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  1. John Morrison leaving next monday, TNA very interested
  2. WWE employee argues for Wade Barrett at RAW
  3. Guess who has ridiculous heat in WWE
  4. Non-Spoiler Match listings for this week
  5. Is the Miz overrated on the mic or not?
  6. Cena's merch becoming less and less visible
  8. Del Rio New Champ Soon
  9. Happy faces and Sneaky Heels.
  10. too bad del rio's character is such a weasel
  11. Why Does ADR bore me while wrestling?
  12. Anaconda Vice - time to get rid of it?
  13. Should Ryder get hairplugs?
  14. 11/25/11 Smackdown Spoilers (Ongoing)
  15. Huge Spoiler on WWE’s Cryptic Promos and a Major Boost for RAW
  16. Zack Ryder Should Win MITB In 2012
  17. Spoiler regarding video from Raw (Big return)
  18. John Cena is a good sport. Until he lose his cool. credit my idea to domenicos thread
  19. Otunga is a life-saver
  20. RAW 2011 Slammy Awards
  21. Guest host of Smackdown Announced + Orton/Henry steel cage match for World title
  22. Miz to be involved in Title Feuds over the next few months
  23. Please
  24. Zigglers best matches?
  25. Dolph Ziggler new theme
  26. I'm sick of hearing about Zack Ryder.
  27. Dolph owns Punk in ring....
  28. Where´s Alex Riley?
  29. RAW 21/11/11 proved something once again..
  30. Skip Sheffield has been removed from the RAW Roster page
  31. Cable Top 25 Weekly Shows "An Hour Of RAW Got Beat By Spongebob" Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  32. Randy Orton
  33. RAW Viewership (21/11/11)
  34. Where was Jonah Hill?
  35. where is heath slater?
  36. Mason Ryan
  37. Kevin Nash last night
  38. Kane is returning soon
  39. John Cena Does Not Deserve To Go Over The Rock.
  40. Possibly the best drop kick i've seen in a long time
  41. I really hate how the WWE still claims Dolph Ziggler is a former WHC
  42. Booker T and Cole On Commentary
  43. if the rock actually wrestling more matches ater WM 28?
  44. How Much Do Front-Row Raw Tickets Usually Cost?
  45. im suprised that nobody made a thread about the kane vid already!
  46. How would you want Cena to beat Rock at WM?
  47. Just fire Ted dibiase!
  48. Rhodes vs Booker T feud set in motion
  49. So is Miz a face now or is R-Truth face now?
  50. WWE does NOT need to make Cena turn heel
  51. Ziggler massive jobber, except....
  52. again with the twitter twending b.s the ENTIRE RAW
  53. How can anyone hate Orton for being boring, then mark for D.Bryan?
  54. christian disapeared
  55. No Brodus?
  56. Could del Rio work as a face?
  57. Anybody very pleased that Booker and Cole were on commentary?
  58. Do you think Cena will ever turn heel?
  59. John Morrison's contract has expired
  60. CM Punk shoots on The Rock for being a diva & having an ego
  61. I don't get Cody Rhodes new gimmick
  62. Should Cody Rhodes stay a tweener?
  63. The New Face of the WWE
  64. Ad being run for NJ/NY area *possible spoiler*
  65. sin cara having surgery today [NEWS UPDATE]
  66. Cena taking time off?
  67. Don't tell me this feud is gonna continue?
  70. Sin Cara injured live video
  71. Judging from Orton's facial expressions during the match, its obvious that
  72. So did miz..
  73. Thank You Punk and Ziggler
  74. So they split up because of that?
  75. I think it's time for Henry to lose the belt
  76. Is anyone getting sick of Punk & his Laurinaitis Trashing promo every week?
  77. who had the better promo, kevin nash or the big show?
  78. Is it just me or is cena.....
  79. WM 28 + nose bleed seats =
  80. Alicia Fox is lookin' good.
  81. John Cena's response to the The Rock after getting Rock Bottomed is...
  82. What The Fuck WWE? Really?
  83. I'll make it a million and one
  84. Rtruth has been officially buried, was he the other person that failed the drug test?
  85. Jobber putting new heel star over?
  86. John Cena Finally showed some aggression on the Mic!
  87. I hope to god Truth hasn't just turned face
  88. That will do *spoilers*
  89. Rtruth LOL
  90. How come the crowds doesn't hate Orton like the IWC does?
  91. Return of Kane...?
  92. Ummmm.....Wasn't Jonah Hill Supposed To Guest Host RAW Tonight?
  93. Ummm wtf not Brodus Clay this week again
  94. I'm so confused.
  95. Dolph Ziggler is a fu**** star!!!!!!
  96. Rhodes,Ziggler and Barrett
  97. Knee pads
  98. Jericho's Return Discussion Thread
  99. could funkman vs punk be on the making?
  100. What did Punk call Johnny Ace?
  101. Poll: How long do you think Punk's reign will last?
  102. FULL VIDEO of the Rock's great post-PPV promo
  103. WOW Is That Bad For WWE??????????????
  104. LOL CM Punk Mad Cause The Rock Dont Interact With Him LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  105. Making the WWE title interesting again...
  106. Wade Barret?
  107. They really messed up putting Morrison in that match
  108. Raw after WM 28
  109. Smackdown Rating 11/18
  110. CM Punk - deeply upset because Rock never talks to him
  111. CM Punk - Strong Words About Rock
  112. Was anyone else surprised at how over Rhodes was at SS?
  113. "Hollywood" John Cena New Heel Gimmick Should Cena Ever Turn Heel
  114. CM Punks entrance
  115. howard finkel cm punk´s personal ring announcer?
  116. John Cena Should Do Us All A Favor And Retire After WM28
  117. John Cena
  118. The Rock should feud with.....
  119. R-Truth is imense
  120. GUESS WHO'S BACK?????
  121. How Many Times WWE Mentioned Twitter On Survivor Series ?????????????????????????????
  122. The match that will save Cena's Career, WrestleMania, and WWE (May contain Spoilers)
  123. JR and Cole
  124. when did cena
  125. When I turn around, you turn me back around and give me the f*cking rock bottom
  126. New Triple H Interview
  127. So what happens with Awesome Truth now?
  128. Alberto Del Rio addresses his defeat to CM Punk
  129. Derrick Bateman explains his loss
  130. CM Punk's next challenger /fued
  131. I don't think anyone will even care about Clay
  132. whos left to face Beth Phoenix?
  133. The Rock Really showed the lack of star power on RAW
  134. Official 11/21 Raw Discussion Thread
  135. Ziggler is the new era's version of Mr. Perfect
  136. Will Raw suck tonight?
  137. Eve made a believer out of me
  138. Breakthrough Battle Royal to determine new #1 Contender
  139. The Rocks Health after the match? I heard it was OVER NINE THOUSAAAAAAAAAAND.
  140. Triple H will be at Raw tonight
  141. Battle Royal for the World Heavyweight Championship
  142. So what happens to morrison?
  143. Can someone .gif Cena's monkey flip and drop kick?
  144. The New Era Have Begun "the entertainment era"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  145. why injure Mark Henry?
  146. Rock says "this go around its only just beginning"
  147. Rock's HUGE
  148. Wasup With CM Punk No Sold ADR Cross Armbreaker?????
  149. How would a Cena heel turn be MOST effective?
  150. Did Hunico purposely Injure Sin cara?
  151. Replace the 'Spinner WWE Title' belt with...
  152. Rock won't have to lose at WM if he puts over Punk instead
  153. Is this the First time ever the "Top Face of the Company" has been completely buried?
  154. I completely forgot about Punk during his feud with Del Rio
  155. At WrestleMania 28, there is no way IN HELL..
  156. Should CM Punk be face of the WWE?
  157. This might sound crazy but....
  158. CM Punks Statement....Will he live up to it? *Spoilers*
  159. For a Guy That Worked As A Face For 9 Straight Years
  160. The White Sin Cara Outfit Is Bad Luck
  161. What on earth do you call that funny Leg Drop Rtruth does?
  162. Opinions on Zack Ryders push?
  163. Wade Barrett enriches our lives once again ***SPOILERS***
  164. Truth's promo at Survivor Series...
  165. It is UNPOSSIBLE for Cena to turn heel.
  166. Sheamus' popularity?
  167. How great was Ziggler at SS?
  168. So..Whats next for Cena?
  169. What happened to Del Rio?
  170. WWE Championship Match Result and all discussions resulting from *spoilers*
  171. *Spoiler* Mark Henry
  172. Can John Cena be the biggest Heel of this generation?
  173. Seeds for Cena's heel turn have FINALLY been planted
  174. Why the hate so much for John Cena?
  175. Guess what...
  176. Sin Cara out 6-9 MONTHS
  177. Did Cena just turned heel?
  178. That homeless grand theft auto phony straight edge drug addict whiner loser...
  179. Where's Alex Riley?
  180. Happy now Barrett marks?
  181. When did Rhodes get so over?
  182. You can all stop complaining now
  183. WWE runs Twitter angle with Ricardo
  184. Another custom RAW intro vid, this time with Thorn in your Eye (i.e. Attitude Era)
  185. Hunico looks like Jimmy + Chavo
  186. Survivor Series Headliner Reportedly Violated WWE's Drug Policy
  187. Del Rio needs a face turn
  188. Miz:Smartest Wrestler in WWE?
  189. People love an underdog...
  190. impressed with Hunico
  191. Why SD Is Better Than RAW? Vince Is Tired!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  192. WWE wants Smackdown live on Tuesdays but...
  193. What WWE couple storyline would you like to see?
  194. mason ryan looks like batista!
  195. Backstage News on Vince McMahon and the RAW/SmackDown Creative Process
  196. MITB
  197. Bad News For Chris Jericho Fans...
  198. Sheamus - Boring?
  199. Punk needs to stop calling The Rock as Dwayne!
  200. Michael Cole as Raw GM?
  201. So who was originally meant to win the Triple Threat at Survivor Series in 1999 ???
  202. Is Cena becoming lame in a non-cool way unlike Kurt Angle?
  203. CM Punk talks about MSG and Rock and Cena teaming up.
  204. If Undertaker was added to the Rock/Cena Match at Wrestlemania, who would win?
  205. Is anyone else marking...
  206. Why is Cena trying to make us hate him?
  207. Great White!!
  208. R-Truth's babyface run
  209. What was the point of Cena's tag team title reigns?
  210. Did they ever say who was the anonimous GM?
  211. D Bryans Run to WM
  212. Jobber Mahal
  213. Kelly Kelly lashed out at Beth Phoenix on Twitter
  214. RAW top 5 wrestlers
  215. When did all this Cena hate started?
  216. Kenny Dykstra should he be resigned?
  217. Is it me or has WWE gotten way too lame latelly?
  218. John Morrison isn't leaving WWE
  219. low card talent
  220. John Morrison for TLC?
  221. The Truth That The IWC Has To Understand
  222. WWE afraid to push anyone over Cena?
  223. Finally, Ryder, just like Cena, has become a...
  224. Did Rock's Return Overshadow Punk's rise to stardom?
  225. Spoiler For Raw On Monday
  226. Maryse says she wont go to TNA
  227. Why the WWE is forced to turn Cena heel.
  228. Top 5 Most overrated in 2011
  229. 11/21/11 raw
  230. The DBD/AJ/Show Segment
  231. Are Hunico Epico and Primo a Stable??
  232. Tyson Kidd debuts brainbuster finisher!
  233. Alex Riley / Drew McIntyre on Superstars
  234. I know it's still early, but I wanna speculate on Cody a bit more.
  235. Henry produces the most engaging storylines, and Henry/Show/Bryan is no exception
  236. Full report on cm punk appearance at MSG
  237. Ziggler Welcomes 2 Challenges
  238. Epic Michael Cole Video
  239. Zach Ryder
  240. WWE I Get it know Cena = Tebow
  241. Cody Rodes and Kofi Kingston assess their Survivor Series TagTeam in one word [LOL]
  242. Del Rio is a massive flop
  243. The Sinister Revolution
  244. Conclusion of the missing Taker?
  245. Is Wade Barrett just getting a temporary push?
  246. Audio out of sync on Smackdown
  247. Derrick Bateman trends Worldwide on Twitter
  248. Do you find it awkward that they're aren't even mentioning Evan Bourne on t.v....
  249. Superstars/On Air Personnel Should Be Getting Pay More Money!!
  250. Dibiase speed
  251. *Spoiler* Mason Ryan
  252. Maryse update - her future in wrestling?
  253. Layla returns
  254. Morrison Taking Indy Bookings?
  255. What would you think of a Henry/Bryan I Quit match at Wrestlemania?
  256. WOAH CM Punk used to be the hottest thing in wrestling just a month ago...
  257. WWE's The Informer hinting at possible Goldust/Cody & Chris Jericho Return!
  258. Wrestlemania Revenge Tour - Smackdown
  259. John Cena on "If Rock/Cena Feud has legit heat?"
  260. Primo & Epico now Mexicans?
  261. I can't stand DiBiase as a face
  262. Is this derrick bateman guy any good?
  263. WWE to bring back Hardcore Championship?
  264. WTF AJ & Natalya *Spoilers*
  265. Is Sin Cara Making Progress With His English?
  266. What is Daniel Bryan's gimmick?
  267. Give cena the credit for rise of zack ryder
  268. Anyone else think SS build up sucked?
  269. Punk and Nash
  270. Even the Ryder haters have to admit...
  271. The CM Punk Angle Will Suffer the Same Fate as the Invasion
  272. Hunico seems to be a better worker than Sin cara *Spoilers*
  273. Cody Rhodes needs to refresh his gimmick
  274. john nmorrison defeated zack ryder
  275. If CM punk didnt exist & cena has turned heel, who would you prefer as face of WWE?
  276. Why Did Primo steal Jericho's finisher?
  277. WWE: does it need a new top heels and faces?
  278. Team Barrett need to win [SD Spoilers]
  279. Is Super Sheamus going to lose a match again, ever?
  280. It's time to move on......
  281. Daniel Bryan needs to appear on Raw SuperShows
  282. Rey Mysterio's status as a main eventer
  283. Does anyone like when R-Truth tells the Crowd "Dont What Me"?
  284. What if Cena and Orton would be injured!
  285. Awesome Truth - Going to win?
  286. Morrison hints a triple threat
  287. What if rock ..
  288. More Tuesday Nights Smackdown
  289. How will SS finish and Raw Start?
  290. John Laurinaitis
  291. Why do opponents exit the ring when Cena runs during his entrance?
  292. Greatest Rock Promos Of All Time
  293. Cable Top 25 Weekly Show Big Drop For RAW From 5 To 12!
  294. X PAC
  295. Punk and the title fued
  296. Interesting stat on Sin Cara
  297. Goldust Wants Cody Rhodes at Wrestlemania 28
  298. Mark Henry vs Daniel Bryan for Wrestlemania.
  299. Smackdown 18th Nov 2011 - promo to Survivor Series (must watch)
  300. Why is Cena booed?
  301. They kill a myth that Taker played high school basketball with legend Magic Johnson
  302. Mason Ryan....
  303. Who Else Can Be Inducted into the Hall of Pain?
  304. Forgive my lack of rock knowledge...
  305. What Smackdown Superstars do you think should be paired up as a tag team?
  306. If Cena were to turn heel, would you rather it be at SS or WM28?
  307. Ryder being Cena's buddy
  308. Non-spoiler match card?
  309. The Annonymus RAW gm angle officially over?
  310. I've tried to defend Orton but this should be alarming to the marks
  311. Orton Is getting to be dry!
  312. How did Henry suddenly become the most beloved superstar & Orton the most hated??
  313. How the hell is CM Punk going to make WWE Title mean something?
  314. Raw from Monday night
  315. Promo for April 3rd 2011 Smackdown Taping Spoils Royal Rumble Winner?
  316. I Like CM Punk But The Rock Would Tear Him Apart On The Mic
  317. Boots To Asses
  318. SmackDown/Superstars/NXT Spoilers for 11/18/2011
  319. Face turn.....
  320. Bull Buchanan !!
  321. If Daniel Bryan doesn't win the title...
  322. I can't take Hunico seriously like this
  323. CM Punk Discusses His Favorite Stone Cold Steve Austin Moment
  324. end of Jericho
  325. If Punk doesn't win, who goes next?
  326. Nadie puede detener el gran Hunico!
  327. Kofi new partner?
  328. So Mason Ryan will be IWC's next ..
  329. Will Johnny Ace win the WWE title?
  330. Teddy Long
  331. RAW Viewership (14/11/11) - not fantastic viewership but jump in 18-49 demo
  332. CM Punk and Daniel Bryan vs John Laurinitis and Michael Cole
  333. US title match at Survivor Series.
  334. Vickie Guerrero Being the Top Heel is Pathetic
  335. Does Dolph need Vickie?
  336. The Miz is on point
  337. Why did Kevin Nash cross the road?
  338. Rock/StoneCold vs Cena/Punk Tag Match Would Be Epic
  339. Can Someone Tell Me Why They Took The Title Off Of Kelly?
  340. The Rock Disinterested?
  341. Just a thought.
  342. Is vince russo booking RAW these days?
  343. Why did they have to ruin Foley's return?
  344. CM Punk trying to 'make this stuff cool again'
  345. Orton's Theme or Henry's theme?
  346. Punk Outpopped The Rock last night!!
  347. Why is Alex Riley not part of the Survivor Series Team??
  348. #HEEL
  349. Calling it right now...
  350. Hottest Angle as of now?
  351. Anyone else miss this guy right now?
  352. Kelly Kelly with a new Finisher!!!
  353. WWE are inconsiderate
  354. Match Announced for Smackdown
  355. The November 14, 2011 Raw Proved One Thing More Than Anything Else
  356. Vince Russo should be Proud!!
  357. Post-Raw dark match: Boston wants Ryder, gets Ryder a match, Rock uninvolved
  358. Mason Ryan is on Team Orton but Daniel Bryan is not......
  359. What the hell? John Cena No Sold foley's Emotional Video package!!
  360. The Great CM Punk Ruse
  361. Am I the only one...
  362. Who do you think will debut on raw next week?
  363. What is the song name of John cena's tribute tonight?
  364. I think I understand the booking of the main event~!?
  365. Jonah Hill hosting/guest starring on Raw next week
  366. WWE really needs to stop holding back Cena
  367. cena heel Turn at Survivor Series
  368. Ron"the truth" Killings can go with anyone on the mic
  369. Rock or Zack Ryder or CM Punk = Cena still on top
  370. *Important Spoiler* So Rock/Cena and Awesome truth..
  371. Was Kevin Nash awesome tonight?
  372. Heel Miz > Face CM Punk
  373. Why was this a 3 hour Raw?
  374. The Rock's Closing Promo And Surrounding Discussion
  375. Zack Ryder sucks!
  376. The Rock Is the most over ever
  377. Smackdown Rating
  378. Why Watch A Product You Hate?
  379. No Brodus?
  380. Orton shaved the beard!!!!!
  381. Nash's Theme Music
  382. Tonight's booking between Champions and contenders
  383. So The Rock is not that over anymore....
  384. The saddest thing about the Divas of Doom angle?
  385. It's offical, WWE is no longer in PG era (We Love Twitter Thread)
  386. What the F is going on?!
  387. I Have To Say Cena's Dad
  388. *Spoiler* Cody Rhodes Debuts New Version of Smoking Mirrors
  389. Zack Ryder is getting pushed HUGE right now.
  390. Now Cody Rhodes Is A Generic Midcarder
  391. Any more matches to be added tonight for Survivor Series?
  392. WWE's Logic
  393. does dvr recording add to raw ratings?
  394. The first Zack Ryder hater
  395. Will Kevin Nash be at Raw or HHH?
  396. The Anonymous GM...
  397. would you like to see the announce team of....
  398. ANOTHER Spoiler for tonight
  399. Since when...uhhhh...
  400. Zack Ryder is what the RAW mid card needed
  401. I did not know that Randy Orton could do a Dropsault.
  402. Cena says that the Rock will be wrestling tonight
  403. MAJOR SPOILER for tonight's RAW (For people going to the show)
  404. Punk vs Austin or Punk vs Jericho?
  405. 3 6 need to perform for mark henry like this wm 28
  406. Who do you think will be jobbing to Brodus Clay tonight?
  407. Crowd Reaction in Boston
  408. Official Raw Discussion Thread 11/14 *3 Hour Show*
  409. look a like
  410. Lack of total package main event heels in WWE
  411. WWE filming a dvd on cm punk
  412. No Barrett Tonight?
  413. Retarded piped in reactions!
  414. Chris Jericho is a coward hypocrite
  415. Still Advertising for TIX in Boston for 11-14-11 Raw
  416. would Orton be more like cyclops or wolverine?
  417. The Uso's entrance
  418. Would Ryder be future endeavored if he hadn't started Z! True Long Island Story?
  419. Mexico tour is done! Berto say goodbye to WWE championship!
  420. When did Brodus move to RAW?
  421. Hoping for a Punk/Rock segment
  422. Should Drew McIntyre take Morrison's Spot?
  423. Chris Jericho: I will never wrestle for WWE again
  424. jhon cena
  425. John Cena vs Kevin Nash Feud
  426. A Way Everybody Wins At WrestleMania 28
  427. Biggest Fall From Grace
  428. The Rock Garbage Is Batista Treasure??????????????????
  429. Will HHH return this monday
  430. Cena hate: Is this one of the reasons Cena is still at Top?
  431. Raw Intro VS The Big Bang Theory Intro
  432. awsome truth....do they have a future??
  433. Who has had a better career in the WWE? Kurt or Rey?
  434. There are people who like Ezekiel Jackson only because he's black?
  435. Latest Smackdown
  436. Is seriously all you think about is pushes?
  437. Whats with Josh & "One of the most Exhilarating Superstars in the WWE" line?
  438. Kelly Kelly gets small mentioning by Don Cherry
  439. This Would Be A Cool Main Event For A Future Raw.
  440. So now that Morrison's losing streak is over, do you think he's in line for a push?
  441. Ezekial Jasckson ugh here we go again
  442. Was anyone at the Minehead (Butlins) Raw show in the UK tonight?
  443. 2011 Smackdown Superstar of the Year
  444. Interview: “The Life of Bryan”
  445. Anyone else think Daniel Bryan....
  446. Will Mick Foley Be On RAW This Monday In Boston?
  447. Crimson (from iMPACT) and Wade Barrett - what a great heel Tag Team
  448. roster swaps
  449. A In-ring segment between Rock And Austin is long overdue, This Monday make it happen
  450. cm punk
  451. which rivalry is better?
  452. Charles Robinson ribbed during Aksana segment?
  453. WWE RAW World Tour Live Event (Glasgow, Scotland, November 10th 2011)
  454. How does everyone feel about the Alicia Fox push?
  455. Christian's Legacy
  456. Can CM Punk even cut a promo without breaking kayfabe?
  457. Daniel Bryan
  458. I'm just going to say it, The Miz is one of the most untalented......
  459. this is why booker t is god
  460. How many segements you think the Rock will have on this upcoming Monday Night Raw?
  461. Is Daniel Bryan gonna get a short title reign like Christian?
  462. Wade Barrett (Smackdown Spoilers)
  463. How Awful was Natalya On Commentary + Nearly Sucking Cole D?ck Tonight?
  464. [email protected]
  465. Raw House Show. London 11/11/11
  466. Ticketmaster
  467. RAW house show - 11/11/11 London
  468. The Miz / R-Truth - When they split?
  469. WWE Teasing The Wherabouts & Return Of The Undertaker
  470. Survey - WWE are looking for feedback on various show ideas for their network
  471. Is Raw the show that takes the most commercial breaks of all time?
  472. Bryans new theme is pretty sweet IMO
  473. How Much Longer Do You Want To See Henry as Champion?
  474. Spoiler/ Ted DiBiasi /Spoiler
  475. Is Shawn Michaels teasing a return?
  476. There is now a John Laurinaitis "Future Endeavored" shirt on WWEShop
  477. Punk was spot on about Del Rio
  478. Armando Estrada should join Alberto and Rodriguez
  479. glasgow house show
  480. Morrison on Z! true long island story
  481. Why Sin Cara Didn't Go On WWE European Tour.
  482. Cody Rhodes New Gimmick? (Minor SD Spoiler)
  483. POV: Punk will win & possible John Boy 11th reign
  484. Daniel Bryan/Bryan Danielson on Colt Cabana's Art of Wrestling Podcast
  485. How can Punk Claim "Best in the world" with the boring ass promos he does everyweek?
  486. WHY WWE WHY??!?!?!?!
  487. Why is Christian jobbing EVERY single match he's in?
  488. Was RVD Responsible For Kane Face Off?
  489. Who is the better wrestler: David Otunga or Mason Ryan?
  490. is this why chris jericho isn't returning to the wwe?
  491. AJ Styles Butthurt about WWE's Popularity?
  492. CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan Wrestlemania 28?
  493. I cant be the only one who enjoys Zigglers cockiness more every week.
  494. Will christian retire soon?
  495. WWE Using The Muppets Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  496. Does Wrestling Matter anymore
  497. Kane To make return at 2012 Royal Rumble.
  498. how is curt hawkins not charismatic?
  499. Why Couldn't it of been henry instead of Christian
  500. Orton and Henry can dig it sucka
  501. Who will be the personal jobber for Sheamus now?
  502. Is VInce Tired of waiting Skip To Return?
  503. are wwe building barrett to be a creditable opponent for undertaker?
  504. Is Jomo a poor man's AJ Styles
  505. Trailer for Rock’s Next Movie
  506. Alberto Del Rio is so boring
  507. quick question about the WWE Championship
  508. WWE's explanation for having John Cena whoop Awesome Truth's ass all by himself
  509. WWE Diva "Who is notorious for not washing her ring gear" Dumps Boyfriend
  510. Christian injured
  511. Does Goldlust need repackaging?
  512. Mark Henry is boring
  513. Beth Vs Nat feud has already begun??? WTF?
  514. Averno to WWE?
  515. Who is the Worst WWE Champ Ever?
  516. Ziggler loses title, dumps Vickie, and skyrockets to Main Event
  517. Natalya and Beth Phoenix to feud over Divas title?
  518. Heat from Agents on a WWE Star's Push
  519. David Otunga likes unleaded
  520. Jerry Lawler: 'I Don't Enjoy Being A Commentator'
  521. Kane's return *NO OTHER THREADS*
  522. Big John Morrison Update; Possible Contract Expiration Date Revealed
  523. Sheamus wants a piece of The Undertaker
  524. Evan Bourne a victim of WWE Double Standard?
  525. WWE Unfairness+Politics?? "Regarding Bourne’s Suspension"
  526. Will Johnny Curtis ever become something?
  527. Meltzer's Orton/Cody streetfight match recap(& some news)
  528. Cena destined to be boo'd in boston: how embarrassing is that ?
  529. Christian Injured? (Update On Injury + SS Implications)
  530. I'd like this to be Barrett's finisher
  531. New WWE logo???
  532. Who should get the title first? Sheamus or Barrett?
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