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Classic Wrestling

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  1. The debut of the Toxic Turtles
  2. With Top Draw The Rock gone, the WWF should've turned Triple H babyface or put Chris Jericho in the title picture after Wrestlemania 17
  3. Rebooking WM7-WM10
  4. Did Buff Bagwell get a raw deal?
  5. Booker T talks about WCW, Vince Russo, and Bash At The Beach 2000
  6. Best Kurt Angle Promos & Segments
  7. Most forgettable wrestlers
  8. Rank the yrs. of the 1991-1996 era for wrestling
  9. Kevin Nash as WCW booker?
  10. Hulk Hogan Reveals His Favorite Moment From Wrestling
  11. The WWF/WWE would've been in a worse position now if WCW survived past April of 2001
  12. Why did Lita manage Shawn Michaels?
  13. Could have Raw Vs Nitro been better.
  14. Sid Vicious On Hulk Hogan Exploding On Vince McMahon Backstage After Being Booed By A Crowd
  15. What was the point of Lita managing Shawn Michaels?
  16. Difficult to re-watch AE episodes?
  17. Rio De Janeiro
  18. What are your favorite VHS/DVD box covers?
  19. how were wrestlers pared with managers back in the day?
  20. what to do with Neidhart after the Hart Foundation's end
  21. Suppose Savage had retired in 1991...
  22. Who would YOU have made the 3rd man in the nWo if Hogan wasn't available?
  23. Promising feuds that were cut short and dropped.
  24. Who "just" missed out on the Rock'n'wrestling wave?
  25. Heel vs Face#17 The British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith
  26. Original plans for HBK in 95?
  27. Why do so many people hate 1999 WWF?
  28. Hulk Hogan heel and face turns before 1984
  29. Classic Wrestling Battle Royal #2
  30. When Triple H turned on Shawn in 2002
  31. Heel vs Face #16 Big Bossman
  32. Did WWE have a vision of Bullet Club Before NJPW.
  33. Thoughts on Psycho Sid?
  34. Question About Saturday Night's Main Events and Royal Rumble 1988
  35. Heel or Face #15 Chris Jericho
  36. Royal Rumble 95 TV spots
  37. Who was more intense - Randy Savage vs Bruce Lee
  38. Low to Mid Card Guys you would have liked to have seen win the WWF title in the 90's
  39. Does anyone remember The Giant using this theme
  40. Heel vs Face #14 Andre the Giant
  41. X Pac - as bad as people make out?
  42. was there any way WCW could have gotten around/rid of Hulk's creative control clause?
  43. Razor Ramon
  44. Guys who got Go Away heat
  45. WCW Mythology: Jamie Kellner cancelled WCW Nitro & Thunder because of money
  46. Which one of these guys managed to make epic promos in the 80s and early 90s ?
  47. Draft your own roster from the major promotions in 1998.
  48. Legal Wrestling Documents Thread
  49. WCW Mythology/WWE Revisionist History: WCW didn't create any new stars
  50. What if WCW Didn't Screw Up Starrcade 1997?
  51. WrestleMania 4 Title Tournament
  52. Trying To Find WWF TV Promo From Attitude Era
  53. Access Hollywood News June 2001: Rock's absence & TNN move costing half the audience, Tough Enough, Stephanie McMahon Interview & Tough Enough
  54. Name some wrestlers "best fued ever" not their most famous.
  55. What wrestlers did you under appreciate?
  56. Why the WCW Invasion failed
  57. Heel vs Face #13....and now Roddy Piper
  58. What If - Disco Inferno to WWE in 1997?
  59. Hogan Vs. Flair in the WWF
  60. David Penzer On What Shane McMahon Said To Him At Final Nitro, Backstage Atmosphere At End Of WCW
  61. Heel or Face #12 The Rock
  62. Your honest thoughts on the Attitude Era.
  63. Heel vs Face #11...Eddie Guerrero
  64. What If - Ric Flair stays in WCW in 1991 (Part II)
  65. What If HHH Wasn't Injured During The Invasion Angle?
  66. Smackdown 2003 Match: Steph McMahon and Zach Gowan vs Big Show.
  67. Everyone Was So Protected In the Old Days
  68. What is your favorite tag team rivalry?
  69. Heel vs Face #10...Jerry Lawler
  70. The Many Enemies of Hollywood Hogan
  71. So Someone Hands You #2....Someone "hands you the book" Book whenever and whoever what mid card/jobber do you push to the top?
  72. The Evolution of Meltzer Ratings PPV by PPV
  73. Faces and heels of the classic era
  74. Bret Hart/Will Sasso WCW Feud
  75. Heel or Face #9....Bret Hart?
  76. The top 15 icons of Attitude Era,who did you like/favor most and why?
  77. Did anyone ever go to WWF new york
  78. Heel vs Face #8 Randy Savage
  79. The best PPV from each promotion?
  80. Was Andre the giant really a nice guy in WWE.
  81. What If: Triple H turned face after WM 17
  82. Nash Was Asked Best Question Ever
  83. Best Wrestler Interview EVER!
  84. Who was/is the best The Kliq member?
  85. So someone hands you two any card ever, wherever. Where and when do you go?
  86. Heel vs Face #7 Undertaker
  87. Mae Young's career
  88. Steve Austin's Ex-Wife Claims He Had Heat with Owen Hart
  89. Say Some Nice Things About: Jim Powers
  90. Build your own WCW 1998 traditional Survivor Series card
  91. Sputnik Monroe: A Man Ahead of His Time
  92. Say Some Nice Things About: SummerSlam 1989
  93. When did Vince start doing the strut
  94. Captain Lou Albano
  95. Paul Roma - wrong place, wrong time?
  96. Create your Four Horsemen of WWE dissapointments.
  97. Heel vs Face #6 Hard One....Sgt Slaughter
  98. Big Show smoking gimmick
  99. Do you miss more simple finishing moves?
  100. Say Some Nice Things About: SummerSlam 1988
  101. Okay how about this guy Heel vs Face #5 Hulk Hogan
  102. If you could pick one wrestler throughout time to feud with their past self, who would it be?
  103. Heel or Face #4.....Jake Roberts
  104. NWO Horsemen Parody #2 (WCW Monday Nitro 02/22/1999)
  105. Sherri Martel as Peggy Sue
  106. Has there ever been a man that feuded/had a match with both Hogan and Austin at the peak of their eras?
  107. Top Ten Favorite Attitude Era Midcarders
  108. Attitude Era - Were you the "last fan standing"?
  109. Just for Fun, Rank the 80's WWF faces in order.
  110. Heel or Face #3 By request Edge.
  111. Say something nice about BRUTUS THE F*CKING BARBER.
  112. Okay heel or face #2 HHH
  113. Why was Dusty Rhodes allowed on commentary?
  114. Ric Flair Returns! (WCW Monday Nitro 09/14/98)
  115. Here's a new series....Heel vs Face? Do you like (_____) as a heel or face #1.....HBK
  116. Von Erichs: Of Birth and Blood
  117. "We're out of TV time!" as TV main event begins
  118. The Year that HHH was an Internet God.
  119. Do you believe Owen Hart injured Stone Cold's neck on purpose at Summerslam 97?
  120. Here's a couple stories, one of which you may not find being brought up on Cornette's podcasts.
  121. One of Honky Tonk Man's most ridiculous shoot interview claims
  122. What If - Honkytonk Man dropped the title at The Main Event?
  123. I am currently watching 1990s,Should I watch PPV's only or RAW episodes,too?
  124. Chris Jericho departure from WCW
  125. Something that has annoyed me more than anything
  126. Owen's 1987 tryout
  127. Austin destroying everyone
  128. The Oak Ridge Boys at WCW Wrestle War '89
  129. Is this the correct chronology of WWE A and B Shows?
  130. Say Some Nice Things About: Al Snow
  131. What was your reaction when Triple H beat Austin clean at No Way Out 2001?
  132. Bruiser Brody
  133. Why was Bobby Heenan let go from WCW?
  134. Royal Rumble 1999
  135. Stan Hansen vs. Shawn Michaels Happened?????!!!!!
  136. Barry Horowitz was more than just a jobber.
  137. What are your top 5 DDP matches?
  138. Revisting the greatest Foreign Menace Heels ever.
  139. Say Some Nice Things About: Jeff Jarrett
  140. Most over-used gimmick of each decade and why
  141. Real Backstage Fights...
  142. Rate the Classic Superstar: Randy Savage edition
  143. Ric Flair's unusual 1991 WCW theme - a precursor to Spartacus?
  144. Changing the King of the Ring Winner
  145. Say Some Nice Things About: King Kong Bundy
  146. At what point did Triple H fully lose the 'Connecticut Blueblood' gimmick?
  147. Stevie Ray explains the story behind Harlem Heat coming out in chains, managed by Col. Parker
  148. What If - Ric Flair never joins the WWF in 1991?
  149. Say Some Nice Things About: Gillberg
  150. What WWF guy should have joined WCW/ECW during the invasion
  151. Why did the WWF kick off the invasion by having Lance Storm superkick a WCW/ECW guy?
  152. How fake is pro wrestling?
  153. Say Some Nice Things About: Hulk Hogan's 1996 Heel Turn
  154. Would have Bob Sapp done well in WCW.
  155. Draft your own WWE Brand Split from 1992.
  156. How many times did Stone Cold lose cleanly as a face?
  157. The Perfect Picnic
  158. Goldberg refused to tour Germany while in WCW
  159. 20 Years Ago Today.............Canadian Stampede
  160. Sunny As A Broadcaster In Early 1995
  161. Rank the 1990s by year (WWF)
  162. Rate the Classic Superstar: Ric Flair edition
  163. I have a challenge for you
  164. Names That Belong in the WWE Hall of Fame
  165. SummerSlam 88 - The most poorly booked of PPV's
  166. Say Some Nice Things About... Shawn Michaels
  167. Say Some Nice Things About: No Holds Barred
  168. Hilarious Snafu on Network: Clash of Champions 19
  169. Leaving the Golden Era in 1994 - Your Opinions?
  170. Classic Pro Wrestling Shirts
  171. Who was your personal favorite between Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart?
  172. Wrestlers that are more known for their WCW run than WWE?
  173. Rate the Classic Superstar: Hulk Hogan edition
  174. Austin-Rock at WM17: Biggest booking conundrum ever?
  175. Why no Papa Shango vs. The Undertaker?
  176. James Hatfield on Hulk Hogan joining Metallica
  177. Vince McMahon Steroid Trial - Why the beef between McMahon & Hogan?
  178. How come old school wrestlers looked like they never worked out?
  179. Mike Fury - Giant WWF Preliminary Wrestler
  180. Was WCW or WWE Steve Austin better in terms of match quality?
  181. WWF Little Rock House Show 1997 'Riot'
  182. Was Eastern Championship Wrestling hardcore ?
  183. Say Some Nice Things About: Earthquake
  184. WWE 1996 - HBK Question
  185. Rate the Classic Superstar: Razor Ramon edition
  186. If you were in the position of Vince McMahon, what would you do in the Bret Hart leaving as champion situation?
  187. The Four Horsemen
  188. Crockett Memorial Cup = GREAT IDEA!
  189. The untold story of Glacier
  190. Hulk Hogan Gives His Take: Montreal Screwjob
  191. SCG Radio #121 - The Monday Night War Timeline: April 1999
  192. Early Raw ring girls
  193. The Cade vs. The Manes: Starrcade 1987 vs. WrestleMania IV
  194. Best Tag teams during the last 35 years
  195. Say Some Nice Things About: Ultimate Warrior
  196. WWF / E Desire Video packages
  197. Vince "Vic Venom" Russo
  198. Ultimate Warrior after WrestleMania 6
  199. Mabel as nWo 3rd man
  200. I offered Jim Cornette a paid booking to appear in a live debate vs. Vince Russo
  201. Best wrestler to never win the WWF/WCW title
  202. Was XPW ahead of it's time.
  203. The Right To Censor
  204. I Choppy Choppy Your Pee-Pee! The Big Valbowski
  205. Hogan vs. Russo & WCW Lawsuit
  206. best (or is it worst?) blade jobs?
  207. Vader was awesome! (WWE screwed it)
  208. Why was Kane the heel in the beginning of the Kane vs. Undertaker feud?
  209. Triple H Won King of the Ring 1997 20 Years Ago Today
  210. Magnum TA: How High Was His Ceiling
  211. Stone Cold/Tazz 2001
  212. Scott Steiner still holds a grudge 15 years later
  213. Jerry Lawler + Paul E. Dangerously (RAW 03/10/1997) 'The Great Debate'
  214. 20 years ago today...
  215. WCW Behind Closed Doors
  216. Could Kip Frey have succeeded?
  217. The Steroid Redux - Late 1990s
  218. Papa Shango Was Booked Better Than Bray Wyatt
  219. Best and worst WCW PPV names?
  220. Mike Graham never drew a dime video
  221. HBK and HHH didn't want the New Age Outlaws in DX
  222. Most Shocking Title Change in History to you?
  223. Will WWE Ever Give ECW Respect?
  224. Paul Heyman's World Wrestling Network
  225. I liked the Invasion angle?
  226. What was the first wrestling feud you enjoyed?
  227. WM 6 in true HD?
  228. Bash At The Beach 2000
  229. Should D-Lo Brown be inducted into the hall of fame?
  230. Why Ted Dibiase is not recognized as former world champion?
  231. Vince Russo Attitude ERA
  232. WCW guys coming to WWF 99-00
  233. The Midnight Rider
  234. Why did ECW allow fans to record their events?
  235. Okay what is the non WWF/WWE Rushmore?
  236. Favorite Stone Cold Vehicular Madness Moment
  237. Jim Duggan vs. Buzz Sawyer (Mid South 11/11/1985)
  238. Russo wanted Val Venis in DX, but DX refused it
  239. Highest rated main events of all time
  240. Pre 80's Boom Periods
  241. The Cade vs. The Manes: Starrcade 1986 vs. WrestleMania III
  242. TDIWH
  243. A little something we can all enjoy...
  244. If Luger re-signs with WWF in 95
  245. SCG Radio #119 - WCW Bash At The Beach 2000 RuView
  246. Scott Steiner Say Hello To Billy Graham
  247. Ric Flair's WCW walk out in 97-98
  248. Triple H's forced main event push in 1999
  249. Why is the Attitude Era so fondly remembered?
  250. "The Minotaur" Steve DiSalvo
  251. "Pretty Boy" Doug Summers passed away Tuesday
  252. IYO: Best Version of Shawn Michaels
  253. Biggest Selling Point Of WrestleMania 13
  254. Razor Ramon or Diesel: Who would you have kept in the WWF in 1996?
  255. Can I understand these 2 incidents?
  257. Randy Savage: Best all around wrestler of all time?
  258. Favourite Match For Each Wrestling Style
  259. Stone Cold takes over as CEO in 1999
  260. ECW attendances
  261. Mankind winning the Title June 3rd 1999
  262. The Cade vs. The Manes: Starrcade 1985 vs. WrestleMania 2
  263. Which feud made what the AE was: Austin vs. McMahon or Rock vs. Austin?
  264. Besides Hogan
  265. Rate the Classic Superstar: Bret Hart Edition
  266. Rock / Aggression?
  267. Trying to find a promo
  268. WrestleMania III - Thoughts & opinions sought for mailbag segment on podcast
  269. 90s fan weekly thoughts/rumors 1990-2001. Lots of material
  270. Meng/Haku vs. Scott Steiner. Stories about each man
  271. Shawn Michaels vs. Bret Hart - First Singles Match [1990-02-11]
  272. Biggest star in WCW
  273. Rebooking WCW in 1993
  274. Let's discuss the destruction of WCW
  275. Name a Wrestler's Previous Gimmick
  276. All WWE Intercontinental Champs Ranked
  277. Fan Attacks Stone Cold At WWF Live Event - Austin Comments On It
  278. Sable vs. Sunny
  279. Rate the Classic Superstar: Stone Cold Steve Austin Edition
  280. Schiavone's 'This Is The Greatest Moment In The History Of Our Sport' In A Minute Montage
  281. The Undertaker Speaks on Mick Foley (Biography Special)
  282. Idenity of WWE Masked Wrestler with Jim Ross
  283. New Age Outlaws "Ladies and Gentlemen..."
  284. Is there a way to watch The Monday Night Wars as it is?
  285. "Austin/Rock" moments with heels in the WWE
  286. NAILZ
  287. The Cade vs. The Manes: Starrcade 1984 vs. WrestleMania 1
  288. nWo 2002 Run
  289. Funniest Unintentional Comedy In The History Of Pro Wrestling
  290. 1999 Royal Rumble
  291. "I'd like to talk to Tom"
  292. Hollywood Hogan in 1989 already
  293. Okay...I'm confused...
  294. Malice/The Wall/Jerry Tuite
  295. Summerslam matches to watch?
  296. Buzz Sawyer vs Bret Hart (Georgia Championship Wrestling 1979)
  297. The Hart Foundation vs. Goldust, Ken Shamrock, Road Warrior Animal, Road Warrior Hawk & Steve Austin - Best Multiman Tag Match Ever
  298. The Referees Were SOOOOO Bad In the 70s/80s
  299. A Quick Fix - What if the WWF abandoned steroid testing in 1995
  300. Could Stan Hansen have done well in the HulkaMania Era?
  301. Ric Flair Interview (Nitro 12/29/1997) - Ric Quotes The WON
  302. What is your favorite moments in each of these wrestlers/managers careers?
  303. Classic Wrestling Battle Royal game for Classics section posters.
  304. What if Heyman debuted Goldberg in WCW?
  305. The Name Change: WWF to WWE
  306. Undertaker's Little PPV Losing Streak in 1997
  307. Famous matches you have never seen
  308. DDP's role in WCW's death
  309. Tank Abbott beats up Mark Madden
  310. Wrestlers That Held Their Ground Against A Booking Decision
  311. Today is the 25 year Anniversary of WrestleMania 8.
  312. Dated references during Monday Night Wars
  313. Hollywood Hogan or Vince McMahon - Who was the better heel?
  314. WrestleMania 2 - Thoughts & opinions sought for mailbag segment on podcast
  315. Hulk Hogan chokes out Richard Belzer
  316. .................
  317. I LOVE the Hall of Fame speeches. Which ones your favorite?
  318. If HBK were in the Attitude Era, would he use politics to stay on top?
  319. Can we talk about Sable? It's about that time.
  320. Mr Perfect shoots on Bret Hart, memorable matches, WCW, Jesse Ventura, Hogan & more.
  321. A Most Unexpectedly Stacked Roster - The WWE in June 1993
  322. At what point did Hulk Hogan stop being bigger than the wrestling business?
  323. WrestleMania matches to watch?
  324. Wrestlemania 1
  325. Your Favorite Match in Orlando: WCW
  326. Belt history dates?
  327. Thoughts on Maven
  328. Now rare SummerSlam '98 PPV intro
  329. NWA WrestleWar 1989 main event question
  330. Bret Hart & Roddy Piper got a lot of heat for WrestleMania VIII.
  331. WrestleMania III
  332. Does anyone remember when Raw had "Brawl for All"?
  333. The Most Important Wrestler of the Century
  334. Who are your favorite luchadors of all time?
  335. Benoit vs Sullivan feud
  336. WCW payrolls 96-00
  337. Bret Hart tapped out at WM X
  338. Favorite Ric Flair Quotes
  339. Ultimate Shoot: Meng vs. Steve Blackman (Who Wins)?
  340. Biggest Missed Opportunities
  341. WrestleMania XIII
  342. The greatest performers of the 20th Century
  343. Overlooked Figures: Capitol and WWWF
  344. Lanny Poffo as Gorgeous George - Could It Have Worked?
  345. 20 Years Ago Today; One Of the Greatest Matches In History Happened
  346. WWF vignettes. How do you feel these enhanced the talent and which are your favourites?
  347. Questions about Summerslam 1991
  348. Thoughts on Jacques Rougeau playing The Mountie gimmick? Does it stand better in hindsight & other talents who were constantly given shitty gimmicks?
  349. Which WWE character did you least expect to see turn into a significant star upon their debut year in the promotion?
  350. Ring mats and aprons - which color was the best?
  351. Actual vs Revisionist History - WWE knew of Luger's WCW negotiations
  352. Every Big Show turn
  353. better announcer: Gordon Solie or Jim Ross
  354. Charlotte Appeared On 2001 WCW Nitro Flair Family Segment
  355. Were Most WCW Matches Had No-DQ?
  356. Ric Flair on Nash and Hall "The most overrated.."
  357. Why was Mick Foley so salty over Bischoff downplaying his title win on RAW?
  358. Was the fatal 4 way at WrestleMania 2000 always planned?
  359. How important are finishers to you for a wrestler? Do you prefer the traditional moves or the flashy finisher?
  360. Which classic PPV do you feel is the best/your favourite?
  361. Favorite WCW Arena
  362. Best Big Boss Man matches?
  363. Was Kevin Sullivan The Best Promo Guy Ever?
  364. Why did Bam-Bam Bigelow leave the WWF in 1988?
  365. This episode of Prime Time Wrestling. Complete Breakdown. The Builds to Wrestlemania VII. (Video inside for you to get involved with)
  367. Classic big men in the WWF. Impressive wrestlers of size.
  368. Ricky Steamboat during his time as The Dragon. How did you guys feel about this?
  369. WrestleMania XV
  370. Owen Hart and his career, best matches, work and moments for Owen?
  371. SCG Radio #115 - The Monday Night War Timeline: March 1999
  372. Which match is the best match in the Attitude Era?
  373. Your opinion on Yokozuna?
  374. 1994 Steroid Trial
  375. Wrestlers who were once relevant, fell from grace and became relevant again through reinvention?
  376. Did Steve Austin Ever Jump Off The Top Rope?
  377. WWF vs WCW
  378. Flair's popularity
  379. Favourite Stable War
  380. Wrestlers That Never Had A Bad Run
  381. King's of the wrestling world. Thoughts on each and who was the greatest in the WWE (in your opinion) in regards to this?
  382. Hall and Nash a double-edged sword for WCW?
  383. "Outlaw" Ron Bass has passed away...gonna honor him here..
  384. Why did Ric Flair need managers?
  385. SCG Radio #114 - The Monday Night War Timeline: February 1999
  386. Big Show gets ko'd and still wins the match
  387. Shane Douglas in Heatwave 96, 4 corners match....
  388. Why were half the Raws on tape delay during the Monday Night Wars?
  389. WrestleMania 11 Original Ending
  390. Best WWF year to watch / season
  391. ECW Guerrero v Malenko
  392. Question about Hulk Hogan vs. Sting Fall Brawl 1999...
  393. Matches to see before you die?
  394. Why did WCW pay Bret so much?
  395. Where was Ted Dibiase's strongest periods in your opinion, his full career span inside.
  396. "Mr Piledriver" Bob Sweetan passed a couple of weeks ago
  397. Best Manager Paul Bearer VS Jim Cornette VS Paul Heyman?
  398. Muhammad Hassan looks a face in this promo
  399. Bob Backlund and Pedro Morales as champs
  400. The Big Boss Man second WWF career 1998-2002
  401. Lance Russell
  402. How long were they building The Rockers feud. First impressions of Shawn Michaels as a heel? (Video Inside)
  403. How did you feel about the WrestleMania VII match card when it came to star power and the results?
  404. Vince Russo defends putting the title on David Arquette
  405. Ready To Rumble (2000)
  406. SCG Radio #113 - The Monday Night War Timeline: January 1999
  407. Hogan vs. Sid @ WrestleMania 8 Planned All Along?
  408. Sting's change in attitude after he joined the Wolfpac
  409. Who Had More Impact On Wrestling History; Kevin Nash Or Randy Savage?
  410. Undertaker vs Colonel Mustufa very dramatic fight
  411. WrestleMania IX
  412. How bothered are you about the Hall Of Fame in all honesty for your favourite talents?
  413. Thoughts on Booker T WWE career
  414. Your favorite tag-team-partner in each team
  415. Woman making the moves on Mean Gene
  416. Raven or Wyatt?
  417. Thoughts on Terry Funk?
  418. Glacier - Underrated Character
  419. Happy Birthday to Antonio Inoki, who turns 74 today!
  420. Is Sgt Slaughter the WWF'S most overlooked legend?
  421. Warlord talking about Road Warriors, Powers Of Pain history with them & Hawk's singles run in Smokey Mountain Wrestling?
  422. WWE ruined Lex Luger as a main event player
  423. The Russian Bear Ivan Koloff has passed
  424. WrestleMania VI
  425. WSX vs WCW 2000
  426. George Steele, Classic Wrestling Bio/Memorial
  427. Who had the better physique? The Ultimate Warrior? Or Scott Steiner?
  428. Sid Vicious should have a Bluray (or DVD) set
  429. Lex Luger Should Have A DVD
  430. Chavo Guerrero Sr. RIP
  431. Sunny says she's not into black guys
  432. Greatest Wrestling Tribute Videos - The Lonely Road of Faith, My Sacrifice etc.
  433. Classic WWF Production Themes
  434. What is your honest opinion about Eric Bischoff?
  435. Why didn't WWE repackage The Steiner Brothers?
  436. WWF Hardcore vs. Original ECW
  437. Droz's Injury?
  438. The Bret vs Shawn rematch at 'Mania 13
  439. Ultimate Warrior leaves WWF for Japan - in 1989?!
  440. Triple H's Heel Turn At WrestleMania 15
  441. Sting vs. Cactus Jack (Submit or Surrender) (WCW Power Hour 11/23/1991)
  442. Better than you remembered - worse than you remembered
  443. Double thread - Koko B Ware and The Junkyard Dog
  444. Vader, Owen Hart & Davey Boy Smith vs. Shawn Michaels, Ahmed Johnson & Sid (WWF In Your House 9: International Incident)
  445. Room 101 - Tag Teams
  446. Hulk Hogan vs. Genichiro Tenryu (SWS 12/12/91)
  447. What was O Harts ceiling?
  448. Wrestlers who have taken gimmicks or been influenced by and become more established for the gimmick?
  449. Vader vs. Sting (Strap Match) (WCW Superbrawl III)
  450. The wrestling career of Leon Spinks
  451. How Much Has Hulk Hogan Hurt Pro Wrestling As Opposed To Helping It?
  452. If Jerry the King Was 5 Years Younger When He Came to the WWF
  453. King Kong Bundy Bites Hulk Hogan's Head Off
  454. The greatest night in the history of our sport!
  455. Hercules, was he any good and what do you guys know about him?
  456. Royal Rumble 1994
  457. Great article on Royal Rumble's forgotten dress rehearsal
  458. what held davy boy smith from holding the heavyweight title
  459. WWE holding back talents, apart from Shawn Michaels did anyone else reach their potential in the WWE or were they all held back?
  460. Wrestlers who just seemed out of place
  461. Heel tactics that you loved from specific heels unique to them & their character that worked?
  462. Will WWE put Goldberg's WCW theme on ITunes?
  463. Not Sure I'd Listen To Jake Roberts' Music In The Same Manner Again
  464. Why is Davey Boy Smith vs. HBK not considered an all-time great feud?
  465. Corporation vs Ministry feud
  466. The Big Boss Man - Heel or Face?
  467. Did the Mega Powers end too early?
  468. Who is you favorite color commentator?
  469. The amount of managers in the late 80's / early 90's in the WWE that often paired with GREAT mic workers.
  470. Hogan And Austin Had A Bigger Impact On WWE History Than Rock
  471. What are some surprising matches that few people knew actually happened?
  472. Your opinion on Vince Russo
  473. Who would have been your WWE version of The Four Horsemen?
  474. Royal Rumble 1998
  475. Wrestlers or Acts You Hated But Turned The Corner On
  476. New Jack the scumbag
  477. Over The Edge 1999 ticket stub signed by Owen Hart
  478. Hulk Hogan the leader of my gang
  479. Shawn Michaels vs Sycho Sid (WWF Survivor Series 1996)
  480. Take one star from the past and pair them with a star of today to form an epic tag team.
  481. Will WWE buy old indie footage.
  482. Bret Hart vs. Diesel (WWF Championship) (WWF Survivor Series 1995)
  483. Shawn Michaels vs. Diesel (No Holds Barred) (WWF In Your House: Good Friends, Better Enemies)
  484. Bret Hart's Hulk Hogan tribute from 2002....huh?
  485. Guys from the past you wish would have gotten pushed?
  486. Why is Eric Bischoff credited for the Monday Night Wars when it was Ted Turner's company?
  487. Good tag teams that never were, gimmicks that worked well together but never happened.
  488. Wrestlers who got pac heat
  489. Why did Bad News Brown never win a title?
  490. The end of 1995 WWF isn't that bad
  491. Teddy Long stable of jobbers in WCW
  492. If Shawn Michaels wrestled through 1998-2002
  493. Greatest 6 Man Team in American Wrestling
  494. When Tag Teams split & one member doesn't get repackaged?
  495. Who had the better physique? Triple H? Or Scott Steiner?
  496. The Rockers - Underappreciated or appreciated by the business?
  497. The KISS Demon
  498. Which Is The Better Cell Match: Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels or Undertaker vs. Mankind?
  499. Why wouldn't Roddy Piper ever put anyone over?
  500. There Will NEVER Be Another DUSTY RHODES!!!
  501. Which country had/has the best wrestlers?
  502. Sid Justice - Insanely protected
  503. Why did people cheer for Stone Cold?
  504. How the hell were scaffold matches allowed?
  505. Bret/Vince/WWF 'Invasion' Of USWA In 1993
  506. Was the Dungeon of Doom the worst stable in the MNW era
  507. Suitable opponents for Warrior
  508. Favorite wrestler of your era to not win ANY titles?
  509. Who had the better physique? The Ultimate Warrior? Or Lex Luger?
  510. Sale of WCW to WWE
  511. Someone who should be/go into the Hall of Fame but won't?
  512. Kotr 93, Lawler/Hart feud
  513. What if Goldberg joined WWF instead of WCW in 96
  514. Better moments in WWF Monday Night Raw over WCW Monday Nitro on a whole. What do you think
  515. Has Trish ever been asked about the dog segment and how she felt?
  516. Flair & Steamboat in the WWF
  517. Jumping the shark on match concepts
  518. My WWF/WCW Wrestling Adventures Through 1990
  519. The Jesse Ventura movie
  520. Was it The Rock who made the year 2000 the best year for WWF(E) or was it the teamwork of HHH,Undertaker,Vince,Mankind, ect..?
  521. Bret "the Hypocrite" Hart?
  522. At what point did World Titles become tools to get someone over?
  523. According to Bruce Pritchard, Christopher Daniels was supposed to be the Higher Power
  524. "Battle Kat" Bob Bradley - A Career Retrospective
  525. When did WWF Raw really start getting good?
  526. Injuries/Departures That Forced Major Change
  527. 1992, Best performance, best match and which wrestler had the best year?
  528. Does anyone remember Bob Bradley (aka BattleKat II)?
  529. Did anyone ever kick out of a Rude Awakening
  530. Konstantine Kyros and the Alliance to End Vince-amania
  531. Summerslam 92 - Biggest non Wrestlemania event, bigger than most Wrestlemania's, did this PPV live up to it's success for you?
  532. The Worst 'Classic' PPV you have seen
  533. Where was the ceiling on Owen Hart?
  534. Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Wildman Marc Mero - King of the Ring 1996
  535. Saturday Nights Main Event's and This Tuesday In Texas - WWE additional PPV's in the late 80's/early 90's
  536. PPVs that took place around Christmas? Christmas-themed?
  537. Would WWF's downswing have happened so soon if The Rock had continued as the FOTC after WM17
  538. A history of wrestler gimmicks that were spoofs on rival promotions
  539. Wrestlers who didn't have or need titles ... they made their mark anyway?
  540. Should IRS have had a better run in the WWE?
  541. Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Vader
  542. Looking back on 1991, who would you say had the best career, best performance and best match?
  543. Who remembers Randy Hogan?
  544. Why(and how) did Vince work things out with Austin in 2002-3
  545. Spoof Nitro script from 1997
  546. Nearly 6 years later, what is Edge's legacy?
  547. What year do you think that the WWE had the best talent?
  548. It's crazy to think that Hogan, Warrior, and Savage were never in the ring at the same time
  549. Flip it over: Guys who only worked as heels
  550. What if Sgt Slaughter had burned the US flag