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  1. Who would you say is the most iconic gaming mascot behind Mario and Pikachu? (edited)
  2. Playstation Now (Gaikai) Is Sony's Answer To Backwards Comp; 2014 Launch Set
  3. The Emulator Discussion Thread
  4. The Playstation Vita Bro thread for Vita Bros.
  5. Diablo 3 Discussion
  6. Perhaps the best glitch I've ever seen
  7. Jak and Daxter! Jak 4 maybe?
  8. Should Kids play Call of Duty
  9. Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2010
  10. Worst Gaming moments
  11. Should I get a PS3 with my Christmas Money ?
  12. Single Deepest Franchise Mode in Sports Gaming
  13. The Playstation Plus Thread
  14. No Man's Sky (best debut at VGX this year) possibly dead due to flooded offices
  15. So how bad is it for nintendo?
  16. Dota 2
  17. A Wolf Among Us Season 1 Discussion. I wasn't expectin that *Please use Spoiler Tags*
  18. Machinima Makes Live-Action Skull Kid Video
  19. Hell has frozen over: Nintendo finally markets the WiiU correctly
  20. Favorite Bosses
  21. Your favorite NES games
  22. Nintendo Announce Zelda Hyrule Warriors
  23. Dark Souls 2, Anyone excited to get your ass handed to you once again?
  24. Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z
  25. Dragon's Dogma
  26. The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion Thread *Please Use Spoiler Tags*
  27. The Infamous Second Son Thread
  28. PSA: Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is being pulled from PSN and XBL
  29. Here Comes the Pain Music and Movie issue
  30. XBOX - Clan sK recruiting. Platinum division.
  31. Games that were far better than expected
  32. Game that dissapointed you the most
  33. Video Game News/Review Sites
  34. Chrono Trigger: Crimson Echoes/Flames of Eternity
  35. Best game of the entire 7th generation (360, PS3, Wii)
  36. GTA 5 Wins GOTY Award
  37. Your Video Game Collection
  38. WF's Video Game Awards 2013 (Vote Now)
  39. Man pays $750 for a piece of paper he thought was an Xbox One
  40. Hardest Achievement/Trophy in games?
  41. DayZ (Perma death joyride)
  42. So .... Game of the Year?
  43. Starbound
  44. What are some of the innovative and revolutionary video games?
  45. Post Your Favorite 'Mid-Tier' Games From This Last Generation
  46. Do you think GTA V will be on Next Gen?
  47. Phone app called quizup
  48. Anyone here heard of Pirates of the caribbean
  49. The Noob Files
  50. A new open world Star wars game?
  51. Official Starcraft Discussion Thread
  52. fallout 4......
  53. Planning on a youtube project. Need help!
  54. A question about CS 1.6
  55. With fallout 4 probably coming lets talk about our fallout 3 experiences
  56. Club Nintendo offering Fantastic Prize!
  57. TellTale Games Working On Game of Thrones
  58. Seems Capcom has recovered financially
  59. My list of Best video game mods ever made by a community
  60. Fallout 4 trademark registered in Europe by Bethesda - Dec 7th reveal?
  61. The Walking Dead: A Telltale Game Season 2 Discussion Thread
  62. Angry man SMASHES PS4 to pieces in front of shocked onlookers
  63. Does PS4 feel "next gen"?
  64. Majora's Mask fans, you should buy the new Zelda game
  65. Preorder the new Zelda from Gamestop or Best Buy and get Oracle of Ages/Seasons free
  66. GTA V booty call pics?
  67. Recommended PS3 games?
  68. Hardest Video Game you have played?
  69. Heroes of the Storm
  70. Street Fighter vs Mortal Kombat?
  71. Who Pre-Ordered the PS4
  72. The MOST Difficult and Frustrating Legend of Zelda Game so far?
  73. Can anyone help me remember
  74. So how is Assassin's Creed IV?
  75. Guess What? I got Halo 4 for free !!
  76. Battlefield 4
  77. If you're going to buy PS4 games at launch, Target is doing BUY 2 GET 1 FREE
  78. Convince me I should/shouldn't get a 3DS
  79. Sony & Microsoft Are Screwed At Launch! (Also Conspiracy About Delayed Games)
  80. Final Fantasy X
  81. Anyone ever play a good darts game?
  82. Red Dead Redemption is better than Grand Theft Auto V
  83. The Wolf Among Us
  84. GTA V Snapmatic page
  85. Crysis 1, 2 and 3
  86. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
  87. What is your favorite Mario game?
  88. Best Video Game Trailer
  89. Capcom Doesn't Have The Resources For Next-Generation Fighting Game Currently
  90. Your favorite music from video games
  91. COD Ghost
  92. What are you planning on buying this holiday season?
  93. COD Ghosts PS3 vs PS4
  94. Fallout 4 Discussion pt. 2
  95. Now that this generation is "over" - what were the top 10 games?
  96. yo get your ass here for some black ops 2
  97. Who here has played these ABSOLUTE CLASSICS!!!!!
  98. Watch Dogs release postponed to Spring 2014
  99. The Epic $10 Halo 4 Thread
  100. Throwback game: 1080 Snowboarding for N64
  101. Name 5 Movie Franchises That Should Become Video Games
  102. The 10 most expensive video game consoles
  103. Snap! Activion Calls Out Rockstar; COD Vs GTA
  104. Xbox One Tour?
  105. Coming Soon... Duke Nukem: Watch_Dogs Forever
  106. WWE 2K14 Discussion
  107. Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix coming 2014
  108. How many of you remember playing ESPN 2K5
  109. Problem signing in to xbox live.
  110. Graphics or Gameplay
  111. Batman arkham city of terror?
  112. How seriously do you take Video Game Reviews?
  113. is GTA right for me, or should i stick with COD?
  114. Favorite Moments in the Mass Effect Trilogy
  115. Sleeping Dogs 2 Just Got Confirmed
  116. Football Mogul 2012
  117. Favorite Bowser Fight?
  118. anyone looking to buy a ps3?
  119. Favorite video game soundtrack?
  120. Killer Instinct (2013)
  121. BEYOND: Two Souls Special & Regular Edition Discussion Thread...Who Pre-ordered?
  122. I need help :/
  123. Half Life 3 Trademark Filed for in Europe
  124. Why would you get a Next Gen Console this Fall?
  125. How Would You React If Video Games Got Banned?
  126. Faveourite Mortal Kombat character
  127. The transition from current-gen to next-gen.
  128. Thinking of making a Fifa 14 club.
  129. Nintendo UK admits people donít realise Wii U is new console
  130. Rumor: PS4 multiplats to suffer forced parity to match inferior Xbone ports
  131. What are your least favorite Video Games?
  132. Dark Souls II Collector's Edition announced ($119.99)
  133. Ghosts in GTA!
  134. What should be on Dreamcast collections
  135. Has playing the GTA series of games made you violent?
  136. Get a free level 58 character in TERA f2p.
  137. Grand Theft Auto V sales reach $1 billion in three days
  138. PS3 Keeps Freezing
  139. Nintendo visionary Hiroshi Yamauchi dies aged 85
  140. Best soundtrack GTA vs. Saints Row
  141. So I am enjoying the new gta but.....
  142. Capcom Only Has 152 Million In the Bank
  144. EA Games Flash Sale (Battlefield, Fifa, SIm City and more)
  145. Esquire No Longer Taking Over G4
  146. Grand Theft Auto V Online/Crew Discussion Thread
  147. New ps vita announced
  148. Deep Down Confirmed To Be PS4 Exclusive
  149. Downloading Games From Marketplace?
  150. Nintendo faces 'path to irrelevance', says Atari founder
  151. FIFA 14 and Ultimate Team Discussion
  152. Dark Souls art book coming to US
  153. What is the most you have paid for a player on Football Manager etc?
  154. Madden 25 Discussion
  155. Xbox One Released Nov 22nd
  156. What time to show to a midnight release
  157. Microsoft says IllumiRoom tech too expensive for Xbox One
  158. Mega Man is dead, LONG LIVE MIGHTY NO. 9!
  159. Anyone have an Xbox 360, Halo 4, and a capture card?
  160. Most Embarrassing Thing a Game Has Made You Do?
  161. Anyone ordered GTA V Collectors Edition?
  162. Diablo III on PS3/360 (September 3rd, 2013)
  163. Midnight releases
  164. Your favorite casual game
  165. Nintendo entering the console wars, PS4/Xbox One lineups? "Meh"
  166. Nintendo slashes Wii U price by $50
  167. Nintendo launching 2DS in October
  168. Steam "Early Access" Games
  169. Any interest in the Wii U this fall?
  170. The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings
  171. "You will want an XBone over a PS4 for Titanfall"
  172. Payday 2: The Heist.
  173. Apparently XCom: The Bureau completely sucks
  174. Ryse: Son of Rome footage
  175. Someone that got Borderlands 2 on Ps3?
  176. Insanity. (amazing limited-time offer 'EA bundle' deal)
  177. Favorite Mass Effect Characters?
  178. Videogame Hall Of Fame
  179. Your Game(s) of the Generation
  180. Favorite Gaming franchise
  181. youtube
  182. Playstation Vita vs Nintendo 3DS vs Droid/iOS
  183. Hey Arkham fans, buy this Batman shirt
  184. Which teams do you play as on FIFA/PES/Football Manager
  185. Best Zelda Game
  186. Who is your favorite character in the Crash Bandicoot series?
  187. Should It Be More Games Where You Can Play As An Antagonist?
  188. Streets of Rage remake (Free PC game)
  189. Which system is "winning" so far this year?
  190. Breath of Fire 6 mobile phones
  191. Ghost Song: "it's like Super Metroid...." = SOLD
  192. X Com: The Bureau interactive video bout scoring caffiene, ditching work, & stealing
  193. Make your perfect game
  194. Left 4 Dead 3 listing spotted during Valve office tour
  195. Favorite Total War Game
  196. Most Anticpiated Game Fall/Holiday 2013...besides GTA V
  197. Most hyped video game ever
  198. Soul Calibur II HD online coming this fall!
  199. Xbox Live Connection Help
  200. WWE 13
  201. Tomb Raider Nex-Gen Sequel confirmed
  202. Is A Red Dead Redemption Sequel Coming?
  203. Dayz
  204. Online poker
  205. GOTY is out now. It has the best new game mechanic ever...PENIS PHYSICS
  206. Red dead redemption 2
  207. Justice league game What is It and who Is in
  208. FORZA or Gran turismo 5 What do you drive
  209. UK's second-biggest supermarket stops stocking Wii U
  210. Half Life 3
  211. Best video game box art of all time?
  212. World of Warcraft
  213. Xbox One and Fifa 14 Release Dates
  214. Fez Dev Tells Media Member To Kill Himself
  215. Lego video games opinions
  216. Favorite Racing games
  217. What is your favourite game ever?!
  218. Next batman game make It ur own
  219. Does Anyone know What NAT3 is or how to fix It on a ps3
  220. Hardest Achievement or Trophy you have ever gone for?
  221. Worst Video Game Franchise...
  222. Game with the best soundtrack
  223. Good News/Bad News: Atlus being sold by parent company
  224. PS4 or XBOX ONE ?
  225. The Elder Scrolls: Online
  226. Club Nintendo Elite Prizes 2013....Thoughts?
  227. Capcom, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?
  228. Desert Bus- The Worst Video Game Ever
  229. Video Games releases, had it not been for certain consoles
  230. Star Citizen
  231. Steam Summer Sale Has Begun!
  232. Need help building a YT Channel
  233. Nintendo offering $30 EShop credits to anyone who bought & registered FE:A and SMTIV
  234. Ryan Davis, Co-Founder of Giantbomb, Dead at 34
  235. Virtua Fighter vs Tekken vs Dead or Alive vs Soul Calibur? Which one is better?
  236. Game Crossovers You Wanna See In 2013/2014
  237. Fallout 3 or Fallout New Vegas - which did you prefer?
  238. New Gaming Channel - Help a bro out!
  239. Crysis 3 or Tomb Raider?
  240. The Craziest Pokemon Fan Theories!
  241. Steam Summer Sale content leaked?
  242. The 10 most disturbing pokemon!
  243. Anger management
  244. Does anyone else get a feeling of loss when they finish a video game they loved?
  245. The Walking Dead 400 discussion
  246. Cube world - NOW OPEN TO PUBLIC
  247. Playing games without the disc.
  248. Don Mattrick leaving Microsoft for Zynga
  249. Uncharted series - which one was the best?
  250. Unpopular Opinions
  251. The PS3 Game Share Thread
  252. Saints Row 2 or GTA IV?
  253. Which video game would you like to be made into a movie?
  254. Ellen Page says Naughty Dog "ripped off" her likeness
  255. Deadpool
  256. Really Dumb AI needs to be addressed in the upcoming 8th generation of gaming
  257. Top 5 Favorite superhero games?
  258. Saints Row IV - Banned in Aus!?
  259. Top 15 video games of all time
  260. Resident Evil 4
  261. Most Overrated Game?
  262. Can someone help get some microsoft points
  263. Telltales' TWD Question
  264. Super Smash Bros.
  265. Games you were hyped up for but was disappointed?
  266. The Sims 4 Discussion
  267. Microsoft to Pull Complete Reversal on Xbox One DRM Policies..
  268. State Of Decay
  269. Wrestling Forum Gamenight
  270. What 3-4 games from more than 10 years ago would you most like to see get a remake
  271. So the X Box 1 (XBone) sucks. You're in charge. Fix the problem
  272. Rome Total War II
  273. PES 2014
  274. Favorite video game developers currently.
  275. Which console will you buy?
  276. Are you looking most forward to GTA V or Watch Dogs?
  277. Anyone beaten Witcher 2's Dark Mode? Need help with the dark armors
  278. Final Fantasy 15 (Formerly known as Versus)
  279. Halo 5 Reveal Discussion Thread
  280. Official E3 Thread
  281. Daylight PS4 Trailer
  282. Dying Light; Mirror's Edge Meets Dead Island
  283. NBA 2K14
  284. New Zealand man chooses jail over Xbox
  285. Is Virtual Reality gaming at home finally here?
  286. E3 is a week away now......three things you want to see
  287. Marvel Heroes [F2P Diablo-like MMO]
  288. The Last of Us
  289. Will You Be Getting A Wii U This Holiday Season Or A Different Console?
  290. ET Game legend may be proven
  291. The PS4 Thread
  292. Favorite thing about Supermario 64
  293. If you could only pick one game..
  294. Why does everyone hate on Nintendo???
  295. Humble Bundle 8 is out, pay what you want for cheap gamez [Amazon friendly]
  296. Sidequest discovered in FFIX thirteen years after release
  297. 1200 Microsoft points for 4.99
  298. Fallout 4 - What do you want to see?
  299. Neo Geo X
  300. Favourite Mortal kombat Game
  301. GRID 2 Offers World's Most Expensive Video Game of ALL TIME!
  302. Favorite console
  303. Rumor: Mirror's Edge 2 Will Be Shown At E3; Listing Spotted On Amazon Germany
  304. Atari May Be Sharing The Fate Of THQ Soon; Auctioning Off IPs To Avoid Bankruptcy
  305. Are You More Of A Nintendo Fanboy Or PlayStation Fanboy?
  306. How Will Video Games Evolve In 10 Years?
  307. Xbox One Has NO Chance Against The PS4
  308. Xbox One/PS4 fanboy showdown to the DEATH!
  309. Last Game That You Couldn't Put Down?
  310. Xbox 720 will have porn
  311. New Project X Zone trailer
  312. Best soundtrack in a game
  313. Best Final Missions/Boss Fights in Gaming?
  314. Microsoft are getting rid of Microsoft Points
  315. Video Game enemies in the real world.
  316. Daily first impression videos of upcoming games
  317. Nintendo Enforces Copyright on Youtube
  318. Capcom: What the hell happened?
  319. EA Does away with Online Pass System
  320. Metro: Last Light
  321. Dixie Carter Say "Magnus Could Be The Future Of TNA
  322. Scribblenauts meets the DC Universe
  323. Gran Turismo 6 coming this holiday
  324. What ideas - story or gameplay - have not been used in gaming that you'd like to see?
  325. Who Was Your Favorite Character On The Original Walking Dead Game?
  326. Splinter Cell: Blacklist brings back "Spies vs Mercs" = GOTY?
  327. Grand Theft Auto V, Saints Row IV, or Watch_Dogs?
  328. Scariest Gaming Moments?
  329. FYI for any 3DS owners: Target is clearancing off Resident Evil: Revelations for $10
  330. Does anyone here play Dota 2?
  331. Saints Row 4?
  332. I want to get a PS3
  333. Opinions on Bioshock Infinite ending? *Will be spoilers*
  334. Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon
  335. Fan made remakes
  336. Kid rapes his mother, then kills her, for taking away Call of Duty
  337. Any 2 Day, 7 Day or 14 Day xbox live trials spare?
  338. New X Box is called "Fusion"
  339. Call of duty ghosts - The ghosts are real.
  340. Settlers of Catan
  341. Favorite boss fight of all time?
  342. Favorite Mario Nintendo character?
  343. Theme Park Studio
  344. Tomb Raider question for new game.....
  345. FarCry 3 Blood Dragon (aka GOAT)
  346. Have you ever pirated a video game?
  347. Just an FYI: Class of Heroes 2 (for PSP and VITA) presale is April 29 - May 8 ONLY
  348. Watch Dogs: 19th November 2013
  349. BEYOND: Two Souls
  350. Grid 2
  351. PS3 Help
  352. Lets reminisce Goldeneye 64
  353. nhl 13
  354. Will mobile games ever kill dedicated gaming handhelds?
  355. Grand Theft Auto V Circle-Jerk Thread NO SPOILERS
  356. Favorite driving game
  357. Call of duty
  358. Red dead redemption
  359. Help building a PC gaming rig
  360. XCOM: The Bureau - 3rd person shooter, origin story, August 20th 2013
  361. New Tennage Mutant Ninja Turtle game looks....kinda good
  362. Greatest gaming moment...
  363. Soo - Nintendo dropped the ball with Wii U? How do YOU fix the problem?
  364. You can now order Pizza Hut from your Xbox 360
  365. Injustice just came out last week for $60...Toys R Us has it for $35 next week!
  366. Why in the world is WWE 13 still 59.99?
  367. Dead Island: Riptide is just fucking terrible
  368. New Nintendo 3DS games coming up soon....I'm shocked
  369. New Xbox will be revealed May 21st
  370. Has there been any video games that changed your life?
  371. Darksiders, Destroy All Humans, and Other IPs Find New Homes
  372. Trade-in $20 of games/acc./hardware to Amazon, get bonus $20!
  373. Nintendo of Europe giving 3DS owners a free game with purchase of select 3
  374. Why is there no decent soccer/football game?
  375. Original Bioshock or Bioshock Infinite - Columbia or Rapture?
  376. Fighting Games
  377. Do you like Ps1 era RPG games? The Black Tower is for you
  378. Dead Island Riptide Discussion Thread
  379. Favourite multiplayer games.
  380. 5 Year Old Spends $2,570 on an iPad Game
  381. The Evil Within
  383. Guacamelee!
  384. A Link to the past 2!
  385. Stupid Things you have done while playing games?
  386. New Xbox Rumor , online only false?
  387. Playstation 4 release date - October 17th 2013
  388. Injustice gods among us
  389. Management Simulation Games
  390. Brand New Legend Of Zelda IP Announced For Nintendo 3DS
  391. FIFA 14 revealed
  392. Man invents "device" that has 15 classic consoles - all in one
  393. New ALL-DAY SPECIAL Nintendo Direct tomorrow...expect lots of awesome
  394. Top British Video Game Character
  395. THE OFFICIAL Two Best Friends Play thread.
  396. Did The Wii U Sabotage Itself?
  397. PlayStation 4 Design Question.
  398. Dark Souls II
  399. Crusader Kings II (mostly Game of Thrones mod)
  400. Any good 3DS games?
  401. Batman Arkham Orgins Announced; Releases October 25
  402. Luigi's Mansion 2: Dark Moon
  403. Next Xbox features an AMD x86 chip, making backwards compatibility difficult
  404. Explain how to fix nat3 on ps3
  405. Best football/soccer game ever?
  406. Divinity: Original Sin
  407. You guys should check out Mark of the Ninja
  408. Disney closes LucasArts and cancels EVERY current project including SW 1313
  409. Is there a "Be the Booker" app?
  410. Hey, thanks for making the Deadpool game. You're fired...all 40 of you
  411. Two of the best games of 2012 now $7.50 each (50% off) on XBLA
  412. Thief 4
  413. We need to talk about Bioshock Infinite's story (EVERY SPOILER POSSIBLE INSIDE)
  414. Battlefield 4 HYPE
  415. Company of Heroes 2
  416. Wasteland 2
  417. Who is your favorite video game protagonist?
  418. New review blog
  419. PES 2013 - Discussion thread
  420. Madden 25 Cover Vote
  421. METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN revealed (actually, Ground Zeroes + PP)
  422. Battlefield 4 screenshot leak
  423. Team Fortress 3 New Characters?
  424. OMG Outlast!; Amnesia With A Little Bit Of Mirror's Edge
  425. Dragon's Crown for PS Vita has my attention - some sick animations
  426. Infinite Crisis Trailer (DC Comic)
  427. Double Fine Adventure title revealed
  428. Awesome News for any DuckTales fans
  429. Capcom announces the remake of Ducktales!
  430. injustice
  431. Metal Gear Solid 5 trailer
  432. Come Play Sim City, my Lord.
  433. If you love Disney's retro games.....DuckTales Remastered is on the way.
  434. Defiance
  435. Fallout 3 and Skyrim = Adventure Games
  436. BF 4 Teaser Released
  437. First Bioshock Infinite review is out...GOTYC
  438. Final Fantasy 7 and 8 on PC or PSN
  439. Ascend beta
  440. Indie Steam Spring Sale
  441. Richard " Lord British " Garriott Arrogant or mental
  442. TMNT: Out Of The Shadows Pre-Alpha Gameplay!
  443. In case you've been living under a rock, The Walking Derp is the best game of 2013
  444. Transistor - "from the creators of Bastion"
  445. SuperHero games that should be made/remade
  446. What do u perfer, Single Player Story Mode or Multiplayer?
  447. RPG corner
  448. What do u wanna see in the next batman game
  449. IGN gets exclusive Bioshock review?
  450. Xbox LIVE adds Redbox
  451. Far Cry 3 ending *SPOILERS*
  452. Game with the most replayablity and life you've played?
  453. Gears of War: "Judgment" is out in almost 24 hours now...
  454. Nvidia trashes ps4
  455. Why retailers are slashing Wii U prices
  456. Let's talk about Fallout 4 and what we want to see in the next Fallout game...
  457. Saints Row IV Debut Trailer; Looks Like it's The Final Game In The Series
  458. Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix Screenshots (Sony)
  459. OUYA is going to be the best console ever
  460. Whats your favorite Video game
  461. PS3 Issue (Flashing red light)
  462. So I got sent a 3DS XL
  463. Walking dead achievements
  464. Danish TV channel apologises for mistaking Assassin's Creed for Syria
  465. Code Veronica Confusion
  466. Downloadable Star Wars MMOFPS Was/Is In The works Before Disney Buyout?
  467. What is/are your favourite 2D fighting game series?
  468. Dreamfall: The Longest Journey sequel next year
  469. Game Of the Year Prediction
  470. SimCity Shows the Dark Side of Online Gaming
  471. Dust 514
  472. ArmA 3
  473. Soupbro isn't hyped for Bioshock Infinite...lets change that
  474. Sim City launch a complete disaster
  475. PETA Attacks Assasins Creed
  476. Early God Of War Ascension Reviews
  477. The Walking Dead Season 2 Scheduled For Fall 2013
  478. Nice - next gen THIEF game images leaked - Garrett is back! 2014 release
  479. Inside details of Xbox 720 seemingly emerge, point to no Blu-ray player
  480. Breaking: Dead Space Cancelled Following Poor Sales From Third Game?
  481. Open World Resident Evil?
  482. Killzone for the PS Vita - on a TV too
  483. games that could use a reboot
  484. Dota and Dota 2?
  485. Study: 4.6 percent of developers making Wii U games
  486. Madden 13 Ultimate Teams
  487. EA / Xbox Partnership
  488. What types/genre of games do you enjoy the most?
  489. UFC 3 vs EA MMA: Which should i get?
  490. Rumor Has It AC IV Will Be Pirate Themed
  491. Any Arkham City fans? Sequel?
  492. The Emotional Price of Making Video Games
  493. Next generation systems could kill off struggling Wii U console
  494. Tomb Raider
  495. March is shaping up to beone of the most badass months ever for gaming
  496. Final Fantasy Dimensions for iOS is the best Final Fantasy game since FFIX
  497. Crysis 3; yay or nay
  498. Metal Gear Rising discussion
  499. IGN sees massive layoffs: closes, Ugo and Gamespy websites
  500. PS4 hardware design not finalized
  501. Crysis 3 Look a like
  502. PlayStation 4 Event Discussion Thread
  503. Are Gamers Waiting for the New Consoles, or Have They Moved On?
  504. Store sells Wii U bundle with Wii games
  505. Kind of late, but Nintendo announces some new 3DS games, bundles, and FREE game
  506. With only 5 hours of notice...Sony is streamimg an event about the Vita
  507. Destiny: The Newest First Person Shooter For Xbox and Playstation
  508. Games that defined a console
  509. Destiny (New Bungie IP) artwork unveiled accidentially
  510. The Walking Dead game! Based off the comic books.
  511. Headsets
  512. PlayStation 4 will stream PlayStation 3 games - Report
  513. Let's talk about droid/iphone games (Final Fantasy for the phone? and it's good?)
  514. Wii U sells a dismal 57,000 units in January
  515. Second PS4 controller image emerges
  516. Female Gears of War protagonist 'hard to justify' says Epic
  517. [VIDEO] Elder Scrolls Online Trailer + Armor Concepts
  518. How would you do it? - Wonder Woman Video Game
  519. Xbox Exec Says PS4 Announcement Won't Get Noticed By UK Majority
  520. DOS GAMES
  521. Desert Island discs
  522. With all these horrible rumors about the X720 and PS4...
  523. No hope for next-gen consoles?
  524. One Of 2009's Best Games Finally Comes To PC Via Steam!
  525. Best Video Game Love Stories
  526. $60 horror games a tough sell
  527. GameStop to close 250 stores in 2013
  528. Wii U needs blockbuster to spark sales
  529. Still Want Aliens: Colonal Marines Trololololol
  530. Warner Bros. Investor Confirms Third Batman Arkham Game For 2013 Release?
  531. The Last Of Us possibly delayed 1 month
  532. New Tomb Raider gameplay video is fantastic; shaping up to be one of the best of 2013
  533. Top 10 NES games ever made
  534. PlayStation 4 analyzed to be twice as capable as the Xbox 720
  535. Xbox 720 requires Kinect?
  536. List games which had music you loved
  537. Who misses the Arcade?
  538. The D.I.C.E. Awards proves why its the awards that gamers should listen to
  539. Durango (X Box 720) and Orbis (Ps4) specs revealed...
  540. Guy buys Wii U, breaks, gets new one, loes all his old games he bought worth $400...
  541. Video Game Related Stuff that is within the public domain
  542. NVIDIA Demos Project Shield
  543. Disc Format Is Probably Going To Die For Games Within The Next Decade Or So
  544. New Xbox - No more used games, require Internet to play
  545. Aliens: Colonial Marines.
  546. More pre owned blocking rumours
  547. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt announced for next gen systems
  548. The Crysis 3 Thread
  549. Looks Like Saints Row 4 And GTA V May Be Going To War This Year
  550. Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time (February 5th): THE RACCOON PACK IS BACK