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  1. Thoughts on Kane’s cameo?
  2. Vince decides it is time to bury Cedric
  3. Why are some people bashing the ending of RAW?
  4. Vince, Trips, and Dunn weren't at RAW
  5. WWE's FOTC shitting his pants after seeing Bray in a clown mask - Yes or No
  6. Beta Cuck Mike
  7. That chair battle segment..
  8. Paul Heyman Ran Raw Solo This Week, Vince McMahon & Kevin Dunn Not at Show
  9. Rusev... OK
  10. Alexa has to be a face or tweener now?
  11. All Hail KING CORBIN!!
  12. Tamina returns at house show
  13. 09/16 RAW Discussion Thread: A New King Will Be Crowned
  14. Do people actually chant for Fiend when he shows up?
  15. Something that no one is bringing up
  16. What's next for The Big Braun Show?
  17. Here's how I would book The Fiend's route to WM
  18. Wyatt HAS to win at HIAC.
  19. Baron Corbin Responds To Talent Blaming WWE For Their Failures
  20. HHH needs to stop playing "uncle" to Corbin
  21. Rate the Current Superstar: Bray Wyatt edition
  22. Bret Hart Has Big Praise For Drew McIntyre And Becky Lynch
  23. Sasha Banks On Taking a Step Back From WWE After WrestleMania, Reuniting With Bayley
  24. Kurt Angle now a Producer for Raw
  25. Aint it about time R Truth moves away from the 24/7 Title?
  26. King of the Ring Finals on "RAW" next week instead of Clash of Champions
  27. AJ Styles Has Been Awesome As a Heel
  28. Corbin is over.
  29. The idea of an AJ/Stone Cold feud is intriguing now huh?
  30. How come nobody is talking about Roode and AJ being on the same team?
  31. Rey Mysterio is consistently one of the best parts of RAW
  32. Braun Strowman is boring as hell.
  33. Corbin is in the finals
  34. I seriously don't get this Cedric push
  35. If I were Joe I’d retire, and then show up in AEW
  36. The Great Khali in MSG would be cool
  37. Superstar hints they will be at RAW
  38. The Four Horsewomen Collide: Too Soon??
  39. Drew McIntyre Out Of Action With Injury
  40. The Fiend is Losing at HiAC.
  41. Wyatt hints at attacking Stone Cold tonight
  42. Rate the Current Superstar: Cedric Alexander edition
  43. WWE Files For Bray Wyatt, Sasha Banks, And Braun Strowman Trademark
  44. Sarah Logan Is Tired Of Being On WWE Main Event and Wants to Destroy Dana Brooke on Raw
  45. 09/09 Raw Discussion Thread: Stone Cold set to moderate Universal Championship contract signing
  46. In the latest Observer, Dave mentions how WWE has relaxed a bit on scripting all the promos word-for-word.
  47. To this day I don't understand the way WWE is handling EC3
  48. Raw is getting a new look for the draft ?
  49. R Truth should win Universal Title.
  50. WWE RAW Nominated For People's Choice Award
  51. Why is Styles always pushed but not Joe?
  52. Rate the Current Superstar: Bobby Roode edition
  53. Braun Strowman threw a table over AJ Styles
  54. Apparently Ricochet needs his knees smashed with a blunt object to sell being hurt
  55. Becky Lynch gives Stone Cold Steve Austin a Stone Cold Stunner
  56. WWE course corrected well with Sasha Banks
  57. Are they seriously never going to do anything with Cesaro
  58. Bayley attacks Becky!
  59. So is The Fiend taking the gold NOW?
  60. Where is Bobby Lashley?
  61. What is WWE's obsession with doing contract signings?
  62. Brock Lesnar vs The Fiend - Survivor Series?
  63. Who gave Ronda Rousey her best match?
  64. Big Banter Corbin shits on the smarks
  65. 09/02 Raw Discussion Thread: King of the Ring quarterfinal matches begin
  66. What becomes of Raw when SmackDown hits Fox?
  67. Is Braun done?
  68. Rate the Current Superstar: Ricochet edition
  69. The OC...
  70. Seth Rollins Tops The 2019 PWI 500 List
  71. Natalya denies report that WWE was given permission to use line about her Dad
  72. Drew McIntyre Reveals Triple H and William Regal Brought Him Back to WWE
  73. Sasha shouldn't win the belt
  74. This is what should've happened between Seth and Braun..
  75. The Fiend challenging for the title?
  76. WWE Reportedly Considered AOP Return For Last Night's RAW
  77. Corbin talks being a top heel/the workhorse
  78. Lets just accept it, WWE doesn't know what to do with the Fiend.
  79. Could a three hour gauntlet match be viable?
  80. Really? Alexander over Cesaro?
  81. Well, Looks like Vince Has Lost All Faith in Drew McIntyre
  82. Sasha Turns Heel, Still Can't Cut a Great Promo
  83. Steve Austin Announced For RAW From Madison Square Garden
  84. Why doesn't WWE do RAW Roulette anymore?
  85. Braun Strowman's Contract ALMOST EXPIRED, Crocs, Tearing Stuff Up
  86. Dash Wilder Wants Cathy Kelley To Be The Revival & Randy Orton's Valet
  87. 08/26 Raw Discussion Thread: King of the Ring action continues with two huge matches
  88. Rate the Current Superstar: EC3 edition
  89. Bayley Vs. Nikki Cross Announced For This Monday's WWE RAW
  90. R Truth is the new 24/7 Champion
  91. Steve Austin Praises Seth Rollins, Wants Him To Turn Up The "Entertainment Factor"
  92. Ronda Rousey returning around the Royal Rumble ?
  93. Becky & Seth are engaged
  94. Who does AJ Styles feud with now?
  95. Nia Jax deletes her twitter account. Removes WWE from her Instagram bio.
  96. So who are Alexa & Nikki facing next? What will happen with the Women's Tag Team Titles?
  97. Randy and The Revival
  98. Sasha Banks needed to drop a pipe bomb
  99. Why take the titles off the OC?
  100. Ricochet is boring
  101. New Raw Tag Team Champions: Rollins two belts
  102. If The Fiend had a stable, who do you think should be part of it?
  103. Cesaro Says He's Been Left With Empty Void After Sheamus Split
  104. This whole Rollins/Strowman thing is obviously leading to Strowman's heel turn, isn't it?
  105. WWE possibly toning down The Fiend
  106. Braun Strowman Says He And Brock Lesnar Laughed Off Real Punch From Royal Rumble 2018
  107. Should Raw go back to the retro red white and blue ring design for a while?
  108. Am I missing something with Gallows & Anderson?
  109. 08/19 RAW Discussion Thread: The King of the Ring Tournament Begins
  110. Lacey Evans and Dana Brooke Exchange Barbs on Twitter, Brooks Calls Evans ‘Classless Trash’
  111. The Fiend?
  112. Braun Strowman says the powers that be aren’t ready for him to hold a title
  113. Becky Lynch: ‘If You Can’t Hack It Get Your Freaking Jacket’
  114. WWE reportedly planning to merchandise the head lantern
  115. Becky's belt
  116. Suddenly the Cruiserweights are main eventing RAW?
  117. Rollins/Styles Hell in a Cell match?
  118. Are they turning McIntyre babyface?
  119. AJ Styles Responds To CM Punk Chants At RAW (Video)
  120. Nikki Bella Wants To Face Becky Lynch
  121. Did Lacey and Corbin get punished?
  122. What is it about AJ Styles matches that are not clicking when they should be huge matches
  123. Are we ready for Fiend and Demon to headline next year's Wrestlemania?
  124. Do you see the Fiend ever using the Heal glove?
  125. WWE Monday Night Raw Starring Brock Lesnar
  126. AJ vs. Braun For the US Title Next Week
  127. Lacey Evans Takes Shots At Sasha Banks, Banks Addresses Becky Lynch Interview After RAW Return
  128. Are they planting seeds for heel Rey Mysterio?
  129. Sasha Banks returns. Attacks Becky Lynch in steel chair assault.
  130. That black door behind Stone Cold
  131. King of the Ring Tournament
  132. Is Ricochet a geek?
  133. Paul Heyman Confirms No WWE Universal Title Rematch For Brock Lesnar
  134. If The Fiend beats The Demon clean...
  135. Is it time to admit that Rollins sucks in the ring?
  136. The Fiend is awesome
  137. Rate the Current Superstar: Naomi edition
  138. Way to ruin Brock’s aura
  139. Ziggler is GOLD
  140. 8/12 RAW Discussion Thread: Rollins Slayed The Beast
  141. Seth Rollins vs. The Fiend potential feud
  142. Officially done with the company
  144. Porn star who resembles Becky using her name for clicks
  145. Becky Lynch cuts promo on Sasha Banks
  146. State of RAW after SummerSlam
  147. Dolph Ziggler vs The Miz - Who is the overall better wrestler in your opinion?
  148. Jimmy Uso unable to cross border to Canada due to DUI arrest, Usos pulled from all Summerslam appearances
  149. Women’s Tag Title Match And The Miz vs Dolph Ziggler Announced For Raw After SummerSlam
  150. Lacey Evans Thinks The Legends Should Stay Gone From WWE
  151. Who should play Bray Wyatt's new theme song?
  152. Report on Vince McMahon’s Feelings About the Women’s Tag Team Titles
  153. The Fiend using the Mandible Claw
  154. Natalya Didn’t Know If She Could Keep Wrestling After Her Father’s Death
  155. Rate the Current Superstar: Alicia Fox edition
  156. Ruby Riott Undergoes Second Surgery Today
  157. Should Samoa Joe turn Face
  158. Report: Heyman plans on using Goldberg as a special attraction for RAW
  159. Steve Austin Says Becky Lynch May Be Having The Best Premier Run Of Any Woman In Wrestling History
  160. Samoa Joe On Why He Helped Roman Reigns Following Car Attack On RAW, Reigns Comments
  161. Seth Rollins should be Goldberg's opponent after the Dolph Ziggler match is done with
  162. The RAW Truth with Seth Rollins
  163. So happy the cringeworthy IIconics lost
  164. Samoa Joe's actions on Raw
  165. Did anyone else Mark out when Goldberg said Your next?
  166. Bray Wyatts new Finisher
  167. Pretty sure this was everyone’s reaction to Seth Rollins “acting” during the Brock beatdown
  168. Let's talk about the Viking Raiders
  169. Could Samoa Joe Turn Over A New Leaf?
  170. Seth Rollins returning so soon...
  171. 4 way tag title match may be Worst Match of the Year in WWE
  172. I think Rollins is done
  173. Kane Advertised For Raw Live Events This Month
  174. Is this Dolph’s career send off?
  175. 4 way elimination women's tag team title match
  176. Becky & Charlotte vs. Trish & Natalya
  177. Does Brock keep the title as long as last time?
  178. Lacey Evans puts a liberal troll in their place on Twitter
  179. Seth Rollins Explains Why Intergender Wrestling Isn’t Realistic, Doesn’t Think Negativity on Social Media Is Productive
  180. Samoa Joe is the new Bray Wyatt when it comes to booking.
  181. "Drew McIntyre can't talk"
  182. 08/05 RAW Discussion Thread: BROCK PARTY THAT ROCKS THE BODY
  183. Report: Heyman convinced Vince to drop the no wrestling during commercials
  184. Kaitlyn's ex-husband says Seth Rollins sent her nudes while they were married
  185. What really killed Drew McIntyre in his first run?
  186. If Nikki doesn’t turn on Alexa at some point, then they’re just wasting her talent.
  187. Top five people in the company now that personally connect with you.
  188. Two Matches Locally Advertised for Next Week’s Raw in Pittsburgh
  189. The Rock Says Drew McIntyre Could Be Next Big WWE Superstar
  190. 'Inactive' Raw Superstar set for three-month absence
  191. Do you think Rollins has earned the backlash he’s been getting?
  192. Could Ziggler get a World title run out of this?
  193. Last night’s Raw viewership the lowest for all of July
  194. RAW was the heaviest Paul Heyman influenced show to date
  195. Vince McMahon is a Genius, Likely Smarter than You
  196. Becky Lynch criticizes WWE's portrayal of her relationship
  197. The gauntlet match was designed to `make new stars'
  198. Promo of the Century!
  199. I really enjoyed watching Zayn job in less than 30 seconds
  200. Maria is trashhh
  201. Alexa vs Becky set for Raw. Dana says use other women for Becky.
  202. Final opponents for wrestlers
  203. An idea for refs
  204. Rate the Current Superstar: Dana Brooke edition
  205. 07/29 Raw Thread: A SOPHISTICATED SHOW
  206. Why Bret Hart Turned Down The WWE RAW Reunion Offer
  207. Seth Rollins talks social media and trolls
  208. Stone Cold’s Raw Reunion cameo caused a huge spike in Broken Skull IPA sales
  209. AJ Styles on Seth Rollins defending WWE.
  210. Seth Rollins On Why He's Standing Up For WWE, Says Using Becky Lynch Relationship On TV Was Not Easy
  211. Baron Corbin Is the First WWE Performer This Year To Hit 100 Matches
  212. X-Pac and Scott Hall objected to burying The Club on RAW Reunion and overruled
  213. I don't understand Vince's Love for Rollins
  214. Should Bray 'the Muscleman' character wrestle??
  215. Are we watching Paul Heymans Raw yet ??
  216. Alundra Blayze Takes Shots At Lacey Evans Over WWE Legends Diss
  217. Well we know where the power lies now BROTHERS
  218. News On Why Sid Vicious Wasn't At WWE RAW Reunion
  219. In retrospect was Rousey the main reason the women's title was the main event??
  220. Sheamus planning career change?
  221. When Roman Said To Joe "We're From The Same Island"
  222. Seeing Stone Cold at Raw Reunion made me realise how much WWE missed the ship with Moxley
  223. Did Alicia Fox retire ?
  224. Dave Meltzer pm WOR: The original idea for RAW was for DX to give a big rub to Ricochet and present him as the next big thing but his elbow is injured
  225. WWE Writers Reportedly Dealt With Medical-Related Issues At RAW Reunion
  226. Give WWE Women A Chance Broke Out Again On Twitter
  227. An AJ/HBK tease?
  228. Why would The Rock miss out on being a part of Raw Reunion?
  229. Why not Becky Lynch vs Alundra Blayze?
  230. Rollins is a dweeb compared to Austin
  231. Why is Natalya getting another title match at Summerslam?
  232. Austin running the ropes post RAW
  233. Braun and others in WWE squashing locals
  234. These Reunion Shows Highlight the Problem: There's No Real "STARS" on the Roster
  235. Randy Orton deserves much better!
  236. Seth and the cliq and nwo rub??
  237. How far do you expect the 24/7 title to last honestly
  238. Becky's Boyfriend the new Suffering Succotash.
  239. WWE has officially killed my interest
  240. Lacey Evans Will Appear on Lifetime TV Series Military Makeover
  241. WWE Still Needs Brock Lesnar
  242. Is Brock Lesnar being featured more?
  243. Rate the Current Superstar: Drew McIntyre edition
  244. Let's talk Corbin
  245. RAW Reunion Discussion Thread
  246. Lacey Evans Shares Inspirational Story About Her Health
  247. Has anyone noticed Ziggler's body shrinking over the past few years?
  248. Why is EC3 so wasted?
  249. Seth Rollins On Now Being Separated From Becky Lynch In The WWE Storylines, Admits Becky Is Tougher Than Him, Bray Wyatt's New Gimmick
  250. Finn Balor's inaugural Universal Championship Reign
  251. Best Raw after WrestleMania
  252. Baron Corbin And Sol Cal Val Twitter Exchange On Who Turned Down Who
  253. What’s your favorite Seth Rollins quote?
  254. Seth Rollins On Why It’s ‘Cool’ to Hate on WWE, Talks Becky Lynch Taking Baron Corbin’s Finisher, Talks Brock Lesnar and Raw Reunion
  255. Paul Heyman Reportedly Looking To Change How Promos Are Done On WWE RAW
  256. HBK is doing commentary on Tuesday
  257. Backstage news on what Paul Heyman wants to change in WWE
  258. Vince McMahon very happy with Drake Maverick’s 24/7 Title segments
  259. Seth Rollins Says Critics Are Jealous Of His Relationship With Becky Lynch, Praises Baron Corbin And Becky Lynch
  260. Strowman signs on the dotted line
  261. Lacey Evans Discusses Being a Role Model Despite Being a Heel, Dealing With Her Own Struggles in Life
  262. Lacey Evans classy act like a lady with gimmick is getting more trashy and trashy
  263. 10 things I learned from Raw
  264. Good golly they are blowing it
  265. So what was up with that Miz/Ziggler segment?
  266. Everyone Who Complained About Lacey....
  267. It Would Be Great To See Ronda Return Next Week
  268. Wait a sec, did Becky diss Seth on air last night??
  269. They should do Becky/Corbin down the road
  270. Michael Cole "just bring it" announce style
  271. They seriously went with Natayla over Alexa!
  272. Corbin and Lacey/ Rollins and Becky mess
  273. Can we talk about the Street Profits problem
  274. Smh looks like there will be another bad rerun......
  275. Alexa Bliss Voices Displeasure of the Crowd during 4-Way Match
  276. WWE has no one to turn to for an audible.
  277. Bray Wyatt is back
  278. Are fans too harsh on Lesnar?
  279. Fatal 4 Way to decide who faces Becky Lynch at SummerSlam for Raw Women's Title
  280. Cross Brand All-Star Top 10 Battle Royal
  281. Live sex celebration segment set for tonight’s WWE Monday Night Raw?
  282. Who should Bray feud with first?
  283. Officially on the Corbin train
  284. Bork's oldest son begins WWE training
  285. Would you rather Alexa be a singles competitor or be in a tag team with Nikki?
  286. It’s criminal how undervalued Cesaro is
  287. Bork fun fact
  288. Is the 24-7 title a hide and seek only belt?
  289. I Hope SummerSlam Main Event Ends Up Being A Fatal Four Way
  290. 7/15 Raw Thread: BROCK PARTY TIME
  291. Who would you rather have won the Universal Title at Extreme Rules?
  292. Monday Night Raw Ticket Price Before Rollins Lost and After
  293. JR turns down RAW reunion
  294. Paul Heyman as On Screen GM/Commissioner
  295. What's Next for Seth Rollins?
  297. WWE RAW Reunion 7/22/19 promo; reports/rumors
  298. The problem with Becky and Rollins is that they are not in the midcard.
  299. Guest hosts are back baby!!!
  300. Do you like Bray Wyatt's Fiend mask?
  301. Becky Lynch says being "The Man" is empowering
  302. Becky Lynch to Stephanie McMahon: “We should fight sometime"
  303. Ronda Rousey
  304. So who do you think helps Ricochet??
  305. 2015 Seth Rollins vs 2019 Seth Rollins
  306. Has the "Becky's Man" storyline given Rollins an excuse?
  307. The curious case of Sami Zayn
  308. Ok enough! GIVE ME BRAY!
  309. Why is Sasha coming back?
  310. Were there any Bray Wyatt references on Raw?
  311. Thoughts on REY getting squashed?
  312. Does anyone think Bobby Lashley can be next opponent for Seth Rollins at SummerSlam
  313. WWE have made it official, Seth Rollins’ gimmick is a cuck!
  314. What did you think of Cedric Alexander Main Eventing Raw?
  315. Renee Michelle, WWE next's breakout star
  316. Sarah Logan looking like a Viking Raider
  317. Rollins got new merch
  318. Finally get to see Zelina Vega in action.
  319. The hype of tonight...
  320. If you could, how would you end the Becky/Seth storyline
  321. Brock should cash in at ER and set up a Hell in a Cell match at SummerSlam against Rollins.
  322. Sasha Banks & Bayley dropped Women’s Tag Titles because WWE had plans for The Bella Twins
  323. Is it weird that the main thing I look forward to on Raw are Baron Corbin promos and matches?
  324. 07/08 Raw Discussion Thread - Welcome To Couples Come Wrestle With Me
  325. Is Baron Corbin the most attractive male on the roster?
  326. Rey Mysterio returns to Raw this monday
  327. HHH and Stephanie vs. Seth and Becky?
  328. How big of a star would Ambrose be if he comes back
  329. Was the Lashley-Braun angle segment done right?
  330. Will Bra & Panties Marches come back under Bischoff & Heyman Era?
  331. Ewww apparently Becky and Seth's combined nickname is SECKY
  332. Remember when Lacey Evans was once part of the Forgotten Sons?
  333. Is Roman Reigns now a better babyface than Seth Rollins?
  334. Rate the Current Superstar: Nia Jax edition
  335. The Revival Doing Top Guy Things
  336. Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson have signed their 5 year contracts with WWE
  337. Report – Paul Heyman Very High on Ricochet
  338. AJ too big for the U.S title?
  339. Anyone else miss Dolph and Drew as a team?
  340. What about Sami Zayn now?
  341. Andrade and Zelina challenge Seth and Becky
  342. Would Heyman try to bring Sasha back?
  343. Titantron explosion symbolic
  345. Drake Maverick has eyes for only one Woman -Debuts new 24/7 Plates-
  346. Update on Maria Kanellis Pregnancy Angle; Maria Confirms She's Pregnant Again On Instagram
  347. WWE RAW UK Tapings Cancelled?
  348. Report: Gallows & Anderson may be staying with the company
  349. Told you Becky would be tapping out/pinning the men
  350. WWE Reportedly Working on New Set Design For Raw
  351. Seth and Becky
  352. Braun and Bobby smash through the LED wall!
  353. AJ heel turn. Thoughts?
  354. Maria & Mike vs. Seth & Becky
  355. Kofi looks ridiculous as champion.
  356. Who TF is going to face Seth Rollins at SummerSlam
  357. Bray and his muscle dance
  358. Reason for Bray Wyatt creative freedom?
  359. Who would benefit more from a heel turn - Seth Rollins or Becky Lynch?
  360. Braun Strowman Working Through An Injury
  361. WWE Main Event Recap: Dana Brooke In Action, EC3, Cesaro & Robert Roode Vs. Lucha House Party
  362. 07/01 Raw Discussion Thread: Falls. Count. Anywhere.
  363. I'm not one to say I told U so But
  364. Angle calls Corbin the best heel today
  365. Falls Count Anywhere Match Announced For Monday's RAW
  366. Ronda Rousey's Run in WWE (lets discuss)
  367. Brock Lesnar's WWE Contract Reportedly Expires In 2020
  368. All Raw TV Ratings, Buys, Attendance, Draw Talk Here - THE RATINGS STUFF PART VII - NUMBERZ
  369. With Paul Heyman as Executive Director of Raw, do you think Brock Lesnar will cash-in on Universal Champion
  370. Drew McIntyre Talks People Complaining In WWE, Advice For NXT Stars Struggling On The Main Roster
  371. Abby the Witch and Mercy turn up on Raw
  372. Matt Hardy misses his chance at 7/11 European TV championship run
  373. New team forged at RAW tapings
  374. Corbin can talk, can wrestle, has a decent look....but what's holding him back?
  375. Extreme Rules prediction
  376. Undertaker helping Reigns makes zero sense
  377. So the Deadman clearly wants Redemption
  378. Baron Corbin and Lacey Evans
  379. Raws new format is a disaster already
  380. Does Joe move up now?
  381. Ricochet On Waking Up Hurt From WWE Stomping Grounds
  382. Why did the fans revolt during Rollins vs. Corbin?
  383. Seth Rollins is Bret Hart 2.0 but not as good
  384. If Corbin is an authority figure on RAW, why can't he just strip Rollins off the title and award it to himself?
  385. Drew McIntrye Momentum Is Completely Done
  386. So who does Becky move on to now?
  387. Rate the Current Superstar: Sami Zayn edition
  388. Is Vince's blonde fetish coming to an end?
  389. 6/24 Raw Discussion Thread: The Man Man Fight Together
  390. WTF is up with Seth Rollins? *Keep all discussion here*
  391. Ricochet Vs. AJ Styles?
  392. Sasha Banks' Return
  393. Why did Naomi fall so far from grace?
  394. Styles slated to return to action next week
  395. Alexa Bliss On Her Concussions, Who She's Traveling With, How Her Recent Trip To Saudi Arabia Was
  396. The Club To Reunite?
  397. Drake Maverick New 24/7 Champ
  398. Ricochet has a sex tape leaked
  399. Why does Dolph Ziggler wear the American flag on his tights?
  400. Attitude Era Style Making It's Comeback?
  401. What was the point of that main event last night?
  402. That’s the Reigns we needed from the beginning
  403. Sarah Logan Cuts Viking Promo During Commercial Break On RAW
  404. Did anyone else think Seth’s actions in Raw were borderline heel
  405. Ec3 buried worse than ever
  406. WWE missed out on a golden opportunity tonight
  407. Am i alone in thinking that...
  408. Hidden Messages on Two last Firefly Fun House Promos
  409. Reigns is a 2 time rumble winner?
  410. 06/17 - Raw Discussion Thread - Stomping Their Way To Them Ratings
  411. Fatal Five Way #1 Contender's Match Announced for Raw
  412. WWE House Show Results 6.14.19 – Winnipeg, Manitoba: Seth Rollins Beats Baron Corbin in Headliner (Pics, Video)
  413. Why is the WWE throwing a Pentagram in Wyatt’s new promo ?
  414. Daniel Bryan Announced For Monday's WWE RAW
  415. Baron Corbin To Announce Special Guest Referee For WWE Stomping Grounds Match On RAW
  416. Bray Wyatt Slated To Be At Raw Monday
  417. Nia Jax Provides Updates On Her Recovery
  418. Seth Rollins Reveals That He Would Like To Work With Adam Cole, Johnny Gargano, Velveteen Dream And More
  419. WON: Vince, Stephanie, Triple H and Kevin Dunn were not at Raw or Smackdown this week and Dana Warrior was working hands on with Lacey Evans
  420. The problem with Sami Zayn
  421. Rate the Current Superstar: Tamina edition
  422. Anyone else think Lacey Evans is fucking awful?
  423. Is R-Truth the biggest star in WWE right now?
  424. What's next for AJ Styles?
  425. Rambling Rabbit first inter species match
  426. Was the Rambling Rabbit segment a jab at Jon Moxley?
  427. Roman Reigns is on Raw more than smackdown
  428. Just Turn Alexa Bliss Face For Christ Sake WWE
  429. Bray Wyatt buried Rambling Rabbit
  430. Drew McIntyre Momentum
  431. Why did Scott Dawson wipe the tag title with his ass on Raw?
  432. WWE taking a shot at Chris Jericho?
  433. The IIIconics got a win!....against non WWE talent.
  434. Seth Rollins somehow gets worse with every fucking week
  435. Sasha Banks Films For WWE 2K20 Today
  436. Natalya Ruins Alexa Bliss' Coffee
  437. 06/10 Raw Discussion Thread - Welcome To The Bestest And Most Highest Rated Show On The Tele.
  438. Why doesent she get stick for this?
  439. Becky wants to main event WrestleMania 36
  440. Is it Over for EC3 before it really started?
  441. Rollins, Lesnar, where is it going?
  442. Bray's new Gimmick is amazing.... and here is why.
  443. Cesaro new attire
  444. Rate the Current Superstar: Baron Corbin edition
  445. Rollins heel turn/alligning with Heyman?
  446. Abby the Witch and Rambling Rabbit should unify the tag titles
  447. In 2016 Raw was to exclusively have a Cruiserweight Divison, so what happened?
  448. I feel bad but... Nikki Cross kinda sucks
  449. Cedric Alexander Says He Misses 205 Live
  450. How would you book Bray Wyatt
  451. Have both Rollins and Kofi failed as champions?
  452. Dominic having Mysterio's kolibri the mockingbird gimmick
  453. So all those months of segments from Mojo really paid off didn't they?
  454. I just watched Charlotte vs Lacey Evans can't stop laughing
  455. Wth is the deal with Nikki Cross' character right now?
  456. Can you promise me
  457. Lacey Evans On Getting A Push On WWE's Main Roster, Chaotic WWE TV Days
  458. Hypothetical: Would you use Dominic?
  459. I can't believe they just GAVE Joe the title.
  460. Becky's style of wrestling doesn't match her character at all
  461. "Arm Wrestling Matches?? That's GOOD SHIT"!!
  462. Taker can still cut a promo
  463. Spoilers For This Week’s WWE Main Event
  464. For 2 weeks now Brock was “confirmed” cashing in on Raw...
  465. Why did Cesaro stay so loyal to the WWE?
  466. Overexposing Matches
  467. Ricochet vs Cesaro - Where is it heading to?
  468. Bray’s gimmick is officially ruined
  469. I might get hate for this but I think Becky should have held the two belts just a bit longer.
  470. Rate the Current Superstar: Nikki Cross edition
  471. I hope Baron Corbin beats Rollins and becomes Universal Champion.
  472. 6/3 RAW: IT'S SUCH GOOD SHIT!
  473. U.S. Title
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