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  1. Best ever smackdown main event at a pay per view event
  2. Best ever smackdown main event at a pay per view event
  3. who is the best on smackdown
  4. Daneil Bryan in his prime or Ric Flair in his prime
  5. who is the best on raw
  6. Did wwe screw Sheamus over?
  7. Daniel Bryan Mocked
  8. Once in a life time my ass
  9. My New Found Appreciation
  10. Evan Bourne update...
  11. WWE taking The Miz of TV for big push?
  12. COuld a mod please delete this thread.Please
  13. Is WWE back to being boring?
  14. Best/Worst Guest Host
  15. Is karma catching up with Punk?
  16. Are the Uso's a breath of fresh air to the Tag Team Division
  17. Daniel Bryan is yet to have a good match.
  18. JTG should have..
  19. Should AW form a Heenan-like stable?
  20. Do you guys actually like seeing CM Punk wrestle?
  21. Idea for Damien Sandow's debut
  22. Other names for "Smackdown"?
  23. Del Rio and Ricardo ether the fuck out of Big Zeke (Pic)
  24. The three Stooges Hulk Hogan Impression wasn't even close to being right
  25. wwe wrestlers real heights
  26. When is the 2012 draft?
  27. Favourite RAW General Manager Ever
  28. anyone else think people are being biased towards punk/jericho
  29. SmackDown House Show Report - Sheffield Motorpoint Arena
  30. Appreciate Michael Cole
  31. Was Jericho returning a good decision?
  32. WWE reportedly trying to make fans stop chanting YES.
  33. Gillberg's Sparkler does RAW.... (Lots of photos)
  34. Why do people complain about Michael Cole when.....
  35. Alberto Del Rio needs Vickie
  36. Serious Punk is awesome
  37. Lillian Garcia - Falls again.
  38. I just noticed that RAW didn't have a diva's match.
  39. Anyone remember when truth was in the main event ?
  40. "The Champ is Here"
  41. No More Smackdown Specials
  42. Natalya farting angle
  43. Who will hold WWE's Belts???
  44. How long Till wwe go tv 14>
  45. Smackdown 20/4/12 *SPOILERS*
  46. The Roster Leaks.
  47. is WWE trying to make Daniel Bryan a comedic character or a serious one?
  48. 5/6/2012 breaks another record
  49. Who's no. 2?
  50. Get Santino Marella off my fucking TV!
  51. What was the pay-off for splitting up Awesome Truth?
  52. Lord Tensai or Brodus Clay?
  53. Should Orton turn heel?How will you do it?
  54. Do you guys like Vickie Guerrero?
  55. Cena turning Heel
  56. My idea for a new stable
  57. what chant finally replaced?
  58. Lord Tensai vs Funkasaurus
  59. What on earth are they doing with Dolph Ziggler?
  60. Latest WWE mockery of Lilian Garcia.
  61. Was kofi Kingston a heel on last nights raw
  62. England crowd is awesome
  63. SPOILER-- Debut on this week's Smackdown
  64. If John Cena was gone for 10 years...
  65. Anyone else think Cena is losing too much?
  66. Michael Cole's fave five.
  67. Would you enjoy this daniel bryan related segment if it happened...
  68. WOW SD Replay Outdraws Live SHOW!!!
  69. A Drew Mcintyre feud with.............?
  70. Smackdown Spoilers (inc. NXT/Superstars) 4/20/12
  71. Is the Great Kahli the worst wrestler of all time?
  72. Miz & ADR left off of Raw
  73. Do you think Daniel Bryan is way more entertaining than Punk Right now?
  74. Sakamoto appreciation thread.
  75. England Raw set design
  76. Abraham Washington (AW) ?
  77. Divas Champion match on smackdown this week?
  78. The yes chants..
  79. There can't have been too many WWE stars with as great a physique as Otunga...
  80. Im glad WWE have wised up and are now destroying Superman Cena?
  81. Raw Highlights 4/16
  82. To CM Punk haters.
  83. Y2J/Punk
  84. Anybody else think that Cena promo was pretty good?
  85. An absolutely fantastic idea I had for Cody Rhodes
  86. Miz to get Brodus Clay treatment?
  87. If the american pie cast hosted RAW...
  88. Like us on facebook
  89. Watch RAW 4/16
  90. What an improvement over last week.
  91. too much YES?
  92. Brodus is using Ernest The Cat Miller's theme?
  93. wrestlemania 28 buyrate
  94. Raw UK Crowd Sucked last night.
  95. WWE is great again, just get rid of Cena!
  96. Cena's "I Will Fight" Rant (or Poem?).
  97. Footage of Dean Ambrose London dark match.
  98. Cena's character?
  99. Fake cheers on live TV
  100. Cena is trying to support D-Bryan
  101. Where's 23/4/12 RAW?
  102. Smackdown Draft Discussion
  103. Fire Big Show or tone down his overly happy attitude
  104. Why can't Cena ever stop smiling?
  105. Does any1 think a char change for cena is coming sooner or later?
  106. Mark Henrys Hairline...
  107. Man, Ryder fell hard didn't he?
  108. 10 things learned from raw 4 16 12
  109. This Is How the Feud Will (Hopefully) Play Out
  110. Just keep Bryan as a tweener
  111. Draft next Monday ?
  112. Otunga Is Bad
  113. Has Cena ever seen this?
  114. punk in unusual london location!!
  115. The whole damn thing.
  116. Daniel Bryan Interview
  117. United States Championship?
  118. So to who is gonna job Ryder tonight?
  119. Would RAW benefit from a move to the 8-10pm timeslot?
  120. Official NON SPOILER 4/16 RAW Discussion NO SPOILERS!!!!!
  121. Bella Twins Leaving ?
  122. Could they be bringing TV-14 back? Serious question
  123. UK fans- who is getting the TV tapings in November?
  124. Why Mark Henry will win the title this monday
  125. If Eddie were still alive
  126. If Vince must keep doing this
  127. ranking the celeb guest hosts
  128. wwe draft 4/23/12 disscussion
  129. If Smackdown was to move days...
  130. Goldust Needs To Return
  131. Action Shots from Raw 4/2/12
  132. most entertaining wwe title reign Miz or Punk
  133. So the next man to return since 2004 is....
  134. Popular merch, interesting way to gage how over someone is , Manchester Uk, Regal
  135. What Did Foley Say About JR On SmackDown?
  136. 3 Tickets for tomorrows RAW available !
  137. Do you think Christian isn't getting the push he deserves..
  138. Is SD inferior to RAW, or is it just how they build the show
  139. Cody Rhodes' best gimmick?
  140. Does Christian Cost Punk the Title at ER ?
  141. Anyone know the name of
  142. Cena and Brock fued
  143. Daniel Bryan discussion ~RESURRECTION~!
  144. Lesnar/Punk next?
  145. ADR should do something like this
  147. scott hall for new g.m
  148. WWE Should Pair Eve and Dolph Ziggler Up
  149. Newcastle House Show
  151. WWE House Show Results (4/13): Stuttgart, Germany
  152. Chances of Cena getting legitimately injured at ER?
  153. Bigger and more epic moment? Goldberg/Rock 2003 or Lesnar/Cena 2012?
  154. Raw Supershow, London O2 Arena, Block 408
  155. LordsOfPain reports Christian set to feud with Big Show for IC Title
  156. What is it like being a wrestler's kid?
  157. Cena Failed Just Like the Miz Did Last Year
  158. Anyone looking forward to Damien Sandow?
  159. What changes would you make to the Super SD live concept
  160. Why does 'being good in the ring' save bland superstars from criticism?
  161. Orton/Ziggler Series or Punk/Ziggler series?
  162. Rate the Raw Superstars
  163. Does anyone else think that they?
  164. Does Daniel Bryan have the Michael Jackson disease?
  165. when was the last time we had an epic match
  166. All Things Lord Tensai
  167. WWE dictatorship - Team People Power Vs Team WWE
  168. What ever happened to Debuts on ppv
  169. Do you think there should be more interaction with stars and WWE community?
  170. Orton/Kane feud to end at Extreme rules, Orton injured
  171. Will Wade Barrett win a major title this year?
  172. Stop bitching about CM Punk!!!
  173. Sheamus as a heel?
  174. Very In-Depth Interview with Daniel Bryan from GQ Magazine!
  175. AJ/Sheamus/Bryan.
  176. This should be rybacks new theme!!!
  177. Who is most over with kids Cena Or Rey Mysterio?
  178. Would Cena intimidate you?
  179. Dublin show....YES!!! YES!!!
  180. Flo Rida: "We comin for you Heath Slater"
  181. videoFunny table botch (Moscow Raw houseshow)
  182. Cody Rhodes & Dolph Ziggler should be a tag team
  183. Where is The Miz?
  184. Y2J destroys CM Punk's award.
  185. Would you mark if CM Punk brought back old theme for extreme rules?
  186. Curt Hawkins deserves a Push!
  187. Punk VS Jericho = Sangoku VS Vegeta
  188. Cryme pays, jobs don't
  189. Anyone going to the Glasgow Smackdown show next saturday ?
  190. Alberto Del Rio - Were playing the waiting game with his title shot.
  191. The Top 10 Selling WWE T-Shirts as of 4/12/12
  192. Cena's Bloody Mouth
  193. Anyone feel bad for A-Train/Albert/LORD TENSAI
  194. Less people watch tv on Mondays in 2012?
  195. Kharma may be returning in the next few weeks?
  196. The Bella Twins reportedly leaving WWE at the end of April
  197. Daniel Bryan being Burried.
  198. Rikishi annoyed at not being used on SmackDown
  199. The point of "Legends" Smackdown.
  200. Legend's Bodies
  201. Rhodes isn't going anywhere soon.
  202. why does the iwc care about the divas division?
  203. The worst thing about Raw that NEVER gets mentioned..
  204. A Sheamus (Irish)-Wade Barrett (British) Feud?
  205. Cm Punk's drug addicted sister
  206. Should punk lose the wwe championship?
  207. Whats with all the Punk hate
  208. Why do live Smackdowns always suck?
  209. AJ heel turn?
  210. Claudio Castagnoli The Next Big thing
  211. Who should win the WWE Belt?
  212. Rating for live " Yep leave it on Friday" Smackdown edition
  213. Smackdown House Show tomorrow night in Dublin
  214. Legit
  215. Dublin houseshow April 12
  216. Morrison reportedly returning later this year + shoots a commercial w/ Jessica Alba!
  217. LOLOL @ Mixed tag team
  218. Chicago doesnt need mania
  219. Ryback
  220. Who has the worst theme song in the Smackdown roster?
  221. Who has the worst theme song in the Raw roster?
  222. John Cena=Money in the Bank Winner?
  223. D-Bry interview with GQ magazine
  224. the rock is the best
  225. Promos
  226. Will Booker T ever make it to the hall of fame?
  227. Why did the Mania match between Punk and jericho turn out to be a stinker?
  228. How did you like The Rock's two month run?
  229. Best in the World Shirt
  230. Who do you want to see take the IC title off of Big Show?
  231. Are we supposed to care if a wrestler is 'fined'?
  232. The state of tag-team wrestling on Raw (and thinking about it- Smackdown too)
  233. Piper & AJ Comment on Piper's Pit Piper not done with Bryan
  234. It's only his 2nd vignette..
  235. Rob Conway
  236. Mark Henry can put on some good matches.
  237. Fu** Those Legends!
  238. He is the game.....
  239. Ambrose Sent Back To Developmental?
  240. Is Smackdown at its worst? How can it improve?
  241. Brogue Kick to Referee was genius....
  242. Does anyone think Henry will win the title next week?
  243. Lauranitis ruins Raw, Cole for GM?
  244. Christian to feud with Big show over IC title on his return?
  245. Bella Twins
  246. for the grandads of the forum
  247. Smackdown - 1 word.
  248. Was Booker T Out Of Line On Smackdown?
  249. Will Cena ever take some time off?
  250. Fuck the squash matches, ok?!
  251. Drew McIntyre
  252. Bork Laser (Thank me later guys)
  253. What a start to raw!!!
  254. New 'Corporation'?
  255. So the "YES! Chants" & Daniel Bryan's overness was all just a fad?
  256. William Regal sold the brawl better than everyone
  257. When did Natalya turn face?
  258. Daniel Bryan=The Franchise
  259. Legitimaticy
  260. WHC future
  262. Ryback > Scott Norton :D
  263. Brock Lesnar should be fired
  265. Natalya a face now?
  266. Is it me or does Sandow...
  267. Holy Shit Booker T !!!
  268. John Laurinaitis legitimately no longer EVP, Talent Relations?
  269. Funkman's Titantron
  270. Benny Camer
  271. Am I going mad...
  272. Anyone else hooked on this Sheamus angle?
  273. "CM Punk shouldn't be WWE Champion Thread"
  274. Why CM Punk vs Chris Jericho is a beautiful Fued
  275. randy orton is great on the mic
  276. YES! In the elevator with Daniel Bryan
  277. Lord Tensai
  278. Have You Ever Called
  279. David Otunga and that damn coffie cup!!!!!
  280. So... why does Laurinaitis have it in for Cena again?
  281. William Regal To Become World Champion?
  282. Vince Mcmahon is scare of Jerry Lawler?
  283. One GM for Smackdown/Raw, best thing to happen to SD?
  284. Is John Cena gonna continue to say the Rock's term "Jack" in his sentences?
  285. The greatest thing Jerry Lawler has ever said as a commentator
  286. What A Great Show
  287. I miss The Rock
  288. WWE Raw - Funny things in the WWE crowd
  289. again OPENING segment means something
  290. Most awkward Raw moment?
  291. Can anyone feel the tension between Lesnar and Cena?
  292. Got a brilliant idea for y2j v cm punk
  293. Could anyone beat a Prime Undertaker in a shoot from the smackdown roster
  294. BROCK LESNAR - The HEEL we've been craving for!
  295. Mark Henry is the WSM
  296. "Black From The Past" Smackdown; What do you want to happen?
  297. Vicky Guerrero is amazing
  298. Could anyone beat The Great Khali in a shoot from the smackdown roster
  299. Ok.. who else marked?
  300. Official Barry Stevens discussion thread
  301. Why Does Cena Smile 24/7
  302. Happy ADR is back.
  303. Openly mentioning UFC
  304. Sheamus' "Reprecussions"
  305. Who do you think is next for CM Punk?
  306. Why Do You/Don't You Like The CM Punk/Chris Jericho Feud?
  307. cena's haircut and the blood
  308. all making sense to me now....
  309. slimey Taker/HHH match promos
  310. The stooges bombed pretty bad last night
  311. London Crowd Next Week
  312. brock lesnar vs zack ryder who wants to see this!?!?
  313. Questions and comments from last nights RAW.
  314. Bryan/Punk/Ryder
  315. 10 Things I Learned From Raw 09/04/2012
  316. I find myself fast forwarding CM Punk..
  317. How the hell did Otunga get past the wellness policy
  318. Wow Tensai Almost killed Yoshi Tatsu Call of duty style
  319. Is anyone else scared that Big Show is derailing all of Cody's great work
  320. Laughing my ass off at the way John Lauranitis is treating Theodore long
  321. Turn Orton heel and do an anti-American traitor gimmick
  322. When will Kharma return?
  323. Watch 4/9 Raw on Youtube!
  324. The three stooges backstage segment was literally the worst thing I've ever watched
  325. WWE signs local jobber, Undertaker news....
  326. Does Cody really need to get buried..?
  327. Would you support the rebirth of Nexus?
  328. loudest pops
  329. Mark Henry being shoved down our throats....
  330. Is anyone else sick of smarky crowds?
  331. was lesnar punch an accident
  332. so...will Rock still want a shot at the belt if Brock has it?
  333. A local jobber spoke?
  334. How would you book/build the mid card back up.
  335. Was the subtle shot at The Rock needed?
  336. Bring Three Stooges in as a tag-team
  337. Would you care if R Truth was released from WWE?
  338. Otunga's entrance is Harry Potter meets Steroids
  339. Is there still a reason why we should hate Cena?
  340. 4/11 Live Smackdown Thread - Blast from the Past! edition 1am GMT start.
  341. Cena's "smile"
  342. is the pg era over or even worse?!??!! is blood gonna come back?
  343. Who else found that Hulk Hogan segment VERY awkward
  344. Sandow vs ???
  345. WTH? Is Brodus Clay incapable of lasting more than a minute?
  346. Seems like rock and cena never happened
  347. Aaaaaaaaalbbeeeeeerrtttt...
  348. Daniel Bryan is better on the mic then CM Punk
  349. I Was Wrong
  350. No More YES! Chants? What the hell?
  351. Thoughts on Vince not using Bryan tonight?
  352. triple h and taker match hype...
  353. Lesnar a lucky boy/.
  354. Cena went unconcious for a split second...
  355. Ungrateful bastards booing the three stooges
  356. I'm sick of Alberto Del Rio.
  357. Lesnar thought he was in UFC fight?
  358. Is this CM Punk straight edge angle pointless? He needs 'real' feuds
  359. Is Brock Lesnar too dangerous for WWE?
  360. Possible direction with......?
  361. Terrible cowd, terrible! didnt they learn from last week crowd?
  362. How a new viewer felt watching Raw
  363. Brock Lesnar > The Three Irrelevant Stooges
  364. We've finally got a true ' bad-ass, dominant heel '
  365. Cena missing bottom tooth after Lesnar punch...
  366. (This needs a thread) Is Lesnar too dangerous to be in WWE?
  367. Bella Twins on their way outski?
  368. Favorite Wade Barrett moment?
  369. Smackdown Ratings 4/6/12
  370. After Watching SmackDown Yesterday.......
  371. WWE officials are planning to give a big push for Ryback on SmackDown
  372. Getting back into WWE, question
  373. Eve/Alicia Fox and Big Johnny at a BAR!
  374. Cena/Kane feud being rekindled?
  375. CM Punk too small to face Brock Lesnar
  376. CM Punk hints that he will miss Raw tonight.
  377. Eve Torres Making "Serious Career Moves"
  378. Possible spoilers for future Smackdown feuds.
  379. lol Smackdown has too many ill timed commercial breaks
  380. Should Ryback build a Goldberg like streak?
  381. CM Punk says he was wrong about The Rock, says Austin would be a step down.
  382. who is the better wrestler Mark Henry or the Big Show ?
  383. Who is the top heel on raw today ?
  384. Backstage News on Daniel Bryan from SmackDown
  385. Should Alfredo Dorito turn face?
  386. Now that Brock's back, what are you're expectations?
  387. **The Official WWE Draft Prediction Thread**
  388. WWE, please fire Jack Swagger!
  389. Some old Raw photos
  390. Some old Smackdown photos
  391. Daniel bryan is the Current face of Smackdown!!!
  392. Lesnar @ RAW
  393. Dolph Ziggler vs Keith Apicary
  394. Miz feud?
  395. Last week's Raw had the best WWE crowd in years.
  396. SuperShow and Belt Unification Would Kill Smackdown
  397. Who else would mark out if rock , lesnar or jericho took the title of punk ?
  398. The Talent is there but who is going to be the next big thing ?
  399. Where can I watch Edge's HOF speech?
  400. In what form will Lesnar be at Raw Today?
  401. Official 4/9 Raw Discussion Thread - Will Brock Lesnar kick another hat?
  402. Smackdown Ratings for 2/4/12
  403. What Should/Will Happen on Raw
  404. Bryan must have known about the SQUASH hours before Mania!
  406. Jericho Vs. Brock feud (perfect)
  407. Cena's Speech Last Raw?
  408. Saw This On Twitter Thought I'd Share
  409. For those who want Cena and Ryder as tag team champs
  410. When will Ziggler ditch Vickie and start cutting promos on his own/build character?
  411. Anyone else looking forward to Raw tomorrow night?
  412. Kofi to turn tweener.
  413. Best PPV promos??
  414. Do you enjoy Kane's ring work?
  415. Is Daniel Bryan the best Mic worker on the entire Smackdown Roster right now?
  416. Does Rock/Cena feud rank in the Top 10 greatest feud of all time?
  417. Barry Stevens Championship Run
  418. What actions did John Laurinatis take on Sheamus? Find out here.
  419. The Undertakers Top ten best matches
  420. The Rock's Top Five Greatest Moments ?
  421. is The Rock physically failing?
  422. #SaveYoshiTatsu
  423. How come lately the IC champions have been " on par" with the WHC?
  424. What if history repeats itself?
  425. Just noticed something about Punk..
  426. This is how to save John Cena...
  427. Rock's chemistry
  428. Damien Sandow vs. Zack Ryder
  429. How would you feel about Mark Henry possibly turning tweener soon?
  430. Does sheamus sucks ?
  431. Who else wants Del Rio to beat sheamus ?
  432. why wasnt bryan over as a face?
  433. Anyone else miss ' Conspiracy R Truth "
  434. Dolph Ziggler criticises the Rock on Twitter
  435. When should Sheamus win a tag title?
  436. Would you welcome a Triple Threat at Extreme Rules?
  437. Photos from Raw 4/2/12
  438. john cena raw promo package on smackdown!
  439. How laughable and phony would a feud between lesnar and punk look?
  440. Who will be the next WWE Champion?
  441. Will AJ get here title shot?
  442. Vince just shot himself in the foot
  443. WWE proves crowds are almost muted
  444. Crouded Wars - Why Monday Night Raw was the better croud.
  445. Anyone bored of Kofi Kingston?
  446. What is the best "If Cena wins, we riot" match?
  447. Had WWE not botched the Summer of Punk...
  448. WWE just shot themselves in the foot over this D-Bry/Shame Us situation.
  449. Damien Sandow Debut Promo!!
  450. In Retrospect HHH Beating Punk was Unnecessary
  451. Daniel Bryan's WWE Saga (Grantland article)
  452. WWE Officials react to Sheamus kicking Chad Patton
  453. Thoughts on Mr. Kennedy?
  454. What if Santino Marella turn heel?
  455. Anyone Else Like the Punk-Jericho Angle?
  456. Tuesday Super Smackdown
  457. Sheamus should be stripped of his title
  458. Ryback Debut
  459. Why was the "Yes" chants for 4/3/12 Smackdown edited out?
  460. WWE could be turning Sheamus kick to the reffere into a storyline
  461. Where exactly is Daniel Bryan's storyline heading to?
  462. Top 3 Matches
  463. Daniel Bryan's Elbows
  464. Was Rock the company boy or Austin from 97-01?
  465. So the purpose of Aksana was?
  466. Orlando Crowd Sucks
  468. Dean Ambrose to Debut on the live smackdown this tuesday?
  469. Poor Big Show
  470. Holy crap at that Daniel Bryan Heel Promo
  471. Is WWE giving the Rock too much?
  472. Psychology of John Cena hate
  473. If Austin vs Punk at 29 does happen...
  474. Has Punk reached his peak?
  475. Bryan or Benoit
  476. What to expect for July 23rd, 2012?
  477. *Spoilers* Was this weeks the best Smackdown for ages?
  478. Brock vs. Rock II
  479. Will the WWE miss Taker-Cena at WM?
  480. Who do you think will Zack Ryder be hooked up with next?
  481. Watch Smackdown 4/6/12
  482. *Spoiler* Is it me or has D Bryan actually become better on the mic than Punk lately?
  483. 3 hour RAW on June 11th
  484. Barry Stevens Debut (Spoilers)
  485. I'd love to see Jerry Lawler take a pop quiz on WWE
  486. Extreme Rulz Main Event?
  487. Should Punk drop "Best In The World"?
  488. More hate for Orton than Cena?
  489. I was dissapointed in the crowd for rock vs Cena
  490. How could Cena claim to be such a big supporter of the military...
  491. No DQ Match Error
  492. Raw needs Ambrose....Spoiler!
  493. Cena/Punk MITB or Cena/Rock MANIA 28?
  494. Any chance Lesnar will bulk up more?
  495. Laurinaitis' theme
  496. The Divas Talk Raw
  497. Sin Cara coming back next Month
  498. Orton/Tensai feud?
  499. DAT ROBE.
  500. Who will replace The Undertaker?
  501. Randy Orton being a midcarder?
  502. Which Young Superstar Has the Most Momentum in the WWE?
  503. Christian 'Redemption' Storyline.
  504. Ryback looks like Sloth from the goonies
  505. How are you enjoying CM Punk's reign?
  506. WWE Needs More Big Men.
  507. Ryback was impressive!
  508. Natalya's gimmick
  509. Return of Wade Barrett
  510. does the wwe finally have a heavyweight roster?
  511. Is Cody Rhodes as a Main eventer Believable to you?
  512. Time to get RID of that AWFUL Theme
  513. Do you think this is some of JR funniest commentating
  514. Who can go vs. Brock with a straight face?
  515. Thoughts on The Miz's Mic skills?
  516. Cena already heel?
  517. Lesner looks out of shape
  518. Sheamus backlash/ruined??
  519. Might as well turn bryan face and sheamus heel eh?
  520. Lord Tensai
  521. Can Daniel Bryan's Yes! Take Over Pop Culture
  522. Riddle
  523. After Raw went off the Air 4/2/12
  524. Undertaker and Mike Tyson
  525. Who else is on the Dolph Ziggler bandwagon
  526. Randy Orton Fell From Top 10 To Not Mentioned At All
  527. We have the Yes Man, but.......
  528. The Worst Wrestler of all time has to be The Great Khali
  529. I don't care what you say, THIS is thread-worthy
  530. Top Feuds after Wrestlemania?
  531. Any chance Sable returns to RAW now?
  532. Brock Lesnar's contract, WOW !!!
  533. Lesnar Making Millions with WWE
  534. Match card for Smackdown this week (non-spoiler)
  535. Jericho - The Woman
  536. John Cena Filler Fueds till Lesnar at SS
  537. Does Cena's non title feuds make the WWE title feel less important?
  538. Big Zeke is Religious.
  539. Do Sheamus and Del Rio count as new stars WWE has created?
  540. Miz should have a lackey/valet
  541. Why won't Triple H turn heel?
  542. Is anyone here going to miss Theodore Long ?
  543. The most memorable raw of all time ?
  544. Would Cody Rhodes be in this position, even if it weren't for his dad or brother?
  545. Undertaker & Triple H
  546. Any word on when the draft is yet?
  547. How many wrestlers can you think of....
  548. Was Lesnar backstage during RAW or did he just appear last minute?
  549. How did the crowd know?
  550. Dwayne The Sellout Johnson