  482. Name the wrestler who donned these classic/ and not so classic Halloween type gimmicks.....
  483. Favorite Hulk/Hollywood Hogan WCW Matches
  484. Mr. Perfect/Bret Hart SS '91
  485. Big Show's run in 2002/2003 and WWECW
  486. The End of World Class and how the WWE helped spread the lies.
  487. Undertaker 1998 heel turn
  488. If Angle hit the AE earlier
  489. Audio of an Owen Hart prank call to a Pizza place
  490. What was the planned end game of TPTB storyline in WCW? (late 99/early 00)
  491. Random Randy Savage Question
  492. Finishes that surprised you at the time
  493. Shawn vs Bret at WM 13
  494. Was Bret Hart Any Kind Of Legit Badass?
  495. R.I.P "Dirty" Dick Slater
  496. Was Bret really supposed to face Hogan at Mania 9?
  497. If DX ceased in 1998
  498. Ed "The Bull" Gantner
  499. Unused WCW Tag Team Championship Belt
  500. Survivor Series team made up of wrestlers born in your state?
  501. The Story Behind King Mabel's King Of The Ring Championship Title Belt
  502. Reaction to AE during its time
  503. What if Rock and Austin stuck around for at least 5 more years?
  504. Don Leo Jonathan passed away tonight.
  505. When exactly did the name "Ruthless Aggression era" become a thing?
  506. 90´s HBK was the GOAT
  507. Best WrestleMania Main Event of the 90's
  508. New Generation Era
  509. Steve Austin's 5 best rivals
  510. Who was THE World Champ of the 80s
  511. Where was Andre The Giant born?
  512. Vince Russo launches new podcast: Truth With Consequences
  513. The significance of SummerSlam 1998
  514. Paul Heyman LIED and owes Shane Duglas 144 000 dollar!
  515. Wrestlers You Picture In Different Eras That Overlapped
  516. What ever happened to Jumpin' Jeff Farmer?
  517. Aftermath: Why did Vince McMahon Jr. have to buy his father's wrestling business?
  518. Aftermath: Who should have beaten Goldberg for the streak?
  519. Bob Backlund, first victim of Vince McMahon's booking?
  520. The origin of Macho Man's catch phrase
  521. What former female wrestling star would have made a great commentator?
  522. What were WCW's biggest let downs?
  523. What were your thoughts on Hogan's ovations in 2002?
  524. Who was the BEST nWo LEADER OF ALL TIME?
  525. Just rewatched the Rise & Fall of ECW Documentary
  526. Where would of HHH fitted in with the Invasion Angle if he didn't get injured?
  527. Can someone please explain to me the ECW title held by a WCW guy and then by WWF guy?
  528. Aftermath: What were Hogan's contributions to WCW's destruction?
  529. Best WWF Wrestler of the 80's not named Hogan or Savage
  530. Sable did more for the women's revolution than people think
  531. WWF on screen trickery
  532. First Time you saw TV wrestling....
  533. How come nobody ever talks about Austin v. Bret Hart at "Revenge of the Taker"?
  534. Prime Time with Sean Mooney
  535. Would Eric have kept his word about Bret?
  536. How much has WWE rewritten history regarding WCW?
  537. What was the reason for WCW's 2nd world title?
  538. Favorite Tag Team All Time
  539. Animal's podcast
  540. A brief history of tag team wrestling, and the ten most important tag matches of all time.
  541. Did most WCW fans just quit watching wrestling after the MNWs ended?
  542. Aftermath: Did the Feds screw up McMahon's steroid trial?
  543. Superstars you wish you'd been around to see
  544. When was the last time the NWA title was as important as it is now
  545. Austin's injury in 1999
  546. Goldberg in 1999
  547. Fingerpoke of Doom
  548. Ric Flair in WWF in 1998?
  549. Findlay Martin's Wrestling history ebook
  550. Trades?