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  1. Does anyone think Triple H...
  2. WWE Diva Turning Heel
  3. IWC: WWE Sucks! They need to push new stars!!! --- SIX MONTHS LATER...
  4. Randy Orton Confirmed for tonight's taping
  5. Does anyone else feel they are ruining Cena's heel turn?
  6. WWE apparently Losing Faith In Twitter.
  7. WWE needs to make more matches like this!
  8. Could Cena win the Royal Rumble?
  9. Sin city smackdown Lumberjack match
  10. However it plays out with Jericho..
  11. can a mod please delete this
  12. Why is the IWC so fixated on Punk being involved in everything?
  13. The end of Ryders push.
  14. Calling it now, Y2J brings kharma to win the RR
  15. Major Spoiler For the WWE Title Scene
  16. Remember, Everyone...
  17. The Rock working another RAW date
  18. I enjoyed RAW
  19. The Undertaker return at royal rumble, WWE pulling out all of the stops, clusterfuck
  20. So many injuries to the SD roster!
  21. Triple H has the the potential to RUIN everything now
  22. This should be Jericho's new music
  23. Why do some of you still think Jericho isn't feuding with Punk...
  25. Ryder to be re-packaged?
  26. The Rise and Fall of Johnny Ace
  27. Johnny Ace's Amazing Poker Face
  28. Sheamus/Orton/Barrett at Wrestlemania?
  29. John Cena is not turning heel
  30. Post RAW Attitude Adjustment on Kane
  31. Sean "X-pac" Waltman Controversial tweet on Laurinaitis
  32. I know where the Zack Storyline is going!!! Mind Blowing Revelation.
  33. A potential clue?
  34. Could Sheamus become the next face of the WWE?
  35. Cm Punk said fuck on Raw
  36. CM Punk great champion thus far.
  37. New Mega Heel Stable is Coming
  38. At least Jericho spoke tonight.
  39. If Cena turns heel, it will bomb imo
  40. R-Truth vs Miz match bored me to death
  41. Do you think Ziggler & Swagger tag team has run its course?
  42. Less promo, More ring action this week?
  43. The Miz is the dark horse
  44. I am glad they didn't do Ace/Punk on RAW
  45. Next Week Triple h Turns Heel and then Punk vs HHH for WM 28
  46. Jericho Predictions?
  47. Ryder's injury
  48. Wade Barrett and Sheamus
  49. Screaming girl in crowd
  50. Eve Torres & Cena need to learn how to act when someone is injured
  51. Cena Leering Psychotically Into The Camera - An All-Time Great Moment?
  52. Fake Crowd Noise AGAIN
  53. Raw Supershow
  54. The Company Men (RAW 1st 30 minutes)
  55. Nice Jorts Punk
  56. Jack Swagger Face Turn?
  57. Where is Beth Phoenix?
  58. Can we all predict that tonight's raw will end in a Royal-Rumble like brawl?
  59. A taste of what made all of us Bryan fans
  60. Evan Bourne Suspension Update
  61. Raw Always PG
  62. Will Taker ever wrestle on Smackdown! again?
  63. SmackDown viewership (20/01/2012) - one of the highest ever on Syfy
  64. Who do you think will be the next 'main event star'?
  65. CM Punk Responds to Ultimate Warrior's HOF
  66. how about this fued?
  67. Rey Mysterio Update
  68. What was your first impression of John Cena?
  69. layla and sheamus dating?
  70. Booker T is just into.......
  71. Randy Orton Returns at WWE House Show
  72. Does Twitter ruin the Raw broadcast?
  73. Poll: Stone Cold or The Rock
  74. Interesting fact about John Cena!
  75. **Raw 1/23/12 Discussion Thread**
  76. The year of Punk - too much?
  77. About the IWC turning on a wrestler they liked
  78. JINDER MAHAL -- Whadaya think?
  79. William Regal wants a shot at Daniel Bryan world title
  80. First ever Diva's ladder match
  81. Ryders Acting
  82. Has Punk done enough so far to be remembered when he leaves?
  83. Has anybody bought the Cena Sucks Shirt?
  84. Sheamus WWE Future?
  85. Jericho gets a pizza named after him.
  86. Things Sheamus says when he is drunk?
  87. Mark Henry vs Big Show vs Daniel Bryan
  88. Jack Swagger...
  89. Stars of the past vs CM Punk
  90. D Bryan is starting to win me over.
  91. Is Mark henry's World Title Reign Overrated by the IWC?
  92. When will people tire of Brodus Clay?
  93. Jim Ross in Car Accident
  94. Kofi Kingston Gets A New Tag Team Partner
  95. who do you want undertakers opponent at wm to be
  96. Don't really hate Cole anymore. Here's why.
  97. Justin Gabriel should be pushed.
  98. Miz needs his own stable...
  99. Now when Ziggler has improved...
  100. Finally a tag team match that felt like a tag team match
  101. CM Punk Cubs shirt
  102. Ted DiBiase injured
  103. Is Wade Barrett Overrated by the IWC
  104. The Animal on Laurinaitis Vs Punk storylie
  105. Chael Sonnen "I have never confirmed anybody would be joining me"
  106. Tyson kidd and CM Punk texting each other at 4.am
  107. Dance off?
  108. The RR Match - The Beginning Of A New Era? Heres My Idea
  109. Is Justin Roberts The Greatest Ring Announcer Of All Time?
  110. What if Ace had Punk arrested?
  111. Horrible Main Even Decision
  112. I am a bit torn
  113. Blindfolded match was....?
  114. Has CM Punk done enough so far to be a First Ballot/Headlining HOF'er?
  115. If Cena does turn heel(timing)
  116. Meh, i miss Christian.
  117. Another absolutely GOLDEN WWE.com exclusive promo from Bryan after SD
  118. Will Cena enter the rumble after facing Kane?
  119. Someone please tell Cole Bryan is a heel
  120. How I'd book Jericho's Rumble win
  121. ten things I learned on raw this past mon
  122. does john cena remind you of Earnest
  123. How about Punk vs Mark Henry?
  124. why is wwe wasting Orton's return on a houseshow
  125. daniel bryan wont escape when he crosses the vipers path WM28
  126. Angry Cena is a beast
  127. When will Cody Rhodes lose the Intercontinental title?
  128. Pin Drop Silence for Daniel Bryan's Openning Promo
  129. Vickie Guerrero Sexy Beast!!!
  130. spin the wheel
  131. Is Dr. Death Responsible For Johnny Ace's Voice
  132. Why is Rhodes rarely on Supershow? And its gone a little quite from Rhodes recently.
  133. The deal with Wade Barrett's Hair?
  134. How do you prefer Sheamus? Heel or face?
  135. Why is Beth 'in training' for WrestleMania?
  136. Punk Spoonfed to the Top?
  137. Why do you read the spoilers?
  138. RR Build Up
  139. Was Jan 2 episode of RAW a disappointment?
  140. Jericho will speak after he wins the rumble
  141. Am I The Only One That Dosent Like Big Johnny?
  142. 3 Hour Show planned.
  143. Dolph Ziggler Interview, Predicts Rock Vs Cena
  144. Am I the only one who...
  145. Ryder/Cena will embrace the hate
  146. Dolph Ziggler Interview. Thoughts on The Rock vs John Cena & More...
  147. Is Ricardo more over than Alberto?
  148. Could Dashing Cody Rhdoes work on a main event level?
  149. Congratulations to Daniel Bryan for winning the PETA libby award MAFA
  150. Fav year of Raw?
  151. Difference between Raw now and Raw 10-13 years ago.
  152. SD Non Spoiler Card
  153. I just noticed this LOL (look at the sign behind eve)
  154. How is Cena getting the title for Wrestlemania? Who will take it from Punk?
  155. Zack Ryder sucks and I hope we don't have to see him on t.v. any more
  156. Big Show Injured at SmackDown
  157. When is Jericho going to talk???
  158. Is CM Punk A Good Role Model For Kids?
  159. can we have a "embrace the hate" thread?
  160. Should Punk have stayed tweener?
  161. Dolph Ziggler Royal Rumble Interview
  162. Why did they give Cena Swagger on Monday?
  163. Why I should never be a writer for WWE
  164. So Chris Jericho......
  165. Nuclear Heat For Bryan
  166. People who blame the booking on Punk not being as good as he was...
  167. Non spoiler match listing for this weeks smackdown please ?
  168. Is cena REALLY embracing the hate?
  169. WWE Incredible inconsistency - Why is Swagger US champion?
  170. Entrance themes not as good?
  171. SmackDown's Dubbed Pops...
  172. Twitter Twister With Jericho
  173. From a kayfabe perspective, why hasn't Otunga politicked to the main event?
  174. Drew Mcintyre/ spoilers
  175. WWE is basically the Indies on a major level now.
  176. Chris Jericho chose to record a Fozzy song over Eddie Guerrero tribute show
  177. Jack Swagger needs to be pushed like Kurt Angle was
  178. After Raw @ Anaheim, CA 1/16/2012
  179. Ongoing Smackdown Spoilers
  180. Where can I watch last nights RAW online?
  181. What I would do or think could happen
  182. Whats the big deal about Primo & Epico?
  183. Punk's main event run has been memorable imo.
  184. Who From TNA Would You Most Like To See In WWE?
  185. So I take it we will see The Rock.........
  186. CM Punk Extended Video Interview
  187. Do you think Punk/Ace was supposed to be Punk/Triple H?
  188. Is anyone on the roster capable of getting white heat?
  189. What would be your RAW main event?
  190. Was that Mr Belding sitting behind the announce table during RAW last night?
  191. The girl from the "IT BEGINS" videos was part from the bigger picture
  192. SmackDown (01/13) viewership jumps back above 3 million
  193. CM Punk and Sustainability
  194. Power and glory 2000?? Santino + Ryan
  195. Stop Mentioning CM Punks Merch Sales
  196. CM Punk Channeling John Morrison on the Mic?
  197. Christian Update
  198. It Baffles Me That Mason Ryan and the Wellness Policy Can Co-Exist
  199. What can WWE do to get Jericho more heat?
  200. What should Kofi do now?
  201. Does WWE use cheers through the sound system ?
  202. Go-home RAW for Mania will be in...
  203. Were you excited for Mick Foley's return to raw last night?
  204. I like Jericho but come on now
  205. Do you want to see Mick Foley wrestle at Wrestlemania?
  206. Is Ziggler a little sloppy in the ring?
  207. Foley vs Ziggler
  208. Whose Title reign has been the worst?
  209. WWE's Tag Team "Division"
  210. Cena's Heel Turn will need brutality(blood)
  211. Ziggler was echoing a typical IWC nerd on Raw
  212. Evan Bourne suspended AGAIN
  213. The future of Raw until the rumble(concerns Cena and Jericho)
  214. So, time to prepare for an "old man match", AGAIN!
  215. The John Cena Thread
  216. Raw next week . . .
  217. Alberto Del Rio
  218. Ryder should be given back the US belt.
  219. GM war between Foley and Johnny Ace?
  220. Embrace the hate Cena
  221. Nickelback Theme Needs To Go
  222. The pros and cons of tonight's Raw
  223. Keeping track of who's face and who's heel is a full time job
  224. Board reaction to Ryder losing
  225. Mick Foley should stay away from the ring
  226. WWE should stop making Miz like an idiot
  227. Best 3-man tag team on Raw ever?
  228. Who should Brodus Clay's first feud be with?
  229. I am actually rooting for Laurinaitis
  230. Hate Kelly Kelly
  231. Funny chants on Raw tonight
  232. How Can People Say Ryder Lost Due To Ratings?
  233. Punks Rant at Jonny Ace...
  235. Dolph Ziggler
  236. Why did they give the US title to Swagger?
  237. Rise Above Swagger [Possible Spoiler?]
  238. Good truth is.....
  239. Should we care who Johnny Ace is texting?
  240. Who should vicky take over next?
  241. CM Punk simply sucks at comedy, doesnt he?
  242. Value of the US Championship?
  243. So what is the reason for the white ropes?
  244. So when was the last time a title changed hands at a live event?
  245. Will Tonight's Crowd Be Called Worst Ever?
  246. *Spoiler* How does this not happen on TV?
  247. Wonder who Zigglers gonna beat this week.
  248. Attitude Era Raw Moments That Would've Crashed The Forum
  249. Randy Orton as a face
  250. Did anyone really enjoy Punk/Nash Segments? Was it hilarious?
  251. Daniel Bryan - One of the wrost world champions of all time?
  252. The Heel Thread: Why does turning Heel make things easier?
  253. What if ..
  254. Raw discussion thread 1/16/12
  255. RAW's theme song Needs a Change!
  256. What kind of gimmicks should Ziggler and Miz have?
  257. "Legitimizing" a top star
  258. barret instead of miz
  259. Does Anyone Know Why Kofi Kingston Isn't Jamaican Anymore?
  260. Who is the most "Uncharismatic" Superstar on the RAW Roster Currently?
  261. Simple Question : Do you want Orton back on RAW?
  262. Mark Henry Tweets his HATERS
  263. Christian advertised for Feb 11 SD Show
  264. Is it a disgrace that Rey mysterio won the world title in 2006?
  265. Has Daniel Bryan made his Wrestlemania debut yet?
  266. Who's gonna get more boos? Cena or Perez Hilton?
  267. Be a star!! let's bully Evan Bourne...
  268. Would you consider Edge as a total package superstar like christian?
  269. What I am supposed to look forward to?
  270. Orton actually the company's poster boy?
  271. Midcard FAIL
  272. Anyone Else Starting to Think Bryan is Going To Make it to Mania as Champ?
  273. *Spoiler from Oakland houseshow* Mason Ryan and Alex Riley
  274. Orton's next heel turn will be huge...
  275. Back up rumble winner
  276. More R-Truth and Ricardo, Please
  277. question about the name raw
  278. ...
  279. Would You Rather See Orton or Cena Turn Heel?
  280. Anybody else enjoying smackdown more then raw recently?
  281. CM Punk - One Life One Chance
  282. Smackdown House Show Results (1/14) Vancouver, B.C. Canada
  283. Triple H on Raw from 02-04......
  284. Jericho should go for the IC title after Wrestlemania
  285. Is Randy Orton the only True Starpower of Smackdown?
  286. Is it true that the only time Christian ever meant anything to the WWE..
  287. What happened to the "Reality Era"?
  288. Thank you tremendously, and God save the Queen!
  289. Daniel Bryan is Golden Right Now
  290. What truly is different..
  291. Jericho actually did something during Friday's House Show
  292. Should Punk go to Smackdown?
  293. POLL: Who Was The Most Wasted Potential?
  294. If you could change Bryan's entrance music
  295. "You can have the title!"
  296. Cody Rhodes Character?
  297. Fresh start after Rumble.....
  298. 2 years from now, Will Punk become a bigger star than Jericho?
  299. Who is the most "Uncharismatic" Superstar in the Smackdown Roster?
  300. Hunico, getting better every week?
  301. WWE.com update on AJ
  302. Ryders Part in Story
  303. Heath Slater or Justin Gabriel?
  304. The booking of Big Show/Bryan feud
  305. Smackdown WWE.com Exclusives for this week
  306. Better Heel? Punk or Orton?
  307. Are we led to believe mediocrity is excellence in terms of the WWE roster?
  308. They really need to star pushing..
  309. Whats the point with Teddy Long and Aksana?
  310. Barrett Came Out Too Early?
  311. I hate that damn boo sound effect
  312. wwe.com Mcintyre interview
  313. David otunga
  314. Will Ryder ever win the WWE title?
  315. Is Daniel Bryan going to get to successfully and cleanly defend the title even once?
  316. Drew Mc is winning the Rumble if Orton doesnt return.
  317. Cody Rhodes is doing what I've wanted to see for so long
  318. Attitude Era ?? More like Troll Era !
  319. WWE pathetic: Bringing up Austin with Tebow's 3:16
  320. Poor Kidd....
  321. Grab a pillow and snuggle? Really Booker?
  322. Vince Not Letting Punk Escort Sonnen at UFC on FOX
  323. *Spoiler* Big Show showed Jericho how it's done
  324. Can D bryan be a credible heel?
  325. The 3 current main eventers
  326. Daniel Bryan is so bad on the mic that he's good
  327. Theory on AJ, Bryan and Big Show *contains Smackdown Spoiler*
  328. Which year did the mainevent scene on smackdown was at it's best?
  329. Is Smackdown's episode on the internet yet?
  330. Triple Threat WHC at Rumble?
  331. A Look at all of Undertaker's Past Injuries
  332. Watching Sheamus right now, and..
  333. Daniel Bryan's current role: do you think Christian could play it better?
  334. Who has the better theme music between the three?
  335. Where do you think Dolph ziggler would fit in the Attitude era?
  336. AJ, the new Mickie James?
  337. Kane and Horrible Storylines
  338. World Title = Intercontinental Title ??
  339. What Exactly happened between Orton & Kofi Kingston?
  340. If you had the power to fire Zack Ryder, Would you do it?
  341. I'm actually impressed with Dibiase!
  342. This will make people change zap to another program Perez Hilton
  343. Drew McIntyre being 'buried' (true meaning) or being pushed unconventionally?
  344. Classic Miz
  345. CM Punk's situation at the Wresltmania Main Event
  346. Laurinaitis recognizes ref's questionable call in Punk/Swagger match
  347. So who exactly would Cena feud with as a heel?
  348. Miz really needs a face turn
  349. Lawler on Hall of fame
  350. Is Mark Henry a better heel than Christian?
  351. Where is the hype?
  352. Whats so special about Daniel Bryan? what stands out about him?
  353. Hilarious WWE Article on Cena
  354. When is HHH to turn Punk into a star?
  355. Should king turn heel?
  356. What Happened to Alex Riley?
  357. What Do You Blame the Decline of WWE On?
  358. What happened to the commentary?
  359. My theory on the ratings decline
  360. Ryder Heel turn now!
  361. More Cena vs WWE "Universe" goodness on wwe.com!
  362. Jim Ross on commentary
  363. Masked Kane
  364. Wrestlemania rematch Goldberg vs Lesnar
  365. chris jericho return question
  366. Holy Shit in 2012!
  367. New Brodus Clay Video
  368. the rcok response on cena being on on the box of Fruity Pebbles
  369. Wrestlers that give you a special feeling?
  370. It's Jericho vs TAKER, Not Punk
  371. anybody else think edge got inducted way to soon to the HOF
  372. Storyline catch up
  373. A maybe tag-team
  374. Dolph Ziggler cuts Cool Promo on WWE.com
  375. Is "WOO WOO WOO" Catchphrase corny?
  376. Greater Power Episode ratings
  377. Is it possible to become a main eventers without feuding with other main eventers?
  378. "dragged to the depths of hell"
  379. did mondays RAW feel nostalgic to anyone?
  380. What seems to be interesting on Raw to you?
  381. Dream Current Smackdown
  382. 1/9 RAW Breakdown
  383. How Come Cena Keeps Saving Ryder
  384. John Cena, reaction map
  385. SmackDown after WrestleMania XX
  386. When Daniel Bryan turns heel
  387. Jericho likely to win rumble.
  388. More on Triple h - Bourne Situation
  389. R-Truth vs The Miz
  390. How does the Anaconda Vice work?
  391. Biggest Gap B/W Number 1 and 2 guy
  392. Brodus Clay modeled after Rufus from SF4
  393. Who will you be cheering for?
  394. So Ryder is over but cant wrestle yet deserves to be champion but kelly kelly doesnt?
  395. Non Spoiler matches for Smackdown?
  396. Cena teams up with fruity pebbles...
  397. John Cena signs new endorsement deal with Fruity Pebbles
  398. Zack Ryder not carrying his US Title
  399. John Cena and Zack Ryder vs. Kane at RR
  400. John Cena crowd reception map
  401. Do you find Sheamus entertaining?
  402. I hope Laurinatis will be the GM for a long time
  403. Non spoiler match listing for this weeks smackdown?
  404. Happy birthday Monday Nite Raw
  405. Am i the only one that wants....
  406. I think Sheamus is in for a Huge push after Royal Rumble all the way to WM
  407. Smackdown has been rubbish since Sin Cara and Christian got injured.
  408. What has Cena done outside the ring?
  409. John Morrison: Biggest Disappointment
  410. i know why i am loosing interest
  411. WWE Reports Zack Ryder Is Injured
  412. Was there ever a wrestler that stayed face their entire career?
  413. I see why Zack Ryder segments never gain viewers
  414. Zack Ryder is a horrible actor.
  415. Cena and the Crowbar
  416. The Zack Ryder is a Tool OFFICIAL THREAD
  417. when does Smackdown start ***SPOILERS***
  418. 13 reasons why the IWC is to blame for WWE's current state
  419. If people think Cena isn't turning heel. What's the point of the Kane storyline?
  420. SmackDown/NXT/Superstars spoilers for 1/13/2012
  421. Baaaaaaaaa!
  422. Oh Sh*t, Sorry...
  423. Little Jimmy
  424. Dolph Ziggler's Music Change "Here to Show the World"
  425. I Miss Edge
  426. WWE.com Exclusive: The Miz sends a warning to R-Truth
  427. How impressed were you with Zigglers Headstand Headlock?
  428. Christian face turn
  429. Swagger's booking
  430. Time for another Punk "shoot"?
  431. Edge on Hall of fame, Dvd & Injury
  432. Regal Wants to be RAW GM
  433. John cena Value to WWE = $106 Million
  434. People Saying Punk Buries His Opponents On The Mic
  435. Where is the Miz/Truth feud going?
  436. Hunico vs Rey Mysterio feud?
  437. chances of The Rock on RAW next week?
  438. Bryan is now a heel that thinks he's still a babyface.
  439. Michael Cole was actually pretty good this week.
  440. Raw Caption Competition
  441. Call me crazy but I love the OverTheTop gimmicks!
  442. wwe raw magazines
  443. Multiple personnality Brodus Clay at Rumble
  444. I thought CM Punk said he was going to make the WWE title interesting
  445. Cruiserweight and hardcore title
  446. Positives and Negatives of last night's RAW
  447. Talent wise superior?
  448. DB vs Big Show no DQ
  449. Iconic Images - There's someting about this picture
  450. That's it, I've literally had enough of Vince.
  451. Idea for the funniest Tag Team
  452. Punk and Ziggler need to cut some promos against one another
  453. Raw and wwe are improving!!!!
  454. Why doesnt the backstage brawling feel real anymore?
  455. Ryder getting Booed
  456. 10 things i learned on Raw
  457. When will CM Punk face a more credible opponent?
  458. Continuity in the WWE
  459. The Kick Out, and Raw next week.....
  460. With Edge Being Inducted to the HOF, Does This Open a Door for Christian at Mania?
  461. I must give WWE credit for the past couple of weeks...
  462. "Zolph Ziggler"
  463. How the hell do you change a tire with no jack?
  464. Cena Heel Theme
  465. Can someone explain Kane/Cena story again
  466. The Streak vs Jerichos Accomplishments
  467. R.I.P Curt Hawkins.
  468. Edge! WWE Hall of Fame 2012 - 1st Inductee!
  469. Please get the belt off Daniel Bryan
  470. Daniel Bryan's theme song: Heel
  471. Santino Marella - What to do with him?
  472. Brodus Clay Discussion Thread
  473. Could Kofi Kingston work as a heel character?
  474. From what point did they consider Big Show to become world champion @ TLC?
  475. Jericho To speak tonite
  476. Old School Raw 2012
  477. Sheamus Vs Wade barret WRESTLEMANIA
  478. I don't see main event potential in Cody Rhodes...
  479. Underrated Backstage Segement
  480. Report claiming Otunga might leave the WWE
  481. Crowds
  482. Raw Crew Problems For Next Week
  483. Chris Benoit referenced in WWE Superstar tweet
  484. SD TV Ratings
  485. Alliance to End Cenation?
  486. Will RAW be sold out tonight?
  487. If the undertaker DOES lose at WM, Who should it be against?
  488. D'Bryan the soft spoken polite and innocent heel lol
  489. AJ is going to turn heel eventually and help DB retain next PPV, right?
  490. Daniel Bryan + Mark Henry = Gold?
  491. Ricardo Rodriguez. Porn Star, Dating Show Contestant, Announcer, Wrestler and
  492. Raw discussion thread 1/9/12
  493. Turning Henry face by having him feud with Bryan whos turning Heel?
  494. Anyone else sick of Otunga?
  495. Bill Goldberg Claims he'll Return If...
  496. Do you think Swagger can get back on track?
  497. Next WWE Champion
  498. It just fully hit me...
  499. What Theme Should Taker Come Back With?
  500. The Miz face turn?
  501. Jericho Considers Retirement against Taker
  502. When will Triple H put over Cm Punk?
  503. How long will Cm Punk's title reign be?
  504. Jinder Mahal idea
  505. What will Cena's first words be
  506. Seth Rollins Vs. Tyson Kidd- showing off at a house show
  507. Brock Lesnar
  508. New Wade Barrett Entrance Music?
  509. What's Kane gonna do after...
  510. Smackdown could easily be 2 times as interesting....
  511. When will layla return?!
  512. Top Ten Followed WWE Superstars on Twitter
  513. Edge Update
  514. At what point did you realize Jericho was trolling?
  515. Santino / Aksana needs to happen
  516. What if Jason Sensation came back to Raw ?
  517. Which Diva was the sexiest of all time?
  518. Triple H upset with Bourne about R-truth suspension
  519. Is the DOD angle finished?
  520. Do you think Jericho intentionally did "trollface" when he was standing on the ramp?
  521. Pair Ziggler with Raquel Diaz
  522. Big Show and Mark Henry teaming up?
  523. Fave 5
  524. The Miz needs new friends....
  525. Face CM Punk vs. Heel John Cena - SummerSlam 2012 or WrestleMania 29?
  526. Should Teddy Long debut Clay?
  527. Should Big Show turn as well?
  528. 2 WWE SmackDown Tickets 01/17/12 (Las Vegas) Lower sec 105 Row EE
  529. Are you guys sick of that goofball Ryder yet?
  530. Booker Reveals Fave 5 on Twitter
  531. Do you think they should keep the "superstars" off Smackdown?
  532. If the brand split ended, should both titles be kept?
  533. Hunico
  534. Wade Barrett best thing on Smackdown at the moment
  535. I can't remember but...
  536. Drew McIntyre's next match
  537. Why was Nattie gasping before wrestling?
  538. Wade Barrett needs to be champion!
  539. What can they do with Sheamus?
  540. Does anyone like the nickname Great White for Sheamus
  541. Natalya
  542. I forbid you WWE
  543. Beautiful Disaster!
  544. Music from the kane recap promo at end of smackdown
  545. tv-14 back -- Wonderful scenario
  546. Ziggler, another victim?!
  547. I feel bad for Natalya
  548. Booker T Reveals His "Fave Five"
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