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Classic Wrestling

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  1. Mideon
  2. Does anybody remember Gangrel?
  3. Any underrated gems from the New Generation era?
  4. Never Got Their Win Back Vol 2: Triple H
  5. Never Got Their Win Back Vol 1: Hulk Hogan
  6. British Bulldog v Bret Hart should the match had happened at a Wrestlemania
  7. Did Alex Wright really beat Triple H twice?
  8. Promo between The Rock and Booker T
  9. What if the Jackyl was the Higher Power to The Ministry of Darkness
  10. OMG Moments in Wrestling
  11. Owen Hart legit shoot on HBK? (Post Screwjob)
  12. A Stone Cold vs. Ken Shamrock 1998 face vs face feud
  13. Gino Hernandez
  14. Any fans of the "old" WCW
  15. St. Valentines Day Massacre
  16. Which WCW guy was handled the worst in WWF/E?
  17. Forever Hardcore - ECW
  18. Favorite match per year in WWE History
  19. Why was Austin cheered in ECW One Night Stand?
  20. Bruno's exit from WWF
  21. Wrestling is scriped, but how much???
  22. Attitude Era fans turned UFC fans?
  23. Ric Flair - would he be the Man
  24. Disco Inferno theme for Snowbrawl
  25. What was the original plan for Eddie Guerrero?
  26. Gorgeous George
  27. IYH DVD
  28. Big Show is a much better Giant than Andre
  29. The mystery teammate/opponent
  30. Jumping Bomb Angels
  31. When to start watching ECW
  32. Shawn Michaels Title Forfeits
  33. Could the NWO have worked without HOGAN
  34. Funniest Attitude Era Moments.
  35. Wrestling Names and Footage Within the Public Domain
  36. Has Randy Savage ever beaten Hulk Hogan?
  37. St..Valentines Day Massacre
  38. Monday Night Wars Elimination Chamber
  39. Cactus Jack vs. The Rock at Royal Rumble 2000
  40. Stone Cold summerslam 99-no mercy slowly writing him out?
  41. Stone cold's rise to the top: when and how was it started?
  42. Saw a Hogan interview and he said he only used creative control 1 time
  43. Why did WCW Fail
  44. End of an Era: StLSaint_75 reviews WCW Nitro 2001
  45. WWF - James J. Dillion
  46. Bret Hart talked Montreal Screwjob again and...
  47. Kurt Angle should have done this in 2000
  48. Some Old Attitude Era Videos
  49. By The Numbers: a recent history of WWE Royal Rumble Promotions
  50. Bret Hart in WCW - How would you book him?
  51. Up until the end of Starrcade 97 was Sting vs Hogan/NWO the best Storyline ever?
  52. Best match in IYH history
  53. Did Rock Screw Mankind?
  54. Halftime Heat
  55. Who was better at psychology and in the ring....
  56. Will British Bulldog ever be in HOF?
  57. Why did they build up Tatanka and then bury him.
  58. Better "retirement" era
  59. The Savage/Roberts feud in 91
  60. lists the TOP 30 ECW STARS
  61. Why Hulkamania almost never happened
  62. Wrestlers only succeeding in one territory?
  63. Fmr.WWE-writer says Shane "wrote" all Royal Rumbles the past 15 years
  64. Ultimate Warrior
  65. Why is WWE allowed to revise history regarding Warrior and Fingerpoke of Doom?
  66. HBK's Return in 2002
  67. What if...
  68. Hardcore title?
  69. Original Plans for the WWFs Version of the NWO?
  70. A Mick Foley Question
  71. RTWM 2000
  72. How come we never saw Hogan vs Bret Hart?
  73. What if the NWO angle started in the WWF?
  74. The Bobby Heenan Quotes Thread
  75. Undertaker vs American Badass
  76. The super heel booking of Triple H (1999 - 2000)
  77. Summerslam 00 Kurt Angle Concussion
  78. Brian Pillman in WCW
  79. How come Scott Hall/Razor Ramon never was World Champion?
  80. Best Nation Of Domination members
  81. Boss Man hanging at WM15
  82. Things Nitro did better than Raw during the Monday Night Wars
  83. Goldberg's streak - how should it have ended?
  84. The "Wright" Stuff
  85. Classic WWF/E stories and anecdotes
  86. Funniest Attitude Era Segment
  87. How good was 1996?
  88. Best PPV of The Attitude Era
  89. WWF Brawl For All
  90. Can somebody sell me on Roddy Piper's greatness?
  91. The Rock and Stone Cold's best fight in wrestling business (WWF)
  92. WCW Discussion Thread
  93. The New Blood / Millionaire's Club
  94. World War 3 96(95) Worst Ending Ever
  95. Taker visits Bret after Owen death?
  96. WWF WrestleMania 2
  97. What if? Pro Wrestling USA
  98. What years are considered the Attitude Era?
  99. Hogan's feud with Ric Flair
  100. Eric Bischoff almost put the WWF out of the business
  101. Mabel's raps
  102. Thoughts On Rock Returning?
  103. Best Attitude Era PPV
  104. Classic Victories That Should Have Happened
  105. What Could Have Made The Attitude Era Even Better?
  106. Need help finding old WWF Pay-Per-Views
  107. Who was more important for marketing Hulk Hogan or Michael Jordan?
  108. "Kane" under multiple gimmicks
  109. What was the wrestling schedule like back in the 70's/early 80's???
  110. Paul Bearer shows Undertaker something on Raw in 99
  111. AWA - CIRCA 1990 How would you have saved the AWA?
  112. 1995: The year in prowrestling that sucked tremendously
  113. Creatively, would the WWF been better off if they didn't buy WCW?
  114. Best things about the Attitude Era
  115. When did the 'Asshole' chants stop?
  116. When did Goldust stop groping opponents in ring??
  117. Was Bruno Sammartino that good?
  118. Why did Stone Cold win the 1997 Royal Rumble?
  119. What Made WCW Great?
  120. Kevin Nash Comments About Goldberg?
  121. Analyze This: Cultural Difference in Wrestling
  122. The 10 MOST FEARLESS
  123. Paul Roma - 4 Horsemen
  124. Forgotten Legends106: The (Masked) Assassins
  125. Rick Rude
  126. Need help about an Austin and Rock promo
  127. Insane Clown Posse
  128. Analyze This: heel/face turn
  129. Ed Ferrara as "Oklahoma" on HeAT (March 1999)
  130. Embarassing Gimmicks
  131. Forgotten Legends105: Road Warriors/Legion of Doom
  132. Analyze This: Stereotype Packaging of wrestler
  133. Forgotten Legends104: Rock 'n' Roll Express
  134. Best promos ever from the World Wrestling Federation in text
  135. What if Hulk Hogan was at Wrestlemania 10
  136. Analyze This: Old Wine in a New Bottle
  137. What happened on Nitro August 28 and September 4, 2000?
  138. Forgotten Legends103: Fabulous Freebirds
  139. How successful was Lance Storm in wCw?
  140. Analyze This: Devolution of Finishers
  141. Best feud ever
  142. Forgotten Legends102: Demolition
  143. Analyze This: Lost art of Brawling
  144. Forgotten Legends101: Fabulous Kangaroos
  145. Analyze This: Target Audience Segregation
  146. April 8, 1984 Iron Sheik v Sgt Slaughter
  147. Forgotten Legends: 1-100.
  148. Who could have been a Horseman?
  149. Analyze This: When Finishers stopped finishing
  150. Worst Wrestlers?
  151. Your All-time Favorite Christmas Angle
  152. Forgotten Legends100: The Great Gama
  153. Stone Cold Being Run Over
  154. Analyze This: Designated Jobbers
  155. Rock - Foley Heat
  156. Forgotten Legends99: The First World Heavyweight Champion - Georg Hackenschmidt
  157. Survivor Series 1999
  158. Analyze This: Legit Tough Guys not making it big
  159. Why did Vince Russo & Hogan have heat?
  160. Had Russo not come into WCW 1999...
  161. Forgotten Legends98: Frank Gotch
  162. Analyze This: Taking the match into the crowd
  163. Wrestlers who suffer(ed) from amneisia
  164. Ancient Wrestling Footage
  165. Forgotten Legends97: Stanislaus Zbyszko
  166. Sgt. Slaughter live on
  167. Analyze This: Card Segregation in Pro-wrestling
  168. Mean Street Posse original promo feature
  169. Underachieving Superstars?
  170. Forgotten Legends96: Clara Mortensen
  171. Recommended attitude era viewing?
  172. How did the 4 Horsemen do it?
  173. A trip down memory lane - Photos from 1995
  174. American Hardcore Theater: ECW's Real History
  175. Analyze This: It's no longer real
  176. Remember Showkishi?
  177. Where can I watch some old shows please?
  178. Forgotten Legends95: Joe Stecher
  179. British Bulldog's Return In 99
  180. Analyze This: Spot Monkey
  181. Forgotten Legends94: Andre the Giant
  182. Ric Flair why GOAT?
  183. Analyze This: Five Moves of Doom
  184. What's Sable doing to Undertaker after WM 1999?
  185. Forgotten Legends93: Édouard Carpentier
  186. Raven in the WWF: Missed Mega-Star?
  187. What did you think of Jeff Jarrett?
  188. What do you hate about the WWE now?
  189. Analyze This: Size Does Matter?
  190. Best NWA/WCW PPVs?
  191. Triple H is GOAT
  192. Was Jake Roberts meant to be 'Taker's higher power (1999)
  193. RAW 3.12.2001 Rock/Trish Vs Vince/Angle
  194. Forgotten Legends92: Bearcat Wright
  195. Who was the 2nd Top Face? Macho Man or Ultimate Warrior
  196. Analyze This: Posthumous/Post-retirement Overrating of a wrestler's legacy
  197. Gene Kiniski: One of the Greatest Ever
  198. The best start to any primetime wrestling show ever
  199. Help me identify these Memphis territory wrestlers
  200. Triple H
  201. Forgotten Legends91: Pat Patterson
  202. Who are some legends that have been beyond forgotten?
  203. Matches
  204. Turning Hogan heel in late 1980s
  205. Hacksaw Jim Duggan now on
  206. Analyze This: Change in characters
  207. Your thoughts on the 'Dynamite Kid'
  208. Was WCW basically ABA or WHA of wrestling?
  209. Why Didn't this guy work?
  210. Forgotten Legends90: High Chief Peter Maivia
  211. Top rivals of some of the classic stars
  212. Analyze This: Hardcore Respect
  213. ITT : We name people who do things better then The Rock
  214. Where Can I Find old attitude clips besides youtube and dailymotion
  215. Does anyone have the video of raw is war 4/28/97 segment of austin pillman
  216. Who was the best at promos during the golden era (pre 1995)
  217. Forgotten Legends89: Ed "The Strangler" Lewis
  218. Inside Stories: WWF edition!!!
  219. Inside Stories: WCW edition!!!
  220. Insider Timeline: 1995 (rather long read)
  221. Analyze This: One Unforgettable match
  222. Who Were/Are The Best "Big Men"?
  223. Why I Like Flair So Much
  224. Stone Cold falsely advertised for Fully Loaded 2000
  225. Forgotten Legends88: Whipper Watson
  226. Who is more overrated?
  227. Why was Bam Bam Bigelow chosen to face LT at 'mania 11?
  228. Who did you think was gonna win the SvS Deadly Games Tournament?
  229. Was Shawn Michaels title run responsible for the rise of WCW
  230. Analyze This: Wrestling Families
  231. Forgotten Legends87: Universal Heartthrob Austin Idol
  232. Randy "Macho Man" Savage WCW Run (nWo days)
  233. Bret Hart: Most Overrated Wrestler Ever
  234. Analyze This: Impact of Attitude Era on Pro-wrestling
  235. Forgotten Legends86: Tiger Jeet Singh
  236. Analyze This: Commentator's contributions to a great show/match
  237. Best Events/Games/Shows Non-WWE related
  238. Forgotten Legends85: Stu Hart
  239. Who was your fav Nitro Girl?
  240. Favorite commentator(s)
  241. Analyze This: Fans refusing to "grow"
  242. Forgotten Legends84: 'Cowboy' Bob Ellis
  243. Hulk Hogan Matches You Would Recommend
  244. The Best of The Best
  245. Analyze This: Greatest of All Times
  246. Perception of Scott Steiner in early 2000's
  247. Jim The Anvil Niedhart promo appreciation thread
  248. The 20 Icons of the Attitude Era
  249. Forgotten Legends83: Bulldog Brower
  250. Analyze This: Longevity of Career in Pro-wrestling
  251. Shawn Michaels and Diesel
  252. Forgotten legends82: Missouri Mauler
  253. Owen Hart had go away heat in 99
  254. WWF Legends Minimalist Posters:
  255. Analyze This: Blading & Bleeding
  256. Mr. Perfect's face turn and subsequent face run...
  257. Forgotten Legends81: Bullet Bob Armstrong
  258. Do You Still Miss WCW?
  259. Fred Ottman talks about the shockmaster incident
  260. Analyze This: Advent of Supernatural/Dark gimmicks
  261. Biggest mistakes in the Attitude Era?
  262. Wrestling with Shadows confusion
  263. Raven appreciation thread
  264. Forgotten Legends80: Iron Sheik
  265. Best year for the Attitude Era?
  266. Analyze This: Finishers in a wrestler's character/gimmick
  267. The Best of Joel Gertner!
  268. When Russo arrived @ WCW what was his big plan?
  269. Forgotten Legends79: Chief Jay Strongbow
  270. When Attitude started to rub the mainstream the wrong way
  271. Analyze This: Celebrity Cameos in Pro-wrestling
  272. The nWo's third man speculation
  273. Forgotten legends78: Ox Baker
  274. Question About the Attitude Era
  275. Favorite ECW Theme song
  276. Rare: The Ultimate Warrior Meets Arsenio Hall. Hilarious interview!
  277. Analyze this: Specialty/Concept Matches
  278. Stone Cold booked as a coward evidence?
  279. Some wrestling history
  280. Forgotten Legends77: Dory Funk Jr.
  281. Rare Terry Funk Interview: 1981
  282. HBK as commissioner
  283. Analyze this: Disappearance of Hooking in pro-wrestling
  284. Best HBK promos from the mid 90s
  285. Forgotten legends76: Gory Guerrero
  286. A Video Tribute To Brad Armstrong
  287. Posters actually interested in Classic Wrestling?
  288. Analyze This: Origin of Stables in Pro-wrestling
  289. "(The Original) ECW ruined the industry!"
  290. Forgotten Legends 51-75
  291. Analyze This: Cultural differences in Pro-wrestling
  292. Forgotten Legends75: Billy Robinson
  293. Old rivalries/matches deserving of a HIAC match!
  294. Scorpio & Faarooq's theme?
  295. Tales Of Masked Men
  296. Analyze this: Importance of Gimmicks
  297. Who were the "internet darlings" of the 90's?
  298. Flair the most one dimensional performer ever?
  299. Forgotten Legends74: Mildred Burke
  300. DVD's and Books of Pre 80's Wrestling
  301. Thoughts on the Right To Censor gimmick?
  302. Ministry Of Darkness angle
  303. Analyze this: Death of Kayfabe
  304. Classic Jobbers: Jim Powers
  305. An awesome forgotten card from 1985
  306. This era will be missed...
  307. WCW Live
  308. Forgotten Legends73: Karl Gotch
  309. Bill Goldberg- how will he be remembered?
  310. John Tenta aka Earthquake
  311. Best 20 Year Runs Holding World Titles (Singles)
  312. Analyze this: Rivalries that built wrestling
  313. Anyone know where I can find old wrestling forums from the 90's
  314. Hogan's World Titles
  315. Forgotten Legends72: Larry Zbyszko
  316. Analyze this: Role of women in pro-wrestling
  317. What if WWF went out of business in 1997?
  318. The Men in Tights Review
  319. Forgotten Legends71: Mr. Fuji
  320. WCW contract buyout question
  321. WCW WORLDWIDE on Channel 5 in the UK, and a question...?
  322. Forgotten Legends70: Happy Humphrey
  323. Just found THE ultra rare Andre vs Warrior match from 1988 in Italy
  324. Shooters - Toughest Men In Wrestling (book)
  325. Analyze this: WWE and Era definition in Pro-wrestling
  326. Forgotten Legends69: Michael Hayes
  327. The Persian Club Challenge
  328. Rick & Scott Steiner vs. Kensuke Sasaki & Hiroshi Hase
  329. Analyze this: "Underrating" Power wrestlers
  330. Did you ever get tired of Rock/Austin?
  331. Which Match Do You Prefer?
  332. WCW Starrcade 1991 - Your thoughts?
  333. Did these catchphrases start in Wrestling?
  334. Forgotten Legends68: The Great Muta
  335. current WWE champion's schedule compared to 80s NWA champion's schedule?
  336. Brian Pillman's XXX Files
  337. Analyze this: Cliched Heel/Face Characterization
  338. Batista or Diesel?
  339. Forgotten Legends67: Ivan Koloff
  340. Analyze this: Styles make Fights
  341. 20 years since Bret Hart won the WWF Title
  342. Forgotten Legends66: Pedro Morales
  343. The Territory Era
  344. Analyze This: Things that pro-wrestling lost with the territories
  345. Classic Jobbers: The Mulkeys
  346. How do you remember WCW?
  347. Was Bill Watts really that bad?
  348. Forgotten Legends65: Dick the Bruiser
  349. "Still real to me guy" spotted, 1998!
  350. Analyze this: Importance of Storytelling for a entertaining match
  351. Help me identify these WCCW wrestlers
  352. The 10 Best Since 1960
  353. Classic Videos
  354. Bill Goldberg: Star or just hype?
  355. Top 5 WCW superstars of all time:
  356. Forgotten Legends64: Dusty Rhodes
  357. Analyze This: Wrestlers that crossed the Heel/Face barrier
  358. I didn't do it because for God and Jesus and Mr. McMahon
  359. Mean Gene Okerlund - The Undefeated
  360. Forgotten Legends63: First North American Crossover Superstar: Antonino Rocca
  361. The nWo had 49 members
  362. Sandman VS Steve Austin.....
  363. Mankind vs Cactus Jack vs Dude love.
  364. When to start watching from in 1997?
  365. Official World Of Sport (British Wrestling 1970s-1980s) Appreciation Thread
  366. Analyze this: Copied gimmicks that turned out to be a bigger success
  367. who came up with yokozuna winning the casket match against taker at royal rumble 94?
  368. Bret and HBK
  369. Forgotten Legends62: Blackjack Mulligan
  370. Analyze this: Heel/Face turns on the mic
  371. Full website (Archived)
  372. Masterpiece Austin-Rocky History Tribute
  373. Best heel/face turns of all time
  374. IYH Question
  375. It's moments like this I miss not knowing WWE is scripted!
  376. Undertaker in Japan
  377. Analyze This: Wrestlers transcending eras
  378. Classics On-Demand
  379. Forgotten Legends62: Guerrero
  380. nWo style promo
  381. figure 4 leglock
  382. Hawk no-selling
  383. Analyze This: Contribution of a manager to a great match
  384. Did You Like The Way the WWF Title Matches Were Handled at WrestleMania X?
  385. Forgotten Legends61: Mitsuharu Misawa/Tiger Mask II
  386. Wrestlemania The Theme
  387. Analyze This: Goldberg's Streak
  388. Serious Question: Why again did Taker throw Mankind off of Hell in the Cell?
  389. Wrestlers sacrificed to Hulk Hogan?
  390. Undertaker thinks censorship sucks.
  391. Is it me or is WCW dark? I mean literally.
  392. Forgotten Legends60: Barry Windham
  393. Help me identify these wrestlers
  394. Wrestling Trivia (Facts not everyone knows)
  395. Forgotten legends59: Paul Bearer
  396. Who did the Crucifixion pose first: Raven or Jericho?
  397. Shawn Michaels back injury saved his life?
  398. Anyone else here watch this as it happened?
  399. Forgotten legends58: Antonio Inoki
  400. Forgotten Legends57: El Canek
  401. The Origins Of Wrestling
  402. What if WCW did not make these mistakes?
  403. Forgotten Legends56: Johnny Valentine
  404. Forgotten Legends55: Bobo Brazil, The First Afro-American World Heavyweight Champion
  405. Bret and Owen Hart on World Of Sports
  406. Your favorite ECW Wrestler(s)
  407. Is it just me, or did Vince get crazier and crazier on tv the more he beat WCW?
  408. Through the Ring
  409. Why was the Big Boss Man so hated?
  410. Forgotten Legends54: Ricky Steamboat
  411. Your favorite WCW wrestler(s)
  412. Forgotten Legends53: Giant Haystacks
  413. 2 Cold Scorpio
  414. If WWE and WCW swapped writers during the Monday night wars......
  415. Forgotten Legends52: Jack Brisco
  416. WCWs late 98 early 2000 roster was pretty damn good... too bad
  417. Forgotten Legends51: The Giant Baba
  418. Man Mountain Rock 1995 WWF tour Documentary
  419. HBK missing PPVs in 1996 & 1997
  420. Forgotten Legends 26-50
  421. Without the rise of wCw, how do you think the Wrestling indusry would've progressed?
  422. Who was the biggest star in his prime? Ric Flair or Randy Savage?
  423. Whos the most under appreciated legend of them all?
  424. Forgotten Legends50: "Classy" Freddie Blassie
  425. WCW's top 15 greatest moments?
  426. Clarify this for me (Wrestling Boom in mid-90s)
  427. How big was Ultimate Warrior in his prime?
  428. Forgotten Legends49: Pat O'Connor
  429. What Happend To the Jackyl?
  430. Invasion of the Body Smashers
  431. Forgotten Legends48: Ultimo Dragon
  432. Greatest wrestler before Golden Age?
  433. No ECW, no Attitude Era...
  434. 10 Years Ago today: WWE Champion vs World Champion for the first time
  435. InVasion: Why Drag It Out?
  436. Forgotten Legends47: "Big Cat" Ernie Ladd
  437. nWo without Hogan
  438. Forgotten Legends46: The Fabulous Moolah
  439. Wrestlemania 9 could have been booked so much better
  440. Does HBK remind you of Scott Hall in this segment?
  441. Forgotten Legends45: The Super Intelligent Destroyer
  442. Which King of the Ring Tournament was the best?
  443. Mankind vs. The Undertaker (1996)
  444. Rick Rude vs Kevin Nash shoot?
  445. Bret Hart Quits On Raw Jan 97 great work shoot
  446. Steve Austin vs. Bret Hart Rivalry in Review
  447. Forgotten Legends44: Bam Bam Bigelow
  448. Forgotten Legends43: King Kong Bundy
  449. Should Vince have showed up at the final WCW Nitro?
  450. Forgotten Legends42: Jimmy Snuka
  451. Which wrestler's legacy was damaged most by the WWE?
  452. What really is the diffference between Pro Wrestling and Sports Entertainment?
  453. Forgotten Legends41: Mad Dog Vachon
  454. Bam Bam Bigelow shoot interview
  455. Forgotten Legends40: Blue Demon
  456. The Hitman: an accidental Champion?
  457. Favorite WWF 'In Your House' PPV/Match
  458. Bret vs. HBK build-up to Series 97 Promo
  459. Forgotten Legends39: Gorilla Monsoon
  460. Greg Valentine vs. Ronnie Garvin feud
  461. Forgotten Legends38 : Sgt Slaughter
  462. Summerslam 1992 Ric Flair should of had a match
  463. Forgotten Legends37: Rikidozan
  464. Underrated PPV: De-Generation X. December 1997
  465. Owen Hart after breaking Austin's neck
  466. Forgotten Legends36: Tito Santana
  467. Vinny Mac and Jeff Jarrett ...
  468. Austin without the Bret Hart feud
  469. Ground Zero & D-Generation X: In Your House 1997
  470. Forgotten Legends35: Rick "The Model" Martel
  471. Classic Commercials
  472. A question for old school WWF/E fans in UK circa 96-97 (Sky Sports centric)
  473. Forgotten Legends34: Shirley Crabtree
  474. Anyone remember Corey Wiliams?
  475. Your 5 Favorite PPV's
  476. One Night Only 1997 UK PPV is a great show
  477. Razor Ramon & Goldust - Feud
  478. Forgotten Legends33: Robert Howard
  479. Never watched WCW, what year is good to start?
  480. Name of this WWF wrestler please?
  481. Why did Vince help ECW?
  482. Jerry Lawler vs Paul Heyman
  483. Forgotten Legends32: Mil Mascaras
  484. Forgotten Legends31: Sheik
  485. Forgotten Legends30: Robert Rechsteiner
  486. Wrestlers who had "it" but never got a national push
  487. Forgotten Legends29: Kevin Sullivan
  488. WWWF History
  489. Forgotten Legends28: Tonga Fifita
  490. The New Generation Era: Part 2: Lex Luger
  491. Mick Foley, why he is the greatest mic worker ever.
  492. Forgotten Legends27: Santo
  493. Wrestler A should have had Wrestler B’s push.
  494. Forgotten Legends26: The Nature Boy
  495. The New Generation Era: Part 1: The Godwinns
  496. The Most Respected Mid-Carder of all times?
  497. 1990s PG Era...
  498. Undertaker, other stars on youtube
  499. Wrestlers who ruined their own legacy
  500. Guys forgotten in spite of their contribution
  501. Deep Sleepers #3 Larry Latham "Spot"
  502. Terri Runnels
  503. Epoch making matches
  504. Steamboat and the double chickenwing move
  505. Forgotten Legends25: Rick Rude
  506. was Savage pushed as top face in 1992?
  507. What if Sting, Savage, Hart and Hennig loosely aligned…
  508. Wrestlers that seldom lost thread
  509. Forgotten Legends24: The Body
  510. Forgotten Legends23: DDP
  511. Deep Sleepers #2 The Zambui Express
  512. Forgotten Legends22: Ted DiBiase
  513. Fall of WCW Details
  514. Anyone Remember an After Dark Pre WM 15 party show on USA?
  515. Pinning Andre
  516. Still remember "who is the sole legitimate law enforcer in the WWF" angle?
  517. Forgotten Legends21: Mouth of the South
  518. Would Hulkamania Exist Without The Iron Sheik?
  519. Was Lex Luger meant to be the next Hulk Hogan?
  520. Stone Cold 1996-1997
  521. Forgotten Legends20: Curt Hennig
  522. Sting heel turn
  523. Questions about The Rock's career
  524. Why did they always break kayfabe when it came to Foley?
  525. "The Deep Sleepers" #1 Chris Colt
  526. Forgotten Legends19: Killer Kowalski
  527. Make a Case for Over-Rated Wrestling Legends
  528. Forgotten Legends18: Big Van Vader
  529. What Happened to Paul Wight/The Giant/Big Show?
  530. Why was Sid fired in 1997?
  531. Classic match rating/review thread
  532. Why did McMahon bury Vader?
  533. Forgotten Legends17: Bruiser Brody
  534. Ultimate Warrior 1992
  535. Forgotten Legends16: Bob Backlund
  536. "Body Slam" The Movie
  537. Your favourite tag team of the late 80s-early 90s?
  538. Favorite Pre Attitude Era Wrestlemania?
  539. Forgotten Legends14: Harley Race
  540. Forgotten Legends13: Billy Graham
  541. Kane's fireball?
  542. Best Random Tag...
  543. Legends who were excellent face and terrible heel
  544. Forgotten Legends12: Dean Malenko
  545. Why couldn't they keep WWF?
  546. The Official Sting Appreciation Thread
  547. Who was better at ring psychology?
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