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  1. Ricochet Thinks His Feud With Velveteen Dream Could’ve Gone Even Longer
  2. Rate the Current Superstar: Lacey Evans edition
  3. Nia Jax thoughts on Becky
  4. Lacey Evans Learned Of Becky Lynch Feud The Day That They First Got Physical
  5. Alexa Bliss ruled out for MITB
  6. Drew McIntyre on Kurt Angle Helping His Career, Working with Shawn Michaels
  7. Nia Jax Gives Out The Update On How Long She Will Be Out And Will Return Later This Year
  8. Drew McIntyre Praises Roman Reigns As A Leader, Talks Complaining In The WWE Locker Room
  9. Cesaro Says It Was Really Mick Foley’s Idea To Put The Bar Together
  10. Can Someone Please Remind Vince And WWE They Are In Trouble?
  11. Drew McIntyre Says He's Not Finished With Roman Reigns
  12. Braun...
  13. Bray Wyatt's new look...
  14. Becky Lynch gets into twitter fight with Beth Pheonix and Edge(She also confirms she is dating Rollins)
  15. Bobby Lashley Teases Run at Raw Tag Team Titles With Baron Corbin
  16. Rate the Current Superstar: Bobby Lashley edition
  17. Ronda Rousey Talks If WrestleMania Main Event Was Her Biggest Career Moment
  18. Natalya Says Naomi Should Get Another Title Run
  19. The Bobby Roode we miss
  20. Seth Rollins character design is even bad for WWE standards.
  21. 05/13 Raw Discussion Thread - Seth Rollins prepares for AJ Styles as second week of "Wild Card Rule" kicks off
  22. Why The Heck Did WWE Take The Tag Belts From Sasha And Bayley?
  23. Nikki Cross Teases Gimmick Change After WWE Main Event Loss
  24. Lacey Evans Says Main Roster Offers More Stability Than NXT, Talks Hardest Thing About Being a WWE Star
  25. Roman beating Drew clean nearly twice is an even bigger slap and insult to Dean
  26. Roman Reigns And Elias Advertised For Upcoming RAW Handicap Match In June
  27. Sasha Banks Did Not Travel To Europe With RAW Crew
  28. Presale Code needed please
  29. Rate the Current Superstar: Natalya edition
  30. The absence of Ziggler.
  31. I Wasn't Sure Before But Now I'm Positive Sasha And WWE Are Working Us
  32. Is Bray grooming kids?
  33. Natalya Wants to be One of the First Women to Wrestle in Saudi Arabia, Thinks It Would be a Huge Step for the Country and WWE
  34. Braun Strowman interrupting Sami Zayns promo...
  35. Roman Said The McMahon's Lied to the Fans.. But Did they?
  36. What happened to the WOMEN'S REVOLUTION?
  37. Why Did They Never Have Lucha House Party Rules In 6 Mans.
  38. Ucey Hot
  39. The State Of The Raw Tag Team Championships
  40. New wildcard rule is stupid
  41. Spoilers For This Week’s WWE Main Event
  42. WWE is desparately tyng to rework all their BS into a working storyline
  43. Why does Roode have to defeat Richochet AGAIN?
  44. WWE FIRES Head Writer of RAW
  45. What's the best they can do with a Face Miz?
  46. It's Time For A Big Show-Changing Storyline
  47. Keys to the Kingdom - who do you want to see Rollins in a Championship program with?
  48. Mojo Rawley’s new gimmick
  49. Bray Wyatt Says He Hid A Secret Message In Promos From 2015. Can you figure it out?
  50. Down and Out, and Desperate.
  51. Double Main Event Advertised for Raw in Long Island, New York in July
  52. The Big Dog cannot be contained
  53. Mark Henry: Sami Zayn ‘Is The Best Promo In Wrestling’
  54. Bray Wyatt: “I’m Trying to Get Luke Harper on Firefly Funhouse!”
  55. Back Shaving Incident Could Be The First Of Many Humiliations For The Revival
  56. 05/06 Raw Discussion Thread: Styles sets the terms as Universal Title clash approaches
  57. Do you think AJ Styles will Main Event WrestleMania before he retires?
  58. I Don't Think Lio Rush Ever Got A Fair Shot Backstage
  59. Alexa Bliss Talks About A Possible Babyface Turn
  60. Lio Rush Reportedly Turns Down New WWE Offer But Says He's "Broke", Mark Henry Responds, Reby Sky Calls Him A Bitch
  61. Seth Rollins' Obession with Brock Lesnar
  62. Brock Lesnar is expected back sooner rather than later
  63. Lesnar wants to retire at WM36
  64. They need to push Joe as top heel
  65. Is this the most complete we have ever seen Joe?
  66. Did AJ turn heel?
  67. Brock Lesnar is going to have a Universal title match in Saudi Arabia. Isn't he ?
  68. I'm Over Sami Zayn's Character
  69. Seth Rollins On A Possible Rematch For Brock Lesnar, His Goal For 2019, Lesnar Devaluing The Title
  70. Backstage Update on What Led to Lio Rush Getting Pulled From Raw, Talk of Rush Moving Back to NXT
  71. Backstage Update on The Good Brothers Moving to Raw, Plans to Leave WWE Said to be Unchanged
  72. The sad state of the Raw Women's division
  73. Revival shower segment and the social media outcry
  74. General opinions on who's better on the mic between AJ and Seth.
  75. Whats this Sami Zayn thing leading to?
  76. Lacey: Pretty good on the mic
  77. Can Joe Stop With That Shocked Look Every Time He Loses?
  78. WWE Main Event Results this week 4/29/2019
  79. The Revival Reportedly Offered 5-Year, $500,000 Deals From WWE
  80. 04/29 Raw Discussion Thread - Usual Load Of Bollocks
  81. Corbin makes dreams come true
  82. Does Miz deserve another World Title reign?
  83. Do you think Seth Rollins vs Brock Lesnar will be Universal title match at Saudi Arabia show in June
  84. Could Brock Lesnar vs Seth Rollins rematch happen at SummerSlam???
  85. Vince McMahon And WWE Execs Discuss Ronda Rousey Leaving
  86. Lio Rush Reportedly Has Heat In WWE
  87. Stockholders and sponsors want WWE to drop Bray Wyatt’s new gimmick
  88. So uhh its the "Viking Warriors" now
  89. Why bother placing Cedric Alexander on Raw?
  90. Alexa Bliss Deletes Tweet After Fans Suggest She Attend AEW Double Or Nothing
  91. More wrestlers should start following Roode's example
  92. Sami Zayn to Paige: ‘Join My Cult
  93. Lacey Evans vs Ruby Riot can be a good feud given there characters
  94. Becky Lynch has lost all her momentum from last year
  95. Becky Lynch assigned to RAW
  96. Braun Strowman and Bobby Lashley
  97. Do you think AJ Styles vs Seth Rollins will bea 3 - 4 month feud or their match at MITB will be a one off match and they do it again in the future PPV
  98. The Vikings won't make it far on the main roster if they continue to act like a bootleg version of the Highlanders.
  99. A manager should be mandatory for stars like Becky Lynch
  100. AJ Styles eclipses everything about the current Seth Rollins
  101. AJ Styles...
  102. (Possible Storyline Spoilers) The Secret of Bray Wyatt's new gimmick.
  103. Bray Wyatt's new gimmick Firefly's Fun House
  104. WWE Main Event Tapings For This Week
  105. Bobby Roode is now Robert Roode
  106. Nikki Cross Status
  107. Cesaro Moving From SmackDown to RAW
  108. WWE changes War Raiders name again; say hello to The Viking Raiders
  109. Seth Rollins vs Baron Corbin and AJ Styles vs Drew McIntyre are now currently advertised for Extreme Rules
  110. 04/22 Raw Discussion Thread - I Like My Draft Shaken And Not Stirred
  111. Does Ricochet's style make him a long-term injury risk?
  112. I'm scared Ricochet will get overexposed
  113. Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss: female Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels situation?
  114. If AJ vs. Seth is Going to Work, AJ has to Turn Heel
  115. Drew McIntyre: ‘It’s my job... to get rid of’ wrestlers ‘tweeting about how upset they are'
  116. Raw has no midcard title
  117. Sam Roberts Buries Dana Brooke on WWE Main Event, Brooke Responds on Twitter
  118. Triple H Reign of Terror VS Brock Lesnar holding the Universal Championship hostage?
  119. Raw's next champions:
  120. WWE Superstars Erik and Sarah Logan lead Vikings into battle
  121. Update On Where Nikki Cross May End Up After Superstar Shakeup
  122. Rate Ronda Rousey Booking of 2018
  123. To whom do you think Seth Rollins should lose Universal title ?
  124. What does #FTR stand for?
  125. Biggest Remaining Match For Lesnar
  126. WWE Considering New Trio RAW Stable
  127. Should Becky Lynch get an impact finisher?
  128. Bray Wyatt To Return With Nikki Cross?
  129. Something Has To Be Done About Drew/Lashley/Corbin Being the Top 3 Heels
  130. Ronda vs. Becky in retrospect
  131. Ricochet’s mom lost her home in a fire
  132. Choose your line of wrestlers to face Rollins till Summerslam
  133. Samoa Joe's First Feud On WWE RAW
  134. Raw's Women's division is on Life Support
  135. -Write a Storyline- Mojo Rawley has been talking to himself for two months
  136. "A sinister force is toying with us". Sister Abigail? Is REALLY that you?
  137. Rezar lookin yolked
  138. Possible Reason Miz Was Moved To Raw In Superstar Shake-Up
  139. Becky Lynch's current promos
  140. i fucking hate andrade
  141. Dean Ambrose Appears After RAW Went Off The Air
  142. Rate the Current Superstar: Braun Strowman edition
  143. Crap on Lacey Evans all you want but she might have the 2nd best moonsault in the company
  144. Do you think AJ Styles should turn heel immediately
  145. They Gotta Let Andrade Win Some Matches On His Own.
  146. Styles on Raw is...phenomenal.
  147. If money isn't an issue for him, EC3 should request his release.
  148. I kinda popped hard for Sasha already being replaced by another black female
  149. Miz going from brand to brand each year prove wwe doesn’t care about Miz.
  150. The Viking Experience
  151. Who would you choose to come to RAW tonight,Randy Orton,AJ Styles,or Daniel Bryan?
  152. Mickie James Wants to Be a ‘Monday Night Milf’ on Raw
  153. Brock Lesnar allegedly wanted to main event WM35, led to altercation with Vince.
  154. Mark Henry: Sami Zayn will be a major player soon
  155. Roman Reigns On If Ronda Rousey Could Beat Him In A Fight
  156. Did anyone notice that Rollins had a new title?
  157. Why WWE Squashed Bayley On Monday
  158. Nia Jax injured
  159. Nia Jax Set To Be Out Of Action For A While Due To ACL Tears In Both Knees
  160. Bobby Lashley To Take Time Away From WWE After SummerSlam For MMA Return?
  161. 04/15 Raw Discussion Thread: Superstar Shake-up begins
  162. Elias Vs Undertaker
  163. Details on Ronda Rousey’s Contract Status With WWE, Future Plans Updated
  164. Should Raw go back to being 2 hours long?
  165. Sami Zayn looks fucking terrible. He's like a mix of a divorced used car salesman and Bill Burr. He should not be on tv looking like that.
  166. Why was Beth Phoenix more successful than Natalya?
  167. Rate the Current Superstar: Ember Moon edition
  168. Rate the Current Superstar: Dean Ambrose edition
  169. Why were the last years of Batista's career so anticlimactic?
  170. So the botch wasn’t addressed?
  171. Elias being wasted is a symptom of this horrible age where mainstream wrestling caters to workrate marks on the internet
  172. They already wasted Baron going over Kurt Angle
  173. Forget her awful mic skills, Becky is not a draw. How long will people keep making excuses for her?
  174. Lars Sullivan is trash
  175. Lashley should be the first opponent for Rollins for UC
  176. They never have RAW stars visit SmackDown to compete/cut a promo
  177. Are Bayley (and Sasha) really getting buried again???
  178. Hopefully now after WM 35 marks can cry less about Lesnar being selfish
  179. WWE planning Ronda Rousey vs. Becky Lynch for WM36
  180. Sasha Banks personal problems, Reportedly Tried To Quit During WM Week
  181. What Were The Chants At RAW 4/8 During The Last Match?
  182. The Bird
  183. Crowd hi jacking Ricochet and Aleister Black match
  184. Becky Lynch on the mic is cringeworthy
  185. What if Kurt Angle didn't retire? How would you feel?
  186. Reigns gets booed after RAW
  187. Spoiler Regarding April 15 RAW
  188. Sami Zayn buries wrestling fans
  189. Becky completely no selling Lacey's finisher lol
  190. Undertaker returns - and looks the best he's appeared in years
  191. Curt and Zack...
  192. Kofi vs Rollins
  193. The Shield Should Decimate Brock Lesnar Tonight
  194. 04/08 - Raw Discussion Thread - THE BELT IS NOW ON RAW.....HAPPY NOW?????!!!!!!
  195. Ronda Rousey Has A Severely Broken Hand - Meltzer Says There Was No Botch - Went As Planned
  196. So what debuts/returns/Heel turns are you expecting tonight?
  197. Kayfabe Demon Finn Strong AF
  198. Would a Universal Title Open Challenge work?
  199. Now with both Ronda and Brock gone who is gonna watch this crap?
  200. Becky Lynch is the WWE's Undisputed Women's Champion
  201. I will give Finn this much
  202. Elias TALKS being interrupted at WrestleMania & puts out a challenge to The Rock
  203. Alexa Bliss Talks Ronda Rousey & VOWS To Challenge WrestleMania Main Event Winner
  204. The Revival REVEAL their relationship with Vince McMahon & talk their spot on WrestleMania
  205. Nia Jax Talks Knocking Out Becky Lynch & REVEALS Why Match Vs Dean Ambrose Didn't Happen
  206. What will happen at RAW after WM?
  207. Becky Lynch'a ESPN interview with Ariel Helwani talking Wrestlemania and her journey to Sunday
  208. If Lesnar had never come back to WWE...
  209. Seth Rollins: No One Wanted To See Dean Ambrose Turn Heel Last Year
  210. Kurt Angle: “I wanted John Cena for my last match.”
  211. Did Something Ever Happen With Sasha Banks And Corey Graves?
  212. they should do Rollins-Reigns at Summerslam for the UC
  213. So whats the deal with Aleister Black and Ricochet?
  214. EC3 has to be seriously regretting coming back to WWE
  215. WOR - Ending of Brock Lesnar - Seth Rollins segment was changed last minute
  216. So..the last Raw before Mania ends with Baron Corbin
  217. Braun Strowman is starting to get more annoying every week
  218. Becky/Ronda/Charlotte segment - Haven't laughed so hard at a segment in a long time.
  219. When Finn busts out the Demon, the cheese level becomes extra sharp cheddar
  220. Elias concert is getting a lot of buildup, what will become of it?
  221. Beth Phoenix should stay after WM.
  222. I’ll never understand why Vince didn’t see anything in Bray Wyatt
  223. Rate the Current Superstar: Mickie James edition
  224. Why does Corbin get more opportunities than Bobby, Ec3, Jinder..
  225. Ronda Rousey Is Now the Longest-Reigning Raw Women’s Champion
  226. Possible spoiler for UT match
  227. 04/01 Raw Discussion Thread: Batista returns to Raw
  228. RAW Tag Team Title Match Announced For This Monday
  229. Batista Confirmed To Be On Raw on Monday
  230. Eight-Women Tag Team Match Announced For Raw
  231. Mickie James To Be Speaker At Childhelp National Day Of Hope
  232. How would you have booked the Universal Title
  233. Seth Rollins Confirms Back Injury Reports
  234. Brock being UC should've caused the IC title's prestige to raise
  235. Seth Rollins Says Brock Lesnar’s Part-Time Status Causes Talent to Lose Motivation
  236. Sasha Banks On Eddie Guerrero Having A Huge Impact On Her Life, The WrestleMania 35 Main Event
  237. McIntyre should dye his hair completely blonde
  238. Would you want to see Rollins turn heel again?
  239. Aren't you bored by the Riotts getting destroyed again and again?
  240. Braun Strowman is today's Kane
  241. Balor is bland without The Demon gimmick.
  242. This is the Rollins we should have RN
  243. WWE Main Event Tapings For This Week
  244. Balor vs. Lashley's Booking Helps Neither Guy
  245. Mickie James Not Happy About Not Working WM
  246. Samoa Joe v Kurt Angle on RAW
  247. So, Raw is in Boston tonight. Is this proof they’re just trolling with the whole Corbin/Angle thing or is it just a coincidence?
  248. Why has Alicia Fox been so underappreciated/treated like an afterthought
  249. 03/25 Raw Discussion Thread: Will Reigns accept McIntyre's challenge?
  250. Dash Wilder complains on Twitter about tag titles
  251. Why does Alexa Bliss cut the same promo every time?
  252. So What Happens to Becky Lynch and Charlotte After Mania?
  253. Looks like it’s going to end up being Angle vs Cena at mania
  254. What has happened to Dana Brooke?
  255. Becky is being de-pushed by Vince and here is solid historical proof
  256. LOL at how WWE puts the shitty talent on the first hour every week
  257. About Seth Rollins, can someone explain this to me ?
  258. Kurt Angle Praises Baron Corbin & Chad Gable
  259. Drew McIntyre Worked Raw and Live Events While Sick
  260. Where's this Ronda Rousey/Travis Browne angle going?
  261. Chicago Crowd
  262. We are suppose to forget about Batista's return a few years ago?
  263. So about those 5 NXT callups
  264. That WrestleMania sign is overused/needs to go
  265. Does it make sense for Rollins to lose to McIntyre when we are supposed to believe that Rollins can beat Lesnar
  266. Anyone else not care for Elias?
  267. Finn Balor Says He’d Like to Face Undertaker at WrestleMania
  268. Ronda Rousey is selling "break kayfabe" t-shirts on her site
  269. The Shield's emotional goodbye at WWE Fastlane: WWE Day Of
  270. Lashley should be facing Lesnar
  271. Kurt Angle opens up on his plans after pro wrestling retirement
  272. If Rhonda hadn't lost in UFC, how over would she be
  273. Dean Ambrose was the most over Shield member until creative squandered his momentum.
  274. Is Corbin really that bad or is it just creative?
  275. Roman Reigns Wants To Make Changes To His WWE Character
  276. Finn Balor lost the IC title because it allows Demon Balor to arrive as challenger to WrestleMania, squash Lashley under 3 minutes and win it back
  277. 03/18 Raw Discussion Thread: The Beast comes to Chicago
  278. Rate the Current Superstar: Ruby Riott edition
  279. Seth Rollins - Brock Lesnar notoriously in WWE for himself and for the money
  280. Braun Strowman
  281. Dolph Ziggler Gives Update On Status With WWE
  282. Nikki Cross Promo
  283. In the words of Bryan Alvarez, do you think Becky Lynch has cooled off?
  284. This Brock Lesnar shit has been going on for five years.
  285. Dean really just isn't into this anymore.
  286. Seth Rollins Says Brock Lesnar Is Only In WWE For Himself And Money
  287. Dash Wilder Discusses Reported Release Request, Pushing Tag Team Wrestling
  288. Lashley/Corbin/McIntyre and others have proven that size doesn't equal starpower
  289. Dana Brooke Calls Out Ronda Rousey And Warns They're Not Done, Says We Saw The Real "Ashley" On RAW
  290. Why does WWE book their big guys like jokes?
  291. If Seth Rollins wins Universal title at WrestleMania 35, then who do you think should beat him for the title
  292. Roman Reigns Says It's A "Unique Time" For The Shield With Dean Ambrose's Impending Departure
  293. Has Dean been written off TV?
  294. Something I really hate about Renee on commentary...
  295. Michael Cole Getting Written Off?
  296. Seth isn't any better than Roman on the mic.
  297. Who will be Angle's opponent in his farewell match at WM?
  298. Batista and Triple H make this roster and this generation look like total shit
  299. Monday night Raw needs a complete overhaul and remake.
  300. Rousey is amazing as a heel
  301. Drew McIntyre Says He Doesn’t Want To Go On After The Women’s Matches In WWE
  302. Do they ever step back and look at what they do wrong?
  303. Batista doesn't deserve to have a WM match or even be on RAW for that matter.
  304. The Myth Of Brock's Good Matches
  305. 03/11 Raw Discussion Thread: The path is clear now.
  306. Roman Reigns: "If women can handle giving birth, why can't they main event Mania?"
  307. Elias Rumored to Have Been Up for Intercontinental Title Run
  308. WWE considering removing Renee from commentary
  309. Roman Reigns Wants to Headline WrestleMania 36 Against Seth Rollins, Says He’s Always Seen Himself as the Face of WWE
  310. Dean vs. Roman
  311. I'm Tired Of Roman Reigns Already
  312. Paul Heyman talks frustrations with Dean Ambrose's attitude
  313. Nia Jax Still Doesn't Regret Her Punch To Becky Lynch, Talks If Women Will Headline WrestleMania
  314. Bayley Talks Backstage Atmosphere During Roman Reign's WWE Return Speech
  315. Raw creative/writing team- Where's the logic, coherence or continuity?
  316. Lacey Evans' First WWE Main Roster Feud
  317. That attempt at "comedy" by SNL guest Colin Jost fell flat like a pancake
  318. Ronda Rousey Last Day in WWE Rumored for Raw After WrestleMania 35
  319. I think WWE should keep the Shield as friends instead of all these breaks and reunions
  320. Triple H's Promos
  321. If You Could Choose A Manager/Mouthpiece for Ronda other than Heyman, who would it be?
  322. You heard it here: The Shield VS Lesnar at WrestleMania for the Universal title
  323. So much for “The Pritchard” effect
  324. Anyone notice
  325. Thoughts on Heel Ronda
  326. Taker vs Elias at WM35?
  327. So How Exactly Does Roman's Return Hurt The Product?
  328. WWEs time management is atrocious
  329. What is up with WWE breaking kayfabe all night?
  330. Reigns/Cena is the way to go for WrestleMania
  331. When was the last time WWE screwed up a heel turn as bad as they did with Ambrose?
  332. Fans On Roman Reigns' Next Opponent
  333. Lio Rush Talks Being Paired With Bobby Lashley
  334. Rate the Current Superstar: Alexa Bliss edition
  335. Paul Heyman Said To Be ‘Very Involved’ With Creative Decisions For Ronda Rousey, Including Recent Social Media Posts
  336. 03/04 Raw Discussion Thread: How will HHH respond to Batista?
  337. How fast until Roman Reigns becomes Universal Champion again?
  338. Roman needs a new theme ASAP
  339. Reigns advertised to wrestle at Fastlane
  340. Drew's Claymore of memories.
  341. What is one odd quirk you noticed about Braun Strowman?
  342. Ricochet - I just don't see it
  343. Sami Zayn Reportedly Ready To Return To WWE
  344. It was so nice seeing the Big Gold WHC on Raw again
  345. Racist segment when RAW went off the air last night
  346. Lio Rush On Which WWE Star He Reached Out To After Getting Heat For Emma Tweet
  347. The HeartBreak Kid has officially become the Hip Break Dad
  348. Will we see Demon Balor again?
  349. Hope that Reigns can convince Ambrose to stay
  350. Batista's Nose Earrings
  351. So what should main event WrestleMania now that Roman is back and Batista vs. HHH is ON?
  352. Is EC3 in the doghouse?
  353. David Arquette Ringside At RAW 2/25
  354. Am I the only one loving new flirty Bliss?
  355. And just like that, it feels like WrestleMania season
  356. Batista is Back!! Thoughts?
  357. WWE just couldn't help themselves...Shield reunion #8327424
  358. Full Circle: John Cena and Kurt Angle
  359. Big Name Backstage Raw
  360. Lio Rush forming a stable with Jason Jordan would change EVERYTHING
  361. Why won't WWE just give Dean Ambrose creative control?
  362. Would you be open to a full time Lesnar being champion?
  363. 02/25 Raw Discussion Thread: THE BIG DOG IS BACK
  364. Lio Rush and Bobby Lashley grabbing that brass ring
  365. Do you think RAW became a better show since the "big change" in Dec 18?
  366. Jim Cornette reviews Raw again
  367. Roman Reigns announced he is in remission and is back
  368. WWE Considering Retirement Match For Kurt Angle At WrestleMania
  369. Backstage Updates On Seth Rollins' WWE In-Ring Status
  370. Hypothetical head to head - who wins, RAW or NXT
  371. WOR: The original plan this Raw was for Ronda to squash Alexa in a non-title match
  372. WOR: Changes that were made to the Raw script on Monday night and why
  373. Rate the Current Superstar: Bayley edition
  374. Rate the Current Superstar: Jason Jordan edition
  375. Thoughts on Aliester Black so far?
  376. They dropped the ball with Elias
  377. J.R. explains what needs to happen for Brock Lesnar vs. Bobby Lashley match
  378. Monday night Raw is a joke of its former self.
  379. The Tarps
  380. The crowd wasn't the problem with last night's RAW
  381. Poor Zayn...
  382. So not only is WWE jobbing out Dean but he now has a memory problem
  383. People Within WWE Caught Off Guard By NXT Debuts On Raw
  384. Pair up Gable & Angle down the road?
  385. Did we see Ruby Riotts "Wrestlemania! moment!" on Raw last night?
  386. Ronda's botches are hilarious
  387. Some of these weak mundane crowds are unbearable
  388. Women's Tag titles to be defended against NXT talent (aswell as both RAW and Smackdown).
  389. Sorry Just Cant Get into The Revival
  390. Brock's Video Package
  391. What A Riott: Ruby GETTING TWO TITLE SHOTS IN A ROW? I guess she's buried again...right?
  392. Man, Aren't We All So Glad WWE Got Rid Of Contractually Obligated Rematches?
  393. Rumor: Lio Rush does not have a good backstage reputation among wrestlers
  394. Aleister Black, Ciampa, Gargano & Ricochet debut on Monday Night Raw
  395. Stephanie McMahon Congratulates Sasha Banks and Bayley
  396. What's next for Lio Rush? As well as the stable of Lashley, McIntyre & Corbin
  397. 02/18 Raw Discussion Thread: What fate awaits the inaugural WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions?
  398. Even the face commentators and panel are playing heels against Becky
  399. This Ruby Riot Outrage With Rousey Is Reminding Me of Alexa Bliss Outrage
  400. Reunite Braun, Bray and Luke!!
  401. What's the end game with Braun here?
  402. Ambrose beating EC3
  403. Elias' Ceiling??
  404. Which episode of RAW was it where Vince made fun of Orton’s hair cut ?
  405. Corey shouldnt be allowed on commentary now after cheating on his wife
  406. Seth Rollins: "Dixie Carter wanted me to be the face of TNA"
  407. Kurt Angle Talks Actually Punching Brock Lesnar In The Face During A Match, Remaining WWE Goals
  408. The Revival's Interesting Take On Winning The WWE RAW Tag Titles
  409. Since dean is leaving, should drew mcintyre use the Future Shock DDT again?
  410. Jim Cornette reviews this past Raw
  411. Dolph Ziggler on current events
  412. Sasha & Bayley sit-down
  413. What Is A Storyline Reason For RAW To Go To 2 Hours?
  414. Revival wanting Revive WWF Teag Team Titles
  415. Anyone else think it was rude of WWE interrupted Ruby vs Nikki match?
  416. The Brock Open Challenge
  417. Baron Corbin on how wants a head tattoo, likes being booed & cutting his hair
  418. 6 Minute talk with Ember Moon
  419. Mickie James Interview
  420. Rate the Current Superstar: Ronda Rousey edition
  421. According to pwinsider,Bray Wyatt Reportedly Awaiting Medical Clearance
  422. Kevin Owens Set to Return as a Babyface
  423. Why have they never let Brock wrestle on Raw
  424. Where the hell is Bray Wyatt?
  425. Piped in cheers?
  426. I Can't See The Riot Squad Being That Close In Real Life
  427. Becky's "tough" facial expressions
  428. Paul Heyman's "Spoiler " Promo
  429. How do people watch 3 hours of RAW every Monday night?
  430. Bayley fans… I'm afraid I've got some bad news
  431. Is Jinder Mahal the only WWE Champion to bust post-run this hard? (Can't even stay a consistent Mid-Carder)
  432. What's going on with Vince?
  433. Becky/Charlotte/Ronda *Keep All Discussion Here*
  434. Winner And New Tag Team Champions!!!
  435. Elias turned face again
  436. Ambrose overselling at WWE live event
  437. Ronda Rousey is the worst talker in the company
  438. The McMahon Family Invites Becky Lynch Back to RAW
  439. EC3 came across like a star
  440. I think Nia Jax is at the top of her game: Change my mind
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