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  1. Did Triple H Help or Hurt CM Punk?
  2. HHH,Nash ruined Punk storyline
  3. Do you prefer Cm punk (now) as a heel or as a babyface?
  4. Why does the IWC love Ricardo Rodriguez ?
  5. The truth about Mark Henry & the cage door.
  6. Has the NOC match hurt CM Punk?
  7. It was The Miz, and R-Truth will move on...
  8. Christian, LOL!
  10. Does Mark Henry deserves to be in the hall of fame?
  11. Is Cm punk vs John Cena MITB truly a ***** match?
  12. Referee Nunzio released
  13. we talk about the reality era but the whole thing started with this ..
  14. Uso DUI
  15. Mark Henry is the new saviour of wrestling
  16. I'm afraid Ryder might be growing on me
  17. Mark Henry is so fucking epic!
  18. Miz's video about why he got fired.
  19. CM Punk should break Undertaker's Streak.
  20. Has Jericho,in his entire career, ever cut a legendary promo like Punk?
  21. Anyone Could Have Cut THAT Punk Promo...
  22. Did Nash send the text to himself?
  23. Jimmy Uso Arrested for DUI...
  24. Pareto Principle is why WWE advertises to kids?
  25. Pre-Survivor Series Raw to be 3 hours long
  26. Stone Cold to return around October Or November?
  27. Should Drew McIntyre join Vickie's stable?
  28. HBK returning on oct 11 2011
  29. Christian or CM Punk
  30. Do you think WWE is misusing Christian?
  31. Do you seriously believe nerds who thinks that rock is better than CENA?
  32. wrestling becoming unpopular
  33. "Your Next Fan Favorite"
  34. Feuds that need to happen FAST
  35. If CM punk did the stone cold stunner as a tribute
  36. WWE not wanting fans to boo Triple H
  37. David Otunga. A step in the right direction?
  38. Potential feud after HIAC?*potential spoilers!!*
  39. The Undertaker???
  40. You can't create new face stars if the heels don't have credibility
  41. A New R-Truth Theme "Someone's Gonna Get Got"
  42. John Cena has almost 9 million likes on facebook....
  43. Should Daniel Bryan stay?
  44. Info on October SD! taping in Dallas, Texas
  45. Sin Cara - Hunico Mask for Hell in a Cell *Exclusive*
  46. Will SmackDown's ratings be revealed before Hell in a Cell?
  47. Is Beth phoenix a good heel?
  48. Who's winning the US Title?
  49. CM Punk Theme...
  50. Daniel Bryan Can't Cut A Promo To Save His Life.
  51. CM Punk's promos and segments recieving higher ratings than his matches
  52. SmackDown on October 11th and 25th promoted as SuperShows; may be live on Syfy
  53. Not an excuse,but ....
  54. Things Orton needs to change or do to Regain the IWC love?
  55. Smackdown's new Draft!
  56. Wade Barrett interviews other superstars
  57. If John Cena vs Undertaker happens who would win?
  58. 3 Superstars Raw needs to send to SD to help SD's Ratings.
  59. Christian Should Change His Theme Song To This
  60. What If The Rock uses this theme for his WrestleMania 28 entrance
  61. New Age Outlaws Internet Show Episode 2
  62. ADR Commentary
  63. If Randy Orton Vs CM punk happened Now , who do you think Vince will bury?
  64. Trent needs a tag team partner......
  65. Cena´s heel gimmick
  66. How bad was Punk's New Nexus
  67. Oh God!! *Superstars Spoiler*
  68. Non-Spoiler match listings for this week
  69. You dont hate John Cena you hate his Gimmick
  70. Early Attendance Notes for Smackdown Taping
  71. Zack's youtube show may be ending
  72. Randy Orton...I just don't get it and I probably never will
  73. David Otunga new gimmick Lawyer?!?!
  74. R-Truth's Tweets of "Wisdom"
  75. Do you get WWE 7 days a week?
  76. HBK interrupts a HHH interview
  77. Are WWE gonna give Ryder's US Title push to... Mason Ryan?
  78. Will Wade Barrett go full circle?
  79. Whats up with John Morrison?
  80. Anybody else really really miss JBL/Cole on commentary?
  81. why does Alex Riley
  82. WWE SmackDown Ongoing Spoilers 9/30/11
  83. SD Main Event feuds WITHOUT Orton
  84. Miz opens up a Youtube account
  85. Blood does not equal ratings.
  86. Austin 3:16 Promo or Cm punk 6/27 Promo?
  87. do u know that we sadly have to see Michael Cole wrestle at Wrestlemania 28?
  88. Raw Viewership totals!
  89. RAW Viewership (26/09/11) - okay, but the good news for the 'E is with AM Raw...
  90. Swagger and Ziggler: Next Tag Team Champs?
  91. A disturbing trend for "go-home" Raw shows
  92. Mason Ryan - WWE Champion by 2012?
  93. Justin Roberts and Weights
  94. Awesome Truth is taking away the momentum of CM Punk's message.
  95. Last Night on Raw
  96. Christian vs Sheamus
  97. WWE Exclusive: Superstars and Divas discuss HHH as COO
  98. Beth vs Kelly at HIAC?
  99. Mason Ryan The Next Batista?
  100. This Mondy night raw show how important The Miz is
  101. Dolph Ziggler = Wayne Arnold (wonder years)
  102. Is there any hope for Drew Mcintyre at all?
  103. If SmackDown is So Popular Why Doesn't it Move to a Better Channel
  104. 2 matches announced for glasgow house show!
  105. New Corporation Stable
  106. The reason Triple H is better as a face COO right now
  107. Send Drew McIntyre Back To Smackdown
  108. Why has John Cena turned into a troll these days?
  109. I think Vince hates Eve Torres
  110. delete
  111. Mark Henry
  112. Anyone else warming up to Dolph Ziggler?
  113. Triple H is a hypocrite- Heel Turn?
  114. CM Punk Sucks
  115. Aksana should bring a new star in.....
  116. Mark Henry's best matches
  117. Heath Slater >>>>>>> Justin Gabriel
  118. WWE Monday Night Raw 9/26/11
  120. Michael McGillicutty written off television
  121. Christian Appreciation
  122. Booker's Fav5
  123. David Otunga
  124. John Cena has more than 5 moves
  125. We all know where this is going..
  126. A heel actually being booked to look strong...
  127. WWE announcing has never been so entertaining
  128. Mason Ryan
  129. Melina wrecked John Morrison career
  130. What Happened After Raw Went Off-Air - five-way WWE Title match
  131. CM Punk pays tribute to Eddie Guerrero
  132. HHH as COO....please make it stop !!!!
  133. I don't understand the WWE sometimes...
  134. Anybody suprised that...
  135. John Cena getting Embarrassing on the Mic every week?
  136. Somebody gonna get *anal Bleeding*
  137. Raw supershow, whats the point?
  138. Loving The Product!
  139. Why was sheamus on the intercontinental battle royal?
  140. haha Michael Cole
  141. 15 things I learned from 09/26/2011 Raw
  142. Cole on King "Anal bleeding"
  143. Miz not on Raw
  144. The RAW recap brought to you by... Booker T?!
  145. david otunga is the new clarence mason(j biggs)
  146. Massive faction of upper midcarders?
  147. John Cena or CM Punk
  148. ADR Gimmick
  149. No Randall On Raw?
  150. Michael Cole and treanding on twitter.
  151. black ref the best ref
  152. Jerry The King's "Anal Bleeding"
  153. that awkward moment
  154. So Christian will get fired thats why he's getting "One more match"?
  155. Cant stan Booker T as commentater
  156. Dolph Ziggler is gold
  157. New nWo incarnation should consist of
  158. Orton is still the top draw like it or not.
  159. My sons are 8 and 4 and even they are sick of Cena!!!!
  160. An undefeated streak for Justin Gabriel?
  162. Official Raw Discussion Thread (9/27/2011)
  163. A Custom Intro for Smackdown!
  164. Why does Primo still have a job?
  165. A new gimmick for a top star......
  166. CM Punks Worked Shoots being overused
  167. SmackDown (09/23) smashes 3 million on Friday for first time since April
  168. Austin Talks about having a match Punk, Sting/Hogan, Cena/Rock
  169. Rey Mysterio 2nd surgery this week.
  170. Is it really sad what has happened to John morrison's career?
  171. Cena Should Change His Theme Song If He Should Turn Heel
  172. Do you think Jericho is good enough for Punk's Pipebomb?
  173. Your perfect Cena heel-turn scenario.
  174. Daniel Bryan venting his frustration (video)
  175. John Cena thinks everyone likes him
  176. Heath Slater was gold @ selling last friday
  177. Maryse tweet a sexy picture of herself to John Cena
  178. The Miz Speaks Out About Being Fired (On his new youtube account, ImStillTheMiz
  179. Daniel Bryan cashing in his MITB
  180. R-Truth as United States Champ?
  181. Orton vs. Rhodes feud to continue?
  182. What is Next for Cody Rhodes After Being Beat Down Viciously at The Hands of Orton?
  183. The funniest things about Orton/Cena threads
  184. Ted DiBiase Jr./Cody Rhodes is over?
  185. CM Punk remembers Eddie Guerrero
  186. ESPN's Bill Simmons thinks Triple H ruined the CM Punk angle.
  187. I still love Sheamus but I DO prefer him as a heel
  188. ***SPOILER*** Lots of pictures from Rhodes match
  189. Who Said Guest Hosts Suck?
  190. The Rock's new tag team partner?
  191. Mason Ryan is a fucking liability
  192. Article on Orton's botch
  194. The thing this forum needs to understand about Joe Hennig
  195. Cena needs an Edge
  196. Christian and John Morrison
  197. What's up with Daniel Bryan?
  198. Dolph Ziggler Appreciation Thread
  199. Where does Christen go from here ?
  200. Shouldn't Mahal have went over?
  201. Do you think a "Cm punk vs The Miz" feud would draw big?
  202. Dolph Ziggler using a new finisher ?
  203. BLOOD! Unedited fan video of Orton destroying Rhodes
  204. Booker T returning to the ring?
  205. John Laurinitus
  206. HIAC Poster and Possible Kane RETURN
  207. randy orton grow his hair, return to his old music--
  208. Blood!!!!
  209. Mark Henry's title reign
  210. Question regarding Rhodes/Orton
  211. Big Zeke showed a flake of charisma!!!
  212. How many of you actually care about the WWE Divas division?
  213. Ted DiBiase Jr proposes new "tailgate party" gimmick in video
  214. THE wwe 2011 awards
  215. Differences between the Sin Cara's
  216. Whats with all the shit Tag Team Names ?
  217. For Cody Rhodes to ever become a World Champion...
  218. Mason Ryan is already better than Ezekiel Jackson
  219. Orton's post-match attack on Rhodes: Video
  220. What was Ryder doing inside Orton's private locker room?
  221. How cool would it be if TNA and WWE worked together?
  222. SmackDown! Recap - Booker T Style!
  223. WWE, this is the perfect time to RE-BUILD the Tag Team Division.
  224. Air Boom should feud with the Usos
  225. Why Miz?
  226. Angry D.Bryan is awesome
  227. SD = NXT ahahhahahahhaha
  228. Cody Rhodes bleeding not cut?
  229. Will the Miz and R-Truth appear on the 9/26/2011 episode of RAW?
  230. So much for showing no blood
  231. Will any of these names return before the end of 2011?
  232. Sin cara vs Sin cara for hell in a cell PPV
  233. WWE: Dolph Ziggler claims "sucker punched"
  234. Going to SD taping on Tuesday.What to expect?
  235. Why have the main eventers wrestle on TV and diminish their ability to be PPV draws?
  236. Spoiler Multiple lol at SD ME Spoiler
  237. Is Khali a babyface now?
  238. Spoilers your thoughts Daniel Bryan vs Sin cara
  239. Heel vs Heel doesnt draw *Spoiler*
  240. What if Christian fought the Undertaker at WM28?
  241. Do you think WWE fans want CM PUNK to be thier new champ?
  242. Where is Edge and Shawn michaels appreciation thread in this board ?
  243. We know john laurantis is behind all this.
  244. Not buying into this Mark Henry push
  245. booker t is the funniest commentator i have ever seen
  246. What if John Morrison challenged Undertaker's streak
  247. [Smackdown Spoilers] Why won't they show it?
  249. CM Punk should copy Austin
  250. Hugh Jackman is awesome.
  251. A New Idea For A Stable On Smackdown With Christian Leading It
  252. Did the very first episode of RAW ever occur in the Golden Era or New Generation Era?
  253. Idea to save Morrisons career
  254. The Muppets come to Raw on Halloween night
  255. Stone Cold calls Orton to one dimensional
  256. The Miz Could Replace Cena As The Face Of WWE In The Future
  257. How was Stone Cold a great wrestler?
  258. Best SmackDown of 2011?
  259. Best RAW of 2011?
  260. Sheamus as a face doesnt seem right to me!
  261. 3 months after Worked Shoot, Do you still believe "Change" is what Punk truly wants?
  262. Why are wwe fans so damn stupid?
  263. Christian's "One More Match" gimmick could be great
  264. How would you book Del Rio?
  265. Are you ready to read the biggest load of BS ever?
  266. Do you think Daniel Bryan will turn heel and if so who would be his first victim?
  267. Melina tries to legit attack Kelly Kelly
  268. Mark Henry 15 years of failure - Morrison 9 years of failure.
  269. Gail Kim Shoot Interview to be set
  270. This Angle Is Leading Up To Survivor Series.
  271. Dave Meltzer Ripping On Booker T's Commentary + Why orton is still the F*cking MAN!
  272. John Cena is cancer to the WWE
  273. Who is the best in the WWE?
  274. Mark Henry injuring Jerry Lawler will screw up his title reign
  275. R-Truth on his firing
  276. HHH yet again buries another talent
  277. Thank god Alberto Del Rio is no longer champion
  278. Benoit sign in Raw crowd
  279. Kelly Kelly retains!!! oh yes!!!
  280. Who can Cena put over clean?
  281. Poor Pussy Whipped John Morrison
  282. WWE has gone insane / The theme is what's important
  283. The Miz and R Truth Career Options
  284. Triple H winning was pointless because if he lost, he'd still be The COO
  285. Johnny Ace Appreciation
  286. What religiion is Daniel Bryan
  287. Melina tried to invade RAW this Monday
  288. Where can I get the raw from December 20th 2004?
  289. An Observation - Orton Cena Punk HHH
  290. Daniel Bryan vs Mark Henry for Wrestlemania?
  291. John Cena on CM Punk
  292. Johnny Ace LOL
  293. Who would you like to host Raw for a night Selena Gomez or Hilary Duff?
  294. Guess Who Will Host RAW on Halloween?
  295. Miz's Parents respond to their son's firing
  296. How would you turn John Cena heel?
  297. Mark Henry has come a long way
  298. SmackDown! (new concept)
  299. SuperCena,SuperOrton,SuperPunk (The SuperStable)
  300. **SPOILER** Cody Rhodes picture from this weeks tapings
  301. Time to bend CM Punk over.
  302. Network that airs WWE mighht be Sold?
  303. Who will wrestle in the WWE title match at Wrestlemania?
  304. Jerry Lawler is more over than 95% of roster
  305. Cody Rhodes *Spoiler Alert*
  306. WWE Should Do A Female NWO Group
  307. The Miz talks with Nathan Zegura on First & Awesome about his Free Agent Status w/the
  308. R Truth pulling Punk off Triple H
  309. Dana White
  310. Melina tries to invade Raw and attack Kelly Kelly
  311. Raw Off Air John Cena is .......!
  312. Cena is fuck
  313. SD needs a savior!!!
  314. Are you glad Henry finally won the world title?
  315. WWE superstars respond to the firing of Miz and Truth
  316. Kane's promo with Teddy Long is a sign of a monster to come...
  317. Vince McMahon Irate With His Name Being Mentioned On Raw
  318. Will Kofi ever become a main eventer?
  319. Would you like it if AJ Styles and Samoa Joe came to the WWE
  320. Someone remind me: Why are we having Supershows?
  321. Poor Pussy Whipped John Morrison
  322. Which wrestlers can fight in real life
  323. Bryan Alvarez talks Booker T's commentary.
  324. Non-spoiler match listing for this week
  325. Should Charlie Sheen be a RAW guest host?
  326. John Morrison: A Non-fan's perspective on how to fix him
  327. Extremely low attendance figures at Tuesday's (20/09/11) SmackDown taping
  328. post Christian's best promos
  329. The Rock/Cena/Survivor Series/Raw Question ***SPOILERS****
  330. Henry winning great for storyline....
  331. JR says WWF
  333. Crazy, new idea for Kane when he returns.
  334. Natayla>Morrison.."Keep your woman under control"
  335. Wolverine Injured Ziggler LOL
  336. Rank Mark Henry's Mic Skills
  337. How Mark Henry vs Daniel Bryan Should be booked
  338. Henry vs Bryan for WM Thoguhts?
  339. 9/23/11 **Spoliers**
  340. It's time to realize no one will replace Cena anytime soon
  341. The ending to Raw was perfect
  342. Which night was better?
  343. Mark Henry's Intensity....
  344. Chris Masters
  345. Cena will lead the new nwo
  346. Did you find "Transvestite Wonder Women" and "Friuity Pebbles" actually Funny?
  347. Jerry lawler legitimitely injured
  348. So why did Orton take the title at SummerSlam?
  349. Poor timing from WWE cameramen...
  350. People Quit Bitching About Kelly Beating Beth
  351. RAW Viewership (19/09/11) - back above 4m
  352. Are you people serious ?
  353. "Two and a Half Men" Breaks ratings record
  354. Does John Nitro sound better than 'Morrison'?
  355. Who is the best at Working the Mic in WWE (including legends & greats) ?
  356. Conspiracy in the World Wrestling Entertainment
  357. Cody Rhodes...future WWE Champion?
  358. Jinder Mahal, Great Khali Storyline.
  359. Who will Air Boom defend against next?
  360. The Reason why Cena Won at N.O.C + Kevin Nash Latest Drunk Interview
  361. the ultimate warrior looks so stupid
  362. 5 Moves Of Doom
  363. What do you think the conspiracy is about?
  364. So do you think a new alliance will be formed?
  365. Hugh Jackman
  366. Who do never ever get tired of seeing hold the WWE Champion?
  367. Nwo=Outsiders? Del Rio, Miz, Truth, Nash, And someone that may return or Huge name.
  368. Why do the DOD keep losing?
  370. If only John Morrison fought Batista
  371. Cm punk HAS lost his magic!! proof!
  372. Ziggler - Future WWE Champion?
  373. Hilarious Ziggler video from house show
  374. John Cena is obssesed with Zack Ryder wants to get him 1 million
  375. If Morrison suddenly gets released Would you stand up for him ??
  376. Everything has a storyline
  377. Which Sin Cara do you prefer?
  378. It would have been awesome if Punk put the GTS on Cena
  379. "Future Endeavours"
  380. Be honest: No one would mark for Cena if... + He is not a self-made star
  381. does swagger have learning difficulties?
  382. I'm gettin' it out there...
  383. Dolph Ziggler: I'm sold
  384. Who will CM Punk "Shoot on" next?
  385. Barrett and Christian are teaming up alot lately...
  386. Be honest: you never marked for CM Punk until after the "shoot" promo?
  387. Is Nash gonna come back?
  388. Can anybody stop him?
  389. Are Miz and R-Truth going to Smackdown?
  390. Jerry Lawler Suffers Real Injuries
  391. Who in WWE and TNA are Friends in Real Life
  392. Patience Is A Virtue
  393. The Miz Interview
  394. Matt Hardy bashed WWE until he got his release and now he's in WWE sponsored rehab?
  395. SD Ratings 9/16/2011
  396. AJ Styles on John Morrison and Michelle Mccool
  397. Hugh Jackman & Cody Rhodes
  398. Is it hypocritical to love the GTS which rarely hits but hate the AA cos it's weak?
  399. United States Championship
  400. The booking for Divas' matches
  401. Little Jimmys Great News!!!!
  402. What if this man is behind the "consipracy" storyline?
  403. Triple H loaned Del Rio his shovel
  404. Chavo Guerrero 'trashes' John Cena
  405. Who here would rather bang Vickie Guerrero instead of Kelly Kelly?
  406. Might go to Walmart parking lot tomorrow and record...
  407. Finally after a long time, something I didn't see coming (Awesome Truth).
  408. Rate RAW (9/19)
  409. Going to Raw next week...
  410. I think Survivor Series Its pretty Obvious Team HHH & punk vs Team Rock & cena.
  411. And who said Ziggler sucked on the mic?
  412. John Morrison Future?
  413. Imposter kane?
  414. WWE just announce that...
  415. Sin Cara vs SIn Cara match will happen.......[SPOILERS]
  416. The Raw supershow bugs me
  417. would you mark out if....
  418. Cena will turn heel once he passes Ric
  419. I'm hoping Ricardo inserts himself into the rematch and wins the title
  420. Is there a way we can ban all the posters who constantly whine and have no patience?
  421. Mark henrys merchandise
  422. Why Alberto Del Rio is not going to be in the WWE next Summer.
  423. Blind WWE homers/fans are like battered housewives
  424. Would you like it if John laurinaitis Replaced Cole on commentary ?
  425. Who will be the next WWE Champion?
  426. Who will beat Mark Henry for the WHC?
  427. Why Cena as champ is good for ADR.
  428. Shawn Michaels Confirmed for RAW Tonight
  429. It's not that complicated; you're just that simple.
  430. Punk vs Austin / Punk vs Rock
  431. Lawler last night
  432. Randy Orton Wrestler Of The Year with no question
  433. Nash Apparently Hurt - What Now?
  434. Punk on the MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani
  435. What will happen to punk when the rock returns?
  436. what now?
  437. Does this make sense?
  438. =mod please delete
  439. R-Truth logic
  440. *Spoilers?* Cena says he is losing the title ....
  441. HHH vs Nash and Ace is the main angle now. So what happens to Punk?
  442. I suddenly care more about the midcard than the ME
  443. To the people Celebrating.
  444. WWE finally listened to the IWC
  445. The Miz and R-Truth backstage after Night of Champions
  446. *Alberto Del Rio* Appreciation thread.
  448. "Gamergirl" Is that you?
  449. WWE gives up on main event pushes too easily.
  450. John Cena tweets about being champion
  451. Besides Punk, do any Raw faces matter besides Cena?
  452. After Del Rio, who will Cena feud with?
  453. Official RAW Discussion 19/9
  454. come on then people predictions please
  455. How would you feel...
  456. John Cena 12 time WWE Champion, 4 more titles to tie Flair
  457. Its pretty obvious now sheamus is going to take the title off henry !
  458. John Cena won the WWE Title Woo Hoo
  459. [John Cena] A 3 Year Long Reign or 7 Titles in 3 Years? *NoC Spoilers*
  460. how low will ratings drop now?
  461. This Multi-Finisher Crap needs to stop...
  462. What Happened After NoC Went Off Air (Nash Still Having Trouble With His Quads lol)
  463. Is the WWE fucking with us?
  464. Seriously whats with all this Orton hate on the IWC
  465. Will Kharma be the same mosnter she was?
  466. "A Black Man Can't Be World Champion"
  467. *Spoilers* Kelly Kelly/Beth Pheonix aftermath
  468. Randy Orton may be the best overall worker in WWE at the minute.
  469. Mark Henry Vs Taker
  470. NoC booking
  471. When is Chris Jericho gonna come back and SAVE US
  472. Will we ever see another "Vince is racist thread" after NOC?
  473. To those complaining why HHH got involved in this storyline to begin with ...
  474. POV: Noc?! Give the people their money back!
  475. Is cm punk losing his magic?
  476. WWE screwed Beth Phoenix
  477. What's the technical name for the move where ADR jumps through the ropes?.
  478. Mark henry - You need to cry after Winning the world title you dumbf*ck !!!!
  479. The Awesome Truth *NOC spoilers*
  480. WWE screwed CM Punk
  482. Love CM Punk but lets be real here..
  483. raw world tour at the o2
  484. Was that necessary? *NOC Spoiler*
  485. First Black Champion! (insert Mark Henry love here)
  486. Adr to fued with Ricardo in the future?
  487. This has got to stop. Cena is killing the company.
  488. WWE has lost its identity as a company
  489. WWE Title prestige
  490. I cant even lie i was so into the diva's match.
  491. SD - The land where dreams come true
  492. (NoC Spoilers) What is WWE Creative...???
  493. Can Morrison fall any lower?
  494. Michael Cole News
  495. I almost cried tears of joy..
  496. Kelly Kelly = John Cena
  497. Triple H should wrestle full time again
  498. Henry wins. Vince must really hate Chrsitian.
  499. So the babyface is now stealing cars!?
  500. CM punk (spoiler from NoC)
  501. Don't freak out yet! *Punk/HHH NoC Spoilers*
  502. Cena/ADR *NoC Spoilers*
  503. Henry Destroyed Orton in their feud!
  504. World Heavyweight Title Match *NOC Spoilers*
  505. WE WANT ICE CREAM... on a t-shirt.
  506. Another Austin/Punk Twitter Fued!!!!
  507. Rosa Mendes has a response for her "haters" because of criticizing rookie Divas
  508. Triple H as WWE Champion
  509. Randy Orton is awesome
  510. Favorite Smackdown moment?
  511. RAW Memories
  512. Why is Smackdown treated as the testing grounds for WWE ?
  513. WWE Night of Champions 2011: Triple H Comments on UFC vs. WWE
  514. Pepsi plunge at Night of champions.
  515. Who is your favorite black superstar on RAW
  516. punk vs rock
  517. Tyler Reks & Curt Hawkins
  518. give david outuga a big push,he is such great potential
  519. Chris Jericho stolen by Punk, Miz and more
  521. John Cena says he is gonna win tomorrow and will be 17 time champion
  522. Will John Morrison ever be champion?
  523. cena/miz feud was boring but had it's benifits
  524. 6 man HIAC 2?
  525. Franklin's Words of Wisdom- The WWE should had NOT annouced The Rock's Return.
  526. to people who think wwe is racist to black people
  527. which wrestler you will like to see using a stunner
  528. Should Wade Barret be in ADRs position?
  529. Do you think Cena will play a role in the HHH/Punk feud?
  530. [GAYPEX PREDATOR HATE THREAD, NO TROLL] You're not supposed to remember heel Orton
  531. Dibiases Dream Street on Rhodes
  532. From the Vault????
  533. skip sheffield!!
  534. POV: Survivor Series '11 - where new superstars can be pushed properly
  535. Oh Its On Now
  536. Alberto Del Rrrrrrrrio
  537. HHH will be on the heel team while Foley or Jericho goes on Rock/Cena team.
  538. Christian starts Petition for One More Match.
  539. A huge SPOILER for the coming weeks!
  541. Maybe a better name for Awesome Truth?
  542. Why did John Cena almost give up on CM Punk?
  543. Is the John Cena character a perfect example of WWE being out of touch?
  544. Intercontinental/United States Championship
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