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Classic Rants

  1. For Those That Asked...
  2. User Rating #10 - Oxi Thrown In the Dumpster Where He Fucking Belongs By Shiv
  3. Gimme More Let's Talk
  4. IDONTSHIV: liar and manipulator
  5. Jack Swagger's wife's sex tape: RIC DAVID
  6. Dib's self-burial in 15 mins (Record setting time)
  7. TNA Section
  8. messi is an obsessed bitch (messi's meltdown)
  9. BULLY's Self-Burial Extravaganza
  10. My first rant!
  11. BULLY? more like PUSSY
  12. Bad Blood aka Waz Perviz aka fucking piece of trash.
  13. The LINK Meltdown Discussion Thread
  15. Lexie Discussion Thread
  16. I'll stop making my threads.
  17. Whake - Stay or Ban You Decide
  18. HUMBLED.
  19. Travis get in here right now young man
  20. Klebold needs to go back to Columbine and resume his homosexual activities
  21. Cerbs, time to explain yourself BRO
  22. Raven Ryder twitter update thread
  23. Platt: Ultimate Forum [email protected]
  24. Breaking News: Local Wrestling Fan Contemplates Suicide
  25. Austin 101's Crap - Moved from DVD thread.
  26. Fallout: TG Tournament Match - invincible vs. gmkhercules vs. Austin101
  27. JOY~! & PLH now known as the last gimmick rant hopefully
  28. Biggest Marks on this forum?
  29. Wrestling Sections = Ridiculous and full of dried up cum
  30. Okay I think it's time for the losers to go back to the TTT thread
  31. CM Skittle(Hypocritical Parasite
  32. Resident Evil on Wrestling Forum
  33. Plagiarism - Rock Bottom 3:16
  34. Hannah Hardy Plagiarized Her Way To Popularity - by M.W. (credit to Wes_FR as well)
  35. WF In General.
  36. Some of the guys on here are so pathetic
  37. Michigan Mike: Born with a small penis so he enjoys the company of big penises
  38. LOL
  39. David and Platt suck balls!
  40. Jobber101 and a Few Others who Deserve Embarrassment
  41. Right...
  42. Vertical Scope and their tech team
  43. Best Rep Comment Ever
  44. Homosexual talk on Wrestling Forum.
  45. Ok which mod / member or admin is out to get me?
  46. People who have cyber sex
  47. I've never hated a presidential candidate more than.....
  48. Platt
  49. What's another year?
  50. I think I'm going to be grounded
  51. Screw You WARNING.BOT!
  52. Killa Cali: The Big Meanie
  53. Man up Mr Perfect ,Man Up
  54. Ghetto Anthony, Seek Help
  55. SD and CaliGula present 'Smoke and Mirrors' - The False Career of Joe Kills All
  56. WEForums
  57. Stevienightheat1 has done it again......
  58. I'm a fucking dead man, someone please help!
  59. Nitemare why you ban me? you fag get in here bitch
  60. Game 555 get in here you little bitch
  61. Guys after Chelsey
  62. Fuck you mods